daring do and the griffons goblet

by daring do biggest fan

First published

the second book in the daring do series

daring do chases after the mysterious griffon's goblet little things are known about this treasure which makes daring do even more interested and sets off on a very long journey trying to find the destination of this hidden treasure.

chapter 1 ravenhoof reveals

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Daring do sat in her favorite plushy green chair. She was sipping some hot cocoa and was reading the newspaper.

"We thank daring do for bringing back the sapphire stone into our museum"

an article read. It was the museum that daring do had given the stone to.

they never stopped thanking her. Before she had given them the stone the museum was falling to pieces, no one ever visited, why should some pony go there if they could see more cooler artifacts at the museum of pony history on trotter street a few blocks down.

it was daring's favorite museum as a filly and to think she saved it from no pony EVER going there EVER again made her feel proud.

She was about to refill her cocoa with more marshmallows when she heard a knock at the door.

She ducked down before the pony at the door looked through the window at spotted her.

After about two minutes the pony knocked again. Daring do cautiously crawled on the floor to the window, she took a quick peep out the window to see who was at the door.

She saw a stallion with a green cardigan and black wire glasses, Daring do quickly recognized the pony

"So, raven hoof i'm assuming your here to congratulate me on my feat of saving the sapphire stone?"

"Oh i see a congratulations is in order but that's not why i'm here" Raven hoof stated

Daring do saw that he was being serious "Well c'mon in then....." daring do said opening the door wider. She got him a cup of cocoa and he sat in the chair across from her.

"I need you to retrieve another artifact." Raven hoof said nonchalantly.

Daring do perked up her ears "I can get you an artifact by the end of the week, just tell me what it is and where i can get it and i'll fend off the bad guys" she said confidently.

"Well that's the thing...." Raven hoof said ".......we don't know where it is"

Daring do looked at him with wide eyes. "You don't know where it is?" she said confused.

"I need you to find it and bring it back to the museum." Raven hoof said looking at her dead in the eyes.

"Well what is it then? i have to at least know what i'm looking for" daring do said

"it's called the griffon's goblet, rumors say it was once owned by discord....." Raven hoof continued... "..... whoever finds this goblet will rule griffon stone. We can't have just any pony not fit to rule find the goblet and rule griffon stone! it will collapse!"

"Why does griffon stone even have this rule for the goblet?" daring do asked confused

"Because they had no choice!" Raven hoof said "did you not read pony history letters G-H?" he asked

"Sorry i was reading A-B when I had to go save a particular ancient stone.......... ring a bell?" daring do said smirking

"Well then i guess its time for a history lesson" Raven said putting up his hooves on her coffee table.

"Oh do tell" daring do said also placing her hooves on the coffee table.

"Long ago in the city of griffon stone there lived a king named Tharous, he was a noble ruler who was kind generous and loyal to his people, not to mention honest! Anyway that's besides the point..... Tharous was getting older and he had a son who would take the throne after him, however...... his son wasn't fit to rule and griffon stone would slowly crumble.... one night he was eating dinner thinking of what he would do....... some day or another he would have to step down from the throne and his son would rule. He then had a brilliant idea...... he took his favorite goblet and made a rule that only the next king could remove. He decided to hide the goblet and whatever creature found it would be the next king. All of his pupils thought this was a good idea because they all wanted to be king and thought it would be easy to find his goblet. Tharous went out for thirty moons and came back to have the hunt begin. No one was successful and griffons still look for it to this day."

Daring do was silent.... How could she find the goblet if an entire town couldn't?

"You must find it..... or at least try......" Raven hoof begged "....or griffon stone will fall off the map........ forever...."

chapter 2 thoughts

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"You know the importance of your mission?" Raven hoof asked. He was about to leave daring's house and go back to the museum.

"I do, thank you for stopping by, Raven hoof." daring said

"Ok, i hope next time i visit we can have a nice chat with a cup of cocoa." Raven hoof said "Until next time!" he said and closed the door.

Daring do trotted back and forth. If she went she could be out for years looking for this which is a down side, but then if she found the goblet it would be well worth it. She could run out of food and water and not make the long fly home and be stuck in the wilderness for the rest of her life.

What was daring going to do??????

The more she thought about it the more cons came to mind.

She could be stranded forever, or be attacked by timberwolves, or lose her map and never get to sit in he green chair again.

She decided to think logically.

"Time for some research." daring said stretching.

She trotted over to her bookshelf and took out a fat book that read 'pony history G-H'

"Raven hoof would probably kill me for jumping ahead but i have no choice...." Daring said opening up the book.

About three hours had passed and she was still reading all about griffon history. Tharous' sons name was tight quill, he might not have been big and strong but he was the true heir to the throne. They say that tight quill was a smart griffon, but his father was only interested in a strong ruler.

"Brawn over brains i guess" daring said to herself. She kept reading and one part caught her eye:

Tight quill was said to be a very smart griffon. he was old enough to be heir to the throne but his father saw otherwise. His father saw that he was not a noble ruler, for he had a short temper and was not very honest.

"So that's why the king made the rule! not how strong he was but how noble he was." daring do said closing the book.

she put it back up on the shelf because it was getting very late.

she trotted over to her room and got in bed but she couldn't sleep.

she thought about the mission more and more tossing and turning.

A liar and someone who isn't noble wouldn't make a good king. she thought, but then... where is tight quill?

With those words daring dozed off to sleep.


Daring do was finally in griffon stone! after 9 months of trying to find the goblet and the 3 months of getting it back to griffon stone, it was finally time to give it to the king!

Daring do walked up the stone stairs and to the center of town looking for the griffon she needed.

She needed a black griffon with a blue tail.

All of the sudden she saw him! He was walking into a tall building.

Daring do raced over to him, she opened the door.

It was dark, she could barely see her own two hooves in front of her muzzle.

"Um hello? i'm daring do i'm here to see a black griffon!" she yelled into the darkness. She didn't know if any creature heard her she didn't even know if she heard herself.

"We've been expecting you........" a voice said. Daring didn't know whose it was, as far as she was concerned it belonged to the darkness.

"Who are you?" daring asked looking around

"I am....... " the voice said stepping into the light "....... who you're looking for...."

It was the black griffon!

"Oh good!" daring do said breathing a sigh of relief "listen, i need to talk to you"

"Talk away......." the griffon answered "i'm listening......."

"Oh!" daring do said remembering why she came "i found the griffon's goblet!" she said holding up the cup.
it had a red lightning bolt on the handle.

"Oh yes! i knew you would find it...." the griffon said. Daring just realized that the griffon had been walking around her since he first stepped out into the light.

"How did you know i was looking for it?" daring do said.

"We know a lot of things......" the griffon said staring her down.

"......We?" daring do asked. Just then 10 ponies, griffons, and dragons came down from the ceiling. They covered her mouth and held her down.

"We are 'the rightful king protectors' " the black griffon said. "We know your dealings with......" the griffon shuddered. "Tharous........" all the creatures holding daring do gasped once he said the name.

Daring do struggled to talk but it was muffled by the creature's claw.

"Let her speak Gailo" the black griffon said looking at the creature. Just like that the claw was removed from daring's mouth.

"I don't have any dealings with Tharous!" daring do pleaded "I've never even met him!"

"THATS ENOUGH!" the black griffon said. "DON'T LIE TO ME"

"I'm not! you have to listen to me!" daring do said trying to get out of the grasp of the black griffon's helpers.

"We know what you did!" the griffon said getting way too close so that personal space never even mattered anymore.

"What did i do?!?!?" daring do said

"You know what you did...." the griffon said angry "unless you forgot what you did.... which would make me FURIOUS!" the griffon said.

"Humor me....." daring do said looking at him dead in the eye.

"Before Tharous stepped down he gave you the goblet and set out for thirty days to make it seem like he hid it, but really he gave it to you so that when you were ready you could go and claim the throne so that Tight quill would NEVER be king. But us........ we knew you took the goblet we know what you did..."

"But i just found the goblet after nine months!"

"BE QUIET!" the black griffon yelled "send her to the dungeon, get comfortable pony, you'll be there for 12 years."

"No please! you have to listen to me!" daring do yelled

"ENOUGH!" daring do heard from the sky. What looked like a pony was flying down from the sky, daring was surprised to see that it was........Luna?

"Daring! you must go and find the goblet, this is but a nightmare!" Luna said to her

"Silence pony!" the black griffon said "keep her back!" he ordered and 3 ponies held down luna "get this to the king." the griffon said holding up the goblet, 5 griffons took it and left the room.

"Daring do, you must wake up. This is what will become of griffon stone if you do not go!" Luna said. "WAKE!" she held up her hoof and all of the sudden daring was looking at the ceiling of her bedroom.

She quickly sat up and looked around the room for the black griffon, but he wasn't there.

She remebered her dream. Luna. The black griffon........ She knew what she must do.

chapter 3 on the road

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Daring do grabbed a wagon and six saddlebags.

She didn't know how long she would be looking for the goblet so she packed an array of food.

Pickled pears, dried apples, dried carrots, oats, hay, almost everything she had in her pantry came with her along with a canteen full of water.

She packed all she needed for food but then it was time to pack for the journey. She brought a blanket a pillow and a lantern for the long nights. She brought a map of western and eastern Equestria. She also brought a shovel and a brush for the goblet that could be buried somewhere, and a flash light with insect repellent for the goblet that could be hidden in a cave.

She couldn't forget all the books she had on griffons, ancient Equestria, fossils, and relics. Not to mention the book G-H.

She packed her wagon with everything i listed and more. If i were to list everything it would be too long of a book.

"You're sure you want to do this?" Raven hoof asked. Daring do had asked him to come over right before her journey to say goodbye and to learn anything else about the adventure ahead of her.

"I'm nervous and excited at the same time......." daring do said ".....but there's no way i'm backing out now."

"Ok......" Raven hoof said "...Be careful who you talk to, watch where you step and daring......."

"Ya?" daring asked

"Whatever you do...... don't die." Raven hoof stated

"I'll try my best not to" daring do said giving him a smirk.

"And if you do die....." Raven hoof continued "....Do it around a bunch of people so you don't go 'missing' "

"Got it." Daring do said tightening the strap attached to her wagon.

"Oh one last thing" Raven hoof said

"Don't get eaten by a bear?" daring said mockingly

"Well.... that too but what i was going to say was, Don't forget this" Raven hoof said tossing her pith helmet to her.

"Wise words of wisdom" Daring do said giving Raven a nod.

And then, our hero walked out to start the search for the griffons goblet.


Daring do trotted along. she drew a red line in the middle of her map and decided to look everywhere in Equestria in sections. the first section she was to explore would be Los pegasus and Applewood. She never would think to hide a goblet in the most bustling city but who knows what it looked like a long time ago?

She was finally at the train station. "All abooooooaaaaard!!" the conductor yelled.

Daring boarded the train and took her seat, she decided to keep her wagon right next to her in case some pony tried to steal something.

On the train ride there daring crossed out the Leil woods on the map which was where daring lived and a little farther south.

She couldn't wait until she crossed out everything on the map and finally found the griffons goblet.

The train ride seemed to take forever but she finally made it to the elusive las pegasus.

The bustling city was not her type at all so instead of staying at a noisy hotel she decided to camp out just outside the city.

After marking her place on the map where she would camp out she left to go goblet hunting! The first place she looked was 'the cider spot' a new place opened on hoof lane.if someone found it she thought they might've brought it here.

She sat down on a stool at the bar looking around to see if anyone in the place was drinking out of a certain goblet that could give you the power to rule over griffon stone. Some pony's might not know that they were drinking out of a legendary cup but daring do would find it.

"Newcomer.......... hello? NEWCOMER!" the bartender yelled.

Daring do was pulled out of her daze "huh?.....me?"

"Yes you you're new here aren't you?" the bartender asked obviously annoyed with daring's obliviousness.

"Oh uh ya" daring do said.

"What'll it be?" The bartender asked.

Daring do thought what they might serve in a goblet "Some sparkling apple cider please?" Daring do asked unsure of herself.

"Coming right up" the bartender said turning around and starting her drink.

Daring do took out her hoof note pad and wrote all the drinks that were on the menu into her pad.

"Here ya are" the bartender said giving her a cider mug with sparkling cider.

Daring do drank a little and crossed out 'sparkling apple cider' on her list and she gave the bartender 3 bits.

About two hours passed and she had tried grape juice, punch, vitamin water, a shot of 5 hour energy, apple juice, sriracha, you don't even wanna know what birthday cake was. they all came in a glass, a mug, a wine glass, plastic cup, shot glasses birthday cake came in a bowl, but none came in a goblet.

"I GIVE UP" Daring do said face planting herself into the table. Just then a stallion trotted up and sat next to daring do

"Another newcomer? what'll it be?" the bartender asked

"I'll have apple cider please." the stallion answered

"Ah yes! our most popular drink on the menu!" the bartender then went over to the back to fix his drink.

Daring do crossed out 'mystic amethyst' on her list which was a mix of cranberry juice and apple juice.

"Here you are sir." the bartender said giving the stallion next to her some apple cider.


Daring do sat up straight and looked at it. Wrong one. but she could've figured that out earlier if she just ordered the most popular drink on the menu.

"A goblet?" daring asked the bartender

"Ya i got it from my mother as a birthday gift." he answered

"That's unusual......" Daring do said ".......are there any other bars that have a goblet?"

"Not in Los Pegasus, i've been here for five years and every creature asks me about that goblet. It's pretty rare to see at an old bar but there are no more of those in this town." he said nonchalantly while polishing a mug.

"Thank you sooooo much you just saved me a lot of time......" daring do said ".....and bits!" she placed down 18 bits.

"Oh..... and a tip!" she left 6 bits

"Uh actually birthday cake is four bits not two." the bartender said pointing at the pile of money.

Daring do tossed him two more bits then ran out. He saved her so much time she didn't even care. There are no more goblets in Los Pegasus.

She boarded the next train and crossed out Los Pegasus on her map.

It was now onto the San Palomino Desert.

She arrived there and that was when she got a note.

Dearest Daring,

I have received word that you can cross off eight more places on your map.

Not only did i send you on this mission but i also sent one of my other agents to explore the eastern part of equestria.

You can cross out ponyville, and canterlot.

Other places include the crystal empire, Manehatten, the ghastly gorge, and the ever free forest.

The undiscovered west has been discovered and there is no goblet there.

The last place on the map you can cross out and a really good time saver would be all of the bugbear territory.

You are to search Cloudsdale at once.

Your pal
Raven hoof.

Daring do sighed. She just got to the San Palomino Desert and now she has to go to Cloudsdale?

"I guess Raven hoof knows best!" Daring do said to herself.

She got back on the train and headed to Cloudsdale!

chapter 4 X marks the spot

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Daring do was suddenly awoken by a loud whistle.

She was on the train ride to go to Cloudsdale and fell asleep on the way there.

"THIS STOP CLOUDSDALE!" the conductor yelled.

Daring do stumbled to get her wagon and herself up and off the train.

"Just fly up and you'll be there." the conductor said to the pony's who got off.

Daring do carried her wagon up to the city and borrowed a cloud rider there to hold all her stuff.

She had barely begun to search when she got another note, she assumed it was from Raven hoof.

Oh good! you're in cloud city.

My third agent reported some ground that has been covered.

Don't worry you won't have to go rush somewhere else to find the goblet like i had you do at the San Palomino desert.

The next set of places that have been searched are as followed:

Yak Yakistan
San Palomino Desert
and the Smoky Mountains.

I sent three agents (including yourself) to find the goblet and no pony has so far.
After you are done with Cloudsdale (if you have no luck there) you will go to Griffon stone.
I will send you a message there if there is anything to report.
When you are done there send me a letter telling me what you found.

Happy hunting!
Raven hoof

Daring do closed the scroll and put it in one of her saddle bags along with the other scroll he sent.

"EXTRA EXTRA READ ALLLLLLL ABOUT IT!" a filly said holding up a newspaper.

Daring do handed the filly 2 bits and took the newspaper. "Thank you miss! the name's Featherton!" The filly said

"Nice to meet you" Daring do said giving him a warm smile.

She started reading the lost and found section to see if anyone happened to find a silver goblet. No luck.

"Uh hey Featherton......" Daring do said looking at the filly "...... do you know where the closest place is to get a drink?"

"The dragon inn miss" Featherton said pointing west.

"Thanks again!" Daring do said flying westward.

About a quarter mile west she found the dragon inn. It was packed!

There were ponies playing cards, talking to one another, and ordering food.

Daring do trotted over to the nearest table and a spunky pony approached her.

"are you ready to order?" the waitress asked. She had a white coat and an orange mane, She was obviously fumbling with everyone demanding things.

"Uh i just have a question" Daring do said looking at the menu

"Sure! what is it?" the waitress asked as she looked over at daring's menu.

"What does the sparkling apple come in?" She thought to ask what they came in before she ordered and waste more bits and time then she needed to.

"The sparkling apple cider comes in a cocktail glass. Is that it?" she asked

"Yes um....... did you happen to have a goblet?" Daring do asked fake laughing

"A goblet?" The waitress asked "Thats...... unusual....and strangely specific"

"Well its just that i'm looking for a silver goblet with a red lightning bolt....... have you seen it? I uh....... misplaced it!" daring do said fumbling with making her 'backstory'

The waitress looked at daring do seriously.

"Well..... yesterday some pony came asking for the same thing you just described." the waitress said leaning in closer and talking in a whisper

"What did this pony look like?" Daring do asked suspiciously

"Honestly i couldn't even tell if it was a pony!" the waitress said wide eyed. "He or she came in here wearing a black cloak covering their face mane and basically their entire body, I couldn't even see their coat color!"

Daring do was getting suspicious. Who was this cloaked creature looking for the exact same artifact as herself. All she knew was it couldn't be a coincidence.

"I'll just have some apple cider please." Daring do said to the waitress.

"Coming right up!" She said cheerfully, then she wrote down apple cider on her notepad and trotted away to go help the next angry customer.


It was early morning and daring do decided to try the next place in Cloudsdale. before she went to bed last night she tried 2 other places but no luck.

She went to her source.

"Hey Featherton! what's the next place?" Daring do asked meeting the little pegasus again.

"Did you try cloud kingdom?" Featherton said.

"Ya i did that one yesterday along with dragon inn and the cafe on mane street. Whats next?" Daring said enthusiastically.

"Thats all of them." Featherton said giving a newspaper to a yellow pegasus.

"What do you mean that's all of them?" Daring do asked

"Those are all the cafe's in Cloudsdale. Or at least, A place where you can get a drink." he said

Daring do let out a sigh. no more places in Cloudsdale.

That afternoon she took her wagon down to the train station to go to Baltimare.

From there she would cross the horse shoe bay to go to Griffonstone.

She boarded the train and thought about the mysterious creature who went to the dragon inn for the goblet and wrote down her thoughts on who it was on her notepad.

1) Maybe Ahuizotl, last time he wanted a relic but luckily Ahuizotl didn't get it because daring do did.
2) One of Ahuizotl's henchpony's? he never does like to do things himself.

Daring do racked her brain the entire train ride there. she passed Hollow streets, Filly delphia, and so many more towns and city's until she finally got to Baltimare.

Raven hoof said some pony else he had put on this mission already searched baltimare so there was no reason for daring to search there and spend more time then she already had looking for it in a billion other places.

She trotted over to a stream that came from horse shoe bay and followed it east to get there.

As soon as she was there she noticed a brown stallion with a red and white striped shirt near a sailboat.

"Excuse me!" Daring do yelled to the pony at the dock. "Can i board this?"

"Ya you can but the question is can you pay?" the stallion asked.

"Well how much?" She asked.

"25 bits." The stallion said

"What?! thats crazy!" Daring do protested

"Well then i guess you're not boarding!" the stallion said.

Normally Daring do would refuse and just fly over the Celestia sea instead but her wing was still hurt from falling in the jungle on her way to the forbidden jungle to get to Ahuizotl and the statue.

Daring do reluctantly payed the sail pony and got on the boat.

It took about an hour but Daring was finally at Griffon stone!

As soon as she was in town a mail griffon gave her a scroll from Raven hoof

I don't know what to do if the goblet isn't in Griffonstone. my agents reported that they just got 3 places each. here they are:

Special agent sweetie drops got Neighagra falls, Filly delphia, and Dodge city. You will meet sweetie drops in griffon stone at fifteen o' clock

scarlet got the Arimaspi territory, and she searched the badlands and forbidden jungle moons ago, just recently she searched Griffish isles. Since that is so close to Griffonstone, she will also meet you with special agent sweetie drops.

If Griffon stone fails i will join the three of you to go to the dragons lair. Oh Celestia, i hope it's at Griffon stone because the Dragon lair is a very dangerous place!

Yours truly
Raven hoof.

Chapter 5 the truth about Griffonstone

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Daring do finally was in the town at griffon stone after a week. She was supposed to meet her fellow spies in city hall.

She only saw Griffons walking past and sneering at each other.

She was getting bored when she saw it.

Or should she say, she saw THEM.

It was a pack of creatures in black just like the gang from her nightmare!

She quickly hid behind a tree and looked over at the mystery group. They went to a small alleyway and nodded to each other. The leader of the group felt around the bricks then pushed in one of them. All of the sudden the floor below them opened and revealed stairs.

The group looked around one last time then they all went down the steps and the door closed and the brick went back to what it was before the group pushed it in.

Daring do trotted across the street and looked for the brick they pushed. She knew she should wait for her other spies but she couldn't wait any longer and besides they're spies right? They can find the brick That is their specialty.

She pressed the brick and the doorway opened. The steps down were damp and moldy. It got darker as she went farther down and she had to feel with her hoof before she put all her weight into a step that might not even be there.

Walking blindly in an unknown area was always a bad idea.

She got down all the steps and wished she had brought a flashlight. She saw light farther down so she trotted towards it, it was a torch! how helpful.

She held the torch with her wing and walked down the corridor.

She got to a room shaped like a circle. She saw torches on her right and on her left so she lighted them all up to find that the middle of the circle lead down about 18 hooves. She didn't know what it was for but it looked like a well.

She was righting something in her hoof notes when she heard flapping.

Was it her fellow spy? Raven hoof didn't mention if it was a pegasus........

She got into a fighting pose getting ready for whatever came down the corridor when suddenly the flapping stopped......

Daring do heard breathing. and she felt it. down. her. neck.

She slowly turned around to see.....

The black griffon from her nightmare!

She quickly ran to get farther away from the red-eyed creature.

She grabbed a torch from one of the holders with her wing.

"Who are you?" she said slowly trotting forward.

"Who you think i am......." the griffon said not intimidated by the flame. Daring slowly back trotted.

"Tell me or else" she said putting the flame closer to him

"I thought you read the books...... i could tell by your wagon" the griffon said stepping closer

"TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!" Daring do yelled

"THE DREAMS THE BOOKS have you not seen the signs?!" The black griffon stepped into the light.

Daring do could see that the black griffon had a scar on his right eye and part of his beak was chipped off.

Daring do racked her brain but this griffon didn't seemed familiar. "Tell me who you are and no-one gets hurt"

"Well then i guess its time for a little history lesson." the griffon said plopping down on the cold floor. "Long ago my father was a very important part of griffon stone and everyone knows him by old stories and they all think how wonderful he is but they always thought lowly of his son...."

"Why?" Daring do asked.

"BECAUSE MY FATHER NEVER NOTICED ME!" the griffon said obviously very salty about the whole matter. "I was too weak in his eyes and he didn't admit that because it was wrong for him to see someone without getting to really know them! So instead........ he made up stories that i was the worst griffon with a horrible personality."

"That doesn't answer my question. Who are you?" Daring do said still very confused

"You don't know that side of the story so i can't blame you for not recognizing me you only know my fathers part of the story. The father with the un-noble son who wasn't fit to do anything."

Then soething clicked in daring do's mind "You're tight quill?!" she said shocked "But no one knew where you went after the whole goblet thing and every creature just said you disappeared!"

"NO-ONE KNEW?! NO. ONE. KNEW?" Tight quill said getting angrier by the second "MY FATHER KNEW BUT HE NEVER TOLD ANYONE. IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED????"

"Um............ yes?" daring do said ducking down so that Tight quill wouldn't knock her over into 'the well'

Tight quill calmed down and went back to sitting on the floor and continued with his story. "My father hated me, all he saw was a weak griffon and he hated to call me his son. I assured him i would gain more muscle and once i did i would be an amazing ruler of Griffon stone! But he didn't listen...... and instead........ he betrayed me."

"What do you mean?" Daring asked.

"He said that if i get more muscle he would give me the crown but if i didn't gain enough in three weeks he would give it to some other griffon. So i trained night and day in the gym i was almost never home! Which... i greatly regretted. one day i think it was the second week? I was getting there. I was this close to becoming king...." Tight quill said putting his talons really close together ".....So i decided to get some biscuits for my dad to celebrate that in a week i would become king since i almost had enough muscles. But. He wasn't home. BECAUSE HE WAS MAKING THE RULE OF THE GOBLET A WEEK BEFORE MY TIME WAS UP!"

Daring do put her hoof over her mouth "So what did you do?"

"After he was done making that stupid rule i met him backstage. I told him my time wasn't up and i should get the crown in a week but he said very bluntly that he didn't believe i could do it and knew i was TOO WEAK. i was upset with him and some people in the crowd heard some of what we were saying so my dad took me into the alley way you were in just before. Things got out of hand and my dad ended up pushing me into the wall and i hit my head on the brick which opened up the door and of course i was unconscious and the trapdoor was right under my feet so i fell right down."

Daring do couldn't believe it "What happened then?" She was more wrapped up in this story than the one that Tharous made up.

"I woke up maybe three hours later in here. I was gonna go out the way i came in but before i made a lever for the inside to open up the trapdoor you couldn't open it from the inside. So i was trapped here for a loooong time. Until one day those creatures dressed in black found it by mistake. I went up to them and they immediately recognized me. I told them what happened so we made some tweaks and this is our hideout now. They told me that Tharous flew away to 'hide the goblet' but really he was trying to hide from what he did to his son." Tight quill stretched as he finished the story "And now this is basically my home."

"But....... don't you want to know what happened to your dad? don't you want to see him?" Daring do said.

"Are you crazy? i never wan't to see that backstabbing old man EVER AGAIN!" Tight quill said horrified by the proposal.
"Now story time is over and you can leave. there's a lever near the door goodbye" He said walking away


Daring do knocked on the door at Tharous' house. She had tracked down where he went. luckily Griffon's usually live longer lives than ponies. Daring do knocked again.

"hold on!" a voice said from the other side of the door.

The door opened to reveal a golden and grey griffon. He was very old and he had more wrinkles under his eyes than daring could count.

"What can i do for you?" he asked coughing.

"Are you Tharous?" she asked.

"I am miss but i don't take photo's and i don't give autographs!" he was about to slam the door but daring stopped him.

"I'm actually here on the case of your missing son" Daring do lied.

"I already told every creature he was jealous! he wanted to be king but he didn't become it so he flew away and i've never seen him since!"

Daring do didn't feel that bad lying to him since he just lied to her.

"I know what really happened with the brick and the trap door so i suggest you let. me. in." Daring do said staring at him straight in the eye

Tharous' expression changed.

He took her into the kitchen and sat down on a chair. "How do you know?!" he asked on edge.

"Your SON told me." She said.

"My son is dead" Tharous said. "He died when his head hit the brick. and it was all my fault"

"No! that's not what happened! he is alive!" daring said. it was all just a misunderstanding! she was relieved to find that out.

"I suggest you should leave." He said obviously sad about the whole thing.


Daring do was back in the secret passage with Tight quill trying to explain what happened.


"No! Tight quill its all a misunderstanding! he thinks your dead!" She said.

"So he just wipes me out of his life and tells himself i'm dead? real nice." Tight quill said sarcastically

"No not like that i mean he thinks he killed you and you died when you hit the brick!" Daring do said. She never thought she would ever say those words.

"I don't care! he made everyone think i'm the worst griffon in all of Equestria!"

He did make a good point but she knew that his father was sad and probably wasn't getting enough sleep because of what he did and that explained all the wrinkles under his eyes

"Just go see him!" Daring pleaded

"Are you crazy?! no way! he's a traiter, a liar, he's mean, he's greedy and there's no way im talking to him" Tight quill yelled

Daring do trotted back up the damp stairs and pulled the lever to leave when she saw two ponies!

"Who are you?" daring do asked. there was a red unicorn wearing black and a cream colored pony with a pink and blue mane.

"Daring do?" the cream pony asked.

"Yes?........" She asked

"We've been smushed together to find a legendary relic and you're our partner who wasn't at city hall like we arranged." the red unicorn said.

"Oh you're Raven hoof's other spies?" Daring asked.

"Yup i'm special agent sweetie drops!" the cream colored pony said

"And you must be scarlet?" Daring do asked the unicorn

"No my name is aqua even though my coat is red." scarlet said sarcastically.

"Nice to finally meet you but i work alone so..... bye" Daring do said.

"Good i was thinking the same thing!" Scarlet said.

"Guy's! did you not hear the part in the letter were Raven hoof asked us to work TOGETHER." Sweetie drops said.

"What part? he didn't say that at all." Daring do pointed out.

"Well he said if the goblet isn't in Griffon stone than we have to go to the dragons lair and we better figure out how to work together here than in the dragons lair because there's no room for mistakes there!" Sweetie drops said

She did make a good point.

"Ok then well i just figured out Tight quill isn't the evil guy and really its Tharous who is devestated because he thinks he killed his son which he didn't so now...."

"Hold up!" Scarlet said interrupting daring. "Tight quill is evil! he was a bad ruler and was so hot headed he left without a trace!"

"Not true" Daring do said confidently "His father made up that story." Then daring do proceeded to tell them all that she had heard

"So thats what we're up against." daring do said yawning. it had been a VERY long story.

"We're here to find a goblet not bring together a son and father." Scarlet said.

"But his father thinks he's dead! he even got a tombstone and every......." Suddenly it hit her "I KNOW WHERE THE GOBLET IS!"

chapter 6 to fix a family

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Daring do ran through the streets of Griffon stone. She figured out what happened to the goblet and how to get to it and how to save Griffon stone from a bad ruler!

"Why are we going to 'Stone cemetery burial site'?" Scarlet asked.

"Don't you see? when Tharous thought he by mistake killed his son he probably went here to give him a tombstone!" Daring do said proud of herself.

"But he didn't have a body, you said it fell down the trapdoor!" Sweetie drop said.

"EXACTLY! he didn't have a body so he instead buried....." Daring do said.

"THE GOBLET!" Sweetie drops yelled before daring could finish.

"Wait so we're just gonna dig up some dead guy's grave?" Scarlet said "That seems........ un-respectful."

"Well is it really that bad since we know he's not actually dead and we won't find a dead body in the coffin?" Daring do said.

"This still gives me the heebie jeebies though" Sweetie drops said "Are you sure there's no other way to do this? and how are you so sure he hid the goblet in the coffin?"

"Well for one thing." Daring do said "It's not a coffin."

"What do you mean?" Scarlet asked "You didn't dig it up already? right?"

"No." daring do said "But when i went to visit Tharous i noticed something on his fridge. It said 'section G tile 5' "

"Which means that's where the goblet is buried" Scarlet said. "C'mon lets go to section G tile 5"

"Wait are we really just gonna dig with nothing but our bare hooves? that'll take HOURS, they bury ponies 6 hooves deep!"
sweetie drops said

"Well remember when i said it wasn't a coffin? Section G is where all the cremated ponies are." Daring do said. "We can just open up the box"

"NO NO NO NO NO" sweetie drops said " I know there's only a cup but i will have that on my conscience forever."

Daring do thought for a moment. She was right, but they needed that goblet!

"I got it! come with me" daring do said leaving the cemetery.

Daring do was back underground with Tight quill and her partners.

"Tight quill, this is sweetie drops and scarlet." She said.

Tight quill turned around "I thought i told you i didn't want to see you ever again, i can't trust anyone who goes to my father and tells him all i told you."

"You don't understand....." Daring said "I know where the goblet is....."

Tight quill looked at daring straight in the eye.



Daring do trotted to section G tile five. It was a building with all the ashes in them.

"Here it is...." Daring do said pointing to Tight quill's tile.

Tight quill picked up the jar and immediately an alarm went off.

"Who are you?! Take your claws off the jar and no creature gets hurt!" The security guard said, as soon as the guard stepped into the light Tight quill's expression changed.

"Sal?....... is that you?" Tight quill said

"How....... how can it be?" The guard said "THEY TOLD ME YOU WERE DEAD!"

"Sal! oh my Celestia its you!" tight quill said overjoyed. "Guy's this was my old friend Sal, he didn't know i went into the caves"

"Caves? you lived in a cave all these years?" Sal said confused

"he'll explain later but right now..." Daring do said as she grabbed the jar and opened it to reveal the goblet "we have a king to enthrone."

The goblet twinkled in the light. it was the most beautiful thing daring had ever seen next to the sapphire stone.

"It's beautiful" Scarlet said grabbing the goblet from Daring with her horn

"It's stunning" Sweetie drops said taking it from scarlet.

"It belongs to the museum" Tight quill said sadly

Daring do smiled.

"Not necessarily......"


Daring do knocked on Tharous' door for the second time.

"I told you already.... no visito........" Tharous stopped talking as soon as he saw Tight quill. His mouth hung open.

"SON?!" he said surprised "I......i.....i don't believe it it's....... it's you!"

Tight quill held up the goblet "I shall become king father." He said.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Tharous said

"Now what do we tell Raven hoof?" Scarlet asked Sweetie drops and daring

"I'm sure he'll understand." Sweetie drops answered

"And if he doesn't then I'LL talk to him" Daring do said stomping her hoof

"well at least we don't have to go to the dragon lands" Sweetie drops said

"How about we go there for a vacation? how's june?" Scarlet said jokingly.

"No i think winter will be better. you won't be as hot as if you went in the summer" Daring do answered

"I'll call you guys to figure out a date" Sweetie drops said.

And so Griffon stone was in the hands of a great ruler and the goblet was found thanks to daring do and her two spy friends scarlet, and sweetie drops!