Bed Time Stories

by FoolAmongTheStars

First published

In Starlight's room, there is no need to explain, no use for words, no actions to take. It's just the two of them.

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for weakness.

In Starlight's room, something happens on instinct. Something brings them together time and time again, a tie that gently, firmly, binds them to the other. In their space there is no need to explain, no use for words, no actions to take. There is just mare and stallion.

Series of smutty vignettes and one shots featuring StarBurst. Updates sporadically.

Waiting for Softer Rains

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The day was over. Books had been read, errands had been run, goodnights had been exchanged, and life had been lived and is still being lived.

The crystaller had come a long way since he left for magic school. Gaining knowledge and experience in all things magical was still his number one priority, every day he strives for more wisdom, something he would continue to do even when his coat turns grey and his back bent with the weight of time—a life-long pursuit with no set goal.

But tonight, he is restless.

It could be because of the storm raging outside. The rain hit the roof of the house without mercy and the flash of the lightning cast deep and sudden shadows on the walls. Sunburst never liked storms, as a kid he would seek shelter in his parent’s room and would fall asleep easily in their protective embrace; when he studied in Canterlot he would hide his head under his pillow and wished for the storm to pass as quickly as possible; and as time passed he outgrew his fear because life gave him more things to worry about than the sudden clash of lightning. Nowadays, he lays awake and waits for them to pass or until exhaustion drags him under, most of the time he doesn't even notice when a storm like this hits Equestria. Despite his dislike for sudden hurricanes, he knew that wasn't what was keeping him awake.

He mumbles a curse under his breath and turns in his bed, gazing at the close door with his blurry vision. Somewhere around the house, she lay asleep, and the thought intrigued him more than it should. How many years has it been since she had slept so close to him in proximity? A face so familiar, with features so dear to him, was breathing softly in the stormy night—a peaceful, content sleep, Sunburst imagined. If he remembered correctly, Starlight Glimmer could sleep through anything, she was one of the few ponies he knew that could doze off on the drop of a hat. Countless were the times she had fallen asleep during their slumber parties without warning, while he had to make a conscious effort to quiet his mind before he could even nod off.

Tired of tossing and turning fruitlessly in his bed, Sunburst stood up and put on his glasses, leaving a messy pile of cotton sheets over the mattress. He quietly left the room and headed for the end of the hall. No thoughts invaded his mind nor did any doubt, his logical brain oddly quiet—maybe his logic had turned in for the night, he didn't even cast an illumination spell to light his way.

The door to her room was halfway open, and the silver light of the lightning spilled into the hallway like a beacon in the dark vestibule. He waited for a moment, listening for any signs of wakefulness but only heard the cacophony of the storm, this encouraged him to come even closer, taking silent steps until he was close enough to see into the room. It was as dark as the rest of the house, with its occupant fast asleep—unlike him. He entered the room unannounced.

Taking a seat on the corner furthest away from where she slept, Sunburst sat with his back to her. He closed his eyes, taking a deep, quiet breath as he concentrated and his horn lighted gently, his magic spreading across the room with the softness of a breeze until he could feel the particular aura that belonged to her. He couldn’t look at her with his eyes just yet, the darkness will do her no justice, nor will anything else. Sunburst did not intend to flood his senses with her image right away. His mind was methodical; even in this situation, he had a method on instinct.

His magic spun an image of her in his mind. From her silky purple mane with a mint colored highlight flowing across the pillow to her azure eyes hidden behind her closed eyelids, to her soft lilac fur. Sunburst saw her and he felt a quiet rush of blood filter through his skin. He turned around and placed his hoof a little closer to where she was. She was still a distance away, but he felt her presence; as if she demanded his attention. On instinct, he couldn’t ignore her. With his eyes closed, he leaned towards her. He took in her scent, a soft fragrance like lavender. Very appropriate, he thought. His horn dimmed and he opened his eyes. The light of the storm spilled from the window in sudden flashes, in its harsh light Sunburst looked for a second time at her fine features.

Close to his age, she had grown into a beautiful mare. Her hair, once short and held with ribbons, flowed freely around her neck and withers, her cutie mark proudly announced her talent to the world—it boggled his mind that there was a time that she took pains to hide it from others, what also surprised him was how much she had changed through the years. Sunburst knew she had always been rather intelligent and clingy at times, but recently, he found that she had also become calmer and less narrow in her thinking. Since that realization, Sunburst began to see her differently. She wasn’t just a childhood friend that followed him around. She is a grown mare who sleeps before him—a mare whom he instinctively came closer to, an anchor on an otherwise stormy world.

Sunburst swallowed thickly, but his mouth felt dry, even so, he decided to breach the barrier between them. Leaning in just a little more, he whispered:


No answer, just the rumble of thunder in the distance.

“Starlight…” he repeated.

Her ear twitches this time, but she kept quiet and continued to breathe softly. His hesitation made him pause, his hoof slid closer to her on its own, but didn’t dare to touch her unnecessarily. One more time, he thought, and then he would leave.

“Starlight…” he whispered again, his voice sounding just a little desperate.

It works, Starlight’s rhythmic breathing is interrupted as she takes a deep, waking breath and stretches slowly on the mattress. She rustles in place and turns to face him, azure eyes half opened and a lazy smile on her face.

“If you wanted to wake me,” she asks in a whisper, “why didn’t you touch me?”

He doesn’t reply, only stares for the moment. With his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he barely notices that the thunder has settled, even though the rains continued to pour against the windowpane of her room.

Starlight’s voice is rough with sleep when she speaks. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to you.” He answers simply.

“I can see that…but why?”

“I came because…”

Sunburst paused. He hadn’t thought about why he went to her room, so he didn’t have a real answer. Not one he could voice. But her azure eyes persuade him—an answer, she demanded.

“The storm,” Sunburst finally replied, “I couldn’t sleep because of it and I…I was reminded of when we were kids and you use to comfort me through them…” He bit his lip as he finished his sentence lamely, looking down at her sheets in embarrassment. Words always seemed to fail him when he was around her.

“I see…” Starlight sat up and propped herself a little closer to Sunburst, making him lookup. Her smile still playing on her lips. “Won’t you close the door then?” she whispered.

With that simple request, she had permitted him to stay in her space and also forgiving him for his earlier transgression of entering when her guard was down. Sunburst mirrored her expression. His horn glows softly—a speck of gold in a world of silver and blue— and the door behind them swings close with a muffled click.

Now it was just the two of them and the storm.

Starlight crawled closer to him until she was tucked comfortably under his chin. Sunburst wasn’t the biggest of stallions, but he was large enough to shelter her; he raises a hoof and slides it over her withers, drawing her closer and burying his nose in her mane, breathing in the scent of her and her shampoo. Starlight body's warm and welcoming against him, and he can’t help but marvel on how well she fits in his embrace—a smaller, softer truth resting under his chin and tucked against his heart.

He doesn’t know how long they stayed embraced, he doesn’t keep track of the time—too busy enjoying the fact he was allowed to hold her so closely. He would have been content staying that way indefinitely, had Starlight not moved to kiss him.

He felt her head move under his chin, her lips pressing against the juncture where his neck met his jaw. Sunburst froze at the contact, breath hitching in surprise, and she took it as a signal to continue, slowly traveling upwards until she was forced to leave the shelter of his embrace. Starlight’s soft hooves move to his chest, leaving a trail of slightly mussed fur as she went, using him as support until she was at eye level with him.

Starlight’s face was close to his, so close he could see every detail of her features, his poor eyesight notwithstanding. Her messy bangs framing the right side of her face, just behind her horn, where it dipped and curled under her jaw. But he was more mesmerized by the different shades of blue in her eyes, her long dark lashes that framed them, and he was caught off guard by the rush of love and heat that traveled down his spine.

“Is this okay?” she asked softly, brushing a gentle hoof over the side of his face.

He couldn’t answer, at least not with words, so instead he took her in with a kiss—tongue sweeping across her lips and dipping in to meet hers. Starlight wrapped her hooves around his withers, her back legs spreading to welcome him. His weight gently pressed into her, almost forcing out a pleasurable gasp.

They parted briefly before his lips dragged down the smooth dip of her neck and across her collarbone. Starlight could barely breathe beneath the kisses and his hooves traveling down the soft curves of her body until they settled on her hips. He caressed her exposed cutie mark and his touch send shivers of delight through her body.

They were going too fast, he knew, this wasn’t what he had been looking for when he went to her, part of him begged him to slow down and think before they went past a point of no return. But these thoughts only brought a dark thrill to him, and he was sure the enthusiasm was rubbing off on Starlight. When she pulled him on top of her he didn’t protest, just braced himself on the mattress so as not to crash into her.

“S-Sunburst!” Her voice raised an octave when his lips ventured closer to her breast, leaving a trail of kisses across her barrel as he approached his goal. Starlight gripped his mane and gently guided him toward her nipple, and he hummed graciously when he encircled the whole area with his lips. The loud cries that escaped her throat spurred him on, his tongue swirled around the hardened bud, quickly becoming noticeable through the patch of fur that usually concealed it.

She shifted her legs around him, giving him more access to her body. He nestled more comfortably against her and continued his ministrations, groaning when she tightened her grip on his mane. His groans vibrated through his mouth to her body, the sensation was so delicious that it only encouraged her to keep a firm grip on him.

He could feel the heat rushing to his groin, the pressure building with her cries of pleasure and demanding for his attention. However, Sunburst hooves were full with keeping Starlight’s hips steady, so he pressed himself onto her mattress, pining his desire between the rough sheets and his warm barrel, his hips grinding against the bed as a measure to temporarily relieve himself.

Suddenly, Starlight cried out when his tongue massaged and stroked her other breast. Her back arched in pleasure and her back legs dug into the sheets at the divine sensation of the heat of his mouth against the chill of the room raising such bliss in her body.

“You’re so beautiful, Starlight,” Sunburst murmured, lifting himself from the apex of her thighs. His gaze deepened at the view under him, her body contour by the night and exposed for his eyes only, with a firm resolution he bent down and kissed her lips.

“Sunburst, more, please…!” She muffled the next moan as more pleads threatened to erupt.

“You have to say it louder, Star.” He kissed her slowly as he traced her jawline. “It’s okay, you don’t have to hold back. Let me hear your voice.”

“I don’t think I can be loud right now.”

“Let me help you.” He smiled at her, creeping down until his face hovered over her pelvis.

She spread her legs once more, though she couldn’t help but feel a subtle wave of self-consciousness rise in the form of a blush as he stared at her most intimate area. Though as she gazed at his awestruck expression, she felt herself relaxing and her anxiety soothed. Subtly, Starlight raised her hips in anticipation when she saw him lowering himself until she felt his breath near her center.


His tongue was warm, gentle—tending to her with soft licks, and the few seconds of it were overwhelming. She rested her calves along his neck, as he looped his hooves beneath her thighs to keep her anchored. He swirled through the slippery crevices and noticed she was most vocal when he seemed to hit one particular spot.

“Up, up,” she instructed. “There!” She arched her hips into him and grazed her hooves against his scalp when he stroked her clit. He quickly learned the perfect balance of pressure and speed—mounting energy began to manifest and it stiffened her body until the pressure became too much that she came undone. Starlight’s eyes rolled back and all she could see was a burst of stars streaked across her vision and the vigorous bliss raging through her core. The force of her orgasm left her feeling limp, and it seemed like an eternity had passed before she acknowledged the weight resting on her stomach.

“Your voice is amazing.” He smiled and planted a kiss below her belly button. “I’m the luckiest stallion in Equestria.”

“Almost,” she breathed. “I can tell you aren’t quite done yet.”

Sunburst nodded and raised himself slowly over her, allowing his desire to hang freely between them. Starlight watched with anticipation as he stood over her, the sheets rustling as he moved closer, the bed creaking with his weight—the sound of his approaching was strangely arousing.

She stared hard at his length finally looming out of Sunburst as he crawled closer to her. Starlight sat up and carefully traced his entire cock. It jerked under her touch, ready to please her. A moan involuntarily slipped from him when she wrapped her hoof more firmly around him and began to stroke slowly. Sunburst let out a ragged, deep breath with the increasing pace around the head.

Starlight watched him carefully as he tilted his head back, eyebrows crinkled and teeth biting his lip. A few deep moans encouraged her to move faster until he tapped her hoof to slow down. She let him go gently, he crept closer to her and steadied himself at her center. He looked at her eyes, studying her features for hints of second thoughts, but she met his gaze with a determined glint in her eyes. They took a deep breath as Sunburst slowly pushed himself within the slick depths, filling her until there was no more, and knocking the breath out of their lungs.



They remained still for a moment, then he began the first thrust—gentle and soft. He was so warm and filling. The heat rubbing against her walls and sending tiny licks of heat into her stomach was indescribable for Starlight. He warmed her from the inside out with every centimeter of himself buried inside of her.

The intimacy they shared was exhilarating.

Her hooves bit into his shoulders as he pressed into her with subtle vigor, forcing harsher gasps from her. Sunburst bent over her—their horns touching and eyes half-closed. The gentle rhythm he created left her breathless and unable to think. She tilted her muzzle, but timidity flushed her cheeks at the thought of tasting herself on his lips. Sensing her hesitancy, he turned and pressed a soft kiss to her cheek.

“You feel amazing, Sunburst,” Starlight panted, snaking her arms around his withers and pulling him closer. He settled into the crook of her neck and he held onto her tightly.

“You’re the one that feels amazing,” he groaned into her neck. “So amazing, so wonderful, oh, my star.

“I love you,” she murmured before biting off another loud cry.

“It’s okay,” a sultry kiss was pressed to her collarbone. “Be as loud as you want.”

“But—“She paused as she considered her surroundings—there was nobody but them in the house. The storm was still raging outside her window, and it was her house after all, neighbors be damned. He was right. She was tired of holding back, of hiding her feelings, all she wanted was to hear and to be heard by the one she gave her heart too. “Then you have to be loud too.” Starlight wrapped her legs around his hips and brought him further in.

He let out a loud groan against her skin and dragged his lips over the slopes of her neck, tongue sweeping her cool skin. A dewy layer of sweat coated her entire body and ignited a chill through her bones when she felt the coldness of her room. But the radiating warmth of his kisses and intimate touches enveloped her body in a bubble of safety, love, and tenderness.

“Ah, Sunburst—tell me—tell me you love me.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you—my star, my heart—don’t ever let me go.” That deep voice resonating in her ear sent a shiver rolling down her spine. A sudden wave of electrifying pleasure hammered through her core, tickling her stomach, and traveling to her pounding heart.

“Sunburst!” She squeezed him as he continued to stimulate the rising heat quickly spreading to every limb. His hoof moved up to cup her face, forcing her to stare into his blue eyes. The overwhelming sensations quickly engulfed her in an ocean of euphoria, and Starlight wanted nothing more than to drown in it. She almost closed her eyes, but she forced herself to keep her gaze on Sunburst.

“You mean so much to me, you’re my everything—my stars, my light, my life—I need you, you’re everything I want and more. Oh, my star… I’m lost if you’re not by my side. I love you, I love you, I love you…”

Starlight could only whimper when every thrust pushed her closer to that glorious edge she traveled with him. Once she reached that point, there was no turning back. That delicious pressure swirled in her muscles and she felt as gravity was pulling her entire body into this portal of bliss. Quickly, it flourished into a vortex of pleasure—forcing her under and she gladly surrendered. She held tightly onto Sunburst as pleasure overcame her entire being; soft pants and gasps tickling his skin, and sweet friction of their bodies warming him.


He quickened his pace and had his eyes closed tightly at his escalating rush. Starlight peppered his face with loving kisses. She studied the beauty within this stallion connected to her. His luscious eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings over his cheeks. Those deep, sensual moans and cries erupted from him and floated in her ear, perfectly accompanying her own high, shallow gasps.

“I love you.” She moved to whisper in his ear. “I love you, make me yours—oh please—make me yours.”

He buried his head into the side of her neck and shook into her open body with stuttering thrusts. She could feel his teeth grazing her flesh, but without a rough bite, and then she felt it.

A gush of warmth spilled inside of her, pooling inside her farthest depths.

With that, he was hers and she was his. He had marked her body with all of his love and from then on, she wouldn’t belong to anyone but herself and him.

He was warm to the touch, almost as if he was burning from fever until the coolness of her room blanketed over them. Their hearts raced against each other—drumming beneath their bones and yet calling for the other before slowing into the same calm rhythm. “Sunburst?”

“I love you.” He slowly withdrew from her but remained nestled atop of her with a careful weight. His drunken eyes gazed into hers and Starlight saw a dark palette full of tenderness and devotion in his eyes. She had to look away, intimidated by the strength of his emotions but the smile on her face was genuine.

“I will never get tired of hearing you say that.” She whispered and she meant every word.

He laid on his side and Starlight was quick to cuddle up to him, and he was more than happy to take her in. She lifted the covers over them with the help of her magic, they laid together in a tight embrace. Both were so lost in the moment of close intimacy, that they didn’t notice that the storm had settled into a soft drizzle outside of her room.

The Letter

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With one last loop of her quill, she signed the last cursive letter of her name with a dreamy, contemplative sigh. Yours truly, Starlight Glimmer.

She dipped the feather back into the inkwell on her desk and glance down at what she had written, reading her words her clouded vision cleared and cooled into harsh judgment. Sweet Celestia! She picked up one of her psychology books and slammed it over the letter, heat rising to her cheeks and the tip of her ears—what if Twilight read it? What if Spike walked into her room? Or worse, what if Trixie got her hooves on it! She would never live it down!

Calm down, it’s the middle of the night, no one’s coming. She thought and took deep, calming breaths. She lifted the book tenderly, hoping that she hadn’t smeared the words in her haste. Thankfully, it remained unscathed, her words of desire that she had penned down on the parchment before they drove her mad. They had propelled her out of bed after nearly two hours of tossing and turning in her mattress and finding no trace of relief.

The words spilled out of her like a waterfall. She missed him terribly, she wanted him close, she could only think of him and feel the acute absence of his weight in her bed. Writing it down had helped, she at least felt a little calmer now that her feelings had been addressed instead of being pushed back down—and yet…

Going back to bed felt pointless. Delving in the space that housed her sexual affection for him only intensified how lonely she was. Normally he would be there on her left side of the bed, body sprawled out in exhaustion, a restless sleeper and a vocal one to boot, whereas she could fall asleep quite easily. Inevitably she would be woken by his rustling, or he would return to her, nuzzling her side until she took him in her forelegs and started tracing his neck and spine, whatever gesture she could think of to lull him to sleep. It wasn’t just the nightly routine that she missed, but his presence in general. The warmth of his body, the soft, tickling beard on her chest, and his scent.

The hint of sandalwood which was in his shampoo, the gel he used to style his goatee sometimes, and her favorite: his body in general. The sweat, the drape of his cape, the smell of books new and old, wood, and the ink stains in his hoof from writing and the scent of fresh parchment. Somehow over the years, those smells had twisted in her mind to something familiar, awakening, calming, arousing, all at the same time. Oh dear, she sank back in the wooden chair and closed her eyes. She could almost smell it all, especially when he sweated above her, his hot pants falling across her body when he was on top of her—for the love of Celestia, pull yourself together!

Nostrils flaring she turn off the lamp on her desk and dove for her bed, pulling the covers over herself with a melancholic sigh. Then she rolled to the middle of the mattress, much too lonely and restless to return to her own side. If he were there he’d have her in his embrace, sharing his pillow space with her.

Lifting her head she crawled up the bed until she touched the neatly made side which she’s left undisturbed since his departure. Slowly, she reclined into his pillow face first, hoping the scent of him would soothe her restless spirit. Ah, there he was. Ink, paper, that familiar sweat…Sunburst.

“I miss you…” Starlight mumbled.

What a night; it was as if his absence was turning her into a poet of the sappiest kind, gushing out lyrical nonsense, and dripping with praising pet names as he did. Ignoring the sarcastic side of her brain she brought her hooves around his pillow, curling it under her body, while her head remained on top. Closing her eyes she imagined him, his thudding heartbeat, the bony edges of his body pressing her if she laid at the wrong angle, and the lithe muscles against her.

‘Can’t sleep, my star?’ The little name he only used when they laid together. His hoof would smooth into her hair, stroking down her scalp along her braid. Keeping her close until she was asleep in his chest, more than happy to let her use him as a pillow.

As soon as he returned she could have that. No more restless nights of aimless reading, of staring at the lines of the ceiling, or long ineffective walks. Celestia knows she would not let that stallion go once he was in her grasp again. Surely whatever work he needed to do he could do it here, Twilight had enough books to occupy him. If only he were here so she could get lost in his skin, taste the sweat that dripped from his pores, and kiss him until he was hoarse from screaming her name.

The thoughts brought a dull ache between her legs, just as they had while writing. She shifted uncomfortably in the bed, the cold night starting to heat up. Squirming in discomfort, she relented and tossed her blanket to the side of the bed. Nudity didn’t bring much relief, and she sank into his pillow again, clutching it to her bare chest.

Everything ache. She could only think about his mouth on her skin, his smirks, his teasing, and his affectionate glances. Curling against his pillow she let out a little whine, using the friction of the cotton she imagined he was holding her—but it wasn’t enough, no, it wasn’t where she really longed for his touch.

It had been a while since she had touched herself in such a way, there hadn’t been any need, but he had been gone for so long that her desire had reached its breaking point, and all her senses begged her to do something about it. Shifting and curling while still hugging his pillow she let it slide down between her thighs and gave a tiny little press into the fabric. Now that was what she was waiting for.

Delicious, soft resistance pressing between the lips of her sex as she reached down, letting a bundled of covered feathers be the tiny bulge she rode on. It was much like their courtship: desperate to touch the other, desperate for closeness, but afraid of the consequences of indulging in such an act. Instead, they improvised, she on his lap, him holding her hips, a sheet between them, grinding and grinding into one another’s covered sex. Maintaining chastity with a thin layer of cotton, while still finding release in the other's body and moans.

“Sunburst…” she moaned softly as she turned her face into the sheets. It was easy to recall, his nervous smile, his shy inexperienced touches, unable to decide where to touch or to just leave her be. “Touch me…”

Now he was bolder, of course. If they were grinding like this it was a game—who could last the longest, who could stand to be stimulated the most, who would be the first to break and beg to join their bodies. Never before had she understood the painful aching of emptiness until she’d known what it was like to be deliciously filled by him.

“I want you inside of me…” She whimpered into the mattress, her voice breaking as she rolled her hips into his pillow. Unable to withstand any further she reached a hoof beneath her stomach and the pillow, replacing the soaking fabric with her hoof. Tomorrow, she’d be embarrassed how wet she was from rolling in his pillow, but not now, now it was a blessing that she could slide her hoof inside herself with ease and imagining it was his cock teasing her.

As soon as she pushed it inside she whimpered, this was what she was longing for—she could picture it all now. It wasn’t her hoof it was him. He was going to be protective once he knew how lonely she was, and smother her with his entire body so not a single inch of her skin would be lonely, his weight pressing her stomach into the mattress. He’d prop her hips on his pillow, pushing it under her, then mount her and push himself into her dripping spread legs, making sure his star didn’t know the meaning of the word emptiness. And her hoof wasn’t enough.

No, his cock was longer, thicker, compared to her slight hoof. It was impossible to reach the deepest parts of herself with it and it nearly made her weep with frustration and loneliness, she had to bit the covers for a moment. Soothingly, she rubbed her sex with her hoof and imagined him, his voice—his tenderness, how he’d be home soon, and chuckle in her ear when he was on top of her as she described this moment.

‘My star…my heart…poor thing, it’s okay, I’m here.’ That deep voice in her ear, his scent all over her, he was the only one who could force a smile out of her as no one else could. She didn’t have to be the perfect student, the responsible counselor, one of Equestria’s heroes, she was just Starlight. Just Starlight with her own needs, her own shortcomings, and limits. And he took it all in and found solutions—or at least a way to make her laugh about it.

Slowly, as if he were coaching her, she pressed her hoof further within, stretching herself and moaning with relief that at least she could mimic the feeling of his width. And that tiny realization sent her into a frenzy, pushing in and out as her hips rocked against the pillow—visioning him behind her, filling her wanting body. Heck, he didn’t even have to be in her—he could just watch her. A brazen piece of her imagined him entering her room, seeing her spread out like this as he opened the door, and he would see just how the thought of him made her wet, desperate, and that he too could be fulfilled by those fantasies.

Soon he would be back to her. He’d mount her and go faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Then he’d understand how painful it was to leave her—he’d never be able to leave her again for so long, the way she’d milked his body would be his addiction.

She contemplated using her magic against her clit to increase the pleasure but she didn’t, imagining slapping his hoof away once he was back. No, she would say, she wanted to focus on how he felt in her. That sensation alone, it didn’t matter if she found release or not. She wanted it engraved in her mind, just what every millimeter did to her insides, just what every shudder of her hips did to his voice, just how deep and fast his thrust could go before it became painful—or if that was even possible anymore.

“Sunburst!” She called out and she quickly brought her free hoof to her mouth, biting down on it. ‘Don’t wake the castle…’ he’d teased, even though he knew exactly what he was doing to make her scream like that. Her entire body was shaking, shaking into her hoof and the pillow—her nostrils flaring as she took in the smell of the sheets looking for his scent and wishing they hadn’t been washed.

Come back to me, come to me, come in me, come in me, come…her thoughts raced, unconscious desires floating around until she gasped—then whimpered loudly—biting down on her hoof to hold in her cries as her orgasm rippled through her legs in bucking convulsions. The memories of his own were in her mind: the groans, the curses, the slurred vowels of her name. The delicious heat of his body leaving her warm on the inside, leaving a piece of himself even when he left.

Slowly, she let her hoof go, ignoring the drool she had left on it. Regaining her breath she drew her sticky hoof from her center and wiped them against his pillow. It didn’t matter much now that she’d left a large wet spot on it—and a devious part of her giggled at the idea of him coming back and discovering it.

She yawned, then took her own pillow, keeping his between her legs, and laid her head down with a sigh. Soon, he would get her letter. And then surely he would run to her. That was the most relaxing thought she had all night, and she finally went to sleep.

Can We Keep Dreaming?

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Maybe each time had been a dream.

He doesn’t just come into my room like that. He doesn’t sit on my bed, whispers my name, or holds me so tenderly. And he certainly doesn’t do it multiple times for no apparent reason. No, none of that. Dreams don’t come true like that. Maybe it was the summer heat, it had been especially hot lately—I can’t even bear to close my window when it cooled down at night—perhaps the heat made me delusional. Whatever the case, a series of sweet fantasies or teasing disillusions, I couldn’t bring myself to believe them to be true. Not at first, anyway.

When I think about our history and the way he distanced himself in the past, his recent actions seemed to have come out of the blue. But at the same time—Celestia help me—it felt right. It didn’t feel right just because I have been fond of him for a long time, it was just intuition. It told me he was where he belonged.

In these dreams—my dreams—Sunburst place is by my side. Logically, I would say he belongs here because he is handsome, intelligent, and the kindest pony I know. I would say he belongs with me because I like him, but logic doesn’t matter in dreams, nor does it matter that I’m head over heels for the guy, he belongs by my side because something else is moving us towards each other, something like inertia. It should happen, it’s a fact of nature. So in my dreams, Sunburst coming to my room isn’t shocking, in fact, it’s quite natural, even expected.

As I would watch him in my dreams, Sunburst would sit at the corner of my bed. He would usually have his back turned towards me at first. Then, after a while, he would turn around, place a hoof on the mattress, and lean towards me. There weren’t very many words, his actions usually spoke for him, and the words he did used were full of love and passion that sometimes scared me with their intensity. But when he would sit there and look directly at me, he would look at me in a way he has never done in the past, nor any other stallion for that matter. I would be trapped under his gaze, his eyes held me there and kept me with him. It excited me, it was a thrill for me to have him here, and it was even more exciting knowing he wanted it to be so.

It was strange when he came to me, with the door close and the two of us alone, the world seemed to shut off if not non-existent to us. We were in a world where time and destiny and duty didn’t tear us apart. It was only apparent that I was dreaming about just him and me, there was nothing but us. We were exclusive beings, acting on our needs and desires, nothing could be more right, we couldn’t ask for more than each other.

When morning came, I never had the courage to bring it up. Part of the reason being that Sunburst acted no different towards me during the day, he was still the same friendly pony he always has been, his head in the clouds and his nose in a book. His normal behavior just served to prove my initial theory, and yet, sometimes I would catch glimpses of the Sunburst of my dreams. I would see a glimpse of some intense emotion flickered through his eyes when I laughed, he would stand a little too close to me when we walked home after the day was over, and lately we were spending more time together as he would find some excuse or activity for us to do.

During the day, I tried not to think about it. It was easy to set aside these thoughts when my responsibilities and my work demanded most of my attention, but at night it was all I could think about. During the rare nights he didn’t show, my day would start with a heavy dose of disappointment, one I would have to swallow painfully and pretend it didn’t bother me as I went through my day.

However, as much as I indulged in these fantasies I knew this couldn’t go on, I had to uncover the truth even if it hurt me. One night, as my dream began once again I woke myself up and spoke at the Sunburst sitting, once again, on the corner of my bed.

“Am I dreaming?” I asked, already convinced that the answer was yes.

Sunburst looked at me for a few moments before crawling closer in my direction, his hoof reaches out and cups my cheek. My eyes fluttered closed at the contact. His hoof is smooth and his touch is very gentle, I encase his hoof with my own and kept him there, pressed to my cheek. The exclusivity caught me again. He was touching me as a lover would. Was this a dream? Am I really holding his hoof? I would play the moment over and over in my mind. The motion of his warm hoof encases in mine. It doesn’t seem like much, but, for me, it’s everything I could hope for and more. The weight of the world is in this hoof, and it felt like he gave it to me when he touched me.

Then his mouth was over mine in a searing kiss. It was nothing like the first ones, which were shy, experimental brushes of lips and seeking touches, this was an actual kiss. I had to wrap my hooves around his neck to keep myself steady as he kissed me, and his hooves moved to my waist and held me close, effectively trapping me—I didn’t necessarily feel that way. Dream or not, I knew that he would let me go if I wanted out, but that was the last thing on my mind. I think I would blast a hole on my wall in frustration if he decided to push me away.

His lips were warm and soft and a little chapped, his beard tickled my chin slightly, and his caresses, though eager, made him a little clumsy. These little details caught my attention and made my heart swell with affection, it was just like I imagine he would kiss me: eagerly, affectionately, and imperfectly. Because that was the kind of pony he was. It gave me the courage to return his kisses with my own eager touches.

We separated, our heaving breathing the only sound in my room, though my ears were roaring with my heartbeat. I could feel my cheeks burning and I buried my face in his chest, hoping that the darkness of the room hid it from his gaze, he chuckled and I felt his laughter vibrating through my skin, it was strangely comforting and I relaxed against him. His hoof went to my mane and played gently with the strands.

“Perhaps we are both dreaming.” He said softly after a length, his voice husky against my ear.

“Perhaps,” I coincided and he continued to play with my hair.

He was warm and soft, almost like a living pillow, even despite the slight muscle and the hard contours of his body that had developed as he grew. When we were kids, I used to tease him slightly about his soft body, I would jab at his side with my hoof and laugh when he would jump at the contact, now I wonder if he was still as jumpy as I remembered, but a dream or not, I didn’t want to ruin the mood. Besides, that wasn’t what I wanted to find out.

I leaned in and place a kiss on the corner of his lips, I lingered there for a moment before I made my way along his jaw. He didn’t stop me, instead, he lifted his head to allow me better access to the sensitive skin underneath, and he rubbed my shoulders in encouragement while I kiss and nibbled his neck.

“Please stay,” I asked and the pleading tone that came with those words made me wince. Not even in dreams, I could make my words sound seductive. He must have read my wince as something else because he hesitated before retreating slightly.

“Are you sure?” He asked, searching for my gaze.

I met his eyes with my own, hoping he could see the determination in them. My dreams always started like this, him asking, sometimes many times during the night; if everything was ok, if I wanted this, if I had changed my mind—and sometimes I did change my mind and he would stop without question. Sometimes we just talked until we fell asleep and other times, we didn’t even talk at all, we just laid together, huddled close until sunrise when he would get up and quietly slipped out of my room. Even though it hurt me when he did that, I never had the courage to stop him. In the morning, it was easier to pretend that nothing had changed.

This was a dangerous game we were playing, and I wasn’t entirely sure about the rules.

“Please stay,” I repeated, with a more confident tone this time, hooking my forelegs to his neck and bringing him closer. “I need you.”

After a moment that felt like an eternity, he leaned in and kissed me softly, muttering a simple, “Okay.”

He had always been gentle with me, ever since we were little and we would wrestle in his backyard he was always careful not to hurt me, even though I was bigger and stronger than him back then. Now the roles have switched, even though he doesn’t lift anything heavier than a pile of books, he was now bigger and a little stronger just by virtue of being male. It was during moments like this that he seemed more aware of the fact and he held me like I was made of glass, it both frustrated me and endear me to him when he did so.

With my forelegs wrapped around his neck I pulled him closer until my back fell to the bed, he followed me willingly. His mouth was pressed to my neck and I felt his hot breath tingling through my skin, warmer than the summer heat, and I shivered at the feeling.

Sunburst begins trailing kisses down my neck, going lower and lower until he passed my barrel, then my stomach, and my breath hitched when his mouth found my nipple, so close to my awakening sex, where he kissed and lick until I was putty in his hooves. My hips bucked slightly, jostling his head, hoping he gets the hint that I wanted him to go lower, where my core was literally weeping for his attention, but he ignores me and continued teasing my breast.

I let out a frustrated groan, and my hooves found his messy mane and tried to push him lower, and again he refused me, holding fast to my hips and nibbling at the sensible buds with his teeth.

“Sunburst!” I cried out, both out of frustration and surprise from his bold actions.

“Starlight,” he whispered, his warm breath caress the sensible skin he just teased. “Tell me what you want.”

I laughed, a breathless sound, and my eyebrow roused with exasperation. “Isn’t it obvious?”

“No,” he answered simply with his own teasing smile. “I want to hear it from you, in detail, what you want me to do to you.”

I huffed, frowning, and looking away. I acted miffed, but in reality, embarrassment curled in my stomach and colored my cheeks.

I was never good at voicing my thoughts, I much preferred to do things than sit around and talking about them. I’m a firm believer that actions spoke louder than words, a philosophy that has gotten me in and out of sticky situations on equal measure. That’s why I was so good with practical magic, but the moment someone asks me to explain the finer details of it I couldn’t; just saying that I had a gut feeling that using so-and-so spell would get the job done didn’t sit well with most scholars.

That’s why Sunburst was such a good teacher. Even when we were foals, he could break down even the most obscure of concepts into something even a hard-head like me could understand. He could probably teach a Pegasus how to fly, despite his lack of wings and experience, just by the sheer amount of books he had read on the subject; it was part of the reason he was Flurry Heart’s mentor, even though he didn’t have an ounce of the power the little filly did. He just understood magic on such a profound level that he could discuss it with anyone, even to baby alicorns who were just beginning to grasp the meaning of words.

I swallowed thickly and tried to put my feelings into words, something I had very little practice with. “I want you…”

Sunburst left his place between my legs and rested his head on my barrel. “You want me to do what?”

“I want you to…to hmm…”

Don’t get me wrong, I knew what I wanted, it was just so embarrassing to say it out loud. I had the hope that I could drop hints with my body during the night, but now that he was making me say it the nerves clamp on my throat and tongue like a vice. When I felled silent, he hummed thoughtfully and the baritones of his voice vibrated through my skin. “Hmm, perhaps you need an incentive.”

His horn glowed like a ray of sunlight in the night, and I gasped when he gripped my calves with his magic and lifted them up, then my gasp turned into a moan when he started licking my center, spreading the lips gently with his telekinesis as he started to explore deeper still. My back arched in pleasure and my hips bucked towards his muzzle as he gently licked the bundle of nerves that throbbed to life.

“Tell me what you want.” He repeated, his voice somewhat muffled.

“I-I want…! I want…want you…!”

Then he took my clit in between his lips and gave it a hard suck, I screamed as stars blurred pass my vision.

“I-I want you to mount me!” I blurted out, the words pouring out in a desperate babble. “I w-want you on top of me! I want you all over me! I want you to make me yours!”

He let go of my clit with one last lick before answering. “As you wish.”

Eagerly, I flipped over to my stomach, laying on my front legs and raising my hips slightly. I hesitated for a moment before I lifted my tail, brushing the hair slightly to the side with my magic and giving him an unobstructed view. It didn’t matter how many times we been together like this, I still felt nervous exposing myself in this way, and I know it’s ridiculous; it’s nothing he hadn’t seen before—heck, nothing he hadn’t been up close and personal with—but still, I wondered if he liked what he saw.

The bed creaks under us as Sunburst stood on his back legs, he braced himself against my barrel and he yielded some of his weight for me to carry. He aligns his hips with mine, his desire brushing briefly over my thighs and my backside, making me shiver with anticipation, and with a little maneuvering, he found my entrance and pressed himself against it.

He went in slowly, gently, cautiously easing himself in me, as this was a new position for the both of us. At first, it didn’t feel any different than usual, except that the newness of this situation brought a thrill of excitement and made me a little more sensitive.

Then I felt it.

With one last push, he entered me completely, and we both gasped as we realized that he was completely sheathed inside me. The feeling made me moan, and I buried my muzzle on my pillow, embarrassed by the sounds that escaped from my mouth but couldn’t do anything to stop them. Now I understood why most mares were crazy about this position: he was so deep, he reached places that he usually couldn’t and it felt amazing.

It took me a moment to realize how still Sunburst was, the realization made me break out of my haze somewhat and I turned to face him (as much as I could, at least) but only saw his head vowed over the corner of my eye, his messy mane hiding his face from me.

“Sunburst?” I asked, shifting slightly under him as I tried to get a better look at him, but he stopped me.

He gripped my barrel almost painfully and hugged me closer to him, grinding his hips so firmly against me that I couldn’t move. I gasped, taken by surprise by his sudden roughness, and I dug my hooves firmly into the mattress so we wouldn’t fall off.

“I-I’m sorry, j-just don’t move okay?” he said, his voice strained and short out of breath.


He laughed slightly, which sounded like a mix between a wheeze and a moan, before answering me. “Because you feel amazing.”

I blushed and the complement sent a wave of pleasure from my heart to the rest of my body, and he must have felt it because he moaned and ground his hips to my backside with stuttering thrusts. “I t-told you not to move.”

I giggled but listened and I laid motionless, waiting for him to compose himself.

Eventually, he let go of my barrel and placed his hooves on the blankets, his hips began thrusting, and setting a slow and steady rhythm as we both got used to this new position. He was so close to me, I could feel his hot breath over my withers, his barrel caressing my back, and his hips grinding on my backside as he filled me in a way I had never been filled before. It felt wonderful, and I could feel a familiar pressure building, but it would not go far at this rate.

I began to meet his thrusts with my own, catching him by surprise and making him gasp. He began to pick up speed, the sound of our flesh meeting filled the room and the noises were so lewd it made me embarrassed, but at the same time, it excited me. Then one of his thrusts met a sensitive spot, making me moan louder the before, so loud that it woke me from my daze. Now truly embarrassed by the sounds leaving my mouth, I but my hoof in an attempt to muffle them.

My actions didn’t go unnoticed. “S-Starlight,” he panted, leaning close to my ear as he kept his steady thrusts. “I can’t see your face…so, please, don’t hide your voice from me…let me hear how it feels.”

I played dumb for a moment, pretending I hadn’t heard what he said, but he called my bluff by once again thrusting that sweet spot, making me gasp.

“It feels…” I moaned, letting go of my hoof, leaving a trail of drool behind. “It feels amazing!”

I let go of my inhibitions and let myself enjoy it. I was tired of hiding, of pretending that what I feel wasn’t important, I wanted him to understand how much he meant to me, and if voicing my pleasure was the means to get him to understand, and then so be it. With that hurdle out of the way, he was more eager with his motions, doing everything he could to make me moan and sigh his name. I didn’t hold back, I told him how good it felt, gave him praises and call out when he pressed deep inside me.

His thrusts became faster and faster, going as deep as he could. The sweet tension was reaching its breaking point and I closed my eyes tightly as it burst; my hips bucked on their own volition, my back arched as the pleasure swept through me. I think I might have screamed his name, but it was lost in the pleasure that ran through my body like lightning.

When I finally regained my senses, I noticed that Sunburst held me tightly, almost painfully so. I laid on my side, encased in Sunburst embraced as he quivered with his own release, I could hear his moans of satisfaction, his hot breath on my neck and the slow grinding of his hips on my rear, I sluggishly responded with my own thrusts but they weren’t more than small movements.

We laid there for what seemed like an eternity, the night warm and humid, but cool when compared to our heated skins. My limbs felt listless, making it impossible to move away from Sunburst even if I wanted to, and it seemed like he wasn’t going to let me go anytime soon, so I sighed and closed my eyes, basking in the afterglow.

He nuzzled the back of my head, taking a deep breath before speaking softly: “Can we keep dreaming?”

I smiled before answering. “Maybe this dream will never end.”

We fell asleep after that and the next morning, when I opened my eyes I looked at the edge of my bed. Sunburst was there, his hair a mess of red spilled over the white pillow, his breathing soft and even, his face relaxed and his eyes closed as he dreamed. I licked my lips and could still taste him on my skin.

“No,” I whispered to his sleeping face. “I hope this dream never ends.”

One Night in the Sun

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A hushed whisper left his lips.

“I feel attracted to you.”

A pleading sound, a hint of helplessness bleeding into the words.

They hung loosely in the air and, for a moment, Sunburst wasn’t even sure if she’d even listened. His heart hammered so loudly he was sure she could hear it. He swallowed thickly, feeling vulnerable, and wanted to pull back, run away, or even sink into the floor. She didn’t return his feelings, did she? His cheeks colored, his ears lowered, and his back hooves paced slightly in discomfort. He looked away and pushed his glasses up his nose with a shaky hoof.

Her eyes widened, from shock or surprise, he wasn’t sure, and looked at him like she was seeing him for the first time. Had he confessed? To her? The childhood friend that had never left her mind even as the years passed, but surely didn’t believe that something like this could ever happen? It never even crossed her mind, it wasn’t one of those things she believed would come true.

Were her ears playing tricks on her? No, that wasn’t it, it was simply her mind trying to come to terms that such an impossibility was, in fact, a possibility.

But what about…

…no. It didn’t matter. She was the one he had confessed to. And she wasn’t going to let it go just like that.

Feeling bold, she raised a hoof to his chin, lifting his gaze slightly to meet her eyes. Along the way she brushed his messy goatee, tenderly petting the heated skin of his jaw. The gentleness of her touch was so unexpected that he looked at her with wide eyes before he could even speak, she placed her lips over his—and suddenly, abruptly, without warning, the world stopped.

It was a simple press of the lips. Soft and gentle, almost shy at first, then it became more demanding, as both ponies came to terms with the other's answers. The smell of her shampoo filled his nostrils. Somehow the simple thought shook something deep within. The insides of his chest twisted and curled in a way that made him shudder and melt all at once. The feelings that overcame him were so sudden, he couldn’t describe them, much less identified them, like he’d been struck by lightning and was left reeling with the aftershocks.

She kissed him more passionately than he’d ever been kissed before. He wasn’t sure if he should touch her, he didn’t even know where to place his hooves, especially when Starlight’s forelegs found a place in his chest, just above his stuttering heartbeat. The only thing he was certain about was that he had to keep kissing her.

He met her lips again and again until he felt satisfied, leaning his forehead to hers and breathing deeply.

“…I also feel the same way.” She whispered, breaking the sudden silence between them.

Her azure eyes bore into his with such intensity that he wanted to look away, but he didn’t. The feelings swirled and spooled in his mind, making him feel light-headed. It felt so different when he was around Starlight, everything did, and when she touched him it made him think of things he would never have thought of otherwise. Things that weren’t appropriate to do to one’s friend. When the dizziness turned hard to ignore, he realized he had been holding his breath, embarrassed he inhaled deeply and breathed out with a shaky sigh.

Her taste, her touch, her scent…All that was her overwhelmed his senses and made him long for more. He wanted so much more. He had been given the taste of something amazing and he wanted to try it over and over again.

“Starlight, can I kiss you again?” he asked impatiently. He couldn’t believe he was asking this, but it was all he craved at the moment.

“Sure,” she said, with a giggle and a smile that promised a whole lot of trouble.

He leaned in and catch her lips in his own, savoring the feeling, uncaring of the consequences. To be able to kiss her in such a way and to do so with her approval just blew his mind. How long he’d long for such an opportunity? He didn’t care to remember, now that she’d accepted him.

He deepened the kiss when she raised her head and she let him ran a hoof over her withers, let it tangle in her mane, and drawing her closer still. He let his tongue stroke over hers and she gradually did the same with his.

“Sir Sunburst?”

A knock on the door brought them both back to reality, Starlight swiftly pulled away with one last brushing kiss on the corner of his lips, she smiled mischievously and turned to the desk, pulling a parchment and reading its contents. Sunburst took a moment to breathe and calm himself before calling out.

“Y-Yes?” He cleared his throat when it came out like a croak and repeated himself, his voice sounding more or less normal.

The door to the room opened and a maid bowed politely in the doorway. Sunburst did his best to ignore the way the maid’s eyes flickered between him and Starlight. He stood still, acting casual, while his insides were twisting with dread. Either way, she would come to her conclusion, no matter what he said or did, the maid would probably spread rumors—what was he thinking?! She hadn’t caught them in the act, heck, she didn’t even see them until she opened the door!

“Dinner will be served shortly, Sir Sunburst, Miss Glimmer.”

He swallowed and nodded in the maid’s direction. “Alright, thank you. St-oh?” He’d turned around to call for her but she was already by his side, smiling. He didn’t know she could move so fast, and how come she looked so calm while he was still nervous and flustered? He felt a small pang in his heart, but he forced it down. He was over-thinking things.

Starlight did her best to hide her knowing smile as Sunburst looked on in confusion. She had always been better at hiding her thoughts, putting on a straight face, and a pleasant smile so as not to alert others of her scheming; sure, she had fallen out of practice since becoming Twilight’s student, but the habit was still there. Although behind her confident expression she was just as flustered and happy as he was.

“Shall we go, then?” The maid said and turned her tail to the room.

She led them out of the chamber and down several halls before stopping beside a polished oak door. She bowed again and motioned them to go inside where Princess Cadance awaited them.

The ballroom was huge and the food was delicious. Thousands of magical lights floated around the room and reflected on the crystal walls of the palace, making it seemed like they were dancing under the stars. He tried to take it all in, enjoy himself, and focus on the music that swept the dancers in a dreamlike trance, but he couldn’t. His traitorous mind kept bringing up images of the recently shared kiss, making him pause and daydream as he watched the ballroom. He could still feel her lips on him, warm and incredibly soft, and he bit his lip in contemplation, puzzled with the conundrum that was Starlight Glimmer. All he knew was that he wanted another kiss—a deeper and longer one, with no interruptions, in which he could test how far she would let him take it, how far he was willing to go with her.

His imagination didn’t fail to supply him with images of the possibilities, which were surprisingly vivid and explicit. He gripped his wine glass and down its contents in one gulp, trying to control himself. From time to time Starlight would look at him strangely, an eyebrow raised and mouth pressed in a thin line, but the expression was softened by the concern he saw there. He tried to reassure her with a smile and a wave of his hoof, placing the empty wine glass on the table and picking up a glass of sparkly apple cider instead, lifting it slightly for her approval. She smiled then, a genuine one, before returning her attention to her food.

…It was moments like this that he regretted sitting in front of her, he could feel her gaze burning into his very soul. His cheeks turned red and he couldn’t control it, much to his embarrassment. It was then when Princess Cadance asked if he was alright, he looked up startled by her concern, she pointed out the flush on his face and he smiled nervously.

“Oh, it’s just the wine, Your Highness, nothing to worry about.” He answered though he had stopped drinking it some time ago.

The party continued but he didn’t join the guests on the floor, he was more than happy to stand aside and watch the dancers twirled around with the music. Especially on Starlight, who moved with such grace and passion that he couldn't look away. After every dance, she would lock her gaze with his from across the room, a silent invitation, but his shyness didn’t let him accept so he would look away every time until a new song started again.

Shining Armor found him then and pulled him towards his group of friends, fellow ex-cadets from his military school, and he was sucked into a conversation of politics and the like. Soon he became so engrossed in the talk that he didn’t realize how fast time passed.

The conversation simmered down enough for him to excuse himself, once goodnights were exchanged he made his way to the exit, noticing that there weren’t that many dancers on the floor anymore. It was then that he spotted her, standing by one of the pillars, and he changed his course without thinking, clearing his throat to catch her attention as he approached her.

“Ah, I was thinking I’d take a walk in the gardens before heading to bed,” he said quickly before Starlight had a chance to say anything.

“Is it alright if I join you?”

Again he felt that dull sting in his chest. The nonchalance in her voice made him second guess himself, but since there were still plenty of guests bustling about he understood that she couldn’t act as avidly as she wanted to.

Sunburst swallowed and nodded slowly. “If you want, I don’t mind.” Oh, he did mind…Even if it was only a little. The majority of him wanted to be alone with her and see if his fantasies come true—oh, now, this was getting ridiculous! He wasn’t some hormonal teenager sneaking around with his special mare, but a grown stallion…sneaking around with a mare that wasn’t his official special mare.

They walked to the back doors that led to the gardens, opening the glass doors and stepping outside where the cold air of the Crystal Empire greeted them. It wasn’t a bitter winter cold that caressed them, but a refreshing kind of coolness that made him sigh. It felt really good, and it even seemed to calm his nerves, giving him enough courage to look at Starlight, who smiled cheekily and walked ahead.

She didn’t speak until they were behind a wall of hedges. “It seems you were having interesting thoughts during dinner, not to mention that certain look…”

He coughed awkwardly and tried to act as innocently as possible. “What look?”

“Oh, you know,” she said with a cocked of her eyebrow. “That look a stallion gives a mare when he’s…interested,” she turned to him and touched his shoulder. “It’s very flattering and hard to resist, that’s why I was trying to get you to dance with me; since it was the only way I could answer freely out in the open.”

…That was his cue. He could take it or leave it.

He mentally prepared himself and hoped he didn’t look too much like a stallion with only one thing on his mind. He blinked and ran a hoof over his goatee.

“If I had danced with you, h-how would you have responded?”

She didn’t answer, at least not with words, instead, she pushed him until his tail met the back wall of the pavilion they had been walking on, pulling him close. The kiss that followed began as a soft and gentle stroke, then it became heated and ardent. Soon he felt her hooves trailing the sides of his neck before wrapping securely over his withers.

Unexpected, but not unwelcome. He moaned slightly into her mouth when she bit his lip gently. He gripped her by the shoulders and brought her as close as he could, and it still wasn’t enough. As the caresses escalated, a familiar pressure was building under his stomach, and was glad for the long cape he wore. The embarrassment still made his cheeks flushed, even more, making him more aware of his inexperience when Starlight’s tongue slipped through his mouth and he answered with his clumsy one.

His mind raced for an answer, an example he could follow, but he had nothing to compare this too. Not the awkward fumbles of his adolescent days in Magic School, not the Wild Stud magazines that encourage the male to take the first step, along with the images of unreceptive mares posing suggestively on the page. Starlight was the opposite of passive and she seemed more than happy to take the reins of the situation, even so, part of him wanted to reciprocate somehow.

Starlight tore her lips from his own and trailed kisses down his throat. The control was slipping from him with every kiss. Should he stopped her and try to regain some control over the situation? Or just let her continue to ravish him on the spot? The thought excited and overwhelmed him at the same time.

“I want you, Sunburst,” she finally breathed against the skin of his neck. He nodded, unable to answer due to the haze of emotions that clouded his mind. He couldn’t deny his desire even if he wanted to.

Sunburst's breath hitched when Starlight hoof pushed past his cloak and slipped underneath. What…What was she doing? No…he knew exactly what she was planning. But with her she had never—why was he still thinking of her while Starlight was here, seducing him? He squeezed his eyes shut and focused on nothing but her touch.

Her hoof trailed the soft fur of his barrel, passing his stomach until he found his unsheathed manhood where she gave him a short, teasing stroke.

His hips jerked and he bit back a curse. He moaned again and he closed his eyes tightly as her hoof took him in a firmer grip and began fondling his most intimate area.

He gasped into her ear and somewhat embarrassed he buried his face into the crook of her neck. Oh, oh no…it was so…embarrassing and unbelievable that they were doing this in the Royal Gardens…but that didn’t mean he wanted to stop.

“Starlight…” he sighed and trailed kisses on her exposed neck.

When she began to caress his member in a steady motion, his hips bucked slightly and he groaned in pure bliss. Without thinking, he bit her neck and she shuddered, panting in surprise, taking that as a good sign he continued his teasing nibbles, wanting to hear what other noises he could coax out of her. She stroke him more enthusiastically, gripping him more firmly and rubbing over the sensible head, which was already dripping with his essence.

Sunburst felt the alcohol and the desire coursing through his veins, he gladly let himself sink into it, surrendering his senses to it without a second thought. All that mattered now was what Starlight was doing to him, as he could feel his climax slowly approaching…

“Hello? Is anyone there?”


He inhaled in shock and his teeth accidentally nipped Starlight’s shoulder, making her wince with the sudden pain. She let him go and he felt a sudden and deep frustration rise within him. Sunburst flinched and ducked behind the pavilion, pulling Starlight along with him.

Peeking out from the side of the pavilion he saw a guard stroll around the garden a few feet from them, looking around with a confused but alarmed expression. Thank the stars he hadn’t come earlier, he wouldn’t have noticed him. The world could have ended and he wouldn’t have cared. The guard walked towards the pavilion and Sunburst panicked. What would he think if he saw him and Starlight hiding? If they indeed had nothing to hide there would have been no problem. But seeing as they were actually hiding just made their case worst.


A chill went up to his spine when Starlight whispered his name. Just when he turned his head to look at her, she took his hoof in hers and guided him quietly towards a door she found behind a bush. They snuck inside and quietly closed the door behind them. The cool air from the outside was replaced with the warmth of the room.

The first thing they noticed was the aroma, a strong scent of spices surrounded them, pepper, paprika, oregano, hazel…and others he couldn’t identify. Either way, the scent was pleasant but a little overbearing.

Luckily, they were the only ones there.

“Oh, a kitchen,” Starlight said surprised, and looked around. She would have never guessed that this room was there, and it was surprisingly roomy as well, for a kitchen.


“Huh?” She said, somewhat surprised by the impatience she heard in his voice.

He was still fired up and couldn’t hold back, even less now than they were alone in a room. Secured in the knowledge that no one would walk in on them now, all shyness had disappeared. The crystaller urged her to lay on a nearby pile of neatly folded table cloths, and he encased her in his hooves. He brought his lips down in a fiery kiss, hormones racing in his blood with such a speed he thought he was going to burst. His heart pounded in his chest as he nipped her lips one last time before dragging his lips down her jaw and neck and nibbling at the skin he found there. She moaned in response, raising her head to give him better access.

He smiled at her pleased noises and continued to place kisses and bites all over her neck. It thrilled him in some sadistic way to find a weak spot on the otherwise cool and cunning friend of his, and he felt a swell of manly pride in his chest. He slid his hoof over her chest, his horn glowed and he began pulling on the zipper of her dress and then fumbled with the sash that held it together. With that out of the way, he pulled back and pushed her dress open, and marveled at her delicate figure.

It shouldn’t be as exciting to see her as it was. Starlight fell in with the majority of those who only dress up if the occasion demanded it, opting out of clothes for her everyday life, so technically it was nothing he hadn’t seen before. But he had never seen her like this: on her back, surrounded by a pile of messy table cloths, laying still, watching him with shimmering eyes, a blush dusting her cheeks that was part arousal and part embarrassment.

He’d been allowed to look, but never touch. Until now.

Starlight positioned her hoof on the back of his neck and caressed the skin there. “Do you like what you see?”

His eyes snapped back up to hers, he smiled sheepishly and nodded. “A lot.”

His heart skipped a beat when she pulled him in for another kiss, her hooves gripping his mane almost painfully and he groaned into her mouth, tasting her tongue and marveling at the feeling. He pressed his body a little closer to hers, careful not to crush her, and Starlight wrapped her hooves around him, drawing him nearer.

His blush increased when she moved her hips against his, simply trying to get more comfortable, and she accidentally brushed his member with her thigh. It twitched in response to the contact, and there was no denying that she felt it, much to his embarrassment. She paused, confirming his suspicions when she bucked her hips sharply. A surprised gasp followed by a groan left him and he bucked his hips against hers, biting his lips to suppress any more sounds.

Sunburst wanted nothing more than to continue, but stopped himself, lifting his hips enough so they weren’t pressed against hers. She looked up in confusion, even as her hooves fiddled with the brooch of his cape and she tossed aside without a second thought.

His foreleg trailed down her hip, and paused just above her cutie mark, tracing nervous circles over the soft fur. “Starlight…can I…?” He blushed ten shades of red, not believing he was asking this.

Her confused smile turned smug. “Can you what, Sunburst?”

He swallowed and thought he might die of embarrassment then and there. She was playing coy with him, he knew that, just as he knew that she wouldn’t budge until he gave her an answer.

“Can I…t-touch you?” he squawked. He’d never had to ask to do something like this, whenever she was with her he just—He really should stop comparing the two of them.

She wasn’t done torturing him though, and she merely cocked her head to the side, the perfect image of innocence. “I’m not sure I understand—but,” she cut him off before he could protest, running a hoof over his mane and pushing him down. “How about you show me what you’re talking about.”

His eyes widened and he nodded dumbly, quickly lowering himself the rest of the way until he was at her entrance. With careful hooves he spread the lips, noticing that a thin layer of her juices already coated her flower. He lowered his muzzle closer, looking up at her for approval, and when she nodded he went in with a firm lick.

She moaned and her hips twitched as he continued his exploration. His tongue dipped into her entrance, and he marveled at the sounds she made when he teased her, it spurred him on to kiss and taste even more.

When his tongue swept over her pearl she sucked in a breath. “Oh, my…You don’t seem like a beginner at this.”

“Ah, well, I’ve had my share of tries,” he simply said.

And he had. Back in Magic School, he recalled this pretty upperclassman who helped him with his schoolwork, who he had a major crush on since day one…they’d fooled around during some study sessions, but never went beyond that…and when she dumped him, it had been the final nail in the coffin that made him dropped out of Magic School… But he didn’t want to think about it. He only wishes to focus on the here and now, the moans that rang in his ears, urging him on…

Suddenly he has pushed away gently, interrupting him. He looked up at her with alarm. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” she said, somewhat huskily. “I just think that’s quite enough for now.”

“Huh…? But don’t you want to…”

“Where would the fun in that be?”

She sat up, grabbing him by the shoulders. There was a flash of teal blue, and he was suddenly on his back gazing at the ceiling, he didn’t even have time to gasp when Starlight was on top of him. They looked at each other for a while and his heartbeat picked up speed. How could a single look make him feel so desired?

She leaned down and kiss his lips, the corners of them, his cheeks and jaw and slowly sliding lower and lower.

By Starswirl’s beard, he loved those hooves. Especially now that she was touching him. Her soft hooves took hold of his member once more, wrapping it around his thickness and pushing it up and down his length repeatedly. At first, she tested what he liked and what made him grunt and groaned before tightening her grip.

He shuddered when she picked up speed, using his pre-cum as lubrication. She gave special attention to the head, tracing the top firmly before trailing back down to the base. She leaned in and kissed his neck, while her other hoof gripped and teased his mane, messing it up even further than it usually was.

He thought he was going to go crazy. Die and lose his mind…or was it the other way around? Darn it, he couldn’t care less. The familiar tension was close to its breaking point. He leaned his head back, grinding his teeth to stop himself from moaning. His hips jerked in time with her motions, which only got faster the closer he got to his climax.

When he came he let out a series of long moans, but Starlight brought his face closer to hers, kissing him and swallowing his delighted whines until they became pleased sighs. He fell back on top of the messy pile of table cloths, feeling like a lump of boneless quivering flesh. He wasn’t sure how much time passed, only that he faintly heard Starlight moving around, then his eyes widened when he felt something warm and humid on his sensitive length.

She wasn’t going to—?

“W-Wait!” With newfound energy he sat up, trying to close his legs, but she kept them apart with her hooves pressed against his inner thighs.

“Don’t be so shy,” she said daintily.

“But, Sta—aaaah!” He yelped and gripped the sides of the wrinkled table cloths for support.

She traced her tongue over the flared head of his cock, licking up the mess she found there. When her mouth took in as much as she could, using her hooves to trace the rest of him, he gave up and just let his groans slip by unchecked. He laid back down, taking in everything and let himself just feel.

He wanted her. He wanted her so badly, he thought as another swell of pleasure dragged him under, making him shudder and giddy with anticipation. With one last lick, she lifted her head, wiping her chin with the back of her hoof before coming back up to him.

“How was that? Not that bad, was it?”

He snorted and shook his head, wrapping his hooves around her, and kissed her shyly, partly forced to taste himself. She parted his lips with her tongue and wandered the insides of his mouth just like she had done between his legs…What a sly tongue.

He parted from the kiss but he only retreated enough for him to speak clearly. “Starlight…” He mumbled. He couldn’t take it anymore and he held her closer. “Please, I want you now.”

She smiled and nuzzled his nose affectionately. “Of course.”

Without further ado, she lifted her hips and position herself over his member, adjusting it slightly so it was aligned with her center, and she slid down slowly. He gasped when her tight walls clamped around him while she sighed his name. The feelings that swept through him almost made him push harder into her. Her scent drove him mad and smelling himself on her made him feel unbelievably good.

Slowly she pressed herself onto him, and Sunburst enjoyed every emotion that swept over her face. He wished he could record it somehow, so he could gaze at it whenever he wanted.

Once she was fully sheathed, she sat still, giving them both a chance to take in the sensations, appreciate the moment. Their eyes met and they both felt suddenly bashful, smiling nervously at the other and giggling breathlessly. It was ridiculous to feel this way now that they have come so far, but it could not be helped and they didn’t care to examine it, so they simply let it be. Starlight put her hooves on his shoulders, steadying herself as she began to grind on his lap. Soon they found and followed a steady rhythm, the sounds of heavy breathing, and the whisper of flesh against flesh filled the room.

He should have felt mortified by the situation, but he was so lost in the pleasure that the world ceased to exist for him. His usually tumultuous mind was quiet for once, focusing single-mindedly on the mare over him: her gasps and moans, the blush under her long eyelashes, the way her mane bounced with her every move; he had never seen something so beautiful, as cheesy as it sounded.

His hooves gripped her hips, steadying her as he thrust vigorously into her, making her yelp in surprise and grasping his shoulders. She arched her back as she met his thrusts with her own, raising her head to the ceiling as the sensations overwhelmed her, but Sunburst followed her, lifting his muzzle to kiss and lick every inch of skin he could reach.

It was the final push to send her over the edge. “Sunburst, I-I…” her words dissolved into a throaty moan, coming undone with a final thrust of her hips, draping herself over Sunburst as she recovered.

The sight was so purely erotic that he could barely hold himself back anymore. He held her tightly as he reached his climax, with one more thrust he came inside her with a moan, closing his eyes so tightly he saw stars blooming behind his eyelids. They held each other as they caught their breaths, Sunburst slowly lowered them both to the ground, his back against the floor, Starlight draped loosely on top of him, her weight pinning him down but it wasn’t unbearable so he let her be.

Sunburst felt weightless, he was sure he would have floated away if Starlight weren’t on top of him, and he wanted nothing more than to roll over and sleep. As he took a deep breath, his sluggish mind reminded him where he was, taking in the smell of spices blended with the aroma of sex.

“That was…” He paused, licking his lips and blinking his eyes. “Overwhelming.”

Starlight giggled, and the vibrations sent pleasant shivers through his skin. “I’ll take that as a compliment, Sunny.” She kissed his heated skin with such tenderness that made his heart flutter.

He blushed and looked away, gazing at the barrels of food around them, noticing that the image was slightly blurrier than usual and that his nose felt strangely light…

“Starlight,” he said, reaching out above him with his free hoof. “Have you seen my glasses?”

She didn’t answer, simply buried her face a little more firmly into his chest. He looked around with his blurry vision for them, patting the surface of the wrinkled fabric they laid on for the familiar shape of his glasses. Just when he was about to sit up to look for them, there was a flash of blue and the world came back into focus.

“…Thanks,” he said after a moment, once his vision cleared.

Starlight sighed and slowly lifted herself, prodding him on the side as she did so. “Would you mind? You’re on my dress.”

He complied, lifting himself enough so she could retrieve her gown, it was wrinkled beyond recognition but undamaged. He watched her from the corner of his eye as he got dressed, finding his cape easily and his brooch hiding behind a box of cabbages. Her mane, undone and messy, fell like a curtain over her face, and she didn’t care to brush it aside as she put on her dress. Sunburst dressed quickly and tried to fix his mane, a useless endeavor but he thought he should at least try. Once his mane was somewhat presentable he turned to Starlight and saw her struggling with the sash of her dress.

“Here, allow me.” He said and step up to her, taking the ends of the fabric with his magic.

She stood still as he worked and he felt a tinge of embarrassment, the act of dressing her up felt strangely intimate, which was ridiculous when compared with what they’d just done. However, something about having her standing so close, with her facing the other way and her back exposed to his eyes only, spoke of a level of trust that struck a chord in him, a sort of intimacy he’d never experience until now.

One he shouldn’t be experiencing with Starlight.

He finished tying the sash into a neat bow at her back and stepped aside as she smoothed the wrinkled fabric of her dress, at the same time she fixed her mane with a quick spell and she looked like nothing was amiss. Their eyes met for a moment before Sunburst looked away awkwardly.

“Starlight, I…Look, I care about you, but this can’t—”

“I know.” She cut him off, her voice was firm but he heard a waver a sadness in her tone. “I know.”

She didn’t meet his gaze again, her head lowered enough so her neatly trimmed bangs covered her eyes; he moved closer, to comfort her or confront her he didn’t know, but he never had the chance to find out, because Starlight quickly turned away from his seeking touch, leaving his extended hoof hanging uselessly between them. She headed for the door without giving him a second glance.

“I’ll talk to you later.” She said and closed the door behind her.

He wasn’t sure how he got to his room after that, he was so dazed in his emotions that it was a miracle he found his quarters at all. The uneasiness he felt didn’t dissipate even as he dreamed, only served to cover his dreams in a layer of misery that tortured him the whole night: he dreamed of her eyes, the sad frown of her mouth as she uttered those two little words that cut deeper than a sword ever could: I know. I know. I know.

The next morning, at breakfast, Princess Cadance told him that Starlight had left earlier that morning on the first train to Ponyville.

Winter Flowers

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It all starts during a waxing afternoon.

At the start of summer, when the sunshine fills the places the spring couldn't reach; rains down through the trees to the water where it glimmers. Even the ripples on the fishponds move lazily when the wind can't be bothered and it smells like grass and dry heat. Those days are the best for reading outside, she thinks, because the pages sit still under her hooves. You get a little warm, but it's not an uncomfortable feeling—it's almost like the world's wrapping a cozy blanket around you.

Maybe it's because the first time it happened was in the afternoon, and she could taste the summer on his skin. Or maybe it was the way the light fell around them in ruptures through the textured window as the sun tipped over to the west, hours before it tinted everything golden. Few memories are kept as vividly as that one, and in so many of her senses; the blurring greenery in her peripherals as they walked, the wind whipping past her ears, where he'd later whisper, and oh...oh, yes, that was it. The delicious friction of his muzzle on the skin of her neck, sticky with the summer heat, and the exertion of walking to their secluded place. That was the first place he'd ever touched her so intimately, as he'd come up from behind her.

Thinking about it now still makes the heat pool, long after discovering that there are much lovelier places to be touched.

Today, it's not the afternoon, and it's certainly not the summer. Dawn breaks over the horizon, and it's a glowing, saturated magenta that she wants to drink in, but the wind bites too sharply for her to keep her eyes open for more than a couple of seconds at a time. Sunburst suggested that she walked next to him for this exact reason, and she didn’t argue even if doesn’t block out the winter wind completely. His heat envelops her fully this way, emanating through his coats, seeping through hers, all the way down to the skin. It's an impossible warmth, evident even without the sharp contrast of the weather. In touch and presence, it radiates. Like the sun. No, that's not quite accurate. She thinks better of it, thinks of his lips against her cheeks, smooth as her hoof across a turning page, and the way being held by him feels like a cold glass of water pressed up against a sunburn. If a summer afternoon were a living creature, it would be him. That's it. She leans against him contentedly as they walked the faintly trodden path, brown leaves crunching underhoof. Something that feels like a kiss presses through the hood on her head.

She supposes the others have to know by now—there's no way they haven't been followed before. Their friends were a nosy but caring bunch, and even if they weren’t...well, there are few reasons she and Sunburst would ever be missing from the castle grounds without informing anyone. Sneaking out is second nature to her, but their friends are wise to her ways (and his, now, apparently). Twilight and Cadance are too nonchalant, and Shining Armor teases Sunburst a little too much for them not to know. Still, they've never said a word, never asked any questions. She wonders if it's their strange way of giving their blessing.

She's thankful for the stolen hours they've been granted as the cottage comes into view, the far wall dripping orange light. It's been a while since they've had the chance to come here together. Too long, she thinks, as Sunburst clears the snow with his magic. He takes her hoof so she doesn’t slip on a patch of ice and sends her stomach somersaulting, and she nearly whimpers when it falls away.

Oh, she has it bad.

When she looks up at him, she wonders how he's real. All flawless gold tinged with alabaster, eyes sparkling like a starry night even as the sky behind him brightens. She's seen the cobalt of his irises darken enough times to know when he has it bad, too. She noticed it before the words had even left his mouth in her doorway in the dead of night, felt herself answering before he could ask. Let's go. I've missed you so much. She can't feel the cold now, but she shivers.

Sunburst smiles at her. His gaze is hungry.

"There’s still some snow to clear. You should get inside and warm up."

She has half a mind to tell him the only way that'll happen is when he peels her clothes off and warms her up himself. Instead, she smiles back.

"I'll start the fireplace."

The cottage is small but entirely charming, a nearly open room comprised of a stove, a table and chairs, a bed, and a rug. Beyond a narrow hallway, there's a bath that they've only used in the warmer seasons. The fire makes quick work of the standing chill, and after fifteen minutes, save for a layer of dust, you can hardly tell it's been vacant for months.

It's been months.

She's used to it now, the waiting. It's not that she doesn't notice it, or that it's not difficult, it's just—it's how things have always been between them. He's a Royal Crystaller, and she's a counselor in a controversial school, and a lot of the time they get to see each other, but sometimes they don't. Sometimes their positions call them far away, for long periods of time, and that's okay—except for when it's not. A quiet sadness stirs in the pit of her stomach, and she wills it away as she grabs an armful of blankets from the closet. Sunburst made a promise to her long ago, one they're both worked hard to make good on. It's just a matter of time now, a final stretch, as the last pieces fall into place. She's used to the waiting, she's been at it for years.

Besides, in this place, it ceases to exist.

When the front door creaks open, she's already undressed.


There's something so intensely satisfying about the look on his face. There's surprise there, definitely—for one thing, it's still freezing, even with blazing fire she's made a nest in front of. And while it's not unlike her to be forward about things, she doesn't even feel her cheeks redden as she watches him exert the effort to keep his eyes intently on hers. Warmth instead pools elsewhere, and she feels the inside of her lip pull between her teeth. Such a gentlecolt, always.

But she wants him to look, wants to feel his eyes trace her, so she moves her tail where she had it wrapped around her back legs, hoping his eyes will follow the movement as her tail slowly moves and reveals her most intimate area.

They do.

"I couldn't wait," she admits, but he's already closing the door and striding across the room, his coats hitting the floor behind him.

"Please, just...please." She's mewling, her voice an alien whine in her ears, a sound she didn't know she could make. It can't be helped; his hooves are slick against her wetness, but he keeps teasing her, circling her clit and then purposefully dipping lower. It's driving her absolutely insane. She bucks her hips up, following the pressure of his hoof, but much to her dismay, it disappears.

His voice is honey in her ear.

"Tell me what you want."

"You know," she accuses, her eyes fluttering shut as he trails his tongue along the curve of her jaw.

"Mmm," he agrees, just as his mouth closes over a sensitive spot of her neck, the vibration sparking light behind her eyelids. She arches, her back leaving the blankets beneath them, but his foreleg is quick at her ribcage, pressing her down again. So alluringly maddening, this Sunburst. She's in no mood to take it slow, but he seems hellbent on making her weep before he'll give into her. He's never been this bold before, but then, neither has she. Something is different about this visit; something lingers in the air here akin to the howling bluster outside. It's a voracious wild, clawing beneath the confines of her skin. Far from still, far from quiet, far from a lazy afternoon.

"I do know," he says, upon releasing her, his lips still brushing her skin. "But I've never heard you say it."

Is that what it will take? Does he think that she can't, that she's too embarrassed? Maybe it is a little embarrassing, but for Celestia's sake. Her hooves find his face, pulling so that he'll look up at her. Her cheeks bloomed red, but her eyes don't waver, and neither does her voice.

"I want to come. I want you to make me come."

She's never seen a color burn the way blue does.

A protest bubbles up her throat when he pulls further away from her, but it's stifled when his hooves push at her thighs and he lowers his mouth to the place she's wanted all along.

"Oh!" Oh, indeed. She only expected his hooves, but his tongue is lapping against her clit in quick, gentle strokes, sending crackling pleasure up her spine. Her hooves grip the blankets and her head falls back with an almost painful thud. The floor. She nearly forgot that she opted for warmth over comfort, but the blanketed wood isn't bothersome. In fact, as Sunburst pulls her legs snug against his head, she finds the contrasting rigidity aiding in her desperate climb.

"Sunburst, I, I—" One of her hooves fists in his hair, silk against her skin, and his tongue increases pressure and pace. Her hips move in time, grinding against his mouth, and she's staring at the ceiling but she can't see it, can't see anything except stars.

And then his hoof pushes into her.

She clenches around it.

He must feel it, because he groans into her, his tongue faltering for just a second, the longest second of her life.

"Please, I—"

She doesn't have to beg this time. He gladly obliges, resuming, withdrawing his hoof before driving it in again. And again. And again. Not all the way, just enough to keep her at the edge, pressing against the wall that makes her buck, the spot that draws those short, shrill noises right out of her. No matter how long it's been, every time he touches her he remembers her body like a life-long skill, like writing, like a second language, and—

"Yes, yes, yes, yes..."

And she's coming, pleasure spiraling all the way to the tip of her horn, gasping as her muscles clamp repeatedly around his unrelenting hoof, crying out as she falls apart. He never stops when she seizes, just flicks his tongue faster, harder, drawing out every last pang of her orgasm. Her hoof is gripping his mane with what must be an uncomfortable tightness, but he only ceases when she releases him, falling limp against the blankets.

Her chest is heaving, and sweat beads along her hairline as she slowly descends back to the earth, finds her senses again. The fire's a little too warm for her now, but she doesn't think she has the strength to move.


It's so quiet, she wonders if her ears are still ringing. But when she looks up at him—his disheveled hair, his glistening lips, his wandering, lidded eyes—she realizes he hadn't meant to say it out loud. She imagines she actually looks quite the mess, all sprawled out and red-faced, panting like she's galloped a mile. But there's not a thing he could say that she wouldn't believe with the expression he's wearing, and when his lips began to trace up the plain of her stomach, her vitality springs anew.

She's going to die.

That's what it feels like, at least, as he drives in and out of her, his chest against her back, slick with their sweat, and the fire burning and burning and burning.

Her hooves dig into the wood as she cries out with each thrust, and every breath she draws is hot, suffocating, not really oxygen at all. But she's so full, so completely full of him, and she thinks, no—she knows—this is the closest they'll ever get to being one. She moans helplessly beneath him, tears prickling at her eyes. Has it ever been this intense? She can't tell if she's suffering or overdosing on the thrill. She might blackout.

But his movements slow, and then they stop, and the noise she makes as he withdraws from her is alarming, even to her own ears. She watches, dazed, as he leans back, pushing his wet hair from his face with one hoof before offering her the other one. His voice is breathless.

"To hell with this fire."

Let it be damned, then.

He helps her stand on her shaky legs, and she wobbles, but his hooves at the ready to steady her. Concern flashes in his eyes when she meets them, but she smiles, supporting herself on his side.

"I'm alright," she says, "don't even think about carrying me."

"Starlight, if you need to rest—"

"I've rested enough. Too much." Her voice cracks, and she's…

Oh, no. She's crying. Sunburst's eyes widen in astonishment, and he leads her from the fire quickly. The cold air is hugely relieving, so pleasant against her overheated skin. It makes the tears stream down faster, and she blinks desperately, willing them away. Why? This ruins everything she wanted this time to be for them why now, why here?

He leads her to the bed, letting her sit on the edge of it before kneeling in front of her. He gives her space but keeps her hoof. For the first time today, she doesn't meet his eyes.

His voice is soft, but his words are pained, laced with worry. "If I did something, Starlight, please tell me what it is." No, no, that's not it. But her voice won't work. "I'm so sorry for not noticing that the fire was too much. Let me get you some water, okay? I'll be just a minute—"

Her heart picks up speed, her hoof tightening around his as he starts to pull away from her.

"No, please stay." She sounds broken. She hates it. She can't look at him.

"You're flushed and dehydrated. Let me—"

"Please." It's a far cry from her earlier plea, but just as desperate. "Don't leave."

She feels his hoof on her face and her lip trembles.

"Look at me." It's gentle, but it's also stern. She knows that voice; he uses it rarely, but it's distinct. She's worrying him, and it's not fair. She's not a child. She looks at him, her eyes are watery but subdued. His hoof strokes her cheek, brushing through the wetness. "What on earth is the matter?"

Use your words.

"It hurts to miss you." They're selfish, burdensome words. "After all this time, I thought it might get easier. I know it's wrong to think that you belong to me because I know you have your life, and your duty will always be to the Princess first. But I just…" Her brow furrows. "These past few months have been so hard. It doesn't get easier to be away from you, it just gets more difficult." She's not even allowed to feel these things, much less say them out loud. But they keep pouring out. "I'll keep waiting for as long as it takes because what we have is worth it. You are worth it. But my heart, Sunburst—it aches."

He stares at her for several long moments, so many emotions flickering in his eyes—too many to accurately identify, though she tries desperately. She holds her breath, her stomach flipping. Was she too honest?

"I want to tell you something," he says at last. "But I'm getting you some water first."

She's in no position to argue.

He makes her take three big, long drinks from the cup. He insists, even counting them out loud, and it nearly makes her laugh because water is exactly what she needed. It's from the well, cold and clean, and it takes her body temperature down almost immediately. How is she so rotten at taking care of herself, when her very livelihood is helping others?

"Thank you." He nods before leaning back in the chair he's pulled up across from her, eyes drifting past her as they grow thoughtful. She doesn't know what else to do except wait, and her hooves clasp together beneath the sheets she's pulled around herself, horseshoes digging anxious crescents into her skin.

"You were honest with me," he says, at last, his eyes flicking to meet hers. "You always are, but not like that."

"I'm sorry," she says quietly, her heart sinking. "It was unfair of me to say to you."

"No." His head shakes once. "Your feelings are your feelings. Don't ever apologize to me for sharing them it is a relief to know that they run so deeply." Her pulse ticks up. "Missing you hurts, too. More than you know, Starlight. Every time I leave your side, another piece of my heart stays with you. I am a Crystaller, and my duty is to this kingdom—but before that, and despite it, I do belong to you. I always have. From the day we reunited, I knew I'd never leave you like that again."

Tears spring to her eyes again as she thinks of all of the moments that very sentiment rang true. Maybe it's because it still surprises her—his devotion, his passion, and the resolve in his voice when he speaks of it. She's never known the kind of love she sees in his eyes, never thought that anything like it could exist, that it could be so delicately soft and at once immovable, that she'd be able to see her own unwavering reflection in it—clear as a star-filled sky, the one they've spent countless nights looking at from different windows.

"I knew long ago that I wanted to marry you. Before we discussed it before it ever became plausible. That’s why I worked so hard, I wanted to be a pony worthy of you. Princess Cadance knew that and she helped in every way she could, even if it meant being apart time and time again."

Their bond grew stronger, each and every time.

She's speechless, and her's soaring.

"But we never gave up. And...there's a reason I wanted to come here with you today, aside from, well," his gaze shifts toward their abandoned blanket pile near the fire, "but you were naked, and I thought it could wait, but I should have just told you first—I wanted to tell you first, but—"

Her heart stalls.

"Tell me what?"

He looks back at her, his eyes sparkling again, a smile she's never seen before growing on his lips.

"This information hasn't been released to the public yet, but I wanted to see the look on your face when you hear it for the first time. Princess Cadance and Shining Armor decided to send Flurry Heart to the friendship school, and Princess Twilight offered me a job in it."

She starts.

"Flurry Heart? Twilight?" He nods eagerly in response.

"Yes. Once the new semester starts. Early spring—the thirty-first of March." That's only two months away. He doesn't have to tell her why it's significant, but she wants to hear the words come out of his mouth, so she clamps her own shut. "Once Flurry is settled, once I’m officially hired, Starlight, we're free to...well, I...I can... propose."

Sunlight filters into the room, and before she knows it's happening, she's launching from her seat, straight into his forelegs.

"We really should be heading back soon," Sunburst murmurs. They're both wrapped up in the sheets, spent and bleary-eyed. She hums her agreement. "If it snows, we'll be trapped here until it stops." A pause. "On second thought…"

Her stomach grumbles. Audibly.

She feels laughter rumble in his chest, warm and light against her ear.

"We can pack a lunch next time," she says quietly, a smile on her lips. "We've taken our time today as it is. Do you think you'll be in trouble?"

She feels him shrug beneath her. "I had the chance to tell everyone about my new job two days ago when I first returned from Canterlot. I think they were probably expecting this." That turns her red, her suspicions confirmed.

But then she thinks about two months from now when the air will start to warm and spring flowers will bloom, bright and new. She wonders if they'll look different to her, if they'll be more vivid, and...


He sits up, his head whipping toward his fallen coats and bag.

"What is it?"

"Do you think we have a little bit of time to look around outside? Just around the cottage? I just remembered—I brought a book with me, an encyclopedia of winter flowers."

"Flowers?" Her expression grows curious as he looks back at her. "Flowers bloom in this cold?"

He smiles brightly, excitement welling in his stomach. "All kinds! They're not as bold as springtime flowers, but they're just as beautiful. More so, if you consider that they've had to adapt to the climate and evolve in order to produce blossoms. In fact, I have one in particular I'm looking for."

Her eyes are tender as she sits up, full of love, full of winter light, full of forever.

"Of course we have time. Let's get dressed."

Morning Glory

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The morning sun stretched lines along his bed, waking him. He stretched leisurely with a yawn, blinking the sleep from his eyes, he turns from his window with a grunt and stares at the other side of his bed. The place beside him was empty, a bittersweet feeling settles on his throat, as he traces the spot she had just occupied hours ago.

Starlight was needed back in Ponyville, with the Friendship School back in full swing, Twilight needed all the help she could get and she relied heavily on Starlight these days. So, when the urgent letter signed by the Princess of Friendship came asking her to return as soon as possible he didn’t protest, no matter how much he wanted too otherwise.

Shrugging to his back with a yawn, he stretched his forelegs high and dropped a hoof on his face to rub away the crust of sleep and lines of drool. He scratched down his stomach and was momentarily startled by how mussed his yellow coat was—before recalling the long goodbye he shared with Starlight before she had to catch the last train to Ponyville. That had been…one heck of a goodbye. The urgency of the summon had only served to fuel the flames of their passion, since neither of them could know when they would be together like this again, or what kind of crisis she had to deal with when she got there and the worry made him cling to her all the tighter. They had made the most of the few hours they had together—just the thought of it brought a tingle of warmth and bliss to his body. It was overwhelmingly enough that he let out a soft laugh into the empty room, and cover his face with a soft ‘my star’ he recalled the debauchery they had gotten up to.

How had he gone so long without her? True, it was odd to think that now they were exclusive, he was still accustomed to being alone, he sometimes found it exhausting sharing his time, but with a pony as amazing as Starlight, every discomfort was fleeting or repaid in bliss. Their last afternoon together was no exception, his cheeks colored when the images tinted in red and gold rushed to his mind; the clearest being the flush face of his Starlight—above him, riding him in bare carnal pleasure.

“Starlight…” He muttered her name in a boyish whine looking at her space in his bed. The rousing thoughts made her absence not just lonely—but a touch maddening. If only she was there, he could wrap his forelegs around her petite body, kissing her until she woke up, then let his body relieve some tension with a grind against her backside. Ah, that plot of hers—could he be any luckier? The memory of their last afternoon together flooded him like an encompassing fever.

Twisting in his warm cotton blanket, he resumed the pose of last evening, happily passive in his bed. She’d lifted his front hooves to her rear when he kept gripping the pillows out of pleasure instead. The warmth, the intimacy, the sheer audacity of how confident and aware of her beauty she was—all of it had wrecked him with the bliss of such intensity that it filled him with longing now. The room was feeling humid, and the muscles in his barrel were clenching as he felt the prickles of arousal awakening his sex.

He didn’t want to glance at the clock by his bedside and he didn’t even bother to put on his glasses. Judging by the light in his room it was closer to midday than morning. His schedule was pretty clear now that Starlight wasn’t there and a frustrated groan left him when he didn’t know when she would be back. Already he could feel his cock unsheathing at the memories, perking awake and demanding attention unless he wanted a frustrating tension in his limbs for the rest of the day.

Well, he couldn’t expect her to drop everything just to please him now could he, and he certainly had years of practice alone. Licking his hoof, he reclined in the mattress and reached down to stroke himself gently—maybe the feeling would pass with a little indulgence. However, he thought of her, and the heat coiled like a spring in his pelvis, demanding a firmer touch for relief. He needed to press harder if he wanted some respite, feeling his hoof slowly coaxing his cock to his full length as the desire grew.

Starlight’s flushed face came to mind—that hungry look of pleasure, all the fire she carried in her daily life, usually restrained, finally unleashed between them as she allowed herself the freedom to voice and act on them—he knew nothing could be more beautiful or erotic. With his free hoof, he circled soft lines upon his bare stomach as she liked to do.

With a firmer grip, he began some tight jutting rubs, trying to mimic the feeling of her slick folds around him. He pictured Starlight and her beautiful hips, her smoldering eyes staring right to his soul and filled with desire, the sound of their skins meeting as he roughly pushed his hips to meet hers and rocking their bodies with the eagerness of his thrusts. That long purple mane, as dark as midnight in the dying sunlight, sometimes in moonlight, dressing her like a sheer gown as it plastered to her glistening coat from the sweat her vigor brought on. And she was all his. He was the one she looked for, his was the bed she laid on, and his essence was allowed to remain in her—all of him fully accepted by her.

His head tossed back with a moan as he kicked away the blanket, the sweat began to dampen his skin. The sound of his rapid strokes echoed in the otherwise empty room with liquid smacks. Starlight, Starlight, Starlight—fierce, independent, cunning Starlight…all his. She had been his for an entire week, and maybe, if he played his cards right, she could be his for the rest of their lives. The room was hazy, his already bad vision became even more clouded with the images of her body, images of her face, her words, her shrieking orgasm when she convulsed on top of his cock, vibrating him with pleasure, and screaming in his ear; I love you, I love you, more, more, Sunburst…Sunburst…


That hadn’t come from his head.

His eyes shot open and he hastily reached for his glasses, he put them on just in time to see the door opening fully, Starlight coming in to see if he was there. It happened too quickly. They both froze; she with her saddlebags strapped to her back, him as nude as the day he was born with his cock in a death grip. Then reality caught up to him with the force of a meteor and he scrambled in the bed like they were in an earthquake, snatching the discarded blanket and pressing it over his lap as though there was something she’d never seen before. Then he managed a crooked smile, but it stretched his lips too wide and it looked more like a painful grimace—it didn’t help that his glasses and his hair were too messy and unaligned to pretend nothing was going on.

“He-Hey, Starlight! You’re back!” He reclined on his bedpost, ignoring the screeching pain in the back of his head complaining how close he had been for release. However, panic and embarrassment had a hold of his reigns now, and neither was about to relent.

Starlight blinked, and his heart jumped around his ribcage like a frantic bird as he wondered what she would do. Would she laugh? Be disgusted? Scold him? All this was uncharted territory for him, and there was no book in what to do when your partner catches you in the middle of pleasuring himself—then again, he hadn’t thought to look for such a book until now.

Starlight finally stirred from her rooted position and finished closing the door behind her. She eyed his panting body with a kind of curiosity that made him feel exposed. Maybe she hadn’t noticed, maybe he was making a big deal out of nothing,—

“I…I see you’re happy to see me…” Starlight’s tone was musing, and to his surprise, there was no trace of disgust in her eyes, on the contrary, they were wide, engaged, and slightly mischievous as she dropped her bags on the floor while keeping her eyes on his nervous face.

“Oh…ah…I’m sorry…I woke up and couldn’t help it, so I just…uh…you know what I-I’m gonna go and take a c-cold shower.” He laughed nervously and looked away, trying to make a hasty escape to his bathroom, until the creak of his mattress brought his retreating gaze back to hers. Her front hoof was pressed on the mattress, and her gaze was cunning and filled with interest.

“You don’t have to stop on my account…It’s not like I haven’t seen your dick before…or your face as you cum.” There was something melodic in her voice, a pleased undertone to her words. It made his cock twitch beneath the blanket.

“You’re not mad?”

“Depends on what you were thinking of.” The smirk on her face reassured him, and a cautious smile began on his own.

“I’d think it would be obvious.”

“I want to know.” Her azure eyes never left his as she climbed slowly to his bed.

“Yesterday…” The edge of the blanket began to glow with her magic, she gave it a little tug until his desire was exposed to the cool air once more. The feeling of the cotton sliding away made him shiver, and he eyed her with needy desperation.

“Which moment?”

“When you were on top of me, and I was inside you…and you were so in control…you looked so gorgeous…” Just talking about it forced his erect member to shiver and momentarily tap against his stomach. He didn’t think he could get any harder.

Starlight crawled closer until she sat beside him and she leaned into his ear with a hot breath.

“Keep going…”

“Huh…with you…?”

“I want to watch you while hearing what you’re thinking of.”

Oh. A dribble of precum ran down the side of his cock, and she rested her head upon his shoulder, watching with the attentiveness of a predator.

“W-Wait, how did you get here so fast? I thought you went back to Ponyville?” He asked, bewildered. Starlight frown and rolled her eyes.

“Turns out there was no crisis, it was just Discord playing a mean prank on me. I was so mad I was about ready to blast him to smithereens, but Twilight calmed me down and forced us to talk it out.” She sighed and pursed her lips. “He was just jealous I was spending so much time with you.”

“Jealous? Discord?” His eyebrows shot to his hairline.

“He’s still new to friendship, so he doesn’t understand that friends are allowed to have other friends and significant others,” she said with a huff. “So, I told him that next time he felt that way, he should talk to me about it or ask to hang out with me, he apologized and then teleported me here to make it up to me.”

He nodded as he finished listening to her story, but bit his lip as a dark thought crossed his mind and made his stomach turn. For all the awe he felt knowing she had chosen him, a protective jealously surged in him at the thought of some creature thinking they had some sort of right over Starlight’s time and who she hung out with. He was more than miffed with Starlight’s friend, for taking her from his side on a selfish whim, for making him think that she was going to yet another world-ending adventure with nothing he could do about it. He wasn’t miffed, he was downright furious.

“That bastard…” He growled between clenched teeth.

“I set him straight.”

“I’m sure you did, doesn’t change what he is.”

“At least he sent me here to you…sometimes the world feels so tiresome and foolish…but being beside you, in our world, it’s comforting.” She pressed her muzzle to his neck, letting her voice vibrated to his skin and making him shudder again, chest rising with her every word. “Stroke yourself, tell me what you’re thinking,” the words had a hypnotic and sensual quality to them as she whispered them to his ear.

He groaned and hastily ran a hoof downwards, once more curling his hoof around his erection with a meek gasp. “I’m thinking…I’m thinking that I…I wished I was there to see you…to make him regret that he wasted your time, you don’t deserve the crap he pulled on you…”

“I can take care of myself…” She sighed into his shoulder, her gaze fixated on the way his hoof glided around his cock, tugging at the base and then the head, in alternating patterns.

“Hmm…I know, I know, you’re so strong…but I wished I was there—you’re mine after all.” The thought made him jerk a little faster, his hips curving slightly of the mattress.

“And you’re mine, how do you think I feel when I see other mares approaching you because of your status? I nearly wrung the neck of the mare who kept swaying her tail to get your attention last week…”

“D-Don’t be mean…” The possessiveness in her gaze, the force of her touch as she slides her hoof down, tightening around his flank like he could be taken away, it made his need all the more vicious as he stole a glance in her direction.

“Oh really…could you say the same if I told you some idiot slapped my flank when—“

“What!?” The words left his mouth with a snarl. Fury, protectiveness, jealousy, all of it burned in his stomach as he stopped momentarily, looking at her surprised expression, the blush coloring her cheeks. “Who? What did he look like? When!?” His hooves went to her shoulders on instinct.

“Why? Are you jealous?”

“No one has the right, Starlight—no one…” His voice trailed off, his anger momentarily put aside as she slipped closer. She straddled his thigh and he panted as though he was galloping to keep up with her. A feral part of him longed to push her against the bed, claim her as his own and use his body to protect her from any prying hooves and eyes.

“I love it when you’re so protective, it’s adorable that the only thing that makes you angry is anyone coming between us…”

“If anyone hurt you—anyone—” Before he could go on, she caught him off with a firm kiss, and they were soon tangled in a messy battle of tongues. Drool ran out the corners of their mouths, and they had no qualms in claiming the other with long, cleaning licks. “Oh, sweet Celestia…” Sunburst whined, his hooves went to her hair and cupped the back of her head—tangling his hooves in her purple mane and messing her hairstyle.

“Keep touching yourself, I want to see you cum…you’re the only stallion I ever want to see that way and feel it…”

“Starlight, you’re the only mare who brings me to the point of it.” It was true. He stared at her flushed face, he had messed up her mane but she didn’t seem to mind. She glowed with the radiance of a goddess, at home with her body and sensuality. “You’re a lady and you deserve respect.”

“I like it when you call me that, I like it that I could do anything and you would still think of me like a lady.” She moved closer and purred in his ear. “Even if some asshole tried to grope me.”

“Of course, you’re…you’re always a lady—you exude attention…dignity…you’re so beautiful and it makes me…makes me want to connect with you…oh, fuck—I love it…” His cock twitched violently in his grasp. Words were beginning to fail him and he hardly noticed that she had begun to drift away until he felt her resting her head on his thigh—so close to his frantically stroking hoof.

“Cum on me,” the simple command made his stomach jump to his throat. He tried to slow his pace, but his body was nearly mechanical at this point. A weak protest came out between his gasps.

“You-You're joking…you’re—hmm, I wouldn’t…it’s so…degrading.”

“I want you on me…I want to have a piece of you when I go out in public…so when some jerk looks at my face, I know that your mark is there.” To tempt him even further, her horn glowed and she scooped his balls with her magic, giving each testicle a little squeeze that sent him dangerously close to the edge—his hips jerked sharply in response. Then she uttered three little words that broke him. “Please, my love…”

Starlight, despite her friendship lessons, loathed to plead for anything. Knowing her desire had reached such a point made his mind go blank—and he finally obeyed, carefully pushing her under towards his pelvis, she angled herself for the warm seed to hit her cheek. The first wave that rushed out of him was almost painful, making him gasp, so pent up from all his pausing that his release was thick and voluminous. A line fell along her cheek, over her bangs, through her eyelashes and eyebrow.

With every ounce of will power he had, he tried to check to see if she wasn’t recoiling or regretting her wish before the second wave. To his relief, a nearly euphoric look settled on her features—a smirk tugging at her lips. His second release came out in a perfect line, where it splattered across her lips and muzzle, dripping over her chin and under her jaw.

Struggling to keep his gaze from wavering he waited anxiously—waited for her approval. With a nonchalant motion of her hoof, she cleaned the mark over her eyelid and slowly lick it from her hoof. Azure eyes opening, tinged with stars. Fire burning in her wild, free, untamable spirit not to be tied down by the expectations of peers and society on what was appropriate to do with one’s lover. He watched with wonder, seeing her tongue lick his mess clean from her hoof, just to watch it run over the white splotch across her bottom lip.

“Now I feel better…those mares won’t ever know this taste…or feel something like this. This is all mine.” The image in front of him set fireworks in his head. How could she sit there, covered in his orgasm with such pride? Because she was Starlight Glimmer, his one and only. Unafraid of the pleasures of their flesh and the ties that bind them together. Suddenly he felt reinvigorated—this beauty, this lovely mare, his headstrong Starlight—he needed her, now.

He pressed her against him in a hard kiss, and he wasn’t put off by the taste of his own release on her lips—on the contrary, the salty reminder showed him what he and only him had been allowed to do to her. A guttural noise rumbled into her chest, and the thought of her harassed or demeaned while walking through town made him see red. It felt like his mind was getting lost in enveloping her, possessing her and shielding her from a world so horrible towards her sex, it was just like the mania he had that made him get lost in his studying.

Swiftly, he yanked her petite, warm body to his, breaking the kiss. Starlight opened her mouth to speak, but her words were lost when he gripped her by her barrel and spin her around—her back flush against his chest as he buried his muzzle on the side of her neck. A soft smirk grazed his lips, mischief coming to his reawakening brain as he heard her squeak when he used his magic to grip her calves and spread her back legs apart, giving him an explicit view of her sex by peeking over her shoulder. Starlight’s breath came out in huffs, normally it was her who did such dominant and mischievous things in bed—whenever he did so, she always seemed surprised and helpless in his grasp, it was impossible to resist.

“This, right here…” His hoof slid down, tracing the outline of her weeping sex with the barest of touches, “is what had me losing my mind…thinking about how warm you are…how beautiful you look when I’m inside you.”

Without warning he dipped his hoof in her slit, collecting her sweet nectar to use as lubrication and stroked upwards towards as he traced her sensible folds with the most delicate of touches. She whimpered and she rolled her head to look at him with hooded eyes.

“Best in all of Equestria I am told,” she murmured, using his own words against him.

“And no one else will ever find that out…” His voice was shuddering with desire, lowering his voice to a husky baritone that sent shockwaves to her very core, with his hoof coated with her desire he begins stroking her clit as he coaxed it out of its protective hood. “And you’re the only one who gets to see the most private parts of me…you won’t find my release on anything but you…”

“Sunburst,” she chuckled, looking at him with a dazed, drunk look in her eyes. “Unless you’re pleasuring yourself to thoughts of me…you needy stallion.”

“Can you blame me?” he muttered possessively, pushing down on her fleshy little button and her hips bucked—but his magic prevented her from closing her legs. “Good or wetter?”

“Wetter…it stings a little bit.” She answered and his hoof ran up her neck, leaving a trail of her fluids.

“Then won’t you be a dear and help?” He whispered into her ear, nipping at the tip. “Or is that too much? Does it make you squeamish—“

Possibly out of pride she sucked her own essence from his hoof, trailing her tongue over the edge and taking in as much as she could, giving it the same amount of attention like it was his cock. But Sunburst turned away from those thoughts unless his shaft sprang to life prematurely. Once his hoof was dripping with her saliva he drew it from her mouth, cleaning a line of drool off her face he went back to her sex.

“Why should I fear my own body?” She murmured back, “If some jerk on the street thinks they have a right to it, then I have nothing to worry about…” She wiggled against him, and her tail brushed his resting member deliciously. Her forelegs wrapped behind his head as she watched his actions with a hungry expression, her chest rising and falling in tandem with her panting.

“My Star…” He reserved that nickname for times like this, even then she would roll her eyes and scold him for being so sappy. “Anyone who dreams of catching you are fools…” Before she knew it he spread her legs further apart, ripping a gasp from her throat, she must have been truly lost in the moment because she didn’t scold him—not even when the cool air of the room touched her vulnerable, spread cunt. His wet hoof covered her slit and started to trace tiny, not really touching, but glorious circles around her clitoris. “I feel you throbbing…”

“You know I like it…”

“I know exactly what you like, from our many hours of practice…” he muttered matter-of-factly, nipping at her ear as his hoof pressed down and it earned him a moan from her. “I know you like this too,” suddenly his hoof picked up a frantic, slathering pace, shaping her delicate folds with the force and speed of his touch. The sound of her dripping flesh was like a chorus of angels to his ears, as was the image of her curling into herself from the intense pleasure—letting out a series of squeals into the room.



“D-Don’t, this…is…don’t—AH!” She trashed in his embrace as he picks up his pace, but she couldn’t close her legs as his magic keep pining her legs apart. “Oh, oh, it’s—it’s too m-much!”

“None of that, you just don’t like it when you aren’t in control,” he purred against her neck, licking over her veins. “Don’t worry about it, just let yourself go, I’ll be here to catch you.”

“Ah! Ah!” Her voice was shaking her whole body, and he wanted nothing more than to find a way to keep it with him wherever he went, the vocals were so raw and unhinged and free from any sense of pride and decorum. It was powerful and emotional, just as she was.

“Good…yes, relax…just enjoy it…” Sunburst instructed.

He smirked into her neck when her body finally convulsed in shudders that became more uncontrollable than her other attempts to slow him down. For a moment he gave her a pause as she gasped for air. Having mercy on her, he traced the lines of her body as he waited for his star to come down from her high. A few tears escaped her eyes and mixed with his drying semen, and he lifted her face to kiss them away.

“See, that wasn’t so bad.”

“You’re…ridiculous…when you…get…this way.”

“Ah, my star, you love to dish it out, but you can’t take it, at least most of the time.” He scolded her gently, as his hooves traveled downwards and stroked her perking breast. The slightest touch made her quiver in the sensitive state he had left her in. “Hmm, you still look stress from your trip—maybe you need some more?”

“I don’t…hmm…”Her words trailed off with a sigh as his hoof flicked her exposed nipple. “Maybe I…”

“Ask for it nicely.”

She huffed.

“Ask…” He pressed her nipples down into each breast as her back curled off his chest with a wince.

“Touch me.”


By now they’d played this game enough that she knew his script—she hated it, but today—today she was putty in his embrace from the moment she caught him bare in his bed. He started to trace her from, squeezing every curve with intention. Part of him longed to push her down and grind on her body until he was hard enough to fill that petite body and mark her with the same intensity he had left on her face. But this was too much fun, watching her like this, seeing her lost and hazy in her pleasure.

“Between my legs…until—until I cum…”

“All over my hooves, you promise?” He teased in her ear and she bit her lip, caught between shyness and desire.

“I’ll do whatever you want…just touch me damn it.”

The words made him tense with anticipation, he scooped her tight to his back and without mercy, his hoof began to feverishly, touch and grind on her sensitive bead—already swollen and sensitive from her last orgasm. She was nearly liquid in his embrace, laying her head back with a whimper, louder than ever before, his free hoof was clutching her closely.

“You have such a pretty flower, you know that? I’m tempted to eat the petals every time I see it…I’ll have if for breakfast if you let me…you’re not the only one who enjoys those kinds of things.”

“Oh…m-my love…” she said it with a mixture of pleasure and bashfulness. Yes, her love, just as she was his.

“Yes, my star?” He pushed down hard, pulling and molding her whole pussy as his entire arm shook with the force and intensity of her orgasm. A crying scream came out from her throat, she came undone in his hooves just as he wanted—gasping, crying, and trashing. The beautiful mare from the stars, proud, cunning, headstrong, now so warm and fragile in his embrace. He held her gently against him and murmured soft words of praise to her skin as she calmed down.

Slowly, he released her legs, his magic gently depositing her legs on the mattress. Nuzzling her messy mane, he pressed kisses against her sweaty skin—some of the sweat mixed his own essence and ran down her chin. What a precious sight. What special, hidden joys they discovered together.

As she caught her breath, he licked his hoof clean, moaning into her ear with a smirk.

“Thanks for the meal.”

“You’re welcome,” Starlight murmured, her eyes closed as she laid against him. “Don’t worry…I kicked him in the face…” She said with a sigh as his hoof traced small patterns on her shoulder.

“Tell me next time,” he muttered with a soft scold.

“And miss my chance on seeing you so wild…you been holding out on me, Sunburst.”

Despite what they had just done, his cheeks heated up with shame, and he tried to cover it up with a nervous cough.

“S-Still, the point stands, I’m sure I can get Shining Armor to rough him up or something.”

“Sunburst,” she scolded, but the word came out too slurred to be taken seriously.

“Alright, I won’t abuse my power.”

“Good…” She was nearly dozing off against his stomach. He smiled softly as he played with her hair and brushed off from her eyes.

“I love you…but seriously, what did he look like?”

“I’m going to take a bath,” she murmured but didn’t make a move to leave his embrace.

“Not unless I come with you.” And with a sudden yelp, he scooped her in his hooves. “After all, who is going to protect you from the evils of a bachelor’s bathroom?” Despite his serious tone, her laughter echoed down the hall.


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In Sunburst's life, there have only been three occurrences that he can vividly remember.

The first was the time he levitated something successfully with his magic. It was his mother’s favorite flower vase and he broke it. He was only four at the time, and that was the year he learned to read, so his path as a devoted magic-user was cemented.

The second was the day, err, the night he had almost blown up his classroom. To make a long story short, one of the classmates he had picked up hanging around the schoolyard wanted to study something a bit less…well, unconventional and boring. Turns out a bunch of unsupervised colts practicing dangerous magic in the middle of the night went as well as expected, the spell backfired and flung Sunburst and his group across the room, shattering windows, furniture and one of the colts back legs. He had been lucky that all he got from the incident was a nick on his shoulder and a terrible headache. That's when Sunburst found out that magic was dangerous if not handled carefully, and it took that scar month to heal up.

The third was a bit more sentimental and not so violent, if he may say. It was the first holiday he spent without his father, and his mother in typical Stellar Flare fashion had gotten rid of all trace of him. Looking back he realized it was her way of coping with the loss, by moving on as fast as she could, but Sunburst couldn’t keep up with his mother’s pace. He waited until she had step out to go up to her room and look for anything, the littlest trace of his father that Stellar Flare might have missed, he dove under her bed and tucked between the wall and the leg of the bed frame was a wrinkled blue tie. He snatched it and ran back to his room, his heart in his throat, half expecting for his mother to scream at him for going into her room, for holding on to something from a pony that didn’t want anything to do with them. He hid in his room and Stellar Flare never found out about it until years later, when he wore his father's tie on his own wedding day.

No, he never really understood why these three occurrences had stuck out to him. He had had many encounters in life that should've over-shadowed these of less importance, but they didn't. They were pushed away; tucked in a corner for the days he was thinking extra hard. Or didn't want to think at all.

"Whatcha thinking about?"

A gentle hoof brushed his cheek, warm skin on warm skin, and the trembling her foreleg contained brought him back to the now, to her; to memory, he would keep forever. He knew it would happen. Knew it. It would stay tucked in beside the other three; warm, cozy, and meaningful.

"You." The word dropped from his lips as he looked down. Her appearance set off the feeling that he didn't know he could feel until he met her. Even now, after they had been together nearly a year and a half, he was still discovering new and exciting things about her. Her cheeks were red and her lips swollen, her hair was disarrayed, as he imagined he was, and her blue eyes shone in the moonlight with bountiful curiosity. He had never seen anything so beautiful.



"Mmm." Her lips hummed against his bare chest as her hooves traced his barrel, and he closed his eyes to memorize the way she moved.

He was surprised she wasn't talking more. She was always the one to discuss and depict new and exciting things and encounters. Like when they were foals, she'd be clutching his foreleg and looking up at him with those blue eyes, asking more questions than he could answer and at a speed faster than he could keep up with.

"What are you thinking about?" He whispered, his right hoof running down her spine with a slow, meaningful purpose. Her breath traveled down his stomach, leaving a warm trail behind.




He chuckled, his hoof bunching up against her skin. He quickly remembered the way her dress would bunch in his grasp, when she had it on, of course. "What about me, if I may ask?"

"Your face."

"My face?"

"Mhm," she was quiet again; retreating back to her thoughts. He almost felt as if he was intruding on her; as if it were an entirely private moment to herself.

"Are they good thoughts about my face?" He raised his brow at her, yet she didn't look towards him.

"Of course."

"Oh?" She was being awfully quiet, and he was intrigued. He wished nothing more than to be able to read that brain of hers. Not just on this occasion, either. Being the inventive and curious pony she was, he knew being in her head would be a colorful journey full of things she'd never tell him. Of which, included him, apparently.

"Yeah," she said, her voice just over a whisper. Her hooves moved about his chest as if she was painting an invisible mural on his skin. "I was thinking of the way you look at me."

He smiled, knowing full well that he looked like a love-drunk idiot when he laid his eyes on her. "How so?"

"When you see me after a long day of classes or when you wake up from a bad dream," she moved her head up, her eyes meeting his. Her lips were pulled up at the corners and her features relaxed. "You always have this look of relief. It's like I can see this huge weight lift from your shoulders."

"You make me relax."


Always curious. "Because I love you."

Her small eyebrows furrowed. "Just that?"

"Not exactly," he mused, taking a strand of her hair; now a mess from the way she had tossed her head and the way he knotted his hooves in it before this whole conversation took place. "I do love you. More than anything in the world. That's why we had that big old ceremony today, remember? The one where you wore that big dress and walked down that excruciating long aisle to me in front of all our friends and family?"

"How could I forget it?" she breathed. His heart skipped.

"Exactly. I did it all because I love you. And-"

"That's why we made love."

His heart skipped again, loving the way she quietly spoke the words he'd never heard fall from her lips. They dripped curiosity, determination, and a sense of newfound confidence. His hoof rubbed circles in her back as he stared at her.


He could see that she wanted to talk about it, and he wanted her to. They were married now. He didn't want her to hold anything back from him anymore. She had already given herself to him in every possible form, and he wanted her to trust him.

"It was much different than I thought it would be," she whispered, her gaze not leaving his.

"Same for me." It was the truth.

Sunburst had never given sex much thought. He never saw any difference between that and 'making love'. The words were practically synonymous. The same thing was happening in both, so what was different? The way you moved? The way you spoke? He wouldn't know; he had never done either. So there was still a part of him that thought when he and Starlight gave each other themselves, it would be the same. And he was stupid for thinking that because it was completely and utterly wrong. She was his everything, his other half, and he had never felt so whole than he did when she pulled his name from her soul below him. It was completely different in every single way. He was gentle with her, his touch just heavy enough to set her on fire, and he gave her all of him. He didn't hold his feelings back. He didn't have to worry about holding out for anybody or living up to some ridiculous expectations. She wanted him; raw, real, and uncovered. And that's what he gave her.

"I didn't think I'd feel so much..."


She looked at him, a smile breaking out on his lips. "Yeah. Love."

"What did you think it would be?" Probably the same as he did.

"Well," she blushed. He loved it when she blushed. Especially when he was able to make her do it. "Pleasure?"

He chuckled. "I'd hope there still was-"

"Oh, don't worry. There was."

He laughed out loud, and as did she, and he grinned at her. She took her lip into her mouth, between her teeth, and gazed up at him with a look in her eyes that made him shudder in all the right ways. He reached out to brush her hair out of her eyes with the lightest touch.

"I love you," she breathed, barely a whisper. Her forelegs trailed up his chest and around his neck as she pulled herself onto him. He could see the metal of her ring, her wedding ring, glinting in the low light on her horn. Her lips were above his, nearly a centimeter away, and he pressed up to kiss her with more love than he knew how to contain.

"Love you, too, Starlight."

Yes, there were only three things he could vividly remember before this occurrence. And maybe those would've been the only three he would always remember if he hadn't reunited with her. Now, as they fell back into each other, he decided it was time to let go of the past. It was time to make room for memories like this; things with actual meaning. Not some petty injury or stupid accidents that were there for entertainment. Things that he could look back on and smile at; things he could actually blush on or get flustered over. Those were things that he wanted to remember. He was now hers and so was the space in his mind. For, without her, he wouldn't be anything more than a lonely wash out wizard. He'd be nothing because she was his everything.

Bubble Bath

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Starlight sighed as she sank into the warm bubble bath until everything under her chin was submerged in the scented water. She loved being in the water so much her father used to tease, saying that she’d probably been a fish in her past life. With a content smile, she lifted her back legs to peek above the bubbles, wiggling her hooves and splashing lightly.

Thanks to her friends earlier that day, there were scented candles gently illuminating the dimmed bathroom, a suggestion from Trixie, who enjoyed the fresh cinnamon scents in particular. After taking the candles and bubble bath bottle home, Starlight wasted no time in treating herself to them. The bubble bath softened her skin, making it smell like jasmine while the heavenly scented candles filled her lungs. Sure, she could have gotten a better treatment at the spa, but something about doing this at her own bathroom made it extra special and relaxing.

The door at the other side of the room creaked open, and Starlight turned to see Sunburst standing by the frame with his eyebrows raised.

Starlight blinked, and then her blue eyes darted over the expanse of the bathroom, looking at the changes she had made. “…What?”

Sunburst stood still for a moment, before shaking his head and stepped toward the sink. “…Nothing, I just wasn’t expecting it.”

Starlight giggled in response; her cheeks warm. By this point in their relationship, they were comfortable with seeing each other in the bath or shower, it was routine by now, just like brushing their teeth together in the morning and getting ready for the day. Gone was the stallion that blushed and sputtered when given a compliment or a suggestive wink.

“What do you think?”

“I can barely breathe,” he answered honestly as he turned the faucet and splashed his face with cold water. It was clear judging by his messy hair that Sunburst just returned from a rigorous study session.

“That’s cause your stink is mucking it up,” Starlight chirped with a grin, giving a small splash over the foams. Then she had an idea, one that left her quiet for a few moments as she watched his neck bent over the sink, deep in consideration.

When Sunburst gave a small pained groan at a stiff muscle in his neck, Starlight reached a conclusion and scooted to one side of the bathtub to make room. When he turned around, she smiled sheepishly.

“Um…care to join me? The water feels really good! And you’ve been working really hard lately so…”

To her shock—and pleasant surprise—her proposal was interrupted with the sound of rustling cloth and Sunburst dipping a leg into the bubbled water. In less than a minute he had fully removed himself of clothing and slowly began to sink in the clean white porcelain tub, sitting across from her. His eyes closed, cringing as he got used to the hot temperature of the water.

Starlight gave him a sympathetic smile. “Was it that bad today?” It had to be, for him to jump so eagerly into a scented bath without a comment.

Sunburst grunted in response, sighing afterward. Starlight raised her hooves to his shoulders and began to knead, which clearly pleased him as he opened his eyes. “Work was fine for the most part. It’s the students that are giving me a migraine,” he commented, referring to the small class of preadolescents taking a summer beginner friendship course that the Academy of Friendship started to offer some years back. “They don’t study the material on their own and it’s painfully obvious, then they go complaining when they do badly in the mock exams.”

Rubbing her hooves in tight circles over his clavicles, Starlight hummed. “Is the material too difficult for beginners?”

“I don’t think so,” he scoffed. “They just don’t listen to a thing I say. They’re at that age where they believe they know best when they don’t.”

Starlight laughed at that. “You’re starting to sound like an old grouch!” She only laughed more at his scowl. On impulse she gathered up a pile of bubbles to her chest and lifted them up, smearing them across Sunburst’s face. “See, you’re an old pony now!”

“Hey—!” he jerked back, but it was too late, for he now sported a great bubbly beard. He gave her a deadpan look as she dissolved into a fit of laugher, unable to control her giggles at such a silly image.

“So, you think me as an old pony, huh,” he said, reaching up to wipe off what he could of the bubbles. When she finally began to calm down, Sunburst raised an eyebrow.

“Mmhmm, a really, really old and wise pony.” She leaned forwards to kiss the tip of his snout.

“I never knew you were into older stallions,” Sunburst commented, going along with her game. “Can’t help but wonder what everyone else would say.”

Going back to kneading his muscles, Starlight declared proudly: “They can take their opinions and shove it!”

“Hmm,” Sunburst said, half listening and relaxing into her touch. “No. I still think there’s something missing…”

Starlight blinked and looked at him quizzically, but he only offered the smallest hints of a smirk at the corner of his lips before he reached out and shoved a handful of bubbles at the top of her head. Starlight flailed, falling back to the other side of the tub and causing the soapy water to splash about.

“There. An old mare to complement the old stallion. No one will have any objections.”

Despite the pout she threw at him, her eyes were beaming. Shifting, she moved across the tub to sit closer to him, almost in his lap. She rested her head against his shoulder, letting the suds slide down the back of her neck as he wrapped his foreleg around her body, taking a moment to relax from the fun, sighing.

Starlight kept quiet, but…a part of her did wonder if they would be able to grow old together. Holding hooves and raising kids, staying by each other’s side even after they’re too old to teach…Somehow the image wouldn’t leave her mind.

“You know, I bet you’ll be really handsome, even when your hair gets all grey and you get a beard.” She smiled into his skin.

“You think so?” he said idly, stroking his damp goatee. “Now that you mentioned it, I’ve been thinking of growing a beard.”

“You’re serious?”

“Of course, I’m serious.”


“No reason, just thought it would be cool.”

Starlight wriggled in her spot, sitting fully on his lap with her legs spread and crouching as she straddled him. “This should be fun.”

That earned a look from Sunburst, and his hooves paused in their trek down her spine. “…Fun how, exactly?”

“Like…” After taking a moment of consideration, Starlight leaned in to softly press her lips to his, allowing her lower lip to brush against his ever so lightly. Her hooves went to cradle his face, her eyes were closed, but then flew open upon meeting with something unexpected. She pulled back, her hooves falling back to rest on his shoulders and she exclaimed: “Wait a minute, you’re already growing a beard!”

Sunburst laughed, but she could see the redness creeping up his cheeks. He almost sounded petulant as he corrected her. “No. I’ve been too busy and haven’t had time to shave. There’s a difference between a full-grown beard and just a stubble.”

Reverently, Starlight reached up to stroke his cheek, the rough texture greeting her soft hoof. Now that she was closed enough, even in the low light, she could just see a slight darkening on his jaw that wasn’t the light playing tricks on her, and she could feel it.

“Hmm,” she continued to stroke his face in curiosity, pleased that Sunburst allowed her to do so at the very least. “I kinda like it…”

“Do you.” He murmured quietly; his expression softened as he gazed at her. The way even the smallest things like this could make her day never failed to amaze him. Soon, he returned to stroking her back, the water waving back and forth in the tub in small, barely noticeable waves.

“Yeah,” she whispered and leaned in to kiss him again. This time she kissed slowly and fully, taking her time to feel his lips as she cradled his face in her hooves affectionately.

Sunburst’s eyes closed, enjoying the attention as she worked his hooves to her shoulder blades. He gave a light lick, a small flicker before receding back, and it was met with a lazy nip to his lower lip. She tugged lightly and pulled back, proceeding to shower his face with wet kisses.

“Feels rough and soft at the same time,” she giggled, wrapping her forelegs around his neck. He settled his grip about her waist in return and sighed when she returned to kissing him and nuzzling against his skin.

“You really like it that much, huh,” he whispered.

“It’s different…but good.”


It didn’t take long for him to realized when Starlight continued to brush her cheeks against his own, and he soon returned the gestures, letting her feel the small prickles dragging across her skin that was too beautiful to mar. Soon he bent his head down to kiss her neck, relishing in the heavenly sighs that he was rewarded with.

Unable to hide how aroused she was, Starlight squeezed her back legs around his middle, her hooves gliding up into his hair at the same time. Without a pause, he pressed heavy kisses to her neck and collar bone. Once he had reached as low as he could go, Sunburst abruptly planted his hooves on her rear and tugged, pulling her up for him to be eye level with her chest. Starlight squeaked in surprise but allowed him to support her as he went about brushing his stubble against her neck and jaw, lathering the skin with his warm, soft tongue. His horn glowed and Starlight felt the ghost touch of his magic playing with her nipples, she arched at his touch, letting out a throaty moan.

He left her guessing what would come next. He completed his attention with her favorite—nipping quickly at her skin and pulling, knowing she inexplicably loved the sharp feeling. She cried out, her face flush from cheek to cheek. The sight never failed to turn him on.

“Had enough?” Sunburst asked, rolling his eyes up to look at her while he continued to nibble on her skin.

Smiling blissfully, Starlight shook her head. “I want more, I want to feel it all over.”

“All over,” he repeated slowly. “That’s a real challenge you’re presenting.”

Before Starlight could reply, he gripped her ass and jerked her to stand up even further, and soon had her standing on her back legs before him, water and bubbles running down her lithe naked body. Letting her support herself by gripping the back of his head, Sunburst circled his tongue around her navel and left a trail of kisses down her body in teasing, light motions, not once forgetting to utilize the stubble she had a newfound fondness for.

Soon enough he reached his target, sliding his tongue between the warm and wet folds of her sex. Starlight’s legs quivered, her thighs flexing as she moaned. The small tentative licks soon turned into open-mouthed kisses as he parted his lips to run his tongue up and down before closing to let his chin scrape the soft flesh.

Like going back and forth between velvet and sandpaper, Starlight thought to herself—not that his stubble was painful like sandpaper, but her brain was too muddled in the heat of the moment to think of a proper analogy. Her head lolled back and she whimpered, her hooves digging into his messy hair. Sunburst groaned in return, pulling her closer from his grip and her rear to all but devour her, proud of the way he made her tremble.

“Sunburst,” she gasped, “p-put me down—I can’t stand up—”

“I got you,” Sunburst said, squeezing his hooves into her backside. “I promise.”

Starlight nodded, dazed, and lightly began to move her hips in half circles to grind against his mouth. Her knees were weak, almost completely unable to support herself, but just as he promised, he held her up. Like he always did, and would forevermore.

When she came, she expelled the breath in her lungs with a high pitch whine, her thighs flexing and tightening almost painfully around his head. For just a bare fleeting moment her hooves did slip—but he held her fast to allow her a slow and safe descent, watching as she all but melted against him on her way back down.

It took a few moments of catching her breath before she could safely say she came back down to earth. Resting her head on his shoulder, Starlight gathered her bearings as she felt a few small aftershocks trembling her inner muscles.

“Ah…hahaha,” she giggled. “That was…ah…mm.” Without moving her head, she glanced up to him, still smiling. “Wow.”

“Does it really make that much of a difference?” Sunburst asked, slightly amused.

“Yeah,” she affirmed. “Definitely.”

A few minutes of peaceful silence followed, where they rested comfortably in the other’s embrace. By then the bubbles had disappeared, leaving the tub mostly filled with soapy lukewarm water.

Then Sunburst shifted, closing his eyes. “I’m growing the beard.”

That broke Starlight into a fit of giggles, shaking her head against his neck in glee. “That’s great! A great beard to go with a great wizard! But in the meantime, could you that thing again in the future…?”

“I don’t see why not.”

She could feel him growing hard between her legs the longer they sat there, the blood pumping in full hearty throbs. She did nothing to stop him—if anything she encouraged him, lifting her hips to rub against his length teasingly. It never failed to make her giddy, feeling the direct evidence of how he so earnestly derived pleasure from giving her pleasure in turn.

Her wicked scheme did not go unnoticed, and he glanced down at her with a grin.

Starlight’s eyes shined as a naughty smile spread across her face. “Are you up to it?”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was referring to, which was evidenced all the further when she gave another languid roll of her hips.

They had fooled around in the shower before, even over by the counter, but the bathtub was thus far unexplored territory. Sunburst had to admit that the idea roused his curiosity—as well as other parts of himself—aided by the remaining rush in his veins leftover from tasting her. He was still feeling considerably worn out from work, however, and hesitated as he mulled over whether he had enough stamina to last or if he would have to decline and postpone for another day.

But he was nothing but resourceful, and after another moment of contemplation, the grin on his lips grew wider.

“Sure, I’m up for it,” he said, stressing the ‘up’ in a lightly teasing tone.

Starlight purposely wriggled in his lap and arched up to meet his kiss. Neither in the mood to rush things, they took their time to enjoy one another, making small contented sighs and playful nibbles between the moments. With a small hum, Starlight lifted her hips to stand on her knees, reaching down with the intent to hold him in place as she lowered herself, but paused when she felt Sunburst taking her hoof and stopping her in her tracks.

“Hold on…”

She looked at him to read his expression, but he didn’t appear to be having second thoughts. In fact, when he reached for her hips, it was so that he could guide her into shifting around. The water sloshed as Starlight turned around with her back to his chest, anticipation thrumming in her body as he arranged her to his liking.

Eventually, she ended up spread-eagled in his lap, the position leaving her feeling open—and incredibly excited.

“Is this alright?” His voice brushed against the curve of her ear in a husky baritone, sending a pleasant shiver down her spine.


Once again, she sought his length, angling her hips to make a proper alignment. When she felt the head sliding along her sex, she began slowly sinking herself onto him, both of them releasing blissful sighs as she took him inch by delightful inch. She loved the full feeling, especially from behind like this.

And Sunburst knew it. Perhaps the decision to position themselves like this was a bit strategic on his part. Usually, he would save the act of flipping her over and driving into her from behind for last, as it was definitely the most effective way of pushing her over the edge just when she ached for it most. But if he wasn’t meant to last very long in this encounter, then he figured he might as well utilize the knowledge to ensure both their satisfaction to his best ability.

He gave an experimental roll of his hips, receiving a breathless moan in response as Starlight lolled her head back to rest on his shoulder. Feeling content with the arrangement, Sunburst placed his hooves on her hips and braced his legs against the other side of the porcelain tub, grounding himself as he began to move at a steady, even pace.

Starlight hummed her approval before releasing a giggle her hooves reaching out behind her to skate through his hair. He pressed kisses to her cheek and neck, of which she then arched, feeling once again the rough texture of his stubble. After getting a good look at the wonderful manner her face flushed, his eyes fell to her chest and watched in transfixion as her body moved above and below the soapy waters surface, up and down. One foreleg wrapped around her chest, the other roamed down her body: her stomach, her perky nipples, down her thighs and back up again.

Starlight abandoned her hold on his neck to grasp the sides of the bathtub, her cries escalating in frequency and pitch as she lost herself, his hips moving back and forth of their own accord. Her growing urgency was quickly noted as Sunburst wrapped his forelegs around her, clutching desperately as he felt himself climbing that precipice. Her long purple hair draped over the edge when she threw her head back on a particularly fulfilling thrust, (just in the right spot—), and neither of them could care for the water that spilled over the tiled floor as a result of their lovemaking.

Pressing another stubble-scraped kiss to her neck, Sunburst reached down between her legs and feverishly began to rub in tight circles. Starlight tilted her head and captured his lips, practically dazed and pulling more embarrassing sounds from her throat that would otherwise mortify her in any other context. But not like this, not when Sunburst was making her feel so good.

Sunburst had predicted the session would be brief, and he assumed correctly; it did not take long before he felt her clench around him and she shouted her abrupt orgasm. It seized her body, feeling as though it ripped her from the seams—and after already having and intense climax earlier that left her wobbling on her feet, Starlight had yet to finish riding it out before Sunburst quickly began driving into her, seeking a swift release of his own. A low, guttural sound ripped from his throat once he found it, and their bodies slackened against each other, catching their breaths and letting the water slowly drift to a settling calm around them.

After several moments Starlight gave a small giddy squirm, only to be subjected to a rush of guilt when the grunt Sunburst emitted was a pained one.

“I’m sorry! I wasn’t thinking…you were already tired from work and still, I went and asked—”

“Starlight,” she felt the rough texture of his skin as he kissed the area behind her ear. “I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t want to.”

She felt the slightest tinge of guilt, but at the same time knew that Sunburst doesn’t say things like that if he didn’t mean them. Blushing, she gave a nod. “Okay.”

They spent a few more moments in the quiet, feeling the bathwater gradually flow to a still. Many of the candles had burned out, they grew used to the scents, and the water was cold, now raising gooseflesh upon their skin in the lukewarm temperature.

Wriggling, Starlight nuzzled against Sunburst and giggled breathlessly. “We made the water dirty now,” she said quietly.

Sunburst glanced at the half-empty tub and gave a contented sigh. “It’s not that bad,” he mumbled. “But you can take a shower if you want.”

Starlight shook her head. “Maybe later, not right now.”

“Shall we dry off then?”

The pads underneath Starlight’s hooves began to wrinkle by then, so there was no objection in her voice when she said yes. She leaned forward and let him gently slip out of her before standing up, her legs still wobbling a little in exhaustion. Sunburst rose immediately after and reached for her hoof, steading her carefully.

“Wait here,” he soothed. “I’ll get the towels. Can’t have you slipping and hitting your head on something.”

“I’m not that clumsy,” Starlight mumbled in faux petulance but listened as Sunburst stepped out of the tub and made his way over the towel rack, dripping water over the floor in his wake. To be fair, she really did feel as though she may trip if she tried moving too fast. They went through quite a work out just now.

Sunburst had never been the over-protective type, he mostly left her to her own devices and was more than happy to follow when he was needed. Perhaps a better word would be ‘attentive’.

He quickly wrapped a towel around his withers and grabbed another, shaking it out and turning to Starlight, holding it wide in expectation. She smiled, her eyes glowing softly in the low light, as she quickly padded wetly towards him and allowed him to wrap the towel around her body and scoop her up in a comfy cocoon, hugging her close to his chest.

Leaning her head against him, Starlight hummed. She could say with confidence that she felt glad she invited Sunburst to join her in the bath. Even if at first, she’d expected him to politely decline.

“Maybe we could do this more often?”

Sunburst glanced down at her.

“I mean,” she amended, “we don’t have to do—to do that every time, but just as a way to relax! Especially when you’re feeling stressed and stuff.”

In all honesty, Sunburst didn’t have to consider for long. But he did keep her hanging for a few moments, just as a small tease.

“Hmm…” Leaning down to kiss the top of her head, he smiled. “I don’t see why not.”


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Sunburst hated summer, or summer in Sire’s Hollow. Maybe it was the heat, and his love for dark-colored capes didn’t help. Perhaps it was his messy mohawk and goatee he insisted on letting grow, his long bangs and facial hair sticking to his sweaty forehead and chin.

He and Starlight had arrived at their childhood home some days ago, but the twist this time was that Firelight wasn’t there, gone to some convention or other, leaving Starlight to house-sit while he was away. With Firelight gone his mother was busier than usual, he had no idea what running a town as small as this one entailed, but it appeared to be a lot of work since she was gone most of the day, leaving him to his own devices. Needless to say, this was the best visit he’s ever paid to his mother, made even better when Starlight invited him over to “help” her house-sit, and sometimes he would invite her over for some “tea”, sneaking around Stellar Flare’s back like a pair of teenagers despite them being close to thirty.

He might have considered cornering the sorceress for more tea before his mother came by for lunch, but it was too hot. He groaned, wiping more beads of salty sweat from his forehead with the back of his hoof. Sunburst sat under one of the trees in Firelight’s backyard, trying to cool off after moving around some boxes to the storage shed.

Why he had to move the junk that particular day was beyond him, he would kill for a cold shower now. But no, Starlight insisted upon putting him to work, and like the sucker he was, he bought into it when she fluttered those dark lashes at him and her horn glowed like a warning. The truth was that he’d been bribed into it by the mare as well, offered something cold and palatable after all was done. That alone piqued his interest and kept him motivated. But as he sat there, his dark cape soaked through and sticking to his back uncomfortably, Sunburst felt robbed.

Starlight had left him sitting there, after he was done, going back inside the house to finish preparing the treat she promised. The effort didn’t seem worth it now, but maybe she had something refreshing in mind after all, like lemonade or iced tea, or heck, just a bag of ice right about then would have been heavenly. He groaned again, almost wanting to take off his cape before she got back, but that required effort and strength he didn’t have. Sunburst was half tempted to nod off too if it weren’t for the sound of metal churning and the hum of machines from the house. What was she making anyway?

After a few minutes of hearing the ruckus from the house drown out the cicadas, it stopped. He was grateful, closing his eyes as he settled against the tree. It was so peaceful outside too…

“Ahem?” a questioning voice asked, as he slowly opened one eye, a blur of purple hair, pink fur, and white fabric standing over him holding…something, “Are you gonna take one or not?”

Starlight peered down at Sunburst as his eyes finally opened completely, recognizing the items floating in front of her as creamy, white ice cream on top of a waffle cone. He scowled. “Starlight, what is this?”

“Vanilla ice cream, made it myself. Didn’t have time to let it sit in the refrigerator, so it’s kind of soft, but smooth, eat it before it melts,” she said with a grin while shoving one cone into his hoof. “Come on, you can’t tell me you don’t like ice cream?”

“It’s dairy.”

“Yeah, what about it? If I just used ice it wouldn’t be ice cream,” she said as she sat down on the grass next to him, careful to smooth out her thin white apron while not spilling her own cone, “Pinkie gave me the recipe and taught me how to make it, so it’s perfectly safe, and it’s sweet, just give it a try, please?”

“Starlight, I’m lactose intolerant.”

She turned to look at him with wide eyes. “No way, we used to eat ice cream all the time when we were kids!”

“Yeah, the ice cream my mom bought, she made sure it wasn’t dairy base.”

“…Can you at least try it, pretty please?”


“How can you say no to something not only sweet but cold in this heat?”

Sunburst glanced down at the cone in his grip, eyeing the white stuff suspiciously, especially the small black flakes mixed in it. Tempting, especially as it felt ice-cold through the waffle, but it was his mortal enemy in a sweet packaging. He hated milk, the way it coated his throat if it were whole or cream, the way it tasted like water if it was skim. Heck, he even disliked cheese on principle alone. With ice cream, it wasn’t much better despite being cold and sweet. While it was a shame to waste if after Starlight had gone to the trouble of making it…


She glared at him. He was sure he was about to be at the receiving end of a nasty hex till she gave a loud snort and went back to looking at her own dessert. “Fine, you sour-puss, I’ll have it, I’m hungry anyway so I’ll eat mine quick then yours.”

“Fattening up?”

“Ha, ha, ha, not nearly as funny as usual. I just don’t like it when food goes to waste,” Starlight said with a small grin before pointedly ignoring his comment. She was half turned towards him as she ate, licking the very top of the soft scoop, a piece of it disappearing into her mouth.

He didn’t notice at first, but the longer he sat there holding the second cone, the more his eyes focused on her tongue as it darted and swirled over the creamy surface. She had an unusual way of eating after the first bite, going from the base to the top to catch the dribbles of melting cream before they slid down over her hooves. Maybe it was the heat getting to him, but her lips and tongue were red from the intense cold. And between bites, she stopped long enough to lick the stickiness away, biting and wetting her mouth as he suddenly felt dry.

She was doing this deliberately, wasn’t she? How could she not know what she looked like eating that ice cream in the summer heat?

The thin white cotton apron she wore clung to her skin, one thin strap fallen off her shoulder. The pink ribbon tied around her back hugged the curve of her waist and the ends fell around her backside, the breeze playing with the ends like small flags that called for his attention. But the beads of sweat rolling down her back and below the low cut of the apron wasn’t as mesmerizing as the way she ate. His blue eyes went back to that last subject, ignoring the melting ice cream cone in his hoof completely. Starlight’s head was tilted to the side as she opened her mouth, sucking in the dessert in such a way that Sunburst just about jumped. The white fluid was smeared over her chin as she giggled to herself, wiped it off with the back of her hoof, and then licked the stickiness away like a cat. He shifted uncomfortably, trying not to think about how it would feel to be licked like that, or the sweetness of her mouth after all that sugar and vanilla.

As she started eating again in long, dragged out flicks of her tongue, Sunburst bit his lip to keep from groaning. In the melting heat, she forgot about being clean any longer and stuck to just trying to eat it before the delicate ice crystals turned back into a mixture of cream, milk, eggs, and flavor.

It was funny how his mind kept inserting images of other things colored white, or other things meant to be licked, mostly parts of himself that longed to be licked. Maybe it was because the only thing he could think about that week in Sire’s Hollow was her. Or maybe it was that when he did think of her, it all equated back to not just her herself but being with her. Yet, it also could have been that in all their times together, she’d never used her mouth on him there. Those red lips, that small pink tongue, the warmth he knew from kissing her, and those teeth that playfully nipped him almost everywhere but there. Maybe he wouldn’t have been imagining it if he’d felt it just once.

Then again, maybe it’s the heat frying his delicate, magic knowledge-filled brain. But damn, was he ever wrong if watching her eat an ice cream cone didn’t make him squirm while trying to hold back lecherous thoughts. Then he saw her tongue slowly curl over a lump of white ice, drawing it into her mouth with a slow moan of pleasure from the cold and cream. He wished he was that ice cream cone, very, very much. This time Sunburst did groan out loud, hitting his head against the back of the tree. He was not a pervert! At least that was what he kept telling himself over and over in mantra.

Starlight’s attention snapped towards him at the sound, her eyebrows arching up in curiosity. She was fairly certain he had groaned, his eyes tightly shut while pounding his head backward. A grin spread over her lips as she stopped eating to notice the melting ice cream dripping all over his hoof and down towards the ground.

“Sunburst,” she said in a scolding tone as his blue eyes shot open. “This is why you should have been eating some instead of being such a baby about it.”

Before he could retort, the mare moved closer on her knees and grabbed his wrist, bringing it to her mouth. He made a noise that was a mix of a gasp and a cough as she started to suck and lick the melted vanilla off his hoof. It was too much. The visuals combined with the stimulation of her tongue on his already burning skin fried every shred of resistance he had towards all things dairy and all things Starlight.

She felt him move forward suddenly but kept his hoof still. The mare tried to pull away before their faces collided, but his other hoof pressed against the back of her neck, stopping her as his lips moved closer. She squealed in surprise as he kissed her, licking her lips quite literally. Her protesting murmurs only escalated as his tongue delved into her mouth as if seeking a sample of the lingering sweet taste without actually eating any of it. And yet, all her complaints faded the longer he remained locked against her. Slowly, the sorceress forgot all about the ice cream in her hoof as the cone slipped right out of her grasp. It fell into Sunburst’s lap, and he broke the kiss with a yelp. “Ah! Cold! Starlight!”

His hooves flailed at the cold, letting go of his melting treat as well. In the confusion, it landed on her chest and splattered down the front of her apron. At the sudden cold, she gasped then screeched, turning red with embarrassment before focusing her anger on her childhood friend. “Sunburst! For a wizard, you’re so dang clumsy!”

“Look who’s talking! You dropped yours first!”

“I don’t care! I’m all sticky know, and it’s your fault! Gimme your cape!”

“What!?” he yelled back at her, turning red himself for different reasons besides anger. “Why do you need my cape!?”

“Because you’ve sweat through it anyway, and I need a rag to clean this up! Now pass it over!”

Grumbling, he peeled out of his dark cape and threw it at her, suddenly regretting kissing her at all. Why did he feel the need to kiss her? All it did was cover them both in ice cream, including the one that had dropped right on his crotch. That hurt beyond the indignity, as the cold liquid seeped right through his thin yellow coat and to his skin. He really needed a shower now. Sunburst picked up the remains and hurled it away from them into the dirt, scowling. He didn’t notice Starlight at all as she tried to blot the melted cream of her neck and apron, huffing as it stuck to her, “Damn…I hope you’re happy, this could’ve been avoided if you just ate the stupid ice cream.”

Sunburst finally looked at her and tried not to whimper at what he saw. The white apron was nearly see-through when she gave up and dropped his cape, wet and sticking to her front like a second skin.

Her dark blue eyes studied the stallion in front of her, sitting completely naked under the tree, his eyes transfixed by something. It was then that she noticed where his gaze was stuck, on the trail of white stickiness still over her skin and apron. She grinned. He was oblivious to what he was even doing, so far gone that he was nearly drooling with hungry intent. Sunburst hadn’t looked at her like that before…He even missed the massive stain of ice cream on his lap. Starlight had all sorts of ideas about why he was looking at herself, her grin turning into a smirk.

Maybe he did like ice cream after all, but for different reasons.

Before Sunburst knew it, she dropped the ruined cape into his lap and proceeded to mop up the liquid. His eyes nearly popped out of his sockets, trying to stop her wandering hooves. “What-! Stop! Get off me!”

“You’re a complete mess, now hold still!”

“I can get it on my own, now let go!”

“No!” she yelled back as he tried to tug on the cape, battling his hooves away. He continued to squirm, pushing on her shoulders to get her away from him until her hoof touched something. She stopped completely and looked into his eyes. Sunburst looked at her with a mix of horror and embarrassment, the blush across his face going all the way to the roots of his vermillion hair. And then, her hoof started to rub again, as if to continue cleaning as nothing had happened.

“Starlight…” he said slowly, trying no to hiss as her rubbing slowed down as he spoke. “Let go…”

An impish grin spread across her face as her grip tightened, letting him know that she knew exactly what she was touching. Starlight leaned forward, staring into his cornflower blue eyes as she sat between his open legs. “You sure about that?”

“No…” He said weakly, then he groaned as her hoof continued to massage him through the dark fabric, making it very difficult to think of anything else. She giggled at his non-committal answer, avoiding kissing his lips as she nibbled on his neck. The salt of his sweat mixed with the remnants of the sweet ice cream in her mouth, the clashing flavors tasted better than she thought as she slowly crept down his body.

Sunburst groaned louder the closer she got to lay on the grass before him, her lips kissing his stomach as it tightened under her touch. Her hoof hadn’t stopped its movement, making it very hard to stop her or even try to grab the little temptress. Part of him wanted to return the favor, to pin her under him and see how she liked to be touched and licked. And yet, every other part of his body had mutinied, agreeing it was much better for him to sit there, shut up, and go with it before she changed her mind.

Starlight stopped and pulled the rag that was his cape off his lap, revealing his half-raised member to the world. Her hooves touched it gently, rubbing the outlines with slight hesitation while she pressed butterfly kisses to the heated flesh. Sunburst’s mouth dropped open, too engrossed in the sight of her playing with his member. Blood rushed to his head—and down his crotch—as the realization of her ultimate goal hit him, sure that if he were still a virgin, he would’ve come then and there. Starlight didn’t seem to care as her touch became bolder, her shy kisses growing in intensity, bringing his attention back to what she was doing.

Traitorously, his hips pushed up from the ground at her urging, and he scooted closer to her until she was resting comfortably on his lap. As his member reached its full height her touching became daring and firm, Sunburst groaned louder, torn between stopping her or…he couldn’t think of what else he wanted, but it would’ve felt good.

“Huh…” he breathed, sweating more than when he moved the boxes for her earlier. “You don’t have to do this…”

She’d never done this before, which lent to part of his fear and excitement. It didn’t help that her hooves and himself were tacky from the ice cream, making him stick to her wherever he was touched. Starlight didn’t say a word but shot him a fiery look, her blue eyes practically daring him to try and stop her, while he was in her intimate grasp. No, she wouldn’t stop, that was evident enough as her tongue gave the head a slow, firm lick. The heat of her mouth would have made him cry out if his throat weren’t as dry as the desert. His hooves dig into the grass, transfixed on the sight of her lips wrapping over him. Her tongue licked him, taking the head of his member completely into her mouth, and he was utterly lost. “Oh, fuck me…” Sunburst said, despite his usual aversion for such vulgar language.

Starlight didn’t notice his slip of the tongue, too intent on her work. She always did want to do this to him, if only to see his reaction, which was bordering between spastic and rapturous. She could read him like a book each time something like this happened. Unless he came on to her, he always looked torn between ecstasy and complaint. If he disliked being seduced, he didn’t show it ever by pushing her away. And who was he to complain? She was the one doing all the work to seduce him. It was particularly delicious work too, as her mouth pulled back to lick the underside of his cock, the taste of ice cream, sweat, and sex making her drool.

Sunburst groaned and shifted lower against the tree, apparently unwinding and giving in to the inevitable. His hips moved upwards on their own accord. His body unconsciously begged for her attention again as her mouth took one of his balls, sucking on it while she continued to stroke his dick with eager motions. Shaking like a leaf, his hoof reached out to touch the mare’s dark purple hair, messing her hairstyle slightly as he slid his hoof down her bare neck. “Star…”

She ignored him, her mouth continuing to move back up. The slight nibble of her teeth made him tense, fearful until he felt her restraint teasing him. Her small bite was followed by a low, muffled moan then sucking as her lips wrapped over him. That combination was unnerving, fighting to keep his hips still as she went upwards. His member slid into her mouth, almost disappearing into her, but he didn’t want to think about where it went. Slowly, Starlight’s head went up and down, each pass stealing a little more of his breath till he felt like drowning.

It was a battle to keep from bucking into her mouth. Heck, it was a battle to keep himself in check. Sunburst’s shuddering only got worse as her hooves stroked him as well between pauses. There was a determination in her blue eyes whenever she glanced up at him, probably bent on driving him insane. It was working, and he adored her for it. The pit of his stomach flared with heat standing right on the brink of release when he finally stopped her.


Starlight looked up at Sunburst, confused at first then hurt as his hooves pushed her away. At least, she thought he was pushing her away. It wasn’t until he grasped her by the elbow and hauled her body into his lap that she understood.

His lips were on hers at once, consuming her while he locked her in place with his embrace. There would be no fighting him, that message was clear as he groaned into her mouth. And yet, she still fought back in her own ways, messing his mane with her questing touches, and then pressing eagerly against him. Sunburst pulled away from her lips with a cry that turned into a growl as she shuddered in his embrace. His hooves dove down her back, quickly pulling the pink ribbon that held her apron in place. Starlight clung to him, her legs on either side of his hips as he pushed the apron aside before cupping her aching center.

She tried not to cringe at the suddenness of it, but that was quickly replaced with a moan as his head came down her neck. Her breath came in gasps as he licked the warm and sweaty skin, struggling to get the gauzy fabric clinging to her out of the way as he yanked it with his teeth. The mare gave a small cry as Sunburst’s hoof changed angles, rubbing her clit in almost painful motions, and her hooves dig into his back, nearly breaking his skin. Another growl from the wizard, one born out of frustration with the flimsy garment.

“Of all the times you decide to wear clothes you had to pick this one.”

“Shut up and get me off,” Starlight snapped before her voice was cut out by another quake of pleasure from her body. “Oh my gosh…!”

He kissed her desperately, hugging her to him as he tried to get to his knees. Unfortunately, he was no pegasus so gravity wasn’t on his side. They tumbled backward in a sprawled heap, both of them uncaring of the change in scenery in the middle of a lip-lock. When Sunburst’s lips finally backed off, he grinned down at her, at least until she grabbed his naked ass. That simple, but reverberating, touch propelled him back into action, pressed intimately against her again as she wiggled under him.

He didn’t waste a second longer, setting himself at her folds, then parting them with a thrust. Starlight gave a startled yelp but moved with him as he pushed into her. Her eyes were tightly shut, focusing on not just the heat in the air but the heat between them as it burned over her skin.

Sunburst groaned as she arched up, her apron still slinging to her, but yanked away from her lower half and neck. He attacked her neck just as she did the same to him, careful not to leave suspicious marks that couldn’t be smooth over with her hair. Her cries only picked up in volume as he licked a trail of sweat from her cheek up to her ear, nibbling the sensible flesh. The sticky sweet taste of vanilla still clung to her along with her scent, overwhelmingly powerful and heady. He gave up on sampling the remains on her skin, hunched over Starlight, and moving as if possessed. Her hooves touched his sweaty shoulder blades, clinging to him as she looked for purchased on his gleaming back. In this state, he was hypersensitive to her every move, but he didn’t complain when she clung to him in a painful grip.

Every time he moved within her, it felt like he was sinking deeper and deeper, losing himself piece by piece. Maybe that was part of why he wanted her so much, couldn’t get enough of her, oblivion, sweet release, and comfort wrapped into one blissfully smiling package. She was smiling up at him, pulling on his hair so that he’d look at her eyes. When he did, he smiled back, almost forgetting how close they both were till her smile turns into a rapt but silent cry. Her hips bucked up into his, and he gripped her body tightly as she came. Her voice resounded in his ear with a whimper, saying his name before she moaned into his neck.

That was it for the wizard as he pushed in one last time with a shout.

Sunburst nearly collapses in the waves of release, dizzy, exhausted, but deliriously happy. He was dimly aware of his seed shooting into her even as her walls gripped him, but it didn’t matter. Physical reaction, he learned, took second place to the torrent of feelings that boiled in the aftermath of love.

Starlight went limp under him as he curled around her, a little concerned as her eyes were closed and her breathing shallow. Did she pass out? Not that he could blame her. He felt like passing out too, his head pillowed in the gentle rise and fall of her chest. She shook with a start moments after he’d collapsed, exactly where he wanted to be and then sighed, contented. He felt her hooves play with his hair and he shuddered but let her play with it, too happy to move. It was too hot to move anyway. The sorceress giggled as he snuggled into her neck, not missing the goofy grin that spread across Sunburst’s face.

“You’re a pervert,” she declared after a minute of further silence between them.

“Look who’s talking.”

“But I still love you anyway,” she said as he looked up at her, his blue eyes wide. Starlight smiled as her hoof brushed through his mane again, and he smiled back.

Slowly, he crawled back up till they were face to face, their bodies barely touching anymore. Sunburst tilted his head subtly and leaned down, kissing her tenderly with a brush of his lips. Before it could turn heated with passion at all, he pulled away, planting more delicate kisses over her face till he stopped at her forehead, nuzzling her horn with his nose.

“I love you,” he said so softly that she barely heard the words over the hum of the cicadas.

They stayed like that for a few more minutes, lying in the grass in each other embrace, a tangle of sweaty limbs and dirty clothes, till Starlight finally groaned. “I need a bath; I think I got dirt up my tail thanks to you.”

Sunburst chuckled. “I think I still have ice cream running down my legs, we’re even.”

“You should have eaten some of it,” she said with a pout, “I make it for you, and you turned your nose up at it, you’re so…picky.”

“I told you, I’m lactose intolerant, milk makes me gassy.”

“Didn’t stop you from eating half the cake at my graduation ceremony.”

“I paid for it dearly that night, trust me,” he said sarcastically with a scowl, at least until she kissed him on the cheek. Sunburst blushed as she was smiling again, acutely aware that he wasn’t as tired anymore, and they both were practically naked. Starlight giggled again, as the hungry look in his eyes was back.

She slid out from under him, fixing her apron while not bothering with her mane. “Come on, mister important wizard, showers await. If you’re a good boy, I’ll even pull out the last batch of ice cream I made, chocolate.”

She turned and started to walk back to the house as Sunburst sat there a moment, letting her offer sink in. Showers, more ice cream, and Starlight. Was he dreaming? He had to be, given the vision in his head from contemplating the last three objects of his desire at once.

Even if he detested all the milk in the ice cream, he could possibly stomach it…depending on how it was served.

Sunburst sprung back up to his feet, shaking some stray blades of grass and snatching his ruined caped from the ground as he ran after her. “Wait! Can we discuss this?! I’m getting an idea!”

Starlight turned and smiled from the porch, watching him while leaning against the door frame. “Why, Sunburst, I do believe you’ve been corrupted.”

“Only when it comes to you,” he said, his grin incredulous as he grabbed her. She squealed, trying to get away, but not really fighting all that hard as he tickled her.

“I’ll make a dairy lover out of you yet, Sunburst!” she yelled as he chuckled darkly.

“Only if it’s on you,” he whispered into her ear. “Now, where’s that ice cream?”

Pull Me Closer

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Of all the places, she finds him on the south side of the school building. It’s a shadowed little nook and she only went there as a last resort when she couldn’t find him anywhere else on the grounds, but there’s no mistaking the unicorn stallion with messy red hair and sideburns who’s propped against the stone between two towering columns.

He looks like he’s brooding, she thinks as she approaches, clipboard clutched to her chest. He’s leaning against the wall and looking rather intently at the ground. She’s not entirely sure if he just didn't notice her or if he’s being distant on purpose—but with Sunburst, it was most likely the former.

Starlight is not the kind of mare to let things go without an explanation. She isn’t sure what it was that upset him during her lecture on magical history she gave to the first-year students at the end of the day, but she’s been with him long enough to know when he was in a bad mood and was no longer put off by them.

And besides, she wants an answer—straight from the horse’s mouth.

She stops a few feet away from him, he still hasn’t looked up and she clears her throat awkwardly.

“Sunburst.” She says his name clearly, but he still gives her the cold shoulder. Her cheeks puff out with annoyance. “Sunburst.” She repeats with more force, her annoyance building with every second he doesn’t look her way.

He shifts, which is the most movement she has seen from him so far, but it bothers her even more somehow. What’s his problem?

“Was it really that bad?” she huffs out, brows drew together as she stomps her hoof against the stone floor. They had been dating for a couple of months now, she thought he might be at least a little more supportive, even if she didn’t go to a fancy magic school to study the material like he had or was barely on his level when it came to magical knowledge. “I did my research! I studied well into the night to get everything right! I don’t see why you had to—”

“That’s not it,” he cuts in, though he’s now purposefully looking away from her.

“Then what is it?” she presses, taking another step forward. She really wasn’t in the mood for any guessing games. Did he have any idea how embarrassing it was for her when she nearly finished her presentation and he just…stood up and left? “If you don’t tell me, I’m not going to understand!”

He turns to her, briefly staring at her before sharply turning away once more. She watches him swallow for a moment before his lips part. “…Never mind.”

She tries not to let it get to her—she really does. But Sunburst knows how stressed and tired she is, how much she worries and cares about every creature in the school, Starlight thought that he would at least talk to her to ease her nerves if nothing else. And she can’t decide if she feels angry or disappointed about his dismissal. He’s teased her before, but this wasn’t the same, something is very obviously bothering him and he won't even trust her enough to tell her what.

She breaths in slowly and lets it out in one long sigh. “…You know I’m going to worry about it right? Whenever you say things like ‘never mind’ or ‘it doesn’t matter’ it makes me worry more because I know you’re hiding something! If I upset you somehow then I have the right to know!”

If he really wants to be alone then she would let him, but she didn’t want this kind of tension to follow them back home, either. At least if it was out in the open, she could apologize or fix it or something. It was better than letting her mind go in circles, reviewing every little thing she ever said or done to him, wondering what it was that made him withdraw. Besides, it took her twenty minutes to find him, she wasn’t going anywhere until she got an answer.

And yet Sunburst remains stubbornly quiet, not moving a muscle, his shoulder leaning against the building and not meeting her eyes. She didn’t want to fight, despite being angry with him, because she knows that prodding him would only make him retreat more into his shell until he breaks from it with a shout and a barrage of angry words, such a blowout generally leads them to not speaking to each other for a full day sometimes, and since they were working closely it wouldn’t do them any good. That isn’t something that she wants and she doubts that he does either.

With one more glance in his direction and another sigh, the head-mare turns around. “Write a report about my presentation with everything I got wrong by Monday,” she pauses and adds with a smaller voice, “and you don’t have to come to any more of my lectures, if they bother you so much, alright?”

Before she can walk away, she feels something yank at the edge of her blazer and she stops with a small jerk of surprise. She looks at her side and sees the golden aura of his magic on her, she’s surprised that he was capable of such magical output.

“I said that wasn’t it,” he speaks from behind her, and she thinks that his voice sounds a little strained. “This isn’t…this isn’t something I should tell you about, let's leave it at that.”

Any lingering resentment she was holding onto fades away at those words, quickly replaced with concern. He sounds more awkward than normal; his words don’t carry the gentleness that she’s used to. Her concern makes her reach out to him. “Sunburst? Are you alright?”

She feels terribly guilty all of a sudden. She’d been so worried about her own embarrassment that she didn’t even stop and consider that Sunburst might have left for other reasons, he even said so! She wanted to kick herself for being so selfish.

At least he wasn’t trying to hide from her anymore, and Starlight takes advantage of that to step closer and nuzzle his cheek gently, trying to convey that she was there for him with the simple action. He responds with a gentle hug, but she feels his muzzle lowering from her cheek all the way down her neck in a slow but purposeful matter until he stops at the collar of her shirt, his motions are oddly soothing.

“Sunburst…?” she tries again, but her voice is softer than before.

His nuzzling stops momentarily, and his hoof slides over her shoulders, down her back…

And with a small squeak of surprise escaping her throat, she finds herself all but pressed right up against him, she drops her clipboard as she puts her hoof between them out of instinct, but it ends up pinned against her chest in the process. A flush swiftly turns her face to match the color of his hair. “S-Sunburst?”

“Don’t…move away,” he breathes into her ear, his words almost hitched. She could almost feel his heartbeat where her hoof rests up against his chest. “I just need…”

He doesn’t elaborate, but the near pleading tone to his voice is enough for her to follow his wishes. She likes being held by him—that was something that the mare discovered long ago—but this is not quite the same. This warmth is…different. It’s…

It’s cloying and she can almost feel it like a hot pressure that surrounds her—like he’s radiating the heat himself. She squirms, once, and the sharp gasp in her ear makes her own breath catch in her throat.

When did Sunburst ever make noises like that? She feels something almost like a shiver that wants to course through her, but she’s not cold. She’s far from cold.

They simply stand like that for a long moment, his heartbeat against her chest, his breaths shallow and tickling he curve of her ear. And her face growing hotter, as though she’s channeling in that abundance of heat that he’s giving off.

It’s strange, but now her heart is beat is increasing as well. This is nothing like when they shyly held hooves and when they kissed that first time, or the second or the third or the fourth.

He seems desperate somehow—his grip is unrelenting, as though he’s afraid she might just vanish if he releases her. And she doesn’t understand, but even with her mind racing for answers, she cannot find the words to ask.

It is rare that he touches her—most especially in public—and it’s usually fleeting. They don’t kiss for long, he usually gets awkward about holding hooves, and embraces are more or less initiated by her. This is different, the way he’s holding her, the hat, his breath lightly tickling a few stray hairs of her mane against her face, he’s close and he’s not moving away.

After what feels like forever, she finally manages to make her mouth work long enough to ask, “Sunburst, is s-something wrong?”

She feels his hoof sliding up and down her clothed back. “Something…might be wrong with me,” he mumbles and his breathy voice that makes her goosebumps form along her body beneath her work clothes. She opens her mouth to speak and she feels him giving a sudden jerk; like he was trying to push her down. But before she could fall, he retreats just as quickly. “I…”

Starlight is unsure of what to think. Was he sick? Should he take him home? Those are the obvious things that come to mind, but there’s a part of her that tells her that wasn’t it. So, what does he—

“I want to touch you,” he interrupts her thoughts, his voice lower than before, and the shiver she fought tingles straight up her spine without warning, her eyes growing wide. “I need to…”

The words sound so strange to her ears. They almost sound like something that couldn’t come from his lips, and yet she’s certain that she didn’t mishear them.

Before she can bring herself to respond, she feels him move—edging them both toward the side of the building and still keeping his grip taught around her. “Starlight,” he speaks her name in a needy manner that she is completely unfamiliar with, but that is strangely nice to her ears. “Please…”

“I…” her own voice, she realizes, has grown hoarse. Swallowing hard, she tries to break the words free. “I…can help?”

By now, he nearly has her all but pinned up against the side of the stone building, she braces her forelegs against the wall to keep her balance, his chest pressed tightly to her back, his hooves on her hips and one of his legs rubbing along the side of hers. The warmth from her face begins to spread, reaching her ears and her neck. “I need you,” he responds in that same husky tone, leaning in far enough that she can feel his lips brush her cheek as he speaks. “That room was stifling…I couldn’t take it…I had to get…out.”

His words are full of contradictions. He wanted her, but he ran away instead? But what did she do to get him like this? She was sure she didn’t do anything flirty or provocative, did something else drove him out?

“Then…it wasn’t my fault?”

The pause that follows her question makes her insides tighten a little bit further with uncertainty.

“It’s your fault,” he responds as he presses his warm lips right beneath her ear. “And mine.”

Trying to understand Sunburst was usually difficult since his mind is lightyears ahead of hers, but he normally made sure to explain things to her in a way she understood—even if it meant being blunt sometimes. Now, she only felt more and more confused with every word that passed through his lips.

Lips felt good against her skin though…

“But, what…did I do?” She really wants to know, but her voice almost cracks when she feels his hips move forward against her backside. He pulls away slowly, and she can feel…something stiff pressing up against the small of her back through her skirt.

“You…” his breath is hot on her neck, his red bangs brushing her skin in a way that makes her tense in his grasp. “Talked…captivated me…made me want…”

She shivers and braces herself when she felt her grip on the stone slip for a moment, his voice making her weak in the knees. “Want?”

His breath releases in pants, the hooves around her hips finally loosening their vice grip. “Want you,” he says with a firmer tone than before, and in the blink of an eye, his hooves are under her skirt, cupping underneath the small mounds of her breast.

For a moment Starlight is too shocked to react. She isn’t familiar with being touched there, but she can feel the heat from his hooves, feel it flooding into her. And it’s making her squirm.


He answers with his actions, by biting her ear and using his magic to pinch the sensible tips of her breast at the same time, and she gasps out in surprise from the sudden shock that lights up in her. “A-Ah!”

“Please,” he repeats, licking the offended ear and leaving a short trail of wet kisses down along the juncture of her neck and jaw. “I can’t…”

She knows what he’s pleading with her for and part of her is hesitant in giving in to his wants, but Starlight can’t deny that even if the sensations are new and strange, it feels good. He has never touched her like this before, and for once he’s not shying away or shutting her out.

“Mm,” she responds with a tight breath of her own, arching into that strangely addicting motion of his magic and hooves over the springy flesh. “I…I like that.”

And she’s not making it up for his sake either, his hooves feel good where they massage her breast. He is not as hesitant as he was when he would hold her hoof in his, or brush it along the side of her face. She likes this change.

It’s not long before she can feel even more confident in his touch—or maybe it’s desperation, she’s not sure—but he’s growing firmer and more eager in his ministrations. Her breath is getting shorter, as a result, the heat moving and expanding within her.

“I won’t go too far,” he says as if reassurance to her. Starlight nods but she’s too lost to the sensations too really hear his words, but she really doesn’t care. She knows Sunburst cares about her—and she trusts him.

With his declaration, he starts moving too quickly for her to really follow what is going on—especially when she’s facing the building. His hooves leave her perky tits and start lifting her skirt almost frantically, but his magic is still stimulating the sensible mounds. She moans and her body feels hot, her bangs are clinging to the side of her face with the moisture of her sweat collecting at her temples.

“Starlight,” he speaks her name again, and this time it sends a wave of heat through her—which only intensifies when she feels a draft before his groin is pressed directly into the back of her tail. The stiffness she thought she felt before is definitely there, but it’s not restrained, and she can feel his pulse against the curtain of hair that separates their skin.

Sunburst groans into her ear as he rubs the hardness up against her backside, pushing her further into the wall. Her tail twitches and flags at his movements, she feels him trying to brush the long hairs out of the way.

The area under her tail feels damp. And hot. She wonders how she didn’t notice until now, but she feels it when he tugs at her tail impatiently.

“Sunbuuurst,” her own voice takes on a needy edge and she sways her hips against his as if that will help somehow. All it does is provoke a strained noise from him, and he slides his hoof over her exposed flank, the shudder that goes through him passing straight to her.

This is definitely the most touching he’s done and the most intimate they have ever been, but Starlight is not alarmed. Sunburst is bringing out something in her and she wants to experience new things with him. If he can make her feel good, she wants him to feel good, too.

It doesn’t occur to her that they’re in the back of the school building, together in a manner that is certainly inappropriate for the academy grounds. All that exists is this heat and him and the press of his body against hers.

He moves again from behind her, little grunts escaping him as he pulls back slightly from her backside and jerks his hoof around her tail. Then, a moment later, he releases a sound she can’t quite identify—almost like a sharp hiss—and the hairs on the back of her neck instantly stand up on end.

His breathing has somehow grown even harsher and his grasp on her hips is unwavering as he shifts—and then she feels it.

Her voice raises a little as she flattens herself into the stone wall, legs quivering. What was hard and pulsing is now touching her rear, no cloth or barrier between them, and the heat is just too intense for her not to react. One of his hoof’s snakes around her waist while the other appears at the wall next to her head, and she can literally feel his heavy unsteady breaths as he just marginally moves his hips up against her.

“Ngh…you feel so…”

He trails off between gasps and grunts and other low-pitched noises as he slides himself against her, his cape draping over them and hiding the actions beneath from direct view. She cannot even form words well. The heat is so tight, the throb of him against her is making her feel so strange, but she needs—


Starlight is not even sure about what she’s pleading for, but she knows that she needs him to keep going. She needs to feel more of this.

And he obliges wordlessly, grunting out against the back of her neck as he increases the pace of his thrusts. The hoof bracing against the wall once again lowers, moving to hold her chest to keep her steady as he moved.

Starlight is so lost in the motions that when he stops a whine escapes her throat almost immediately, but from one moment to the next, he’s moving his hard length from between the cheeks of her backside to the heat between her legs, stroking the wetness she felt earlier. The sensations are so overwhelming that her whines turn to cries of pleasure.

“Y-Yes!” he moans out against her skin as if responding to her, the jerking motions of his hips increasing, but loosing more and more control as the second's pass. “That’s it…that’s…”

Sunburst cuts off with a loud groan as Starlight thighs press together tightly around him, bringing him closer to her folds. With a jerk his heated flesh prod against a sensitive nub of nerves and she tenses up, a strangled noise catching in her throat. It suddenly feels like everything is just too much, even though she wants more, and she can’t make sense of everything but somehow, she just needs…!

He is moving even faster. She doesn’t know he could move so fast, but he is and she feels so much and her back arches and she feels like she’s going to come apart at the seams! Especially with the way, he was grinding on that sweet spot so relentlessly, driving her closer—!

“Star…Star—!” His voice is so strained that she thinks he sounds like he’s in pain, but he’s not stopping. And she doesn’t want him to. The metal of her horseshoes all but scrape at the stone wall as she fights for air, and he’s clutching her body to hold her solidly against him as he bucks her into the wall over and over.

Then, like she had been hit by an avalanche, Starlight could no longer determine what was even happening. He tenses first and she feels it and she feels a huge throb against her folds just before he cries out her name and his body shakes and trembles almost violently from behind her. Something overtakes her completely when he presses so harshly against her sensitive nub, sending her body, her mind, her entire consciousness suddenly flooding through with white and pleasure and exploding a myriad of dancing colors in front of her eyes.

Starlight doesn’t know how long it is before she feels like she knows who she is and where she is once more, but she finds herself half-collapse against the wall of the building, Sunburst’s warm weight pressing over her, and feeling like she just ran for her life. She heaves for breath, taking in all she can to refill her needy lungs. Her body feels sweaty and sticky but there’s the relief and unmistakably nice, warm feelings running through her.

That was just…with Sunburst, she shared this…incredible moment.

“I’m sorry,” his voice suddenly rasps out after a short groan when he shifts against her, his limp length still trapped between her legs. He takes several breaths before he continues. “I knew…I was going to lose it if I stayed around you…you shouldn’t have come looking for me.”

She blinks, certainly not expecting those to be the first words out of his mouth.

“You’re an idiot,” she says, her voice is still not completely back to normal. “For being sorry.”

Maybe Sunburst didn’t have all the answers, after all, she thinks. While this was definitely new to her, and probably for him too, she wouldn’t take it back if she was given the opportunity. It’s special and it means something, and she instinctively knows that.

“…You’re not upset?” His voice sounds oddly surprised. “After I just…”

Starlight can hear the underlying shame in his tone and she doesn’t want that. She wasn’t him to be as pleased about this as she is.

“I feel closer to you,” she blurts out and feels her cheeks heat up a bit. “I like that feeling, it’s so much better when you don’t try to shut me out or shy away from everything.”

She turns in his slackened grasp, moving to press her lips rather clumsily to his cheek, and seeing his puzzled expression she can’t help but smile. “Please, don’t treat this like a bad thing? I’m glad it happened, I’m fine…I’m better than fine, I promise.”

He stares at her for a long moment, with that same quizzical twist to his features, and then leans down to bump his forehead against hers. “You drive me crazy. You’re so unpredictable. You’re…” he breaths out against her skin, almost like a contented sigh. “…everything I could ever want.”

The last of his words are so unexpected that Starlight lets out a startled laugh, and she asks half-jokingly and half-seriously. “Who are you and what did you do with Sunburst?”

His lips curl into a smile and he lets out a snicker, leaning closer and kisses her on the mouth. It’s gentle and very sweet, Starlight all but melts against him and she pouts when he pulls away. “What? Didn’t you say that I always shut you out?”

She huffs, “Oh, you’re such a…” she stops, blinks, and looks around her with a blush on her cheeks. “M-Maybe we should continue this conversation somewhere more private.”

“Starlight, no one comes to this part of the school.” He says with a raised eyebrow.

“I rather not risk it,” her horn glows and she gave him a wink. “Besides, the wall is uncomfortable, I rather we continue this in my room.”

And then they were gone in a flash of turquoise magic.

Body Heat

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The winters of the Frozen North were no joke.

Even with the Crystal Heart active, it wasn’t enough to stop the full force of a winter storm that came barreling down the mountains. A long time ago, a system of heating crystals had been set all across the city to keep the houses warm, since wood and other fire-starting materials were too scarce and precious to waste. Each district of the Empire had a “tower” that heated the houses, and it wasn’t uncommon for them to fall or fail during a storm like this.

Sunburst heard it before it happened; the harsh, winter winds taking out his district’s tower, the heavy crystal falling with a boom and a crash that rattled his windows. Then came the abrupt silence of the heating crystal in his house shutting down, gently rousing Starlight from her sleep. She blinked sluggishly at him and gave a tired groan at the realization, flopping dramatically into the bed. Wasting no time, they both got to their feet and began moving about the tiny house to gather a few things. Sunburst grabbed a thicker, but scratchier blanket to layer underneath the both of them, and Starlight unraveled a thick comforter from her overnight duffle; always prepared for the little things.

After a few minutes of fixing the bed to resemble a nest, the unicorn yawned and began to slide back in. However, Starlight was going through her bag at a frantic pace, mumbling softly about not leaving something behind. Sunburst raised an eyebrow and gently nudged her shoulder.

"Starlight, come on. Get back in here before all the warmth is gone."

"Gimme a second. These babies never fail to keep me warm at night."

There was some rustling, but he could barely see since most of the outside lights were out as well; only the gentle glow of her magic lighting up the room. Be that as it may, he got a good look at what she had been shimmying onto her legs when she stood up; hopping lightly to tug the cotton up past her thighs, just underneath her cutie mark. A warm blush spread on his cheeks at the peek of skin above the cotton, the fabric soft and colorful, clinging to the curvature of her legs. His gaze roamed downwards as she turned back around and climbed into the bed with a blissful sigh, feeling warmer already.

"Man, I love these! Hey, if the tower isn't up by morning, let’s go to the castle for brea—Eep!" Her sentence was cut off by white hooves gripping at her cotton clad thighs, squeezing tightly on the thickest part.

Looking back at the stallion, Starlight quirked an eyebrow and snorted a little. "Hey there, pal. Can I help you?"

"These How long have you had them?" His voice was a bit softer, inquisitive even as he rubbed small circles into the covered flesh.

"You hadn't seen these? Sunburst, I've had these since I was in high school."

His face gave way into a deadpan. "What kind of school let you wear these?" He enunciated the last word with a snap of the hem to her thighs, making them jiggle slightly.

"Hey! I just wore them at home, you pervert!"

"Who are you calling pervert!?"

She let loose a short laugh and craned her neck to peck his lips lightly; much more partial to huddling in the pile of blankets, even if the one beneath her were scratchy as hell. "Just go to sleep, Sunburst. I can feel it getting colder already."

With that, she pulled the covers up past her ears and curled into a tight ball; Sunburst enveloping her waist to tuck against the radiating body heat. The only sound to lull Starlight’s mind to sleep was the harsh winds outside and the steady breathing of her boyfriend, a content grin on her lips.


A tempting whimper left her lips.


God, why were her ears so sensitive?


Starlight was grinding against something now. Firm and warm, pressing with agonized precision to her clit and rubbing circles. Magic, more than likely; pinching the swollen nub with gentle strokes, making her jerk her hips and huff into the air.


The hot tongue lavishing her ear was almost too much, sending constant tremors down her spine and pulling a pitiful whine from her throat. However, it was the heat that really had Starlight coming undone beneath the onslaught of sensations; warm skin and cotton pressing to her body. A hoof trailing beneath her stomach and rubbing her already hardened nipples to the point of delicious pain. Starlight knew she was asleep, but the pleasure was too good to wake up from and fix. She simply wanted to drift with these feelings and let them consume her being until all that was left was a pliant, wet puddle.


Lips graced her neck with deep, open mouth kisses; his cock slipping past the dripping folds of her pussy to thrust freely. She wailed as he spread her open, rolling her hips deeply into the shallow push and pull, very sure that she was drooling. The hoof that had been teasing her teats pulled away, only to trail down to her thigh and lift it up with a squeeze. Oh, Starlight could even feel the cool air lap at her wetness and she arched; back pressing tightly onto the firm body behind her. There was a distant, bitten off grunt as she writhed; the gentle motions of his hips picking up speed and pulling an almost too loud moan from her lips. That same voice chuckled lightly and turned her head to steal a series of deep kisses; thrusting hard at her g-spot.


A tongue flitted lazily against hers, lips suckling the muscle as his dick made obscene noises within her sopping pussy; an amorous moan rippling from her throat. She hiccupped softly and clutched at the hoof holding her thigh up into the air; so ready to beg for something more, but her voice never came. Deep within her sleep, it was as if she were submerged in warm darkness with only the lustful sensations surrounding you. Teasing touches and an echoing voice, vibrating down her spine and abusing every spot that drove her to a whimpering mess. It was deliciously thick and sultry beneath the swarthy depths of subconscious pleasure, but the ache was growing unbearable. She mewled sharply and accidentally broke the kiss as a particularly hard thrust made her nerves sing.


Consciousness suddenly flooding her senses, Starlight cracked her eyes open and craned her neck back, but was pushed face-first into the pillow she had been lying on. The same heat was still tingling on her skin, but so much more real. It was burning and scorching every inch of her with a throbbing need that settled on her clit and she whined. Pitiful and wanting; her sock-clad hooves digging into the scratchy blanket as the same body settled against her back. Wet kisses were pressed up against her shoulders as Sunburst mumbled feverishly; "So cute", "I can feel you clenching on my dick...", making heat spread to her ears. She couldn't even be upset, knowing that both of them had agreed to the occasional sleep play, but sweet Celestia, if he hadn't worked her up well. There was a slick, obscene noise of him grinding into her cunt until he pushed inside especially deep; teeth biting into her flesh lightly. The wail that tore from Starlight’s throat was pure and saturated with a deeply rooted desire to be filled, to have that blistering heat consume her all over again.

The wizard tucked his hooves up under her thighs and whispered sweet words into her ear as he pumped inch by inch of his throbbing member into her heat. It was easy to hear in his voice—rough and coated in lust—that he had been just as strung out by the teasing. When his hips sat flush against her ass, Sunburst gave a shaky moan and bit her ear; relishing the gasp from her lips.

"Hey. Keep making those noises for me, alright?"

A Place to Unwind

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All it took was a glance, a discreet tilt of her head, and Sunburst was trailing behind her without question.

Like most homes in Sire’s Hollow, Firelight’s house didn’t have a fence surrounding it, so all they had to do was step over some bushes and the pair slipped to the backyard with ease. But despite the lack of security Sunburst minded his step, avoiding any hedges or anything that made too much noise, looking over his shoulder every so often as he followed Starlight deeper into the property.

When they were foals, Firelight’s backyard seemed like a jungle to them, the plants tall enough for two kids to get lost in and pretend they were on some quest through an enchanted forest. Now it was just a big and overgrown garden, the innocence of foalhood gone as he frowned. He wondered why he hadn’t contracted a gardener or something to fix this place, but part of him was glad that he hadn’t, the bushes and trees provided excellent cover from prying eyes. Starlight was short enough that sneaking around the overgrown hedges wasn’t a problem for her, but Sunburst had to crouch and duck on multiple occasions, worried that his messy orange hair would give him away.

Starlight reassured him that Firelight wasn’t home, and Sunburst managed to shake off his mother minutes earlier, but Sire’s Hollow was a small town, a small town with nosy neighbors and blabbermouths. If any of them saw them sneaking off like this, they were done for―Sunburst more than Starlight. Sunburst was sure that her father held no animosity towards him, but he couldn’t imagine that Firelight would be too thrilled if he found out that he was screwing his daughter without putting a ring on her horn first. Heck, they weren’t even officially dating.

Starlight still introduced him as her friend, she never asked him to take her out on dates or do anything special besides the occasional “stress relief”, as she liked to call it. And Sunburst felt he was in too deep to ask for clarification, fearing he would ruin whatever it was they had going on, but lately he couldn’t help but wonder...

He vaguely remembered where this path led too, despite how things had changed around it, and his suspicions were confirmed when they turned a corner and an old little shack came into view.

“Hey, it’s the old clubhouse!” Sunburst said. He wasn’t one to delve too much into nostalgia, but the feeling appeared as he stared at the old building. “I can’t believe it’s still here.”

It was actually just an old shed, a storage space filled with the things that Starlight’s father was unwilling to throw out, which were a lot. Back in the day, they would use whatever junk they could find for their games, building forts, ships, and castles out of boxes and old furniture. Sunburst didn’t think it changed that much, except that it looked a little more weathered and it was a heck of a lot smaller than he remembered.

“I’m not,” Starlight answered with a shrug. “The only way my dad will ever get rid of this place is if a storm blows it away for him.”

Judging by the old stallion’s refusal to let go of the past, the complete opposite of Stellar Flare’s need for change, Sunburst was inclined to agree.

The shed’s door creaked on its hinges when Starlight pushed it open, the door unlocked and unprotected. Sunburst would have questioned this if this weren’t Sire’s Hollow―that was the beauty of small towns, he supposed, when every pony knew every pony it was hard to do much crime. Starlight stepped in first and Sunburst closed the door behind him when he followed her in. It was cramped and dusty, but there was more than enough room for two grown ponies to move around.

“Hmm, just as I thought,” Starlight said and turned to the only window in the shed, it was grimy from years of disuse, and the light poured in like a beacon when she opened it. “Dad hasn’t stepped a hoof here since I left.”

It definitely smelled and looked like it, he thought as he sneezed. The room was warm, almost uncomfortably so, and smelled of humidity, the dust dancing in the sunlight and coating every surface. Boxes lined the walls and were stacked together in high towers, covered in spiderwebs and grime, untouched since they were placed here. White sheets covered bigger objects, which he assumed were furniture, but even the covers looked yellow and old in the sunlight.

His sense for antiquing wanted to peek inside the boxes and underneath the sheets, briefly wondering if Starlight would mind if Firelight would be willing to part with his treasures for the right price. But then Starlight walked past him, her tail flicking and hitting him gently on the chest, reminding him of what he was here for, which had nothing to do with shopping.

“What did you use this place for?” He asked, trying to hide his eagerness with a little small talk.

“To practice my guitar, it became like my second room after the neighbors complained that my music was too loud. Once I came here, they stopped complaining.” Starlight took off the sheet over one of the boxy shapes, revealing an old, beat-up couch, big enough for two. “Which is why it is the perfect place to...unwind without being overheard.”

Sunburst didn’t have to be a genius to know what she meant.

Her head turned, her indigo eyes shining with a light that had his insides burning. Her tail lifted and flicked enticingly and, despite his best efforts to keep his eyes on hers, they followed the motions of her tail, towards the place that was usually hidden. His mouth watered and he swallowed the excess before he got closer, his eyes tracing the curves of her body, her bewitching smile, and her dark blue eyes that followed his every move. Sunburst didn’t fully understand how she did it, how she could turn him on with just a look and a few words, sometimes without even meaning to, but she did and he didn’t mind it too much, because Starlight always took care of him.

The couch creaked and moaned with their combined weight which they barely heard, too busy falling into each other. Starlight sat on his lap and wrapped her hooves behind his head, bringing him closer to her chest. Sunburst wasted no time and planted kisses underneath her jaw, licking every little inch of skin he could reach, dragging his goatee up and down her neck as he went.

“It tickles,” she giggled, scooching closer to him.

Sunburst wrapped his white hooves around her waist and mumbled into her skin. “Maybe you could play the guitar for me sometime?”

Starlight hummed, he wasn’t sure if it was because she was thinking about his request or enjoying the way he was nibbling her neck. “I haven’t played that thing in ages…”

“I still want to hear it.” His hooves trailed down her hips, caressing the purple fur and tracing her cutie mark before going back up.

“Later,” she sighed, grinding her hips against his lap and messing with his mane. “We got a friendship problem to solve.”

“After we relax and unwind?”

After we relax and unwind.”

Sunburst couldn’t resist and covered her naughty smile with his lips in a kiss. The sweet and lazy pecks escalating into something more passionate. It had been a while since they’d been together like this, and though they usually took it slow and enjoyed themselves, they were aware that their time here was limited―their parents were probably aware that they were missing, and it wouldn't be long before they came looking. Starlight licked his bottom lip and Sunburst didn’t hesitate to let her in, their tongues meeting and her flavor inundated his tongue...along with the taste of the smoothie she had earlier.

They broke the kiss with a grimace. “Ugh, what was in those smoothies anyway?”

“I don’t know, but I doubt it was fruit,” Sunburst huffed. “Don’t you have a mint or something?”

“No...but I got something better.” She got off his lap and laid on the couch, spreading her legs and he had an unobstructed view of her pussy. She rubbed her winking clit in lazy circles. “Come and get your palette cleanser.”

The drool collected in his mouth the longer he stared, but despite the time limit, he decided to enjoy this. He told himself that the point was to relax, to clear their minds to better solve this friendship problem, not because he missed her, not because his excitement in being summoned by the map doubled when he realized she was called to, not because the only highlight of this trip so far was getting to spend time with her. No, not at all, of course not, why would he have such ridiculous ideas?

He crawled over her and placed kisses on her chest, leaving a trail of them down her barrel, past her stomach, stopping for a moment to lick at her belly button―making her giggle as his tongue dipped into it―and reached her teats. They were small, the nipples hidden underneath her fur and barely noticeable, but Sunburst latched to them like a hungry foal. She gasped when he bit down slightly, her hooves reaching for his messy mop of orange hair, pressing his face against her as he soothed the bite with gentle licks.

“What is it with stallions and teats?” Starlight mused out loud, her back arching when he suckled on the other teat. “Not that I’m complaining…”

Sunburst gave a nonchalant hum, the vibrations traveling down the nooks and crannies of her body that usually went unnoticed, making her shiver. He could think of a thousand reasons why he was fixated on Starlight’s teats, but his mouth was currently occupied with them, and he hated to part with them too soon for no good reason.

That reason came in the form of a smell that was far sweeter than anything else, a scent that he knew well and yet never failed to excite him. He could feel his cock unsheathing from its hiding place, responding to her scent, his tail flicking with anticipation, but he ignored his need for the time being. He let go of her teats with a wet pop, kissing each mound one last time before he dived lower, towards the place of greatest pleasure.

She sighed as he spread her lips and licked deeper, her legs hooking behind his head and keeping him in place. He teased her entrance with his tongue, getting a taste of a flavor that was so uniquely Starlight that there was nothing he could compare it to, it wasn’t sweet like candy or any other food, but it was musky, heady and Sunburst couldn’t get enough. He made his way upwards with slow, teasing licks, soaking everything he could reach with his tongue. Once he reached her clit he licked it more forcefully, coaxing it out of its hiding place for a bit, until he got tired of waiting and wrapped his lips around it and gave a hard suck.

Starlight moaned, rotating her hips against his face, her forelegs grasping the armrest of the couch to keep herself steady. His ears perked at the noises she was making, and he peered at her from the rim of his glasses, never once stopping the motions of his tongue. She was a sight for sore eyes, with her dark mane spilling from the couch, her rosy cheeks and her plump lips mouthing her pleasure for his ears alone; he was mesmerized the first time he saw her like this, and he was mesmerized by her even now.

He was so hideously nervous and awkward when they started this...arrangement, for a lack of a better term, all those months. But Starlight had been patient with him and taught him what she knew, that combined with a little side reading took him to the point that he was now, to the point that he was no longer so nervous and scared of messing up, to the point that he trusts her enough to tell him what he needed to do. Not that she has to give him much direction these days now that he knew all her cues, in fact, he could see one coming.

Starlight dug her hooves into the plastic of the armrest, which squeaked in protest and was ignored in favor of her loud panting and moaning. The grinding of her hips grew more frantic and Sunburst kept going, licking and sucking without mercy, her clit hard enough that he had no trouble finding and holding on to it with his lips, playing with it with his tongue. She grew louder at this.

“Yes! Keep going, I’m almost―!”

Her knees locked behind his head, her hips stilled and her back arched as she gasped. Sunburst moaned as well, her nectar flowing into his mouth in time with her orgasm, and though he tried his best to catch it all some of it dribbled down his chin. She tasted way better than the smoothie. His frantic licking turned more soothing as she rode the waves of her pleasure, and he helped her prolong it for as long as he could. Her grinding slowly turned more languid, her back relaxing into the couch and she sighed, her legs falling away from his shoulders.

That was another cue. He gave her pussy one last kiss before rising, his erection more than obvious, bumping against his stomach and dribbling a bit of precum. Starlight smiled when he met her eyes, but her grin was far from innocent, especially when she lowered her gaze to the part of him that was desperate for her attention. She sat up and reached for his shaft, her hoof just about grazing the sensitive skin when he stopped her.

“As much as I would like you to return the favor, I don’t think we have that much time,” Sunburst said, taking her hoof in his.

“We have more than enough time,” she leaned over and kissed his pouted mouth. “Don’t be such a worrywart.”

Sunburst didn’t look convinced. “But if we stall too much some pony is bound to notice that we’re missing.”

Starlight looked at the window for a moment, the sunlight that poured on the dusty floorboards had moved slightly since they got here, and Sunburst could practically hear the gears turning in her head. In the end, his reasoning had won and she conceded with a sigh, but it quickly turned into a smile as she climbed on his lap and motioned for him to lay down. “I guess it’s time for the main event.”

It took a little maneuvering since the couch wasn’t all that big. His back legs dangled on the edge of the armrest, but he was comfortable enough when Starlight sat on his lap. Sunburst couldn’t fight the stupid smile that formed on his face as he watched her. Taking in the long purple hair that framed her face, her slightly mused fur, the light highlighting her body from behind, and the small, slightly bashful smile she was so desperate to hide behind the curtain of her hair as she positioned herself.

Sunburst wasn’t a stallion that paid much attention to details, but with this, he paid attention to every minute detail.

By his count, they have done this eleven times, this one being number twelve, but each time never failed to take his breath away. The feeling of her walls parting and wrapping around him with just the right grip, moist and warm and very much alive, was a feeling that he would never tire of, that and the expressions that she made when she sank into him were things he would treasure for the rest of his days. He groaned, his hips rising to meet hers, jostling her slightly from her place above him.

Starlight’s long eyelashes fluttered as she lowered herself, throwing her head back with a moan so sensual that it made his cock twitch inside her. She wiggled her hips, working around his medial ring, and pushed through the last hurdle with his help, and they both shuddered when she sheathed herself fully on his shaft. Now it was his turn to moan, gripping her generous hips to keep her in place.

“Starlight,” he gasped when she began to move.

She started slow, lifting her hips forward and then back in fluid motions, resting her hooves on his chest as she grinds. She looked down at him with half-lidded eyes, slowly withdrawing from his dick until his medial ring was at her entrance before she pushed it back in with equal slowness. It felt wonderful, he couldn’t deny it, but he was starting to get impatient, which he showed by thrusting his hips into her every time she retreated.

“What’s wrong?” She asked with mock concern, her hips stopping entirely. “Don’t you like it?”

He tried driving his hips into her, but she sat on top of him, pinning him to the couch with her weight, and sheathed herself on his member, and his desperation only grew when she didn’t move. “Stop teasing me,” he said through gritted teeth, “and just g-get on with it!”

“Oh, you think this is teasing?” She asked, smiling in a way that made him pause and reconsider his choices. “I’ll show you teasing.”

He cried in dismay as she slipped from his cock entirely, thinking for a moment that she was leaving, but she didn’t. Instead, he felt her magic wrapping around his legs, pulling his forelegs over his head and keeping his back legs still. He tried to struggle his way out of his bonds, and though he knew how to break this spell, he lacked the magical talent to do so, so all he could do was wiggle uselessly underneath her.

“Starlight!” He said as he pulled at his bonds. “W-What are you doing? Cut it out!”

She didn’t say anything as she lowered herself over his cock, pressing it against his stomach and rubbing her soaking pussy over the heated skin. Sunburst groaned, pushing his hips into her in a useless attempt to get back inside her, but the angle wouldn’t allow it. Starlight, still sensitive from earlier, rubbed her clit against his member, moving her hips in short but hard movements, essentially using him for her own pleasure.

Sunburst slammed his eyes shut, tried to erase the image of her riding him from his mind. The tension on his hips was building and he did all he could to stop from releasing too soon. If they had more time and a friendship problem wasn’t hanging over their heads, Sunburst would’ve let her get away with this, since he would have time to prepare himself for round two. But they didn’t, and he was desperate to bury his cock deep inside her. After the morning he had, he wanted nothing more than to rut inside of her and forget his troubles.

Even if she was one of them.

“Starlight, please!”

By some miracle, Starlight’s hips stopped moving. After a few deep breaths, he opened his eyes, meeting Starlight’s gaze. Her hair was a mess of purple framing her flushed face, and she looked down at him with an expression he couldn’t quite name, but his heart still pounded by the intensity he found there.

“How bad do you want to fuck me?” She finally asked, her hips pressing over his quivering member for emphasis.

His hips bucked. “B-Bad. Very, very, badly.”

Her expression didn’t change, but she seemed to reach a conclusion when he saw a glint of determination in her face. “Then show me,” Starlight broke the spell and lifted her hips. “Show me how badly you want me.”

Sunburst watched, his mouth slightly agape when she turned around on the couch and lifted her tail, presenting herself. It was the first time she put herself in such a submissive position, she usually preferred to be on top, leading him and setting the pace. He couldn’t help but wonder about her change of attitude. But his doubt was quickly overshadowed by his desire, a feeling that Starlight had inadvertently awoken in him when they started this facet of their relationship.

It was a little tricky at first, since the couch was small and old, creaking with their combined weight as it might break at any minute, but they pressed on. Starlight laid on the couch with her stomach down, her hips raised and gripping the armrest for support, Sunburst stood above her, one of his legs on the floor for balance, his forelegs resting on either side of her, caging her under him.

Sunburst swallowed, nervous as he was by taking the lead, but he couldn’t deny that having Starlight underneath him sent a dark thrill down his spine.

“Ready?” He asked, his voice soft with concern.

She looked at him from the corner of her eye and nodded, pressing her hips against him.

He didn’t think he'd ever been this hard before, but it worked to his advantage, making it easier to guide his member to where it needed to go. The flat head of his cock pressed against her entrance, and since he was so hard and she was so wet, it was a simple matter of sinking his hips into her until he hilted.

Starlight shuddered and let out a little sound, somewhere between a moan and a gasp, her hips surging to meet his. “Sunburst...”

He almost didn’t hear her, his mind clouded by the pleasure and the instincts that drove him to buck into her. He started slowly, looking for a rhythm, testing the limits of what this position offered, before he increased the speed, the couch groaning and rocking in time with his movements.

“W-when did you get so bo-oh-old!?” Starlight squealed, holding on to the couch for dear life as he plowed into her.

Sunburst only grunted and kept going, leaning into her and pinning her down with his weight as he rutted into her. The feeling of her silken walls wrapped around him was familiar to him, but now that he was the one marking the pace he found that he liked the freedom, he liked to hear what noises she could make, and it spurred him on like nothing else. He paused only to toss his cloak to the side, the sweat collecting on his forehead and back, though the room was warm Sunburst shivered as the air hit his exposed skin.

Now completely unhindered Sunburst moved into her with short but hard strokes, the sound of skin against skin as loud as their panting and moaning. Starlight basked in the attention, lifting her head to nuzzle him as his neck curved to meet her.

“See? I knew you had it in you,” she giggled. “I was tired of doing all the heavy lifting.”

“Sorry,” he mumbled and pressed his snout into her hair, smelling the lavender from her shampoo mix with her sweat. “I’ll be more proactive...starting now.”

His horn glowed and Starlight gasped as he started to play with her clit and nipples. He might not be as powerful as her, but he made up for it by the finesse in which he used his magic. His aura was gentle and firm, the warm, tingly sensation of his magic sent shivers down her spine—and Starlight loved every second of it. She wiggled beneath him, as much as she could with Sunburst on top of her, soaking in the feeling of him all over her and inside her.

Her pussy clenched around him and the feeling tore a curse from his mouth, closing his eyes in pure bliss as he used more force to drive his cock inside her, pushing the couch further against the wall.

The heat was unbearable at this point and yet the thought of pulling away was the furthest thing on their minds. Sweat glistened their coats, Starlight’s long mane sticking to her neck and face in messy waves. She looked beautiful like this, disheveled, her cheeks red and the lust shining in her eyes like precious stones, unlike him, who just looked like a mess, his face scrunched and twisted with the effort of not coming too soon, to keep going until Starlight went over the edge.

It was a skill he hadn’t completely mastered yet, that’s why he always made sure she came first.

Starlight was practically singing underneath him, saying his name brokenly, again and again, encouraging him to keep going. With his eyes closed, Sunburst was truly lost in her, his whole world had shrunken down to the movements of his hips, the feeling of her pussy around him, and her voice, and he couldn’t be happier. He wished he could stay like this forever, if only his stamina allowed for it—if only life and destiny didn’t intervene so often to keep them apart.

Sunburst could feel the heat building in his lower stomach, turning into a burn that threatened to erupt at any moment, and Sunburst pushed through it, pushing his hips to go faster and harder as he made the desperate climb towards nirvana. Underneath him, Starlight took the onslaught like a champ, her backside moving into him in near-perfect synchronicity, her grip on the couch so tight that she almost ripped through the plastic and the stuffing, but it held.

She cried out as he pistoned into her, using his weight to pin her against the couch and leave her helpless, since she could no longer even move her hips. Sunburst groaned, his breathing a harsh sound in her ears, nearly drowning out the lewd sounds of her juices dripping down her thighs, the harsh slap of his hips against her.

“Starlight, I-I’m almost…” he said through gritted teeth, trying to warn her. “I can’t hold back.”

“Me neither,” she answered between moans, “do it inside, it’s okay.”

What little self-control he had snapped at her words. He stopped thinking altogether, his hips moving on their own volition with a need so animalistic that it would have scared him if he weren’t so far gone in the pleasure. His cries of gratification were mingled with Starlight’s and the couch hitting the thin wood of the shed until—


Her hips stilled and Starlight’s back arched as she came, letting out a whine of pure pleasure. Her pussy tightened around him, which combined with the sounds she was making was what finally shoved him over the edge.

Sunburst pushed his hips into her hard enough that it tore a gasp out of Starlight, burying his cock inside her as deep as he could possibly go, and exploded inside her, filling her in the most biological, primal way, and the satisfaction leaves him weak in the knees. He closed his eyes so tightly that stars exploded and burned behind his eyelids, his body wrecked by the tide of sensations that he thought that he might drown and disappear altogether, if not for Starlight’s body and voice anchoring him to reality.

Dimly, he realized that, when the world was falling apart and all seemed lost, she had always been the one constant. He could always count on her to make things right.

The tide receded and Sunburst collapsed on top of her in a quivering, sweaty pile of skin and nerves. Starlight grunted but otherwise didn’t complain, still coming down from her own high to pay him much thought. Sunburst would have laid there for all eternity, but he thought that this couldn’t be comfortable for her, crushed between his gangly body and the old beat-up couch, and sure enough, Starlight wriggled underneath him a minute later.

He pulled out from her, both of them flinching from the sudden loss of connection, and the two best friends find a more comfortable position where they could still be close.

It took some maneuvering, but they eventually ended up tangled in each other, pressed closed together so Starlight wouldn’t fall off the couch, even though Sunburst had wrapped his hooves tightly around her. Starlight was still underneath him, but laying on her back, her head resting on the armrest, while Sunburst laid on his side, caught between the backrest and Starlight’s body. His head came to rest on her fluffy chest, listening as her heartbeat and breathing slowed, his eyelids growing heavy when Starlight began playing with his messy mane.

“If I'd known you like being on top so much...I would’ve let you do it much sooner…”

“Hmm?” Sunburst mumbled, blinking the sleep from his eyes. “Oh, well, at least I understand why you like being on top so much…”

He could hear the smile in her voice. “It has its advantages.”

Sunburst grinned and nuzzled her chest, making her giggle, the hooves around him pulling him closer into her embrace. It was moments like these that he treasured the most, when they’re both relaxed and unguarded, where touch and laughter came so easy to them that he could almost believe that they were something more...and it confused him immensely.

Awkward as he was when it came to relationships, even he could tell that something else was going on here, between them, something more than just casual sex. He caught glimpses of it when he stared into her eyes, felt it in his skin when she touched ever so casually, and the way his heart rate picked up whenever she was around. If he didn’t know any better he could’ve sworn that it was magic, but Sunburst ate and breathed magic ever since he learned how to walk, and he was certain that this wasn’t a spell, it was something deeper and equally powerful...could it be that he―

“Sunburst?” Starlight’s voice, soft as it was, broke through his thoughts like a baseball through a glass window, making him jump. “What’s wrong? You got quiet all of the sudden...”

He looked up, his throat suddenly tight with the things he wanted to say, but didn’t know how to word it properly. He met her eyes and his mouth opened, prompted by her concerned gaze, and the feelings that he was too scared to name poured from his mouth.

“I was thinking about...I meant to ask, what are…what is this to―?”

“Silly Filly? Is that you?”

Sunburst legs scrambled on the couch, heart on his throat and hyperventilating when he practically jumped from the sofa to reach his cloak, sending Starlight rolling to the floor where she landed on her rear with a thump and an undignified yelp.

He was dead, he was so, so dead, Firelight was going to kill him, probably strangle him on the spot, (once he took in their messed up appearance and the smell of sex in the air) send his body to the glue factory to hide the evidence, chopped him into tiny bits and throw the pieces into the lake. Or worse, he was going to tell his mother what happened, and she would start pushing and demanding and prodding about his plans with Starlight, how long they’ve been dating? Had he proposed yet? Was he moving to Ponyville? How many kids were they having? She probably had a list somewhere for baby names as long as Sire’s Hollow was wide―

Before he could scream, or even think beyond the feeling of pure dread and the image of his mother’s manic grin on his mind, Sunburst found himself face-first on the floor, squished between the wall and the back of the couch. He coughed as he inhaled a mouthful of dust bunnies, slapping his hooves over his mouth to stop himself from making too much noise. Something fell on top of him―his cloak, he realized a second later―just as the door squeaked open.

“There you are!” Firelight said, all cheeriness and parental pride in his voice. “But what are you doing here―oh! Is that your old guitar!? I haven’t seen that thing in ages!”

The soft strumming of acoustic strings filled the air. It desperately needed a tuning.

“Yeah, I found it here as I was going through my old stuff.”

Starlight sounded so innocent that even Sunburst would have believed her if he weren’t hiding behind the couch and trying not to cough the dust out of his lungs.

“Aw! You know I would never throw away the things that made you happy! I remember when we bought that guitar, your face just lit up like a heart’s warming tree! And the way you took to it, well, I was sure my pumpkin-wumpkin was going to be a big―ACHOO!”

“Dad! Your allergies!” Starlight berated, the couch creaked and he heard hoof steps on the floor. “Go back outside before it gets worse.”

“Sorry honey!” Firelight’s voice was nasally and slightly muffled. “Finish what you were doing, your papa will take care of your friendship problem for you!”

Sunburst heard the stallion retreating and his shoulders relaxed. That was close...

“No dad, I’ll take care―”

“Oh! Speaking of which: have you seen Sunburst?” Sunburst resisted the urge to yelp when he heard his name. “Stellar Flare’s been looking for him, something about a plan she’s working on.”

“N-No, of course not! What am I, his foalsitter?” Starlight’s panicky tone made his own anxiety rise.

There was a pause, a short one, but it dragged on long enough for Sunburst to fear the worse. He wondered if his punishment would be worse if he remained hidden until Firelight found him or if he stood up and accepted his fate. Thankfully, before he could decide, Firelight sneezed again and his voice sounded further away.

“Just wondering honey, you know how Stellar gets when Sunburst is out of her sight for a minute,” Firelight said with a chuckle. “But I understand her concern, colts get into way more trouble than fillies, not all children are as well behaved as my silly filly!”

Sunburst rolled his eyes and resisted the urge to snort.

Starlight didn’t respond to the comment, but he heard the exasperation in her words as she finally ushered her father out of the shed, closing the door with a bang and a relieved sigh.

The couch moved and Starlight stood over him, her coat cleaned and not a hair out place. Unlike him with his sweaty coat covered in dust and his mane messier than usual, his glasses crooked on his nose and his cloak wrinkled and dirty beyond recognition. Starlight took one look at him and snorted, her hoof coming over her mouth as she burst into a fit of giggles, which grew louder when he shot her an unamused glare.

“Yeah, real funny Starlight,” Sunburst grumbled as he stood up. “Almost died of a heart-attack back there, or by your father’s horn, but at least my misery is amusing to you.”

“Come one, don't be like that,” Starlight said and wiped the tears from her eyes. “My dad wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“Unless that fly touched his precious little pumpkin-wumpkin.”

She cringed and shuddered. “Ugh, don’t call me that, it’s bad enough when my dad says it, you make it sound worse.”

Sunburst chuckled and wiped the dirt on his chest, but only made a bigger mess. He felt the tingle of Starlight’s magic, a flash of turquoise blinding him for a moment, and when he looked down he was as good as new.

“Don’t get too comfortable: this is an illusion spell that’ll wear off in about an hour or so, you might want to take a shower as soon as you can,” Starlight explained. She paused for a moment, her hooves crossing awkwardly and biting her lip before she asked. “So...what were you saying earlier?”

Sunburst blinked. “Earlier?”

“Yeah, before my dad barged in…”

“Oh...Oh! That, I was just...” Sunburst trailed off, his eyes darting around the room for an excuse. His earlier courage had left him and now he was fumbling with his words. “I, huh, I was thinking we should t-talk to the others! To figure out if maybe the friendship problem is with them, not us―I mean them! Our parents! Like what the baker pony suggested!”

Starlight’s face was unreadable and Sunburst wished the ground would open up and swallow him whole. He has never been a good liar, especially under Starlight’s steady gaze, but he was good at playing stupid when it suited him, and he would stick to his story no matter how many holes it had. He was stubborn in that way, and he was willing to use that stubbornness because this wasn’t the time (much less the place) for this.

Maybe later, when there wasn’t a friendship problem hanging over their heads and they weren’t hiding from their parents in a musty, old shed, would he open up to her. Celestia knew he would need the time to gather the courage he needed.

In the end, Starlight relented. His heart sank when he saw the flash of hurt in her eyes, but it was gone before he could do anything about it.

“Alright,” Starlight nodded, a small smile on her face as she opened the door. “I’ll go ahead and gather the others, meet you at the bookstore in half an hour.”

She gave him a friendly wave before she closed the door behind her, leaving him alone in the dusty shed. His stomach twisted with the feeling that he had missed something, and more than aware of his social ineptitude, he probably had.

Sunburst sighed.

He hoped this didn’t turn into another friendship problem.

The Mistress and The Stallion

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She knows it’s his birthday. And everything that she does should be for his benefit, but damn it, he looks good in a suit. He should know better than that.

Starlight could understand the need for formality today. Twilight and the rest of their friends decided to throw Sunburst a party, not just because he turned thirty, but because his achievements in the field of magic are finally being recognized, and now he’s a wizard in more than just name. He isn’t showing it, but he’s happier than he’s ever been, and a little prouder than he feels he should be, but Starlight disagrees. He earned this, his place among the great and the wise, and she’s incredibly proud of him.

This is why she should let him lead—let him take her and use her—because today is his day.

But then he comes out of his room wearing the suit.

This get-together is considered formal, but that’s never stopped him before—never stopped him from wearing his dorky capes and plain glasses—but he comes out in a full suit, blue shirt challenging his eyes to outshine the color, and his eyes winning. His posture is corrected, leaving him at his tallest, and the muscles of his chest press against the fabric of his dress shirt. The jacket only seems to bring attention to how broad his withers are, the muscles in his frame more noticeable in this get-up than when he’s naked. His hair, always disagreeable, does not disappoint, it flies wherever it sees fit, giving this put-together-looking stallion the sense of obliviousness that is so intrinsically Sunburst that her heart skyrockets underneath the black dress that decks her body, her eyes brimming with desire when she looks at him. His glasses flash when their eyes met, and the pearly-white grin that follows tells her all that she needs to know.

He did this on purpose.

“You smug, infuriating, jerk.” She snarls and she leaps up from the couch, crossing the room in a few strides.

She grips the lapels of his jacket with her magic and pulls his mouth over hers. She’s unyielding, unrelenting in her familiar exploration of his mouth, passing the gates of his teeth, meeting his tongue with urgency. She’s already past the teasing; he’s done most of the work at this point. Her pink tongue rubs against his slowly, refusing to let him enter her mouth. Her hoof reaches out and grips a handful of his wild mane, tugging his head back.

He pulls away from her mouth with a hiss, his glasses askew, snarky blue eyes drowning in lust, his girlfriend knew his every button like the back of her hoof. Starlight smiles, licking her lips slowly, plans formulating in her head and the spark of mischief in her eyes glows brighter the more she meditates. Her magic curls around the silky black tie and she pulls him until he’s slouching again, and her lips can reach his ear.

“You really want to play this game with me?” She hisses, nipping the shell of his ear, and he shudders, trying to hide his reaction from her, but it’s impossible. She sees everything. Sunburst tries to answer, but the words die in his mouth, smothered by the choked moan that escapes when her teeth discover the skin of his neck, and she bites down into her Stallion. Her teeth may not be sharp, but she refuses to let go until she leaves a mark.

When she finally releases his skin and studies the angry red welt that would be impossible to hide, Starlight grins quite maliciously. She pulls his mane once more so that his mouth is back on hers, and his hoof slides over her withers, through the lacy black dress she’s wearing. She presses her body against his, feeling the muscle that’s outlined by his tailor suit as their bodies mold together, his tongue insistent on breaking past her barriers, to gain entry into her mouth.

She denies him, and Sunburst groans against her lips, and he realizes that this would not be the last time she would deny him tonight. But it was his fault; he knew what he was getting into when he put on that suit.

Starlight pulls away abruptly, and yanks him towards the room, using his tie as a bridle. Sunburst follows her, every cell in his body screaming to do whatever she asks, he is too far gone, he relinquished control long ago.

Dimly he questions why she picked her room. For the most part, anytime they fooled around, it was in his room. It’s bigger, and it seemed that she preferred his bed over hers. He’s confused by the sudden switch up until she pulls him, slams the door behind her, places her hooves flat on his chest, and pushes him onto her bed. It’s smaller than his, and he miscalculated, slamming his head against the headboard.


Starlight isn’t fucking around tonight.

She drapes her body over his before he has a chance to reconsider what he’s gotten himself into. She’s heat, a ball of searing fire when her lips press against his skin, where her thighs spread against his hips, where she exhales against his neck, where her tongue trails his collarbone. His hooves grip her hips, where she was paying careful attention to swivel her hips in just the right way that stole the air of his lungs and his reason.

Then the heat was gone, her body disappears, and he whimpers, unsure of what happened. Standing by her dresser, Starlight giggles at the sound of his whimpers, her eyes scanning the wood of her bureau until she finds what she’s looking for among her clothes and toiletries. She pulls the fabric and holds it behind her, so he could see.

The scoff that escapes him is almost endearing. “I thought you were the one supposed to be wearing it tonight.” His words are searing with snark, but he sounds breathless, the knowledge of what she had planned makes him painfully hard, and the grin she throws over her shoulder didn’t help matters.

“I changed my mind,” is the only response she gives him before she slides out of her dress, the concoction of lace and silk pooling on the floor by her hooves, leaving her in her underwear.

His eyes travel up and down her body, memorizing and cataloging every inch of her skin like he’s never seen it before. Her desire surges forward at the unguarded want he displays on his usually shy features. Sunburst’s mouth is parted slightly, his breathing puffs out between his teeth and his eyes don’t move from her body since she led him here. He wants her; the request is written all over his face. It was up to her to take what is hers.

She comes back to him, pulling him up by his tie until he’s sitting across from her. She says nothing, but he takes off his jacket and tosses it aside, his eyes never leaving hers. He starts undoing the buttons on his shirt, and Starlight puts a hoof on his chest to stop him. Leave it, she commands with the way her magic brushes his own aside, and how her eyes change from blue to liquid sapphire, and the way her teeth scrape across her bottom lip, and Sunburst knows he’ll never be able to deny her anything. Ever.

He holds his hooves out to her, fetlocks crossed, his eyes placating, a small smirk on his face. She almost can’t believe it, how easily he agrees, how underneath the lust in his eyes, there’s trust. More trust that she believes she deserves, or could even possibly understand, but there he is, the way he always is, with his hooves offered to her, a smile on his face. Her teeth dig back into the skin of her lip as she brings the silk scarf to his fetlocks, winding it around until it’s tightened, and she holds both his hooves in her own, her mouth meeting his quickly, pushing Sunburst onto his back.

He lays flat while she crawls on top of him, her hips already grinding against his, leading his bound hooves to the top of her headboard, hooking them there. She pauses and leans back to straddle her Stallion, taking the sight before her. His hooves are suspended in the air, bound by the white fabric that’s both delicate and strong, the white fabric that held her Stallion at her mercy, the sight of him so open and thrusting underneath her only served to increase the desire underneath her tail. A moan slips past her lips, and her Stallion smiles, grin somewhat sweet and lecherous at the same time.

Her body leans over his again, kissing the mark she had bestowed earlier, following up with her tongue. Sunburst exhales slowly, his eyes screwed shut, his hips pressing against hers, unable to hold back his arousal, his need for her triumphant over his patience. Her hooves caress over the first button on his shirt, and she pops it off deftly with her magic, repeating the process until his shirt is open, and his chest is exposed to her. Her hooves splay across the golden fur, her manicured hooves dragging down his stomach slowly. Sunburst releases a breathy moan, muscles spasm under her keratin, body yielding to her just as completely as his spirit has.

Starlight trails her hooves over the white marks on his chest, spots of white fur that he keeps hidden with his cloak, they remind her of constellations, dotting his fur in seemingly random patterns, more noticeable where his heart is. She watches as his eyes screw shut and his mouth drops open, body quivering and hips grinding with much more insistence. She smirks before she repeats the action, but this time with her mouth. A true moan escapes the prison of his teeth, and his back arches from the bed, gibberish spilling from his lips, but the plea echoes in the silence. He’s begging her, pleading, he wants her so badly that it hurts.

But he can’t touch her.

He can’t touch his Mistress.

And it’s driving him insane.

She drags her body slowly downwards, coming to rest on his hips. She smirks against the fur of his barrel, petting him as she looks up at him. Sunburst’s eyes are lowered, hellbent on keeping his eyes on hers, lust pooling in his irises and darkening them. His mouth hangs open as he gasps for more air, trying to remember how to breathe as Starlight breathe brushes over his hardness.

The pace she sets is slow, her lips just barely brushing over his need, enjoying the euphoria that spills from his lips for the contact he so desperately craves. It makes her smile, the way he’s so hard for her, it makes her hot, knowing that he felt this for her, and only her. She turns away and makes a grand show of putting his coat and her dress away, folding them properly, taking off her jewelry, and tying her mane so it’s out of the way. They did have a party to attend after this, and she didn’t want the guest of honor showing up looking like he had been mauled by a manticore.

Too much.

Once the clothes and the jewelry are safely tucked away by her desk chair, she turns her attention back to her needy Stallion bound on her bed, nearly sobbing her name, too aroused to think straight. She decides that she’s tortured him enough, that the little stunt he pulled with the suit has been forgiven, and she was feeling merciful tonight. Not to mention that heat underneath her tail had grown into molten desire without her Stallion’s touch. She wants him, wants to touch him, wants him to touch her, but she doesn’t set him free. She’s making a point.

She’s the Mistress, he’s the Stallion.

He doesn’t lead her.

She settles herself over his legs, her hooves resting on his hips. She kisses his length with gentle touches, and he strains against the headboard, groaning through his clenched teeth, eyes shut tightly as he praises his Mistress, praises her tongue, her touch, her existence. She grins against his length, and she flattens her tongue against the head of his cock, licking the pearls of pre-cum beading down the head. Her Stallion chokes as she toys with him.

“Fuck, f-fuck Starlight,” he pants, forelegs strained against the wood of her headboard. “Your tongue, your tongue, fuck!”

Starlight only smiles far too innocently before she takes him into her mouth, humming around him. He bites his lip, trying to keep his cries down. He doesn’t want to deal with Trixie’s complaints tomorrow. But she flicks her tongue, and all thoughts of Trixie flies out of his mind, he’ll deal with her later, because Starlight moans around his dick and his body begins to quake. “S-Staar. Starlight!” He moans. “Please Starlight, let me fuck you. P-Please. Starlight!” It’s the tone, the small whine at the end that makes her look up, that makes her throb with want, that wants to take the pain from his voice. She wants him to forget every word that isn’t her name.

She releases his dick with a pop, and she runs her tongue over her lips slowly, and Sunburst growls with his eyes screwed tight. “Please, Starlight, please.”

She crawls up to her Stallion, and slides out of her underwear, his eyes glued to the skin she reveals. The small, sweet sigh she gives as the cool air meets her sex makes his nostrils flare, catching her scent, and his cock twitches when she smiles at him. “Please, Mistress, please!”

She moans with approval at that, and crawls up to her mate, straddling him quickly. Their hips grind and he howls, words spilling from his mouth, nonsense to those that don’t know him, but Starlight is well versed in this language, making sense of his half moans and choppy words. “So wet, so warm, you’re perfect, you’re beautiful.” She loves it when he talks like that—so open and honest—when he usually spends his time choosing his words slowly, overthinking everything. “I need you, I need to be inside you,” he moans, the silk that binds him to the bed straining against the wood and his skin. She moans, and draws herself up on her knees, lining Sunburst’s cock with her entrance, before she sinks down on her Stallion.

Instantly, he throws his head back with a cry, his voice raspy as he worships her with his chapped lips. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck Starlight, damn it, fuck.” He moans; he can’t stop talking, never wants to stop talking, to stop telling her how perfect she feels, how she’s wonderful, how warm she feels. “Thank you.” He breathes, as she sheaths into him completely, her own moan spilling from her lips. “Thank you, Mistress.”

His Mistress doesn’t answer, she just starts bouncing on her Stallion, just as desperate to find release, the pleasure building to almost uncomfortable levels, and she wants to see him come undone underneath her. She’s not disappointed. His fetlocks strain against the silk scarf and she hears a tear in the fabric, but it holds. His eyes flash as he stares at her, eyes lock on hers and she can’t look away, not that she wants to, not when he breathes more worship into the air between them. “I love you.”

“Sunburst,” she moans, picking up the pace, feeling the heat in her abdomen ignite, her panting turning into needy moans, and the keratin of her hooves dig into his skin. “You’re mine, Sunburst, do you understand?”

“Only yours,” he agrees, breathing haggard, eyes rolling into his head, her hips swiveling and bouncing frantically. “Always yours.”

“Always mine,” she cries out as her pace becomes less controlled and more frantic, running towards oblivion with him.

“Star, ‘m gonna—” he can barely get the words out, his back arching from the bed. Starlight bounces against him harder, a scream slipping from her throat as she does.

“Come for me, Sunburst!” She whimpers, her own body contorting with pleasure, the fire in her blood searing to its hottest point.

Sunburst’s muscles contract inside her, he throws his head back again and roars, his orgasm hitting him hard, knocking the breath out of him. He tries to keep it down, but it’s impossible, he can’t find the sense to care. His rapture is what sends Starlight over the edge as well, her release spilling over her like a waterfall, her back arching and a violent tremor wracking her body as he fills her. She had never felt this full, this satisfied, this complete, then with him.

The pleasure ebbs away like the tide and Starlight falls onto Sunburst, boneless, a pile of nerves and quivering flesh. Sunburst is not much better, he’s panting, his eyes closed, his glasses missing, but his satisfied smile shows that he really doesn’t care.

“Star,” he slurs, and her ear twitches at the sound. “L’mme go?” he asks, still completely subservient to his Mistress.

Without raising her head, her horn glows like a dim lightbulb and the silk slips away from his fetlocks, freeing him. The first thing he does with his freedom is wrapped his hooves around her, pulling her closer, tracing the curve of her back, the other bringing her mouth to his, trying to make up for the touching he had been unable to do.

His shoulders burned with pain, his fetlocks throbbed, the exhaustion settling into his bones and he wants nothing more than to crawl under the sheets with Starlight and sleep. But his eyes settle on the clock over her nightstand, realizing he’s already twenty minutes late to the party, and Starlight has successfully undone all the grooming and makeup she applied on herself, but Sunburst is too tired to care. Starlight, unfortunately, eyes the clock too, and groans, pulling herself up. “Come on, we got to hurry.”

“If you’re thinking of spending another hour to get ready—”

“I’ll just throw the dress back on,” she winks at her boyfriend. “You, on the other hoof, have to change."

He groans again, the idea of having to watch his girlfriend interacting with her friends like nothing was wrong, while the memory of her riding him into completion still fresh on his mind turned him on more than he thought it would. “I just wanted to wear my suit and look decent for once.”

“Yeah, well, you should know better by now.”

Tangled Up In You

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A seething heat pools in the bottom of her stomach as Sunburst stares down at her, his half-lidded gaze heavy in the faint moonlight streaming through his window. It douses his hair and turns the red into silver, bright against the dark backdrop of his bedroom, but there's an intimate aspect about it that sets her heart on fire.

She pulls him down for a kiss to extinguish it, her lips moving languidly against his as his cock enters her slowly. A small squeak escapes from her throat in response, but she cuts it short by hooking her back legs around his waist. Doing so relieves some of the pressure and she sighs contently.

Sunburst settles on top of her, his forelegs caging her in and making the moment more romantic than it should be. Their breaths mingle together. Sharing the warmth that their bodies create as the air heats up around them. He starts moving, his hips thrusting into her in the same way that he kisses her: sweet and slow.

Usually, she likes it when he's rough with her, using his larger frame to pin her against the bed and pounding into her until her thighs feel sore, but this is nice as well. It makes her feel loved and wanted with the way that he touches her. Sometimes she wishes he did this out of the bedroom. Sometimes she wants to lay her head on his shoulder and have him wrap his foreleg around her waist to bring her closer, but she'll take what she can get. And if sex is where she can find it, then that's what she'll settle with.

Because being friends with Sunburst is more important than expressing her feelings.

"Ah!" She gasps when she feels his magic grope her tit.

He silences her with another kiss, his grin boyish and coy enough that makes her want to smack him upside the head. His magic is warm and tingly as it tugs and squeezes her pert nipple, drawing a sigh from her. Her hips rise off the mattress at the action and she tightens her hold on him, trying to beg him for more, but all that comes out of her mouth is a moan. Grunts and moans fill the silence between them in the place of words.

Her head is fuzzy and her body feels light. Everything is perfect.

His mouth leaves a trail of kisses up her cheek and he nibbles on her ear before whispering. "You feel good?"

It sounds like a question, but it could be a compliment for all she knew. She can't tell the difference between how foggy her brain feels. All she knows is that Sunburst is an attentive lover, and the sex with him is the best she's ever had.

"Amazing," she whispers in response.

Lifting his head, Sunburst stares down at her. His gaze feels too intimate, too loving for someone who's meant to be her best friend and nothing more. It makes her analytical brain want to examine and poke at it; figure out if it means what she thinks it means or not. But she doesn't allow herself to dwell on the thought for very long, it will only give her false hope, something she can't have at the moment.

Friends. Just friends, she tells herself.

It leaves a sour taste in her mouth and another voice, timid but more sincere, denies it.

More. You're something more.

Starlight pushes the intrusive thoughts away, focusing instead on the pleasure that Sunburst is giving her, his mouth, and his cock as it slides in and out of her. It's then she realizes that he's changed the focus of his magic, toying with her clit instead, and another moan escapes from her. She throws her head back, exposing her neck, noting that he doesn't waste any time kissing her underneath her jaw. The pressure finally breaks and heat washes over her body in waves of pure delight and ecstasy, her walls tightening around him as her back arches with the pleasure.

His name spills from her mouth with a weak cry that he muffles with a kiss. She feels more than hears her own name on his lips as he reaches his limit, finishing with one last pointed thrust inside her.

They lay there, panting, neither one saying a word, in a world where words aren't necessary because they both know. They both probably knew all along how the other feels, but the fear of the unknown stops them from going further. Both fearful as to what would happen once the truth is out, once the damning words are uttered and the enchantment shatters, ending what they have.

Not wanting to be one to break the spell, she swallows the phrase that creeps up her throat. It doesn't stop the intrusive voice from whispering it to her heart, though.

I love you.

34 + 35

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Starlight Glimmer wanted to buck and squirm and squeal as Sunburst's tongue lapped at her pussy, but his hooves dug more into her hips with each small movement from her. He circled his tongue around her clit, licked along the seam of her lips before fucking her with the muscle. His tongue slid in past her opening, curved up along her walls, and receded like a small wave. She bit her bottom lip to stifle the moan that crawled up her throat. Her core clenched as Sunburst went in for another round of loving her, and her hips arched up slightly to give him more access, her tail rising and twitching but otherwise out of the way.

She wasn't a big fan of this position, but when it was with somepony like Sunburst, she didn't mind. He knew exactly what he was doing. From his grip on her body to the movements of his mouth as he pleased her, Sunburst was pure perfection at doing the 69.

His mouth noisily sucked on her clit, and she felt his nose bury itself within her. The sensation was strange and not what she was used to, but she could not deny that it was also hot. Sunburst gently used his teeth to tug on the small pink bud before leaning in to kiss it and suck on it some more. His tongue circled her clit, up along the side of it, and pressed against it to draw a long moan from her. Everything he did was pure torture to her—wonderful, blissful torture—and she found it difficult to focus on her own task.

While he was fantastic at the position, Starlight wasn't.

She tried to go back to his cock standing to attention in front of her, but every time she did, she had to turn away again to either moan or gasp. Starlight hadn't expected to enjoy this at all; she had thought they were going to do it for a couple of minutes, realize how uncomfortable it was, and go back to pleasing each other separately. But no. Sunburst had proven himself fully capable of eating her out with her above him, and his dick stayed hard despite the lack of attention from her part. It shouldn't have surprised, though. The stallion was really good at giving her oral no matter the position.

“Ah, fuck,” she cried as Sunburst kissed her opening, tongue curling up to lick her walls.

“You okay?” He breathed against her. His breath was warm and cooling against her sensitive opening, and she ached for him to go back and give her pleasure until she forgot her name.

“Yeah. You?”

“I’m good.”

“Are you sure? How are you even still breathing down there? You were doing that for longer than five minutes, at least.”

Sunburst laid his head back on the bed and laughed against her thigh, his beard tickling her skin. He kissed her flesh, softly bit, and sucked it while his hooves caressed her ass. She moaned when he squeezed and spread her cheeks before placing his mouth back on her and pleasured her once again. Starlight moaned as her lower abdomen tightened and her muscles clenched. A small wave of satisfaction rocked through her, warmth spread throughout her body, and she yearned for more. More of his mouth, his tongue, his attention. She wanted—needed—all of it.

Far too soon, he removed his face from her pussy, and Starlight whimpered in protest.

“Relax, Starlight. I'm not done yet.” He paused to kiss her thigh. “What do you mean how am I still breathing?”

“It's just…Doesn't it…Well, doesn't it, um…Ugh, this is so embarrassing.” She bit her lip as she tried to find the least embarrassing way to ask him, but coming up with none, she swallowed her discomfort and just said it. There really was no clean way to do it. “Doesn't it smell?”

He barked his laughter, and she felt his smug grin against her skin. “Maybe I like the smell of you.”


“It’s true! And it’s a compliment. Besides, you know how much I love giving you oral.”

It's still you. The most private part of you that no one gets to see, let alone touch, was what he had said when she asked why he liked to please her more than her pleasing him. She had never been with a stallion who actually enjoyed giving her oral over her giving him a blowjob until she met Sunburst. The unicorn had the nice habit of putting her first that she very much enjoyed. It was nice to be put first in the bedroom instead of her being expected to cater to his needs. A mare could definitely get used to this.

“I know.” She side-eyed his still erect dick and pouted. “But I haven't even done much to you besides kissing the side, no thanks to you.”

“My penis. You can call it what it is.”

She smirked. “Can I name it?”

“No! It’s a penis, a body part, it doesn’t need a name.”

“But that’s so boring!”

“What else are you gonna call it?”

“…Sunny Junior?”

“No!” He cut her off. “Horseapples, you’re terrible at naming things.”

“But it's cute, just like your dick!”

“Starlight Glimmer, you’re not naming my penis!”

“Fine,” she scoffed.

He laughed, and there was a short pause. The sound of the fan spinning lazy circles over them filled the silence of the room, and they laid there contentedly. Sunburst’s hooves rubbed soothing circles along her flanks, having left her rear only moments before, while Starlight stared at his dick. She really did want to please her boyfriend—show him that he wasn't the only one who could leave their partner a sobbing mess with their mouth skills. She had done it before, many times. Of course, they weren't in this position, but what was the difference?

Now that she thought of it, there wasn't any.

Starlight didn't second guess herself as she pressed her lips against the side of his shaft and kissed up along it. She stuck her tongue out to lick the ridge of the flared head. She sucked the flesh there with her mouth before moving up and swirling her tongue around the tip of his dick. A small grunt came from Sunburst's direction, and his hooves stilled their movement as he was distracted by what she was doing.

Teasing his head, she mouthed and tongued it. She coated the tip with her spit and the precum that spilled and moved away to spread it across the rest of his shaft. Sunburst moaned as she licked the underside of his medial ring while her hoof gently caressed the rest of it. Starlight wrapped her hoof around him and moved it up and down along his length. His hips bucked up gently as she pulled on him, and she felt her name mumbled against her thighs, a low rumble being vibrated along her flesh. She moaned her pleasure on his cock as her pussy twitched and heat spread throughout her body.

“You want to focus on me right now?” Sunburst breathed out.

She licked along the length of his shaft and drew out another moan from the stallion between her legs. Starlight found the sound hot and enticing. The feel of his low rumbles with each moan reverberated against her stomach and to the rest of her body. Heat swirled around her lower abdomen and her core yearned to feel the same rumble against it as he ate her out. Just the mere thought of it made her moan—but if he did go back to pleasuring her, she knew she wouldn't be able to focus on him. And as much as she loved him sucking and licking on her pussy, it wasn't about her right now.

“Yes,” she said. “It's my turn to please you.”

His shaky breath coated her loins with warmth and caused a shiver to run up her spine as it hit a sensitive part within her. "Alright."

“You okay with that?”

“Yeah...I'll tell you when to stop, though,” he whispered. “I don't want to finish like this."

Starlight nodded and went back to work.

Grasping the muscle in her hoof, she moved up to get a better angle and draped her mouth over the tip to suck and lick him. Her hoof worked up the length of him she couldn't reach, twisting and turning as she roughly bobbed her head along his dick. Her ears twisted towards him to better hear his grunts and moans, they shook through her body, and she felt her nipples harden at the reaction. She wanted so desperately to touch herself as each of his sounds filled the room. To move her hoof in time with her actions, pounding within her like he had done so many times before. Her hips bucked against his chest. The moisture dripped down from her winking pussy to his fluffy chest, and Sunburst must have gotten the hint because the next thing she knew, she heard the tell-tale sound of his magic and his hoof was circling her clit.

She moaned as his magic, so warm and electrifying at the same time, curled and dragged along her walls. Her core clenched around his magic as he drew out another moan from her—her voice muffled by his dick—sending her body into a frenzy. Sunburst’s magic spread her tunnel and fucked her gently, his hoof circling her clit as he continued to pleasure her. Since she wasn’t sitting on him, she was free to buck and squirm as she pleased, her fear of suffocating or putting him in an uncomfortable position long forgotten as his magic fucked her in time to her sucking on him.

The whole experience left her craving for more. Each time his magic entered her and curled along her walls, Starlight wished that it was his cock within her, sliding in and out as she ground her hips in time with his, their bodies working together while their hooves roamed across the others. She wanted to feel the dips and curves of his barrel as her forelegs floated along his chest while he groped her ass and teased her tits. Starlight wanted more than just oral pleasure; she craved the complete experience.

Her orgasm grew closer and closer with each of his rapid movements. His cock pulsated in her hoof as her head bobbed up and down. It throbbed against her tongue and cum spilled out from the tip, Starlight swiped her tongue across it to taste the salty liquid. Sunburst's moans became louder and his movements slowed as his release approached. His magic disappeared and his hooves grabbed her ass as he cried out her name, his hips bucking up into her mouth. A curse escaped from his lips, but before he could orgasm, Starlight removed herself from his dick and sat upon his chest.

“Damnit you're good at that,” he laughed.

Starlight coyly glanced over her shoulder, bit down on her lip, and smiled. "I thought you didn't want to finish like this."

Sunburst's blue eyes were dark and lustful as he stared up at her through half-lidded eyes, but his grin was playful as he slapped her ass. “Where do you want me to finish?”

A blush crept up Starlight's flesh, and she bashfully stared down at her chest. Her black lashes dusted her cheeks in what she hoped was a seducing manner before she glanced back up at him. She prayed her eyes were as dark and lustful as his, that her blue irises had the same effect his own had on her. From the way he noisily swallowed to his still erect dick, she guessed it was working.

She swung her leg over his chest, turned around, and straddled his body so that she was facing him now. Leaning down, she trailed white-hot kisses along his jawbone and nibbled on his yellow ear. Sunburst's low moans and grunts were music to her ears. A symphony of sounds only she was able to pull from him. It sent a wave of desire through her body, from her heart to her stomach, and down to her moist pussy. Starlight arched her ass a little and felt his dick rub against her. It was hard and warm and ready for her.

Pulling her most seductive voice, Starlight whispered, “Inside of me, as I ride you like there’s no tomorrow,” into his ear.

Sunburst gulped. “My stars, that's hot.”

“Was it really?” Starlight asked, moving to look at him. Her eyes searched his to make sure he wasn't lying or teasing her.

“Why would you think it wasn't?” he laughed.

“I’m not used to talking dirty like this,” she mumbled. “I’ve never been with somepony who openly encouraged it.”

He ran the blunt nail of his hoof up and down her spine, his touch warm and soothing against her fur. “Shh, don't worry. You're really good at it. Turns me on.”

“It better,” she smiled.

Running his hoof through her hair, Sunburst pulled her down for a gentle kiss. Their lips brushed against each other afterward. “Are we done with the foreplay?”

She felt her cheeks burn at his words, and she rolled her eyes. “So impatient! Can you be a little more romantic?”

“I love you. You're beautiful. You have an amazing body that I would really like to see move on top of me. Is that better?”

Starlight laughed and shook her head, pushing herself up into a sitting position. “You're such a poet.”

“Thanks, I try,” he said with a toothy grin.

Lifting her butt off his chest, she scooted back a little and wrapped her hoof around his cock. She positioned herself over him, rubbed his tip along the seam of her pussy, and they both moaned at the sensation. Starlight released a shaky breath as she slowly slid him inside her, taking him in little by little as her walls expanded to accommodate him. He filled her completely, and once she felt comfortable enough, she carefully started to grind her hips against him until she found a rhythm she was comfortable with.

“Want to see some tricks I learned while living here?”

Sunburst nodded. “You know I’m always eager to learn.”

Licking her lips and raising one foreleg, Starlight rested it behind her head while the other kept her stable on top of Sunburst. Her hips moved up and down, her abs tightened as she controlled herself, and she rode him in the way she had seen farmers ride a bull. Sunburst bucked against her, his hips thrusting into her like a real bull in the arena treated a cowboy when it tried to buck them off. But Starlight remained stable as she rocked on him. She tried to match her speed with his, tried to predict how he would move, and eventually, they were moving at the same pace, in the same direction.

She watched as his lips counted down the seconds—eight seconds if he remembered correctly from the rodeo they went to see last weekend—his eyes trained on her hips as his dick slid in and out of her. His breathing was ragged and unsteady, blue eyes turned darker the longer he stared. It was hot watching him as he looked at their movements and how their hips rose and fell in time with the others. Starlight bit down on her lip to stifle the gasp that begged to be released. Her foreleg grew tired as the seconds wore on. It felt like time had slowed down for them at that moment so they could both enjoy the other's presence. Sunburst's lips formed the number eight, and he smiled.

“You're good. You could have a career as a cowgirl.”

Starlight dropped her foreleg, shook it to relieve the tiredness, and planted her hoof on his chest next to the other one. “I don’t know, I might need more practice before I ask the Apples for the job.”

“Well, you can always practice on me if you like.”

Featherlight touches trailed up her thighs, her stomach, and along the underside of her tits. She arched her back into his touch as he kneaded and molded her tits, rolling her nipples with his magic and tugging on them gently. Sunburst sat up and kissed her deeply, and Starlight wrapped her forelegs around his neck as she fell back a little from his hips shifting beneath her. Squeezing her thighs around his waist, she continued her hip grinding while he gently bit her lower lip. His tongue filled her mouth, kissing her noisily—the sound echoing in the room and sending chills down her spine—while his magic continued to grope her tits.

Starlight's body felt like it was on fire from the stimulation. Every time her hips dropped down to meet his, her clit rubbed against his shaft. Her lower abdomen started to grow tired with her continuous movements, but she was so close to the edge, she kept going. Hips thrusting into each other, Starlight broke the kiss as she cried and moaned, her head tilting out towards the ceiling. Her forelegs wrapped themselves in his hair to press him against her chest. Her fucking became faster and more unstable as she ground against him, and a shudder broke through her as her walls clenched around his dick.

She leaned into Sunburst who quickly wrapped his forelegs around her and pulled them toward the bed. His hips were slow and gradual as he slid his cock in and out of her, trying to reach his own orgasm. Starlight quivered in his embrace as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body, like the ocean coming up to kiss the sand in a hurricane. It was wild and pleasurable. Endorphins flew through her muscles as the afterglow of sex began to take over. Sunburst gently kissed the side of her face while his hoof soothingly caressed her back.

“Sunburst,” she moaned against his cheek, and that was his undoing.

With one final thrust of his hips, Starlight felt his hot seed fill her and his cock throb as her walls tightened around him, milking him for all he was worth. Her name was a hoarse sound as it left his lips, but it was music to her ears.

They laid there for a while, spent but satisfied and much too comfortable to move. Once she felt some of her clarity returning to her, Starlight rolled away and fell on the bed beside Sunburst. Her chest heaved up and down just like his, and she turned to smile at him. He returned her grin and threaded his hoof through her hair to softly kiss her lips. It was chaste and quick, but she tasted the sweat mixed with the traces of her juices that coated his lips, reminding her of what they had been doing only moments before.

Ignoring the heat and discomfort that it brought, Starlight draped her leg on his waist and pulled herself closer to him. She didn't want to think of the stench that filled the room—the smell of sex wafting around them­—or the sweat that dripped off him. She wanted to remain blissful and happy for a few seconds before they both left to clean themselves off. She wanted to bask in the glow that radiated off him; wanted to enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling he gave her as he hugged her to him and kissed the tip of her nose.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too.”

“You're really good in bed.”

“Thank you…I guess.”

“You make the cutest noises ever and taste great.” She pouted and felt his smug grin against her lips.

“You’re gross.”

“I’m only being honest.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Starlight lightly pushed him and rolled away from him. “As much as I'd love to stay like this, we seriously stink and your fur is gross and sweaty.” She swung her legs over the bed and made a quick dash to the bathroom. “I call dibs on the shower!”

“Don’t take too long!” He yelled after her.

Starlight giggled as she closed the door behind her.

Before it closed, though, she did catch his small smile and the look of his half-lidded eyes as he watched her ass wiggle while she ran to the bathroom, his seed running down her legs despite her efforts to hold it in. Sunburst was a closet pervert, and she adored that the most about him because he reserved that side for her and her only.