My Little Pony, Things Did Not Go As Planned.

by ForeverCaseInPoint

First published

I think Equestria hates me. Now books affected Twilight dearly.

*deep sigh* You know the drill. I just assume I own nothing.

It all started when I submitted my text.

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"There! No more ForeverCaseInPoint's horrible books!" The unicorn just downvoted another book, because that author's books took their toll on her. Many felt those books goes against friendship. "*sighs* Well if I'm going to waste my time, wasting it with friends is better." On the way to her home, the three unicorns invite her to Moondancer's/Moon Dancer's party.

Cue tl;dr. "There you are Twilight! Moondancer/Moon Dancer is having a little get together in The West Castle Courtyard. You wanna come?". End tl;dr.

"Sure I have to invite him though." she said in a hurry. He's in her home. "Oh we'll let him know so don't worry about it." - the three unicorns. She continued to her home, but the three unicorns did not because they thought she will not go to her party. It's all too suspicious to her so she hurried up.

Cue tl;dr. She body slammed the door and him. What that force did to Spike, no pony knows how to put it in words. His tail went through his present. End tl;dr.

"There you are Spike!" Spike is levitated to her back before she runs to Moondancer's/Moon Dancer's party. "Letter armed and ready so to Moondancer's/Moon Dancer's party we go!". "Twilight, please take it easy. We're on a break!" Party at sight. Breaks are on. At least that's what she's about to do until she woke up from the party table. Then a vanilla unicorn named Moondancer/Moon Dancer hugged her. "I'm so sorry for making you worry so much Twilight." It seems a lot happened while she lost consciousness. Thank The Princess Spike's present for Moondancer/Moon Dancer is off his tail and given to Moondancer/Moon Dancer. The three unicorns and Spike also hugged her. Today is a hug Twilight party.

Then she woke up to the fancy carriage. "And I thought I slept late." said Spike. "Not good. I can't keep los..." STOP. With that, this is another book made to be downvoted. Is this friendly?! No. Therefore, downvoted. Congratulations Twilight! You're the new downvote pony.

It's 3:21pm. She finds herself in Ponyville, laying on the ground. She gets up and a exaggerated gasp happened before a pink blur tumbled her. It's at a bench where she stopped tumbling and see a unicorn. "Lyra?" "Oh hey Twilight. What happened to your horn?" "What do you mean?" "Well..." The mirror is in front of Twilight. "I didn't bring it with me." "Your horn's broken!" As Lyra said, the mirror shows Twilight her broken horn. And Twilight goes... "It's my pointy head thing that's broken. I never had a horn to blow on."

It's 8:06 pm when she finally woke up. "You woke up just in time to see my demise." said Nightmare Moon, whose life ended shortly after. Those black spikey plants did it. Twi's spark of realization because her memories of being in the many stories flash back to her. At the end of it, she started to sing, sing a song, but ForeverCaseInPoint has yet to try so hard and get so far, so the song is not written to this story. Besides, who knows whether if it even matters or not that Twilight sings this clearly not a song from My Little Pony and therefore shall not be in this story? Little did she know she used the Elements of Harmony and had five friends to help.

White bright flash of light. Now the mane six and Spike came out of the blue blue sky, just like many things in most stories of this story's writer. And then these seven fall to the clouds. They did not fall though them. Those clouds are made of cotton. All of this has been rather boring so the mane six and Spike fall asleep.

Other living creatures went about their normal lives. Yet to two creatures in particular, that's only all things considered. "I regret to inform you that your elements of harmony did not get your messages and failed to keep the mare in the moon alive." said a certain creature who would rather look like a bunch of creatures randomly put together than look like a single symmetrical creature. He figured whatever's left of the two sisters should know the fate of The Princess's letters, and of Nightmare Moon. And yes, all of Equestria knows him by an actual name, and so does at least some of those from the other side of this forth wall. He had seen the chaos he bargained for easily escalate into so much more, and he grew bored of it all. Then had seen the stories of that one writer and grew bored of them too. He had to adjust this story to the pony race preference of chaos. The things he toned down are things out of the blue. Those things have been too orderly for him recently. In fact, it's late. He went to sleep until there's anything fun at all, and boy does he miss fun dearly.

His autonomous creation now raise the sun in each day and raise the moon in each night. Lowering them is a matter of there can only be one or the other, never both and never neither. It raises and lowers sun and moon in what was once The Princess's daily schedule. This is all the autonomous creation will ever do, besides destroying itself trying after doing it for so long. It is a temporary replacement, and in case anyone wants to build it, it is his practice in using his power efficiently. At that time, he wanted to remember the difference between using his power efficiently and efficiently using his power.

It has been some days before two purple beings woke up. They woke up on the cotton clouds. Those clouds carried them to the tree of harmony, where bodies of two sisters rest. Twi writes her personal letter herself.

"My dearest teacher, I just got your response. I don't blame you. It's as they feared, studying made me out of shape. It seems I did things in my sleep. My friendship assignment came with your response. I'll make some friends if it kills me. It's ok because I took your chance to live. A unicorn sent to Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle."

She gives the letter to the two sisters. She was about to turn, but magic from the two souls lifts the two sisters and brought them back to life. She sees Spike's relaxed giggle. "Nobody's dying now." he said. The two sisters hug Twilight gently. Some seconds passed. She asked "Where do we go from here?". He shrugs. "I dunno." The four see the rising sun. "Welcome to tomorrow."