Fat Beats

by Archy

First published

After Vinyl breaks her headphones, she goes looking for another set - with blubbery results.

Vinyl had been putting on quite a lot of weight lately Octavia had noticed. It was a wonder the her bed hadn't collapsed under the weight of her yet. No matter, as long as her tubby antics didn't interrupt her practice anymore she'd wave it off. Little did the cellist know that quite soon she'd start to feel a change too...

A single write for a friend. I am currently closed for commissions and will announce when I reopen.

Please note story contains fat, weight gain and implied hypnosis.

Cover art by Graphenescloset.

Fat Beats

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Vinyl lazily opened one eye looking over at her bedside table. The clock was beeping at her for 8:30 in the morning. The hugely obese mare simply summoned a rather chunky and fat magical hoof, pressing down on the snooze button so she could grab another 15 minutes of rest. She was not a morning mare.

As she drowsily lay on the bed she heard a minor creak from below due to her movements. The slats underneath were having a hard time keeping up with her increasing weight. The huge porker of a pony took up most of the bed on her own. Vinyl had been...eating. More than usual at least. In her home life and at the club it seemed food had just become much more readily available and she had decided to not turn down freebies. The club food was always hugely fatty and greasy, it was whatever the owners bought in cheap to feed their customers and DJ’s. If there was another pony on the bed Vinyl would likely smother her in her excessive levels of blubber she had gained in the past few months, her fat folds pushing outwards as she shifted her weight around.

The Unicorn herself had become extremely large. Laying flat on the bed she wiggled her flanks, which rocked back and forth with ease due to her hefty size. Her tail was already starting to get lost between her cheeks, it would vanish completely if she gained much more weight back there. If she didn’t have a bed, her own belly would form a nice cushion under her as well. This pushed forward and upwards to her hefty neck and chunky front hooves which all sat under her massive, chunky face. Cheeks that pressed up against her mouth dominated her face now.

She opened an eye again and noticed that her clock was a minute before going off again, this time though she used her magic to switch the alarm off as it started to beep once more. She had just turned it off when the door to her room flew open.

“VINYL. WILL YOU PLEASE…” Octavia started to shout, stopping her yells as she noticed her friend was up and about. “Oh um, will you please turn that wretched alarm off? I’m in the middle of practice.” she finished up, noticing the job was already done but she had already made the dramatic entrance. “Another buffet at the club last night?” she asked, taking note that her Unicorn buddy seemed to had gained even more weight. It was more than obvious, Vinyl’s belly had risen like a small mountain peak on her bed. Octavia started to wonder if it was scalable but the thoughts were interrupted by the reply.

“Mmmm, burgers this time.” was all Vinyl replied, still half asleep and struggling to stay that way. Octavia trotted closer, taking note as Vinyl lay spread eagle on her back on the bed, a few more creaks as her weight shifted once more. She scratched her flanks trying to get at an itch, which only made those monster cheeks and the rest of her body wobble as she did so, pounds and pounds of lardy butt jiggling about as her hoof searched for that elusive itch. Eventually she found it, lazily giving it a scritch and letting her body settle back to normal when she had gotten rid of the annoying itch.

“You know if I was still stood at the door you wouldn’t even be able to see me.” Octavia said with a giggle.

“Huh?” came the lazy reply.

“You’ll have to open your eyes…”

Vinyl thought she might as well, her vision greeted with nothing but a small mountain of white bloated belly that towered up in front of her face. The sight of such an enormous tower of fat in front of her eyes made her blush slightly, Octavia missing her turning red as the Earth Pony went to leave the room.

“Now you’re awake I trust my practice won’t be disturbed anymore?” she asked.

“Sure, sure…” came the reply as Vinyl started to haul herself out of bed. Octavia, satisfied with the answer left the room to get back to her studies of music. With Vinyl left alone she first started to look around for her headphones, but her search was quickly answered when she rolled over and heard a rather ominous plastic crunching from beneath her.

“Oh no...no, no, no!” the fat mare panicked, rolling back over and electing to get up in the other direction this time. Too late though, the damage was already done. Picking up the remains with her levitation magic and inspecting what was left of her beloved headphones which was not much, her weight had utterly crushed the plastic and now all she had was a crumpled electrical mess. It took a lot to make the DJ cry, but these were her favourite pair. In despair with a rather loud fwumph her rear hit the floor as she let out a small wail and bawled. As she sat there she tried to think what she could do to replace them, she had to get another pair but it had been so long since she picked up these ones she wasn’t completely sure what she could do. Get them repaired? Perhaps. For now she put the remains in her bedside drawer and made a mental note to see what she could do to get them fixed or try to get another set elsewhere, drying her eyes as she started to prepare for the day ahead.


Ponyville was full of shops. Big shops, little shops, shops that sold weird and wonderful things from far off lands. However there didn’t seem to be any shops that actually sold musical items apart from instruments. Wadding her way around town Vinyl was struggling to find anywhere that actually sold what she was looking for. Getting around itself was actually one heck of a struggle for the mare, her increased size meant her front and back legs were easily rubbing on pounds and pounds of lard that sagged low, her belly bouncing off the floor with each step she took.

She had tried obvious places, music shops and electronics shops but none carried the model she had bought all those years ago. When she presented the crumpled remains to the owners of the shops that fixed goods, they just shook their heads and told her it would be fair cheaper to buy a new pair. She had huffed in annoyance slightly when one had even asked ‘Did a wagon roll over them or something?’ when he had inspected the ruined remains.

Feeling a bit dejected the mare stopped at a food cart and bought a bag of donuts to keep her going as a snack before carrying on her search. Her weight was definitely becoming more noticeable, she could feel her cheeks rubbing with hefty fat as she chewed on the food. Looking around she sighed remembering her current predicament, It would have been made more obvious by a few passers by starting almost with jaws dropped at her massive size but Vinyl wasn’t paying attention to their looks, nose buried deep in the bag of food that was satisfying her hunger.

She was about to head home and give up when one of those shops that sold weird and wonderful things caught her eye. She had never been in before, never having the need to hunt out an obscure item - not that she really thought headphones were that obscure. The shop itself looked somewhat dilapidated. The sign above read Tricksters Trinkets. Not being put off by the name she decided to waddle her fat frame inside, her flanks somewhat catching and squishing against the small entryway.

Inside the shelves were packed with odd and strange looking items, she thought that Twilight and her friends would be right at home here should they need to find some trinket to stop an ultimate evil. It was likely it was located on the shelving here.

“Hello?” she called out through her chews of the donuts, managing to stop eating for a moment to ask if anypony was around. No other customers were inside. From the shadows of a back room, a rather wizened and old looking stallion trotted out, stopping behind the front counter.

“Yes?” was all he asked, clearly having no time for niceties and having dealt with too many ponies in his years.

“Do you have any headphones, like this?” Vinyl said, presenting the crumpled and battered remains of her headphones along with some donut crumbs and placing them on the counter top. The old pony leaned forward and inspected them, before leaning back and trotting around to the front of store. Wordlessly he used his magic to pull something down in a rather poorly bundled paper wrapping from one of the shelves and then proceeded to magically unwrap them at the counter.

Vinyl herself could hardly believe her eyes, staring with a slight lean so she could see over the two cheeks wobbling about in front of her eyes to get a better look, it was the exact headphones. Same colour and size and all. She would have stepped back in disbelief but stopped, with her huge squishy flanks she wasn’t sure that her body wouldn’t make contact with and destroy a shelf, if more destruction could be avoided she’d be glad of it. She only had one question. “How much?!”

“Fifteen bits.” the pony replied. “Do you want them re-wrapped?”

“No, perfect!” Vinyl excitedly replied, producing the money along with a further flurry of crumbs and placing them where they belonged on her head. They felt just like the old ones too. She was more than happy with her purchase. Leaving the shop the mare was amazed after trying so hard for so long she had actually come across a pair, making sure that she now in future would place her headphones on her bedside table so they never got crushed again. She was sure the shopkeeper didn’t have any more, these were probably the last pair for sale anywhere.

She had no idea as she waddled home that the headphones like everything in that shop carried a dark and terrible secret. The headphones themselves were little more than an illusion of an artefact, the wrapping hiding its true form until Vinyl had shown exactly what she wanted in the form of her broken pair. Once it knew what she wanted it had transformed inside before the shopkeeper had gotten it out, leaving her to believe she was buying a perfectly normal pair of headphones. Soon enough, she’d find out exactly what they did.


Another stellar show, Vinyl was pleased. It was always nice to see ponies bopping their heads and dancing to her music. It was what she lived for. But there was something else she had picked up at the club after the guests had left.

Pushing open the door she yelled out a “Yo! Tavi! You home?” as she squeezed her way through the front door, her chunky frame catching on the sides as she jiggled and wobbled her way in, balancing some boxes on her back. “You eaten yet?”

Octavia who herself was sat reading after another day of practise in preparation for an upcoming concert sighed, her peace shattered once more. “No, in fact I just finished practising not long ago, I was hoping for some peace and quiet…” her voice trailed off, drowned out by the noise of Vinyl getting plates and unpacking the boxes she had brought home. The scent of food filled the air. Octavia frowned, it was fast food.

“They ordered too much again!” Vinyl said happily levitating over a couple of plates of burgers and fries for them both. “Not that I’m complaining.” the fat Unicorn said with a grin, plonking her fat butt down on the sofa and starting to eat. “C’mon, free food right?”

Octavia herself inspected the burger. It was...rather sad looking. Some bread with filling packed between. The cheapest in town by the looks of it. But the more she stared the more it looked rather good. Suddenly without much thought the mare found herself quickly pushing it between her lips as fast as she could. In a rare case of gluttony, she actually finished it faster than Vinyl finished hers.

“Woah, slow down there piggy. You’ll give yourself indigestion.” Vinyl teased, levitating another burger over from the boxes and placing it on her partners plate. “You seem hungrier than usual and you often turn this stuff down. Why the change?”

“I uh...I don’t know. It just looked good.” was all Octavia managed to reply. “How many more have you got?” she asked.

“Plenty, we can totally share.” Vinyl said, taking a final bite of her own burger and finishing it off, fetching another.

That evening, the two mares gorged themselves. Octavia had no idea what was coming over her as she ate, only that she wanted more. Every burger she wolfed down simply wasn’t enough. Besides, it would be rude to turn down food her partner had brought home for her wouldn’t it? She thought it would be best to show her appreciation by eating.

With the two concentrating on the food, neither noticed the faint magical glow that Vinyl’s headphones were producing. With each mouthful of food Octavia could have sworn she was gaining more than she should for what she was eating but, no matter. Right now all that mattered was the food and enjoying some quiet time with the mare she lived with. It didn’t hurt to indulge once in a while, right?



It was a rather rude awakening, one that Octavia was not used to or expecting. Her whole body shook and jiggled as her mouth forced its way open and expelled a huge amount of built up gas that her stomach had been digesting throughout the night. The remainder of the evening had been a bit of a blur. She remembered food...lots of food.

The amount of food became evident as she opened her eyes, this must have been what greeted Vinyl when she had burst in on her before. A huge squishy mound of grey flesh towered in front of her eyes. Her lips quivered slightly at the sight. Okay, it was definitely more than lots of food. Even lots of food didn’t make you this massive. She tried to reach around herself to get a feel for her size but she could already tell she had easily caught up to Vinyl, maybe more. Huge squishy rolls of fat oozed over her hooves in waves that threatened to spread out and occupy her whole bed if they weren’t held back by her natural body shape.


Too much of a reach apparently, the bed almost shattered under her weight as it shifted to a weaker point in the frame. With most of her blubber on top of it the whole thing gave way in an instant, sending poor Octavia to the floor still on top of the mattress.

She could at least lean her head over and glance at the clock. It was nearing midday. 11:57am.

“Oh my Celestia! I’ve slept through every single alarm!” the suddenly panic stricken mare realised, trying to haul herself up out of the remains of the bed. A huge task in itself now that she felt like she weighed more than a couple of hundred pounds. Pushing her fat frame onto her hooves the classy mare tried her best to rush, but rushing was rather out of the question at her size. Lucky the only clothes she needed was her bow-tie which she un-elegantly stretched around her now double, verging on triple chins. Grabbing the rest of what she needed she quickly made her way downstairs to grab something to eat, her stomach sagging on the steps and almost tripping her up as she waddled and squished her way down the narrow passage.

The living room was just as much a mess as her own room. Empty cartons of half eaten food everywhere, pizza boxes. You name it there was something food related strewn around the place and spread out everywhere. The house was beginning to resemble a pigsty, but even pigs had more standards than both Vinyl and Octavia were managing to keep up with right now. As she finally got down the last of the stairs she hefted her huge weight onto one of their two couches, joining Vinyl in eating some leftover pizza.

“Still hungry Tavi?” Vinyl said with a grin offering her up a slice which the obese Octavia took and started to chew down.

“Hungry and late!” she wailed. “I slept through all my alarms and rehearsal starts soon! I don’t know if I’m going to make it.” she said through chews, her mouth greedily and quickly chomping down as much as she could before heaving herself back off the sofa and trying her best to tidy herself up.

With a few more chews she took a quick look at Vinyl who was now looking noticeably larger than before, her mass mostly filling the couch she was sat on. The idle creaks from the wooden beams trying not to break in it were a bit of a giveaway.

“I’ll see you later, can you pick up dinner?” Octavia asked, making her way for the front door with her instrument in tow.

“Of course, have fun!” was all Vinyl replied, smirking noticing that her obese but usually smart friend had gone out with a few stains around her mouth from the leftover pizza. It was always a little funny when she unintentionally had something wrong with her appearance, she’d be annoyed about it for days.

Vinyl planned to eat a few more leftovers then scour the town for dinner. Her stomach seemed hungry for burgers or something else equally fattening.


“I’m here!”

The stage moaned as Octavia put her weight on it to join her group, echoed by themselves as they too groaned at the late arrival she made.

“You’re late again, we were starting to wonder if you were going to show up.” one said.

“Well I’m sorry, I slept through-” Octavia began to answer before another piped up.

“My goodness dear, you look dreadful! Your mane is a mess and well...did you eat pizza before you came out the house? There’s some of it left around your muzzle.” another voice said.

“Alright everypony settle down, we’re all here now. That is what is important.” the rather grumpy older conductor said. “But miss Octavia, please try to maintain some decorum. Since you’ve started being late your appearance has well...declined. Now please take your position.”

Grumbling under her breath Octavia waddled her way across the stage and took up her place. She put her cello up and moved her notes to the right page for the piece they were about to play. With a great deal of effort she managed to haul herself up onto her hind legs. This lasted about ten seconds as her weight was just far too much to hold up without considerable effort and Octavia decided instead to opt for a more comfortable sitting position, leaning back on her immensely plush cheeks and positioning her cello on her stomach instead. Despite her unusual stance she was determined to make a good impression for this session though, struggling on sitting down as the music started the mare did her best to play.

At least she thought she was trying her best, throughout rehearsal the mare was making frequent mistakes and errors in her playing that was noticeable. Certain members of the orchestra wincing and getting thrown off themselves by her missing notes and failing to hit the right tune. That might have been bearable if the shift into an upright position hadn’t caused all the food still being digested inside her to shift. As the group continued to try to play through that, they were interrupted now by a number of extremely distracting belches.




Each one Octavia tried her best to ignore, but after the final belch the conductor had had enough of her constant interruptions and poor playing, he held a hoof up to signal a pause.

“Miss Octavia! What is going on!?” he started to yell. “Firstly, you are late and your appearance is a mess. Now that we have finally started your playing is quite frankly awful and throwing the rest of the group off. Also please my dear, you are making a number of noises that quite frankly should not be coming from a pony of your status.” the conductor protested. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Octavia, finally able to come off her cello was quite ready to give back to the conductor as good as he had just given her. “I can’t believe this! I’ve been playing for years! A few minor slip ups and I’m being chastised like this!?” her response came, the mare stomping on the stage in anger with her hooves. “Look, I admit the last few sessions I have not been completely focused and on task, but I swear I am striving to improve constantly, I love music! I love playing! I-”


She was about to finish her rant, but her constant angry stomping at the stage was just too much for it. With her final annoyed kick at the floor Octavia with her weight broke her through it completely, a large hole opening up below her as she crashed down through the stage, taking a few ponies down the hole with her.

As the dust settled and she tried her best to focus on what just happened, into her vision towering above her at the edge of the newly formed hole was the conductor and the rest of the group who hadn’t fallen through, all with rather disappointed and angry looks on their faces. She tried grinning mustering up just enough courage to say “I...was about to say I love the stage, perhaps not so much.” she finished with a nervous grin.

“That’s it. I can’t take this sort of thing anymore. You’re fired!” the conductor yelled, snapping his stick in two in anger with his magic. “I’m dismissing everypony for the week! We can’t play without a stage, which by the way, you’re paying for!” he said angrily, shooting a look at Octavia of utter rage.

Frowning, the now ex-cellist pulled herself out the hole with the ponies who had gone down with her following her out.

“Fine! But good luck getting another cellist as good as me!” was all she had to verbally hurl back at the conductor, stomping off the stage and trying her best to cause a few more cracks at least. Upset and annoyed, Octavia started her waddle home already thinking of the next meal.



For the first time in a very long time Octavia was upset, in fact she felt like she was almost on the verge of crying. Waddling around town aimlessly she didn’t really know what to do with herself. By this point it was early evening and she had been aimlessly trying to think of something to do for a few hours. Right now she was just staring in the window of a music shop at the other instruments that could be played. Perhaps if she wasn’t good the cello anymore she could try something else.

But no, that was what she loved to play. She wiped a tear from her eye and decided to carry on. It was getting later in the evening and she thought about heading home, already she had gone back over the events of the practice session in her mind a few times now and every time she did it just seemed more and more embarrassing to her. She had not handled herself very well.

In her aimless walking she realised she was passing the nightclub that Vinyl worked at, looking on the posters outside she saw her friend behind the DJ decks advertised as the nightly music attraction. It was still early, so there wasn’t much of a queue to get in.

“Um, I’m friends with the DJ.” she said, approaching one of the bouncers.

“Yeah yeah, that’s what everypony says.” a rather buff and disgruntled looking stallion replied back. “Back of the line unless you can prove it.” was all he said, Octavia about to join the queue when the managers head poked out from the door to check on the small line forming outside.

“I can prove it, come in Octavia.” was all he said, ushering her inside past the gazing eyes of the bouncers still full of mistrust.


“No problem, don’t worry about him. He’s mistrustful of everypony. That’s his job. Imagine if you let in anypony who said they were the DJ’s friend?” he carried on. “Anyway Vinyl is just setting up but I’ll leave you to it. I have business to attend to.”

She noticed the manager was considerably larger than the last time she had met him which was only a few months ago. In fact, apart from the bouncer outside, everypony inside the club was obese. She watched as bellies and flanks squished together at the buffet table that was piled high with food. Despite the fact no music was currently playing the ponies themselves seemed content to gorge themselves on the food. As she stood there gazing she heard the club music start to play, Vinyl having finished setting up.

As Octavia looked on at her friend, she swore for a moment that the headphones she was wearing glowed slightly. But quickly her thoughts and focus turned to the overwhelming urge to eat. That buffet food did look delicious, ponies were crowding around it as best they could. Jostling against one another for position at it. Without a second thought she turned herself to the buffet, pushing into a space for herself as her huge belly forced out a space for her and she quickly began to eat, the music driving her on to fill herself with more food. It had been a terrible day, she needed something to make herself feel better.


Her body looking for more room to park her ever growing mountain of blubber had finally found a little breathing space in her chins, at the expense of her neck tie which had comically popped off and flown across the buffet table. The pony opposite her didn’t even notice and gobbled it up with their food, Octavia herself hardly caring. It just gave her more room to expand, if only a little.




It was another day. Another day for eating most importantly. Things had changed somewhat.

Vinyl was doing very well indeed, ponies had become more and more attracted to the club she worked at. It had expanded in size twofold to support a much bigger audience. Her salary had gone up too, the management putting the increased attendance down to her addictive music. For some reason it hardly crossed their minds that everypony there including themselves paid more attention to the now expanded buffet rather than the actual tunes she played. But Vinyl herself was none the wiser, her job paid for more than enough to keep both her and Octavia well fed without her cellist partner needing to work. Believe it or not Octavia had not been successful in getting back into the orchestra. In fact she had been using the time to gorge herself instead, now as big as Vinyl the mare struggled to even fit through doors, both of them did. Their immense girths and huge bodies meant each were starting to verge on immobility. Both ponies having hundreds of pounds of blubber to drag around meant apart from Vinyl going to work they hardly left the house anymore. With the money they could easily order whatever food they required and the club still supplied Vinyl with leftover buffet meals.

As Octavia hauled herself down the last of the stairs after saying morning she had to wiggle herself free of the walls that enclosed the stairway, her fat body far too wide for it at this point. Free of it and now in the main room of the house it blorped back to its natural shape.

“You do realise how ginormous you are now right?” Vinyl idly said as she watched her partner struggle her way across the room, massive amounts of flab bouncing off the carpet as she did so. She could see it was working, Octavia’s cheeks went red.

“O-oh come on. I’m not that massive Vinyl. Please.” came a somewhat curt response, the cellist stopping in her tracks to give Vinyl a small glance. “You might even be bigger than I am you know! You’re not so different in size.”

“Oh please, you’re a total porker of a pony.” Vinyl continued, getting up and shifting her weight with a huge effort also to get closer to Octavia, still blushing as Vinyl gently jiggled her folds around her neck in a playful way, each little touch just making Octavia blush more and more as she felt her body toyed with. She sputtered a little, craning her head back to try to pull away. There was a short moment of silence before Vinyl grinned and returned to the couch, plonking herself down with a fwumph and carrying on, changing the subject.

“So remember that invite?” Vinyl asked.

“The what? Oh yes. What was this? A party?” Octavia asked, pushing herself onto the remains of a badly broken sofa that had long since succumbed to her huge weight against it as she started to eat a breakfast of burgers.

“Yeah, just in another town over. I know we hardly leave the house but let's head into Ponyville? There’s a carriage waiting for us to take us there. We can stop by a buffet before we leave.” Vinyl said, wiping a few crumbs from her mouth and moving her massive bulk and heading for the now badly damaged door out, having had one too many blubber bodies try to push past it.

“Alright. As long as there’s some food.” Octavia replied, shifting herself forward with a lot of effort and following her massive friend out the house, squeezing herself outside. The two headed into Ponyville on the hunt for a cart and some snacks first.

A few places in town now had seen the success of the club’s buffet table and opened their own for ponies to pig out at. Stopping at the first one they came across Vinyl and Octavia began to quickly gorge themselves on what was available, a heart treat of fatty meals. The town was busy, a number of ponies were about struggling to not make their gigantic bodies touch or push into each other as they passed on what looked to be narrow streets. The streets were as big as they always had been, but now the ponies occupying them were just far fatter.

“You know there’s something I notice about the townsponies, as well as ourselves.” Octavia said between mouthfuls.

“Mmm, what’s that?” Vinyl asked back.

“Everypony is waddling now for a start. I’m starting to wonder if the whole town is such a big fan of your music.” Octavia carried on, observing the large number of ponies she could see from her position at the buffet. Not a single pony walking by had a belly that didn’t sag on the floor or a set of giant jiggling flanks that quaked and wobbled with every step they took. Double and triple chins were in abundance as she observed them mostly heading for other buffets and places to gorge. “I’m just struggling to work out a connection between eating a music. My music has never driven ponies to gluttony…” she trailed off, her eyes drifting towards Vinyl’s headphones.

“Ah...um, well there might be another reason.”


“Do you remember a few months ago when neither of us were quite so big you came in asking me to turn off my alarm, it was distracting your practice?”



Vinyl went on to explain how she had crushed her old headphones and how the search for a new pair had taken her to a rather suspicious shop in town. All the while Octavia chewing away listening with intent to the story her friend was telling.

“...And that’s how I ended up with these. The shop was pretty weird. I never considered they might be cursed.” she said, levitating the headphones off and inspecting them. They looked so ordinary, at least to her.

“Mmm, I did wonder. I swore at one of your gigs the other night they glowed faintly but then I got um...distracted.” Octavia confessed. “I don’t think it matters though at this point.” she finished with, shrugging it off. Vinyl was surprised, her friend was usually so uptight.

“It doesn’t?” she asked.

“No...I quite like it.” Octavia replied with a small grin before eating more food.

“Oh really? Well…” and with that, Vinyl whispered her idea for the party into Octavia’s ears. The grey earth pony just grinned and nodded in response, before going back to eating. The carriage could wait another five minutes for them to get through their meals.



A slight pause, the patrons didn’t seem to expecting such a loud introduction.

“Good evening everypony!”

The stage had been set, the two mares arriving fashionably late as expected. That buffet meal had taken a little longer than anticipated. Vinyl always liked to kick things off with a welcome and announcement through the speakers to get them in the mood.


The stage was clearly letting out cries of pain having to support the weight of the two massive mares who positioned themselves on stage. It was the only giveaway anypony was there as the lights were dimmed and the curtain still drawn. The crowd, waiting to see what greeted them craned their necks forward as the lights came up and the curtain was drawn back.

Octavia and Vinyl dominated the stage, the two massive mares each taking up a half of it with their size. Their stomachs sagged slightly over the edge as their flanks towered behind them pushing against the back wall. Squished together what little room was left was taken up by Vinyl’s DJ equipment whilst Octavia balanced her cello on her stomach.

Without any further words, the two started to play. A mixture of classical and modern music that at first confused the crowd. This wasn’t exactly what they were expecting. However thoughts of confusion quickly turned to that of hunger as suddenly the ponies in the crowd felt an overwhelming urge to eat...eat like they had never eaten before. It was incredible fortune that the venue had put on a number of large buffet tables, their attentions being turned to those as they continued to listen to the rhythmic beat of the music. None seemed to notice the faint glow of the DJ’s headphones.

Vinyl, just turning her head to grin at Octavia as they played carried on, both their bellies grumbling in unison. Before both would have said it was a shame such wonderful music was overshadowed by gluttony, but the two of them couldn’t wait to join the crowds and gorge themselves. For now, it was just them, the food and the music.