Royality's challenge

by StarVerse

First published

Rainbow dash has gotten herself stuck in deal to see who's has a mysterious task with her

Rainbow dash has been a great friend to a few people but she been sent to another quest to protect people once again but also herself

Chapter I following

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On the weekend at the evening. Rainbow dash was playing her favorite battle royal game. She was doing so good. She can't wait to win, and she's always a pro gamer. When she gotten to 1 vs 1 show down. Rainbow didn't think of a plan at all. She just run towards the player and fire everything she got. The last target try to save itself but rainbow got the player down in a single shot and she won the game. Rainbow shouted off of her seat excited she couldn't stop yelling "yes". Plus it was her 3rd victory. After a while of being victorious, rainbow was feeling tired. But she doesn't want to go to sleep yet because of her gaming. But she has school tomorrow, and she needs to rest. So rainbow decided to sleep and wait until Friday since tomorrow is Monday. The next day, in the morning. Rainbow woke up and get ready for school, and run down the street was her magic. Minutes later her first period class started, while rainbow was setting up her supplies, she overheard some male arguing about gaming last night and it sounded fimilar like rainbow's gameplay.

"Oh boy. If he figure out it was me. I'm so dead" rainbow thought.

Rainbow set up her school stuff and trying to ignore the argument behind her and caring on with the school day. Hours later. She's been thinking about the compilation from this morning by that unknown male gamer. Rainbow dash tries to think about a choice, 1:explain 2:apologize. She even thought about his reaction if she send it to him, Hours passed. Rainbow run back home with her magic, when she got home rainbow pull out her homework and continue on it, a few minutes later, rainbow dash's phone ring, she pull it out and realized she got a text from a unknown texter.

"I know your home address. Rainbow dash" unknown messager

"What the-? How did him or her know my home address?" Rainbow thought with confusion.

She turn off her phone and put it back in her pants pockets, minutes later, it's 9:55 PM, rainbow decided to go to sleep, during her sleep, she's been wondering it was probably a prank by some weirdo. The next day, rainbow run to school, with her magic of course, when rainbow is at her locker, she is feeling suspicious about her surroundings, she thought it would going to be the weirdo from last night, she'll be ready for a fight. Hours pass by, rainbow decided to do a few jogging around the track, after rainbow did her jogging, she grab her stuff and rushes to her next class, but she didn't realize someone was watching her, like they were waiting for something to happen, but didn't got the chance to. After school rainbow run home, when she open the door and turn on the lights, an gray teenage male with red hair was sitting on rainbow's couch

"Who are you, and how did you get in?" Rainbow question angrily.

"Just somtime stranger" he said while ignoring his real name.

"What do you what?" Rainbow questioned with a glare.

The male character stand up and said in high rudeness "You have something important, I was hoping to for a good time, but i have some business to deal with"

"Well. If what a good life you need to stop getting into bad fights, if this is common for you" rainbow said with a harder glare.

"I have a dept to pay, so don't make anything more worse than it is" the male said.

"And that's on yourself" rainbow added.

He throw a lamp at rainbow, but she didn't defend, he rush at her and thrust a kick, but this time, she knock him to the ground, he stand backed up and try to punch, rainbow use her speed and knock him unconscious, leaving a bruise on his face.

"Wow what's up with him? and what dept?" Rainbow question herself.

Outside rainbows house, some one was looking at the window, he/she pull out it's phone and send a message, then put back in its pocket and left.

The unknown teen male woke up, tied to a chair, and Rainbow Dash was sitting in front on him with a angry glare. The male look up seeing Rainbow in front.

"How was your nap?" Rainbow question.

"Fine. No thanks to you" he replied.

"What do you what with me?" Rainbow question.

"It's they who wants you" the male said.

"They? Who are they?" Rainbow question.

"They said they're hades. They hired me to deliver you to them. That's all I know" he give out.

"What do they want with me?" Rainbow question.

"I don't know I was just hired" the male said.

"Any styles of them?" Rainbow question.

"Their wearing sneakers, jeans, hoodies, gloves, and masks. Their all black and blank, like it's nothing but empty" the male described.

"Sounds pretty odd. What's your opinion?" Rainbow question.

"I thought their some kind of cult. Why?" He said.

"It sounds like trouble to me. Than you" Rainbow said.

"Will you spare me?" He question.

"When have I ever kill anyone?" Rainbow question in frustration.

"Just making sure your not a freak" he respond.

"Jerk" Rainbow thought.

"Where were these guys?" Rainbow question.

"From the south of town" he answer.

"Thanks" rainbow said.

Rainbow stand up and get ready to fight, whereever those dark gangs are.

"Wait, Your just going to left me here, Tied up?" He question hastey.

"Well, I don't trust people who told weird stuff, see ya" Rainbow said smiley and rush out of the door with her magic speed.

"Is she Greek?" The male thought with confusion.

Rainbow is wondering around the south of canterlot city, she's been wondering about what kind of cult she's dealing with, she's also been thinking a decision, if she's facing a gang of purges or a gang of cultism, but she kept on running on her way, during her runs, Rainbow has been beingthey'reing with her thoughts in mind, when she finally start searching through the outside of the city, she has found some foot press on the dirt, Rainbow follow the which it lead to the meeting spot the invader talked about at home, Rainbow look at the three foot presses, noticing they walked forward then back, and they look fresh, Rainbow still track down the kidnappers, not without a second thought, and what the tracks lead her is a abandoned buildings which Rainbow don't know of, she going to try to sneak into the building to get a closer look at the gang, she has to get behind objects and blending in, because there's wild animals sleeping on guard duty on the front door, rainbow dash made her way to the back door and enter in without thinking what or who is behind it, rainbow didn't stand the smell of the rotten condition of the building.

"Who think it was a good idea to place a hide out here?" Rainbow question while arguing.

She carring on roaming the building trying to find some clues about this gang, then she hear people talking on the floor she crouched down and walk up to the next floor and what she found is two gang members talking to each other, rainbow decide to get up closer but while doing her stealth up she have to get past through a couple of junk, when she got close enough to get clear information about them and her kidnapping.

"What do you think about this rainbow dash girl?" The right member question.

"Well. She has wings and great speed, so I say a rain flyer of some sort" the left member said.

"She also has a tale and horse ear. Maybe she's a Pegasus to some deity? If it make sence" the right member added.

"It could be possible but no one or nothing can be a hybrid species like a magical fairy" the left member theorized.

"So what? A bansee?" The right member question.

"Bansees don't have feather wings you moron" the left member pointed out.

"Wou. This gang is stupid than I think. And why do they what my magic" rainbow though.

"What about the texas rager?" The right member question.

"You mean applejack. She has strenght probably like a superhero. She can be taken down by a truck" the left member explain.

Rainbow was shock to hear what they said.

"Plus fluttershy is the weakest of the friendship bringers" the left member said.

"What about the mind reader? She's the strangest than I know" the right member said.

"Sunset is a equestrian unicorn, acourding to the research, but we never heard about her full extinction of her element nor power. it's like she's a myth from a alternate believe" the left member said.

"How can you tell if she's a equestrian?" The right member question.

"Well. Are boss is from hell. Explain that" the left member pointed out.

Rainbow dash became Disturbed after what he said.

"Oh come on. Do you really think he's from hell. He doesn't look like one of those freaks" the right member said.

"They can shapeshift. Their spiritual beings. Get the point will you" the left member said.

Rainbow slowly sneaking away from the two gang members while keeping her eyes on them, making sure they don't spotted her but when almost made it to the stairs she accidentally made a metal object fall through the floor and made a loud bang, they two men looked and rainbow notice she's been spotted, they run towards her, rainbow fight back with her magic, she throw metal barriels on them to slow them down and make a escape but the back door was lock, rainbow just remember the door wasn't lock earlier and it's the entrance she came in, meanwhile one the members who attack rainbow pull out their rocky tocky and tell the others "rainbow dash is here. Get some back up"

Rainbow is looking for another way out but the windows and vents are all boarded up by iron bars, rainbow hear foot steps running up stairs, rainbow has to think fast when the hades members with weapons arrived on the first floor, rainbow is gone and they look around the floor but no sign of her, rainbow claw out of a hole in the third floor, rainbow change her mind so she decided to find out this man from hell and what does he want with rainbows and her friends magic and what for, rainbow started running to the highest floor when she enter in, she look for answers quick as she can before the troops get to the top floor, after looking through half of the drawers, she came across a file named "unsealing the cage" rainbow open the file, the destructions are said very clear, step 1 search for highly powerful beings, step 2 cast the viod into their soul, step 3 unleash all of hell, rainbow didn't believe in dawnedation just until now, she place the plans on the table, pull out her phone and take pictures of the plan and how it work, she put the plans back in the drawer, she began to escape but three men run into the room, rainbow dash prepare her combat and they charge at her with iron blades, rainbow use f might back with her speed and skills when one of them throw his weapon at her but rainbow grab the the sword and throw it back him but not what she mention, the sword knock him down by the head and hit his back on the floor, rainbow freak out about her defense but his stand up on his foot and rainbow dash was unsettling surprise what she see that the his face is dry bone.

"You have to try a lot more harder than that" the dead man said.

He run towards her for a attack but rainbow dash punch him in the head and his top skull was fractured into pieces, rainbow look to the door seeing more fighters coming in, since rainbow know their dry walking corpses she think she doesn't have to hold back in her fight, they run to rainbow dash with all of their might, rainbow use her magic to fight the undead beings to shredded and broken pieces of rotten body parts and bones, the hades members were being wiped out multiples by multiples when more the fighters are coming in lesser and lesser, rainbow run to one of the windows with hesitation and thoughts about this dangerous escape, rainbow jump out of the window, the fighters look out for any since of rainbow when something pass through them, they back out in fear, they look out again and seeing rainbow dash taking flight with her pegasus wings and her magic getting away from their hide out fast as possible, when rainbow dash arrived at home she vanished her pony form and enter in her house, but she has opponent to face, a grey clothes undead being standing in front of rainbow dash 5 feets away from her holding the hired kidnapper with his arm around his neck and pointing his dagger on his chest.

"Surrender now or else he rots" the threatner said.

Rainbow dash doesn't know what to do to save him and herself she couldn't think of any opinion but surrender, she kneel down the floor slowly and putting her hands behind her head, the threatner approaches rainbow slowly while he's holding the kidnapper, when he was 2 steps away, the kidnapper stomped his foot, releasing himself again pushing the dry man to the floor, he stand up and try to slice him the kidnapper kicked him back the threatner throw his knife at him but he drop to the ground and the undead man run up to him and ready to stomp him but rainbow dash push him to the wall facing it and holding his arms.

"Okay enough messing around. Tell me who's the boss and what's "unsealing the cage". And don't think of any escape" rainbow dash said threatenly.

"It's for his leaders" the grey undead said.

"What?" Rainbow question with confusion.

Somehow he vanished without a trait. She look at their hired kidnapper seeing he's trying to stay calm because of her fighting. Rainbow stare at him but he let immediately but rainbow dash let him go and think "What does he mean by leaders?" Rainbow has to tell the others