by Demonic Dragon

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The Gala is the one night when Princesses of Canterlot hold a really large party. tonight, Spike, Ember, and Thorax attened the gala. Not as friends but as lovers in a trinity. But, tonight, a certain colt remindes them of how hated their species is.

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Spike is in a trinity with Ember and Thorax. they had been in the trinity for a couple of weeks. tonight the three will be attending the grand galloping gala. They are prepared to have the most magical night of their lives. But a certain blue blooded unicorn may have something to say about their attendance to the gala.

Chapter 1

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Spike released a small yawn as he slowly woke from his slumber. His eyes hazily opening; his vision blurred at first leaving him to blink a few times. But, eventually cleared and focused on the creature lying in the bed with him. In front of him lay the Dragon Lord herself, Ember. His very first friend made in the Dragon Lands after helping her to become its leader. He smiled warmly as he leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead. He then felt something press against his back; causing him to look over his shoulder. Behind lay the king of the changelings and his best friend, Thorax. Who had a peaceful look on his face? Before gently snuggling closer to the young drake. Spike sighed lightly as he stared up at the ceiling. He felt many things as he lay there in between the two. He felt warm, at peace, he also felt a large amount of love flowing through them.

“How long have you been awake?” The tired voice of Thorax asked.

Spike slowly moved his head to look at Thorax again. Allowing him to see the beautiful star-dotted eyes of his. It caused him to smile again, “Not long,” He replied before giving him a gentle kiss on the lips, “How did you sleep?” He asked.

Thorax laid his head back onto the pillow. Sighing as he stared at Spike, “Better,” He began as one of his hooves wrapped around the dragon. Allowing him to pull the drake closer, “Now that I have you two.” He finished.

A small giggle was then heard from in front of the two. They looked forward at Ember; who was looking back at the two. They smiled and she smiled back at them. She reached forward and did her best to wrap her arm around both of them. She felt both of them wrap their arms around her. As she was pulled closer to them.

Spike rested his head on her chest; while she rested her head on top of his. Thorax also rested his head on top of Spikes, “Guess you slept better too, huh?” Spike asked.

Ember gently nuzzled him, “Yeah, I did,” She answered using her claw to gently lift Spikes head up. They stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds. Before they gently pressed their lips together and kissed. They held the kiss for a few seconds before they broke the kiss. She and thorax then kissed. When the two broke the kiss all three of then lay together. Each of them enjoying the others loving embrace. Ember released a small sigh, “I love you, both.” She said.

“We love you, too.” Both Spike and Thorax replied.

As they lay there Spike stared up at the ceiling. Many thoughts ran through his mind. But, one thought rang clear. He was with two creatures he loved and they loved him. He began to remember how all this started. It may have happened just weeks ago. But, to him, it felt like just yesterday.


Spike slowly walked through the halls of Celestia's and Luna's castle. He was called to Canterlot by Princess Celestia. Today Celestia and Luna had a meeting with both Ember and Thorax. During the meeting, Ember had asked for him. She did not give a clear reason why she wanted him there. But, he had not seen her or Thorax in a very long time. So a visit with the two was long overdue. When he arrived at the castle; he was told by a guard that Ember and Thorax were waiting for him in the castle gardens. He had thanked the guard and began to walk towards the location. Eventually, he reached the destination.

The castle garden was very beautiful and peaceful. He could smell the many aromas of the different flowers. Hear the chirping of the birds that flew from tree to tree. He could even hear the sound of the fountain's water. He took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Just as he felt two arms wrap around him and lift him up. He released a surprised yelp; before he was brought into a hug. He smiled when he realized who it was. He immediately returned Ember's hug with a hug of his own.

“Hey, Ember.” Spike greeted happily.

“Hey, Spike.” Ember greeted back before setting him back down, “How have you been?” She asked.

“I've been fine,” He answered as he looked around, “Hey, where's Thorax?” He asked.

As he asked the rock behind him shined. He was then brought into another hug; which he quickly returned. He smiled happily as he heard Thorax laugh.

“Nice to see you, Thorax,” Spike said as Thorax placed him back down.

“Nice to see you too, Spike,” Thorax replied with a smile.

The three stood in silence for a moment until Ember coughed a little. Causing the other two to look at her. She motioned her head down one of the paths. It caused the two to smile before they followed her down the path. They enjoyed their peaceful walk through the garden. The sun was out but it wasn't too hot. It was more of comfortable warmth. A gentle breeze moved across the land; it wasn't too cold. Just a simple cool breeze. This had to be a perfect day for a walk in the garden. The three eventually came to rest at the fountain in the center.

Spike sat in between the two as they rested on the ring around the fountain. He gazed up at the clear blue sky. Sighing happily before he looked at the two. Thorax had suddenly moved to a more comfortable position on the ground. He looked up at Spike and smiled warmly. Spike gave him a warm smile of his own. Before he joined him on the ground; lying himself down on Thorax's side. Thorax gently nuzzled his friend. Earning himself a nuzzle back. Soon Ember had joined the two; letting Spike rest against her side. All three of them enjoyed the other's embrace as they rested at the base of the fountain.

Ember sighed lightly, ”Spike.”

“Hmm?” Spike replied looking up at her as she looked down at him.

“Spike, you know I asked Celestia to send for you, right?” She asked receiving a nod from him, “Spike, there is something both I and Thorax want to ask you.”

Spike grew confused, “What is it?” He asked.

Thorax shifted a little so that he was looking at the two, “Spike,” He began, “Me and Ember we have grown very fond of you.” He said.

Spike nodded at what he had said, “I know,” He said with a warm smile, “I'm happy that I'm a friend of you both also.” He finished.

Ember shook her head and released a small chuckle, “No, Spike,” She said as he looked towards him, “He means we are fond of you like this.” She finished before she gently kissed him on his lips.

Spikes' eyes went wide in shock as he was kissed by her. Eventually, they shut and gave into the kiss. Ember heard him release a small moan as she deepened the kiss. When the kiss broke Thorax brought him into a kiss of his own. When they broke the kiss Spike was panting for air. Both of them then gently nuzzled Spike.

“Spike, we love you,” Thorax said as he kissed his cheek.

“Spike, me and Thorax would like for you to be in a trinity with us,” Ember said.

“A what?” Spike asked.

“A trinity,” Thorax answered, “I and Ember have feelings for each other. But, we also have feelings for you,” He explained as he gently nuzzled the young drake, “Spike will you be ours and ours alone?” He asked.

Spike had no words to say at all. Both of his friends had not only just kissed him. But, they also just asked him to be part of a trinity. A tear fell from his eye as he nodded his head. Both of them then hugged him as he cried tears of happiness.

“I love you, both.” He said in a voice barely above a whisper.

“We love you too, Spike.” Both of them replied as he hugged both of them back.


Spike was now resting his head on Thorax's chest. While Ember had snuggled into his back. Her head gently resting on his shoulder. Thorax had wrapped one of his wrings around both of them. As he held both of them close. Spike looked up at Thorax; who looked back down at him. Both of them smiled and kissed again. The two held the kiss for a few short seconds, broke the kiss, and Ember had her turn kissing Thorax. When they broke their kiss Spike kissed her. When they broke the kiss Spike tried to sit up.

“Going somewhere?” Ember asked as she sat up with him. Wrapping both her arms around him as she pulled him closer to her.

“I promised Twilight I'd help her get ready for the gala tonight,” Spike answered feeling her gently rub snout against his neck. He purred as he felt her warm breath on his scales.

Ember started to purr as well, “Well you're gonna be a little late,” She said while moving one of her claws underneath his chin. Making him look her in the eyes'. Her other claw had moved its way down to a certain slit in his scales. She heard him release a small groan as she slipped one of her claws into him, “This is only the beginning.” She whispered into his ear. Just as she felt the tip of his member touch her claw.

Spike leaned back into her embrace; moaning lightly as the tip of her claw gently rubbed him dragon-hood. In a matter of seconds, his member was fully erect. Ember had wrapped her claw around it. She gently pumped her claw up and down his length. Hearing him release small moans and whimpers of pleasure. She used her other claw to gently rub his chest.

“Oh, Ember.” Spike moaned as he felt her gently squeeze the base of his member. He moaned a little louder as she sped up her pumping. He gasped a little as he looked up at her. She brought him into a very passionate kiss. Their tongues wrestling for dominance inside of his maw. He then felt a warm wetness wrap around his member. His back arched and he moaned into Embers maw.

The two broke the kiss and Spike looked down towards his member. He moaned again as he felt something soft and wet slide up his member. Thorax had moved in front of them and had taken Spikes member into his maw. He smiled wickedly as he heard the pants and moans of his lover. He felt Embers paw gently rub the side of his face. Just before her claw moved to the back of his head. Making him take his member deeper into his maw. He could feel the tip of it touch the back of his throat. He suppressed the natural urge to cough.

Spike gasped moaned heavily as Thorax continued to blow him. His teeth started to clench tightly; while he began to feel a pressure building inside the base of his member. He moaned and arched his back again. His breathing increasing as the pressure began to grow.

“Thorax,” Spike moaned out as he felt himself getting closer to his climax, “Thorax, I'm about....about.” He moaned loudly through clenched teeth as he felt his member throb and his seed shot into Thorax's mouth.

Thorax held Spikes member in his maw. Resisting the urge to cough again as his seed coated the back of his throat and began to slowly slide down it. He felt a little bit of Spike's seed leak out of his maw. Ember saw the small string of seed hanging from his chin. She used her claw to take the strand from his chin. Allowing her to bring his seed up to her maw. The taste was rather salty; she had heard from other dragonesses that a male's sperm may taste salty. Thorax eventually released Spikes member from his maw. He panted lightly as he moved himself up and gently kissed Spike. He could feel Spike claw move to the back of his head. The two broke the kissed and Spike was hugged by the two again. He was directly in between the two. But, it was a place he would love to stay for all eternity.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“We love you, too.” They whispered back; just as Spike gave into the comforts of sleep again. Both of them laid him back down onto the bed. Ember cuddled up next to him while Thorax left to help Twilight. Ember smiled happily as she pulled her mate closer to her. She moved her head close to one of his ears.

“This is only the beginning, love,” She whispered into his ear while gently nuzzling him, “Just wait until tonight.” She finished before joining him in sleep.

Chapter 2

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Both Spike and Thorax waited patiently outside of their room. Inside was Ember who was getting herself ready for the gala. Before entering the room; she had told the two she had a surprise for them. Which made them more eager than they already were to see her. Spike looked at his mate with a loving look. His eyes traced his body up and down; admiring at how handsome he looked in his vest. He made a mental note to himself to thank Rarity later. Thorax wore a navy blue vest with small white gems. The vest not only matched his eyes. But, it also showed his love for the night sky. Spike wore a traditional black and white vest. Around his neck was a red bow-tie.

“Spike?” Thorax suddenly said.

“Yeah, Thorax?” He replied.

Thorax sighed as he sat himself down, “I'm,” He began with a small gulp, “I'm a little nervous.” He admitted.

Spike walked closer to him and put his claw on his shoulder, “Don't be love. Tonight is gonna be amazing.” He said in a reassuring voice.

Thorax smiled, “I know, I know,” He replied, “It's just I'm worried about the ponies that will be attending,” He continued, “I've been told that some of them,” He grew a little more nervous, “Don't think highly about our species.” He finished.

Spike shook his head, “Forget about those higher class assholes,” He said with a smirk while making Thorax look him in the eye, “The only creatures you need to have on your mind. Is me and Ember.” He finished.

Thorax smiled happily earning him a smile from Spike. Spike then gently kissed him. The two held the kiss for a few seconds. When the kiss broke the two hugged each other. Just as the door to their room opened. The turned to look and saw Ember standing in the doorway. She wore a red dress with blue gems around the neck. She also wore a black choker around her neck. She gazed lovingly at the two who stared back at her.

“What do you two think?” She asked them.

“No matter what you wear, Love. You will always look beautiful in my eyes'.” Spike answered while Thorax nodded.

Ember couldn't help but giggle at the corny comment. She walked up to the two; Spike took her right claw. While Thorax wrapped one of his wings around her. She smiled as they began to walk down the hall. When they exited Twilight's castle; outside a chariot waited for them. Ready to take them to Canterlot for the gala.

The flight to Canterlot did not take too long. They landed just in front of the castle's drawbridge. Where multiple mares' and stallions' walked across; entering Celestia's and Luna's castle. The three were a little nervous. But, when they looked at each other. The nervousness left them and they began to walk across the bridge. Ready to enjoy their night at the gala.

A solid white unicorn stallion watched the three entering the castle. A look of disgust and anger was etched onto his face. How dare those creatures to trespass on this event. A place where the royals and upper-class ponies could mingle and socialize. But, now, a bug and two brutes; were invading their party. He had put up with the elements of harmony being middle-classed ponies. He had to put up with that monster of chaos. But, this, this was the final straw. He stomped his hoof and began to walk to the three.

“Beasts'!” Blueblood yelled causing the three to look towards him, “Do not take another step into this castle! None of you are welcomed here!” He finished as he continued to stomp towards them.

Spike rolled his eyes, “We were invited, Blueblood. Now leave us alone.” He said.

Blueblood felt offended, “You dare talk to me like that, beast!” He yelled as he walked closer to the three, “All three of you are to leave right now! Or I will have all three of you thrown into the dungeon!” He finished his horn sparking with magical energy.

Spike and Ember yawned at his empty threat. While Thorax groaned in annoyance, “We are not going anywhere, Blueblood,” Ember said while she looked at the two, “Come on let's get inside.” She finished as she began to lead the two inside.

Blueblood fired a warning shot just in front of them. A smirk was etched onto his face. Beasts like them had to be reached through violence. And, if none of the royal guards were going to stop these beasts. Then the responsibility fell on his shoulders. He figured after showing a bit of force; the beasts would turn and leave. Oh, they turned alright. They turned and launched two fireballs and a magical beam at him. Burning some of his manes and pushing off the bridge and into the water below. A roar of laughed suddenly erupted from the crowd. Blueblood breached the surface of the water. He felt a large amount of anger enters his mind. He slowly swam to a nearby bank and walked out of the water.

“Those beasts' will pay.” He growled out while walking into the castle.

Blueblood taken care of the three continued walkings into the castle. When they entered the gala was already in full swing. The two were greeted by the princesses at the top of the stairs. After that, they walked into the main hall. They could hear the music being played. Some of the ponies in attendance talking. And, they could even smell the delicious aroma of Pinkie's cooking. Celestia made a very good choice on the pony to cater the event.

“You know she did!” The voice of said mare suddenly yelled.

Spike rolled his eyes as Ember looked towards him, “Pinkie being Pinkie?” She asked.

He nodded, “Pinkie being Pinkie.” He answered before leading the two onto the dance-floor.

At the moment Thorax was waiting for his turn to dance with Spike again. The three had been switching dance partners after every song. It started with him and Ember. Then, Ember and Spike. Then Spike and him. Now, Ember was dancing with Spike again. Yes, this night was truly perfect. Until he felt a hoof on his shoulder. And, then he has suddenly spun around. Coming face to face with an angry Blueblood. He sighed in anger and annoyance.

“What do you?”

Blueblood pushed him back violently, “I told you before, beast! You are not welcomed here!” He shouted at Thorax. It caused many of the party goes to look towards them.

Thorax released an irritated growl, “Again, Blueblood, me and my mates were invited.” He said.

Blueblood pushed him again, “It's bad enough that Twilight allows your kind to attend her school!” He yelled as he pushed Thorax again, “But, I will not have you disgusting bugs in Canterlot! Now leave!” He shouted.

Spike and Ember were trying to reach the two. Their anger growing every time that spoiled prince pushed their lover. There was a sudden flash of magical light; followed by a scream of fear. Thorax had turned himself into a bear and had pinned Blueblood down. Many ponies screamed while others looked on in terror. They watched as Blueblood whispered something to him. Thorax looked up and looked around. He then transformed back into his true form. Only to suddenly start running away from the crowd and out of the castle.

“Thorax, wait!” Ember called out as she chased after him.

“That's right!” Blueblood yelled as he got to his hooves, “Run, you beast! Ru-!” He was interrupted by Spike; who had lifted him up into the air and slammed him down. Knocking him out cold before running after the two.

Spike had chased them both out into the gardens of Canterlot. He called out for the two; his voice filled with worry as he searched for them. As he was about to call out for them again. He was grabbed by Ember. Who placed one of her claws over his maw and shushed him. Before leading him towards the garden's fountain. The two saw Thorax sitting on the bottom ring of the fountain. He was looking down into the water below.

“Thorax,” Spike called out but he was quickly silenced by Ember. He looked at her in confusion. That was until Thorax sighed heavily; causing the two to look at him.

(Why must I be called a freak?)

Spikes' eyes went wide when he heard that.

(Why must I be called a monster?)

Ember gasped softly after hearing that.

(I'm called these things almost every week.)

Thorax looked down at his reflection in the water below.

(I wish they could see that I am no monster but a lover.)

A single tear fell from his eye and into the water.

(I've been beaten simply because of the way I look.)

Both Spike and Ember could not believe what they heard. If that was true; the ponies who dare harmed their mate. Had better count their days.

(I don't want to worry my lovers, but the bruises are starting to become harder to hide.)

Thorax slowly lifted his left foreleg up and looked at the bruise underneath his arm.

(I feel like I'm stuck in a horror book.)

A few more tears fell from his eyes.

(I wish they knew how much I'm hurting on this inside.)

Spike was fighting the urge to run up and hug his mate.

(I wish my loved ones were here to dry my eyes and to hold me as I cry.)

Ember was also fighting the urge to comfort her mate.

(I bet they would have better lives without me, god, I wish I would die.)

Both Spike's and Ember's eyes went wide in horror.

(I better if I was dead they wouldn't miss me. I bet their lives would be so much easier. I think I can finally see clearly. If I was dead their lives would be better.)

With a heavy sight, Thorax slumped down to the ground.

(Am I the reason they are shunned and hated?)

“No you're not,” Ember whispered.

(Maybe if I was something else; all of us will finally be accepted.)

“We don't want anything else! We want you!” Spike almost growled.

(I'm a stupid nobody with no purpose in life.)

“You are our mate!” Ember said softly as tears fell from her eyes.

(I cause my loved ones nothing but strife.)

“No you don't,” Spike said while tears also fell from his eyes.

(Maybe I should consider taking my own life.)

That statement almost made both dragon's heart stop.

(Maybe I should commit suicide; so that I can finally die.)

Thorax released a very sad sob.

(I beg and beg for my death every day. But my prayers and pleas go unanswered to my dismay. It pains me to say that I don't want to live. I hope my loved ones will learn to forgive. But I want to end the pain. So if my death can end it all then please; pass me a blade so I can slice open my vein.)

Both Spike and Ember then looked towards each other. Both of them gave the other a nod and started to walk towards him.

(That's it I've made my decision!)

Thorax released another loud sob.

(I-I-I-I'm going to end my life tonight.)

Both Ember and Spike felt of jolt of pain hit their hearts.

(I hope my loved ones can understand my reason.)

Thorax shut his eyes tightly.

(I'm going to set everything right.)

“So are we,” Ember whispered as the two continued to walk towards him.

(I'm so sorry but this is goodbye!)

“No! It's not!” Spike growled.

(But this is the night that I finally die!)

Thorax gasped loudly as he felt two arms wrap around him. His eyes shot open allowing him to see both of his mates. They were hugging him tightly and they were also crying heavily. This confused him a little until he realized what might have done this.

“Ember...Spike,” He said in a voice just barely above a whisper, “I-I.”

“Shh,” Both of them hushed him as they nuzzled him lovingly.

“It's okay, Thorax,” Spike whispered.

Thorax was silent for a moment until he too started to cry. The two hugged him a little tighter as he began to cry. Both of them doing their best to show him how much he was loved.

“Ember, Thorax.” Spike said as the two looked at him, “Let's go home.” He said.

The two nodded all three of them then extended their wings and took flight. All three of them heading back to Ponyville. By the time they reached home; the moon was high in the sky. All three of them entered the castle quietly. Trying their best not to wake Twilight or Starlight. The three eventually reached their room. Spike had opened the door and held it open for them. He gently closed the door and locked it. He then turned and looked at the two; both of them were sitting on the edge of the bed. Ember held Thorax close to her body; as he rested his head on her chest.

Slowly, Spike walked in front of them, “Thorax, look at me.” He said.

The moment Thorax looked at him Spike had pushed him down onto the bed. Making him lay on his back; as they crawled on top of him. He looked up into their eyes and saw looks of desire and need. They saw the same in his eyes.

“I love you, both.” He whispered.

“We love you, too.” The whispered back as they moved their heads closer to his. Ember had captured his lips in a loving kiss. While Spike gently kissed his neck.

Twilight was reading a book in her room. She then heard what sounded like a muffled grown. She shook her head and used her magic to summon a pair of noise-canceling earmuffs. She smiled as all the noise suddenly stopped; leaving her in peaceful silence.

“Glad I listened to Starlight,” She said to herself before turning to the next page in her book, “Now I don't need to use a memory spell on myself again.” She finished.

Chapter 3

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Thorax moaned into the kiss as Ember deepened it. Her lips were soft and her tongue wrested for dominance inside his maw. Spike was gently kissing and licking his neck. His tongue was warm and wet. While his kisses were gentle and loving. When they broke the kiss to get air in their lungs. Ember began to lick and kiss his face. While Spike slowly made his way down his body. Licking and kissing him on his way down. Thorax felt nothing but pleasure as his lovers showed their affection. He gasped loudly as he felt the gentle touch of Spikes claw on his testicles.

“Oh, Spike.” Thorax moaned before Ember started to kiss him again.

Spike smiled as he massaged his mate's balls. He began to gently run his tongue along with his sack. The taste was one he couldn't recognize. But, the smell of arousal flooded his nostrils. He began to feel blood flow to his members. Which slowly erected to full size. His snout then grazed the lower part of his mate's member. Making him arch his hips in a natural response. He smiled wickedly as he gently grasped the top half. While he wrapped his tongue around the lower half; and began to move it up and down. While his claw gently stroked the top of his dick.

Thorax groaned and moaned loudly as small waves of pleasure shot through his body. His mind began to wonder if he was having a dream. But, with the way Ember was kissing him and the way Spike pleasured him. Yeah, too good to be a dream. Ember broke the kiss again; she smiled down at her mate as he panted. She then climbed on top of him and turned around. Placing her dragoness-hood at the tip of his maw. While her face hovered just above his fully erect dick. She reached forward and moves Spikes claw away. While he unwrapped his tongue from around the bottom half. She gasped as she felt the touch of Thorax's tongue on her slowly moistening lips. She looked forward and kissed Spike before taking Thorax's member into her maw. Spike stood up and placed his dick next to Thoraxs'. He slowly stroked himself with one of his claw. Only to immediately have Ember move his claw away. Before she started to jerk him off.

“Buck, yeah.” Spike moaned out as the gentle touch moved up and down his length.

All three of them were moaning loudly. Thorax enjoyed the taste of Embers fluids. Spike enjoyed not only the gentle touch of her claw. But, also the warm wetness of her maw when she started to blow him. While Spike stroked Thorax with his claw. Thorax began to Thrust his hips upward. It was a possible signal that he was getting closer. Ember began to push her opening against Thoraxs' maw. Her moans of pleasure vibrated in her throat. Spike's head flung backward as he felt his dick suddenly vibrate. His breathing increased and he began to gently thrust his hips into her maw. Spike took the tip of Thoraxs' dick into his mouth. He began to suck hard on the tip of it. While Ember started deep throating him. Thorax wrapped his hooves around Ember's hips. Before he plunged his tongue deeper into Embers' depths.

All three of them moaned loudly as each of them climaxed. Thorax was the first; his sperm shooting into Spikes' mouth. While Ember sprayed his face with her juices. Ember swallowed the first shot of Spikes load. Before she released his dick from her maw and began to stroke him fast. His seed coating her claw, some of her stomach, and also shooting onto Thorax's stomach. Spike swallowed all of his mates load before pulling his maw off of his dick. A small pop came from him when the tip left his maw. All three of them panted and moaned loudly. But, they were far from done with this night.

Ember crawled off of Thorax while he sat up. His member is still hard and fully erect. He stared forward at Spike who gazed lovingly into his eyes. The two smiled and kissed before Spike straddled his waist. He felt the warm touch of Thorax dick on his hips. The two looked at each other with looks of need and want. Spike slowly raised himself up and placed the tip of his member at his tail-hole.

“I love you.” Both of them said to the other; as Spike began to slowly lower himself down.

Spike felt a twinge of pain as he felt himself stretch open. While Thorax groaned in pleasure from the tightness of his lover's ass. It took a while but Spike eventually got all of his lovers to dick inside of him. Thorax had fallen onto his back again; completely lost in a sea of pleasure. While Spike breathed deeply; trying to relax his anal cavity. With a single deep breath and slow exhale; Spike began to slowly lift himself up. When just the tip remained inside of him. He began to slowly lower himself back down.

“Spike, Oh, Spike, yes!” Thorax groaned out.

“Thorax.” Spike moaned out.

Feeling left out Ember had crawled back on top of Thorax. She gazed down into his eyes; while she slowly lifted her tail up. Giving Spike a clear view of her moist pussy. Which she slowly waved just in front of the tip of the dick. Spike grasped his member and gently prodded the tip at her entrance. Both of them moaned loudly. Before, she captured Thorax's lips in another loving kiss. Once he was lined up he pushed the tip of his dick into her. Gasping as it slid in and was wrapped around by her warm walls.

Every time Spike would go down on Thorax. He would pull out of her and every time he would go up in. Ember moaned in pleasure and happiness as Spike thrust into her. All three of them were moving a little faster now. Their bodies moving in perfect sync with each other. Thorax had tears falling from his eyes. Never before had he experienced pleasure like this before. He felt whole, complete, warm, loved. His eyes closed and his breathing and heart rate increased.

Ember released a small scream of pleasure as Spike thrust into her. She questioned the knowledge of a few dragonesses she had talked to. They had always told her that the first time was very painful. Because the male's penis would break her hymen. But, this was her first time and she was losing her mind. She shook her head and released a pleasure-filled roar. None of the information mattered to her now. The only thing that mattered was her and her mates.

Spike couldn't believe how good this felt. The way Thorax's dick moved inside of him. While Embers walls wrapped around his member. It felt like her pussy was trying to pull his dick deeper into her. While Thoraxs' member rubbed over everything that made him feel pleasure. He was slowly losing his mind. And, he was enjoying every second of it.

All of them suddenly moaned loudly; fire shot from both dragons' maws. While Thorax arched his hips upwards. Driving his dick deeper into Spike. While Spike fully hilted himself into Ember. All three of them had reached their climax at the same time. Spike felt Thoraxs' dick throb inside of him; as he felt a warming sensation enter his body. Ember squirted her juices and coated Spikes member and hips. Some of her juices ran down and pulled onto Thorax's body. Ember felt Spikes seed flowing into her. His sperm coating her insides as his seed flowed into her womb. All of them gasped and groaned as they held themselves inside the other.

Spike slowly pulled himself out of Ember and off of Thorax. He could feel some of Thoraxs' sperm sliding down his leg. He groaned in pleasure as he feels onto the bed and rested next to Thorax. Thorax turned to look at Spike; who was looking back at him. They smiled at each other and shared another loving kiss. When they broke it Thorax kissed Ember. When they broke the kiss; she crawled off of him and moved backward. She struggled to stand on her own two feet. But, she eventually steadied herself. She then placed both her claws on the bed and held herself up. She looked a Thorax who looked back up at her. He knew what she wanted and it caused both of them to smile. Slowly, he got up off the bed and walked behind her. He moved his head down towards her dripping pussy and licked it a couple of times. Tasting the mixture of her seed and Spikes before he mounted her. The tip of his member prodding her entrance; before finally slipping into her. Both of them moaned in pleasure as he slid deeper and deeper.

When Thorax fully hilted himself inside of her. Just like Spike, he pulled out till the tip remained and thrust back in. Both of them voicing the pleasure they felt as they bucked. Thorax was so caught up in pleasuring Ember. He didn't see Spike get up off the bed and slowly walked behind him. He became aware of his presence when Spike grabbed his hips. Just before he felt the tip of his member pressing against his asshole. Three words entered Thoraxs' mind. Three words he knew Spike was gonna love.

“Bucking, do it.” He said.

Spike smiled before thrusting deep into Thorax. Moaning loudly with him as he fully hilted himself inside of him. The three moaned and groaned in pleasure; Spike thrusting inside of Thorax as he thrust into Ember. All three of them love the pleasure they were experiencing from the other.

“Oh, buck!” Thorax shouted before Ember pulled him in for another passionate kiss.

Spike was now hammering into his lover's ass. He then gave a hard smack to Thoraxs' right cheek. When Thorax broke the kiss; he shot a small glare at Spike. A glare that shot the message 'You are gonna pay for that'. Spike growled before gently biting into the back of his mate's neck. He heard him yell in pleasure. Just as both of them began to thrust faster. In a matter of minutes, all three of them reached their orgasm once more. Ember screamed as she shot her juices onto Thorax's member and groin area. While he shot his seed deep into her and Spike flooded his ass with his sperm. Thorax pulled himself out of Ember; only to fall forward onto the bed. Spike's dick pulling out of him as he fell to the bed. A small strand of seed hanging off the tip of it.

Ember panted heavily as she slowly sat up. She saw the strand hanging from Spikes dick and smiled. She moved forward and gently licked his member clean. Making him moan a little in pleasure. When she finished cleaning his member; she stood up and kissed him lovingly. Before pulling him down onto the bed with them. He rested flat on his back in between the two. While they rested their heads on his chest. He gently rubbed their backs as they nuzzled him gently. Spike felt tears slowly rolling down from his eyes.

“That was so amazing,” He whispered his gaze fixed on the ceiling above them. He then closed his eyes as he pulled them closer, “I love you, both.” He finished.

Both of them smiled and wrapped their wings around him. Gently kissing the sides of his face; before they whispered, “I love you, too.” into his ears. All three of them eventually gave in to the comforting grasp of sleep. All three of them meeting each other once again in the dream realm. Wonder what the future held for them.

(Five weeks later)

Spike, Ember, and Thorax lay together around each other. All three of them had formed a small circle with their bodies. Their heads meeting in the middle of the circle. All three of them were looking at something in the center. They were looking at it with looks of nothing but pure love. In the middle of the circle; on top of a small bundle of blankets. Three eggs rested. Two of them were dragon eggs. One pink with green spots. The other was night blue with small white dots all over it. The third egg was a changeling egg that had both pink and green spots over it.

“I can't wait to be a father.” Spike and Thorax said together; making Ember smiled.

“Both of you will be amazing fathers,” She replied as she gently kissed them, “I just hope I'll be a good mother.” She finished earning herself a kiss and a nuzzle from both of them.

“You will be Ember,” Spike assured her.

“All three of us are going to be amazing parents,” Thorax added as they lay together around their children. Each of them waiting eagerly to see their children for the first time.