I am The Ravens Knight

by PsychoFox44

First published

I am the eyes of the blind, The ears of the death, The strength of the week. With my glorious wings and sharpen spear, fear shall finally disappear.

I was just a normal nerd with normal nerd friends. That all changed when I decided to be that hero that I’ve always wanted to be. I may have lost everything but now I may start a new. My body is not perfect and my life may be short. Fear runs the public and I am the goat. If I shall die today... Then let it be a glorious death.

(editor- The_Discarded_Raven)


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Ah D&D (Dungeons and dragons). Oh way to relieve the mine and go on a epic adventure. Our DM (dungeon master) wanted us to relive our old characters in a one shot.

I was Ax the changeling warlock. My character is kind of the badass leader of the group with some obvious faults.

Ax serves the Raven Queen, The goddess of life and death.

We were finishing up and about to go home for the night. Our DM was moving countries and it was most likely that we would never see him again. Oh though we could still play online the problem is with the different time zones.

I grabbed my two character sheets one with my character and one with the spells and begin to leave the building that the owners let us stay in. A small corner store but very nice owners our town loves them.

I buy a quick snack and head outside. just then another man walked in with a black hoodie. He looked a little suspicious so I followed him back inside. I have a gut feeling about these things and my gut feeling says that this guy is trouble. I grab a drink pretending I forgot something and hid myself a bit.

Everyone had left and it’s 9 o’clock the stores about to close. That’s when I heard some yelling. “Put the money in the bag!“ and just like that my gut feeling was right.

I Peak around the corner to see the guy holding a gun towards the storekeeper. The old man was frightened to death so I knew I had to act.

I pulled out my phone but it was dead. I silently curse to myself I can rush at him But what can I do I’m just a normal nerd that play D&D. I could try talking to him but he seems the kind that is desperate so talking just might get me killed. I can’t just let them get away either. What can I do?

I then remember a quote. “we all feel fear it is what we do with it that allows us to succeed in life.“ I then realized that I made that quote as Ax.

I look at the bottle that I had grabbed luckily it was glass so I started forming A plan.

As the store owner started putting money in the bag I yelled “hey!” The robber shot his head around to come face-to-face with my bottle that I threw at him.

I ran forward wanting to get him before he had a chance but I was too late. He pointed his gun at me and fired a shot. I don’t know if it hit me or not but I kept running forward and tackled him against the counter.

The air rushed out of his lungs as I punched him in the face and threw him to the ground. I jumped on top of him wrestling for the gun then another three shots rang out striking me in the gut at point blank range.

Finally I took the gun and aimed it at him. I could see the fear in the man’s eyes. Those eyes told me of a story of a man who lost everything.

Slowly I got off of him and motioned him to get out of here. The man ran for his life.

The elderly store keeper rushed to my aid. He tried speaking to me but all I could hear were muffled sounds. Slowly my vision went darker. Even knowing I was going to die I had a smile on my face. And I don’t even know why.


I saw myself in a dark void. Darkness was all that was around me. I continue looking around hoping to find something but there was nothing.

Just then out in the void came a woman. She had a black silk dress on and black hair with pale skin. Overall she was the symbol of graceful and beauty.

“Why thank you my child” she had said with a smirk. I tried to speak but nothing came out.

“You cannot speak here for you do not have a body. Ever since I saw you I took an interest towards you. And after you made your 17th character Ax with a decent backstory towards me I am allowing you to live.”

Wait she is the raven queen. I thought she would be beautiful but not like this.

“Are my standards for you so low” her hands reached out and grabbed what I believed was my face, I couldn’t fully feel it.

“I want to see if your serve me as well as you served in role-play. In return you shall be granted the full power of a demigod. Prove to me my child that you are worth it and you shall be given power beyond your dreams.”

I believed I accepted because she had a smile on her face next. “That’s it my child, you shall be given the body of Ax and his memories will be your memories. His skills are now yours. And his power is yours. I am also giving you unlimited spell slots, your arcane focus is all that you need to power a spell and a few other bonuses that you’re find lovely.”

Already I can feel my body shape but it didn’t feel right. “Relax my child the world will be a Harsh place towards you and your kind but only you can unite them. You know what you must do. Make mama proud” she said with a giggle.

Once again the world goes dark darker than before. I constantly look for my surroundings but there’s nothing there but this time I feel my body grow more. But it feels weird. Like your entire body is backwards.

Thankfully I don’t feel pain for I’m sure that this would be one hell of an experience.

Suddenly I can see A bright light coming from the distance that is slowly getting closer. I feel like my body is finish but yet it is wrong. I don’t even feel like a humanoid.

The light gets closer and closer and now there are clothes on me. It’s hard to see but I can feel leather. It must be the armour I use.

Finally the light is in front of me. I feel it’s warmth around me like the sun. like a nice breeze in an afternoon the wind surrounds me… And I am in the air plummeting to the ground!

Chapter 1: Wooden Creatures

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Chapter 1: Wooden Creatures

As I plummeted to, the ground I realize that I was wearing armour and a cape. I’ll have to worry about it later for I’m still falling.

I try to think anyway for me to save my life, but I could only come up with nothing.

I heard a call of a raven, I look beside me and I could see a raven flying with me. That’s when I got an idea. Using one of my abilities that I gained from the raven queen I command the bird to porch itself on my shoulder.

Slowly it glides over to me and lands on my shoulder transforming us both into a White raven.

Memories sore through my mind of how to fly as a bird. I gently glide down to slow my altitude before I start flapping my wings.

As I flew my wings began to hurt. ‘I’m guessing I’m not used to flying yet, I’m going to have to land soon’ I thought to myself

Slowly I reached a forest where I see a clearing and land. I transform back into my regular form with the raven perched on my… back!?

My body was wrong! I wasn’t supposed to transform on all fours, yet my body felt natural this way.

I look down and see that I have lost my hands. Instead there’s black silk all over my body and leather armor on my shoulder’s chest and back. My cape is that of the raven queen.

As I got a better look at myself, I noticed I was wearing the mask of my character. It was simply made from wood with a crystal in bedded inside. This is my arcane focus. It allows me to cast magic freely without it I am lost.

I notice my hands seem to be hooves now so I’m going to have to think of something else.

I then remember I have a cantrip called mage hand. Using the cantrip spell A hand appeared and took off my mask. As soon as the mask is off the mage hand disappears.

I then realize that I have a white muzzle on my face. “What am I some kind of hor-OW!” The pain ruptured in my mouth. I instantly brought my hands that are now hooves by instinct, and I fell on the ground.

Did I just bite myself? I use my new hoof to feel my muzzle. Besides the fact that my new skin feels smooth I realize that I have fangs. Long, Sharp, pointy, fangs. The good news at least is that I’m not bleeding.

I’m glad that I can no longer feel fear for I’m sure I should be panicking by now.

After much trial and error, I finally get back on all fours. As I try to walk my first attempt which is an ultra-failure... Which takes another few minutes just to try getting back on all fours again. This is a constant pattern until at least half an hour later I can walk if I focus.

Finally, after another five minutes of practicing I decided that I need to get a better look at myself.

I find the nearest pond and look inside. My reflection is clear as if it was a mirror, I now know that I’m definitely not on my world. I’ve never seen such clean water in my life.

The reflection I see is not mine, yet I know it’s mine, it looks completely alienated to me. I’m definitely a horse or a pony but everything else screams monster.

I have a kayden skin that is white as snow. My eyes are as black as the night. My fangs go all the way down to my chin. I have hair or is it a main now the colour of purple. I open my mouth and a small purple snake like tongue appears.

The funniest thing is that I have a horn on the top of my head. It sticks out to be at least 6 inches and there’s a bunch of holes in it.

I remove my cape and get a better look at my armor and the rest of my body.

The leather armor is purple and covers Half of my front legs but not my back lags.
(just picture it pony form)

My back legs also had holes in them. What the hell am I. I look like a changeling but I have a body of some kind of pony.

That’s when I noticed the purple wings on my back. They extended and folded but they seem the kind to flutter like a bee, then to fly like a bird.

After getting a good look at myself I sat on my haunches and put my mask back on which was surprisingly easy. Then I put on my cape with mage hand.

The raven landed down right beside me and looked at me. I’m guessing it wants me to give it a command.

I ordered it to fly high in the air and allow me to see through its eyes. It did so with ease so while I sat there waiting to tap into it senses my body became an alert.

Glad I took that feature to. Everywhere around me I felt the presence of other beings. I stood up and got into my best fighting stance.

I waited for these creatures to come in to charge me even though I don’t have a weapon I still have my magic.

suddenly bursting through the trees what is a wooden creature. It was made from twigs, Vines, sharp wood and a few stones. it was some kind of wooden wolf and it didn’t look the friendly kind. It charged at me with the intent to kill me.

As I got ready to attack it an object fell from the sky and stabbed through it. The wooden creature broke in half due to the new object falling into it. It seems to be a wooden stick that was stuck in the ground.

Using my mage hand, I pull the stick out of the ground to realize that it was a spear that fell from the sky. Not just any spear but it was my spear!


Looking back at the wooden wolf its body glowed green and a soul appeared out of its body. The soul shot back into the Forest and disappeared.

Immediately my alert feature goes off again and I tuck and roll out of the way from a leap behind me. Another wooden wolf tried to surprise attack me only to fail.

As I was a little to the rights, I had a good look at him. I noticed that his stomach area seems to the skinniest part, besides the legs, of the body. With my newfound knowledge are use my spear to cut him in half. Immediately its soul went back into the forest too.

As I got back up from my roll, I placed the spear behind me like I would in a regular fight. The butt end of the spear soaring high above my head while the sharp part was lowered to the ground.

Two more wooden wolves burst from the tree line where the first wooden wolf came from.

I cast mould earth, which allows me to control the earth if it fits in a five-cube radius.

A wall of dirt appeared in front of the left one slowing it down while the other one still charged.

As it headed for me, I brought the butt of my spear cracking against the side of its face. Continuing my motion, I readied the sharp end of my spear. As soon as I had a good view of its neck, I shot the spear forward going through him entirely making me lose my mage hand.

The left one regained his bearings and charged at me seeing that I didn’t have a weapon on me. I cast mage hand to grab my spear and fly at him behind. He never saw it coming went took off his back legs.

it’s slid it in front of me as it was still trying to bite me. I simply stepped on its head and broke it.

Again, their souls would go up and fly back into the forest.

I knew something wasn’t right as my alert feature was still on. Then through the bushes I saw a bigger one up here. It might’ve been 1 foot bigger than the rest definitely their Alpha.

Then five more came out of the bushes all around me. I knew if I didn’t use a higher-level spell, I would be toast, luckily, I know the perfect one.

As they circled me, I cast a first level spell. Arms of Hadar.

Underneath my enemies’ feet black tendrils came shooting out of the ground wrapping them up. Slowly they begin to tear them apart, but the Alpha was handling his well.

I slowly walked towards the Alpha who was constantly struggling against the tendrils.

I aimed my spear and took off his head. I thought it was over, but their souls went back into the forest. But not the leaders. It floated above its old useless body as if it was taunting me.

Finally, the ground shock as trees were uprooted from the ground stones were flying across the ground and the bodies of the wooden wolves combined.

It formed a huge monstrosity that was the size of a small house that stood above me.

I think I’m going to need to cast a higher spell. I began to run away from it, until I got to a safe distance that’s when I cast a second level spell. Spiritual weapon. And I didn’t just cast this once I casted it five more times.

Now there was me, my floating spear and six white translucent copycats of my spear versus a very pissed off wooden wolf.

The battle was a Constant repeat of me striking my target, retreating from its attacks and replacing the spears that I lost with new spears.

Finally having enough of this back-and-forth, I crashed a constant stream of Eldritch Blast. Many have said that Eldridge Blast was the most powerful cantrip spell there was. And they weren’t wrong.

Dozens of Eldritch Blast struck the beast face turning it into a pile of ash. Even though I knew it was dead I wanted to make sure that I would never get up again. So, with even more Eldritch Blast.I turn the once powerful wooden wolf into nothing but a pile of ash with a cantrip no less.

It took me a minute to catch my breath then I realized that I was more tired than I should’ve been. It seems that the cost of my spell slots replaced it with tiredness. I should watch what I’m doing before I get into another big fight.

That’s when I heard a sound of thunder. I looked up and a powerful storm was heading in my direction. It’s seemed to be coming from the east.

Just then I saw through the eyes of my bird. I saw a small town that seem to be west of here no more than 5 kilometers away.

Setting my destination, I started making my way over there. Hopefully I can find supplies a place to rest and a map.

Wait wasn’t there something the Raven Queen was warning me about. I guess I’ll have to remember later, right now I need to find shelter.

(Chapter 2: A Very Cold Welcome)

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Chapter 2: A Very Cold Welcome

Storm clouds rolled in faster than I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t even halfway when it started pouring rain. Now I’m just three minutes away and I’m freezing my ass off.

Luckily for me the forest seem to have left me alone for now, sometimes I wish I went as a druid.

I can hear thunder in the distance as I slowly make my way towards the town. Finally the forest starts to disappear as I make it to the edge.

Finally after about an hour of walking I had finally made it out of the trees.

I saw a small town below me as I was on a hill. I saw a dirt road and travel to it. As my new hooves made it connection with the dirt road I noticed a sign. It had a read, Ponyville: population 327, greatest apple farm in the region to everypony and Home to the elements of harmony.

I looked at the sign confused ‘ponies’ I thought. ‘Is this world inhabited by ponies instead of humans. That might explain my changing physique.’

Deciding to worry on it with later I begin the march to town.

As the buildings drew near I begin to get an uneasy settling in my stomach. My alert feet was going off yet I saw no danger. It was also very subtle and went away after I passed the first few buildings.

After a few minutes of walking I throw myself in front of the marketplace. Looking around everything was on sale a minute ago but it seems like the ponies ran when the storm came.

I got suspicious and looked around a bit and that’s when I saw it. A curtain inside a house moved away as soon as I look towards it.

I readied myself and continued forward. I wasn’t about to be caught off guard, I kept my eyes and ears open making sure to notice every movement in the buildings.

It could be possible that they’re just scared of me. But constantly giving me stairs is unwelcoming.

That’s when I noticed a tree. It looked to be hollowed, with windows and doors giving it away, while also having a picture of a library book on it.

I couldn’t quite read the language that these ponies spoke but they’re looks similar to ours and I’m guessing it closes at 9:30 at night. Deciding to go with my gut and hopefully able to find someone who can help me I decided to open the door.

Just then a lightning bolt struck the tree, but instead of exploding the tree, it had some kind of magical force field deflecting the lightning bolt. I watched ow as the lightning bolt struck… 5 feet away from me.

I was launched to the right a good few feet. It barely put a scratched me due to my high-level. I pick myself up and was a bow to use a spell to clean myself but that’s when I noticed I didn’t have my mask on me.

I went to go retrieve the mask but that’s when I noticed something in the window beside me. I could see to be grounded eyes staring at me. I didn’t get a good look for the figure darted back inside but they definitely got a good look at me.

I grabbed my mask and put it back on. I reached the door again, making sure no lightning bolt hit me again, and knocked. There was some movement inside but no one came to the door. They’re definitely scared of me.

I don’t want to be that guy that just walked in to peoples buildings unannounced but I was going to get sick out here if no one would help me.

I grab the door knob wondering how I was going to open it until somehow I was opening it. I begin to wonder if my hooves have some kind of magical force around them that allows me to move objects like a human hand. Deciding to test that later I open the door and was beginning to push it in.

Suddenly I felt the World slow down as my alert feature was screaming at me. My arm was already in motion opening the door and there’s nothing I could do to stop it. I could feel my heart racing as the door opened every inch.

As the door was fully open I saw in the room a shadow of a pony. I could see a bit of pink on the pony, but it’s eyes I could see clearly. It’s blue eyes staring at me but it seem to be smirking.

That’s when I noticed it. It was so big they couldn’t believe I didn’t realize a second before. She was on top of a huge cannon aimed directly at me.

As the door cleaned against the wall I tried jumping out of the way to no avail.

“Fire!” Said a feminine voice pink pony. A cannonball the size of my head struck me against my chest sending me flying backwards. I must’ve did 10 flips in mid air.

As I was getting closer to the ground some kind of rainbow blur struck me against the chest again. Did the pink pony stoop another cannonball at me. If she did, it didn’t hurt as much as the last one.

The last hit made me do one more slip before skating across the ground. Whoever she was she just took half my health in Two Attacks!

Shakily I got up and looked at my attacker that now had back up.

The pink one was completely pink, I think I’ll colour pinks. She seem to be in the back but she was the one with the canon.

There was one with wings. It looks similar to the pink one so I’m going to guess it’s a girl. By looking at her I could tell that she was agile. But her main was what got my attention. It was the colours of the rainbow. She was the speeding rainbow blur. She was off to the far right. I think I’ll call her skittles.

There was an orange one with a stetson hat. She also looked female by the other two standards. She had a rope in her mouth and by looking at her physique she looks quite strong and durable. Might be able to go toe to toe with a low level barbarian. She was off to the far left. I think I’ll call her cowgirl

Then there was a white one with an umbrella that was floating. She had a horn spelled out her head. again female. Her horn was blowing blue and Her umbrella was glowing the same colour. she was right beside a purple one that was located in the centre. I think the name diamond suits her.

Finally the last one.She seem to be purple, might’ve made a good servant to the raven queen with those colours. She also had a horn and was in the centre of everyone. She seem to be the ringleader of the whole group.

Worst case scenario she’s the leader because of her magical abilities if the horns are what gives them magic. She will be able to do powerful spells that I may have to look out for. Luckily I have a few advantages. An uncoordinated team can make it easy for me to breeze through them. And if she’s leader because of her magical ability then I could easily take her on a one on one.

Even worst case scenario she’s the leader because of her strategy. Oh well coordinated team is always difficult to deal with especially when you’re on your own. But I have one advantage. You don’t play as long as I have and not pick up a few things.

The best case scenario is if she’s both. She won’t be able to focus on a very powerful spells if she’s trying to lead her team. And she can’t lead if she’s focussing on a very powerful spell. I will be able to wipe the floor with her with my magic. I prepared mage hand to grab my spear I didn’t realize that I don’t have my mask.

I start looking around for it and eventually spot it with some kind of purple lizard. Something about him screams more masculine than the others so I’m guessing it’s a boy. Maybe he’s a lizardfolk? glad I didn’t go with that! But the little bastards got my mask and I will have to go through all these girls if I’m gonna get to him. I think I will call him scales.

Without my magic I won’t be able to defeat them as easily as I thought. I could probably still use my spear but I don’t wanna hurt them.

After looking at my enemies I can guess where they are attacking. Cowgirl is going to be the first want to attack. She will be supported by the two magical wielders. After that she will back off allowing skittles to attack me from behind. As soon as that fails they will be launching their cannon at me followed up by cowgirl and skittles flanking me supported by diamond. After all of that there’s a 66% chance that the ringleader will launch a powerful spell.

After that I began to plan. I proceeded to pretend to noticed skittles more than the cowgirl making sure cowgirl made her move first. Thankfully she did. She ran at me turned around and look like she was about to buck me. I laid flat on the ground so that her back would go directly underneath. I then use my forearm to strike her in the stomach causing her to bend over falling to the ground.

Skittles charged at me faster than I could see. She got in a few jabs before I blocked her attack. Then a light flashed me in the eyes and another jab to my face. Diamond was using a light source to block out my eyes. Deciding to turn the tides I ran towards diamond while skittles followed. Diamond increase the light which then I turned around. Skittles was now receiving the light to the face. I gave my own few jabs making sure to hit every sore spot.

I get ready for the cannon but instead of a fast ball striking me I was hit with a purple laser.

My plan was now going to shit. Cowgirl got back up faster than I expected. I turned around just in time to get bucked in the face. As I was in mid air skittles put a jab right up against my spine.

Pinks finish the job with another cannon ball to the chest.

I thought the ringleader would use a more powerful spell but expecting that got me into the position that I was in now.

now I lay on my back barely breathing slowly fading in and out of consciousness. I noticed that I was bleeding in several spots. My leather armour was torn while my cloak was burnt by the laser.

Blood poured down my left eye. I felt my face shift a bit as I try to feel it. It seems like my Kayden has broken by the swift kick to the face.

I could see a force field of Purplish pink magic pop over me. I swear I was on one last hit point. I Heard the sound of voices as if they were near but also so far away. My eyes begin to close and darkness was about to devour me.


I awoke in a field of darkness. But there was someone else here… Ax.

The person who originated my character off of.

He looked at me as you would look at a child who has done something wrong.

“What are you doing?” He said in a cold dark voice.

“Am I dead?” I asked. He chuckled a little bit and replied.

“Not yet you are, but if you don’t want to be what are you doing?” He said to me in a serious voice.

I looked at him confused. “I’m fighting for my life right now.” I said it as it was obvious.

He chuckled a bit more then punched me across the face. Even though we were in darkness I felt a hard floor hit my face. He grabbed me by my purple hair and looked at me directly in the eyes. “If you were fighting for your life you would be using your spear.”

I coughed up a bit of blood and replied to him. “They’re just scared of me! I don’t want to hurt them!”

He chuckled again. “Well aren’t you just a little naive fool. Without a warning they attacked you! They’re killing you! Do you honestly believe they won’t stop now!”

He dropped me to the ground and continued. “You are part of the secret order! The Raven Knights! You are not only letting me down but all of us who are part of the order!”

I let my head down in shame. I don’t want to hurt them but they’re killing me. Maybe I don’t have a choice but to kill in this world. I even felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up noticing Ax. He looked at me seriously before saying. Show them what it means to be a Raven Knight.


I woke up and I still noticed the force field around me. Even though my body felt like it was in pieces. Even though I wanted to collapse on the ground! Even though I want to die on the ground making this whole nightmare end! It doesn’t matter! For I Am A Raven Knight!

after picking myself up I grabbed my spear with my hoof. The ringleader notice first and begin to warn the others. Not wanting them to surround me again I quickly grab a bag that I have been holding onto. Opening it up I noticed two stones one glowing red and one glowing blue. I take out the red one and place it in the hole of my spear. My spear glows red shocking the group in front of me. Before they can react or use the spear to pierce the Force field. The red crystal cancels all magic that surrounds it. This now gives me an edge against the ringleader.

If they want a… fight then I will give it to them.

(Chapter 3: The Wrath of The Raven)

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(Chapter 3: The Wrath of The Raven)

For the longest time they stared at me in shock. I quickly remembered all kinds of different moves and powers I have. I know on our one on five fight these guys are too powerful even for me. I could just kill them but I don’t know who they are or who I will anger by doing so. Deciding to get away for now I pulled out one of my ultimate abilities in the storm “one with shadows!” I screeched. I disappeared before their very eyes along into the shadows. As long as there’s no light source they cannot see me.

They looked around but they couldn’t see me anywhere. I decided not to move just in case they have better hearing capabilities then me and can hear my footsteps… Hoofsteps?

Skittles flew up to where I was and I made sure not to move. “Wow” said a tomboyish voice that came from skittles. “Did you see that egghead he completely disappeared, do you have a spell they can do that.”

The ringleader that was called the egghead looked frustrated and sighed. “Yes Rainbow Dash I did see that and no I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a spell I sensed no magical aura around him when he disappeared.” She replied to Rainbow Dash.

“what are you saying Twilight” said diamond. “That had to been a spell, what else could it have been.”

At least I know the ringleaders name, maybe if I stick around long enough I can learn all their names. It would be much easier than the codenames I gave them, even though I do prefer skittles.

“I’m sorry Rarity, but there was zero magical aura when he said those words.” Twilight explained.

So diamond is called rarity. I’ll have to give it to twilight she is half right. It’s not magic but yet it can still be called magic with its powers.

Y’all hear those words, maybe that has something to do with his magical Who-Dickie.” Said cowgirl with a very Southern accent. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering the way she dresses.

I now just realized that they said that I was a he. How could they tell that I was a male I guessed by their voices. Then again they did hear me say one with shadows. But I made sure not to sound male or female, Using my changeling abilities to shape my voice into both. Perhaps they fight something like me before or I look more similar to their male counterpart. But the question still lurks. why did they attack me?

“Maybe you’re right Applejack” she said to Applejack. “One with shadows… that’s it he has gone invisible.! Be careful girls he can be anywhere!

I wish I had a buzzer so I can buzz her wrong. I’m not invisible but literally one with shadows. If any light where do you spot me I would instantly be seeable. Good attempt though, would’ve screwed me if you got it on the first try.

They began to look around wondering where I could possibly be when I haven’t moved an inch. Suddenly pinks began to hop over to me and I mean that literally. I swear she even made eye contact with me even while bouncing in the rain.

in a very high-pitched voice she began. “orrr! He went invisible because he thought that we would be able to hear him if he try to run away so he stayed in one in The same place that he was in just to throw us off guard.” First of all she said that basically in one breath. Second I am screwed. How the hell was she able to guess that. I readied my spear waiting to impale her on the spot.

“Pinky, that’s ridiculous.” said twilight. “he wouldn’t go invisible just to stay in one spot it’s obvious that he’s trying to escape town or replace a pony that’s sleeping. Look around the town girls and warn everypony of the changeling.”

I had to hold my breath as they walked away. I was one second away from impaling her. I let out the breath I was holding in and finally got a few questions to my answers. So they have fought something like me before and it obviously wasn’t pleasant. But to say that I would kidnap somebody just because of my abilities really put me over the edge.

It’s obvious now that twilight is the ringleader and she seems to be a very powerful wizard if she could instantly spot magical aura and non-magical aura. She is an a master because she could obviously spotted me right away with all the magical gear that I had on. Just in case she figures it out I should stay away from her and go for that one of the others. In fact the little lizard had my mask and he went with rarity. They probably think that one on one they would win. I was about to show them how wrong they were.

With my mindset I decided to follow rarity and the lizard.


It’s been about an hour and all they done is knock on door to door they done some small stuff but nothing big to give me the edge I need. I was waiting for them to be distracted but I did notice that Spike seem to have a thing for rarity. But I could tell right away that she was using his love for her for her own personal means. The way she called him spiky wiki as a pet name clearly indicate that she wasn’t really interested in him. I could tell that they had a good relationship as friends but rarity only abuses his love for her.

Slowly I followed the hoofsteps of rarity making sure not to create an extra pair. Finally they decided to talk in the street for a little bit clearly not worried about me for the moment. I took my opportunity and slowly approached behind spike after all if I get my mask first then it’s game over her then.

They were making some small talk and it was obvious Spike was trying to get a little further in their relationship. I stood up on my back moves as I readied my spear for the back of spikes neck. Just as I was about to kill him a flash of thunder and lightning struck the end of the street. Just for a second of time I could see rarity slowly noticed me as the light illuminated my figure. She saw the way I was and who I was going to kill. There was something in our eyes that I couldn’t place it doesn’t matter right now I had to act fast. Before I could strike the lizard a very powerful blue beam struck me across the Chest. I was sent flying due to the fact I was on my back legs.

I was sprawled across the ground luckily my armour is in chanted to only take half damage from magical blows. I quickly got up and noticed that the lizard notice me as well. I was ready to throw my spear but unexpectedly the lizard breast out a green flame. It turns out the lizard is actually a dragon. I dodged out of the way in time but the end of my cloak got burnt a bit so I quickly put it out.

Suddenly I was hit by a blinding light again while flames danced across my feet. With all of the fire and burning light I got pissed and jabbed my spear into the direction of the light. I heard the sound of glass breaking before the light dimmered down and the flames dissipated. I let out a sigh of relief before noticing what I hit.

Rarity was on the ground screaming as her horn was in pieces. Blood seeped from the end of her broken horn onto her face and mane. Spike was trying to comfort her. It seems that I gave a direct hit. I slowly walked up towards the dragon not wanting it to let out another breath of fire at me while I am unprepared.

I raised my spear before realizing that if I’m going to get out of this town alive I’m gonna need a prisoner.

I noticed my mask and slipped it on while putting back on my hood. Using mage hand I grabbed him by the tail and began to drag him off. They kept screaming each other‘s names as I kept dragging spike away. I don’t know how lethal taking her horn away was but if I’m lucky she’ll be dead soon.


As I dragged him around he kept desperately calling out to her while trying to get a hold of something, but with the ground being too muddy he couldn’t bury his claws in anything. Eventually he began kicking me and asking “why am doing this”. My mind was arguing about killing him there or continue with the plan, I decide to be smart.

“Help!” He screamed as loud as he could. Not wanting him to attract attention I brought the end of my spear to his face knocking him out cold.

Finally I could see the end of the city and back into the forest. I couldn’t care less where it ended up as long as it was away from here.

As we finally got to the edge of the forest Then I realize that I no longer needed a prisoner and he would just be dead weight to me. I placed him in front of me. I put my hoof on his chest to make sure that he wouldn’t move but this woke him up.

He noticed my raised spear in my magical grasp as it was aimed for his head. He begged me to spare his life and kept scratching my hoof but luckily it was armoured really well. It seems like he ran out of dragon breath as he wasn’t spewing it on me right now.

I looked them directly in the eye as I raise my spear.

Suddenly another thunder and lightning struck the ground behind me but this time the only thing I could see was his eyes. I now realized what I was missing when I looked into Rarity’s. A monster. I felt the time slow down immensely as I could hear every word that he was saying. Begging me to spare his life. Just a second ago killing was like breathing to me. Now I have woken up and seeing the monster that I have become. My greatest ally lightning has Always been on my side even now it brings me back to my senses.

The spear struck the ground beside him. He closed his eyes waiting for the impact only for it to never come. He opened his eyes and saw me up above him. I don’t know if he heard but I just kept saying the word I’m sorry over and over again. Tears were starting to fill up my mask and a few drops came out of my eye holes onto his face.

The one thing I didn’t expect of everything to happen to me today what’s what he did. “Hey now everything’s OK”

He said while patting my leg. I began to question if he’s already forgive me but that’s impossible I thought to myself. Kill him I heard I thought in my head. You were doing so well before him. He’s tricked you. you have to kill him before he continues. “Ax?” I said out loud spike on he looked at me confused.

Don’t disappoint us brother killed this weakling before he becomes a nuisance. That’s right! I thought to myself. Our memories are combined of course killing would be second nature to me.

What are you waiting for kill him. “Silence!” I yelled shocking spike. I quickly tried to apologize. “No I didn’t mean-“

“Get away from Spike you monster!” I slowly turned around noticing the four. Twilight was the one that had spoken and she seem to have a very deep connection with spike.

“We’re gonna make you pay for what you did a rarity!” Said Rainbow Dash. She seems to be a really good barbarian with how threatening she can be but maybe even better Rogue with her speed.

“Come along with us partner and no one else has to get her.” stated applejack. Applejack seems to be the one who tries using words before using weapons.

“Yeah you meanie!” Shouted pinkie. definitely the prankster of the group or the nuisance.

Thinking back I truly was a monster. I was ready to kill because people got in my way. But they did attack first. I may be in the wrong here but so are they they can’t be trusted. Using mage hand I picked up spike and used him as a shield. I brought my spirit to his throat. I knew it was wrong, using him as a hostage after he had been so kind to me but it’s the only way out.

“Stay back!” I yelled “or your friend dies.” I stated coldly I hope they don’t call my bluff.

The others look like they’re about to react but noticing twilight scared they backed off. Twilight looked worried at her friend, brother or something like that and began to slowly nod her head. I continued to back up slowly making sure that I had my eyes on each of them.

I continued this even as we disappeared into the forest, past trees and rocks slowly never moving too fast or too slow. Spike was scared and confused not knowing if I would kill him.

Finally after 15 minutes I finally sent him down. He braced for impact but only heard my Hoofsteps walk away. I decided to get away from him not wanting to cause him any more problems. “Wait” I heard behind me. I looked behind me and saw his confused expression. “You’re not going to hurt me?” I shake my head and slowly tell him. “Run home your friends miss you” I walked into the forest deeper not knowing where I would go. Even though he called me out telling me to stop I continued. It would be better if I never see him again for both of us. For once I was shocked at myself for now I truly know what it means to fear the raven.

You should’ve killed him I heard Ax say. “Maybe” I reply out loud “but last I checked I only take orders from mother.”

As I continued walking all I could hear was a soft laughter before him saying good now you are finally sounding like a true Raven Knight.

(Chapter 4: The Two Alchemist)

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(Chapter 4: The Two Alchemist)

Finally I could see the sunrise. It’s been hours since I left that curse of a town. Now that the storm has stopped and the sun is up, I didn't realize how much damage I took during the battle.

My clothes are dirty with spots of blood dripping from them along with a few burn marks. My chest feels like it’s falling apart while the back of my head feels like it's exploding. My breasts keep getting softer as I walk to the forest tired.

Suddenly I heard a snap behind me as my body kicked into overdrive instantly. Turning around, ignoring the protest of my body, while extending my spear to face my new opponent.

Suddenly I could see some kind of pony or rather zebra walk out of the bushes and stare at me. Her expression looked pitiful yet defensive at the same time.

It felt like minutes as we stood there in complete silence until she spoke. “Greetings fair traveller, I am Zacora, gathering herbs along the path until I spotted blood did I run faster.” She rhymed.

I raise my eyebrow at her but let her continue.

“By the way you look it's obvious that you are a fighter, do not worry for I will try not to light your ire.” I noted in response. “That would be a wise choice to make,” I said to her.

“you have nothing to fear, my hut is not far from here. If you are still cautious you may hang in the rear. Will that make you feel better my dear?” I thought about my options and right now hers is the most logical. I placed my spear onto my back letting her know I will follow.

She smiles at me before trading off into the forest. I stayed behind, silently prepared for any ambush that could arise. After about 10 minutes of walking, we made it to a dirt road. I hadn’t said a word the entire time as we walked until she bought a conversation. “Now that we’re on the right path, would you mind sharing a bit of your past? One’s life is truly fragile, if you do not wish to share I understand but I assure you that I will be your equal.”

It took me a couple minutes to respond due to the fact I don’t know what to answer. I did not mind sharing about my past but my other half does not agree telling her anything about me. I’ve decided not to tell her everything yet due to the fact I don’t fully know her, but she is trying to save me right now. “I grew up in a harsh world. Not a single person cared for my race not even our own. Until the silver hand united my race under one banner but at the cost of thousands dead. That is why I have dedicated my life to helping those who cannot help themselves.”

One look from her and I already knew that she knew I was holding back. But she put on a smile and said to me. “A harsh life many have walked from start to end, And some have only begun the trend. As long as we continue the path, we will find our aftermath.”

The words sounded like they made no sense but I could tell there was much wisdom behind what she has said. We continued to walk until we made it to a hut. She invited me inside and instantly got to work. “Please remove your attire. To Treat the Wounds is required.” She said as she left the room.

I grew hesitant as my armour is the only thing that can truly keep me alive in the most desperate situation, but she is trying to help me right now so I have no choice but to trust her.

As I finally removed my armour and my cloak I realized I was pretty much naked. I grabbed my cloak and wrapped it around my waist, realizing there was no damage below my waist.

she came back as I just removed my mask. She suddenly stopped and stared at me. A split second I thought she would attack me but instead she only raise a question. “Excuse me my friend but I do not believe I’ve ever seen a changeling with a white kayden? But more importantly why are you so shaken?” She said with curiosity.

I was dumbfounded that she could understand my emotions that I was displaying. Usually I can hide my emotions pretty well but I know she’s smarter than that now. I’ve decided to answer her. “Yes you could say I’m a rare breed of changelings.” I said in an equity voice with male and female voices. “And excuse my behaviour, no more than 24 hours ago I was attacked twice.”

Just then I noticed that she was putting ingredients in a caldron. I realized then she was an alchemist, something we both have in common. A few minutes go by so I decided to strike up a conversation. “So what are you making anyway?” I Asked her.

She then chuckled to herself before answering. “So you can talk on your own and not when you are only asked, I thought you only take orders and blast. It is a potion to heal your wound, but do not rely on it for that can cost you your doom.”

She finishes it and hands it to me. I think a while taking a sniff. Smelling no poison I’ve decided to take a drink. It wasn’t bad but I can tell that she is not a master. “Not bad” I tell her. In a matter of seconds my wounds are healed but it cost the entire bottle. “but you’re missing a few key ingredients.”

I walk over to her and just her to the caldron. She nodded her head in agreement to allow me to use it and I instantly got to work. In a matter of a few minutes I constructed a potion that has five times the effect that her potion has along with tasting better. I offered her a small sip which instantly felt energized.

For the next few minutes we talked about potions and she allowed me to make a few more. I gave her a few pointers but that’s when I realized that I have no clue what I’m doing. Everything I just did was due to my past as Ax. I shook the thought away and finished making my potions.

I created a potion of resistance while making a potion of healing, A potion to increase my damage with lightning and frost attacks, Another potion to increase my speed, finally my special potion.

Just then my raven vision went on and I can look through the eyes of my Raven. It showed me five colourful ponies and four of them look familiar. Twilight and her gang. They’re coming directly for the hut they’re only three minutes away.

Quickly I made a truth potion. I was only able to make a little bit good enough for only one time use and I instantly gave it to Zecora. I draw my spear to her throat before saying. “Drink it then tell me if you betrayed me. No riddles or rhyme!” I didn’t want to do this but them coming here all of a sudden it’s just too convenient.

She looks scared but took the drink then said “I did not betray you.”

I smiled even though that she couldn’t see it and nodded to her. “Apologies for what I’m about to do.” I made my way to the door and kept my back to it. Every second that went by I could feel them getting closer to the hut. Using my raven vision I waited for them at the very door without them realizing it.

I can feel my sweat trickle down my back. Every second was like a mini heart attack. Use your second most powerfulest spell. They won’t survive. I could hear Ax’s voice in my head. ‘No,’ I thought ‘it is too big of a risk and the Zecora could get in the crossfire.’ I told him.

Then how do you wish to escape! I smiled to myself as I see them reaching the door. Twilight slowly goes to knock on it. “With a surprise attack” I whispered to myself.

My legs shot out and obliterated the door sending twilight flying.

Without giving a moments hesitation I instantly and for the pinky and fired a second level spell. Shatter. Using my spear to Aim A powerful lightning bolt, I not only take out pinky but AppleJack as well.

With their heavy hitters down I look for Rainbow Dash who has a shocked look on her face. Not giving a second of hesitation I cast a cantrip known as Thunder Clap. My hoof is engulfed with lightning as a run up to her and punched her right in the stomach sending a shockwave through her. She collapsed on the ground in pain.

I do not hesitate as I dash away. Instantly purple magical energy start shooting towards me. I nearly laughed, This was the same group that easily subdued me. But with my magic they stood no chance. I quickly pivoted on my hoof quickly exchanged the red orb with the blue orb and aimed down my spear to fire Eldritch Blast.

The purpose of the attack was to knock out twilight but she teleported before the strike hit her. Instantly time slow down as my feat alert activated. Instantly I could feel her teleportation right behind me. This time though, I could feel a very powerful spell. It was strong enough to be considered a seven or an eight knockout spell. I realize that I wouldn’t have time to dodge out of the way.

Even notice to my left that Rainbow Dash is already up and flying towards me at an extremely fast rate. Then there’s Applejack who is rushing forward even if I manage to dodge twilight attack these two would be on me faster than I could realize. I don’t give this group enough credit as I should. Twilight has always been a pain in my neck since yesterday and I could feel a rivalry growing.

If she catches me it’s game over and I would’ve lost… No… I can’t lose now… this world wants to give me hell so I will give hell rate back!

I never thought of doing this before but I decided to combine my spells once again. Combining my spells is very dangerous but still really effective.

I combined my two best spells for the situation. I cry to the heavens as I screamed my combo. “Arms of Thunder.” Combining the spells of Thunder Wave and Arms of Hadar, The ground ruptures with black thundering tentacles.

The first one strikes fast and wild as it hits twilight underneath the chin making her lose concentration on the spell. Three more got in Rainbow Dash’s way as they grabbed her wings and neck. Applejack was the last to fall has she tried to run away but a tendril grabbed her by the leg and threw her at her friend pinkie pie Who was still… sleeping soundly???

Just then I noticed that Rainbow Dash wasn’t actually being affected by lightning. Do Pegasus have resistance against lightning or even immunity. I walk up to her as she struggles and pick one of her feathers for testing later.

“Hey! Don’t touch my feathers without my permission! That’s a real scumbag move!” I answered her with my butt end of the spear to her temple, knocking her out.

I made my way over to twilight. The tentacles were all over her making sure that she couldn’t move an inch and constantly striking her horn to stop her from casting magic.

As I approached she screamed at me. “You bastard! What did you do to Spike!?” I replied to her in a calm demeanour. “Whatever Spike did in my absence, I had no part in it.”

“Pony feathers! And you know it! Why is he trying to help you after you nearly killed Rarity! He has a huge crush on her yet he vouchers for you!! We came here to get a potion to cure his curse that you laid on him!” I silently thanked mother for saving rarities life that day. I really didn’t want her death on my conscious, her horn I can live with.

“I believe the reason why he is defending me” I replied. “Is because he saw the truth of that day! When you maniacs tried to have me killed!”

It took me a second to calm down. I realize that I went out of line and now I’m going to get nowhere. To confirm my suspicions I got spit all over my mask.

I heard some movement behind me and I noticed applejack and Pinkie pie were getting up. I then decided to weigh my options. I have about 15 seconds left before the spell ends and twilight is set free. I can try talking to them but they’re likely just gonna blow it away. Besides I don’t really care for these people that much. I could always kill-no! no! no! There’s always another way! I don’t have to live that life anymore.

Deciding that they wouldn’t listen to me I’ve ran off into the forest. I went into the deeper darker part of the area so I can use one with shadows to escape.

I could feel the blood pumping through my veins. After a second I had to take a breather. Combining spells was dangerous and unsafe. It took me about an hour but I was finally making my way through the forest.

A familiar raven perched itself on my back. Appointed its head to the left of me and I followed its orders. As we made it through the clearing I noticed a raging river that could easily swallow me whole. Using my ability I fly over gently before landing on the other side.

As I continue down my track I noticed light peering through the tree line. Some type of structure was ahead but I didn’t get a clear view of it yet. As I continued my walk forward I realize that this wasn’t just any structure. This was in entire castle!

It was beautiful even though it looked run down. I could see the towers loom over entire cities even though there are no longer there. But one tower remained. The other one would’ve been bigger and taller but this one was at the perfect size. It wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small either. Whoever lived in that tower must’ve been a great ruler and the other one more arrogant. But what do I know these structures look hundreds of years old they’re probably both dead if they were two of them.

Transforming into a raven I fly up to the second tower and fly through one of the broken windows. I instantly turned back to normal as my raven flew around the room getting comfortable. This room looked beautiful as there wasn’t a single speck of dust. Only shattered glass on the floor. Quickly using Mage hand. I get rid of the glass and look around the midnight room. The colours of the room was mainly blue and purple and they range from dark to light. Everything about this place looked beautiful and so I just cited that this would be my resting place.

I then noticed there wasn’t any bed besides a blanket on the floor next to a fire pit. I quickly look around for a few matches easily finding them before setting the fire pit a flame.

I relax myself a bit… this was my new home… A world that I can’t even call my own…. Worry about the details later right now we need to focus on the bigger picture. We have shelter now we must find food and a place of water. Luckily that river looks clean and there might be a few fish.

I've decided to have a conversation with my inner self… it’s not like I’m going to talk to anyone else. ‘It’s not a bad idea but if there isn’t fish in the river we’re screwed. And take hunting off the list, Hunting wooden wolves won’t keep me fed.’

It looks like thievery will have to do. I think of what he said for a second. ‘Steal from who… no, hell no!’ It is the only way after all. who’s gonna care if you steal from them. It’s not like they’ve been kind to you.

I want to disagree with him but deep down I know he’s right. I don’t like it but I’m gonna have to become a thief.

I then relax for the rest of the day. Being unable to sleep has it's advantages, sometimes.

Slowly I watch as the sun disappears and is replaced by the moon. I stare up at it as a transform into my raven form and take off in the night.

(Chapter 5 The Thief In The Night Or A Starving Soul

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(Chapter 5: The Thief In The Night Or A Starving Soul)

I soared across the sky with the name of one place in my mind, Ponyville. My blood boiled at the name but I continued forward. Due to the fact that it was the only place I knew where I could get food, I had very little options.

I touch down onto one of the top trees looking over Ponyville. Thanks to the clearest night sky and the light of the full moon shining down made it easier to spot the farm in the distance.

I smirked to myself as maybe the gods were on my side tonight. I silently prayed to my mother that I wouldn’t have any more troubles tonight before leaping off the branch and flying towards the farm.

As I neared my Destination I noticed one of the clouds was extremely low to the ground. As I examined it I noticed Rainbow Dash laying on top of it. Questions begin to rise of how she was doing that, but I put that aside until later. Now I’m going on a raid!

As if I had done it all my life I dove straight down into the apple orchard and flew through the trees like an experience expert. Finally I touch down to the edge of the orchard to where the farmhouse sat. I’m guessing applejack lives here, considering her southern accent and this being the only farmhouse.

With that in mind, I quickly made my way over to the barn hoping to find something to carry a lot of food. Slowly I opened up the barn realizing that it hadn’t been locked. Either of these ponies are fools or they trust their neighbours too much.

As I made my way inside I looked around for anything I could use finally I noticed a big saddlebag with a picture of a green apple with a single slice Cut out on each side. Unfortunately it was a little big so I had to use Mage Hand to carry it.

I made my way outside and began to walk back to the orchard. Before I made it to the first tree I heard of gasp behind me. My head shots behind me as I noticed a little pony that had yellow fur with a red main, looking at me with surprise.

I grimaced at the unfortunate luck I was going to have in a few seconds. Before I could do anything else, the little one ran inside and started screaming. Realizing I didn’t have much time I sprinted my way through the orchard using Mage Hand on any Apple I could clearly see. Once I noticed that my bag was full I realized my problem. If I turn back into a raven then I won’t be able to collect my goods, due to the fact that I can’t use magic while being in that form.

My mind raced as I began to think of other ways I could escape. I couldn’t use one with shadows due to the fact with the moon being out, and if Rarity found out how my one with shadow worked, she would have told them instantly.

You can always kill them Ax said in my mind. “Last resort” I replied out loud. Suddenly I could hear the sounds of yapping. I turned around and noticed a dog was chasing after me but the little thing was small so I had little to worry about.

As I turn my head back looking where I was running I felt a yank onto my leg. The little dog, for its size, was extremely fast. It’s teeth were able to crack my hard shell but it did nothing else. unfortunately the force was able to daze me enough to make me lose my momentum and trip falling face first into the ground before rolling.

The little dog began to bite me as I was getting up. Whoever was chasing me was getting close as a light began to brighten through the trees.

I kick the dog off of me, sending it flying. I began to plan my escape.

Using Mage Hand I brought up the saddlebag, placing it into one of the trees, hiding it from site.

The dog was beginning to recover and the plan I had would be painful but it may work. My raven swooped down and transformed us into the white raven. The dog noticed me transform into my weaker state and lunged at me. Thankfully I was still strong and could deal with most of the damage. But I was still a bird and my wing begin to crack.

Eventually something pulled the dog off of me as I was flung to the side. I tried to catch my breath and looked at my broken wing. That was painful, but then Applejack hovering over me. The plan was to see a raven and then move on. But unfortunately for me it didn’t go as planned.

“You poor little critter, Fluttershy ain’t gonna be happy with Winona.” I tried to move away from her, to get as far away as I can but I was too late. “Don’t worry their partner I’ll take you right to Fluttershy! She’ll patch up faster than you can fly!” She said as she was picking me up and placing me on her back.

Thanks to my broken wing I can’t go anywhere and I lost the food I was planning on eating, oh well I guess I have to come back for it. I hope it was worth a broken wing. Now that I think of it I don’t think I’ve ever broken my wing in the game.

it took us a while but eventually we made it to a small cottage on the edge of town. When I was making my scouting run, I had hardly noticed the place thanks to its location.

Applejack BANG her hoof on the door her. One of the lights turned on and after a minute you could hear someone walking down the stairs. Slowly The door opened revealing what seemed to be a timid pony. She had only open the door wide enough to see her turquoise eyes in the dark. She then open the door fully revealing that she had a yellow coat with a very straight pink mane. She also had a pair of wings on her back. They look softer than Rainbows but I could tell they weren’t as strong.

“Hello Applejack, what are you doing here this late..? if you don’t mind me asking that is.” She was so quiet I had to strain my ears to hear the last bit that she said. “Sorry to bother you Fluttershy, but the poor little critter that I have here.” She had turned her body so that I face this mysterious Fluttershy. She let out a sharpie gasp at my condition, to be fair it wasn’t the brightness of plans. Need some medical attention. “I know nopony better than you could fix him up.”

‘Did you just assume my gender bitch?‘ I thought to myself. Now isn’t the time to be putting off jokes you have to get out of here before they take you in. ‘Relax I can be a raven for weeks, and besides, as soon as I get a long rest I’ll be out of here before the sun is even up.’ I countered to myself. Ax had just let out a grown before staying silent.

“Oh, of course!” Fluttershy screamed whispered. Before I had to say in the matter she flipped up her wings and gently pick me up off of Applejacks back. “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of him!” She said in confidence.

Slowly she brought me inside instantly she put me on a shelf with a comfy little pillow and a very small blanket. She then proceeded to patch up my wing. Somehow she did so without even harming me. It felt nice for someone to show compassion to me. She took me in and even gave me a kiss on the forehead before heading upstairs to go to sleep as well. She told me I would have to stay here for a few days, maybe even weeks to fix up my wing. Unknown to her it will only take me eight hours until I’m finally fully healed. I love you D&D!

Due to the fact that one of my features prevent me from sleeping, unless mother summons me, I had to stay as a statue for 7 and a half hours. It actually went by a lot quicker than I expected. I was able to study this room in further detail but eventually my stomach growled as I hadn’t eaten for almost 3 days.

I slowly glided down as my wing was near fixed. Transferring back into my original form I was about to make my way back to the door. My stomach let out another growl and that’s when I noticed the kitchen. For a second I thought about stealing from her… but after everything she had done, I just couldn’t do it. This is pathetic. Fine, go eat your apples, I’m sure they’ll last your while. he said in a sarcastic tone. “I’m not gonna steal from someone who has been so kind to me.” I said out loud to myself.

my impatient stomach let out another growl. Just then I heard a voice. “Hello anypony down there?” said Fluttershy upstairs. I couldn’t think of anything before she made it her way downstairs and locked eyes with me with the burning candle light trey in her mouth.

The candle drop to the ground as she screamed and ran towards the kitchen. I ran after her not wanting her to cause more attention. Instantly I shift into my raven getting a faster speed.

I flew past her, shaking her. I noticed there was a door in the kitchen so I transferred into my regular self and blocked her exit.

She tried to slow down and stop, but she slid right into me. My towering frame over her little one. She let out a small whisper of “o-oh…. my.” Before literally passing out.




“Well shit”


About an hour had passed when Fluttershy finally we re-woke on her couch. The sun was about to rise but I couldn’t leave her side yet. I wanted to make sure my caretaker was safe before I headed out.

She rose from the Couch and let out a cute squeak as she noticed me. I was sitting on the chair across from her, I guess it was intimidating. With my Mage Hand I had brought a set of tea from the kitchen. I’ve been getting good with my magic but I’m going to need more practice.

She calmed down a bit as I gently gave it to her. She looked hesitant at the cup, then me, then back down to the cup. Slowly she took a sip. Instantly her eyes widen as she took a few more. “Thank you.” she whispered to me.

“Don’t worry about it, sorry for scaring you.” I said apologetically. I removed my mask to take a sip of my own. Beside me was a saddle bag. I had retrieved it when Fluttershy was knocked out. for a period of time she stared at me and the saddle bag.

“Well sorry for bothering you I’ll be leaving” I said as I noticed the sun rising in the distance. As if timed my stomach let out a huge growl. as the apples didn’t satisfy my hunger and I didn’t want to eat all of them.

“Oh are you hungry, I can make a quick breakfast, if you want.” She said timidly. “No I have trespassed on your land far too long.”

I was about to leave when she looked at me straight in the eyes. Something about that look screams fear and thankfully I can’t feel it. When was the last time you ate” she asked me. Even though I wasn’t fearful I still felt obligated to tell the truth. “Besides the apples that I just ate nearly 3 days ago.” She let out a gasp as she continued. “Oh no you don’t!” All of a sudden this little Pegasus started pushing me with her head into the kitchen. “You need your nutrition to stay healthy!” She scolded.

Fluttershy had me sit at the table as she started cooking. My brain was wondering how the hell she was able to get me to sit down when I was able to take on giants with my bare fist at one point.

She was singing I lovely tune as she was cooking. This mare had shown me such kindness in a few hours. In a way I felt guilty.

She had to finish making eggs and toast as she sat down on the other side. I noticed that she was still tired, I guess she’s not used to waking up early in the morning.

To be polite I had sit down my spear along with my mask to eat with her. After a few minutes I struck up a conversation. “Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked.

She shrunk down a bit noticing that I was sitting across from her. “Well... I heard what my friends told me about you… how you came in and attacked the village…” her words made me a bit angry but I made sure to keep a stone face. “But a few hours before… I needed a special herb for a friend of mine who has been deathly sickened. I couldn’t stand watching Angel die! So I went into the ever free the only known place the herb resides. I didn’t have time to tell the others, Angel could’ve died at any hour. All of a sudden I was attacked by Timberwolves. They chased me for a good few minutes I thought I was a goner... but then they turn around. I kinda got curious and decided to follow them a little bit… that’s when I noticed you fighting off the Timberwolves. Even when you face the Timberwolf king you showed bravery and took down the beast… well I would’ve preferred you take care of it a different way because of you I’m still alive and I was able to find the herb to save Angel.” At the end of her tail she was in tears.

I don’t know what possessed me but I found myself running towards her and hugging her in an awkward embrace. She cried into my shoulder knowing that she could’ve died that day if it wasn’t for my random showing. I smirked as I knew my mother planned this. It’s obvious she wants this one alive and I’m not complaining as I want her life to. I gently whispered into her ear that everything was fine and that she is no longer in danger.

After that we began to part ways. I let her know that I won’t stop raiding the apple family and that I hope she also stays neutral in this so that she doesn’t affect either side mentally. She agreed to the terms but offered me a place to stay and food to eat whenever I needed. I told her on the condition that if I were to be found out she would not go down the ship with me. finally, I made my way to the castle.


I Let out a sigh as I’m finally safe. Just then and Necklace appeared out of thin air and dropped right in front of my hooves. Curious I picked up the necklace.

Instantly I got sent a message through telekinesis. "I am John, contractor of Mórrígan, Goddess of fate and war. Should you need my help, simply call me and I shall come."

Are there more warlocks out there i’ve never heard of this Mórrígan, but he can possibly be homebrew.

Just then as I was investigating I heard something shatter all around me. It’s seem like reality itself was shattering. Suddenly knowledge of the token presented itself to me. I learned how to create one, and what their purposes Is. I learned that there’s millions if not billions of us. Each one having chosen a different character from a game, movie or anime and becoming that person.

As I came back to the world of the living I realize I just made a crit success. Reality itself gave me the knowledge to understand this. But if that’s true I can also Crit fail which could be the end of me. I’m going to have to be careful from now on.

Excellent and Ally will Greatly give us an edge over the ponies call upon this John immediately. It seems he didn’t realize the crit. I wonder if I’m the only one that can see it.

“no way” I said “if I’m summoning an ally. we’re not gonna be fighting some goddamn ponies. We’re going to be training, spring or going on an adventure into a dangerous dungeon for golden other valuable items. You know what I’m gonna get some stuff and do exactly that. It’s time to have some action” I said as I began to explore the castle wondering if I’ll be able to find anything useful onto our Adventure. Besides it’s getting boring and if this guy is strong I might be able to use my full power against him. Now that will be fun.