Dragon's Lance

by Dr Sharaz Jek

First published

Spike is faced with temptation as Ember tries to draw him away from his loving herd.

On a journey of discovery about dragon mating habits, Spike runs into Ember who claims his mares could never fully satisfy his instincts like she could. Will he give into his curiosity?


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Wanting to try something new after quite a number of weeks passed in their newly built herd, Spike pointed a claw at an illustration from a book Twilight Sparkle had checked out repeatedly about dragon mating habits. She'd blushed furiously at the sight of two drakes locked in coitus while soaring the skies.

“You see I can't test this with Rarity,” he said with a sigh knowing she'd be up for pretty much anything. “Or Applejack.” She'd probably take up the offer if she could for the sheer challenge.

Twilight stretched her wings experimentally while she considered it. They were in the Castle of Friendship's maze-like library, shelves stocked to overfill down to her specifications. “But what if we're caught?”

“That will only make it more exciting!” He'd lost track of the times he'd banged Rarity around Ponyville, the thrill driving her over the edge rather quickly. “Come on, it'll be fun! Aren't you always telling me to be open to new things?”

She knotted her brow. “Not what I meant and you know it! Still...” She rubbed her chin, unable to deny her curiosity. “I'll think it over.” Out of their herd, she remained the most conservative, choosing to keep her love life private most of the time. “Why not go relax and enjoy yourself? I'm fine, really.” She beamed and continued to re-read a book she should have memorized by now.

With a shrug of his muscular shoulders he sauntered off. It was Twilight's day, where his attention was supposed to be focused on her, but unlike Rarity who couldn't wait to jump his bones every chance she got, or even Applejack who would constantly test his sexual prowess in a playful manner, Twi was usually content simply to have his company. Not that he minded either.

He'd curl his spade-tipped tail around her and snuggle close when she was reading, or they'd bathe and feed each other, and on occasion he'd deliver one of those backrubs AJ loved so much. However he didn't fully share her love of routine.

He knew she'd most likely love it once she gave it a try. The problem was making her understand that without pushing her. The last thing he wanted was for their relationship to become stagnant, especially so soon.

Stepping out of the castle, he stretched and yawned wide, most of the citizens now waving back to him. It had taken some time but with help from his herd he'd finally been accepted despite his somewhat fierce appearance. Not that he could help how he looked, but to most ponies he resembled a predator, and they were prey that could make a potentially tasty snack.

He could pay Rarity a visit t the Carousel Boutique or head further out to see Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres, but somehow that didn't seem fair. Since it was Twilight's day why tempt them? Sure, they were free to mess around with him or each other even on their reserved days, but full-on sex was reserved for that special mare. As for the other four days of the week they would usually all make love together in every combination and postion their lusty little minds could make up between them.

What to do in the meantime? He settle on a long walk to keep in shape, and allow him some time to think.


Once she'd worked up the courage to give his idea a chance, Twilight first made certain they were far from civilization, flying southward until the sun started to set. A vibrant orange tinged the sky. She took a deep breath, her heart thudding rapidly, recalling what she'd seen in the illustrations. They had touched down in the abundant wilderness.

“Let's start slow, shall we?” She doubted she could keep up with a dragon.

He nodded sympathetically. “Of course. I wouldn't want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.” He squeezed her shoulder with a claw. “Remember, this is a first for me, too. I'm just as nervous as you are.”

She smiled, knowing he was trying to put her at ease. “Thanks, Spike. Well, you ready?” With a sultry smile and half-lidded eyes, she suddenly shot into the air, and with a toothy grin he gave chase, recognizing she was signaling to him.

Higher-and-higher they climbed. Faster-and-faster they raced. With his bulk and less utilized wings he struggled to keep pace with her, not that he minded with the amazing sight of her hind end while he sped after her. But he knew she'd be disappointed if he didn't move to claim his prize eventually. As the alpha male of his herd, he was expected to take control when necessary.

He puffed up his chest and dove. She yelped with wide eyes when he seized her between his claws, their wings beating furiously, crushing her close to his musculature. She soaked in the radiance of his warmth and the steady rhythm of his heart. She tried to struggle in his grip like a female dragon was supposed to, but knew her strength was nowhere near at match for his.

His wet shafts emerged from his sheath and prodded at her nethers. She whimpered when he forcefully took her, surrendering when the pair sunk into her love tunnels with squishy noises. Normally she wasn't too keen on the rougher stuff, preferring either a more tender or playful coupling, but she didn't want to let him down, and surrendered herself to his more bestial instincts.

His eyes glazed over once he claimed his prize. His claws dug into her pert buttocks, poking at the parting mounds of flesh, as he repeatedly drove deep into her dank caves, pressing his snout to her own as their tongues intertwined. Her small frame rocked under the impact each time he thrust in-and-out, his nostrils flared and her breasts dragging over his soft underbelly.

“S-Spike,” she managed to mumble with a full-face blush, the pair soaked in a thin layer of sweat and her mane now a frazzled mess. She wrapped all her limbs around him for support, including her wings so that he could botton out completely in her, submitting entirely to his natural desire to dominate once a mating ritual began. Her tail swished happily about.

She quivered and went limp when the first compulsions struck, her moist cavern letting loose all over his crotch, soaking his swollen testicles which started to ache for release in response. His shafts pulsed when he started to paint her insides, and they moaned as one, his heat filling her to overflow. Her stomach swelled until it looked ready to pop, but she knew from experience by now it was perfectly safe. She giggled at his seed rolling around inside her, planting a gentle peck on his lips.

Their dulled senses slowly returned to a sense of normality. “You okay to fly, Twilight?”

“Huh? Oh yes, no worries there.” She reluctantly pulled free with a pop once his grip loosened, their flight slowing as they traveled alongside each other. “That was amazing! I wish the others could do this! Hmm...”

He studied her shapely ass once she raced off. Sure, she wasn't as curvy as Rarity, or even Applejack despite how toned she kept her freckled bottom, but he still adored her rather average size. They had gotten so caught up in their session he hadn't noticed they'd traveled all the way to the Badlands. Bubbling lava roared through the fissures, popping and steaming and smelling of sulfur and brimstone. To a typical pony it probably looked like Tartarus on Equestria. But to a dragon? It was paradise!

He still felt bouts of confusion about who he was and where he belonged. He'd been raised by and with ponies, loved them and even taken them as lovers, but there were parts of his life they'd never be able to relate to. Such as how enticing a bath in that molten liquid suddenly looked! He started to dive at the rolling pool, the skies around him a hellish crimson even at night.

Suddenly a bluish streak slammed into him. His first instinct was Rainbow Dash, but claws grappled with his own, their bodies twirling across the sky. “Ember?!” He loosened his grip which she immediately capitalized on.

“Hanging with ponies has made you soft! Hell, you're even breeding with them now from what I hear!”

“Yeah? What about it?” While she lacked his sheer physical might, she made up for it with experience and a limberness that put his still somewhat clumsy bulk to shame. “My herd chose me! I'm proud of them all!”

“That's your problem!” She broke away to sail by his side. “Dragons aren't supposed to let mates choose them! We take what we want, when we want! Really, you could probably have more than half the mares in Ponyville if you wanted!”

He shook his head. “That's not my style! They're not just a lay to me! They're my partners!”

She furrowed her brow. “What's so great about pony pussy, anyhow?”

“Awww...don't tell me you're jealous!” He shot her a toothy grin, knowing she'd rise to the bait.

“Feh...you wish,” she replied. “Still...I could always show you how a dragon's supposed to fuck.” She stretched herself out while in flight, showing off the slender curves of her body, complete with a slope on her bosom which resembled breasts.

He caught himself staring and shook his head. “I can't. I'm promised to my herd.” He couldn't deny his curiosity about what a night with her would be like, but it wasn't remotely worth potentially hurting the feelings of his lovers.

“I can understand why such a sexually submissive mare like Rarity would appeal to you, and maybe Twilight too, but why Applejack? She likes to act tough but she'll never be anywhere near a match for your raw strength!”

“She's tougher than she looks! You should see what she can do with a lasso...” He smirked.

“Who needs one when I have a tail? She's a total pussy compared to me! Do you know why male dragons have two dicks? Because they're supposed to have multiple mates! They're symbols of status!” She thrust out her shapely bosom with half-lidded eyes. “Come on! Take me! It's in our instincts! You wouldn't even be responsible once they take over!”

“I...can't.” He pushed ahead with eyes narrowed, intending to head back to Ponyville, only for her to slam into him again. They twirled and dive-bombed, a tangled mess of claws and teeth, biting an scratching at each other. Slamming into the rocky terrain, they rolled and kicked up dust, skidding to a stop while they remained locked in mock combat. “Ember, stop it!”

“Begging now?” She laughed and swiped the soft muscles of his chest, where his armor-like scales didn't reach, the raking nails drawing thin streaks that bled a tad. He growled and flared his nostrils until they spat black clouds with a snort. She cheered once she was atop him, straddling the drake and grinding her already wet with anticipation slit upon his crotch.

A warmth filled his loins when she teased his twin dragonhoods from their sheath. He tried to struggle away and reclaim his sanity, but she punched him in the snout, causing a snarl to escape his throat. She laughed and struck him again-and-again until he saw red, his mind going numb until a more bestial nature overwhelmed him. He lost all sense of self.

She was still smirking when he flipped her under his bulk, held her down with his claws, and lined his cocks up with her lower holes, slamming the pair into her. She shuddered under the impact and grunted but didn't dare complain. This was how a male was supposed to take a female of their race; she'd worked him up to test him knowing that if she won their duel he was unworthy. Not that it would stop her, as a drake who couldn't properly dominate a female deserved to be emasculated once she took him forcefully! But now she was his hard-won prize, ready to be seeded by a mate proven worthy of her.

“Breed me,” she demanded. She quivered each time he hammered into her. She reflexively tightened around him, her limbs wrapping around his musculature in a snake-like fashion, drawing him deeper inside her hot tunnels. She continued to put up a token struggle, which further pushed on his instincts to dominate, his open maw slobbering over her bosom.

He kept his dicks buried inside her when he flipped her over, placed a palm on the back of her skull, and pushed her face into the stone. He dug his nails into her pert ass, which violentl
y wobbled each time he impaled her, angling himself perfectly so that each time he moved his hips he fully bottomed out into her moist fuckholes. She mewled under him.

In this state he cared nothing for his partner's pleasure, but she came anyhow, gushing with a shriek over his swollen balls. She clenched down hard and grit her teeth, her holes intentionally closing on his shafts once they were balls deep. He groaned when she contracted around his ridged penises, which throbbed when he released his steamy spunk into her opening cervix, which sucked up the geysers of cum which filled her swelling womb. Her stomach jutted out until she appeared to be pregnant.

He pumped out the last drops, huffing with her, consciousness slowly returning. “What have I done?!” He speedily pulled free of her, strands of their mixed emissions still connecting their pleasantly sore genitals.

“You properly rutted the Dragon Lord,” she cooed laying on her side in a sultry pose. She leaned on an arm, her fissures still dripping with thick strands of his seed which pooled under her. “I'll probably bear your eggs!” She stroked her bloated belly. "You're a bit soft for my tastes, but I can help with that. At least you're not dumb as rocks like most drakes!" She'd never admit it aloud, but she liked his sweet, sensitive side. Of course she needed a proper, powerful male too.

“No!” He clasped his head with both claws. “I...I've betrayed them!”

“Nah, you were being true to yourself. They've tried to tame you but it couldn't completely take!” She practically curled into a ball, reaching her snout down between her thighs and lapping at her slimy cunt and asshole to clean them.

His muscles tensed in preparation to take flight. But what would it matter now? It wouldn't change what had happened. He'd have to break the news to his herd eventually. His eyes watered at the thought he'd lose them. Would they be able to forgive his infidelities? Would they ever trust him again? “I...I'm sorry,” he mumbled staring down at the rough terrain.

“It's okay, Spike.” He looked up to see Twilight smiling. “You can't control your natural instincts! Besides, I always wanted to see how dragons mate! Too bad I missed everything but the tail end of it, so to speak.” She giggled at her pun.

His frown deepened. “But I-”

She covered his snout with a hoof. “It's my special day, remember? So I say it's okay! Besides, I brought Rarity and Applejack with me, too!” She nodded to his other herd members who were standing a short distance away. “I wanted to try something so I teleported back to Ponyville, sought them out, and blinked back here in time for a bit more fun! Rarity, come show him!”

With her snout raised Rarity strutted forward and unfurled butterfly-like wings from her back. “Remember these, darling? She convinced me to undertake that spell again, so I could at least partially experience what mating in flight is like!” Her cheeks pinkened. She rose skyward. “Don't worry, they're far less fragile now that she's mastered her craft! Normally these delicate beauties would have been reduced to dust by now under all the heat around us!” Sweatdrops beaded her white coat.

She was also wearing even more makeup than usual, including thick scarlet lipstick. She slowly ran her tongue between her pursed lips like they were her vulva, smacking and wetting them like she wanted his cocks fully buried inside.

He looked between the still lazing Ember, the curious Twilight, the always lovely Rarity, and the athletic Applejack, still trying to comprehend how lucky he truly was. The love-of-his-life had even let him have some occasional fun with heer assistants, Coco Pommel and Sassy Saddles, who'd come around for more fun after the first session he'd given them.

Applejack galloped up beside them. “Howdy, stud.” She held her stetson to her bosom, a lasso tied at her muscular hip. “Twilight tried to convince me I'd look mighty fine with wings, but I wasn't havin' none of that. Just not for me. Doesn't mean I'd mind watchin', though! What's most important is that you always return home to us, you hear?” She winked.

Rarity fluttered her gossamer wings as she rose higher and spread her limbs. “Take me, Dragon Lord! Claim your maiden!”

For a moment he hesitated, knowing it was still Twi's day, and that while the others were free to work him up any way they pleased, he'd normally reserve full penetration for the current chosen lover. “What are you waiting for, stud?” Twilight slapped his well-sculpted ass with a giggle. “I don't mind! Actually, I'd love to watch! Go get her!”

He kicked up dust and took flight to meet her. She tried to fly away, and he gave chase, intentionally holding back as there was no way she could outpace him with those decorative extrusions. Not to mention he enjoyed her melodramatic giggles, and the sight of her amazing marshmallow-like nethers that blushed bright pink, which he desperately wanted to bury his snout in.

She squealed when he wrapped a claw around her midsection, dragged her down when he landed with crash on his legs, and tossed her over a broad shoulder. Her curvaceous rump was presented to the world, slung over him like a sack of potatoes, her dock instinctively raised with her arousal. He kneaded an unbelievably soft white cheek, poked into the supple flesh with his nails, spreading a cheek which fully revealed her puckered anus and moist pink snatch which glistened and dripped down her thigh. He groped her ass possessively, spanked the blushing cheeks which jiggled, intentionally leaving a handprint with a particularly hard smack to make it clear her beautiful derriere was his. She tittered and cooed at his playful strikes.

He spotted a cave nearby and carried her that way. “Your mine, fair maiden!” She wiggled under his powerful grip, pretending that she hated every second of this, resisting knowing she had no hope of breaking his grip. All of her was his for the taking whenever and however he pleased. She squealed in her typically melodramatic fashion, beat his chest with her forehooves, her backhooves kicking about while he continued to treat her reddened buttocks like his personal plaything, which they were!

After he carried her into the dim tunnel he tossed her down, grabbed her by the tail, and flipped her onto her stomach. Her wings fluttered in anticipation. He didn't disappoint, claiming her love tunnels roughly as she loved, whimpering once he yanked her mane and mounted her. His ridged lengths pistoned in-and-out. She practically gurgled under the violent onslaught.

Shadows fell when the others approached. He turned them around so that she was facing them, letting them see her face twisting in ecstasy, eyes rolling and tongue lolling out as she gave herself mind and body over to him in return for bliss. The trio watched in wonder, the barely contained lust in their own expressions nakedly visible. Ember was the first to start masturbating, her race not constrained by shame like ponies, and Applejack soon joined in, followed by Twilight while they stroked their pussies.

With a grin Spike flexed his muscles to show off before the clopping onlookers, whapping her ass with repetitive strikes, and pushing his spaded tail into her mouth, which she nibbled and suckled on with a low moan. He clasped the ankles of her backhooves with his palms, lifting her up in a full nelson and repeatedly slamming her upon his dicks.

She shrieked with a full face flush, her belly distending a tad from his snugly fitted cocks, which slammed upon her cervix. Her wing beat like a trapped moth drawn to a flame despite the danger. She didn't care that he could possibly hurt her, knowing he never intentionally would; all that matter was she loved him, and he could breed her like no other! The soft spines on the underside of his tools brushed her wet caverns, stimulating her g-spot to the point where she squirted spray-after-spray.

Geysers sprayed upon the audience, who were forced to close their eyes under the wet splatters, opening their mouths to swallow the marecum which splashed upon their hanging tongues. Her heavy breasts bounced about, slick with a shiny sheen of perspiration, pastel pink nipples fully erect. He continued to pound away, her frame going limp under full body multiple orgasms which made her shudder, joyous tears making her mascara run and roll down her bright cheeks.

While she rode out her last climax, he let himself loose with a roar, skewering her deep as he could, his dense loads filling her to overflow as her stomach jutted out like he'd knocked her up with multiple foals. She whinnied and munched on her lower lip, her face lewdly twisted when she stared into the eyes of her friends, her sweaty mane frazzled and tossed bout.

Her tits rose-and-fell while she panted, still hilted upon her lover. She wanted to simply settle there forever, feeling him buried completely inside her, letting her know she was completely his. However after a couple minutes he removed her with an audible plop, her no longer stretched holes sinking back to their normal sizes, leaking a continuous thick white trickle.

Despite being pleasantly sore all over Rarity couldn't wait for more. But she knew having more sex with him was dangerous after he'd so thoroughly filled her with his potent seed. She clumsily stumbled behind their watchers, her bloated stomach sloshing all the while and her hanging breasts swaying like pendulums.

First she stopped behind Twilight, studying her puckered anus for a moment before she pressed her lips to it and planted a drawn out, loud smack with her pouty lips. Once she finally withdrew a string of saliva connected them, and a scarlet kiss mark from her lipstick decorated her tight sphincter. She winked at the blushing mare and slapped her ass hard.

Next she moved to Applejack, taking a chance to grope those well-toned freckled buttcheeks, and kissed her asshole too, daringly darting her tongue into it. She traced her wet and warm interior, leaving the same mark on her rectum. Before she left she sunk her teeth into AJ's applebottom, fitting as much flesh into her mouth as she could and biting hard enough to leave marks. They shared a lusty smile, hardly able to wait for the next chance they'd have to properly fool around.

Lastly she wandered over to Ember, who tensed up slightly. Normally she'd never let a mere pony touch her in such an intimate manner, but she did her best to relax and invite her, lowering herself to all fours in a submissive mare-like manner, like they were always ready to be mounted. Rarity carefully kissed her pucker, her heart racing at what her reaction might be.

“Get in there,” demanded Ember as she reached back with her claws and forced Rarity's face into her scaly buttocks. She grabbed her mane and drove her muzzle deep against her ass, groaning and shaking the mare's snout back-and-forth. She held her there until a hoof started to beat on her thigh, and she released the unicorn, who huffed as sucked in fresh air.

“I have an idea,” said Twilight who drew the other herd members and Ember into a circle. She whispered conspiratorially, and they nodded, smirking while Spike looked on, thankful drakes had such insane amounts of stamina to keep up with females.

“Time for some real fun!” Ember laid herself on all fours. Applejack stacked herself atop her, presenting her nethers, followed by Twilight who piled upon her, and lastly Rarity who completed the tower of supple feminine flesh. “Take your pick, stud.”

Realizing that cumming inside Ember and especially Rarity again so soon was far too dangerous, their wombs still swelled with his virile seed, he instead sunk his spaded tail into the dragon's wet cunt, and drove his elongated tongue into Rarity's snatch, pushing it so far he licked the sealed entrance to her cervix. He lined his dragoonhoods up with Twilight's and Applejack's pussies, and sunk them in, feeling their love tunnels agreeably conform to his penises. His ridges scraped their fleshy caves.

He took the foursome at the same time, trying to make certain they were all pleased. For most males this would be the best fantasy possible, but sine he cared for their pleasure it also proved quite hard work, trying to keep up with them all! Thankfully they didn't prove too difficult to please, his herd already addicted to his fertile dragon spunk, their bodies begging for more.

While he worked them over Rarity sucked upon Twilight's horn, and the latter kissed, nibbled, and sucked on Applejack's neck, using her hooves to massage her freckled tits. They were already dripping all over each other, basking in each other's warmth and the mixture of sexual musk that permeated the atmosphere. He continued to drive in-and-out, groaning and grunting.

“Fill them up,” cooed Rarity who wiggled her multi-colored wings. “You wouldn't believe how wonderful it feels!”

Perhaps not on the receiving end but he certainly knew how amazing it felt to unload into their wombs. Their bodies conformed to him, ready to receive his seed and carry his powerful offspring, to the point they momentarily lost all sense of reason. They simply needed to be bred by this powerful male, no longer caring about the risks to their comparatively fragile vessels!

He let a small portion of his baser instincts take over, driving harder into his mares, knowing from experience they could take it. They cried out each time he sunk balls deep into them, his tongue and tail still swirling about in his other lovers, refusing to leave them unattended for a moment. He lapped up Rarity's juices which ran down his chin and over the asses of the feamles below, and she continued to trace Twi's horn, rubbing the alicorn's jutting wings which stretched to their limit.

“Give it to us,” pleaded Twilight who wiggled her ass upon his dick.

“Ya'll ready for this?” AJ reached back with both hooves, spanking her freckly cheeks repeatedly. “Shoot it inside, partner!”

“Knock us up,” cried Rarity who ground her marehood into his face. “Cum inside us, Dragon Lord! Make us yours!”

Ember cocked an eye. “Dragon Lord?! Whatever. Give it to your bitches,” she urged hoping more vulgar talk would help.

His herd knew all too well how their dirty talk would push him over the edge, and he lost it, slamming hard one last time into the moist caverns, spray-after-spray painting the innermost portions of their core. Black clouds billowed from his nostrils, his claws digging into Twilight's and Applejack's parting asscheeks, their barrels soon bloated with an excess of his seed. The powerful flood drove them over to, their holes convulsing, marecum splattering while they howled out in unison.

Eventually he withdrew, patting their puckers with his penisheads, smearing their anuses with the last droplets of his splooge. They heaved and continued to lay in a pile, and he gave each of them a couple of gentle pats on their bottoms, thankful for the joy they'd given him and likewise they savored the sheer euphoria he was constantly able to provide them with.

He curled up with them and settled down to sleep. Luckily Zecora provided more than enough potions to keep them from getting knocked up, no matter how much they wanted it in the moment once the throes of passion took over; he couldn't take the risk knowing they might regret it later. Certainly Applejack eventually wanted to try bearing his offspring at least, but they both wanted that day to be hers, a special moment they could look back on forever with fond memories.

And as for Ember? If the rest of his herd didn't mind maybe he'd let her bear his eggs. He'd ask them later once they woke up and were hopefully sobered up from their lust-induced hysteria. Should they accept, he'd finally be a father! It was quite a lot of responsible but he'd be sure to visit the Badlands whenever he could. He licked the sleepy dragoness on her cheek.