Luminous Skies: Element of Courage

by Luminous Skies

First published

The funny, random, pro’ly chaotic adventures of a green Pegasus named Luminous Skies.

(Yeah that’s a picture I took from my phone, so what?!)

My first story!

*Sigh* Alright, here we go! (Man I’m bad at this)

What’s up Fimfiction? My name is Jaden Dekay, and I am a human turned pony by some otherworldly force that I could honestly care less about, and also somehow I ended up in Equestria!
I used to live in a run-down apartment with overdue rent, and being broke didn’t help. I also had no friends or family. So ending up in Equestria was a total upgrade considering that I am a huge fan of mlp. If waking up in this cartoon world wasn’t good enough, I woke up in the body of my OC, Luminous Skies!
Luminous Skies is a green Pegasus with a short green and blue mane, and unusually big wings. He also is bipedal, can use his wings like hands, and can harness the Aurora Lights.
He is also the seventh element of harmony: Courage.

At first I thought my new life in Equestria would be nothing but smooth sailing.

Boy...was I wrong.

Prepare for fourth-wall breaks and random references!

Sex tag for funny innuendos

Criticism and advice are deeply appreciated!

Beginning of a new life

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I can do this.

These are the only words going through his mind as he looks at his pathetic reflection in his pathetic mirror in his pathetic bathroom in his pathetic apartment, which is already weeks overdue in rent. I can do this!, he says in his head. Just two cuts and it’s over.

Jaden Dekay has always been a loser in his mind. He dropped out of high school his sophomore year. He’s lost job after job after job all the way to the point that no one wanted to hire him. So then he spent all the money he had on this raggedy-ass apartment that he still cannot afford. He had to live off of scraps he found in the dumpster somewhere, not caring if he came down with food poisoning or not.

Jaden is seventeen years old, six foot and three inches, and has a medium build. You would think that he would have a sports scholarship to some kind of university or college, but playing sports was never an interesting subject to him, nor any after school activity. Embarrassing enough, all he would ever do is go on his phone and watch countless episodes of My Little Pony. Yup, that’s right. Jaden is a brony. Hell, he even has an OC. But despite this, he wasn’t a total creepazoid like most stereotypical bronies are. He loved being social, he was funny, loved popping out of nowhere and shocking people, he had a bubbly personality, and loved throwing parties at his house. If you’re wondering, yes. Jaden Dekay is a slightly more laid back version of Pinkie Pie.

Despite all of these features Jaden has never had any friends before. Or at least any REAL friends before. He had a friend once, who soon stabbed him in the back in the worst way possible.

They were talking during passing period one day behind the school, and Jaden asked him if he could keep a secret. The friend said he could, so Jaden told his friend that he watched My Little Pony. The friend immediately started laughing and ran off, telling everyone “Dekay’s a brony! Dekay’s a brony!” Jaden was mortified and now the entire school knew his deepest, darkest, secret.

Jaden was the laughingstock of the school after that. Nobody wanted to hang out with him anymore, they called him names that would demonetize an entire YouTube channel in a millisecond. Jaden could ignore the insults but then it came to the point that they were actually beating him up behind the school. Jaden could’ve easily kicked their asses but he didn’t want to risk getting snitched on so he just took the beatings. The kids were probably going a little bit overboard but hey, it’s high school. To make matters worse he was in a foster home so his ‘parents’ didn’t really care about his well being.

After the fifth beating or so Jaden couldn’t stand being in that school anymore so he started to intentionally not do his homework, never study, fail all of his quizzes and tests, and act up in class in which students would normally get detention for doing. Finally, he was expelled from the school and his foster parents didn’t take that lightly. But when Jaden tried to explain to them what was happening to him they didn’t listen and forced him to pack his things in his duffel bag and leave the house and never come back.

His family cast him out, so did his so-called ‘friends’. Jaden has lost everything he has ever had. Now the only thing that he still has is his life. And now he wants to lose that too. And that is why he’s in the bathroom about to slit his wrists.

Jaden stands at the mirror with a shaky knife over an even more shaky wrist. He has been trying to muster the courage for a week, but he could never take that final leap. Today was no exception.

“AAAHHHHH!!!” He yells in fit of rage as he throws the knife out of the bathroom windows. Suddenly he feels an intense felling of dread, and falls to his knees and begins to cry. Jaden’s sobs echo out through the apartment for around ten minutes.

“Why am I doing this to myself?” He asks himself as he stands up and walks out of his bathroom towards his mattress. “I’m done feeling sorry for myself!” Jaden said with a newfound determination. “I’m going to get back on my feet one way or another!” But that feeling of determination was short-lived as he fell face first on his mattress, and began to sob, overcome with a feeling of hopelessness. “But how can I get back on my feet when I have no money, no job, no credibility, and most importantly, no friends or family to support me?! I just want another chance!!” Jaden screamed while he continued to sob for about 30 minutes.That is, until he began to experience a excruciatingly painful headache.
“RRRRRRRRRGGHHH!!!” Jaden half-grunts half-screams in pain as he clutches his head. “If this day couldn’t get any worse!” As if on cue the headache becomes nigh unbearable. “Dammit, I had to ask?! Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!!” Jaden shrieks as tears begin to well up in his eyes from the unbearable pain. His mind seems to answer his prayers as it completely shuts down. “Owww...” Jaden mumbles as he goes completely under and falls limp on his mattress.

“Uuuuggghhh...” he groans as he finally comes to. What happened? He thinks to himself as he opens his eyes and looks around. It seems as if I am in some kind of forest. A really cartoony-looking forest at that. He moves his hand to his head to rub it, but instead of being met by his fingers, he’s met by a furry, flat surface. “Ahh!” He yelps as he jerks the appendage away from his head to look at it. But instead of seeing a brown hand, his eyes are met by a green hoof.

“GAAAAHH!!” He screams as he stares wide eyed at the hoof. How and why the hell is my hand a hoof?! He asks himself as he takes a glance at his other arm and his legs were supposed to be. And as he suspects, he sees three more green hooves instead of two legs and an arm. He lets out a gasp of shock and a little bit of excitement. “Wait...could it be?” He asks with a slight smile as he uses his right hoof to feel his back. I have wings! Pretty big ones too!! His smile grows as he looks at his flank. On his flank is a ribbon of colorful lights with a white and blue star on the end. Then with an even wider smile he ran to a nearby puddle to look at his reflection. And what he saw made him whoop with joy. “WHOOOOOOOO!!”

He continues to laugh and cheer and run around in circles because he knows the universe has given him another chance.
As his own My Little Pony OC,
Luminous Skies.

Learning new abilities

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“Omygoshomygoshomygoshomygosh!!” Luminous Skies squeals as he jumps around in joy and excitement not believing what has happened to him. “I am literally living every brony’s dream right now!” He giggles happily.

“Wait! Hold up!” He says as he stops jumping around. “If I am really my OC, then I should have a very particular set of skills. Skills that I have acquired over a long periodically time.” He says before bursting out in laughter as he realizes that he put two completely random references in a sentence. As his laughter dies down he says “Oh, this is going to be fun.”

“Alllllright! First order of business. As my OC I should have all of the abilities that I gave him on earth. Ability one! I need to see if I am bipedal.” Luminous says to himself as he then takes a deep breath and slowly attempts to stand on his hind legs. You got this. You got this. You got this. He says to himself repeatedly as he proceeds to put his center of gravity on his hind legs keeping his arms to the side for balance. Not before long he’s standing fully upright still keeping his arms to his side. Luminous gasps as a wide smile spread across his face.

“I-I’m standing. I’m standing! OH MY GOD THIS IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!” He shrieks jovially as he starts to run around jumping, even doing some b-twists and backflips, while whooping in joy all the way.

“Hehe, okay. Enough of that. Next ability is using my wings as hands.” He says and then unfurls his huge wings and closes his eyes concentrating on moving the individual muscles that envelop his wings. Then slowly, Luminous begins to wiggle his wings as if they were fingers. Luminous opens his eyes and sees this, in which emanates a fangirly giggle from him. He then made the thumbs up sign with his wings, the ok sign and then he chuckled when he flipped off a tree.

Alright!” Luminous says with a smile looking at his wings. “Wing-hands is a check! If only I had a notepad on me.” then he smirks. “Which conveniently leads us to our next ability.” He reaches in his tail with his wings and much to his delight, he seems to pull out a pen and notepad out of thin air. “Magic Satchel is a check!” Luminous exclaims with a smile as he quickly jots down all of his abilities and puts check marks on the ones that he accomplished.

Luminous then put his pen and notepad down and flapped his huge wings once and lifted of the ground and slowly floated back down. “Flying...check!” He says as he picks the pen and notepad up and places a check mark next to that ability. As he looks as his list again he notices there is only one more ability to try out. And it was his “signature move” as one may say.

“And now to harness the Aurora Borealis.” He says with determination and hopefulness.

He then closes his eyes. He imagines himself flying in the North Pole, with the Aurora Borealis flowing in ribbons all around him. He, being an absolute sucker for beautiful scenery, smiled as his eyes well up with tears from just imagining the beautiful and wonderful experience.

Luminous begins to lift off of the ground surrounded by a green aura. He then opened his now glowing green eyes as he flared his wings. The Aurora Lights traveled out in all directions. Little did Luminous Skies know that these all the lights would spread across all over the world. Not only throughout Equestria, but Griffonstone, the Dragon Lands, Yakyakistan, everywhere Celestia’s Sun touches, the Aurora Lights do as well.

Luminous’s eyes go back to normal as he slowly floats down and the Aurora Lights dispersed. With tears of joy in his eyes, he takes his notepad in his wings and checks the last ability off before putting it back in his in his tail.

“That’s all of them,” he smiled. “Now there’s only one last ability to find out about, and that’s Darkness.” He said with a tint of worry on his face, but it quickly fell off. “But the good news is I’m only triggered by that of my friends are in pain or worse, killed. Some luck I’ve had making friends.” He says remembering his life before and begins to shed some tears.

Luminous then slaps himself for doing such a thing and then proceeds to scold himself. C’mon Luminous, you don’t have to be sad anymore. Then he tells himself with a smile, Because where is a better place to make friends other than in Equestria? He says as his smile grows. In fact maybe I can even make friends with the Main Si- His thoughts are cut off as he hears a shrill scream of fear coming from deep inside of the forest. Speak of the devil, I recognize that scream anywhere! He exclaims in his head as he takes off and flies towards the scream.

Making new friends

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Luminous Skies flies through the woods towards the screams as fast as he can. Crap! Her screams are getting closer but I don’t think I can get there fast enough! He thinks before he flies into a tree. He grunts in pain as he falls to the ground. He slowly gets back to his feet. “Okay...OW,” he says as he stands up. Suddenly from deeper in the forest he hears the same screaming voice desperately crying for help. “Dammit, Luminous! You can’t give up yet!” He grunts as he starts to sprint but then screams as he could have sworn that he felt his ears touch because of how fast he was running.

He stops. Jesus! How fast was I going?! He asks himself as he pulls out a speedometer and gasps in shock and excitement as it reads 387 mph. What the hell?! When did I get SUPER-SPEED?? Yeesh, with all these powers I’m gonna become a Gary Stu. He takes off again, reaching a clearing next to the bottom of a cliff in under a second thanks to his newfound speed.

He hides in a bush and looks into the clearing. He sees a certain yellow-coated, pink-maned pegasus mare backed up against the cliffside, trembling. “Yep, that’s Fluttershy alright.” Luminous whispers. “But what is she doing all the way out here in the Everfree Forest? And why did she scream?” He asks himself but then notices that she is whimpering and crying, and his look of concern quickly turns into a glare. “And what kind of heartless prick sent her to tears?!” He whispers in hatred towards whatever asshole did this to such a sweet and innocent mare.

As if to answer his questions a pack of six seven-foot-tall wolves who seem to be made of wood emerge from the trees, and they are closing in on Fluttershy.

“Timberwolves,” Luminous says through gritted teeth. “Those no good tree mutts make me SICK.”

Fluttershy immediately notices them and begins to sob. “P-please d-don’t h-hurt me!” She manages to get out between sobs, but the timberwolves ignore her pleas, as they continue to advance towards her, with their putrid-smelling green drool dripping from their mouths.

It takes every single ounce of strength Luminous has to refrain himself from just barging through there and tearing those timberwolves apart. But he knows that he has to be calm about this because if he rushes in there carelessly and makes one wrong move, both him and Fluttershy will be as good as dead. So he forces himself to calm down.

While he was still human, Luminous took martial arts lessons. During those lessons he learned how to break through wood with his fist. After what he did, he learned how to break through cement. Then concrete, and finally brick. He read somewhere that horses are almost 15 times stronger than a grown man. And if his strength was multiplied by 15 when he turned into a pony, he should be able to break through boulders, and timberwolves...

“ it ain’t shit.” Luminous finishes with an evil grin. I’m gonna enjoy taking you six down. He says to himself as he runs towards Fluttershy and the timberwolves. One wolf pounces at Fluttershy and it would’ve been the end of it if Luminous hadn’t jumped in at the last second and punched the wolf with his hoof, causing it to burst into pieces. Fluttershy gasps and the timberwolves step backwards, both equally shocked that one, the green pegasus appeared out of nowhere. And two, that he took down the timber-wolf in only one punch. Luminous looks behind him at Fluttershy and says in a caring tone, “Stay behind me if you want to live.” He doesn’t wait from an answer as he looks back at their attackers which have already snapped out of their stupors and are now advancing toward the two once more.

“Alright, which one of you crap-colored chinkapin canines is next?” Luminous says with a glare. The first timber-wolf charges at him with bared teeth. Only for Luminous to dodge to the side. “I’m gonna deck you in the schnoz!” He says as he punches it in the nose, causing the timber-wolf’s head to burst into splinters as the rest of its body follows suit. Another wolf charges him from the back, but Luminous notices and immediately turns around. Discombobulate. He says in his mind as he slams both of his hooves on both sides of his face, crushing the wolf’s head in the process. Luminous notices that the rest of the wolf’s body is still intact, so he picks it up with his wings and uses it as a weapon and swings it towards the other wolves, hitting them, and destroying them the process. Then Luminous slams the wolf he is holding into the ground, destroying it as well.

“Come on! Is that the best you can do?!” Luminous says with a smirk as he looks at the large heap of pieces of wood.

Suddenly the pieces of wood float off the ground and spin around in some kind of vortex before forming into a forty-foot-tall Timberwolf. Luminous’s smirk quickly falls off his face. At this point Luminous knew...he fucked up. I had to ask.

He got in a fighting stance. Well we ain’t gonna get no where just staring at each other. He looks behind him at Fluttershy, who had been hiding behind him the whole time. He speaks to her in a calm voice. “Stay right here and don’t move, okay?” She nods, and Luminous turns back to the giant Timberwolf and pulls out a black baseball bat with a red handle and a yellow circle in the middle. “Imma hit a homer t’day.”

And with that, Luminous flies up to the wolf’s face and hits it with the bat. As it makes contact, the bat makes a loud ‘KREEEEENG’ and the wolf is sent up and up and up until it’s gone and is only a star in the sky.

Just like the ex girlfriend who will never return. He then floats down to check on Fluttershy. Luminous walks towards Fluttershy, but she moves back in fear. He says in a soft voice, “It’s alright, I ain’t gonna hurt you.” Fluttershy stops moving and eventually Luminous walks up to her. “Are you alright?” He asks concerned. Tears begin to well up in her eyes she wraps her arms around his neck, crying into his shoulder.

Okay, not that I’m complaining but why is she hugging me?? We barely met! Author? Explanation?! Hey! This is my first story, I’m trying here! Well try harder, dammit! She’s probably traumatized by the near-death experience! What do you expect me to do?! Well, find a way to calm her down for one! You’re the one in the story, not me! Think of something! Like what?! Gee, I don’t know! How about using the Aurora Borealis to guide her home? Or perhaps SINGING to her? That always works! (sigh) Okay, I’ll try it. You better hurry, her crying is getting worse!

Luminous looks at Fluttershy to find her downright bawling into his shoulder. Alright, here goes nothing! Luminous takes a deep breath, picks up Fluttershy, and begins to sing while making a lighted pathway in the direction of her Cottage.

Caleb Hyles-Fix You

When Luminous finished singing, they have already made it to Fluttershy’s Cottage and she’s sleeping silently with a calm smile. Yes! It worked! Luminous silently opens the door, walks in and sets her down on the nearby couch. He gets ready to leave. He hears Fluttershy say something behind him. He turns around to see her wide awake and says, “Come again?”

“I-I said thank you, for saving my life back there.” She says, offering a smile. Luminous gladly returns the smile and says “Of course, no problem.” He then walks back towards her, offering her his hoof. “I’m Luminous Skies. Luminous for short.”

“Fluttershy,” She says, then takes the hoof and shakes it.

“Well I hope that I see you around Ponyville, but I really got to go hoooooooooooooh no.” Luminous says with a look of realization and worry as he just realizes that he came to this world with absolutely nothing. And that includes a place to live.

“What happened? What’s wrong?” Fluttershy asks concerned.

“I have just remembered that I do not have a house.”

Fluttershy puts a hoof to her mouth and gasps. “Y-you’re homeless?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Luminous shrugs. “But no matter. I can just make one out of clouds!” He finishes with a smile.

“Where will you live until you finish making the house?”

“Oh, well I haven’t thought of that. Well, I guess I could probably find some lone cloud I could sleep on until I finish.” Luminous says nonchalantly.

“Oh, I know! You could stay here with me until you’re done!” She says with a smile.

Luminous waves his hooves in front of his chest. “Oh no, I don’t want to feel like a burden.”

“No, I insist! It’s the least I could do for you for saving my life.” She smiles kindly.

Dammit, I really do need a place to stay. Luminous sighs. “Well, as long as you want to...I accept your hospitality.” He smiles.

”Yay!” Fluttershy says with a beaming smile.

Luminous chuckles and shakes his head. “Heheh, wow. No wonder you’re the Element of Kindness.” Fluttershy tilts her head in confusion.

“What’s an ‘Element of Kindness’?”

Luminous his eyes widen as he just begins to realize that he has no idea WHEN in Equestria did he land. “Hol’ up. Fluttershy, when is the Summer Sun Celebration.” Please say five to six months.

“Five and a half months, why do you ask?”

After doing a victory dance in his mind, he says, “Oh, just curious, that’s all. Anyways, where am I gonna sleep? I could honestly fall asleep anywhere in the house at this point.” He says, clapping his hooves and rubbing them together.

“Follow me!” Fluttershy says with a smile and gets off the couch and walks upstairs.

“I’m not sleeping there.”

“B-but why not?”

“Don’t get me wrong it’s an excellent place to sleep, aside from the fact that it’s YOUR bed!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Where are YOU going to sleep?”

“Uh, in my bed?” She answers as of it’s an obvious question.

Luminous’s eyes turn in to pinpricks. “I’M SORRY?!?!”

“What? Is there something wrong?” She asks innocently.

You’re too innocent for this world, I swear to Faust. “Fluttershy, look. When two ponies—especially of different genders—sleep with each other...” he walks over to Fluttershy and whispers something into her ear. Her eyes slowly begin to widen and her face goes beet red.

“I-I’m so sorry! I had no idea that-

Luminous waves it off with a chuckle. “Don’t worry about it! I knew that wasn’t what you meant. Anyways I have an air mattress so we’re A-Okay!” He says as he pulls out an already fully inflated air mattress, blanket and all.

“H-how do you do that?”

Luminous is already tucked in the mattress. “How do I do what?”

She gestures towards the mattress. ”That.”

“Oh, how do I make random things pop in and out of existence? Well, you know Pinkie Pie, right.”

Fluttershy nods her head suspiciously. “I guess.”

“Well there you have it.”

She tilts her head in confusion. “But she makes no sense at all.”


Fluttershy finally catches on. “Oh! So it makes no sense, but you’ll go crazy trying to make sense out of it, so you should just leave it be?

“There you go!”

“Well, in that case, I’ll just leave it be.” She says with a smile as she climbs into her bed.

“Great! You do that. While I turn off the lights.” Luminous claps his hooves twice and the lights turn off. “Okay, even I don’t know how I did that. I guess I need to take some lessons from Pinkie Pie, eh Fluttershy?” He says, chuckling at the end. He then becomes uneasy when Fluttershy doesn’t answer. “Fluttershy?” He sits up to check on her, he finds her looking up at the ceiling with a sad look. Luminous immediately became concerned for her. “Hey, are you alright?”

Fluttershy snaps out of her stupor. “Huh-what? Oh! Y-yes I’m ok.” She says putting on a smile.

Luminous gives her a deadpan look. ”That’s a fake smile.”

Fluttershy’s smile becomes that of a nervous one. “N-no it’s not.”

“Yeah it is.”

“I’m telling you, I’m fine. Really!”

“And I’M telling YOU that you’re lying. Come on just tell me what’s up.” Luminous says in a soft tone.

Fluttershy lets out a sigh of defeat. “I just can’t stop wondering what would have happened if you haven’t saved be back there in the Everfree Forest.”

Luminous nods. “You’re thinking about what would have happened to your pets if you hadn’t come back. You don’t know anyone who could take care of them so with no food or water they will eventually...kick the bucket.”

Fluttershy looks at him in astonishment. “Yes...that’s exactly what I was thinking. How did you know that?”

“It’s a gift. Anyways, you should stop think about what happened. The important thing is that you’re alive. Hey, you know what helps me when I’m in doubt?”

“What helps you?”



“A wise Irishman once told me that when in doubt...Sbevè.”

Fluttershy giggles. “What does that even mean?”

Luminous shrugs with a grin. “Don’t know. But Sbevè anyway!”

Fluttershy giggles again. “Ok, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Now no more of this sad talk, Okay? It ain’t healthy.”

“*sigh* I know, but I just can’t stop thinking about my poor animals suffering...” Fluttershy sighs. “Never mind, it’s not your problem. ‘If you burden your friends soon you won’t have any.’”

Luminous looks at her with a raised eyebrow. “What are you, a fortune cookie? That’s what friends...y-you consider me a friend?” He puts a hoof on his chest.

“Of course, what else would I consider you?”

“I don’t know, and embarrassment, a way to rebel against your parents, a desperate cry for help, the list is endless.” Luminous chuckles at the end.

“Let’s just, stick with friend, okay? Luminous?” She turns over to see him looking up at the ceiling, silently sobbing with a smile on his face. “*gasp* What’s wrong??”

“Well,” Luminous wipes his tears, “I’ve never had a real friend before. And I guess finally having one kinda pushed me over the edge with feels.”

“Well I’m glad to be your first.” Fluttershy says with a warm smile.

“Thanks. You know, after one guy—who I thought was my friend—completely humiliated me in front of everyone I ever knew (please don’t ask how), I always doubted that I would ever be capable of friendship again.” He says, looking back at the ceiling.

“Hey, Luminous.” Fluttershy says with a small grin.

“Hm?” Luminous looks back at her.


Luminous chuckles. “Thanks, I needed that.”

“Well, once a wise green pegasus told me that when in doubt, Sbevè.”

Luminous laughs. “Oh really? And who is the wise, handsome, strong, courageous, caring, and all-around awesome hunk of a stallion that told you this?” He says with a smug grin. Fluttershy give him a deadpan look. In which Luminous returns with the same look, but with a small grin. The keep at this for around thirty seconds, and then both burst into laughter. Only for them to stop after a few minutes, and start laughing again, but even louder than the previous time.

This went on for thirty minutes until both were all laughed out. “Welp, even though today may have been a bad day, remember. There’s another one coming tomorrow!” Luminous says.

Fluttershy nods with a smile. “Mm-hmm. But I do think we should both get to bed, though.”

“Can’t disagree with that.” Luminous turns over and completely submerges into his blanket. “Good night.”

“Sleep tight.” Fluttershy says, doing the same.

“Dream of bedbugs tonight. Kidding.” Luminous says, and then immediately falls asleep, along with his new and first ever friend.

Yo Skies, still there? Yep. What’s up Author? Just gotta say, congrats on your first friend. Thanks. I’m gonna protect her with my life, no matter what. Well, it shouldn’t be too hard, did you see me with those timberwolves? I clapped their asses! At this rate, I’ll be unstoppable in battle! Don't get to cocky, Luminous. And why not? Because you need to realize that timberwolves are only wood, you are gonna go up against enemies that can move mountains.

Dragon Battle!

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Dear Fluttershy,

I have left the house to work on my own house. So do not feel alarmed when you come downstairs and don’t see me anywhere. Just in case I finish building my home today, I just want to tell you how much I appreciated your hospitality. I will never forget it, and I will be sure to return the favor soon. If you want to find me, then look to the skies for a floating island.

Your friend,

Luminous Skies

Luminous Skies is up in the air, far away from the ground, brainstorming. “Alright, how exactly am I going to get a giant rock up here-“ he facepalms himself. “I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that already!” He flicks his tail towards the open sky and out comes a rock the size of a cubic acre...which quickly starts falling towards the ground far below.

“Ahhh shitfuck.” Luminous says and dives toward the rock at high speeds. He pulls out a Spellbook and frantically flips through the pages. “Shit shit shit shit shit fuck shit!” He then finds the spell he was looking for. “Here we are! AZARATH METRION ZYNTHOS!!” Meanwhile the rock was about thirty feet from the ground and all of the sudden stopped and was seemingly levitating on its own. After a giant sigh of relief, Luminous flies to the bottom of the rock to push it up into the sky once more, and he finds out the the rock was right over a brand new house and a single pony couple with looks of fear and shock in their eyes. Luminous puts his hooves on the bottom of the rock and looks at the couple. “Woah, that could have been messy. Well, good day.” And with that he flies off into the sky with the rock. With the pony couple, the stallion immediately faints. The mare tries to hold him up. “Chester? Chester?” She asks in worry and concern for her husband.

“Alright, got the blueprint out.” Luminous says as he pulls out the blueprint for his home. He chuckles with a grin “Hooooh, this home is gonna be ginormous!” He then lands on the rock and pulls out a large assortment of tools. He has some steel bars and wooden planks over his right shoulder, blueprints under his left arm, holding a saw in his left wing, a hammer in the right, and finally holding a toolbox with his tail. He walks towards the middle of the rock with a smile of determination. “My super-speed should make this easier. Montage time!”

Seventeen hours later...

Luminous lays on the ground in front of his new home, completely sprawled, breathing heavily. “Finally...I finished.” After he caught his breath, Luminous flew away from his rock to get a better look at his handiwork. Needless to say... “HOLY SCHEISSE!” He screams in shock, excitement and awe with a wide smile. “I made THAT?!”

Try to imagine this house above on this rock below...

Luminous hops from hoof to hoof and squeals like a filly. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I can’t wait to tell Fluttershy!” With a wide smile, he takes off towards Fluttershy’s Cottage. Only to stop and realize that it’s nighttime and she’s probably asleep by now. Luminous scratches the back of his head with a sheepish smile. “Oops, heheh. I guess I kinda lost track of time. Meh, I’ll just tell her tomorrow.” He then flies off back to his new house. As soon as he steps foot into his house and closes the door, he falls face first into the floor and starts snoring.

Luminous’s eyes crack open and he slowly sits up and begins to stretch. “Hoooooooooly crap, I slept like a rock! I guess I was more tired from building the house than I thought.” He says, yawning at the beginning.

He heads out the door of his house. And walks over to the side of his little island that is facing the same direction of Fluttershy’s Cottage. But, only a minute after he took off, he was facing the eyes of an anger-fueled Rainbow Dash. Oh shizzle... Luminous quickly flicks his tail, and out comes a green-colored pearl falling in the direction of Ponyville.

Luminous knows exactly what happened. Rainbow Dash went to Fluttershy’s Cottage and Fluttershy told her about her near-death experience in the Everfree Forest. And as soon as she mentioned the likes of me, Rainbow Dash automatically assumed that I had to do with Fluttershy nearly dying (well, she’s not wrong), and immediately demanded where I was. And Fluttershy, remembering the note, told her to look for a floating island. And Rainbow, not being the one to think things through, immediately took to the skies looking for me. And she found me.

“Are you that pegasus Luminous Skies?” She asks as if she’s about to kill him.

Play dumb. “What’s a pegasus?.” Not that dumb!

Rainbow Dash slowly advances towards him, giving him a death glare. Luminous chuckled in his mind. This is gonna be gooood. He feigns a frightened look with a sheepish smile. “Heeeyyy, buddy. Let’s, talk about this...later!” And then Luminous disappears in a tiny cloud of purple dust.

Luminous reappears in the middle of Ponyville in the exact place where he threw that pearl. Luminous chuckles with a smirk. “Good ol’ Ender Pearl. That should buy me some time.” He then walks around for a while, looking for someone. “Hey, where’s Pinkie Pie?” Then he smiles. I know how to get her out here. He then gets on his hind legs, cups his mouth with his wings and yells “PIE IN THE...WHAT?!”

As if on cue, Pinkie Pie jumps in front of him and yells out “HORSE!”

Luminous’s smile grows wider, “Now give me one!”

Now it’s Pinkie’s turn to widen her smile. “Name something a burglar doesn’t want to see when he breaks into a house!”

“NAKED GRANDMA! Name a word or phrase that starts with pot!”

“POTATO! Name a word that follows pork!”

“CUPINE!” Then they both say in unison, “Name an animal with three letters in its name!”

The get in each others faces both with unbelievably wide smiles and scream,
”ALLIGATOR!!!” Then they both fall on the ground laughing up a storm while everyone else in the town looked at them in confusion and shock, all thinking one thing: Pinkie Pie finally found someone as random as her! How is this possible?!

After they have finished laughing, Pinkie and Luminous look at each other with shock and excitement. Luminous breaks the silence. “Wait a minute. On the count of three, name your favorite dinosaur. Don’t think about it just name-ready?”

Both of them say it at the same time. “One, two, three! VELOCIRAPTOR!”

Luminous stands up on his feet (Screw you comment section I’m gonna call my front legs arms and hind legs just legs from now on! Yea! Screw you comment section! ) and screams “WHAT?!?!”

“Did we just become friends?!” Pinkie yells in excitement.

“Yup!” Luminous pumps his hooves into the air, jumping a bit.

“Do you want to chant some weird Zebrican words while bouncing on a branch on a tree?!” Pinkie says with a huge smile. Luminous puts his hooves on her shoulder, matching her huge smile. “You read my mind!”

They spent the next hour or so doing just that. The first time, they fell off, but then got on another branch and chanted again, and again, and again. Luminous even brought out a boombox and they started chanting to the beat.

The chanting duo were interrupted by a Sonic Rainboom followed by a scream of rage. Luminous immediately hops down from the tree and waves to Pinkie. “This has been fun, but I believe that scream was meant for me. So if you’ll ever so kindly excuse me, I must start running for my life.”

“Okie Dokie Lokie!” Pinkie waves back. “I’ll see ya later.”

“It’s a date. Gotta blast!” Luminous runs off at speeds that could almost rival Rainbow Dash’s...almost.

As Luminous is running, he looks behind him only to see Rainbow Dash gaining on him. His eyes widen a he tries to run faster. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!” But then...something happened.


Everything seemed to slow down and blur out, only becoming streaks. He looks behind him, only to see Rainbow Dash out of sight. Thinking he’s safe, he stops, only to be carrying two ponies. One confused, one angry.

The angry one speaks first with a thick Scottish accent. “What the fuck to ya think ya’re doin’?! Let the fuck go of me! What’re ya, fuckin’ gay?!”

The calmer one of the two speaks up. “Holy Celestia, Radio Wave, calm down! It’s obvious that he was running for his life or something!”

Luminous takes a look at the two ponies to find out that they both are unicorn stallions. The one with the Scottish accent matches Luminous in his height and build. And since Luminous is tall and muscular (because he was that way as a human) stallion, that’s saying a lot. He has a Blue, Lightning Blue, and Pale Light Blue mane. He is wearing headphones around his neck. His eyes are Lightning Blue and has a Lightning Blue goatee. His cutie mark is a Black Single Bar note surrounded by crackling electricity.

The other stallion matches Luminous in height, but is rather lean. He has Lightning Blue fur and a White mane and tail. His cutie mark is a battle axe made of lightning.

“To be honest, I actually was. Rainbow Dash thought I nearly killed one of her friends, in which I didn’t. In fact I was actually the one to save her life. But Rainbow Dash doesn’t really think things through, so she’s out to get me. And when I was running, I must have ran into you two.” Luminous explains. Both stallions nod in understanding.

The Scottish one speaks again. “Aye, I understand now. Sorry about before, lad.” He extends a hoof. “Name’s Radio Wave.”

Luminous shakes it. “I’m Luminous Skies. And don’t worry about it. I probably would have done the same thing if I were you.”
They shared a chuckle, then the blue unicorn steps up and offers a hoof. “And I’m Lightning, nice to meet you.”

“Same here.”

“Anyways, do ya wanna tell us where the bloody hell you carried us to?” Radio Wave says.

Luminous looks around to see what looks like the surface of Mars but with tons of volcanoes. “Looks like we’re in the dragon lands.”

Radio Wave scoffs in disgust. “Ugh, dragons. A bunch of no good greedy shite stains, the lot of them.”

“I agree with you there.” Lightning says with a glare.

Luminous intervenes. “Well, come on. Yeah most of them are, but there has to be at least a few good ones out there.”

“He has a point Radio, it’s not like all of them are bad.” Lightning says.

Radio Wave shrugs. “Well, I guess so.” He says causing Luminous to smile.

“But then again, most of them are, so we need to keep our guard up.” Lightning says, and Radio Wave and Luminous nod in agreement.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

The three quickly turn around to find no other than Garble and his goons. “Speak of the devil.” Luminous says with a glare.

“Looks like we have some cute little ponies, eh boys?” He says with a smirk, causing the other dragons to chuckle along with him.

“Look, what do you guys want.” Lightning says with an annoyed look.

“Aye, I don’t talk to wee babbys.” Radio Wave says, getting a high-five from Luminous.

Garble’s smirk quickly turns to a glare. “What did you just say to me?!”

“If you didn’t understand what he just said, then you are either deaf or just plain stupid. And I’m thinking stupid.” Luminous says with a smirk, and gets a high five from a laughing Radio Wave and Lightning.

“Do you wussies have any idea who you’re talking to?!” Garble shouts with a snarl.

“A dumbass apparently.” Luminous says causing Radio Wave and Lightning to go “OOOOOOOOOOH!”

“Watch this and see if your still laughing!” Garble walks to a boulder, a with a loud grunt, heaves it up with sweat beads going down his head. Then with a loud yell, he throws it about sixty feet. “Ha!... I can... throw rocks... the size...of you!” He says smirking between heavy breaths and his goons cheer for him.

Luminous scoffs, walks over to a giant boulder and punches it. The boulder obliterates into tiny pebbles. “Bitch please, I can destroy rocks the size of YOU! And that’s only a taste of my abilities.” He says with his own smirk at the dragons’ shocked expressions. He walks over to his buddies. “Tell them what you guys can do.” Radio Wave walks up first. “I am practically an expert in Lightning magic. In other words, I can electrocute all of you fuckin’ yanks’ by just a stamp of my hooves.” He then stamps his hooves, causing the dragons to flinch.

Then Lightning steps up. “My ability is to turn my body completely into lightning. From there I can shape shift my Lightning body, absorb energy to grow larger and more powerful, and make constructs of lightning. Put me in a few lightning storms or worse, a nuclear power plant, and I’m almost unstoppable.” He says with a smirk of his own.

Luminous notices that Garble has a look like he’s about to piss himself. Radio Wave and Lightning notice this too and soon all three are laughing.

Garble’s look of fear quickly turned to an embarrassed glare. “O-oh yeah?! Why don’t you laugh like that in my face?!”

Luminous flies right into Garble’s face-which has already turned back into the ‘I’m about to piss myself’ face, and utters one word with a glare.


Luminous went back to Radio Wave and Lightning, and the three just started laughing.

“Oh, you think you’re funny?!” Garbled shouted.

“Aye! I think we’re pretty bloody hilarious.” Radio Wave says, still laughing.

“Well, laugh at this!” Garble let’s out a high and loud whistle. And suddenly hundreds of dragons land and surround the trio, all teenagers. The three stallions don’t seem afraid of this.

“Well, looks like Garble brought the rest of his goons.” Lightning says glaring at the dragons.

Garble smirks again and says, “You really done it now! I hope you enjoyed the laugh while you could! Because it was definitely your last laugh.” Garble and the dragons roar at the three.

“Don’t ya think ya overdoin’ it a wee bit much there?” Radio Wave asks.

“Yeah I can’t believe that you need hundreds of dragons to take down three ponies. Pretty pathetic.” Luminous says.

“Nobody makes a fool out of me!” Garble screams. “And now you’re gonna learn why! DRAGONS GET READY!!”

“Wow, they’re really going through with this.” Lightning says with raised eyebrows.

“Good, let them fight. I’ve been wanting to stretch my hooves.” Luminous says with a grin. The trio get into fighting stances. Luminous gets into a low stance with his wings balled into fists. Radio Wave’s horn sparks with electricity, and Lightning transforms into his Lightning Form.

“Alright I counted four hundred and thirty-eight dragons.” Lightning said.

“So that’s one hundred and forty-six dragons for each of us. Hm, this shouldn’t be too hard.” Luminous adds with a grin.

“Well we’re goin’ ta skelp their wee behinds then, aren’t we?!” Radio Wave says with a determined smile.

“You’re damn right we are!” Luminous says.

“CHARGE!!” Luminous and Garble say at once.


The three stallions rush to the dragons in different directions. Radio Wave charges up his horn and immediately electrocutes about thirty of them with his horn which puts the other dragons in shock. The dragons quickly recover and charge him once again, and in return, Radio Wave electrocutes another bunch of dragons. “Ya clarty wee naffs are no match for the likes of me! So I suggest ya sod off me fuckin’ lane ya daft cunts!” One dragon thought he got a punch on Radio Wave only to whimper in fear when he caught the punch with his magic. “You what mate?” Radio Wave says with a glare. He then kicks the dragon into some more dragons, making them all fall over. “I’m just gettin’ started with ya bloody weans!” He shouts with a smirk. And continues fighting.

With Lightning, he runs to his batch of dragons and leaps into the air, only to come down punching the ground with his hoof. Causing him to make an electric shockwave that takes out all the dragons in a sixty-foot radius. “Superhero landings are the best.” He then dives into some more dragons, spinning head-first. When he does so, the lightning emulating off of him electrocuted all of the dragons that are near him. He then makes an axe out of lightning and throws it. The axe then starts spinning around, attacking all of the dragons that are to far away to get to Lightning, and the ones that are close enough, Lightning punches them, electrocuting them in the process. “The funny thing is, this is only a fraction of my power!”

Luminous is standing in the middle of his batch of dragons with his arms crossed. “I’m ready when you are.” All of the dragons rush him at once. Luminous combines his strength and speed and starts punching, one-shotting every single one who got close. Some dragons started to attack him aerially. But that didn’t do anything at all, as Luminous simply curled his wings into fists, and started pummeling them as well. Garble sees this, and makes an attempt to catch the trio of ponies off guard.

They all hear Garble shout out, “Once we’re done with you three, we’ll take to the skies and go on a rampage all over Equestria! And I think we’ll start with that Cottage with all of the animals as a pit stop.” Garble smirks as the other dragons cheer, but none of them see the look of pure hate Luminous has on his face.

“Just to clarify, you mean that Cottage in ear the Everfree Forest, correct?” Luminous says, with an edge in his voice.

“Yeah, so what are YOU gonna do about it?”

“That’s the home of the only friend I’ve ever had!”

“Oh, well then I kill your friend too!” Garble says with a laugh.

“Ooh, you shouldn’t have said that, lad.” Radio Wave says with a shake of his head.

“You’re in for it now.” Lightning adds.

“What? I’m in for what?” Garble asks in confusion, then everyone looks at Luminous.

The look in his eyes is full of rage, his fur and mane has taken the color black and his eyes are glowing pure white. Garble and the dragons had looks of fear and shock.

“You know, it all my years of violence and ass-kicking, it was never personal. But, what I am about to do to you, you stubborn, annoying, dragon, I’m going to enjoy it. Very very much.”

Garble and the other dragons glare at him, because a dragon’s pride is something they hold very dear, and Luminous just shattered it.“ATTACK!” Garble yells. And all of the dragons that were still standing ran toward Luminous.

“Do you think we should help him?” Radio Wave asks Lightning.

“No need. If he learns to control this new power, then in a few months, he’ll be able to pick a fight with me at full power and win.”

“Do you really think so?!”

“I know so.”

Lightning and Radio Wave are both thinking one thing. Garble barked up the wrong tree.

Luminous Skies runs towards the battalion of dragons with nothing but his four fists. And he is gonna use them. Due to his strength it shouldn’t take long. The first dragon throws a punch at him, only for it to be grabbed by Luminous’s wing. Luminous then punches the dragon with such force that the dragon is blasted back through a giant rock pillar. Then the rock pillar falls, Luminous grabs it and swings it around like a giant hammer, taking out all of the dragons that stood in his way. He then grabbed two unconscious dragons from the ground, and used them as nunchucks and taking out must if he dragons. He does all of this while death glaring at Garble. He doesn’t seem to be getting tired, and when he throws the two dragons he’s holding at the final dragon standing and knocks him out, Luminous walks towards Garble and hasn’t even broken a sweat. In fact, Luminous isn’t even breathing heavily. In a desperate act, Garble breathes a steam of red fire in the direction of Luminous, and soon he was engulfed in flames. Only to come out the other end of the flames completely unscathed, to Garble’s dismay. Luminous is at his throat in a millisecond.

“If I ever see your face again it’s going up on my wall, understand?” Garble nods with a whimper.

“Good. Now piss off before I change my mind.”

Luminous let’s go of Garbles neck, pulls out the black baseball bat, and hits him off into the sky.

Luminous finally calms down and gets his green fur and green/blue mane and tail back. That must’ve been my Darkness...AWESOME!! He smiles to himself and walks back to Radio Wave and Lightning. “Sup guys?” He says with a smile.

“Bloody hell! That was pretty fuckin’ badass, laddie.” Radio Wave says with a chuckle and high fives Luminous.

“I’m gotta say, I’m pretty fucking impressed!” Lightning says with a chuckle and fist bumps Luminous.

“Heheh, thanks guys. Anyways do you guys wanna ride home or...”

Lightning waves him off. “Oh no need. We can get home from here.”

Luminous turns to Radio Wave. “Ya sure?”

“Aye, we’ll be fine.”

“Alright then. I’ll see you later, I guess.” Luminous says with a wave. Radio Wave and Lightning wave back, and Luminous runs off towards Ponyville.


Luminous makes it back to Ponyville and runs back to the tree where Pinkie Pie was waiting for him. He finds her laying down on the branch, sleeping.

“Yo, Pinks!”

Pinkie springs off the tree and lands in front of Luminous with a smile. “Hey, Luminous!”

“So... where were we?”

Pinkie puts a hoof to her chin. “I believe we just finished saying ‘Squash Banana’.”

Luminous shrugs. “Seems right.”
And with that, they both hop onto the same branch and start chanting, “HONGINANA HINGINANA DIGININANA SQUASH BANANA HONGINANA HINGINANA DIGININANA SQUASH BANANA HONGINANA HINGINANA DIGININANA SQUASH BANANA HONG-hey.” They turn to see Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy walking up to them.

“Well?” Fluttershy says and nudges Rainbow Dash forward.

“I’m just gonna see myself out.” Pinkie says and disappears.

Rainbow Dash walks up to Luminous, who has gotten down from the tree, and she looks at the ground. “Listen, I’m so-it’s fine.” Luminous interrupts her.


“I understand that you were just looking after your friend, all is forgiven!” Luminous says with a smile. “Hell, I would have probably done the same thing of somebody hurt my friend.”

Rainbow Dash chucked. “Thanks. You know what? You’re not so bad.”

“And to show you that there are no hard feelings, follow me!” Luminous says and takes off, tailed by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

Luminous takes them to his floating house. “Welcome to ‘me casa’! That’s French for ‘front door’!”

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy look at his house in awe. “HOLY SCHEISSE!” Rainbow Dash screams.

“That’s exactly what I said!”

Meeting the others

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“Wow, Luminous this is your house?!” Fluttershy asks in awe.

Luminous Skies decided to show Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash his house. And needless to say they were impressed.

“Bro! How did you make this?!” Rainbow Dash asks him.

“Uh, with my hooves and wings?” Luminous asks as if it was an obvious question.

“Wait. Wings?”


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy looked confused. “How do you use your wings?” Fluttershy asks.

“Oh! You mean like this?” Luminous goes over to the piano in the room and plays a few notes with his wings. The others gasp. “Wow!”

“I don’t see what the big whoop is...”

“Well you see, nopony’s wings are that controlled to be able to do that. So when we see you do it...” Fluttershy explains.

“It looks like, insanely cool.” Luminous answers, the other two pegasi nod.

“A’ight, I coulda sworn that all pegasus could do that.”

“Well, yeah but not to the extent of playing a frickin’ piano!” Rainbow Dash exclaims.

“So I’m guessing that my wings are pretty awesome, correct?” Luminous smirks.

“Well, not as awesome as mine of course.” Rainbow Dash quickly says. She then spots a giant black rectangle mounted on a wall. “Anyways, what’s that?” She points at it causing the other two pegasi to look at it.

“Oh”, Luminous says. “That’s a TV.”

“Umm...what’s a ‘TV’?” Fluttershy asks.

“Well, you know how unicorns can make projections with their horns, right?”

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy nod.

“Same concept, but instead of a horn,” Luminous pulls out a remote. “We use this.”

“What’s that?!” Rainbow Dash half-yells in curiosity and excitement.

“It’s called a remote. You press these buttons here to turn on and change whatever you watch on the TV. You can watch something funny, something sad, something downright creepy or...reality shows.” Luminous says the last one with a shiver.

“What’s so bad about reality shows?” Fluttershy asks.

“You don’t wanna know. Anyway, allow me to turn it on for ya.” Luminous, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash all take a seat on the couch as Luminous presses the on button. As the TV begins to load, Luminous does a full body twitch.

“Are you Okay?” Fluttershy asks in concern.

“I feel a disturbance in the force.” Luminous pales as he realizes what’s about to happen. “Get behind the couch.”


“I said get behind the couch!” Luminous says in worry.

“Care to explain why?” Rainbow Dash says with a deadpan look.

“It’s for your own safety, now GET BEHIND THE CO-“ It was too late. The TV turned on and the three were blasted back behind the couch due to the eardrum-splitting sound coming from the TV.


“AAAHH!! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!” Rainbow Dash screams.

“On it!” Luminous presses a button on the remote and changes the channel to something worse.


The force of the sound was enough for the couch to get blasted back into Luminous’s face and cause him to drop the remote. “Luminous!” Fluttershy screams.

Luminous gets up with a groan. “I’m Okay, but I lost the remote! Wait there it is.” He turns to find Rainbow Dash holding it in her hooves. “Well, what are you waiting for?! Turn it off!”

“I’M TRYING!” She frantically starts pressing random buttons, and then out of frustration she slams the remote on the ground, breaking it. “Oops...” She says with a sheepish smile.

“SERIOUSLY?!” Luminous yells at Rainbow Dash.

She tries to defend herself. “H-hey, that remote was all complicated...and stuff.”



“Oh, damn it all. Just take Fluttershy into the other room. She looks like she’s about go into shock.”

“Wait! I-I can still help, though!”

“Just do it. Things are about to get ugly.” Luminous says with a serious face.

“I can handle ugly!”

“Can you handle stuff getting blown to bits?”

“You bet I can!” Rainbow says in excitement.

“Well, Fluttershy can’t, so get her in the kitchen.” He says with a smug grin.

Rainbow sighs in defeat as she grabs Fluttershy and takes her to the other room. Not after peeking to see what will happen.

“Now that that’s over with...” Luminous pulls out a short double-barreled shotgun. He peeks his head over the couch and aims it at the TV that is still blaring. He fires and the TV is blown to bits along with the sound. “WOW!”

He turns to see a rainbow tail quickly move into the kitchen. Luminous shakes his head and walks in to see a fully calmed down Fluttershy. He gives her a smile, and she smiles back. Luminous notices they’re in the kitchen and decides to make something for them.

“Well, as long as we’re in the Kitchen at the time, y’all want me to make you guys something.”

Fluttershy starts to protest but Luminous quickly cuts her off with a smile. “No please, I insist! Y’all are my guests so I should treat you as such.” Pulls out two chairs from the table for them to sit in. He goes to the stove and turns it on. But before he gets out the ingredients for a hay-burger, he looks at Rainbow Dash, who is still looking pretty awestruck because of what happened in the other room. With a sigh, Luminous snaps his feathers(fingers) to get her attention.

“Huh? Whazzit?” She snaps out of her daze and looks at him.

Luminous gives her a stern gaze. “Don’t touch anything. Got it?”

Rainbow Dash looks offended. “Wha-but why not??” She asks in confusion.

“Must I really remind you of what happened in the other room?”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that.” She says looking at the floor with a frown.

“It’s fine. Besides, I can always pull out another one.” Luminous says and pulls out a remote that looked the exact same as the last one out of his tail, before putting it back in.

“Okay, I have so many questions.”

“Well, ask away.” Luminous says and turns back to his cooking.

“Okay. First off, how the hell are you so fast?!”

“I’m gonna answer that question with another question. Why are YOU?” Luminous says with a raised eyebrow.

“Cause I’m awesome, of course!” Rainbow says with a smirk.

“And so am I, next question.” Luminous realizes that the food is ready and puts two hay-burgers in front of the two mares as they thank him.

“How are you pulling all kinds of things from your tail?!” Rainbow says, taking a bite out of her hay-burger.

Luminous chuckles with a smirk. “Oh Pinkie Pie~”

Pinkie suddenly jumps out of a cabinet. “HIIII!”

Rainbow and Fluttershy look at her in disbelief, but simply shake their heads with a sigh knowing not to question her.

Luminous and Pinkie wrap an arm around each other and stare at the two pegasi with impossibly wide smiles. “See the comparison?” Luminous says.

Before they can say anything, Luminous turns to Pinkie. “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

“If I am then we are completely insane!”

“Damn straight!” Both of them pull out shirts, then they put them on and pull the collar up until only their faces are exposed. They both suddenly swing their hands up and speak in unison.

“We are the Great Cornholio! We need T.P for our bungholes!” They begin to twitch, muttering incoherently. All while trying not to laugh.

Fluttershy starts to become concerned. “Um, are you guys okay?”

“Are you threatening us?!”

Before Fluttershy could respond, Luminous and Pinkie couldn’t hold it anymore and started howling with laughter. Luminous tries to grab hold of Pinkie and the table to keep himself from falling to the floor, but to no avail as Pinkie immediately dropped as well. Soon Luminous was rolling on the floor while Pinkie was slamming it with her hoof, both laughing uncontrollably.

Rainbow looks at him in shock and disbelief. “Right now it seems like you’re telling me that you’re like the male version of Pinkie Pie.”

“Well, in some sort of way, yes.”

Rainbow face-hoofs herself. It’s official! Nothing makes sense anymore!

Nothing ever does when you’re hanging out with us!

But that’s what makes it so fun!

Right you are, Pinks!

Rainbow’s eyes widen. Did you guys just read my mind?!

Pinkie and Luminous look at her, then at each other with mischievous grins. They seem to be talking to her, but their mouths aren’t moving.


Welp, looks like the cat’s out of the bag.

She has seen too much.

We must dispose of the evidence, immediately.

They both look at Rainbow with malicious grins.

Rainbow screams and stares at Luminous and Pinkie in pure shock and fear. “Are you okay, Rainbow?” Fluttershy asks.

Luminous and Pinkie share a laugh. “You shoulda seen the look on your face!” Pinkie says between laughs.

Priceleeeess~” Luminous says in a singsong voice.

Rainbow looks at both of them in disbelief, before just accepting the fact that it’s them being...well, them.

“Ya know what? I’m not even gonna question it.”

“Good answer. Anyways, I have a question for you now.“ Luminous and Pinkie look at each other and begin to smirk. “If you were to use something to fly instead of your wings, what would it be?” Luminous asks.

Happy to change the subject, Rainbow thinks of something, and says the first thing that comes to her mind. “Well, imagine I have a huge, really heavy hammer, right?”

“Right!” Pinkie says.

“Well I would swing it really fast and it would give me the ability to fly.”

“So you rode the hammer?” Luminous says with a snicker.

Rainbow begins to blush. “W-what? No! I didn’t ride the hammer!”

“The hammer rode you on your back?” Pinkie asks with a giggle.

Rainbow blushes harder. “N-no! I would swing it really fast and it would pull me off into the sky.”

“Oh my god, the hammer pulled you off?!” Luminous exclaims. At this point the duo are trying their hardest not to laugh.

Rainbow’s face turned beet red. “NO! I meant like if you’re far away, I could swing the hammer really fast and using the force of the hammer I could come towards you!”

“Sooo, the hammer DOES makes you cum?” Luminous says, and then the floodgates break loose. Luminous and Pinkie are both rolling all over the place, splitting their sides.

Rainbow, with a still red face, grumbled and goes back to eating with Fluttershy. You’re lucky you're cute, Luminous. Or else I would have kicked your ass by now.

“Uhhhh...what just happened?” Fluttershy asks in confusion, which only made the two laugh even harder.

“This is too funny! I have to get the others!” Pinkie says and reaches into the cabinet, and pulls out...Yep, you guessed it.

Applejack?! Rarity?!

With a still dizzy Applejack and Rarity, “Darn it, Pinkie. You got to warn a pony when you pull off a stunt like that.” Applejack says with a groan.

“Hehe, sorry! But you got to hear this new joke me and Luminous just made!” Pinkie says.

“Pardon me for asking,” Rarity says. “But who is this ‘Luminous’ you speak of.”

Luminous walks from behind Pinkie Pie and waves with a smile. “I’m Luminous Skies, nice to meet you both.”

“Why hello there,” Rarity says with a smile. “I am R-“

“Oh I know who you are, Rarity.” Luminous walks towards her.

“You do?”

“Of course!” Luminous gets on one knee. “Who hasn’t heard of one of the- if not most- beautiful mare in all of Equestria?” He says, kissing the back of her hoof which causes Rarity to blush with a giggle.

“Oh my, such a gentlestallion.” She says with a smile.

“I aim to please.” Luminous walks towards Applejack, who tips her Stetson with a smile.

“Howdy! Ah’m-“

“Applejack,” Luminous says with a smile. “Owner of Sweet Apple Acres, home of the most delicious apples in the land!” He puts his hoof out, which she happily shakes.

“Ah had no idea Ah was so well known!” She says with a shocked smile.

“You’d be surprised at how fast word gets around.” Luminous says simply.

“Aaaanyways,” Pinkie interposes and gets in Luminous’s face. “Can we tell them the joke? Can we can we can we?!” She says, hopping in place.

Luminous chuckles. “Ok, ok. I’ll be Rainbow, you be me.”

“Okie Dokie Lokie!” Pinkie, fixes her hair to look like Luminous’s, and Luminous fixes his to look like Rainbow’s. Meanwhile Rainbow puts her head in her hooves with a groan, while Fluttershy looks on to see if she’ll get the joke this time.

Luminous and Pinkie Pie reenact the entire scene. And when they were finished, Applejack was laughing up a storm, Rarity was trying and failing to stifle her giggles with her hoof, Rainbow Dash sunk to the floor in embarrassment, and Fluttershy still had the same confused look.

“Aw man! Ah wish Ah was there ta’ see that!” Applejack says between laughs.

“Okay, I have to admit. That was quite humorous.” Rarity says between giggles.

Rainbow was on the floor, but not out of laughter. “Somepony kill me now.” She says with a groan.

After shrugging off her confusion, Fluttershy speaks up. “Well, now that that’s over with, what was it you wanted to show us, Luminous?”

Luminous is about to answer, until he gets an idea. He begins to wear a huge smile as he bounces I’m place, muttering something. Pinkie hears this and matches his smile while muttering the same thing.

“Uhh, are you guys alright?” Applejack asks in confusion.

Party Party Party Party Party...

Applejack catches on and her eyes widen. “Uh oh.”

Meanwhile Luminous and Pinkie are practically yelling it at this point until they jump thirty feet in the air and scream, ”PARTY!!”

“Huh so he’s just as crazy as Pinkie.” Applejack says with wide eyes. Rarity nods with also wide eyes. Both of them gulp knowing that they now have to deal with two energy-filled, reality-defying, party-throwing ponies.

“And I know JUST where to throw it!” Luminous exclaims. “To the basement!”

The other ponies besides Pinkie Pie shrug not having anything else better to do, they all follow Luminous while Pinkie bounces alongside him.

“What is this thing we’re standin’ in?”

“Well, Applejack,” Luminous answers. “This is called an elevator.”

“What’s an elevator?” Rainbow asks.

“It’s a box that can send us to a certain floor of a building with the press of a button. Basically for anyone who hates stairs.”

“Well then, sign me up for one of these things!” Rainbow says with a grin.

“That could be arranged.” Luminous says with a smirk.

Then others and especially Rainbow are taken aback. “Really?”

“Yeah, why not? Heck, I saved Fluttershy here’s life back in the Everfree Forest, who’s to say I won’t do anything like that for you guys?”

Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie stare at Luminous in shock. “Wait just a second! You’re meanin’ ta tell me that it was you who fought off those Timberwolves?!”

Luminous shrugs with a chuckle. “Guilty.”

“WOW!” Pinkie says in awe.

“I know, right?! I couldn’t believe it either!” Rainbow Dash agrees. Then looks at Luminous again with a smile. He sure is awesome.

“But, how ever did you do it?” Rarity asks.

Luminous reiterates the story for them, leaving out the part about him singing and carrying Fluttershy home to save her modesty. Pinkie Pie ‘ooooohs’, Rarity ‘aaaaahs’, Applejack doesn’t buy it.

“Hold on, how did you get there so fast? The Everfree Forest stretches for miles.” Applejack asks suspiciously.

“Oh, I have super-speed.” Luminous answers simply.

Applejack tilts her head to the side. “Riiiiiiight.”

Rainbow vouches for him. “No really! He’s crazy fast! Even faster than me.” she mutters the last part, hoping no one hears her. Unfortunately, Applejack does.

“What?! Faster than YOU?!” Applejack shouts in shock and disbelief.

Luminous on the other hand is puffing his chest out with a smirk.

Rainbow, finding no point to cover it up now, nods with a grumble. “Yeah, but I’m gonna find out how. I’m not falling for the whole “because I’m awesome” gimmick. There is only one pony who can get away with that and that’s ME!”

“We’ll see.” Luminous says with a smirk.

There ain’t no way I’m gonna admit that he’s awesome out loud!

“Back to the question at hoof,” Rarity says, then looks up to Luminous with a shocked smile. “Did you really mean that you would save us if we we’re in danger?”

The others look at Luminous in the same way, who gives them all an assuring nod.

Rainbow looks at Luminous with a small blush. Wow, he’d sacrifice his LIFE for me? Talk about selfless!

“Of course, anything for my friends. And any friend of Fluttershy is a friend of mine in my book.” Luminous says with a smile, which turns hopeful. “We are friends, right?

“Well...sure why not?” Applejack says with a smile.

“Wait. Really?”

The others voice their agreement.

Luminous was surprised that they wanted to be fiends with him just like that. But then realized that here in Equestria, friendship is practically the main religion.

Wow! I’ve just made three new friends! *squee*

“Thanks guys, that means a lot.”

“Oh, don’t mention it, darling,” Rarity says, then she looks around. “Where is this thing taking us anyway?”

“I literally just said I’d in the last sectio-to the basement.” Luminous says, muttering the first part.

“Wait a minute,” Rarity’s face contorts in disgust.. “You don’t happen to mean one of those dirty, unsanitary, rat-infested basements, do you?” Rarity asks with a shiver.

Luminous shakes his head. “Nope, I mean MY basement.” With that, the doors of the elevator open and they see Luminous’s basement for themselves.

“Oh my...oh my...GOODNESS!!” Pinkie practically screams in shock and excitement.

“W-What in tarnation?!”

Fluttershy lets out a high-pitched squeal with her mouth wide open.

“Awesome...” Rainbow sighs in awe.

“You were saying, Rarity?” Luminous says with a smirk.

“This is not a basement, this...this...I don’t know what this is!”

“It’s my basement.” Luminous says with a innocent shrug and a grin.

The six leave the elevator, five of which are gasping and sighing in awe at the edifice of a basement.

After a while of looking around Luminous wanted to know how they thought about it. “So, what do you think?”

“Um...i-it’s really big, but it is very nice.”

“This place is so awesome!!”

“It’s simply marvelous, darling!”

“Ah’d be lyin’ if Ah said I’m not amazed!”


“Well then we better start setting things up, eh Pinks? Cue the music!”

The six ponies hear a faint music. Everypony besides Pinkie and Luminous look around in confusion.

“Where’s that noise coming from?” Rarity asks.

Rainbow hears a fraction of what the guy in the music is saying and tilts her head in confusion. “‘Boss boys?’ What does that even mean? What’s goin on?”

“Ah think the question we should be askin’ Is what’s going on with those two.” Applejack points her hoof at Luminous and Pinkie, who are bouncing to the music (which is now getting louder with every passing second) and mouthing what the singer is saying, all while their smiles are growing wider and wider.

The other four begin to listen closer to the music and realize what’s about to happen, and the green stallion and the pink mare are now bouncing faster. They all figure out that the beat drop is coming and Fluttershy utters two words, which all of the sane ponies in the room were thinking at once.

“O-oh no...”

Pinkie and Luminous jump to the ceiling of the room and scream one word in unison.


With the four ponies on the ground looking at Pinkie and Luminous in the air with shocked and fearful looks, next thing they know the two in the air are zipping all over the place setting up streamers, games, food, etc.

When they were finished, the song began to fade out, and the two were just standing in the middle of the room, admiring their work.

“How??” The others all ask at once.

Pinkie and Luminous simply look at them and giggle with wide smiles.

“I swear, sometimes you act like a teenager, Pinkie.” Rarity says, shaking her head. She then turns towards Luminous. “With all due respect, you’re no exception.”

Luminous shrugs, “Well, I am only seventeen years old.”

“Wait, what?!” Rainbow says in surprise.

“What’s wrong with being seventeen?”

“Nothing, but you’re parents just let you live alone like this? Lucky!” Rainbow says in envy.

Luminous immediately had flashbacks of his old life and almost immediately, tears began to shed from his eyes. Everyone walked over to him obviously concerned and worried. “What’s wrong, Luminous?” Fluttershy asks, fearing the worst.

Rainbow was the most concerned of all. “Was it something I said?” Rainbow says, felling a pang of guilt.

“Well, yes. But not in the sense that you’re thinking of. I never had parents. Or a family or friends at all in the matter.” Luminous says looking down. Everyone in the room gasps in shock and sadness for Luminous.

Rarity and Fluttershy start-to tear up. “D-darling, that’s horrible!” Rarity says with a sniffle.

Pinkie’s hair deflates as she starts to tear up as well. “I-I can’t imagine having no pony to talk to, or to have fun with, o-o-or have a sh-shoulder to cry on!”

Applejack tilts her Stetson over her eyes. Luminous guesses to hide her tears. He also thinks that they are being a biiit much. “Guys, it’s fine really.” He gives them all a smile. But it’s obvious that he’s about to break down as well.

“No it’s not!”

A rainbow streak suddenly flies straight towards Luminous and he finds out that Rainbow Dash has just pulled him into a hug. She buries her face unto his chest to hide her tears and blush, causing him to look at her in confusion and shock. The others were obviously equally shocked. “It’s not fine at all. I know how it’s like to have friends, and it’s one of the best feelings ever! To be loved, cared about, and to have somepony else to love and care about too! I feel like you out of all ponies need and deserve that feeling the most.”

Luminous looks down at her in shock. “W-wait, you guys really meant all that stuff on the elevator, huh?”

“Of course we did, sugarcube! Why wouldn’t we?” Applejack says and gives him a heartfelt smile.

“We wouldn’t ever lie about that.” Rarity says and does the same, followed by Pinkie and Fluttershy.

Luminous could tell that they meant every word of what they said, and began to tear up again. Not out of sadness, but out of joy. “Awwww, you guys!” Luminous then hugs Rainbow Dash (who is still in his arms) back with a squeeze which she happily returns.

Suddenly Pinkie comes from the side and tackles him into a hug screaming out “GROUP HUG!!”

And group hug they do. Pinkie then gets an idea and starts tickling Luminous, who starts laughing hysterically. He’s holding up Rainbow, so he tries his hardest to stay up but eventually gives out and falls on his back taking Rainbow with him (the others don’t fall). After snapping out of their daze from falling they take note of the position they’re in. Rainbow is on top of Luminous with her barrel pressed completely against his. They look at each other with wide eyes and blush immensely. The others can only watch in shock while Pinkie watches in excitement.

Holy Celestia, you can grind MEAT on his chest!

Haysoos Christ, her fur is so soft!

The continue to stare in each other’s eyes. Then they slowly begin to close the gap. Both are having no idea what’s going on and can’t seem to stop moving. Luminous suddenly gets an idea of exactly what’s going on.


Awwww, you no fun!

The two pegasi suddenly come to their senses and immediately get up and look away from each other, still blushing. Luminous mentally slaps himself in the face and shakes off his blush quickly. Dammit, Luminous! Get it together!

“W-What just happened?!” Applejack asks in shock and confusion.

“How about let’s just pretend that never happened and enjoy the party?” Fluttershy suggests.

Luminous and Rainbow say in unison, “Yes, lets us PLEASE do that!”

And so they enjoy the party.

After the few hours the party was coming to a close and everyone was about to return home. But Luminous had one last thing he wanted to do. “Wait! I still have that thing I wanted to show you guys!”

So he leads them to the edge of the island. “We were floating in a rock this whole TIME?!” Rarity practically screams in shock.

“Yes but don’t worry, it’s completely safe. No it’s not. So without further ado, let me show you what my cutie mark stands for.” After showing them all his flank so they could see it (Yes, Rainbow blushed when it was her turn to look), he flies of the edge and faces them, hovering in mid air. He then closes is eyes, and when he opens them they are glowing green. He then flares out his wings and out comes the Aurora Borealis, causing exclaims if surprise and awe from his small audience. Just like last time, these lights would stretch out through the entire world.

When he touches down on the ground, the applause is immediate. He bows like a gentleman.

“Luminous, that was amazing!” Rainbow Dash says with a huge smile.

Luminous rubs the back of his head with a small smile. “Aw, shucks.”

“How did you learn to do that!?” Applejack asks.

He shrugs, “Don’t know. I was just born with it, I guess.”

Pinkie zipped over to him and started bouncing in place. “Thatwassocoolandawesomeandprettyandallotherwordsthatdescribefun!!!”

Luminous was fluent in Pinkie so he understood what she said and thanked for it. “Thanks a lot Pinkiiiiiiee...” He says with a yawn. “Man, we really should get to bed.”

“But how ever do we get off?” Rarity asks.

Luminous thinks for a moment and snaps his feathers and four platforms of light come out from his wings.

“WOW! What are those?!” Pinkie asks.

“These platforms will take you directly to your homes. Don’t worry, they can support almost any weight.”

Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie get on without any troubles. They wave to the others and take their leave. Fluttershy, being afraid of heights, was reluctant to get on. Luminous tells her to look at her platform to find out that he has increased the size to make it impossible to fall over. She is convinced and eventually gets on the platform taking her leave also. All that’s left is Rainbow Dash and Luminous Skies. They look at each other, blushing from what happened earlier. Rainbow was blushing a whole lot more though. Should I do it? No, I shouldn’t. B-but I want to...ah, screw it.

“H-hey, what happened earlier, I just wanna say I’m so-“ He was interrupted by a peck on the cheek from a red-faced but smiling Rainbow Dash.

“Apology accepted.”

Luminous was too much in a daze to respond before she took of to her own house made of clouds. Luminous slowly put a wing to his cheek and the corners of his lips slowly rose and he jumped into the air and howled in joy.


Luminous Skies is standing at the front door of Rainbow Dash’s house.

“C’mon, Lulu! You got this. Just knock on her door and ask her if she wants to go for a fly! Simple.” Luminous puts his hoof inches away from the door but holds it there...for like five minutes.

He slaps himself in the face. “Dammit, what’s wrong with you?! All you gotta do is knock on the door twice. (Sigh) Okay, maybe whistling will help calm my nerves.”

Luminous starts whistling the Addams Family theme, and then bangs in the door twice, the second time breaking down the door.


FUCK! I gotta clean this up before she comes down!

Using his super speed, which he now realized was faster than the speed of sound, Luminous was able to but the door back up in place and close it before Rainbow came down.

”Huh, guess it was just me.”

A sigh of relief is heard from the o outside of Rainbow’s door. She immediately swings the door open and comes face to face with a dot-eyed Luminous Skies. Her face immediately goes crimson.

“H-hey Luminous.”

“S-Sup Rainbow? Uhhhhhhhh...A’ight Imma just go on and say it. Do you wanna go to Cloudsdale with me.”

“...Can you give me a second?” She slams the door on his face.

What Luminous didn’t see was Rainbow Dash silently celebrating fro the other side of the door.

About thirty seconds later, she opens the door and immediately takes off.

“C’mon! Let’s go.”

Luminous just smiles and follows her. “But I must say something. I’ve never been to Cloudsdale before.”

Rainbow looks at him in disbelief. “You’re telling me, that you, a PEGASUS, has never been to Cloudsdale before?”

Luminous blushes in embarrassment. “Yeah, I’m not proud of it either.”

Rainbow grins. “Well, you’re in for a treat! Just make sure not to cry when you see it.”

Luminous looks at her in confusion. “And why would I do that?”

She smirks at his question. “You’ll see...”

After a few minutes of flying, Rainbow asks Luminous to put in a blindfold so she can surprise him.

”Hey Rainbow can I open my eyes yet?”

”Just a little while longer...”

”Oooh, I can’t wait!”

”Okay, in three, two,”

”Rainbow Dash?”

”Fluttershy! When did you get here?”

”Wait, Fluttershy’s there too?? That’s it, I’m taking off my blindfold!”

Luminous rips it off, and what he saw before him was breathtaking.


Rainbow and Fluttershy turn to look at Luminous as he puts both hooves to his mouth as he looks on in awe and wonder. He just keeps shaking his head in disbelief as tears well up in his eyes.

This place looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy wallpaper! And I’m a sucker for fantasy wallpapers!

(C’mon, like y’all wouldn’t react the same way)

Rainbow walks up to him and puts a hoof on his shoulder. “Luminous? Are you alright?” She asks in concern.

Luminous closes his eyes and nods. “Yeah, it’s just that it’s my first time in Cloudsdale and I’m a little overwhelmed.”

“Well Rainbow could take you for a fly around.” Fluttershy suggests.

Rainbow smiles widely. “YES! I-I mean, yeah whatever.” She says trying to keep cool, despite her red face.

Luminous smiles with a blush. “I’m down!”

“Really? Okay! Come on then!” Rainbow immediately takes off, and Luminous eagerly follows her.

“This place is amazing, huh?” Rainbow Dash says to Luminous.

You’re amazing I-I mean, yeah!” Luminous says, chuckling nervously.

(Alright, look. It may be a little weird but back when I was still a human, I thought Rainbow Dash was adorable as heck! But I never thought anything of it because it would obviously be weird to have feelings for a HORSE! But now I’m a horse, soooooooo~)

Rainbow looks a Luminous with a little red on her cheeks. “You think I’m amazing?”

Not it’s Luminous’s turn to blush. “Ahh frick, you heard that? Well, yeah, but come on you hear that stuff all the time! Why are you suddenly blushing while I’m saying it?”

“W-What?? I’m not blushing.” Rainbow denies, her face getting redder.

“I’m pretty sure your face, which is adeautiful by the way, just got three times redder.”

Rainbow looks at him in confusion. “‘Adeautiful’? What’s that?”

“Adorable and beautiful!” Luminous says with a smile.

Rainbow’s entire face roses up as she begins to stammer.

She looks away. “Shut up.” She says, as she struggles to not fly over to Luminous and kiss him again.

Twilight arrives...some other stuff happens too! (Friendship is magic Part 1)

View Online

Five months later...

At night, there is only one who roams the skies. He is a black pegasus with pure white eyes. He wears a black hooded cloak with a dark green inside. All you can see of his face are his glowing white eyes. He looks to the ground, searching. Suddenly he hears a scream come from down below. A scream oh too familiar to his ears. He immediately flies down to the source of the sound and is led to a dark alleyway. Classic.

The pegasus sees three large earth stallions closing in on am certain blue-furred rainbow-maned pegasus mare. Who seems utterly terrified. But the cloaked pegasus can tell that she’s only acting and smiles at that.

“W-What do you guys want with me?!” She says feigning a voice similar of Fluttershy. Something that she’s surprisingly good at.

“Oh, we just want to have a little fun with you, that’s all.” One stallion says in a deep husky voice. The others nod and chuckle in agreement.

If the cloaked pegasus wasn’t already pissed at these perverts for confronting this innocent mare, the fact that they planned to rape her made him nearly go bat-shit ballistic.

“Y-you guys d-don’t have to do this.” Rainbow Dash says, her voice breaking as if she’s about to cry. Even though he knows her cries are fake, the cloaked pegasus is still angered all the same.

“We know, but where’s the fun in that?”

With that statement, the three stallions slowly move towards Rainbow, each showing scary grins. Rainbow finally “bursts into tears” and slides down to the floor. The cloaked pegasus can’t take this anymore and, without making a sound moves towards the three stallions.

Rainbow looked up at them, glaring through her tears. “When my coltfriend finds out what you three did...”

Their leader scoffed with a smirk. “Oh yeah? What’s he gonna do?”

”He’s gonna kick the living crap out of you. THAT’S WHAT HE’S GONNA DO!”

The three stallions’ eyes quickly widen in fear as they realize whose voice that belongs to. They look to the right and see the cloaked pegasus glaring at them with rage in his eyes. “B-BLACKLIGHT!”

“Babe!” Rainbow Dash shouts in joy and relief as she quickly runs to Blacklight’s side and nuzzles him affectionately with a smile, which he returns with a smile as well. Before turning to the three stallions in question.

“What are you guys doing with my mare?” Blacklight says calmly, which only made the stallions quiver in fear. Anyone knows that if The Guardian of the Night is angry, but doesn’t raise his voice, he’s beyond pissed.

“N-Nothing! W-we swear!”

“Yeah! A-all we were doing was just talking!”

Blacklight nods, and then turns to his marefriend. “What happened?” He asks in a soft tone.

“The-they cornered me in this alley, a-a-and then they tried to r-ra-rape me!” Rainbow says, sobbing the entire time. Even though Blacklight knows she’s only acting, these stallions still threatened to rape her. And NOBODY tries to harm his loved ones without expecting an ass-whooping.

Blacklight stands on his feet (hind legs) and walks toward the three. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The three stallions seem to forget who they’re about to fight, so they make an attempt to fight back. The first stallion throws a punch at Blacklight’s face, but Blacklight catches it with his wing. He then begins to crush it in his wing, causing the earth stallion to cry out in pain. Blacklight then picks him up by the crushed hoof and swings him at his other two companions, dropping them without breaking a sweat.

”And now for good measure...” Blacklight then proceeds to break their legs, and the three stallions’ screams and cries of pain echo through the night.

After he finished, he walked over to his marefriend, Rainbow Dash (who has already dropped the victim act and is now smirking at him), and removed his cloak, revealing none other than Luminous Skies.

“C’mon Lulu, was that really necessary?”

“Hey, I made it loud and clear what happens to anypony who harms my loved ones in any way a few months ago.” He offers a hoof out to Rainbow and slightly bows. “Shall we, m’lady?” He says with a smile.

Rainbow’s smirk turns into a blushing smile as she takes his hoof and kisses him on the lips. “Yes we shall, O Guardian of the Night.”

Can’t go wrong with chivalry.

And with that, they take off into the night sky.

Next morning, Luminous wakes up with a stretch of his wings. He turns to his side expecting to see his marefriend smiling back at him but instead is met with a note. He picks it up and begins to read.

Dear Luminous,

I had to leave early to practice my flying routine for the Summer Sun Celebration. I heard Princess Celestia would be raising the sun here in Ponyville so I really want to impress her. Even though there’s no possible way no one can’t be impressed by me. I would suggest that you make a light show for her. If everypony in Equestria loves them there’s no doubt that the Sun Princess loves them too. Yes, I love them too. Anyways, I put your breakfast in the fridge. I hope you like it!


Rainbow Dash

If you readers were wondering, yes. Rainbow Dash is a whole lot nicer than usual. Luminous Skies is responsible for that. Since he watched the series before, he knows how Rainbow can be unusually egotistical at some times. So after he knocked some sense into her, he started to help her become a better pony. It definitely worked, and one of the reasons that Rainbow has always had a thing for him was because of how much he cares about others.

Luminous shakes his head with a smile. “She spoils me too damn much.”

“This coming from the one that gives her breakfast in bed every other day of the week.”

Any other pony would jump up and scream, but since Luminous matches Pinkie Pie in stuff that makes absolutely no sense he just sighs.

“Hi Luminous!”

“Sup Pinkie, how’s it going? Ready for the Summer Sun celebration?”

“You bet I am! Oh, I just can’t wait!” Pinkie starts bouncing up and down on the bed in excitement.

“Ya know, I heard that the Princess’ protege is coming to Ponyville as well.”

Pinkie gasps and her smile grows wider. “Really?! You knows what that means!!”

Luminous begins to smile just as wide. “Oh yeah I do!”

They get into each others faces and say at once. “A whole new friend to make with parties on the side!”

“Well, what are we waiting for?!” Pinkie starts to run downstairs.

“Definitely not for me, that’s for sure!” Luminous runs down to follow her. Soon they’re out at the edge of the island in the sky. Suddenly they see a purple speck on the ground. Luminous points at it. “New face twelve o’clock!” He looks over at Pinkie who is practically bouncing in excitement. “Well what are you waiting for? Get in there.” He slaps her back which was enough for her to fall of the edge and fall towards the ground far below.


Somehow she isn’t hurt when she landed in front of Twilight and Spike a few minutes later, but Luminous expects as much. “Thank God I put that trampoline there.” So now he waits.

After a while of waiting, he sees Rainbow crash into Twilight and both fall into a pile of mud. “And that’s my cue.” He get up from sitting on the edge and jumps off. “Maximum effort.”

Meanwhile on the ground, Spike and Twilight had just witnessed Rainbow clear the sky in ten seconds flat, and both of them are completely awestruck.

“Wow! She’s amazing!” Spike says in awe.

Rainbow waves it off. “Oh come on, I’m not even the fastest one here in Ponyville.”

Twilight snaps out of her stupor. “Wait, you’re telling me that there’s another even faster than THAT?! Who?”

“Well my coltfriend, of course! Well, at least on hooves.” Rainbow says.

“And who would that be?” Twilight asks.

As if on cue, a green comet lands right in front of her, making a shockwave and knocking her and Spike off their feet. When the dust settles they see a green pegasus stallion standing in the middle of a crater. Offering them a hoof. “That would be me. Are you guys okay?”

Twilight takes his hoof and gets up, rubbing her head. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Hey babe!” Rainbow jumps down from the bridge and runs over, tackling Luminous into a kiss. When she breaks it, she giggles at her coltfriend who has a goofy grin.

“Ain’t that a way to start of the day!” He says with a chuckle.

Spike’s and Twilight’s eyes widen to the size of pie plates. “Wait! You’re Luminous Skies!!”

Luminous looks at them. “You know who I am?”

“Bro! You’re famous!”

“I’m hwat?!”

Spike goes on. “Yeah! You’re light shows go all across Equus! I’ve even seen some ponies walk out in the middle of the night just waiting for you!”

Luminous smiles. “Oh my goodness, that’s awesome!”

“I know, right?!” Spike says, clearly star struck. “In fact I’m even part of your fan club!”

“Wait, I have FANS?!”

“Yeah! You’re basically a superhero! Heck even Twilight here’s one of them.” Everyone looks to said mare as she looks away in denial. “Pffft, as if.”

“Denial.” Spike, Luminous, and Rainbow Dash say at once.

Twilight fights off a blush. “Whatever, Blacklight’s a better superhero than you’ll EVER be.”

Luminous and Rainbow look at each other and smirk, then look back at Twilight. “Blacklight, you say?”

Twilight glares back at them. “Yeah, so what?”

Rainbow nods to Luminous who then gives a toothy grin, and suddenly black tendrils start to swirl around his body.

“What’s happening to him?!” Twilight asks/shouts in fear.

Luminous speaks from inside the tendrils. “You wanted Blacklight...,” the tendrils finally disappear and the pegasus standing there leaves both Twilight and Spike awestruck, ”You got Blacklight!”

Spike pumps a fist into the air in joy. “I KNEW IT!!!”

Twilight is so awestruck that any words that come out is only a wheeze.

Blacklight turns back into Luminous Skies. “Heheh, I think I broke her...”

Suddenly Twilight just shouts at Rainbow, “You’re telling me that you’re dating HIM?!!”

Rainbow puffs out her chest and smirks, “Uh-huh!” Before looking up at Luminous and smiling, “And I’m the luckiest mare in the world.”

Luminous looks back down at her and raises an eyebrow. “Oh I believe it’s the other way around. I’m the one dating the nicest, awesomest, coolest, most ADORABLE mare I know!”

Rainbow pouts with a red face. “I’m not adorable.”

“What are you talking about? You have the most adorable smile, most adorable laugh, everything about you shouts adorable!”

Rainbow giggles a bit, but quickly pouts again. “Nuu! I’m not adorable!”

Luminous laughs, “Even your denial is adorable!” He then gets an idea and starts tickling Rainbow Dash.

“Hehee, stop it! It tickles!” She then starts giggling uncontrollably.

Luminous then picks her up in a hug. “There she is!” He then swings her around in a circle, both laughing all the while.

“Oh come here, you!” Rainbow immediately tackles Luminous again, but this time gives him a much more passionate kiss.

Spike goes ‘D’aww, while Twilight just sighs and says, “Come on Spike let’s go.”

Spike, confused but still obedient, follows Twilight. “What’s wrong?” He asks.


Spike grins. “You’re jealous, aren’t you.”

“What? No!”

Spike deadpans. “Twi, you were in denial last time, and look where that got you.”

She sighs. “Okay, maybe I’m a little jealous.”

“A little?”

Twilight cheeks redden. “Okay, a lot!”

Back with Luminous and Rainbow Dash, she finally broke the kiss, and Luminous was stumbling like he was drunk with a goofy smile on his lips.

Rainbow giggles, “The way you react is so adorable!”

Luminous looks at her with a mischievous grin. “Adorable you say? I’ll show you who’s adorable.” He then slowly walks towards Rainbow, wiggling his feathers.

Rainbow knows he’s gonna try to tickle her again and let’s out another giggle and takes off. “NUUUUUU!!”

Luminous gives chase. “YEEEEEEE!!”

Later at the Golden Oaks Library, the entire population of Ponyville is waiting for Twilight and Spike to arrive. Until then, they are all trying to find hiding spots. Well, Luminous is trying to find a hiding spot, everyone else is just standing in the open. Luminous just gives up and turns off the lights as soon as Twilight and Spike enter.

“Hmmph. Rude much?”

Twilight sighs. “Sorry Spike. But I have to convince the princess that Nightmare Moon is coming, and we’re running out of time! I just need to be alone to study without a bunch of CRAZY PONIES trying to make friends all the time.” She then smiles, “Even though, I guess it was not all bad.”

Spike raises an eyebrow. “You fantasizing about Luminous Skies again, aren’t you?”

Finding no reason to deny it she just sighs dreamily. “Yeah.”

Wait, This has happened before?!

Who does she think she is?! Fantasizing about Luminous is MY JOB!

Luminous can tell that Rainbow is getting worked up, so he wraps a wing around her to comfort her. He knows it worked when she leans into him.

“Anyways,” Spike says, “Where’s the lights?”

The lights immediately turn on and Spike and Twilight jump four feet into the air.


Twilight, obviously not in the mood for a party, just sighs. That is until Luminous walks over to her causing her to gasp with a blush on her cheeks.

“L-luminous Skies! What are you doing here?”

Luminous raises his eyebrow. “Uhhh, I live here, in Ponyville?”

“O-oh! Right! Of course!”

Luminous chuckles. “I just wanted to say, Welcome to Ponyville!” He then gives her a friendly hug. When he breaks it, he sees Twilight in a daze. “Uhhh, hello? Equus to Twilight.”

All of the sudden she swoons with a goofy smile on her face.

“Okaaaay? I’m gonna just...” He slowly backs away and his space is replaced by Pinkie Pie.


Pinkie immediately starts talking to Twilight at a very, very, fast pace. Twilight just walks over to the drink table and pours a drink while Pinkie is still going on. Before Luminous could warn her, Twilight downs the entire cup. Her mane appears to catch fire and she races up to her room. Spike picks up whatever she drank and finds out that it’s hot sauce. Pinkie pours some on a cupcake and eats it in one bite. The Mane 5 are shocked, but Luminous just pours some hot sauce on a cupcake of his own and eats it in one bite also.

Pinkie and Luminous look at each other and say, “Questa è una torta piccante!”

“You two will never cease to amaze us.” Applejack shakes her head.

Luminous suddenly realizes something. “Oh crap! I have to practice for the light show! I gotta go.” He kissed Rainbow Dash on the cheek, causing her to blush, and then runs out of the library and takes off towards his mansion in the sky.

Later when he gets there, he sits on the edge, looking at he moon, which is now glowing blue. He sighs, “Welp, looks like we’re doing this shit.” He then pulls out a walkie talkie and turns it on.


“Griffin? It’s time.”

“Already? Damn, time flies doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, you got your stuff?”

“Yep, just gotta grab my, ‘medications’, heheh.”

“*sigh* You know you’re gonna get cancer off of that stuff, right?”

“Well, I don’t have it yet.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just when are you gonna get here.”

“Look behind you.”

Luminous turns to see a white unicorn stallion with a white mane. One of his eyes is black while the other is white. He has a cutie mark in the shape of a black gear with three ones in the middle. The smirk he’s wearing shows his wolf-like teeth and a cigar.

Luminous walks up to him with a smirk of his own and puts a hoof on his shoulder. “You ready to kick some ass?”

Griffin chuckles and puts his own hoof on Luminous shoulder. “Is that a rhetorical question.”

Luminous gives a chuckle of his own and turns into Blacklight. You’re damn right it is!

They look down at Town Hall to see dark blue clouds coming out from it and swirling into the sky.

“Shit, it’s already started!”

“You go ahead and take Nightmare Moon, when the shadow ponies come I’ll take them out so you and the others can find the Elements.” Griffin says.

”Somebody has been reading their books.” Blacklight walks over to the edge and jumps off. ”MAXIMUM EFFORT!!”

Does this make us the Main 7? (Friendship is Magic Part 2) EDIT

View Online

Currently in Town Hall, blue clouds are circling all around the roof whhile everyone looks on in fear. Nightmare Moon is laughing maniacally. That is, until she hears this.

“Ya know, your laugh is REALLY annoying.”

Everyone looks around in search of the sound, while Nightmare Moon speaks up. “Who said that?!” She shouts in confusion and a little anger at the insult.

”Probably Celestia after she banished you to the moon!”

Everypony in the general vicinity goes ‘oooooooooh’ while Nightmare Moon’s face contorts in anger. “WHOEVER SAID THAT SHOW YOURSELF!!”

”Yeesh, fine!”

Suddenly a black comet comes from the ceiling and lands in the center of the room, and Blacklight emerges, eliciting cheers from everyone in the room.

“Who are you?!”

”I am Blacklight, Guardian of the Night! And it seems to me that you’re abusing it! Sooo, I’m gonna have to kick your ass.

Nightmare scoffs. “HAH! If you think you’re a match for me, then you’re deeply mistaken!” Using her horn, she then blasts a beam of energy at Luminous’s face causing his head to jerk back and everyone to gasp.

Nightmare smirks, thinking she has already won, until Blacklight looks back at her with a raised eyebrow. Everyone sighs in relief, especially Rainbow and Twilight.

”Was that supposed to hurt?”

After gaping at Blacklight for a while, she glares at him. “No...” She then teleports right I front of him. “This is!” She then blasts an even more powerful beam straight at his chest, causing him to skid back. The entire room is silent, until Blacklight looks up at Nightmare with a smirk. Everyone in the crowd cheers for him.

“WHAT?! HOW?!!”

“My turn.” Blacklight punches Nightmare in the face causing her to grunt in pain and fall into her back. She’s practically fuming when she gets back up.

”Go ahead, come at me! I’ll just kick your ass again.”

She charges at him, and he jumps out of the way and delivers a hook kick right to her jaw, causing her to once again to grunt in pain.

She glowers at Blacklight. “In done playing nice.” She punches Blacklight square in the jaw, causing him to yelp in surprise and pain. Everyone gasps in fear and worry.

Blacklight stumbles around, dazed. He then grins at Nightmare Moon, still a bit off kilter.

”NOW we’re talking!” Blacklight jumps and delivers a roundhouse kick right to Nightmare’s side, sending her to the other side of the room. She flies back towards him screaming in rage, and delivers a punch to the face, only to be blocked by Blacklight’s own hoof. In stead of fuming, Nightmare Moon has a sinister grin on her face. Blacklight looks at her horn and sees that is looks fully charged up with energy.

Before Blacklight could react, Nightmare Moon pulled his hooves up leaving his chest exposed.

This finna hurt!

Using all of the energy charged up in her horn, Nightmare Moon blasted a hole through Blacklight’s chest and then throws him across the room to the Main 6.

Everypony watching what just happened reacted as if they’ve seen their favorite character in a series die before their eyes. Rainbow Dash and Twilight reacted as if they just saw the love of their life killed right in front of them.

Rainbow Dash with tears in her eyes runs over to Blacklight, who has reverted back into Luminous Skies.

“Lulu! Are you alright?!”

Luminous chuckles at the question. “Actually, yeah.”

“Dammit, if you die on me I swear to Ce- wait what?”

Luminous starts to stand up as the hole in his chest begins to glow green. “There’s one of many things that The Author blessed me with.”

Luminous fully stands up on his feet as the hole in his chest disappears. “And that’s a healing factor.”

He turns to Nightmare Moon who’s giving him a look of shock and anger.

Luminous gives her a death glare. “If it’s any consolation, THAT REALLY FUCKING HURT.”

Luminous shoots off the floor like a cannon and punches Nightmare Moon square in the chest, cracking her ribs and causing her to scream in pain. Luminous wasn’t done though. He kept on wailing down on her, punching too fast for her to react. Each punch elicited a scream or yell of pain from her, until he eventually kicked her to the wall, cracking it.

Luminous walks towards her with a glare, and Nightmare Moon glared back. But the vast amount of fear behind her glare was obvious to Luminous.

Nightmare Moon, knowing that she’ll die at this rate, quickly takes her leave and turns into a blue fog and flies out the window, out into the night.

While flying off, she notices a floating island in the sky. Assuming that’s where the Guardian of the Night resides she sends a battalion of shadow ponies to destroy it.

Griffins POV (Co-writer Unknown_Griffin taking over)

As I stood in the shadows of the house, I see the shadow ponies coming towards the island. I counted sixty of the little twats, and deciding to have a little fun, I stay in the shadows and pick a couple of them off before they could even land.

By the time they started to land, I had shot down about thirty of them. As the rest landed I begin to walk out of the shadows and towards them with my railway rifle at my side at the ready. As I make my way over to them I see them looking around trying to find me. So feeling like having a bit of fun, I decided to shout at to them “I’m here to cause anarchy and smoke weed, but am all out of weed!”

After I had said this all their heads snap towards me with a look of shock and confusion. Once I saw the look on their faces, I couldn’t help but laugh. As I was laughing at them, the ones at the front line grew angry at being made fun of so they charged towards me. But before they could even get a foot aways, they all hit the ground with a loud thud. At the sound of their bodies hitting the ground, it made the rest of the shadow ponies come out of the state of shock they were in.

Once they saw the bodies of their friends with huge spikes sticking out of their chests, they began to look around trying to find out who did this. As they were looking around, I decided to introduce myself

Clearing my throat I then say “Evening cunts, I am known as the ‘Mad Wonder’. You can call me that since you won’t be needing my real name and I will be your demise for this evening.” As I say the last part, a mad sickening smile starts making its way across my face. Not wanting to give them time to understand what was going on, I pull my railway rifle in front of me and line up 10 shots taking out 10 of the remaining 25 shadow ponies.

As after I had emptied the clip, the remaining shadow ponies saw this as their moment to attack as they took to the skies again to ready for the attack. As I watch them take to the skies, I decided to have a little more fun, and I put away the railway rifle and pull out my dual lucky revolvers and started to pick them out of the sky one by one. This is causing them to suddenly attack. As they came in close to me I rolled out of the way of two of the pegasi and shot them both in the back of their heads. The bullets hit with enough force to come out on the other side and hit two other pegasuses flying towards me with blades stuck to their hooves. As I continued shooting I had taken out 12 of them and needing to reload, I ejected the spent magazine and used my magic to create 12 more rounds and began to reload. As I was doing this 6 more pegasus came in for an attack but missed as I just sidestepped all their attacks.

Once I was done reloading, I proceeded to take out the six that was attacking me with my left gun as I used the right to take out six that was in the sky. After I had taken them out I look around seeing another shadow pony standing there as I went to reload.

She put her front hoofs into the air and said, “W-wait, I surrender! T-to show my proof, I-I will give you this!” as she said the last part she used one of her wings to reach behind her and pull out a bag of weed.

Once I had reloaded I began to approach her with both my guns pointing one at each eye. I then used my magic to pull the bag over to me and checking to see if it was good. With a bit of magic after checking to see that it was worthy of smoking, I then summoned my bong and packed the bowl. And then used my shishkebab to light it. After taking in the whole bowl I was then hit in the back of the head knocking me out. Sometimes, I hate being a stoner.

(Back to Original author)

Meanwhile back at the Town Hall everyone is staring at Luminous as he looks around, confused. “What?”

Suddenly everyone erupts into cheers, the loudest ones being Rainbow Dash and Twilight. He walks over to the Main 6. “I don’t see why everyone is cheering, she still got away.”

“Well yeah, but you still kicked butt! And you also saved all of ours!” Rainbow says, then gives him a smirk with lidded eyes “This causes for a reward~”

Oh my...

Rainbow quickly pulls Luminous into a passionate kiss. Pinkie oooooh’s, Applejack smirks, Rarity and Fluttershy smile, and Twilight pouts in envy and leaves. Rainbow suddenly moans as she leans more into the kiss, while Luminous’s eyes widen.

Oh crap! That’s her tongue, that’s her tongue!

Applejack finally pulls her off. “Now, now, we don’t want ya suckin’ his face off.”

“I was just having a little fun.” Rainbow says with a pout.

“Haaaaaaaaaa...” Was all that comes out of Luminous’s mouth.

Later with Twilight in the library, she’s tearing the place apart trying to find any information about the Elements of Harmony. “Elements, Elements, Elements, UGH! How can I stop Nightmare Moon without the Elements of Harmony?!”

“You can’t.”

Twilight turns around, and is met with a mixture of shock and excitement. “Luminous Skies? What are you doing here?!”

“I’m not the only one.” He moves to the side to reveal the rest of the gang.

“We heard you say something about t ‘Elements of Harmony’. What does that mean?” Fluttershy asks.

Twilight decides to explain. “I read all of the theory about Nightmare Moon. Some mysterious objects called the Elements of Harmony are the only things that can stop her.”

“But you don’t know an inkling of a thing about them, do you?” Luminous concludes.


“Well, lucky for me, I do.” Luminous pulls out a red and gold book.

“Where did you get that?” Twilight asks.

He doesn’t answer, he only reads the book he opened. “There are seven Elements of Harmony, but only six are known. Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, Loyalty, and Magic. The seventh remains a mystery, the six Elements can be found in the ancient castle of the royal pony sisters. Which is located in which is now...

“The Everfree Forest!” Five out of seven ponies say it out of fear, while Luminous and Fluttershy say it as if it’s a walk in the park.

“Fluttershy, you aren’t terrified?” Rarity asks.

Fluttershy shakes her head with a smile. “No. Ever since Luminous saved my life many months ago, I never feared this place again knowing that he will always be there to protect me.”

Luminous rubs the back of his head with a sheepish smile. “Oh c’mon Fluttershy. You’re making it seem like I’m this brave, courageous soul.”

“But that’s exactly what you are!” Rainbow says in interjection. “You are always putting other's lives in front of your own. That’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with you.”

Everypony goes, “Aaaaawww.”

“Okay, okay! Can we please move on before I get a monster blush?” Luminous says with a smile.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Twilight says. And with that, they entered the Everfree Forest.

“Wait a bloody second, where’s the seventh Element?!” Luminous asks in confusion.

The Main 7 are at the castle, but only six of the Elements of Harmony are seen.

“Wait a minute! The book said something about a hidden light that will make the seventh known!” Twilight says.

Suddenly the scene pauses, and everyone freezes. Except for Pinkie Pie and Luminous Skies.

Hello readers!

Welcome to ‘Flash Forward’ where we tell you everything you’ve missed!

First thing is when we were walking through the Forest, we were caught in a rockslide!

While Fluttershy grabbed Rarity, and Rainbow grabbed Pinkie, Twilight had to trust in Applejack’s honesty in order to let go of the cliff and fall into my hooves!

And you can guess how that went!

“Uhh, Twilight? We’re on the ground now.” Luminous said while Twilight nuzzled into his chest with a smile. Much to the disapproval of Rainbow Dash.

Who does this whorse think she is?!

If this is a dream, I never want to wake up!

Yeah, that was awkward.

Furthermore, after that we ran into a manticore! Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack all tried and failed to take down the manticore.

But then me and Fluttershy came to the rescue!

The manticore ran towards Luminous, letting out a roar. Luminous ran towards the manticore letting out a battle cry of his own.



Luminous flies up to the manticore’s face and says two words.

“Bitch slap.”

Luminous then slaps the manticore hard enough to knock him out for a little while, which gave Fluttershy enough time to do her thing and tame the beast.

She definitely showed real kindness there.

Right you are, Pinks! And after that we were walking through a dark part of the forest and the trees had reeeeaaally scary faces. Which caused most ponies to scream!


“I don’t get it! They’re just trees!” Luminous said in confusion.

Luminous probably would have had eardrum damage if it wasn’t for me and my silly faces and song!

That’s correct! Using laughter, Pinkie Pie was able to get everypony to stop screaming and start laughing!

Now that we got that over with,

The next thing that happened was that we were facing some...difficulties.

The Main 7 walk out of the thicket, still laughing it up. Until they see a raging river.

“Well, Dammit! How are we supposed to get across this thing?” Luminous says in frustration.

It turns out the raging river was caused by a sea dragon missing his moustache!

So, in an act of pure generosity, Rarity sacrificed her TAIL in order to make the dragon beautiful again! Talk about generous!

After that whole fiasco, we were met with a chasm with a broken bridge!

“Oh great! A CHASM!!” Luminous said, even more frustrated than before.

Rainbow Dash flew over to reconnect the bridge, but while over there she was tempted by the Shadowbolts!

But because of her loyalty towards her friends, she was able to resist the Shadowbolts’ temptations and successfully reconnect the bridge and come back to us!

Luminous put his hooves on Rainbow’s shoulders. “Words cannot describe how proud I am of you right now.”

And it was MY turn to pull her into a passionate kiss!

It took us like five minutes to pull her out of her daze!

Now that we’re fully caught up...


“Well if it’s light you need,” Luminous’s eyes glow green. “Then I can happily provide!”

Oh my Faust, I’m about to see Luminous Skies use Aurora Borealis right in front of me!

Luminous slowly raises off the ground, and tendrils of green light come out from his wings and circle the Elements. But before anything else could happen, blue clouds begin to raise the Elements into the air in a tornado.

“Oh God.” Luminous says.

“Oh God? What does ‘Oh God’ mean?” Asks Fluttershy.

“It means that Nightmare Moon is about to teleport me out of this pla-“ Luminous disappears along with the Elements before he has time to say anything else.


Luminous reappears in a different room of the castle. He looks up to see Nightmare Moon with the Elements. He sighs and begins cracking his wings and turns into Blacklight.

Nightmare glowers at him. “I’ve been itching for a rematch!” She charges.

Blacklight doesn’t respond and charges as well. Before jumping over her and landing in the middle of the elements. He turns back into Luminous and covers them with light again. Nightmare Moon tries to stop him, but to no avail as he just keeps slapping her away. The Elements seem to raise on their own...until falling back onto the ground.

Luminous tilts his head. “Huh. That was very anti climactic.”

Nightmare starts laughing, and stomps her hooves on the ground, breaking the Elements.

“Ah, piss.” Luminous says with a face hoof.

“You fool! Thinking you can defeat ME!”

“Well, to be honest, I kinda already did.”

Nightmare glares again. “Shut up with your LOGIC! Anyways, you will never see your princess or your sun. The night, will last, FOREVER!”

“Okay, guess I’ll kick your ass again.”

“Oh, I would advise against that.” She gives him a devilish grin.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because of you don’t, you will never see you friend again!” She moves to the right, revealing Griffin chained to the wall.

Luminous sighs in frustration. “Are you kidding me Griffin?!”

“In my defense, they offered me weed.”

Luminous suddenly hears voices coming from the stairs. “Is that who I think it is?”


”Babe! Where are you?”

”We’re coming! Just hold tight!”

As Luminous sees the shadows of his friends, his eyes glow white for a split second. He then turns back to Nightmare Moon with a grin.

“You honestly thought you could destroy the Elements of Harmony, just like that? Ya see, that where you’re wrong. Because the Spirits of the Elements of Harmony.” The scene zooms out to show the Main 7 is reunited again. “Are right here.” The broken Elemental crystals begin to rise.

“What?” Nightmare begins to frown.

Luminous turns to Applejack. “A.J., who reassured Twilight when she was in doubt (Sbevè) represents the spirit of Honesty!” Crystals begin to circle around Applejack.

He turns to his first ever friend. “Fluttershy, who tamed the manticore with her compassion, Represents the spirit of Kindness!” Crystals start to surround Fluttershy.

Luminous then looks towards his partner in reality-bending. “Ma girl Pinks! She’s the one who banished fear by looking danger in the eyes and saying (Southern Accent) ‘You’re funny lookin’. She represents the spirit of Laughter!” Crystals begin to circle a round Pinkie, causing her to jump in the air in joy.

Luminous then gazes at the fashionista. “Rares! Who calmed the sorrowful serpent with a meaningful gift represents the spirit of Generosity!” Crystals begin to surround Rarity as well.

He then turns to his marefriend. “Rainbow! You could never abandon your own friends for your own dreams! If that doesn’t represent the spirit of Loyalty, I don’t know what does.” Rainbow blushed at her lover’s kind words as crystals began to surround her.

Luminous’s eyes fall onto his number one fangirl. “And Twilight! Through your travels you have learned the true value of friendship! And with that, you have also realized that friendship is more than it seems, you could say it has a certain...Magic, to it!” Crystals begin to circle around her as they had with the others.

“The spirits of the six ponies got us through every challenge you threw at us! You know, if you would have just let us be, we would have never figured this out. Congratulations!”

“You played yourself!” The Main 7 say at once.

“You still don’t have the Seventh Element! The light didn’t work!” Nightmare Moon retorts.

“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrooooong~! It was a different kind of light. A light ignited inside of me when I heard my friends’ voices. I realized how happy I was to hear them! I realized how much they cared about me, just like five months ago when I made friends for the first time in my life!”

Suddenly above them all, another Element with a perfect sphere crystal appeared. And floats down right in front of Luminous.

“You see, Nightmare Moon, these past five months have taught me something. That if you have your friends, there is nothing that can stand in you’re way! That is why I went on this adventure! That’s why I prevail in every battle I fight! That’s why I would lay down my life for the ones I love! Because I know that as long as I have my friends I have nothing to fear. Even if all hope is lost, there will always be one thing that I have and that NOPONY can take away from me. The light in the hearts of us all. The Seventh Element! COURAGE!

The Element transform into necklaces with a new shape. “Applejack’s an apple, Pinkie’s a balloon, Rainbow’s a lightning bolt, Rarity’s is a diamond, and Fluttershy’s is a butterfly. Twilight’s is actually a crown with a star in it. Luminous’s is an entire cloak. The cloak seems as if it’s made out the Aurora Borealis itself, with a big green jewel rimmed with gold as it’s clasp.

It falls on Luminous and fits him perfectly.

The Main 7 rise up and a rainbow begins to form. “Hey! Hey Nightmare! Look at me.”

Nightmare Moon, in complete fear, complies.

Luminous gives her a smirk. “BITCH.” The rainbow flies towards Nightmare Moon.

“NOOOOOO!!” Nightmare starts screaming in fear and in pain as the rainbow swirls around her. Luminous’s and Twilight’s eyes glow white as the entire room is engulfed in a blinding light.

When the light dies down, the Main 7 are on the floor, unconscious.

Rainbow is the first to get up. “Ohh, my head!”

“Is everypony alright?” Applejack asks.

Rarity’s tail has grown back.“Oh thank goodness!” She says in relief.

“Oh Rarity, it’s so lovely.” Fluttershy says.

“I know! I’ll never harm it again!”

“No. I meant your necklace. The gem looks just like your cutie mark.”

“Well, so does yours!”

Pinkie bounces towards Applejack. “Look at mine! Look at mine!”

“Oh yeah!” Rainbow says with a smirk as she looks at hers.

After looking at hers, Twilight asks a question. “What does yours look like, Luminous?” She looks around for him, so do the others. Twilight spots him still on the ground. “Luminous!” She gasps.

The others find him and gasp as well as they all run towards him in concern and worry.

Luminous is still in his Elemental cloak, completely rigid, eyes closed.

“You don’t think he’s dead, do you?” Rarity asks, tears welling up in her eyes.

Rainbow gasps. “What?! No! H-he can’t be!” Tears begin to roll down her cheeks, as well as the others.

Suddenly, Luminous wakes up with a huge inhale of breath. Everyone gasps out of pure shock and joy.

Rainbow sprints towards him with a teary-eyed smile. “LUMINOUS!!” She shouts in joy.

”Wait, I’m alive?! I’M ALIVE!”

Luminous sighs in relief with a huge smile, and sprints towards his marefriend. “Rainbow?! Oh my god! Give me a hug!” He wraps his arms around her as she does the same.

“URGH!” He suddenly gets glomped by the entirety of the Main 6 (Who are still crying by the way).

”We thought you were dead!”

”Come on, Nightmare couldn’t lay a hoof on me!”

”Don’t you EVER do that again!”

”(Chuckle)What was I SUPPOSED to do? Just let Nightmare Moon win?”

”We don’t CARE what you do! Just don’t die in us, o-ok?”

”Now, you know I will never let that happen.”

”Please *sniff* never do.”

Luminous begins to laugh and he stands and picks them all up, causing them to laugh along with him.

“But are you sure you’re fine?” Twilight and Rainbow want to make sure.

Luminous puts them down and backs up a bit before jumping in the air and doing a dance to check for any pain.

After confirming that he’s fine, Luminous looks back up at his friends with a smile, only to find them all bowing. Aside from Twilight, whom he assumes has ran up to whoever’s behind him to greet them. From behind him he also sees a bright light. He smiles and turns around and gets in one knee. “Princess of the Sun.”

Princess Celestia returns the smile and bows a bit herself. “Guardian of the Night.”

He stands up. “How’s the penny hunting going, eh?”

She pouts. “I have searched everywhere and I still can’t seem to find any.”

Luminous chuckles. “Don’t worry, I got you covered.” He pulls out a bag of copper coins and throws them towards Celestia, who happily grabs them with her hooves.

“Many thanks, Luminous Skies!” She says with a huge smile, and then opens the bag and takes a huge whiff of the pennies, moaning in satisfaction.

The Main 6 look understandingly weirded out, even Twilight’s going “Eeeeeeeehhh?”

“When one ascends to alicorn status, their senses enhance dramatically. One of those senses being scent. Which means that certain materials that smell fine to a normal pony, are much more sensitive to an alicorn. In some cases, certain scents can smell better. In the sense of better-smelling materials, the scent copper gives off is one of the most enhanced scents there is. So in order to satisfy their senses, alicorns made small copper-made coins called pennies. But the formula no how to make them was lost and forgotten to time. That is, until a few moths ago where I was able to pull a pile off pennies out of my tail while I was at home. And Celestia,” Luminous chuckles nervously. “Let’s just say SHE FOUND OUT.”

At night, Luminous while chilling on his couch, decides to play with some pennies. As he is shuffling them around in his wing, he hears loud footsteps coming from outside his house.

“What the hell?” He begins to stand up to investigate, until the front door bursts open. Revealing Princess Celestia with an unusually scary smile on her face.


She immediately runs into the house, sprinting towards Luminous as fast as she can, Luminous could have easily evaded her, but he currently had a look of pure fear on his face.


“Let’s just say, she got her pennies.” Luminous concludes.

Celestia, who had a light blush on while Luminous told the story, changes the subject. “No that we got that over with.” She turns towards a certain cobalt alicorn on the floor of the castle. “Princess Lu-hold up.” Luminous stands up and interrupts her.

Celestia is taken aback. “Excuse me?”

“I got this.” Luminous says and begins walking towards Luna. “If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this right.”

“What do you mean?” Celestia asks.

“You’ll see.” He makes it over to Luna, who has winced and closed her eyes tight, imagining the worst. Only to open her eyes in confusion when Luminous pats her head. “Don’t worry. You ain’t in trouble. You just weren’t yourself, that’s all. So how about I help you up and we make amends, a’ight?” Luminous offers her a wing and a smile.

Luma happily returns the smile and takes his wing with her hoof and stands up. Being shorter than Luminous she looks up, and gives him a grateful smile. “Thank you.”

Luminous nods in response and turns to Celestia. “You. Here. Now.” He points to her and then points to the ground a few feet away from him.

Everyone is in shock that Luminous would command the Sun Princess to do something, but Celestia simply raises her eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

Luminous looks slightly annoyed now. “Did I stutter? I said get over here!”

Now everyone audibly gasps at Luminous, even Luna. But without changing her expression, she complied.

When she makes it over she has an edge to her voice. “You better have a good reason for this.”

Luminous, unfazed by the princess, answers. “Don’t worry, it is.”

I didn’t do all of this just to see you two give each other some basic-ass side hug like y’all did in the show! Nuh-uh, y’all didn’t see each other for a whole-ass millennium and imma make sure y’all act like it! Now, your highnesses, allow me to remind everyone what’s going on.

He walks in between of Celestia and Luna and gestures to them both. “Celestia. Luna. If I’m not mistaken, you two are sisters. Am I right?”

“That is correct.” Celestia confirms.

“Wait, SISTERS?!” The Main 6 all say at once.

“Yes, sisters.” Luminous continues. “You two have been together, for your entire lives. You played together, fought together, you even taught each other to fly.”

“I remember those days.” Luna says in nostalgia.

“Everything that you two have ever done, have ever accomplished, you have always done it together. If there was a problem, you would solve it together. If there was somepony that bullied one of you two, you would kick their asses together. You would do everything together, because you loved each other more than you loved anyone else. And I know you still do.”

The two sisters smile at each other, knowing that it’s true.

Luminous frowns. “But then, Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon for a millennium. I can only imagine the pain Celestia went through when she had to cast out her only sister, whom she loved with all her heart and then some.”

Tears begin to well up in Celestia’s and Luna’s eyes as they both remember the day that they’ve been separated from each other.

“Every night, Celestia would go over to the balcony and weep, lamenting over the loss of her beloved sister. Because she now knew that all of those memories she had with Luna. Their first spell, their first flight, their first adventure, their first day ruling the kingdom. She now had no one to share those memories with, or make new memories. And I know that deep down, Luna felt that same way while she was on the moon.”

At this point the Main 6 were crying, and the royal sisters had broken down in tears at the horrible memories. Luminous closes his eyes, letting a tear of his own shed.

Finally, he smiles again. “But finally, one thousand years later, these two sisters have reunited at last. Now they have the opportunity to make amends, and make new memories. Hopefully they have learned from their past mistakes and will never let each other go. For they both love each other with all their hearts...”

“...and then some.” Celestia and Luna day, now looking at each other with huge smiles. Their tears are still flowing, but now they are out of happiness.

“Now how about making your first memory back together again?” Luminous said with a smile.

The royal sisters ran into each others hooves and embraced. Both sobbing out of happiness of finally reunited once more.

Luminous nods. “My work here is done.” He walks towards his friends who are smiling at him, some still have tears in their eyes.

“That was a beautiful thing you said back there.” Fluttershy says.

“And were so proud of you.” Applejack says.

He rubs the back of his head. “Ah, it was nothing.”

“Nothing? Nothing?! That definitely was something!” Rainbow shouts.

“Indeed it was.” Rarity says. “The way you showed them that they could always have each other was inspiring.”

Twilights nods. “I agree. I have to admit, when I first met you I had no idea what to expect. But now, I see that you’re better than I could have ever imagined!”

Luminous couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks, girls.” He then looks around. “Wanna get out of here?”

“Yup!” Rainbow says, and hops onto her coltfriend’s back.

”What are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

”Hey! Don’t you hog him to yourself, move aside!

”Ooh! Ooh! Lemme get on too!”

”Unfurl your wings sugarcube, I ain’t missin’ out on this!”

”I suppose I could get on too.”

”W-well, if it’s okay with you...”

”Huh. Looks like we’re doing this now.”

Now Twilight and Rainbow are on Luminous’s back, Pinkie is on his shoulders, Applejack and Rarity are on each of his large wings, and Fluttershy is in his arms like old times.

Luminous walks out of the front of the castle. “Alright everyone, hold on tight.” Luminous gets in a stance. “Call it!”

”On your mark!”

”Get set!”

”Wait for it...”



When they get out of the Everfree Forest, Luminous stops. “Everyone okay?”

As everyone gets off of him, they all look like they’ve just gotten off of the best rollercoaster in existence, even Fluttershy look ecstatic.

“That, was, AWESOME!” She said with a huge smile. Everyone quickly agreed with her.

Rainbow taps Twilight’s shoulder and walks away, beckoning her to follow.

Pinkie and Luminous suddenly huddle together, then they start bouncing up and down slowly, still huddled together. The others shrug this off as Pinkie and Luminous being Pinkie and Luminous.

But not Twilight. She’s confused out of her mind.

The duo slowly get faster and then they point in a random direction and scream, “CHANGE THE SCENE!”


”Come on, babe! You’re gonna kill it!”

”You can do this, Luminous!”

”You just gotta calm down first, okay?”

”Quite right. Whatever you do, you mustn’t freak out.”



”Don’t worry Luminous, we’re all behind you one hundred percent. I believe in you!”

”I appreciate that, Twilight...but the pressure is GETTING TO ME!!

Twilight can’t take it anymore. “Look at me!” She takes his face in her hooves and presses her lips to his. Right before Rainbow does the same.

Rainbow separates still holding his head, then smiles. “You got this.”

“I got this.”

“You can do this!”

“I can do this!”

“Are we gonna own this thing?!”

Luminous pumps his hooves in the air with newfound determination. “WE’RE GONNA OWN THIS THING FOR SURE!!”

“Then get out there and blow them away!!”

“Obtain the grain!”


”You take the moon and you take the sun!”


”Okay, we’re getting carried away! Just get out there!”

Luminous practically sprints on stage, the sight of the green pegasus elicits cheers from the whole crowd(Which is nearly every pony in the whole kingdom), including the Royal Princesses.

Luminous begins. “As you have all heard, Nightmare Moon has been defeated and our beautiful Princess of the Night has returned!” More cheers from the crowd ensue. While Luna’s cheeks redden a little at Luminous calling her beautiful.

Celestia notices this and smirks. “Someone has a cruuuuush~”

Luna immediately shakes off her blush. “We do not know what you are speaking of, dear sister.”

“Again with the denial.”

Luna gives and begins to blush again. “Well, can you blame us?!”

Back with Luminous on stage, “And for the dawning of a new season, you can thank the Elements of Harmony! If I can find them!”

Luminous searches the crowd but can’t find his friends anywhere! “Where did they go?!”

He then realizes they are still backstage. “Hold on!”

He runs backstage and the Main 6 are still standing there. “Are you guys coming or what?”

They gasp in shock and a tad of excitement. “Really?!” Pinkie asks.

“Yeah! We started this together, we’re gonna finish it together! Now let’s do this!” He runs back on stage along with the others.

“Alright everypony put your hooves together for Pinkie Pie: Element of Laughter! Applejack: Element of Honesty! Fluttershy: Element of Kindness! Rainbow Dash: Element of Loyalty! Rarity: Element of Generosity! and Twilight Sparkle: Element of Magic!” At the sound of her name, each mare activates her Element and slightly bows. The crowd cheers, and cheers, and cheers.

Suddenly the Main 6 surround Luminous in a semi circle. They all point their hooves at him and say at once,

“And last but not least, Luminous Skies: Element of Courage!

This was not what I planned on happening, but I might as well.

Luminous walks up, activates his Elemental Cloak, and bows. The cheers from the crowd become louder than before. Even the princesses are cheering, one more than the other.

Gee, I wonder who?

“Now before we get started, I want to do a little something in honor of the reunion of the royal sisters!” Luminous pulls out a piano and signal his friends to take a seat in the crowd.

He gets to the piano and cracks his wings. “Alright, this may get a little emotional.”

Bruno Mars-Talking to the Moon

While Luminous was singing, more and more ponies in the crowd begin to cry, the royal sisters crying the most. During the final chorus, Luminous begins to shed some tears. When he is finished, the applause from the crowd left a ring in his ears.

“I just want you to know Luna, I'm really glad that you’re back.”

Luna’s face went crimson as a smile creeps on her face.

Luminous smiles a wide smile. “Now, who’s ready for a light show?!”

The crowd cheers their loudest cheer yet in response.



Back in the ancient castle, Griffin remains chained to the wall. After hours of thrashing around, he just sighs in acceptance.

“Eh, I’ll get out of here one way or another. But until then...” With his magic, he grabs a bag of pennies he kept just in case of severe boredom. He begins to play with them, until he hears noises coming from the stairs. His pupils dilate in fear as he sees Princess Luna with a scary smile.

“WE SMELL PENNIES!!!” As if on cue, Princess Celestia and Cadence appear right next to her, both showing smiles similar to Luna’s. They break into a sprint towards Griffin, unholy sounds coming from their throats as they run. Griffin can only do one thing now, scream.


Sideswipe: Brothers in Arms, meet the Royal Sisters!

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A month later

After Griffin returns to the land of the living he lays there trying to remember what happened to him yesterday. As he thinks about what happened he starts to remember being captured by Nightmare and being left behind again by Skies.

Hey! I have to teach him to quit somehow!

Then he started to play with his pennies only to be bum-rushed by 3 princesses then blacking out.

After he fully remembers what happened, he then realizes that he was not in his little den on my hammock, but on a rather warm and soft bed. As he lays there he starts to feel around on the bed, trying to find the edge of the bed without opening his eye. Yet I am stopped in my search when my hoof meets something as soft as silk, as fluffy as cotton, and as warm as sun-dried sheets. Wondering what it was, Griffin started to poke at it. After a couple of pokes he freezes upon hearing a cute but muffled giggle. After hearing this he slowly open my eyes to see that he was laying in bed next to Princess Celestia.

Wondering why he was in her bed but too tired to be surprised, Griffin turns fully to her and asks, “Celestia why am I in what I’m going to guess is your bed?”

She nods at me guessing this was her bed, she then smiles before replying, “Well, I brought you to my room since I do not know where you live, and I feel like I owe you for what had happened.” After she said this her smile wavered for a split second but then returned to her warm smile.

“Celestia, it's okay. Shit like that always happens to chaps like me and Skies,” He says, trying to reassure her.

She then loses her smile as it is replaced with a look of pure shock she then asks “What could you have went through that was worse?!”

Griffin takes a moment to think about it, but then decides to tell her about his world and how he met Luminous Skies.

=Time Skip 2 hours=

By the time Griffin was done explaining his past to her, they were in the dining room. Celestia had a sad and disgusted look but before she could ask him any questions they heard the door open to see Luna walking in singing Bruno Mars-Talking to the Moon, as she was halfway to the table she stopped once seeing them before giving them a warm smile before she continued to sing, only stopping once a maid coming to get our orders.

“Hello your majesties, what will you and your guest be having this morning,” she asks after bowing.

Celestia was the first to answer. “I would like a hot chocolate and a fuit salad, please.” The maid nods as she writes down her order.

Luna then answered her. “I would also like a hot chocolate, but I would also like toast with chocolate spread if you would be so kind.” The maid nods again as she writes the order down.

She then turns to Griffin. “Sir, what would you like?”

He shrugs before saying, “I would like to have a hot chocolate that’s it, por favor.”

She nods once more and writes that down before leaving the kitchen. Once she leaves, Griffin uses his magic and summons up some Banana yucca fruit. As he was about to take a bite he could see Celestia and Luna out of the corner of my eye with looks of curiosity. Sighing, he turns to them and asks, “Would you like to try some?” They both look at each other before looking back at him and nodding. Once Griffin has passed, it to them they take a small bite before slowly chewing and swollowing the bite.

They both stop and look back at me with a look of pure shock before Celestia speaks up in a low shocked tone, “What is this, why haven’t I seen this fruit in my entire life before, and where can I get more?!” which Luna agrees with her.

Griffin chuckles but before he can answer her they hear the sound of an old friend of his.

“A’ight, what did I miss?” Luminous Skies asks with a grin. At the sight of him Griffin grins, Celestia smirks at her sister, and Luna gasps with a smile and a blush at the sight of Luminous.

Griffin chuckles again. “Sup Bro?” He walks over and gives Luminous a hoof-bump.

“Nothing much. I was told to come here by a bat-winged pony. She said that it was a sense of urgency so I came here as fast as I could.”

Celestia looks at Luna with a knowing grin as she blushes and looks away. Griffin catches on and smirks at Luminous. Luminous looks confused.


Griffin quickly points at a still blushing Luna and points back at Luminous. Luminous finally catches on and his eyes go wide. A huge smile slowly creeps up on Luminous’s face.

As if today couldn’t get any better. I best go talk to her.

Before Luminous can talk to Luna they all hear the sound of some stuck up cunt shouting at the guards about some maid. Once the shouting stops the doors were pushed open before a white stallion and a blond mane came walking in with his nose sticking so far up he could probably smell his own ass. He’s about midway to the table when he stops. After seeing Luminous and Griffin he gasps and shouts, “What are you two peasants doing here?! You vermin shouldn’t be allowed in here let alone the castle!”

“Blueblood.” Luminous and Griffin say, their voice laced with venom.

“That’s PRINCE Blueblood to the likes of you lot.” He says with a snooty smirk.

Once he says that Celestia took on a look of shock but Luna has a look of fear as she remembers what Luminous and Griffin had done to her and her shadow ponies.

The two stallions in question look at each other and smirk.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.”


Without missing a beat Griffin pulls out his Abilene Kid le bb gun while Luminous stands up on his feet. Griffin shoots him four times one in each of his knees and a final shot to the tip of his horn. He then put my gun away before saying in a dead icy cold tone. ”Your turn, Luminous.” Griffin then heals Blueblood which confuses Celestia but only frightened Luna even more because she knows what’s about to happen next.

Luminous walks up to Blueblood who is now trying to get back on his feet and struck him down with his wing. He then kicks Blueblood in the side, causing him to cry out in pain and roll onto his back. Luminous softly places his right front hoof on Blueblood’s chest, and presses down. The sounds of Blueblood’s bones cracking and cries of pain flood the room, causing Celestia and Luna to gasp in shock and fear and Griffin to sinisterly smile. After a while Luminous finally gets off of Blueblood’s chest and walks back next to Griffin, who speaks in a the same cold tone as before. “Don’t you EVER try that shit again.”

“Think of this as a warning.” Luminous says with the same tone as well.

“Next time you try something like this we will make you pay.”

“And trust us. You WON’T like the price you will have to pay.”

Once they finish speaking, two of the guards come rushing in and drag a still whimpering in pain Blueblood off to the medics.

They walk back to Celestia and Luna who have looks of shock and a little fear on their faces.

“What?” Griffin and Luminous ask at once.

After looking around. Both of them speak in loud voices.

“We did not approve of this!! That was not how you were supposed to handle the situation!! We have always dreamt of mauling that prick. We are appalled at you two!! We are so glad you did that. He can be a little stuck up at times, He has always been a spoiled rotten bitch. but he is still family and we love him!! We hate his guts. We want you to go to the medical wing and heal him immediately!! Make him suffer. And then apologize to him for doing such a thing! Make him wail in pain.”

Luminous and Griffin look at each other and then back to the princesses. Luminous speaks first.

“So I’m guessing that you hate Blueblood as much as we do.”

”NO!! Is it that obvious?”

“Yeah, it is. You’re not fooling anyone. But don’t worry you’re in good company.” Griffin says with a grin.

Luminous looks around at the ponies who witnessed what went down and asks. “Anyone who hates Blueblood raise your hoof.”

Every single pony in the room, the princess included, raise their hooves high.

Luminous chuckles. “Yeah, I thought so. Anyways.” Luminous looks at Luna with a smile and walks towards her, causing the night princess to blush and the sun princess to smirk.

“So, I understand you have your eyes on me, your highness.”

And then there were three! (Griffon the brush-off) FINALLY COMPLETED!

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It’s a beautiful night in Canterlot and everything seems alright in the world. …Well, everything besides a certain pegasus stallion by the name of Luminous Skies, who is currently being chased by a really horny alicorn Princess. (Take a wild guess which one it is.)


”Bring forth thy flank, colt~”

For all of the readers that don’t speak ‘Luna’, she just said ‘Bring that ass here, boi!’

”Oh god... AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation. Well, for that we’re gonna have to go way back. Let’s start from the beginning.

(In order to catch yourself up on what’s going on, please refer to the previous chapter)

“So, I understand you have your eyes on me, your highness.”

Celestia smirks. “You know, me and Griffin have some things to take care of, so we’ll talk to you two later.” She then turns her smirk towards Griffin.

Griffin looks at the Sun Princess confused. “Uhhh, can I help you?”

Celestia gives him bedroom eyes and caresses is face. “No. But maybe I can help you~”

Now Griffin is scared. “Uhh, I-I need an adult.”

“I am an adult~” Molestia-I mean Celestia begins to charge up her horn, still looking at Griffin with the same look in her eyes.

This time Luminous is the one to smirk at Griffin. Looks like Griffin’s finally gonna get some. My man!

Griffin looks at Luminous and mouths something at him. “Help me”

Luminous just closes his eyes with raised eyebrows and shakes his head, still smirking. “You’re on your own.”

Griffin’s pupils shrink as he and Celestia disappear.

After that, Luminous turns to Luna. Who was still staring at him. “So you DO like me.”

Luna shakes off her blush and scoffs at Luminous, frantically trying to cover it up. “W-What would make you think such nonsense??”

“I’m not blind. I see how your face turns into a tomato every time you look at me.” Luminous says with a grin.

Luna blushes again. “W-What?”

Luminous smiles. “Yeah, it pretty obvious. But I’d be lying if I said you weren’t one of the most beautiful mares I’ve ever seen.”

Keep in mind that I said ONE of the most beautiful. My marefriends still take the cake.

Luna gasps with a hopeful smile. “Really?”

Luminous nods. “Really, Really. But I’m already dat-“

Luna didn’t let him finish and practically flew into his arms with a huge smile.

“You didn’t let me fini-OH MOST WONDROUS OF NIGHTS!!” Once again Luminous is interrupted by Luna as she exclaims in joy.

(I don’t know about y’all, but she’s seeming uncharacteristically eager. Both her and her sister.)

“Wait, it’s nighttime?! I gotta get back home!” Luminous gets out of Luna’s grip and looks around for the exit. “God, how do you get out of this place?” Suddenly Luminous gets covered in a blue aura and is levitated towards Luna, who is giving him bedroom eyes.

“Where do you think you are going~?” She says sultrily.

“Well, it’s late and I gots to get home. Rainbow and Twilight are probably waiting for me.” Luminous says, with a tinge of uneasiness regarding Luna’s tone of voice.

“Oh? But we still have some business to attend to~”

Now he’s a little scared. “Uhh, may I ask what kind of business that may be?”

“Hear for yourself.” She puts him down and teleports them to a big double door with a sun in the middle. He looks out a nearby window to see the stars are out and about in the sky.

“Where is we?”

Luna points to the door, still wearing bedroom eyes and a sultry smile. “Listen.”

Luminous walks over to the door and presses his ear to it. “Hey, I hear voices. Is that Celestia? And Griffin too! Just what is going on in there? Wait, is that the bed I hear creaking over and over again? Why is Celestia giggling? Oh god, she’s moaning now. He’s screaming in fear, WHY IS GRIFFIN SCREAMING IN FEAR?! WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THERE?!?!” Luminous is getting more and more scared by the second.

“They,” Luna slowly walks towards Luminous, swaying her hips. “Are doing what WE will be doing tonight~”

Luminous’s pupils shrink as he realizes what Celestia and Griffin are doing in the room. He also realizes why the Princess are acting the way that they are. They’re in heat.

Using the Royal Canterlot Voice Celestia taught him he shouts,

”NOPE, I’M OUT!!!”

He immediately leaps out of the window.

And that’s how Luminous ended up running through Canterlot with the Princess of the Night in pursuit.

While Luminous is running, the ponies still on the streets in this hour notice him.

“Is that who I think it is?”

“That’s Luminous Skies!”

“Oh my Celestia, it is!”



“Marry me, Luminous!”


”Oh crap, fangirls!”

The fangirls give chase as well alongside Luna. And she is STILL giving Luminous that same sensual look.

Luminous says, “Man I haven’t been this scared ever since I was stranded in the North Pole as a foal!” He immediately pauses the entire scene and stops running.

WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE. He was never a foal! He was only for Equestria for five months! If this is true, then why does he have these memories? This could only mean one thing...

Luminous looks at the camera with wide eyes. I’ve been in this universe for so long that I am physically, mentally, AND chronologically morphing into this existence and the memories of my old life are becoming replaced by sudden manifested memories of my new one!! In other words, I’m getting LORE.

Eh, my past life was shit anyway.

With that he snaps his feathers and the scene starts up again. “Alright, enough messing around.”

Luminous stops running and turns back to face Luna who had finally caught up with him. But before she could do anything, Luminous gives her a two-feathered salute, winks at her, and turns around again and takes off.


Luna looks at the streak of light Luminous made when he took off and looks on into the distance with a longing smile.

Someday, we will be together. Meus amor lux.

(It’s Latin. I kinda forgot what it means, so look it up and tell me what you find, yeah?)

Two tenths of a second later...

“Ahhh,” Luminous smiles as he opens the door to his mansion in the sky. “Home sweet home.” When he walks in, he immediately stops in his tracks. “Something feels odd. I feel like I’m boutta get ambushed.”


Suddenly he gets glomped by his adorable marefriends from both sides, causing him to fall on the ground. “AHHH! Surprise attack of adorableness! My only weakness!” He makes fake dying sounds as he clutches his chest with his hooves, only making the already giggling Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle laugh harder. Luminous finally exhales and juts his tongue out.

Twilight and Rainbow look down at him, then look at each other with mischievous grins. Luminous opens his eyes and notices the look they are giving. His eyes begin to narrow.


”Oh, we’re gonna do it.”
”Oh, we’re gonna do it.”

”Did you guys rehearse this?!”

”Would you believe us if we said we started rehearsing before you even left?”
”Would you believe us if we said we started rehearsing before you even left?”

*sigh* ”I’d be shocked otherwise.”


”You don’t have to do this!”


”Can’t we talk about this like adults?!”

”Technically, you’re still a teenager. Three.”



”No no nooooo...”



Rainbow and Twilight begin to smother their coltfriend with tickles and kisses until a few minutes later where he lays on the ground covered in smooch marks, breathing heavily. All of this as his marefriends snuggle with him.

“Rainbow, you never told me that his laugh was so adorable!”

“I know right?!”

“W-What?! My laugh isn’t adorable!”


Luminous just puffs up his cheeks in a pout and blushes, which only make Rainbow and Twilight nuzzle his cheeks affectionately.

”Awww, so adorable!”
”Awww, so adorable!”

”Alright, that’s it!”

Luminous wraps each of his large wings around each of his mares, rushes out of his door and jumps off the island towards the ground down below.


Suddenly Luminous conjures up a platform of light and all three land on it. Rainbow and Twilight slowly open their eyes. And the sight they saw was breathtaking. They appeared to be over a glimmering ocean with clouds brilliantly illuminated by the moon.

“W-where are we?” Rainbow asks in awe and shock.

“While you two had your eyes closed, I used my super speed to take us here. I spent a few days arranging the clouds to make it look like this. And also, to do this.”

Using Aurora Borealis, he somehow made the sight even more breathtaking.

Luminous looks at his marefriends and finds their jaws completely dropped, their eyes as wide as can be. Did he see tears in Rainbow’s eyes?

“Rainbow? Are you okay there?” Luminous asks.

“Y-you did all of this...for us?” Twilight asks, tearing up a bit too.

“Well, yeah. I’d do anything for y’all.” Luminous says with an “isn’t it obvious?” smile.

“THAT!” Rainbow points at him. “That right there is what I don’t understand!”

“I’m confused, what did I do?” Luminous says with tilt of his head.

“T-this! You always put others in front of yourself! It took you about a WEEK to do this, AND YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T EVEN SLEEP!!”

Luminous raises an eyebrow. “Okay so what? Do you not like it?”

“What?! FUCK NO! THIS IS THE BEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER DONE FOR ME!!” Now she really is crying a lot. “And thank you so, so, much for this!”

Luminous is worried now. “Then why are so upset?”

Twilight speaks up softer than Rainbow. “I think she’s trying to say is that sometimes—”

“ALL THE TIME!!” Rainbow yells.

“—y-you’re too selfless for your own good.” Twilight finishes.

“Okay, MAYBE I could have gotten some more sleep while setting this up. So what? It’s not like I do this everyday.” Luminous says.

“That’s the thing! YOU DO! As Guardian of the Night, you always go on patrols EVERY NIGHT without getting ANY sleep! Explain that!” Rainbow shouts, her voice cracking through her crying.

Luminous’s pupils shrink. “Ah shizzle, I completely forgot about my patrol! I gotta go!” He puts on his cloak of darkness. He begins to stand up, but Rainbow forces him back down and gets on top of him to keep him from moving.

“Hey Rain! Stop playin’, c’mon!” Luminous says uneasily.

“You see?! This is what I’m talking about! You always do amazing and thoughtful things for anyone else, but almost no one returns the favor!” Rainbow starts sobbing. “You don’t deserve to have someone as selfless as you.” She fully breaks down in tears. “I DON’T DESERVE TO BE WITH SOME ONE AS SELFLESS AS YOU!!”

Luminous, instead of feeling empathy, feels anger. “THAT’S BULLSHIT!!”

He grabs Rainbow’s head by the cheeks and gets her to look at him. “Listen here. Don’t you EVER let me here you say some shit like that again because you ARE DESERVING. I don’t do the things I do in hope for everypony to return the favor, I do it because I love seeing the joy on their faces after I do it. The reason I did THIS for you two,” He smiles, “is because I love you, and I love being able to light up your world.”

Twilight gives a huge smile with tears at the corners of her eyes. “Awwww, Lulu!” She goes over and kisses him a hundred times, but Rainbow hasn’t moved. Both of them look at her to find that she is still crying, but has a huge smile on her face. Before Luminous could respond, she tackle-hugs him off the edge of the platform and they fall through the sky, smiling at each other.

“I love you too!” She shouts out of joy. She then connects her lips with his. The scene zooms out to see Luminous Skies and Rainbow Dash kissing each other and slowly spinning through the sky, with the illuminating colors in the background.

Twilight peeks over the platform and looks at the two with jealousy.

“Man, I need to get me some wings.”

The next day

Luminous wakes up to the knocking at his front door.

“Ugh, can’t a celebrity superhero get some well-needed rest in the middle of the sky on a floating island mansion?” Luminous asks himself with a grumble.

He eventually goes downstairs and opens the door, and his visitor immediately gets him out of his morning slump. But it does confuse him. Kinda. But he really isn’t thinking about that because of the cuteness overdose he is currently getting because of the adorable look Fluttershy is giving him.



Luminous doubles over on the ground, overtaken by adorableness. But Fluttershy believes she did something to hurt him so she takes the flower out of her hair and rushes over to him.

“Luminous! I’m s-so sorry! I never meant to hurt you!” Fluttershy says, tearing up with guilt.

Suddenly she feels Luminous wipe the tears from her eyes, and opens then to see him smiling warmly.

“Don’t worry, Flutters. You didn’t do anything wrong. I just found you so adorable that my body simply couldn’t handle it.” Luminous says with a chuckle.

Fluttershy gasps with a blush. “Really?” She asks as she slowly grows a smile.

Luminous nods. “Yep, why did you go all adorable with the flower in the first place?”

“W-well I talked to Rainbow and she said that adorable mares were your type and I-eep!” Fluttershy covers her mouth with both hooves as she realizes she said too much.

Luminous’s eyes widen in realization as his face starts to glow. “You…you were flirting with me.”

Fluttershy is so embarrassed she wants to run away, but she can’t take her sight off of Luminous’s beautiful, glowing eyes. (Her words, not mine. And keep in mind that Luminous’s irises naturally glow Aurora Green, he doesn’t have any hypnosis powers or some shit.)

“You like me, don't you?” Luminous asks with a small smile.

Ever since Luminous saved her from timberwolves, he’s always had feelings for Fluttershy. But they literally just met so he pushed those feelings aside. Also he never thought she would ever return his feelings, so he settled with being her best friend. So realizing that she had feelings for him as well put a smile on his face. This goes for Fluttershy as well.

Just like Luminous has shown Rainbow Dash how to be less cocky, he also taught Fluttershy to be more outgoing and assertive. He also taught her to be brave and take some risks.

Fluttershy may be shy, but she isn’t dense. She can tell that Luminous likes her, so she slightly nods with a small smile.

Luminous gives her a warm smile and walks up to her. “Hey, how about we go for a fly? Come on! I know a cool cloud formation nearby.” Luminous takes off, and Fluttershy follows without hesitation.

As Luminous and Fluttershy fly through the clouds he found his friend looking around, trying to find something.

“It’s been a long time, Colored Question.” To that, the stallion in question (get it?) looked up.

“That it has, Luminous!” He says with a huge smile.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Colored Question.” Fluttershy says politely.

“Feeling’s mutual, Fluttershy.”

While they were flying, Luminous and Fluttershy ran into one of Luminous’s old friends named Colored Question. He’s a pegasus stallion with a mane and fur the same color as Pinkie Pie’s, with a rainbow-colored question mark as a cutie mark. Apparently he’s really good a questioning things. No one really knows.

“Find anything hilarious lately?” Luminous asks, as him and Fluttershy land on the rock Colored Question is sitting on.

“Yep! Radio Wave found Rarity on top of your roof, sleeping. When he asked what she was doing up there, her face went crimson and she just froze. She ended up getting too scared to get down.”

Luminous let’s out a laugh. “Really?! What else?” He prods for more.

“Let’s just say found something unique about our Element of Generosity.” Colored Question smirks. “It turns out that Rarity’s normally Canterlotean accent actually changes with her emotions!”

Both Luminous and Fluttershy are equally shocked, but intrigued.

Colored Question continues. “So we already know that Rarity gets an Australian accent when scared, and a full on Cockney accent when she’s angry. But we now found out that when Rarity’s afrangry, or just simply agitated, her accent becomes Scottish.”

Luminous laughs. “No shit?!”

“Yeah! He even got it on video!” Colored Question gives him a glowing orb.

“Hey, I’ve seen those before. I heard they can show projections on other unicorns’ horns! With their consent, of course.” Fluttershy says.

“Yup!” Colored Question confirms. “Ponies sometimes use these instead of phones because the orbs have more holographic qualities. And they’re good for pondering!”

“Well? What are you waiting for? Turn it on!” Luminous says eagerly.

Colored Question touches the orb and a projection appears.

In the video, as Radio Wave tries to get Rarity down from the roof, he also tells we not to put all of her weight on the roof, afraid that she might fall. This agitated Rarity and she screams,


After watching the video, all three pegasi collapse onto the cloud, laughing their flanks off. After ten minutes of side-splitting, Colored Question asks Fluttershy something, and his cutie mark glows. (Only Luminous notices but decides to keep his mouth shut)

“So I’m guessing that Luminous has told you about me.” Colored Question asks Fluttershy.

Fluttershy nods with a smile. “Yes he has! He also taught me this one song you and him sing together when you meet up. Although the lyrics may be...questionable, it’s still a song I enjoy very much!”

Colored Question gasps in excitement and turns to Luminous. “You didn’t!”

Luminous smirks. “I did.”

“You are a gift to this world, you know that?”

“I’m the gift that keeps on giving!”

“So, are we gonna sing the song or what?” Fluttershy asks with a grin.

All three pegasi take a deep inhale, and sing a certain Italian hymn.

Right after they were finished singing, they heard Granny Smith scream from down below.

“Wazzat?” Luminous asks.

“I don’t know, but it didn’t sound good.” Fluttershy says.

“Fluttershy, come on. Let’s see what’s up. Colored, it was good seeing ya.” Luminous says, getting a nod from both pegasi. Colored Question flies off in a random direction, while Luminous and Fluttershy fly to Ponyville to see what’s going on.

Before Luminous could say anything, Fluttershy spots a couple of ducks with their ducklings walking through the middle of the road. Fluttershy immediately goes to help them cross the road, completely oblivious to Luminous’s warnings, as he sees that the ducks are heading in the same direction as a certain bi—I mean Griffon. While Fluttershy was leading the ducks, she accidentally bumps into Gilda who doesn’t take it that well.

“Hey!” Gilda yells right into Fluttershy’s face.

“O-oh, please excuse me.”

“I’m walkin’ here!” Gilda yells at Fluttershy again.

Fluttershy backs away from the Griffon in fear. “Oh. Um, I-I’m sorry, I w-was just trying to-“

“oH, i’M sOrRy! i’M sOrRy!” Gilda says, mocking Fluttershy. “Why don’t you just watch where you’re GOING, doofus!”

While Luminous was watching this, he was getting angrier and angrier, and the townsponies noticed. They slowly backed away from the scene, knowing that they don’t want to be there when Luminous finally snaps.

Tears of fear begin to well in Fluttershy’s eyes. “I, I-I...”

Having enough, Gilda takes a huge inhale of breath, and roars loudly right in Fluttershy’s face. This causes Fluttershy to burst into tears and run away and hide behind Luminous, still audibly sobbing.

Speaking of Luminous, Gilda notices that Fluttershy hid behind a certain green Pegasus. ’Hey! Don’t I know him?

Earlier in Cloudsdale

“So, how has life been treating you?” Gilda asks her friend, who she decided to visit.

“Actually, a lot better than I expected!” Rainbow Dash tells her. “In fact, I have a coltfriend now.”

Gilda raises an eyebrow. “He’s not a wuss, is he?”

Rainbow chuckles. “Oh, the dead exact opposite! Trust me. You do NOT want to piss him off.”

Gilda grins. “Really? Tell me about him.”

Rainbow sighs dreamily. “Where do I start? He’s sweet, caring, brave, and he’d go to Tartarus and back for those he loves. He has beautiful green eyes, vibrant green and blue hair, soft green fur, and don’t even get me started on those wings~“

Gilda chuckles. “Uh, Dashie? You’re gettin’ a winger.”

Green eyes, blue and green hair, green fur. Man, those ARE some nice wings...oh crap. That’s Rainbow’s coltfriend, all right. DOUBLE CRAP! Dash’s number one rule was NOT to piss him off!!

Luminous looks like he is about to level an entire continent.

Gilda looks at Luminous and realizes that she MAYBE shouldn’t have yelled at that yellow pegasus.

It isn’t even a split second before Luminous takes his Blacklight form. But something worse happens. He immediately changes back. The only thing that is still different about him is his eyes, which were previously green, are now a dark shade of purple. For y’all who still don’t realize why this is worse, Luminous only uses Blacklight for anger. For him to switch back means that he’s way past angry. He could choke the life out of her and never change a shade.

Now Gilda knows she DEFINITELY shouldn’t have yelled at her.

Luminous only utters one sentence. One sentence that NO ONE wants to hear coming from his mouth when he’s like this.

”Oooh, I’m gonna ENJOY this.”

Meanwhile, in Cloudsdale

“Wait, so you’re telling me that Fluttershy has the hots for Luminous Skies?!” Fleetfoot asked in shock.

Ever since arriving at Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle has been ITCHING to go to Cloudsdale, and Rainbow Dash finally took her there. Currently they’re talking to Rainbow’s Wonderbolt teammates.

“Uh-Huh. I mean can you blame her?” Rainbow says.

“Nah. If I wasn’t already dating Soarin, I would be all over him.” Spitfire says with a grin.

“I’m right here.” Soarin says with a deadpan look.

“Come on, Soarin. You know I’m only joking.” She says, kissing him. ”Still...”

Spitfire asks Twilight and Rainbow, “Is there anyone else you know of that has the hots for him?”

“Well you know, besides 50% of the mare population.” Cloudchaser says with a chuckle.

Rainbow says, “Alright let’s see here. We have Pinkie Pie, no surprise there because they were practically MADE for each other. Rarity, who we caught doing...something on Luminous’s roof.”

“Rarity?” Flitter frowns. “Aww, I was kind of hoping that she would at least give Spike a chance.”

“You DO realize that Spike is only 12, right?” Twilight says. “Besides, he’s already hitting it off with her little sister.”

“Sweetie Belle? Since when?”

“Since Luminous knocked someone sense into him and got him to ask her out.”


(Knock Knock) Luminous?


(Opens door) What’s up Spike? You said you needed to talk about something?

Yeah. It’s about Rarity. I’m starting to get the idea that she doesn’t like me the way I like her.

(Sigh) Sit down with me...You are one hundred percent right. She will never like you like that.

W-What?! But why? (Sniff) What did I do wrong??

Let’s start off with the fact that she is twenty-three and you are twelve.

Well when you put it like that...

And two, I’m for certain that her little sister has the hots for you.

(Gasp) Wait, she does??

Christ, guys really are dense! Have you not seen the way she looks at you?!

I guess not. Jeez, I never knew!

...Well?! What are you waiting for?! Ask Sweetie Belle out and see if she says yes!

Really? I guess I could give it a try. But I’ve always had the hots for Rari-I swear to God if you say that shit one more time...

Cloudchaser smiles. “That stallion really is something else. If it weren’t for him talking some sense into those stallions a few weeks ago, they would all still be as oblivious as Spike was.”

Suddenly Rainbow and Twilight started laughing. “That reminds us of this one thing he did where he gathered all of the local stallions and brought them to his house...”


A’ight bros, I gathered y’all here to get a commonly asked question straight: Do you consider clopping to be a sport? Well, I don’t know about you motherfuckers, but I consider that shit to be a sport, okay? If people can sit back and label goddamn golf, which is the boringest fucking sport in the world, a goddamn sport - if you can label that shit as a sport, and if you can label goddamn fishing as a sport - I know damn well you can label clopping a sport. Think about it, what the fuck, athletically, are you really doing in, in golf, my zigga? All you're doing is hitting a goddamn golf club...'Oh my god, man, that's a long-ass birdie, man, nice birdie, nice putt, man! It went 250...' Get the fuck outta here! No one cares about that boring-ass shit! Who the fuck really watches golf, my zigga? Nobody gives a fuck; it makes ziggas fall to sleep! Fishing, on the other hand...What are the fuck are you really doing, athletically, my zigga, in fishing? All you're doing is that you're sitting your bitch-ass up in the boat - usually it's old-ass snaggle-teeth motherfuckers that ain't got no goddamn teeth up in their fucking grill, or up in their mouth - they're just sitting up in the goddamn boat - you know what I'm saying? - throwing a goddamn rod. It could be any kind of goddamn bait upon the end of the rod. It could be a worm, it could be a caterpillar, it could be a centipede, it could be a dead-ass butterfly, it could be the fucking beak of a damn bird, it could be a fuckin' - It could be anything! You know what I'm saying? 'Oh my God, we caught a big-ass salmon! Reel that fat bitch in! Yeah!' Motherfucker, what are you doing athletically? How the fuck is that working up a sweat, my zigga? What, you're working out your front legs because you have to reel that motherfucker in? Zigga, that's not a sport, man! Well, fuck it, you know what? It is a sport! Fuck it! If you guys want to consider that shit to be a sport, clopping is a fucking sport to me. Clopping and beating your motherfucking dick to porn is a sport.


After laughing for a straight five minutes after hearing the story, the pegasi (and unicorn) brought up a question.

“Speaking of Luminous, where is he?”

Suddenly they see a scared shitless Griffon flying towards them. It is none other than Gilda.

“Gilda! What are you doing here?” Rainbow asks.

Gilda grabs her friend’s shoulders. “Please, Dashie! You gotta talk some sense in to your boyfriend! He’s trying to fucking kill me!” She says in fear.

As if on cue, everyone turns to see a green pegasus heading straight towards them. Or should I say, straight towards Gilda.

“Aww, leaving so soon, Gilda? We can’t have that, now can we? I was just starting to have some fun!” Luminous says with a sadistic smile.

Rainbow turns to her friend. “Gilda, what did you do?!”

“W-well, I was just walking around the town when all of the sudden this yellow Pegasus got in my way. So I got a little mad, and I maaaay have yelled at her and made her cry-“

“YOU WHAT?!” Everypony around shouts at once.

“Well, no wonder he’s so pissed off! You gotta go, right now!” Rainbow says to Gilda.

“No can do, ladies. She’s gotta pay!” Luminous cheerfully says, still smiling sadistically.

Rainbow Dash flies up to him. “Listen, you gotta calm down. I know what she did, but she just wasn’t thinkin’ at the time. Just let it go, babe.”

Luminous’s smile falls into an angry glare. “Oh no no no no NO! See, now this is what we’re not gonna do! You’re not about to stop me from serving justice by saying ‘It’s not worth it!’ or some other pacifist crap! Because right now, it’s feelin’ pretty worth it! Fluttershy is the first friend I’ve ever had!”

“And Gilda’s the first friend I’VE ever had!” Rainbow retorts.

Luminous’s glare then drops as he puts himself in her shoes. If the roles were reversed and Fluttershy was the one in Gildas place, Luminous would stop at nothing to protect her. He then realizes what he has to do, and reluctantly calms down. He turns around and flies off, not speaking a word to anyone.

A few minutes later…

Luminous flies back to his house in a VERY bad mood, and I think you all can understand why. However, the glare Luminous has falls off as soon as he sees somepony laying by the edge of the floating island.

“Fluttershy?” “She seems to have calmed down. That’s a relief.”

The mare in question opens her eyes and looks up to see Luminous and smiles sweetly.

“Hi Lulu, I’ve been waiting for you~” She says with now-lidded eyes.

Luminous definitely notices the change in behavior but decides to keep it in the back of his mind for now, and continues. “What’re you doing here? How are ya feeling after what happened?” He asks, landing on the island.

Fluttershy doesn’t answer the question and stands up, still giving Luminous ‘the eyes’. “I saw everything, you know.” Fluttershy says, slowly walking towards him. “You chasing her through the sky, threatening to make her suffer. All of that, for me~“ She finishes off with a sultry smile.

Part of Luminous’s brain begins to feel uneasy as she walks towards him with swaying hips. ”Oh god, not again!” But another part of his brain was thinking back on how they planned to spend the entire day together, but were placed on “hold” when SOMEONE started terrorizing the town.

So because of this, Luminous decides to just wait and see how this thing plays out. And he would be lying if he said that he wasn’t digging this new side of the normally-shy pegasus.

At this point, Fluttershy’s face is inches away from Luminous’s. However, he still feels like shit for not giving Gilda her well-deserved karma and wussing out like a little bitch. “But, aren’t you still upset that I didn’t go through with what I said I was gonna—MMMMPH!?”

His eyes widen as Fluttershy closes the distance between them and silences his mouth with her own. Luminous, who is now one HUNDRED percent on board, closes his eyes as Fluttershy wraps her front legs around his neck.

After almost a minute of kissing, Fluttershy finally pulls back with a red face. “I-I’ve wanted to do that e-ever since the E-Everfree Forest.” She says, clearly having gone back to her normally shy demeanor.

Luminous, who is still reeling from the events that just occurred, quickly comes back to his senses. ”DAMN!!” He exclaims with wide eyes and smile. That. Was. Hot! “I’m surprised I don’t have a nosebleed after that! How come I’ve never heard about this side of you before??”

Fluttershy, who’s more embarrassed than ever after realizing what she just did, hides behind her mane. “B-b-because, I-I’ve n-never had this s-side of me before. I-I’ve only ever f-felt this way…f-f-for y-you.”

Luminous is completely shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Fluttershy…what do you mean by that?”

She covers her face with her wings. “I-I don’t know what’s wrong with me! E-Every time I th-think about you, every time I think about how you saved my life, how much you care about me,”

Her voice slowly becomes less shaky as she moves her wings from her face,

“how kind you are to me, how you comfort me when I’m scared,”

she moves her hair away from her face,

“and how you’re always willing to protect me,”

Fluttershy moves closer towards Luminous once more, her eyes filled with emotion.

“Every time I think about those things, I always feel so confident, so safe, so warm, so loved.

Not before long, the two pegasi are face-to-face with inches to spare once more.

“I feel like I want to be with you more than anything else.”

Luminous grows one of the most genuine and loving smiles he has ever worn. “Well, what’s stopping you?”

Fluttershy’s eyes glisten as she shows a smile as genuine and as loving as her soon-to-be coltfirend’s. “Nothing.” She says as she begins to close the gap between them. “Nothing at all.”

And the sky above them seems to glow just a little brighter as the two friends turned to lovers share a loving and passionate kiss.


The sounds of Gilda’s “Welcome to Ponyville” party can be heard inside the building. And right outside the door are a grinning Luminous Skies, and a very scared Fluttershy.

“Alright, time to set things straight! We’re gonna give that griffon bitch a piece of our mind! Ya ready Fluttershy?” Luminous says.

Fluttershy, who isn’t paying much attention due to the sound of her own heart pounding in her ears, stutters out an incoherent answer.

“Hey,” Luminous puts a hoof on her shoulder which causes her to look up at him. “You got this!” He says with an encouraging smile.

Fluttershy looks into her lover’s eyes, and her fear slowly fades away and a determined smile takes its place. “O-okay, let’s do this!”

With that, Luminous turns the knob and swings the door with enough force that it hits the outside wall of the bakery with a loud BANG! Said noise immediately gains the attention of everyone inside, especially Gilda’s after she sees where and who the sound came from. When the two pegasi begin to walk towards her, fear begins to set in as she remembers what the green one did after she yelled at the yellow one. Still, she manages to keep a straight face.

As Luminous and Fluttershy continue to move, Luminous’s immediately sees through Gilda’s façade and takes delight in the amount of fear she exudes. Luminous believes this will make what him and Fluttershy are about to do all the more satisfying.

The eventually reach the griffon and the entire room is silent. Fluttershy stops in front of her, but Luminous keeps walking. “Don’t you worry none, I ain’t gonna hurt ya.” He says with a smirk as he walks past Gilda.

Gilda breathes an audible sigh of relief, and then Fluttershy begins to speak. “Gilda. I do not appreciate what you said to me.” She says in a firm tone. “But as an Element of Harmony, it is my duty to keep the peace.” As she says this, it’s almost as if she’s looking through Gilda instead of looking at her. “So, as the Element of Kindness,” Fluttershy puts a hoof in Gilda’s shoulder and gives her a totally genuine smile. “I forgive you.”

Gilda cracks a hopeful smile. “Ya really mean that?” She asks as she thinks, “Huh, maybe these ponies ain’t so bad after all!”

Fluttershy’s “genuine smile” immediately disappears as she just says, “No.” and moves her hoof from Gilda’s shoulder to the back of her head, yanks her head towards her and headbutts Gilda’s forehead.

This sends Gilda backwards, and she doesn’t even have time to react or even scream in pain before Luminous—who’s been waiting behind her the whole time—elbows her in the nape. Gilda only has time to let out a strangled yelp before Fluttershy hits her with a left hook to the nose. And there’s Luminous again waiting to deliver a backhand to her ear.

One he does so, Fluttershy turns around. And as hard as she can, BUCKS her in the chin and sends her airborne! And to finish it off, Luminous jumps up into the air with a b-twist and then delivers a tornado kick to her temple, sending her back to the ground with a loud *THUD!*

Everypony inside is frozen in shock as Gilda lays unconscious on the floor. Fluttershy walks up the the unconscious griffon with a glare. “Listen here you little shit.” She says through gritted teeth. “You’re probably too unconscious to hear this, but I’m going to say it anyway.”

Now was the time for Luminous to be shocked, for two different reasons. One, Fluttershy just used profanity. Two, if you couldn’t tell Luminous planned this ENTIRE thing out from the beginning. From Fluttershy’s little deceptive speech at the beginning, all the way to the six-hit combo at the end. Their original plan was to simply leave after that. What Fluttershy’s doing right now, though, Luminous had no part in.

“If you EVER say any of those things to me, or talk to me that way ever again, I’m going to feed you to Harry. And let’s just say that he likes to play with his food.” Then her glare turns into a smirk. “Besides…” She says as she turns around and starts walking towards Luminous, with those same lidded eyes, and that same sultry smile as back on the island. “The only one allowed to yell at me, berate me, or degrade me in any way…” She holds his face in between her wings, looking into his glowing eyes. “…is him~” Fluttershy pulls Luminous’s lips to hers, and then proceeds to make out with him in front of everyone.

Fluttershy can’t believe what what she just did, or what she’s doing right now. Everypony is watching her and she’s literally shaking with fear and embarrassment. Yet, for some reason, she can’t stop kissing him. Her mind’s telling her no, but her body’s telling her yes. She feels like she’s about to collapse, but then Luminous caresses her cheek. Then he starts kissing back. Then she slowly stops shaking as everything and everyone else begins to fade away. And now, the only thing on her mind, is loving him.

Their make-out session goes on for another three minutes until they pull away, both breathing heavily. Once they calm down, Fluttershy is the first to speak. “Um, d-do you, want to come by my cottage? I-If it’s okay with you.” She asks with a blushing smile.

Luminous smiles as well. “Do ya even have to ask?”

With that, they finally take their leave, hoof-in-wing. They would continue to walk to Fluttershy’s cottage, where lots of hugging, kissing, and cuddling ensued.

After what happened, everyone inside Sugarcube Corner was still dead silent. Even Rainbow Dash—who was in the bathroom the whole time and completely missed the whole ordeal—was at a loss for words when she saw her best friend on the ground unconscious. Spike was the first to mentally process it all and he finally breaks the silence.

“OHHH SHIT!! OHH SHIT!” He grabs onto a speechless Twilight and starts laughing hysterically. Meanwhile, everyone else begins to snap out of their stupors as well. The room was then filled with gasps of shock, or whoops of joy and excitement from the colts and stallions. “Ahh shit, no! That is NOT happening right now! NO!” Spike starts going around the room, high-fiving everypony. “Hey, did y’all bucking see that shit?!”

“What happened?!?!” Rainbow Dash shouts in disbelief.

“Dash, you shoulda been there! It was the best shit I’ve ever seen in my life!” Spike exclaims. Twilight is too shocked to chide him on his profanity. “Alright so what had happened was, we were partying and everything, having a good time, right? Then all of the sudden Luminous and Fluttershy BARGED through the door and walked right up to Gilda! And then they proceeded to BEAT HER ASS, talk shit to her WHILE SHE WAS UNCONSCIOUS, and then they MADE OUT in front of EVERYONE, then DIPPED!” Spike finished, laughing some more. Being satisfied with his storytelling, Spike then walks off to get some more high-fives saying, “I told y’all Lulu was about that shit!”

Rainbow Dash kept silent after that, for the woman was too stunned to speak.