Totty's Teaching Taunts

by Gladiolus

First published

A sizable teacher gets into fat related shenanigans.

Just the average school for a three hundred pound mare- or it would be if she hadn't forgotten her appetite suppressant.

School Daze

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After two years of school, a year of pursuing work in Las Pegasus, and a year of job placement after that: Totty had made it. Finally after all time and effort her goals had been realized, and she had graciously accepted a job as an 8th grade teacher in a small town outside of Las Pegasus. Most of the children were pegasi, the sons and daughters of the Wonderbolt’s that lived and worked at the nearby airbase, and the school itself had an old rustic charm to it.

Totty couldn’t be happier. Sure, some days were stressful- and marking was a pain in the ass- but not a day ended with her regretting a thing. Nurturing young minds was a calling she hadn’t realized until she was well into adulthood, and once she knew she had pursued it with everything she had.

The mare had settled in easily, and the first few months went by in a breeze. Thankfully for her, the confidence boost from her best friend Emmy back in Las Pegasus kept her going even as the students ‘subtly’ commented on her weight or appetite. While it was almost always well meaning- and anything hurtful dealt with by administration- gentle teasing and inappropriate questions were a daily thing for the mare.

Totty was, after all, easily the largest mare in the school- and not by height. While she had managed to constrain her weight to relatively manageable levels, the mare still averaged anywhere between 280 and 330 pounds, depending on the season. The way the thick adipose cascaded over her body, and swelled her feminine curves, tended to draw the eye of any stallion and quite a few mares. To those young students, it was hard not to stare.

The morning had gone along uneventfully enough, and Totty sat behind her desk while the students completed a test. On a casual glance she didn’t seem too out of place, although her blouse and pants were obviously tight on her. Upon closer inspection, however, she was clearly a size over what that outfit was meant for.

Totty’s breasts bulged out between the collar, exposing cleavage far deeper than one would think from such a small outlet. The slight bulge of fat around her neck was visible with her looking down at her tablet like she was. Obscured by her desk, the mares belly swelled over her lap and over her tree-trunk thighs. Thick lovehandles bulged out from the sides, and a fat-swollen rear end padded her seat enough she couldn’t even feel the wood.

All in all, Totty was obviously obese, but had moved past any distaste for her body. She was who she was, and had grown to love herself.

However, one thing Totty always found an annoyance was the intense hunger her stomach could feel. Two to three times the size of a normal pony even resting, it could be overwhelming- and had been before she had sought some light medication and trained herself to control it.

This morning Totty had forgotten those pills, and with a deep rumbling growl her stomach made itself known. The mare bit her lip and groaned softly as the strong demand for food flowed out from her gut, and then she sighed as the eyes in the room turned to her.

“You’re all still on the clock you know, no staring,” Totty chided, and leaned to the side to open her desk. A few snacks were thrown on her desk, and she rummaged around for her backup pills.

Totty soon found they were missing, and bit her lip as another growl rumbled through her. This was a bad sign for the mare. Even with her medication she still ate more than average, without it she could damn near clear out a buffet.

Without it, Totty had cleared out buffets. Her resting stomach cavity was oversized, but a lifetime of overeating ensured her maximum capacity was utterly enormous. Everyone in school had found out when the principal had jokingly invited Totty to an eating contest.

The mare had eaten every pie, leaving absolutely none for anyone else, and ensuring she had a reputation from that day forward for an appetite.

Totty, then, was well aware of where this could lead if she didn’t get a handle on it. While the students continued their test the three pounds of snacks she had collected in her desk from students slowly disappeared into her. Without that medication the enormous amount of chocolate and sugar felt like nearly nothing, and the mare slipped into the mode of mindless eating as she went through it. It felt good to eat, like she was slipping into a peaceful half-comatose state. The mares body operated automatically, leaving her mind to retreat and float in the pleasure of consumption.

It was an addictive sensation and it had taken years for Totty to learn how to develop some self control.

Totty only left her daze once she ran out of candy, leaving her bin overflowing and her gut swelled by a further inch. The hungry growls were silenced, but her stomach still rumbled internally. The mare was still hungry, the growls had simply been muffled by chocolate.

Thankfully for her the clock struck 11, and the bell rang to mark next class. Totty slipped out of her chair, standing with a quiet glunk from her gut, and slapped her hands to the desk for support as she leaned over it.

In doing so the mare showed more cleavage than every other teacher combined, but ignored any stares for now. “Pencils down, come turn your tests I-“

Totty hardly had to finish her direction. The colts were certainly eager to approach and put their tests on the desk, and the mare sighed deeply. “Don’t stare, you know it’s not polite,” she chided, for what felt like the millionth time- but they couldn’t help it really.

It was a strange feeling to be looked at like that. There was no malicious intent meant by their staring and gazes, it was simply that her curves had a gravitational pull. Some days it made her feel oddly aroused, and some it was simply annoying. Today it was the former, and the feeling of a few pounds of chocolate bubbling into more fat inside her made it more intense.

Once the class was empty, Totty glanced beside the door at the schedule. Next class was already coming in, and she mentally prepared herself. This was her home room arriving for physical sciences, and they were all more familiar with her than the other classes.

That meant these students tended to be more teasing, and Totty attempted to stand up straighter and present some confidence for her class. She watched as they came in and took their seats, and met the eyes of the known troublemakers.

Once they were all seated, the mare approached the board. With her rear out it was only a matter of time before someone commented, and Totty spun around with a nimble pivot that one wouldn’t expect for a mare of her size.

“Gladiolus, again? “ Totty hissed, adopting her authoritative tone, “Speak up then, if you have a comment about my body share it.”

Totty stared the batpony down, and he shrunk into his seat as his leathery wings shivered on his back. “I… I uh…”

Totty continued to stare, “I said you looked thicker today…”

The teacher rolled her eyes, “I am as thick as I was yesterday, Gladiolus,” Totty returned, and pivoted back to the board before writing on the side.

Times Miss Totty has been called “Hot, thicc, or Sexy::

With it written, Totty made one strike under it with the red marker and turned back around. “One minute of detention for the class for every comment,” she spoke, and felt the soothing release of catharsis as the students whined.

“Ponies of any size should be respected, Gladiolus, and speaking in their presence about their body is impolite. Speak to me, don’t speak of me. Is that clear?”

A chorus of “Yes Miss Totty,” thankfully drowned out another grown from Totty’s stomach, but she didn’t let it get in the way of work.

About the only method Totty had to ignore her stomach was through working. Whether it was dealing at a casino or doing math class, having a focus made it relatively easy to control. Even so, the remaining snacks scattered throughout Totty’s desk dissapeared into her, and her stomach swelled with each pound added. Any normal mare would have stopped after a few candy bars- Totty was up to fourty and still going strong by the time class rounded out.

The tally marks on the board had stacked up as well. Time and weight hadn’t done well for her blouse, and the buttons had to contain an increasingly large belly that was swelling with chocolate. By the end of the class a total of 22 marks were on the board, and Totty’s gut had blown her zipper open, poured out between her bottoms, and had pushed her blouse up over it as well.

A more or less permanent blush laid upon Totty’s face, thanks to the non stop comments, and altogether by the end of the hour they had gotten next to nothing done.

Gladiolus again commented, whispering to a friend that he’d love to see those buttons give way, and Totty added another mark to the board.

“Okay… with another tally on to the board added for detention… can we all focus on class, and not on my clothes?” Totty sighed, and put her hands behind her back so she could stand up straight and firm.

This had the simple effect of pushing her gut out, accidentally towards Gladiolus, and the mare could swear he almost passed out from the blood rush.

Thankfully for her, and for the classes increasingly long detention, the bell for lunch rang soon enough. Unusual for a school Totty was out first, pausing for a moment as if to say something and then ditching her students like the fire alarm had been pulled.

The teachers lounge down the hall was her respite, and Totty quickly barged in with her fat belly swinging ahead of her like a pendulum with each step. Wheezing loudly by the time she made it to the fridge, she threw open the door and her legs crossed as her eyes fell upon the beautiful delights inside. This fridge, the staff had learned long ago, was Totty’s.

The mare did most of her marking in the building after all, the drive back home was long and she often spent hours in here clearing her marking backlog- and the fridge. Today however she wasn’t settling in for marking, instead she simply had a burning need to consume. Taking all she could hold in her arms out, she dropped it all on a table and slapped her fat-ass down in a chair to begin.

Without care for hold cold some of it was, or how tasteless some of the leftovers could be, Totty set to work. The other staff beheld her with a bemused interest as they went about their own things, neither fetishizing her nor disgusted by her. Totty had quirks just like everyone, hers were just worn on her sleeve.

Literally, in Totty’s case, considering how tight the sleeves of her blouse were to contain her arm fat.

In a whirlwind of consumption that some of the staff watched with a slight interest- almost impressed by her ability to put it away- Totty bloated herself visibly with food. Putting her well developed mental math skills to use she had crafted the perfect meal plan to get everything into her, and she proceeded with what seemed like random gorging but was actually a planned binge.

Leftover mashed potatoes, beef slices, and whole glasses of milk flowed into the mare as she went about filling every space in her volumious gut. It took time and effort, with her arms moving feverishly, but it felt good.

Totty was in her zone, and a near-sexual pleasure burned throughout her as her throat worked like a powerful pump and bloated her stomach with calories. Soft moans came from her and her fat thighs pressed together, and some of the staff wondered if she was outright getting off from this. They weren’t far off the mark- but she could wait until she was at home to finish the job.

Once a full half hour of feverish feasting had finished, Totty finally halted. Everything, absolutely every item of food inside that fridge was inside her now. With slow breaths she returned to reality, and her stomach audibly churned and gurgled as it processed the thousand of calories and dozens of pounds of food inside it. A warm pleasure filled her, as well as the slightest murmurs of sickness from such a large feast.

Perfectly full, and in control enough not to keep going until she was truly stuffed to the gills, Totty released a loud belch and slapped a hand to her gut. Relaxing languidly for now, her tongue lolled out of her mouth and she enjoyed the feeling.

Totty however didn’t enjoy it for long. Her blouse was stretched at this point trying to contain a stomach that had swelled by literal feet during her gorge. It had slid up almost the entire way, stuck on a button, and that button threatened to pop off.

It was the slap to her gut that did it, and as the food-filled ballon wobbled it put pressure on that button before it blew off with substantial force. The mare shrieked and recoiled away from herself in surprise, but all that accomplished was forcing another loud belch out of her.

“Ohhh…” Totty groaned, as the movement churned up her gut and caused a wave of painful cramping to overcome her. “That was…” she hiccuped, and belched quietly once again, “… way too much.”

This however wasn’t the first time this had happened, and Totty slowly and sluggishly hauled herself up and approached her small personal locker at the back of the room.

With every step her gut glorshed and sloshed, and with every other painful murmurings of stressed sickness sounded from her body. Normally Totty would take a nap after such a meal, but her poorly planned day had meant she still had three classes to get to. So she sought out her emergency supply of antacids.

Spotting something else in that locker as she pulled them out, Totty’s eyes went wide and she gasped- her pills. They had been here the entire time, and had she actually remembered that she wouldn’t be in this position.

The mare started to giggle, and then laugh, and looked for all the world like a brown-coated female santa clause before a wave of sickness hit her and she doubled over with stomach pain.

Just before her stomach hit the emergency release, Totty spun off the cap of her antacid and plugged it into her lips, pulling it down her throat strongly and forcefully. Left with a few moments of uncertainly she remained there with a pained look on her face, waiting for it to take effect and hoping she wouldn’t ruin the carpet.

Thankfully it did it’s job, and Totty sighed with relief before she stepped up and withdrew her spare blouse from the locker. She knew well enough to plan for this, and this much larger (actually maternity wear, to her constant embarrassment) outfit could actually cover her belly at almost any size.

Totty was just in time, as the bell announcing the end of lunch period sounded soon enough. She was the only one in the lounge by the end, and left to her classroom. Plenty of ponies gave her stares in the hall, but she met their stares with her own and their gaze went elsewhere.

The two classes that remained before final period went relatively without problem. Totty relied on the go-to strategy for a teacher not wanting to do any real work, and simply put on some education videos. Easy enough, and the dark of the classroom combined with the noise of the television covered up her gorge physically and audibly- except for a loud belch here and there.

Final period, however, she saw her home room again. The detention marks remained on the board from earlier, and Totty remained at her desk as they filed in. With some luck she could intimidate them into not causing a fuss and then bribe them with no detention on top.

Luck was not on Totty’s side. Somebody apparently had told her home room that Totty was, as she heard from one of the class keeners: so bloated that she looks like she ate the principal.

So it was that Totty was given food. They all passed it off as being friendly, or as gifts, so Totty couldn’t exactly refuse it- but the idea was obvious enough. She was hardly amused but accepted it, but one pony took it all too far.

Gladiolus had apparently spent at least a weeks pay at his paper route emptying a vending machine, and dumped an armful of snacks on Totty’s desk. The mare shifted her position, causing her overfilled gut to slosh, and met him with the best stare she could manage.

“Gladiolus,” She spoke, “You’re staying after class.”

The batpony simply nodded, and wiped a small fresh looking apple on his sleeve before rolling it at Totty.

“Worth it,” he spoke simply, and Totty glared after him as he took his desk.

Despite her better judgement, that pile of food ended up dwindling as class went on. The apple stood silent as it’s brethren were slaughtered by Totty’s appetite, and thanks to the antacid she hardly noticed how extreme her bloat was getting, Even her maternity outfit was finding itself stretched by the end, and the buttons had to endure some strain.

Still, Totty managed to get through that class without any comments- but with plenty of staring. Eager enough to get things done with she called off the detention just before the bell, and waited for them all to leave.

Gladiolus, however, didn’t. He remained, and Totty only realized why when they were alone.

“What about your apple?” he questioned.

Totty glanced at it, and then at him, and crossed her arms under her breasts. “I’m full,” she retorted. “How about that?”

Gladiolus giggled, “You’re never full Miss Totty, and what about the food groups? You haven’t had anything healthy all day.”

Totty’s gut growled, and she sighed. He really did have him there on both counts. Her hunger was relentless unless she was too stuffed to even breathe, and she had admittedly ignored healthy food. So with some reluctance she took the apple in hand and bit deeply into it.

It certainly wasn’t bad, and Totty finished it down to the core before taking her coffee in one hand and putting the other flat on her desk for support. Slowly but surely, with Gladiolus staring and her gut swinging, Totty came to her feet and slowly approached her student.

“We really need to talk about you… attitude, Gladiolus,” Totty spoke, and halted herself before his desk.

Her gut stretched out enough to brush the desk, and Gladiolus beheld it with barely masked awe and lust.

“Shouldn’t we talk about your weight instead?” he retorted, and Totty blushed once again.

“I hardly…” she started, but was cut off by the unruly youth, “Can stand, ‘cause you’re so fat- you’ve never told us how big you’ve been before. My father said…”

Totty huffed and looked down at him, “That’s private, I don’t ask you about your short wings do I?”

Gladiolus blushed at that, and his wings fluttered slightly, “Well at least they’re supposed to get bigger, you’re just a fat mare that cant stop eating!”

Totty opened her mouth, but honestly considering how inappropriate commenting on a thestral students wing size was she’d let him have that round. In any case something more concerning was happening. An odd burning came from her middle, and then radiated out throughout her body.

Totty’s outfit began to stretch, and then with a soft gasp the lowest button burst off her shirt and her gut slapped down on Gladiolus’ desk. The mares body expanded, bloating outwards at every angle, and the magic of that apple took hold on her. Dozens of pounds of fat flowed over her body, and the weight on her knees and feet became painful before Gladiolus’ groaning desk bore the bulk of it.

Inches of adipose soon became literally feet, and her belly expanded over the desk and towards her student like an avalanche of fat. The mares breasts swelled as well, and soon enough started to leak milk as they passed the critical mass they had once before. Her hips swelled from tree-trunk thighs to outright redwoods, and her neck bloated out. Even her arms grew, stressing and ripping the fabric of her blouse.

Totty’s pants ripped open, and she squeeled with surprise as it just kept going. Every moment something more seemed to give way, and before long the buttons of her maternity blouse gave way one by one. It popped upon, revealing that enormous gut in the nude as it flowed over the desk and then snapped the wood in half down the middle.

The expansion only stopped when Totty mirrored the heaviest she had ever been, almost a year ago to the day. A quarter ton and a bit more of mare stood there, coffee cup shaking in her hand, as she wheezed for breath just standing there. Too shocked to do anything about her student, Totty’s free hand roamed her enormous curves while the desk slowly collapsed to the floor under her.

Even then Totty’s belly still laid on it, enormous and weighty enough to nearly brush the floor.

Gladiolus, stared at her like he had seen the face of god, and once Totty came to her senses she glared at him as only a particularly angry teacher could. “Gladiolus…” she huffed.

“I am going to have a word with your parents….”