Anon Bangs Cookie Crumbles

by Clopficsinthecomments

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Rarity's morning work-out with her mother reveals that Cookie is looking for more excitement in her sex life. Of COURSE Anon drops by at that exact moment! Can Rarity save her mom from his milf-hunting antics? Or will she be drawn in as well?

Rarity, Ponyville's resident fashion entrepreneur extraordinaire, has really been enjoying the retirement of her parents, Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks, who've recently moved to Ponyville.

Not only does this new proximity mean that her little sister spends more time wither her parents, giving Rarity plenty of evenings all to herself (perfect for entertaining young male suitors) at the Carousel Boutique... but she also gets to spend more time with her beloved friend and mother: Cookie!

The pair had always got along famously... a filly really couldn't ask for more from a mother... but now they could enjoy each other's company all the time - including during their newly scheduled regular aerobic workouts. After this particular session, Cookie confides in Rarity that there's trouble in retirement paradise: her sex life with Hondo is not all that she'd hoped it would be.

Rarity is a bit embarrassed at first, but flattered that her mother would see her as such a trusted confidant. The feeling is quickly replaced by frustration as Cookie wonders if the solution to her marital woes might be a session with that strange human all the other mother's have been raving about.

Of course, Anon shows up at exactly that moment.

After some Anon-ical antics, Rarity finds herself being begged by her mother to accompany her - to coach her... reassure her... she's not exactly at Rarity's level of sexual sophistication and would love to have her daughter there to support her.

Will Rarity be able to protect her mother from his lewd clutches? Will Anon be unable to bed his fourth Mane 6 Milf? Will Rarity be able to resist her mother's pleas? Will Rarity avoid being drawn into a sweaty, sexy, incestuous three-way with her mother!?


My entry into the May incest contest.

Contains: MFF / FF / Incest / Oral / Hoofjobs / A MILF getting absolutely rekt

With big thanks to Freglz and B for their editing... and Shino for the cover art!

Pre-workout Cardio

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Rarity groaned in agony.

She was close. So close!

Sweat poured down her brow as she gyrated rhythmically, her heart pounding in her breast, her mouth gasping for air. Her purple tail thrashed left and right, and her muscles ached for release.

I’m not going to make it! I… I can’t take it!’ Rarity’s willpower wavered as her pace quickened, approaching a crescendo. She could feel herself letting go; her vision fading as she gave in to exhaustion, like she was descending slowly down a deep, dark well. Her sweat now coated the floor of the carousel boutique. With a final effort, she threw her head back wildly and let out a desperate, final scream.

“...aaaaand that’s the end of the session mares! And the end of tape one - basic Jazzercise!” The TV screen blared out. The perky young pegasus on the screen sported a cheerful smile before pointing at her unseen audience with her wing. “Make sure you take a rest day, then pop in tape 2 - intermediate Jazzercise - and remember: stay Jazzy!”

Rarity slumped to the floor with a wet splat - her soaked fitness wristbands and headbands overwhelmed by the exertion of the little aerobic fitness session. She grimaced at her television set as the pretty fitness hostess walked off set. ‘She didn’t even break a sweat! Those damn pegasi! Just how do they do it?

“Wow, honey! You really built up a sweat! And that was just the beginner’s tape!”

Rarity levitated a towel to her cheek before looking over at her mother, Cookie Crumbles. The plump, light-pink unicorn chuckled from behind her hoof. Her sweatband was barely moist! And her breathing was calmer than the surface of Ponyville pond on a hot summer’s eve! Even her beautiful long purple hair was barely mussed... though she had let it down from her usual hive-styled do’ for the aerobic exercise.

“M-mother… H-how… are you not… tired?” Rarity gasped from the ground while levitating a water-bottle (emblazoned with her cutie-mark, of course) to her mouth so she could take a deep, thirsty draw of the refreshing liquid.

“Really, hun? I do spin-classes with the girls three times a week.” Cookie rolled her eyes then stood up, proudly showing off her sumptuous assets to her daughter with a wry smile. “These babies may look plump, but they’re all muscle!”

“I would never have believed it.” Rarity giggled, charging her horn with magical energy as she prepared to execute her well-practiced hair-coiffing spell. “But you’ve definitely convinced me, mother. I certainly have a lot of catching up to do.”

Rarity released the charge, magical tendrils slicing along her alabaster fur and cleaning it of sweat, combing out any tangles or misplaced ends in her gorgeous purple mane. It left her sparkling with radiance.

“Oh, isn’t that useful!” Cookie chuckled, removing her red headband and peeling off her exercise outfit. “Could you do me hun? It’ll save me from looking such a mess on the way back home.”

Rarity grimaced, looking at her mother’s beautiful mane with mild annoyance. She hated the ridiculous hairstyle Cookie always chose: big hair had gone out of style decades ago and she looked so beautiful with her long mane askew and spilling down her back.

“Uh… sure… but would you like me to do something a little different? A braid, or some curls perhaps? Yakyakistanian loops are all the rage in Prance this summer.” Rarity tried one more time to suggest something different, even though she already knew what her mother’s answer would be.

“Oh Rarity, we’ve been over this!” Cookie rolled her eyes. “I like getting my hair up and out of the way. Besides, the ‘bee-hive’ was the style that landed me your father, the handsomest stallion at the midtown Manehattan highschool dance of ‘78.”

“Yes, but mother, wasn’t that a themed dance, where all the ponies were dressed up as characters from that musical… GREASE?” Rarity groaned, resigned to restoring her mother’s ridiculous beehive hairstyle, charging her spell so she could cast it on her beloved mother.

“So? It still landed me my stud-muffin.” She grinned and pointed at herself with a hoof, motioning for her daughter to cast her magic. “And if he likes it… I like it…”

Rarity sighed, casting the spell, her magic raced along her mother’s body, restoring her. “Has he ever even mentioned that he likes your manestyle?”

Cookie adjusted her bangs and brooch. “Well he hasn’t mentioned that he doesn’t like it.”

“So... you two are happily retired now, it must be nice to have more time with each other.”

Cookie nodded, rolling her eyes with a sigh.

Rarity chuckled nervously, she hadn’t been expecting that kind of response.

“Well... how are you two getting along these days?” Rarity asked, trotting over to the kitchen. “Have you found the move to Ponyville a welcome change? I certainly appreciate these workouts together.”

Cookie hesitated, faltering slightly... not following after her daughter with the usual pep and enthusiasm that mare seemed to have an interminable supply of.

Rarity looked back at her with concern. “Mother? Is something the matter?” Rarity took another sip of ice-water from her bottle.

“Well, since you asked…” Cookie pulled out a chair from Rarity’s kitchen table, sliding in and leaning on her elbows with gravitas. She took in a deep breath, steeling herself before spilling the beans. “...the sex has been just terrible.”

Pffft! Rarity’s mouthful of water ended up sprayed half across her kitchen counter.

“Oh, I’m not saying that he can’t get it up!” Cookie quickly corrected. “Not at all! He can get his little-stiffy up any time.”


“He may not the tallest tree in the forest, sure… but he’ll get up faster than Celestia’s dress size after a bake sale.” She chuckled as she indicated Hondo’s size with a rather small, oblong magical field, making it quickly rise up and down in an unmistakable demonstration. “Not that I was ever the deepest cave in the mountains... if you know what I mean... your father has always been perfectly adequate.”

MOTHER. Please.” Rarity groaned, resisting the urge to plug her ears with her hooves. “I really didn’t need to know any of this.”

“Oh.” Cookie Crumbles sagged in her seat, ears splaying back. “I’m sorry hun. I just, I was thinking it was something I could talk to you about. You’re such a sophisticated, mature mare.”

Rarity sighed, taking a seat across from her and reached a comforting hoof out, begrudgingly. She hadn’t realized that her mother might confide in her — might see her as a trusted confidant as much as a daughter.

“No, no. I… was just a bit surprised, was all.” Rarity sighed. “I’m here for you, of course. So… If not father’s… smallness... What is your concern with his… performance, then?”

Cookie looked up at her daughter with hesitation. “Well… don’t you find it’s all a bit… boring after a while?”


“Like everything is just a re-run.” Cookie sighed, tapping the table idly with her hoof. “Every Saturday night, we watch Game of Drones… then I go up to our bed… get on all fours… he climbs on…” She grinned wryly. “Couple’a pumps and we’re off to Luna-land.”

Rarity raised a speculative eyebrow. “Th-that’s it?”

“Oh, well… sometimes because of the hoofball game, Game of Drones is on Friday night…”

“No, no, I mean…” Rarity leaned in, perplexed, unbelieving, “is that all you two… do?”

“Sure is. And let me tell you honey…” Cookie let out a heavy sigh, slumping deeper into her chair, “as a mare… I’m feeling bored. Unsatisfied.

“Oh cheer up, mother!” Rarity patted Cookie’s hoof reassuringly. “It’s quite a common affliction among married ponies. All things do tend to get a bit drab after a while.”

Cookie looked up hopefully. “Really? So what do those married ponies… do?”

Rarity smirked. “Well. I make no claim to be the foremost expert on these things, but have you and father tried… spicing things up in the bedroom?”

“They use spices?” Cookie looked down at her lower bits with a skeptical tilt.

“No! Well… sometimes.” Rarity chuckled. “I meant, have you tried… dressing up? Or different positions? Perhaps a bit of foreplay?”

“Honey, your father isn’t a young colt anymore.” Cookie shook her head in disbelief. “He doesn’t need to do all that fancy stuff: he’s already got a mare.”

“Well clearly Dad DOES need to be doing a bit more, or else we wouldn’t be having this little discussion, now would we? Have you even asked him? Perhaps he’s interested in something new as well?”

“Oh I did ask him the other night — wanted to see if he’d try giving me a little nip on the neck after a couple of pumps.” Cookie blushed a bit. “I felt a bit ashamed to ask… very wild, I know. But you should have seen his reaction! He was worried that he wasn’t good enough for me, asked me over and over if everything was all right.” Herears splayed back. “He told me that he thought I was just beautiful as I am — didn’t want to mess up what we have by doing some sort of fancy stuff.”

“Oh. Hmm.” Rarity slumped down. “I suppose fixing sex issues between married couples isn’t as easy as the mare-magazines always make them out to be…”

“What if I was just a sophisticated young Canterlot fashionista? What would you do for fun?”

Rarity blushed slightly. She hesitated to tell her mother about the whips, wax, toys… the wild nights… the socialite sex parties. Her mother’s brain might just melt if she knew what was normal in the after-parties of the fashion world.

“W-well… hmm. What do you fantasize about, mother? That’s what’s really important.”

“So, I actually did have one idea.” Cookie spoke up, her smile growing excitedly.


“Well, I did have a chance to chat with Rainbow Dash and Twilight’s moms the last time we were all together for that charity foundation dinner: ‘Superhero Mothers Against Segragation of Humans’.“

Rarity cocked her head. “Why are you going to an event like that?”

“Well, it’s actually Mrs. Shy’s foundation. She’s trying her darndest to stop the Equestrian government from making humans live separately from us.”

“There’s only one human in Equestria.” Rarity scowled. “I know him… hay… you met him briefly, a few months back. I locked him in my fridge, remember?”

“Oh yes! He was such an energetic fellow!” Cookie giggled, blushing. “And Mrs. Shy spoke so highly of him… Velvet and Windy too.”

“Really?” Rarity deadpanned. “So back to the point… you were saying chatting with my friends’ mothers had given you some kind of idea about how to improve things with dad?” The unicorn took another sip from her waterbottle — practically inviting the Gods of cliche to strike her down.

“Well, I was thinking, why not let your human friend rut me?”

Rarity spewed water once again, barely missing her mother with a fountainous spit-take.

“Mother! I feel like perhaps you’re missing a few steps when you go from a neck-nip to an interspecies extramarital affair!” she squeaked out, her hackles rising.

“Oh not at all!” Cookie waved a hoof at her daughter dismissively. “I had a long conversation with Twilight and Windy; according to them, it doesn’t count if your partner is from another dimension.”

“It… it doesn’t count?”

“That’s what they said!”

“And why would they get to decide whether such a thing counts!?”

“Well… Both of them have actually had a chance to experience Anon’s… talents first-hoof.” Cookie smiled, waving a hoof casually. “So they’re kind of experts... of a sort…”

“Yes, I’m aware that he slept with Twilight, Rainbow’s and Fluttershy’s mothers...” Rarity groaned, rubbing her temples as she felt a powerful headache coming on. “He makes sure to remind us all as often as he can…”

“So, would you be… willing to introduce me?” Cookie blushed and fanned herself with a hoof, before tittering with excitement. “Oh, would you just listen to me, acting like a school-filly about to have her first date.”

“Mother, the very last thing that I would ever do is to introduce you to… him,” Rarity grumbled through grit teeth, then gestured to the refrigerator. “I hope you recall just how quickly things went sideways the first time you met him. It took me hours to get him out of there after you’d left.”

“Oh he was certainly a playful one,” Cookie giggled, “so full of mischievous energy! I actually did add him to my fantasy list after that afternoon.”

Rarity stared at her incredulously. “I can’t believe this.” She shook her head. “I can’t believe you. In any case, I shall be doing my very best to ensure that I keep you two as far apart as possible.”

“Oh really?” Cookie wiggled her eyebrows and poked her daughter with her hoof. “Not willing to share with your poor old mom, huh? I thought I had brought you up to be more generous than that!”

“W-what!?” Are you implying that I… with him?” Rarity tapped her own chest with a hoof. “Moi, the very visiion of Equestrian poise and gentility… communing with that - that… animal!?”

“Woah. That’s actually pretty species-ist, Rara.” Anon said from the kitchen doorway, peeking in with a disappointed frown on his face. “Though, is species-ism even a thing? Like if I hate those fuckin’ breezie bugs that keep gumming up my bug-zapper every night, does that mean I’m the bad person?”

“ANON, WHAT THE BUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!?” Rarity screamed jumping up on all four hooves and panting in fear, all pretense of poise abandoned.

“What? The gay fru-fru shirt you made for me lost all its buttons and I wanted to get you to fix it.” Anon pointed at his dress shirt, currently hanging open under his blazer, exposing his muscular chest. “For free. You know… I’m sure there’s a warranty or whatever. You don’t have to throw such a bitch-fit.”

“You… you sanctimonious, swine-sucking, shameless, snarky simian!” Rarity exhorted. “Not only did I give you that shirt as a gift out of the goodness of my heart when I’d first met you — before I knew you for what you are — not only did I stitch each button for you by hoof, not only do I absolutely not provide warranties or free repairs with any of my clothing… but my store isn’t even open!” Rarity’s tone had been getting more and more shrill as she went on, rising from her seat. “Just how the hay did you get in!?””

“Well, I saw that your door was locked, so I walked over to the side of the shop and pushed open the bay window.” Anon shrugged, taking off his jacket and preparing to undo the cuffs of his shirt. “I was going to scream out that you should wake the eff up and come down, but heard some voices, so I figured I oughta just hop in…”

“Well, that’s a very fine story of breaking and entering — for which I will be pressing charges — but I need you out of my home right now.” Rarity began prodding the human out of the kitchen with her horn, driving him toward the exit. She had one chance to prevent this situation from spiralling out of control, and she wouldn’t squander it.


“Why, I’ll even repair your shirt for free! If… you’ll.. just… leave… NOW.”

“Hang on Rara… just who is this lovely mare you’re escorting me away from?” Anon asked, looking over his shoulder at Cookie Crumbles, who was just staring in awe at the scene unfolding before her. “Haven’t I met her before?”

“She’s nopony! You haven’t met. Now LEAVE.”

“Oh, hello there! I don’t think we’ve ever met properly.” Cookie got up from her chair, walking toward the tall human. “My name is Cookie Crumbles. I’m Rarity’s mother. We met once a few months ago, briefly. I’m pleased t—”

In a skillfully agile shift of his hips, Anon twirled out of Rarity’s grasp and sashayed over to the older mare, crouching down on one knee so that he was at her height.

“Rarity’s mother? You don’t say…” He smiled with a wolfish grin. “Why, I thought you were one of Rarity’s supermodel clients.”

Anon scooped the unicorn up under her armpits, hoisting her over his head as if she were a pet golden retriever. “I mean, jeez… Rarity, you never told me that your mom was so… thick!”

Rarity’s face quickly rivalled the crimson color palette of Big Macintosh. “Get your damned, dirty, ape hands off of her!” she shouted, leaping to rescue Cookie from his predatory clutches.

Anon, however, swung out of the way effortlessly. “Why, these legs look like they could rival that hick Appulhorse’s thunder-thighs…” he mused aloud, twisting again and dodging a second attempt, as if it were a dance he’d practiced all his life.He sat Cookie atop the kitchen table, circling her like he were inspecting a piece of meat. “...And those hips... I can see how she was able to squeeze your fat ass out thirty-five years ago.”

Rarity let out a scream and stomped her hoof. “Anonymous, you shall cease saying such horrid insults about my dear mother!” she roared, steam shooting from her nostrils. “More importantly, I am twenty-seven and my derriere is slim and—”

“Yeah yeah, would you shut up already, you prissy little snob?” Anon waved a hand dismissively at her. “I’m only interested in the real beauty in the room here.”

“Ooooooh!” Rarity’s mind screamed. Usually, she could give as good as she got; her tongue was famous for the venom it could deliver on short notice. The catharsis from telling the arrogant ass that he should return to his sewer-swamp of a domicile to continue his life’s work of imprinting his disgusting, cyst-filled ass into his sofa as he contemplated how he would perish, friendless and alone… was denied her.

Right now her focus was on rescuing her mother.

The words sounded so good in her mind too! But verbally thrashing the fool would need to wait until she could secure Cookie from his clutches.

“So, Mrs. Rarity’s Mom, let me get straight to the point.” Anon directed a finger at Cookie’s snout, making her eyes, then moved it to point at the mare’s rear. “You…” The finger twisted and turned, angling back to point as his own crotch. “” The human lifted his other hand and made an ‘O-K’ sign, then proceeded to thrust his pointing index finger in and out of it with vigor.

“Anon.” Rarity growled. He was so impossible to control, so vulgar, so infuriating!

The human ignored her as he continued to thrust his finger into his other hand, faster and faster… before beginning to make falsetto moaning sounds. “Oh oh oh, yes Anon! Yes!”


The human clenched his ‘O-K’ sign, making it grip his finger with rhythmic pulses. He let out a long slow, plaintive groan then made a small explosion sound, bursting his fingers in all directions.

“What do you say, Mrs. Rarity’s-mom?”

Rarity gripped the back of Anon’s head with her magic and smashed it against the kitchen table, pinning him there. She almost never acted out physically, but the rage she felt was overwhelming. If she couldn’t control this beast with manners or decency, she’d restrain him physically.

“Anon you’ll shut your gutter-mouth and cease your filthy, decadent antics or I’ll… I’ll… make you eligible to be a castrato in the Canterlot symphony opera.”

“What?” Anon managed to mouth out, despite having his cheeks pressed into the table.

Stop propositioning my mother or I’ll cut your bucking balls off!!!” Rarity’s voice was loud enough to rattle the kitchen cabinetry.

“Young filly! You stop that right now!” Rarity felt the pit of her stomach drop, an instinctive reaction to that motherly tone that all well-raised ponies knew all too well. “And let Mr. Anon go, this instant. I raised you better than to use magic like that.”

Rarity clenched her teeth, but couldn’t resist the instinct to obey her mother. “Y-yes mother.”

The blue field lessened and Anon immediately shot her a shit-eating smile. “Yeah, Rarity…

“And you, Mr. Anon.” Cookie glanced over at the human with a wry grin. Rarity noticed with some satisfaction that her mother managed to get even the rambunctious human to stiffen at her motherly tone. “...I’m all for a little youthful exuberance, but really you need to be a bit more polite to a mare when propositioning her…” Cookie’s confidence suddenly faltered a bit as the situation caught up with her - her cheeks turned a deep red… “...even if she’s going to say yes.”

“H-huh?” Rarity watched with dismay as Anon’s expression slowly melted from one of impious mirth to stunned confusion. She could just imagine the gears turning in his head as he tried to appreciate what had just been said.

Rarity tried to make one last plea. “Mother, please - anypony BUT this ma-”

“Awww yes!” The human pumped his fist exuberantly. “Anon’s getting his dick wet tonight! Suck it, whitey! Wow, never thought I’d get to say that.”

Rarity felt her eye twitch as the human used both hands to indicate the exact region on his body that he was intending to make use of. “Why don’t you take a hike, you over-hyped rag merchant: I’m about to make you a new half-sister.”

“I’m not going anywhere!” Rarity shouted, her eyebrows knitting together in fury. “I-I… I’ll see to it that my mother is treated like a lady, whether I approve of her partner or not!”

Anon tilted his head to one side, reaching behind with a hand to scratch his scalp with a perplexed expression. “Woah… I mean… I guess you seem like the kind that might like to watch Rarity… I do put on one hell of a show - I should sell tickets!” Anon slammed his fist into his open palm. “But still… your mom? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a kink-shamer… but this feels more like something AJ and Applebloom would be int-”

“Anon!” Rarity sputtered. How did he always manage to take everything she said in the most embarrassing possible way!? “That’s not what I meant you simian simpleton! I have no intention on being present while you… you… rut my mother!” She began to charge energy in her horn menacingly. “If you continue to imply the same we’ll find out just how well you enjoy ‘Brown Nose the Weird’s’ copious coprophagia spell!”

“Why would you even know that spell!? Hmm… guess that explains why your breath smell like ass, though.”

“It was in a book I read! I’ve never-” Rarity simmered, realizing the human had once again gotten the upper hoof on her, before she took a moment to compose herself and redirect her focus. “I’m not going to spectate you and my moth-”

“Actually.” A small voice piped up.

Rarity’s ears turned to face the source of the interjection: her mother, carefully climbing down from the kitchen table. She could see something different in the older mare - during their conversation there had once been a grinning excitement, a playful curiosity… but it was now a faltering nervousness. Her mother sported a deep blush, her brow seemed sweaty (and not from the earlier aerobic workout), her legs seemed to tremble slightly with fear - even her ears were splayed back.

“I-I w-wouldn’t actually mind if… Rarity was th-there.” Cookie’s eyes locked with Rarity’s, widening slightly - begging silently for her assistance.

’Why is she suddenly so anxious?’ Rarity thought. It pained her to see her usually upbeat and jovial mother reduced so. ‘Could it be that the reality of what she’s embarking on is finally dawning on her? Perhaps she’s worried she’s bitten off more than she could chew?

It would not do. Rarity could not abandon her mother… would not.

“It’s j-just… I’m… a little nervous.” Cookie blushed, kicking the marble kitchen tile with her front hoof. “I’ve… never, well… your father was my first and…”

Rarity’s heart was breaking. Her poor mother, usually so composed, so happy, so… motherly... was now desperate, frightened, and lonely... and Rarity was the only pony who could help her. She reached out and touched her mother’s shoulder, before letting out a deep, tired sigh. “I-I… suppose…”

The human pumped his fist with far too much glee for Rarity’s liking. “Aww yeah! Threesome!”

Rarity didn’t even bother suppressing her choking, disgusted reactionary gag.

Warming up

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The trio shuffled upstairs with the barest modicum of decency, despite the lurid acts that they were planning to undertake.

As they made their way, Rarity tried to comfort Cookie, who still seemed quite out of her element. She’d attempted one last time to convince her mother that, if she felt so nervous, there was no need for her to follow through with the act… but the mare affirmed her commitment - no turning back now.

Walking down the upper floor hallway, Rarity was surprised that her door was partly ajar as the strange group reached her room. She almost always kept the thing shut - a necessity with Sweetie Belle getting into everything and pilfering her fabrics. The open door would mean less noise as they snuck into the fashionista’s bedroom slash workshop.

Rarity had lost track of just where her little sister was, and the last thing she wanted to do was draw attention to the fact that their mother was about to enter a bedroom with Anon… and spend an extended period of time in there with him.

After they’d all entered, Rarity shut the door behind Anon, a small sense of relief washing over her. She’d had the good sense years back to soundproof her room entirely. At least Sweetie wouldn’t hear what was about to occur. The soundproofing had proved its worth many times over: the prying ears of the curious little filly had not been tainted by the rather vocal style of coupling that Rarity was so fond of drawing from her suitors.

“So - how we going to do this?” Anon chuckled, diving onto Rarity’s four-poster bed and rolling onto his back. “A little wham-bam thank you ma’am?”

“Uhhm…” Cookie looked nervously between the human and her daughter. “I-I’m not su…”

Rarity swallowed her annoyance. She’d hoped that she might be able to just… sit in the corner, plug her ears, shut her eyes and mentally re-arrange her fall fashion line-up… blocking out everything and waiting for the whole sordid affair to pass... In that sense her strategy was not unlike that she’d employed during her own first fumbling experience with a colt.

But… her mother’s lack of confidence, her desire for more excitement, and her pleading eyes seemed to necessitate a more active role than she’d hoped for.

Hardly Anon.” Rarity snarked. “If you intend to be... with... the mother of one of Equestria’s greatest heroes you shall act with humility and respect.”

“Huh, that’s not what Mr. and Mrs. Shy said.”

Rarity blanched slightly as she realised the implication. She’d always heard the rumours, of course, whispers about Fluttershy’s parents’ rather exotic love-life.

“Oh, so that story I heard about you bucking her was true then?” Cookie asked perking up slightly. “So that means that, when it comes to the moms... I’d be your…”

Anon grinned. “Fourth.”

“A gentlecolt should never kiss and tell, Anon.” Rarity clicked her tongue.

“Pftt… fuck that.” Anon laughed, holding up all five fingers on his hand, lowering one as he listed off each of his conquests: “I screwed Twilight’s mom silly, made Rainbow Dash’s mom wetter than a rainstorm, and cucked the hell out of Fluttershy’s dad.” This left only one finger upright - his middle digit… directed right at Rarity.

“They have names Anon.” Rarity growled.

“Eh. They have vaginas too. And at the end of the day… isn’t that all that really matters?” Anon lifted a hand to his chin, as if he were contemplating some deep truth like one of Rarity’s favorite Moneigh sculptures. “Like… for real... screw dragons and their weird non-vagina lizard-holes, am I right?”

Cloacas you insensitive moron.”

“Whatever. We doing this?” Anon gestured down at his pants, as he scooched toward the edge of her bed.

“Apparently. However, I’ll not have you mistreat my mother. She’s a mare who deserves respect, affection, and excitement.” Rarity strode over and poked Anon in the chest. She made sure to do so with the edge of her hoof, and sharply enough that it might cause a bruise. “Is that understood?”

“Fucking ouch.” Anon rubbed his chest. “All right, all right! I’ll have you know that I come with a one-hundred percent satisfaction rating among moms currently.”

Rarity frowned. It wasn’t that the human was wrong. She’d heard from Twilight and Rainbow first-hand the agony they had to go through, subjected to their mothers extolling the virtues of monkey-phallus. She just couldn’t see how that was possible for this lanky, tall, annoying slob with his spider-like claw-hands and unimpressive physique.

“So… R-rarity… h-how do you think I should, well… start?” Cookie’s unsure voice spurred Rarity from her rage-filled thoughts.

He shall start, mother.” Rarity smiled warmly. “You are a beautiful mare, and this beast should worship you by…”

Rarity hesitated.

This was her mother after all. Yes, Rarity was older now, her relationship was more mature - one of mutual respect and friendship… but she was still her mother! Could she really do this?

Of course she could! Just… treat her like somepony else… pretend as if you were just a director in a fabulously erotic movie!

“H-he should... lap at your flower… until you’ve experienced the greatest of pleasures.” Rarity managed to get out.

There was no turning back now. She was committed. Rarity patted the bed and guided her mother up onto it lovingly, calmly lowering her onto her back so that the human could lavish her with the oral attention she deserved.

“Mmmm… nah.” Anon shrugged indifferently.

“Nah?” Rarity paused, caught out as she was halfway through lowering her mother.

“Well first off… lap at your flower? What the fuck is that literotica bullshit?” Anon scrunched his face with distaste. “Maybe if you’d said: ‘eat your pussy he makes until you cum on his face’ I’d have been interested. But you’ve just ruined my appetite.”

Anon unhooked his pants and pulled them down with no decorum at all, revealing his ridiculous white underwear briefs. Rarity believed that she’d heard the human refer to them as ‘tighty-whities’. With a careless half-twisting leap he jumped onto the bed.

“So… now I think I’m in the mood to go first.” Anon reached out and snagged Cookie’s hoof, wrapping his fingers around it sensuously before moving it toward his crotch.

Rarity saw her mother’s eyes widen with excitement... saw Cookie chew her lip and swallow... saw her catch her breath at the mere touch from the human... from mere hoof-holding.

L-l-lewd!’ Rarity’s mind protested.

But before she could utter a word, Rarity watched the human slide her mother’s hoof against the bulge in his underwear, rubbing it into the sizeable package hidden beneath the fabric. With careful direction, Anon helping Cookie’s well-manicured hoof to find it’s rhythm before lifting his hand away.

“Anon!” Rarity found her voice, “How dare you? I said you were to treat my mo-”

“Can you shut up? By Celestia’s fat-ass, I’m the expert in mom-fucking here Rara, besides… I’m the one with the dick - so I make the rules. Gotta respect your stallion, right? That’s what this weird fucked up backwards world is into, right?”

“How dare y-”

“Oh come off it… besides, look: she likes it!” Anon gestured down at Cookie, who was now pawing at the bulge on her own - exploring it with enthusiasm and wonder.


Cookie looked up at her with a shy smile. “W-well… he is a stallion, dear… and he feels very… um… n-nice… under there.”

Rarity sniffed, throwing up her chin. “Perhaps I should just go, then.”

“No!” Cookie shouted suddenly, reaching out toward her daughter with her free hoof. “I… I just - feel better if you’re here, with me.”

Rarity let out a breath that rippled through her body, taking some of the tension in her muscles with it. There really isn’t anything she could do. Resigning to her fate, she turned and watched.

Her mother’s hoof played back and forth along the human’s cotton undershorts, massaging his bulge as it began to throb larger and larger, the shape growing quickly under the thin white fabric.

“Yeah, get in there…” Anon grinned. “Get a real good feel for little Anon.”

“It… isn’t feeling so… little anymore…” Cookie glanced nervously back at Rarity, her hoof starting to need longer and longer strokes as the bulge approached the edge of the human’s underwear. “But, a few months ago… I thought that you said you only had five and a half inches of pleasure…?”

Anon chuckled. “Soft, maybe.” Rarity couldn’t help but look between the human and his groin as his fattening pink fleshy penis began to peek out of his briefs and spill down his inner thigh. “Don’t wanna scare you little ponies away… never measured the thing when it’s at full staff… it’s no big deal.”

“Horseapples.” Rarity snarked. “You seem like the type to measure it every morning.”

“OK - so maybe it’s precisely ten point two three inches erect… ten point three if I flex really hard.” Anon took Cookie's other hoof, directing it lower, onto his balls. “These are pretty hefty too.”

“Narcissist.” Rarity couldn’t hold her tongue. The human's cock was halfway to his knee though. And such a strange shape and color: pink and cylindrical… all covered by a strange shriveled skin sheath at its expanding tip. It was completely alien from the dome-like end of a normal stallion.

“Like you’re one to talk…” Anon laughed. “I admit… I do like showing off.” On cue, he stopped Cookie’s groping hooves, using the pause to lift his hips and peel down his undershorts.

Both mares stiffened slightly, hackles rising and tails swishing instinctively. Anon’s full erection rose proudly in front of them, throbbing with masculine intensity between his pale legs.

Rarity couldn’t hide the intensity in her professional gaze as she drank in its every detail. Each subtle vein... the sheer thickness at its base... the way it had no medial ring as it towered up to folds of skin that had to be retracted to reveal its strange mushroom-shaped dome... even the way the small cockslit drooled out a fat drip of clear liquid… her innate sense of style screamed out at the savagely sexual attractiveness of this… this… cock.

Rarity may have detested this petulant human, but there was no denying that his tool was perfect for fucking ponies.

“W-w-wow.” Cookie Crumbles mouthed breathlessly.

“I fuckin’ love when you mares get all quiet after the big reveal.” Anon’s shit-eating smile had reached all new levels of insufferable-ness. “Here you can have this.” He tossed his underwear into Cookie’s face.

Rarity opened her mouth to complain at the human’s callous treatment of Cookie as some clothing stand... but her mother’s reaction stopped her. Cookie had shut her eyes, nostrils flaring, while taking in a luxuriantly deep breath. A light moan crossed her lips as she savoured Anon’s musk as if she were sniffing a sweet Prench perfume.

“Mmm… you… you smell… amazing.” Cookie groaned.

Rarity watched, stunned, as her mother lifted the garment from her nose, her dreamy eyes looking back at the human.

“Oh yeah? You like that funk, huh?” Anon’s hands found their way into the deliriously happy mare’s mane, playing with her sweaty fur and scritching behind her ears… before taking hold of the back of Cookie’s head more forcefully. “Well, why don’t you try it right from the source?”

With a quick pull, Anon pressed Cookie’s muzzle right into his sweaty ballsack, letting the thick base of his organ rest against her face.

Rarity stifled a choked surprise. That was the same face that had blown her so many goodnight kisses... which had cheered her on with encouragement at her first fashion show... which had comforted her with warm smiles when she’d felt down after a tough day at school… Now it was reduced to a debauched mess, a googly-eyed drunkenly moaning mask that stared up at the depraved human with love-struck eyes even as it was draped with his sweaty phallus.

“Anonymous! You brute!” Rarity stepped closer, the rage in her eyes fixated directly on the impious human. “Unhand her this moment!”

“What are you talking about? I’m not ‘handing’ anything at the moment!” Anon chuckled, holding both hands up plaintively in front of the furious unicorn - clearly showing he wasn’t forcing Cookie to do anything.

Rarity gaze quickly shifted to her mother, who was making no effort to extricate herself from Anon’s groin… Quite to the contrary, she was nuzzling his heavy, swollen sacks of flesh with her cute purple snout. Her tongue was even poking out from her open mouth, leaving little drips of her saliva on the human’s pink skin as she drooled with desire.

“I think she likes it!”

“Mmmhm… so… so g-good…” The weak mumble from her mother was directed more at the human taint Cookie was caressing than anypony else.

“I love her hair though.” Anon smiled, still moving his hands through her mother’s beehive mane. “Can’t wait to get it all sweaty and fucked up.” He slipped his hands back into her luxurious strands, stroking idly.

Rarity stood there, not wanting to watch, but unable to look away. The joyous groans of her mother filled her flicking ears. Rarity’s eyes were desperate to look somewhere, anywhere that wasn’t the grinning human’s face, his bobbing cock-tip, or the messy sight of her mother grinding her face into Anon’s sex.

But there was no escaping the debauched show. Even worse… Rarity was beginning to feel… something.

A discomforting feeling was growing, starting in her stomach and moving backward… toward her hips… her legs… her nethers… Celestia she wished she could just leave and bury this strange feeling away - pretend it had never happened.

But she couldn’t!

Rarity had to drink in the whole erotic scene, imagination going wild with images of that swollen alien cock… and of her aroused, horny mother… it was unbearable! Rarity shifted in her stance, feeling the swelling mound between her legs grind against the inner parts of her thighs.

“Umm… anytime you wanna… y’know… start…” Anon grunted down at the panting mare between his legs, “ me a blowjob… feel free?”


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“Umm… anytime you wanna… y’know… start…” Anon grunted down at the panting mare between his legs, “ me a blowjob… feel free?”

Cookie looked up with a startled glance, unsure eyes darting from Anon to Rarity before she nodded timidly. “S-sure… I remember those… I uh... I know how to give a blowjob.” The word seemed to hang in her mouth like it was from a foreign language.

Rarity couldn't help it. Her nervous cuteness was just far too adorable. It took all she had to avoid chuckling as her mother drew her wet nose up the impressive human’s cock, approaching his shiny-slick mushroom tip. Cookie’s tentative tongue darted from her mouth, cautiously touching the strange bit of string-like tissue between the human’s glans and his shaft as if afraid the contact might scald her.

Then she blew.

Rarity watched as Cookie pursed her lips into a small whistling shape, and blew a warm stream of air across Anon’s cockhead.

“Umm… what are you… doing?” Anon asked.

Rarity cringed on her mother’s behalf, nopony liked being made to feel like a silly novice during such intimate moments. Poor Cookie looked up at the human with embarrassment, before letting out a little squeak. “… a blowjob?”

Anon groaned. “I swear if you weren’t so cute about it I’d be losing my shit right about now.” The human scowled over at Rarity with a shake of his head. “How in the fuck does the mother of the queen of blowjobs not know what a blowie is?”

Rarity bristled. She wasn’t sure whether to take that statement as a compliment or an insult.

On the one hoof, she did know that her technique was excellent. She’d be famous among the Canterlot circles if the gentlecolts were predisposed to kiss and tell (they were not). On the other hoof, she didn’t like what the human might be implying about her untarnished reputation as an upstanding member of Ponyvillian society.

Rolling his head to one side with a disappointed shake, Anon addressed Rarity plainly. “Can you get over here and show your mother how to do this properly?”

Rarity took a step forward. Her tail was already starting to flag up, her tongue darting around in her mouth, moistening her gums and muzzle. Celestia, she’d really gotten excited from watching her mother service that studly organ.

She stopped, her mind coming back to the fore and overriding the momentary lapse of her overriding desire. She couldn’t let herself, or her mother, be directed around by this brute! She wasn’t some meek little maid!

Rarity cleared her throat before speaking. “Perhaps she just couldn’t stand the odious stench from your horrid little twig. I doubt that you’ve cleaned it since the last time you managed to rut your own bottom.”

It felt so good to let a little of the venom slip! That would put this upstart in his place - she was a lady! And despite his… imposing nature - Rarity was not a mare who mounted the breeding post meekly for studding - they would have to earn it!

“Jeez Rarity, I didn’t realize you spent so much time imagining me fucking my ass.” Anon was smiling. Rarity could tell that he enjoyed the little repartee as much as she did. “Not that I’ve ever tried, but I’m flattered you think I’m so flexible. If you wanted a demonstration you just had to ask.” His face shifted again to a more serious frown, and he pointed at his crotch with more conviction: “still… hurry up and get on this.”

“Moi? On that… pathet-” Rarity’s mind hiccuped mid-phrase, she couldn’t pretend any longer that the towering flesh was inadequate - it might the largest she’d ever seen with her own eyes. “-monstrously grotesque thing? Never..”

“Right, well - guess we’re done here then.” Anon yawned, reaching out to grab his underwear from the heap on the floor it lay in.

“Wait!” Cookie’s voice shot out, her head shooting up with ears back in alarm.

Rarity tried to keep her smug confidence on her face despite Cookie’s pleading eyes. ‘Mother don’t you realize it’s a bluff? You’re playing right into his hands!

Seeing no immediate support from her daughter, Cookie tried to save things once again. “I-I can do better!” She opened her mouth comically wide while making an *ah* sound as she approached the phallus.

Rarity could wait no longer, she had to help her mother. With a single swift motion, she slid in between the human's legs, fired a quick wink at her mother and whispered warmly. “You need to do it like this.”

Rarity started at the base of the strange pink shaft, her long tongue reaching out to the alienly wiry short hairs on Anon’s sizable sack before she drew it up and up and up. The short hairs transitioned to smooth skin... an eternity of smooth skin, with no medial ring to play with before she reached the burbling mess that was the human’s cockhead.

She swirled her tongue with controlled violence around the underside of his glans, tastebuds exploding with sensations. Her whole muzzle filled with the rich musky waves of pheromones laden juices pouring from his genitals. Rarity swallowed instinctively, taking those early drippings of his essence deeper into herself with groans of satisfaction.

She’d been with star hoofball stud-athletes, Wonderbolt celebrities who oozed with 'Eau de stud' and none of them even held a candle to the overpowering flavor he exuded. Some cosmic joke had resulted in the universe’s most apt pony-lover being this… this… Anonymous.

“Go on… get back in there, Rarity’s-mom.” Rarity heard the voice call from above her a half-moment before her tongue felt a new writhing sensation dancing about the tip of the human’s phallus: her mother’s tongue!

An initial, immediate reaction urged Rarity to pull back in shock and disgust at making tongue contact with her mother... but it was quickly suppressed. This wasn’t the first time she’d played a skin-flute with a female partner. What with the gender ratio in Equestria it wasn’t exactly uncommon.

But, her brain screamed in protest, this was her mother!

“Mmm… oh fuck… that’s so fuckin’ good.” Anon groaned leaning back onto the bed.

Rarity slipped her mouth all the way up and took the end of the human’s penis into her mouth completely, suckling like a foal at its… mother’s… teat. The thought felt uncomfortable, given the circumstances... and exciting… After all, her mother’s tongue was presently draped across the human's upper shaft, only inches away from sliding into her sucking mouth.

Pushing the thought aside, Rarity began to bob with intensity, swirling her tongue with as much speed as she could muster, like some kind of pink, fleshy blender. She couldn’t get much of Anon’s fat cock into her mouth - it was forcing her to stretch her muzzle uncomfortably wide to avoid scraping her teeth along his delicate flesh, but she wasn’t worried: Cookie seemed to be taking good care of his lower shift.

“Fuuuuuck me… that’s amazing.” Anon groaned.

But Rarity was starting to get frustrated. She’d used this swirling, bobbing technique many times to great effect. Even studs with legendary reputations from the most prestigious of upper-crust Canterlot sex-circles (colts who would have been no strangers to casual sexual encounters with beautiful mares) could rarely last more than a few seconds under this kind of attention... and that was when she was working a shaft solo!

Already, Anon had now been going for minutes with two mares lavishing him! How?

More frustration followed when the human’s left hand made its way into her mane, pushing down with urging force, hoping to drive his insistent penis deeper into Rarity’s completely stuffed mouth.

Immediately Rarity pulled off of him, her horn snapping alight with a menacing burst of crackling magical energy. She looked into the man’s eyes, staring pure icy-daggers at him.

“Touch my mane again and you die.”

“Fine! Ok! What the fuuu….ughnn….” Anon’s invective broke into a moan.

Cookie had quickly replaced Rarity on the end of the human’s shaft, taking Anon’s cock into herself in the same she’d just seen her daughter do, bobbing her mouth at a faster rate while making little squeaking grunts - her eyes shut with focus and sensation.

Rarity grinned at her mother’s effort.

Amateurish, at best… but with enough enthusiasm to make up for the lack of subtlety. Rarity leaned closer to the action, finding a comfortable place lower down, where she could explore the human’s testicles with her mouth and tongue.

Just above Rarity’s little testicular expedition, sticky wet drool slid down the sides of Anon’s drenched penis from Cookie’s attempts to swallow as much thick cock-sausage as she could manage.

Rarity’d had Prench kisses with less spit swapped.

A massaging, comforting hand had found its way to Rarity’s rear - the same offending hand from earlier now put to good use... kneading and massaging her plot, drawing grasping circles of passionate intensity that drew ever closer to her backside and wet, engorged furrow. A quick backward glance, revealed that the human had helped himself to two handfuls of pony-bottom: his left hand was groping her, while his right was already playing underneath her mother’s flagging tail.

Rarity flexed her spine, easing her tail up into the air and giving those wonderful human fingers license to come and play. The digits quickly accepted the invitation and slid under her dock, pressing against the upper rim of the tight pucker of her tail-hole, their movements more deliberate and exciting than any magic field or hoof she’d ever experienced.

“Mmm…. yeshhh…” The groan escaped her lips, unbidden.

Rarity rewarded the human’s playful explorations by taking his right ball into her mouth - which was no easy feat. His fat egg slid about in its cocoon of wrinkly pink flesh in her muzzle, a challenging target for Rarity’s delicate and protective tongue-play. She made sure to insulate Anon’s fragile stallion-bit from all the sharp surfaces of her mouth while giving it the closest thing to nirvana on Equus.

“MMmfff!” Rarity squeaked out, just barely managing to avoid chomping down from startled delight: the human had just slipped his hand down quickly to her marehood, easily sliding two of his digits into her hot, drooling, twisting snatch and hooking them up in a ‘come-hither’ gesture to take hold of her fat clitoris... from the inside.

Through her fluttering eyelashes, Rarity could see that her mother was receiving similar treatment. Cookie’s eyes rolled in pleasure, her pace slowing as the human dextrously finger-fucked both of them.

In mere moments, Rarity was winking into the strange and exotic feel of those spidery phalanges pressing against her inner love-bud… she couldn’t even imagine what her less-experienced mother might be feeling... though she envied her the sweet syrupy stud-essence that must be pouring down her gullet.

“Aw… awww f-fuck… g-girls!” Anon grunted.

Rarity felt the single fleshy ball in her mouth begin to clench and tremble, slipping out of her maw as it drew back to his body - she let it slide out, knowing what it meant was about to ‘come’… finally!

With a mischievous smile, Rarity simply watched while her mother’s eyes shot open in alarm, the fat fleshy stallionhood in her throat expanding and throbbing, the bulge easily visible through her slender neck.

Once, twice, three times… four times! Cookie could take no more.

“Bleghh… cough cough cough!” The mare finally pulled off of the spurting cock semen spilling from her mouth in heavy splats and falling down to coat the human’s balls. Poor Cookie had no time to react, as the end of the thick cock continued to pulse and fire. A thick rope of semen splattered off the left side of Cookie’s snout, followed by a second, then a third shot, leaving steaming white sticky strands painted across the mare’s coat.

“Oh my.” Rarity giggled, moving her mother out of the way so she wouldn’t continue to get splattered over and over right in her face. As she did so, Rarity caught a misfire of her own, a thick glob splattering on the edge of her lower lip and dribbling down and off her chin. The best memories always did seem to be the messiest. Her tongue instinctively snaked out and lapped up the human’s offering.

Oh my.

The taste was wonderful. Heady. Magical. Some sorcery - must have been present!

The chemicals made her horn spark and fizzle with rapturous joy. Like a beautiful delicate rose in spring, her sexual femininity bloomed and flowered in her soul as the slick substance slid down her throat. Flames of passion boiled up into an impossible inferno, the torrent of lust had become a flood. For just a moment her sanity slipped - some primal desire inside her wanted nothing more than to suck, to lick, to ingest, to fuck and to be fucked.

To be bred.

Then Anon stumbled back, slumping back on the bed, collapsing backward with a happy groan as the twelfth ejaculatory pulse dribbled out of him, a pathetic trickle after the firehose-like streams he’d just fired off. “That… was… fuckin’... great…”

Rarity saw the human’s eyes drooping, his eyelids becoming heavy: he was flirting with the prospect of happy, post-coital blissful sleep.

That will not do.

Tastes like Cookie

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That will not do.

Rarity nipped the inside of Anon’s thigh - just hard enough to jolt him awake… and just light enough so as to not draw blood.

“Yeowch!” Anon hopped up to his feet in surprise.

Rarity watched as Anon stumbled away from the bed, naked from the waist down. She really didn’t think he looked so strange without pants... aside from the way his stallionhood flopped about comically, that is. If he ever did go bottomless like a civilized pony, the strong legs and cute bottom he sported would surely catch the eyes of most mares in town.

Though, as a fashion salespony, perhaps she shouldn’t encourage him to go au naturelle - at the very least she’d lose out on some good pant sales... At the worst, she’d be confronted with the sight of that scrumptious organ and strangely arousing human-body.

All. The. Time.

She’d hate for Anon to see that he held sway over her desires.

Still stumbling, Anon his way over to the pitcher of water Rarity always kept in her room (handy for a late-night sewing sprint session). He must be quite thirsty after his recent release, judging by the way he chugged water directly from the pitcher, water pouring down his chest.

From his demeanor, Rarity worried that he might be satisfied with receiving a quick blowjob from the two unicorn mares… and that would simply not do: she was going to see to it that her darling mother had the experience of a lifetime.

Thinking quickly, Rarity reached over to Cookie, running a hoof along the mare’s lower spine. The poor, exhausted mare was still working her tongue around her mouth between labored gasps, trying to lap up every last vestige of the human’s generous donation.

Tracing her hoof further and further down, Rarity took a bountiful grip of her mother’s right flank. She could feel the coiled power just under Cookie’s fur - the strong muscles were a testament to all the hard workouts the older mare pursued with regularity. With a grin, Rarity pulled the asscheek away from the right, dragging the taut skin of Cookie’s plump marehood open, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination of anypony that might be behind them… like a certain human.

“Oh Anon, if you're so thirsty, I think I have a sweeter drink for you right here.”

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The large man whistled softly. He cast a smile in the direction of both the beautiful mare, though his eyes were locked with Cookie’s.

“B-but… I, uh… I h-haven’t had anypony kiss me down there since…” Rarity heard her mother bashfully admit, even as she shivered with excitement, purple tail wagging slightly.

Anon didn’t say a word. With two powerful strides he crossed the bedroom with confidence, his smile growing predatory and fierce, like a wolf about to chow down on a lonely sheep.

“Oh oh m-my…” Cookie squeaked. Rarity could sense the nervous mixture of fear and excitement as the human came closer. “...d-do be gentleeuhnnnnghhh!”

The mare’s plaintive request was lost in a wailing groan.

Anon had used no tact or art, simply burying his face into Cookie’s marehood. His nose was pressing into her love-canal, perfectly positioning the older mare’s sensitive clitoris in his mouth, which he promptly suckled on like a hungry foal.

Rarity released her hoof-grip, letting the plump lips of her mother’s pussy close on the human’s face. She was going to fully enjoy her front-row seats to this little show.

She quickly discerned Anon was by no means a skilled expert: Rarity had met many stallions (and mares) who could leave the strange human far behind when it came to technique and execution. She wasn’t particularly excited to see him doing little more than sucking and motorboating like some college-aged frat colt.

But he more made up for his cunnilingual bluntness with his exotic and active fingers... and his enthusiasm.

And the fact that the mare he was tongue-fucking was her mother.

With each pulsating throb of her mother’s slick, bit-sized love-bud... each gasping moan of winking nub into pursed lips... each quivering, desperate, backwards grind... Rarity felt herself wishing she could be participating herself.

Her own bud, which was similar in size and shape to Cookie’s, slipped in and out of her drooling nethers in unison with her mother... each wink synchronized to the spectacle she was watching.

“Oh! Oh! OH YES!” Cookie began to whine, her right leg kicking and twitching. Rarity chuckled internally - she’d always felt the same twitch just before she experienced her own climaxes.

Her mother’s rear thrashed left and right, slamming backwards with instinctive need, smushing herself against the human’s face as she sought her desperately needed release. Leaning closer to her mother’s writhing face, Rarity cooed slightly, stroking her mother’s mane to comfort her as Cookie endured her ‘little death’... but she couldn’t respond: she’d taken a small fold of Rarity’s blanket into her clenched teeth - an attempt to withstand the overflowing sensation of the moment.

And then, to Rarity’s complete surprise… Anon stopped.

“Mmm… fuckin’ A, that top quality pussy, Rarity’s mom… you taste like chocolate chip cookies!”

Rarity shot a nasty glare at Anon, trying to discern if he was done or just taking a break. But when the human stood back up, idly pawing at his flaccid penis, she realized what he was doing. And it was unforgivable.

“Anon! You… you cad!” Rarity spat, whirling on the human. “How dare you leave this poor gentlemare in such a state, teasing her right to the edge… only to leave her wanting?”

“Huh? What do you mea-” Anon began.

“Ohhh….. Celestia…. P-please!” Cookie groaned out, the drool covered blanket momentarily released so that she could beg. “I… w-was… so close!”

“Oh, that.” Anon shrugged as he began to massage his length with his right hand, coaxing blood back into his phallus as he tried to regain an erection. “I’m not here for HER… I’m here for ME Rares… and I like my mares to be a little desperate when I finally get around to fuckin’ ‘em.”

“Horrid!” Rarity complained, shaking her head hard enough to shake her mane. “Absolutely horrid! Selfish, boorish, unacceptable!”

“Whatever. My tongue is tired, so I ain’t doin’ any more.” Anon smirked. Rarity could tell some depraved idea was brewing in his mind. “But… y’know… if you wanted to finish her off, I wouldn’t object. Might even help me get ‘little Anon’ up and running again.”

Rarity felt a sinking feeling ripple through her, her stomach dropping at the realization of what the human was suggesting. Her eyes shot to her mother’s drooling marehood, which was winking wide open, her pink, twisting inner folds laid bare… clear pungent nectar dripping in sticky spurts to the bedroom floor.

On a different night… with another mare… it wouldn't even be a question.

Rarity was no stranger to helping our another ‘mare in need’. She was no 'country-prude' with outdated sensibilities like Applejack or some other Ponyvillian mares… she’d learned quickly in the Canterlot social circles that the rule was ‘mares look out for mares’.

And her oral skills were famous among the elite - including those of the elite that did not possess a stallionhood.

But her own mother!?

Rarity swallowed the drool collecting in her mouth. Whether it had accumulated from nervousness or from repressed desire was not something she would dwell on.

“P-p-pleaseee…..” The whining moan from Cookie made Rarity’s ears flick to attention. Her desperate mother was writhing in interrupted agony, her rump waggling in desperation that somepony… anypony would relieve her.

Anon simply crossed his arms with a grin and pointed at the drooling purple mom-pussy. “Your call, Rara.”

Could she? Would she? It felt like it would be something she could never forgive herself for doing - that her mother would never forgive her for doing… a line nopony should cross…. But why?

Hadn’t they already done the unforgivable? Their tongues and mouths had entwined over the human’s stallionhood just moments ago… and Cookie had confided such intimate secrets with her… perhaps it was… right?

She didn't feel like anything had changed. Sure, she'd opened up all sorts of new feelings… loves and lusts she'd never even known dwelled within her… but Celestia hadn't smote her where she stood. She wasn’t undergoing some existential crisis. She didn’t feel like a bad pony.

Then again, their tongue contact had been over somepony else’s organ. Accidental. Unintentional.

This would be Rarity directly giving sexual pleasure to her mother, the mare who had raised her! Who had tucked her in at night. Who had given her her first sewing machine. Who had loved her with the pure devotion that only a mother could! Could she taint that with this… lust… this desire?

Was that right?

But Gods she needed to be there for her. Wanted to be with her.

And hadn’t all those years in the fashion and social world taught her that all these sexual proclivities were nothing more than stodgy old rules and restrictions? That taboos were just hang-ups that prevented ponies from getting over the distance between their hearts, their souls?

It was all so much easier when it was a close friend, or business associate, or some beautiful young model… when it wasn’t her mother. And when her loins weren’t absolutely dripping.

And yet… perhaps that pure love Rarity felt for Cookie, and that she knew Cookie felt for her… perhaps she could express it in this way. She could at least try. Thinking it out, Rarity realised what that sinking feeling in her stomach really was. Deep down she wanted to try it.

Swallowing her fear, Rarity took up position behind her mother’s quivering plot. ‘Just pretend… pretend it’s another mare… like Sassy Saddles… or Fleur!

But it wasn’t.

This was her mother. There was no way to fool herself otherwise.

If it wasn’t her shapely, beautiful, flanks, her familiar frame, and unique hairstyle… it was her scent. The same one that Rarity associated with warm kitchens on Saturday mornings, with happy hugs upon returning home from school… with the comforting embrace of home… of mom.

That poignant nostalgia mixed with the heady, musky sweet smells of desire, of femininity… of sex... pouring from the steaming snatch just in front of Rarity’s muzzle. It was so strange to consider her mother as her sexual partner, right in front of her in flesh and blood, as somepony she could conquer… who she would conquer.

With a long, languishing lick, Rarity crossed the forbidden line.

The heat of her mother’s marehood filled her mouth. Rarity took the tangy sweetness into her muzzle - the poor thing was filled with nectar, juices pooling deeply inside her plump sex. With the skills of a true connoisseur, Rarity slid the darting edge of her tongue along the delicate boundary between Cookie’s inner and outer folds, teasing her by tracing little circles around the clenching, powerful tunnel of love that begged for even more attention.

“P-pleeasee….” The groan barely reached Rarity’s ears, letting her know that her ministrations were effective. But she wasn’t about to give her mother the release she sought just yet.

Flattening her tongue, Rarity slid her pink wet muscle up, dragging it along the whole of Cookie’s dripping, winking gash… continuing up to her mother’s tight, round tailhole.

“Eeep!” Cookie squeaked out, body tightening in surprise and tension at the strange sensation.

She really hadn’t had much variety in her sex life, Rarity realized.

Not wanting to take her mother too far, too quickly, Rarity held off from entering Cookie’s tailhole. Instead, she wrapped her tongue around her tight, little ponut, slathering it with warm saliva...tempting it with the exciting possibilities of what could be... if only it would dare to part and allow the writhing intruder to explore its depths.

Cookie started to relax, her tensed muscles melting into comfort once she realized that her daughter’s tongue wouldn’t invade her forbidden backdoor.

Rarity’s grin grew - this would be the perfect time to give her mother a shocking injection of pleasure. She pulled back, curled her tongue into a tight fleshy spear... and drove it deep into Cookie’s cunt, shoving her whole muzzle against her mother’s clenching plot - even using her hooves to grip her powerful ass for leverage.

“Oh oh oh...b-b-buck!” Cookie flexed upward, her whole back arching with pleasure… then shoved her bountiful flanks backwards into her daughter’s face. “That’s… s-so… g-good! R-rarity!”

That’s your mother moaning out for you! Rarity’s pulse quickened, hearing her mother call out her name with such wantonness, such passion. In all the thousands of times, she’d heard her mother call for her, it had never sounded like that. The fire in her breast fanned hotter.

Rarity curled her tongue upwards to press firmly against the grooves and folds of her mother’s pussy-ceiling.

A strange thought fluttered through her head - the last time she’d been here… she wasn’t even born yet. Rarity giggled at the naughtiness of the thought, swirling her tongue against the quivering roof, searching for the spot which would drive Cookie over the edge,

“F-fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The passionate chirps from her mother were coming faster now. The tempo of her winks faster than one of Vinyl’s concerts. And she wasn’t alone.

Rarity’s marehood also drooled and throbbed with excitement. Grinding her thighs together was no longer enough. ‘Buck it, I need more!’ - she jammed a hoof between her legs, grinding her frog against her boiling cunt and throbbing, exposed clit.

“Mmm… mom…” Rarity groaned out into her mother’s cunt, her words lost in Cookie’s heat.

“Rarity… puh-please!”

She’s… going to pop!’ She couldn’t draw this out any longer: Rarity snapped her horn to life, magical power wrapping under her mother’s belly, helping to deftly roll the nearly-climaxing mare from her stomach onto her back, with her hindquarters at the edge of the soaked bed.

Rarity inspected her prey. Cookie was in a state of thrashing passion, coaxed to the edge and held there for so long that she’d be going mad. Her beehive mane, usually so precisely done up, had come undone as she rolled over, spilling her luxurious long purple locks across the bedspread, making her appear like a feral tribesmare.

With a deep breath, Rarity plunged forward. Looking up through her mother’s thighs, over her cute little belly, her adorable neck, and up to her beaming, flushed, gorgeous face, Rarity needed a moment to marvel. Her mother truly was a beautiful mare.

I always said it runs in the family’ Rarity thought to herself, coyly.

Cookie was looking back at her, deep blue irises struggling to focus, rolling and dopey, lost in a sea of passion… until she managed to locked gazes with her daughter. From under her sweaty brow, over her pounding ribcage - jumping with her throbbing heartbeat… Cookie was looking right at her, in all her sexual prowess and predation... and she smiled.


Smiling back, Rarity broke their gaze - refocusing on the beautiful marehood off her nose… then dove forward, taking her mother’s winking clitoris into her mouth and suckling with all the force she could muster. She’d pinned her mother’s lovebud in an extended, winking state with her powerful tongue, not letting it withdraw from the overwhelming lashing she was delivering to it, sparking off every nerve ending in that bundle of flesh.

“YES! OH CELESTIA YES!” The scream shattered the thick sex-stained air.

Cookie’s legs wrap around Rarity’s head, locking her in place. The mare’s agonic throes became violent - unhinged. Her right rear hoof kicked and pawed unconsciously at the empty air… and she finally came.

She came hard.

The rhythmic contractions of her mother’s vagina pulled at Rarity, milking her tongue as though it were some stallion’s cock, twisting and grasping for a squirt of seed that would never come. The sheer ferocity of Cookie’s climax made Rarity’s eyes widen - she’d never seen anything like it.

Squirt after squirt shot from Cookie’s cunt, splattering into Rarity’s mouth and down her chin, adding to the already obscenely large mess on the floor.

Don’t stop! She’s counting on you!’ Rarity did her duty - suckling gently at her mother’s clit, giving her a complete experience, helping her to ride out the whole of her orgasm.

It felt like it was lasting forever. Scream after scream. Clench after clench. Minutes passed…

Slowly the waves of her mother’s climactic finish subsided. Each cascading, crashing paroxysm of pleasure becoming slower, smaller… her muscle tone slowly unlocking, relaxing… eventually releasing Rarity’s face from its musky, sticky prison.

Breaking free, Rarity gasped a deep breath of air, bringing a hoof to her chin to wipe her mother’s drippings from her fur. An exhausted hoof stroking her arm caught her attention - Cookie was looking at her with a weak, satisfied smile... her sweaty face beaming with pride.

“My beautiful little girl…”

She loves me so much. Almost as much as I love her.’ Rarity smiled back. She could feel tears of joy forming in her eye, her heart swelling wi-

“Excuse me, ladies… but I think it’s time I made this a three-player game.”

Mother daughter bonding... with Anon-brand Glue

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“Excuse me, ladies… but I think it’s time I made this a three-player game.”

Rarity didn’t have time to react before the human hooked his hands underneath her armpits. Lifting her away from the tender moment she’d been sharing with her mother. Without saying a word, Anon heaved her up into the air, holding her as casually as if she were some common housecat.

“Y-you… brute!”

The complaint was snappy, automatic. She was quite literally being manhandled. But it was only perfunctory resistance. Rarity knew herself well: she’d been ‘warmed up’ sufficiently, there was nothing she liked better than to be subjected to the control of a stronger, stallion-ly male.

His hands… so rough and powerful… and he could throw me around like I was nothing if he chose!’ Rarity bit her lip, a fantasy flashing through her head of the human pinning her head against the wall and rutting her without letting her hooves touch the floor, treating her like a sex toy. ‘Temperance Rarity - we mustn’t let him know we’d let him dominate us if he chose!

Despite his rather unorthodox appearance, the large human definitely fit the bill for a strong stud. She’d never been moved so carelessly, clearly showing the difference between their two species in size and power. If he wanted to - Anon could take her in any way he liked - rutting any of her holes like she was some common whorse. Celestia, that excited her.

“R-release me you… you ass!” She growled - she had to make a good show of resistance. Pageantry was important in these things.

“Your wish is my command…” Anon sighed, dropping her none-too-carefully on top of her mother.

Rarity did her best to hold herself off of the exhausted Cookie, but her hooves slipped on the damp satin sheets... causing the two mares’ bodies to press together, sandwiched on top of one another. Her head slid past Cookie’s left ear, cheek pressing cheek. Cookie attempted a soft welcoming hug from Cookie, her tired post-orgasmic muscles no able to stabilize her daughter’s shortfall. Their two sweaty, furry chests were now smushed against each other… as well as their bellies… - and the area below.

Rarity felt it immediately on her upper pubic bone - a hotspot of sticky wetness that could only be the erectile tissue at the top of her mother’s sex pressing into her. Without even thinking, Rarity shifted upwards, attempting to pull away from the overly-intimate contact… when Anon pressed down with one of his hands, forcefully ensuring that the two squishy pony-pussies would give each other a wet, sloppy kiss.

“Oh… oh! Unffghhh!” Rarity couldn’t help but groan. The hot bulbous bud of her sex was rubbing against that of her mother’s, two stiff clitorises grinding against one another, sticky juices of mother and daughter mixing.

“Now that is a sight.” Anon chuckled from behind them.

Before she could protest, Rarity’s tail was yanked violently upwards, her hairs firmly fixed in the human’s fist. Programmed by millennia of pony evolution, she reacted just like her pony ancestors: her back arched and she winked intensely, sending a clear squirt of her nectar spraying out against Anon - a clear signal to her stud that she was ready to be bred. She threw her head back and let out an embarrassing nicker.

“Fuck, I forgot that you unicorns run hot.” Anon chuckled, before unleashing a hearty spank to Rarity’s left ass-cheek.

Rarity’s eyes shot open at the cracking sound of flesh slapping flesh. That delicate balance of the sharp, stinging pain and the desperate need of her sex was oh so delectable.

“Nice, fat, little ass on you, Rare… you been eating too much of Pinkie’s frosting?”

Snipe back! Show him who’s in control - oh Gods my cunt is on fire!’ She knew he was trying to get a rise out of her, was enjoying his little domination-act. ‘Let him,’ she thought ‘he IS doing a good job of it.’

“And what about your mother… she did look like she was pretty thick down there… I wonder if she’s been setting a good example for her daughter?” Anon mused.

Rarity looked down at Cookie, their noses almost touching. Another meaty slap filled the room, making Cookie’s eyes bulge with aroused focus, as she bit her lip to contain her vocal reaction to the powerful spank of her bottom. But this slap was different: not as snappy, more of a thudding thump.

“...Holy fuck Rarity’s mom... your ass is ripped.” Rarity heard Anon whistle softly. “‘Yer all muscle back here! Shit… that’s so fucking sexy.”

Rarity giggled as Cookie, who was blushing ever so cutely at the compliment that she had just received. It made her heart so happy that the human’s compliment had made the older mare feel like the sexy, beautiful pony she truly was.

But she had no chance to whisper her own agreement at the human’s sentiment.

Another meaty thwack filled the room, but she didn’t feel the imprint of a hand against her flank with this one. Instead, this slap was accompanied with the feel of a heavy sausage-like rod against the inner cleft of her buttock, its impact loud enough to quiet the sounds of panting and groaning mares.

Rarity glanced back over her shoulder to confirm her suspicions: resting against her plot... its pink mushroom-topped length more than large enough to poke through her tail hairs and tower proudly over her back... was Anon’s big, fat, stallionhood.

The human shot her a cocky grin, waggling his hips slightly, making the impressive shaft bob with its hefty weight.

That damn thing is so… huge! Gods above!’ Her mind was torn between whether she should be scared of the beastly thing… or if she wanted the human to yank her tail harder and ram it deep into her small, tight body. She bit her lip with desire, not caring that the human might see just how desperate she was for him.

“Hmm… hmm… hmm…” Anon feigned musing over a problem, tapping the underside of his chin. “Here’s a sticky pickle…” He gripped the lower part of his shaft so he could direct his throbbingly erect penis, pulling it down across the underside of Rarity’s dock.

“Do I choose the annoyingly snobby piece of ass?” Anon had timed his question to finish just as he drew his fat cockhead across Rarity’s dripping, drooling pink folds.

Celestia he’s big!’ Just the feel of that size against her made her tense up with anxiety. ‘How had anypony taken that… girth!?

“Or…” Anon’s cock dragged down away from Rarity’s snatch, booping her lovebud then sliding off her. “ I start with her ever-so-fuckable mother?”

Rarity felt Cookie tense up underneath her - a similar reaction to her own. She must now be feeling just how massive the challenge ahead of her was. Cookie’s eyes bulged, her pupils shrinking with shock and fear.

“...Oh...oh b-buck… that’s t-too big…” Cookie’s whispered statement barely reached Rarity’s ears. Rarity bit her lip to avoid chuckling at her poor mother’s trepidation - for somepony with limited experience, Cookie would be surprised that such organ sizes were even possible.

“Eh… why choose?” Anon chuckled... before thrusting forward.

Rarity squealed in surprised - Anon’s fat sausage slid against her swollen clit, mashing it rudely out of the way as it drooled a trail of juicy slickness all the way up to her belly button. His two hands made their way onto the small of her spine - just above the curve of her sumptuous alabaster ass. Pushing down with force - trapping his thick manhood between the sticky fur of Rarity’s belly... and that of her mother’s.

He was using the two of them as the slices of bread for some kind of obscene… cock-sandwich!

And now he was starting to thrust.

She moaned out: her fat, sensitive bulb was being crushed by the imposing thickness of Anon’s cock; her clit grinding against the slick surface of flesh as it pistoned back and forth, powered by strong hips. Each stroke sent out meaty thwacks, as Anon collided against the two plump mare plots with all the force he could muster.

Rarity had never felt anything like this!

Her big blue eyes spun in her head, refusing to respond to any attempts to get them to focus: too much pleasure was roiling through her mind… peaks of ecstasy punctuated by each violent thrusting pop against her ass... jolting her with impact after impact as Rarity and Cookie were pounded from behind.

Her burning nethers spurted hot sloshes of fluid over Anon’s pistoning shaft. It had a mind of its own, gaping and winking... begging to be filled in place of the overstimulating impacts striking directly against her clit.

She could only imagine that her mother was feeling the same pleasure. A quick glance, in between one of the bouncing thrusts, through the haze of her unfocused vision confirmed her suspicion... Cookie’s neck and back were arched off of the bed, her tousled, long, unkempt mane gloriously strewn about, indicative of some serious pleasure-induced head thrashing.

At least, that’s what she thought she had seen.

Rarity’s mind was starting to fizzle - she was having trouble maintaining coherent thoughts - each one popping in and out in an instant before they were washed away in a sea of dopamine. Soon her thoughts were replaced only with the burning need to have more pleasure. More, more, more! Why couldn’t she be bred!? Why couldn’t she have release?

C-cock… cock… p-please… fuck… fuck… please… cum… let me… cum!

Rarity felt her right leg begin to twitch, her twitching hoof kicking involuntarily at the air… Her whole being was now reduced to tension, sweat, and sex. Her body pressed down in wracking agony, driving vainly against the pistoning pleasure-source between herself and her mother.

Receiving both too much pleasure - and not enough at the same time.

A hazy blue glow filled her feral vision - the powerful charge of latent magic building up in the base of her horn, overflow from the chaotic sea of lustful energy boiling in her mind. But it wasn’t just her horn.

The same glow was building in her mother’s magical protrusion, sparks were even flying from it’s tip - each popping fizzle leaving acrid gunpowder trails of scent just off their muzzles.

Rarity’s gasping mouth stretched forward without even thinking - just acting instinctively - wanting to take Cookie’s horn into her... a wanton desire to be filled, to be satisfied, to suck sex- energy to slate her tremendous thirst.

The moment her lips touched her mother’s purple horn, it fired. Sparkling showers of lust-charged magic filled her mouth, energetic little tingles racing through her puffed out cheeks - her mother’s climactic magical explosion down her throat. Cookie came, exploding underneath the sweaty mass of her daughter and a grinding, merciless cock.

As the magic surged into her core - filling her... Rarity felt that final, delicious collapse. The dam of tension, repression, agony… overflowed, cracked, spilled out a torrent of ecstasy. A crashing wave of pleasure raced through her body, cascading out to her extremities with terrifying force, sending spasms out through her nervous system to each of her hooftips… and out the end of her horn, a small chaotic fountain of magical sparkles brightening the room.

“Fuuuuuck! I’m cumminnnnnng!” She announced at the top of her lungs, releasing her mother’s horn from her gullet as she bounced up and down.

Her powerful orgasmic contractions were making her buck harder than an Appleloosan bull. With each plaintive, arching hump of her back, Rarity’s tired marehood winked out with the last of its strength, sending spurting gushes backward to splatter against Anon’s groin and legs.

Her scream trailed off into an exhausted gasp just as the second wave of endorphins hit her… and she was filled with a giddy joy, a sense of total satisfaction...

And just off her nose was her mother, twisting and moaning, mouth open. Rarity felt so… warm… so joyful… it felt… so natural to just…

Rarity covered her mother’s mouth with her own, kissing Cookie deeply.

This was not like any of the innocent kisses the two had shared over so many years - no mere peck on the cheek - this was a kiss of lust and passion... of reeking, raunchy sex. Her tongue pressed against her mother’s, slipping underneath it to explore every hidden crevice and the back of her throat.

“Mmmf...mmf…” Rarity couldn’t tell who was moaning: but it didn’t matter - both of them had become one twisting, writhing, orgasming creature, conjoined in a tangle of sweaty grasping limbs and tongues and dripping orifices.

Slowly, like deep-sea divers coming back to the dim light of the surface, the two mares returned to their senses - their gasping heartbeats slowing... their impossible sensations deadening... feral thoughts calming. The two mares’ eyes met, no longer lost in the senseless abandon of climax… still widening with the continuing thrusts from Anon.

“Mmm…. R-rarity…” Cookie groaned out warmly, ruefully breaking the kiss with her daughter. “H-honey… I-I love you… so much.”

Rarity smiled at her mother, a tear in her eye, her heart filled to bursting.

Lighting her horn, and with the deftest of magic skills, she slid her telekinetic field down her body to take hold of Anon’s penis just as it withdrew on an outstroke. With a little nudge downward, she repositioned the fat human cockhead: lining it up perfectly with her mother’s marehood just as the human drove his hips forward.

“Oh FUCK!” Anon’s cry pierced the room, punctuated by a wetter and louder smack than any before.

But Rarity wasn’t listening to the human - she kept her focus on Cookie’s face.

She watched the mare’s cheeks puff out in exertion - eyes going wide with shock and surprise the moment the giant cock speared into her - the human had hilted her in one solid stroke. Rarity was sure the human had buried himself all the way into her mother’s womb: she could even feel the bulge near her own bellybutton - the terrific length of the ape-like beast was filling her smaller mother entirely.

“Ah ah... Ahhhhhhnnnnn!” Cookie choked, before letting out a plaintive wail, a mixture of surprise, agony, and pure satisfaction. Rarity quickly pressed her cheek against her mother’s, nuzzling and cooing in her ear, trying to calm her… to encourage her to give in…

“Take it, mother… feel it!” She whispered to the trembling older mare. “Take all of that human cock… it’s what you wanted… what you need.”

“F-fuck me, she’s tighter than a fuckin’ schoolhouse foal.” Anon snarled, his vulgarity punctuating the solemn communion of mother and daughter. Rarity could feel his fingers digging into her ass, as he clenched reflexively under what must have been the terrific sensation of Cookie’s powerful, clenching cunt.

“F-fu… muh…” Cookie whispered out, her eyes shut tight and her nostrils flaring. Rarity leaned in closer.

“What was that, mother?”

“F-f-fuck m-me!” Cookie’s impassioned plea barely escaping her gasping lips.

Rarity looked over her shoulder and shot a steely glance at Anon, his face contorted with exquisite pain as he held fast, enduring the tightness of Cookie’s spasming marehood.

“Well? Don’t just stand there and grimace, you savage!”

Anon could only manage a cock of his head in confusion in response to Rarity’s command.

“...fuck her!” Rarity motioned downward at her mother’s plot.

Anon chuckled, shaking his head and digging his fingers even deeper into Rarity’s soft, pillowy ass-cheeks, finding purchase for his renewed thrusting. “This shit is fuckin’ dirtier than the time I cucked Fluttershy’s dad.”

Rarity ignored him, looking back down at her mother as the heavy thrusts began to find their rhythm once again. Each jolting plunge fired tremors through Cookie face, the flush and sweat making her look years younger - like some kind of star…

And she was taking it like a star too: crying out at each resounding smack as Anon hilted in her, crashing his hips into Rarity’s plump rear making Cookie squeak… each slow withdrawal making her mewl with dissatisfaction from being emptied of Anon’s stallionhood.

Rarity waited until she had a good grasp of Anon’s tempo, letting the human find a pace that worked for both Cookie and him. The rhythm of his rutting lent an almost musical quality to the sounds that filled the room. Squelching, obscene drips and sucking sops, fleshy collision of meat on meat, and thudding impacts of what Rarity could only imagine were the human’s great, swinging balls… it was a symphony of flesh!

With the tempo well in hoof, on the next penetration, she made her own contribution. Pressing down against her mother with her hips just as Anon plumbed Cookie’s cervix once again, driving her dripping sex against her mother’s, grinding clit on clit again… except now Cookie was also being absolutely stuffed.

“O-oh… b-b-buuuuuuuck!” Cookie’s wail was immediate, teeth clenching as she was wracked with her third orgasm, and perhaps her most powerful one.

Rarity darted in, hoping to tackle Cookie’s mouth with another deep Prench kiss - but the mare’s chaotic and wild thrashing made it impossible. Even attempting to get near Cookie’s sparkling horn and wildly chomping mouth was dangerous… all she could do was observe and grin… and perhaps regret that she wasn’t the one experiencing that pure euphoria. If her mother’s orgasms were anything like her own, the rhythmic milking ripples of her winking marehood would feel incredible, especially as they squeezed and coaxed such a fat human rod.

“H-holy f-fucking shit…” Rarity felt Anon’s fingers painfully biting into her rear. Still growling, the human slammed forward into a mating press and held himself against the two mares. “I-... I can’t… f-fuuuuuuuuuuck!

The human was making those tell-tale ejaculatory and violent final short thrusts now… Rarity could feel the gentle throbbing of the cock-shaped bulge in her mother’s belly...

Anon must be depositing his seed inside Cookie, filling that desperate emptiness her. It might just have been her imagination, but Rarity was sure she felt her mother’s fuzzy tummy expanding with what she could only imagine was a copious amount of human spunk.

Anon was really cumming in her mother!

“It’s… s-so much… oh....!” Cookie gasped out, roused from the depths of her overpowering orgasm by the sensation of being entirely crammed with virile human seed.

Sticky, wet splashes of thick, gooey fluids dripping onto her floor made Rarity’s ears flick backward - the human must have stuffed her poor mother so full that he was now overflowing the confines of her sticky snatch.

Her contemplation of just how large a load Anon had released was interrupted, however.

A heavyweight fell onto Rarity’s shoulders, crushing her down against Cookie, as Anon slumped down onto her back, transforming the three into a wet, sweaty, exhausted pile of human and pony limbs… all basking in the beautiful afterglow of sexual exhaustion.

“Ooof…” The air was driven from Rarity’s lungs as the far larger male lay atop her.

She would have complained, but the whole thing was strangely comfortable - being sandwiched between the surprisingly sexually-skilled human, and her beloved mother.

Especially her mother.

Perhaps it was just the flood of oxycontin, the warmth of her afterglow, but being snuggled in so close with Cookie, for the first time in years... and in such a setting - never before so close… it just felt… right.

Rarity nuzzled the dopily grinning Cookie, rubbing her nose against her mother’s left ear, playfully teasing her. “Well, mother… I hope you got what you were hoping for.”

Cookie giggled, nodding slightly before returning the nuzzle to her daughter. “Mmhm… that… that was incredible! I wonder if… next time-”

“Next time!?” Rarity’s jaw dropped.

“-yes… I mean… we’re all so close now that we’re living in Ponyville, how could I not?” She chuckled. “But I was wondering… if I could try that stuff all the other mothers were ranting about… y-you know… b-butt stuff?”


“Fuck yes we can.” Anon groaned happily, still resting limply on top of Rarity.

“Anon! Hush!” Rarity groaned, frustrated that she’d gone through all of this… putting up with this sexual odyssey… gaining a new human fetish… and a new mother fetish... just to seemingly arrive back where she’d started: her mother still wanted to try daring sexual activities with this impious man!

“Oh, you’re perfectly welcome to come too dear.” Cookie smiled. “I… I loved doing this… with you.. Especially with you.” Cookie licked a small smear of some unspeakable fluid from her daughter’s snout. “I’m so proud of you, Rarity… you’re so sophisticated… so mature… so sexy…”

Rarity found herself speechless, any reply snuffed right out. The affection she was feeling from her mother was so complete in that moment - the love of a mother, a mare… a lover. All she could do was blush.

What a perfect moment.

“Fuck me your family is into some kinky incest shit Rares.” Of course he would interrupt. “Shit, why don’t we make this a family affair, get that little sister of yours to come along next time - teach her a little sex-ed?”

Both Rarity and Cookie’s faces darkened immediately, frowns and furrowed eyebrows marring their once pacific faces growls as they reacted to Anon’s joke.

“Absolutely not.” Cookie growled, fire in her voice.

“Anon if you don’t stay a hoofball field’s length away from Sweetie Belle at all times, I will personally geld you.” Rarity snapped her teeth together menacingly, the click of molars making Anon shiver. “Don’t even joke about that, she will never participate in anything even like this-”

Rarity’s closet suddenly burst open, a certain cream-colored unicorn teen falling flat on her face in the middle of the room.

“Awww, but why not!? You and mom always get to do all this fun family bonding - plus Applebloom says family-sex stuff is really fun!”

Nopony moved.

Rarity and Cookie simply stared at the filly, who had obviously snuck into the room before all three had entered, their mouths hanging open as they realized the depravity of the show that they had just given the precocious filly.

Neither had any idea what to do or say - how to react.

Anon helped out with that. Sort of.

“Fuck this shit! I ain’t going to jail!” The human sprang to his feet, twisting away. Rarity heard the disgusting *schlorp* as he pulled out from Cookie and saw the poor mare wince as the fat semi-erect sausage popped out of her with a gushing torrent of semen in its wake.

“W-woah… th-that r-really is big Mr. Anon…” Sweetie exclaimed, covering her blushing face.

Anon’s ten-inch, half-soft schlong was bouncing just a couple of hoof-lengths from her face, dripping globs of thick cum, as well as clear transparent strands of marejuice fresh from her mother and sister’s pussies.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh SHIT!” Anon looked around the room in a panic, grabbing his pants. “Do you guys have a pony-Chris Hansen? Was this all a fuckin’ setup? I can’t go to Tartarus, those supervillains will stretch my ass more than Discord stretches Yellowshy!”

With a final panicked shout, the human dove at Rarity’s bay window, shattering the glass as he fell from the second story, covered in glass, half-naked, covered in sex-juices, with his penis hanging out.

All in all… not that unusual for the human.

The three ponies left behind were still mute, locked in a state of shocked silence, nopony quite knowing what to say next. Rarity and Cookie slowly looked back from the broken window to the teenage filly, mouths still agape.

“F-f-family hug?” Sweetie offered.