A Healthy Lesson

by StuffMyCrust

First published

Silverstream is determined to help her friend, Anon, to recover from an illness he caught.

Anon wakes up one morning feeling very bad and sees he's coming down with something that's giving him a pretty high fever. Whether it be the flu or whatever, he'll have to fight it off. However it's the same day in which Silverstream is scheduled for a tutoring session with Anon. Silverstream notices Anon is ill and offers to help. After some hesitation, Anon decides to give in. It will be quite a healthy friendship lesson for Silverstream as she helps nurse Anon back to full health.

A cute little story I had in mind. Silverstream to me is just adorable and I wanted to write something focusing on her.

Story in 3rd person.

Rated Teen for occasional profanity.

There will be a little romance as the story progresses, but there's no naughty stuff. That may happen in a sequel.

Ch 1: "Never Felt Better"

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Today wasn’t Anon’s day. He was feeling ill as if he caught the flu. It was that time of year however as flu season back at home would start kicking in. What made this day worse for Anon was the fact he was scheduled to tutor one of the students from Princess Twilight’s School of Friendship. This student in particular is a hippogriff named Silverstream.

Silverstream was a very interesting creature. Her being a hippogriff which is a hybrid of a griffon and pony. What’s also interesting is that she could also change her form to a seapony, which resembles a more fish-like, seahorse appearance. Each time she would shift forms, it always fascinated Anon. A weird thing about Silverstream though was her interest in stairs.

Now Anon somehow got to be a tutor for Silverstream. It was mainly just to repay debt he owed to Silverstream after she saved his life from an incident paddling through raging rapids. He didn’t actually come up with the idea to be a tutor, Silver just basically stated he would just help her with school work. Easier said than done.

The tutoring sessions were usually held at Anon’s place during the weekends and sometimes on a weekday after Silverstream wrapped up class for the day. These sessions were supposed to be kept secret from other students. The last thing Anon needed was an entire army of students pinning him down asking for assistance on any subject they had questions on. So he made it clear to Silver not to let word go out. The only other soul who knew of the matter was Princess Twilight, she really didn’t care but also was happy that you were willing to help out her students.

It’s Sunday and Silverstream is supposed to arrive at Anon’s place at 2:00pm, it’s currently 1:53pm. Anon was wondering if he should just tell Silver today wasn’t the best day. He feels like garbage, dealing with a fever of 101 degrees, stuffed up like hell and on a low amount of sleep. He went to go check his temperature again.

“101.2…...well that’s great, it’s getting higher. I might just actually have to cancel the session today. Hopefully Silver understands,” Anon said sniffling up some snot.

Anon and Silverstream were great friends. They would typically hang out whenever there wasn’t school in the way. It would either be just the two of them or them along with five other students from the school. The entire group always enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with Equestria’s only human.

Anon is just casually sitting on his comfy couch staring at the ceiling. What better way to kill time than to just try to picture patterns on the ceiling?

“Okay...it’s 2:00pm now, Silver should be here any min-” Anon said as his front door started knocking.

“Huh...perfect timing”.

Anon slowly got off his couch and made his way to the front door. As much as he enjoyed spending time with Silverstream, he just needed time to relax and deal with his sickness. He arrived at the door and opened it revealing the happy, pink hippogriff.

“Hey Anon! How’s your day been?” the hippogriff asked.

“Tiring, just been relaxing as I’ve been feeling a little crappy as of late. Uhhh actually I was gonn-” Anon was cut off.

“Oh no! Are you feeling okay??” she stated with a look of concern.

“Never felt better, but in all honesty….I’m just not feeling good today and I feel it would be better off if we just call of the session today. I just need to relax and get myself back in shape”.

“Oh no I understand, Anon” Silver said with a pout on her face.

Just seeing the upset look on Silverstream’s face basically tore Anon’s heart. He never liked turning down his friends even if it was for the better. He would have to make up for it somehow.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry Silver...today is just not my day. We could reschedule on a weekday if you’re available”?

Silverstream sat there thinking for a moment. A thought then struck her as a smile started to appear on her face. Anon noticed this and was starting to get a little confused. Just what is she thinking was all Anon was wondering.

“Sure, we could but I was wondering….Since I was gonna come over and ask for some help on some health class material why not I learn it based on helping you feel better? Wouldn’t that be exciting! I get to save your life once more!” Silver said giggling like crazy.

“Okay first off, I’m not gonna die. Second, I am not gonna risk getting you sick. Twilight would kill me if she found out I started an epidemic in her school”.

“I mean, think about it Anon. This could be a great friendship lesson for me also! Fluttershy mentioned a good act of kindness is to take care of an ill friend and help them get back to health. This is the perfect scenario, Anon”!

“I mean, yeah it’s always nice to care for a friend when they aren’t in their best shape but….Silver do you even know much on treating against illnesses”?

“Well, I mentioned health ed being the subject I was wanting a little help on. So yes and no?? But I could learn A LOT by helping you Anon! You’re my friend and if you’re feeling sick then I feel it’s my duty as a friend to offer to take care of you”.

Anon couldn’t deny it. Silverstream was being absolutely cute and sweet for offering to take care of him. While she did prove some valid points, Anon still didn’t want to risk getting her sick also. But at this rate, he wouldn’t be able to convince Silverstream otherwise. Anon eventually admitted defeat.

“Alright fine, you win. But just a reminder, if you get sick, just know you saw it coming and don’t blame me for it okay”?

“Fair enough. I’m so excited, so much new things to learn! Don’t worry Anon, I’m here to make you feel better in no time!” Silverstream stated placing her talons on her chest.

Well, it wasn’t something Anon had initially planned. This would be an interesting story to keep. Silverstream was basically Anon’s nurse now and he can’t back out now. But for now he’s just looking at it as some time well spent with a good friend. Silverstream saw it somewhat differently, however. Though she does also see it as good times spent with her friend, she viewed Anon a little more than just a friend. She had a crush on the human, so she's treating this scenario as an opportunity to win him over.

"Hopefully the epidemic won't start," Anon thought to himself.

“Alright, so first we need to get you lying down with some ice cold water, coming right up!” Silver said as she flew to Anon's kitchen to grab the water.

Good lord Silverstream was just so adorable, she always did a good job at melting the hearts of others. Perhaps if she was able to get a cutie mark, her special talent would be just melting hearts.

Ch 2: Silverstream, At Your Service

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Anon had resumed his comfortable position on the couch with a book in hand. Silverstream was busy looking for the cold water in your kitchen and she seems to be having trouble looking for it.

“Anon? Where is your water anyways?” the hippogriff called out.

“Go over to my fridge and you’ll see a little opening on the left side that has a cup platform. There’s two levers, one’s for ice which is the smaller one, and the bigger one is for the water itself,” Anon responded before blowing his nose.

After a few seconds, the sound of water pouring was heard pouring from Anon’s fridge. Then came the ice, perhaps Anon should’ve told her ice came first but it was too late, Silver had already splashed her face with the effects from the ice hitting the water.

“Oh my goodness, that’s so cool! EEEEEEEEE!” she said as she continued letting a few more ice cubes in the cup.

Once she had the cup ready, she made her way back to Anon. The cup was filled to the very top, so she had spilled some water on the way. As she delivered the water to Anon, he had noticed Silver’s face a little wet.

“You do know it’s ice that comes first then water, right”?

“Hehehe, I guess that makes sense, sorry if I made a mess” she said a little embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it, we all learn from simple mistakes anyways,” Anon said as he took a sip of water.

Silverstream had sat herself on the other side of the couch and watched Anon as he slammed down the water he gave her. She was busy admiring the creature and watching each movement it made. All she could really focus on was to make sure her friend be recovered but she was also having romantic fantasies envelop within her mind. Her thoughts were cut short when Anon tried getting her attention.

“Silver? You alright”?

“Y-Yes sir! Sorry I had lost my train of thought for a second hehe,” she said as her cheeks started blushing.

“Okay, well do you mind helping me up real quick”?

Silverstream quickly rushed over to Anon and helped him off the couch. Anon started stretching as Silver stood there ready to catch him in case he lost balance. He then started walking towards a hallway and Silver wondered what Anon was doing.

“Where you heading to, Anon”?

“The bathroom, I’m gonna probably take a warm bath and relax for a little bit”.

“Oh wait! Let me start up everything for you!” she said as she dashed towards your bathroom.

Anon clearly knew Silverstream was enjoying herself and being that determined to help him out. He couldn’t be thankful enough for all her help. He would have to repay her somehow, but for now he needed to recover. He walked into his bathroom and saw Silverstream adjusting the knob making sure the water was warm enough.

“Is this good enough for you, Anon?” Silver said as the water appeared to be steaming.

Anon felt the water and quickly flung his hand back as the water was really hot. Silverstream had apparently left the knob near the hottest end. Perhaps hippogriffs could tolerate higher water temperatures.

“Maybe a little too hot, but close enough. Thank you”.

“Always here to help, Anon!” the hippogriff said as she sat there watching Anon strip down and getting ready to enter the tub.

“Uhhh, can I at least get some privacy?” this question caused Silverstream to blush so hard it was almost noticeable to Anon.

“Oh! I’m sorry, yes of course I’ll just be waiting outside until you’re done hehe….” she said quickly leaving the room.

As Anon started his bathing session, Silverstream decided to explore the house a little bit. Her first stop was the room right across the bathroom. It was a fairly small room with some instruments sitting around. She had heard Anon used to play certain instruments, but apparently he still has some equipment sitting around. She then assumed more than half the stuff was extremely valuable and decided to move on to the next room.

This room however, was extremely forbidden to anyone but Anon. It was Anon’s bedroom. Being the curious hippogriff she was, she explored it anyways. She didn’t want to ruin anything so she was cautious. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a portrait. This portrait showed a picture of a human, just like Anon except it appeared to be a minor.

“Oh my sweet Celestia, it’s Anon when he was a child!” she said making a silent squealing sound. It was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

She quickly put the portrait back where she found it and left the forbidden room. Once exploring time had wrapped up, Silver decided to look around for any type of medicine Anon could benefit from in the kitchen. She came across a few containers in which she read it would treat fevers. Once she gathered a few, she decided to set up a little medicine dinner for Anon when he finished his bathing session.

About 40 minutes or so passes and Anon had finished relaxing in the tub. Once he dried up and changed into some clean apparel, he went back to the living room. As he walked in, he was greeted by a coffee table full of medicine, snacks and even more ice cold water.

“Surprise! I prepped you a little healthy early dinner. I went and found some medicine that should treat your fever-like symptoms and I even gave you some more water. Always good to keep yourself hydrated!” she said with an adorable smile on her face.

“Wow, thanks Silver. You’ve clearly been busy for the past half hour or so. I can’t thank you enough for all your help, it really means a lot to me”.

“It’s my pleasure, Anon. I’m just being a good friend that’s all,” Silver said with a blush on her face.

Out of nowhere, Anon went in and hugged Silverstream. Silver was initially shocked by this action, but quickly embraced the feeling. She could cherish the feeling of hugging Anon forever. What would make this moment even more memorable is if she could kiss him. If only she could just tell Anon how she felt and hopefully he would accept it. But she felt now wasn’t the time just yet. Once the hug ended, Silver tried so hard to hide her noticeable blush to which thankfully Anon didn’t pay attention to.

Anon then looked at the clock and saw it was a little after 4:00pm. Time surely flies fast in Equestria. He then wondered when Silverstream needed to be back at her place at the School of Friendship, especially since dark time comes soon when winter is near.

“Hey Silver? Don’t you need to be back by dark time? It’s coming pretty soon”.

“Oh yeah that’s right. It’s already almost dark?” she said looking out the window as the sun was starting to set.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. In a few minutes just head back to the school before anyone starts to wonder where you’re at”.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay, Anon”?

“I’ll be just fine, now you should get ready. Plus you have classes the next morning”.

“Actually it’s a teacher holiday, so class doesn’t resume until Tuesday! But yeah, I’ll get ready here”.

“Well alrighty...if there’s no school you can always come by to check on me the next morning”.

“You bet I will check on you!” she said bringing herself in for a hug.

Anon and Silverstream sat there for a minute embracing each other. Silverstream always enjoyed hugs, but hugs with Anon were like heaven to her. She never wanted them to end, but she knew she had to get going momentarily. They both ended the hug and Silver looked into Anon’s eyes.

“Promise me you'll feel better soon, Anon?” she said with a concerned look.

Anon then reassured her that he’d be alright. He rubbed Silverstream’s head and wished her a good night. Once Silverstream left, Anon lunged himself on the couch and took some NyQuil. It would help him get a little sleepy. He’s gonna need all the sleep he can get tonight.

Anon then was thinking about Silverstream. The fact she did so much today to help you out in any possible way meant so much to you. She was such a nice, caring creature. She’s always been there cheering you up and getting you back on your feet in rough times, she was just that wonderful type of friend.

“I wonder how I will ever repay her for all my troubles now?” Anon said to himself.

Ch 3: Sweet Emotions

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The sun is setting, the town lights are starting to shine, it’s time for the night to begin. It was time to head back to the school.

Silverstream flew across Ponyville on way to Princess Twilight’s School of Friendship. She had just finished her longer than expected visit with Anon and she was gonna pay him another visit the next morning. However something was off about Silverstream, she seemed upset since leaving Anon behind.

“Oh Anon….please don’t start feeling worse. I wish I was still there with you right now, in your arms, helping you feel better…..cuddling in your be-” she stopped herself there.

Silverstream was very concerned about Anon’s well being, she hoped the medicine she had gathered for him would help him feel better. Just the thought of him getting in a much worse condition and perhaps being sent to the hospital was enough to make the hippogriff tear up a little. But she was also upset that she had to leave him behind. She wanted to be there by his side and never leave him hanging. All these emotions coming around to Silverstream as tears were welling up in her eyes. She really cared about her human friend.

The school came into view as Silverstream initiated her touchdown target. She landed right in front of the door leading to the dorms for a variety of students. She opened the door and walked down the hallway towards the direction of her room. For the time being, she assumed she would just be chilling in her room studying and then head out for some dinner. However as she neared her door, a voice called out her name stopping the hippogriff in place.

“Hey Silverstream! I was wondering where you were all day, what’s up?” the voice stated.

The voice came from a changeling named Ocellus. Ocellus was an interesting creature. Her race were originally an army led by former leader Queen Chrysalis that would feed on love. Now, thanks to a resistance led by their new leader Thorax, the changelings are happy peaceful creatures. Ocellus was typically a shy one, however she easily opens up more when around her friends.

“Oh hey Ocellus! I was just hanging around with Anon for the most part. I’m probably just gonna relax and review some material for the test on Tuesday”.

“You hung around with Anon for the entire day? Sounds like it was a fun time,” the changeling said with a wink.

“Yeah...I didn’t plan to spend the entire day with him, but he was feeling a little ill so I offered to help him out for the day”.

“Well that was sweet of you, he’s doing alright though”?

“He was dealing with a fever and such, hopefully he’ll start to recover soon...I honestly wish I was still there to help him some more,” the hippogriff said as a tear leaked from her eye which caught Ocellus' attention.

“You’re okay yourself, right? You seem very upset about it, do you wanna talk about it”?

“I-it’s nothing, really. I just am really worried about him. He kept assuring me he’d be fine, but….what if? I just wanna be there for him….in his arms, making sure he gets better…..keeping him warm and…,” Silver realized she was fantasizing too much in front of Ocellus.

“Ummm….I get the feeling there’s something else on your mind. Like there’s something you need to get off your chest”?

The changeling was right, Silverstream wanted to come clean about something. She was in love with Anon and she wanted to express her feelings to the human. But Ocellus is starting to catch on and Silverstream doesn’t know how the changeling would react if she told her the secret.

“Ummm...could we further discuss this in my room?” the hippogriff asked.

“Sure, I guess”.

As the two entered Silverstream’s room, Silver thought Ocellus would probably understand her feelings more since changelings do share love with one another. The two sat on the bed in the room and looked at each other for a moment before Silverstream spoke up.

“So uhhh...assuming changelings thrive on the concept of love, you’d probably understand what I’m gonna say but….have you ever fallen in love with someone”?

“Uhh no I can’t say I have, why you ask”?

“I hopefully won’t sound crazy when I say this, but….I l-love Anon. Not just a friend, but I LOVE him. You get what I’m saying”?

“Oh I see now. So aren’t you gonna say something to him?” the changeling said with a big smirk on her face.

“I-I mean yes, I want to, but….it’s not as easy as you think!” Silver shot back.

Just then Yona the Yak suddenly barges into the room practically smashing down the door in the process. Yona was a very energetic Yak who seemed very confident her species were the best at everything.

“What changeling and hippogriff speaking of? Yona wanna chime in!” the proud yak yelled.

Silverstream was too distracted within her mind processing all her emotions, so Ocellus responded for her.

“Hey Yona, now probably isn’t a good time. Silverstream ain’t in her best state right now. Could you come back in a little bit”?

“Why hippogriff upset? Yona wanna help friend!” the yak said with a stomp on the floor.

“No, Ocellus, it’s fine. Sorry Yona, I’m just worried about our friend, Anon. He’s been sick and I just wanna be there for him. I just wanna show him just how much I care for him”.

“Human sick? Yona, changeling and hippogriff visit him and make him better. Yak best at nursing”!

“UHH THAT WON'T BE NECESSARY!” the hippogriff yelled out loud.

After a minute of explaining to the yak about the scenario and her feelings for the human, surprisingly Yona seemed to understand Silverstream. After claiming that yaks were best at love, she assured Silverstream to just be honest with Anon. Out of nowhere, Smolder pops in and interrupts the scene.

“Quite the gathering we have here right now. What did I miss?” the dragon said.

This was gonna be a long night for Silverstream. Deep down she was just wondering what Anon was doing and if he was doing alright.

Anon was lying down in his bed reading a book with an ice pack over his head. He had just took some pills that would assist in the war against his invader. He checked his temperature and saw it dropped to 100.6 compared to the 101.2 it was earlier today. He was slowly recovering, now he just needed a good night sleep and hopefully he would really start feeling better by morning.

Anon then remembered that Silverstream would pay another visit in the morning to check in on him. He honestly enjoyed today for the fact he got to spend time with Silverstream. The hippogriff always managed to brighten up his days even if they were not the brightest.

After about an hour or so of reading, Anon checked the time and saw it was a little after 9:00pm. A little early for him in terms of trying to head to sleep.

“Damn, only 9:00pm? Guess I’ll try and see if I can crash”.

Anon then set his book to the side, removed the ice pack and took off his shirt. He got into a comfy position and attempted to fall asleep. Thanks to some of the medicine and their wonderful side effects, he managed to get knocked out pretty quick. Hopefully Princess Luna would assist in giving him a wonderful dream tonight.

Well, all of Silverstream’s friends except Gallus and Sandbar knew of her feelings for Anon. This was something she never intended to let loose. However she trusted her friends, she knew they would support her for no matter what.

Silverstream laid there in her bed staring outside the window looking at the moon. Luna always did a great job displaying the beauty of the night. Silverstream wondered what it would be like to sit on the moon and look back at the Earth. To be the first hippogriff to set foot on another sphere outside home.

Moving over in her bed, Silverstream then started thinking about Anon. She was gonna visit him first thing in the morning and check to make sure he’s still breathing. She couldn’t even get herself to sleep because Anon just kept flowing through her mind. She wanted to be there with Anon, under his arms, all snuggled up near the fireplace as they enjoy each other’s company. Maybe perhaps exchange a kiss or two….or three. All these thoughts were driving the hippogriff crazy. She needed to tell Anon how she felt, but she was scared how he would respond to it.

More or less Silverstream decided that at some point tomorrow, she was gonna confess her feelings to Anon. She would have to time it just right however, so she can’t really plan it out much. First she just had to focus on making sure Anon was back to health and taken care of.

“Don’t worry, Anon. I’ll be there for you soon” Silverstream said as she slowly dozed off for the night.

Ch 4: Coming Back To Life

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Dreams can be a very interesting thing. It can either be one in favor or one that could really traumatize one. When the bad ones hit, one doesn’t want to slumber the next night. For the most part, a bad dream can quickly awaken a being.

Anon quickly arose from his slumber after dealing with quite an interesting nightmare. It was in a dark realm where he watched his family get devoured alive by interstellar beings. He would then be the next victim when the alien would inject him with a microbe that would rupture his insides. A slow and very painful death.

“Phew….just a nightmare after all. Could’ve helped me out there, Luna” the human said short of breath.

After a minute of coming to full senses, Anon checked the clock and it read 5:09am. Typically Anon usually woke up right before 7:00am, but he just assumed going to bed a little earlier resulted in a little adjustment to his schedule. As much as the human wanted to resume sleep, he was wide awake now. He then decided to get himself out of bed and do typical morning stuff. The sun wouldn’t rise for another hour.

Anon went to the bathroom to do some business and checked his temperature. Good news is that his temperature was lower than yesterday, registering at 99.9 degrees. The medicine was doing their job after all. Silverstream would be overjoyed to hear the news.

After Anon brushed his teeth and showered, he went to his kitchen to start up some coffee and take some more medicine. Though he wasn’t fully off the hook, he was well enough to function more efficiently. As the coffee started brewing, music filled up the room. Anon was in a jazzy mood this morning.

Anon sat down on his couch and took a sip from the coffee. The sun started to rise up from the horizon. He then wondered when Silverstream planned to show up.

“Hmmm, I suppose I can get some materials ready in case we decide to review,” the human said walking towards his storage room to grab some books.

Once everything was set on the table, Anon then patiently awaited for Silverstream’s arrival.

Silverstream quickly awoke from a terrible nightmare she experienced. Within her nightmare, the hippogriff sat there, an emotional mess, as Anon would succumb to his illness and pass away. She would never be able to see him again, to tell him she loved him. But most importantly, she would lose her best friend.

As Silverstream gathered her thoughts, she was relieved that it was only just a dream. But the thought of it ever happening still scared the poor hippogriff. She needed to see him now, but her stomach told her otherwise signifying she was hungry. Breakfast was a necessity for the moment.

The hippogriff got out of her bed and styled her mane, getting herself ready for the day. She assumed since there was no class today, she would be able to sneak out a little early without getting caught. Once breakfast filled up her stomach, she quickly decided to make her way to Anon’s place. Before she left though, she was interrupted by Ocellus.

“Hey Silverstream, good luck out there, alright?” the changeling cheered on.

“Thanks Ocellus, I’m gonna need it”.

The commute to Anon’s place wasn’t really that long, only took about 3 minutes to get there. Silverstream hoped that Anon would be alright after having to leave him behind yesterday. She waved at a few other ponies here and there as Anon’s house came closer to view. Once there, she landed at his front door and knocked a few times. She hoped the human was at least awake.

“Guess that’s her…” the human said as he walked towards his door.

Anon opened the door and it revealed the hippogriff he was expecting. Before he could say anything, he was quickly bombarded with a tightening hug from Silverstream.

“Oh Anon, I’m so happy you’re still alive! I had a terrible nightmare where you died and….and…” Silverstream said as tears welled in her eyes.

“There...there it’s alright. I’m still here and am doing much better now thanks to you,” Anon said rubbing Silverstream’s mane.

A minute passed as Silverstream continued to hug Anon letting her tears leave a stain on his shirt. Anon didn’t mind though, the hippogriff was really worried about him and he enjoyed the moment nonetheless. Silverstream finally spoke once more.

“Please tell me you’re being honest. Are you seriously feeling better? You’re not feeling any worse now”?

“Silver, I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m doing a lot better now. My condition is almost back to normal now and you really helped me out yesterday. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for me”.

Silverstream then resumed the hug as she was extremely happy that the human was near full recovery. Anon just couldn’t bare how adorable the hippogriff was. She always brought a smile to his face. She was an amazing friend.

“I can also say, your little lesson of friendship proved itself. You stuck around with me for the most part when I was ill, you’ve come a long way, Silver”.

“Y-yeah, I guess I have. I’m so glad to have been there for you, Anon,” the hippogriff said wiping the last tear out of her eye.

After a few more cute moments at the front door, Anon motioned Silverstream to come inside. The hippogriff happily obliged and she flew to his living room and sat herself on his couch. As she adjusted herself, Anon sat next to her and swallowed a pill.

“I thought you said you were feeling better”?

“I’m almost completely better, I’m just taking some more medicine to win the final battle in my immune system”.

“Ohhhhhh okay”.

Silverstream sat there for a moment, watching every movement Anon made. All in her mind right now was how she was gonna come clean to Anon. She wanted to tell him how much he truly meant to her and how she truly felt. But she didn’t know if now was the right time. She then noticed Anon was almost out of water.

“H-hold on, let me get you some more!” she said dashing towards the kitchen.

Anon sat there and had one thing in mind. Why was Silverstream staring at him in a very exotic way? He noticed lately Silverstream had been acting a little bit strange around him, but he never really thought too much about it. Was something bothering her? Perhaps he might bring something up about it later on. The hippogriff just finished an emotional breakdown at his front door minutes ago.

Almost a minute passes and Silverstream returns with a fresh cup of water. Her face had visible droplets of water, signaling she did water first then ice yet again.

“Here you go, Anon!” Silverstream said handing the cup to Anon.

“Thank you, Silver”.

Anon was a little dehydrated to begin with, so he almost slammed down the entire cup. Silverstream sat there yet again watching his every movement. The human assumed she was just doing it to be extra precautious in case he somehow collapsed.

“So….Silver, you wanna do that session we initially intended to do yesterday”?

“Uhhhh...sure, sounds good to me!” she said with an enthusiastic smile.

“So, what do you need some assistance on”?

“Hmmm...I was initially wanting some help on some healthy ways of friendship and treating yourself well, but….I suppose there’s still some things I’d like to understand better on the topic”.

“Alright, so what you need help with”?

“I guess...to be a real helpful, dependable friend. One that someone could always count me on. Professor Applejack stated that honesty is a big key to maintaining a healthy friendship and to also be honest with yourself, but…..I can never seem to be honest with myself yet I’m totally real with everyone else”.

Silverstream was just wanting help on honesty in general, sure she was honest with anyone besides herself, but she wants to be true to herself in general.

“Well yes, it is always important to be honest. Honesty is what makes you trustworthy and a dependable source for others. But if you aren’t honest with yourself overall, you’re only hurting yourself. You need to always need to just be you, be true to yourself and everyone around. If you can manage to be your best and not be false, you’ll be able to be a dependable friend”.

“But what if others wanna judge me for being true to myself”?

“Don’t let them get to you, if someone has a problem, you don’t give them the time of day”.

These helpful words were starting to come clear to the hippogriff. Overall, being honest with herself was just something she needed a more in-depth clarification on. She always knew Anon would give out the best possible answer, it’s why she asked him to be her tutor in the first place.

“Here, one second I’m gonna put my coffee up and wash it,” Anon said getting up from the couch.

“N-no, let me do it! You sit there and don’t push yourself, you’re still not completely better yet!” Silverstream said snatching the coffee mug out of Anon’s hand.

Once she returned, she brought Anon another cup of water since she noticed the previous one was almost empty. Silverstream always knew it was important to stay hydrated.

“Thank you, Silver...I honestly won’t know what I’d do without you sometimes. You’ve….treated me so well since I first met you and have always helped me out when needed. Just like now, helping me feel better for the past day, I don’t know how much I can thank you and repay my debt to you now”.

Silverstream processed those words. Every word that came out of Anon’s mouth brought a warm feeling in her chest. It meant so much to her that Anon was very thankful for her influence. But the last few words stuck out to the hippogriff more than the rest. Anon wanting to repay her for all his troubles, he felt as if he owed her something in return. Silverstream pondered the thought of how he could return such a favor.

Out of nowhere, a random thought struck the hippogriff’s mind. She might have an idea for how Anon could repay the debt he owed her. It seemed a little absurd, but she was considering the idea. She then spoke out.

“Ummm...I mean there is something you could do to return the favor, if you’re willing to do it for me,” she said with puppy eyes. How could Anon resist that anyways?

“You know I’d do anything for you, Silver”.

Silverstream was really gonna get Anon to oblige to what she had in mind. She was very nervous about it but deep down she thought it was worth a shot to try and win him over.

“C-could you...close your eyes for a moment?" Silverstream said with hesitation.

“Huh? Why do you need me to close my eyes”?

“Just do it….it’s a...surprise,” Silverstream said with a huge blush on her face.

“Ummm okay I guess?” the human obliged, curious as to what the hippogriff had planned for him.

A moment of hesitation and Silverstream leaned forward towards Anon. She stopped in place and knew she couldn’t turn back now. She was gonna pull it off. She leaned in a little more to Anon’s face and planted her beak to his lips, giving him a kiss. She could cherish the moment forever.

All Anon could think was just what had happened. Silverstream had just kissed him on the lips and he didn’t know how to respond. The hippogriff then ended the kiss and moved away. Anon had opened his eyes and just looked at Silverstream, who was severely blushing. Anon admitted it was quite the adorable display, but he had questions for the hippogriff now.

“S-silver? What was...that?” the human said in shock.

“A-a….kiss?" she said while her face was basically red now.

“Is there...something I should know”?

This was it, Silverstream couldn’t go back now. She had to tell him. Anon now basically had the general idea and she couldn’t deny. She decided she was gonna be honest with herself, just like Anon had advised minutes ago.

She sighed, “yes, there is something you should know...I love you Anon. I have always had a crush on you and I….I just feel all tingly inside whenever I’m around you. You always make me happy and….I really care for you….I can’t help it, I love you and I don’t wanna lose you for it and…” she said as tears began forming in her eyes.

Anon sat there registering every word that came out of the hippogriff. She loved him, she wanted to be his lover. Anon didn’t know what to say. Was it even okay to be with someone of another species? He then thought of how hippogriffs in general were hybrids so there were some interspecies relations going on there. But a human and a hippogriff, how would that even work? He knew he had to say something soon before Silverstream would get the wrong idea. He had to think fast.

“I...I honestly don’t know what to say Silverstream. Do you really mean everything you said”?

“I do….I’m scared, I don’t want to lose you, I want to be there for you...I just want you to accept me and not leave me behind,” she said sniffling.

Anon wondered why Silverstream would assume he would leave her behind just because she loved him in the way in which she wanted to be his lover. But did Anon feel the same way? Anon pondered the thought repeatedly. He needed a few minutes to think about it.

“Alright look, could I have a few minutes to process everything real quick? Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back. I’m not gonna leave you behind, got it”?

“O-okay…” the hippogriff said.

Anon then made his way do his bathroom and sat there for a few minutes. He needed to think about this whole scenario. Does he share the same feelings to Silverstream? Does he even want to commit to pursuing such a relationship with her if he did? All these questions shooting through his head. He was gonna need to be quick and not keep the hippogriff waiting.

“Fuck me honestly….” Anon said staring at himself in the mirror. This was gonna be a tough one to think out for sure.

Ch 5: Little Changes

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Silverstream sat there, on the verge of having another meltdown. She had watched Anon walk away to another room so he can think for a minute, all the hippogriff was thinking was that she did something wrong. She thought she took her approach the wrong way and it scared Anon. As much as Silverstream didn’t want things to go this way, she assumed Anon would basically turn her down.

“Stupid Silverstream, w-why did you just kiss him like that!? Now he probably h-h...hates me and….and” she said struggling to accumulate her words.

Now the hippogriff just had to wait for the human to return and give her his thoughts on the whole ordeal. She was expecting to be turned down. She knew a human and a hippogriff would probably never work out to begin with. But she feared losing her best friend for the act she just pulled, even though the human assured he wouldn’t hate her for her feelings. For now, it was a waiting game.

“FUCK!” Anon yelled slamming his fist against the counter.

Anon took some deep breaths and gathered his thoughts. He couldn’t keep his guest waiting for too long, so he had to come up with an answer to her proposal. He wondered if it would be considered pedophilia if he chose to pursue dating Silverstream.

“Okay so technically speaking, Silverstream is probably considered a teenager or so under human conditions but...how old even is she? Different animals have different maturing ages, but when would a hippogriff even reach maturity?….okay I’m gonna burn my brain trying to think all of this hold up,” Anon said to himself trying to remember simple zoology.

Anon assumed the maturity for a hippogriff would more than likely be similar to the average horse, which was around 11-14 months typically. Anon also assumed that Silverstream was definitely over a year old, but couldn’t really narrow down her actual age. At this point he stopped caring about the age matter after concluding Silverstream was 99.99% likely to be mature. He moved on to the next big question.

“Do I even like her that way? Would I even commit to such a thing?......I mean Silver is my best friend, but...fucking hell. She’s nice, she’s a very gorgeous creature...she’s always there for me and….honestly treats me better than all the human women back at home”.

Anon then remembered the kiss Silverstream gave him earlier. There was something about it that he couldn’t quite put a finger on. He didn’t even stop the kiss, he just let it happen. Truth be told, he kind of enjoyed it. Anon never had a kiss like that in a long time and the fact one of his best friends did it, it developed a new feeling within him. It was a warm sensation that filled his chest, almost felt like butterflies. Anon started to feel a much deeper connection with Silverstream.

“If I’m gonna pull this off….ehhh screw it. I better return and not keep her waiting”.

Anon wiped his face with a towel and slowly exited the bathroom. He then made his way back to his living room where his guest was patiently waiting.

Silverstream heard a door open and close signaling Anon was making his return. She braced herself for the worst possible outcome, she had tears rolling down her face, but she hoped to tough it out over all. As she saw the human walk towards her, she had never been so anxious her entire life.

As Anon approached the hippogriff, he could tell she was quite the emotional wreck. But he decided to be nice and not say anything about it. He then sat down next to Silverstream as she held her face down. She reluctantly spoke first.

“I-I understand how you probably feel right now and….I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, I never should’ve approached you like that. You h-have every right to hate me for it,” she said sniffing.

“Silver….don’t worry about it. Even though you caught me by surprise, I’m not bothered by it. You have nothing to feel sorry for….but I think it’s time I tell you something”.

Here it comes, the moment Silverstream waited for. To be denied and experience being heartbroken. She sighed as she prepared for the worst.

“I’ve been thinking about it and….first I accept your feelings for me. I don’t hate you for it. However there’s another thing, you may be surprised to hear it. I...I wouldn’t mind taking our relationship to the next level. I...think I love you too,” the human said rubbing the back of his head.

Silverstream’s head raised immediately after the response. Was she hearing things or did Anon actually feel the same way for her? She had to make sure he wasn’t playing around.

“D-do you really m-mean it?” the hippogriff asked.

“Yes, Silverstream….I do mea-” Anon said as he was cut short by Silverstream jumping on him and kissing him deeply.

Anon sat there motionless for a second as Silverstream’s beak pressed against his lips. He didn’t mind it, he enjoyed it. He decided to return the favor and let his mouth do all the work. It was a very passionate kiss, one the two could go on for hours if they chose. After about 20 seconds, their mouths detached as Silverstream hid her face in embarrassment.

“Hehe...sorry, I couldn’t help it,” she said as her cheeks flourished in red.

“It’s all good,” Anon whispered as he pulled Silverstream back in for another kiss.

This kiss lasted much longer and was much more adventurous than before. Each of their tongues had a little battle as they passionately enjoyed each other’s company. Silverstream was shedding tears of joy throughout the process to which Anon happily wiped them off her cheeks. Starting today, their friendship would start a new chapter.

“Did you enjoy that”?

“I LOVED IT!” the hippogriff happily claimed.

The two then spent the next few minutes kissing some more. Anon yawned a little, he was still exhausted from being ill the past few days. He could really use a nap.

“Feeling tired already, Anon”?

“A little”.

“Wanna lie down and cuddle up?” Silver asked, eyes resembling a little puppy.

“I mean, how could I resist an offer from an adorable creature such as yourself? Feel free to get yourself comfy”.

Silverstream blushed at the comment and then laid herself on Anon’s chest as she got herself comfy. Anon started petting her head causing the hippogriff to get a little drowsy herself. As they both got comfy, the two sat there for a moment, exchanging one more kiss before Silverstream chimed in.

“I love you, Anon”.

“I love you too, Silver” Anon said kissing the top of her head.

From now on, both their lives would change forever. For they would continue to expand their relationship to greater heights. As Anon sat there, staring down at his new companion, he noticed he didn’t feel ill anymore. He felt completely normal now. Was it the magic of love that fully cured him? It would be a question that could be looked into another time.

Anon couldn’t be more thankful for the life he had been given in Equestria. He was especially grateful to share the life with his love, Silverstream. For all the things the hippogriff had done for him, especially nursing him back to health, it was quite the healthy experience for the two. Anon couldn’t ask for anything more than the dependable caring creature that Silverstream was.

As the two drifted to slumber, good dreams would surely cherish their sleep.