A Mare Affair To Remember

by Dr Sharaz Jek

First published

Dissatisfied with being second place in a herd, Rarity stumbles into a lurid affair.

Rarity has made an arrangement with Fancy Pants and Fleur to fulfill her needs, but feeling increasingly discontent as age starts to settle in, she seeks to somehow change her circumstances and sate the romantic urges that plague her every waking moment.

Warning for dubious at best consent between the side characters.

Not Another Sparity Fic! :P

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One of the downsides when it came to living in Equestria was that the population of mares far outnumbered the stallions. As a result most either had to compromise, two or more females forming a herd around a male both mares agreed upon, engaging in a lesbian relationship, choosing to remain single, or seeking out a partner from another species. Even married stallions were usually allowed to have at least one mistress on the side, so long as the wife approved of their husband's choice and honored their relationship. Thus despite the difficulties a relative sense of contentment was reached by most parties.

Unfortunately for Rarity her heart remained empty after all these years. She was the second choice of Fancy Pants, who'd married Fleur de Lis, the latter inviting her to please her lover. She'd eagerly agreed, seeking romance, affection, and a way to sate her heat, but while he was always a gentlecolt to her, his obvious preference for Fleur started to eat away at her over time.

She'd attend the usual social functions with a smile plastered on her face, throw herself into her work with help from Coco Pommel and Sassy Saddles, but nothing quite filled the hole in her heart. Sure, plenty of studs would still flirt with her, but she knew they were nothing but players who pump-her-and-dump-her, rendering her little more than another notch on their bedpost. She wouldn't settle for simply being somepony's conquest. She needed somepony who would at least pretend they loved her.

But she was too well recognized to be caught up somewhere like a single's club. Putting in an ad for a blind date, even under an alias, seemed unthinkable to her. Too much risk her date would talk. She lost herself in the Carousel Boutique, decorating mannequins with dresses and flair, singing as she worked, needles and thread surrounded by her horn's aura dancing in the air behind her. And in her downtime, she'd sneak away to peruse one of her many well-worn romance novels.

Sometimes it felt like escapism was all she had. If only she'd met Fancy Pants earlier. If only she'd approached him first. But a rich and handsome colt like him had his pick of mares, and it was difficult to stack up with an exotic model like Fleur. Not that she resented her companion; she was pleasant if moody and could be quite sweet. But was it so wrong to want somepony to put her first in their affections? To adore and obsess over her? Her insides fluttered at the very idea.

So lost was she in her reverie that a needle slipped and stabbed deep into her hoof. “Ouch,” she cried as tears formed into the corners of her eyes, a trickle of scarlet dripping onto one of her pretty garments. She desperately tried to wipe it off with a silk handkerchief, but the damage was already done. The deep stains would have to be bleached out. She grumbled with bared teeth and almost ripped her latest creation to pieces, more to take out distant frustrations than anything else.

Deciding to give herself a break, she threw on one of her finer dresses, and stormed outside, knowing her assistants could handle things. She stalked about with no direction or destination in mind, staring at the ground and knowing she was starting to get older. Sometimes she'd catch a happy couple talking, touching, and giggling nearby, which made her bristle even more. “Ah!”

She slammed into something firm, being knocked to her bottom. “Oh...sorry Rarity,” muttered Spike who clumsily turned to face her. Over the years he'd experienced quite a growth spurt, to the point where he towered over the average pony, making many of them keep their distance. He tried to make himself appear smaller through his posture when he made his way through Ponyville, shrouding himself with his wings, keeping his head down, and avoiding eye contact. “Are you okay?”

She took his claw as he helped her rise. “Yes, I'm fine, darling.” Without thinking she laid a hoof on his warm scales, and started to trace his muscles, slowing her movements as she lost herself staring at him with a hard gulp. She'd never realized how handsome he was in a rather unusual way. Most mares saw him simply as a potential predator...but she suddenly wouldn't mind being eaten by him. She blushed and shook herself back to reality. “Um, Spike dear? Follow me.”

He reluctantly skulked after her, past the wide-eyed stares of other ponies, fearing he'd suddenly attack them, despite how cautious he'd been. He couldn't help how unused to this new form he now was, never meant to accidentally crash into somepony's property, or bump into them when he went out. Thus he usually stayed close to home.

Eventually she stopped in the darkest and widest alley she could find. Thankfully it was pretty clean. “So, what's up?” He scratched his head with a claw. “Oops, sorry about that.” His tail seemed to move on it sown, swishing about, and wrapping around her, drawing her closer. He blushed and looked away awkwardly. “What can I do for you?”

Rarity swallowed and tried to find the right words. “W-well...” How forward should she be? “The truth is...I'm not entirely satisfied with my arrangement between Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis. Don't misunderstand, it's nothing wrong with them. They've always been kind and fair with me. I merely...need more out of a relationship than they can provide.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “So why come to me?”

“You dummy. Must I spell it out for you? Well, I suppose it's understandable. I never intended to lead you on. I simply thought between the age difference and our differing species a relationship wasn't even conceivable. But it shouldn't matter what other ponies think. Not even Twilight. You're a full-grown dragon now, and allowed to make your own romantic decisions.”

Spike frowned. “Are you serious? This isn't just you feeling sorry for me, right?”

“Of course not.” She continued to stroke his muscles, feeling them rise-and-fall under her touch. How far should she take this? Would he think her a harlot if she hopped into bed with him so quickly? However she couldn't help but fantasize about him taking her right quite roughly here and now like in one of her trashier paperbacks. She reached up and kissed his snout tip.

He smiled but still hesitated to make a move. She'd have to be more forthright. She stood up on her hindlegs, wrapped her hooves around his neck, and delivered a slow, passionate kiss, closing her eyes as she leaned into him. Seeing that it was okay, he slowly relented, his claws trembling as he placed them on her upper back, uncertain where he was allowed to touch her.

Deciding to be a bit more daring, she pushed her tongue between his lips, and he opened his razor-sharp teeth, his incredibly long tongue locking with her own. She tasted his saliva and savored his warmth, felt his tongue wrap slowly around her own, until it circled hers a couple times over. She could only imagine how deep it could potentially explore her.

She was tempted to invite him back to her place, but the setting was simply too enticing! Plus spontaneous sex was something she'd always wanted but Fancy Pants tended to make his herd initiate sex. When she reluctantly withdrew so they could speak a trail of saliva connected them. “Would you...ravish me?” She half-lidded her eyes, fluttering her lashes coyly.

“Wh-wha...?” He fluttered an ear, doubting he'd heard her correctly. “Ravish?”

“Yes. Ravish. Not to insult your intelligence, but you understand the implications, correct? You know those romance novels I like? With the strong, handsome stallions on the cover, forcefully sweeping maidens off their hooves? Pretend you're a powerful warrior, conquering a city, and taking the spoils of war!” Her heart raced. “If...if that's okay with you.”

He looked her over. “I've...never been with a mare before. I'm not sure how well our anatomy will work together. Plus, there's the matter of dragon instincts. You know how we mate. The males and females struggle for dominance, losing themselves to primal instincts, taking each other violently as they can. I'm afraid I'll hurt you, or worse! I couldn't live with that!”

“That's a risk I'm willing to take! Better to risk death than deny myself and regret it forever!”

“What about Fancy and Fleur? Can you really cheat on them?”

She bristled once more, swishing her tail about. “How many excuses do you intend to make?” She smacked him across the cheek with a hoof, shocking even herself as she tried to rile him up. “Prove how strong you are and put me in my place!” He hesitated and she smacked him across the other cheek. This time he instinctively growled, nostrils flaring to snort gray smoke.

“That's right! Simmer in impotent rage!” She forgot herself entirely, losing herself in the character she was supposed to be playing, enjoying the theatrical melodrama. “You can't handle a real mare, you impotent barbarian!” She struck him with the back of her hoof, knowing she couldn't possible harm more than his pride unless she aimed for his most delicate portions.

Despite how much the ponies had tamed him from a young age, a dragon's dominant instincts still laid dormant deep within him, and he grabbed her with a wide claw, shoving her against the alley wall and pinning her there. The placement of a pony's teats was odd, hell, they didn't even exist in dragons to his knowledge, but he still enjoyed watching the bountiful mounds heave under her dress.

With his other claw he hooked her hemline, and yanked with a guttural cry and bared teeth, ripping a huge shred from her costume and causing her pale tits to spill free with several bounces, her pink nipples already erect.

She flushed and wailed and struggled impotently in his grasp. “You brute! Do you intend to defile this fair maiden?”

Spike tried to get into character. “Maiden? Ha!” He pinched one of her nipples, twisting it so hard she yelped. “A filthy slut like you has probably been railed by half the stallions in Equestria! You're well-used goods! And about to be damaged goods!”

Her flush deepened. She dared not admit the words kind of stung, even if he was simply trying to play out a role she'd chosen. He wasn't wrong about one part, though; she was far less appealing to stallions after she'd joined a herd. Especially since she'd reached an age where most mares would be well into motherhood. She'd retained most of her beauty over the years but feared the day when lines would start to show in her cheeks.

That was all soon forgotten though when he continued to tear the last remnants of her garments away with loud rips, his elongated tongue encircling both of her breasts and then her nipples.

“S-stop,” she pleaded with crocodile tears, making her mascara run down her cheeks.

“That bitchy mouth says no, but your slutty cunt sure isn't complaining!” He dug a digit into her pink snatch, feeling her drip down him in response, closing her eyes and moaning low. “Ah, did I wreck your pretty little dress? That's nothing compared to the way I plan to destroy that loose little pussy!” She was almost overwhelmed with outrage. Her lovely flower, loose?! He was almost too good at this for somepony who was still a virgin. Perhaps he'd been reading way too much trashy porn, too.

Not that she blamed him. It must be hard having all those hormones hit him, yet it was doubtful any mare would let him satisfy his urges, especially since he could easily demolish them if he lost himself. But that sense of danger only made her insanely wet.

She whimpered as he worked her over, retracting his claw completely, and curling up his finger so he hit exactly the right spot. The little sponge of flesh that made up her g-spot pulsed under firm but tender strokes. She squealed and came all over his hand a little, warm splashes erupting over his scale-free palm, which like his warm underbelly was surprisingly soft.

“Naughty little wench, enjoying yourself so much.” His hot breath fell in her twitching ear. “It's like you want me to ravish you.” She felt something warm and sticky on her barrel, and looked down wide-eyed, seeing a most curious part of his anatomy. Usually a dragon kept his testicles and sheathe hidden inside an almost invisible slit, their sperm being able to survive even molten temperatures, but his had fully emerged, and she saw that he apparently had two thick reddish penises that dripped precum. He grinned seeing she'd noticed, and rubbed them upon her belly and breasts, smearing them in a sticky, viscous fluid.

He pressed his wide tips to her leaking snatch, to the point where her folds started to part, and likewise to her puckered anus, which reflexively clenched around his tip, sucking up a spatter of his slimy pre which slicked her asshole's circumference. She whinnied as her blush deepened even more, her vagina dripping over one of his cocks, which slid further over the other one, coating both his elongated dragonhoods in preparation to thrust into her aching love tunnels which burned for release.

With a grunt he wormed his twin shafts into her, and she whined the whole time, sobbing tears of bliss, and breaking character as she wrapped all her soft limbs around him. He started slow, making sure her body was acclimated to his intrusions, then picked up speed, trying to make good with his threat of smashing her pussy into submission without actually hurting her.

She wailed in all her drama queen fashion once he roughly pistoned in-and-out of her surprisingly tight holes, her shapely buttocks slapping upon the bricks she was placed against. His eyes glazed over repeatedly as he almost lost himself to his bestial instincts, but he shook that away, wanting to relish her just as much as she relished him, their bodies soon laced in sweat.

“O-oh Spike,” she murmured happily, watching her belly bulge and distend a little, his cocks digging so deep they hit the entrance to her cervix. She winced and bit into his scaly shoulder, so hard she almost drew blood, pain and pleasure pleasantly mixing. He clenched his teeth, and his balls swelled, his cocks throbbing as he finally erupted. Spurt-after-spurt of his hot and heavy loads splattered into her slick fissures, bursting into her womb, splattering and sloshing and swimming about. Her eggs were soaked under salty semen which filled her to the point where her stomach distended dangerously, yet that only made her whine continuously in uninterrupted orgasmic euphoria, until she came too, squirting all over his face, chest, and crotch.

He continued to pump into her even after he'd finished spilling his seed, riding out his gradually fading erection and likewise her multiple contractions which seemed like they'd refuse to stop until he regrettably stopped fucking her. When he finally drew free she panted rapidly, a mixture of their juices connecting his dicks to her entrances, which oozed rivers of milky cum.

He continued to hold her there as they shared a deep, passionate kiss, meeting each other's eyes.


Twilight Sparkle was busy looking for Spike, worried when he hadn't come home, knowing how judgmental the citizens of Ponyville could be. Likewise Applejack had stopped by the Carousel Boutique to see Rarity about picking out a suitable outfit for an upcoming event she'd been asked to attend, but finding she was out, she'd decided to go looking for her. When the pair of searchers ran into each other they chose to pair up, casually searching the town while they happily chatted.

They had searched nearly an hour before they finally wandered close to the alley where Spike and Rarity were situation, and what they saw caused them both to stop and stare in disbelief, feeling ashamed they were spying yet unable to look away. They watched the eagerly pair join flesh, losing themselves to the throes of passion. AJ mumbled, “Ah...ah can't believe it.”

Twilight flushed bright. She'd seen mating rituals plenty of times in books, and likewise the anatomy of ponies in stark detail, but far less was known about dragons, and she couldn't bring herself to turn away. “Should we stop them? No, what am I thinking? They both look so happy,” she whispered, never having imagined they'd actually pair up after all this time.

“Maybe we outta leave 'em be,” admitted AJ who half hid her face with her stetson. Of course she didn't want to admit how much this was making her slit leak down her loins, and from the smell of Twi, she was far from alone. “I reckon we'll do somethin' we'll regret!” She started to turn, then paused, a pair of stallions wandering their way drawn by their sexual musk.

AJ cocked a brow at the muscular red stallion. “Big Mac? Now what would poor Sugar Belle think?”

He lowered his head in disappointment at seeing his sister. “Oh, uh, hey there, AJ.” But his smile returned when he saw Twi's dock raised up high to expose her puckered anus and winking vulva, her tail swishing about happily. She wanted it. Bad.

Likewise Shining Armor couldn't help but gulp, staring at AJ in a similar position. The pair were in the area and decided to pay their sisters a visit, meeting up in a similar fashion to search, and only stopping when they smelled a couple of mares in heat, deciding they may as well team up and get laid. Of course neither anticipated they'd be led right to their family members.

Their attention was drawn back to Spike, who'd flipped Rarity back onto all fours, a claw upon her head and another carefully raking her ass, as he plunged back into both her back holes. She screamed shrilly, her blissful wails echoing as he hammered into her, marshmallow-like buttocks slapping and wobbling under his powerful hips with each violent thrust.

Now the foursome were even more horny than ever. Big Mac and Shining Armor now sported massive erections which spurted a bit of precum, bobbing up-and-down as they throbbed to fill something. AJ tried to subtly squeeze her thighs together to seek a modicum of release. Twi resisted the insane urge to start molesting her moist cunt and swollen clit right there in the open.

Mac grunted like an animal, unable to take anymore. “W-wait-!” Twi cried out wide-eyed when he mounted her, but her protests were silenced when he bit her on the neck, making her whine as she submissively lowered herself under his weight. His legendary cock spread wide her virginal folds, making her whinny when he struck her cervix with his flared tip.

AJ bored holes into him. “Big Macintosh! Get offa' her this instant!” But she went wide-eyed too when Shining surrendered to his own lusts, taking position atop her. “N-now hold up there partner-” But she too was quieted when he nipped her nape, her hat knocked away when he bottomed out and struck the entrance to her womb. She whined too, her tongue lolling out comically like Twi's, as the groaning stallions spanked and squeezed their fleshy buttocks as they started to ride the quivering mares.

Their teats bounced under the intense railing they received, eyes rolling into their heads, their slick fuckholes tightening around the meaty stallionhoods that explored them deep as possible. By now AJ and Twi also surrendered to their mating instincts, reaching over and locking their maws hungrily, tails swaying cheerfully about while they were ravished into submission.

When the studs reached their climax they pulled upon their mares' manes, their muscular buttocks tightened and their balls swelling as they started to unload with clenched teeth, repeated spurts firing strand-after-strand into their cervix holes which widened open to allow their splooge to splash into their uteri. They moaned loud in unison, squirting all over their studs, as their snatches milked them for every last salty drop which burned within their unbelievably soft and moist interiors.

When the stallions finally withdrew the mares immediately turned and started to clean their cocks, tasting their own pussies upon their cum-ridden shafts, which they rubbed upon their cheeks and suckled all the way to the base. The foursome wondered why they hadn't done this sooner.

With lustful half-lidded eyes they took their lengths all the way down their throats, which bulged as they almost gagged on them, taking another load which made their cheeks balloon. Cum exploded from their nostrils when they sucked them dry, Mac and Shining pressing their heads all the way down to the hilt with their vigorous hooves.


Spike howled and breathed smoke with his second release. Rarity felt her already swelled belly distend even further, to the point where her rational mind feared she'd pop, but her senses were so overwhelmed by bliss she hardly cared. At this moment she'd gladly let him destroy her completely and utterly simply to feel a fulfillment she'd been denied her entire life.

Her tongue lolled, her eyes rolled, and more tears make mascara streak down, her mane now a ragged mess and her pure white asscheeks now spanked until they blushed bright, lacerated in claw marks that hadn't quite broken her marshmallow suppleness. She bit her lower lip and crossed her eyes in pure joy, giddily tittering when his teeth pulled upon her tail.

“O-oh! Break me! Ravish me! Ruin me! Make me yours! Violate my tender holes and knock me up with your offspring so I'm yours forever!” She hurled every dirty and forbidden thought she had at him, feeling like she could finally be free and honest.

A lifetime of playing the classy mare broke down as she allowed her chained heart to be liberated by primal lusts. She continued to ride out multiple orgasms that rocked her core, his violent, reckless thrusts finally slowing as his spurts thinned.

He remained inside her after he finished, still feeling her contract around his softening shafts once he took her in his muscular arms, kissing the love of his life like they were in a dream. “Sorry I struck you. I lost myself in the role. That was inexcusable.”

“Don't worry about it. I liked it,” he admitted with a grin. “S-so...” He brushed her lovely locks from her sweaty, panting face. “What exactly are we to each other, now? Was this just a one time thing...?” He tried to hide his disappointment.

Rarity continued to needily squeeze her nethers around him, pecking him back as she rubbed his armor-like scales. “Only if you want it to be, darling. But a stud like you deserves a mate worthy of him, and maybe I'd be willing to share you with the right partners, so long as I'm your main squeeze. “Perhaps Coco Pommel and Sassy Saddles...or perhaps...” She looked to AJ and Twi in the distance, still bobbing their heads as they sucked away at Mac and Shining. “Perhaps I could convince them?”

“What, form a herd with, you mean?” He nearly fainted as he wildly fantasized. “Would you really be okay with that?”

She winked and fluttered her lashes. His heart nearly skipped at the idea. He'd never admitted he had a secondary crush on AJ, one which Rarity secretly shared, and while Twi was sort of a motherly and older sisterly figure to him, he couldn't deny he'd fantasized about her before when he'd started to enter puberty. Thoughts which once left him ashamed were now intriguing.

For her part Rarity knew Fancy Pants and Fleur wouldn't really care that she had an affair, and if she wanted to break it off, they'd probably welcome it. After all, the married couple could easily find another beautiful mare or several to replace her. But would AJ and Twi actually go for it? Well, they were likely destined to remain old maids forever otherwise, since neither ever approached stallions. She'd simply have to demonstrate some more just how good in the sack Spike could be!

She hopped out of his arms, stuck her rump in the air and waved it about, using the magic from her glowing horn to part her holes back open. His milk continued to drain from them, coating her inner thighs. “So, stud...ready for round three?”

“You bet your sexy ass, sweetheart.” He smacked her derriere and dove back in with relish.