Wake Up

by debug

First published

Something's been bugging you ever since you woke up in magical talking horse land, and it's not just the Changeling that can't seem to get rid of you.

Waking up in magical talking horse land was not your idea of the next big leap in your life. But you’ve not only gone and done that, you’ve somehow befriended a shape-shifting spy bug whose aptitude for doing evil is rivaled only by the number of times you manage to get your dick stuck inside her. Truly a change indeed, but one you’re taking in surprising stride. …Cause this has to be some kind of dream or hallucination - you’ll Wake Up eventually, right?

Contains: Bug ponies being cute, lots of vanilla-ish sex, light inadvertent foalcon, learning to love, temporary sadness, almost but not quite rape, and Anon not being gay.

Prologue: Chapter 1 - Crash Course

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There was something in its icy blue eyes that underscored how dire this situation was. It wasn’t the color, or the way they seemed to glow against the dark backdrop of the forest you found yourself in. No, these eyes betrayed an uncanny intelligence as they darted across your form, as if making a million tactical calculations, processing the situation before daring to act. The eyes were probably the least concerning feature of whatever this thing in front of you was. In the dim light filtering through the canopy you had trouble making out the exact shape of what you could really only describe as a shadow come alive. You did notice a few things, though: two sharp fangs that glinted ominously, a lone protrusion from its head - like an antler made of flesh, and a translucent membranous covering upon its back that you thought might be wings. You held your breath as it drew upon you, inching closer to survey you with a hungry anticipation upon its maw.

“I don’t know what you are, but you smell delicious,” it announced in a soft, feminine, unnervingly calm voice, “I intend to take my time with you.”

“Wait, holy shit you can talk? What the actual fuck?” you screamed, scrambling to claw back a measure of defense from the supine position you found yourself in. You probably had more to say, but your mind and mouth couldn’t quite agree on a proper course of action. This thing had just spoken in perfect unbroken English, as it stood upon four legs in front of you, eying your change in position warily.

“Of course I can talk,” it spat, looking at you with eyes somehow even more fierce than they were a moment ago, “That you can as well makes this a pleasant surprise. I do so love prey that fights back.”

“Okay, hold on can we maybe talk like civilized hum- er whatever the fuck you are,” you plead, finally finding a sitting position that should allow you to leverage your size over this thing when it came time to fight. Flight wasn’t going to be an option you surmised, since with those wing-looking-things it could probably manage both at once.

“You really aren’t from around here, are you?” it asked, almost as if it found this funny. “I wondered what kind of creature would simply crash land in the middle of these hostile woods.”

“Where is here?”

“The Everfree Forest, of course,” it shrugged, once more drawing closer to you, placing its face just outside of your striking range, “and your arrival has scared off all of the other creatures nearby. There was a timberwolf pup that would have made an excellent meal, but you’ll have to do I suppose.”

“Hey hey hey, can we stop with the whole me being lunch thing? I’d really like to not be eaten, or at the very least maybe have some situational awareness while you unceremoniously rend me limb from limb.” As you said this, the creature in front of you soured, as if something you said had upset it. Did it not like to be reminded of its barbaric ways? Did it have something even more gruesome planned for you?

“Fine, but only because you appear to be horribly confused. I’d like you scared for the right reasons before I devour you,” it clarified, those last words dripping with venom.

“Th-thank you. Can we start with where I am in a more broad sense? Where I come from there aren’t talking shadows that go around eating wolves and people.”

“You’re in Equestria. But a more curious question is where you are from. I know of no lands that harbor these ‘people’ you speak of, and to not have heard of a Changeling before - there’s no soil upon which we’re not feared.”

“The heck’s an Equestria? Actually, the heck’s a Changeling?” You asked back, survival momentarily pushed from your consciousness as confusion overtook it.

“Are you saying you’re not from this world at all? What kind of sorcerer are you that you can travel between dimensions but don’t bother looking before you leap?”

“Listen you sack of shit, I just fucking woke up here. I don’t know shit about any sorcery or dimensions or any of this. And you didn’t even answer my questions!”

“Calm down, there’s no need for the attitude-”

“No need for the attitude? Evidently I just crash landed in the middle of a fucking nightmare and worse yet you’re going to eat me!” you screamed, losing your temper at this diminutive creature. It laughed — actually laughed out loud — at your words.

“Oh you poor lost thing,” it smiled, eyes softening before it sat upon its haunches, “You have this all wrong. I’m not going to eat you at all. Let me weave you a tale, tell you about the lands of Equestria and the creatures, Changelings, that rule them.”

You could only manage a nod.

“To set the stage, you must first understand what a Changeling is. Simply, I am a Changeling,” it beamed, standing stock still for a moment as if waiting for you to swoon in admiration, “We are the most powerful creatures in these lands, and while dragons or storm creatures may best us physically we still maintain the upper hand through wit and one of our signature talents. See, Changelings can take the form of most any creature, taking on the attributes and characteristics of those they become. We fuel our transformations, and all but our basest biological needs by feeding upon the emotions of other creatures, primarily their love. You may marvel in front of the most majestic being you will ever meet, unless you should have the pleasure of meeting my Queen.”

“Wow, you uh, you don’t really have any concept of humility here do you?”

“There is no need to be humble when our superiority is the plain truth. Now I grow tired of giving you a history lesson. Will you surrender and allow me to feast upon your love, or will I have to take that by force?”

“Um, how exactly do you, as you say, feast upon my love?”

“Your kind mates, do they not?” it asked, as if the answer were plain as day.

“Wait, you mean like-” you start, motioning with your hands, “you mean sex?”

“Yes, I mean sex. You truly are a dense specimen. If you truly are representative of your kind, I shall hope that I never find myself in your world.”

“Uncalled for! Insulting me is no way to get in my pants. Also you weren’t getting into them anyway, you freaky change-whatever. Go fuck some other - wait, what other creatures live here?”

“Ponies mostly.”

“Hold on, you fuck horses in your spare time?”

“That’s one mouth you’ve got on you. But yes, I do mate with ponies, usually under disguise as the sight of even a lone Changeling is enough to terrify entire cities.”

“Okay, but what intelligent creatures live in these cities if you can scare them all just by fucking their horses?”

“Your lack of understanding is highly entertaining,” it laughed, “Ponies are the intelligent creatures, dim as they are.” As it said this, you realized that this creature itself looked vaguely like a small horse in its own regard. Definitely some characteristics that would be out of place on the beasts of burden from your world, but the Changeling did bear equine features.

“Are Changelings a kind of horse, er pony?” you asked. It bristled as you said horse once more before catching yourself.

“No, the two races bear similarities though, and some believe that Changelings originally evolved from ponies. Do you have any more questions before submitting to me?”

“Actually, yeah I’ve still got a bunch of questions. Like what’s your name, what do ponies look like, if you rule them why are they afraid of seeing you, how does the whole love harvesting thing work physically, what are you doing in the middle of this forest, what am I doing in the middle of this forest, are you-”

“Enough. My name is Metamora. And that is the last question I will answer until I have had my fill of your love. Now remove your garments and lie back down. Your form is impractical and I’ll not have your spindly appendages getting in the way of my needs.”

“You can’t just tell me to take off my clothes. I may be pent up, but even I have standards, and even as confused as I am right now you’re not gonna cut it.”

“Fine. Since you’ve been cooperative so far I shall give you the pleasure of my taking the form of your desires. Simply tell me what creature you wish I become and I shall make it so.”

“I assume you don’t know who Emma Watson is…” you mutter, barely audible.

“Is that another of your kind. Allow me to try.” Metamora offered before a green flame washed over her. Before you stood an identical replica of yourself, clothes and all.

“Nonononono change back! Change back now!” You screamed, watching yourself look back with confusion, “I’m not fuckin’ gay bro, miss me with that shit!”

“Fine,” Metamora acquiesced as the eerie green flame washed over your clone. “Do your females look markedly different? Do they have more leg holes? Have they a longer snout?”

“Actually, on second thought could you maybe not ever change into a human ever again. I’d like to be able to sleep at night.”

“You are a picky thing, aren’t you?” Metamora chided, “What form would you prefer then?”

“You’re literally the only creature I’ve seen since I, guess, crash landed here. I have literally no idea.”

“A pony then?” Metamora asked, changing into the form of a light blue pegasus and twirling in a circle, making sure to spend ample time with her tail raised.

“Um, still kinda weird. Horses where I’m from are farm animals, and I don’t think I could… What else you got?”

“Maybe a gryphon?” Metamora said, transforming into a stout gryphoness with a gray coat and vibrant purple plumage.

“Huh, that’s kinda neat but those talons look painful…”

“I doubt a dragon would be much better in that regard. What about a Diamond Dog?” Metamora asked, not bothering to change yet this time.

“Uh… Dogs aren’t intelligent where I come from either so maybe not.”

“You’re running me out of options. I could transform into a forest creature, but I will not be demeaned by being taken as some mindless animal,” she said as her form reverted back to her natural state.

“Now who’s picky. Weren’t you just about to get fucked by a timberwolf?” you ask, a diabolical idea forming in your head, ”What about your queen? You said she is the only creature more majestic than you.”

“I couldn’t, that would be blasphemy of the highest order. I am not worthy to even look upon the visage of Queen Chrysalis, much less appropriate her form for myself.”

“You transform into your queen, and I’ll whip my dick out right now and rut you into a puddle six ways to Sunday.”

“She would have me executed!”

“I don’t see her around, yet…”

“Is this the only way you’ll submit without a fight?”

“Let’s say yes.”

Metamora looked away, a blush somehow faintly visible against her near-black cheeks. “Fine, but you must never tell a soul of this. I need your love far too much not to do this.”

“That doesn’t sound like something the most powerful species in the world would say.”

“Shut up! I haven’t fed in weeks and with all the transformations you made me do I’m dangerously close to shriveling up and dying on the spot. Give me a moment,” Metamora almost begged. You could tell she was conflicted about this, but you would be a man of your word. More slowly this time, the green flame washed over her and coalesced into a new form.

Prologue: Chapter 2 - Royally Fucked

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“Here I am,” Metamora - now Queen Chrysalis - said. Her voice changed to match, deepening to a still feminine but deep, brooding tone, “committing the most heinous act of my entire life all for an alien creature that I’ve never encountered before. You better make this worth my while, you… Uh, what is your name?”

“You can call me Anon,” you offered, looking over the form of your soon-to-be partner. She had grown significantly in stature, you imagine her head would come up to your chest, her serrated horn could probably slit your throat at standing height. Nestled behind it was a crown that looked as if it were physically attached to her skull, centered upon a ratty wave of teal locks longer than your arm. Her wings were more distinct, set on top of a shining metallic carapace that had a blue-green sheen like a June bug. Her long, slender legs were riddled with holes of varying sizes with a tail of the same disheveled teal as her mane. By far, however, the most intense features were her eyes. Where Metamora’s eyes were solid bluish green, these eyes bore the same white sclera you would expect on most creatures, with laser-green irises and a cat-like pupil. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Queen Chrysalis.

“Please don’t call me by her name. My Queen may not be here, but that name holds power I am unfit to wield.”

“Okay fine, Queen Metamora

“Stop! Stop! You’ve done the only possible thing worse than using her name! Just… Maybe stop talking?”

“Oh that’s not happening. I promised I’d fuck you if you changed into your queen, but I never said I’d be quiet about it.”

“Please, if you have even the smallest modicum of sympathy don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

“Oh there’s only one thing that isn’t as hard as it needs to be right now,” you chuckle, hooking your thumbs on the waistband of your jeans and tugging them downward. You felt a moment of insecurity as you went to lift your shirt over your head, realizing the only thing between you and some form of strange alien sex would be the thin, now slightly tented, fabric of your boxers.

“That was a… you’re making dick jokes aren’t you?”

“Yup, better get used to them. My love isn’t the only thing you’re getting your fill of today,” you inform her as you start to remove your boxers. You do this slowly, noticing the almost salivating look upon the faux queen’s face. As you lowered them enough for your crowning achievement to become visible, Metamora swatted your hand away and interrupted.

“Hold on, that’s it?” she asked incredulously, “Even the smallest stallions are longer than that. I’m not even going to feel something that small.”

“Okay, fuck you. No, literally, fuck you. Turn around, cause after that I’m about to have the angriest boner you’ve ever known and I’m going to use it to make you regret every word of that,” you command, quickly pulling your boxers down far enough that they fell to the ground effortlessly and you could kick them and your pants away.

“I do hope you’d try,” Metamora noticed, watching your dick jump to life over her shoulder as she turned around. Damn, she knew what she was doing now. “I’d hate to have to change into a little filly just to feel anything.”

“You fucking bitch!” you yelled as she finally positioned herself in front of you. She was still looking back at you with a smug look on her muzzle, flicking her tail up and to the side for you. She was just a little shorter than she needed to be for this to work, but you knew what to do. You grabbed her flank with one hand and shoved down on her carapace right behind her neck, forcing her front legs to buckle and angling her backside to suit your needs. For the first time you really noticed her pussy and the marked difference to what you were used to seeing …on the Internet. A long slit, slender at the top and plump at the bottom, with a green bulb at the bottom that intermittently twitched to reveal the similarly green interior of her sex. Above that was a tight, plump ring of flesh that looked just as inviting, but that was not your target at the moment. You stepped forward and lined up, placing the tip of your dick against that green protrusion and grinding against it for a moment.

“Oh! You know what you’re doing! Get your stallionhood good and wet before you impale me.” And so you did. You pulled back slightly after coating yourself liberally in her abundant natural lubricant. After a brief pause, you shoved your dick in, sheathing yourself fully within her in one go. You took a moment to enjoy the warmth and silken texture of Metamora’s now-royal insides, adjusting your grip on her to hold on to her sides for better leverage. Much more slowly than you entered, you began to pull back, drawing out a long groan from Metamora and a heavy sigh from yourself.

And you thrust once.

“Keep it up. Get it in there.”

And you thrust again.

“Mmh, yeah. That’s the spot,” Metamora cried out as you angled the second thrust down a bit more.

And you thrust a third time.

“Hha! Keep doing that!”

And a fourth.

“H-Here it comes!”

And a fifth.

“Cum inside me! Fill me up!”

And a sixth.

“Ahh! I’m going to~” She screamed, tightening up slightly as you drew back again.

And a seventh.

She was completely silent as her love canal became a vice grip upon your intruding scepter. For a few seconds you were worried she might shear the thing clean off, all as a torrent of lime-tinted liquid gushed forth from her sopping marehood. You struggled valiantly but managed to pull out once more, preparing to bear all your weight down onto her on the next thrust.

And an eighth.

“C-Come on! You've gotta be close. Just cum!”

And a ninth.

“Wait! Why aren’t you… you're not…”

And a tenth.

“Oh Hive, what’s going on? Why aren’t you cumming?”

“You think my dick’s short and I cum fast? Wish I could say I was sorry to disappoint you.”

And you kept going.

A minute of shocked silence was peppered with what you assumed were further orgasms from your woefully misguided mate.

And you kept going.

She couldn’t maintain the silence any longer, screaming out various unintelligible mumblings as you only ratcheted up the pace. You wouldn’t lie to yourself and say that this wasn’t doing it for you. By the end of the second minute she had you closer than you’d like to admit. It took all your force of will to hold out on her, which you were determined to do until you couldn’t handle it anymore.

So you kept going.

“Oh Anon, I can't…” she cried, “You’re going to ruin me. P-Please cum!”

Until you couldn’t handle it anymore.

You hilted yourself in her once more, grabbing her horn with one hand and wrapping the other around her neck tightly. You pulled her up towards you as you felt your release take hold, gushing forth in jet after jet of hot, potent seed. You emptied everything you had in this deranged little Changeling under you, collapsing onto her back slightly as you both breathed heavily.

Metamora pulled forward, freeing you from her grip as she moved to escape your weight. You stood back up as well to allow her to move out from under you, watching as she turned back around to look you in the eyes, still bearing the form of Queen Chrysalis.

“Thanks for the meal, that was …adequate. If you need to sleep after such a draining exercise I can stand watch.”

“Sleep? After that? Gimme 15 and we can go again. Just gotta let junior rest for a bit so he can grow big and strong… again.”

“No. No way in Tartarus could you possibly be ready again in just fifteen minutes. Most every other creature would be out for days after draining that much love,” she explained, shifting quickly back to her usual form, the green flames both brighter and quicker than they were before.

“How much love exactly?”

“The most I’ve ever received by a factor of five or so. It’s just not possible, you go again so soon and I’d suck the soul right out of you. I’m surprised you’re not already passed out or screaming in agony from that level of exertion.”

“I feel fine actually. Maybe a bit thirsty, but I think I got here that way actually.”

“Y-You mean you’re not lightheaded or tired or feeling any heart palpitations at the moment? No ailments at all?”

“No, uh… my dick’s gonna be limp for a bit, but that’s just biology for me. Keep telling me how good I was and it’ll be back before you know it.”

“…fifteen minutes you say?” Metamora asked softly, looking at anything but you for the moment. “I will take you at your word, Anon. I hope you don’t disappoint.”

“Oh, I don’t think I will. But if you want this again,” you began, pointing towards your recovering erection, “you’re going to have to do a few things for me.”

“Hah! You think I’ll bend to your whims just because you’ve given me a meal? Think again, you disgusting ape!”

“Whoa, chill it with the insults there. And I’m not expecting favors because I’ve already fed you,” you corrected, chuckling at the Changeling in front of you, “I’m asking because I know you’ll do anything to get more.”

“…you’re right. I could feed half the hive off of what you’ve already given me. Anything you ask of me would be worth the cost.”

“Damn straight. Now I’ve got a few questions for you while we wait. First, come here and get comfortable,” you commanded, patting your lap as she looked up at you with confusion. When she drew close enough to reach, you grabbed her by the barrel, spun her around, and sat her on your lap like one might a young child.

“Put me down! This is embarrassing! Do you know how vulnerable this position is?”

“I think you look cute,” you countered, watching her squirm but eventually resign to her fate. You brushed your hand along the soft flesh of her chest, feeling the tiniest amount of give before you felt a firm resistance, as if her entire body were bone with only a thin covering of skin. “Now tell me more about Changelings. The real story this time.”

“What do you mean the real story! Everything I said is the truth. We are the apex predators of Equestria and beyond, feeding off of ponies that live in constant fear of a Changeling invasion.”

“I think that’s bullshit. You couldn’t apex predator your way out of a cloth sack, not with how you were squirming on my dick not five minutes ago.”

“Shut up! That was different! You’re different. That… normally doesn’t happen,” Metamora began, “but you’re right. There’s no use lying about it. Changelings aren’t the rulers of this world. We barely scrape by on the love we can steal. Ponies don’t fear us because of our strength, but instead because we kidnap their kind to enslave for nourishment. We live in isolation with only a small few ever seeing light outside the hive. What we do, we do to survive, Anon. When I said I was about to die earlier, I meant it. I was about to bed a timberwolf to survive - how much love do you think you can get out of a dog made from trees?”

“Oh…” you said, not sure how to respond, other than holding her to you.

“So I mean it when I say that anything you ask of me would be worth it.”

Prologue: Chapter 3 - A Small Price to Pay

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“I think I know just the thing, then,” you smirk, “Yeah, I know exactly the thing.”

“Command me as you will.”

“Remember that part where you said you’d have to turn into a little filly to be able to feel anything?”

“Anon that’s disgusting! For being so high and mighty about not wanting to screw an animal, you sure made the jump to foalcon easily.”

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong. See, it doesn’t really matter to me what form you’re in now. I’d probably even fuck you like you are,” you explained, your grin unbearable, “But I have a specific filly in mind.”

“A specific filly? You said it yourself that I’m the only creature you’ve seen since you got here,” she asked, her mind trying to out pace your dastardly plan, “The only forms you’ve seen are mine and that of my Queen… wait, no you’re not thinking-”

“Filly Chrysalis!” you exclaim, the logical conclusion to her train of thought.

“Filly Queen Chrysalis” Metamora retorted immediately, her loyalty to the Changeling crown so ingrained that she completely missed the context when she corrected you.

“Yes, exactly that!”

“Hold on! I wasn’t agreeing with you. I just, you can’t-”

“What was all that about anything being worth the cost?”

“You’re doing this just to annoy me aren’t you?” She deadpanned. You nodded back enthusiastically. “I can’t believe you’re going to make me do this.”

“So you’re going to do it?” you ask in disbelief. Surely this was a bridge too far. Nonetheless, you watch as the green flame washes over her once more, this transformation working in counterpoint to the one you witnessed earlier. Her frame shrank significantly, making you tighten your grip on her so she wouldn’t slip out of your lap entirely. You realized you couldn’t feel the fire of her transformation, as it should have at least singed the hairs on your chest. When she was done, she sat in your lap, an unbelievably small creature not much bigger than a large housecat. Her features were identical to the monarch she previously wore, just reduced in size significantly.

“I gave you my word,” she answered, her voice now higher but still soft and silken.

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d… I was just joking,” you cackled, once again squeezing the Changeling on your lap.

“Funny,” she said, “I was entirely serious. Now you’re going to fuck my tiny filly pussy and fill me full of your love until one of us passes out. And I so dearly hope that is you, because if it is I might just keep going until I pass out too.”

“Hold on! I don’t want this! I was just trying to get your goat!”

“What do goats have to do with any of this?”

“It’s an expression! Just hold on. There’s no way I could get hard for a literal child.”

“That’s a rich lie. I can already feel your dick raging to get inside of my tight fillyhood. I think you might be even harder than you were last time. I wonder what turns you on more, the depravity of it or the fact that I’m just as turned on as you are? You know, you can do whatever you want because I’m not a literal child. I’m the same changeling you already stuck your dick inside, I just look different.”

“F-Fuck. When did you get so okay with this?”

“I can taste emotions. When I saw how eager you were to exercise that power trip over me, I knew I had to take it away from you. Plus when I return with enough love to keep the hive fed for a week, the Queen will applaud me even with such blasphemy.”

“So you’re turned on by being a little filly?”

“I’m turned on by the fact that I’m going to actually feel your dick this time,” she retorted instantly, shifting on your lap and bringing your head in contact with the lips of her soaked marehood.

“Oh you fucker… You’re going to regret saying that,” you promised, spearing her just the smallest bit upon your head as you positioned her for entry, “You could barely handle me last time and now you’re going to feel it twice as much.”

“Do it, pervert.” Metamora coaxed. She looked up at you and locked eyes as she straightened her entire form in preparation.

You grabbed her, encircling her waist with your hands and guiding her down onto your shaft. There was much more resistance this time, and you sank into her an inch at a time. She squealed as you entered her, her insides gripping you with absurd tightness. Just as you were about to hilt inside her, you felt the head of your dick come to rest against a firm barrier, her breath hitching in her throat as she squirmed for that last inch she couldn’t fit.

“Fuck, I filled you up this time, huh?”

“Hive you’re huge. Let me just catch my-” she started. You tightened your grip around her waist and started to lift her up again. “No, no stop. Hold on, I’m not read- oh. Shiiiit fine go ahead.”

“Silly filly, if anyone needs to hold on it’s you,” you smirked, raising her to the apex of your shaft, letting your head slip almost free, “cause if you needed to catch your breath already then you’re in for a world of hurt.”

“Nhh, we’ll see who is hurting after we’re done. I’ll wring your dick dry for sure this time.”

You didn’t respond, instead starting to lower her back down upon your dick, feeling her stretch around you and convulse as you reached certain spots. You still felt the same resistance as earlier, but you just pulled her down onto your dick, not content to let gravity take care of business this time. Right as you reached that same barrier once more, you pulled your hips back, rocking away from her as you started to lift her incredibly light frame again. This went on for several minutes, a gentle lift followed by a swift descent. Each time that barrier moved slightly further inward until at last you completely hilted within her.

“Why aren’t you cumming, you little slut?” you asked, realizing that last time she was like a fountain on your dick. You waited for her response but saw that she was deep in concentration. You realized that on top of her head, that horn glowed with an eerie green light, coalescing into a ball of what looked like glowing blue liquid at the tip, occasionally pulling in a wisp of energy from the air around it. “The fuck is this?” you asked as you reached for her horn. She realized too late what your intention was and screamed out as your hand was about to close in around her magical appendage.

“Wait! Hold- augh…” she started, freezing as your hand finally enclosed around her jagged horn. The ball of light immediately collapsed like a broken egg, pouring at first down the horn and then washing over Metamora much like the green flame of her transformations. As soon as the wave of light reached her chest she screamed out like the air was actually being forced out of her, her voice sharp enough to shatter glass. But the wave continued unimpeded, rapidly enclosing in on her nethers. Once it washed over her crotch it disappeared. She froze again for a brief moment, as if the entire consciousness had left her body. Before long, though, she started quivering all over, inside and out. Her quivering grew into more sizable tremors, her entire form squirming with what seemed to be only one goal: getting your dick as far inside her as possible.

“Anon you…” she trailed off, “Shit I’m c-c- oh Anon don’t stop!” she screamed as you lifted her up and bottomed out once more. Instantly her pussy clamped down on you, milking in strong, fast contractions that would rapidly become an issue for you. In order to hold out longer yourself, you tried your hardest to pull yourself out, getting about halfway out before you felt yourself pressed into a spongier part of her canal. As you crossed that landmark, the force on your dick doubled. Between the force and the fact that you were already on your way out, this served to push you out from her vice.

“A-Anon it’s not stopping” she squealed, eyes pleading for something, but you didn’t know what. You held her tight as she rode out her intense orgasm. She just kept convulsing in your arms as you tried to still her. After another minute or so, she finally relaxed, going slack against your chest and panting heavily.

“Y-you bully! I just came like seven times from that!”

“From what?” you asked.

“A spell you interrupted that let me redirect excess pleasure. When I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore I was going to dose you with it and make you wish you had never messed with me.”

“Jesus that’s fucking intense.”

“But you ruined it you vile, vile creature. …Making me cum like that without even asking me,” she pouted, “Warn me the next time you do something like that.”

“So I can do it again?”

“Sh-Shut up! Just stick your dick back inside me and get to fucking. You can worry about that later.”

“Yes, my queen.”

She groaned until your dick started to sink into her once more, converting her groan of disdain into one of pleasure.

“I’m, uh… not really anywhere near close so if you did want to start saving up again…” you started, “Maybe I’ll actually let you do it this time.”

“You’d really let me…” she smiled genuinely, “o-okay then.” The green aura started around her horn, the tiniest bead of energy hovering over its tip. This time you noticed the forming ball was an almost purple color. Would you have been more mindful you might have wondered what that meant, but you had other things on your mind - er dick - at the moment.

For minutes you carried on, occasionally changing up the rhythm or speed, watching as that purple ball doubled the size of its earlier blue counterpart. You felt yourself drawing ever closer to your peak, and you decided to switch up the position. In one smooth movement you picked Metamora up, spun her around, and shoved her back down onto your dick. You cradled her neck and let her do the work for now, drawing her head into your chest, bringing that ball of energy to near eye level.

“I’m getting really-” you started, watching Metamora dart her head upwards to look at you.

“Me too. Are you ready?”

You nodded, squeezing her tighter against your body.

“Then kiss me, you idiot,” she asked, staring at you intently.

You leaned in, craning your head uncomfortably to meet the diminutive stature of the creature riding you.

“Oh, I meant to ask why your orgasm ball was purple this time,” you thought aloud before going for a kiss.

Her eyes widened and she tried to say something as your mouth met hers. You watched as the purple ball deepened in color, reddening and doubling in size as she tried to squirm away from your kiss. Within moments the ball exploded, raining down upon both of you. Suddenly you felt exactly what you had seen her experience; it was like an orgasm in reverse, starting at your head and racing down your chest towards your dick. You screamed into Metamora’s mouth, a move she copied.

Before you knew it, you were cumming. But not like usual. There were no jets of semen, no tapering off. This was a constant firehose of seed, well past the point that you knew you should be firing blanks. You watched as cum spilled out around your already messy coupling, soaking you and the ground. Metamora wasn’t faring any better, she was already completely slack against you, twitching limply against your body.

Prologue: Chapter 4 - Loose Lips Sink Ships

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You opened your eyes after what felt like a millennium of intense pleasure. You could feel every fiber of Metamora’s being as she breathed deeply, still laid out against your chest. The two of you had certainly made a mess, with a veritable puddle on the ground beneath you, but that wasn’t the strangest sight. What was more odd was that Metamora was covered in what looked like red glitter. It danced across her body, shimmering and darting as if carried by some unseen current. She looked peaceful, now back to her usual form, but the red dust upon her appeared to be tempestuous, constantly in motion like a rough sea.

“Hey, uh… are you okay?” you asked, almost a whisper. Metamora stirred, slowly raising her head off your chest

“Huh? Where am I? Why do I feel stuck?” she asked, her eyes fluttering open as she reacquainted herself with her surroundings, “Oh… Hey there. You’re, uh… still inside aren’t you?”

You nod.

“Do you want me to get off of you?”

You shrug.

“Yeah, me neither. I think I could stay like this forever. If only it weren’t for that itchy…” she trailed off, “Oh shit! Anon what happened to me?” She looked at her forelegs in disbelief. She flapped her gossamer wings a few beats to liberate herself from you, the sensation of her withdrawing flesh on your overly-sensitive dick made you shudder momentarily. She fluttered in place for a moment and then slowly descended back to the ground beside you.

“I was going to ask that question myself…” you answered, signaling your confusion with another shrug.

“You said purple, right?” she asked, “The spell, it was purple?”

“Well, kind of more red at the end but yeah at first…”

“Red… Do you know what that means?”

“Is it… is it bad?”

“Well, kind of. You see this stuff all over me?” she started, shaking one of her forelegs as if to rid it of the substance. “Well, that’s what love looks like. The kind of love I eat anyway. Of course you can’t see love just in the air, but when we process it you get this red powder looking stuff.”

“So I don’t see why that’s bad. Why don’t you just eat it or whatever it is you do with it.”

“Well that’s the problem. I’m completely full. Not in a just-had-a-big-meal kind of way but in a more straightforward physical sense - my body can’t store any more love right now. And this stuff will cling to me or any other Changeling until it finds an empty host. Normally I couldn’t take in more love than I can process, but the spell… it captured the excess just like it did with my pleasure.”

“Well how do we fix it then?”

“We don’t. Er, I don’t. You’re just going to have to wait it out. Oh also I might get a bit weird here for a while.”

“Why do I have to wait it out? You’ve gotten your fill, right? What do you need me for?”

“P-Please. I’ll be incredibly vulnerable like this. If anything found me here it could kill me without a second thought.”

“Like you had me believe you would do to me?” you countered.

“I-I’m sorry! Just d-don’t leave me. Not yet at least. This wasn’t supposed to happen!”

“What do I get out of it?” you bargain.

“I know the way out of this forest. You’d never make it on your own, especially since you don’t know what’s out here.”

“You make a fair point… What do I have to do?”

“Just whatever you do, don’t let me harvest any more love.”

“So, uh, how do I do that?”

“Well all you need is to make sure you don't-” she froze, “Oh ponyfeathers, it’s starting already.” The red glitter seemed to fade through her chitin and disappear, leaving behind a faint red glow across her entire body.

“See, that wasn’t so bad. It’s all gone.” you motion, "Poof!"

“N-no… It’s just getting-” she began, “just about to, ” she tried again, her expression twisting until the resting fierceness in her face was replaced by a new softness “just wanted to get to know you a little better!” she finished with a completely different voice. It was high-pitched, effervescent, and just the slightest bit grating. “But look at me being silly, I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Metamora, I’m a really really really good Changeling. I’m so good that Queen Chrysalis herself sent me to Ponyville to spy on one of the pony princesses’ protégés, Twilight Sparkle. And you’re Anon, you told me you’re a ‘human’, whatever that means. I think you look like a weird monkey or a really skinny bear or something. But that doesn’t matter because you love me. And I love you. Oh, Anon, I love you soooooo much.” She finally pauses in her monologuing and grabs for your arm as you pull it away in confusion.

“Hey, what are you doing?” you ask, “What’s going on?”

“Oh, I think I might be love-drunk. It’s a really nice feeling, if that’s what this is. I wouldn’t know - I don’t get to taste so much love usually.”

“Love drunk? You mean you get drunk on what you need to survive?”

“I sure can! In fact all Changelings can. But I’m special, cause I’m not actually what I am.”

You stay silent, trying to tie together some line of conversation here, but not really getting anywhere.

“There’s lotsa different kinds of Changelings. There’s a bunch of boring types that stay at the hive, but there are a few kinds of special Changeling, and I’m one of them. Or actually kind of two of them. Or maybe even neither. I never really know. So when I had my second metamorphosis, I turned in to a Soldier Changeling. Soldiers are built to carry a lot of love, extract it quickly, and use it effectively. But I really really wanted to be an Infiltrator. They’re so much cooler than boring Soldiers. They get to go pretend to be ponies or dragons or gryphons or… and the whole time it’s a big adrenaline rush cause they could figure out you’re a Changeling at any point. So you have to be sneaky and, well… I guess I’m also an Infiltrator, but I’m not s’posed to be. Queen Chrysalis said I was talented enough to be one, even though that’s not what kind of Changeling I am. So here I am! Do you want to see what my disguise looks like?”

“Um…” you hesitate, horribly confused by all of this.

“I figured you might. H-Hold on a sec, I gotta make sure I get all the right parts to this transformation,” she said, twisting in place clumsily before the green flame drew a lazy, organic path over her. In her place stood a light orange colored pony. It looked more masculine than Metamora did, but your thoughts were confirmed when it spoke “Look at me! I’m Atlas. I’m the best geo-lo-bio, bio-geo, geobiologist! Best geobiologist around. T-that means I study why things live where they do. Which makes you a really interesting specimen mister hu-man,” she-he called trying once again to grapple your arm to no success. She stumbled forward and her transformation faltered, shifting her back to her natural form once more.

“Hey, enough with the grabby-grabby. I think you should probably lie down and maybe take a nap or something… You’re saying an awful lot.”

“Because you’re my friend and I want to talk about things and stuff.”

“Metamora,” you began, your tone like a parent calling their child by their full name, “We’ve just met and you don’t even know me.”

“Which is why I know we’re going to be such great friends because even when we just met you were so nice and you fed me and you’re such a gentlecolt. I wish there were more stallions like you, I mean you were kind of mean when you made me change into Chrissy… I-I mean Queen Chrissy… I mean Queen Chrysalis. And then you made me change into a tiny version of her - how lewd! But I kinda liked it, and not cause of all the love but that was nice too, it was kind of exciting to be a naughty Changeling for once.”

“Oh my god…”

“So yeah, where was I. Right! I’m an Infiltrator even though I’m really a Soldier. I’m like a Changeling within a Changeling. Nobody even knows who I really am!” she pauses, her expression turning, “Even me sometimes. I’ve got to wonder why I’m different. Nopony else has ever done that. What if I’m no good at either of them cause I’m trying to be two different things? If I was supposed to be a Soldier then am I a bad Infiltrator?”

A lone tear fell down her cheek as she continued talking.

“Sometimes I think that I was a mistake, that maybe I wasn’t even supposed to metamorphose again. It takes a lot of love from the hive for a second metamorphosis, and I’m wasting all that! I’m such a bad Changeling! What’s wrong with me?” she continued, tears falling more frequently.

“Man, I did not sign up for this,” you grumble, quiet enough that you don’t think she heard, “Hey, It’s okay. I’m sure it’s not all that…”

“Y-you think? S-sorry, I just… sometimes it seems like it’s all bad. But you’re not all bad! You’re fun and exciting and full of love. Hey remember when I told you not to give me more love? Well that was a mistake. Cause if you give me more love I can feel like this for a lot longer and it feels really good too so…”

“No, you’re not thinking straight and you’re not yourself. This is weird.”

“Oh… sorry” she whispered, frowning as your dissatisfaction sunk in, “I really messed up, didn’t I? Huh, I told you all about how I’m a Changeling spy and I showed you my disguise and you could just run to the ponies and tell them everything I said and then I’d have to run back to the hive and they’d surely execute me for such an embarrassing failure!”

“Hey, hold on. Nobody’s executing anybody here. Calm down.”

“What do you mean? Surely you’re going to tell Twilight Sparkle what I said! I’ll never be able to set foot in Ponyville again.”

“Why would I do that? You’ve done nothing to really hurt me, and I don’t see any reason to do something that would hurt you. I don’t know this Twilight Sparkle, but I do know you, and if you’re spying on her there must be a good reason.”

“You really mean it? C-cause here in Equestria acts of kindness to a Changeling are almost as illegal as being a Changeling.”

“Guess I never really did color within the lines. Magical talking pony land probably won’t be the place where I start being normal. So what do you say, I’ll keep the secret that you’re a Changeling, and you can keep the secret that I’m an extraterrestrial sex god with the ability to reduce the fiercest of creatures into a quivering mess.”

“I-I was not a quivering mess!”

“You’re not the fiercest of creatures. Language has not yet invented words for the state to which you were reduced by the power of my dick.”

“T-That’s mean! Just because I came like 20 times more than you did doesn’t mean you can insult me.”

“You win. Everyone does always say ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ So I guess I’ll be quiet then.”

“Fine. Me too, you big meanie.”

A second or two passed by.

“Actually, I was thinking. Since we’re good friends and all and you’ve got that dick that, you know, is like really good maybe we could just go at it one more time for old time’s sake. What do you say? Deal?”

Prologue: Chapter 5 - Helluva Hangover

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“I can’t believe I said all that,” Metamora sighed, “Hive, I’ve really screwed up. Normally I’d just kill any creature that threatened to blow my cover, but I have a vested interest in you continuing to be alive…”

“That’s… reassuring,” you retort pulling your shirt back on to complete your once discarded outfit, “Seriously though. You don’t have to worry about me. Your secret is safe.”

“How can I be sure? I’ve known you all of an afternoon! Maybe I should just kidnap you. But that would mean facing my failure in front of the hive, which would be monumentally worse than anything the ponies can possibly do to me.”

“Listen, this whole thing has been really weird for me. I suddenly appeared in a crazy world full of shape-shifters and talking animals, and you helped me take my mind off of that for a bit. It was still weird, but you kept me occupied for a while and for that I’m grateful. If I woke up alone in this forest, well, that’d feel more familiar than I’d like to admit,” you explain, your mind wandering to that loneliness you’ve always felt - even when someone was sitting right next to you.

“You don’t mean the waking up in a forest part, do you?” she asked, a look of understanding plain against her features.

“No. I didn’t. So, uh… Thank you for that.”

“I guess I know what that’s like,” Metamora admitted, “You know, always being something else, never getting to show your true colors… It’s very lonely even in a room full of others.”

“Aren’t we a sorry pair?” you chuckle, wrapping an arm around Metamora as she sat next to you.

“S-Stop that!” she cried out, “I-I’m still full and that’s not helping.” You withdraw your arm and hold it in your lap dejectedly. “S-Sorry, I just… I don’t want that to happen again. That’s not me, I’m not-” she faltered.

“Not what?” you ask, wondering how she planned to finish that thought.

“Not weak! I’ve fought my entire life to be the toughest, strongest, fastest, best Changeling out there and I go and ruin it all because I can’t handle a bit of love! That’s the most basic function of my existence and I screwed it up!”

“Hey, stop beating yourself up. What's the downside of all this?” you quip.

“Well first of all I have to deal with you now,” she snorts, smirking at you, “But really, even if you’re telling the truth that you’re not going to give me up I’ve still put myself in jeopardy just because I was hungry and prideful.”

“I’ve done plenty of dumb shit, and I turned out just fine. More or less.”

“Yeah, well I don’t have the luxury. I’m a wanted mare, or I would be if anypony found out about me! I’m an outlaw just because of what I am!”

You paused, you probably couldn’t one-up that one. In your world life was relatively easy, if at times unsatisfying or even frustrating. Your antics were the only threat to your continued existence, and you had only started to tap the well of your potential, or so you hoped.

“So how are we going to do this?” Metamora asked after a long pause.

“Do what?”

“Well I promised I’d get you out of these woods, and that means going to Ponyville-”

“Pfft… did they really name it Ponyville? Next you’re going to tell me that one of the biggest cities is named Mane-hattan. Get it?”

She said nothing, which only confirmed your suspicion. You rolled with snorts of laughter at the stupidity of it all before Metamora cut you off.

“Can you focus for a moment?”

“S-Sorry, just this all seems like something out of a silly kids TV show.”

“I don’t know what a TV show is, but nothing about this is childish or silly to me. My life is on the line here!”

“Alright, alright. Fine, what’s the plan then.”

“Well we have to get back to Ponyville, right?” she asked, watching as you nodded, “Which means we’ll be interacting with ponies, which means I’ve got to be in disguise. The one I showed you when I was… indisposed.”

“Wait you mean that orange thing is actually how you pass yourself off? I’ve never seen a pastel colored pony before.”

“Heh, you’re in for a whole new world of eye strain then. Anyway, I never told you anything about my disguise, did I?”

“Not really, just showing it off for all of three seconds before you fell right on your face,” you taunted.

“Ugh, there’s no need to remind me! Anyway, I disguise myself as a unicorn stallion named Atlas. He’s a-”

“Wait you disguise yourself as a dude? Gayyyy!”

“Anon I swear to the Hive!”

“Why a dude though? Got that mad pony penis envy? Who’s the pervert now, huh?”

“Do you ever shut up? No, I didn’t do it because I wanted a dick! I did it because he was an easy target, and exceedingly easy to kill.”

You stayed silent. Maybe you wanted to tone it down a bit after all.

“That’s right, I killed him right here in these very woods! I didn’t even get any use out of him! When I found him he had fallen and broken his neck… I did say he was an easy target. He begged me to put him out of his misery. I don’t enjoy killing anything, but I had no choice.” She said, getting to her feet once more and starting to walk along a nearby path

“I’m not sure if that’s more or less fucked up than just killing him outright…” you responded, more serious this time as you fell in cadence with her, a few paces behind.

“Yeah, well, the needs of the hive,” she started before looking off, letting that train of thought die before starting anew, “So Atlas was - is - a geobiologist; which means he studies how the environment affects its ecosystems. Incredibly fitting for the location, as there’s no better study than the Everfree for his field. And fitting as well for the mission since Twilight Sparkle and her friends have a long and storied history with this forest and the creatures it shelters. So he made the perfect disguise.”

“So we go back to Ponyville, me with my clothes on and you as Almanac or whoever it was-”

“Atlas! His name is Atlas. If we’re going to survive you need to take this seriously.”

“Fine. Atlas. So we go back to Ponytown and then what?”

“Ugh. We’ll go back to Ponyville and then I’ll introduce you to Twilight Sparkle as a creature I found in the forest.”

“I’m with you that far, but how did tiny pony you convince big angry human me to come with you.”

“Well I promised you food. You’re hungry right?” she asks as your stomach growls, “And I promised you shelter and safety. You’re not finding those in these woods, are you?”

“And how should I feel about being dragged cold and wet into a strange new world. Should I be worried that ponykind will string me up as some kind of science experiment, or have me killed for being a dangerous creature they can’t tame?”

“I can’t answer that for you, but the science experiment part might be more likely than you think. Twilight Sparkle is quite curious, and sometimes in disastrous ways.”

“So maybe I don’t want to come with you at all, then!” you decided, stopping in place. She stopped as well and turned to you.

“And die in these woods alone, with nothing to hear you scream as a cockatrice petrifies you and picks apart your flesh over the course of a month?”

“Okay, no. But what about your hive? Certainly I’d be welcome there with as much love as I stuffed you full of.”

“You’re right. You’d be an absolute trophy. But one wrong word and I’d be summarily decapitated for blowing my cover and you’d be imprisoned there. Kept alive only to be an outlet of love for the whims of the hive. Yes I thought long and hard about just paralyzing you and dragging you back. But it wouldn’t work.”

“Jeez, and you said we were friends!”

“I never said-” she started, remembering her drunken ranting, “I never should have said that. You’re nothing more to me than a source of food and a persistent threat to my continued existence!”

You winced. Something in those words cut harder than what was actually said. You realized that even in magical talking horse land you were still an unwanted liability.

“Listen, that was harsh. I’m sorry. I do like you, even if it’s only as a phenomenon. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be putting my life on the line for you. You’re useful to me, and that’s high praise from a Changeling. We don’t have friends, Anon. It’s just the way that it is.”

“Join the club,” you sigh, “Not having friends was kind of my m.o. back in the day.”

“Oh? Did your kind live in emotional solitude as well, shut off from the lifeblood you needed to survive?” Metamora asked, completely serious although her words cut deeper even yet.

“No. I just…” you started, “Even if I’m not your friend, I’m going to consider you mine, okay?”

Metamora looked at you intently, trying to read your expression, gather your intent. For a creature that was supposed to thrive off of emotion, she really seemed to be bad at understanding yours.

“I don’t know anything or anyone here, Em.” You admitted, looking downward, almost on the verge of tears as reality hit you especially hard “I need someone to keep me sane.”

“Em?” she asked back, tilting her head slightly.

“It’s a nickname. Em, you know, like the letter. Cause your name’s Metamora,” you explained, the serious tone now broken “It took some thought to come up with that one. It’s not like I can just take the first syllable and lop off the rest, then you’d be ‘Meh’ and that name’s kinda…” you shrugged, “meh.”

“Changelings don’t have nicknames either.”

“Well I do. And you’re not ruining my fun this time,” you declare, crossing your arms.

“Fine. Honestly you can call me whatever you want if you keep putting out like you did earlier.”

“Is that all I am to you, Em? A sex toy?”

“Yes.” Metamora answered matter-of-factly.

“God how did I get stuck with you!”

“I’ve been wondering the same thing this entire time. Let me know when you figure that out.”

“Ugh! I’m so insulted!” you exclaimed before realizing something, “Wait… You’re, uh, more or less inviting me to fuck you whenever I want, right? Cause I take it all back. I can get behind that deal.”

“Hive, you really are a pervert, aren’t you,” she asked, rhetorically if you had to guess. She started walking again, leading you to follow, “C’mon. Let’s get going, we need to make it back before sunset.”

You didn’t have much to say back. Or rather the things you did have to say weren’t particularly friendly. So you stayed quiet, watching as Metamora shifted into her disguise mid-stride, effortlessly becoming Atlas once more as you looked on with interest.

“Don’t worry human!” Atlas exclaimed, “I know just the way out of this forest. I’ve been through thousands of times and we’ll get you back to safety. Get you a warm bed to stay in and a nice meal, maybe a daisy sandwich and some hayfries.”

“Oh no… Please tell me ponies aren’t vegan. They are, aren’t they?”

“Not most of them. They do eat cheese and eggs, and drink milk. But other than that they’re herbivores. Gryphons and many animals are omnivores though. Us Changelings, however, we’ll eat anything when we occasionally need real, digestible food.”

“This may be the gayest thing I’ll ever say, but I’m going to die if I don’t get some meat in me.”

*** HALT - LP0 ON FIRE ***

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*............... M/S/T SOFTWARE V. 3.7 (C) 1978 PALPITECH INC ................*
PIN #: *******
TOKEN: ********


PIN #: *******
TOKEN: ********







> LOAD INFILE 034298417.MRF



> CAT 034298417.MRF > ARCHIVE


00....10....20....30....40....50....60....70....80....90....100.... INITIALIZED.


C2 C5 C7 C9 D5 40 D9 C5 D7 D6 D9 E3 40 F0 F3 F4 F2 F9 F8 F4 F1 F7 0D 25 0D 25 C9
D5 E3 C1 D2 C5 40 F2 F5 E8 D6 40 C3 C1 E4 C3 C1 E2 C9 C1 D5 40 D4 C1 D3 C5 4B 40
C6 D6 E4 D5 C4 40 E4 D5 D9 C5 E2 D7 D6 D5 E2 C9 E5 C5 40 D7 D6 E2 E3 40 C9 D4 D7
C1 C3 E3 40 E3 D9 C1 E4 D4 C1 4B 40 C9 E2 E2 40 F2 F1 40 E6 61 40 C3 D6 D4 D7 D9
D6 D4 C9 E2 C5 C4 40 D5 C5 E4 D9 D6 6B 40 C3 C1 D9 C4 C9 D6 6B 40 E2 C5 E5 C5 D9
C5 40 D4 E4 D3 E3 C9 D7 D3 C5 40 C1 E5 E4 D3 E2 C9 D6 D5 40 50 40 C2 D3 D6 D6 C4
40 D3 D6 E2 E2 0D 25 0D 25 C2 C5 C7 C9 D5 40 C3 D6 D4 D7 40 E5 C9 E3 C1 D3 40 D4
D6 D5 C9 E3 D6 D9 C9 D5 C7 40 F3 F0 D4 40 C9 D5 C3 4B 40 D8 4B C8 40 E4 D7 C4 C1
E3 C5 0D 25 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
60 60 60 0D 25 F1 F8 F3 F0 40 40 F4 F0 60 40 F4 F0 61 40 60 60 40 60 40 F2 E4 40
D9 C1 D7 C9 C4 40 C9 D5 C6 E4 E2 C5 D9 7A 40 C1 D5 C5 C7 40 D9 C5 D8 E4 C5 E2 E3
C5 C4 40 D6 D5 C5 C7 40 C1 C4 D4 C9 D5 C9 E2 E3 C5 D9 C5 C4 0D 25 F1 F9 F0 F0 40
40 F4 F0 60 40 F6 F0 61 40 F4 F0 0D 25 F1 F9 F3 F0 40 40 F6 F0 60 40 F8 F0 61 40
F4 F0 40 60 40 C2 D7 40 50 40 C8 D9 40 E2 E3 C1 43 D3 C5 60 40 C2 C5 C7 C9 D5 40
E2 C1 D3 C9 D5 C5 40 E3 4B E3 40 F2 6B F5 F0 F0 D4 D3 40 D8 4B C4 0D 25 F2 F0 F0
F0 40 40 F5 F0 60 40 F8 F0 61 40 F5 F0 0D 25 F2 F0 F3 F0 40 40 F8 F0 60 F1 F1 F0
61 40 F7 F0 40 60 40 D7 E3 40 E2 E3 C1 C2 D3 C5 40 D7 D6 E2 E3 40 E2 E4 D9 C7 C5
D9 E8 40 0D 25 F2 F1 F0 F0 40 40 F9 F0 60 F1 F1 F0 61 40 F8 F0 0D 25 F2 F1 F3 F0
40 40 F9 F0 60 F1 F1 F0 61 40 F7 F0 40 60 40 C6 C9 E3 40 D9 D9 40 50 40 E5 61 D8
0D 25 F2 F2 F0 F0 40 F1 F0 F0 60 F1 F2 F0 61 40 F9 F0 0D 25 F2 F2 F3 F0 40 F1 F2
F0 60 F1 F7 F0 61 F1 F0 F0 40 60 40 E5 E3 40 50 40 C8 E3 D5 4B 40 D5 D6 40 C1 D5
E3 C9 C8 E8 D7 C5 D9 E3 C5 D5 E2 C9 E5 C5 40 C4 4B E3 4B 40 D9 C9 E2 D2 40 D6 C6
40 C2 D3 D6 D6 C4 40 D3 D6 E2 E2 0D 25 F2 F3 F0 F0 40 F1 F2 F0 60 F1 F7 F0 61 F9
F0 0D 25 F2 F3 F3 F0 40 F1 F1 F0 60 F1 F7 F0 61 F1 F0 F0 40 60 40 D5 D6 40 C3 C8
C1 D5 C7 C5 4B 40 C2 C5 C7 C9 D5 40 E5 C1 E2 D6 C4 C9 D3 C1 E3 D6 D9 40 C1 D5 C4
40 C8 C1 D5 C7 40 F2 E4 40 C1 D5 C5 C7 0D 25 F0 F0 F0 F0 40 F1 F0 F0 60 F1 F5 F0
61 F1 F0 F0 0D 25 F0 F0 F3 F0 40 40 F9 F0 60 F1 F4 F0 61 40 F9 F0 40 60 40 C2 D7
61 C8 D9 40 D5 D6 D4 C9 D5 C1 D3 4B 40 D6 E3 C8 C5 D9 40 C9 D5 C4 C9 C3 C1 E3 D6
D9 E2 40 D5 D6 40 C3 C8 C1 D5 C7 C5 0D 25 F0 F1 F0 F0 40 40 F8 F0 60 F1 F2 F0 61
40 F9 F0 0D 25 F0 F1 F3 F0 40 40 F8 F0 60 F1 F2 F0 61 40 F9 F0 40 60 40 D7 E3 40
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D9 C5 D7 D6 D9 E3 00


> CP 034298417.MRF 034298417.TMP

> CAT 034298417.TMP > ARCHIVE


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Act I - Have Atlas, Will Travel : Chapter 1 - Man About Town

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“So this is Ponyville?” you ask, pointing to a bustling cottage on the edge of the forest.

“No, we still have a ways to go. The local animal caretaker lives out here. I’ve, uh, learned a thing or two about timberwolves from her.”

“What does that have to…” you trail off, “Oh. OH GOD WHY? What is with you ponies and your infatuation with fucking animals?”

“Heh, I was just kidding,” Metamora, now Atlas, retorted, “How did you say it? I just wanted to get your goat.”

“You know what… That’s just rude. Now the only thing I’m going to think about if I ever meet her is whether or not she’s taken wolfdick.”

“Of course you’d be thinking of that, pervert.” Atlas said. You were starting to tell when you were talking to Atlas versus when you were talking to Metamora through Atlas. Mostly because Atlas didn’t seem to throw many insults your way. “This way~”

You followed along a heavily traveled dirt path toward the direction of the setting sun. Along the way you passed by a few other small cottages and farm buildings, finally clear from the heavy tree growth that you had been trudging through for what felt like hours on end. Upon the horizon, a collection of taller, purposefully arranged buildings made themselves evident, springing from the grassy plain you walked along.

“This is Ponyville,” Atlas demonstrated with a wave of his hoof toward the looming town. “The library is right on the other side of town so I’ll get to show you around a bit! It’ll feel like home before you know it!”

“Jeez Em, nobody’s around. You don’t have to be in character.”

“Yes. I. Do!” Atlas corrected, spinning on a dime and standing in your path, “Any time I’m wearing my disguise I need to be in character. I slip out of character at the wrong moment and I die, Anon!”

“Whoh, sorry! I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I know, but I can’t take chances, not even for you. Anyway, let’s keep moving.”

You stayed quiet for a bit as you drew on a large bridge over a lazy stream, finally close enough to see some of the finer details. The buildings all had a distinct architecture, looking half like gingerbread houses, half like some kind of pre-industrial European town. The most significant building you could see at the moment was a staggering rotunda at the center of a large open square.

“Ah, yes. That’s the Town Hall. Mayor Mare will no doubt want to make your acquaintance some day, although I imagine she has likely left for the evening. No matter, we’ve got plenty of time to meet everypony. Today we just need to find our way to the Golden Oak Library.”

There were a few ponies dotting the open square, most of them too far to hear you or take notice, but you stayed your distance nonetheless. She was right about the eyestrain, you could already tell. You continued walking until you caught a glimpse of what looked like a merry-go-round from your world. “What’s that?” you pointed.

“Ah, that’s the Carousel Boutique. Miss Rarity lives and works there, you might consider her for your future clothing needs, although she tends to be a bit outlandish with her work.”

“You know, where I come from, things that look like that are amusement rides. You ride painted pastel horses as it spins round and round…” you paused, “huh.”

“Your world has a monument to mating with ponies and you chastised me about it?”

“No, like you ride on their backs like- ah, nevermind. And they’re not even real - they’re fucking plastic or porcelain or some shit.”

“I’m not sure that’s any better.”

“Hey,” you whisper, hoping not to draw the ire of the one or two ponies that might be in earshot, “Whatever happened to being in character, huh?”

Atlas snapped to attention, whispering back, “See what I mean! I didn’t even notice and it’s all your fault!”

“My fault?” you yelled loudly, drawing the attention of a nearby pony, who looked at you quizzically but with a lot less surprise than you expected for a creature you surmised had never seen one of your kind before. You had to think on your feet “Why is it my fault we got back late? You’re the one that’s supposed to know how to navigate out of the woods!”

Atlas looked surprised for a moment before catching on, “I would have easily been out of the forest in time to eat dinner at a reasonable hour if you didn’t basically crash into me from the sky!

“Hey, nothing I could have done about that!” you said, quieting down as the pony had stopped paying attention to your squabble, “Plus, we both got something out of it, so you’re welcome!”

“You’re right… Let’s keep going or we’ll never make it to the Library in time.” Atlas conceded, directing you onward.

You passed by several more interesting buildings: Sugarcube Corner, some store that sold pens and couches, a quaint looking café that Atlas informed you had the best daffodil sandwich ever - you were no longer interested. Finally, after all of the brightly colored buildings and even more brightly colored ponies blended together, you finally reached… a really big tree.

“This is where we’re headed? It’s a tree!”

“Yep! This is the Golden Oak Library. It’s kinda in the name there. Of course it’s after hours so we’ll have to knock on the-” The door swung open, revealing a purple unicorn that managed to exactly capture the essence of a shotgun-toting dad whose daughter had just been returned home late on Prom Night.

“A-Atlas?” the unicorn blinked, staring first at him and then at you, slowly looking you up and down to determine if what she was seeing was in fact real. “What is this?”

“Funny you should mention that Twily,” he said, watching her mane bristle, “This here is Anon, he’s a human. He just showed up in the Everfree and according to him, evidently he’s from an entirely different world.”

“I did not have enough coffee for this,” Twilight started, “Atlas, do you know how dangerous it is bringing an unknown, untested species into the middle of Ponyville? I swear if I get blamed for this…”

“Relax! He’s super nice, couldn’t hurt a breezie if he tried.”

“I don’t know what that is but I guarantee I could beat the ever loving shit out of it.” You corrected, spouting forth from some untapped well of bravado.

“Ignore that, he’s just tired, right Anon?”

“I’m not tired. Don’t you go around calling me a pussy to peop- er, ponies I’ve just met. I’ve got a reputation to maintain, or I guess build.”

“Did I mention he’s also got quite the mouth! What an interesting creature indeed!” Atlas chuckled nervously.

“You really should not have brought it here. I can’t imagine this ending well. Also something is off about its magic. And by that I mean I can’t detect any. It’s like a dark void of emptiness, even draining the air around it of magic.”

“He, Twilight,” Atlas admonished, “He is a living, breathing, thinking creature, and he’s got a name too. No need to keep saying ‘it’.”

“Yeah, That!” you added, “Also what’s magic got to do with anything? I don’t care about your damn hippie pot-smoking bullshit. Atlas I thought you said this Twilight Sparkle was a scientist.”

“Excuse me!” Twilight interjected with exasperation, “I’m only the most researched unicorn in all of Equestria! Personal student to Princess Celestia, Element of Harmony, and otherwise not a pony to mess around with!”

“Everypony calm down!” Atlas begged, standing in between you and Twilight. You all took a deep breath and relaxed, letting the atmosphere cool.

“I guess I was being a little bit presumptuous,” Twilight admitted, holding out a hoof in greeting.

“I uh… Heh, I still don’t really know what’s going on,” you said, grabbing her hoof with both hands and shaking violently, “But it’s nice to meet you. Atlas has told me a lot about you, he’s very attentive in that way.”

Atlas stared lasers at you with enough intensity that you’re sure you could feel your shoulder catching on fire.

“Oh, I do hope he’s not told any tales. He has a bit of an imagination sometimes, don’t you Atlas?”

“What, huh?” Atlas shrugged, “No idea what you’re talking about.”

“Oh really? I may have a bouquet of flowers that remember things a bit differently.”

“Hey, I gave those as a friend! You read way too much into that.”

“Whatever. Anyway, tell me more about how you found this Anon, Atlas.”

“So there I am, minding my own business and then out of nowhere this giant ball of light flies down from the sky and smashes into a nearby log. Of course I wasn’t scared at all so I didn’t hide behind a tree for like 10 minutes or anything, but eventually I realized that the thing that fell out of the sky was some kind of creature. So I waited for it to wake up.”

“And when it woke up, how did that go?” Twilight asked, half prodding for continuation, half as if she were looking for a hole in Atlas’s story.

“When he woke up, we talked. He told me that he was a creature from another world. He says he had never met a pony or anything. Kept calling me a horse for a bit. Highly insulting!”

“Guys I’m right here!” you pipe up.

“So we eventually decided that with all the noise he made, the Everfree wasn’t the safest place to be, so I decided to bring him back here. I knew you’d know what to do.”

“That only leaves one question then,” Twilight led ominously, “Why do you both smell like sex?”

“Funny story about that actually,” Atlas chuckled, “Well you see we were in a part of the forest where, um,”

“CHANGELINGS” you shout, watching both Atlas and Twilight stiffen, each for different reasons.

“No thats not quite, um, uh… Right. He landed in the middle of a Changeling harvesting ground.” Atlas expounded, “The air was thick with it.”

“Atlas, why in Tartarus were you in the middle of a Changeling harvesting ground alone, with no backup, without telling anypony where you were going?”

“Twily, that’s my job! I go into the Everfree and I try to make sense of it. I wanted to know why that place specifically held such attraction to the Changelings… Unfortunately my research was cut a bit short.”

“You shouldn’t need me to tell you that that was in incredibly poor taste, Atlas. You know I couldn’t replace you… your research if you were to be abducted by the Changelings!” Twilight explained, something off about her tone there.

“I know… It won’t happen again. I just needed to get some research done and everypony was busy so I couldn’t get anyone to come with.”

“Well it seems like it’s not all bad, seeing as you’ve discovered an alien species. Anyway, Anon can I ask you to come in? I need to run some tests on you to make sure you’re not secretly evil or a Changeling or some kind of escaped prisoner from Tartarus.”

“Nuh uh! Atlas warned me about you turning me into a walking science experiment! You’re not gonna get your sciencey probes anywhere near my asshole!” you screamed, jumping behind a nearby bush. Both Atlas and Twilight turned their noses at the idea.

“I said nothing of the sort!”

“Like I said, bit of an imagination. I promise it’ll be fine. Just a few quick spells and we’ll be all clear.”

“No anal probing? Promise?” you ask, getting an exasperated sigh out of Atlas.

“I promise, now if you’d just follow me in this way and downstairs. Atlas you can wait up here. If you don’t hear from me in 30 minutes, do fetch the other Elements.”

Act I - Have Atlas, Will Travel : Chapter 2 - Putting the D in Science

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“Is this your sex dungeon?” you ask plainly as you descend the stairs into a well-furnished basement. There were beakers, test tubes, a litany of other sciencey junk, and one lone chair right in the middle of the room.

“My what?” Twilight asks, almost tripping on the last two steps. “Whatever made you think of that?”

“I dunno, you seem like the kind of pony to have a secret sex dungeon.” You responded, instinctively heading for the chair in the middle of the room.

“Atlas said you hadn’t met any other ponies, so what exactly makes that distinction?”

“Statistics. Since Atlas doesn’t have one you’re more likely to. It’s simple addition basically,” you smirk, your grasp over advanced mathematics yet another wondrous feature of your personality.

“That’s not how… Nevermind. How do you know Atlas doesn’t have one and I do?”

“Sh- He probably doesn’t need one, you know how he is. And you seem like a kinda mad scientist,” you said, drawing ire, “but in a sexy way - I promise!” That didn’t seem to make things better.

“I’ll have you know I’m a virg-” she stopped, realizing what she was admitting, "Ugh! Can we just drop this whole sex dungeon thing?”

“Whatever, Twi-tight Spark-less. And I thought Atlas was stuffy.”

“Celestia, you are an extraordinarily annoying creature! How did Atlas ever put up with you?”

“We bonded. Things happened out there in that Changeling sex swamp thing. Things that can only be shared between two brothers,” you started, watching Twilight’s face screw up in confusion, “Wait, no! Not like that! Jeez, I didn’t fuck Atlas. I’m not gay!”

“Your sexual orientation is none of my concern. All I care about is whether you’re a risk to Ponyville or Equestria. Can you just maybe tone it down so I can run these tests?”

“Bruh, I ain’t got no chill,” you casually explain.

“This is so not worth my time,” Twilight mumbled to no one in particular, turning towards you, “Listen, I’m gonna put this in terms you’re more likely to appreciate. Atlas is a pushover. He thinks you’re a nice happy, friendly creature because he’d befriend a Manticore if he could. I’m a lot more cynical. Your aura is weird, you’re weird, and you’re a filthy creature. If I had found you, we’d already have you locked up in the royal stockades. So please, give me one good reason to magic the shit out of you and I’ll have you wishing we stopped at anal probing.”

“I knew it was a sex dunge-” you started as a ball gag materialized out of nowhere, flying at your face in a pinkish aura. Direct hit.

“That’s better. Now first off, I need to see how you react to various emotions,” Twilight said, trotting over to grab a rack of small vials. Each was filled with a colored powder, of which two looked familiar. “These are concentrated raw emotions, distilled using a bit of Changeling magic.”

You looked at each of the vials as she set them down on the small table next to the chair you were seated in. The set of six vials was book-ended by two familiar powders - red and blue, with an orange, yellow, green, and purple vial in between. They were labeled Love, Anger, Kindness, Envy, Generosity, and Lust. You watched as Twilight took the first vial and dumped a small amount out onto the table. You watched it stir and settle much like what you saw earlier on Metamora.

“Ah, good. That’s the first test out of the way. Congratulations, you’re not a Changeling,” Twilight exclaimed, “Now for these next tests I need you to open your mouth. You have to ingest each of these powders.”

“Mmph,” you mouthed around the gag, refreshing Twilight’s memory.

“Horseapples. If I remove this are you going to behave?”

You nodded enthusiastically. Man were you a good liar.

“Okay,” she acquiesced, the gag disappearing entirely. “First up is Love. All creatures in Equestria possess it, so I must confirm that you’re capable of containing it.” Twilight levitated the vial to your lips and tilted it, allowing the powder to dance along your tongue with a taste almost like cinnamon.

“Um… Am I supposed to be feeling different? I’m uh… not really feelin' the love here.”

“Inconclusive, we’ll revisit it later. Next up, Anger. Many undesirable creatures in Equestria are motivated by anger. We need to make sure that your anger doesn’t cause any dangerous effects.” She tilted the orange vial to your lips, the powder once again crossing your palate. This time however, the taste was spicy - unbearably so, like wasabi by itself.

“Jesus fuck! What the fuck! That shit’s spicy as fuck! Holy shit!” you screamed, writhing in the chair, “Get me some fucking water you purple piece of shit! Who the fuck do you think you are! I don’t have to put up with this shit!” A glass levitated from across the room, filling itself up at a nearby sink before flying toward you, waiting for your grasp. You grabbed it and chugged the entire thing, finally getting relief from the stinging heat of anger.

“Eh, close enough. Remind me not to take you around any foals, you’re a horrible role model,” she paused, the next vial coming to rest against your lips in her magical aura, “This one’s kindness. If you can’t show kindness then you won’t fit in well here in Equestria.” More powder, with a hint of vanilla this time.

“Not feeling much from this one either, to be honest.”

“Ow my hoof!” Twilight feigned, lifting one of her forehooves as if injured. You immediately sprang from your seat and took hold of it.

“Oh no! What’s wrong? Did you hurt yourself? Here, sit down, take a load off - I can stand.”

“Heh… Passed. You can have your seat back, I’m just fine.”

“Oh, are you sure? You had me worried! I didn’t want you to be hurt!” you pestered, taking your seat once more, as asked.

“Next one, Envy. I have a dark history with this one myself. One of my worst mistakes revolves around this emotion.” As you once more took the powder, you tasted a saccharine sweetness that you wanted more of.

“Mmm. That was good shit. You got any more of that?” you ask, “Listen here Sparkbutt, you better not be holding out on me. I’ll fuckin’ burn your house down to find that shit.”

“Eh, no worse than Want it, Need it. I’ll call it a pass.” Twilight confirmed, “Next up, Generosity. Not a requirement, but something I need to know nonetheless.” It tasted like marshmallow this time.

“Yeah, never been much of the generous type.”

“Hey, can I have the last one? It’s Lust, and I’ve heard it feels really good.”

“Yeah sure,” you respond, “Go ahead.”

“You positive? Cause I’d hate to take that away from you. I don’t even need to test for it, it’s like a reward at the end of the test. Just happened to have it laying around so I figured why not.”

“No, you can definitely have it. I don’t want anything to do with it.”

“How generous! You passed!” Twilight remarked, a twinkle in her eye. “Anyway, let’s move on to the last one. Like I said, no need to test for this one, but I’ve got it handy, and I’m curious.”

“Twilight, I’m serious. You can keep it. No need to test that one.”

“It’s okay Anon.”

“No! I insist! I’d rather not.”

“What are you on about, the Generosity potion should have worn off by now. I’m beginning to think you know you don’t want this one. Now I’ve gotta test it. Who knows what you could be hiding? Maybe you’re some kind of Incubus and pleasure sets off your demonic powers!”

“Oh I promise it’s nothing like tha-” you try to say, the blue vial being entirely shoved into your mouth, the powder going straight down your throat without a chance to taste it.

“There, see. Not so bad.”

“Fuuuuuck,” you groan, the room filled with the unmistakable sound of fabric stretching as you instantly tent your shorts.

“WEAPON!” Twilight exclaims, immediately vaporizing your shorts and underwear.

“Twilight, what the FUCK!” you scream, your dick now on prominent display as you scramble to cover your shame with your hands.

“Oh… S-Sorry.” Twilight apologized, averting her eyes.

“This is all part of your crazy sex dungeon scheme to get me to fuck your virgin ass, isn’t it?”

“N-No! I just thought you. I-” Twilight faltered, “I thought you had a weapon!”

“Well as hard as I am right now this thing could cut diamonds, so you’re halfway right. Now can I have my pants back?”

“Uh… About that. Funny story. They’re kinda… not a thing that exists anymore.”

“What you mean to tell me is that you deleted my pants and this isn’t a sex thing?”

“Uuu… I said sorry!” Twilight said, “Although I don’t really see what the big deal is. I’m not wearing any pants and I’m fine.”

“Where I come from clothing is mandatory. I feel naked without my clothes!”

“Well, that is the definition of naked. Still, why is it such a big deal, doesn’t it just go back into your sheath?”

“Sheath? The fuck kinda anatomy you think I’ve got down there.”

“To be honest I didn’t really get a good look. So I just assumed you’d… like a stallion.”

“Well gander all you want,” you say, dramatically lifting away your hands and leaving your crotch on display, “Cause it’s not going anywhere.”

“Oh… Uh, is that average size for your species or…” Twilight asked, “Cause stallions can be almost twice that length.”

“Oh my god Twilight, seriously! The fuck! You’re the sec- Nevermind. Just could you stop fucking staring at my dick.”

“S-sorry. It’s just… I expected, and you’re so much taller, and…” she trailed off, collecting herself for a moment “Alright, last test then.”

“Ugh what this time? Let me guess, you need to make me eat more fucking magical fairy dust. Cause that worked out so well last time.”

“No, actually. This last test is a spell. I need to see how you react to magical energy. Like I said before, you seem to consume magic, but I can’t tell where it’s going. This spell will let me see what happens to magical energy around you. There’s just one catch.”

“First pants, now you’re going to tell me there is anal probing after all. Just my fucking luck.”

“No! I need to be able to touch you with my horn for this. And pony horns are very sensitive so I’m asking that you don’t interrupt me.”

“And where will you be touching me with your pointy head lance?”

“Uh… Your forehead probably.”

“Fine, just don’t stab my eyes out with that thing. Let me just move so you can get a better reach.”

“Wait, no… I need you like this, for science reasons.”

“Science reasons?”

“Yeah. If you’re not sitting, then the volumetric dispensation of test energies doesn’t optimally redistribute for coplanar evaluation. I’d have to do the whole test three times to get a bivertical interpolation sample and then reintegrate that to extrapolate dimensionality. Not that I mind vector calculus, but this way is just easier.”

“So you’re just gonna…”

“Yeah, I’ll just climb up onto your lap. It’ll be fine.”

Twilight, now on top of your lap started firing bubbles of multicolor ethereal light from her horn in the area around you, all of them slowly drawing nearer to you. She finally finished and moved closer to you, her hooves over your shoulders and her face in front of yours. She tilted her head down and brought her horn to rest against your forehead.

“Is that your penis?” Twilight asked, looking between her legs.

“Only if that’s your sopping wet pussy mashed up against it,” you retorted.

“Anon, what the fuck!” Atlas yelled, evidently having entered at exactly the wrong time.

Act I - Have Atlas, Will Travel : Chapter 3 - Bed, Bath, and …Further

View Online

“I’m not sure if I believe you, Anon” Atlas said, walking along the cobblestone street leading away from the library.

“I swear, she came on to me! First she gives me a fucking fairy dust boner, then she disappears my only set of pants, and then she just had to ride me just like someone else I know in order to do some kind of spell. Plus she’s a turbo nerd,” you finished, tightening the purple towel wrapped around your waist, “I don’t want to stick my dick in that! I mean I probably would have let it happen, but I wouldn’t have started it that's for sure!”

“I have no words…” Atlas sighed, leading you onward towards the inn where he stayed.

“Dude, it was all her!” you exclaim, clearly convincing Atlas of nothing.

“That’s not Twilight! She’s clumsy, sure. A little exuberant at times, definitely. But you’re the only creature I’ve met who is horny enough to try and seduce an entirely new species the first time you meet them.”

“Hey, I take my sex drive as a matter of pride, but you’re putting words in my mouth. Or ponies on my dick, as it were.”

“So you weren’t going to fuck her then?”

“I mean the thought did cross my mind. Plus she wanted it!” you explain, leaning in to whisper in Atlas’s ear, “She was even wetter than you were.”

“You’re so vulgar, you know that?”

“I had a troubled childhood and Internet access from a young age. Honestly, this is anyone’s fault but mine.”

“What’s an Internet?” Atlas inquired, “Wait, actually I probably don’t want to know. If it made you what you are, then it needs to stay in your world.”

“Hey, the Internet’s great yo! It’s like a series of tubes, if all those tubes lead to shit tons of porn. You fuckers do have porn here right?”

“I’m not answering that!”

“That sounds like something someone would only say if they knew what porn is. Fuckin’ score! Let’s go get some.”

“Anon, we’re already at the inn,” Atlas rebuked, pointing at the large, heavily windowed building in front of you, “And I wouldn’t even know where to look in Ponyville.”

“Fine, I’ll just have to make due with what I’ve got then,” you smirk, slapping Atlas on the flank.

“Celestia, you had to do that in front of the innkeeper, didn’t you?” Atlas scolded, “I bet she thinks you’re gay now.”

You immediately snap your attention to the timid and confused looking cream-colored earth pony behind the counter. “Hey! You!” you yell, watching her tremble slightly at your unexpected attention, “I’m not fuckin’ gay! Got it?” She just shrank behind the counter as Atlas hung his head in shame.

You followed Atlas as he trudged onward towards his room, sneaking in behind him as he held the door open in his magic. As the door shut behind you, you heard the deadbolt and chain both click into place, watching as the deep red aura around Atlas’s horn faded.

“Alright, now that we’re alone, you piece of shit, I’ve got things to say,” Atlas said, his voice shifting as the green flame followed shortly after, “First off, stop causing a fucking scene everywhere you go!”

“Uh… That’s kinda who I am. No promises.”

“Hive, you’re insufferable!” she snapped, throwing herself against what you now noticed was the lone bed in the room. “Why didn’t I leave you in those woods?”

“You know why.” You rebuked, dropping the towel you had been clutching for the better part of an hour now.

“I’m really not in the mood for your shit right now,” she exhaled, burying her head in the pillows. “Can you just leave me alone for a bit?”

“Fine. I’m going to take a shower. Alone, without anyone to bother me. Have fun being by yourself you friendless bug,” you spat. That was harsh, but she had been giving you shit all day for stuff that wasn’t even your fault! But the more you thought about it, the more you felt like the friendless bug.

You slammed the door to the small bathroom behind you, scoping out the small shower, awkward commode, and low-set sink. You didn’t really feel like taking that shower anymore, but you did kind of smell like a week’s worth of bad choices. You turned the faucet on as hot as it went, and waited. Within a few seconds the steam rose as the water cascaded down from a ceiling mounted shower head.

You carefully maneuvered yourself into the tight quarters of the shower, the hot water biting against your skin. But it wasn’t the water that hurt the most right now, what really hurt was the fact that you had just done what you always did. You fucked something up. Of course, Em could have cut you some slack, but you had just gone off on her for no good reason. You were frustrated at the wrong things, and it made you stupid. You weren’t gonna cry about it though, at least not in anywhere near her. Instead you concentrated on the scalding heat of the water, the pain dulling your own. The tears still came.

You went through the motions of your shower, thinking about how to apologize to the little lovebug who was your only friend in this strange, over-saturated, unfamiliar world. As you lathered soap across your chest, you didn’t even notice the door open, barely registering the shower curtain drawing at the other end of the tub. In crawled the very object of your concentration, her gaze diverted from you as she settled herself in.

“Hey, mind if I join you?”

“What are you doing here?” you questioned, your tone sharper than you meant.

“I-I… We shouldn’t fight like that. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, uh… Me too. I should have never said all that shit about…”

“It’s okay. You were mad. I was mad too. Let’s not be mad anymore. We need each other to survive.”

“We need each other for more than that,” you joked, except you were serious. You crouched down, getting as close to her level as you could. “Now in my world, when someone joins you in the shower, there’s a certain expectation.”

“Oh? Do you want me to wash your back?” Metamora asked nonchalantly, feigning ignorance.

You saw right through her though, reaching back with one hand to turn down the water temperature as you steadied yourself into a reclining position with the other. Once you freed your hand from the tap, you reached for Metamora’s foreleg, pulling her once more into an intimate embrace. “I want more than that, Em.”

“Hha… You’re not even hard yet and I can already feel the love pouring off of you. What’s gotten into you?”

You thought for a moment before answering, “Perspective.”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“Well I realized, this, what we have right here, whatever it is…” you explained, “It’s special. I don’t know how I got here, and I don’t know if I’m here to stay, but…”

“Don’t say you love me, Anon” Metamora cautioned, “You know I can’t love back, right?”

“That’s not…” you started, “We’re not there yet. I still want you, Em.”

“Just like this?” she asked, nodding towards the holes in one of her legs.

“Just like this,” you confirmed, pulling her further up, settling her head next to yours as you wrapped your arms around her. Water cascaded over both of you, an additional warmth to your embrace.

She kissed you. Not the utilitarian kiss you shared the last time you made love, there was passion behind this one. It was a gentle, soft affair, her eyes squeezed shut as she rest her lips against yours.

“Are you ready?” She asked, breaking the kiss and staring deeply into your eyes.

“More than you know.” You said, feeling her shift her weight, the warmth between her legs coming to rest against your stiffening shaft.

“No dick jokes this time?” she chuckled, lining herself up against you.

“You’re really expecting me to ruin this mood?” you ask, breath catching as she slowly moves back and forth against you with agonizing, electrifying friction, “You know, I’ve heard that inappropriate jokes are supposed to be a defense mechanism. But I don’t have anything to hide from you.”

“Neither do I.” Metamora agreed, shifting far enough forward to release your member from between her thighs. She slowly lifted up and pressed her warm, slick opening against your engorged maleness.

There were no words as she descended on you. You watched the slow rise and fall of her chest as she took her time, letting both of you savor every last feeling as you sunk inside.

“Taking it slow this time, huh?” you asked as she bottomed out against you.

“I want it to last,” she said, slowly lifting herself up on shaky legs, “I don’t want this to end.”

“Me neither,” you admitted, reaching out to caress one of her sides as she once more descended upon you.

You continued on like this, Metamora gently, rhythmically rising and falling. Both silent - a deep, cavernous quiet as the only sound was the hiss of water as it rained upon Metamora’s carapace. After what felt like an eternity all too short, you felt her quicken her pace, her motions peppered with barely audible gasps and moans, her breathing and yours both accelerating.

“Hey Em?” you ask.

“Huh?” she prompts, locking her icy eyes with yours, her gaze full of unmistakable hunger.

“You don’t need to hold back. You’re not going to offend me if you cum before I do.”

“I’m not sure what’s going on. I thought I would’ve already made a mess of both of us.”

“Lemme give you a hand then,” you reply reaching your free hand forward and stroking at the crux of your union. A few circles of your thumb and her clit was evident, drawing a distinct gasp every time you crossed it.

“Those hands aren’t fair!” she whimpered softly, “And even gryphons and dragons don’t have the ones that stick out from the rest of them. What do you call them?”

“Thumbs?” you ask, drawing over her winking clit once more, “They’re the reason why we’re my world’s apex predator. We don’t have magic so opposable digits gave us the opportunity to use tools and assert our dominance over the rest of my world.”

“Mmh… I think I believe you,” she agreed, leaning into your touch. “I’m getting close though, are you?”

“Let’s just worry about you for now. You don’t need to hold out for me.”

“Oh, ah!” she stuttered, her motions starting to get more erratic. “Good, cause I’m so close I just-”

You thrust your hips up to meet her, watching as her gaze stopped tracking and her jaw slackened.

“A-Anon! I-I. This is so wonderful,” she confessed. You noticed that her reactions were much less dramatic than your earlier romp. Everything was slower, gentler, but somehow more intense. You could feel her insides trying to coax you toward that beautiful end as well, asking for that ultimate finality. As soon as her orgasm subsided, you noticed her tense up again, looking upward.

“Cold!” she shrieked before shutting off the water with her magic.

“Oh uh… Let me just get a towel and we can dry-”

“Stop,” she commanded, “Pick me up and stand up. Don’t you dare pull out.” You did as she asked, standing up while still maintaining a tight grip upon her, and while she still maintained a tight grip upon you. You felt a wave of heat pass along you as you noticed green flames wicking away any water on you.

“You know, there is only the one bed, Anon.”

“Yeah, I can sleep on the floor if you want… Can I borrow a pillow though?”

“That’s not what I meant at all!” she corrected, “I want you to finish what you started, and then we’ll share.”


Act I - Have Atlas, Will Travel : Chapter 4 - Everfree At Last

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“Thanks again, Rarity. You can take my measurements again any time you want!” you yell, darting out from Carousel Boutique wearing an entirely new set of clothes and carrying more. You were beginning to think there was something to this magic stuff because she made you three full outfits in fifteen minutes, all without having ever seen anything other than your majestic form.

“You didn’t…” Atlas hesitated, “I knew I shouldn’t have left you alone with her!”

“Jeez Atlas, nothing happened! Relax!”

“What was all that about taking your measurements? I know a euphemism when I hear one.”

“No that’s actually… Her measuring tape broke, so she had to guess. She wants me to come back when she gets a new one so she can alter these.”

“I find that highly improbable, but no more improbable than anything else that’s happened thus far.” Atlas conceded, trudging alongside you as you walked back to the inn.

“So what are we doing today?” you ask with all the incessant annoyance of an impatient schoolchild.

“We’re going back to the Everfree. Twilight wants to see if she can’t figure out how you got here.”

“You mean the super scary forest we made it out of without so much as seeing another creature?”

“Yes. We were unbelievably lucky. Even given my experience.”

“Your experience as a rock scientist or-”

“Ugh, that’s not what the geo- is for. It’s geography, not geology.”


“I hope you trip and fall in a patch of poison joke.”

“Poison what? I thought you said poison joke for a moment.”

“I did. It’s a very dangerous plant that grows all over the Everfree. There’s no telling what reaction it’ll cause until it’s too late.”

“Sounds dumb, especially with a name like that,” you decree.

“You sound-” Atlas started, catching himself. “You know what, I thought we were cool after last night.”

“Wouldn’t it be suspicious if I was all of the sudden not a dick to you, though?” you ask, “I mean it’s likely someone would figure out you-know-what, but at worst they might think I’m gay!”

“You worry about that way too much to be somepony who is comfortable with their sexual orientation.”

“Since when did you turn into a fuckin’ psychologist, huh? I don’t like dudes, bro!”

“Just saying. Maybe ‘magical talking pony land’ as you keep calling it isn’t the only thing that’s a change for you…” Atlas offered, opening the door to the inn with his magic.

“You know what, Atlas,” you seethe, “you can suck my fat hairy cock.” The same inkeeper from last night just happened to be staring directly at you as you said that. “FUCK!”

You dropped off your new outfits, refusing to say so much as a word to Atlas the entire time. After you dropped off your clothes and left the inn once more, you both set out for the Everfree Forest, basically retracing your steps once more. This world had a lot more walking than you would have hoped.

“So, uh, let’s talk about something else,” you offer.

“Like what?” Atlas asks

“I dunno. Tell me things about Equestria or something.”

“What do you want to know?”

“I guess… what’s an Element of Harmony?”

All of the sudden a familiar purple pony seemed to magically appear out of nowhere, sneaking up behind you.

“Hi Anon, Atlas!” Twilight beamed, “Couldn’t help but overhear your question there! Can I Atlas?”

“Sure, Twily.”

“Why do you keep calling me that?” she asked before turning to you, “The Elements of Harmony defend Equestria and the balance of harmony from any threats. There’s six of us…”

If you were going to be honest with yourself, you really didn’t hear much more after that. But it made for a nice distraction to get you back to that spot in the middle of the Everfree. Anything would be less boring than that walk, even hearing Purple Fur McStarButt give a lecture that seemed magically enchanted to put you to sleep.

“We’re here!” Atlas piped up, finally freeing you of the never ending monologue.

“What are we doing here again?”

“I want to revisit what happened yesterday. See if I can’t figure out how you got here, Anon.”

“How you gonna do that, I basically fell from the sky according to Em… uh, according to Atlas.”

“Magic” she squeaked, her eyes brightening. Her horn followed shortly after, sparking to life as she did god-knows-what.

“I’d leave her be, Anon” Atlas cautioned. The urge to fuck with her only grew stronger, but you restrained yourself. You still weren’t sure if the purple sorceress liked you or not.

“Yeah, I ain’t goin’ anywhere near her when that thing’s on. Not after what she threatened to do last night,” you joked.

“All done!” she exclaimed. “Three observations: First, I have no clue how Anon got here. There’s no trace of magic or energy or any kind of space-time manipulation. Second, there was a lot of love given off recently here, you were right about the Changeling harvesting, Atlas.” She paused, drawing a little closer to you two and whispering under her breath, “Third, and don’t be alarmed… There’s a Changeling somewhere very close by. I can’t tell where, they’re masking themselves, but they’re here.”

Atlas bristled.

“Oh no!” you exclaimed in mock panic, “Atlas told me they’re horrible, evil creatures! That they suck the very souls out of any creature they find! What do we do?”

“Eh, like I said. No reason to be worried. Most Changelings are incredibly weak. Atlas could probably take one down, and he couldn’t, to use his words, hurt a breezie if he wanted to.”

“Oh really?” you chuckled, “Atlas said they’re strong, tough, capable of besting even a dragon in hand-to-hand combat… Hoof to hoof combat? Hoof to claw? Nevermind.”

Twilight snickered, “Little bit too enamored with what you’re researching, huh Atlas?”

“Wha? Oh, yeah… Guess I went a bit overboard.”

“So Atlas,” you asked, anticipating the implicit beatdown you were going to lord over Metamora, “Is Twilight right? Could you beat up a Changeling?”

“I… uh,” Atlas stammered, clearly flustered by this line of inquiry, “Depends on the Changeling.”

“What do you mean? You’re not saying there are different subspecies of Changeling are you?” Twilight asked

“I uh… That’s not, well uh… I don’t have any proof but… The evidence points to that, yes.”

“Fascinating.” Twilight said, “Now Atlas, run back to town and fetch the Royal Guards!”

“Whoa, what do we need guards for, we haven’t even seen this Changeling!” you exclaim.

“We’re going to hunt it down and end it. Anything this close to Ponyville is a danger to society.”

“Hold on. Wait just a minute here. Twilight, you’re saying we’re going to kill it?”

“Yes. We need to terminate it.”

Kill, Twilight. Say it. You want to kill something. You. Kill.”

“I, uh…” she paused. “Well, um…”

“Twilight, we’re not killing anything. Murder is a serious crime where I come from, and I can’t imagine that happy sunshine and rainbow pastel pony world is more okay with that than the bleak hellscape I come from.”

“It’s a pest!”

“It’s a creature that’s doing no harm, living in its natural environment that we invaded, right Atlas?”

Hearing his name he unstuck himself from the disconnected panic he had worked himself into, “Uh yeah…”

“You don’t understand!”

“Twilight, I don’t care what you say, nobody’s killing anyone today. We’re going to leave, go back to town, and you’re going to keep your horn turned the fuck off,” you command, “I don’t need you blasting a hole through my dick just because you see your shadow. C’mon Atlas, we’re leaving.”

You start walking back the direction you came, Atlas mindlessly in tow with Twilight falling in lockstep after a few moments of indecision.

“That’s what I thought,” you gloat, “Now let’s get back to town. I’m hungry enough that I’m not immediately ready to throw up at the thought of a flower sandwich.”

Neither one of them said much of anything on the walk back. Atlas still seemed shook up for obvious reasons, and you were certain that Twilight was internally grappling with the fact that she had lost a battle of morality against the biggest sack of shit the universe had to offer. The walk back, despite the silence, was somehow more tolerable. Probably the self-righteousness at work, but you didn’t care.

Regretting your earlier statement, you decided against a flower-filled sandwich and instead decided you were leading your two shadows on a wild goose chase to find that bakery you passed that one time. What was it called again, Sugarcane Square? Eventually you asked Atlas to point you in the right direction, and it turns out you were only a block away and you had passed it three times. Fuck this pastel pony town and their fucking non-euclidean streets.

You waltzed inside, ordering a hearty quiche for yourself and a cupcake each for Mr. and Mrs. silent treatment. You made Atlas pay because you had no fucking idea how money worked in this obviously anti-capitalist economic nightmare. You devoured your quiche as Atlas and Twilight just picked at their cupcakes, still wholly silent.

“Jeez, fuck this shit. If you guys aren’t going to say anything then I might as well just go take a fucking nap,” you declare in irritation, “Atlas, come on. Twilight, we’ll catch up later. Peace.” You led Atlas onward, holding on to the scruff of his neck until he started walking without any input. The walk back to the inn wasn’t too far, but you noticed Atlas still wasn’t saying anything. As you got closer and closer though, you noticed that he almost started to vibrate, as if he were about to explode into a million different pieces. You arrived at the inn once more, noticing that for once that pesky innkeeper was not behind the desk.

You realized that by the time you arrived at his room it seemed like Atlas couldn’t open the door fast enough. He fumbled the key a few times before jamming it into the lock, throwing open the door and then shoving you inside while following closely behind. No faster had the door shut than a blinding green flame enveloped Atlas’s entire body at once, as he galloped for the bed.

“Hive, I’m so fucking horny right now. I swear if you don’t get over here and stick your dick in me right now I’ll catch fire.”

“What’s gotten into you?” you ask, still starting to shed your clothes - you weren’t going to miss this chance.

“You saved my carapace back there, evidently near death experiences really do it for me.”

“Guess I’m not gonna take that nap after all…”

“Housekeeping!” you heard a gentle voice call from the hall, followed by two quick knocks on the door. The handle turned slowly, finally yielding to the door itself opening. In walked the innkeeper you kept running into, carrying a stack of towels in front of her face. She turned into the bathroom to place them down, completely oblivious of you two until she returned. As she caught sight of the two of you moments from joining at the hip.

“Shit,” you sigh, “Well at least you know I’m not gay now…”

She said nothing in return, just staring, mouth agape, at the two of you.

“This isn’t gonna be a problem, is it?” you ask, nodding toward where your dick was currently inches from the blushing Changeling below you. You didn’t know she could blush like that - you’d have to give her shit about that later. “I think we can come to some kind of arrangement here.”

She wiped the look of shock from her face, looking as if she were going to say something, if only she remembered how to talk.

“C’mon, I can be very persuasive,” you wink, “Isn’t that right, Em?” you asked, shoving your dick right into her waiting pussy. Metamora nodded furiously.

She didn’t leave.

Act I - Have Atlas, Will Travel : Chapter 5 - Statistically Significant Sample Size

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“So, Em…” you asked from the bathroom, buttoning the fly on another pair of your pants, “What’s on the agenda today?”

“Eh, my day is empty for once,” you heard the voice of Atlas call back, “But you’re going to have some fun. Twilight needs to run more tests on you.”

“FUCK!” you scream. That purple horse was going to be the death of you. But a thought struck you, “How do you even know all these things? You guys don’t even have the Internet, do you have weird magic cell phones or something?”

“Oh, it’s pretty simple, and if you’d paid more attention, you’d probably notice.” Atlas joked, “Here, come take a look.”

You stepped out from the bathroom and walked over to Atlas, watching as he unfurled a small piece of parchment in his magic. You realized before you were close enough to read it that there were only a few words on it, but once you got close enough to read it, you were even more worried.


“NO! I refuse! You can’t make me Atlas! I’ll run away and… and…” you thought, “fuck it, I don’t even know how to run away. And I hate running.”

“It can’t be that bad. Just don’t fuck her and it’ll be over before you know it!”

“Hey! I can’t promise that. Not if she sticks me in her sex dungeon, gags me, and literally jumps on my dick again!”

“I thought we dropped this.” Atlas sighed.

“This is a new and terrifying threat! I don’t want to lose my pants again!”

“Anon, please. Of all the things that you should not do, that one is by and large the most immediately dangerous for both of us. I would consider it a personal favor if you could keep your dick dry just this once.”

“I’ll do my best Atlas, but it’s beginning to sound like Em might just be a little bit jealous.”

“Em,” Atlas growled, “is not jealous.”

“Whoa, chill bro. Message received,” you placated, holding your hands up. “So, uh… what time should I head over there?”

“Just go. I’ll catch up with you this afternoon.”

“Alright Atlas,” you concede, walking to the door “and I promise, I really will try. It seems like this means a lot to you.”

“Thanks,” he called as you opened the door to leave.

You traipsed the now-familiar halls of the inn, heading for the lobby and out into the world once more, but as you entered the spacious foyer you picked up on something. Looking around, at first, you didn’t realize what it was. Then you saw the innkeeper, except where there was previously a reserved looking earth pony mare, there stood the same mare now looking chipper and lively.

“Good morning, Cornflower!” you called out, waving at her.

“Good morning, Anon!” she replied happily, “Have a nice day!”

You pushed your way through the lobby doors, taking Cornflower’s words to heart. You were going to have a great day. No science experiments were going to bring you down. You made your way to that big fucking tree with a smile on your face. Everybody was staring at you strangely but you didn’t give a shit. You were a fucking rockstar!

Tree. Knock. Purple.

“Good morning Twilight! What’s-” you were cut off, feeling as if a linebacker had come behind you to shove you through the door.

“No time to talk. To the se-” she paused, “To the lab!”

“Uh, you know I can move on my own, right?” you asked, struggling against her magic as she levitated you down the stairs and into that same chair.

“Right, well… I, uh” she hesitated, “yeah, part of the test is to make sure magic works on you. Which it does. Obviously.”

“I still don’t understand how any of this is relevant to anything.”

“Just trust me on this. I need this.”

“Fine. What do we have to test today?”

“It’s a secret. But I need you to take off your clothes.”

“Twilight,” you scolded, “you can’t just say that to someone. This is a sex thing, isn’t it?”

“No! What! Why would you even think that? Totally not a sex thing.” she deflected, blushing furiously.

“Twilight, I promised Atlas that I wouldn’t fuck you.”

“Atlas? What does he have to do with any of this? He's not here!”

“He’s my friend, Twilight. And if he asks me not to do this, I’m inclined to listen.”

“Wait, you’re not… you didn't-”

“Oh my god Twilight, you can’t just ask someone if they’re gay. And no, for the record, I’m not.”

“S-Sorry…” she whispers, “But there’s no chance I can convince you to…”

“No, Twilight. I made a promise.”

“Please?” she asked, tears welling at the corners of her eyes, “I’ll do anything you want! I-I just need this. I need you.”

“What’s gotten in to you, Twilight?” you ask. Something felt off about this entire thing, and you didn’t want to get involved regardless of what Atlas said.

“I don’t think you would understand.”

“Try me,” you offer, puffing out your chest a bit.

“It’s so… I just… Well, how much do you know about reproductive biology?”

“In your world?” you asked, thinking about replying snarkily before realizing you couldn’t explain what you did know, “…basically nothing.”

“Alright. I’ll start with the big news then, and then I’ll explain what that means. I’m in estrus, Anon.”

“Estrus? What’s that?”

“Creatures don’t go into heat where you’re from? How do you procreate?”

“Oh! Heat, like a bit-” you hesitate, “Yeah, I know what that is.”

“Great. So for ponies, our heat is physically painful. Most mares take care of it either with a spell or potion, but I was stupid and I got my hopes up for something else.”

“Got your hopes up for what?”

“I wanted an actual stallion! I’m so tired of being a lonely virgin, but stallions are so complicated! He is so complicated!”

“And I’m not complicated? I’m a fucking alien to you guys! What could be more complicated than that?”

“That’s not what I meant. You’re, uh…” she hesitated, “easy?”

“Twilight, are you calling me a manwhore?” you ask, shocked, “Oh wait, I understand why you all don’t like being called a horse now!”

“You just seemed… conveniently receptive. You know, no strings attached.”

“Do you really need me to do this? Can’t you just use a spell like you said?”

“Anon it hurts so bad I can’t even concentrate long enough to cast it! I would have needed to do that yesterday but I was hoping to… while we were in the woods, but the Changeling, and…”

“Twilight! You want to fuck a Changeling? Isn’t that illegal?”

“No that’s not! Ugh… Can we not talk about this?”

“I mean I get the appeal, they can be whatever you want and all, but still. I thought I was depraved,” you chuckle.

“Anon, can you shut up and fuck me?”

“Oh, that’s not part of the deal…” you laugh maniacally, removing your shirt “Pick one: quiet or sex.”

You knew which one she picked. You felt bad for her, but you’d feel worse if you thought she felt pitied. You had to hit her with that Anon special before you could hit her with the Anon Jr. special. After tossing your shirt aside, you quickly dropped your pants and underwear in one quick motion, freeing your half-cocked weapon from its holster.

Her breath hitched in her throat as she saw your scepter once more. She was entirely fixated on that which was between your legs. “Um about the size though…”

“Wow Twilight, Rude!” you scoff, barely believing she had the audacity to ask.

“What if I can make it bigger?”

You froze. Could she? “Can you?”

“I think…” she concentrated, “Let me just…” she wound up, her horn glowing to life as that familiar magenta aura encircled your shaft. The unique feeling of her magical grasp was enough to bring you to full mast, but then you marveled as in front of your eyes, your previously average dick leapt forth, nearly doubling in length and becoming half again as wide as it already was.

“Holy fuck, Twi!” you exclaim, “I’m fucking huge! This shit’s permanent right?”

“I mean I can undo it if you-”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” you scream, “Now how do you wanna do this?” you finish, standing up from your chair.

She blinked, her entire form starting to wiggle with anticipation. “Just rut me until you cum. And whatever happens, don’t worry about me.”

“Is it safe?” you ask, “No risk of baby Anons, right?”

She nodded.

“Alright…” you agree, “But what about the height difference. You’re gonna be about yea short,” holding up your hands about a foot and a half apart.

All of the sudden an avalanche of books cascaded down the stairwell, forming an impromptu platform for your purple pony partner, perfectly positioning her for prime pussy pounding. She even had the forethought to cover the top with newspapers. She climbed upon the platform and immediately turned away, shaking her rear enticingly.

“Holy shit. I fucking love magic!” you scream, walking up behind Twilight, “You ready ya fuckin’ horse?”

“Hha-” she shuddered, a torrent of fluid answering the question, “J-Just stick it in!”

“Your wish”, you grunt, lining yourself up, “is my command!” You shoved yourself in as far as you can go, the added length of your now absurd maleness meaning you exhausted the travel you expected with much of your dick still exposed to the open air. You awkwardly waltzed forward the remaining several inches to firmly entrench yourself within her. The feeling of her moist, cavernous interior was much different than you were used to as well, less intense than your Changeling friend, but it also gently milked you even at this early stage.

“Oh!” Twilight squealed, “F-finally. Sweet Celestia, it feels so much better than I thought.”

“Heh, that ain’t nothing,” you say, beginning to pull out from her passage, “Just wait until I really get going.”

“Just fucking do it!” she begged, throwing her weight back against you as you sunk in again.

“Fine, but you asked for it,” you warned as you grabbed her hips. You ratcheted up the speed as quickly as you could manage, shoving your dick in and out of her at speeds that would make quantum physics break down. Only a few thrusts in and she squealed in pleasure.

“A-Aren’t you gonna…” she asked timidly, as if all of her research was wrong.

“Heh, that’s the Anon Special right there. I’m not a two-pump chump like your wimpy stallions.”

“How do you know about that, didn’t you say you didn’t know about Equestrian mating habits?”

Fuck. Lie time, “Atlas told me. Turns out he likes to talk about his dick too. Shame I had to put him in his place.”

“So you did…”

“OH GOD NO! Jesus fuck, for the eighty ninth time I’m not fucking gay!”

“Sounds pretty gay to me.”

“Oh I’m gonna make you wish you hadn’t said that,” you growl, once again speeding up, “Is flooding your pussy with my jizz gay, huh?”

“D-Do it!” she screamed. You pistoned a few more times as the first ropes freed themselves from your tip, finally settling as deep within her purple pony pussy as possible as you rode out your orgasm.

“Shit, I had no idea I could even come that much! Did you do…”

She nodded innocently.

“Damnit Anon, I asked you for one thing, and you still found a way to fuck that up.” Atlas shouted, grabbing you in his magical aura and throwing you against a nearby wall. “And you, Twilight. I thought you were above this.”

“Atlas, this isn’t what it looks like-” Twilight exclaimed, watching him trot over to you.

“Say goodbye, Anon.” Atlas commanded, once again enveloping you in his blood-red magic.

“Goodbye?” you screamed, “Goodbye to what?”

“Atlas no!” Twilight yelled.


Act I - Have Atlas, Will Travel : Chapter 6 - Alternative Testing Procedures

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“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” you screamed, eyes screwed shut. Free of Atlas’s magic you crumpled to the ground weakly, only now feeling the force with which he threw you against that wall.

“You had to fuck that up, didn’t you,” Atlas’s voice came. A brief flash later and you were staring back at your favorite Changeling in the whole wide world, “I’m going to make you hurt.”

“Hold on, hold on!” you bargain, “Just chill, Em…”

She didn’t. You felt yourself fly against the bed, forced to sit at the very edge as she slowly, intimidatingly sauntered towards you. That would be sexy as fuck if she wasn’t about to castrate you. Fuck, it was still sexy; If your dick was going to go, it was going to go doing what it loved - being hard as fucking diamond.

“On second thought…” she paused, conflicted as she stared at your significantly altered anatomy, “It’d be a shame to let this dick go to waste…”

“Yep! Yeah… Definitely probably don’t want to cut that off and force feed it to me!”

“Wait you thought I was going to…” she winced, “Hive no! I have much worse ways to torture you that don’t involve getting rid of this beautiful thing.”

She stared at it with pure wonder, moving to place a hoof upon your leg for leverage so she could heft your massive schlong with her other hoof. As she drew upon you and casually stroked you the rest of the way to glorious erection, you once again noticed those menacing fangs. You might have been more scared of them now than you ever were before.

“Now this,” she admired, “This is a dick. Twilight do this?”

“Yeah she uh…”

“Finally, no more of that puny shriveled disappointment. Welcome to being a real stallion.”

“Wow, uh… Guess you were serious when you said you had other ways to hurt me…”

“Hive I’m going to fucking swallow you whole. I haven’t seen a dick this big since the last time I was in Zebrica.”

Her mouth was now imperceptibly close to you, her breath sending shivers down your spine as it washed over your head. There was a glint in her eyes as she opened wide, letting you come to rest against her warm, green tongue.

“I-I didn’t know ponies did blowjobs…” you admitted, shivering at the minimal contact. She didn’t respond, just closed her mouth around your head, letting her tongue wash against the underside of your shaft. You heard, and then felt a low hum of satisfaction.

Before long she lowered herself down on you. Her fangs were just wide enough that you could feel them scrape alongside you as she descended, a rough scratching friction that both terrified you and heightened the experience.

“Oh god… This is nothing like…” you started. Nothing like what, you wondered to yourself. Nothing like anything else you decided.

Suddenly she started bobbing on your shaft, quickly increasing speed and depth until you realized she had to be taking you into her throat and she hadn’t even hesitated!

“Fuck, Em! I knew you were jealous, but this is one hell of a way to show it.”

She stopped, pulling her mouth away with a wet squelch, “I told you, Em isn’t jealous,” she cried, “Atlas is!”

“Well I hate to break it to you, but I really don’t swing that way. No matter how many times you keep teasing me about it.”

“You’re not… That’s not what I meant.”

“Well what then?” you ask, pausing to think, “No way. Nuh uh. You like Twilight?”

“Atlas likes-” she tried to correct.

“Oh my god, that’s why you’ve been so weird about me fucking her. Like at first I thought you just wanted me to yourself but with Cornflower and all…” you took a breath, “Wow, Em.”

“You’re the worst, you know that?”

“I’m sorry,” you apologize, genuinely hurt by the realization, “I really am. If I would have known…”

“You did know! I told you!”

“Em, you- Atlas never told either of us. And, uh… He probably should’ve,” you hinted, “I think that might have prevented a lot of this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me tell you what actually happened,” you start, pulling yourself up into a more comfortable position on the bed before patting the area next to you. After a moment, Metamora grudgingly joined you. “So to start out, I would like to note that I turned her down like five times. I mean we eventually did go ahead and… so there’s that, but I genuinely tried, Em.”

“For all that was worth,” she deadpanned.

“Hey! Can you maybe just bottle up that anger for a bit. I promise you can be angry at me all you want later, but at least let me tell you why first.”

She didn’t say anything in return this time, so you just pulled her a little closer alongside you, preparing to delve into your story.

“So Twilight was in estrus,” you start, seeing the shock on Metamora’s face, “but hold on, okay, she said it was safe!”


“Hey, Em, please? Be mad at me later. You can beat me up or suck me off or whatever, just… I need to explain myself, okay?”

“Okay,” she harrumphed.

“So she tells me what that means, and that she’s in actual physical pain because she can’t find a stallion to fill this purely biological need,” you continue. “She asked me to fill that need. She was crying, and in pain, and I did what a friend would do. I did what she needed.”

“Why didn’t she ask me - er, Atlas?”

“Oh, now that I know all the angles, I think she wanted to…” you hint, “She said everyone else she could ask was complicated. You know what else is complicated? Love - the kind you have, not the kind you eat.”

“I- uh…” she thought for a moment, “And you’re not complicated? You’re always all over the place and I can’t stand how hard it is to stay mad at you.”

“I asked the same thing. But no, not to her. To Twilight I’m just a dick with legs. I would have been offended, but you know me. And I realized, you and Twilight have a lot in common in that regard. You’re both part of this bright, happy world full of wonder and amazement, but neither of you can figure out how to be a part of it. I understand why you’re scared, why Atlas would be scared, to take chances, but you need to live a little, Em. You’re afraid, scared of what might happen if you chase what you want to happen.”

“Anon, for being such a dick all the time, you’re surprisingly not a dick all the time. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.”

“Really? You’re not angry that you missed out on steamy heat sex with the mare of your dreams?”

“And there you go again. You know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she decided, getting back up from the bed.

“What are you doing?” you ask quizzically.

“I’m going to finish what I started,” she said with a sultry wink, “Now get over here and choke me with your fucking meat cannon.”

“Holy shit, Em. The fuck did this come from?”

“Right now?” she asked, “I’m hungry. Teleportation takes so much energy.”

“And um…” you started, scooting to sit on the edge of the bed once more, “meat cannon?”

“Shut up. Don’t worry about it. Less making me talk and more making me suck,” she commanded, letting her mouth hang open with her tongue out.

“Hold on…” you ask, “Door’s locked this time?”

She nodded.

“Then if you insist…” you acquiesce, lopping your enhanced erection right in front of her waiting maw. You rocked your hips forward only as far as it took to make contact with her tongue. As soon as this happened, she dove back into action, working overtime to fit your magically magnified meat in her mouth.

You reveled in this feeling. Her soft, attentive tongue danced along you as she coaxed you down her throat. You felt her rippling along your length as she tried in vain to swallow. But she didn’t once choke, didn’t once gag or struggle for breath. She just kept going, sliding up your length to let her tongue play along your head, then delving back down in one smooth, rapid motion. It made you just the tiniest bit jealous when you realized that you definitely weren’t the first creature she had used this talent on. This ability was something learned.

“Em, hold on,” you coax, “This is really doing it for me, but I need something to do with my hands.”

She stopped and looked up at you, dick still deep inside her mouth. You almost came just from the sight.

“Just, fuck, come on,” you directed, pushing her off of you. You hefted yourself up onto the bed and laid back against the sheets, “Jump on up here.”

“Anon what are you-” she asked, complying with your request and jumping up alongside you. As soon as she brought herself within reach, you struck. You grabbed her, still in awe at how light she was, spinning her around so her head once again acquainted itself with your towering dick, while you got a view that nothing could compete with. Your mare - she was your mare, right - was soaking wet, her deep grey lips plastered in her fluids.

She jumped back into action as soon as she realized what the change of scenery for both of you meant. Her enthusiastic motions came with much more noise, something that only seemed to egg her on further. As she got back into the swing of things, you determined now would be a great time to invoke a little bit of digital interaction. You grabbed her tail right where it met her body and steadied her with a firm grip. Your other hand moved to brush against her marehood, first with light strokes in no particular pattern.

This added sensation only kicked her into the next gear, her vicious motions disturbed only by the occasional moan or squeal - you couldn’t tell whether your dick or your hands were driving her verbal excitement. All you cared about right now was giving back. You quickly switched to more stimulating motions, thrusting two fingers in and out of her winking slit at great speed. You could tell this was having an enormous effect on her, much the same as she was drawing you towards your peak.

You were, for the first time since you met this little bug, going to cum before she was! You needed an edge - and then you remembered. You remembered how wild you drove her the other day when you hit that one spot. It was just… a little… deeper.

Nailed it. You found the spongier feeling area you were looking for with relative ease, pressing hard against it as you felt the first ropes of your impending orgasm prepare for launch.

She froze, sheathing you completely within her throat as both of you came in tandem. You watched as her hind legs shivered slightly where they rest, her entire body slack against yours.

Everything felt perfect, like nothing could interrupt this peaceful moment you two shared. She just laid there, upside down in your arms, neither of you saying anything in the hopes that you could forget the inevitable march of time.

Knock Knock

“Shit!” Metamora whispered, scrambling onto her hooves.

“Chill, we locked the door this time.” You whisper back.

Knock Knock

You got up to answer the door, Metamora transforming to Atlas and magically sorting the evidence of your affairs.

You open the door slowly, expecting to see your favorite innkeeper, except where her head would have been there was the immaculate alabaster chest of a much larger creature. Now would have been a great time for pants.

“Wow, uh… You’re tall for a pony.”

Act I - Have Atlas, Will Travel : Chapter 7 - Sun-intended Consequences

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“You’re bigger than I was told as well…” the visitor at your door responded, glancing between your legs. Her voice was warm and maternal, calling to you in ways you’d never known before.

“Damn. I don’t even know who you are and the first words out of your mouth are about how big my dick is? I think I like you!” you start, realizing you were missing something, “Uh… Who are you tho?”

“Princess Celestia!” Atlas called out, rushing to the door and lowering his head in reverence.

“Hello, dear Atlas! How go your studies?” she asked in acknowledgment.

“I, uh… They’re great. In fact just the other day I…” he trailed off, “Actually I’m much more interested in what brings you here, to be honest.”

“’Tis not a what, but a whom,” came a second voice you hadn’t noticed before. Princess Celestia shuffled to the side, revealing a slightly smaller but still very large pony, a deep navy coat of fur contrasting sharply with the Princess’s pure white. “Ah, sister. You are right. Twilight did so grossly underestimate in what she reported to us.”

“Princess Luna?” Atlas asked, his voice cracking just the tiniest amount. Shit, two princesses. Damn your day was going fine.

“Yes, Atlas. Like my sister said, we’re here to see somepony very specific.”

“Hey! That’s me right?” you ask, two thumbs pointed directly at your chest. “Fuckin’ score!”

“Well it seems like Twilight did accurately describe some of your mannerisms.” Celestia observed, “But yes. We have come to speak with you, Anon. Your existence is of great interest to the crown.”

“So, uh… What can I do for you ladies then?” you ask, bracing yourself against one side of the door. Atlas had since fetched the third pair of your clothes, nudging you as if to suggest you consider putting them on. “Oh shit! Pants!” You snatched them out of Atlas’s magic and darted into the bathroom right next to you, dressing as quickly as you could with the door still open enough that you could see Atlas sweating the attention now focused on him.

“Twilight told us that he was fond of such clothing,” you overheard Luna say. “‘Twas quite the curiosity to see that not the case.”

“Ah well, you see…” Atlas hesitated, rubbing his neck with a hoof, “He uh…”

You emerged, “Just a few minutes ago I was busy fucking Twilight’s brains out, and Atlas - being the dickbag that he is - fucking teleported me back here without my damn clothes.”

“You mean Twilight Sparkle?” Celestia asked, her concerned tone new to you. She refocused on you, her voice suddenly serious “You fucked my protégé?”

“Whoa! What’s with everyone’s fucking judgment boner over who I choose to put my dick in?” you scream, “You know what, I don’t care if you two are fucking princesses. Twilight is a fucking adult and she asked me! She was in heat and I was who she came to for relief. So fuckin’ turn down. I’m so not down for this whole social justice horse thing.”

“You fucked my protégé while she was in heat?” came the even more furious voice of the white-furred princess. You could feel the visceral heat of her anger as if she were actually on fire.

“Sister, Anon has a point. Twilight is a grown mare and may make her own decisions now. You’re being unreasonable.”

The temperature dropped back down the ten degrees it had risen in those tense few moments, Celestia’s expression softening slightly. You let out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding onto.

“Sorry, Anon. Luna is right. Twilight is no longer a little schoolfilly and it would appear that she has made up her own mind about intimacy. But do promise me that you treated her well.”

“Yes ma’am. I did everything she asked. We both enjoyed it.”

“And I assume you took the necessary precautions so that she should not be with foal?” Luna interjected.

“That’s what she told me.”

“Fine.” Celestia conceded, “Though if I find out you’ve hurt her there will be no place you can hide inside my kingdom or out where my wrath cannot find you.”

“I think I’m supposed to be intimidated by that, but instead I’m actually kinda turned on…” you admit.

“Exactly like Twilight described.” Luna giggled to herself.

“Right. So, uh… What can I do for you two other than exceed your expectations with my dick?” you ask. Luna giggled once more while Celestia tried to keep from cracking a smile.

“Well first, Anon, would you be a gentlecolt and invite us in?” Celestia asked, that smile making an appearance anyway.

“Oh, uh… Yeah, you can come inside whenever you want…” you stop, “That didn’t come out right. Just, uh… Follow me.”

Luna evidently found this just as funny, attempting to stifle her laughter with a hoof.

“I’m sorry, my Princesses, would I have known I was expecting visitors I would have asked Cornflower for a larger suite.”

“And how would you be paying for that, Mr. Atlas” you whispered to him, imitating her bright, airy voice. He in turn kicked firmly at the back of your leg with one of his hooves.

“‘Tis no trouble at all. ” Luna answered, “We anticipate this to be a rather quick conversation.”

“Indeed, we have only a bit to talk about, and an offer for both of you that should be of some interest.”

“Thank you for your flexibility,” Atlas groveled, “It is a shame that Twilight isn’t here. She does so love seeing you two.”


“ATLAS NO!” Twilight screamed, ready to do …something. She looked ultimately disheveled, her mane a mess and her cheeks matted with tears. She blinked a few times at the sight in front of her as she tried to rationalize what was going on, “Atlas you went to the Princesses? You’d waste their time on this?”

“Actually they um-” you started before she cut you off.

“Anon! Oh thank goodness you’re okay! I thought for sure Atlas was going to…” she paused, “Wait if Atlas didn’t send for the Princesses, why are they-”

“Twilight! Dost thou often speak of others as if they are not there?” Luna gasped, seemingly offended.

“Yup. She sure does,” you answer, definitely not holding a grudge.

“I’m sorry, I just…” Twilight trailed off, “Why are you here? I never see you anymore!”

“We came to speak to Anon, Twilight.” Celestia answered, “He is the subject of great interest in Canterlot from the reports you submitted.”

“The reports where you told them my dick was small?” you ask, staring lasers into Twilight.

“It was a statement of fact! A purely anatomical observation! I merely noted that your phallus was substandard in comparison to the average stallion.”

“Twilight that’s a rather unkind thing to say in front of someone…” Atlas interrupted. Man you really felt like shit if even Atlas was going to stick up for you.

“Why do you think that when we…” Twilight started, “Actually… can we discuss this another time?”

“Oh, there’s no need Twilight. Anon told us of your indiscretion.” Celestia hissed, the disappointment in her voice venomous.

“He what uh… What did he tell you?”

“Everything, Twi,” you answered, “But I don’t regret anything. Do you?”

“No! You’re right! Celestia, I made a choice! I know you’re always trying to protect me, but this was my decision! And it was fucking wonderful!”

“That topic was broached as well, dear,” Luna informed, “Tia just needs a bit to get over the fact that her favorite little filly isn’t a little filly anymore.”

“Oh, uh…” Twilight hesitated, “Carry on then.”

“So then…” you ask, “I’m popular in Canterwhatever?”

“Canterlot” Atlas whispered at you.

“The fuck kinda word is that even?” you whisper back.

“Yes, Anon.” Celestia responded, “There are many nobles, and admittedly a Princess or two, that wish to make your acquaintance. And we wish to formally welcome you into Equestria with a great celebration.”

“Sweet! Look at me, Em! I’m fucking popular!” you yell at Atlas. He gave you a weird look back though. Must be jealous.

“M?” Twilight asked, the princesses both giving you looks as well. Shit.

“Yeah, M for map. Cause Atlas’s ass picture is a map. Can we pause for one moment to say that I haven’t once brought up how weird it is that all of you have a fucking fur decal back there?”

“Cutie mark.” Atlas corrected under his breath.

“Shit, man. That sounds fucking gay as hell. I’d go with ass picture if I were you.”

Luna evidently thought this was hilarious, giggling once again with that infectious sound that was so anti-parallel to her otherwise old-world charm.

“Anyway, to get to the real point of why we’re here,” Celestia redirected, “Anon, we’d like to ask if you’d be willing to come to Canterlot, the capital of Equestria. We’d like to offer you a chance to meet the Equestrian nobility find out more about our history and culture. In turn we would also like to talk of your world as well.”

“You said there’d be a party, right?” you reiterate, “Sign me the fuck up then.”

“Wonderful!” Luna exclaimed, banging her hooves together in what sounded roughly like clapping.

“And Atlas, I presume you’d like to come along as well,” Celestia continued, “Both to act as Anon’s guide and to be recognized for your rather unorthodox contribution to your field?”

“Oh, I don’t intend to let Anon out of my sight. He’s like a foal in that way, always needs constant supervision.”

“Thank you, Atlas,” she responded, her voice dropping to a whisper - which you still heard - “And thanks for reading between the lines.”

“Hey! I don’t need a fucking babysitter!” you snapped, “Atlas if you treat me like a child I’ll… I’ll behave like one!”

“That’s an empty threat, since you already do that anyway.” Atlas jeered. Man you really hated him sometimes.

“Can I come with?” Twilight asked eagerly.

“No, Twilight. You’ve done quite enough already.” Celestia reprimanded.

“But I…” she paused. You weren’t sure if the disappointment of her mentor or the childlike treatment hurt her more, but the tears on her face were real either way.

“Twilight,” Luna called, nuzzling against the purple pony, “What my sister means to say is that you have important work still to do here in Ponyville. There is still much concern over your reports of increased Changeling activity. We must root out that threat before it is in our midst.”

“That’s not fair! I’m as much a part of this discovery as Atlas!” Twilight whined,

“Actually,” you replied, “You only dosed me with fucking fairy dust, blew magical bubbles in my face, and then magically elongated my dick to use as a tool to satisfy yourself. Kinda self serving in the long run, even if I’m grateful for the enhancement.”

“Yes, Twilight. Do not take credit where it is not yours to take. It’s quite unbecoming.” Celestia condescended.

“It’ll be alright, Twilight. I’m sure you’ll be able to come up as soon as the Changelings aren’t in the Everfree anymore,” Atlas consoled.

“Yeah!” you exclaim, “Maybe they’ll head to Canterlot next and you’ll have to come save me from a scary bug that wants to suck the love out of me, amongst other things!”

“What a vivid imagination!” Luna exclaimed, “Anyhow, we must be going should we intend to make landfall before it is time to set the sun.”

“Yes. Goodbye Twilight,” Celestia concluded, lighting her horn. You felt the warm caress of magic once more as you were enveloped in a golden aura, watching as Atlas was enveloped as well by the same field. Luna enshrouded herself in her own deep blue aether as all of the sudden reality blinked briefly out of existence.

Before you had a moment to admire the transient nothingness, you had arrived.

“Tia! We wished to fly back to Canterlot!” Luna whined.

“Not right now Luna. I’m not in the mood.”


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Act II - Capitol Punishment : Chapter 1 - Can't or Won't?

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The four of you all sat within the royal dining hall, Celestia and Luna at either head of the table, with you and Atlas sitting opposite each other in the middle. Watching ponies sit was such a weird thing, but you really weren’t too worried about that. What worried you more was the fact that you were eating oatmeal and you actually enjoyed it. The simple pleasures of life always seemed to come to you at the strangest times, and now was no exception. You caught yourself questioning your sanity when you realized that the subtle notes of vanilla and, of all things, lavender made you momentarily forget the degree to which you were willing to forgive, or even commit, great atrocity in the quest for animal meat.

“I trust you all slept well” Celestia asked, smiling softly at you. Of course you slept well. You could swim laps in the oversized bed you’d found yourself in. Of course spending a night without Em was now unusual, but you two had decided that would be too large a risk at this point.

“Yes, your Highness.” Atlas agreed, “We are immensely grateful for the truly magnificent accommodations.”

“Yeah. Beats everything in Ponyville except the innkeeper,” you add, “I can’t seem to mess with your maids as easily as I could embarrass Cornflower. They’re way too serious!”

“We shall fire them all at once!” Luna exclaimed.

“Whoa, that’s not necessary,” Atlas cautioned, “right Anon?”

“Yeah, I just expected a bit more shock when they walked in on me with my dick rock hard,” you admitted, “But no, it was just a polite apology and they disappeared! They didn’t even respond when I propositioned them! I was hoping for at least a gasp of surprise or maybe an eventual look of curiosity!”

“In all my years, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anypony complain about the absence of unprofessional behavior,” Celestia laughed, “But I believe our staff have acted in accordance with their training and expectations, don’t you Luna?”

She simply nodded as Atlas, as per usual, looked at you with disgust.

“But no,” you redirected, “It really beats sharing a tiny room with Atlas. He takes up all the bed, hogs the covers, and snores like a log!”

“Atlas, you shared your bed with Anon?” Luna asked, cocking her head.

“Wait no! Hold on. Never mind! I slept on the floor! I take it back!”

“How unorthodox!” Luna giggled, “It is not every day that you would see two stallions lay with one another.”

“Wait! I didn’t…” you tried, “We didn’t sleep together if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“We did share the bed,” Atlas said. Fuck him for throwing you under the bus, “But I have not lain with him. Our arrangement was simply an exercise in frugality. The bed was sizable and more than large enough for both of us. Although, Anon, you never brought those complaints to me. I would have been more mindful of my accommodations.” Okay, nevermind then. Bro status reinstated.

“Yeah…” you agreed, “Atlas asked if I wanted a separate room, but I still don’t understand how money works here so I didn’t want to break the bank. Um, you guys have banks right?”

“Well I applaud your resourcefulness, Atlas. You’ve always been one to go above and beyond, and this is no exception to what I’ve come to expect from you.” Celestia applauded, something more than just kindness in her voice. You chewed on what it was that you were hearing, while you also continued to munch on your breakfast, just as confused by her behavior as you were by your newfound herbivorous tendencies.

“So shall we discuss that which is planned for Anon’s visit?” Luna asked, turned towards Celestia.

“I suppose that we should.” Celestia acquiesced, “Unfortunately, as it would appear, Luna and I will be quite busy today. We hoped that we could earmark today to introduce you to the royal court and then provide you with a tour of Canterlot. However, other matters beleaguer the court today and we shall both be quite busy in ensuring that we address today’s concerns, and free up time for our ambitions for the next several days.”

“It’s cool,” you sigh, “I guess hanging out with two princesses all day was probably a bit much to hope for.”

“Anon! ‘Twas not our intention to leave you to your own devices. But the needs of the empire prevail, and while you will be here tomorrow, the threat of Changeling activity within our borders must not.”

“Wait, what’s this about Changelings?” you ask, “I keep hearing about them, but I don’t understand why they’re so frightening.”

“Changelings are the antithesis of all that we stand for,” Celestia began, her eyes distant, “They take that which is not theirs, pervert the beauty of love by consuming it, and their continued actions undermine the sovereignty of Equestria. They have no concept of diplomacy, and would take the throne only to burn it to the ground. They are a disease, Anon, one that must be cured.”

“Hold on here… You’re planning to eradicate them?” you ask, “An entire species just because you don’t agree with their ideology?”

“Anon, stop.” Atlas called, except you weren’t sure those words were his.

“No, this shit’s fucked up! My world’s darkest moments all center around one man who used the same concepts to justify unspeakable evils.”

“We don’t mean to eradicate them,” Celestia tried to correct, “Only to defend our soil from them. They are not our concern outside our borders.”

“Wouldn’t they starve out then?”

“Like I said, that would not be our concern.”

“Fuck,” you sighed, trying to balance the morality on a topic where you were woefully uninformed.

“Anyway, as for today’s activities… Atlas,” Celestia asked, “Do you think you would be able to show Anon around the city?”

“Yes, your Highness! What would you like me to show him?”

“I trust your judgment, Atlas. You’ve always been exceptionally good at knowing your way around.”

“Thank you.”

“No, Atlas,” Celestia corrected, “Thank you. I know you’ll give Anon a wholesome introduction to our wonderful city. We shall plan to reconvene tomorrow at the same time.”

Canterlot was so much larger than Ponyville. The cobblestone streets and more pristine architecture gave it a distinctly emotionless feeling. That didn’t really surprise you though. It was just like the metropolises of your world, a city for business, too fast for emotions or feelings to matter. Nonetheless, you were in awe of the sheer breadth of everything. From the towering castle that took fifteen minutes to traverse to the radial layout of streets that seemed to, just like your world, have been outgrown and outmoded. Something kept coming back to your mind, and the coldness of the city around you did not help.

You had been walking for several hours, Atlas calling out all kinds of absurd trivia and talking at length about each shop, restaurant, museum, or other attraction you passed by. It was ultimately overwhelming, but you tried your best to listen, not because you expected to ever need this knowledge, but because Atlas was so engrossed in it. Eventually you started to break from the main thoroughfares on to quieter streets that gave Atlas less to talk about and opened up a great amount of dead air for you to pollute. So you did.

“I don’t know how I feel about all this Changeling stuff, Atlas,” you said out of nowhere, breaking a solid silence that had really been wearing on you.

“Anon, we really shouldn’t be talking about this.” Atlas chided as he kept on walking.

“No, Atlas. I’m serious about this. And not just because…” you paused, “You know I’m never serious, but I’ve seen this play out before. I don’t want the same poor judgment to become history here.”

“You know, if you saw this from the pony side, I think you’d agree with them.” Atlas said.

“Em!” you whispered in disbelief, “You can’t be serious?”

“Changelings have a long and storied history of causing great harm to many societies. Changelings have killed hundreds if not thousands of ponies both in defense of their station and as a result of their primary function of extracting love. Why would any sane leader allow such a threat to survive? Simply exiling them from sovereign lands is what many would consider a foolishly gracious endeavor.”

“There has to be a better way!” you declare, “Killing an entire race because-”

“I admire your ambition, Anon,” Atlas began, rounding the corner onto a smaller street, “But this is bigger than you, bigger than me. This is bigger even than the princesses, but yet they find themselves bearing this weight.”

“I don’t see why this can’t be solved peacefully.”

“You heard Celestia, Changelings aren’t interested in diplomacy. All it’s ever gotten us-” Atlas stuttered, “All it’s ever gotten them are lies and empty promises.”

“That doesn’t sound like diplomacy then.”

“So believe the Changelings, but even if there were an accord to settle this, there’s no way there’s enough love to sustain both ponies and Changelings.”

“Love is infinite, Atlas! You don’t just run out of it after you love something. No, when you love something it multiplies, it grows, it keeps going. And when someone loves you back…” you trail off.

“Nopony would ever truly love a Changeling!” Atlas spat, staring at you as if you had delivered him the greatest offense of his life.

“Why not?” you ask, “I’m falling for one.”

Atlas pulled you quickly off into a narrow corridor between two buildings, pinning you up against the wall and rising on his hindlegs to get as close to your stature as possible. His lips were curled in a vicious snarl.

“No you’re not.” Atlas growled, except it wasn’t Atlas’s voice that came out. “Don’t say that. You’re only lying to yourself if you honestly believe that.”

“Em,” you calm, staring softly down at Atlas, “I’ve spent my entire life lying to myself. This isn’t that. Whatever you say, I know how I feel.”

“You’re only hurting yourself, Anon. This is what Changelings do! They convince you that you love whatever disguise they’re wearing, they feed on you. Except you’re so weak willed I didn’t even need a disguise!”

“Em, thats not true-”

“It is, Anon. You’re a meal to me. I’d leave you the second you stop feeding me.”

“No you wouldn’t,” you countered, sure of yourself.

“Fine, leave. See if I follow you!” her voice called out, as Atlas let go of you.

“I’m not going to do that,” you declared. Atlas’s eyes widened.

“I can’t love you back, Anon. It’ll always feel like it, you’ll always believe it’s real, but it’s not. I’ll always be keeping every ounce of love for myself.”

“I don’t think that’s true either. To love someone doesn’t strip you of love, it produces it.”

“For you maybe, but Changelings can’t produce love! Do you think we’d be where we were if we could generate our own love?”

“I think you just need to learn how.”

“It could never happen! It’s not possible!”

“Just like nobody would ever truly love a Changeling?”

“That’s not a thing either! You’re deluding yourself.”

“Well there’s only way to find out. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll keep feeding you, loving you, keeping your secret safe if you promise you’ll try to open your mind to the possibility of love.”

“You can’t-” came her voice, “I can’t…”

“I thought you wanted to be the best Changeling there is! You learn how to produce love and you’d be a hero.”

“You’re right. I owe it to the hive to at least try.”

“Then c’mon… and change into a mare real quick. I’m taking you on a date,” you commanded, “Um… but you gotta pay. You know, broke and all.”

A figure, black as tar, moved in the distance, alighting quickly and disappearing in the sky against the backdrop of a setting sun.

Act II - Capitol Punishment : Chapter 2 - Reservations

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“Emerald, huh?” you asked, looking to the mare next to you. “Figured you would have done something more, I dunno, inspired.”

“Anon! You asked me to create a new disguise in an alley. I didn’t exactly have time to meditate on the concept.”

“Fine, it’s…” you pause, looking over the newly minted form of Emerald Jewel, a vibrant green unicorn with rich yellow eyes and a darker green mane and tail. “It doesn’t matter what you look like, Em. Wait… shit, I can still call you Em like this! I take it all back. And uh… thanks for keeping the voice.”

“I know you like it,” she hinted, “you always perk up when I talk.”

“It’s almost like I like you or something,” you deadpan, bursting moments later into a wicked grin.

“You’re still an idiot.”

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot. And you’re not getting rid of me until you don’t want to anymore.”

“I still don’t understand why you’re so obsessed with me,” she admitted, starting a slow waltz down the avenue.

“Do you really want to know?”

“I'm not sure. Tell me anyway.”

“Way I see it there’s three reasons I like you. The first is that you’re a freaky sex maniac, and that kinda thing is right up my alley. The second is that you’ve been there for me this whole time, even if you keep saying it’s for selfish reasons. And the third reason,” you pause, “the third reason hits closer to home.”

“And what is that?”

“You remind me of me.”

I remind you of yourself? I knew you were self-centered, but that’s a laugh.”

“No, Em. Not in a good way. We’re both broken, both outcasts. We both hurt.”

“Hive, you really know how to bring down the room, don’t you.”

“I uh…” you pause, “You told me you wanted me to tell you.”

“You’re right. But I’m not sure if that makes more or less sense than when I didn’t know.”

“It’s not supposed to make sense, Em. Love hardly ever does,” man you felt weird, you weren’t normally a romantic kinda guy, but there was something about this tiny bughorse that just kept eating at you. Maybe it was some deranged kind of hero complex, maybe it was your dick talking, maybe she was right and it was all fake. No, fuck that, you know what’s real and what’s not. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter. You knew what you felt, and she would understand eventually.

“Oh, we’re almost here, Anon!” she called, focusing on an ornate stone-block building right on the corner of the next block.

“Where is here again?” you ask, having forgotten the name of the restaurant.

“This,” she waved with a hoof, “is Le Château du Cheval. One of the most prominent restaurants in all of Canterlot.”

“Jeez, I feel like I can barely afford to say the name of the place. It’s fucking perfect, Em. Let’s go,” you prodded, picking up your pace just a bit. You rounded the corner onto the busy street where the entrance was, and made your way up a few steps and through the towering wooden doors.

“Welcome to Le Château du Cheval, my name is Perchance and I would be happy to help you tonight,” came the voice of a beaming white unicorn stallion with a fiery red mane.

“Great, do you perchance have a table for two?” you snickered.

“Do you perchance have a reservation?” he derided, you could tell that joke was beyond old to him.

“Uh… Nope.”

“Well, sir. I’m afraid we’re all booked for the evening.”

“Dude, I can see behind you. The place is fucking empty.”

“Sir I’m afraid a reservation is required. You might consider a more appropriate venue. There is a fast-food shack not but three blocks from here.”

“Did you just?” you asked, a fury building inside of you, “Em, did he just? You know what, fuck this. This morning I ate breakfast with the fucking princesses, I don’t have to deal with this. And when I shit that out, it’ll still taste better than whatever shit you serve back there. C’mon Em, we’re leaving”

“Have a fine rest of your evening sir, madam.”

You stormed back down the steps and mindlessly headed in the direction of the hayburger joint, your date in tow.

“Anon, that was embarrassing!” Em called.

“He fucking turned us away! And I don’t think for a second it had anything to do with a reservation.”

“Even so, acting like that was-”

“Em, he insulted us. He decided we weren’t worthy to eat there because, I don’t know, the way I talk, the way we’re dressed,” you vent, “We deserve better than that… you deserve better than that. I just wanted to take you on a nice date, but I can’t take you on a date, I can’t get us into a restaurant, and now I’m fucking mad over some shitbag with an ego bigger than his dick.”

“Anon, you never had to take me on a date. This is all pointless anyway.”

“No, Em. It’s not fucking pointless,” you yell, “I fucking like you okay? I know you don’t get that, I know you’re only thinking the worst, but I know this is real. But evidently even here I can’t go on a fucking date without screwing shit up.”

“Does this really mean that much to you?”

You!” you pause, turning to her, “You mean that much to me. Em, you’re all I’ve got here, my only real friend, the one thing I understand in this completely upside down world that baffles me at every turn. And now I have feelings for you and just like every other relationship in my life I manage to shit all over it.”

“You were right, you know.”

“Right? Right about what?”

“We are a lot alike. If what you said is true, it seems like we’re both disadvantaged when it comes to matters of the heart.”

“I don’t want to be,” you respond, “Do you?”

“I-” she stammered, looking down at her hooves, “That’s not my choice.”

“Of course it’s your choice!” you start, dropping to a whisper, “You’re a fucking Changeling! You can be whatever you want!”

“Not this. I can’t be what you want.”

“Who says, huh?” you ask, “Some angry ponies that just want to see you cease to exist? Your hive that, from your accounts, is clinging to life by a thread? Don’t let anyone define you, Em.”

“Anon, that’s-”

“No, Em. I don’t care what anyone thinks, what anyone says. I know that somewhere deep inside of you is the ability to love. I think you know that too. That’s why you’re trying to ward me off. You’re not scared that I’m falling for you, you’re scared that I might be right - that you might one day fall for me.”

“Stop!” she cried, a tear rolling down the jade fur of her cheek, “You’re wrong! There’s no love of my own inside me, Anon. I’m a container, a vessel. There’s no part of me that isn’t designed to consume the very feeling I’ve seeded in your mind.”

“I refuse to believe that you’re incapable of love, Em. There’s got to be some part of you that wants this, because the alternative hurts too much.”

“What’s the alternative?”

“That maybe I’m incapable of true love too.”

“Anon…” she hesitated, not really sure what to do with that. They never were.

“You know what, can we maybe just drop it for now. I don’t want to argue with you anymore.”

“Okay, Anon. I’m sorry.”

“No, Em. Don’t be. We shouldn’t ever apologize for being real with each other. Now let’s go grab that burger…”

Your short trip to the burger joint felt so much longer than it actually was. Despite what you said, you couldn’t drop it. You didn’t understand this world, these ponies, Em. The whole political landscape, a brewing war, a heart that couldn’t be won. What if she was right? You certainly didn’t understand how magic worked, but from what you could tell even the most magically advanced ponies couldn’t even detect that she was a Changeling; how then could you hope to know if what you were feeling was real or just a disguise. But that meant considering the other possibility, that it wasn’t her disguise that gave rise to your feelings. No, more probable yet was the chance that you were the author of your own false emotion, that your brewing love for this Changeling was just a ruse, and you were lying to her as much as yourself. Fuck.

“Sir, your order?” came a voice, “Sir can ya’ hear me?”

“Anon” Em nudged, shaking you finally from your thoughts.

“Uh… Shit, I’ll have whatever she got.”

“That’s two haystack fries, two Dodge Ranch burgers, and two vanilla milkshakes, coming right up. Go ahead and find a seat and we’ll bring it right out to ya’,” came the voice of the young stallion at the register, his accent both strange for this world and familiar to yours.

“Uh… Thanks,” you said as your date slipped a few bits over the counter to the cashier. You walked away, still a bit dazed, and grabbed a seat at the nearest table. Em followed closely behind, hopping into the seat across from you. “Sorry about that… Uh, got a lot on my mind.”

“Must be hard for you,” Em joked, “Thinking with something other than your dick for once.”

“Ouch!” you reply, quickly back in a better mood, “Your words wound me, Emerald Jewel!”

“…which is surprising, normally it’s hard for me. Pervert.”

“Em! There could be foals around!” you giggle, looking around to the completely empty restaurant, “Uh… guess not.”

A young unicorn mare caught your glance as she levitated over your food, simply nodding at you and your date as the trays softly landed on your table.

“Shit, this actually looks good!” you said, staring at the enormous pile of breaded and fried onions, something that actually resembled a real burger, and a tall milkshake. All of the sudden shit didn’t feel so serious anymore, “To say something completely uncharacteristic, maybe I don’t need to relentlessly gorge myself on meat after all.”

“I’m sure you’re going to get your meat some other way…”

You did a double-take, “Em, was that a gay joke? You’re learning so fast!”

“Don’t remind me. I already have enough of you inside me.”

“Fuck, you keep saying shit like that and I’ll bend you right over this table and put a little more of me inside of you.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“You’re right,” you chuckle, “I doubt they’d let us go more than a minute before they called the cops. Or joined in… And, uh, I’m not sure that mare was of age.”

“That hasn’t stopped you before,” she quipped.

“Okay, come on. That was one time and it didn’t even count!” you whispered.

“Oh you know that’s not true. The only thing that couldn’t count after that was me.”

“I’m so conflicted right now! On one hand I’m so turned on right now, but on the other it’s because you’re taking the shit out on me.”

“I know which one wins out, pervert.”

“Then you better finish your burger quickly,” you suggest, biting off a large chunk of your own, “cause when it finally does win out, I’m going to take you right then and there. And I know you’d rather be choking on my meat cannon than that pile of disappointment anyday.”

“Teleport back to the castle?” she asked, fidgeting in her seat. Shit, she was as turned on as you were!

“Eh, on second thought,” you paused, stroking your chin, “I’m thinking I might just want to go straight to sleep.”

“Anon!” she squealed, her face beet red.

“Fine, Em… Let’s go.”

“I still think this is a futile exercise, but nonetheless,” Em looked away, blushing even more, “thank you for trying. It feels… different.”


Act II - Capitol Punishment : Chapter 3 - Royaltease

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“Anon!, We’re so glad you could join us,” Luna cheered, almost skipping down the corridor alongside you, “It is such a shame that Celestia won’t be able to meet us, but if we are to be honest, she harbors not the curiosity that we do.”

“Well, what are you curious about? I’m an open book!” you ask, following her unflinchingly into the depths of the castle.

“There are so many things, but please,” she prompted, “Let us wait until we’re both somewhere more comfortable before we engage in stimulating discourse.”

“Do you always talk like that?”

“What dost thou mean?”

“The old timey shit, you know with the we’s and the thou’s.”

“We were imprisoned on a moon for a millennium! ‘Tis not easy to catch up with a thousand years change in the vernacular.”

“That sounds like an interesting story… Can we talk about that too?” you ask,

“We would prefer not. It still is a subject of great anguish for us,” she said, looking to the ground as she mumbled something to herself, “Although, to not have heard the tale of Nightmare Moon… may it be that thy perception remains unblemished by our past?”

“What was that? Couldn’t hear you.”

“Nothing, ‘twas simply a musing of our own. Nothing you need concern yourself over.”

“Okay, uh…” you trailed off, not quite sure what was up, “Hey, are we almost there? I mean I know this castle is huge and all but this has been a fucking long ass time.”

“Dear Anon, my chambers are in the lowest levels of the castle, where the light ventures not of its own accord.”

“So you live in a basement? Neat!”

“Anon, ‘tis much more than a basement. Although there are those times where it feels as if we are similarly forgotten in these reaches, as would an item left to lie in storage for too long.”

“Right… Not just a basement. I’ve used that one before too. Didn’t end up getting laid that night.”

“Oh, were you hoping that you might, as the youth say, get lucky down here?”

“Uh, well… Not really, I mean who would I even… It’s just the two of us.”

“With whom? Dost thou truly not see the endless possibilities in thy view?”

“No, uh… Unless you’re seeing someone I’m not.”

“There is not one in this castle that would cater to your every desire, bend to your every whim, become whatever it is that you would desire?”

Fuck. How did she know? “Uh… Nope… just you, Celestia, and Atlas…”

“Oh… So within that group there exists not somepony with which you may be enamored?”

“Nope, just two princesses and an Atlas.”

“Well, ‘Tis a shame… We thought for certain that, given your past activities, your interests could be handily presumed.”

“Nope, uh… definitely no one here that turns my crank, or cranks my shaft or… whatever.”

“Are we not good enough, then?” Luna asked, her expression turning.

“Wait, you’re not talking about-”

“Tell us, Anon…” she interrupted, “How is it that you would mate Twilight Sparkle even upon her estrus, but you would not consider the affections of a more regal mare?”

“Oh jeez…” you sigh. You totally misread her line of questioning there, “Luna you’re not actually asking me if…”

“And if we were? Would thou not consider?”

“Shit, I didn’t think…” you hesitate, “You know how mad Celestia got when I fucked her student. Imagine if I, uh, you know, with her sister…”

“Celestia is not our keeper! She no longer gets to decide when and with whom we get to associate! For a thousand years our fields lay barren, much like the moon upon which we were exiled. Now upon our return we find that there still exists a drought, but instead one of the mind! No pony dares approach us with their affection for fear of the mare we were.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry… I just don’t… You’re a princess, and I’m just a dude with a really big dick.”

“Why must station always come upon these discussions? Are we not, underneath this regalia, a mare with needs?”

“Atlas would kill me…” you offer, trying anything to defray the offense you’ve imparted.

“What has he to do with this? You are not enamored with him, you have asserted most vocally that such is not the case.”

“I trust his judgment, and I know what he would say here.”

“Fine, we respect your decision, albeit sorrowfully. Nonetheless will thou join us still for conversation? There are still myriad topics upon which we hope you can sate our curiosity.”

“No funny business? No tying me up and forcing me to fuck you? Cause Atlas would still find a way to blame me for that.”

“You have our word. We shall not make undue advances toward you. Despite our assuredly most powerful desires,” she conditioned, drawing upon two delicately engraved wooden doors that were at least twice your height. “Now then, here we are…”

Luna pushed open the doors to reveal a dark, spacious room. It was lit only sparingly by soft candlelight, the majority of the room shrouded in just enough darkness. What you could see of it made you sure that the primary function of this room was to be Luna’s bedchamber, with a four-poster bed large enough to fit ten of you, casual seating for at least five, and various other accouterments like dressers, bookshelves, and a large desk dotting the perimeter. As she walked inside, you felt yourself drawn in as well, marveling at the fact that, despite the dim, eerie lighting, it still felt warm and inviting.

“What do you think? We so seldom have a chance to entertain guests. You have seen what so many other ponies could only begin to fathom.”

“It’s very impressive,” you agree, hoping not to further offend her, “It is an honor.”

“Well then, would you like the honor of giving a Princess a back massage? It is something that we cannot do with our hooves alone, and even something difficult to master with magic. All this running about has done no kindness to our muscles.

“I guess I can…”

“Great! Simply do as you will, and we can converse while you are occupied.”

You join Luna as she sits fully upon a nearby chaise lounge. Cautiously, your hands play along the soft fur of her back, and tangle in the ethereal nothingness of her mane.

“One curiosity we have is regarding your great interest in the fate of the Changelings…” Luna started, “It is interesting that you should take up the crusade for a species you haven’t known.”

“I uh…” you stammered, “Guess it all sounds so wrong in the abstract. I mean think of it from my perspective. You’ve just crashed into the middle of an alien world, and the first conflict you hear of is that of the dominant species conspiring to eliminate an entire race that stands in its way. It’s kind of jarring, especially given the otherwise sunshine-and-rainbows shit that goes on here.”

“When you put it as simply as that, yes. It does sound rather harsh. However that is ignorant of the vast majority of the concern. At issue is not whether we wish to eliminate a race that stands upon equal footing, but if we should let this lesser species, which is openly parasitic both in action and in ambition, continue to prosper upon the backs of our citizens.”

“That’s exactly the rhetoric that was used to justify the persecution of hundreds of thousands of people in my world.”

“We are not killing them, Anon.”

“That’s what they said at first too, when they started rounding them all up. Then it just became the logical next step when the camps started filling up.”

“Why should it be our duty to see to the wellbeing of that which would hope to destroy us?”

“Are you sure they would? Have you earnestly tried for a peaceful resolution? Have you even met a Changeling?”

Have you?” Luna asked, turning her neck and interrupting your gentle kneading of her back.

“Of course not!” you counter, maybe a bit too quickly. “I mean how could I?”

“That’s right. How could you meet one? Or rather, how would you be standing here if you had?”

“What do you mean?”

“Seldom, outside of bloody wars and dangerous diplomatic endeavors, has anypony been known to meet a Changeling and live. They devour love until there is none left to be given. A pony cannot survive after that.”

“Couldn’t they be taught to, I don’t know, share? It’s not like love is finite.”

“Anon, they don’t earn this love, they take it. There exists only so much love to be taken, even if there is no limit on what can be given freely”

“Then why can’t it be given to them?” you ask, kneading her back more sharply.

“Because, Anon. True love requires reciprocity. It is something that blossoms only in soil tended to by that selfsame thing. No matter our highest hopes, Changelings can’t produce love. Do you think they’d be reliant upon us if they could generate their own sustenance?”

“What if there was hope? What if they could produce love?”

“’Tis not possible. They are but a container, a vessel. There is no part of them that isn’t designed to consume love. ”

“What if that’s not true? Would you still hunt them if they could learn to change, not just in a fleeting sense, but as a whole?”

“Sh- …They can’t be what you want, Anon. Despite how bright and positive our world often is, underneath all of that are dark secrets that we carry with us unto the grave. This is one of those, and no matter your desires, the course is set. Changelings are a vestige of horrors that must not come to bear.”

“You know what, this is some real fucking shit.”

“Anon!” she gasped.

“Anon, you’ve got to be kidding me…” Atlas snapped, only being able to make out your hunched figure over Luna’s due to the darkness.

“Hold on wait! This isn’t what it looks like!” you called.

“I thought you’d learned your lesson after last time!”

“Hey! Atlas, chill. My pants are still fucking on, alright?”

“Then what in Tartarus are you doing?”

“Um… uh… Back massage?”

“Then why does Princess Luna look as though she’s gotten more than her back massaged?” Atlas questioned, eyebrow raised. You looked at the pony in front of you and realized that she looked quite pleased.

“Luna?” you ask,

“Hmm… Yes Anon?”

“Are you… Are you okay?”

“Oh yes, Anon… We are so much more than just okay.”

“Shit…” you realize, turning to Atlas, “Atlas did she…”


“Just from a back massage?”

“It would appear that way, if you are to be believed.”


“One thousand years, Anon… And in the thousand before that not a thing compared…”

“Fuck… Atlas you’ve gotta believe me on this one. I didn’t mean to!”

“You just made a princess cum for the first time in a thousand years. I hope you’re ready for the consequences of your actions…”

“Atlas, hold on! It’s not my fault…”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be apologizing to me if I were you. You may have awakened the only creature more libidinous than yourself.”

“Anon…” Luna moaned, “more!”

“Atlas, quick… Before she realizes you’re here. Go, run as fast as you can, go find Celestia. It’s too late for me, but you can save the rest of the castle, no, the rest of the world!”

“Where do you get these things from?” Atlas asks. “Now come on. We’re going to see the court. And Princess?”

“Hmm?” she sighs dreamily.

“When you’re feeling yourself, you should join us. We’ll be there when you’re ready.”

“Oh, leaving so soon? But the night is not yet upon us…”

“Goodbye Princess Luna,” Atlas closed as he ushered you out of her room.

Act II - Capitol Punishment : Chapter 4 - The Plot Thiccens

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“Thank you, Anon…” Celestia addressed you, “What you had to say about your world, and your willingness to answer our questions was quite informative. And with that, everypony, court is finished for the day. We shall reconvene tomorrow to assess the continued relevancy of the Changeling threat, and determine our actions. With that, I bid you all a good evening.”

The dozens of other ponies that filled the room filed out as you remained standing awkwardly next to the two ornate thrones that made up the focal point of the room. Just as the last of the ponies were filtering out, and you were preparing to step down from the dais, there was a commotion near the entrance that caught your attention. Suddenly, the wave of ponies leaving parted as a familiar face galloped through the door. As she entered, she slammed the wide metal doors of the throne room shut behind her, leaving only the four of you.

“Sister!” Luna screamed, “We have an important matter to discuss!”

“Calm down Luna, the court has already left for today. Whatever your concern, it must wait until tomorrow.”

“Tia! What we’ve discovered, ‘tis not a matter for the court. This is something we must handle directly.”

“What could be so important that-”

“Anon has withheld a secret from us!” Luna revealed, “And we have reason to believe Atlas is involved as well!”

“What?” Atlas panicked.

“Oh shit!” you cringed.

“Anon! Is this true?” Celestia asked, a look of shock decorating her face.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” you deny, holding up your hands defensively.

“You would lie in front of a princess?” Luna asked in shock, “Well, no matter. For we have firsthoof proof of the secrets he conceals. This is your last chance to come clean, Anon!”

“It’s true,” you start, hanging your head as Atlas warily watches you, “This entire time I’ve been-”

“That’s right!” Luna interrupted, “This entire time you’ve been a deity of the carnal arts! Sister, look upon what he hath done unto me with only the laying on of his hands!” she finished, turning to face away from the three of you and flagging her tail. Atlas’s eyes shot wide and his head snapped to attention. Celestia cocked her head to the side, a look of confusion spreading across her features.

“That’s uh…” you try, nodding towards the damp, matted fur under Luna’s tail “not my fault?”

“Blasphemy! While we were within my chambers you were able to bring us to orgasm with only the use of your delightful fingers.”

“Anon,” Celestia turned to you, “What my sister is saying… Did you do as she claims?”

“It’s not what it looks like! I had no idea that-” All of the sudden the temperature in the room doubled, and you suddenly found yourself on the ground with the wind knocked from your lungs. On top of you was a glowing white figure with a mane of actual fire.

“You would dare besmirch the crown by fucking my sister?” Celestia snarled. Shit, where did all those pointy teeth come from.

“Sister, no!” Luna exclaimed, tackling her solar counterpart off of you and onto her back, somehow not setting fire to the entire room in the process. “‘Twas our ambition that led Anon to pleasure us.”

“You insolent little shit,” Celestia snapped, quickly rolling to pin Luna underneath her, “That you would deign to lay with such a creature is an insult to all of Equestria!”

“Fuck, this might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” you mutter, trying to get back to your feet, “…in more ways than one.”

Hearing you pipe up seemed to refocus Celestia’s attention. She leapt from the upturned form of her sister and marched up so close to you that you had no choice but to back away for fear that you might spontaneously combust. Even though she didn’t quite come up to your stature, she was still quite intimidating.

“You’re about to wish your fall from the sky was fatal,” she growled, “Because you’re going to spend the rest of eternity wishing you were dead.”

“Princess! Stop!” came, of all ponies, Atlas’s voice. “He did not mate with your sister.”

Suddenly the flames in her mane extinguished and she leaned away from you, giving you a moment to breathe.

“It’s true!” Luna whimpered, having gotten back on all four hooves, “We were affected thusly by only a back massage, dear sister! Imagine the possibilities had he not refused our advances!”

“Refused your advances?” Celestia inquired.

“Yes, sister. It was so disappointing! First he claimed he was unwilling because we are a princess-”

“Uh… You are, though,” you interject.

“And then he denied us for fear of your wrath.”

“As well he should,” Celestia said flatly, staring first at her sister with a scowl, and then at you with, what… vague approval?

“But most hurtful of all, he turned down our advances upon the premise that Atlas would not have approved!”

“He was right.” Atlas nodded, giving you that same look Celestia did.

“It’s not fair!” Luna screamed, “For a thousand years we were exiled to the moon, and now that we return even yet fate conspires against our desires! We are the princess of the night. To be told off the carnal arts like some filly on her first heat - It’s embarrassing!”

“Luna, you can’t just-” Celestia started.

“I can do whatever I please!” Luna yelled back, stamping her hoof. Somehow hearing her use proper first person pronouns seemed to add an even further note of desperation.

“You truly wish to do this, sister?” Celestia asked, concern tempering her voice.

“We wish to be bedded like a real mare! We grow so weary of being treated as window decoration to your throne, sister.”

“Then, Anon, if you wish to proceed, you have my permission.”

“Wait, what?” you ask, your head whipping between Atlas, Luna, and Celestia in confusion, “Surely you’re not okay with this, Atlas.”

“Who am I to deny a princess that which she desires?” Atlas resigned.

“What say you then, Anon? Do you wish to see all that the night has to offer? We’ve been waiting for this moment for over a millennium, are you going to be the stallion to quench our thirst?”

“Fuck it,” you shrug, “Let’s do this.”

“Then let us retire again to our chambers, dear Anon,” Luna offered, beginning to light her horn.

“Not so fast,” Celestia countered, “You shall stay here so that I can ensure that Anon treats you well.”

“Sister!” Luna exclaims, “You wish to watch us be bred? How naughty! You truly must be curious about what you are missing!”

“I have no such desire!” Celestia argued, blushing fiercely.

“Holy fuck! Atlas are you seeing this shit?”

“Yup. I wouldn’t believe it either if I weren’t seeing it with my own two eyes.”

“I’m gonna fuck a princess!” you yell, theatrically ripping your clothes from your body. “Shit… Atlas, take a note. I’m gonna need more pants.”

Luna flinched at your display, her hungry gaze immediately locking on to your stiffening meat. She shivered as your look upon her quickly turned into a predatory stare. You sauntered over to her.

“My teachers always told me to shoot for the moon,” you joked, standing in front of the lusting princess, “But I don’t think they had this in mind.”

All of the sudden a new feeling washed over you. Power, that’s what this was, your power. As you rounded Luna , you reached out and grabbed a tight fistful of her mane, not at all concerned on how you managed to secure a grip upon her ethereal locks. You stepped behind her, realizing you were only a foot away from the shallow steps down from the dais, one of which would put you at the perfect height. With her mane held tight in one hand, and the other grabbing her around the midsection, you pulled her back so her inky black nethers sat exactly where you needed them. With her positioned just so, you took hold of your now all-but-erect member, laying the still unprecedented length of it across Luna’s back.

“Watch this shit, Sunbutt,” you growled, drinking in the look of shocked arousal on the sun princess’s face, “I’m about to make your baby sister my bitch.”

Both Luna and Celestia gasped at your statement, but neither acted to stop you in any way.

“Alright splotches, what say I put a little more white on your ass? Turn that crescent into a full moon,” you tease, grabbing her tail and pulling upwards to straighten her shaky hind legs until she stood at just the right height. She shuddered, and you felt a new wetness splash forth from her. “Jesus fuck Luna, did you just fucking come already? Fuck, I’m gonna make up for those thousand years and then some.”

You reared back and lined up your impossibly hard rod with her winking slit, reveling in the hitch in her breath from even the slightest contact. Finally after waiting just long enough that you were sure she couldn’t take a moment more, you thrust forward smoothly, gently entering her in one persistent motion.

You weren’t prepared for what met you. Her insides molded around you, as if she could consciously control every sensation you were feeling. You groaned as your dick finally sank the last few inches into her.

“You didn’t think you’d have the upper hand against a princess, did you?” Luna teased, looking smugly over her shoulder. Fuck, you weren’t expecting that.

“Last count the score was two-nil in my favor. And I’m only getting started,” you shot right back.

“So are we…” she called, pushing back into you as her marehood tightened like a vice. “You needn’t even move, we’ll take it from here.”

“Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you, fuckin’ moonhorse,” you disagree, pulling back against her tightness, “I’m not going easy on you just cause you’ve got a trick or two up your sleeves.”

She shuddered at the motion, again silenced by the power of your dick. Before she could even compose herself you shoved yourself right back in. Her hindlegs stamped as she instinctively widened her stance.

“Looks like I’ve got a few tricks too,” you chuckle, pulling out once more “And best yet, unlike your pathetic stallions,” you pause again, holding briefly, “It’s gonna take me a while before I paint you white.”

You slam back inside, immediately pulling back and getting into a rhythm. Just like Twilight, and Em before her, after the first few thrusts her eyes went wide.

“I-Impossible!” she squeaked, teetering on the edge of her third orgasm of the day, this one much larger than the last.

“I keep hearing that… Lemme know when you want me to stop doing it anyway.” That was all it took, she froze, stiffening as her pussy convulsed around your invading shaft. She never did come back down from that. After a moment’s hesitation, you just kept going. Her contractions drew stronger, and her breath more ragged, but she remained stiff as a board with only the occasional shudder rocking her entire form. You just kept going, the fervor of your union marked by wet squelches and slaps as your thighs met with her flanks.

Finally, you felt yourself let loose the dam inside of you, your seed rushing forward in unbelievable volume. Within two spurts you had filled her to the brim, and your next several jets all found their way backward, leaking out and intermingling with the constant flow of her marecum. As your orgasm came to an end, you slumped over the dazed form of the princess below you, wrapping both arms around her underside.

“Atlas, what the FUCK?” you screamed, staring at the orange pony as he was somehow hilted deep inside the only other princess in the room. Both he and Celestia looked up at you sheepishly. Damn, you didn’t know he had it in him.

Act II - Capitol Punishment : Chapter 5 - Mine

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You shut the door behind you, following Atlas into your room.

“Dude! Fuckin’ high five. Tag team princess fuckers for the win!” you held out your arm, waiting for Atlas to return the gesture. He didn’t so much as move. All you heard was a quiet sniffle. “Uh… Atlas? Mission control to Atlas? Come in? Do you copy?”

He slowly turned around until you could see his tear stained cheeks and watery eyes.

“Shit,” you sigh, “Atlas, what’s wrong? Do I need to put on pants?”

A pale green fire slowly enveloped his body, lingering for far longer than usual. In his place stood his true form, but the tears still stayed.

“What’s wrong, Anon? Really? You know exactly what’s wrong!” she yelled back at you.

“Em, calm down. Where’s all this coming from?”

“You ask me to love you, ask me to do the impossible for you, ask me to build a heart where there should be none, and then you rip it to pieces before it even stood a chance! Why do you have to stick your dick in every single pony you meet?”

“You said it was okay! And last I remember you fucked somebody too!” you chided. Damn, that felt cold, even for you.

“This is all a joke to you!” she cried, loosely punching at you with her hooves.

“Em,” you stopped her, grabbing her hooves and pulling her into a standing embrace, “You’re not a joke to me. You’re the only real thing I have here.”

“I’m the least real thing you have here! There’s nothing real about me!”

“That’s just not true,” you disagree, still holding her tight as she struggled weakly against you.

“Anon, my entire existence is a lie!”

“Who are you mad at here, Em?” you asked, “Me or yourself?”

“You, me, both? What does it matter?” she whined, “I’ll never be what you want… and I-”

“You’re everything I’ve ever wanted,” you told her, stroking gently along her neck, “I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted.”

“A-Anon?” she asked, looking back up at you, “I don’t get to want somepony. That’s not how this works.”

“Sure you do,” you soothe, releasing your hold on her, “and if that’s me I promise I’ll try harder to make you happy.”

“That’s not… What makes me happy is irrelevant. All that matters is what keeps me alive, what feeds the hive.”

“Then why are you jealous?”

“Because I’m weak!” she cried, turning away from you, “Because I’m not satisfied with the love you’ve already given me. Because I’m more than just hungry for once!”

“It’s terrifying isn’t it? There’s a reason they call it falling in love.”

“I’m not…”

“Aren’t you?” you ask, “What are you feeling?”

“That’s my point, Anon! I’m feeling things. Emotions are weakness. That’s why we feed on them, thats why ponies die without them. I can’t afford to feel.”

“Em, that’s…”

“Shitty, right? The universe has a dark sense of irony like that, and Changelings seem to be the butt of every joke.”

“I’m not laughing,” you say, not quite sure what you mean. She paused at this as well, maybe she knew what you meant. “Tell me what you need, Em.”

“I need y…” she trailed off, “Can you hold me again?”

“Sure,” you answer, walking over to the bed, “C’mon, let’s get comfortable.”

“Anon I don’t want-”

“We don’t have to,” you finished plainly, hopping up onto the spacious bed.

“Not yet at least,” she added, climbing up next to you.

You laid back, propping yourself on your side. She approached you with trepidation, as if her world could shatter with any step. Once she stood even with you, she sat, then laid, then rolled on her side, facing away from you. You reached out and grabbed her, pulling her close. One hand came to rest on her chest, splayed out against the cold chitin between her forelegs. Your other arm wrapped around her midsection, coming to rest against the comparatively warmer area just below her ribs.

“Just like that,” she said, breathing deeply as she wiggled into your hold, “I’ve never been held like this. Not in disguise, not as a nymph, never. Changelings don’t crave comfort in the same way ponies do.”

“You keep talking about all these things you don’t need, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them anyway.”

“Doesn’t it? How do you know if any of this is real, if any of this will last.”

“I don’t, which is why it means so much in the moment,” you explain. God you hope it will last.

“If you’re not sure, why waste your love on this, on me?”

This,” you tighten your grip, “isn’t a waste. You’re not a waste. If this was all I got, it’d still be worth it.”

“But you don’t get anything out of this. I understand being up for the sex, maybe I even understand why you’d want to go on a date, but what do you get out of this? What benefit does this have?”

“Not everything is about getting something back, Em. I’m doing this because I’d rather be here, with you, than anywhere, anything else.”


“Because that’s what love is,” you guessed, “I like fucking you, I like yelling at pompous stallions in defense of your honor, but I love this.”

“I can taste it,” she said, “Your love, I can taste it, but it doesn’t taste right. It’s… missing something.”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“There’s more than usual but it…” she pauses, “It makes me feel empty.”

“Empty how?”

“Like no matter how full I get, there’ll always be a something missing.”

“Something that blossoms only in soil tended to by that selfsame thing…” you mutter, quoting Luna.

“Exactly!” she said, her brow furrowing as she rolled to face you, “But those aren’t your words, are they?”

“No,” you admit, “It’s something Luna said to me today, talking about true love.”

“You don’t mean to say…”

“Do you think,” you paused, crossing your arms around her back, “…is that how it works?”

“I don’t know…” she hesitated, “but if it is, how do I make it grow?”

“Just like you’d grow anything else. Time, attention,” you think for a moment, “love.” You lean in and kiss Metamora on the lips, her eyes briefly fluttering, and then closing. You felt it, the fireworks that everyone always dreams about. You felt her too, as a feeling you could only describe as pink washed over you, wrapping you in a saccharine cocoon. You knew it came from her, but what was it? She eventually pulled back from the kiss staring at you with a fire in her eyes.

“Anon, you incorrigible beast,” she giggled, “That love tasted much more like I remember. No surprise you couldn’t keep it down with your favorite Changeling rubbing all over you.”

“Em, I’m not…” you pause, taking stock of the complete absence of activity between your legs, “I mean keep saying stuff like that though…”

“Wait, you…” she paused, pulling away, “That wasn’t?” She inhaled deeply, looking at you as if you were suddenly some kind of terrifying monster. She leapt to all fours, creating a sizable distance between the two of you.

“What’s wrong?”

“That love…” she paused, “It wasn’t yours.”

“Then whose was it?” you asked.

“It was…” she hesitated, “It was mine.”

“No shit! I knew you had it in you!”

“That’s not what I…” she paused, “That wasn’t love I made, it was love I held. I fed you, the same way I’d feed love I’d gathered to another Changeling.”

“But why would you…”

“I didn’t mean to! It just happened!”

“What does that mean, then?”

“I don’t know. But I didn’t even notice it happening, which means it’s very dangerous. I could easily drain myself completely without even thinking!”

“That sounds…”

“Deadly,” she reiterated.

“I don’t want…”

“Hold on,” she shushed, coaxing you to roll on your back and then climbing on top of you. “Let me see if I can control it.” She lowered her form to meet yours, the cool hardness of her exoskeleton quickly betraying her inner warmth as she came in contact with you. She leaned in once more, brushing against your lips as her eyes closed. You closed yours too as you felt that same aura envelop you. It was the like the feeling you got when you saw an old friend after too long, or when you kissed your marefriend. Wait, marefriend? You opened your eyes at the realization and found that you could see the aura the two of you were encased in. Swirls of various hues of pink darted around the two of you, knitting a loose sphere that captured the both of you in the middle. Suddenly the bed felt softer, and the… was the ceiling getting closer?

You broke the kiss, holding tightly to her. The swirls continued, only growing in number as they streaked around like comets. “Wow, Em… This is something else.”

“It sure is,” she hummed dreamily, her eyes fluttering open to beam down pleasantly at yours. “This is what you’ve been feeding me. And this isn’t but a fraction of it.”

“It’s beautiful,” you admired, “you’re beautiful.”

“I… I” she started, a look of concentration forming on her face, “I l- lu-” she stuttered, the aura around you frenetic with energy now as each trail of pink sped around you faster and faster.

“You don’t have to,” you said, squeezing her tight, “not yet.”

“I-I… I’m sorry” she apologized, a tear running down her cheek.

“Don’t be,” you calmed, “I’ll love you enough for both of us right now.”

She just looked at you, but there was something new in her eyes.

“I love you, Metamora.”

She coughed, the pink orb around you suddenly starting to glow as the energy that made it turned from pink to white to a shimmering gold. The sphere became simultaneously brighter and smaller until you could only make out her dark silhouette against what felt like staring straight into the sun. She was breathing rapidly, her eyes distant and her form tense. Then as suddenly as it started, the sphere collapsed, seeming to shrink straight into Metamora’s chest.

As you fell back to the bed, she slumped lifelessly against you.

“Em, what was that?” you asked, astounded by the display.

She didn’t stir in the slightest, her form slack against yours.

“Em, hey, what’s going on?” you plead, shaking her franticly as she moved like a ragdoll atop you.

You rolled her off of you and towards the edge of the bed as you jumped over her, landing on the floor just beside it. You violently shook her,

“No no no no no, Em, wake the fuck up!” you screamed, “You can’t leave me now! Not after-”

She gasped, eyes flying open as she tensed briefly.

“What the hell was that?” you asked, half terrified, half relieved.

She hesitated for a moment, not quite sure how to answer until finally she decided, “A seed.”

“A seed?” you asked, her answer making absolutely no sense to you.

“A seed,” she repeated, “The kind that grows…”

“Em, you’re not saying…”

“I don’t know,” she answered, “But I’m so very tired. Can we sleep now? Together?”

“Of course,” you confirmed, sliding back onto the bed and peeling the covers out from underneath her. As you made yourself comfortable, she once again wiggled herself into a position next to you, content to be the little spoon once more. You reached out to hold her close, both hands drifting lower this time. She gasped softly before relaxing into your embrace. You drifted into a quiet, dreamless sleep, still holding your Changeling tight to your chest as if she would disappear the second you stopped.

And with not a soul taking notice, the ear held to the door pulled away, its owner disappearing down the dark corridor of the castle, a soft smile on their face.

Act II - Capitol Punishment : Chapter 6 - Bright Lights, Bug City

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“Good morning, sleepyhead,” you greeted, staring down at Metamora with a smirk on your face. “How you feeling, lovebug?”

“Like I wanna go back to sleep. What time is it?”

“Meh, sun’s been up for like three hours. That’s all I know.”

She scrambled to her hooves, instantly completely awake.

“And you didn’t think to wake me! What if someone came in? What if they saw me like this?”

“Chill, Em… Nobody came in, it’s cool. I put up a sign.”

“You put up a sign?”

“Yeah,” you explained, “Warning, Atlas is being a lil’ bitch. Enter at your own risk.”

“Like that would work!”

“Well between that and what I said every time I heard footsteps…”

“I don’t want to know.”

“Oh Atlas,” you feigned, “Stop crying, it’s okay. You don’t have to cry just because your dick is small and you’ll never satisfy a mare.”

“Hive, I can’t believe you.”

“What I can’t believe is how small his dick is! I mean you called me small back before… but you had no right! Jeez, that fucking thing you pulled out of Celestia was embarrassing.”

“It starts shrinking as soon as I…” she defended

“What do you mean it starts shrinking? There’s barely anything to shrink.”

“I don’t remember Princess Celestia complaining,” she quipped.

“Yeah, that’s right. You fucked her so hard with your enormous dick that she turned into a fucking statue,” you started, “Oh wait… That was me. Poor Luna, I hope she's okay after that.”

“Fuck you!”

“Whenever you’d like. All you have to do is ask.”

She simply hid her face in a pillow and screamed into it.

"So, uh… What’s the plan for today anyway?” you ask, changing the subject.

After a moment of silence, Metamora pulled back from her pillow and looked up at you.

“Don’t be mad at me,” she plead.

“Mad at you? For what?”

“I need to gather information. Who knows how much longer we’re going to be in Canterlot. While we’re here, I need to find out how the ponies know, and what their plans are to deal with the Changelings.”

“Oh my god, Em! You’re really gonna be doing spooky spybug shit?”

“Anon, please don’t be mad!”

“I’m so the opposite of mad right now. That shit sounds cool as fuck.”

“Huh? So you’re not…”

“Nah,” you answer, “but you gotta bring me with.”


“Em, you gotta! This is like your real job, and I wanna see!” you beg, grabbing her and pulling her into your arms.

“You’d get me caught in a heartbeat!”

“What if I did… the opposite?”


“Atlas, what are you doing staring at the detailed plans for our systematic destruction of a race we don’t agree with?” you mocked, imitating Celestia while motioning with one hand.

“Hey Atlas, did you end up finding the spell to make my dick bigger yet?” You fake-replied to yourself in your own voice, motioning with the other hand.

“That would never work.”

“Dude it would totally work. Maybe she’d even know the spell!”

“Anon, your dick is already enormous,” she complained, “Why would you want to make it bigger still?”

“I won’t be satisfied until my dick is massive enough to begin experiencing relativistic effects.”

“Hive, maybe that will work… It’s better than any cover I’ve got for being in the royal archives anyway.”

“Plus it might lead to more steamy princess sex!”

“How did I know it was going to go there?”

“It’s always going there. And after yesterday you know Sunbutt wants what I’ve got.”

“You still plan on fucking every pony you can, don’t you?”

“Hey, I thought we were cool after last night.”

“Can you just…” she paused, “At least fuck me first!”

“Right now?” you asked enthusiastically.

“No, not right now! I-” she considered, “We have work to do.”

“Fuck yeah!” you yelled. Of course you would have been just as excited if she had agreed to instantaneous sex, but whatever. Plenty of time for that.

“So uh…” you broke the silence with a whisper, “You think Em has time for a quickie?”

“H-Here? Now?” Atlas asked.

“I mean you gotta change back, but yeah.”

“You want me to reveal myself as a Changeling in public?”

“This is hardly public, Atlas. It’s the spooky restricted library, nobody’s even here.”

“That’s not any better!”

“C’mon!” you plead, “Change back!”

“Anon!” Atlas admonished, “We’re in the middle of the royal archives. Anyone could walk in at any moment.”

“I know. Isn’t it hot?”

Atlas just stared at you. After a moment he sighed and transformed back. Fuckin’ score.

“God yes, my dick is so hard right now,” you confirm. As the transformation finished you grabbed Metamora around the barrel and hoisted her up, setting her down on the table and rolling her onto her back.

“Anon! What are you doing?” she yelled, squirming even after you set her down, your grasp still holding her in place.

“Just relax,” you instruct, dropping to your knees between her legs, “Just lemme show you a good time.”

“F-fuck, Anon… you’re not gonna…” she started, collecting her thoughts, “I thought this would be quick!”

“How many times am I going to get the chance to do this, Em? Nah, I’m gonna make this shit last.”

You traced one hand along her inner thigh, eliciting a rolling shudder as she reacted heavily to even the lightest of touches.

“See, you want this too.”

“S-shut up!”

You did. With one hand you gently spread her upturned legs wider, the other still tracing along her thigh gently. Her breathing quickened as your other hand drew to rest near her quickly moistening marehood. You traced her slit from start to clit softly, making her squirm in an attempt to get more.

“S-Stop teasing me!”

“Oh no. I’m gonna get you so worked up you won’t be able to think straight for a week.”

She looked at you more intently, shuddering as the thought took root in her mind. You drew a lone finger once more along the entire length of her slit, applying just the tiniest amount more pressure. With each stroke you pressed just a little bit harded until your finger was almost spreading her with each and every pass. Her clit was winking now every time you touched it, giving her that electric pleasure she craved for just the briefest of moments. She squirmed even more, trying in vain to get you to press inside of her. Silly Em, all she had to do was ask.

“You want something?” you asked, looking to her blushing face. She nodded furiously but didn’t say a word. “You gotta tell me what you want, Em…”

“Inside,” she wispered, “I want to feel your fingers inside.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” you teased, sinking not one but two fingers straight into her glistening pussy. She let out a soft moan as your fingers found their way all the way inside of her. You let them sink all the way into her before you curled your digits back towards you, applying firm but even pressure against her walls.

“H-Hive, Anon… of all the times to be gentle with me…”

“Oh we’re just getting started. I’m just getting you warmed up.” You chuckle, bringing your other hand to rub circles around her clit. At this she thrashed briefly against your embedded fingers, only managing to stimulate herself more. You fucking loved this shit. God, you’d never gotten a woman this worked up before, but it was so easy with Em. She was so much simpler than everything you’d experienced before. For a moment you just got lost in your motions, one hand thrusting and curling inside her, pressing on that spot she liked so much, the other rubbing on her clit which had stopped simply winking and was now just fully engorged. Before long you heard her breath quicken, culminating in a longer moan and a shudder that started in her legs but eventually grew to her entire body. You slowed your motions, first taking your finger from her clit and then slowly, meticulously withdrawing your now marecum-soaked hand.

“Finally!” she whispered to herself, “Now fuck me!”

“Oh, not quite. We’re only about halfway ready.”

“What?” she squeaked, “Anon, I can’t take it! I need your dick, not your hands.”

“How 'bout a compromise then,” you offer, “How about my mouth?”

“You would…” she trailed off, “That’s not something that stallions…”

“Em, I’m not one of your stallions,” you corrected, “And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for or to you.”

She just froze at that. You didn’t. You leaned in just a bit closer, craning your neck down to draw in close proximity to her primed marehood. You let out a breath, blowing against her flesh as she continued to shiver slightly. She let out a squeal at this, her breathing still rapid and irregular.

“Holy fuck, I cannot believe how fucking hot you are right now.”

She didn’t respond to that, but she didn’t need to. Neither one of you was in a position to talk now, her for one reason, and you for another. You leaned in that last inch or two and kissed gently against her enticing slit. After a brief moment, you let your tongue play gently along her slit, contemplating her taste that defied description. She groaned deeply as your tongue began a slow, predictable route. Just as you had before, you slowly dialed up the pressure, occasionally trying to pay attention to her clit but finding she was way too sensitive for that right now. Soon you found your tongue spearing her open, beginning to ache just the slightest bit from exertion. You kept at it for as long as you could, realizing that you had way less oral stamina than you would have hoped.

When it eventually became too much, and you knew that you couldn’t keep it up long enough to make her cum with this strategy, you decided to mix it up once more. Bringing a hand back up, you shoved three fingers inside her, wriggling them aimlessly as your mouth moved slightly higher to encircle her clit with your lips. You kissed it gently, watching her occasional shudders turn into a more prominent twitch. Before long she was bucking against the table, her back arching as she did all she could to press into you just. a. bit. more. Right there. Suddenly she stopped completely, letting out a loud wail as she coated your face in her juices. She soon started shaking again, trying desperately to wriggle herself away from your lips, still intimately engaged with her hypersensitive bud. You pulled away, finally letting her relax against the now thoroughly disheveled papers on the table.

“Wow, that was fuckin’ something else, Em,” you purred, “That was one hell of a warm-up. Are you ready for the real deal?”

“Anon, if you don’t put your dick in me right fucking now I’m going to jump off this table, hold you down, and fuck you until your dick catches fire.”

You frantically stood up, wanting what she asked as much as she did. With just the smallest amount of care you lined up your dick, which was hard enough to easily destroy a lesser mare. Then finally, after all that led up to this, you sunk slowly into her. You reached her limit quickly, leaving a quarter of your length unsheathed before you pulled back in order to find yourself a good rhythm. Both of you were so enamored and lost in the moment that the creaking of the heavy door went completely unnoticed until-

“Anon,” Celestia, flanked by two royal guards, asked calmly, “why do you have your dick in a Changeling in the middle of the restricted section of the royal archives?”

“Oh?” you pause, both in speaking and your motions, “You wanna join in?”

She looked at you for a moment, a light blush spreading for the briefest of moments.



Act II - Capitol Punishment : Chapter 7 - Bug on Its Back

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“What a surprise,” Celestia chuckled, “A Changeling in our midst, and looking at the war maps too. And Anon, now I have an honest reason to dislike you.”

“Now let’s just relax and have a calm conversation about this,” you plead, eying the two guards that were closing in on you slowly, “There’s a perfectly sound explanation.”

“Oh, we’ll be talking about this alright,” Celestia threatened as the guards only drew closer, “Once you’re both safely locked in the darkest dungeon I can find.”

“I was thinking more, you know, casual conversation over a cup of tea,” you exposit, “maybe some scones, you know, maybe some hot steamy sex to make it all better.”

“Apprehend them,” Celestia directed her guards, coaxing them forward once more.

But they made the critical mistake of getting within striking distance. In one smooth and only slightly comedic motion you whipped yourself free of Metamora, turning fully to face the two guards to your left as you crouched down. You braced, leaning forward and tensing your legs. The guard now to your right, a pegasus, was currently closer to you so you focused on him first. You leapt forward, planting your shoulder under his head as you wrapped your arms around him and hefted him into the air, rising swiftly to a standing position again. Your momentum and his carried through as you tossed him over your shoulder, sending him careening through the air sideways. He instinctively stretched out his wings, but with just a few feet clearance from the ground and so much forward momentum, they were of no use to him. He hit the ground several feet past you, accompanied by what sounded like wood splintering and then a blood-curdling scream. You threw a quick glance over your shoulder, noticing one wing that… shouldn’t bend like that.

You scowled as you turned your focus to the other guard, a unicorn. You weren’t going to give him the chance to get anywhere near you with that fucking death stick attached to his face. He started to back away slightly, realizing his comrade’s mistake, but it was already too late. Your foot had just enough reach to connect with his jaw, combining with his inertia to flip him over onto his back as his hooves flew to cover his face protectively. That left only one threat.

“I knew you were trouble, you vulgar little ape!” Celestia screamed, a mixture of shock and anger.

“Little?” you laughed, “There’s nothing little about me.”

You grabbed Em, who appeared to have completely shut down at this point, and tucked her under one of your arms.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Celestia snarled, her horn starting to glow with a faint golden light.

You fucking dared. As she leveled her horn with your chest, you broke into a sprint for the door, your path aiming you right towards her on your way. You drew closer as the light of her horn brightened, nearing what you expected was casting intensity. As you blew through the last few feet between you and the sun princess, you darted to your left, bringing it right around to check Celestia with the shoulder that didn’t bear a Changeling underneath. This sent her falling to her side exactly as her horn fired. The bolt of energy from her horn hit the ceiling and exploded into a blast of sparks. Evidently you managed to avoid it as nothing happened, but the three other occupants of the room, all in various states of not standing were caught in the magical fallout.

A part of you worried about the effects of that spell, but your concerns were mitigated right as you were about to clear the doorway when the sound of heavy snoring met your ears. You darted into the corridor, taking a right into an empty hallway. You ran as fast as your feet would carry you, sprinting until you found an empty room with an open door. You ducked inside and slammed the door shut behind you, only laying down your live cargo once you were sure the room was devoid of others.

“Em, we gotta get out of here now!” you yelled, trying to shake her from her stupor. “C’mon, now’s not the time to…” you stopped. She was snoring too. Fuck. Plan B. You looked around the room for an idea, any idea. You saw the drapes adorning the windows and inspiration struck. You ripped the curtains from the wall, moving to swaddle Metamora in them. All you needed to do now was nonchalantly find your way out of the castle before anyone found Celestia or they woke up.

Catching your breath briefly, you lifted your now camouflaged Changeling, holding her like an infant in your arms. An especially large infant. An infant that you had shoved your… never mind, not the time to go there. You pulled the door just wide enough to glance into the hallway, making sure it was empty.

Now which way was the way out? Well you certainly weren’t going back the way you came, so that meant heading further down this hallway.

You hung a right and briskly walked down the hall, taking a left to a set of stairs. You felt pretty high right now, and not in a good way so… down. Down it was. One flight, it looked the exact same. Two flights, still the same. Three flights, the ceilings were taller on this floor. Off the stairs and now… to your left was a sunlit corridor, except it was full of ponies. So you hung a right toward the darker, more secluded side of the castle. The hallway wound for a bit, making your choices for you; left then right then left again, and now a dead end that led to stairs that only went up. Well, you couldn’t go back, not with the chance that you were being followed.

Up the stairs you went, following them up the only floor they went. This hallway was lined with all manner of stockrooms, all with open doors. There was a brief jog to the right that looked like a dead end, and a longer hallway to the left that seemed more promising. So left it was. After a bit the hallway teed off, with a path to the left that led to a sunlit stairwell and a dead end just a bit further ahead. Sunlight meant outside, outside meant escape. You only had one true choice there, so you went for it. Except all of the sudden this hallway looked familiar. You’d been down this stairwell before. Shit, you knew there was nowhere you could go down the next floor, but the stairs did go down to another more dimly lit landing. Fuck it. This had to be a basement, but you’d probably already seen all of this when you were with Luna so you should be able to find your way.

Forward, left, right, left, down, left, slight bend to the right, forward, left, spiral staircase, up, up, up, up, dead end. Fuck. You were seriously lost, and starting to get out of breath from carrying Em all this time. You set her down gently and noticed that she seemed to stir a bit within her tapestry cocoon.

You unwrapped her and shook her gently. “Em, wake up!”

Her eyes fluttered, but she didn’t wake.

You shook a bit more violently.

“Em! Come on, wake the fuck up you lazy bug!”

“Huh, what? Where are we?” she asked groggily, “What’s going on?”

“Em, let’s go. Snap to, we gotta get the fuck outta dodge.”

“Oh shit. Anon, the princess-” she gulped, remembering the most recent series of events.

“Don’t worry, I got us out of there. Now we just have to get out of the castle, and I… probably won’t be much help with that.”

“How did you even get here?” she asked. “This is nowhere near the royal archives or any exit.”

“I’m bad at directions, okay? Can you get us out of here or not.”

“I can’t teleport us. Anywhere we teleport to, I’m sure they’d have a lock. They’re probably already looking for any Changeling magic. And I don’t have the energy.”

“Wait you’re not full? After all of that?”

“Maybe if you spent less time trying to be a fucking gentlecolt and more time pumping me full of your hot, thick seed,” she exploded. Man, you both were going to be backed up if you ever made it out of this.

“I’m sorry I wanted to make it special for you!”

“Ugh, whatever. Now is not the time. We have to go.”

“Fine, then do you know the way out from here?”

“Without being seen? It’ll be tough.”

“Why cant’ we be seen? Can’t you just change back into Atlas? Or Emerald? Or anyone else?”

“Like I said, they’re probably already tracking Changeling magic now.”

“Why would they be? Celestia’s spell knocked them all the fuck out.”

“Yeah, just like it knocked me out? Think about that for a moment.”

“Shit. Well, then, let’s go. Lead the way.”

She broke into a gallop, tracking all the way back down the spiral staircase you were most recently on, taking turns, winds, twists, and doorways at rapid speed all without even a single pony in sight.

“Em, how the fuck can you tell where you’re going?” you wheezed as you tried to keep up.

“We get out of here and I’ll show you. Let’s just say I’ve had some relevant life experience.”

You both rounded a blind corner and immediately slammed to a halt. Blocking your path was that same unicorn stallion from earlier. Your big clue was the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, a reminder of who came out on top last time. This time, though, it didn’t look like he was going to go easy on you. His eyes were locked with yours, an inferno of rage burning within as he held his ground.

“Hey bucko,” you cautioned, “You’re gonna want to… not do anything rash. Remember what happened last time?”

He snorted, stamping his hooves.

“No hard feelings, bud,” you tried, “It’s honest self preservation, you know. It’s just…”

You paused for a moment.

“You’re not listening to me, are you?”

He just stared, the flame in his eyes burning even brighter.

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” You readied yourself to grapple with him once more, but this time he appeared to have learned from his untimely mistakes. As you readied yourself to charge, he just kept his distance and lit his horn.

At first you weren’t worried by the blue aura, assuming you could easily close the gap just as you had done with Celestia, until his gaze shifted suddenly. He instead focused on Metamora, energy starting to arc from his horn to the air around it. His expression was terrifying; you could easily read the earnest intention to kill in his gaze as your mind sprung to rationalize his sudden targeting change. The gears turned slowly as time passed even slower yet. But understanding was beginning to catch up with you. This stallion had figured out how to hurt you much worse than if he hit you directly.

“No!” you yelled, springing to dive in front of her as lightning started to draw itself through the air between his horn and your love. You could feel the charge in the air around you as you collided with Metamora, wrapping yourself around her to the best of your ability, shielding her from the incoming attack.

You felt the bolt hit you square in the back, arcing across your skin painfully. After a moment you felt the magic start to sink into you, feeling like it was burning every inch of your body from the outside in. The horrible itching, burning sensation drew its way slowly to your heart and then all of the sudden…


In the emptiness, a shadow crawled into your mind.

Wake Up

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Your eyes shot open, sensation flooding back to you. Your throat was on fire. You couldn’t feel your legs. Your chest felt like it was being crushed. You had an enormous headache. As soon as you’d start to experience one feeling, another was ready to jump out and add to your pain. Out of the corner of your eye you saw movement, a streak of teal drawing closer to you. You couldn’t move, you couldn’t assess the threat in your periphery, you could only wait.

“Hello,” a warm voice said, “Welcome back to the land of the living, you’ve had quite a journey over these past few days.”

You tried to say something, but at the moment there was something blocking your words. You tried to cough, you couldn’t. You tried to breathe, something fought you. You reached for your throat, your hands didn’t move.

“Don’t worry, John. You’re in the hospital. You were in a car accident. You’re partially paralyzed and you’ve been intubated. Just relax and let the machine help you breathe.”

Who the fuck is John? You once again tried to get control of your hands, managing to coax your fingers into moving slightly but not able to get any other response. You had lost complete and utter control, not even your own body was your domain in this moment. How the fuck could you relax when everything was wrong.

“John, from our records here you’ve been in a coma for the last 19 days. It seems like this week’s looking up though.”

You’d have to challenge that statement. Your week, either in this world or the one you actually occupied, was definitively not good. And now that you were getting used to having fell from the sky into a foreign world, it was all over, there was no going back. Everything you had experienced, the ponies, Em, love, it was all fake. It was all a fever dream, but it felt so real. She felt so real, you felt so real for once in your life.

“I’m going to go page the doctor for an evaluation. We’ll see if we can start weaning you off that tube,” the nurse hummed with a practiced fake smile. As she left to seek out the doctor, you finally came to the realization that you were alone, again.

You took stock of what she said, and the story that bears. You had been in a car accident, and afterwards you slipped into a coma. That part makes some sense. But during your coma, evidently, you realized, your brain teleported you to an entirely different world. You didn’t want to consider the absurdity of it all, but your mind kept coming back to it.

And then there was that name! She kept calling you John! That’s not your name! Your name is Anon! But wait, is it? What is your name? You glanced down at the band on your wrist, squinting to make it out as best you could.

ADM 14102011-1830
PID 034298417

You thought back on some of the things that happened. Your quickly developing relationship with Em, that you could never get back. Of course it made sense that the only thing you could have fallen in love with that quickly was a figment of your imagination.

“Alright, sweetie. I’m back. The doctor will be in shortly, but in the meantime is there a relative, heir, or next of kin we can reach out to?”

You tried to shake your head. Even if there was someone that would have been here for you, you didn’t want that now. Not after…

Time to concentrate on something else. You could hear some brief conversation in the hall, maybe that could hold some of your focus.

“Thanks Wendy,” someone passing by your room called out to someone else, ”Oh, Jackie wanted me to tell you that there’s some Caesar salad left over from the luncheon if you wanted to take some home.”

Nope. This was not distracting you. Fuck, how did magical talking horse world seem so realistic for nearly three weeks. You’d had long dreams before, but you could almost always tell they were dreams well before you woke up.

“Sweetie, I don’t think the doctor will be all that much longer,” your nurse called out as she leftyour room.

This was all so fucking surreal. The real world didn’t feel real to you, everything seemed like it was scripted, just limping along until the next planned event. You wanted to forget all of this.

No. No you didn’t. You didn’t want to forget Em. You didn’t want to forget anything about her. You could never forget about her. You could never go back. The time you had together was but a dot on either of your lives, and it wasn’t even real. You’d fallen in love with a tiny horse within the span of a week within your coma dream. Maybe pretending this was real might be a likely indicator of your ongoing mental health. Man, that crash must have really messed you up. There was just to much to think about. You tried to focus on something, anything. Even when you thought you’d be able to relax by staring at the ceiling, even then the errant thought or something Em said hit you like a ton of bricks.

“John,” a different, but familiar voice called out.

You continued staring at the ceiling.

“John, wake up,” the voice called.

What the fuck did it want, surely it could tell you were already awake.

“John, look at me,” she commanded, hoofsteps coming closer to you.



You craned your neck to look at the source of the sound. Right there in front of you stood Luna. Right here in the real world, even out of your coma you still couldn’t escape magical talking horse land. Fuck.

“Why do you keep calling me John?” you ask, realizing that you were somehow talking even with a breathing tube still in your throat.

“That is the name you’ve been given, in this plane at least.”

“Where am I?” you ask frantically, “What is this?”

This,” Luna answers, “has no name. You are clinging between two realms right now, a foothold in each one. However, the vast majority of your consciousness is straddling that divide, occupying the void between our worlds.”

This did not calm you at all.

“Luna, Are you trying to tell me I’m dying?”

“No, Anon. What we mean to tell you that even we do not know where you are right now.”

“Then how are you here? How are you real?”

“We have been given the power to waltz along the tapestry of the dreamscape. It was a great curiosity that your dreams are similarly accessible.”

“This is a dream? This isn’t real?” you try to rationalize, “Then why did I wake up? Why am I in a hospital? What’s going on?”

“As we said, your soul is in transit between two worlds. There are elements of each that are real to you in this moment. But simultaneously, nothing in this realm is real.”

“How do I get back?”

“Back?” she asked, “To your realm? We cannot assist you with that.”

“No,” you correct, “To yours.”

“After all that you have done you would willingly come back to Equestria?”

“I can’t leave now. I need to make sure Em is safe?”

“Ah, yes,” she paused, her expression turning, “Em, the traitor in our midst. She who has perverted your sense of love for her own devices. She who fucked Sister in disguise, my how we shall never let her live that down.”

“You’re all wrong!” you scream, “Everything you think you know about Changelings is wrong!”

“That is a bold claim. How then, in only a few days, have you managed to discover an entirely new side to a species that has solely antagonized other creatures since the dawn of time?”

“I gave her a chance,” you started, “I’m still giving her a chance. She’s trying to love and I think she can.”

“Good,” Luna said, smiling at you.

“Good? What do you mean good? Weren’t you just calling her irredeemable?”

“We had long since given up hope that Changelings could bear anything but ill will. However you have brought new evidence to light.”

“What do you mean?”

“A seed,” she answered, “The kind that grows.”

You did a double take at that, or rather, you would have had you not had limited mobility at the moment. There was no way for her to hear those words.

“Yes. We are more observant than many realize. You did not think that we would be the princess of the night without a gift for espionage, did you?”

“When did you know?” you asked, trying to figure out where you slipped up.

“Truth be told it was a surprise to find out. We were monitoring you as you explored Canterlot, but what we heard, who we heard as you spoke with Atlas… That exceeded our expectations greatly.”

“Why didn’t you… We fucked after that!”

“Yes. While we enjoyed much the pleasure you gave us, this was as well an eye opening experience.”

“You mean about how Atlas… and Celestia?”

“No, although that has revealed some things of our sister that we already knew. Primarily that in matters of the heart she sees not that which is right in front of her,” Luna sighed, “But what we discovered that was a new revelation regarded only you and Metamora.”

“How do you know her-”

“Was that not the name you called her when you told her you loved her? Of course, that reminds us of the irregularity we uncovered. When a creature’s love is held captive by a Changeling, they bear not the ability to show affection to another. You obviously do not exhibit this symptom, so we were forced to decide between two possibilities.”

“Which are?”

“Either you do not love Metamora,” she began, “Or your love must be of your own volition.”

“You know which one it is. I know which one it is.”

“Yes, we do now. It is this which gives us hope. A Changeling satisfied on love that is given, not that which must be taken. A creature willing to love that which cannot yet love back. A seed planted that promises abundant fruit.”

“Is that why you didn’t tell anyone?”

“We bear no duty to report that which we’ve found. Nor would Celestia understand what promise our findings hold. But nonetheless, your actions today have undone any secrecy we afforded you both. We cannot defend or protect from that which lies ahead.“

“I-I… would you have done anything differently?” you ask, a pang of guilt striking you.

“We would have done many things differently, but that is why you stand a chance where none have before. You will not hear from us an admonishment for your actions on this day.”

“How is she?”

“Celestia?” Luna asked, “She bears wounds to her pride that outstrip any physical pain you inflicted today. While her guards only required outward medical attention, her battle is fought inwardly.”

“No, that’s not who-”

”Ah, yes. You will find that out shortly. There is still a role you have to play in this, and we can see beyond the black and white that plagues our sister’s viewpoint.”

“Wait- I’m going back?”

“You never left. This was a dream within a dream. You may not remember this, but should you,” Luna paused, “you must know that this is what awaits you in the end. You are real in your realm and we are real within our own, however outside that we must be only a figment to each other, a passing curiosity, never a fixture.”

“You mean…” Did she? That it was all fake after all? No, she meant something more.

“It is time for you to wake up, Anon.”

And then there was nothing again.

Act III - Alive in the Hive : Chapter 1 - We've Woken the Hive!

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There was something in your arms. Something cold, but not. Something heavy, but not. Something yours, but not. You cracked your eyes open to determine what you were holding. Before you had a chance to look towards the object you were cradling, you realized you were surrounded by hooves, tens, maybe even a hundred of them, all dangerously close to you, and whatever that important thing you were holding was.


You’re holding Em. And you’re stuck in the castle. And that guard was just about to murder both of you and… Wait, his hooves were white, and had decidedly less holes in them. In fact the only thing you’d seen leg holes on was…

Nah, couldn’t be.

As you tried to get to your feet, the wall of hooves in front of you broke, allowing a lone set of hooves to march through the gap that had formed. You focused on this, looking up to see a Changeling like Metamora, except he seemed to have more color about him. Its tail and mane-fin were blood red, and his carapace and eyes both skewed towards a more purple hue than what you were used to. It stood a head above the - what you now realized was an astounding number of - other Changelings surrounding you, but seemed to be almost identical in height and build to the Changeling in your arms.

“What is this?” it asked in a gruff, scratchy voice. It wasn’t clear if it was asking you or those around you, but you knew one thing; you were the this it was concerned about.

Not a soul spoke. After a brief moment, it took another step closer to you with purpose.

“Identify yourself, intruder,” it demanded, lowering its head to glare into your eyes.

“I uh,” you pause, thinking of how you wanted to handle this, “I brought you a present.” You loosened your grip on Metamora, letting her roll gently out of your grasp.

“What kind of gift do you consider incapacitating one of my Changelings?” It - he, you guessed - asked back.

“Hold on, your Changeling? Get in line pal, Em’s mine.”

“You would have the audacity to claim dominion over a Changeling, as you lie defenseless on the ground of our hive?” he asked, “You must truly be a brash creature.”

“All part of the charm,” you chuckle, trying to move to your feet.

“Drones,” he commanded, “Restrain the intruder.”

Just as you got to your feet, you saw, felt, and heard a whirlwind of activity around you. With perfect synchrony the cadre of Changelings around you flew into action, some spitting a green mucus that bound your limbs to one another, some using their magic to position your arms and legs so that you could be bound to one of the low walls nearby.

“Whoa hold on, what the fuck!” you shout, “What did I do to you?”

“It’s a sizable list,” he crackled, “First you teleport into the middle of the hive-”

“Hold up I ain’t teleported nowhere.”

“Well it wasn’t Changeling magic that brought you here, and that means it must have been yours.”

“Wait, bro, I don’t even have magic.”

“What kind of imbecile do you take me for. All creatures have magic. And furthermore, even had you not teleported here, you still knocked out a Changeling, and by all accounts it appears you intended to kidnap her.”

“That’s so not…” you started, “Why would I be fucking passed out on the floor if I was trying to escape with a Changeling. And what good would that do me anyway?”

“I don’t care for your mind games. Your transgressions are simple, and so to will be your punishment, should the Queen decide.”

“Can we stop talking about restraints and punishments? I’m precipitously close to popping a boner here, although the thought of you with a riding crop isn’t quite doing it for me so…”

“You would think of sex at a time like this?” he asked, his eye twitching.

“Kinda my only mode really, just ask her,” you motioned, “When she wakes up, I guess. I mean at least this time it wasn’t my dick that knocked her out. Course if things had gone a different way…”

He winced at that, taking a step back cautiously.

“I know not any creature that would willingly mate a Changeling. You must be a truly vile species if the threat of taken love does not distemper your desires.”

“Yeah, she tells me I’m the worst,” you chuckle, “Now are these restraints really necessary?”

“Until I can figure out what you intend to do here, you’re not going anywhere.”

“Whatever, but if I pop a boner while I’m stuck here like this, and Em’s not awake to take care of it-”

“Who is this ‘M’ you keep speaking of?” it inquired, stepping back towards you.

“Dude, she’s right fucking there,” you nod, “fuckin’ rude sack of shit.”

“This Changeling, you call her ‘M’?” it continued.

“Yeah. That’s her name, er…” you paused, “That’s my nickname for her.”

“Changelings don’t have nicknames.”

“So she told me. I still don’t care,” you shrug, “Em, Metamora, lovebug, what’s it matter what I call her?”

“Did you say Metamora?” he asked with incredulity, his attention shifting to the still snoozing Changeling where you were just laying. “You mean to tell me that you kidnapped one of the most revered Infiltrators of all time, and the next step in your plan was to come back to the hive? That makes absolutely no sense.”

“Dude, I told you that’s not what happened.”

“Quiet!” he demanded, turning to try and rouse Metamora from her unnatural slumber. “Metamora, wake up! You’re safe from this creature now.”

You chuckled, “Oh, there’s nowhere she can hide that my dick can’t find…” Wow, that sounded more ominous than you intended.

Suddenly the inquisitive Changeling flew towards you, his wings buzzing angrily. “You will hold your tongue, lest I pull it out and feed it to you as your last meal before I slice you end from end.”

You did as he asked. That fucker had some anger management problems, man you bet his asshole was tighter than- What the fuck - you’re not fucking gay, where did that thought even…

Metamora stirred, drawing once more the attention of your aggressor. She opened her eyes, presumably running through the same mental exercise of having no fucking clue what was going on.

“Holy shit what the fuck!” she screamed, damn you taught her well. “Where the fuck am- Wait, Pharynx?”

“Metamora?” he asked back, “Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay?” she snapped, “I wake up hive knows where after the most terrifying moments of my entire life, and you’re the first thing I see?”

“I uh-” he stammered.

“I mean I’ve seen an ugly mug in my time,” she chuckled, shakily trying to get to her feet, “But you easily take the cake.”

“Metamora!” he yelped, shock coloring his face at her words.

“Hive, you big lug,” she grinned, “Just as sensitive as ever. Come here, I’ve got some shit to show you.”

Wow. She didn’t even acknowledge you once. Just straight to flirting with this angry shitbag with used tampons for hair. You weren’t jealous. Nah, definitely not in a way where you’d punch somebody if you weren’t fucking glued to the damn wall.

“Em, what the fuck!” you yelled, “Tell him to let me the fuck down!”

“Just a moment, Anon…” she trilled, crossing her horn over Pharynx’s as a few pink sparks crossed between them. After a moment, he jumped back in surprise before looking at you with… hunger?

“Wait did you just… you have telepathy?”

“No, it’s just like talking but with magic. Helps with sharing di-”

“Whoa, dude…” you interrupted, realizing Pharynx was drawing closer on you with a thirst in his eyes, “That part I said about popping a boner, total lie. And even if it weren’t please don’t shove it in your tight, wet asshole. I’m not gay!”

“Anon, you’re not wearing pants. We can see your dick plain as day. And I’m just a little bit disappointed you got hard without me.”

“We can worry about that later, but right now can you maybe do something about your friend there? He’s, uh… He’s got ideas I don’t think I agree with.”

“Pharynx!” she called, stopping him dead in his tracks as he looked back at you sheepishly. “After everything I showed you, you were just going to go suck the love right out of him? I ought to stick you to the wall right next to him.”

“Yeah, about that… Can you do something about that next, or my dick. Either one, really. Honestly I’d be fine up here for a bit if you just wanted to work the-”

The restraints against you crumbled into dust and you fell to your feet, wobbling a bit but ultimately maintaining your balance.

“Uh… Thanks. So now how about somebody tell me what the fuck is going on. Cause I’m confused as shit. Not dead, mind you, and that’s a good place to be, but I’m still confused as all shit.”

“Welcome home, Metamora,” Pharynx offered “and welcome to the hive, Anon.”

“Wait, the hive as in…” you paused, “Em is this where you guys live? That’s so neat. You’ve gotta show me all the stuff, like your room and your bed and the kind of things you do on your bed alone when no one else is watching.”

“Anon!” she shrieked in embarrassment.

“What, masturbation is totally normal, I should know. I’m not judging you at all.”

“I don’t, ugh!” she denied, “Let’s just… Pharynx, do something!”

“I need to go inform the Queen of this. Metamora, please have a drone accompany both of you wherever you go until you’ve heard back from me.”

“Wait you’re going to make a drone babysit me?”

“This one!” you point, singling out a random drone that clung to the back of the group around you. “He, she-”

“She” Pharynx clarified.

“She didn’t strap me to the wall. I like her,” You pause, a thought hitting you, “Hold on, Em are drones like kids or…”

“No, Anon. Drones are all adults, that would be a nymph.”

“Fuckin’ score. So many things to stick my dick in!”

The entire group around you stared on in wide eyed shock.

“Anon,” Metamora growled, “you stick your dick in one thing that isn’t me while we’re in this hive and I’m going to shrink it right back down to the size it was when you got here. And just so everypony knows, it was not impressive.”

“That’s just cold.” Pharynx said, turning to leave.

“Eh, she’d never do it. She likes it too much,” you dismiss, turning to the drone you singled out, “Alright small fry, what’s your name?”

She hesitated, trembling a bit at your exuberance.

“A- Ap-” she mumbled.

You coughed. Why did that name sound familiar?

“Apo-” she tried again, still too shy to get it out there. She took a deep breath, straightening her posture for one last try, “Aphelion.”

“That sounds like a skin condition,” you cringed, “Fuckin’ rad. I’ll take it, Amphibian. Apiarist. Astigmatism. …What was it again?”


“Nope, fairly sure I’ve got that one.”

“It’s bad enough that she’s got to follow us around! I’m not going to let you traumatize this poor drone!”

“Hey, she’s likely to see some shit either way. You’re making promises my dick can’t keep,” you quipped, “Now let’s get out of wherever the fuck we are. Rest of you drones, you’re dismissed. Go do whatever the fuck it is you do when you’re not staring at my dick.”

None of them moved.

“He’s right,” Metamora chuckled, “at ease.”

They all dispersed, scurrying off in various directions leaving you, Metamora, and Antlion. Applepie. …Fuck what was her name!

“Seriously though, What’s your name?”

“This is going to end horribly, isn’t it?”

“No worse than the last time, I’m sure.”

Act III - Alive in the Hive : Chapter 2 - Meating the Family

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“Jeez, this place is huge,” you marvel, “I am so completely lost.”

“How do you think I was able to find my way around the castle so easily.”

“It’s so empty though. Like I figured it’d be, I dunno …busier?”

Metamora’s expression soured. She looked at the ground and sighed.

“Aphelion, how many of us are left?” Metamora asked of the drone beside you.

“L-Less than eight hundred in the hive.”

“That, Anon, that’s why it’s so empty. This hive was built for fifty thousand.”

“Why would you build such a big hive if there are so few of you?”

“The hive was almost too small when it was built hundreds of years ago.”

Was she saying what you thought she was saying?

“What happened?”

“The same thing that happens to any species that has no natural habitat. Either death, or evolution.”

“Fuck that’s…” you had no words.

“…just the way that it is, I try not to get too hung up on it.”

You decided to just let that conversation die as you kept walking through the dim hallways of the hive. Instead you took note of the space itself; walls that were freeform but still held some intention of uniform design, a cavernous ceiling dotted with green light that cast everything in a dim glow. It was kind of eerily beautiful, just like someone else.

Metamora finally slowed down, finally turning into a small room in a hallway lined with identical doors. You followed quickly with the drone hesitating at the threshold before she too decided to come in. You watched Metamora as she jumped up on the raised surface in the middle of the room, turning to face you with an infectious smile on her face.

“What are we gonna do on the bed, Anon?” Metamora asked in a sing-song voice. That minx, she knew exactly what you were about to do.

“Sleep?” you joke, “Yeah, that sounds good.”

“Oh Anon… Surely you need something to help you fall asleep…”

“Wait, you have Ambien in this universe? Yeah, I’ll take two.”

You looked back to her, realizing that she had turned around, waving her hips enticingly at you

“Fuck, Em…” you groan, immediately feeling life breathed into your dick.

“Yes!” she agreed, “Do exactly that!”

“Actually…” you pause, “Remember that part earlier about things you do on your bed when no one is watching…”

“Anon! I’m not going to touch myself for your amusement!”

“Em, if you make yourself cum right here and now, I will fuck you so hard that even Applebees over there will pass out. And I won’t be gentle this time.”

She hesitated slightly, looking back over her shoulder.

“Promise?” she asked hopefully.

“Promise. Now get to it.”

She wordlessly rolled over and laid back on the firm surface of her bed, her hind legs spreading wide to give you a spectacular view.

“Fuck… As hot as ever, Em.”

“Nhh…” she whimpered, “You’re just saying that!”

“Not in a million years. I love you, Em.”

She squealed at that, her back briefly arching off the bed. You watched as one of her front hooves snaked its way down between her legs, stopping just short of its target.

“Hive, you’re really going to make me do this?” she asked.

“You know I can’t make you do anything.”

She whimpered something unintelligibly, her hoof finally making contact. At first she gently pressed against it, reveling in the pressure against her. She quickly began experimenting with other techniques, first rubbing in gentle circles that spread her ever so slightly, showing off her glistening green interior. With further iteration she found a more pleasurable technique with gentle linear strokes up and down the length of her slit. After a few passes, she hesitated at the top, pressing in ever so slightly more and earning herself a shudder of pleasure.

Her breathing was audible now, with the occasional grunt or moan mixed in, often as the tip of her hoof ground against her winking clit.

“Ah,” she shivered, “P-Pharynx!”

“Oh my god, Em! What the fuck!” you scream, watching her chuckle, covering her mouth with a hoof.

“Oh Pharynx… Come fuck me with your huge bug cock. It’s the only thing that will ever satisfy me…” she teased as she continued tracing a hoof along her moist slit.

“You know what, fuck you,” you grumbled, “Maybe I’ll go take my dick somewhere it’s appreciated. C’mere Apotheosis, ever sucked a cock this big before?”

“Hey!” Em growled, stopping the motion of her hoof, “Don’t you fucking dare!”

“Nah, it’s okay. You can go have fun with bloodhair. I’m sure Apraxia can keep me busy while you’re out.”

“Ugh! I can’t even make… without you…” she whined, “You’re so mean!”

“Relax, Em…” you chuckle, “I thought it was hilarious, as soon as I realized that you were joking. You were joking right?”

“What do you think?” she screeched, once again starting to trace her marehood with a hoof, “You think I’m lying here touching myself just for fun?”

“Well I mean…”

“Anon!” she huffed, her hips moving slightly against her hoof, “You idiot. I’m doing this because of you. Changelings don’t masturbate. This is all because I want to make you happy.”

“Wait, you’re not. Apparatus, is that true?”

The diminutive drone snapped to attention, looking at you briefly before nodding solemnly.

“That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Why wouldn’t you… I mean on the one hand it feels so good…” you stopped.

“Why would we?” Metamora asked rhetorically, “There’s no benefit to it. It just wastes energy.”

“Fuck, if I didn’t do things just because they were a waste of energy…” you laughed, “Well, I’d probably be a lot more boring at least.”

“Just…” she sighed, looking away, “Come here and tell me I’m doing a good job.”

“Oh Em,” you purred, “You’re doing a great job.”

“R-Really?” she asked, her breath hitching as she pressed the tip of her hoof against her clit.

“Yes, really. I could cum just from watching this. Fuck, I want you so bad.”

“Then come get me!” she whined, “What are you waiting for?”

“You know the rules…” you snickered, “Plus I need you as worked up as possible if my evil plan is going to work. I’m going to wind you up and turn you into a sex-fueled supernova destroying the entire hive!”

Aphelion’s eyes flew wide as it looked like she was about to run off to warn everyone of the danger.

“He’s joking!” Metamora quickly added, calming the nervous drone just a bit.

“Yeah, from my calculations,” you paused, grinning wide, “I’d need about… two Changelings for that kind of destruction. What do you say, Appetizer?” You stared at her and licked your lips.

“Anon!” Metamora chided, “Aphelion, don’t listen to him.”

“Oh come on, can’t you guys take a joke?” you asked, pausing as you realized something else, “Hold on, Em… you didn’t stop for that… Feeling good now?”

“S-Shut up.”

“Oh my god! You’re a fucking natural,” you applauded, sneaking up closer to her. She was lost in her motions, frantically rolling her hips against her hoof. You took advantage of her inattention to sneak onto the bed beside her, just enough room for you to lay on your side next to her. You reached out with one arm, wrapping around her and pulling her towards you as your other arm snuck underneath her to form a loose hug.

“Ah!” she moaned, “W-What are you doing?”

“Hey…” you responded, grinning, “Don’t mind me, just getting a little closer to the action.”

“Y-You’re the worst. I can feel your dick poking me. Why can’t you just-”

You kissed her gently on her cheek, watching her arch her back as her hoof only became more frantic.

“A-Anon… Please s-say it…”

“Say what?”

“You know what! Come on, push me over the edge!”

“Oh…” you realized, “Heh… I love you, perv.”

She squealed, her legs twitching loosely and the rest of her squirming against the bed, against you. You managed to tilt her head to the side and plant another kiss right on her lips right as she was starting to calm down. As suddenly as your kiss, she started shaking twice as hard as before, trying to make all manner of sounds against your mouth as she thrashed wildly. You held her tight as she rode out her mostly self-inflicted orgasm, taking stock of what a truly magical lover you held in your arms.

“See, that didn’t seem like a waste of energy to me,” you called out, “Don’t you think so Apothecary?”

The drone cowered in the corner, somehow looking both terrified and completely turned on.

“Shit if you thought that was something, you won’t believe what happens next,” you laughed.

As soon as you finished saying that, you felt a force hit you. Somehow where you were previously holding Metamora, now she was holding you, and she quickly pulled you to the center of the bed, rolled you onto your back and straddled you, her still dripping nethers close enough that you could feel the unexpected warmth on your dick.

“Please?” she asked, looking to you for approval that she knew she was going to get. You just nodded. Instantly you felt that warmth turn from a gentle ambiance into a powerful, visceral heat. Metamora descended on your shaft all the way to the hilt with no resistance. As soon as you bottomed out in her and felt the weight of her hips come to rest against you, you pulled her against your chest, squeezing your arms around her.

“Hive I waited too long for this,” she hissed, locking eyes with you. You bucked your hips once, driving her up and then letting her fall back down on your shaft. She darted forward and kissed you, a frantic energy to her motions as she draped her hooves over your shoulders to steady herself. You leaned into her, driving yourself in and out of her rhythmically. You couldn’t stop watching her eyes the entire time. Where once they were a cold, arctic blue they were now light pink fading to white at the edges. The same color pink as…

You spoke too soon. The first trails of that orb started to dance around you, growing more and more intense. You were having trouble making out the room around you between the lattice of energy, drawing nearer to your own peak as the energy around you crescendoed as well. She tightened around you, moaning into your kiss. Then, just as you exploded inside her, the ball of energy around both of you did the same, filling the room with a blinding light.

After a minute of transcendental bliss, you returned to reality.

“Hha… That was a lot of love mister Anon…” Aphelion giggled from across the room, falling to her side and twitching softly.

“Shit, Em…” you realize, “I think we broke Apprentice.”

“There you go again… You’ve gotten her lovedrunk. Just like our first time.”

“Hey!” you correct, “both times a Changeling got drunk off my dick it was your pervy magic that did it.”

You looked over to the lovedrunk drone next to you, who had managed to get back to her hooves, albeit shakily.

“H-hey… uh… You know that part where I’m supposed to be watching you?” Aphelion chirped, staring intently at your dick as she sauntered over to the bed, “Well I think I can do that better if I had a certain vantage point.”

“You little shit. So much as touch him and I’ll rip your wings off and eat them.”

Aphelion shivered at the thought, instantly looking away.

“Oh come on, Em… There’s enough of me for both of you. I promise I still love you.”

She hiccuped, eyes glowing pink for a brief moment as she looked to the drone and back to you.

“Fine. But only because I l-” she sighed, “Only because I like you.”

“Then come here you two…”

Act III - Alive in the Hive : Chapter 3 - Disenchantment

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“Oh Em,” you chuckled, “Didn’t get enough last night?”

You hadn’t even opened your eyes yet and there was already a suckling warmth on your dick. You could get used to this. You could really get used to this.

“Huh?” you heard Metamora call hazily as a presence behind you stirred.

“Oh fuck…” you realized. That was not Metamora suckling on your dick. You opened your eyes and sure enough, there was that cute little drone stuffing her face full of your meat with a look of utter concentration “Aphelion, why are you sucking my dick?”

“Did you just say Aphelion is sucking your dick?” Metamora asked groggily, maneuvering to perch her head on your chest so she could look over you.

“Don’t be mad,” you plead.

“Why would I be mad, it’s not like you're-” she started, her eyes finally focusing on the dark gray blob moving between your legs, “Aphelion! Are you sucking my Anon’s dick?”

She didn’t answer, continuing her oral assault with rapt focus.

“Em, hey… There’ll be plenty more chances to, just, holy fuck she’s good.”

“I can’t believe she would… And after last night too!” she grumbled, “Just… Tell me I’m better.”

“F-fuck… Her technique… she’s right up there,” you start, earning a scowl from Metamora, “…but I’d rather do this with you any time. I love you.”

“A-Anon!” she whimpered, shuddering like she usually did when you said those three words, “You can’t just say that to shut me up.”

“Em, I’m never going to just say that. I mean it. I’ll always mean it.”

Suddenly the door burst open, causing you to flip over to face it, whipping your dick free from Aphelion with a wet squelch. It was too late though, because as soon as you rolled to face the door, your orgasm overtook you, causing you to launch volley after volley of your especially voluminous seed straight towards the doorway. You opened your eyes to see a cum-drenched Pharynx staring at you with that same hunger from yesterday.

“Fuck!” you yelled, this was easily the most gay thing you had ever done. Pharynx licked his lips hungrily, a brief flash of his horn appearing to disappear all of the essence you had gifted him.

“Thanks for the meal, Anon…” Pharynx hummed.

“You can’t just barge in here!” you called back. “What ever happened to privacy?”

“Why would you need privacy? There is nothing in this hive that is private.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you sigh, “Well, what do you want then?”

“I come bearing great news. The Queen wishes to see both of you as soon as possible.”

“Queen Chrysalis…” Metamora whispered, “She asked for us both?”

“Yes. With the utmost urgency. Please if you would follow-”

It looks like Em had other plans. She was already up to her feet and making her way quickly to the door. You decided to follow suit, but not before doing something with the third occupant of the bed. You picked her up and carried her across the room, setting the smaller drone down on top of Pharynx’s back.

“Here Pharynx, keep my Aphelion warm for me. Bye!” you said, quickly rushing out the door to catch up to Metamora.

You rounded the corner and immediately could tell you were in rarefied air. The entire hallway was more meticulously designed, engraved with decoration and interspersed with well-worn tapestries hanging from the walls. You walked between a set of two motionless guards in armor that looked to be made of the same material as their carapace, eying another set blocking your path with spears crossed over the doorway ahead. Beyond them was an enormous, cavernous room that appeared to be slightly brighter than the rest of the hive.

As you drew close, the guards stiffened, waiting until you had come up to them before addressing you.

“State your names and business.”

“Infiltrator Metamora and Sir Anon, here upon request of her Highness.”

They stepped aside, clearing their spears from the doorway. Metamora waltzed forward with a new dignity in her stride, her head held high and her steps bringing her hooves higher off the ground. You too found yourself walking with more importance. You had fucked a princess, but you were about to meet a Queen! Before too much longer, you were staring at a truly enormous throne, carved from craggy green stone. As you approached, a familiar looking Changeling stepped out and climbed into the seat of the throne.

“Huh, she looks exactly like I thought she would,” you wink at Metamora.

“My Queen, I present you Sir Anon, human. A being of another plane and the most powerful source of love I have ever known. May our actions serve you,” she said, bowing deeply.

“Metamora,” Chrysalis spoke with a tone you couldn’t discern as positive or negative, “Pharynx tells me of your exploits since you’ve found this creature. Extracting his love repeatedly, gathering intelligence for our efforts, bedding a princess. Needless to say, as always, I am proud of your actions. The hive grows stronger on the backs of Changelings like you.”

“T-Thank you my Queen! I am not worthy of such praise!” she groveled, “Anon has… He has shown me such… such compassion, a feeling I have not yet grown used to. Any strength you see in me, I owe to him.”

Shit, you liked where this was going.

“Ah yes, Anon,” Chrysalis addressed, turning to look at you, “He who would aid a Changeling of his own will. Truly a unique specimen.”

“Howdy…” you offer weakly, not really sure what to say.

“What would you ask of us, my Queen?” Metamora inquired.

“I simply wish to understand firsthoof what has happened since Anon has come to Equestria.”

“Yes, I’d be glad to-”

“From him, Metamora. I already know what you have seen.”

“Cool,” you shrugged, “What’chu wanna know?”

“Tell me, Anon…” she inquired, “Is it true that you believe yourself to be in love with Metamora?”

“I more than believe it. I know it. And I know that she cares for me too.”

“Let me phrase my question another way. You purport to love a creature that can offer you nothing in return?”

“You’re so wrong there-”

“I am sorry my Queen,” Metamora apologized, “What he means to say is-”

“No, Metamora. Let him speak. I wish to hear his words exactly as they are,” Chrysalis corrected, “Now Anon, how do you believe me to be wrong?”

“You said she can offer me nothing in return. But that’s not true. What did Pharynx show you if he missed that detail?”

“Pharynx has shown us everything, as Metamora showed to him. Including how you persuaded Metamora to take my form the first time she extracted your love.”

Metamora shivered a bit, but she knew this moment was coming.

“Heh… Then you saw what we did after that as well.”

“Yes, and while I believe your choices in bad taste, I will not fault Metamora for pursuing them in the furtherance of her duties.”

She breathed a sigh of relief at her Queen’s words.

“Then how do you not understand?”

“I understand fully. You are a creature who transacts in lust, much in counterpoint to how we traffic in love. To that end I realize completely that you believe what Metamora provides you may one day be love, but it will never be.”

“You’re wrong!” you yell again.

“You think that no Changeling has ever tried to learn to love? In the many thousands of years of recorded history, there has never been one who succeeded. It is plainly impossible.”

“I refuse to believe that. What Em and I share… She may not love me yet, but I can feel it.”

“What you and Metamora share is a symbiosis. It is a beautiful thing, and worthy of great admiration, but it is not love. It can never be love.”

“Why not?”

“Do you always deal in such vague terms? The universe has answered your question time and time again, and always has it rewarded your hopes with death and destruction. It is unfair of you to ask her to sacrifice herself in such a way.”

“Your Highness,” Metamora interrupted, “I think he is right. I didn’t believe it myself at first, but since he first told me that he loved me, there’s been a warmth growing in me, something of my creation.”

“Holy shit Em, you’re pregnant?” you ask, completely misreading the situation.

“No, Anon, that’s not…” she trailed off, “I’m learning what it means to love. Even if I can’t yet.”

“It is a fools errand, Metamora. To love as a Changeling would be to sell your soul. It means weakness.”

“This is the first time in my life I’ve felt true strength, my Queen.”

“You have always worried too much, Metamora, but do not mistake false hope for strength. As you go down this path, you veer from what makes you great.”

“Can’t you believe this is possible? I’m willing to try even if it means failure, even if it means death. That’s what love is, Chrysalis, it is that willingness to sacrifice yourself for what you love, what you believe in. And I believe in her. I love Metamora.”

Metamora quivered at your words, a tear falling from her cheek. Even Chrysalis was temporarily taken aback, looking away as she finally came to answer you.

“I can’t believe anything. I am a pragmatist,” she conceded, “I have to be. With our numbers dwindling each and every day, I must ensure our survival by any means necessary. Survival does not predicate on theory, it predicates on action. I can’t devote hope to this when there are tried and true solutions at hoof.”

“Listen, I don’t agree with the ponies on this shit either, but kidnapping and rape aren’t cool. Not when you can-”

“Death,” Chrysalis snarled, “Death is not cool. I do not wish to discuss this further.”

“Then…” you lead, trying your luck, “One last question, if I may…”

“You may,” Chrysalis permitted.

“Since I’m, you know, this potent source of love or whatever… You’re probably totally interested in extracting that love right?”

“Absolutely. Should you wish to contribute to our stores, you may command Metamora or any other Changeling in this hive to attend to you.”

“What I meant was… Do you want to extract that love.”

“Anon!” Metamora yelled, staring daggers, “Excuse him!”

“Oh dear Anon, while I admire your ambition, I have a hive to rule. I can’t simply unshackle myself from these duties to gather love. I have so many other Changelings who would jump at the opportunity to make such a contribution.”

“So you’re not interested in some firsthand experience then?”

“I see no reason to tend to this personally. Unless you find yourself attracted to me, at which point Metamora has already proven herself capable of assuming my form.”

“I am so deeply sorry, your Highness.”

“Nonsense! You did as was required to harvest his love. Just as I hope you will continue to do,” she dismissed, “Speaking of, Metamora, your Queen is hungry and you seem to be positively radiating with love. Do you mind?”

“It would be my pleasure,” Metamora revered, lighting her horn and forming a pink beach ball of energy at the tip of her horn.

“Oh Metamora, that is plenty! You’ll spoil me!” Chrysalis called out, taking hold of the ball in her magic, “And such a strange color too!”

She levitated the ball closer to herself, watching it deform as if pulled gravitationally towards her. Inevitably the ball collided with her, spreading to cover her dark gray exoskeleton before dissipating.

“Wait,” she called, “Metamora… your love, it tastes… different. Tell me how you harvested it.”

“How about we demonstrate instead,” you offer, gesturing to your love.

“Excellent! Metamora, show me how you render this unique substance.”

“Yes, my Queen. But I would like to ask that, whatever happens, you remember that you approved such demonstration.”

Act III - Alive in the Hive : Chapter 4 - Meta-Metamora

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“So you’re gonna change into queen bugbutt, right?”

“Anon!” Metamora yelled, exasperated, “Show a little respect!”

“Sorry…” you chuckle, “Never have been good at that one… so…”

“You’re impossible.” She sighed, “If my Queen gives her permission, I suppose I-”

“Hey Queenie,” you yell, “Em’s got this weird exhibition thing, and she’s got it baaaad.”


“Shh, Em… I know you’re too embarrassed to say it. Anyway, she can’t get turned on in front of someone else unless she looks like them, so…”

“You think fucking her while she looks like me is going to convince me to partake, don’t you?”

“Well I wouldn’t have put it like that but…” Nope, you’d put it pretty much exactly like that.

“I don’t understand why you’d want to bed me, or anyone other than the one you claim to be your beloved. She can be anything you want, but you want something else simply because it exists?”

“My dick defies limitation. I can’t hold myself to just one person, even if she’s the best thing I’ve ever had. I’m dumb and ultimately self-destructive like that. Get it from my dad probably.”

“Well you have my permission, but I must warn you that you’re not going to get what you want.”

Metamora didn’t even say a word, just a flash of green and another Queen staring at your rapidly stiffening dick.

“I've got exactly what I want right here” you motioned, “Wow, Em... kinda seems like you wanted it too.”

“I did not!” she denied, “It’s just… I feel powerful like this.”

“Oh my god, you do have a weird exhibition thing!”

“Shut up! You’re the worst!”

“Fine, Fine. But hey, um, you think we can one up yesterday?” you whispered, “What do you think it would take to get your queen drunk like Aphelion?”

Metamora’s eyes widened, then narrowed, then she grinned back at you.

“I think… I think we can make that happen,” she whispered back, that adorable blush you loved so much shining on her cheeks.

“You keep being that cute and I’ll bend you over and fuck you right here and now.”

“I-I’m not cute!” she pouted.

“Fuuuuck. Come on, turn around. I’m gonna jizz all over you just like I did with Pharynx if I don’t get inside you right fucking now.”

“What are you waiting for, then…” she moaned, turning to face away from you and lifting her tail so that it fell over her back, “Come give your Queen what she desires.”

Chrysalis arched her eyebrows at this, contemplating whether she wanted to react more noticeably. She let it slide.

“What my queen desires, huh?” you chuckle, “you’re this worked up already?”

“It’s not every day that a Changeling gets to perform in front of her Queen as her Queen.”

“Fuck, this is why I love you,” you breathed, not even thinking about the effect your words would have on Metamora. Her hindlegs immediately widened, her marehood winking as a small spurt of her lime-tinted liquid leaked forth. “Holy shit! I wanted to get straight to the action, but maybe I need to make sure you don’t cum as soon as I put it in.”

“Anon, you do anything other than shove your dick in my pussy and I’ll break it off and shove it in your ass.”

“You’d never.”

“Try me.”

“I just might...” you smirked, kneeling behind her and bringing the back of your hand to stroke along her drenched slit.

“Aaanon…” she squealed, “Don’t fucking tease me!”

“Just getting all lubed up,” you chuckled. “How else am I gonna fit my entire arm inside you?”

She practically jumped at your words, recoiling nervously but not quite ready to stop you.

“Oh come on, you’re a big girl now… You can handle it,” you encourage, beginning to spear her on your hand.

As soon as you had the beginnings of a few fingers inside her, all of the sudden her hesitation turned into constant pressure back against your intruding hand. You had no trouble whatsoever getting in to the last knuckles, only meeting the slightest resistance as the width of your wrist spread her to her limit.

“Fuuuuck,” she moaned, still pressing back hard against you, “and I thought your dick was big.”

“Silly bug, my dick is huge,” you snickered, moving to curl your hand against that spot inside her you were growing so good at finding. Her legs started trembling and she stopped being able to push back quite so forcefully. Before she could catch her breath, you closed your hand into a loosely balled fist and drove your arm as deep as it would go. You pulled back, your arm slick with her wetness, her scent clinging to everything as you drove her wild. Chrysalis stared wide-eyed at your creative use of her subject, her gaze locked on the steady advance and retreat of your arm.

With a few more thrusts, and careful attention to how she reacted to your efforts, you could already tell Em was getting close. You had to get this first one out of the way quick, cause you wanted her to last when you finally made sweet, sweet love to her. You just had no idea how quick you would be able to make it happen, surprised completely when her walls bore down on you, locking you in place as she gushed and moaned with abandon.

“There we go, Em… All nice and warmed up,” you affirmed, drawing your arm out of her slowly and standing back up.

“Anon,” she growled, a viciousness in her tone that you had never heard before, “Dick inside me right fucking now.”

“If only you were just a hair taller,” you hinted, watching Metamora’s head whip back to see how much additional height she needed. Before you even registered that she had acknowledged your idea, she started growing noticeably, her size now large enough to dwarf Chrysalis by a good foot or so, her long slender legs and beautiful scuplted hips both growing in proportion to line her impatient sex up with your pride, “Oh shit, I didn’t think you’d.”

“Stop. Talking.” She commanded, pressing back into you with exacting accuracy, the first few inches of your dick sinking into her with ease. You did as you were told, leaning forward and pushing yourself onward to sink into her folds. Was she tighter than usual or was she… Shit, she was using her magic to… Fuck that felt good. If she was going to show off like this, you needed to convince her to fuck you in front of royalty more often.

She ground back against you on each thrust, her motions combining with your own to fill the room with the wet, resounding chorus of your thighs against her flanks. She was practically flooding you with her juices, each thrust leaving you with a hearty trickle of her liquid dripping from your union onto the floor below. You couldn’t help but go even harder, leaning over her and wrapping an arm around her barrel. You started to rapidly piston yourself inside of her, going as fast as physics and biology allowed, then pushing the envelope just a little bit more. Because, fuck it, she deserved it.

Before long you noticed the wonderful anomaly you had grown so used to forming around you. Little shooting stars of pink drawing slow, lazy arcs through the air around you, each thrust seeming to bring a few more of them into existence. You still didn’t understand quite what it meant or what you were seeing, but you knew that the more of those little comets you saw the more Em was enjoying this.

“How ya doin’ up there bugbutt?” you grunted between thrusts.

“This is…” she shuddered, “How do you keep getting better every time we…”

“You keep raising the stakes,” you explain, “And this dick was not made to disappoint.”

She didn’t have a response to that, of course you couldn’t really blame her. But nonetheless, you continued your slow crescendo towards a familiar peak, hearing Metamora moan and squeal in delight with every move you make. Some of the pink trails slowly turned a shining white, darting around the two of you at rapid speed.

“Hey Em, I got something to tell you,” you start.

“Right now, Anon?” she squeaked out, “Can’t it wait?”

“No. Now listen real close here, I don’t want anyone else to hear what I’ve gotta say.”

“Anon! Quit being so cagey and just fuck me! I need you to fuck me!”

“You don’t want a little more?” you whispered, stroking along her assumed mane, “Don’t want me to remind you that I love you more than anything?”

The air around you was humming with energy. New strands of pink joined in the swirling mass of now mostly white comets, zipping around until they too grew to a glowing white. A second, closer sphere was forming as zips of white wisped away, falling toward the center and changing again to a beautiful, shimmering gold. As the outer sphere grew in size, the inner sphere shrank until it could only encapsulate you and Metamora, transforming from a loose mesh to a solid shell as more and more energy fell from the outer sphere to become like their gold brethren.

“Anon,” she whispered, “I-I think I can say it. I think I- I-”

“Come on, Em. You can do it!” you goaded, thrusting into her as hard as humanly possible

“I-” she hesitated, drawing a deep breath and steadying herself to the best of her ability, “I-”

Fuck, you could tell it was close, she just needed… One. More. Push.

“Oh Anon I-” she shivered, “I’m cumming!”

She went rigid, every muscle inside and out tensing to its maximum. You felt yourself cross the threshold you hadn’t even realized was upon you. Your vision went white as you were blinded by the collapsing sphere. Her hooves buckled, sending you toppling over her and falling to the ground, your dick coming free from her tight embrace. You rolled to your side, landing next to her.

After a moment, you realized her occasional shivers weren’t aftershocks of pleasure. They were quiet sobs, her face turned away from you as much as she could. It pained you to know that despite the beautiful moment you shared, she couldn't get what she wanted. You almost wanted to cry with her. You cradled her chin, coaxing her to turn toward you, seeing the sheen of tears glistening over her matte chitin.

“I’m so sorry… I thought I… I wanted. I…”

“Don’t be sorry. You know I don’t need three silly words to know how you feel.”

“They’re not three silly words, Anon. They’re-” she sobbed, “I know how much they mean to you.”

“Which is why I’m glad you’re not saying it before you’re ready. When you finally say those three words, Em, I want it to be because you can’t help yourself.”

“I can’t help myself,” she said, her tears slowing, “I can’t help anything.”

“Em,” you sighed, “Don’t think like that. I know you wish it were easier, but the best things in life never are, and you’re the best thing in my life.”

“Anon, every time you make love to me, the only thing I make is a fool of myself. I’m a sad, weak, pitiful excuse for a Changeling and I’m not worth your love.”

“You’re worth so much more than the love I can give you, Metamora. You just worry too much.”

“I- I-” she hesitated, leaning into you, “I do, don’t I.”

“Just a bit. And about the dumbest things too.”

“You’re right,” she said, a sadness to her voice, but also a redeeming happiness, “I’m sorry.”

“No apologies, just promise you’ll stop beating yourself up and just let whatever happens, happen?”


You heard a loud thud as Chrysalis fell forward off of her throne, writhing loosely on the ground with a pleased look on her face.

Act III - Alive in the Hive : Chapter 5 - On Second Thot

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Well shit. You didn’t think you were going to put her straight into a coma from that. You figured she’d just be more excitable and exuberant, just like Aphelion. But she was… was she snoring?

Both you and Metamora approached her, cautiously taking each step, fearing that she might stir or wake at your words or actions.

After Metamora looked her over for any injuries, taking a little longer than you though professionally necessary staring at her backside, she concluded that you had indeed gotten her Queen lovedrunk.

“I can’t believe we managed to…” Metamora started, trailing off as if actually saying it would force her to face her actions.

“Is it that much of a surprise, I mean it didn’t seem to take much for you or Aphelion.”

“Yes, but I imagine she can hold much more love,” she explained pridefully, “Love we made.”.

“So what do we do now?” you asked, uncertain, “Do we let her sleep or wake her up or hide in fear of her wrath or?”

“Let’s wake her up. I doubt she would like to know she was asleep for any significant period of time.”

“Hey bugbutt!” you screamed, “Get your drunk ass the fuck up!”

“That’s…” Metamora sighed, “That’s one way to do it.”

Chrysalis stirred, her eyelids fluttering as she pawed at the ground in front of her weakly.

“Just another minute, momma…” she whined

“Oh my god did she just…” you whispered to Em. She nodded softly, a blush coloring her cheeks.

“Your Highness, it’s Metamora and Anon. You passed out.”

“Passed out? I’ve never…” she paused, finally opening her eyes and looking around, “Why do I feel so silly right now?”

“You’re lovedrunk.” Metamora chuckled.

“Lovedrunk? How is that… It’d take enough love to fill this room before-” she paused, belching loudly, “Oh… you’re right.”

“Yes, my Queen. How can we be of assist-”

“You win, Anon… I’ll… I’ll do it,” Chrysalis hesitated, her voice less composed than a moment ago, “After that much love… Well, I don’t need to worry about anypony going hungry for weeks.”

“I thought you said that you wouldn’t…”

“I’ve said a lot of things in my life that I’ve gone back on. This one came as a surprise to me, but here we are.”

“Em, are you okay with this?”

“Who am I to deny my Queen?”

“No that’s not…” you sigh, “I don’t want to hurt you like last time. You can tell me no, I’ll listen.”

“It’s okay, Anon. I share everything with my Queen, and that includes you.”

“Sharing implies that you’ll be involved as well…”

Metamora blushed fiercely, “If my Queen would allow it…”

“You’re despicable, you know that,” Chrysalis chastised, mostly talking to you, “You’d inebriate a Queen just to coerce her into laying with you!”

“You’re the one that-” you tried to defend.

“Either way, I applaud your ambition, but I think I hate you. They call us evil, but you’re- you’re something else entirely!” Queen Chrysalis called out with a wavering voice as she stumbled to her hooves.

“Chrysalis, hey… I didn’t mean to…”

“And yet you did,” she laughed, “You and her… Where does she even hide all that love?”

“I don’t hide anything my Queen, that was all from what you saw.”

“Nonsense!” she cackled, “I’ve never seen a Changeling extract that much love, nor a creature bear such quantity!”

“I told you she was special,” you smiled.

“Indeed she is. I’ve known it for a while, but this was a surprise even to me,” Chrysalis hummed, sauntering up to Metamora. While she stared quizically up at her Queen, Chrysalis wasted no time, darting in for a wet kiss. She pushed hard against Metamora, causing her to fall on her back hooves and eventually topple over onto her back. Chrysalis still didn’t stop kissing, lowering herself onto the smaller Changeling and writhing gently against her. You could tell that Chrysalis’s tongue had entered the fray as Metamora’s eyes unfocused and she moaned loudly into the kiss.

“This has got to be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Fuck, where’s Pharynx when you need to rub off in his face,” Damn it!, “I mean rub it in his face.”

“Oh? Little slip of the tongue?” Metamora chuckled, breaking the kiss, “Maybe feeling a connection after you came all over him?”

“Shut up, Em.”

“Do you want me to shut her up?” Chrysalis asked, looking hungrily back down at Metamora.

“Only if you’re going to do it like you just did.”

She didn’t even hesitate, darting forward to capture her in a kiss. She even lowered herself a little more, twisting somewhat awkwardly until you realized that she was trying to line her other mouth up with Metamora for a different kind of kiss. After a few moments of contortion, she finally figured it out, eliciting a deep, muffled moan from both of them.

Metamora broke free from her kiss, trying desparately to catch her breath as Chrysalis gently rocked herself against her lower body.

“Q-Queen… What are you doing?”

“Whatever I want,” she giggled, “I never get to thank my subjects so directly, but right now I’m going to show her how much she means to the hive.”

Fuck… If that wasn’t the hottest thing you’d ever heard, then you were gay. Obviously that was the hottest thing you’d ever heard.

Chrysalis had now gotten herself into a rhythm, deliberately rubbing herself over Metamora as she squirmed in delight below.

“Oh shit… I know that squirm… You’re gonna make her cum soon!” you narrate.

Well, you were right. Within a few seconds, Metamora started convulsing rapidly, gasping and moaning as she writhed.

“C-Chrysalis!” she screamed, wrapping her hooves around her Queen’s neck to pull her in for another kiss.

“God this couldn’t get any better,” you mused, taking hold of your now stiff dick and stroking gently.

“I don’t know this god of yours, but after we’re done you’re only going to be praying to me.” Chrysalis declared

“Oh, I’m fairly certain it will be the other way around. You’ve never taken dick like mine,” you bragged, “Now get ready.”

You watched Chrysalis lift herself up in anticipation, waggling her hips seductively.

“So how do you want-”

“Fuck me just like her,” she demanded, “And you better not cum before I do.”

“That’s never been a problem, right Em?” you asked, walking forward and lining up for entry.

She just nodded, looking away sheepishly.

“Then put your dick in!”

You thrust into her and immediately you could tell the difference from what you’d experienced with Metamora. Being inside Chrysalis was definitely more intense, but it felt almost mechanical, much different from what you were used to with Em. Nonetheless, having her just inches away made up for it.

“S-So much…” Chrysalis squealed as your rock hard cock spread her in ways you imagine she’d been missing for quite some time.

You kept sinking into her, meeting more resistance than you expected as you went. She was actually tight, a significant surprise given her size.

“Fuck, if you were any tighter I’d swear you were a virgin.”

“I’ve bedded many a creature before, Anon. Don’t think you’ve earned the pride of being my first…” she lead, “But it has been so long. I’ve needed this for so long.”

“You’re the Queen,” you wonder, starting to pull back out, “Can’t you get this whenever you want?”

“Yes, but my duties come first, and there is never enough time in the day for-”

“Make time,” you commanded, “You know, maybe show some of your subjects they’re appreciated every once in a blue moon.”

“I can’t, I have to-”

“Do you have to? Can you not delegate?” you ask, starting to pick up speed as you pistoned in and out of her, “You keep complaining about how busy you are and how you have no free time, but the answer is right in front of you.”

“I can’t… I can’t burden them with matters of life or death. That’s something I must handle alone. Only I can bear the pain of choosing who gets to eat, who gets to live.”

“How much of my love could you store, and how long would that feed your hive?” you offer.

“I-I couldn’t! You’ve already given so much, and without obligation…” Chrysalis countered, “Normally we would drain you for all the love you’re worth, but you are a gift we can’t afford to squander.”

“You’re not going to take my love to feed your people just because I gave you some freely?” you ask with incredulity, “What if I gave that freely as well?”

“I could maybe…” she started, “But that much love - it would surely kill you!”

“That’s what Metamora said the first time we fucked, but she was wrong. And I’m fairly certain I’m producing a lot more love now.”

“Metamora…” Chrysalis thought, “Your love for her does seem to be more potent and available…”

“You hear that, Em” you whisper to the long-neglected Changeling below you, “You have to fuck me, for survival!”

“You know, it’d be a shame if Metamora felt left out…” Chrysalis giggled, her horn lighting up. A green projection began to form above her, coalescing into a thick stallionhood that was just as thick as your tool but a few inches shorter.

“You’re not gonna…” you whispered.

“Oh, I sure am.” The magical cock flew down to where it was needed most, pressing gently against the entrance to Metamora’s sex.

“Nooo…” she protested weakly, “I-I can’t take it.”

“Since when haven’t you been able to take it? You’ve taken everything I’ve given you…” you ask, “Chrysalis, do it.”

You listened as the magic tool pressed itself forward gently, coaxing Metamora to open up as it tried to sink inside her. As it made progress, she let out one long moan that faded into nothingness as she ran out of breath. Quickly you started increasing your pace, Chrysalis mirroring your actions with her phallic aura as it speared Metamora open wide. You realized that you wanted more though. You needed more.

“Chrysalis,” you grunted, “I’m going to-”

“You’re cumming? Finally!”

“Heh, nope… I was just saying that I’m going to take things up a bit.”

“M-More?” she squealed, tensing at the thought.

“Well you haven’t cum yet…”

“Oh fffuck… Anon, I haven’t cum in so long…”

“Then get ready,” you commanded, bearing down on her with all your weight. You brought one arm around her midsection, snaking it back between her legs to rub at that little bud at the tip of her slit.

“I-I…” she moaned softly, “I’m gonna, oh Anon I’m actually going to…”

She shuddered

“Cummmmm,” she screamed. Her horn arced, green sparks hitting various nearby surfaces with seemingly no effect. Unseen to you, the ethereal dick spearing Metamora open responded in kind to Chrysalis’s actions, spewing forth magical energy into Metamora. Before long she too was whining and writhing around, on the floor, covered in a mixture of her and her Queen’s juices. She too squealed from the throes of orgasm, finally giving Chrysalis the chance to withdraw the magical appendage.

“Keep going?” you asked, hopeful.

“Yes please!” she nodded.

“Shit, Em… I’m so glad you let me do this.”

“I-I… You’re going to have to finish me off too when you’re done with her.”

“It’s a promise.”

You felt yourself finally getting near to that edge that you couldn’t come back from, a pressure rising inside you with each thrust. Only a bit more before you emptied yourself inside her.

“Oh fuck Chrysalis… you feel so good. I love y-”

You heard a noise and realized suddenly that there was one less creature in the room.

“Fuck, did I just…”

“You sure did,” Chrysalis confirmed, “And you didn’t even mean it either.”

“Shit, I-I… I wasn’t thinking, I…”

“What are you doing telling me? Go find her and tell her!”

“You’re right.”


“Uh… How do I get back to the place…”

Act III - Alive in the Hive : Chapter 6 - What a Dick!

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“Em, come on!” you whined, “You know I didn’t mean it!”

“You’ve never meant it!” she cried, “How didn’t I see it earlier. You… You’re just like us.”

“You don’t believe that. You know how I feel about you.”

“Do I? You told me that- that…” she squeaked, “You told me it was real and I believed you!”

“Em, it is real. Every bit of it. The part where I love you, the part where you’re the best thing I’ve ever had, the part where I always find a way to ruin that,” you explain, “But this time I can’t bear to lose you. I need you in so many different ways.”

“You need me to get your dick wet! And I would have been fucking fine with that if you were just straightforward about it.”

“That’s not all. I- I-” you started, fighting tears, “I need you because you’re the only thing I have. I need you because you’ve been wonderful to me, even though it goes against your nature. I need you because I’m in a completely insane fucking alternate dimension or some shit and for once in my god damn fucking waste of a life I found something I love more than myself. I wouldn’t make it if I lost you.”

“That’s exactly what I mean. You think you love me because I’m convenient. I’m there for you because I need you too. I need your love, I needed you to get me out of the castle. We need eachother, Anon. But that’s all this is.”

“Em, you’re not…” you say, “Tell me that’s not all you think this is.”

“No, Anon. There’s nothing more to us. Chrysalis was right. We’re a symbiosis. You give me your love, I give you companionship. Somehow it works out, but that’s not love. Love is…”

“Love is what, Em? What would you know about it?” you growled.

“Love is…” she paused, clearly taken aback from your words, “Love isn’t real. It’s always a lie built on other lies. I should know. You should know. We’ve been doing nothing but lying to each other about this since this started.”

“Isn’t that what you fucking wanted?” you asked, “You said it yourself. All I am is a fucking meal to you, Em. If this is all fake then why the fuck do you care so damn much. Why do I care so much?”

“Because I- I-” she paused, “You broke me. You convinced me to build this fragile, delicate piece inside of me, telling me you’d keep it safe, that you’d help it grow, that you’d make it strong… But all you’ve done is made me weak.”

“All I’ve done?” you laughed, “I’ve done fucking everything for you. I kept your secret. I fed you all the love I could. I kept myself from freaking the fuck out at every possible second. If either of us should be broken, it’s me,” you paused, catching your breath, “Do you understand how fucking weird it is for me? All of the sudden the world I know is gone and I wake up with a fucking monster staring at me.”

“You-” she hiccuped, fresh tears joining those already staining her cheeks, “You think I’m a monster?”

“Wait, Em, that’s not…”

“No. It is. That’s all I’ve ever been. That’s all any Changeling has ever been.”

“No, that’s not what I-” you stopped, collecting your thoughts, “I did think that, at first. You were terrifying and strange and I thought you were going to kill me! But then you didn’t. At first I didn’t even really want to fuck you. You looked weird and you stand on four hooves and I could barely make sense of what’s between your legs…”

She didn’t respond quite yet, content for a moment to let you finish your thought.

“But you weren’t that for long. After that first time, well… it stopped being so weird. It stopped being, you know, just a biological thing. It started being less something to do because my dick was hard and more something that made my dick hard thinking about it.”

“I can understand that. I was the familiar option.”

“No, Em. You’re not hearing me. I’m attracted to you. Of all the things that I thought I would never say, I’m attracted to a fucking horse!”


“Sorry… Pony, er Changeling… Whatever. The important part is that I’m attracted to you. At first it was a sex thing, sure. You were orders of magnitude more convenient than anything else before. But it stopped being just that. That night in the shower… Something changed. I saw through your disguise then.”

“Anon I wasn’t wearing a disguise then.”

“No, you were. It’s the same one that you always wear. The strong, tough shell that you want everyone to think is the real you… that melted away then. You were just… You. A gentle, caring, hopeful lover, the part of yourself that you hide because you’re terrified of it. The part of myself I hide because it only ever hurt me.”

She looked up at you, a thought brewing, “We really are one and the same, aren’t we.”

“In a lot of ways, yes. We’re both lonely, we both want something we’ve never had, we both have deep insecurities about ourselves,” you chuckled, “And we’re both the fucking worst at emotions.”

“Hey! I did fine before you came along and started asking me to feel things.”

“You’re doing fine now too, bugbutt. I know it’s complicated and messy and I’m probably the single worst person to experience all of it with, but I’m trying my best, Em. I’m doing it for you.”

“I’m… You know I’m trying too, right?”

“Of course silly, I don’t need fucking fireworks to know that you’re trying. I can feel it.”

“You’ve been able to sense emotions this whole time and you didn’t tell me?”

“No, that’s not… you don’t need to be able to detect love to know when it’s there.”

“How does that work?”

“I don’t know, but it feels… It feels warm. Like coming in from the cold on a snowy day, or taking a hot shower first thing in the morning… It makes everything feel just a little more alright.”

“I hope I’ve made you feel a little more than alright.”

“Oh, more than you could possibly know, you sexy bug. But this feeling, it’s always there. It’s latent, a constant reminder of the fact that we belong together.”

“It’s always there…” she thought, “You mean you haven’t been feeding me this entire time?”

“Wait, you feel it too?”

“I thought you were just feeding me . Ever since, I don’t know… sometime in Canterlot. It’s just been constant and intoxicating and… well why do you think I’ve been spending more time on your dick than off lately?”

“Em, you know you can spend as much time on my dick as you want.”

“Don’t,” she stopped you, “Don’t cheapen this.”

“Sorry, I just… It’s baked in, you know.”

“Well you can’t ruin the moment if you can’t talk…” she said, walking over to you. She beat her wings to get a little bit more height, levitating exactly at face level. Before you could figure out what she was doing, you felt her mouth meet yours, her tongue begging to taste yours. This kiss… It was different. Not in technique or pace… it felt more meaningful.

You broke the kiss, knowing for the first time, maybe since you got here, that no matter what everything would be fine.

“I’m still mad at you for saying that to her, you fucking idiot.”

“How can I make it up to you?”

“I don’t know. But I know how you can start.”


“Lay down first.”

“Em, you’re not saying you…”

“Just lay down damnit. I’m still horny from earlier, and you’ve been talking about fucking me this entire time, and if you really mean what you said I need to feel it.”

“Wait, you really want to… After what I did? Um, I…” you trailed off, walking over to her bed and laying on it, “Whatever you wish, my Queen.”

“Stop that! I’m not even disguised as her,” she grumbled adorably, moving to climb onto the bed next to you, “Just… Just, say those words.”

You paused. Those three words had gotten you in so much trouble over your life. This might be the first time they got you out of it. Either way, you knew for sure; this time you meant it.

“I love you, Metamora. I always will.”

“H-Hive… Every time you say that I always feel like I’m going to explode. You don’t have any idea how powerful those words are.”

“Oh, I know exactly how much I make you squirm when I say…”

“Anon, don’t-”

“I love you.”

“Hha… Stop-”

“I love you, Em.”

“Anon, damnit don’t you-”

“I love you.”

“Nhh… You-”

“I love you so much.”

“Anon, I swear to the fucking hive if you-”

“I’ll always love you.”

“Stop!” she screamed, one wingbeat lifting her up from beside you. She landed back on top of you forcefully.

“I lo-” you started, feeling something covering your mouth. Something warm, wet… Wait did she just sit on your face?

“Try fucking talking now.”

You had a better idea. Actions spoke louder than words, did they not?

“Hha… shit… This was a mistake.”

God how you loved to make her squirm. Why was that so damn sexy? Whatever the reason, it was. You just kept at it, licking along her rapidly moistening slit.

“Oh!” she squealed, “N-never mind. Not a mistake. Definitely not a mistake.”

Damn right. You knew you had a long road ahead of you to make it up to your sweet, sweet mare. But if this could even go an inch of it, it was worth it. Shit, even if it went nowhere, you’d still do it. But you knew it did mean something.

“Anon, hive, don’t stop… Please!” she begged as she started to rock herself against you.

Heh, she thought you were going to stop. How fucking wrong she was. You only dialed up the speed, bringing your hands up to spread her pussy wide as you gave it all the attention you could. With your hands spreading her wide, you had much easier access to all the points of interest. You could lick her throbbing clit, guaranteeing a scream of pleasure. You could draw your tongue along her, leading her to press herself against you with more and more force. Or your favorite, you could thrust your tongue deep inside her, wriggling it around and watching her squirm at the completely foreign sensation.

“T-Two can play at this game, pervert,” she warned ominously. Suddenly you felt a warmth enveloping your dick, but her position hadn’t changed at all. You looked down from the small gap in your vision that she still afforded you and… shit, she was stroking you off with her magic.

Well she was right. Two can play at this game, but you didn’t fucking lose. You never fucking lost. And now was not going to be the first time. You pulled one hand away, leaving the other holding back her folds with a thumb. After awkwardly repositioning your hand for what you wanted to do, you staged two fingers at her entrance, rubbing lightly at her clit to moisten them and give her just the smallest taste of what was to come. Or who was to cum…

“Oh Anon… D-Don’t you dare!”

Too late. You plunged those fingers into her, immediately seeking out her g-spot. You knew well where it sat now, and it was positioned almost perfectly, just before your fingers ran out of length. You paused with a firm pressure against it, then you just dialed up that pressure as she kept squirming more and more. She came hard.

“We’re not stopping there, are we?” she asked, stroking you faster.

No. No you weren’t stopping there.

Act III - Alive in the Hive : Chapter 7 - Queen B

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“Anon, that was amazing…” Metamora swooned, laying on top of you. Just the feeling of her lying on you was serene bliss, equally as good as anything that came before. In this moment, the world was at peace.

“I can’t believe you made me cum… how many times was it again?” you asked, feeling the first signs of soreness in your horribly abused dick.

“I lost count… Less times than I did.”

“Honestly, Em. I’m not sure how you’re still in one piece. That was something else.”

You’re something else,” she purred, nuzzling your cheek.

“Do you believe me now? I mean sex isn’t everything, but was that enough love to prove my point?” Wow, what a day. You never thought you’d ever value something more than sex, but hearing yourself say those words, you knew they were true.

“I’m sorry Anon. I never should have doubted you.”

“Em, that’s not how this works. You should absolutely hold me accountable when I fuck up. I did something stupid and it hurt you in ways I didn’t even understand. If you didn’t tell me and just bottled it up, that would be a problem.”

“You’re right. But we shouldn’t fight like that. That was…”

“Ugly,” you finished, “Yeah. I’m sorry about that too.”

“It’s okay… We got through it. Just like we’ll keep doing, right?”

“Right. We can get through anything. I love you.”

“I lo-” she paused, grimacing, “Ow!”

“Em, it’s okay you don’t have to…”

“Ouch! Ow! Hive, it burns!” she screamed.

“What’s going on?”

“Please! Make it stop!”

“Em, what’s going on. Tell me what’s happening!”

“I’m… Anon it hurts so much!” she cried.

“Calm down and tell me what’s happening,” you begged, pulling her tight to you, not knowing what else to do.

“S-Stop! That’s only making it worse!” she yelled, thrashing violently to get out of her grasp. As soon as she freed herself she tried to use her wings to get away from the bed, only managing to tumble through the air and land on the ground awkwardly.

“Come on! Tell me what the fuck is going on!” you demanded, launching to your feet as well.

She breathed sharply for a moment, not saying anything, just shivering and taking deep, heavy breaths.

“Em, this isn’t normal. I’m freaking the fuck out, come on.”

“It’s-” she grunted through clenched teeth, “It’s gonna be fine, just wait.”

“Just wait? You look like you’re about to have an aneurysm!”

“I’m fine,” she hissed, relaxing just a little bit, “Just give me a minute.”

“Fine! Just tell me what the fuck is happening!”

She paused, not answering you immediately. She just continued to breathe deeply, occasional shivers of pain running through her and eliciting small groans from her.

“Anon, This is…” she paused, clutching her stomach, “I think this is metamorphosis. I’m going to be a Queen. I’m going to-”

“Oh god, you’re going to get stuck in a cocoon and leave me alone to fend for myself and prevent you from being detected so Chrysalis doesn’t rip you from your cocoon and eat your intestines to absorb your power!”

“Wait, what?”

“I can just see it now - Twenty two, uh, chapters… of nail-biting suspense as I have to singlehandedly juggle all this responsibility!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I can see it, I dreamed it! We need to conceal your cocoon somewhere! Quick-”

“You really have the weirdest imagination. No, metamorphosis is usually quick for Changelings, in fact…” she froze, “Fuck.”


“Ugh that doesn’t get any more fun the third time around.”

“Oh my god, I was so worried! I saw your entire life flash before my eyes,” you paused, contemplating what you just said, “That sounds weirder than I thought it would…”

“Well, how do I look?” Metamora asked, twirling in place. Before you stood a creature remarkably similar to Queen Chrysalis. There were significant changes, however. Where Chrysalis had a disheveled green nest of hair tangling down her neck, Metamora bore a long, flowing pink ether that danced to and fro as if they were alive, much like that of Luna or Celestia. The odd hole seemed to interrupt the shimmering volume here and there, similar to the holes still in her legs. Where Chrysalis had transparent bluish wings atop her green and teal carapace, you could only see the tips of her wings poking out from under her carapace, a kind of pearlescent effect to them. Her carapace itself was a vibrant magenta, contrasting with her hair so wonderfully. But, just like they drew you in when you first met, the most spectacular part of her new form were her eyes. They had taken the cat-eyed design that Chrysalis bore, but her irises were that same purple that colored Pharynx’s eyes. God you could look at her for an eternity, just… She was beautiful, in a way that you’d never have thought you’d appreciate; even though you had grown to love her previous form, this was a whole new level.

Of course now it was time to sum up all that you had thought, trying to bring words to something that defied them. But as you tried to string your thoughts together, you felt a chilling presence approaching you, something that set you off-kilter.

“Quite beautiful. The third metamorphosis is always such a thing of wonder. It’s such a shame though…”

“Wait Chrysalis no!” you screamed, turning around and getting into a grappling pose to catch her before she could lunge for Metamora.

“No what?” Chrysalis asked, tilting her head to the side.

“You’re going to take advantage of her freshly metamorphosed state and turn her internal organs into a pudding, leaving her empty exoskeleton as a trophy to hang upon your wall, a warning to those who cross you.”

“Hive, I’m going to be sick,” Metamora coughed.

“He really does have the weirdest imagination, you’re right,” Chrysalis agreed.

“You’re killer murderbugs of doom! There has to be a bloody fight to the death, right here, right now!” you scream, “I can’t let you two kill each other!”

“Anon, hey…” Metamora started, placing one of her now queen-sized hooves on your shoulder, “Calm down, no one is killing anypony. This is actually a fairly normal occurrence.”

“Yes,” Chrysalis acquiesced, “A new queen means potential for a new hive, a chance to double our ranks, a chance to become more powerful. I couldn’t be more proud to see one of my most talented little Changelings rise to the occasion.”

“Huh? I just figured you’d be jealous of her.”

“We don’t get jealous, Anon. We get stronger.” Metamora explained.

“That’s rich coming from you, Em. You still have a grudge against Luna, Twilight, probably Chrysalis, maybe even Aphelion...”

“Shut up!”

“She’s right though. I myself was the third standing Queen when I ascended. It was such a wonderful moment. Something I thought I might never see with my own eyes. I’m so glad that I did, though. You can’t know how proud I am. Even in these dark times, this- this is hope.”

“I’m so happy,” Metamora cried, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever come close to you, my Queen.”

“I’m no longer your Queen, Metamora. We are one and the same. You’ve certainly proved that to be true since you’ve been here, and now you show that power in this new form. …Although this is quite a marked departure from the traditional appearance.”

“She looks like she stole Pharynx's, colors. Just better looking.”

“Pharynx, Hive bless him,” Chrysalis snarked, “he’s always been a bit odd. Not near as strange as his brother, but they were both oddities.”

“You’re trying to say that they’re gay, right?”

“Anon!” Metamora chided.

“Hah! Their orientation is none of my concern, although I’ve known them to both be flexible when the need arises. What I mean is that they were both unprecedentedly… expressive? Much like you have been of late, Metamora.”

“Hear that, Em! You’re fuckin’ gayyy.”

“Anon, do you ever stop?” Chrysalis asked, her shock standing in lieu of Metamora’s.

“Sorry. I’ll shut up.”

“Anyway, Metamora. I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Your new form is clearly a vestige of this love that you’ve found, and that you’ve formed within yourself. I am sorry I did not believe you earlier, but if your Anon’s love is enough to transform you on the spot, surely I must admit I was wrong. You look delightful, even if your mane does look like one of those pony princesses.”

“And you’re taller now!” you winked, “You know what that means.”

“Can it wait for at least fifteen minutes? I’m still sore and the metamorphosis isn’t helping.”

“Oh my,” Chrysalis giggled, a sound that nowhere near befit her personality. “Hey Anon, close your eyes for a moment.”

You did as you were asked, even holding your hands over your eyes for added concealment. You heard whispers from Chrysalis and giggles from Metamora, hooves shuffling to one side of you as their conversation subsided.

“Alright, you can open your eyes now, Anon.” Chrysalis said, her voice coming from behind you. You opened your eyes and turned toward the source of the sound, seeing the two identical Changelings standing in front of you. They had both taken the image of Metamora’s new form.

“Who’s who, Anon?” they both asked in unison, voices identical as well.

“This is an old Changeling ritual,” one of them started.

“A young Changeling would be asked to find the impostor,” the other added.

“An older Changeling would be asked to remain undetected,” the first continued.

“Of course it’s not really fair asking you. You don’t have magic, you can’t see emotions… Really I doubt you’ll be able to figure it out.”

You paused and looked them over, staring intently at one and then the other. Eventually you settled on the one on your right, taking a knee and reaching out to cup her chin in your hand.

“You can’t hide from me, Em. I’ll always know you, nothing could stop that.” You taunted lovingly, leaning in to kiss her gently. A lone tear ran down her cheek as her breath hitched in her throat.

A nearby green flash and Chrysalis’s voice confirmed what you already knew.

“Never have I known a Changeling Queen to have been loved as she were, Metamora. Consider yourself very lucky. You are destined for great things, I can already tell. Were you not such a strong and deserving Changeling, I might find myself jealous. But instead I am filled with hope and excitement.”

“It’s okay Chrysalis, I’m sure you can find someone that will fill you with more than pride and accomplishment or whatever,” you joked, making lewd hand gestures.

“You are so crass, Anon. This is the most important moment of your love’s life and you would make a sex joke of it?”

“I’m just so proud of my little bugbutt that I can’t help but crack some bad jokes. I love you, Em.”


“Shh… You don’t need to say a word.” Chrysalis soothed, wrapping a hoof around Metamora and drawing her into an embrace. “My kingdom, and all things in it belong now to you as well.” She mirrored your actions and kissed the newly minted queen just as you had.

You were still kneeling down with a front-row seat to this touching display, your heart fluttering as you could sense the mutual admiration between these two creatures.

Within moments you felt an unmistakable stirring in your loins as your queenbreaker moved to make itself known. Were you wearing pants they surely would have been vaporized by the sheer physics-breaking event of your enormous dick’s current rise to power.

“God damnit. I just got rid of you!” You chastised your dick, loud enough to draw the attention of your amour and her former queen. Except where you expected a look of disgust or even mild disappointment all you saw was hunger. And then you hit the floor.



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You woke up late, just like any other day, your phone buzzing that awful melody you’d grown to hate so much. But you’d already snoozed your alarm twice, and you’d rather get up than hear that screeching cry again. Carefully, you rolled to face the edge of your bed, unconsciously looking to the floor as you seek unblemished space to plant your feet. You really should clean up. How long had it been? Weeks? Months? Did it matter?

A lazy rolling motion brought you to your feet, weakly moving yourself into an upright position. Why did it always feel like no matter how much sleep you got, it was never enough. You always woke up wishing that you could just sleep a little longer, a lot longer, forever? No, not that. You weren’t going to think like that. You just wish you had a reason to wake up. Something to wake up to, someone to wake up to. But no matter how hard you tried, you always managed to fuck that shit up before you even got started. Maybe you just needed to learn how to be okay with waking up alone. Yeah, that’s probably the most sane answer, probably the only answer.

Well, you were up either way. Nothing to do but go on with your daily routine. You shuffled over to your closet, looking through the crumpled shirts on the floor and picking out another of your shitty graphic tees. You don’t know why you even bothered. The words were different, but they were all the same, no one ever thought they were funny anyway. You rummaged around grabbing the rest of the complements of your outfit. Pants, underwear, socks. Fuck, you hated this pair of pants. Whatever, they did their job.

A few more steps brought you to the bathroom, instinct driving you to flip on the lights and cringe as your sleep-filled eyes resisted the change in brightness. With your eyes closed, in a ritual you were intimately familiar with, you turned on the faucet just so, letting the warm water play over your outstretched hand. Satisfied with the temperature, you pulled the knob on the faucet, listening as the pipes groaned their dissatisfaction. The showerhead burst forth with life, raining down upon the now-slick tub. Once more you checked the temperature, letting the watter coat your entire arm. You knew it would be the same, but you had to test it nonetheless. It was a compulsion you couldn’t escape.

Not the only thing you couldn’t escape, you thought, stepping into the forming steam of your shower. You felt the heat of the shower, that sharp pain of too-hot water that you needed to wake up. The dancing sting of it as you stood there, allowing the water to just abuse you, maybe bring just a little warmth to your cold, dead heart. No, that would never happen.

The rest of it was a blur, shampoo, soap, lather, rinse, towel, dry. Done. Put on clothes, brush teeth, slip into a deep existential dread, just all part of the morning routine. You grabbed your keys and left, just like you did every morning.

Your drive to work was just as bad as it was every morning. You’d call it a commute, but you were still a literal child in an adult’s body. Somehow that word seemed to carry a commitment you weren’t willing to consider. So it was just an hour long drive that you happened to make each day. You weren’t a commuter, you were barely even a functioning member of society.

You didn’t hate your job, of course not. That would be way too simplistic of a view. You liked a lot about your job, the paycheck, the fact that you weren’t sleeping on the street, some of your coworkers were even mostly okay. But overwhelmingly there were so many things you hated about your job. Your boss was a prick, and worst of all he was almost always right. Your customers were… customers; no matter how far you distanced yourself from front-line, entry-level work, you always had a customer and they were always wrong. But probably worst of all, this work was below you. You could have done so much better with your life, but you didn’t care. Maybe it was a lack of ambition, maybe it was a deep seated fear that you wouldn’t make it if you tried. Whatever it was, you knew that you shouldn’t be wasting your time doing this. But here you were.

By the time lunch came around you needed three things: food, more caffeine, and something to keep you from wanting to jump out a window. You took a casual stroll to the nearby deli and ordered the same sandwich you ordered every day. You grabbed an energy drink, knowing full well each sip would push you closer to an early grave. You even grabbed some fancy looking chips you hadn’t seen before in the hope that you could fill that deep, unsustainable hole inside of you with the brief fascination of something new. You chatted with the cashier in the same way you always did, your sardonic wit somehow eliciting laughter that wasn’t a dagger to your chest. Maybe you should try your luck sometime, maybe you’d rather not fuck something else up.

The minutes of your lunch couldn’t have ticked by faster if you wanted them to. Before you knew it, it was back to the grind. Maybe you’d take a little more pride in what you did if it weren’t so god damn autonomous. Maybe one day they’d replace you with a robot, maybe in one last moment of mercy they’d even let the robot kill you. No, you really needed to stop thinking like that. You knew you didn’t want to die, but you really weren’t excited about living either. Whatever, as much as it all felt like a hopeless waste, there was always that little voice in your head telling you that it’d eventually get better. You were still waiting.

“I need you to stay late today” - how many times had you heard those words.

Well fuck it, you at least got an hour for dinner. So back to that deli, back to that same sandwich, actually fuck it! It was time to try something new, even if you hated it. So instead of the sandwich, you grabbed a box and started filling it up from the hot food bar. Mashed potatoes, something that was once chicken, maybe some of that mac n’ cheese, whatever else looked at least bearable, and one token vegetable, Mom would be proud. More energy drink though. Actually, on second thought you might as well get one for later too. Different cashier, he did not think you were funny.

Eight hours became ten, ten became twelve, and by the time you left it might as well have been a year. You were always so tired, so done by the time you got to leave. Mental exhaustion gave way quickly to physical exhaustion, and you felt yourself dragging by the end of the day, cursing yourself for putting up with this. The energy drinks helped, but through all of this there was only so much you could deal with before you just stopped.

Finally, you were done. Fucking finally. Car, music, stick of gum, gearshift, accelerator, shit you were low on gas.

You pulled into the well lit gas station just a few blocks down the road, cursing the fact that it had definitely jumped since you drove this morning. Whatever, it was all wasted anyway, a product fully consumed in the furtherance of your empty life, and just like everything else it left a stain of toxicity on the environment around you. Just like everything it was there one moment then gone the next; nothing ever lasted. Fuck did your car eat gas, turning the irreplaceable fruit of the earth into temporary power, propelling you forward into the mundane unknown, launching you at whatever challenge or hardship waited around the next corner.

Turning out of the gas station you finally realized how dead it was. The last drips of traffic had long since unclogged from the arteries of the city, leaving perfectly empty road in front of you, a brief game of two-ton metal PacMan prefacing your long road ahead as you weaved your way out of downtown. You merged onto the highway with practiced ease, your efforts hastened by the lack of cars to squeeze between. If there was any solace in heading home so late, it’s that there was seldom a car to get in your way. There was no traffic, there was no waiting. There was only you, your giant metal cocoon, and the wide, open road.

Driving was always your favorite way to relieve stress. No matter how you drove, it put you at ease. You could go fast, you could go slow. You could weave between traffic, or just go with the flow. You could take the scenic route, or squeeze through that ill-advised shortcut to save a minute or two. But tonight, tonight you were content just to drive. The interspersed streetlights cast their warm, amber glow, lighting the way forward unlike everything else in your life. The road told you where to go, but it didn’t demand it of you. It gave you choices, provided you options, let you choose the speed, the direction. It was a framework that guided you to your destination, something your life had always lacked.

You were so damn tired, you could fall asleep right here. But you couldn’t fall asleep yet, you still had more to go. You definitely couldn’t fall asleep in your comfortable seat, in your warm car, cruising down the highway as the soft bumps blended together in a calm, soothing rhythm. You surely couldn’t afford to close your eyes for a bit. No, you’d just pop in another stick of gum, letting the sharp cut of peppermint keep you alert for a bit longer. Maybe a second stick just to keep the flavor there for a bit longer, to give you something more to concentrate on, to take your mind off of just how relentlessly sleepy you had become. It was just a couple more miles after all, just a little bit longer and then you’d be home.

It was just a couple more miles after all…

There wasn’t anyone in front of you for a while, it would be okay. You let your eyes close for the briefest of moments. You reveled in the serene calmness of your sleep-adjacent state. You opened your eyes back up, feeling briefly better about your current state, still chugging down the road at speed, still going to get home and immediately climb into your warm, soft, comforting bed. You closed your eyes once again.

Just a little bit longer…

Shit. How long had you nodded off. Was it a minute, was it five? You scrambled briefly in your temporary alertness to find some indicator of how far you’d gone. You looked at the clock, except you couldn’t remember what time it had been when you closed your eyes. You looked for a mile marker, but you can’t remember how many miles back it was. It wasn’t too far though, your exit was still ahead. You’d be fine. You can relax, just chill out and let your eyes shut for just a second longer.

And then you’d be…

Fuck, that’s your exit. Good thing nobody’s there to see you launch across three lanes of traffic and immediately slam on the brakes. Whatever, you made it. Just a little bit longer down this sleepy suburban road and you’d be there. Just a little bit longer to wait. Just a little bit longer to relax. Just a little bit longer to let sleep take over. Just a little bit longer to let go of the wheel. Just a little bit longer and then you’d be…


Act IV - Equestria Strikes Back : Chapter 1 - Recap

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“Move! Move! Move!”

“Clear Left!”

“Clear Right!”

“Clear to target, Move!”

There was a shuffling of hoofsteps as four all-white royal guards advanced through the halls of the hive, quickly and with purpose.

“Breach on three. One,”

Four heavy thuds resonated against the wall next to the doors.


The sound of magical energy crackled to life as the two leading unicorns lit their horns.

“Three, Breach! Breach! Breach!”

The doors flew open, all three occupants of the room knocked to the ground from the blast.

You reached for your chest instinctively, trying to figure out why it was so difficult to breathe all of the sudden. Nothing seemed wrong, other than the fact that you were all of the sudden on the ground and your ears, god did your ears hurt. To one side of you, there was a brief green flash. To the other side you caught a glimpse of four distinct figures, white with what seemed like gold barding covering them.

“We have visual. Restrain and exfil. Priority target is the human.”

Restrain? What the fuck was going on. You looked around more suspiciously, the four royal guards coming in to focus. What were royal guards doing in the Changeling hive.

You felt something hit you, like a splash of water but somehow more annoying. You shook it off, trying to convince your legs to cooperate and get you back on your feet.

“Shit, it’s not working! Hit him again.”

You felt a more painful sting as you rolled onto your hands and knees. What in the world was happening? Why the fuck were you being attacked. Shit! You were being attacked. Alright, reaction mode.

“Sir, he’s not going down, what do we do?”

You slowly got to your feet, turning around to survey the room and figure out a plan of action. Four guards clustered near the door, no easy way through them. No way out behind you either, just a Changeling crumpled on the ground. Wait- only one? Shit, one of them must have gotten free. Which one was left? It could have been Em, you had to do something.

“Who has less than lethal?”

“I do sir. Ready to fire.”

“Knock him the fuck out.”

You felt a numbing sensation spread across your back before it too seemed to just melt away. Man this was really fucking annoying. You wheeled on the source of the attack, staring down a youthful looking stallion with a fire that could melt steel. He wavered slightly as your gaze locked on to him.

“Hit him again!”

The stallion you were watching lit his horn and hit you with that same blast. Except this time you were fucking done with his shit. His spell hit you directly in the chest but you were already in motion. You grabbed him by the horn, forcing his head back and putting him a bit off balance, bringing your other fist around to hammer the side of his face repeatedly.

“Captain, he's attacking Sunbolt, what do we do?”

“I know exactly what we do,” the Captain said, something familiar about his voice even though you had never heard it before. No, he was that guard, and as soon as you realized it, you saw where he was looking. “What do you say, human? Round two? I won’t miss this time.”

“No,” you whispered, the fight draining from you as you unclenched your now bloodied fist and let go with your other hand. The unicorn you were holding slumped down, maybe lifelessly, maybe just passed out.

“That’s what I thought,” he smirked. “Stand still and this will all be over before you know it.”

“No I-” you tried. Except your familiar adversary had already leapt at you, somehow knocking you over despite his smaller stature and lighter weight. As he tried to pin you down, losing ground to your comparative strength, suddenly you felt your arms and legs bound together, looking at them only to find that rope held them together. “Get the fuck off of me!”

“I don’t think so,” he snarled, “You’ll be coming with us this time.”

You felt a hoof clock you in much the same way you had been beating on that other stallion. You could feel the consciousness fading from you as you started to pass out.

“Alright boys, let’s head home. I’ve got priority target. Lance, cover triage and exfil for Sunbolt. And Spire, bring that abomination back with you.”

“I wondered when you’d wake up,” a strangely familiar maternal voice called out. “They tell me you were quite combative back there.”

Your eyes fluttered open, taking in the sight before you. Why didn’t you recognize that voice, you definitely knew who it belonged to.

“That came as no surprise to me, not after your earlier escape. That’s why I sent my best guards to bring you back.”

“C-Celestia?” you grumbled, coming further to your senses. The room was cold, dark, and candlelight to either side of you appeared to be the only thing bringing any light to the windowless space. You assessed your current position, realizing that you were bound with chains to the wall of wherever this was.

“That’s me,” she smiled. You were having trouble making sense of her tone, she sounded happy, almost exuberant, but there was an anger in her voice too. An anger directed at you.

“What are you-” you started, straining against your restraints, “Let me go!”

“Oh that’s not going to be part of the plan,” she laughed, “No, I won’t be letting you out of here anytime soon. You’re a dangerous, vile creature, and I’d sooner die than let you see the light of my sun again.”

“What the fuck!” you yelled, trying to come to grips with a lifetime of dungeon imprisonment.

“What the fuck indeed,” she spat, “You conceal a Changeling in our midst, you assault my guards, you assault me, and you further collaborate with the enemy upon your escape. You’re lucky I don’t have you beheaded.”

“Beheaded? Holy shit, aren’t you guys supposed to be fucking sunshine and rainbows? Since when did beheading become a fun family past time?”

I do what is required to defend my kingdom. You may not see the danger you’ve brought, but your actions already stand to cost countless lives.”

“You’re a fucking coward,” you snap, “You lock up everything that scares you. You locked up your sister for a thousand years because you couldn’t control her. You’re locking me up because I’m unpredictable.”

“Quiet, beast,” she growled, drawing closer to you in anger.

“And most of all, you locked up your own fucking heart because you’re terrified of what would happen if you showed compassion.”

“You shut your mouth, you know nothing!”

“I know everything. I know it because I did the same in my world. I could either be rational or emotional, and emotions only hurt me. I know exactly what that looks like.”

“We’re nothing alike. You’re a disgusting, sex-crazed creature content to sew discord wherever you can.”

“And you’re a heartless, soulless bitch. Welcome to the fucking party.”

“I can’t fucking stand you. How are you so damned annoying?”

“Years of practice and an enormous dick.”

“I wish I could just end you right now.”

“Then fucking kill me! Get it over with!”

“I can’t do that quite yet,” she chuckled, her tone dark and foreboding, “I have plans for you.”

“Torture then? You really are as cruel as I said.”

“No, you have a lesson to learn.”

“A lesson? What lesson?”

“Today you’re going to learn about love. Because I’ll drain you of all the love she never could.”

“You’ll what?”

“You heard me right. I’m going to fuck you until you forget her and the only name you can think about is mine.”

“I’ll never let you!

“You don’t really have much of a choice. I’ve got you right where I want you, loverboy.”

“Then-” you paused, “I- I’ll never get hard for you! ”

“Oh sure you will,” she hummed, turning to face away from you, her flanks on display, tail swishing back and forth to give you brief glimpses of what was between her legs.

You felt that familiar tingle, the heated warmth of blood rushing to your groin. Except every beat of your heart, every rush of new blood destined to stiffen your length, it carried a stinging stab of guilt, of disappointment, of weakness. Despite everything you told yourself, whatever loyalty you claimed you had, you couldn’t stop yourself from getting hard. You couldn’t stop yourself from wondering what it would be like.

“So predictable,” she laughed, lifting her tail to the side and giving you an uninterrupted view of her - was she wet? Fuck, you wish the fact that she wanted this was not so damn sexy.

“This isn’t…” you denied, wishing you could cover your growing shame with your hands.

“Oh isn’t it? The creature that could get hard for anything, suddenly embarrassed by it? I wonder what could have changed?”

“Stop. I don’t want to fuck you.”

“Huh, that’s right isn’t it?” Celestia wondered, “I don’t need to be able to sense emotions to know something is different between you and that Changeling.”

“I love her! Which is why I’d never-”

“You love a lie, which is why you can’t help yourself from getting hard for me, you pathetic little thing. You can’t even look away from my perfect ass, can you?”

“Stop it! This is rape!”

“Oh, didn’t you get hard, though? Soon enough you’ll be thrusting that dick deep inside me, and I promise it will be tenfold better than anything you’ve ever had before. I know you’ll enjoy it. Just like you did with Luna, and Twilight, and whatever else you’ve fucked by now. It’s a long list, isn’t it? You don’t have a single shred of loyalty in you to that thing.”

“You wouldn’t even know! You’re as incapable of love as you claim they are. She’s the most true, honest creature I’ve met since I’ve gotten here, and I owe her my loyalty. I promised her my love.”

“Well then wouldn’t it be such a shame if she had to watch while you fucked me?” Celestia hinted, “She’s such a fragile thing, defiling herself with the false hope of true love. Something like this, it just might destroy her. I don’t think she could bear to see how much you’d enjoy it.”

“Celestia, this isn’t okay! Stop!”

“Why don’t we give her a front row seat?”

“No, stop!” you cried. Those two words were all the control you had left over your life, and they would get you nowhere.

“Guards!” she yelled, “Bring her in!”

And then there she was, walked in with chains binding her four hooves together, a bit and harness on her head, and a metal band around the bottom of her horn.

“Metamora!” you screamed, “Don’t watch!”

“Make her watch.” Celestia demanded. One of the guards pulled at the reins of the harness and Metamora snapped to attention, snarling weakly against the bit.

“Em, no… I’m so sorry. I don’t want this. I-”

You felt yourself brush against the steaming flank of the sun princess, the pleasure you felt gnawing at you, a reminder that you were weak, that no matter how much you loved Metamora, you were destined to fail her now.

“Oh, you don’t know how long I’ve needed this,” she sighed, repositioning yourself so your meat stood at attention a hairs breadth from her perfect pony princess pussy.

“Em, you know I don’t want this. You know I only love you.”

“Anon,” she whined, tears in her eyes, “What’s happening?”

Somehow this all seemed to come full circle, a grand display of how you always managed to ruin everything that mattered to you. Except in this case you were entirely powerless, forced to face that dark void of hate and self-loathing inside of you.

Hello darkness, my old friend. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Act IV - Equestria Strikes Back : Chapter 2 - Fuck You, I'm Magic!

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You felt the chains loosening against you, letting your feet hit the floor, but still keeping you bound to the wall.

“Just a little last minute height adjustment before you satisfy me,” Celestia giggled, “Guards, you can wait outside. Tell no one of this and there will be a sizable reward, and she can be anything you want.”

Your anger seethed at the implication. You struggled against the restraints holding you to the wall as you tried to put words to the fact that all you saw was red. She could mess with you, she could mess with your relationship, but going directly for her. That was unacceptable.

“Fuck you,” you growled, gritting your teeth together.

“What was that, you want to fuck me?” Celestia asked, loosening your restraints just a bit more, “Be my guest.”

You slouched forward, your dick coming in the briefest contact with the scalding heat between her legs before you straightened your back.

“Aw, that’s no fun now,” Celestia whined, undoing the cuffs around your wrists, leaving you held to the wall by only manacles around your ankles, “Here, I’ll even free your hands. You can do whatever you want to me. Come on, I bet you want to spank me for being such a naughty princess.”

“I’m not going to fucking touch you, bitch,” you snarled, letting your arms fall to your sides.

“Oh, I think you are,” she hummed in that sugary tone you now hated so much. You could feel the golden aura wrapping around your hands, pulling at them as you did your best to resist. At first she was winning, but you held strong, looking down now at the golden aura to see it being contained - consumed almost - by some kind of inky blackness.

“What are you-” she started, looking over her shoulder and witnessing the resistance to her magic. “Impossible.”

You could tell that she had dialed up the force on you, the golden aura swelling immensely. Somehow it only made it easier to resist, the bright light of her magic easily extinguished by that same deep black cloud of energy.

“Stop resisting me!” she yelled, casting a surge of energy from her horn bright enough to turn the room white.

You felt it hit you, and then you felt something inside you come loose. You felt something new, something that had been there all along, but that you had just discovered. You felt… powerful.

“Oh fuck,” you realize, your tone rising as you stared back at the viscous black energy now coating your entire arm, “This shit’s mine, isn’t it?”

You thought very briefly about what you wanted this ooze to do, and you decided that your first priority was to get those shackles off your feet. Easy, they just disappeared. Next priority, Metamora.

“Anon what are you-” she cried out, watching as a wall of your newfound magical potential cascaded towards her. When it reached her, you watched it go to work, targeting everything restraining her and dissolving it as if soaked in acid. But your love, she was safe.

“How dare you!” Celestia yelled, spinning around to face you directly once more, “I’m the princess of the sun! You can’t resist me!”

“I don’t give a fuck who you think you are, don’t you ever fucking threaten her.”

“You hold no power over me! I’ll do as I please!” she yelled, her horn flaring to life briefly.

“No, I don’t think you will,” you corrected. Before you could even consciously command this newfound power, you watched as it jacketed her entire horn, leaving it sheathed in a dark cocoon. You could tell that she was trying to overpower you, but you only felt more energy pour into you with each attempt.

“How are you…” she tried, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Fuck you,” you spat, the darkness surrounding your hands dying off, “I’m magic!”

“No…” she gasped, realization and shock coloring her face. Your own realization dawned in that moment as well. It all started with that spell when you tried to escape - everyone else was affected but you weren’t. When the guards came to recapture you, nothing they did could even phase you. And now… Everything she did to resist you just fed more and more power into you. Twilight said you absorbed magic, now you knew what happened to all of it.

“Oh, yes,” you smirked, pointing a finger at her and watching an unexpected bolt of pitch-black energy arc between both of you. Immediately she lost all control of her legs, crumpling to the ground. Whatever that was, it didn’t look like it hurt her.

“S-Stop! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-” she groveled, whipping her head back and forth as she tried to ascertain why her hooves weren’t responding.

“You didn’t mean to what?” you snapped, “Didn’t mean to kidnap us? Didn’t mean to try and rape me? Didn’t mean to make her watch, to tear us apart? Didn’t mean to tell your guards they could fuck her when you’re done with me? Which one didn’t you fucking mean to?”

“I-I,” she sniffled, “I’m jealous, okay?”

“Jealous? Jealous of fucking what?”

“Of you, of her, of my sister, everyone. I just wanted to feel like a normal mare for a minute. I just wanted to feel something.”

“So just like anyone, you tie me up and try to fuck me, and just to make it that extra bit more normal you go ahead and bring in the only mare I care about in this entire god-forsaken universe so she can watch you force me to betray her. Just another fucking Tuesday, am I right?”

“I’m sorry,” Celestia offered, genuine sorrow in her eyes, “I just… I didn’t know what to do.”

“Man I am so tired of this shit. It’s time to pass the fuck out, bitch,” you growl, the dark energy encompassing your hands again “Then we’re getting the fuck out of here, Em.”

“Please,” Celestia cried, the desperation in her voice making you hesitate, “Please don’t leave me. I-I need somepony. I-I’ll do anything you ask, just don’t leave me here.”

“Anon, do what she wants.”

“What, Em, what are you saying?” you asked, the energy finally draining from your hands

“Anon, she needs this.” Metamora offered. Celestia looked up at Metamora quizzically, but said nothing.

“What she needs is to be put the fuck out. She was about to rape me and make you watch!”

“You can always see straight through me, but you can’t see the pain she’s in?”

“The pain she’s in? I don’t care about the pain she’s in. She wanted to hurt us!”

“Why, though.” Metamora asked, pausing to let you think, “Why do you think she wanted to hurt us?”

“Because we love each other, and that’s something she’s never felt!”

“You’re right,” Metamora agreed, throwing a hoof gingerly over the fallen princess, “She hasn’t felt love in the way we have. And it’s time someone shared that feeling with her. Can you put your anger behind you and show her that love exists to be shared?”

“Em, you’re not really asking me to fuck her better are you?”

“I’m asking you to see through your anger, Anon. You’re better than that.”

“You’re really okay with this?”

“Anon, this is bigger than us. This is how we give back. This is how I can give back.”

“Fine,” you acquiesce, “But you know I only love you, right?”

“I know. And I know you’ll do this because you want her to know how wonderful that feels. But you need to love her too, you need to share that warmth.”

“Em,” you caution, “After what happened…”

“She needs your love. Just… mean what you say this time. I know where your heart is.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d fall in love and then have her tell me to fuck someone else.”

“Oh Anon, thank you so much. Please, anything you want, I’ll make it happen.”

“Stop. I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for Em. I don’t want your fake gratitude or your desperation. Just… You want to feel like a normal mare, right?”


“Then let me treat you like one,” you instructed, bending your knees slightly to rest eye-to-eye with her, “Now tell me what you want.”

She looked into your eyes for a long moment, a softness there that wasn’t before. Her stare turned from confusion to excitement to hope, a blush forming on her alabaster cheeks, “Would you- could you… a kiss?”

You didn’t hesitate. For Em, you didn’t hesitate. At first you planned for a quick kiss, but Metamora’s words hit you again. You needed to make her feel loved. You closed your arms around her neck, playing amongst the flowing ether of her mane with one hand as the other held her tight. She leaned into the kiss, letting her tongue meet yours as they both sought to intertwine. You let her break the kiss, letting her dictate the pace.

“Please,” she whimpered, “No more waiting.”

“Roll over,” you commanded, letting go of her and easing her onto her back with her head still facing yours. You stepped around her, getting to all fours with your knees behind her and your hands on either side of her neck.

“F-fuck… It’s really happening.”

“You did this,” you chide, pointing towards your somehow still-hard dick, “Now you get to deal with it. Poetic, isn’t it?”

You lowered yourself down onto her, letting your dick come in contact with her heated opening.

“Aaanon…” she moaned, watching with excitement as you borrowed one hand to guide your shaft onward. You pressed forward with the slightest of pressure, feeling your head begin to spread her open. She was not near as tight as her sister, unsurprising given her larger stature, but you could tell that your slow approach was still having a significant effect on her.

“No-Nopony’s ever been this gentle with me,” she squeaked, “I’m not made of crystal, I won’t break.”

“I thought you wanted to be treated like a normal mare. This is how I treat all my mares. Right Em?”

She nodded, a hoof moving suspiciously between her legs. Right on, Em.

“Ah, I see why my sister was so enamored with you. Fuck, you’re better than anything I’ve ever… Uh, no offense to Atlas.”

“None taken,” Metamora laughed.

“Keep saying things like that and I’ll have to reward you,” you chuckle, using your free hand to seek out her love bud and rub against it.

“Ah!” she squealed, her hips rocking up against you as you pumped in and out of her with slow, deliberate motions. Your hand didn’t stop either, drawing circles atop her winking clit.

"God I love doing that," you groaned, feeling her walls squeezing you tighter.

She kept making little noises as you continued, little moans of pleasure peppering the quiet, gentle tempo of your lovemaking. Before long her moans grew into cries of- …She wasn’t crying out in pleasure. You looked down at her and noticed tears in her eyes, her gaze locking on to yours once you noticed her. You stopped moving, withdrawing your hand too.

“I’m so sorry,” she wailed, “Anon, I’ve made such a mistake. I-”

“Shh…” you comfort, kissing softly along her neck, “We can stop if you want.”

“That’s not- I don’t…” she struggled, sniffling “I mean about what happened earlier… you taught me something today. And your Changeling…”

“Metamora,” you corrected, a bit of an edge to your voice.

“She- There is good inside of her. ”

“There’s good inside all of us, Princess,” Metamora replied, “Evil too. What defines us are our choices.”

“Y-you’re right. I’m sorry you both saw the evil in me.”

“Great, this was a nice family moment here, but Celestia please tell me you’re not done yet. I’m cumming in one or both of you before I leave this room, and Celestia you’ve got first rights.”

She nodded.

Act IV - Equestria Strikes Back : Chapter 3 - Em for Mistake

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“Since when did the floor in here get so cold?” you asked, shivering slightly.

“Sorry!” Celestia apologized.

“You’ve gotta stop apologizing for everything.”


“Celestia,” you warned, “You say that one more time and I’ll make you sorry. With my dick.”

“I-I… I still haven’t said it enough for what I did. You know that wasn’t me, I would never-”

“I know, I know.”

“It’s just I got so frustrated! It seemed like you were trying to take everything I loved away from me.”

“Celestia,” you tried.

“First Twilight, then my Sister, then it turned out Atlas-”

“Celestia,” you tried again.

“The one pony I actually fucked, the one pony I let myself go with - he wasn’t even real!”

“Celestia!” you snapped, drawing her out of her monologue.

“S-Sorry… I got carried away …again.”

“You’ve really got to let this go.”

“How could I? I did - almost did unspeakable things. I’m terrified of my sister being overtaken by Nightmare Moon again, but if you hadn’t stopped me, I would have been worse.”

“Like you said, that wasn’t you. Just like that magic, that anger… that wasn’t me.”

There was a long silence, just you, Celestia, and Metamora, who so far had surprisingly little to say.

“How do I atone for this?” Celestia asked, “How do I rise above?”

“I’m not sure that you do,” Metamora spoke up, “You don’t leave that behind, you learn from it. I was jealous too not that long ago. Jealous because of so many things for so many reasons.”

“How did you… What got you past it?”

“The same thing that’s gotten me past everything lately, love.”

“Well that’s easy for you,” Celestia said, a sorrow to her tone.

“It is, but that wasn’t always the case. I never thought I’d find love like I have now. I never thought I’d even want to be loved like this. But here I am, and if I can find love, I’m sure you can too.”

“You don’t understand.”

“I’m sure I don’t, but what’s stopping you?”

“I’m always so busy and I have to be the responsible one, always cleaning up after some royal mess or defending Equestria from whatever threat is on the horizon next. And everypony I’ve ever loved, they… they don’t feel that way about me.”

“Oh Princess,” Metamora sighed, “That can’t possibly be true. I know how much all of your subjects adore you, any one of them would jump at the chance for something more.”

“Yes. They’d all jump at the chance to be with a Princess, the status, the notoriety. But no one loves me. No one’s ever loved me. I’m unlovable.”

“You know you’re talking about being unlovable to a Changeling, right?” Metamora giggles, “I understand that more than you could possibly know. And yet here I am, with more love than I know what to do with.”

“But you have him,” Celestia challenged, looking over to you.

“I do. And right now there’s enough of him to share. Anon, do you think you can help Celestia feel loved until she’s back on her hooves?”

“I uh…” you paused, shaken from your contentment in just listening to them talk, “Are you sure?”

“Really Metamora, you’d share your lover and his love with me?”

“Yes. I have a bounty far more than I need, its only fair that I share.”

“Em, where is this coming from? Just the other day you were ready to bite my head off over a slip of the tongue.”

“You’ve been fucking other ponies left and right and you’re surprised that I’m okay with it now?” Metamora laughed, smiling at you, “To be honest, Anon, I don’t know where this is coming from. But it feels… it feels right. It’s the same high I get from feeding another Changeling, but it’s… deeper?”

“Well if you’re sure you’re okay with it, then I guess I can oblige.”

“So any time you’re feeling alone, Celestia,” Metamora started, “you let us know, and we’ll be there for you. Whatever you need, it doesn’t have to be sex, but I’m sure Anon wouldn’t mind if it was.”

“I can’t…” Celestia started, “I can’t thank you enough.”

“You don’t need to. This is a gift, freely given.”

Celestia fell silent for a minute, leaving you to stare between the two of them, feeling an ache in your heart every time you looked at Celestia and a burning fire of pride and love every time you looked at Metamora.

“I want this to mean something,” Celestia said, breaking the silence, “I want to show you the same compassion you showed me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to feel at home in my kingdom, Metamora. Heavens above have you shown you’re not the monster we make your kind out to be.”

“You’d do that for me?” Metamora asked, tears coming to her eyes.

“Of course we’d have to confer with our sister, but I don’t think she would disagree.”

“No, sister. We definitely would not.”

“Luna!” you called out in surprise, spinning to see the only other princess you’d put your dick in, “What are you doing here?”

“Well we wished to see our sister, but it was a pleasant surprise to run into you and Metamora.”

“How do you… How do you know her name?” you asked.

“Oh Anon, we’ve known for quite some time.”

“You what?” Metamora asked, snapping to focus on Luna.

“We’ve been meaning to ask. Which came first, Em or Emerald?”

“You knew that far back and you didn’t say anything?” you asked incredulously.

“Our curiosity was best satiated from afar.”

“Curiosity? What curiosity?” you prodded further.

“What curiosity? Before our eyes lay a fantastical creature from another planet, and furthermore he seemed to bear love for a creature that we believed loveless. Would thine own curiosity not burn under these conditions?”

“But you didn’t tell anyone…”

“And risk our observations be interrupted? Then would we have seen a display as moving as that night before your escape?”

“You saw?” Metamora asked, blushing. Why was she so embarrassed, you didn’t even fuck her that night.

“Indeed we did. We saw something that was nigh impossible, for a Changeling to, well, change. We were going to bring our findings to our sister when, well… We couldn’t very well argue for your innocence after what happened.”

“You know Luna… I’m glad you didn’t. It took what just happened to open my eyes.”

“Sister,” Luna asked, looking around warily, “what did happen in here?”

“That’s a very long story,” Celestia sighed, getting to her hooves, “and I don’t have the words to tell you right now, Luna.”

“Over tea then?”

“Yes sister, over tea. We can talk about that and how I’ve not told you that I love you lately.”

“Sister, you’ll make us blush!” Luna giggled, fanning her face with a hoof.

“I mean it Luna.” Celestia clarified, walking to the now open doors with two stoic guards still posted outside, “But right now we have an announcement for the court. Come on everypony.”

“Can, uh, can we get me some pants first?” you asked, earning a laugh or a snort from everyone.

“Guards,” Celestia called, the two stallions snapping to attention. “Three things. First, we need to fetch the court for an urgent matter. Second, Anon needs his pants. Third, I’d like to ask you two will meet me later. I need to apologize for my behavior.”

“Yes your Highness!” they both responded with a practiced decorum.

You all four stood on the dais of the throne room, Celestia and Luna in front of their thrones and you and Metamora off to one side. Metamora wore a hooded cloak, concealing her features and you, for the first time in far too long, wore pants. The crowd before you was much larger than the court you recalled from your last visit, packing the spacious throne room with an absurd number of ponies.

“My subjects, we stand before you today to welcome two new creatures into our lands. First, we wish to welcome Sir Anon, a human, into our fold. He is a being from another world, teleported to us by some act of cosmic discord. Since his arrival, he has performed great service to the Crown,” Celestia announced, nodding to you with a laugh at the edge of her tone, “He has demonstrated that he is a valuable and insightful creature, and we are proud to welcome him fully into our lands as one of our own.”

The crowd cheered, watching as you waved gingerly to them.

“However Anon, despite being a foreigner in our midst, has shown us something new of another species indigenous to our lands. A creature we believed to be a parasite, that we hunted and exiled. A species we had discounted because of our failings and theirs, that Anon showed us was capable of goodness and compassion.”

The crowd had gone silent, waiting in anticipation as they stared at the hooded figure next to you.

“Allow us to introduce you to Her Highness, Queen Metamora of the Changelings.”

The crowd gasped collectively as Metamora doffed the cape shrouding her form. She stepped forward, smiling just the same as you had, waving with one hole-ridden hoof. The crowd churned upon itself, ponies turning to each other in shock, the murmur of thousands of simultaneous questions, exclamations, and declarations buzzing through the air.

“Yes, yes. You are hearing this correctly, my little ponies. A Changeling, reformed by love, living within our lands as freely as you or I. Never in a million years would we have imagined such a monumental accomplishment. Never in our wildest dreams would we have considered the possibility that Metamora has shown us is reality; the possibility that Changelings and ponykind can coexist. Today, one creature has brought love to another, but tomorrow - who knows what possibilities are in store!”

The momentum of the crowd had turned, seizing on an obvious pause to cheer on this surprising new direction.

“So starting today, we’d like to offer asylum for any and all Changelings willing to find the goodness in their heart. We will feed you the love you require, and teach you how to earn your own. I’ve asked Metamora to talk a bit about her journey. Please, listen with an open mind and an open heart.”

“Thank you, Princess.” Metamora started, stepping forward, even with Celestia, “Thank you everypony. It feels so wonderful to be a part of your beautiful world, as an eager participant rather than a scorned outsider. I’m so very hopeful for the future, so excited to know that the change I’ve undergone - and for those in the audience in disguise, I do not mean my metamorphosis - that others of my kind can feel it as well. Much like many of you must think of us, I never believed I was capable of love.”

She looked at you, her eyes burning brighter than you’d ever seen before,

“But Anon showed me that love is universal. He showed me that love could be freely given, that I didn’t need to take what he would give away. I learned that there’s love in all of us. That there’s a love in me that’s been growing every day. Which is why I want to say, with all of you as my witness…”

“Em, don’t…”

“I can’t help myself, Anon,” she whispered, turning to face you.

“I love you, Anon.”

“Em,” you cried, definitely not feeling tears welling at the corners of your eyes. You reached out and grabbed her, lifting her up and holding her to your chest.

The crowd stayed silent for a moment, attention focused on your embrace. But after a moment, as some took notice of the princesses motioning them to applaud, a slow roar built up growing into a deafening thunder of cheers and applause.

She did it. We did it.

“Hey Anon, let’s go celebrate…” Metamora whispered into your ear, leaning even further into your embrace.

Act IV - Equestria Strikes Back : Chapter 4 - A Changeling of Heart

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“I gotta go do things to my bug,” you called to Celestia, hoisting Metamora over your shoulder as you made for the exit.

“Go,” she smiled, “You’ve both earned it.”

“You heard her, bugbutt,” you smirked, slapping her firm, chitinous bug butt, “Let’s go make love.”

“Hive, Anon! That was the worst pun!”

“I’m fucking excited, alright! I…” you paused, “I didn’t realize how much I wanted that.”

“I did,” she replied, her voice like honey, “…to finally give you what you wanted. I- I could explode.”

“Well you can explode all you want in a few minutes,” you offered, finally clearing the room and entering into the empty hallway, “Um… Which way.”

“Put me down and I’ll show you.”

“Nah, I like this,” you declined, squeezing her.

“Put me down and you can stare at my ass the entire way.”

“Fuck. You have a point,” you acquiesced, kneeling down to let her gracefully dismount you. She slid off of you, moving to stand in front of you. Once on the ground she knelt on her forehovves, leaving just her rear in the air for you to admire.

“Enjoying the view, Anon?” she asked, putting a little extra wiggle in her rump as you stood back up.

“We’re not going to make it back to the bedroom are we?”

“We better, because I have a feeling we’re going to do things that will make them regret giving us citizenship.”

We’re going to do things? No ‘you’re a pervert, Anon’? No ‘hive, how are you already hard’?” you mocked.

“You heard what I said back there and you’re surprised that I’m in the mood? Come on, you can give me shit for wanting your dick inside me once your dick’s inside me.”

She led the way onward, her expert navigation made much more interesting by the definitely intentional swaying of her hips. God you loved how she looked before her metamorphosis, but now… she was perfect.

You skirted through the halls, paying absolutely zero attention to anything except Metamora. The way the muscles in her legs rippled with each step, the way her tail swished back and forth, revealing more of her than you could already see through her translucent tail. The way she’d hike her tail any time the coast was clear, maybe even giving you a little wink, which was always accompanied by an adorable shudder.

It didn’t matter that your fucking room was on the other side of the damn castle, or that your legs were tired from… really everything that had happened over the past several hours, days… whatever. It didn’t matter because you knew as soon as you did get there, you could stop just looking at her fine ass and do something about it. Fuck did you want to do things to her. But that time eventually came, the familiar door bowing sideways at your command. You all but kicked it shut after you, staring at your love with a hunger that would make a lion run for cover.

“Finally!” Metamora squealed, turning to you and staring back with a need just as fierce.

“God you’re gorgeous,” you shudder, lost in her eyes once more. You pulled your shirt over your head quickly before realizing you were being a bit hasty, “Sorry, I should probably savor this, shouldn’t I?”

“No! We can savor in a minute, just… Come on, take off your fucking pants Anon,” Metamora whined, staring hungrily at you, watching as you hooked your thumbs in your waistband.

“Hold your horses!” you exclaimed, “Er… bad choice of expression.”

“Take your pants off and you can hold me and call me a whorse all you want,” she begged.

“One order of disappearing pants, coming right up,” you conceded, pulling your pants down, cheekily leaving your tented boxers behind.

“Anon I swear to the hive if I can’t see your dick in the next five seconds I’m going to go back to the hive, find Pharynx, and make him fuck me. As you.”

“Wow, that’s just cold. Plus you would never, you can’t get what you want from him.”

“Shut up and just-” she froze, watching you pull your remaining garment off, “Fuuuuuck Anon you have no idea how much I need this.”

“Alright then, how do you want it? Fast, slow, on all fours, on the bed?”

“No Anon, I want to be on top this time. You’ve done so much for me, now it’s time for me to give back.”

“Em, you don’t have to-” you tried, shutting up as she nudged you toward the bed insistently.

“It’s time for me to show you how much I love you,” she said, pushing you down onto the bed as she climbed atop you, “Plus, it’s about time I put you in your place. You’re about to fuck a Queen.”

“And the second best one I’ve fucked at that!” you joke.

“Anon! I can’t believe-”

“Come on, Em. You know I’m kidding. You’ll always be my Queen.”

“Every time I try to be sexy or try to make a joke, you always have to come over the top of me and-”

“Hey, not every time! I’ll be cumming from underneath you this time.”

“Just like that! If I didn’t want you so damn much I’d hate that.”

“I’ll tone it down if you want.”

“Just this once? Please?”

“Anything for you, Em.”

“Anything?” she asked, looking into your eyes, “A kiss then?”

You nodded, reaching up to cup her cheek as she leaned in on top of you. Her lips met yours like they had so many times before, the feeling was the same. The warmth of her lips on yours, the slight tickle as the short fur of her snout danced under your nose, the moment where you both decided to go further. Her tongue met yours, signaling a warm, wet hello. You let her take the lead, only weakly protesting the movements of her much more limber tongue with your own. Eventually she pulled back, letting your tongue escape her vicious attack while still leaving her mouth pressed against yours.

You felt her lower down onto you, feeling a warmth from her that was much more intense than you remembered. Her chest lined up with yours, with the beating of your hearts a never ending telegraph testifying to your love. The next thing you noticed were her spread hindlegs on either side of your hips, coming in brief contact as she continued her slow, purposeful collapse. The warmth between her legs was close enough to your dick that you could feel it heating the air around it, knowing the moment you’d been waiting for was only moments away.

And then it happened, you felt that wet, steaming heat against you as she finally made contact, watching her shudder as she tried to ride out the powerful sensations from just coming into contact with your dick. But in the end, sensation won out, her legs going weak as she fell against you. Her entire body was limp against you, trying its best to melt into you at every point. You could feel your dick sandwiched between your stomach and hers, the small teats just north of her slit conforming around the base of your shaft.

“Fuck,” you hiss, reaching out to wrap your arms around her, “I need this.”

“Me too,” she agreed, rolling her hips against you delicately, rewarding you with soft pressure and a fleeting pleasure along your dick.

“You know this,” you emphasized, nodding towards your dick, “this would never have happened in my world.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, cocking her head.

“Getting to be with someone so beautiful, getting to lay with someone so beautiful. I would never have been so lucky.”

“You really think I’m beautiful?” she asked, rocking a little faster, “leg holes and all?”

“I absolutely do. Every part of you.”

“Thank you. I…” she trailed off, lifting off of you, “I feel beautiful.”

“Em,” you asked, your dick springing straight up, “Is it time?”

“Yes, Anon,” she confirmed, lining herself up before your lance. Before you could say anything, you felt yourself sinking inside of her slowly, her insides warm, pleasant, inviting. After an agonizing descent that made you want to grab her and slam her down on you, she slowly - too slowly - started to reverse. As she rose back up, you could feel her tighten around you, begging you please don’t go. But you’d be back, you always came back. And with a little longer to wait, you did.

She built up a rhythm, doing all the work as you lay, shaking from the attention. Her motions got faster as she planted her forehooves on either side of you to steady herself, staring deeply into you eyes as she moaned and squeaked with each pass. You just relaxed, letting yourself feel the pleasure from her assault.

She bounced on your dick with a coordinated frenzy, her pace rough but her actions deliberate. Each time you came to rest fully inside her, you could see a small bulge inside of her, outlining just how deep you were in your mare.

“Fuck, has that always been there?” you asked, pointing to the small distention.

“I never noticed… But hive that’s hot… I swear this dick was made to wreck ponies,” she moaned, coming to rest with you hilted completely inside of her, “Wreck me, Anon.”

“God, Em… you can’t just say things like that,” you groaned, rolling your hips weakly against her.

“I can say whatever I want, Anon. I think I proved that by now.”

“You know what, Em.”, you agreed, grabbing her hips and beginning to thrust up into her, “You sure can. And I’ll love every damn word of it.

“I know which ones you love most.”

“Oh?” you inquired, “Which part is that?”

“The ones I make when I cum with you inside.”

“Are you…”

“I’m close.”

“Just a little bit longer, Em. I’m close too.”

“Don’t make me wait, Anon!” she squealed, moving as fast as she possibly coould.

“God, Em… I’m so fucking close. Are you ready?”

“Y-Yes, Anon. I love you.”

“Fuck!” you yell, feeling your release wash over you, each pulse of pleasure signaling a rope of your seed filling her up.

Then just when you thought it was over, you felt her tense, her thrusts stopping as she just sank back down, shuddering deeply. Her entire face was colored in a fierce blush, her mouth hanging open but no sound coming out.

And you watched as something magical happened. Just as suddenly as she came, you noticed a solid golden ball of energy the size of a basketball hovering between the two of you, shimmering with an absurd brightness. The sphere just hung there, lighting up the entire room as you both stared at it.

“Can you see how much I love you, Anon?” she asked, motioning to the little ball, “That’s all from me.”

“Wow, Em… I’m so proud of you.”

“Do you want to feel it?” she asked, the ball pulsing now with intensity. You nodded.

As soon as she saw your affirmation you saw the sphere explode, suddenly going from a basketball of golden light to fill the entire room with those pink comets you’d seen a few times by now. There were easily ten times more than any time before. Then, just as quickly as it started, they all turned to point directly at you, launching themselves into you at high speed.

You felt yourself on the verge of another orgasm, and before long it, and you, came again. You could feel every pink tendril work its way into your heart as you came once more.

“I love you.” she said, beaming.

“I love you too, Em. More than you could possibly know.”

“Thank you,” Metamora whispered, still breathing heavily, “Thank you for letting me show you how much you mean to me. Thank you for letting me mean something to somepony.”

Act IV - Equestria Strikes Back : Chapter 5 - Flowers for a Friend

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“Twilight, what are you doing in Canterlot?” Metamora asked in surprise, looking up to see a purple pony where she expected a creature with less hooves to be joining her.

“I, well… Princess Celestia told me the news, but I had to come see it for myself. A reformed Changeling, one I’d inadvertently met nonetheless.”

“You’re taking the news much better than she did. She um… well, I’ll let her tell you that story when she’s ready.”

“Not a fan at first? She's so predictable...”

“No, so very much not a fan at first. But you must have so many questions, like-”

“How much of Atlas was real?”

“Like that one…,” she started, sighing, “Atlas was real. You already knew him well when I replaced him.”

“You replaced him? When did you?”

“Oh, a few weeks after the incident with the flowers.”

“The flowers…” she sighed, “That was real?”

“Atlas liked you, you know,” Metamora said, “Before I had to… Before I was him.”

“How do you know?” Twilight asked in return, looking at you with curiosity.

“We talked, when he was still…”

The Everfree was becoming familiar to you. Your ability to navigate it, furthermore your ability to navigate it while remaining hidden, were both well developed at this point. So you found yourself, as usual, stalking that orange unicorn as he traipsed through the forest as if it weren’t full of some of the biggest dangers in Equestria. You knew that you needed to replace somepony in order to get close to Twilight, and this oaf was the best shot you had. Ironic that studying Changeling behavior would lead to, well, what was about to happen.

Of course, he’d get a spectacular chance to study your behavior. He looked like a nice stallion, you might even reward him if he were cooperative. Either way, he was about to be intimately familiar with these woods and at least one of the creatures that called it home. After weeks of stalking him both inside Ponyville and through the forest you finally had enough context to finally replace him. And how convenient that you’d just be able to come out here and make use of him any time you needed love.

You snuck forward, coming up behind him so you could get the drop on him and incapacitate him. Fifty feet, twenty five feet, you could hear him talking to himself now…

“Celestia, how could I be so stupid!” he said, kicking at the ground.

“I can’t believe I fucking did that. She obviously doesn’t like me and now I’ve gone and cocked up our friendship or working relationship or whatever we did have.”

He sighed, waltzing a few feet forward to look at something on the ground.

“And as if I hadn’t made it weird enough with the damn flowers. No, as soon as I realized she didn’t like it, I just had to open my mouth, ‘As a friend’ my ass. I’m so fucking dumb.”

“Maybe finding a Changeling out here wouldn’t be so bad after all,” he thought aloud, “At least then I could pretend it was Twilight.”

He sighed again.

“No, Atlas. Don’t even think about that. Changelings kill ponies.”

Did you? You hoped not. Of course, ponies had been known to die after time in captivity, but you wouldn’t outright kill a creature, not when you could still get love out of them.

“Plus that wouldn’t be fair to Twilight. I’d… I couldn’t hurt her like that.”

A twig snapped underfoot. Shit, you really needed to pay more attention.

It’s fine. He didn’t notice you. Fuck, nope… he definitely heard that. But he didn’t see you. You got behind the tree just in time.

“Who’s there?”

You stood still.

“Please, I’m just a researcher. I don’t want any trouble. I-I… please don’t eat me, whatever you are.”

Well this was an impasse. He was frozen in that spot, and you couldn’t move without being noticed. Fuck it, new strategy.

“Atlas,” you called out in the most soothing voice you could muster as you stepped out from behind your tree, “Don’t be alarmed.”

He shivered, but stood his ground.

“I know you’ve been researching Changelings out here. I know you’re… more open than most ponies. I know you want things.”

He breathed heavily. You stepped toward him, each cautious, calculated step more terrifying for both of you than the last.

“It doesn’t have to be Twilight. I can be whatever you want. Anypony you desire. I just want a few things in return.”

“I’d never aid a Changeling!”

You stopped.

“But you’d also never hurt one. Otherwise you would have used that horn already.”

“I-I…” he hesitated, “Stay back!”

“Oh, but I can’t gather your love from over here, now can I?” you asked, starting to move towards him again, closing within ten feet of him.

“I said stay back!”

“You don’t really want me to do that, do you? You’re really hoping that I make this decision for you, aren’t you?”

“N-No! You’re a vile creature and I’d never give you what you want!”

“Oh come on… We both have needs. You need to sink that dick into something, I want to taste your sweet, delicious love.”

“I won’t let you rape me!”

“Atlas, I would never!” you gasp in fake offense, “Whatever we did it’d only be because you wanted it.”

He seemed to ponder that idea for a moment. Maybe this would work out after all.

“Fine. But only because I’m curious.”

You squealed in delight, prancing closer yet.

“But I don’t want what you think,” he cautioned, “I want to study you, not fuck you.”

“That’s so… boring!” you sighed, hopefully making your disappointment evident. “I’ll do it, on one condition. You give me a day’s worth of love and I’ll tell you any one thing you want to know about Changelings.”

“One question for an entire day’s worth of love? That hardly seems fair!”

“You’re going to come out here every day are you not?”

“Yes… but.”

“Then I don’t see the problem. Now are you in or not? Think of the things you could learn!”

“I-I… How much is a day’s love?”

“Just a kiss, Atlas. Nothing serious.”

“Just a kiss…” he said, mulling it over, “Okay. Fine.”

“Come on then,” you coaxed, bringing your muzzle close to his.

He pecked your cheek with his mouth, the whole affair over in an instant.

“On the mouth, Atlas! Hive, you really are dense!”

He looked taken aback by your insult, but after a moment he closed his eyes, leaning forward and pressing his mouth against yours. And then you showed him a kiss…

“It went on like that for, I dunno, a couple weeks or so. I told him so much about me, I… It wasn’t even about the love anymore. Of course I never did tell him that his kisses were definitely at least three days worth of love,” she paused, fond memories coming back, “After a while… I believed in his research, I guess. He was the first pony I’d ever heard of that thought of me as more than an animal. He… I wanted him to be successful. Maybe I liked him, I didn’t know what that felt like at the time.”

“So that’s where all those crazy theories came from. I knew he had something more than hoofprints for reference. I never would have guessed…”

“Yep, he asked me about everything. Well, almost everything. He never asked me for anything more… as much as I would have liked it. He was a pure heart like that, all the way until the end…”

“Wait, what… what happened to the real Atlas?”

Metamora sighed, looking at the floor.

“I killed him,” she admitted, hanging her head, “Looking back I regret that most of anything I did, mostly because he- mostly because I couldn’t save him.”

“Save him? But you just said you killed him.”

“I didn’t want to!” Metamora barked, “I had to! He… he asked me to.”

“He asked you to kill him?”

“When I found him again after our last… he was-”

“Atlas!” you called out.


“Oh come on Atlas, no sense hiding, you know what’s out there.”

Still quiet.

“I know you’re there… After last time, I knew you’d be back. Don’t think I didn’t catch you staring at my ass last time.”

A soft ruffle in the distance.

“That’s it, come on out, scaredy colt. Is today the day you’re going to finally do some hands on research, loverboy?”

Another faint crunching sound in the distance, but no Atlas.

Then you smelled it. Blood. It was strong, fresh, nearby. A curtain of iron aroma hanging in the air everywhere. You looked down, at first not seeing anything, then… you caught the trail. It darted off to your left, the drips far enough that… he was being chased.

Oh no. He was always so careless! There was no telling what he could have been attacked by out here. You had to find him. You needed to find him. You needed him.

You took off following the trail, running as fast as your hooves could carry you when you saw it. An orange mass with a lumbering timberwolf standing over it, apparent that it had done a number already. You didn’t even have to think about a course of action. You just watched as the timberwolf yelped in pain, his entire body enveloped in a burning green flame. He scurried off, running as fast as his fiery legs could carry him. You didn’t even watch, knowing that Atlas was much more important than wherever that timberwolf went.

He was in bad shape, cuts and scrapes all over his body, a horrendous gash on his chest, an enormous bite mark in one of his legs. You couldn’t fix this. Not after you just drained so much energy on that timberwolf.

“Atlas!” you screamed, trying to apply pressure to the most serious injury, the large wound over his chest.

“Please don’t…” he asked, his voice quiet and pained.

“Don’t what? I’m going to- I have to save you!”

“You can’t. It’s too late,” he resigned, his breaths short and sudden.

“Stop it! You’re going to be fine. We’ll just get you to town, to the hospital and…”

“Are you hearing yourself?” he almost chuckled before his expression soured in pain.

“I’ll do it. For you I’ll do it.”

“No, I’m going to die here. Please, don’t let me suffer any more.”

“I can’t kill you! I-I… I need your love!”

“Then for all the love I have left,” he begged, his horn flickering as he cast his last spell.

“I-I,” you cried, feeling an abundance of love as his horn petered out like an extinguished candle, “I’ll make it quick.”

“Wait… I never did ask your name,” he rasped, in a quiet, gurgling voice.

“My name is Metamora.”

“Thank you, Metamora. For everything.”

“I’m sorry,” you said, turning away.

“I’m not.”

You winced. Even through your magic you felt the snap. You heard it plain as day, the one quick twist that drained the last of his life, and with it ended his pain.

You were Atlas now, and he’d never be quite the same.

“I- that…”

“I regret everything about it, Twilight. I’m really sorry.”

“No, I… I understand. You had to do it. He just…” she wiped a tear from her face, “Damnit Atlas! ”

“I know how you feel. He reminds me a lot of Anon… Just, well, without all the rough edges.”


“Did you, you know…”

“The flowers, they were so out of the blue. I hadn’t even thought about the idea of stallions for so long before that. When he gave them to me, I just, the whole thing was kind of funny. But it got me thinking, and… well… I never did get to tell Atlas how I felt.”

“Would you like to?”

“I think so.”


“You can tell me anything, Twilight.”

Act IV - Equestria Strikes Back : Chapter 6 - Fuck You, I'm You!

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“LUNA” you yell, running aimlessly through her basement dungeon labyrinth thing. Why the fuck was everything so damn complicated. Had they never learned about the concept of putting up some damn signs? “Jesus fuck, where the hell are you?”

Nope, you were completely lost. Likely in an entirely different dimension by now, reality having folded in on itself to trap you in an endless sequence of lefts and rights.

“Come on Moonhorse, I know you’re down here,” you try again, still confused.

Or were you… Was that the door? You remember her chamber being the only ornate double doors you saw down here… Alright, here goes. You shoulder up to the door, leaning away slightly to bust it open.

“Alright Luna,” you call loudly, “Stop masturbating you filthy whorse. We got shit to talk about.”

“Aanon…” you heard an airy moan waft over from the other side of the room, where her bed was, where you noticed just the slightest bit of motion underneath the covers. Fuck, was she actually…

“Luna! Holy shit!” you yell, catching her attention. “I didn’t think you’d actually!”

“Anon!” she exclaimed, a quick flurry of motion as she leapt from the bed, one hoof definitely darker than the others, “We were not expecting visitors at this hour!”

“You know all you had to do was ask, right. I’d have to talk to Em about it, but I doubt she’d have a problem, especially if you let her join in.”

“Anon, we-” she started, flustered, “nevermind. What brings you down here?”

“I came to ask you some questions.”

“Oh? What curiosities do you have?”

“It’s about some weird magic stuff that happened when I-”

“Ah, yes. During the events after your recapture. Sister told us of your magic, and we too have concerns about it. The power she described, it is familiar to us.”

“Familiar…” you hesitated, trying to read into her statement, “Like Nightmare Moon?”

“Very much like her,” she answered, looking at you with a dead serious expression, “What did it feel like?”

“I don’t really know. It just kind of happened. Powerful, I guess. Maybe a little bit uncontrolled. Really it just felt like what ended up being necessary.”

“Be wary, Anon. We too remember that sense of power. And the control... You don’t learn to control it; it learns to control you. When you call upon the darkness for support, its answer is not gentle. You must distance yourself from that magic and if anything embrace the magic you demonstrated before that.”

“Before that? But that was the only time I…”

“Do you not remember your escape? A teleportation spell so powerful and quick that we couldn’t track it.”

“No, that was Em, wasn’t it?”

“Wasn’t it the case that she were unconscious? That is what our guards reported to us.”

“Yeah, but couldn’t she still have done it? I don’t know how this magic shit works.”

“Yes, such is apparent since you cannot even discern your own magic.”

“So yeah… About that, can you uh… How do I use this shit?”

“Well, we have a hypothesis. Of course we’d need to test this, but it seems that you are predisposed to magic that you have seen in others.”

“What does that mean? I’m like some kind of magic parrot or something.”

“Hah, that is an amusing image! You certainly have the characteristic penchant for embarrassing language. But nonetheless, that may be an apt description. We believe that you do not possess the ability to learn magic in the same way that a unicorn would study a spellbook. But it is possible that you may learn via… What is the phrase Twilight always uses… by osmosis?”

“So if I see a spell happen then I can do it?”

“More than that, we believe you must be targeted by this spell or be in incredibly close proximity.”

“So uh… Really the only magic that’s been used on me is teleporting me, throwing me onto things, or making my dick bigger. How do we test your hypothesis then?”

“Well we believe magic you’ve witnessed quite frequently might also become latent in you. Specifically a certain use of Changeling magic that you must no doubt have seen many times.”

“Oh! The weird love bubble thing. Yeah, that’d be neat I guess. Just think of all the Changelings I could get lovedrunk with that!”

“No Anon. That was not the use that we wished to test. The spell we were speaking of is much more common to Changelings than the peculiar manifestation of your love to Metamora.”

“No, you don’t mean…” you realize, vibrating at the idea, “I can fucking shapeshift? Holy fuck that’d be so fucking cool.”

“Do not get so excited, we do not know if this is indeed possible, we merely suppose it to be so.”

“Then how do we find out? If I can shapeshift I wanna know how to do that shit like ASAP.”

“Well, I doubt we will find a circumstance that will trigger a response as did your teleportation, but commonly when we are asking foals to try magic for the first time we ask them to think about what they’ve seen. Often imagining it happening is enough to make it so.”

“Then who should I try to imagine myself as?”

“See if you can become me. You will be able to reference what I look like in order to seed the transformation.”

You thought about it, thinking about what you saw Metamora do so many times now. You closed your eyes, picturing everything you could about Luna and trying to imagine how your shape would shift into hers. The magic would start at your head, a horn growing from your forehead as the rest of your face changed to match an equine form. It would slowly crawl downward, your pale skin replaced by dark blue fur as it marched on. Fuck, this was going to fuck up your clothes!

Your eyes snapped open, suddenly a strange navy obelisk in front of your eyes. You instinctively tried to grab whatever it was to pull it away, only realizing as you clobbered yourself in the snout with your hooves that you had, well, clobbered yourself in the snout with your hooves.

“Well that is quite a start, Anon…” Luna giggled, clearly amused.

“Shut up. I forgot to get rid of my clothes. I don’t think they’d work so well with wings and a tail and… Well, now with hooves instead of arms, how do I even take this shit off?”

“Would you like me to render you without clothes… again?”

“Um could you? But don’t pull a Twilight and just vaporize them. That’s my only good pair in Canterlot.”

Poof. All of the sudden, you felt naked. More naked than naked, really. Maybe it was the feeling of fur as you moved to cover yourself from any wandering eyes. But there’d be nothing to really look at if you just shapeshifted again… Well then it wouldn’t be weird - ponies were always running around naked!

So once more you concentrated on the desired outcome, imagining her mane, her tail, everything under her legs… You felt a warmth with each thing you imagined, as if some part of you was rushing to meld itself to that form. Before long you realized that you were so very uncomfortable standing on your hindlegs, and you fell to the floor, shakily managing to stand on four hooves.

“Perfect! We knew you could do it Anon!”

“Holy shit this is weird!” you called out, shocking yourself with the feminine voice that came out. You spun around, trying to look over your shoulder at your new form.

“And our voice as well! How surprising!” Luna exclaimed, paying close attention as you spun, chuckling as your back was turned, “And it would seem such attention was given to the detail between our legs.”

“Fuck this feels weird.”

“Anon! Let us go have fun with this. We have an idea for quite the prank! Sister will be so flustered!”

“Sister!” Celestia called, watching as you waltzed towards her, having mostly figured out how walking on four hooves worked. “Have you seen Anon or Metamora?”

“No, we haven’t seen Anon or his incredibly large penis lately. Nor have we seen his exceedingly beautiful Changeling lover. What is your curiosity?”

“We wished to ensure that they were settling in well now after our declaration.”

“Oh I believe they’ve settled in quite well. In fact I have upon good authority that they settled in quite well with each other just after the ceremony.” Yes. You did have that on quite good authority.

“I am not surprised. Just seeing how much they loved eachother, well…” Celestia blushed, “ It was enough to make me yearn for the same.”

“You wish for someone to love you, Sister?”

“…Is that too much to ask.”

“Not at all! But who could provide you with this love you seek?”

“I don’t know. I just… I wish I could find somepony for myself.”

“Is not what you have in front of you sufficient?” you ask, finally hoping you had dropped a sufficient hint.

“Luna, what do you mean?”

“You know what we mean sister! You know you’ve thought of it before! Why not fuck me.”

“Luna! What has come over you. We’re siblings! And-” she paused, her eyes narrowing, “Me? Who are you. Reveal yourself impostor!”

You felt yourself slammed against the wall in her magic, your disguise knocked from you as your form shifted back to your normal two-legged shape.

“Ow ow ow! Luna! She’s going to-”

“Sister!” Luna called, coming out from behind a corner, “’Twas only a prank!”

“A prank? You find this funny Anon?”

“Fuck, I find this shit hilarious,” you pause preparing your throat to mock Celestia’s voice, “Oh sister… Let’s go have tea and talk about how much we love each other. And then after we finish the tea, I’d like to drink in more of your delicious body.”

Luna was cackling at your impression, while Celestia stared at you with a fierce blush on her face.

“You know that’s not what we meant! Luna surely you don’t believe…”

“Calm down sister, we know you’ve not seriously considered it. But you must be curious-”

“Curious? Luna, that’s incest. It’s wrong!”

“You know that to call that incest would be a vast oversimplification.”

“Plus, incest is hot shit… As long as it’s not in a weird Kentucky inbreeding kind of way, you know…”

“Anon! I’m not going to fuck my sister!”

“You don’t have to!” you chuckled, disguising yourself as Luna again, “You can fuck me instead. All the fun, none of the moral quandary.”

“You know I’d… Ugh! Anon, stop this at once!”

“Oh, I get it,” you laughed, another flash overtaking you as you mirrored Celestia, “You’d rather go fuck yourself, wouldn’t you.”

“I would never-” she tried, her blush doubling. You watched as she stared way too intently at you.

“Whatever floats your boat, Sunbutt,” you concede, shifting once more to disguise as Metamora, “Come find me when you’re ready to have some fun. Right now I gotta go surprise my bug. She’s gonna be so proud… and probably confused.”

“Hey there Atlas” you chuckle, barging in on he and Twilight talking casually.

“Who the…”

“You know fucking who.”


“Yeah. You got it. See what I can do? Now change back. I can’t say the thing until you change back.”

“Anon what are you…”

“Do it.”

“Hold on, just can you-”

“Doooooo Iiiiiiit!”

“Fine. Hive I don’t even care anymore,” she resigned taking the form of you taking her native form.

“Fuck you,” you exclaimed, “I’m you!”

“You know what, I really don’t want to deal with your shit right now, Anon.”

“Come on… Haven’t you always wanted to go fuck yourself, literally?”

“I thought you weren’t gay, Anon.”

“Dude, everyone knows lesbians aren’t gay!”


“Come on, me…” you say, spinning in place, “Who could say no to this?”

Act IV - Equestria Strikes Back : Chapter 7 - Doomsday Cock

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“God, Em… That was the hottest thing I’ve ever- I mean fuck… and you were so into it,” you admitted, finally feeling - and looking - more like yourself.

“Am I a narcissist after…”

“Maybe, but only in the best way. I cant even believe… The things you did with your mouth. Is that what it feels like when I…”

“I mean you’re great and all, but you don’t have this tongue,” she taunted, letting her tongue hang out enticingly.

“We can fix that,” you chuckle, thinking again about a transformation. You closed your eyes and then… Nothing happened. Wait, nothing happened? “Wait, what’s…”

“Huh, Anon? What’s wrong?”

“I just tried to…” you motioned with your hands, “…and no magic. What gives?”

“Well you’re still new to it I guess… Maybe you don’t quite have the hang of it.”

“No, transforming is fucking easy shit. Like I just think and then poof I’m someone else. But this time there wasn’t a poof.”

“Um, Anon…” She asked, “You’re not feeling tired, are you?”

“Now that you mention it, I am kinda worn out after… Man I could really use a nap.”

“Oh no…” Metamora said under her breath, “Anon… I need you to tell me something.”

“What, Em? What is it?”

“Tell me you love me. Right now, please, tell me.”

“Em, you know I-” you paused, “You know, I really am tired. Can we take a nap?”

“Anon. Say it. I need to hear you say those words.”

“Jeez Em, why are you so pushy?”

“Anon! This is life or death.”

“Fine Em. I lo-” you coughed, “I l-l… Man, why does my chest hurt?”

Shit,” Metamora whispered under her breath, “Anon you idiot, you ran yourself out of love.”

“Silly, that’s not how that works. You can’t run out of love.”

“Anon, I need you to listen to me right now. You ran out of love doing all those spells. I don’t know how you get the love from that, whether it has to come from somepony else or if you create it, but either way I need you to fuck me right now or you’ll die.”

“Jeez… Fuck or die? Sounds like a dire situation. But I’d really like to take a nap instead, can we fuck after?”

Fuck,” she whispered again, “Anon, if you fall asleep right now you might not wake up. Come on, get it up and fuck me. I need to feed you.”

“I’m not hungry. I just wanna sleep. And I’m already hard. I’m like always hard around you.”

“Anon, your dick is softer than Celestia’s ass right now,” she declared, looking worriedly between your legs, “Come on, fuck your bug!”

“What? I’m not…” you pause, looking between your legs, “Aw that’s a sad penis. Maybe he just needs a nap too.”

“No Anon, it’s just…” she paused, “Magic! That will do it.”

Her horn lit in the same vibrant green, a pulse of energy heading straight for you. You barely felt it, like a weak tickle against your chest.

“Stop it, Em, that tickles!”

“Anon, come on… you’ve got to snap out of this.”

“Sure, sure… as soon as we can sleep for a bit.”

You watched as she looked at you with a panic in her eyes. Why was she so worried about a little nap? Fuck, you’d missed probably an entire year worth of college sleeping all day, what was so serious now? Somehow she awkwardly managed to move you so that you were awkwardly laying across her back, trotting towards the door quickly.

“Where are we going? Isn’t it naptime?”

“We need more magic. Anon, whatever you do don’t close your eyes,” Metamora commanded, galloping down the halls with you clumsily slung over her back, “Anon, do you hear me? Don’t fucking fall asleep.”

“It’s okay, Em… Just a little nap. It’ll be fine. I just need to rest and then we can…”

“Anon don’t-”

“Come on, we’re already cuddling and everything… Just a quick nap.”

“Anon! No!” she cried, feeling you go slack against her.

Fuck. You were not going to let him die. Not now. Not ever. Twilight would know what to do. You just needed to find her. You ran through the halls, Anon loosely holding on to your back as his breathing slowed. You moved as fast as you could, your legs burning, your mind racing. You made it to the more central areas of the castle, reaching the room you were in before with Twilight, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Why did you waste your magic trying it yourself. Now you wouldn’t be able to teleport, not without putting yourself in the same peril he was in. Damn it, why did he have to be so stupid? Why did you not see it coming? Why didn’t you stop him? It was all your fault, and you couldn’t do anything about it except run and hope you found Twilight or one of the princesses.

That’s right - the princesses! Surely they could help too. And it was still early enough that they’d be in the throne room. You just had to run a bit more. So you ran and ran and finally made it to the throne room, rushing past the two guards before they could even react to your presence. You burst into the room, running straight down the center aisle and skidding to a stop right in front of the two princesses.

“Princesses! We have a problem,” you called out, trying to catch your breath. “Anon. Magical Exhaustion. Sleeping. Please.”

The two princesses looked at you in confusion, their glances moving to the sleeping human on your back. You waited for them to connect the dots, to realize what you meant.

Luna seemed to realize first, her magical aura flowing forth to encapsulate Anon as she lifted him from your back. By the time she had set him down in between you and where they stood, a look of realization dawned on Celestia’s face as well. Her horn lit as well, with Luna following closely behind. Both of them aimed their magic at Anon’s chest, firing volleys of pure magical energy at him to what appeared to be no effect.

His eyes fluttered but he still remained asleep, the two princesses looking at each other before moving to look at you.

“He should wake now,” Celestia declared, “But he was completely out of magic. I don’t know if there will be any lasting damage when he does awaken.”

“Wow that was a really good nap. I feel completely refreshed!”

You looked over to see Metamora perk up, all of the sudden crying as she looked at you as if you’d died and come back to life.

“See, I told you it’d be fine. I just needed to… Wait, why are we in the throne room.”

“Anon!” Metamora called out, still with sadness in her voice, “Oh I was so worried that you wouldn’t…”

“That I wouldn’t what?”

“You drained yourself of magic completely,” Luna answered, “That’s usually a death sentence, but because Metamora acted quickly, we were able to save you.”

“Shit, really? You mean I can die just from doing too much magic?”

“Yes, normally a unicorn would notice that they were low on magical energy. Did you not notice that?”

“Unless it feels like being really really hungry, in which case, yeah I was totally that until my nap.”

“It manifests differently for everypony,” Celestia explained, “So it is possible. Are you no longer hungry?”

“I mean not like that. I could afford to eat something though.”

“Be wary of that feeling,” Luna warned, “It may be your only defense against this.”

“I still don’t know what happened…”

“You almost died, Anon!” Metamora explained, “You need to be more careful.”

“Shit…” you sigh, “And just when I was about to use my newfound powers for evil.”

“I’m so glad you’re okay, Anon. I was really worried there, you…” she paused, resting against you in bed, “You almost went the way of far too many Changelings.”

“Why the fuck did nobody tell me that I could die from magicking too much? You know I only ever go hard.”

“I’m sorry… I-” she paused, sniffling, “I didn’t think. I’m so foalish.”

“Whoa, hold on. Don’t beat yourself up. I just didn't… Don’t take this out on yourself.”

“But I’m supposed to keep you safe! I found you and I promised I’d keep you safe and…”

“And you did. You saved me, Em. Just like you did in the forest. Just like you’re probably going to have to do at least on a weekly basis.”

“I should have seen it coming.”

“How could you have?” you asked, “I didn’t even realize it.”

“You’re right… But please be more careful with magic. I know it’s fun and exciting - Hive knows I’ve wanted to do so many things since you’ve been filling me full of love but… All great things come in moderation.”

“Most,” you corrected, “Most great things come in moderation.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re always here, and you’re the greatest thing I’ve ever had.”

“Anon,” she sighed, your comment sneaking up on her and lifting the sour mood.

“Plus I don’t think you’ve ever cum in moderation. You’re always so fucking sensitive. I love it though.”

“Damnit Anon!”

“Hey, you know it was headed there. I’m surprised you haven’t been staring at my dick this entire time.”

“Um… Anon, there’s one small problem. Or rather the problem’s big but something else is small,” Metamora said, pointing a hoof between your legs.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” You yell, looking back at your now not-so-magically-enhanced cock.

“Anon, calm down. You don’t need a huge dick.”

“That’s easy for you to say! You’re not used to having a two ton cervix destroying battering ram attached to your crotch. I need that shit to survive now!”

“Oh come on Anon, you know I love you for more than your dick.”

“Yeah, but that’s about the only thing I love me for. I’m an irredeemable sack of shit otherwise. That was my only good quality!”

“That’s not true! There’s plenty of other stuff to like about you.”

“Like what, Em?”

“Like how you’re a considerate lover?”

“Nope. Gay.”

“How about how you’re always willing to give love to anypony in need?”

“Nah. Fake and gay.”

“Fine. Whatever. You can have your self deprecating pity party,” Metamora whined, “I’m just going to be over here waiting for someone to come rut me into the bed.”

“I can’t fuck you with this!” you yell in frustration, “I can barely see this… this thing. How did I ever live with such disappointment.”

“…I don’t think I’ve ever seen somepony shame themselves over the size of their own dick.”

“Can you just… Can’t you magic it back?”

“That seems like a very complex spell. I don’t know if I could…” she trailed off, “Also I’m going to need a recharge before I even try something like that.”

“Fine. Let’s go fucking find Twilight then. She can do it.”

“Anon!” Metamora screamed indignantly, “Come over here and fuck me! You almost died and I don’t know why but now that you’re not I’m horny like a filly on her first heat. I don’t care if your dick is fucking microscopic. Put. It. Inside. Of. Me. NOW.

“Not till I get my dick back, Em! I promise it will be quick.”

She screeched in frustration, hitting her hooves against the bed. You walked towards the door, realizing something important.

“Come on, I need someone to get me through this fucking M.C. Escher nightmare of a castle.”

“Fine, but you better fuck me so hard when we get back.”

“TWILIGHT!” you yelled, kicking down the doors to her study,

“Anon!” Twilight called out in surprise, “Just who I wanted to see!”

“Hold the coy shit, Twi. I need my dick back. Magic me!”

“Not now, Anon. We need to go to Ponyville immediately. A storm is brewing.”

Prototype Automatic Story Generator

View Online

"Try fucking talking now."
"Wait you're not full? After all of that?"
"You don't believe that. You know how I feel about you."
"Anon, we-" she started, flustered, "nevermind. What brings you down here?"
"Anon, we-" she started, flustered, "nevermind. What brings you down here?"
"We've been meaning to ask. Which came first, Em or Emerald?"
"Chill, we locked the door this time." You whisper back.
"Relax! He's super nice, couldn't hurt a breezie if he tried."
"I hope I've made you feel a little more than alright."
"Sir, your order?" came a voice, "Sir can ya' hear me?"
He just stared, the flame in his eyes burning even brighter.
"Jeez Em, nobody's around. You don't have to be in character."
"Not feeling much from this one either, to be honest."
"Sir, your order?" came a voice, "Sir can ya' hear me?"
"See, that wasn't so bad. It's all gone." you motion, "Poof!"
You shut the door behind you, following Atlas into your room.
"Good morning, Anon!" she replied happily, "Have a nice day!"
"It would appear that way, if you are to be believed."
"Is that all I am to you, Em? A sex toy?"
"I- I-" she hesitated, leaning into you, "I do, don't I."
"Hold on, your Changeling? Get in line pal, Em's mine."
"What I meant was... Do you want to extract that love."
"He really does have the weirdest imagination, you're right," Chrysalis agreed.
"We're not stopping there, are we?" she asked, stroking you faster.
"Not yet at least," she added, climbing up next to you.
"No that's not! Ugh... Can we not talk about this?"
"Fuck, Em..." you groan, immediately feeling life breathed into your dick.
"Jeez Em, nobody's around. You don't have to be in character."
"Em," you asked, your dick springing straight up, "Is it time?"
"And you're a heartless, soulless bitch. Welcome to the fucking party."
"Like I said, they're probably already tracking Changeling magic now."
"Quiet, beast," she growled, drawing closer to you in anger.
"Twilight! You want to fuck a Changeling? Isn't that illegal?"
"Yes ma'am. I did everything she asked. We both enjoyed it."
"No, Anon. Drones are all adults, that would be a nymph."
"Anon. Say it. I need to hear you say those words."
"Wow that was a really good nap. I feel completely refreshed!"
You thought for a moment before answering, "Perspective."
"Sheath? The fuck kinda anatomy you think I've got down there."
"You're always here, and you're the greatest thing I've ever had."
"Howdy..." you offer weakly, not really sure what to say.
"Ugh, whatever. Now is not the time. We have to go."
"What if there was hope? What if they could produce love?"
"And then he denied us for fear of your wrath."
"We're not stopping there, are we?" she asked, stroking you faster.
"No, Anon. Drones are all adults, that would be a nymph."
"Twilight! You want to fuck a Changeling? Isn't that illegal?"
"Anon, come on... you've got to snap out of this."
"Sounds dumb, especially with a name like that," you decree.
"How ya doin' up there bugbutt?" you grunted between thrusts.
The entire group around you stared on in wide eyed shock.
"How are you..." she tried, "What do you think you're doing?"
"Welcome home, Metamora," Pharynx offered "and welcome to the hive, Anon."
"And the second best one I've fucked at that!" you joke.
"Infiltrator Metamora and Sir Anon, here upon request of her Highness."
"I love you too, Em. More than you could possibly know."
"Metamora," you corrected, a bit of an edge to your voice.
"You said purple, right?" she asked, "The spell, it was purple?"
"Anon! I'm not going to touch myself for your amusement!"
You shut the door behind you, following Atlas into your room.
"Em," you asked, your dick springing straight up, "Is it time?"
"You don't believe that. You know how I feel about you."
"Anon. Say it. I need to hear you say those words."
"We don't get jealous, Anon. We get stronger." Metamora explained.
"Ugh that doesn't get any more fun the third time around."
"No Anon, it's just..." she paused, "Magic! That will do it."
"You don't have to," you said, squeezing her tight, "not yet."
"We're not stopping there, are we?" she asked, stroking you faster.
"Because we love each other, and that's something she's never felt!"
"I'm not going to do that," you declared. Atlas's eyes widened.
"Wait, you have Ambien in this universe? Yeah, I'll take two."
"What the hell was that?" you asked, half terrified, half relieved.
"Anon, we-" she started, flustered, "nevermind. What brings you down here?"
"Cold!" she shrieked before shutting off the water with her magic.
"You're going to come out here every day are you not?"
"I-I... We shouldn't fight like that. I'm sorry."
She didn't answer, continuing her oral assault with rapt focus.
"Jeez Em, nobody's around. You don't have to be in character."
"Don't remind me. I already have enough of you inside me."
Metamora's eyes widened, then narrowed, then she grinned back at you.
"Heh... Then you saw what we did after that as well."
"Then come get me!" she whined, "What are you waiting for?"
"And the second best one I've fucked at that!" you joke.
He just stared, the flame in his eyes burning even brighter.
"I'm sorry I wanted to make it special for you!"
"Apprehend them," Celestia directed her guards, coaxing them forward once more.
"Ugh, whatever. Now is not the time. We have to go."
"Sir, your order?" came a voice, "Sir can ya' hear me?"
"What was all that about anything being worth the cost?"
"Hey! Atlas, chill. My pants are still fucking on, alright?"
"Holy shit Em, you're pregnant?" you ask, completely misreading the situation.
"You don't have to," you said, squeezing her tight, "not yet."
"Holy shit Em, you're pregnant?" you ask, completely misreading the situation.
"Em, this isn't normal. I'm freaking the fuck out, come on."
"That's not what I meant. You're, uh..." she hesitated, "easy?"
"Really Metamora, you'd share your lover and his love with me?"
"You make a fair point... What do I have to do?"
"Great, do you perchance have a table for two?" you snickered.
"Then-" you paused, "I- I'll never get hard for you! "
"Is that all I am to you, Em? A sex toy?"
"How 'bout a compromise then," you offer, "How about my mouth?"
"I don't, ugh!" she denied, "Let's just... Pharynx, do something!"
"Fuck, Em..." you groan, immediately feeling life breathed into your dick.
"Oh Anon... Surely you need something to help you fall asleep..."
"Sir, your order?" came a voice, "Sir can ya' hear me?"
"I don't know. But I know how you can start."
"Fine," you acquiesce, "But you know I only love you, right?"
"Just a kiss..." he said, mulling it over, "Okay. Fine."
"Oh Anon... Surely you need something to help you fall asleep..."
"Fuck, Em..." you groan, immediately feeling life breathed into your dick.
"Not yet at least," she added, climbing up next to you.
"Thanks," he called as you opened the door to leave.
"Fine. Atlas. So we go back to Ponytown and then what?"
"And the second best one I've fucked at that!" you joke.
"Then come get me!" she whined, "What are you waiting for?"
"No that's not! Ugh... Can we not talk about this?"
"You want me to reveal myself as a Changeling in public?"
"Like I wanna go back to sleep. What time is it?"
"Then, Anon, if you wish to proceed, you have my permission."
"Excellent! Metamora, show me how you render this unique substance."
"Shit, Em... I'm so glad you let me do this."
"Em, come on!" you whined, "You know I didn't mean it!"
"Come on, we're already cuddling and everything... Just a quick nap."
"Sure, sure... as soon as we can sleep for a bit."
"Hey bugbutt!" you screamed, "Get your drunk ass the fuck up!"
"H-Hive, Anon... of all the times to be gentle with me..."
"Wait, you have Ambien in this universe? Yeah, I'll take two."
"You don't need to. This is a gift, freely given."
"Right now?" she asked, "I'm hungry. Teleportation takes so much energy."
"Infiltrator Metamora and Sir Anon, here upon request of her Highness."
"And you're taller now!" you winked, "You know what that means."
"You said purple, right?" she asked, "The spell, it was purple?"
"Y-you bully! I just came like seven times from that!"
"It would appear that way, if you are to be believed."
"Huh, what? Where are we?" she asked groggily, "What's going on?"
"Relax! He's super nice, couldn't hurt a breezie if he tried."
"Like I said, they're probably already tracking Changeling magic now."
"Sir, your order?" came a voice, "Sir can ya' hear me?"
"We have visual. Restrain and exfil. Priority target is the human."
"Sorry..." you chuckle, "Never have been good at that one... so..."
"Fuck, Em..." you groan, immediately feeling life breathed into your dick.
"I-I... I'm sorry" she apologized, a tear running down her cheek.
"I can't help myself, Anon," she whispered, turning to face you.
"Hey bugbutt!" you screamed, "Get your drunk ass the fuck up!"
You shut the door behind you, following Atlas into your room.
"You don't have to," you said, squeezing her tight, "not yet."
"You know what! Come on, push me over the edge!"
"Holy shit Em, you're pregnant?" you ask, completely misreading the situation.
"She looks like she stole Pharynx's, colors. Just better looking."
"I don't, ugh!" she denied, "Let's just... Pharynx, do something!"
"Wait, you have Ambien in this universe? Yeah, I'll take two."
"Em, this isn't normal. I'm freaking the fuck out, come on."
"H-Hive, Anon... of all the times to be gentle with me..."
"What kind of imbecile do you take me for. All creatures have magic. And furthermore, even had you not teleported here, you still knocked out a Changeling, and by all accounts it appears you intended to kidnap her."
"You know what, Atlas," you seethe, "you can suck my fat hairy cock." The same inkeeper from last night just happened to be staring directly at you as you said that. "FUCK!"
"That doesn't sound like diplomacy then."
"Uh... Your forehead probably."
Knock Knock
"Anon!" Metamora yelled, exasperated, "Show a little respect!"
"Anon!" Metamora yelled, exasperated, "Show a little respect!"
"You'd get me caught in a heartbeat!"
"It's a pest!"
"Clear Right!"
"That's not what I..." she paused, "That wasn't love I made, it was love I held. I fed you, the same way I'd feed love I'd gathered to another Changeling."
And you thrust once.
"Do what?"
"Changelings don't have nicknames either."
"Anon don't-"
"Sh- He probably doesn't need one, you know how he is. And you seem like a kinda mad scientist," you said, drawing ire, "but in a sexy way - I promise!" That didn't seem to make things better.
"Fuck you!"

You paused for a moment.
"You'll what?"
"Oh my god..."
"Do what?"
"Great, this was a nice family moment here, but Celestia please tell me you're not done yet. I'm cumming in one or both of you before I leave this room, and Celestia you've got first rights."
"You put up a sign?"
"What happened?"

"No," you whispered, the fight draining from you as you unclenched your now bloodied fist and let go with your other hand. The unicorn you were holding slumped down, maybe lifelessly, maybe just passed out.

"I don't see her around, yet..."

"Shit, I-I... I wasn't thinking, I..."

"Where are we going? Isn't it naptime?"
"Command me as you will."

"Just a moment, Anon..." she trilled, crossing her horn over Pharynx's as a few pink sparks crossed between them. After a moment, he jumped back in surprise before looking at you with... hunger?
"That doesn't sound like diplomacy then."

"Em, that's..."
"You'll what?"

Act V - In Love and War : Chapter 1 - Ponyvillains

View Online

“Twilight, why the fuck are we going to Pornotown again?”

“Ponyville, Anon!” Metamora corrected.

“Yes. We’re headed to Ponyville because the entire hive of Changelings are marching for it as we speak.”

“Really? How’d they hear about asylum all the way in the hive?” you asked.

“They didn’t, Anon. That’s what worries us,” Twilight confirmed, “They’re planning something, and I doubt it’s an olive branch.”

“So we go find them first and tell them about asylum.”

“Yes, Anon. Let’s go find some war-hungry Changelings and tell them that one of their Queens is in bed with the ponies, in more ways than one.”

“Exactly! You’re a Queen! They basically have to listen to you.”

“They’ll see me as a traitor, Anon.”

“So we need to handle this on familiar ground,” Twilight interjected, “We need an advantage.”

“What’s the advantage of Ponyville? Why not confront them somewhere where there aren’t any ponies or buildings or anything.”

“The Elements of Harmony. They’re all in Ponyville. Nothing can stop us there.”

“Fine, let’s go. But as soon as we get back, promise me you’ll give me a big dick back.”

“Anon,” Twilight chided.

“No! One condition. And now just because you’re being an ass I won’t do it unless you make it bigger than it was.”

“Sweet Celestia, Equestria is about to be overrun by misguided Changelings and you’re still just thinking about your dick?”

“So far it’s gotten me out of just about every sticky situation I’ve been in. Although it’s gotten me into a lot more warm, wet situations as of late. So yes, Anon Jr. Is first priority. Then Metamora, then the rest of me, then whatever ‘life threatening’ shitshow I have to deal with.”

“You know what. I don’t have time to argue. You get us out of this and I’ll make your dick as big as you want.”


“Hey, I know this place!” you chuckle, turning around to drink in the scene around you. As you spun around you reveled in the familiar sight, your eyes finally catching another familiar face.

There behind the front desk to the inn was Cornflower herself, a look of surprise coloring her face as she tried to catch her thoughts.

“Anon, Metamora!” she squealed, leaping clumsily over the desk to come meet you.

“How do you know her na-”

“Long story, Twi. We’ll talk about it later. ”

“I heard the news about you two, I’m so happy for you both!” Cornflower gushed, her normally timid nature overruled by sheer excitement.

“Couldn’t have done it without you, Corny,” you chuckled, tousling her mane with a hand.

“I also heard that there’s a caravan of Changelings coming to seek asylum.”

“No, they’re not here to seek asylum,” Twilight corrected, “they’re here to wage war. We can’t let them get past Ponyville or they’d march on Canterlot next.”

“That sounds like a vast oversimplification that relies on fear-mongering to completely strip them of their intrinsic value,” you argue, “We need to give them a chance, who knows if they would survive if we sent them away.”

“Anon! We just went over this. There’s no way they know about the asylum, they’re on the warpath.”

“I still don’t see how we can’t make good on this. I mean I’ve been able to convince pretty much anyone of anything using the power of my dick. Why can’t we just get out there and show them some love?”

“I don’t think that’s going to work this time,” Metamora sighed, “Also are you sure you want to save the world with that?”

“Not you too, Em! It’s embarrassing enough to have this shriveled thing attached to me, now you’re telling me it’s not enough to save the world?”

“Anon,” Twilight yelled, “Can you be serious for one moment?”

“You know I can’t.”

“Ugh, then maybe could you stop talking about your dick for just a minute?”

“Fine. I’ll keep it in my pants.”

“Great! We need to make sure that we’re on the same page and have everything prepared for when the Changelings arrive.”

“Then when do they get here, and what’s our gameplan?” you asked, turning to Twilight.

No sooner had you finished your sentence then you heard a deafening buzz as the sky darkened outside. You all made for the door to see what was happening outside, but you all knew exactly what it was. When you finally made it into the open, you watched as an army descended from the skies. They assembled in perfect formation, an ordered block forming. You realized this had to be every last Changeling alive.

“Stop!” Metamora yelled, the number of still-moving Changelings complying with her command, “This doesn’t have to be a war, there’s a way to be at peace!”

The Changelings murmured amongst themselves, most having joined formation at this point.

“I’ve learned something that’s completely new, I’ve learned to fall in love. I know that we can teach each and every one of you the same.”

You brushed your hand through Metamora’s mane, her monologue lighting a fire in you.

“I’ve found something that I know exists for every one of you. There’s love in endless quantity, if you just ask for it. I promise that it’s worth the effort, to be loved… It’s unbelievable. Will you give up this futile war and receive this gift of peace and love for all?”

Silence filled the air around you, an eerie quiet as a thousand souls conspired to remain completely still. A motion started near the middle of the group, something moving toward you.

“Metamora…” a scolding voice broke through the crowd, “I had higher hopes for you than this.”

Chrysalis emerged from the shifting mass of Changelings, walking calmly and casually up to where you and Metamora stood. She stared at Metamora with a snarl on her face, lips curled in anger.

“You’d betray the hive, betray yourself, all to submit to the ponies? We could have ruled together, you and I. We could have been unstoppable!”

“Chrissy are you jealous?” you ask.

“Stay out of this human, you’ve done quite enough.”

“We can still be unstoppable, Chrysalis. Together, all of us. Ponies and Changelings under one banner.”

“You talk as if the ponies intend to cede us any power. No, we’d be slaves under their rule, forced to bend to their whims.”

“That’s not true. The only thing they asked of me is that I love in kind. It’s something that we all can learn”

“They asked you to give up your love, to take it by their rules. Can’t you see this is a trap to starve you of your power?”

“It’s not. I’ve never felt more powerful, I’ve never felt more alive!”

“That’s because you’re weak! Just like you’ve always been, Metamora. Ever since you were a nymph you were unbelievably weak and somehow still incredibly lucky.”

“I… t-that’s not…” Metamora started, stammering.

“Oh but it is. You didn’t have the grit to be a soldier, Metamora. You were too weak to do what is necessary. You couldn’t have defended yourself from a cockatrice, much less the threats we face.”

“But I’m an-”

“A what? An infiltrator? Exactly what have you infiltrated lately? Because last I checked the only thing that you’ve compromised is yourself. All the love it’s taken to sustain you all these years has been a waste. You’ve taken, taken, taken from the hive and the only contribution you’ve ever found you’re hoarding to yourself.”

Metamora didn’t say anything, tears welling in her eyes.

“Yes. You’ve heard me right. You’re a disgrace to Changelings everywhere. You have no loyalty to your race, you had no fealty to the crown before you took it for yourself. Your rise to Queen was a mistake, a funny one at that. Every last Changeling is laughing at you now - Metamora, the lesser queen.”

“You’re going to want to stop that,” you command, watching Chrysalis whip to pay attention to you.

“And what if I don’t. What are you going to do about it? You’re weaker than she is! You’re everything fragile about a pony, except there’s not even any magic in you!”

“Is that so?” you ask, stepping forward, “If I had no magic, could I do this?”

You grabbed for her horn in front of you, but she deftly dodged out of the way. She cast a reactionary bolt of magic aimed at center mass. You felt it hit, and just like before, it stung but that was it.

“Oh come on. You don’t think that’s going to stop me, do you?” you ask, a light green energy exuding from your hands as you grinned smugly, “In fact I think it’s time you act your age.”

The beam shot forth, hitting her from all sides as she recoiled in surprise. Suddenly she shrunk in size, taking on a youthful look. Before too long you stood towering over, once more, filly Chrysalis.

“What have you done?” She squealed, her voice higher even than Aphelion’s.

“I put you in your fucking place. It’s time for a fucking time out.”

“How dare you!” she squeaked obviously struggling to change back but somehow having no luck. Her anger rekindled a thousand times hotter as she stared up at you, “You can absorb magic, it seems, but how would you deal with this?”

You felt, suddenly, like the air around you had thinned. You breathed in, getting that terrifying feeling that you couldn’t catch your breath.

“Feeling a little lightheaded, Anon? Having trouble with your breath? Really hard to breathe without air, isn’t it?”

“No.” Metamora growled, her flowing pink mane and tail flapping as if there were a heavy wind, “You back the fuck off of him.”

A cascade of what looked almost like cherry blossoms flew forth from Metamora, each one hitting Chrysalis and making her wince. She lost her concentration, and you, with relief, felt air reach you again. You took a moment to catch your breath, watching Metamora work. The flurry of petals only grew as Chrysalis recoiled. She held a hoof to block her face as she tried to steady herself. Suddenly the petals deflected around her, Metamora’s weapons now a shield.

“You’re more foalish than I thought, Metamora.” Chrysalis laughed, now back to her full size and floating in a cocoon of pink light not dissimilar to the ones you knew, “You can’t defeat me by giving me love! If I wasn’t at my best earlier, you surely must know that I am now.”

“That’s not-” Metamora asked, “I don’t want to fight you.”

“That’s right. You don’t. You’re so weak that every move you make just makes my conquest easier.”

“I’m trying to show you that love can be shared,” Metamora plead, “There’s plenty of love for everypony, freely given too.”

“Well if that’s the case then I’ll take some more. Actually,” she paused, her horn glowing to life, “I’ll take it all.”

You watched as Metamora’s eyes went wide, a stream of pink and white evacuating her from the tip of her horn. She gasped for breath as the beam intensified, color draining from her mane and tail. You stared in horror as you tried to act, your body not complying quickly enough as you ran to interrupt the beam. You tackled Metamora and held her tight, feeling an overwhelming coldness to her that you’d never known before.

“You know, Anon, I thought about keeping you,” She said as the beam had finally ceased, “But with all of Ponyville to keep me fed, you’re not quite worth the risk.”

You couldn’t do anything but clutch your Changeling tight as you watched her horn light again. The aura around Chrysalis changed, first the golden-white flurries around her decaying back to pink. With moments more you noticed too the pink sparks start to turn, you watched as the love now formed an eerie greenish burn.

“Goodbye you two,” she chuckled, “You really do deserve each other, and the slow agonizing death that awaits.”

Act V - In Love and War : Chapter 2 - Burning Down the Hive

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You woke up after - how long had it been? Actually, where were you? Wherever you were it was dark, damp, and smelled like decaying plants. Man, this is way weirder than the time you woke up in a Denny’s parking lot at 3AM. And you can’t help but think there was something important to deal with.

Moving around to get to your feet, something doesn’t quite feel right. Your arms feel… empty. Like they should be holding something but they’re not. As you get to your feet and survey the cold, dark, featureless cavern you found yourself in you noticed something else here with you.

Several feet away was an unmoving mass of dark grey, seemingly covered in some kind of silver-grey mist. It took a few moments to realize exactly what you were looking at, but after some time you realized that you were staring at another creature.

Another creature, dark grey… Who did you know that fit that bill? Man why was it so hard to think right now. You felt so exhausted in every possible way, it’s like you just wanted to give up. But something felt so very important about that thing you were fixated on.

And then it clicked.

You scrambled over to the lifeless husk that you realized was your beloved. As soon as you got close, you felt an overwhelming cold surround you, you knew it originated from her. You knew she wasn’t breathing. You knew…

“No. You can’t,” you cried, picking her up and holding her against you, feeling that cold seep into you too. “Please, Em. I can’t be alone anymore. I need you.”

You held her tight, waiting for any sign, any notice that she may be okay. When that didn’t come you just sat there. You weren’t an expert in medicine at all, especially not in magical talking pony land, but the prognosis was simple: either she survives or you hold her until you die too.

Then you heard it, a soft breath, so quiet and shallow that you’re surprised you even noticed it.

“Please, please, please,” you plead, holding her close and slowly rocking back and forth.

“Anon,” Metamora smiled, her voice weak, “you saved me.”

“Em!” you screamed, pulling her against you as tightly as you could, “Oh my god I was so worried. I thought you died.”

“Silly,” she chuckled, breathing sharply, “You’re not getting rid of me that easy. I lo-”

She grasped at her chest with a hoof as if something inside was missing, a look of shock suddenly coloring her face.

“Em, save your energy.”

“No Anon,” she panicked, her breathing rapid, “She took it. She took my love. She’s right, I’m just like the ponies… without that spark… without the seed… I’ll die.”

“But how? Cant I just give you mine?”

“No Anon, I’ve changed,” she explained. “I need my love too or…”

“Tell me what you need,” you asked, willing yourself to rise above the lethargy that was plaguing you.

“Your Highness, we have that situation report you requested,” a Royal Guard announced, cutting through the tense silence in the throne room.

“By all means,” Celestia encouraged, “Let’s hear it.”

“Yes, your Highness, right away,” the guard confirmed, “As we feared, Ponyville has been completely taken by the Changelings. It is our understanding that the entire hive has converged on the town. At this time we do not know the disposition of the Elements of Harmony or of Anon and Metamora, both known to be in Ponyville at the time of the attack. From our limited reconnaissance we know that they have total air and land control of the area in and around Ponyville. We can’t gain any situational awareness inside the city at this time. We have established an exclusionary zone surrounding the city and can confirm positive control over all attempts to enter or exit this area. It is the recommendation of the Royal Guard Corps that we engage the Unicorn Special Warfare Group for a targeted insertion ahead of a larger force deployment.”

“Thank you,” Celestia began, “How soon can we-”

“They think Ponyville is their beachhead,” Luna spoke, pausing to ensure that everyone was listening, “But sister, if Anon and Metamora are both there, maybe it is in fact ours. Given time it is most certain that they can diffuse this. ”

“So we let Ponyville burn until somehow the human and a Changeling we hope is on our side still manage to pacify this?” A random noble calls out, clearly off-put by the idea.

“No, we won’t let Ponyville burn, but Luna - that gives me an idea,” Celestia started, “How long would it take to amass the resources to drive the Changelings out of Ponyville?”

“Assuming that we can control for their Queen, we could have that operation staged inside of a week.”

“Right, sister,” Luna agreed, “they would then flee to the hive and no longer be a problem.”

“Not quite. Before we allow them to flee Ponyville, we’re going to destroy their hive.”

“But then the Changelings would simply disperse throughout our lands!” another noble objected.

“Exactly, and as they continued in smaller numbers, we could easily target small groups and teach them how to love. We can still bring this to a peaceful end.”

“Princess, with all due respect, we’re at war! We shouldn’t be trying to convert them, we should be trying to eliminate the threat!” the first noble called out again, drawing hushed agreement from the crowd.

“No. I will not allow us to eliminate an entire species because they’re simply misguided. Metamora has shown us that the Changelings are redeemable. We owe it to her and Anon, we owe it to ourselves to finally bring this long and bloody conflict to a peaceful end. This matter is not up for discussion any further. Guards, you have your orders.”

“Have a plan drawn up for this at once,” the leading guard directed his underlings, “I want this in motion by nightfall.”

“Em, come on. You’re gonna have to give me a bit more input if you ever want me to find my way in this god damn maze. I don’t understand how you navigate this nightmare of a hive.”

“Sorry,” she wheezed, hanging limply from your back as you jogged through the dim, empty halls of the hive, “Just… take a left at the glowing lichen and then another right after you pass the armory.”

“How about you tell me when, not where,” you direct, “I don’t even know what a lichen is.”

This continued for far too long, until you finally reached the chamber you were looking for. Inside were the stores of love the Changelings had for various purposes. In the middle of the room were three enormous translucent tanks filled with a roiling red liquid.

“Alright, Em. Found the war reserves. What do we do next.”

“You just need to release the stored love. Just activate the-” she paused, “activate-”

She slumped on your back, her grip loosening as she slid to the floor.

“Activate what?” you yell, scrambling to find some kind of lever or mechanism and finding absolutely nothing. “Come on Em, we’re so fucking close!”

She didn’t respond, once again a crumpled heap on the floor.


Well there was more than one way to skin a cat. Realization hit you just like that, if you couldn’t release the love however it was supposed to be released, then you’d get it out in a more destructive way. You knew the throwing things against other things magic would come in handy sometime soon. But as you channeled your energy into your hands in the only way that made sense, you realized that there was nothing. No magic came to aid you and, in fact, you felt that overwhelming hunger again too. Shit. Now you were both dying of weird pony land versions of starvation.

But you could feel some untapped power left. A darker, more primal force welled within you. It only asked one thing of you:

Be angry.

And you had a fucking right to be! What hadn’t tried to kill you in these past few days? Fucking sunhorse had a good crack at it, then you almost killed yourself because no one thought to tell you about magic death syndrome, and then that fucking other Changeling Queen. God you saw the smug look on her face and you just wanted to destroy something.

You knew exactly what you wanted to destroy. That black ooze once again came to your aid, pouring forth as the entire ground began to tremble. You watched as cracks formed in the massive tanks of love, the liquid inside agitated even further as the entire room seemed to vibrate.

You grinned as you clenched your fists, imagining yourself crushing those containers just like you would the bones of your adversaries. And just like they would fall, so to did the love reserves, emptying their red payload like freshly spilled blood.

As your quest completed, you willed that darkness back inside of you, laughing to yourself that Luna would caution you against such power. You felt awake, alive again. You weren’t afraid of that power, no more afraid than you had always been of the void inside of you. No, that was something you had well under control. You’d been hiding that since as far back as you remember.

Except just as you thought you had brought everything under control, you realized that the ground was still shaking. You could hear explosions all around. Was this… Was this what she meant to warn you against. No, this was something else. This was bigger. This was intentional, something was trying to destroy the hive.

“Em?” you ask, noticing that she had absorbed all the love and was in the middle of one of her characteristic light shows “Come on the light show is pretty and all but I think we have bigger problems here.”

As her fireworks display drew to an end, she sprung into action without a moment’s hesitation, flying at you and grabbing hold as she aimed for a hole that had appeared in the ceiling. She darted through narrow passageways, ascending through freshly made tunnels as she raced to escape the destruction. You held on tighter and tighter as th clearances between you two and instant death became smaller and smaller, not daring to so much as take a breath lest it

You could see the sunlight now, still clinging tight to Metamora as she flew as fast as she could through the crumbling structure around you, dodging falling debris and weaving between crags as you made it to the exterior of the hive around halfway up its former height.

“Looks like it’s my turn to save you, huh Anon?”

“Em,” you laughed, staring at her as she looked back at you. But out of the corner of your eye you saw something she didn’t, “Watch ou-”

There was nothing she could have done to avoid the house sized boulder above as it crashed into you two, combining with the stability of Metamora’s wings to eject you to one side, hurtling at twice the speed you previously were. Within moments of the impact, Metamora’s entire form went slack, her wings managing to maintain glide slope somehow as you both careened off into the distance, rapidly approaching the ground at a barely survivable slope.

As you got close enough to the ground that you could brush the tips of trees, you reached up to encompass Metamora, coaxing her wings to fold and wrapping yourself around her as best you could.

You felt the impact clear as day, skidding to a halt as you dragged along the unforgiving ground. You glanced off a tree, knocking Metamora loose from your grasp as you finally started to come to a rest.

The last thing you saw before your eyes shut was Metamora, lying peacefully some distance away in what seemed a very familiar forest.

Act V - In Love and War : Chapter 3 - Indecision

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You awoke with a start once again, jolting awake for no good reason. This time however, Metamora was not a crumpled heap on the ground next to you. No, she was very much awake and was staring at you with a predatory glance. Fuck you loved her so much. Even in the middle of a forest after a crash landing she’s still ready to go.

“I don’t know what you are, but you smell delicious,” she swooned, “I intend to take my time with you.”

Was she really… Fuck, roleplaying your first ever time together? Crash landed in a forest and sex was still on her mind, fuck you loved her so damn much. Your dick was already stiffening through your now well-worn pants.

“Oh no, a strong and powerful Changeling has found me all alone in the forest…” you mock, “Whatever will I do? I hope she doesn’t suck the love out of me!”

“Quiet creature! I don’t understand what you find so funny, but I intend to get my use out of you. If you’re cooperative, I’m in a mood to reward you.”

“Oh? And how would you do that?”

“I could change into anything you want.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that, I’ve got a bit of a Changeling fetish. You know, something ‘bout the leg holes gets me hard as diamond.”

“You think this is funny?” she snaps, baring her teeth at you, “You think this is a game? Well we’ll see who’s laughing when I’ve taken all of your love.”

“Em, can you tone it down a bit? Like I’m all for the predator prey shit but I still wanna know it’s my bug in there, ya know.”

“What are you talking about and who is Em?”

“You… uh… Actually I’m kinda uncomfortable with where this is going. Can we maybe just scrap this and call it off for now?” you ask, trying to get back to your feet.

“Sit down, human!” she screamed, her words giving her pause, “Human… why is that word familiar?”

“Wait hold on…” you realize, “You’re actually… did you forget who I am?”

“What’s there to forget? We’ve only just met.”

“No that’s not quite it. Come on, snap out of it.”

“What are you talking about? Are you sure you’re all right in the head?”

“No, but I’m positive you’re not. Metamora, something is wrong.”

No sooner had you finished your sentence than she had pounced on you, holding you down with her hooves as she bared her fangs at you.

“How do you know my name?” she snapped, “What kind of sorcery is this?”

You couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. That fall, or the rock that caused it must have given her some kind of amnesia. But to have forgotten everything between the two of you, that hurt on a completely new level. Did it hurt more to think that she could so easily forget you, or to realize that she couldn’t remember what you shared for herself?

“Promise you’ll listen if I tell you?”

“You think you can compel me to make a promise?”

“I think you’re curious enough to listen,” you answered, reaching out and grabbing her.

She struggled in surprise until she realized she couldn’t escape your grip. After she worked out of her desire to struggle, she silently resigned to her new state. You wondered if she could feel the love even like this.

“I know your name because, well…” you respond, “I couldn’t ever forget someone as special as you. And I don’t think you’ve forgotten me either, I just need to refresh your memory.”

“I told you, I don’t know you!” she whined, struggling briefly against your grasp.

“That’s just not true,” you disagree, stroking her mane with one hand, “no one’s ever known me like you do. And I’ve never known someone as well as I know you. I love you, Metamora. More than anything else in this world or mine. And I know you love me too.”

“Impossible, I’d never waste love I gathered by giving it to some other creature. That love belongs to the hive!”

“It’s not love you gathered though,” you correct, “Can’t you feel it? Sure, there’s love you gathered, but there’s something else, isn’t there?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the love you’ve created. Deep inside you there’s a little spark of something different, a spark of your love.”

She looked at you as if you had just revealed her deepest secret to the entire world, staring in shock and mild disgust.

“No!” she yelled, wiggling against your hold “Let me go! What kind of trick is this?”

“This isn’t a trick, Em. This is real life. You’ve spent the last few weeks with me, learning what it means to love, learning what it means to be loved.”

“I spent the last several weeks following that stupid Unicorn and he’s dead now! What the fuck are you talking about?”

“You really don’t remember any of it, do you?”

“How many times do I have to tell you I have no idea what you’re talking about?”

“Then settle in,” you said, spinning her around to lay in your lap as you propped yourself up against a nearby tree, “It’s storytime.”

She didn’t resist your repositioning, snugly coming to rest with her head under yours. You wanted to imagine that’s because there was a part of her that wanted what you were saying to be true.

“So it all started in the Everfree Forest. You found me after I crash-landed in this totally unfamiliar planet out of the middle of nowhere. You harvested my love not once but twice, which as predatory behavior goes was really not all that bad. Then you, well… you got lovedrunk. You told me about your disguise, Atlas-”

“First you know my name, now you know my disguise!” she struggled again, “How do you know who I am?”

“Let me tell my story!” you demand just a bit indignantly, “So you calm down and then we go to meet Twilight Sparkle. You introduced me to her, she ran some tests, we almost fucked, it was a whole thing. Then we went to your room at the inn and… That was the first time we made love, you and I. Before that… I mean here in the forest it was just physical, but we both wanted what happened that night in the shower and after…”

You paused, a fuzzy warmth welling in you at just the thought of your first time together. She shuddered too, but you weren’t sure if that was her doing or if she just could tell what you were feeling.

“Then we went back to where I landed with Twilight and you almost got yourself caught. Then we fucked again. Then Twilight wanted to run more tests which was secret code for wanting to fuck me. Then you got all jealous - sorry, Atlas got all jealous because I stole his mare. Then we fucked again, and then the Princesses showed up.”

“This story has a lot of sex in it. How did you get it up so much? And why didn’t taking so much of your love kill you?”

“I dunno, I’m fucking special or something, I guess. But yeah, we did. Less so when we got to Canterlot, but when we did… It meant a lot more. We didn’t do anything that first night, you thought it would have been too risky. But the next day we ran all over Canterlot and then I told you that I loved you. Man I remember how pissed you where when I said that. You still had so much to learn. But we went on our first date, me as myself and you as a gorgeous green mare you called Emerald. Second most beautiful mare I’ve ever met. Course without the disguise you take number one so…”

“Why are you so… You’re so happy about falling in love with a Changeling. Nopony’s ever fallen in love with a Changeling.”

“Nobody had fallen in love with a Changeling. But I did. After that night we… things were different. A little gentler, a little more sensual. The next time we… Well you just asked me to hold you. And I did, and I told you I loved you, and then… That was the first time I saw whatever the thing you do with my love is… I honestly can’t describe it but you do it like every time now. That was the first night you tried to say it. You tried to say that you loved me. I remember how sad you were that you couldn’t, but you didn't need to, I knew… After that we ended up getting caught in the Royal Archives and I evidently teleported us your hive.”

“You claim to have been in the hive? That’s impossible. No creature has ever escaped the hive.”

“I know at least four royal guards and one human that disagree with that,” you led, moving on, “So yeah, we spooked the shit out of everyone there and that gay Changeling, what was his name… Pharynx! He plastered me to a wall! Then you explained everything and he let us go, but not without a babysitter. Man, I miss Aphelion, she was so adorable. I bet she’ll grow up to be just like you some day, strong, powerful, lovable. Anyway… We fucked and then we went to see Queen Chrysalis and then we fucked, again, in front of her. And then turns out she got lovedrunk so I fucked her too…”

“You’d dare insult my Queen by claiming to have lain with her?”

“Well, turns out I’ve fucked two Changeling Queens. And that’s actually the next part. After I said some dumb shit you ended up getting jealous, rightfully so, and stormed off. We made up and then, well, you turned into a Queen. And I’d like to take this moment to remind you that you’re just so beautiful.”

“You… You really do love me, don’t you? If this is true, why can’t I remember it. If I could love, why don’t I…”

“I’ll help you remember. Do you want to remember?”

“I… continue your story.”

“Right. So as soon as you turned all of the sudden we were captured by the angriest Royal Guards in existence. They took us back to Canterlot where they locked us up in a dungeon. Princess Celestia or… maybe not quite Princess Celestia tried to rape me and make you watch. I learned that I had magic powers and, well… we diffused the situation. Turns out she was just lonely. But that was the first time you gave up love. You let me love her and I think that showed us all something. After that they decided to make us official citizens of Equestria and… Well, that’s still my favorite moment of this whole thing.”

“Why is that?” Metamora asked, definitely engrossed in your tale.

“Because that’s the first time you told me you loved me. I…”

“I told you I loved you?” she asked, a note of hopeful belief in her voice.

“Yeah. It was such a special moment. I… I don’t think there will ever be something as precious to me as that moment. As precious to me as you.”

“Anon…” she whispered, looking up at you.

“I’m sorry, this whole thing, just… I’m so sad that you can’t remember. Not just for me, but… I love you so damn much I can’t bear to imagine us apart.”

“Anon…” she said, just a little louder this time.

“Just… No matter what, I’m gonna keep loving you. I won’t stop loving you until you remember, and then I still won’t stop. Just… I need you, Em.”

“Anon,” she interrupted, raising her voice, “I love you!”

“You remember?”

“Of course I remember. I can’t believe I could have ever forgotten you. I’m so sorry.”

“I knew you'd remember. I love you too.”

Act V - In Love and War : Chapter 4 - Impact

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“The Guard is at the ready, your Highness. We’re ready to retake the city on your command.”

“Excellent. Let’s go over the plan once more.”

“Right,” the lead guard spoke, “Early this morning a Unicorn Special Warfare Group detachment infiltrated the city and is on standby to provide force recon and battle-shaping capabilities. Upon your command, approximately 1200 Royal Guards will enter Ponyville from seven different established vectors, converging on a point designated by the USWG team. Intel from this team will also direct designated forces to priority offensive and defensive targets, such as the Elements of Harmony, the human and his reformed Changeling, and any high-power Changeling forces. Further, two specifically designated detachments will each locate one of the Changeling Queens and pacify any threats.”

“Oh my, sister, we’ve never been a specifically designated detachment before!” Luna laughed, eliciting a chuckle from Celestia.

“Yes, it does sound so matter-of-fact, does it not? Nonetheless, continue.”

“Upon successful completion of targeted enforcement activities, all forces will redirect in an evacuative action, performing a grid-based zone sweep to establish positive control originating from the designated convergence point. Once the city is cleared, limited forces will remain to establish a defensive perimiter around Ponyville while all remaining forces will be directed via aerial surveillance to splinter any large groups and render all hostile Changelings for processing.”

“And just so we’re on the same page, what are we targeting for acceptable losses?” Celestia asked in a stern tone.


“Excellent. Let’s begin.”

On Celestia’s signal, the lead guard let loose a magical flare from his horn. The flare traveled upward, well above the city before exploding into an enormous burst that was clearly visible even against the bright daylight. In reaction, the group Celestia and Luna were embedded within, and unseen elsewhere all the other groups, started marching toward Ponyville. Over the next minute several smaller colored flares burst over the city, marking points of interest. Blue marked the convergence point, unsurprisingly near the heart of Ponyville. Purple marked targets of interest, stronger Changelings or locations of the Elements of Harmony. Green marked the approximate known location of Queen Chrysalis. A fourth flare, pink, never came; indicating none of the SpecOps unicorns had found Anon or Metamora. Luna, who was in charge of locating Metamora and, she hoped not having to pacify her, tried to maintain her composure, but it was obvious that worry clouded her expression.

Inside of fifteen minutes, a wall of white converged on the center of the city, isolated pockets of magical activity kicked off around the city as teams worked to break down fortifications or disperse large groups of Changelings. But something odd was happening. The Changelings weren’t fighting back. In fact they weren’t doing anything. They just stood stock still, only moving to step out of the path of the encroaching guard. Celestia noticed this behavior from within her battalion, an intense feeling of nervous apprehension welling in the pit of her stomach.

No sooner had the last Royal Guard entered the city than suddenly an enormous arc of green energy fired into the air, coalescing into a large disc in the center of town. Tracking the source of the energy, Celestia took to her wings, flying as fast as she could while Luna followed close behind. As they flew toward the source, the disc grew in size, its edges starting to curl ever so slightly downward as slowly but surely a dome began to form. The intensity of the magic flowing into the dome only increased, its approach to the ground only accelerating as the beam feeding it grew larger and larger with each passing second.

As the dome grew closer to the ground, the princesses drew closer to the source of this magic, finding the caster to be none other than Queen Chrysalis herself, floating in the air with a wild green constellation orbiting her. As the orb grew in size, it also became more transparent, nearing the ground and taking on a nearly invisible aqua coloration.

“Hello Princesses,” Chrysalis cackled, as her horn continued to beam energy to the growing trap. “I’ve been expecting you.”

“Stand down, Chrysalis. You’ll never win!”

A cacophonous thunder rang out as the dome finally crashed into the earth, soil and water yielding to the magical power as the growing field drew to a halt.

“Oh but that’s where you’re so very wrong, Celestia. You see…” she laughed, her magic finally stopping, “I’ve already won.”

“Give up, Chrysalis. There are over a thousand guards here to bring this to a peaceful end.”

“Yes,” Chrysalis almost growled, her lips turning in a wicked smile, “Thank you so much for that. All this love, ours for the taking… Why I don’t even know what I’d do with it all.”

“You don’t need to take anything! We want to find a way to give you the love you need to survive.”

“Oh you’re absolutely right. I don’t need to take anything more. I’ve already taken so much! But where’s the fun in only having the bare necessities when you can have anything and everything?”

“Chrysalis, we don’t want to hurt you or any of your Changelings but if you don’t surrender we will be forced to act.”

“Surrender?” she laughed, “That is oh so rich! Why would we surrender when we control the high ground?”

“You’re outnumbered, and no matter how powerful you think you are, we move planets on a daily basis.”

“Your sister moves a rock, and you claim to control the only thing in this universe more tempestuous than yourself. I’m hardly scared,” Chrysalis quipped, “Plus you’re missing a key piece of this equation. I’ve not only taken most of Anon’s magic and all of Metamora’s love, I’ve taken her ability to generate love too. It’s a shame they couldn’t be around to see this play out, but unfortunately they had outlived their usefulness.”

“You!” Luna screamed, her horn glowing to life as she considered putting it to use.

“Oh calm down, Luna, we both know that horn is an empty threat.” Chrysalis snapped, “And even as vicious as you think me, I couldn’t kill them. Of course their survival… loveless, magicless, trapped at the bottom of the hive…”

“We…” Celestia hesitated, trying to hold back a tear as she realized what happened, “We destroyed the hive. You have no home now!”

There was a long pause as both Chrysalis and the two princesses went through a range of emotions. After some seconds a grin formed on the Changeling monarch’s muzzle.

“Oho!” Chrysalis laughed, a subtle disappointment hiding just under the surface of her grin, “I can always build another hive but you… You’ve killed the very thing that’s put you in this position!”

“We… We couldn’t have known!” Luna cried, trying to maintain her composure.

“You’re right. Oh, isn’t irony a cruel mistress. That the thing you’ve placed all your hope in, the impossible pair that has given me my power was destroyed by the power that allowed it to flourish!”

“Whatever has happened to those two, you must know we won’t let you succeed.”

“You still think you have some chance here,” Chrysalis began, annoyance in her tone, “But you’re missing the clear reality. I have enough love to subdue this entire city in one spell. And if I didn’t I can just make more. And if I couldn’t I can drain all the love I need. Face it, you’ve lost this time.”

“No!” Celestia yelled, “We’ll never-”

She froze, realizing that there might have been some truth to Chrysalis’s words as she felt a green aura encompass her. She tried lighting her horn but the cloying green magic snuffed it out as quickly as it started. With the limited freedom she still had from this all-encompassing forcefield, she turned her head to look at Luna, seeing her sister in a similarly precarious state.

“Right again, you will never… never resist me again, that is,” Chrysalis mused, “Now before I drain all these juicy love-stuffed ponies you’ve brought me, I figured I’d give you two an oh so special treat for bringing me such a delicious meal.”

Celestia and Luna’s eyes both widened as they felt the aura surrounding them grow thicker around their horns. As suddenly as this change started, the green energy surrounding them started to massage their sensitive horns.

“S-stop!” Celestia whined, staring in disbelief at the Changeling Queen that had already bested her.

“What’s the matter? Can’t take a little fun?” Chrysalis asked, “Love tastes so much better when you’ve earned it. You want me to earn it, don’t you?”

“No! Stop! I’ll never submit to you!”

“Wrong. Answer.” Chrysalis growled, lifting the princesses in midair to meet her where she floated. “Now I’ll take your love and your magic. Be nice fillies and let your Queen have what she wants.”

The effort Luna and Celestia were putting into fighting Chrysalis’s efforts was almost visceral. They both stared worriedly at each other as they clenched their jaws in focus. But before too much time could pass even their vehement resistance was overwhelmed, a lazy stream of magic and love floating out from each of their horns. Similarly to what had happened to Metamora, the beams converged into Chrysalis, emerging once again as green comets, encircling the omnipotent Queen in a bastardized display of her love and power.

“Yes,” she purred, feeling their power amplified by the intrinsic love she had taken from Metamora, “Now, my subjects, you may feast!”

Suddenly, all of the previously immobile Changelings sprang into action, each one drawing a similar bead of energy from one, two, some even three ponies near to them. Some more powerful Changelings managed to harness the same kind of magic that Chrysalis had liberated from Metamora, pulsing orbs of raw love energy encircling them as they drained the ponies around them.

Minute after minute ticked by, the entire town slowly drained of its love. Then as soon as it had started it came to an end. The magic spheres collapsing one by one to instill their magic into their bearers. This cascade culminated with the enormous and almost solid-green shell surrounding Chrysalis, which collapsed with enough force to generate a staggering shockwave that sent the princesses plummeting some feet back to the ground.

Chrysalis surveyed her handiwork, the two princesses lying defenselessly at her feet, only the faintest hint of color left in their manes and tails as they lay nearly devoid of magic. She landed once more, positively radiating with the magical energy she had absorbed. She savored the slow, triumphant waltz to the crumpled forms of the easily-defeated princesses.

“I never thought I would see this day,” Chrysalis grinned, “The day I would finally take what is rightfully mine. From now on your kingdom belongs to me. Your subjects exist only to serve me and my kind. I can finally do what my forebears couldn’t and rebuild the Changeling empire to its former glory.”

Celestia struggled weakly to her hooves, looking as Luna tried to do the same.

“Now will you submit to me? I will find a place for you if you commit to serve my rule.”

“No,” Celestia cried weakly, “I didn’t want this. We didn’t want this.”

“Of course you didn’t want this. You’ve failed. You’ve led your nation into slavery and subjugation.”

“That’s not it… You haven’t won like this, you’ve only doomed us all.”

“The only thing doomed here is your pathetic rule,” Chrysalis snapped, “I have enough love to do this same thing in every city in Equestria, the Dragonlands, the Griffon Empire… I think I’ll start with Canterlot, though. Without a hive anymore I’ll be needing a throne suitable for a Queen.”

“Draining us of love like this… You’ll eventually run out. But Metamora... she showed us how we could live in harmony, that when love is shared between us… that love is infinite.”

“What kind of silly dream is that,” Chrysalis chuckled, “Nothing is infinite.”

Act V - In Love and War : Chapter 5 - Decision

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You jolted awake, somehow hearing the very noise that woke you. All around you the ground shook with a vicious force. Metamora too had been startled awake by the sound, fidgeting in your lap briefly before she realized that you were still holding her. By the time you could start to worry about the sudden earthquake, the shaking stopped, the forest returning to its quiet, eerie norm.

“What was that?” you asked, a healthy amount of concern in your voice.

“I’m not sure, but it sounded like it came from Ponyville… We shoul-”

“How do you always know where everything is?” you asked, “Like I’ve got magic from your world and I can fucking shapeshift, when do I get my know-where-everything-is gland or whatever.”

Metamora laughed, “Of all the things to worry about…”

“Right, whatever. Spooky instant earthquake, probably should care more about that.”

“Yeah. And if I’m right about that being Ponyville… Either Chrysalis just got her ass handed to her, …or the ponies did.”

“You saw what she did to u-”

“She caught us by surprise. The princesses would not have had the same problem,” Metamora interrupted, pausing, “Especially if they had the conviction to destroy the hive. If there are any Changelings left in existence when we get there, I’d be surprised.”

“Oh come on Em! Celestia and Luna have seen the potential. They’re not just going to indiscriminately kill every Changeling.”

“Just like Chrysalis would surely listen to reason and give herself up?” Metamora said, rolling off of you to stand on all fours.

“Fine, you’re right, it could have gone either way.” you agree, getting to your feet, “Whichever it ends up being, let’s go figure out.”

“We need to be careful, though,” Metamora cautioned, starting to head in the direction of the sound, “Whatever waits for us there is certainly not likely to be friendly.”

“Uh Em…” you start, staring at the giant dome over Ponyville, “Since when did Ponyville have a giant bubble?”

“Well I’m no expert, but this wasn’t here the last time we visited. Wonder if it’s to keep ponies in or out.”

“One way to find out…” you call out, sprinting towards the dome.

“Anon, no!” Metamora squeals, taking off after you. She’s gaining ground on you when you smash straight into the dome, hitting it like a brick wall.

“Fuck, that hu-”

Metamora collided with you, bouncing off and tumbling through the dome next to you as if it weren’t there.

“Well, that answers that question. Looks like it’s made to let Changelings through. So uh… Still think the princesses came out on top?”

“I uh…” Metamora said, getting to her hooves and walking back up to the dome, “That doesn’t sound very promising.”

She tried to get back through the dome, trying a hoof first to make sure it was pliable to her intentions. But as her hoof came to rest on the inner surface of the dome, it did not give.

“So uh… Lets Changelings in but not out… Now I’m even more curious,” you wonder, scratching your chin, “Hey, what do you think happens if I change into a Changeling?”

No sooner had you floated the idea than you were suddenly occupying the form of Pharynx, feeling a little inadequate as you stood across from Metamora, your head coming up to the top of her chest. You once more walked toward the wall, closing your eyes as you braced for another impact. But then you felt it, a kind of waterfall sensation as the dome warped around you, allowing you passage.

“Neat!” you called in Pharynx’s more gruff voice, “But I’m kinda sick of being shorter than you so…”

You readied yourself to transform back, stopping as you realized that your clothes had somehow been left on the other side of the dome.

“Fuck! How hard is it to keep a pair of pants on!” you scream, “Shit… I sound like my parents.”

“Actually…” Metamora hesitated, “Maybe keep the disguise.”

“Ugh. First you make fun of my tiny dick,”

“I did not-”

“Then you’ve gotta be taller than me. Jeez, Em. You really know how to make a guy feel inadequate.”

“Just shut up,” she snapped, a green flash pouring over her as she took on Aphelion’s form.

“Aww… You’re so cute and tiny! I could just…” you paused, “Actually… We gotta fuck like this sometime.”

“Hive, is that all you can ever think about?”

You didn’t respond. She knew the answer to that question.

“Whatever. While you’re worried about getting your dick wet, I’m over here with a plan. We need to figure out what happened.”

“Hey, I said sometime. It doesn’t have to be right now, but it doesn’t have to not be right now either.”

“Come on,” she sighed, trying to hide the smile pulling at the corners of her mouth. You walked toward the center of town, realizing that the entire place was surprisingly empty. No ponies in the streets, no Changelings, no queens or princesses, no magic warfare… It was all kind of eerie.

Once you drew near to the middle of town, you finally figured out where everyone was. They were all crowded in the streets, dazed and mindless like zombies as they just slowly shambled around, seeming to recoil in your presence as if they feared what you would do. You pressed further through the throng of dispossessed ponies in search of whatever caused their almost hauntingly docile state, having to push them out of the way as they only grew thicker towards the very center of the mass.

And then you saw them. Two larger bodies slumped to the ground, not moving as the crowd around them continued to mill about aimlessly. You ran up to the princesses, quickly checking to make sure that they were alive.

“Celestia! Luna!” you called out as you reached them.

At first they didn’t move, your attention not drawing them from their unnatural slumber. It was only when Metamora finally arrived that they moved ever so slightly, confirming that they were still alive, if only barely.

“What happened?” you asked, looking to the princesses to give you answers.

Neither of them answered for a moment, the two of them moving to look at the two of you. As soon as their vision focused on you, they recoiled, genuine fear in their eyes.

“Please- we have no more to give.” Celestia begged, her voice a shattered, defeated sound that hurt to hear. “I… I don’t want to die.”

“Princess?” you asked, briefly forgetting your disguise, “It’s us! It’s going to be okay!”

“We… We don’t wish to resist you, but there is nothing left to take from us but our lives.” Luna cried.

“Whoa, hold on. What are you talking about? What happened?”

“Anon,” Metamora stopped you, “They don’t realize we’re in disguise.”

“Oh shit,” you recoiled, realizing your mistake, “Wait guys, it’s us. Anon and Em. We’re here to… save you or whatever I guess.”

“Anon?” Celestia’s broken voice asked, as if you were an estranged relative who had been missing for years.

“Yeah, just… What went down here? What are you guys…” you trailed off.

“She…” Celestia started, shuddering, “She took everything.”

“What do you mean? Who? What did they take?”

“Chrysalis…” Metamora answered, presumably seeing something familiar in the princesses demeanor. Her horn lit, a solid white stream of magic flowing to the two princesses, washing over them. Their eyes seemed to brighten at this, but their manes and tails still remained dim and gray.

“Yes… She took our love, our magic. She was unstoppable. We… We thought she killed you.” Luna spoke her voice no longer wavering.

“No, Luna. We thought we killed them. The hive… we,” Celestia rebutted, pausing, “we had the best of intentions.”

“Wait you did that?” you asked, “Man I knew my magic wasn’t that powerful.”

“Speaking of,” Metamora motioned, “Anon, they need their magic back. Can you…”

“What can I do about…” you paused, realizing her intent, “Yeah. I can do that.”

It still confused you how situational magic was. You just thought of what you needed it to do, and it happened. You just envisioned the two princesses standing strong and radiant in front of you, and before you could open your eyes, there they were. They looked back at you in surprise, their manes and tails back to their bright, flowing norm.

“So what happened here?”

“Anon… Behind you!” Celestia called, fear in her voice again.

You could feel the two creatures approaching you from behind, the urge to whip around and confront them fighting with your urge to imagine that nothing was there. Eventually you turned to see none other than Pharynx and Aphelion staring at you, but they looked …different. They looked warn down, tired, broken as they almost stumbled towards you.

“Fuck. Guess the disguises aren’t useful against this,” you sighed, shifting back to your normal form as Metamora did the same.

They just stared at you two as you transformed back, their expressions… sorrowful?

“Um… What’s up with you two?”

“She took their love as well.” Metamora observed, earning a hesitant nod from Aphelion.

“Queen Chrysalis needed our love,” Pharynx choked, “She took almost all the love from everypony, Changeling, guard and citizen alike. But she has left us all with enough to survive.”

“Wait she took all the love from everyone?” you ask. “What does she need all that love for?”

“When my Queen asks something of me I do not question her orders.”

“That’s… Taking all your love? That’s fucked up yo.”

“I’m sure she has a plan,” Pharynx offered, a note of doubt in his voice.

“Pharynx, there is only one Queen that has a plan now, and she will never ask you to give up your love.”

Metamora punctuated her statement with another volley of white energy from her horn, filling the two Changelings with the love that was taken, and imbuing them with the power to love as well. Both of the formerly loveless Changelings stared back at her, their disdain almost immediately replaced with reverence.

“Your H-Highness…” Pharynx said apologetically, bowing before Metamora as Aphelion silently followed, “thank you for this gift, but why are you not sequestering your love as Queen Chrysalis?”

“I don’t need to take love. I’m filled with more love than I could possibly imagine at even the passing thought of how much I love Anon. This… the ability to create love… it’s so much more potent than stealing it.”

“Chrysalis spoke of that too, that she could create love.”

“Yes,” Metamora bristled, “She learned the mechanism from me, but she doesn’t understand it. She’s taken that the same as she took my love, but just like stealing love from another where it can be given freely, it is inherently weak.”

“Hey, um…” you interject, “I know it probably isn’t the time, Em, but I need to say it.”

“No, Anon. That’s exactly what I need.”

“I love you,” you called, watching her rise in the air at your words, a white ball of energy forming in front of her as she levitated in the air. As she stopped rising and the ball stopped growing, it exploded outward, beams of light traveling out in all directions, each one targeting another pony or Changeling.

“Q-Queen Metamora!” Aphelion yelled in astonishment. You watched as she gingerly lowered herself to the ground, giving you enough time to catch her before she landed and pull her into a hug.

“Will you spread the word?” Metamora asked the two other Changelings, “From today onward, love is not to be taken but given and received. In this, we move forward.”

They nodded in agreement, clearly in awe of this power. Aphelion turned to Pharynx and whispered gently into his ear.

“I love you, Pharynx,” Aphelion calmly stated, drawing a blush to Pharynx’s visage

“You too, squirt,” he replied, tousling her mane.

“How touching,” a new voice spoke, “But you’ve won no victory yet, Metamora.”

Act V - In Love and War : Chapter 6 - Anon Saves the Day

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“Chrysalis!” Metamora yelled, whipping around to face her challenger, “This doesn’t have to be a fight.”

“Oh it won’t be. Just like last time,” she laughed, “I’ll be taking what’s mine now.”

“No, Chrysalis. You’re not taking anything else today,” Metamora declared, her horn flaring to life.

“Oh, but I thought I might,” Chrysalis countered, her horn awash with green energy.

But Metamora acted first. Her magic shot forth, a pink-tinted aura fully encompassing Chrysalis. As her magic grew in power, it became harder and harder to see the villainous queen through the shining, shimmering ether. For what felt like minutes Metamora unloaded on her former queen, dousing her in magical energy. But eventually her horn petered out, letting the aura around Chrysalis fade.

And there she stood, completely unfazed.

“You miserable fool! You’ve just given me so much love!”

“Exactly,” Metamora said, catching her breath. “There’s no need to take anything. I can give you what you need.”

“You can give us love, yes, but at the cost of enslavement to the ponies? I will not be sold.”

“Chrysalis, this is not…” Metamora began, “I’m not a slave to anypony. For once in my life I’m finally free. Free from a hive that couldn’t sustain itself, free from the fear of persecution, free to feel.

“Free to be weak!” Chrysalis screamed.

“No, free to be strong,” she corrected, deep in concentration as her horn flared to life again. She cast the same magic, once more bathing Chrysalis in light. This time Chrysalis managed to absorb the aura faster than Metamora could create it, looking positively energized as she received Metamora’s love.

Celestia and Luna moved to stop Metamora, assuming that she meant to help her Queen only. But you knew better, stopping them with a wave of your hand as you watched the events unfold. No sooner had you stopped the princesses from acting than you wished that you hadn’t. Chrysalis, not content to draw in the power she was already receiving let loose her magic, her sinister green magic devouring the beam trailing from Metamora’s horn until she had completely turned the tables, encircling Metamora in a green glow.

“Yes,” Chrysalis moaned, the rest of you watching as Metamora tried to stop her with wide eyes, “You have so much love to give and I’m going to take every last drop.”

“Stop!” you screamed, lunging at Chrysalis as she seemed content to suck the last bit of love from Metamora. You watched your love deflate as she hit the ground, the Princesses, Aphelion, and Pharynx all rushing to her aid.

“You can’t stop me, human!” she spat, lowering her horn as she aimed at you in rage. But in her rage, she forgot her lesson from your last encounter. What hit you was pure magical energy. Enough magical energy to…

You felt the ground shake around you, opening your eyes to see the new forcefield surrounding you and Chrysalis. While it was much smaller than the one enclosing Ponyville, it was no less potent.

“You so sure about that?” you asked, “I don’t play nice like the rest of them.”

She screamed as she let loose a bolt of energy at the walls of your trap, the sphere lighting up like a plasma globe but firing back a ricochet of energy right at you.

“Still so confident, bughorse?”

“Fuck you,” she growled, “You’re pathetic. You were so weak you fell for a Changeling and you think now you have the power to resist one?”

“No, I’ve never had the power to resist one. But I’ve always had the ability to overpower one,” you correct, staring her down.

“Overpower me? You think just because your love caught me by surprise once that you can do it again?”

“Oh shit, I forgot about that,” you paused, “Wait… You’re not mad because I didn’t finish in you, right?”

“No, I’m not…” she snapped, “To think I’d even given a second thought to your inadequate performance…”

“Whoa, no need to be petty about it.”

“I’m not-” she started, “What are we even doing right now?”

“We’re going to stay in here until we can talk this through calmly and with reason.”

“Talk this through? Come on, Anon! Where’s the rage, where’s the anger? I almost killed you! Fucking fight me!”

“I’m not mad at you, Chrysalis.”

“Well you should be. You notice that nopony’s trying to save Metamora anymore? Guess what that means...”

You looked up. She was right, no one was attending to Metamora as she lay lifeless on the ground. They stared sorrowfully, their attention still on your love as you tried to peel your own eyes away.

“That’s right. I have taken everything. I’ve taken love, I’ve taken magic, I’ve taken your mare. You’re the only thing left to take from, and you have so much to give.”

You felt a truth to her words, anger welling in you as you realized this creature had taken everything you had in this world and destroyed it. You felt that darkness inside of you surface, asking for permission to come out and play.

“You bitch!” you screamed, a black silhouette pouring from you to coat the ground inside your dome, climbing up the walls as it reached the edges.

“That’s right. I am a bitch. I’m the bitch that’s going to take you right here and now until I’ve taken every last shred of love you have left.”

“I don’t think so,” you growled, the black ooze climbing her leg as it also worked to black out the entire dome.

“Wh- What are you-” Chrysalis started, feeling tendrils of your magic hold her in place.

“Welcome to hell,” you laughed, your words not your own. You could see that she hadn’t expected this, her expression panicked as she tried to break loose of your hold. This was where she died, where you got your revenge. You dug deeper within yourself, first imagining and then feeling her neck snap in your minds eye as you all but willed it to happen. But you stopped yourself.

No, the voice in your head stopped you. She wouldn’t approve. She wouldn’t let you kill someone, even for her. You felt a stillness, opening your eyes to see the scene in front of you as time seemed to freeze. Before you lay the remaining Queen of the Changelings, but in her you saw something new.

You saw weakness. Not the weakness of a bested opponent, not the weakness of a creature fearing for its life. No, you recognized this weakness. You’d seen it before. You’d seen it in Metamora, in Luna, in Celestia. You’d seen it in yourself.

This weakness, This was the weakness of being alone.

You knew what you had to do, what you had to say. It was the same thing that Metamora had needed, what Luna and Celestia needed. It was the same thing you found for yourself.

“I Love You, Chrysalis,” you choked out, watching her eyes go wide. You meant it, and she saw that.

Shock colored her eyes, her earlier fear replaced by something different yet the same. She was scared, not because of what you could do to her, but because she could feel how powerful those words were, she could feel herself reacting to them.

“What are you-”

“Everyone needs to be loved. Em taught me that, and I love her enough not to ignore that, even for you.”

“I don’t deserve to be loved,” Chrysalis sighed.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m a Changeling! I’m ugly and unlikeable and a parasite!”

“That’s not true. You yourself said that Metamora and I were a symbiosis. You’re just a symbiote outside of its environment.”

“How do you know? What if I never find love?”

“I used to ask myself the same question, but I didn’t find love,” you explained, “In the end, it found me.”

“No one wants to love a Changeling.”

“That’s just not true. I never thought I’d fall in love with some kind of equine before I came here, but I did. Because at the end of the day I didn’t fall in love with Em because she was a Changeling, I fell in love because of everything else.”

“She had an everything else though,” Chrysalis countered, “I… All I have is being a Changeling.”

“You’re so much more than that. You’re a passionate ruler, a skilled tactician, you’re beautiful in your own way. I know there’s love out there for you, but until you find it, I’ll give you mine.”

“You really mean all of that?”

“Yes Chrysalis,” you said, reaching out to offer a hug, “I do.”

She was silent as she returned the gesture, closing her eyes as she let herself be held for the first time in… maybe ever.

“Are you ready to love and be loved, Chrysalis?”

“After all I’ve done? You would still give your love to me?”

“Will you give back the love you’ve taken?” you asked, letting the dome trapping you two dissolve in a shower of sparks.

“Yes,” she nodded solemnly, her horn brightening as thousands of ponies worth of love all released in a million directions.

“Then I’ll give you as much love as you need. And together, we’ll find love for you and your Changelings.”

Chrysalis only seemed to let the love free at a faster and faster pace, the air frenzied with love. Celestia and Luna had both perked up at the sight, genuine surprise in their eyes.

They hesitantly walked over to where you and Chrysalis stood, standing behind you with a remaining note of apprehension.

“Is it done, Anon?” Luna asked.

“No,” you answered, “We’re just getting started.”

“What do you mean?” Celestia followed up.

“I mean that we have our work cut out for us. An entire species to bring into the fold, love to find for all of them… Love to find without her

You looked solemnly at Metamora, her still lifeless body hurt more to see than any wound could on your own.

“Anon…” Chrysalis hesitated, “I’m sorry… I… She meant so much to you.”

“Please don’t,” you asked, “I… I don’t want an apology right now. I just… Can we be alone for a minute?”

Everyone gave you space as you walked back over to Metamora, lifting her into your lap as wisps of love still circled above. You let her rest against you, the embrace letting you forget for just a moment that she wasn’t there. As the magic finally stopped flowing into her, you cradled her in your lap, begging silently for it to bring her back.

“Em, I’m so sorry… I should have acted sooner…” you said, a tear coming to your eye.

She didn’t stir, no sign of breathing, of warmth, of life inside of her.

“Em, come on. We did it. We saved the day. We made peace. I… I did what you would have wanted.”

You knew that if she could hear you, if she could respond, she would agree.

“Please? I… need you Em. I don’t want to go on without you.”

You didn’t, but you would. Because of her you had strength you’d never known. Because of her you could go on without her. But just because you could didn’t mean it would be enjoyable. Thinking about life without her, even with only your brief period here, was like imagining an eternity of disappointment.

“Em I love you,” you cried, “I’ll always love you, no matter what happens. But please, please, if you’re in there don’t let me be alone again.”

Then you sensed something. Something coming from inside of her. It called to you, beckoned you forward, pulling your consciousness towards itself. Was that her? Was she still inside somewhere?

Whatever the answer, you gave in to the mysterious force, feeling your mind pulled into a deep, shapeless expanse, a sea of solid black.

But in the distance you saw a shape, a dot of brilliant pink light.

You ran.

Act V - In Love and War : Chapter 7 - The Day Saves Anon

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You ran and ran and ran, the dot in the distance seeming to grow in brightness but never get closer. But you had to reach her. It’s why you were here. So you kept running, your legs never tiring, your breath never running out, the dot eclipsing everything until finally you had to shield your eyes from its brightness. It felt like you were running for days, but you couldn’t even conceptualize time. All you knew is that you had to reach that dot. There was no failure.

You kept going, feeling like you were making progress until you felt yourself break through a barrier and all of the sudden you were… In the Canterlot castle throne room? There in the middle, laying serenely on a bed of flowers was Metamora. There were others in the room, but you could tell she was the only real one, everything else was a shadow, a ghost. You realized as you approached that you were seeing what was happening outside of this… place, their actions in reality mirrored here onto ghastly frames.

But you finally reached her peaceful, sleeping form. You fell to your knees, holding back your emotions as you saw her lifeless body, an empty vessel, drained of love. Drained of the mare you knew. You took a moment to think about what you were seeing, the fact that you were in the castle, the room full of ponies that weren’t quite there with you… You were here in the middle of a funeral, her funeral - and likely yours too.

“I’m so sorry,” you apologized to the mare in front of you, “I didn’t make it in time. I… I couldn’t save you.”

Something brought you here, though. Something beckoned you forward, pulled you in. Why would it bring you here if you couldn’t save her? Out of all the cruel, unfair things the universe had done to you, this one was unforgivable.

“Why am I here?” you asked aloud, “If I couldn’t save you then why am I even fucking here?”

“Anon, who are you talking to?” a voice called out. Her voice. She was here. She was… not the mare in front of you.

“Em?” you asked cautiously, turning to face the direction of the sound. There she was, standing behind you - living, breathing, talking!

“What?” she asked as if this was the most normal thing on the face of the planet.

“I… I thought you were dead.”

“Why would you think that, silly?” she chuckled, coming closer to you, pausing as the identical mare in front of you came into view, “Wait… Is that me?”

“I… I think so,” you answer, “I think we’re watching our own funerals… How trippy is that.”

“That’s… I still don’t understand what’s going on. Why are we dead? And why are there three ponies on the throne?”

“Oh man, you really missed out on a lot, didn’t you?” you laughed, beckoning her to come closer, “Come here bugbutt, guess it’s storytime again.”

“Only if you’re going to hold me like last time.”

“Of course I’m going to hold you. Why would I ever pass up the chance to do that?”

You sat on the cold stone floor, your back resting against the platform the other Metamora lay in. You eased the living one onto your lap, filled with joy as she wiggled to get situated.

“So what’s the last thing you remember?”

“Green. A lot of green, and then… this.”

“Alright, so we’ll pick up there. That was right when Chrysalis sucked the last of your love out of you. I tried to stop her, but evidently I was too late.”

“Chrysalis!” Metamora reacted, tensing at the name, “She…”

“Don’t worry, I took care of her.”

“You… She’s dead?” Metamora asked, with a surprising amount of sorrow in her voice.

“No! I… I almost did though. But I couldn’t do it, I knew you wouldn’t approve.”

“Then how did you-”

“The same thing you tried to do, she just needed to hear it differently.”

“You gave her your love? Then… did she kill us both?”

“No… She didn’t extract my love like she did from you. I told her she was loved,” you paused, worried about how Metamora would take this next revelation, “I told her that I loved her.”

“You… You told her that you loved her? Why would-”

“I finally saw it, Em. The same thing you noticed in Celestia. She was drowning, trying to fight off loneliness by having everything. But she didn’t need a what, she needed a who.”

“So you…” Metamora paused, her expression unreadable, “You did the right thing.”

“I know. After that she gave back all the love she had taken, but you… you didn’t wake up.”

“But if she didn’t take your love, then why are you here? Are you dying too?”

“No, silly bug. I came to rescue you.”

“To rescue me? How does that even work?”

“I have no idea, but I knew that I could. I felt something pulling me into you, and I leapt.”

“So you’re… Inside me?” she asked, somewhat confused.

“I guess so… Wanna make it really confusing?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to try anyway…”

“I could be inside you while I’m inside you.”

“Can you actually think of nothing else but fucking me?” she scolded, “Hive Anon, I can feel your dick already. I’m on the verge of death here and you’re still ready to rut me? I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud! But can you at least wait until after you’ve saved me?”

“I don’t think you’re going to want that, but okay.”

“Come on, Anon… We’ll have plenty of time when we get back, and if the world is still saved you know we’ll have to celebrate.”

You didn’t respond. She didn’t need to know yet. She wouldn’t come with you if you told her. You just hugged her a little tighter, hoping she missed the tear rolling down your cheek.

“So are we getting out of here or not?”

“Fine, Em. Let’s go,” you conceded, moving to let her off your lap.

She jumped up, looking to you for your lead. You stood, moving over to her once you got to your feet. You picked her up, as perplexed as ever by her surprising lightness. You carried her, your arms underneath her as she draped across them.

“Oh my… Such a gentlecolt…”

“Anything for you,” you said, turning around and holding her over her lifeless facsimile. You gently started to lower her downward, intending to lower her onto that very thing.

“So you’re…” she paused, “You’re putting me back in my body? Is that how this works?”

“I don’t know, but it seems like the only thing to do.”

“Well if you have to put me in my body, how do you get back?”

“You know, I hadn’t really thought about that, but I’ll let you know how it worked once I’m back.”

“But what if you… What if you’re stuck here.”

“You really think I’m going to let a pesky little thing like purgatory keep us apart?”

“You really are something else, you know that?”

“Yeah,” you said, starting to lower her again, “But I’m your something else.”

She just looked at you, a tear in her eye as you lowered her through and into her own body, the otherwise solid looking form bearing no resistance to your actions. As soon as she lay completely at rest and you removed your arms from under her, you felt yourself being pulled from this space, destined to go elsewhere.

“Ponies and Changelings of Equestria,” Celestia spoke, “We come before you in this solemn moment to forge a new way forward. As we lay Metamora and Anon to rest, celebrating their life for the last time, we look to the future. What they have built, what they’ve achieved will last far and beyond their mortal bodies. Today we send these two heroes off onto their next journey as we too embark upon ours. Let us remember them with our silence.”

The entire room drew quiet, as if time itself had stopped. A minute ticked by, not a soul moving or a noise being made. Luna, after wiping the tears from her eyes, took her turn.

“Let us take to heart the lessons we’ve learned from this beloved pair. They’ve taught us how to love, how to share, how to overcome the darkness and evil inside of all of us. But most of all, they’ve taught us that the only way forward is together. No longer will we turn a blind eye to our neighbors or attack those whose are unlike us. From now on we will not let one another go hungry. For Anon and Metamora, we will be strong. Together.”

Chrysalis, standing behind the princesses, stepped forward hesitantly, moving to stand even with them.

“I stand before all of you, humbled by what Anon and Metamora have shown me. It is my greatest regret that they should have given their lives to reveal this to me, but I remain committed to honoring their legacy. Today we honor them by forging an accord that will immortalize their spirit. No longer are we two separate nations. No longer do we take or withhold. From this moment onward the nation of Equestria is home to all, a land where our bounties are shared fully and completely. Today we-”

Metamora stirred, rising from the floor shakily, looking around to the shocked silence everywhere.

“Where is Anon?” she asked, the silence and confusion on everyone’s face only deepening her panic.


“I’m right here, you silly bug.”

She jumped into your arms, almost too fast for you to catch her. But you weren’t going to let go of your bug quite yet.

“Metamora, Anon… You’re alive!” Luna observed.

“Hold on, we gotta have a moment real quick,” you shushed, “Then you can be excited about having your bughero back.”

“Anon… We did it!” she smiled, looking at the mixed audience of ponies and Changelings.

“Em,” you calmed, holding her tight, “I have to tell you something.”

“Oh, I know Anon. I know exactly how much you love me. You don’t have to-”

“Hold on, I need you to listen. Please?”

“Anon? What… what is it?”

“Em… I gotta go.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I’m… I’m leaving now.”

“Alright…” she paused, “Where are we going.”

“You’re not going anywhere, Em. But I’m… I’m headed back to my world.”

“Back to your… But this is your world!”

“No, Em. God do I wish it was, but it’s not. I can’t stay anymore, as much as I wish I could. I loved every minute of this, of being with you.”

“No… You can’t just leave me!”

“I have to. I had enough magic to bring you back to life, but I had to sacrifice the magic keeping me in your world.”

“Anon why would you…”

“Either way, I’ll be alone. It’s just whether I’m alone knowing that you’re still out there, or alone knowing you’re not.”

“Y-You…” she trailed off, “Don’t make me live without you.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have a choice in this.” You said, feeling a force pulling you, as if you were to be lifted from your own body. “I’ll miss you.”

“Please don’t go!” she begged, scrambling to hold onto you any way she could, “I won’t make it!”

“Em, it’s going to be fine. You’re going to be okay.” You said, tearing up. There was no way it was going to be fine. “Just never forget how much I love you.”

“No! No no no no no! Stop it! Please! Don’t!” she was crying too, her tears looking so out of place on her regal form.

You felt yourself beginning to fade out, realizing that you could actually see through your arms, “I love you, Em.”

“Anon, I-I,” she choked back tears, “I l-”

You woke up.

Epilogue: Chapter 1 - Less is Metamora

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“We’ll get him back, Em.” Twilight offered, “We’re not going to stop until-”

“Please don’t call me that, it was his name for me.” you asked, “I can’t bear to hear it.”

“S-sorry… I didn’t” Twilight mumbled, turning her head.

“How could he just leave after everything? I-I… I loved him!”

“You honestly think he wanted to leave?”

“Wouldn’t you? This was never his home!” you spat, fresh tears keeping your cheeks moist.

“Wasn’t it? I know he felt the same way about you that you do about him. Would you have left if you had a choice?”

“He said it often, that this world was strange and unfamiliar to him. You said it too! He isn’t made for this world. He has no intrinsic magic, we don’t understand him, this isn’t his place.”

“I was wrong, Metamora. He has a place here, and that place is with you. I know he felt that way, surely you see that as well.”

“I can’t” you screamed, “Despite everything, I still can’t put myself in his shoes, and that hurts most of all! Anon was the impossible, a creature so wonderful, so spectacular that even something incapable of love could find their heart beating for him. And now that he’s gone I’m still the same loveless bug I was before.”

“I didn’t think…”

“Neither did I, Twilight,” you answered, “For once in my life, I didn’t think, I just leapt! They were his words, you know. He said - ‘You’re scared of what might happen if you chase what you want to happen’. I decided I wasn’t going to be scared, and that took me to places I couldn’t have even imagined.”

“We’re still going to get him back, Metamora. He’s a hero. He’s…” Twilight paused, “He’s everything you said and more. I miss him too, but I can’t bear to imagine your pain. Please believe that everypony is doing everything in their power to bring him home, bring him here.”

“Thank you Twilight. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to be left alone.”

“Understood,” she acknowledged, getting up from the cold tile floor of the throne room. The receding hooffalls eventually drew silent, leaving you once more alone in the same spot you’d been for the last three days. The same spot where he left you. The same spot where you would no doubt die waiting for your beloved.

“I hope I’m not interrupting,” came the soft, melodic voice of Princess Celestia. That voice piqued an anger inside you that you didn’t even know you held. She moved to sit next to you, “May I?”

“What do you want?” you spat.

“I just want to see that you’re alright, my little pony.”

“I’m not your little pony. I never was, and I don’t want to be now!”

“That is right,” she soothed, “Your heart belongs to another.”

“My heart belongs to none of your fucking business!”

“I know how hard it is to lose someone you love, Metamora. But when you get to see them again it’s worth the wait.”

“How the fuck would you know how I’m feeling?”

“Because I dealt with what you’re feeling for a thousand years before I got to see my beloved again.”

“Nightmare Moon…” you whispered, realizing what she meant.

“Yes indeed. It hurt so much. There were times I wanted to tear the entire world to shreds over what I had done, what she had done with my sister,” she explained, “And I almost did on a few occasions. But I couldn’t. I needed to be strong, I had a nation to lead and twice as much work to lead it.”

“How did you cope?” you asked, hopeful.

“Not well, I must admit. The work tore on me, and her absence wore me down in an entirely different way. I say this because I see you at the same crossroads I was at all those many years ago. You can either continue to buck the help of those who would offer you their hoof in solace, or you can rise above.”

“What is there to rise above? Anon is gone, and despite what Twilight says I may never see him again! If there is an ‘above’ where I am okay with that, I don’t want to be there.”

“That isn’t what I mean, dear Metamora. I’d never ask you to forget him. I know even with my limited time with him I couldn’t forget his lasting impact. What I’m asking of you, what the world is asking of you, is to be strong for him. He united our peoples, building you a future. He built an empire, one which is rightfully yours as much as it is mine.”

“Don’t tell me how to feel! You don’t understand! Just go away!” you yelled.

It was funny in its own twisted way, you realized. Being alone was what originally united you and Anon. Much as you would have hated to admit it at the time, you craved companionship as much as he did. You dreaded the lonely, friendless life that you led before you met him. It was only now, as you were alone, that you realized that this was the first time you had not felt the pain of his disappearance. Your tears weren’t an embarrassment now, your words couldn’t betray you, your emotions couldn’t control you. It was just you, and the void inside yourself.

Where that void had once been filled with vulgar jokes and overflowing love, now it was just a vacuum of disappointment. You closed your eyes and tried to remember a time where that void wasn’t consuming you from the inside out. But every time you closed you eyes, you saw his face. His stupid, dumb, idiotic, beautiful, kind, caring face. Hive, you hated him - you hated yourself! You should have known this was to happen. The domain of a Changeling is that of emptiness, hunger, and despair. There is no room in this world to spare you the happiness, love, and inclusiveness you felt when he was still around.

You were walking proof that he was wrong. There wasn’t enough love to go around. His valiant efforts to end your war were meaningless when he couldn’t even be there for you. How could his promises of a love that was universally shared ever come to fruition if he wasn’t there? He was the glowing, radiant example of everything he promised, a shining beacon of hope for this new era. Where would you turn when you felt the pangs of hunger now? It felt a betrayal to even consider taking the love of another, even were it not to be by force. You decided it would simply be best to shrivel up and die. That way you could take solace in the dignity of dying the same way Anon almost found you. He knew that he had saved you, but he knew not how close you were to the icy grip of death. Were he not to indulge you as he did, you would have died before he left your sight. Maybe it would have been better that way. If he was to leave, why draw it out?

“Metamora,” came a deep, maternal voice, “I’ve come to feed you. I understand you’ve been disinterested in company so I will stay no longer than I must if that is your wish.”

“C-Chrysalis?” you asked, staring now at the unfamiliar figure in front of you. She looked healthy, happy, content. All facades you had seldom seen her wear before.

“Yes, my dear,” she answered, sitting beside you and draping a hoof over you. You could feel the love that she shared with you. Your former queen, the champion of the thought that love must be taken, now sitting beside you, giving it freely.

“You… You’re”

“Sharing,” she cooed, “It feels wonderful. And we have your dear Anon to thank for all of it.”

“Who gave this love?”

“Everyone!” Chrysalis announced happily, “If you so much as walk outside, it’s positively in the air. And it tastes so delicious, freely given, freely taken, sweeter than most anything I’ve ever known.”

“Not for me. I can barely remember the flavor of his love. It used to decimate my mind if he so much as smiled in my direction.”

“I know. It was like that during your metamorphosis, I’ve seen nothing like it.”

“We have to get him back.”

“I know, Metamora. Twilight and the worlds brightest ponies and Changelings are already working on exactly that. I’ve never seen so many unified around one common goal.”

“No. We have to go get him,” you correct, “How much love is in the war reserves?”

“The war reserves? Even if they weren’t destroyed with the hive, we’d have no use for them now.”

“They’re gone? Then we must build a new battery. Ten, no a hundred times its size! If this love truly is in the air we will harvest it all.”

“And what would you do with that love. How would you find him?” she asked, tempering your enthusiasm.

“I’ll visit every dimension if I have to. I’ll find something that can bend the universe to its whims. I’ll do anything to get him back.”

“Oh I know you will, but you’re not thinking. Don’t do alone what thousands will do with you.”

“No. I am alone in this.”

“You don’t have to be,” she offered. “There is a world which shares the same goal as you.”

“Well I wish to be,” you snapped, “Now please take leave of me. I grow tired.”

“Chrysalis says you grow tired.”, came a new voice. One you knew you envied, “If it is sleep you wish, we believe we can be of assistance.”

“I wish to sleep until Anon is back,” you explain, “and should he not be back I wish never to wake up.”

“Now that is something we cannot bestow upon you. Had we the power even still we would not grant such a request.”

“Why not? There’s nothing for me if he’s not here.”

“We know thy pain. More, truth told, than may be apparent.”

“Celestia already tried to use the Nightmare Moon example, it didn’t help.”

“Celestia knows not what we suffered. ‘Twas not our only prison, that moon. The greater binds were by whom there we were enslaved.”

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“Many believe Nightmare Moon to be a mood, a state of the mind. But she is as much her own being as she is a part of us. For the time we were on the moon, and even upon our return we watched her wreak havoc against all that we cared for.”

“I don’t see how that relates.”

“You stand upon a precipice we once jumped from. Do you let your darkest thoughts and emotions rule you, or do you take charge and rein in that selfsame evil? I made my decision, my mistake. I live with it to this day. But if you, likewise, succumb to these emotions you will never again be the same mare that he once loved.”

“I-I…” you hesitate, “How did you get over that?”

“We don’t. Our mistakes have made us who we are today, and we cannot ignore that. We live with the knowledge that even as our sister loves us to this day, her love is tempered always with a fear that we may once again be weak.”

“I’m not…” you try, “I don’t want to be weak.”

“Then stand strong for your love. Do as he would in his stead. Become all that you wish to be, and listen not to that which aims to corrupt your mind.”

“Do you think I will ever see him again, Luna?” you ask, once more feeling the familiarity of tears.

“If not in the flesh, he will always live on in your mind. In that way you can never be apart.”

“I wish to sleep now,” you plead.

“Then it shall be,” Luna said.

Epilogue: Chapter 2 - The Doctor is In

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If you had learned anything since you woke up, it’s that therapy is anything but. Since you’d finally woke up you’d gotten over a slew of panic attacks, gotten off a ventilator, figured out that you had literally no control over a single part of your body, and summarily lost all hope in anything.

That’s when it started, when they started throwing therapy at you. At first it was physical therapy, they told you it was to help you gain mobility again, but it just felt like medieval torture with an MD. Then they threw occupational therapy at you once you could mostly walk again, which was an even more embarrassing affair - it was basically a constant reminder of all the things you’d lost the ability to do starting with taking a shit unsupervised and ending with a long, long list of basic skills to remain employable.

Then came the worst part. Actual honest-to-goodness head-shrinking therapy. You had managed, somehow to keep her from the forefront of your mind until now, desperately trying not to dredge up something you’re sure you’d lost forever. But then they asked you to feel things again, and that, more than bending your limbs eighteen different ways they weren’t supposed to, more than reminding you that you were now basically disabled, that hurt the most.

So here you found yourself, trapped in a tiny office, sitting on a brown couch that could hide a shitstain better than a mischievous toddler, staring up at some dude whose name you couldn’t even remember.

“Are you still with me?” his calm, irritatingly smooth voice rang out, drawing you back from your own mental prison.

“Huh?” you paused, “Sorry… yeah, I… got a lot on my mind, I guess.”

“That's completely understandable. You’ve been through a lot, you were in a coma for several weeks. You’re incredibly lucky to be alive, but I doubt you feel that way.”

“How do you-” you started, wondering how he could hit the nail on the head so precisely.

“How do I know? I’ve seen many patients like you over the years. You survive a traumatic accident, against all odds you make a miraculous recovery, but in the end you’re wondering if maybe it wouldn’t be better if you didn’t.”

“Doc, aren’t you supposed to be fixing my head, not painting me as some suicidal maniac?”

“I’m here to help you understand what you’re feeling. It’s not my place to label you or try to tell you something needs fixing. The guys in psych, yeah they’ll throw you antidepressants like candy, but I’m not here to push pills, or anything for that matter, on you. I’m more like… a tour guide for your emotions.”

“Can you just tour guide me straight to the exit then?”

“No, I can’t,” he declared, “I know it feels like the best option right now is not to feel anything, but you need to be true to yourself.”

“True to myself?” you laughed, “I don’t even know who I am anymore. Not after…”

“After what?” he asked. Fuck he was perceptive.

“I lost somepo-” you caught yourself, “someone.”

“There weren’t any other passengers in your car. Did you lose someone before the crash?”

You heard the question he wasn’t asking.

“No, I’m not suicidal! I fell asleep at the wheel on my way home from work. I wasn’t trying to kill myself!”

“That’s not what I asked,” he calmed, “Who did you lose?”

“I really don’t want to talk about that.”

“I understand that, and I won’t pressure you, but this seems to be like the root of your trouble. It would do you good to talk about what happened.”

“I… you’re going to think I’m crazy… It’s… it happened during my coma.”

“A dream then? I’ve certainly spoken with a few patients who have spoken of very vivid dreams during a coma.”

“This wasn’t a dream! It was… it has to be real.”

“I know it must have felt very real in the moment. When you’re in a coma your brain does all kinds of crazy stuff to heal.”

“It didn’t just feel real, I was there. I remember every moment of it. There’s no way I could have made her up in my mind…”

“Her… You met someone in this dream?”

“It wasn’t a dream!”

“You know I’m not here to judge you. But in the past when I’ve had patients that have trouble separating their dreams from reality, I find it often helps to tell the dream, repeat it as if it were a narrative.”

“This was a really long thing… Like at least two full weeks.”

“Two weeks?” he asked incredulously, “You dreamed for two weeks?”

“At least, and… still not a dream.”

“Well then… Maybe we cover the broader points of the dream. If you had to write the Cliff’s Notes, what parts would you pick out?”

“I guess I’ll start with some context then. Whatever world I was in for this wasn’t like ours. They had magic and other races of creatures and… all kinds of weird shit. But the conflict I found myself in the middle of was between two races, the Changelings and the po-” you paused, no you were not going to make this sound weirder by explaining that there were ponies, “and the not Changelings.”

“The not Changelings?”

“Ugh. Aren’t you more interested in what a Changeling is?”

“I’m familiar. Eastern European folklore, fairies that would take the place of human children.”

“Not quite. They were more shapeshifters that could take the place of, well, anyone… But they also survived by siphoning off the emotions of others. Kind of terrifying, kind of metal. Obviously no one wants the Changelings to siphon their emotions so they’re an ostracized race.”

He didn’t respond, writing feverishly in his notebook,

“So yeah, first thing I meet is one of them. I wake up in the forest to this… shadow standing over the top of me and I’m certain I’m about to be eaten. But it turns out that she doesn’t want to eat me, but she does want to siphon off my emotions in a very particular way…” you hint, pausing for effect, “Fucking. I mean fucking. So we did that, twice. And that’s how I met Metamora. I call her Em, but she would tell you that Changelings don’t have nicknames.”

“Is she…”

You slumped down a bit, “Yes. She is. Long story short, we fell in love. Which is particularly important to the story because, remember that whole siphoning emotions thing? Turns out Changelings aren’t supposed to be able to fall in love. She was… something else. I mean cute, funny, only ever cracked jokes at the worst times, you know… everything you could want in a woman. I still don’t know why she ever fell for me, but over the course of our time there, in between fucking literally every available moment, evidently she did.”

“And you said you lost her?”

“Hey man, is this my story or nah?” you grumbled.

“Go on.”

“So yeah, important parts of the story. Met in the woods, did the thing, went into town with Em disguised as some dude named Atlas, met a bunch of people and then suddenly the two princesses of the entire nation showed up. They took the two of us to the castle with them and a bunch of irrelevant stuff happened. But that’s when stuff started happening with Em. One night we were not fucking for once and we just started talking. All of the sudden she magics a fucking light show and then passes the fuck out, which was evidently the thing she needed to learn how to love. After that a bunch of other shit happened, I fucked a princess, and then I got Em caught so we had to escape. With me so far?”

He nodded.

“Alright, so we escaped to the Changeling hive. Yeah, they all live in one communal hive, kinda weird, also really easy to get lost in. There... fucked some more, had some more magic love fireworks, I fucked their Queen, who is important later. Then Metamora turned into another Queen, which evidently is completely decided by some kind of metamorphosis. But right as I was about to fuck her and Queen Chrysalis, all of the sudden the princesses sent some spec ops bozos to kidnap us back.”

“You do see that this seems kind of fantastical.”

“You know what, fuck off. You wanted the abridged version. Anyway, we’re back at the castle and the other princess, the one I didn’t fuck is evidently turbo jealous. So she tries to rape me and makes Em watch but evidently I’ve got magic now too so, well that doesn’t happen. Or at least it wasn’t rape. Yeah, I ended up fucking her after all, Em even told me to! So we have a big long conversation about not being evil and then the princess has some kind of change of heart about Changelings. So she gets this big ceremony together where she announces that any Changeling is welcome in their lands so long as they stop stealing emotions. And then Metamora says it… That entire time she had wanted to say those three words - I love you - but she physically couldn’t. So when that happened… That was a monumental moment for both of us, so obviously we marked it by fucking some more.”

“You know in another session I would probably talk about how this sex obsession is unhealthy, but this is a bigger fish right now.”

“Speaking of bigger fish, turns out Queen Chrysalis was angy that someone stole her new Queen and limitless source of love, so she decides to take over an entire town. Metamora and I went down there with Twilight, who in addition to being a magic scientist is also some kind of hero or something - still fuzzy on that. Anyway, Chrysalis is in some kind of rage and kicks mine and Metamora’s asses, sending us to the hive which, by the way, is slated to be destroyed while we’re in it. Also Metamora is dying because Chrysalis stole all her love, so we have to find her some. We do that, and escape by literally seconds After a brief bout of amnesia we head back to town to face Chrysalis again and she does the same thing, taking all of Metamora’s love, except somehow I stop her and magically save the day. But…”

You paused, knowing the end was near, dreading this next part of the story as you fought to keep tears from your eyes.

“Em was still dying, even though I saved everyone else. So, well, I just did what anyone else would have done and used my magic. All of it, including the magic that was keeping me there. I was able to jump into some kind of purgatory thing, find her, and bring her back, but as soon as we got back, well I only had a few moments to say goodbye before I woke up.”

“See, you woke up. Like one would from a dream.”

“No! It wasn’t a fucking dream,” you all but cried “I just… All I want is to see her again.”

“So it would seem the best course of action is to go back there and see her again.”

“No shit, Sherlock! You don’t think I’ve been wanting to go back since I got here? How the fuck would you suggest I do that?”

“You have more control than you probably realize over your dreams. Under the right conditions, all you need to do is will yourself there and let your mind make it happen.”

“You know what, fuck this. It wasn’t a fucking dream, alright!” you fumed, getting up to storm out, “I’m done for today. Peace out.”

“See you next week!”

“Maybe, maybe not,” you barked back, lightly slamming the door behind you.

It wasn’t a dream.

It couldn’t have been a dream.

Could it?

Epilogue: Chapter 3 - Science, Bitch!

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Calling it a lab would have been a vast oversimplification of what lay in front of you. In the wake of Anon’s disappearance, and in the weeks since, Twilight had commanded no less than a hundred of the world’s best minds. To make room for research they had completely reconstructed three floors underground Canterlot Castle, leaving them in a wide open layout that you watched over every chance you could get. There were teams prodding at every possible avenue to reunite you with your beloved, ten different projects splayed out across the enormous space, each one a chance for you to see Anon again. Each one a thread of hope, a bright mark against a backdrop of emptiness.

But you weren’t here to watch over them as you so often did. Today Twilight mentioned she had some especially promising research to show you. The words were… well, barely words when she told you all about it. But you heard the undertone. She thought this one would work. She was confident. You could understand why Atlas fell for her, with this level of passion and drive… watching her was bewitching. Seeing how she effortlessly interacted with everypony there, easily jumping into conversations that you couldn’t even begin to understand. She was doing all this for you and for Anon without even the first thought of herself. She, the princesses, everyone… They all gave everything, all for you. If you hadn’t believed in love before now, well, this was incontrovertible proof.

So you found yourself, staring at an enormous arcane machine, whirring magical machinery flanking either side of two huge gilded crescents positioned to form a kind of imaginary oval. Lights flashed, gears turned, ponies rushed about tweaking this dial or nudging that lever as you looked from the almost absurd machination towards the pony who brought you to it. Twilight was similarly transfixed, an almost lusting salivation in her eyes as she looked at the product of what had to have been a dozen sleepless nights.

“This is it, Metamora. This is going to work, I can feel it,” she grinned. You wanted to believe her. You really did.

“How can you be so sure?” you asked, trying to maintain a cautious optimism.

“I can’t. But this is the closest we’ve got. The theory is all there this time. This isn’t just some strange Zebrican chanting or some crackpot postulation by some old stallion that’s convinced the one strange thing he’s been studying his entire life is finally relevant.”

“But it’s just theoretical still, right? What if it doesn’t work?” you ask, wanting to temper your expectations, and to a degree hers.

“Then we keep on trying until we figure it out. Even if we don’t get it this time, we’re bound to learn something from this. We’re going to find him, Em. We have to.”

You bristled at the nickname again. She never could bring herself to stop saying that when she was excited. It hurt, but then it didn’t.

She realized her mistake, looking briefly down at the ground.

“I’m sorry, Metamora… I know you don’t like it when I call you that… It’s just…”

“It’s happy,” you offer, “A beautiful nickname from a beautiful time. I can hardly fault you for using it when you’re so excited.”

“Still… I…”

“Relax, Twilight. He’d want that nickname to live on. And… it does kind of make me happy. I just need to embrace that.”

“Thank you,” she replied, throwing a hoof over you and pulling you close, “I’m so glad you’d share something so precious to you.”

“You know me,” you joked, “Queen of sharing…”

Your half-hearted joke was just enough to reset the mood, putting a smile on everypony’s face.

“Alright then… It’s science time,” Twilight beamed, “How much do you know about pseudometric causality?”

“How much should I know about… uh…”

“Pseudometric causality? I’d doubt much since it’s a relatively new discovery. In fact we really just came up with it here in the last few weeks.”

“So what you’re looking for me to say is” you deadpan, “something like ‘Nothing, Twilight. Please do tell me all about it in great detail’, right?”

“Oh I’m so glad you asked!” she smiled, taking your statement exactly where she wanted, “So it’s fairly simple once you get a bit of context out of the way. Nothing you wouldn’t learn after several years studying advanced magical theory.”

“Twilight, I-”

“Right. The basic part is to understand the magic that brought Anon here. We’ve been studying everything we could about that, drawing heavily from what he said to us and from some insights Luna had about his world. We think that magic is a special type called acausal magic. What that means is that the existence of that magic, is predicated on its later necessity. In this case it would appear that Anon was brought here specifically to sacrifice himself to save you, independent of anything that happened before.”

You tried to parse that. The magic that brought him here knew you’d need saving before you did?

“Moving on from that we were able to reason a few things out. The first was that this magic had to create some kind of signature when it collapsed in on itself. This signature should lead us both to where it originated and where it finally ceased.”

“So you found this signature?”

“Well we haven’t. But we figured out the last piece of that puzzle earlier today. And that last piece is you,” she explained, “We realized that we needed to target our search on some magic that he had created, but we knew that he didn’t create any magic, he just used it. But then we remembered he did create something like magic.”

“Love…” you paused, “You need my love.”

“Yes!” Twilight exclaimed, happy to see you following along, “But I’m afraid it’s a bit more than that. We need a specific piece of your love. Princess Luna and Chrysalis- Q-Queen Chrysalis both referred to it as a ‘seed’ of love.”

“You need that?” you asked, concerned about the concept of giving up the last piece of him that you had.

“I’m afraid we do. And if we don’t find Anon… we may never be able to replace it.”

“Then,” you declared, letting a golden light flow from your horn, “We better find him.”

Twilight looked at you with wide eyes, staring on at the energy that built in front of you. She directed the rest of the ponies nearby to action, watching as they all snapped to task, performing various functions in and around the space you occupied.

“Can you place that…” Twilight hesitated, “Your love… Can you put it in between the stands there?”

You complied, feeling the final wisps of that energy evacuate themselves from you. It wasn’t quite apparent what you had lost without that magic. You don’t think that affected your ability to make love anymore. Maybe it was just a vestigial part of you that you didn’t need anymore. Maybe you wouldn’t find out how important it was until it was too late.

“Alright. Do we have everything we need to commence the experiment?” Twilight asked, drawing everyone’s attention as each station waited to report, “Power controls?”

“Check. Systems nominal with primary and reserve capacitors at full charge.”


“Fixed and relative positioning calibrated per spec. Ready.”


“Effector banks A through J are primed. Ready for visual on your go ahead.”

“And finally, Detection?”

“Confirming successful harmonization with sample. Signature analysis on standby and origin traceback is good to go.”

“Then let’s start the countdown,” Twilight declared, turning to whisper something to you, “I’ve always wanted to lead a fancy sciencey countdown.”

You almost had to laugh. She was so excited. Surely this would work.

“And we’re T minus Ten.”

“Throttling up to power distribution step alpha.”


“Activating signature capture… Now.”


“Telemetry is active. Inputs are live.”


“Signature capture complete. Commencing detection.”


“Switching to distribution plan beta”


“Signature acquired. Spooling to traceback.”


“Ranging is receiving data from traceback. Adjusting for noise on theta channel.”


“Traceback in sequence. Confirming elevated noise on theta channel.”


“Telemetry outputs coming online now.”


“All systems are go.”


You watched as the sphere of your love seemed to pull and morph, being bound in place by the two crescent-shaped stands on either side. It stretched out to cover the entire area between the two, drawing into a tight, well-defined oval of pure white. Then you watched as it started to change color, starting to display something as if it were some kind of screen.

“Detection has a firm lock on the signature. Telemetry should have latest on motion path.”

“Telemetry confirms live data on motion path. Visual is live.”

You watched the image that was being displayed, the view seeming to show you tearing through the very fabric of the universe. It kept going for several minutes, the speed and intensity of it almost making you nauseous. Then after several minutes you watched it coalesce into something more concrete. You were looking into a room, not too different from what you’d expect to see here, just with everything being a bit taller. It took a moment for everything to come into focus but you could make out two creatures like Anon, one on a dark colored couch, the other sitting nearby in an armchair. The view was distant, grainy, and at an odd angle so you couldn’t make out what you were actually seeing, but you could tell that you were seeing humans. You had found, if nothing else, Anon’s world. But had you found him?

“Audio! Do we have audio?” Twilight barked, sending the ponies running telemetry scrambling at her insistence. You heard a sound start to come out of the screen, first a vague hum, then a more clear sound like running water, then voices.

Then his voice.

“…she is. Long story short, we fell in love. Which is particularly important to the story because, remember that whole siphoning emotions thing? Turns out Changelings aren’t supposed to be able to fall in love. She was… something else. I mean cute, funny, only ever cracked jokes at the worst times, you know… everything you could want in a woman. I still don’t know why she ever fell for me, but over the course of our time there, in between fucking literally every available moment, evidently she did.”

You had to look away, but even that couldn’t stop the tears. That was him. That was definitely him. But how couldn’t he see why you’d fallen for him… Did you never tell him? You had to have told him. Either way you’d have to tell him once you got him back.

“Come on Twilight. Let’s get him back,” you ordered, standing in front of the screen ready to jump through as if it would teleport you to where he was.

“Whoa, hold on…” Twilight cautioned, “That’s not… This was just to find him, Metamora. Now that we know where he is we can form a plan, get a team together. We’ll get him back.”

“We don’t need a team! Fuck making a plan. We’re so fucking close Twilight. Can’t we just…”

“There’s no way we can just go grab him right now. He’s…” she paused, “Ranging, distance!”

“Just over two hundred quintillion light-years.”

“The magic we’d need to bridge a portal that far… I can make it happen, but I need time. I promise, Em. We’ll get him back.”

“How long, Twilight? How long do we have to wait?”

“If I can get all of the resources that I need together… probably a week?” she said, a bit of uncertainty in her voice.

“Then let’s go get some resources. Just tell me what you need.”

“The princesses, Queen Chrysalis, you…”

“I’ll make it happen,” you declared.

You had found him. But now you had to get him back.

You had to get him back.

Epilogue: Chapter 4 - The Doctor is Out

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“Hey doc,” you greeted the therapist, sliding onto that surprisingly comfy couch again.

“Welcome back,” he smiled, “I didn’t expect you to show up.”

“I’m not sure I expected to show up myself.”

“Well then, what made you decide?”

“I…” you hesitate, “I couldn’t go back.”

“To your dream?”

“It… How could it have been a dream?”

“Physiologically there’s not much else that could explain what you described to me. I did a bit of research on the topic, and it turns out that incredibly lucid long, continuous dreams are common in coma patients with little to no cognitive impairment. But there’s something else I realized that makes me liable to agree with you. What you experienced was not a dream.”

“Really, so it was real?”

“Real?” he scoffed, “Of course not. Since when are pastel ponies real?”

You froze. How did he… “Ponies? Uh… who said anything about ponies?”

“I did, and I have to say, I’m disappointed.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh you know exactly what I mean. Picture this,” he spoke, “I’m sitting at home, it’s a Saturday morning, my daughter wants to watch her favorite TV show. So like the caring father I am, we sit down to watch the season finale of My Little Pony. Except all of the sudden this brand new character they introduce is one from your story. One you told me by name that you stuck your dick in.”

“Wait, what?”

“I understand if you think that this is a waste of your time, and I really don’t care that you’d waste my time with that bullshit. As long as your insurance keeps paying I really couldn’t be bothered about you dicking me around. But the issue here is that you’re lying to yourself, and you’re doing it in really crude and hurtful ways.”

“Hold on I…”

“To spin such an intimate sounding story, I… I thought you were making some progress, but nope. Turns out everything was just a fabrication. And how did you even know about Queen Chryssalid or whatever? You had to have done a significant amount of research to come up with the steaming pile you fed me last week. Whatever really happened to you, to mask it with that…”

“Come on, I was telling the truth! Everything I told you, Chrysalis, Metamora, all of it… It really happened!”

“Sure it did. But that’s the other part that continues to fascinate me. You see, all the other characters you talked about, they were in the show. All of them except Metamora.”

“Wait… what do you mean?”

“Yeah, she was the only character that didn’t show up at all. Which makes me think this is more about her than you wanted me to think. Just tell me who she was!”

“She’s exactly who I fucking said she was,” you yelled, “I thought you were supposed to fucking listen to me you overpaid shitbag.”

“You know,” he seethed, pausing to rein in his anger, “I am paid to listen to you, but you’re here for a reason too. Lying to me, to yourself… Those aren’t going to get you anywhere.”

“I’m not lying to anyone!” you defend, struggling to decide between anger and tears, “Everything I told you was the truth.”

“So what you mean to tell me is that you were teleported to a land of talking cartoon horses-”


“Are you serious right now? You’re actually sticking with your pathetic story?”

“It’s not a fucking story! How many times do I have to say it was fucking real.”

“Right. Real,” he scoffed, “Because the first thing that always happens when you wake up in another dimension is that you get ambushed by true love.”

“It wasn’t…” you tried to explain, “Not at first it… You wouldn’t understand.”

“You’re right. I don’t understand,” he countered, “I don’t understand why you keep sticking to this crock. You’re a grown ass man talking about having sex with the characters of a children’s TV show. That’s messed up.”

“I don’t know shit about your fucking TV show, dude. I know what happened, and nothing you say is going to make me change my mind.”

“Wow, you really aren’t lying about this. You honestly believe you woke up in a world of pastel ponies, found true love, subverted a societal order, gained magical powers, singlehandedly ended a revolution, and then brought someone back to life? I don’t think I even know what to call half of the complexes to cover that.”

“Huh, you finally get it.

“Oh, I’m finally getting it, alright,” he quipped, “I’m getting that you’re much more broken than I thought.”

“I’m not broken! For the first time in my fucking waste of a life I finally wasn’t broken. I finally had all the pieces. I was happy.”

“Face it. You have a problem. Let’s call it depression, but with the level of delusion you’ve managed to stack on top, I’m not sure there isn’t something physically wrong with you. You thought you were dying and you invented some kind of absurd fairy tale to give yourself some last chance at living happily ever after.”

“I didn’t fucking live happily ever after, I woke up and now I’m stuck here trying to convince you to believe me for whatever fucking reason. You think I’m happy about this shitshow? I don’t believe this.”

“I think you’d have trouble finding anyone to believe this. And aren’t you, you know, ashamed of, I don’t know, fucking horses?”

“No. I’m fucking not. I made sweet, sweet love to sentient, consenting creatures and it was fucking spectacular. I’d tell anyone that asks,” you declare, “Best lay I’ve ever had. Fucking someone that’s half bug, half pony, and all fucking mine.”

“If I were you, I’d be careful who I told this story to. They might think you’re crazy,” he chided.

“You know what,” you snapped, leaning forward as if you were going to stand, “You can just fuck ri-”

Suddenly there was a sizzling sound in the air, a kind of searing static that immediately caught your attention. He noticed it too. There, right between the two of you was this unavoidable sonic presence, like a TV without signal - just you couldn’t turn away, couldn’t shut it off. It just drew louder and louder, bigger and bigger, brighter and…

Wait, brighter?

Sure enough, right there in the middle of that cloud of almost visceral sound was a pinprick of violet light. You were both transfixed, staring at the dot as if it were real.

Was it?

“Doc, you seein’ this shit?”

He nodded, looking briefly at you, and then back at the dot, now a pulsing orb of energy the size of a grapefruit. Something about it was familiar, something about it was new. But there’s one thing that you knew, and that’s that you were looking at magic.

Magic you knew.

There’s only one place you knew that had magic. Of course it was just as likely that you were having a horrendous stroke.

Yep, that was probably it. As that orb pulsated and grew, bathing the room in a purple glow you could all but feel your brain melting right then and there. This wasn’t real. This couldn’t be real.

You were broken.

But you hoped nonetheless. You watched as the orb started to bend and morph, changing from a basketball of solid energy to a torus of ethereal mist, the speed at which it grew rapidly increasing. It doubled, tripled, quadrupled in size. It was easily large enough that you could walk through it. It was…

It was a portal.

No sooner had you realized what you were watching than it took on the purpose you had assigned it. The growing stopped and the empty area in the middle started to fill with a vortex of white, pouring from the edges, closing the gap as it formed an ivory sheet separating your plane from the next. Separating your plane from the one that wasn’t real.

It wasn’t real.

It sure felt real though. And as soon as the last wisps of energy met in the center you knew it was. Because instead of staring at a mysterious magical anomaly, you were staring at something else entirely. You were looking at the one thing you knew couldn’t be fake. You could see clear as day, on the other side of that portal…


You froze, your mind at war with half telling you to run through as fast as you could and the other half nagging you that running to the portal was running away from reality. You didn’t know which side was going to win out this time. But you knew how to find out.



She looked like she wanted to run through the portal too. But you didn’t want her in your world. Not for a second, not for an instant. Not if you had to give everything to prevent that from happening.

“Can I… Is it safe?” you asked, walking right up to the portal.

“Of course it’s safe!” Twilight’s voice came as she stepped into frame. Two for two, this was happening.

“Actually… Hold on a second,” you paused, turning to the terrified therapist, “Doc, you still with me?”

“W-What is…”

“Told you this wasn’t a dream. But if you want some proof, that sexy piece of flank right there,” you motioned, pointing at her, “yeah, her with the pink hair. That’s Metamora. I don’t think she’d enjoy finding out that you told me she wasn’t real.”

“You what?” she asked, staring daggers as he shrank into his armchair.

“Relax. I never stopped believing for a moment,” you lied. You had almost given up. You were so close.

“I-” he shook, looking like he was losing his mind, “…real.”

“Oh actually, one last thing. You got the other bugbutt over there?”

“Pharynx?” Twilight asked.

“Aphelion?” Metamora questioned in tandem.

“No, the other other one. Chrysalis.”

The therapist froze.

“Anon I-” Chrysalis tried to apologize, stepping into view on the side opposite Twilight.

“Whoa, hold on. You can say whatever you gotta say in a minute. But first I need you to do me a favor. Right here, right now. No questions.”


“First, tell this fine gentleman who you are.”

She looked at you in confusion, complying after a pause, “I’m Queen Chrysalis, former leader of the Changelings and esteemed member of the new Equestrian regency.”

“Now tell him who it was that last fucked you.”

She blushed, stuttering, “P-Princess Celestia.”

“Oh shit, damn I did not expect that,” you cackled, “Alright, let me rephrase. Who was the last human that fucked you.”

“You, obviously Anon. You’re the only human I’ve met!”

“Great. See, doc. This bullshit enough for you yet?”

“S-She’s a horse!” the therapist called out, “You fucked a horse!

“Manners, doc! You can’t just go around calling ponies whorses,” you laughed, “Now one last thing, Chrissy. Go ahead and turn around and show the good doctor where I fucked you.”

“Y-You want me to…” she hesitated. You only nodded in return. Her eyes widened, looking to Metamora for a response. She just shrugged. Slowly but surely, Chrysalis turned around, struggling against her embarrassment to swing her tail to the side.

“Take a good, long look doc. You see this on your fucking TV show?”

He didn’t respond, frozen in place with a look split between panic and revulsion on his face. Your job here was done.

“Alright Chrissy, that’s all he needs to see. You still look great by the way,” you winked, “So how does this work. Do I just jump through this shit?”

Twilight and Metamora nodded.

“Well then,” you grinned, getting up from the couch and standing next to the portal, “Only one last piece of advice for you, doc.”


“If I were you I’d be careful who I told this story to. They might think you’re crazy.”

You stepped through.

You were finally home.

You were finally awake.

Epilogue: Chapter 5 - A Happy Fucking Ending

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“Welcome home, Anon.” Metamora greeted, launching herself at you as the portal behind you fizzled out of existence.

“Hey there bugbutt,” you laughed, picking her up and holding her against you, “Happy to see me?”

“Do you really need me to answer that?”

“No but I wanna hear you say it anyway.” You spun her around, her forelegs draped over your shoulders as she laid her head on your shoulder.

“You,” she started, a melancholy edge to her voice, “You have no idea how much I missed you.”

“Oh I doubt that. You know I missed you just as much.”

“Then why would you go and do something so dumb?”

“You mean saving you? Come on, Em. You know that was the right call.”


Especially taking this into consideration,” you paused, “Um… How did this happen though.”

“I’m so glad you asked!” Twilight beamed, taking a deep breath before launching into a lecture for the ages.

“Twilight no!” everyone screamed in unison. Wow, you weren’t kidding. Everyone.

Of course Em, Twilight, and Chrysalis you already knew were here, but Celestia, Luna, Pharynx, Aphelion, and a whole bunch more ponies and Changelings you’d never met were crowded around too.

“Hey everyone…” you smile, setting Metamora back down, “Nice to see you all again. But still… how am I seeing you again?”

“Can I?” Twilight asked cautiously, in equal parts trepidation and anticipation.

“Come on Sparky,” you approved, “lecture away.”

“So we found you,” she started, “With magic.”

“Uh huh…”

“And then we came and got you,” she continued, “With magic.”

“Is that so,” you laughed, “Just a bit of magic and then, what… Poof?”

“Well it wasn’t just a little magic,” Twilight acquiesced, “It took all of us to bring you back.”

“But I’m back for good, right? Not some temporary spell or whatever brought me here last time.”

“No you’re here-here. Physically resident in our world.”

You breathed a sigh of relief. It was all so crazy you almost had to imagine it couldn’t last.

“Thank god,” you exhaled, “I missed this so much.”

Your little bug just stared up at you.

“I don’t know how I survived without you, Em,” you admitted, “I’m so glad to be back.”

She smiled up at you, “I’m so happy to have you back. I l- lo-”

“Ha ha, funny. Jeez, Em you’ve got a cold sense of humor.”

She wasn’t laughing though.

“Oh no, can you really not-”

“Anon I’m so sorry…” she cried, “I… you know I want to say it! You know how I feel. I just… I had to give up that part of me to find you and… Evidently I do need it.”

“Well what do we need to do to get it back?”

She paused, a blush spreading on her face. She winked at you and turned around.

“Whoa, really Em? Right here?”

She nodded.

“Right now?”

She nodded.

“With everyone watching?”

She nodded furiously.

“Fuck you’re a kinky bug and I love every bit of it. That just leaves two things to take care of.”

Metamora looked over her shoulder in confusion.

“First, and most importantly,” you started, shedding your pants, “Twilight. I need my dick back.”

She blushed as well. Fond memories you hoped. She didn’t even ask any questions. She just made it happen. A huge dick to match how huge of a dick you could be, as it should be.

You were going to have to convince Metamora to let you reward her for that, not that she’d decline. Fuck, she’d probably want to join in!

“Second. Pharynx, if I see you get hard from staring at my dick I’m going to get permanent ED. So I’m trusting Aphelion to make sure that whatever happens I don’t see your dick.”

Well, at least it wasn’t staring at your dick that got him hard. But you still saw a glimpse of it as Aphelion ducked underneath him. You could forgive that.

“And that takes care of that,” you chuckle, “Mandatory disclaimer. The following presentation features adult themes such as humans fucking bugponies, bugponies being fucked by humans, screams of pleasure, a metric fuckload of jizz, and encouraged audience participation. If you’re not interested in all of that, then you should fuck right off.”

No one left.

“Alright then, Em. Let’s f-”

You felt the wind knocked out of you as you fell backwards. There was a weight on top of you. A familiar weight. You should have expected her to try something like that.

“Oh no, bugbutt. Not this time. I can’t fuck you into a puddle if you’re on top.”

With equal intensity you flipped her over, pinning her down with a hand over her chest. She looked like she was going to try saying something, but she held her tongue. You didn’t hold anything, though, feeling your dick rest against her stomach.

“Pleeeeeease” she whined, rubbing herself against you as best she could. You didn’t feel like disappointing.

You pulled back, letting the tip of your glorious cock rest against the glistening flesh between her legs. And you pushed onward, diving into her as she hissed in pleasure. You had lost time to make up for, and between as wet as she was and as hard as you were, you didn’t have to spend any time getting her prepared for high velocity action.

She just took it. Thrust after thrust after thrust of you jackhammering yourself into her like the world would end if you didn’t. She just stared up at you the entire time with a look that just screamed ecstasy.

“I missed this,” you admitted, driving yourself in to her as those around watched with unflinching attention, “Fuck did I ever miss this.”

“I missed it too,” she agreed, “Your love tastes so much better than anypony else’s.”

“Have you been getting love from other people. Em, you naughty mare!”

“It’s not like… I had to survive! I didn’t fuck anyone for it!”

“Relax, I don’t care if you did. That’s not going to change a thing about how great this is. Nothing could ruin how great this is.”

“You’re right. This is-” she shuddered, her walls tightening, “c-cumming!”

“Oh fuck. Who ever decided you get to be so fucking tight.”

“It’s not my fault if you make me cum like that…”

“Looks like that’s not the only thing I made,” you say, nodding to the growing ball of light above her chest, “Looks like you get my seed twice over today.”

“Hive, Anon. If I didn’t love you so much that shit would get old fast.”

“If you didn’t what?” you asked, catching her.

“I said if I didn’t love you s-” she froze, “Anon I… I…”

“Yes, Em?”

“I love you! Oh Anon I love you so much! I love you I love you I love-”

“There you go!” you exclaim, shoving yourself in and out of her with even more force as you felt yourself getting lost in the pleasure, “That’s my bug.”

“Yeah. That’s right. I’m your bug. I’m yours and nopony else’s.”

“What ever happened to sharing? Don’t you want to share your love with the world.”

“The world doesn’t have a dick like yours. The world doesn’t love me like you do. The world…”

“The world wouldn’t do this,” you finish, leaning in to kiss her. As your lips met she moaned out again, another climax washing over her and drenching you in a different way. You kept your lips locked as you rode through her climax, feeling her milking contractions drive you to your own edge.

“P-Please tell me you’re close.”

“Close enough,” you answer, slowing just a little bit to see where she was going with that,

“I-Inside!” she begged, “Please?”

“Did you even have to ask? Since when have I pulled out? Nah, I’m gonna fill you to the brim.”

“Oh H-Hive Anon… Come on already. I’m ssso f-fucking close again.”

“Well, here… I…” you winked, pausing until you knew she couldn’t take another second, “Cum.”

It was like an explosion, in more ways than one. You felt your release hit you like a ton of bricks, turning your dick into a firehose as you just kept pulsing jet after jet into her. She came for a third time, her unconscious contractions drawing all you had out of you. But then there was the real explosion. The golden ball of energy that had been calmly hovering between you two went nuclear, cascading off missiles of energy as it maintained its size and coherence.

You tracked one of the missiles, watching it aim straight for Celestia. As soon as it hit, the golden comet burst into pink shards, now moving in their own orbit around the sun princess. You watched as the same thing happened to Chrysalis and then to Pharynx. But then something interesting happened when Twilight was struck. Suddenly her energy and Celestia’s intertwined, almost magnetically forcing the two together as their spheres merged into one. The same happened to Luna as hers merged with Chrysalis. And last but not least, one hit Aphelion, no noticeable change occurring there as she was already immediately under Pharynx and well at work.

“Em, did we just…” you paused, asking yourself the question you were about to ask her, “Did we just start an orgy?”

“Huh wha?” she lazily giggled, trying so desperately to be the puddle you promised you’d turn her into.

“Look, Em…” you pointed, watching more of the love comets seeking and pairing off the other ponies filling the room. You looked over to Celestia, who being the first affected appeared to be the first to make a move. She walked up to Twilight, whispered something in her ear, and then pushed the purple pony gently to the ground, craning her neck down to kiss her target. Chrysalis was next, a green flash overtaking her as you suddenly found two Celestias in the room.

“You have a thing for your sister, right?” Chrysalis asked. Luna looked away from the real Celestia, a fierce blush across her navy cheeks. But she couldn’t deny it.

You hadn’t even noticed that Aphelion had flipped Pharynx over, but you watched as she rocked back and forth against his enormous purple member, pinning it against him.

“Whoops…” Metamora chuckled, a look of concentration coming over her face. You watched two more comets fly out of the sphere before it disappeared back into her. They danced overhead, drawing a beautiful intertwined path as they doubled back and aimed for both of you. Fuck she was smooth.

“Oh you coy little whorse,” you groaned, feeling life breathed back into your dick as the magic essence hit you square in the back, “You know I was going to fuck you again anyway.”

“Yeah, but now you have to. You’re powerless to resist me, you wonderful, horny beast.”

“You know I’m always powerless to resist you. I love you too much.”

“Anon…” she smiled, “I really, really love you too.”

“I know, you silly little bug. I’ll never let you go.”

And you wouldn’t. You just held her, content to give her what you wanted once more. You two continued on until you felt the universe begging you to sleep so it could calm down from the supernova of love, lust, and magic you two had created.

“Hey Em,” you called out, feeling yourself starting to nod off, “I just wanted to tell you something.”


“I uh… I brought a picture of Emma Watson with me this time, you know… cause we never did get to do that,” you paused, “but after all this… I don’t think I want you to be anything else.”

She didn’t respond. You realized that she had fallen asleep, and thinking further on the topic you were positive that you would be soon to follow. But for the first time in several weeks you embraced sleep fully, because you knew that no matter what, she’d still be there when you…
Wake Up

[Bonus][Act I] What Are We Gonna Do on the Bed?

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“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Stop!” Em squealed, writhing as you held on to her.

“Come on, you keep doing this every few steps. What’s up?” you sighed, you hadn’t even made it halfway from the bathroom to the bed and she’d stopped you three times now.


“Then do you want me to pull ou-”

“Don’t you fucking dare!”

“Fine, then I’m not stopping again,” you declared, starting to move.

“Wait Anon you can’t…” she started, realizing that yes, in fact, you could, “Fuck I’m gonna…”

You felt her walls tighten around you, imagining that her grip alone would be sufficient to keep her attached to you. Not that you’d let go of her anyway.

“Aaanon…” she called out, shuddering against you. Why was that so damn cute?

“Come on, we’re almost there,” you coddled her, holding her tight as physics and kinematics fought each other to keep her moving on your dick. You finally reached the bed, leaning over it to lay her gently against the mattress, taking care to ensure that you stayed firmly lodged inside her.

“Hhhive how is this so good?”

“What do you mean?” you asked, trying to situate you and her on the bed so you were both comfortable. Your slower gentler motions appearing to have calmed her down a bit.

“I… I’ve had so much sex in my life, Anon. It’s like, well… It’s like eating a meal, something I do to survive. But this… I’m not surviving anymore.”

“You look like you’re surviving just fine to me,” you joke, poking her gently in the side.

“That’s not what I mean,” she pauses, “I meant I’m doing more than surviving. For once the first thing on my mind isn’t where I’m going to get my next meal-”

“I’m offended! You’re not thinking about me right now? I-”

“Stop putting words in my mouth! You know I’m thinking about you right now. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you and it’s driving me insane!”

“You know, that’s a huge ego boost,” you smile, driving yourself back into her, “I can’t stop thinking about you either.”

“R-Really? You’re just saying that…” she fidgeted, “Nopony would ever think of a Changeling like that…”

“You’re right. I am no pony,” you chuckle, “But I’m definitely thinking of you like that. You’re… special.”

“Special?” she asked, “Special how?”

“Well at first it was the sex,” you admitted, starting to thrust gently, “But then it was something else. For whatever reason you actually care about me. You don’t pretend to care about me just to get what you want, you actually do care.”

“I…” she hesitated, “you know it’s only survival, right? I don’t… I can’t have feelings for you. It’s not possible.”

“You keep telling yourself that as much as you need, but for better or for worse you know that I’m more than just your next meal.”

“You’re… Alright, I am curious. A fantastical new creature that can give love without running out…” she mused, “Well, you’re special too.”

“I don’t feel special,” you start, slowing your motions again, “I feel normal, complete, happy.”

“Happy…” she mused, “…Me too. I never really knew what I was missing… It’s nice.”

“Wait… You’ve never been happy?”

“No… It’s… I haven’t felt a lot of things. We don’t really tend to do much of that,” she explained, “But why not special? Surely this is out of the ordinary.”

“Being special has only ever hurt me.”

“Yeah… You’re telling me,” Metamora sighed, “I’m a Changeling that looks like one thing but does another. I’ve worked my ass off to be the best Infiltrator I can but every little mistake… It’s like the whole world’s watching, just waiting to point and laugh.”

“I hope I’m not a mistake.”

“No! Hive no! You’re…” she paused, “well I’m not really sure what you are, but you’re definitely not a mistake.”

“Thanks, Em. And you’re the best Changeling Infiltrator I’ve ever met.”

“Anon, I’m the only one you’ve met.”

“Well the rest are going to have a tough time catching up then,” you laughed, pushing forward more abruptly, “you’ve already done so much to sway my opinion!”

“Then maybe I should do a little more, just to be safe.”

“Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking we could maybe cork the deep, existential conversation and go back to that other thing?”

“Less talking, more dicking?”

“Yeah… That,” she agreed, “But no need to be in a rush about it.”

“Gentle…” you thought aloud, “yeah… gentle is fine.”

You leaned down, letting your elbows support you as you moved your arms to hold underneath of her. You pulled her against you, letting yourself delight in the strange sensation of her hard chitin against your skin, feeling as if your contact alone would warm her otherwise cool exoskeleton. She seemed to melt into your hold, wanting to be one with you in every possible way. You were just as eager to experience everything she had to offer, leaning in until she was pressed into the bed once more. You let your hips roll forward, sinking back in to her as far as your position allowed.

She moaned softly as you held, an even pressure against her as you speared her as deep as you could. She squirmed against you, trying to get just that little bit more, but she got nowhere. You, against her subconscious protest, started to withdraw, slowly, agonizingly retreating from her depths as you fought the amazing pleasure from her warm insides. You felt the cool air on your unsheathed shaft, waiting for the briefest of moments before letting yourself once more drive yourself into her.

You held onto this rhythm for what felt like an eternity; slow thrust, hold at the apex, measured withdrawal. Back and forth and back and forth, you felt yourself riding a cloud of pleasure that clouded everything that wasn’t her, but still you felt yourself edging no closer to that inevitable climax, simply maintaining the wonderful, blissful high you were both in.

But you wanted more. You needed more, and she did too. You could see it in her face as you craned your neck to look at her, the solid aqua of her eyes somehow betraying far more emotion than you’d ever known. Something about her drew you in, beckoning you onward, asking you to give her more. And so you did. You arched your back, getting a bit more leverage on her but also bringing your face closer to hers. You could see how her breath hitched every time you hilted yourself, how she shuddered as you pulled out, how she bit her lip as you sank back in… All of it was so beautiful but you just needed…


Before you knew it you had picked her up again, pulling her against you as you all but sat upright. You sought the one last place where the two of you weren’t currently connected, your lips drawing near hers as she tilted her head to meet yours. You both hesitated before the kiss. This meant something, more than just something to keep you occupied while the lower half of you trudged on. This kiss wasn’t a convenience, it was a message. As your lips finally met, you could hear that message loud and clear. This was more than just physical, there was more to this for both of you than just a release or a meal or whatever excuses you made up to justify it.

You’re not sure which one of you was most scared by that realization. Her eyes betrayed that concern, a wonder you could only guess at. She hadn’t - couldn’t have felt something like this before. This was special, but you wouldn’t let it hurt you and you definitely wouldn’t let it hurt her. And that’s what terrified you most of all. For the first time in as far as you could remember, you wanted this to work out not because of any dividend of physical or emotional pleasure it brought you but because you knew that you wouldn’t be the only broken one if it didn’t. You cared for this little bug and that terrified you. Stripped of your world, your clothes, your… everything, but she gave you so much more. If anything were to take her from you…


You pulled away from the kiss, looking for the words to say to make it all right, to lay it out without ruining the mood. You got close.

“I’m scared too, Em…” you admitted, “but we’ve got each other. We have to have each other.”

Her expression softened and it looked like she was trying to say something, but the words never came. That was fine, you knew what they were anyway.

You picked up the pace, wanting more, wanting to give her more, wanting what came next for both of you. As you sped up, she nodded in agreement little gasps joining the quiet symphony of her reaction. You fell forward again, pinning her once more to the bed as you drove yourself into her with increasing speed. You could feel yourself finally climbing that peak once more, marching evenly toward the summit. You could tell she was also drawing near to her own release, her gasps and moans growing louder, occasionally peppered with a whisper of your name.

“Em…” you started, “Are you…”

“So close, Anon,” she answered “Just keep going. I want it all inside.”

“Fuuuck” you groaned, feeling your balls tense at her provocation.

She was going to get it all. Every last drop was ready to spill forth and satisfy her request, you just had to hold out until you knew she was there too. At this point you were thrusting as hard as you possibly could, pounding her into the bed with as much speed and force as you could muster. Fuck she had to be right on the edge, you just needed to hold out a little longer. You clenched every muscle you could hoping to delay the inevitable, waiting for…

“Fuck, Anon! I’m gonna cum!”

Bingo. You let go, allowing those first ropes of seed to paint her insides. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding as you felt that pressure dissipate. She tightened around you, milking you for all you were worth and then some. Her hooves, which had been mostly motionless this entire time flew up to grab at whatever part of you she could get a hold on.

“Oh god, Em…” you sighed, feeling the last of your cum evacuate you. She hummed her approval.

You just laid there for what felt like forever, not moving even the slightest as you just concentrated on the moment. Everything was perfect. She was perfect. Ever since you woke up in magical talking pony land, things just kept getting better. The mental dilemma of whether or not you were fucking a horse had played in your mind off and on since you got here, but in this moment you realized that it didn’t matter. Metamora was quickly becoming everything you’d ever wanted, and it didn’t matter if she was a human, a pony, or some kind of creature that pretended to be a pony. You made her happy, she made you happy, and you both had something to give each other. You gave her your love, sustaining her physically, but she gave you so much more; she gave you companionship in your loneliest moment, she gave you direction when you were lost, but most importantly, she gave herself - no matter how hard that was for her. You could hardly put that perfection into words.

“That was…”

“That’s the best sex I’ve ever had,” Metamora swooned, “And Anon… I’ve had a lot of sex.”

“Fuck, Em… You can’t just say things like that. You’re gonna get me hard again!”

“I don’t see why that’s a bad thing.”

Maybe you were falling in love after all…

[Bonus][Act I] Centaurea Cyanus

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“So uh…” you paused, “…Not running and screaming is a good start.”

She just stood there, her cream-colored cheeks tinted a rosy hue.

“Well then, how about we start with your name.”

“C-Cornflower,” she said, quickly enough that you almost mistook it as a sneeze.

“Right, well then Cornflower… Let’s make a deal.”

She nodded, walking closer.

“Well what is it that you want? Because I promised Em I’d keep her secret, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. And I have a feeling that she would too.”

“Em?” she asked, taking a few steps.

“Oh jeez, where are my manners. Introductions! So I’m Anon, I’m a human. And this,” you start, thrusting into her, “is Metamora. And if you’re still trying to figure it out, yes she is indeed a Changeling.”

“C-Changeling…” Cornflower mumbled, drawing closer still.

“Come on, Em. Say hi.”

“H-Hi… I’m… Metamora.”

“Hello” Cornflower hesitated.

“Do you only ever say one word at a time?”

“S-Sorry. I…”

“Two words, better. But come on… What do you want? I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to buy your silence.”

“Can I watch?”

“Can you watch? That’s all? Well of course you can watch! Fuck, we’ll put on a damn show, right Em?”

“Y-yes… T-Thank you Cornflower.”

“She’s not good at long sentences either when I’ve got my dick in her… kinda makes it hard for her to focus,” you thrust, punctuating your last word.

“Oh!” she squealed.

“See, my little bug here is extra special. Not only is she adorable as fuck, but she’s also incredibly turned on by the thought of being caught. So, Cornflower… have you ever seen a Changeling have an orgasm?”


“Would you like to?” you asked, your hand moving to find Metamora’s clit.

“Anon you can’t…” Metamora begged, squirming as your hand found its target.

“Not much longer now. With as horny as she is and how sensitive her little lovebud gets… She ought to cream all over me right… about…”

“Aaaanon,” Metamora sighed, shivering against your hold.

“Fuck… That’s what I’m talking about. But you’re probably looking for a bit more than that, aren’t you Cornflower. Well I think I’ve got just the idea.”

You craned your head down to whisper to Metamora, quiet enough that Cornflower couldn’t hear.

“Hey Em… Wanna really put on a show?” you whispered, “I bet she’s never watched herself get laid before…”

Metamora looked up at you with confusion for a moment before she caught on to your idea, nodding in agreement.

“Yo Cornflower, take a look at this,” you called, gesturing toward the Changeling beneath you. A green flame spread across her, revealing a powder blue mane and cream colored coat in its wake.

“Fuck, Em… you really think she’s that tight?” you ask, adjusting to the new pressure on your dick, “Man if you’re right I’m really disappointed she just wants to watch.”

“I think she… Ah!” Metamora cried out after a particularly fierce thrust, “might change her mind… Ah! …after she sees how good you can… Fuuuuck.”

“That so?” you ask, turning to the real one, “Cornflower, what do you think about that?”

“I…” she blushed, shivering at the thought.

“That’s okay, you don’t have to decide now. Wouldn’t want you to make a decision before you’d seen the full experience anyway.”

“F-Full Experience?” Cornflower asked.

“Oh yeah… You’re probably wondering why I haven’t come yet, right? I mean every other stallion would have by now, right?”

She nodded.

“Well… Ever seen a Changeling disguised as yourself have an orgasm? How about three?”

“Fuck” Metamora whispered under her breath, looking up at you with both trepidation and intense hunger in her eyes.

You had set yourself up for success. Three times? You could manage that without even having to tease her. But what fun would that be when you could tease her. So you picked her up in one smooth motion, holding her against you as you turned to sit at the edge of the bed. And there she was, sitting in your lap, legs spread for all to see what lay between them. You bounced her on your lap, letting your dick move abruptly back and forth inside her as you worked up to a good pace in earnest.

“There we go,” you applauded, “That ought to give you a better view… I think Em even likes being watched.”

“I do not!” she protested, squirming weakly against you. You responded by bringing your hand back between her legs, rubbing just above your union, “S-stop! You’re gonna make me…”


“C-Cummmmm!” she squealed, her legs snapping shut and trapping your hand in between them.

“You can watch a little closer if you want, Cornflower. Come on, get right up in there.”

She did as you suggested, sitting by the edge of the bed with her head a foot away from the action. You could see clearly that she was turned on, not needing the clue of the hoof between her hindlegs to tell you what her face plainly showed.

“Oh you naughty mare, Cornflower… Seeing yourself come make you all hot and bothered? What happens when I do it again?”

“Anon…” Metamora shuddered, spreading her legs as far as she could.

“Yeah… You definitely have a thing for being watched. Naughty Changeling.”

“S-Shut up!” she whined, her legs shivering.

“I thought you liked being a naughty Changeling?” you joked, freeing your arms to hold her against you, “You can’t honestly expect me to believe you’re doing this all just for the love.”

“I… I-” she froze. You hesitated too as you suddenly felt a new presence between your legs.

Cornflower was licking you. More specifically she was licking Metamora. More specifically yet she was licking Metamora disguised as herself.

“Oh yeah… Go Cornflower!” you cheered, coaxing Metamora to spread her legs again.

“I’m gonna… C-Cornflower!” Metamora squealed, her thighs snapping shut to trap the earth pony mare in between them. You felt her tighten internally, the pressure almost unbearable as she rhythmically clenched against you. Cornflower hummed in approval, still dutifully lapping at your union.

“Come on, Cornflower. We gotta make her cum one more time and I’m getting pretty close too.”

“O-Okay…” she hesitated, as if being given direction suddenly made her participation taboo.

“You were doing so great! Don’t stop now! Come on… you see how bad she’s winking? That’s all for you.”

Cornflower seemed to think it over, shuddering as if some part of her pushed her forward while another held her back. Eventually the part of her that was egging her on won out, pushing her forward. But she didn’t lick this time, no. She had another plan. Her lips encircled Metamora’s pulsing clit, applying gentle suction.

Metamora responded immediately to the increased stimulus, her entire body shaking violently as she tried to cope with the pleasure from you inside of her and Cornflower out. But you could tell it was having the desired effect. Metamora was teetering on the edge of her latest orgasm, her juices drenching your cock and Cornflower’s muzzle.

You finally let the last bit of restraint inside of you die, thrusting upwards in reckless abandon. You just kept driving yourself in and out as fast as you could, past the point where you could have held back your orgasm if you wanted to. It was just a matter of time before you flooded that tight earth pony pussy. You felt Metamora bear down on you one last time, making it harder to keep moving as you realized that your end would come as soon as you let it. So you did, uncorking the dam inside of you and letting your voluminous seed flow forth. Cornflower watched in amazement as your balls twitched, your cock throbbing in tandem with each jet.

Her eyes lit up with that same hunger you saw in Metamora so frequently. She almost seemed to be glowing with anticipation. Then, right as you overflowed your bug and the first drips of your seed poured free, there she was, lapping them up like the finest wine. Fuck you were really starting to like this mare.

“Fuuuuck” you sighed, the tandem pleasure of Metamora’s milking contractions and Cornflower’s attentive tongue sending you into orbit. You fell back against the bed, Metamora landing atop you as your dick slid out from inside her. Cornflower was there immediately to lap at what leaked from Metamora’s still winking pussy.

“You… You two are something else, you know that?”

Metamora giggled, the sensation of pleasure from Cornflower’s continued attention making her squirm.

“So, Cornflower… you want round two?”

She instantly perked up, staring first at you and then down at the floor as her nerves caught her again.

“Oh, you don’t have to be shy!” you encouraged, “Here, I’ll tell you what. I’ll lay down and close my eyes real quick. If a Cornflower happens to hop on my dick, well then I guess that’s fine - I wouldn’t even know if it was the real one or not!”

You did as you said, laying back on the bed, rolling Metamora off of you as you reclined against the pillows at the head of the bed. Before too long you felt a shuffling of hooves as one of them climbed on top of you. The real one, you hoped. She was so eager before… You had to reward her for that. At just the thought you felt yourself stiffen, the soft brush of fur and the warmth of someone on top of you didn’t help matters either. Before too long you could feel the heat in between her legs, your member coming to rest against her hot, wet slit.

“See, no clue which one you are,” you said, opening your eyes, “so you can pretend to be a shy, cautious inkeeper or a hungry, headstrong Changeling… I wouldn’t know if it’s real or fake.”

“S-Shut up,” she ordered, grinding herself back against you.

You complied. You’re glad she at least decided not to be shy about it. She just kept rocking back and forth on you until finally she got into a position where you suddenly started to spread her open. She froze temporarily, shuddering before she started to sink down onto you.

“Fuuuuuck,” you groaned, “Man, Em, I’m sorry for giving you grief about it. She’s way tighter than that.”

“Y-You know?” Cornflower called out from atop you, still sinking down until she bottomed out on your shaft.

“I knew either way, silly. Em’s too nice to steal your chance, even if she does want it so bad.”

“I’m so embarrassed!” she squealed, her body seeming to betray her words as she lifted back up.

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? Sex is completely normal!”

“I-I…” she hesitated, her hips starting to roll against you.

“That’s the spirit.”

“S-Stop teasing me!”

“Oh,” you feign shock, grabbing her sides and taking control of her, “You want me to stop teasing? Whatever you want.”

You were not gentle. You thrust into her with the same wild frenzy that you had shown Em earlier, suddenly watching as her expression went blank and her eyes rolled back.

“Fuck, you feel wonderful. I always did have a hair trigger the second time aro-”


You felt her bear down on you, tightening so tight that you thought your dick would explode. And then you did, feeling your second orgasm of the night hit you just as strongly as the first time. You held her down on your shaft as you both rode it out.

She collapsed against you, satisfied. You both reveled in the sweet, sweet afterglow, still holding each other tight.

“So…” you broke the silence, “Do we have a deal? Your silence for as much of me as you can handle?”

She looked at you with a mixed look on her face.

“Fine, Metamora too. God knows she’d eat you up if you gave her the chance…”

“Not literally!” Metamora chided.

She nodded. A lot.

[Bonus][Act I] - Stable Elements, Unstable Reaction

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“Fuck,” you groan, rolling your back and feeling things pop back into proper alignment, “I haven’t slept that well in… Maybe ever?”

You looked over at the two identical looking mares on either side of you as they stirred. Sunlight streamed through the curtains to cast shafts of light across the room.

“Not feeling like garbage as soon as I wake up, check. Sexy girl, er, mare next to me, double check. Dick still attached,” you had to check on that one. You were still numb from last night, “Check. Now which one of you is the real one?”

“Which one do you think?” the one on the left asked, giggling.

“Well I would have guessed you were the impostor since the real Cornflower is so adorably shy,” you taunted, poking her snout with a finger, “but my bug snores like a chainsaw, and only one of you did that.”

You glanced over at the guilty party, zeroing in on the mare to your right.

“I do not snore!” she scoffed, “Changelings don’t snore!”

“You sure seem to be doing a lot of things Changelings don’t do, bugbutt.”

“S-Shut up!” she whined, punching weakly at you. She lit her horn as a green wave brought her back to her native form.

“Oh come on, I think it’s cute.”

“Changelings aren’t cute! We’re fierce, scary creatures. I could… I could bite you!”

“Cornflower, are you scared of this silly bug?” you ask, rolling Metamora on top of you.

“Um… Not really, she’s kind of…” she chose her sentiment carefully, “…nice.”

“Aargh, let go of me!” Metamora squirmed, forcing you to take action and start tickling her, “Anon s-stop!”

“Oh my god you are just too cute.”

“Anon I swear to the hive if you don’t-”

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Shit,” you cursed under your breath, “Em… Time to be Assh-atlas again.”

You realized there was another complication.

“And you…” you paused, looking at Cornflower, “Hmm… Threesome?”

You glanced between Cornflower, who was blushing wildly, and Atlas, who looked equally surprised, before making up your mind.

“Yeah. Definitely threesome.”


“Jesus fuck, hold on!” you yelled, jumping up and rapidly donning your pants, “Be there in a fucking minute.”

You trudged to the door, whipping it open furiously to stare down at the two diminutive mares outside your door.

“Twilight? Rarity? What are you doing here?”

“We just wanted to come check in on you guys,” Twilight answered, “You know, make sure you’re settling in, doing okay, all that.”

“Yes, darling. We wanted to make sure you weren’t lonely,” Rarity hummed, “Although I’m sure you and Atlas are keeping one another company.”

Was she trying to say what you think she was trying to say?

“And if you weren’t too busy we wanted to introduce you to the rest of the girls,” Twilight added, her excitement at showing you off to her friends slightly concerning. By this time Atlas and Cornflower had made their way to the door, with the latter seeming to consider if it were possible to sneak by you without anyone noticing. Her hopes were quickly dashed.

“Cornflower, what are you doing here?” Rarity asked, noticing the timid mare.

“I uh…” she squeaked, “…gotta go!”

“Oh don’t be silly, I haven’t seen you in so long!” Rarity laughed, “Wait, these two aren’t giving you trouble are they?”

“Rarity,” you interrupt, “We fucked. Me, Cornflower, Atlas. Threesome.”

“Anon you tease, you’ll embarrass the poor mare! She’s very timid, you know. And she only likes mares anyway.”

“Well actually I-” Cornflower tried.

“You don’t need to be ashamed, Anon,” Rarity continued, “We are very open about sexual orientation.”

“I’m not fucking gay!” you yell.

“S-Sorry…” Rarity apologized, looking away, “I know it’s a sensitive subject. I won’t pry any further.”

“Hiya!” the pink pony yelled, bouncing - yes, bouncing - toward you down the street.

“Anon, This is Pinkie Pie. She’s,” Twilight paused, “Very excitable.”

She landed in front of you, staring up at you and taking a deep breath in.

“Hi! You’re so interesting. I’ve never met a human! How did you get here? Wait! Why are you here? What’s your favorite color? Did anyone throw you a party yet? Can I do it? I really love parties! It’s my special talent! I’ve even got this cannon and everything. Anyway, I keep talking about myself like a silly filly but what I really want to know is all about you. Tell me eeeeeeverything!”

“I uh…”

“Don’t answer. She’s used to it.” Rarity explained, “Smile and nod.”

“Ooh, you’re some kinda quiet type! Are you the shy, bashful type or the spooky, mysterious type. You seem more like the shy, bashful type. Although you could just be mysterious enough that even the mystery is a mystery - how scary! Anyway you’re kinda cute. It’s a shame that, well I mean… I know a lot of mares that wouldn’t mind. But that’s okay. Nobody respects personal space and choices more than Pinkamena Diane Pie! That’s me, but I go by Pinkie except for when I’m feeling really really sad. So what do you say, want to be friends? We can have parties, and throw parties, and maybe do some pranks in between parties and did I mention PARTIES?”

“Are you alright in the head?” you ask bluntly, tilting your head in confusion.

“Funny you should ask because I actually hear that one a lot! It’s a really interesting story actually I-”

“Oh shoot, Pinkie. Turns out we’re out of time!” Twilight interrupts, saving you from another onslaught, “Have to go see everyone else. We’ll talk about party plans later! Promise!”

“Well if you ain’t a tall fella, I’ll eat mah hat,” the orange earth pony started, looking you over.

“Uh…” you stumbled, “howdy?”

“Howdy’s right pardner! I’m Applejack, fren’liest apple farmer y’all ever gon’ meet.”

“Apple farmer?”

“Yeah,” she assented, materializing one from thin air, “Want one?”

“Where’d you…” you wondered for a moment, quickly dismissing it cause magic, “…yeah sure.”

“Here y’go then, first one’s on the house but you’ll be buyin’ more from mah shop ‘fore ya know it.”

“I still uh… have no clue how buying things works here.”

“That’s right, Twilight done said ya got telepoof’d inta our world here, right Twi?”

“Yeah, from my analysis and the latest-”

“Right! So what brings ya to my farm, sugarcube?”

“Well Twilight wanted to show me around to all of her friends. I dunno, probably thinks I’m spending too much time cooped up with Atlas.”

“That sounds like her,” Applejack started, “No offense Twi, but ya tend to have trouble lettin’ things be. If Anon’s happy with Atlas then ya sure ain’t need ta try ‘n change ‘em.”

“Wait you’re not saying-” you asked, “Atlas, why do they all think-”

“You’re surprised, after everything that’s happened,” Atlas asked, “You’re surprised that people think you root for the home team?”

“I don’t- Atlas, come on! You’re not-”

“Oh come on now, pardner. It’s one thing ta be apprehensive ‘bout yer own feelin’s but ta put down somepony else just cause yer embarrassed,” Applejack chided, “T’aint right.”

“Can we just drop it?” you asked, effectively admitting defeat.

“Fine, sugarcube. It was nice meetin’ ya. Anyway I gotta be off to the fields again!”

“Oh… My…” the pink-maned pegasus whispered as you approached.

“Now Anon, this is Fluttershy,” Twilight started, introducing her with all the tact of pointing out a stray cat, “She’s very timid, so please try not to upset her.”

“Oh my god you’re fucking adorable!” you yell, “Can I pick you up?”

“Meep?” she squealed, shrinking to the ground so you couldn’t do as you asked.

“Anon,” Atlas chided, “Calm down. You’re spooking her.”

“S-Sorry… It’s just that you’re so cute! I just want to hug you.”

“You want to…” she blushed, “before marriage?”

“Wait did you actually just ask if I wanted to hug before marriage?”

“I-I know it’s unconventional, but my parents raised me to be a good filly. I made a promise to myself that I’d save myself for him. …Whoever he is.”

“That’s kind of disgusting,” you admit, off-put by her pseudo-religious fervor.

“Hey,” she admonished in a brief moment of courage before her voice faltered, “You don’t see me making fun of you for your… for your…”

“For my what?”

“I promised Twilight I would be tolerant! It’s not Celestia’s way! You can’t raise a foal like that!”

“Fluttershy, are you calling me gay?”

“I’m sorry I… this all makes me really uncomfortable and I don’t like talking about it and can we maybe just not? Please? Sorry?”

“What is it with you fucking ponies?” you asked angrily, “Every fucking one of you thinks I’m fucking gay and it’s driving me up a fucking wall. What do I have to do to prove myself to you?”

She froze in terror, your anger kicking off the first steps of her fight-or-flight reflex.

“Do I have to fucking drop my pants right here and fuck all of you to prove that I’m not fucking gay?”

You didn’t even see Fluttershy disappear, you just noticed a pink and yellow trail vanish into the Everfree.

“Sweet Celestia, Anon…” Twilight sighed, “You really did it this time.”

“Well,” Rarity also sighed, “Let’s go find her before she gets herself stuck in something again.”

Just you and Atlas left, no more ponies to call you gay, no more mistaken sexuality, no more having to think about Atlas’s dick.

“God, every color in the fucking rainbow and they’re all more judgmental than a Baptist at an abortion clinic.”

“Speaking of, where is Rainbow-”


“Heh, don’t worry - I’m insured!” the freshly crashed pegasus chuckled, dusting herself off.

“Rainbow Dash, are you alright?” Atlas called out.

“Yeah I-” she paused, redirecting her focus to you, “Hey, you’re that human! Neat! Twilight told me I needed to meet you.”

“Yep. That's me, the only one of me around.”

“Are you-”

“I’m not gay.”


“I’m not gay. I fucked a mare. It was great. Her name was Cornflower. I came inside of her. She enjoyed it. So don’t call me fucking gay, please please please don’t call me gay.”

“Dude! You fucked Cornflower?” Rainbow Dash asked, “Me too! I mean, I knew she swung both ways but… Fuckin brohoof, dude.”

She held out her hoof, waiting for you to do… something. What, though. You had no idea what a brohoof was, and it sounded kinda gay. So you did the only thing you could think of and punched her outstretched hoof. That’s the least gay thing you could have done. Except to your chagrin, it seems that was exactly what she wanted. Fuck!

“So real talk, do you swing both ways, or does Atlas usually have you all to himself.”

“Hey, Rainbow,” you pause, “You seem like the least patronizing of everyone I’ve met today so can you hear me out for just a second?”

“Yeah dude,” she agreed.

“I’m not gay. Like in the slightest. Literally zero dick-to-butt interest. Nada, zip, zilch. Only pussy on my radar. Capisce?”

“Wait you’re… But you and Atlas are so close…” she paused, “Does Atlas know?”

“Hey Atlas, do you think I’m gay?”

“What, huh? Of course I do,” he started, “Wait… am I supposed to?”

“No Atlas! You know I’m fucking straight! What the fuck, bro?”

“Sorry… not quite paying attention,” he joked, “Busy thinking about your dick.”

“Dude, not cool!” you shouted, “You’re embarrassing me in front of Rainbow Dash. And she’s like the only cool one!”

Rainbow beamed.

“Alright, alright…” he acquiesced, “Yes, of course I know you’re straight.”

“Great. Well if you two are through with your sweet moment, I gotta jet. Only a few more hours of daylight and I still have so many stunts to try!”

“Bye Dash!” Atlas offered, waving as she takes off.

Ugh. That was, by your count, all six. Which means mission finally accomplished.

“Hey Anon,” Atlas piped up, now that you were finally alone.


“You’re a faggot.”

[Bonus][Act II] Maid to Please

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“Fuck, come on,” you yell, staring at the gaggle of adorably dressed mares in front of you. Honestly, there’s no reason you should have been surprised by their response. Propositioning the royal maids for the… fourth time since you got here… was bound to go at least as badly as the first three times. Not that repetition was ever a deterrent to you. Whatever it took, you were going to get under one of their skirts. This, this was your fetish.

“You’re really surprised?” Atlas asked as he slipped in through the very door that the maids were trying to escape from. “You’ve tried to get under their tails at least twice-”

“Four,” you declared matter-of-factly.

“Four times? Sweet Celestia, I’m surprised they haven’t complained.”

“It’s cause they secretly want this dick,” you beam, gesturing to your pants, “I mean I’m surprised they’ve resisted this long. Twilight and Cornflower and… a certain someone else all submitted to my charms.”

“Yes, but none of them were on the clock when you-”


“Fine, you’re right. But still, you should stop trying to get under their tails. One of them is bound to cause trouble, and we don’t need any more eyes looking at us.”

“Oh that’s just not true, Atlas, you know that our mutual friend likes to be watched.”

“I don’t- She doesn’t-” Atlas stuttered, “You know what, it doesn’t matter. You’re not going to fuck them and you should just drop it.”

“Atlas, are you telling me not to fuck them? Jealous again.”

“No, Anon. I’m telling you that they won’t fuck you. As important as you think you are, they value their continued employment over you.”

“Wow, that’s harsh. You can be a real jerk sometimes, Atlas.”

“I’m not a jerk, I’m a realist. You’re not going to get what you want from them. Why does it even matter, you’ve got everything you could want already.”

“Oh, I do, do I?”

You heard the lock on the door click, turning to look at Atlas as he had a concerningly mischievous look on his face.

“I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I can be whatever you want, Anon…” Atlas started, his form shifting back to the chitinous gray bugpony you had gotten to know so well.

“Still on about that? Didn’t I tell you that you’re fine as you are?”

“I’m not… You’re just saying that to get me all worked up.”

“You know I don’t have to say anything to get you worked up, bugbutt. And the thought of using you like that makes me sick.”

“You’ve given me so much love and you’re worried about using me? Come on, Anon, you know we both get something out of this.”

“Yeah, and we both still get something out of it when you’re you. I don’t see why I would want to make you disguise yourself when you’re just so sweet like this.”

“S-stop saying stuff like that… It makes me feel all weird inside.”

“What, little lovebug can’t take a compliment? Come on, you’ve taken bigger than that.”

“S-Shut up… I’m trying to do something nice for you and you’re making me feel all these things. This isn’t supposed to be how this works. Just let me disguise as whatever you want. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Fine, can you disguise clothes too?”

“I… I can, but that usually makes the rest of me extra sensitive.”

“That sounds like a plus to me.”

“I don’t know if I like where this is going. Anon, what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking you can be exactly what I want right now.”

“Isn’t that what I just-”

“More than that, silly. This will give us both what we want. You want to disguise yourself as something, I want to fulfill a desire that’s been all but shattered.”

“Anon, I swear if you make me turn into one of those maids-”

“Not just one of those maids, but…”

“I appreciate your faith in me, but I can really only change to one thing. No doppelgangers or anything.”

“That’s not what I had in mind. I was thinking something a little more… close to home.”

“I’m almost positive I don’t like where this is going. Whatever you're planning, I'm sure I'm not interested.”

“Oh I’m sure you’ll love it. I’m sure you’ll make the best Changeling maid that’s ever lived.”

“You want me to-” she started, “That’s the most embarrassing possible thing you could ask!”

“Come on, it’s not that bad.”

“You want me to basically be myself except for sprouting a maid outfit, which you seem way too excited about since it’s going to make me so sensitive I’ll… I don’t want to talk about how sensitive I’ll be.”

“Yeah. I don’t know why you’re not down for it. You get to be sexy as fuck, I’ll probably make you cum like a billion times, and you still get what you wanted.”

“W-when you put it like that, it doesn’t sound so bad, but you’re going to make me feel things. You always do when it’s me that you’re fucking.”

“Who said anything about fucking you? I’d just be putting my dick in any other sexy Changeling maid. Plus you don’t understand how fucking hard those skirts made me. Honestly, I’m fairly certain the structural rigidity of my dick is probably an engineering marvel right now.”

“Is this really what you want?” she asked, nervousness in her voice.

“You know I’d stick my dick in next to anything, right? What I want is a fairly wide spectrum. But if you’re not going to let me just fuck you outright, then this is the best thing. Come on, we can even roleplay it. Do you like roleplay? I feel like you probably like roleplay.”

“S-Shut up. Of course I don’t like silly children’s games.”

“Oh, there’s nothing kid-friendly about the game we’d be playing.”

“Fine, on one condition. You can’t call me by my name the entire time. Or that stupid nickname.”

“You think it’s stupid? I… I liked it!”

“S-Shut up! It’s stupid because every time you say it I get butterflies. Every time you say it I want to be Em and not the strong, powerful Changeling I’m supposed to be. So can you please, just this once let me pretend that I’m stealing your love the right way.”

“This is important to you, isn’t it?”

She looked away from you, staring at the floor suddenly.

“It feels like I’m losing myself. Every time I’m content to just be me it feels like the me that I am is further and further from what it should be. I need to know that I can still take what I need.”

“So no feelings, no names, just sex, right?”

“Just sex. Just a meal. Nothing more,”she agreed, a green flame washing over her once more. In her place stood an ever so slightly smaller Changeling, similarly patterned to Metamora but wearing the exact uniform of one of the royal maids.

“Fuck yeah. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.”

She paused, looking up at you with the shyest look you’ve ever seen from her.

“M-m-master?” she stuttered, “I’ve come to c-clean your suite.”

“Oh, but the other maids were just here and they’ve already cleaned everything,” you played along, watching her eyes widen as she mocked embarrassment.

“Oh no… not again. I-I… was I late?”

“I dunno about that. Seems like you’re just on time uh… What’s your name, cutie?”

“C-Call me Emerald.”

Didn’t she just say she didn’t want this to be about her?

“Well, Emerald, the maids cleaned my room, but they forgot to attend to a very important housekeeping matter.”

“Oh no, did they forget to change your sheets?”

“No but it does have something to do with the bed.”

“Did they forget the pillow mints? They always forget the pillow mints and I…”

“Wait, there are supposed to be pillow mints?” you asked, momentarily distracted, “Actually forget about that. What I’m talking about is much more serious. They forgot to take care of my needs.”

“T-Take care of your needs? Do you need coffee, a newspaper, more pillows, or-”

“You,” you paused, “I need you, Emerald.”

“Master, you’re not asking me to…”

“What if I was?”

“I couldn’t! I’d lose my job if anypony ever found out!”

“Well then we better make sure nobody finds out, then.”

“I-I shouldn’t. It’s… I… I promised the Princesses I’d be a good filly. T-that’s the only reason I’m here and not in the dungeons.”

“Well what if you were a great mare instead,” you asked, circling her, “Think they’d mind?”


“Oh come on! I see you day in and day out and you’re such a fucking tease the entire time. Always wearing that skirt just a little too well, your tail trying to show me everything underneath. I can’t hold back anymore. Plus I’ve always wondered what Changeling pussy felt like. You’ve gotta be curious about me too, right?”

“I uh…” she stammered, her legs widening just a bit, “M-maybe just a bit. P-promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“I promise. Now up on the bed and spread those legs you naughty little thing.”

She complied, her tail still obstructing your view between her legs, but simply looking up her skirt was fine for the moment.

“You’re not going to keep that tail there the entire time, are you?”

“S-Sorry Master,” she apologized, her tail slowly moving to the side as she wiggled her rump at you. You could see her glistening folds clear as day. You hoped it was the roleplay that got her wet, but it could have been anything.

“Can I?”

“Y-Yes Master. Whatever you need.”

“That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear,” you chuckled, moving a hand under her skirt.

“Oh M-Master!” she squealed as soon as you came in contact with her folds.

“Hold on, Emerald, we’re just getting started.”

You fingered her gently, stroking along her marehood inside and out until your hand was sufficiently drenched. You pulled back and immediately dropped your pants and underwear.

“You want this inside of you? Think it’ll fit?”

“H-ha… Master you’re so big!”

“You think you can handle it?”

“I… Yes. Please, Master!”

“If you say so,” you answered, lining yourself up.

“I can feel it! S-So this is what c-cock feels like. It’s so wa-”

You pressed forward, interrupting her thought.

“Fuck you’re tight. Am I your first?”

She nodded.

“You mean as cute as you are no royal guard has bent you over and fucked you until you were as white as their coat?”

“N-No… Nobody pays much attention to me since I’m a Changeling.”

“Well then I’ll have to show you a good time.”

You finally bottomed out in her, feeling her seize up as her first of many orgasms overtook her. That didn’t mean you were stopping, though. No, you were only getting started. With her internal grip holding you tight, you could feel every possible sensation as you plowed into her over and over again.

“Fuck you’re good for your first time. It’s almost like you’re just pretending…”

“T-That’s silly, Master,” she giggled, “But are you getting close?”

“Y-Yeah. Where do you want it.”

“Outside. Mark me as yours, Master. Cum all over me.”
Somehow that sounded even sexier than emptying your load deep inside of her. So you pulled out and painted rope after rope against her outfit, tail, and backside. As you saturated her with your seed she came again, her entire form shaking as you finally stopped cumming.

After a minute, you felt her maid outfit disappear as she returned to her regular form.

“Thank you, Anon. I needed that.”

“Me too. Also you were so in character… I can’t believe how real that felt.”

“I’m a Changeling, that’s how it’s supposed to feel.”

“Then wanna make it feel like that again?”

“Y-you’re really asking me to-”

“Yeah. But this time it’s whoever you want.”

[Bonus][Act II] Star:Pupil

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“Twilight!” Celestia exclaimed, meeting her student in the receiving hall of the castle. “Thank you for coming to the castle on such short notice.”

“Well given how serious the situation, and especially since I missed out on the warning signs myself… It only seemed prudent that I get here as soon as possible.”

“Oh, Twilight. Don’t beat yourself up about that. If Luna and I didn’t notice, there’s no way you could have possibly-”

“I’m supposed to be studying them! I should know more than anypony. Anypony except-” she paused, “well, except Atlas if he were actually a pony.”

“They are devious, evil creatures, Twilight. That they were able to deceive such a pure heart as yours comes as no surprise,” Celestia soothed, “Anyway, discussing this matter was only part of why I brought you here.”

“Really? Please, tell me what you need from me.”

“Come on, we need privacy to discuss what I have in mind.”

“Right. Where should we go? Do we need to reference written sources? Should we go to the library reading room? Maybe we need more room to consult a map, so the royal conference hall or-”

“Twilight, this is a much more casual conversation than I think you’re anticipating.”

“So the tea room, then?”

“No, Twilight,” Celestia corrected, “We need to go somewhere a little more… intimate for what happens next.”

“I-Intimate?” Twilight asked, trying not to read into her mentor’s words.

“Yes. I’d like you to accompany me to my chambers, my little pony. We have everything we’ll need there.”

“Your c-chambers? Nopony ever-”

“Yes, Twilight. Nopony ever goes there because I don’t just trust anypony with what I’m about to ask of you.”

Twilight snapped to attention at that. Something that her beloved mentor wanted that no other pony could fulfill… She would do anything to satisfy that. Anything.

“Yes, Princess. Whatever you ask, just lead the way and I’ll come with you.”

“Oh, I have no doubts there, Twilight. You’re exactly the mare I need for this job. You’re the only one I can trust with such a sensitive matter.”

“I’m flattered!” Twilight beamed, her sense of pride warring with her need for recognition over which one was allowed to manifest. “I promise I’ll do my best.”

“Then let’s go, Twilight. We’ve got so much to discuss and so little time!”

“This is really…” Twilight realized, staring at the enormous inscribed doors with a guard on either side. “This is actually happening!”

“You’re such an anxious little filly sometimes, Twilight,” Celestia giggled, opening the door and stepping inside.

“S-Sorry!” Twilight quickly apologzied, following her in as the door magically shut behind them.

“Don’t be silly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Those quirks and eccentricities are all a part of the mare I’ve come to admire.”

“T-Thank you, Princess.”

“Twilight, you don’t have to call me Princess in here. This is the last place where I get to just be Celestia.”

“Yes Pri- Celestia.”

“There you go. I have no doubt that you understand just as I do that it’s nice to just be a mare from time to time. Now just imagine how infrequently I get that pleasure. Hearing somepony say just my name, no Princess or Your Highness, just me… It’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures.”

“I can only imagine…” Twilight empathized, “But didn’t you have something important to discuss?”

“In time, Twilight Sparkle. Impatience is not a good look for you!”

“Sorry, I… It seemed like this was urgent. I just wanted to…”

“Urgent isn’t necessarily the right word. Important, though, that’s true.”

“Right, so… I’m sorry, I just don’t like anticipation.”

“That’s fine, Twilight. We can get started shortly. But first I have a question for you,” Celestia smiled, “Do you like me, Twilight? Be honest.”

“Of course I like you! Everyone likes you! I don’t know a single pony that doesn’t worship their Princess.”

“No no no, Twilight. You’re not hearing me. What I asked is if you like me, Celestia, the pony, not the princess. I know my subjects admire me, but that is an empty platitude.”

“I…” Twilight started, not sure how to answer the question.

“You’ve spent more time with me than almost every other pony in Equestria. What I want to know, is if you like me. Am I a likable pony or do ponies just respect me out of obligation.”

“Are you… Why do you even have to ask? You’re wise, kindhearted, nurturing…” Twilight started, blushing as she tried to phrase another thought, “b-beautiful.”

“You really think I’m beautiful?”

“S-Sorry, I know it’s inappropriate…”

“No, Twilight! It’s so far from! Nopony ever says anything about my appearance. I’ve learned to distinguish the glances over the years, the difference between physical admiration and ‘Maybe you shouldn’t have had that sixth piece of cake’. But nopony ever tells me I’m beautiful,” she explained, tearing up, “Luna used to s-say I was as beautiful as the sun is bright but… Ever since she’s been back… We don’t talk like that anymore.”

“Princ-” Twilight caught herself, “Celestia… I didn’t know… I just… Nopony ever tells you that you’re beautiful?”

“No… Everypony is always so politically correct and tense, like I’m not just another mare under this gilded barding. Like I don’t have a fragile heart… It’s getting to me, Twilight. Especially since that human and Luna… and you…”

“T-Tia…” Twilight tried, watching Celestia bristle at the nickname before soothing slightly. Hearing someone other than her sister call her by such an intimate nickname caught her off guard. After Celestia relaxed, Twilight wrapped her hooves around her monarch’s neck, pulling herself into a loose hug with the taller mare.

“Twilight…” Celestia started, leaning into the hug, “Do you love me? Do you want me?”

“I-I… You’re my teacher and I’m your student! It’s unethical for me to… to be attracted to you.”

“You’re not just a student anymore, Twilight. You’re a grown mare who can make her own choices. Didn’t you tell me that yourself?”

“That’s not… I couldn’t possibly…” Twilight tried to explain, “You’re a princess and it’s not right for me to think of you like that. I like you a lot, C-Celestia, but I can’t love you!”

“Damnit, Twilight! I’m not a little filly! You don’t have to try and protect me from feelings. Maybe I want somepony to want me. Maybe I want you to want me.”

“You want…” Twilight tried to ask, “me?”

“Are you really asking me to spell it out for you? You’ve been my student for all these years, you’ve watched me and studied me as much as you studied anything else and you’re asking me if this is real? Can’t you see how much I need this? How much I need you?”

“I… Why did you never say anything?”

“Because I’m a princess, Twilight. I couldn’t just prance around and sleep with my student, could I?”

“You… This whole time?”

“Once you grew up into such a remarkable mare… But I couldn’t indulge myself. I couldn’t possibly ask you to choose me over everything you could be… everything you’ve become.”

“W-What changed?”

“N-Nothing!” Celestia whined, jumping onto the large bed at the center of the room, “But I’ve decided I’m indulging myself now. If Luna can do what she pleases, then so can I! Please, Twilight?”

The purple unicorn blushed furiously, nodding as imperceptibly as she could as she moved to the edge of the bed, looking at her mentor in a completely different light.

“Y-You want me to… ”

“I want you to make me feel like a mare, Twilight. Put your hooves on me, tease me, make me… make me scream your name.”

“H-How should I…”

“Don’t look at me for instructions. I’m not your teacher here, Twilight. You’ve got to learn this for yourself.”

“Can I really… Can I t-touch…”

“Touch whatever you want. Please please heavens above touch me everywhere.

Twilight traced a hoof gently along Celestia’s flank, the princess’s hooves trembling as her legs dangled off the edge of the bed.

“Oh Twilight… I haven’t had someone actually touch my flank since… well it's been way too long.”

“Is it… Do you like it?” Twilight asked cautiously, her desire to learn clashing with her desire to impress her mentor.

“Yesss” Celestia hissed as she melted under Twilight’s cautious attention, “More! Please more!”

“Y-You mean…” Twilight asked, one of her hooves moving to trace up the inside of Celestia’s leg.

“P-please! No more teasing. I need it!”

Twilight obliged, moving her hoof higher until she just briefly came in contact with the princess’s perfect pussy. Celestia moaned loudly at the first contact, trying to wiggle and squirm her way to more of the same.

“T-This is…” Twilight gasped, letting her hoof meet Celestia’s drenched lips once more.

“Oh my… Twilight you’re a natural!”

She didn’t quite agree, but she could at least keep up the illusion. All she needed was to make Celestia cum. After that… Anything could happen. Twilight liked that idea.

Celestia reveled in the new, almost constant attention her poor neglected marehood.

“Yes, Twilight I’m getting… I’m close!”

“Already? I…” Twilight asked in shock, “I’ve barely even started!”

“J-Just a little more and I’ll…” Celestia started, her entire body shaking as she finally tipped over that edge, “Twilight I’m cumming!”

Twilight slowed her motions, reducing her attention to a slow, lazy movement that was just enough to keep Celestia riding the blissful waves of her orgasm through to their completion.

The princess, for her part, was oddly silent. Her body appearing to speak in shudders and squirms to replace all the words and sounds she wasn’t making.

“Was that good? A-Am I doing okay?”

“Yes Twilight! K-Keep going! P-Please don’t stop!”

Twilight kept going, testing different pacing, motion, rhythm, and pressure as she continued to tease Celestia’s marehood with a hoof.

“S-Spank me, Twilight!” Celestia demanded, presenting her rear more insistently.

“C-Celestia, you really want me to…”

“Come on! I’ve been a bad pony, make me hurt!”

“I didn’t… This isn’t what I want, Princess.”

“I’m not your princess right now, damnit! Now fucking hurt me, Twilight! Make me bleed!”

“No. This isn’t healthy, Celestia. We didn’t agree on this, I’m uncomfortable with what you’re asking me to do.”

“W-What?” Celestia asked, her exuberance shattered.

“I think we should stop here. This was a mistake.”

“No, Twilight. Please. I’m sorry! I’ll be better, I promise… just…”

“Princess, we just rushed into this. I think we need to take this more slowly, but right now we need to be apart.” Twilight decided, walking towards the door, “I want you, but not like this.”

“No… Please don’t go! I… You’re all I’ve got. You’re… you’re the only pony that I love.”

“I’m sorry Princess Celestia, but I can’t help you like this. What you want isn’t good for either of us.” Twilight apologized, slipping out of the room and letting the door close behind her.

“I… I can’t be alone right now…” Celestia begged to the now empty room. She had gotten what she asked for. Twilight really had hurt her. But this wasn’t what she wanted.

A few moments later, Celestia stepped out through her door, watching Twilight all but gallop down the hall to escape. She faked composure as she turned to one of the stallions guarding her quarters, his face still visibly bruised from his altercation with Anon.

“That human stallion has taken so much from me, and it's time he faces the consequences of his actions,” Celestia growled, “Find him, and bring him back to me. I don’t care the cost, but I need him alive and I need him captured at once.”

“Yes your highness, I’ll put together a team.”

“And if you find that wretched bug, bring it back as well,” she paused, “I need it alive too, but only barely.”

“Understood. Is there anything else, your highness?”

“Yes. Don’t let anyone bother me until you’ve fetched the human. Luna can handle court until then.”

[Bonus][Act III] Far from the Sun

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“God you’re both so fucking adorable,” you laugh, laying back with a Changeling in each arm and feeling like some dude in a beer commercial. Aphelion snuggled into you at this, smiling vibrantly. Metamora was, unsurprisingly, upset at being called anything other than tough or strong; she leaned away from you a bit, not content to take your “compliment” but not wishing to leave your lazy embrace.

“Oh come on, Em. Application has the right idea here.”

“Mr Anon?” Aphelion asked, “Why do you keep messing up my name?”

“Uh… Cause it’s weird and I can’t remember it. Like you literally only said it once, and you barely even said it.”

“It’s Aphelion,” she reminded gently, snuggling in a little closer still, “It’s a science word. It means the point of an orbit furthest from the sun.”

“Why would anyone name someone that?”

“The Changeling who raises a brood is responsible for naming all of them. They’re supposed to give them a name that represents who they are going to become.”

“So what does that mean you’re going to be?”

“It means I’m probably destined to stay in the hive my entire life…” she said with a note of sadness, “But that’s okay! Lots of Changelings do that!”

“That’s kinda sad… Aphelion, was it?”


“So, uh, Em…” you ask, turning to the larger Changeling, “What does Metamora mean.”

“Oh… It’s a… well…” she started, a new shyness to her voice, “It’s a traditional Changeling name, you know… doesn’t really translate to anything.”

“What are you talking about, silly?” Aphelion corrected, “Of course it means something!”

“Aphelion, shut up,” Metamora begged.

“All the traditional names mean something! They’re especially meaningful! Especially a name as beautiful as yours,” Aphelion swooned, “It’s a kind of double meaning, actually. It usually represents an especially strong youngling that’s expected to go through metamorphosis early, but it also can mean something like ‘bringer of change’ I think. It’s a very old name.”

“Really?” you ask, deeply interested, “That’s really cool, Em. Even when you were a little baby Changeling somebody knew you were special.”

“Can you please drop it?” Metamora asked, tears in her eyes.

“Oh, Em… I’m sorry. I didn’t know this was gonna make you cry.”

“I just… It’s… I don’t want to have a beautiful, pretty name or be adorable or…” she trailed off, “I want to be strong and powerful and…”

“You silly little thing,” you chuckled, drawing her close to you, “Who says you can’t be all of the above?”

“I uh…”

“Cause you are,” you decided, pulling her closer, “You’re perfect, bugbutt.”

“W-Wow,” Aphelion exclaimed looking over you to stare at Metamora longingly.

“W-Weren’t you supposed to be fucking her or something?” Metamora asked you, looking away again to try and hide the smile on her face and the blush on her cheeks.

“I suppose I did say that…”

Aphelion instantly locked eyes with you, like a puppy waiting for a treat. She stole an occasional look at your stiffening cock, salivating as she clearly thought of having that inside of her.

“You sure you can fit all of this inside of you?” you asked, motioning to your half-erect cock.

Aphelion nodded. You had to applaud her ambition at least.

“Then what are you waiting for, come on, do whatever you want.”

“C-Can I really?” she asked, looking between you and Metamora for approval.

“Go wild, shrimp,” you coax, your dick springing the rest of the way to full mast.

She was on you before you even noticed her move, trying to get enough height to line the tip of your dick with her opening. But she was just too short, only managing to wiggle her heated sex against you. You weren’t going to complain, but you could sense her impending frustration, so you decided to give her a hand, or at least use one to line yourself up.

“H-Hive… I feel it,” she shuddered, “It’s s-so big.”

“Are you sure you can actually fit this, I’m almost as long as your entire leg, small fry.”

“I can fit it!” she pouted, pressing harder against you but getting nowhere, “Changelings are flexible.”

You felt the absurd pressure of the drone pressing back on your dick, starting to spread her unbelievably tight lips around your head. Eventually you felt yourself sink in slightly further, your head now far enough that you weren’t in danger of being immediately pushed out. But she kept going, sinking down millimeter by millimeter as her indescribable tightness coiled around you.

“Fuck you’re so damn tight,” you grunted, resisting the urge to grab her and slam your rod home.

“B-Big!” she squeaked, her wings and legs twitching from the overload of sensation you were giving her.

You couldn’t resist any longer, you grabbed her midsection and pulled her down on you, trying to be as gentle as possible despite your burning need. She squealed at the new source of pressure, your grasp driving you forward as your shaft rubbed past her g-spot. She froze as that happened, her entire body locking into place momentarily as if you caused her entire mind to reboot.

Fuck, you weren’t even a quarter of the way in yet, and you could already tell you’d be running out of room soon. But that was something to worry about when the time came. You had more distance to cover first, and that was first priority right now.

As you just crested the halfway mark, you felt yourself brush up against a firm, unyielding barrier inside of the diminutive bug, her eyes going wide as she looked to see how much of you remained.

“K-Keep going,” she demanded, the lower half of her body going slack as she tried to relax.

“Won’t that hurt?” you ask. You knew that cervices were not for penetration, you weren’t some 16 year old reading shitty fanfiction, after all.

“Y-Yeah but it’s a good-hurt… I think,” Aphelion answered, “Plus supposedly stallions do it all the time when their dick flares…”

“More than I need to know, shrimp.”


“Hey, no apologies. Just less talking about other dicks and more about how we’re fitting the rest of mine.”

She stayed silent, of course there really wasn’t all that much strategy to discuss. You let her rest for a moment before pulling her back up slightly and then spearing her down once more. You felt a little bit of give against that firm torus, coupled with a vicious shudder across Aphelion’s entire body. You tried again, feeling yourself start to spread her deepest barrier around the head of your cock. You didn’t pull back this time, just pressing forward against the impossible tightness as you felt it finally start to yield.

“O-Oh Anon… I’m gonna…”

You felt yourself slide past that barrier, easily sinking the rest of the way into her as she became twice as tight. You held her as she rode out what you were sure was the first of many orgasms to come. But as you started to lift her back up, you noticed something happen. Or rather, you noticed something had happened, too fast for you to see it in action.

In one quick blur, Metamora had launched herself at the bug on your cock, pulling her free from you with a motion so quick you were surprised it didn’t take your dick along for the ride, and launching them both past the edge of the bed and onto the floor.

“Metamora!” you scolded, “I know you’re jealous, but come on.”

You got to your feet, looking down to where the two had landed and trying to make sense of what you saw.

“It’s Aphelion’s…” you paused, more confused at what you were looking at, “Turn?”

Metamora was kissing the smaller Changeling, wildly, carelessly thrashing about as she let her hooves roam all over while her mouth locked with Aphelion’s

“Fuck,” you cursed, watching the two Changelings intertwine.

“Hive,” Metamora purred, nipping down Aphelion’s neck, “you’re just way too cute.”

“Em?” you asked, “Is this… Do Changelings normally do this?”

“First time…” she started, nuzzling her way down the smaller Changeling, “…for everything.”

“What about me then?” you questioned, “I need somewhere to put my dick.”

“Just watch the show for a minute,” Metamora commanded, her head now between Aphelion’s hindlegs, “Then you can stick your dick wherever you want.”

Fine, if that’s how it was going to be. You could wait, but you sure weren’t going to go easy on her because of it.

“M-Metamora!” Aphelion squealed, feeling warm breath between her legs.

“Jeez small fry, you seem even more excited about her then you were about me…”

“That’s because-” she tried, seizing up as Metamora made contact, “That’s because she’s a v-very important Changeling and… and she’s… My- Aah I could explode.”

Metamora didn’t pause to qualify her importance, she didn’t need to. She was being strong, powerful, beautiful, sweet… You wonder if she knew.

She just kept kissing, licking and nuzzling between Aphelion’s spindly legs, earning a song of moans and squeals.

“Fuck, Em,” you groaned, grabbing her from behind as you tried to turn your exclamation into reality, “I can’t wait any longer.”

“Wait!” she paused, drawing away from the drone below her, “I’ve got a better idea.”

She looked back at you and grinned. If you weren’t rock-hard yet, that would have been all it took.

“Aphelion, on the bed!” She commanded, the drone complying without a second’s hesitation. Metamora jumped atop the splayed-out Changeling, wasting no time as she started to grind her hips against Aphelion’s.

You didn’t waste any time either, bringing your cock to rest between where the two mares sloppily joined together. You pushed forward gently, pressing slightly into Aphelion again.

“A-Anon” they both squealed in unison. This was perfection.

As you sank further into Aphelion, you felt Metamora grinding herself against your shaft. You grabbed her tail and pulled gently, causing her to shudder against you. It was much easier to thrust into her, between Metamora’s juices coating your dick and Aphelion’s hyper-eager state it was as if almost all of the earlier struggle just melted away.

Before too long you had a steady rhythm going, slowly increasing the pace but still rocking back and forth with determined measure. That could only last so long though.

“Harder!” Aphelion screamed, her voice becoming muffled as Metamora moved to silence her with a kiss. You gave up on pacing yourself and just decided to go hard. Aphelion screamed in ecstasy, possibly in orgasm. Definitely in orgasm as her tightness doubled again. On a back stroke you felt yourself pushed out, your dick glancing off of her and causing you to fill Metamora instead.

“Oh A-Anon!” she shuddered, your sudden penetration driving her over the edge. But you were only getting started. You weren’t ready to give in yet. You thrust deeper inside Metamora, reveling in the familiar, inviting feeling before pulling out more intentionally and pressing again against Aphelion.

This pattern continued for quite some time, a few deep thrusts inside Metamora, then shallow, frenetic thrusts inside Aphelion, then repeat. They were still kissing relentlessly, the sensuality of their embrace almost enough to send you over the edge. You had to warn them…

“Fuck, I’m-”

“Outside!” Metamora yelled as she rolled off of Aphelion.

“Outside? Are you sure?”

“Paint me,” she begged, spreading her legs as wide as she could with Aphelion doing the same next to her.

So you did. You stroked yourself vigorously, staring at the pure hunger in the eyes of your Changeling conquests, their vastly different but still equally erotic bodies making you weak. You let loose, your cum spurting forth as you aimed to equally cover both needy mares.

It didn’t seem like that much when you came inside, but when you were done you had absolutely soaked them. Every inch of them was covered in your sticky, white essence. They both sighed, panting in tired ecstasy as you finished.

Mission success.

[Bonus][Act III] Keeping Aphelion Warm

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“Here Pharynx, keep my Aphelion warm for me. Bye!” Anon yelled, dropping one Changeling upon the back of the other as he slid out the door to catch Metamora.

The soldier just blinked in confusion, stiffening under the weight placed on him. Further adding to his confusion, the drone atop him seemed to not only accept this turn of events she was- Wait, was she actually nestling herself in closer to him?

“Aphelion?” Pharynx asked, an unusual nervousness to his voice, “What are you doing?”

“I’m snuggling, silly,” she answered, wrapping her hooves gently around his neck and nuzzling his neck with her snout. Her actions sent a shiver down his spine.

“I can see that,” he refocused, his more brusque side coming back, “Rather, why are you doing this?”

“You heard what Anon said,” Aphelion giggled, “You’re supposed to be keeping me warm!”

“I don’t answer to him!” Pharynx snapped, a note of jealousy in his voice, “And even if I did, this is wildly inappropriate!”

“Pharynx! You’re always too serious,” she chastised, kissing his neck gently, “Have some fun for once!”

“This isn’t fun!” Pharynx stuttered, his mind wandering as he enjoyed her kiss more than he would like, “What’s gotten into you?”

“Love,” Aphelion answered, her voice almost a moan as she rubbed herself against Pharynx, pressing against the unusual protrusion on his carapace as it lined up between her legs. “Anon fed me soooooo much of it and now I want to put it to good use.”

“Then what are you waiting for. You’re not getting to the feeding chambers on my back.”

“I’m not going to the feeding chambers, Pharynx. I’ve already got somepony to feed right here.”

“Aphelion! I’m not-”

“Quiet,” she commanded, her voice still soft but brimming with desire, “I know you haven’t been eating. I know you’ve been trying to leave more for everypony else. You keep sacrificing yourself, and after all you do… You already take care of everypony, but you need to take care of yourself too, Pharynx.”

“I-” he hesitated. How had she even noticed that he was rationing himself. Sure he felt more sluggish, his eyes didn’t shine like they used to, he moved more slowly… but he had been giving his all to push past that, “It’s for the hive…”

“Pharynx, everything you do is for the hive, you more than most. Do something for yourself for once. Just let me-”

“No! Other Changelings need that love!” Pharynx rebuked, trying to shake her off of him.

“Stop that!” she whined, grabbing around his neck even tighter, “I like you Pharynx, all the drones do. Every single one of us wants to grow up to be you. Let me show you how thankful we are, for everything.”

“Aphelion…” he gasped. It wasn’t his intention to draw attention or admiration, he was just doing what he could. He never expected anypony to recognize or reward him for what little he did.

“Please?” she asked, hesitation in her voice once more. Pharynx was quickly finding himself having trouble resisting her. If he was being honest, he liked her too. As clumsy as she could be from time to time, she cared deeply about the hive just like him. But if this was just a feeding, well… it was rather unorthodox.

“Fine. You can feed me,” Pharynx conceded, “But do you have to be riding me to do it?”

“No,” she smirked, “It’d be much more fun if you were riding me.”

“You’re not saying…” he asked, shocked at the implication.

“Come on,” she coaxed, dismounting him deftly, “How long has it been, Pharynx?”

“What do you mean?” he tried to deflect, feigning ignorance as if that would derail her questioning.

“Since you’ve emptied these,” she clarified, her snout dipping between his legs to nuzzle between his legs.

“Hah-” Pharynx’s breath caught, his mind racing as Aphelion egged him on, “T-Too long, but we really shouldn’t be doing this here… This is… This is Metamora’s room.”

“Well it’s so nice that your room is right next door,” Aphelion taunted, stepping out into the hall and giving Pharynx quite the view as she did, “If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were trying to get close to someone.”

“I uh…” he stammered, mindlessly following her with his eyes locked on her rear. She walked into his room and let him follow, circling closely around him to close the door in his wake.

“Two very special Changelings from the same brood… of course you’d be close. And she showed you exactly what Anon did to her… Enough to make you want something more?”

“N-No, that’s not-”

“I can change into her…”


“You sure? She’s so adorable and I know exactly how she acts when she’s in the mood.”

“Y-You’re fine as you are.”

“Oh Pharynx! A drone, fine as I am?” she giggled, “You could have anything you want, it really must have been a long time since-”

“No, I mean I…” he hesitated, embarrassed about what he was about to say, “I think you’re adorable too.”

“Pharynx, I look like every other drone. You’re not attracted to all of us, are you?”

“Not like that, uh…” he paused again. Time to stop playing defense, “You don’t act like every other drone. You’re one of the good ones, and if you’re insistent on feeding me, then I’m insistent on showing you a good time. You, not anypony else.”

“You really-” she hesitated. His newfound determination had all but snuffed out her fleeting bravado, “You can’t mean that. I’m just a drone.”

“You’re not just a drone, Aphelion,” he corrected, using the same line somepony special had told him once upon a time.


“If we were all just drones then where would I be? What about Metamora or Thorax or even our Queen! All of them, all of us are drones at one point, but nopony is ever just a drone. Especially not you, especially not to me.”

“But I’m-”

“I like you too, Aphelion.” Pharynx admitted, “Now do you still want me to-”

It was as if those words flipped a switch in her, bringing back that same exuberance from earlier.

“Yes!” she screamed, prancing in place happily. She moved to duck between his legs once more, “Let me just get you hard and we can-”

A hefty slap resounded from underneath Pharynx.

“Pharynx are you already-”

He nodded, turning to the side so the purple length was visible in all its glory.

“Oh m-my…” Aphelion squeaked, her vision fixated. He was smaller than Anon, but then again it was likely that most everything was smaller than him. That didn’t mean she was disappointed in what she saw. What he was sporting was more than enough to satisfy her desires. Truth be told anything he could have been packing would have been enough for her. This moment had been a long time coming.

“T-Told you I liked you,” Pharynx admitted sheepishly.

“Why don’t you show me then?” she teased, widening her stance and holding her tail out of the way.

It really had been too long for Pharynx. The sight of her winking marehood reminded him of just how much he and the other Changelings had diverged since metamorphosis. Metamora was, well, her success was plainly obvious - and talking to their Queen at this very moment. Thorax was… doing whatever he did, but he was out elsewhere while Pharynx was here, stuck in the hive, stuck caring for a slowly dwindling population. Stuck not making the most of it. That stopped now.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” He asked, his hooves already one step ahead of his mind as he reared briefly in the empty air a few feet away from his target.

“You’re not going to break me, Pharynx. I may be small for a drone, but I fit Anon without any trouble.”

“You fit all of that? His dick’s as big as your leg!”

“Are you going to fuck me or just talk about other stallions all day?”

“Impatient, are we?” he laughed, walking up behind her and planting one long lick between her legs.

“S-So what if I am?” Aphelion whined, “Are you gonna do something about it?”

“I’m going to do this,” he started, rearing up and landing on her, “either way.”

“Fuck!” she cursed, shaking with anticipation.

Pharynx was just as excited, his dick jumping wildly as it searched for purchase against her. His hips jerked forward on an unconscious signal, attempting to close the gap that kept his cock from reaching its destination. She felt the warmth of his dick pressing against her flank, as he readjusted himself to match the further advance his hips had perpetrated. He weakly bucked his hips back and forward again, trying to line up in a kind of sight-unseen manner.

One thrust saw his dick glance off her and divert upwards, causing him to slide over her back as he started to coat her carapace in his slick Changeling precum. He pulled back and re-steadied himself. The second thrust saw him land almost on target, perfectly between her legs but too high for entry. His third thrust brought him higher yet on accident, his forceful thrust threatening to breach her puckered ponut. On the fourth thrust he found his mark, the warm, wet sensation compelling him on instinct to drive his entire rod home.

Aphelion felt his warm rod enter her, a challenging but still manageable size. She could feel the beating of his heart as he hilted within her, and she wondered if he could feel the same. She shuddered as reflex caused her to coat him in a gush of her fluids.

“Hive you’re tight!” Pharynx grunted, feeling her pulse against him even as she coated his cock with her marecum. “The last time I felt something this tight was with Tho-”

He caught himself before he revealed his dirtiest secret. To distract Aphelion from his misstep he pulled back and thrust back in as deep as he could. She screamed in what would have been his name if her breath had held out more than one syllable. The instinct to go wild was tearing at him, but he remained in control.

She saw stars as he pulled out again. Being with Anon had shown her what pleasure was like, but this was another thing entirely. She had enjoyed Anon’s affections, but she wanted this. When he thrust back in, her entire world disappeared for a moment, replaced only with the feeling he gave her.

“I’m gonna!” she squeaked, teetering on the edge.

“Hive yes!” Pharynx grunted in relaxation as he stopped worrying about outlasting her. His cock began to flare slightly inside of her as he pulled out once more, shoving it back in just as she crested her peak. The combination of her tight, undulating passage and his growing flare led to an unbearably pleasant pressure that drove Pharynx right up to the edge.

He pulled out once more, feeling himself pass the point where he could no longer hold back the powerful release stirring inside of him. His flare grew to its largest size yet, stretching Aphelion in ways that even Anon couldn’t as he hilted himself once more. With his length finally buried inside the diminutive drone, he let loose the first potent rope of his virile seed. The next jet was even larger yet, starting to pressurize as it tried to escape around the seal of his flare. The third jet finally overcame that barrier, allowing a river of white to flow free with each subsequent blast.

As he emptied himself into her deepest reaches, she too let loose the love she was holding with a flurry of love energy exploding from her small horn. Buried in a sea of pink love, a single mote of golden energy jumped from Aphelion to Pharynx. With that he felt a new warmth stirring in a heart he never knew he had.

[Bonus][Act IV] Darkest Before the Day

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You were starting to warm up to Celestia’s hot-and-cold personality. One moment she was begging for you to give it to her and the next, in moments like this, she was more shy than Aphelion when you first met. It’s as if she couldn’t decide if she really wanted this. No, that’s not quite right, she very clearly wanted this. It was more that she couldn’t decide how to feel about wanting this. You really couldn’t blame her either.

“I know you’re nervous,” you reassured her, “I know this feels weird. But it doesn’t have to be.”

“I… What I tried to do to you,” she hesitated, “…and you’re just giving me what I wanted?”

“Of course I am,” you explain, “The world hurt you, I hurt you, and you wanted to get back. That’s understandable. But underneath all that hate and vitriol, you didn’t want to hurt anyone. You wanted the hurt to go away, and I can help with that.”

“But after what I did-”

“Stop focusing on that,” you admonished, “You’re not that mare, no matter how you acted in the moment.”

“Then why are you doing this? How does this benefit you?”

“This isn’t about benefit or reward, Princess. I’m doing this because I want you to be happy, and because Metamora asked me too. I trust her more than you could know.”

“She should be angry too! Both of you should despise me!”

“You’re blowing this out of proportion again,” you warned, “We both know what happened was a mistake, but outside of that… living within your borders is the happiest we’ve ever been.”

“I can’t take credit for that!”

“Sure you can, I take credit for shit all the time. It’s easy,” you chuckle.

“But I don’t…” she sighed, “I haven’t shown you any kindness. Twilight, Luna, even your Changeling amour have been more hospitable than I.”

“You know, you’re a lot like a Queen I met. Green hair, holes in her legs, hides behind an unflinching sense of duty and refuses to let herself have a single personal pleasure. You two would get along great, save for the whole dichotomy between ponies and Changelings.”


“Her subjects adore her but she didn’t know how to handle that either. She locked herself away behind a vow to duty, but when she finally let go… She was an entirely different mare. Don’t you want to let go too?”

“I…” she tried again, humbled by being shown her mistakes through another lens, “I’m not the one hiding.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been looking for love my entire life, Anon. Nopony has ever approached me.”

“Have you tried taking the first step.”

“Not until recently.”

“And how did that go for you?”

“Badly. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry.”

“We don’t have to talk about it,” you declare, “Would you like to practice instead?”

“Would I… What?”

“Do you like me, Princess?”

“Well I…”

“Do you want me, Princess?”

Her eyes answered your question.

“Make the first move, then.”

“But I…”

“No strings attached, no judgment,” you interrupt, “Just be yourself.”

“You’re on top of me, Anon.”

“Oh, you want to be on top, do you?” you asked, getting back to your feet slowly.

“I uh…” she paused, still lying on the ground, splayed out like a confused starfish.

“I’m just teasing, princess.”

She sprung to her feet with surprising quickness, a glint in her eye that made you apprehensive.

“You always tease,” she mock-pouted, starting to saunter towards you. Your breath caught when you saw the fire in her eyes. She brushed against your side as she walked past you, the feeling of her fur against your skin almost electric, “Who’s more fun to tease, though? Me, or my sister?”

“You know I can’t choose,” you counter as she comes to a halt behind you.

“Of course you can’t choose,” she croons, her breath hot against the small of your back, “because I’m going to decide for you.”

“Fuck,” you swore under your breath. She had really turned up the charm to 11.

“Oh we’ll get there eventually,” she hummed, coming back around on your other side, stopping when she had returned in front of you, now facing away. She flipped her tail out of the way and looked back at you over her shoulder, “But right now I just want you to feel how much I need this.”

You felt yourself instantly become rock hard, a sight that was not lost on your paramour.

“There’s a time and a place for that,” she scolded, “but right now I want to feel those hands. Worship your princess, Anon.”

“Praise the sun,” you giggle quietly to yourself as you move to do as she asked. Immediately you notice how relaxed she is, instantly melting into your touch as you place a hand on either flank.

“Yes, just like that Anon,” Celestia purred, pushing back against you.

“Do you want me to…” you trailed off, letting one hand dip from her flank to brush her inner thigh.

“Yesssss” she hissed, both her voice and the intense warmth between her legs surprising you.

“Fuck, you’re on fire down here. Is this all for me?” you ask, brushing the back of your hand over her plump equine pussy.

“Do you know how much of an honor it is, Anon?” Celestia asked, “To be where you are? To touch what you’re touching? I don’t just bend over for anypony.”

“Thank you, your highness,” you defer, letting one digit sink in between those pink lips to be instantly coated with slick, wet warmth.

“No. Thank you, Anon,” she corrected, “At first I thought I only wanted you because you were out of reach. I just wanted a trophy, bragging rights…”

You added another digit to join the first as you allowed them both to plunge in to the last knuckle.

“But when I found out I could have you,” she paused, pressing back in approval of your affections, “now I only want it more.”

“Is that so?” you ask, rewarding her flattery with more vigorous motion.

“Mhmm…” she squealed, her legs shuddering as your attention hit a new spot within her, “You’re attentive, receptive, just a little bit …spicy. I know why Luna was wild for you from the start. And if you can do this with your hands all the time…”

“Good, huh?”

“You have no idea,” she purred, bucking back against the slow undulation of your hand, “I never dreamed something could feel this wonderful.”

“Well I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. You deserve it.”

You could almost feel her facade crack as you said that.

“No I don’t, Anon,” she disagreed, tensing up as she looked down toward the cold stone under her hooves.

“Not again,” you grumbled, weakly continuing your motions - hoping she wouldn’t stop you.

“Hear me out. Please?” she asked, “I don’t deserve this. I haven’t done a single thing to earn this. I don’t want to pretend this is anything less than a monumental act of kindness.”

“This is a two way street, princess. You’re a beautiful mare and, all joking aside, I am honored that you’re sharing yourself with me. You could have asked anyone for this, but you came to me, trusted me. Just trust me a little bit more when I tell you that you’re worth it.”

“Thank you, Anon,” she sniffled, “I’m sorry for being so emotional.”

“Come on, Celestia, don’t ever apologize for being real,” you smile, returning to your previous pace, “Especially when you’re so adorable.”

“Ah- Adorable?” Celestia asks, clearly affected by your continued attention, “M-Me?”

“Oh god, you have no idea,” you capitulate, “I know a thing or two about adorable mares, what with Em being the gold standard and all…”

“You don’t have to flatter me and put on a show,” Metamora pipes up, an excitement to her voice, “I’m really enjoying watching you two.”

“Fuck, see what I mean?” you point out, gesticulating with your free hand to your beautiful Changeling lover, “Real talk though. You’re definitely in the top three.”

“Top three?” Celestia asked incredulously, “After whom?”

“Well first place is obvious, which puts you in third, right after…” you pause, savoring the suspense, “…your sister.”

“My sister!” Celestia squealed, “I’ll make you eat those words!”

“You can make me eat whatever you’d like. Luna’s still got that whole mysterious girl-next-door kinda vibe…”

“You have some nerve! I should put that mouth to better use,” Celestia threatened. No sooner had you caught her innuendo than you felt the world spin, realizing that you were suddenly about to hit the ground. Right as you were about to impact with cold, hard floor, you felt a gentle aura lower you slowly to rest.

“You didn’t have to throw me on the floor, I would have gladly-”

She wasn’t going to let you finish your sentence. You could only watch in awe as the sun eclipsed your entire view as she introduced you to the blistering inferno between her hindlegs.

“He’ll never admit it, but he really, really likes that,” Metamora confirmed. How could she betray you like that. If Celestia was determined to sit on your face, the least Em could have done would be to stand up for you. But no, the only thing standing up right now was your uncontrollable erection.

“You’ve indulged him similarly?” Celestia asked your traitorous compatriot.

“It’s a very good way to shut him up. Not a very good way to prove a point though,” she paused, watching as you got to work, “he tends to-”

“Aaanon!” Celestia squealed, writhing atop you as your diligence surprised her.

“…do that,” Metamora finished, chuckling.

“H-how do we knock him down a peg?” Celestia asked between rough breaths.

“Oh I have a few ideas, but they involve sharing. Do you mind?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking that?” Celestia asked, “I think you stake a stronger claim to his affections.”

“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” she hummed. You heard and then felt her move over the top of you as well, sensing a heat looming above you.

Take it slow Em, I’m close-” is what you would have said if your voice wasn’t muffled by the princess on top of you. Too bad she didn’t hear that.

With the speed and practiced ease of a lover who wants exactly one thing, Metamora impaled herself on your imposing meat.

With similar speed, you felt yourself approaching that peak, and being powerless to stop it. You’d let Metamora win this one…

“A-Anon!” she cried out in shock as you came inside her. But you weren’t the only one releasing a flood; Metamora’s reaction must have flipped a switch in the other mare atop you as well.

“N-No!” Celestia shuddered as she tried to hold back, but it was useless. She was no more powerful to resist her climax than you were to resist yours.

Metamora held out the longest, finally bearing down on you in the same wonderful way she always did.

After a minute of basking in the afterglow, Celestia dismounted you, giving you just enough time to turn your attention to Metamora as the princess kissed her on the cheek gingerly.

Metamora breathed a heavy sigh: content, happy, exhausted. She collapsed on you, slipping off your softening length.

Celestia gracefully laid down next to you, laying her head on your shoulder.

“Thank you Anon, I had a wonderful time.”

“So did I, princess. But I think I’ve had enough excitement for today,” you admit, deriving an odd comfort from the two mares cuddling up next to you.

“Me too…” Metamora agreed, her eyes fluttering as she wiggled to get closer to you.

“You’ll fuck me properly later, right? Come inside of me and all?” Celestia asked, “I know you’ve already done so much but… I’d like to be bred, like a real mare.”

“Of course, Celestia,” you agreed without hesitation as you drifted off to sleep, “I would love to.”

[Bonus][Act IV] Fuck You, I'm Magic-er

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“How dare you!” Celestia yelled, “I’m the princess of the sun! You can’t resist me!”

“I don’t give a fuck who you think you are, don’t you ever fucking threaten her.”

“You hold no power over me! I’ll do as I please!” she yelled, her horn flaring to life briefly.

“No, I don’t think you will,” you corrected. You commanded your magic forward, forming a mold over her horn. You could tell that she was trying to overpower you, but you only felt more energy pour into you with each attempt.

“How are you…” she tried, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Fuck you,” you spat, the darkness surrounding your hands dying off, “I’m magic.”

“No…” she declared in a voice that was not her own, “Fuck you, I’m magic-er.”

You watched as the edges of your magic-impeding cast singed away like burning paper.

“You can’t…” you begged, watching the last of your aura dissolve in flame, “Please!”

“You’re right,” Celestia said, her voice back to its normal tone. “I can’t…”

Suddenly it seemed like her entire form lit on fire, bathing her in deep orange flames. After a moment, she stepped forward, emerging from the blazing inferno and looking… a lot hotter. The delightful pastel sorbet of her mane and tail were replaced by literal fire. The soft purple of her irises had been replaced by a blazing amber, burning brightly against her umber sclera. The shimmering gold of her minimal regalia was replaced by copper barding that now extended to her chest, wings, and head.

“But I can,” her new form spoke in that other, darker voice.

“Wait Celestia this isn’t-”

This,” she spoke, pointing a hoof at herself, “Isn’t Celestia. Call me Daybreaker.”

“Fuck that’s hot…” you caught yourself saying involuntarily, “I mean… I’ll never give you what you want.”

“You don’t have to give me anything, human. Daybreaker takes what she wants.”

“Stop!” you scream.

Daybreaker flinched at your words, seeming like she was waiting for you to say something else. When you didn’t her grin turned again as she waltzed right up to you.

“Stop? Just like that?” she asked coyly, “No, my little traitor, I don’t think so. All that darkness inside of you needs to see the light of day.”

“I-I’ll never fuck you!” you snarl defiantly, trying to somehow back yourself up further but meeting the cold, hard reality of the wall behind you.

“Not quite yet at least,” she grinned, turning to face the other occupant of the room, “I’ve got something else of yours to take first.”

“H-Huh?” Metamora flinched, shrinking under the fiery monarch’s gaze.

“What’s your name, Changeling?” Daybreaker spat, marching purposefully towards the now terrified bugpony.

Metamora squeaked, but couldn’t speak under the heat of Daybreaker’s stare.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” you yelled, lunging forward before you felt yourself somehow unable to move, magically held in place, “Metamora don’t let her hurt you!”

“Oh I’m not going to hurt your bug. She is your bug, right? Or are you hers?”

“That’s not how love works, you heartless bitch. Neither of us owns the other.”

“Right, because I own both of you now.”

“P-Please,” Metamora asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“Well, Metamora, I’m doing this because I want to. So do you want to feel my royal cock?”

“Wait hold on,” you interrupt, “your royal what?

“Oh silly me,” Daybreaker snickered, turning to the side to give you a view of the absurd alabaster augmentation between her legs, “I forgot to mention that not-so-little part, didn’t I?”

“Jesus fuck holy shit, that thing’s enormous!”

“Jealous?” she asked, nudging Metamora to turn around, “Afraid I’ll ruin her? Because I will.”

Metamora weakly complied, deferring to a healthy fear of the flaming mane inches away from her.

“Last chance to do something, Anon,” she taunted, nipping at Metamora’s flank playfully.

You knew there was nothing you could do to stop her now. A braver you would have tried. But you were weak. Weak because you knew she held all the power. She could — she was going to — strip you of everything you had. You were afraid. Afraid that if you resisted then Daybreaker would take her aggressions out on your love. You were tired. Tired of fighting everything in life. So you gave in, you let it happen. You just watched…

“That’s what I thought,” she laughed, rearing up behind Metamora. You watched as she landed atop of your Changeling, causing her to struggle initially under the additional weight.

“P-Please?” Metamora’s voice came once more, something off about it.

“Please what, my little captive?” Daybreaker asked, lining her bestial tool up with Metamora’s surprisingly damp slit. From your vantage point you could see just enough to wonder if maybe, just maybe Metamora was okay with this.

“D-D-Don’t,” she stuttered.

“Oh but I thought I might…” Daybreaker laughed, pressing herself forward and spearing Metamora wide around her intruding spear.

“Hah… It’s s-so big,” Metamora squealed, that strange sound to her voice again. Was that… were you hearing hunger in her voice? She couldn’t be…

“Metamora are you enjoying this?”

“A-Anon! I’m so sorry!” she cried, pushing back imperceptibly against Daybreaker’s heated shaft.

“Oh f-fuck,” Daybreaker swore, “I’ve never fucked a Changeling before… She’s p-perfect.”

“Hah,” Metamora quipped in a moment of strength, “Bet you weren’t expecting that, sunhorse.”

“Quiet, slut. The next thing out of your mouth better be you screaming my fucking name,” Daybreaker demanded as she finally hilted inside of your love. She got what she asked for as Metamora put the blazing mare’s name to the same melody that was usually reserved for yours.

You felt paralyzed, even more than whatever magic trapped you. You could only watch. Watch as Daybreaker thrust deeper and deeper with her glorious equine cock. Watch as Metamora shuddered in pleasure with each and every movement. Watch as the solar supervillain seemed to have just as much stamina as you did. You could only listen. Listen as each thrust was driven home with a wet squelch. Listen as Metamora started to unwillingly beg for more. Listen to the loud slaps as Daybreaker only increased her pace. You could only smell. Smell the sweet scent of your mare, as turned on as ever. Smell the overpowering musk of Daybreaker’s stallionhood, strong enough to even affect you. Smell the visceral smugness pouring off the alabaster assailant.

You could only act.

“Fuck you,” you screamed, tearing free of the bindings holding you in place. …way too easily.

“Oh, would you like to?” Daybreaker asked, flipping her smoldering tail over her back and showing off the glistening, drenched marehood still between her legs, “Be my guest.”

“You know what,” you decided, a switch inside you flipping, “Maybe I will.”

“That’s the spir-” she began, startled as you grabbed her tail and yanked. You immediately began to regret that decision. As much as Metamora’s transformations weren’t actual fire, her tail was actively burning you. So much for your aggressive hold on her. You instead dropped your hands to her flanks, trying to ignore the lingering pain as you struggled to pull her towards you and away from Metamora.

“You’re not getting me off of her, Anon. My dick’s bigger than yours and I’m stronger.”

“You-” you grunted, not sure what to call her, “I’m going to hurt you.”

“Fucking do it!” she screamed, watching over her shoulder as you clenched and unclenched your fists repeatedly.

You couldn’t decide if you wanted to pummel her with closed fists or slap her ass so hard it left a mark. The perverted side of your mind made that decision for you and you felt your open palm flying toward her flank as fast as you could muster. The contact stung on your hand, but her reaction was so much more enjoyable.

“Yes!” she screamed as she shook violently, her marehood winking as the red handprint was visible against even the darker portions of her flank.

You didn’t waste a second, using your other hand to line yourself up with her slit and thrust yourself in all at once. She screamed again, her ass meeting your hips as she froze in place for a moment. You brought your hand down in the same spot once more, drawing yet another yelp of pained pleasure from her.

“Fire department’s here, bitch,” you smirked, the cheesy line just coming to you in the moment, “And I’ve got your fire extinguisher…”

You pulled back.


You thrust right back in.


She squealed again, her insides tensing against you and locking you deep within her blazing depths.

“Ah… You think you can put this out?” she asked, her mane and tail briefly flashing brighter with a white-hot flame, “Think again. You’re only fanning the flames.

Fuck, she was good. If you were the king of untimely banter, she was your new Queen. You were… surprisingly okay with this new development.

“This is fine,” you laughed, taking an imaginary sip from an imaginary coffee cup. You just picked up the pace, driving into Daybreaker hard and fast enough to upset even her momentum, “Yeah this is definitely fine.”

“I knew you’d cum around,” Daybreaker quipped, her words sounding more like a command.

“You first,” Metamora, silent until now, demanded. You could tell from the way Celestia reacted that Metamora was holding her in a vice grip inside. Her reaction had that same effect on you, her tightness coming and going in waves as you could tell that she was pulsing jet after jet of seed into Metamora, filling her to the brim until each jet drove some out around their already dripping coupling.

You felt yourself not far behind, thrusting wildly into Daybreaker, each of your thrusts seeming to reset her never-ending orgasm. It didn’t take much more time for you to start painting the monarch’s pink insides as white as her coat, your seed shooting forth with the same kind of unbelievable volume that Daybreaker was filling Metamora with even still. You let a field of white take over your view as you all but blacked out.

You all slumped over, clumsily falling to the ground in a loose, messy embrace.

“Did I do okay?” Celestia asked, her mane no longer ablaze.

“Oh Sunbutt… you did great,” you smiled, “If I didn’t know better I’d say you really meant some of what you said…”

“You know I don’t,” Celestia frowned, looking away.

“Come on you silly horse, the whole point of this was to help you get over it.”

“I know, but-”

“Nope, you’re all out of butts for today. You wanted to prove that you were in control of your emotions, right?”


“Well, were you?”

“Yeah…” she signed, “I still feel bad though, making you both relive what I did.”

“I didn’t mind,” you chuckled, “and I don’t think Em did either, Right bugbutt?”

“Hha… I’m so…” she huffed, staring down at the white stream between her legs as she moved away from where there was once an enormous shaft, “…full”

“That’s a yes, in case you were wondering,” you reassure her, “So… feeling better now?”

“I uh… maybe I’m still feeling a little bit heated?”

“Oh really? Does Daybreaker need to let off a little more steam?”

“Actually… I think she needs someone to cool her off…” Celestia hinted sheepishly, her form shifting again to the

“Oh you naughty, naughty mare,” you tease, getting to your feet, “I’m going to day-break you alright. Are you going to put up a fight or?”

“N-No master. I’ll be a good pony,” she answered, her mane aflame once more.

“We’ll just see about that,” Metamora declared as she pushed you out of the way, “I’m going to show you what it means to be a Queen.”

“It’s official,” you decide, “I’ve died and gone to heaven. Sexy horny pony heaven.”

The two mares stared at you with a fire brighter than Daybreaker’s mane. If you hadn’t gone to heaven yet, you were about to.

[Bonus][Act IV] How to Make Love

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“Good morning, sleepybug,” you grinned. It wasn’t like you to be an early riser, but ever since you had realized that you got a chance to see Em’s beautiful face all the longer if you did… suddenly it wasn’t so difficult.

A look of confusion, then realization, then happiness washed over her. Every morning that confusion was there - like she expected you to disappear. Every morning that realization that you were real hit her anew. Every morning you saw that beautiful smile, that almost ethereal delight as she wiggled closer to you unconsciously.

“You just look so beautiful, Em,” you whispered, watching her hair flow behind her.

“You’re just saying that!” she complained groggily, despite her smile not moving an inch.

“You know I’m not. Waking up next to you is a dream come true every morning.”

A few dots of pink twinkled in the distance as she contemplated her response.

“I’m so lucky to have you, Anon,” Metamora replied, “And even luckier that… you’re always so good to me.”

“I love you, you quirky little bug.”

“I love you too!” Metamora exclaimed, as if she couldn’t say those words fast enough, “Hive I love saying that. It feels… It feels like you.”

You paused at that… It was clear what she meant, but how she described it left you curious.

“Humor me for a bit, huh Em?”

“Hmm?” she asked, interest at the edge of her tone.

“What do I feel like?” you asked, reaching out to stroke her neck gently.

Her expression changed, confusion again, then deep thought, then that smile again.

“There aren’t words to describe it,” she answered, imperceptibly leaning into your touch, ”That’s why it feels like you…”

“Is that what love feels like to you?”

“Yes, but…” she hesitated, enough to make you pause your caress, “normally love doesn’t feel like anything. It’s like water… It’s just there.”

“But with me it’s different?”

“Yeah… With you it’s like…” she paused, “It’s like I’m drowning in it but I don’t want it to stop.”

“When did that start?” you ask, leaning forward to grab her so you could pull her against you.

“I think…” she paused, resisting your hold, “…the first time you got mad at me. When we got back from the library and… You were mad at the real me…”

“Is that why you…”

“I don’t know why I did that, Anon,” Metamora answered, “To this day I still don’t know why I needed you that night.”

“No one had ever been mad at you before that, had they?”

“No, uh… Disappointed, yes. You know, rationally angry, but never…” she considered, “never emotional.”

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s not…” she started, “You don’t need to apologize, Anon. That was new to both of us. …And I didn’t hate it.”

“You didn’t?”

“That meant… That meant you cared about me. Not some disguise, not some facade. It just took me a while to realize I was interested in that.”

“I did care about you,” you confirmed, “I don’t think I knew it either back then. Now though, you’re my whole damn world, Em.”

“I’m just a bug, Anon,” she disagreed, “your world should have more in it than just me.”

“What are you talking about?” you asked, “You’re everything I want, I don’t know what I’d do with anything more.”

“I can be whatever you want…” she corrected, her implication clear.

“You already are, Em. I know change is kind of in the name, but you don’t ever have to be someone else for me.”

“But there’s so little of me that’s real. It’s like a little tiny dot in a world of disguises and personalities and…”

There was a long pause - you didn’t dare interrupt with her emotions laid bare like this.

“What if this part of me is fake too?” she finished, tears in her eyes.

“Oh Em,” you sighed, pulling her in for a hug despite her earlier objection, “You’re really are a silly bug. What are you even worried about?”

“Anon I’m terrified I’m still lying to you and I’ll never know!” Metamora cried, fighting your hold.

“Maybe that’s how you know it’s real,” you suggest, “If this part of you was fake that wouldn’t bother you, right?”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Metamora said, no longer struggling to get away.

“Of course it doesn’t. None of this makes sense, that’s how emotions work,” you explain.

“I hate emotions!” she pouted.

“Oh come on, bugbutt,” you chastise, “use your big mare words.”

“I’m not made to feel things, Anon! I’m supposed to exploit emotions! I’m really good at that. But now that I’m feeling things… they’re exploiting me instead!”

“Those emotions are a part of you, Em. They’re not exploiting you, they’re guiding you.”

“They’re pulling me in every direction! It’s like I don’t know which way is up without you.”

“That’s normal, Em,” you explain, “emotions are complex, they’re not meant to make sense.”

“Does it make any sense to you, then?” she asked, though she already knew the answer.

“Of course not!”

“Then how do you handle it?”

“I have you, don’t I?”

“But I can’t help, Anon. I don’t understand emotions, I can’t help you when I can’t even help myself.”

“That’s kinda the point,” you laughed, “We’re both hopeless on our own, but together we’re a matched pair.”

“But you’re full of feelings! Any time I’m upset you just fill the room with wonderful, sweet, delicious…” she trailed off, “All I do is suck the emotion out of you.”

“Oh Em, don’t beat yourself up, you suck way more than just feelings out of me…” you joked, realizing how out of place it was, “Sorry… that… I know you’re putting your heart on display. I shouldn’t have…”

“It’s okay Anon, I… ” Metamora snickered, “It was kind of funny.”

“Still... I’m serious. I don’t want to see you hurt,” you affirmed, “Help me understand.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, “Maybe we both need to help each other understand.”

“You’re right Em,” you agreed, “We’re so similar in a lot of ways, but I don’t… I don’t really understand what makes you tick.”

“That’s,” Metamora jumped on that idea, “That’s exactly it! I feel the same way. You’re this loving, caring, wonderful creature but I can’t… Changelings only ever have to look skin-deep. It’s hard to look further”

“It doesn’t help that neither of us is good at putting ourselves on display.”

“How do we…” Metamora wondered, “How do we fix that?”

“Well…” you paused to ponder, “I’ve got an idea. Ask me anything. Any question you want about me.”

“Alright. What’s your favorite part of Equestria?”

“Well…” you started, the answer obvious.

“Hnng,” she swooned, “I don’t count, Anon.”

“How did you…”

“You taste delicious when you’re thinking about me.”

“Uh, I dunno, I’m glad everyone’s been so welcoming.”

“Well, there’s a lot of reasons to welcome you,” Metamora intimated, “Anyway, your turn.”

“Right, now that you’re full of mushy feelings and junk… is there anyone you’re starting to like more?”

“Huh, I…” she thought for a moment, “Yeah. Now that you mention it… It’s really weird. I like everypony. I don’t just… not feel anything anymore. So I guess… I’m a lot more appreciative of everypony. Especially you, Anon.”

“Anyone you really like?”

“Hey! It’s my turn!” she yelled, blushing at the same time.

“Come on, Em! That first one barely even counts.”

“Fine. But don’t get mad, okay?”

“Do I look like I could ever be mad at you?” you teased, waiting for her to drum up the courage to answer.

“Pharynx,” she finally answered, saying his name as quickly as she could before pausing to let it sink in, “We were really close, Anon… closer probably than two Changelings should have been. I… have so much to show him about love.”

“Oh that’s so adorable! Your first Changeling crush!”

“S-Shut up! It’s not like that!” Metamora blushed.

“It could be, if you want.”

“You’d really let me…”

“It’s only fair. You’ve put up with me fucking… just about everyone.”

“E-Enough about that,” Metamora dismissed, still blushing a bit “Do you miss… where you came from?”

That question caught you off guard. You couldn’t even remember the last time you had thought about your world. Was it even your world anymore? You felt more at home even on the run in Equestria than you ever did on Earth.

“I really don’t miss much,” you admitted, “I wasn’t happy there. But if I had to pick one thing… I guess the fact that nothing was expected of me.”

“Huh,” Metamora responded, chewing on what you had said, “Do I ask too much of you?”

“Of course not! You know I’d do anything for you. It’s just… peo- ponies like me here. I have to actually care about everyone.” you defended, “Anyway… My turn again, this is the big one. Show me how you make love.”

“Anon!” Metamora chided, “I thought we were being serious here! Did you not see enough when we were in the hive?”

“Sorry, phrasing, that’s… I want to know how you generate love, all those balls of light and everything.”

“O-Oh…” she sighed, almost as if she liked the idea of a repeat performance, “I can show you, but you’ll have to help out a bit.”

“What do you need?”

“Hold me in your lap?” she instructed, curling her legs in toward her body as she snuggled ever closer to you. You reached around her with both arms, your hands coming to rest on her cool, smooth carapace.

“Yesss,” she hissed, rolling into your grasp, “It doesn’t take much to start anymore. Just the thought of you is usually enough. But to really get it started… feeling your warmth… So good.”

You rolled a bit more into a sitting position, resting your back against the headboard and interlocking your fingers over her chest.

“See those pink ones?” she asked, pointing with a hoof, “Those ones are just ambient love… the kind I feed on.”

“There’s that much just, uh, floating around?”

“No that’s… It all comes from you, or… most of it anyway.”

“And the rest of it comes from you?”

“Remember the other colors?” she asked, “Those are the special ones.”

She just laid there for a moment, more and more pink orbs twinkling into existence.

“White,” she started, the sound of concentration in her voice, as a few orbs of bright light appeared, “Those ones are… Talking to me.”

“Talking?” you asked, “Like ‘Hey Metamora, how would you like to have me inside of you’ or…”

“More like…” she started, trying to think of an explanation, “Learning. Transforming, maybe…”

“Transforming into…” you trailed off.

“Gold,” she explained. She paused for a moment, a grin on her face. “I love you, Anon.”

You watched as a constellation of gold appeared, appearing to stir the abundance of pink around it.

“Gold is either love I’ve made, like those,” she pointed, “or love I’ve earned. Try saying it…”

“I love you,” you declared, kissing her ear. A ball of gold light appeared as soon as you pulled away.

“You kind of just radiate love all the time, but when it’s because of me… I can tell.”

“The gold ones are more powerful?”

“They’re ones I can use. I can use that love to process the pink kind,” she started, a wave of white and gold spreading from the first constellation.

“Or I can turn them back into pink ones,” she continued, the golden ball you made exploding to fill the room.

“Or I can do both…” she grinned, “Infinitely.”

All of the sudden the calm dance of love energy turned frenetic, packing the entire room. Metamora rolled over and looked you in the eyes with a fire in hers that spoke volumes.

“You know how much I love you, but do you want to feel it Anon?”

You nodded.

"I love you."

You let your mind wash away as she drowned you in love. Her love.

[Bonus][Act IV] Honey:Moon

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“Metamora!” Luna called out happily as she rounded a corner and all but ran straight into you, “We have finally tracked you to this very spot! Had we not known it to be untrue, we would suspect you were avoiding us!”

“H-Hi Princess,” you stammered, both comforted by her childlike exuberance and terrified by her predatory determination, “H-How can I help you?”

“Well,” Luna said, her voice dropping in pitch and volume, “We have some curiosities that sister could not satisfy. Curiosities about you, dearest Metamora.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not sure I follow,” you apologize, trying to determine if there was innuendo to her words, or if Anon had just perverted your sense of normlcy.

“Nonsense! We just mean to ask a few questions, possibly gather some data if you are willing to indulge the wanderings of a Princess’s mind.”

Well it wasn’t like you could just say no after all, was it? You may be a Queen, but disobeying a Princess, especially the cute one, seemed like a bad idea.

“Of course, Princess. I’d be happy to help any way I can.”

“Splendid!” she squealed, prancing in place adorably, “Please, follow us so we can go somewhere more relaxed.”

And follow you did. Even with your conditioning to labyrinthine structures from years in the hive, you still couldn’t quite keep up with all the twists and turns as fast as Luna took them. It was a surprise, then, when you ended up in front of a pair of ornate doors you were familiar with.

“We hope you don’t mind. This is one of the few places where we can let our mind truly free. This room is very much a room for the soul, or at least moreso than the surface of the moon.”

“So you actually remember…”

“Quite a bit, Metamora. Nightmare Moon was an affliction of the body, and a plague of the heart. But the one domain she never entirely commanded was the mind. We can still feel her deep inside of us: hurting, scheming. While we take a twisted delight in knowing that she is trapped as we once were, there is a sorrow in realizing there is a part of us that is trapped forever.”

You were speechless, there was definitely more to the lunar princess than you had assumed.

“We say this because you are a powerful mare, Metamora. You stand to do things your forbears could never have dreamed, but with that strength comes also weakness. Weakness in that every faltering hoofstep amplifies itself. Weakness in that the foil to your personal strength is the fragility of those you love. Remember those weaknesses, because as soon as you forget them you become your own undoing.”

“Thank you, Princess,” you reply. There was a lot to unpack there, but you would take her words to heart.

“Think nothing of it. It is our duty to ensure nopony makes the same mistakes that we have. Life is too important not to make different mistakes of your own.” Luna concluded, “Now that we have imparted what wisdom we bear unto you, we would like to ask a favor in return.”

“Anything, princess,” you agreed.

“Do not be so quick to the cut, Metamora. As of yet you know not even what we would ask.” Luna chided, “We have a few objectives that we feel can summarily be achieved in a single act. Foremost, we have many questions we would ask you over many topics. Secondarily, we have a burning desire to study Changeling biology on a willing subject. But finally, albeit not least significantly, we wish to blow off a little steam.”

“You mean…” you asked, incredulous, “you wish to bed me?”

“Is that so surprising?” Luna asked nonchalantly, “You’re wonderfully exotic, kind and caring beyond reason and we suppose this would be a fair way to express our apologies for stealing your Anon.”

“You don’t have to apologize for that… Anon is… Our relationship is special. Even if he involves other mares, I know where his heart is.”

“Nonetheless, we should hope that you would accept our offer. We shall inevitably become close since you are royalty as are we, and we would hate for that to be tainted with jealousy or regret.”

You want this, then?” you asked, “…to become close physically?”

“We do,” Luna nodded, blushing, “Anon is not the only creature that finds you attractive.”

“You think I’m attractive?” you asked with surprise. Anon was not so much of an enigma in that regard, but Luna… how could she find you attractive when just days ago you were a hostile, dangerous creature in her mind.

“Are you fishing for compliments, Metamora? ‘Tis quite unbecoming.”

“No I…” you paused, thinking about what you were actually doing, “Fine. You may experiment with me as you see fit.”

“Excellent!” Luna squealed, motioning with her hoof, “You’ll find the bed is quite comfortable. Please, make yourself at home.”

“Yes Princess!” you agreed, trotting over to the bed and taking care to leave nothing to the imagination. You settled in, letting your hindlegs drape off the edge of the bed, splayed out wide for easy access.

“So eager!” Luna chirped, “Let us begin gathering data at once!”

“Gather awa- Ah!” you shrieked in surprise as she dove right in, burying her snout between your legs. With as surprisingly shy as she was acting, she certainly didn’t hesitate where it mattered “N-No time for games, huh? A mare after my own heart.”

“We could not resist,” Luna answered, each breath sending a delightful shiver down your spine. As soon as she finished speaking, she returned to the task in front of her.

“I thought this was supposed to be a proper experiment…”

“Well we do have one question,” Luna asked almost ashamedly, “Are you… Are you receiving sustenance… love, as it were, from our actions.”

“I made a promise, Princess. I am not taking love. Not from you, not from anypony. What is given freely, though… that still feeds me.”

“Are we…” Luna started, a hard-to-place concern in her voice, “…giving freely?”

“You no doubt know the answer to that yourself, Princess,” you grin. She was positively radiating it, you almost wondered why.

“We hoped as much,” Luna shuddered, pulling herself away from your well-moistened marehood and crawling up the length of the bed. She nudged you onto your back and climbed atop you gingerly, “You are important to us, to all of Equestria.”

“Thank you Princess,” you smiled, looking up at her warm, matronly countenance as she looked to be deep in thought… thought about you, “What’s on your mind.”

“We’re a lot alike. Some vessels are darker than their contents. That makes them mysterious, shadowy, hard to trust…” Luna trailed off, “We trust you, Metamora. We once walked the trail ahead of you.”

“That means a lot to me, Princess,” you respond warmly, “But I didn’t expect you to be so sentimental.”

“We did not expect you to be so …sweet,” Luna countered, kissing you briefly, “You are more dangerous of an ally than you ever were an enemy.”

“You haven’t even given me a chance to be dangerous yet,” you chuckled, promptly flipping over and pinning Luna against the bed. You wasted no time in nipping gently at her neck, tracing a hoof down the length of her barrel until it dipped toward the warmer, softer flesh between her hindlegs.

“We thought we were supposed to be the ones performing the experiment on you!”

“You can stop me whenever you’d like,” you giggled, slithering between her legs and replacing your hoof with your tongue. Of course she wouldn’t stop you.

“Ah, Metamora!” she shivered, her intense reaction only driving you on, “Hah… Oh yes, Em! Keep going!”

Somehow hearing her use your nickname felt so right. Em wasn’t just some random Changeling, or some disguise you wore. It was the name for the part of you that was real.

“S-Slow down!” Luna whined, “You’ll make us…”

“Why slow down now? Surely we’re not stopping after one,” you reason, taking a long lick along her marehood to interrupt your pause, “Why not savor the next, or the one after that?”

“Oh fuck…” Luna whispered, the curse sounding out of place in the best possible way.

You kept pace with the princess’s now involuntary motions as her hips rolled against your efforts. She softly ground against you as you matched your rhythms to reach her sensitive bud just as her thrusts reached their apex. You could sense the inevitability and immediacy of the princess’s orgasm, almost being able to read her feelings more deeply than any other pony. As if she were playing with your mind… As if her true power in the bedroom had lie in wait for you to notice it.

“Luna I-” you tried as you felt a cocoon of warmth swaddle your mind. It was as if you were suddenly dreaming a pleasant dream, but all the while you were still wide awake. You could feel tendrils of her magic mapping your brain, whispers of her mind asking yours how they could make you feel loved, wanted, pleasured, welcome…

“Coming!” Luna exclaimed. You couldn’t tell if she spoke that aloud, or if you heard her in your head. Either way, it was as much a command as it was a declaration. You could feel everything, as your mind clouded over and your thoughts ground to a halt. You could feel what she was feeling, and what she wanted you to feel in turn. As close as you could explain it, you just got mindfucked.

But as you came down from whatever Luna had done to you, you saw something in your mind. Something you’re not sure she wanted you to see. Standing before you in a field of white were two mares, one a young, adorable light blue filly, and the other a dark, intimidating, regal mare. The small one bounded up to you, nuzzling against your side lovingly. The other mare spoke at a distance but she was speaking to somepony else, somepony right next to you:

“You don’t need to protect her anymore,” the shadowy mare declared, “Now it’s her turn to keep you safe.”

You glanced over to whoever she was speaking to, and you saw yourself, or rather, you saw the mare that you were before you met Anon. Dark, brooding, and devoid of emotion.

“I know,” the other you called, turning towards you with tears and hurt in her eyes, “but I don’t understand.”

The darker mare nodded in solidarity with that statement before beckoning back the filly still attached to your side. She ran back and embraced her darker counterpart just as happily as she had embraced you. You looked at your other self, moving to walk towards her.

“No!” the small filly demanded in Luna’s authoritative voice. The entire scene exploded into a million pieces, your vision slowly returning as you gasped for air like you had never breathed before in your life.

“You’re not strong enough to keep her in check. Give it time.”

“Luna, what was that?” you asked, concerned but also somehow at ease.

“You met Nightmare Moon. And yourself, it would seem.”

“How did…”

“You were inside of us,” Luna hummed in satisfaction.

“Did you mean to…”

“Not entirely. The clockwork of the mind manifests in strange ways,” Luna explained, “Your mind met ours in ways we’ve seldom seen.”

“I don’t really…” you pondered, “…understand.”

“It means that you have the potential to become a great empath, with the right teacher.”

“Are you suggesting…”

“If you’d have us as your teacher, we would be delighted!”

“The lessons would be like this, right?” you asked, humming in satisfaction.

“Yes!” Luna cheered, “We always wanted our own protege! And much more fun than Twilight Sparkle. Take that sister!”

“Oh, the fun has only just begun.”

“Em? Luna?” a sudden Anon questioned, “Are you two…”

“It appears…” Luna chuckled, “the fun has been doubled.”

[Bonus][Act IV] Ovi-positive

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“Em?” you call, rolling over to face her in the spacious bed, “Em, wake up!”

She groaned softly, moving only a hair but quickly returning to her motionless state.

“Em this is serious” you say, your voice breaking a whisper as you reach over to jostle her gently, “Come on, wake the fuck up ya bug.”

“W-What” she calls groggily, “Anon it’s the middle of the night, what could you possibly-”

“Now that you’re a Queen and all… how do you procreate?” you ask, not beating around the bush.

“Anon? You know how I procreate! We’ve done it more times than I can count.”

“Nonono, how do you, ya know… How do Changelings have kids?”

“Wha… Why is this important right now? Can’t this wait until the morning?” she moaned, rolling to face away from you.

“I just… There’s something I need to know. I won’t be able to sleep until-”

“Relax, Anon. You don’t have anything to worry about. I’m not trying to have offspring.”

“That’s not… Uh… Just tell me how Changelings reproduce, please?” you plead, trying to roll her back over to face you. “Technically, on a detailed level. Like specific mechanics.”

“You have the weirdest questions,” she deflects, a bit of unexpected happiness in her voice. “But I guess I can humor you this time. If you promise that you’d be up for a hands-on demonstration later…”

“Actually that’s um… I don’t think I’d… Just tell me how it works first.”

“Dude. You’re being really weird. Since when do you turn down the chance for hot, wet bugpony sex?”

“Since you’re going to shove your enormous egg dick in my ass and fuck me until I’m pregnant with thousands of your eggs!”

She flinched, then coughed, then started laughing uncontrollably, shaking the entire bed with her mirth.

“Seriously, Em! It’s not funny. My ass is off limits!”

“No, it’s totally hilarious. That’s not… That couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t lay our eggs in other creatures.”

“So it’ll just be for your enjoyment when you rape me with your ovi-prostate… er ovi-post-it… uh…”

“Ovipositor,” she answered.

“AAAAAAAAAAAH” you screamed in response.

“Relax, Anon. I don’t have one of those either.”

“You… You don’t?” you ask, “But my dream!”

“Wait, you dreamed that I fucked your ass full of eggs?” Metamora giggled.

“YES! And it was awful. It hurt and I didn’t like it, and it was gay!” you explained

“Then why’s your dick hard, huh?”

You glanced between your legs, looking to confirm your suspicion. She was absolutely right. “I don’t wanna talk about it. Just… now that I know you’re not going to be putting anything inside my butt let’s just forget we even had this entire conversation.”

“It wouldn’t be gay, you know…” Metamora corrected.

“What part of taking dick in the ass isn’t gay? Huh?”

“You’re really hung up on this, aren’t you?”

“NO! I’m not fucking gay, Em.”

“You’re so dense sometimes, Anon. What exactly do you think it means to be gay?”

“It means you like taking dick in your butt!” you explain. Fucking simple as that.

“Oh Anon, you’re the most sexually powerful creature on this planet and you honestly think that’s all it is?”

“Duh. It’s fucking simple, Em. Dick plus ass equals gay. Dick to dick, gay. Balls touch, gay.”

“That’s actually… quite an offensively simplistic view of homosexuality.” Metamora admonished, frowning slightly, “So it would be gay if you fucked my ass, just like that one time you said it was a ‘mistake’. Sure it was.”

“No! That doesn’t count cause you’re not a dude!”

“Right… So imagine we’re having sex and I reach around with my magic and gently, delicately stroke along your taint…”

“Em, I’m already hard. If you just want sex all you have to do is ask.”

“Bear with me. Stop me when this starts to sound gay,” she pauses, “In the heat of the moment, my magic slips higher, a firm, warm pressure against your asshole.”

“Kinky, but nothing weirder than some of the other shit we’ve done…”

“I get caught up in the moment, carried away as all of the sudden that gentle pressure spreads you just a bit more and then…” she winks, “Pop! All of the sudden my magic is gently exploring you, moving in slow ebb and flow, softly caressing your walls. After a few strokes the magic keeps coming, converging into a cylindrical projection that spears your insides.”

“Wow Em, is this what your sex dreams are like? Cause Maybe you don’t have to let dreams be dreams, ya know.”

“Oh, we’re only getting started. The magic starts moving deeper. All of the sudden you feel something. Something strange, unfamiliar. A pressure inside you that feels almost like you’re cumming, but you’re not. You realize that my magic is hitting your prostate and it feels amazing. You ask me to keep going and out of nowhere I roll you onto your back, jumping on top of you. That cylinder of magic attaches itself to my hips and I start thrusting, driving it into you and pulling back out with each thrust.”

“When’s this supposed to start sounding gay? Just sounds like some really kinky foreplay to me.”

“You’ve never heard of pegging?”

“Is that one of those little table games they have at restaurants, you know with the golf tees and stuff…”

“No Anon, it’s a sex thing. It’s when somepony wears a dildo and then fucks somepony else with it. It can be gay if it’s two stallions, it could be lesbian if it’s mare on mare, but what would it be if a mare were to do it with her coltfriend?”

“S-Straight?” you hesitate. Was it?

“There we go!” she cheers, “So in more relatable terms, if I strapped on a fake penis and fucked you until you came all over yourself, that would be…”

“Straight,” you answer grudgingly. You now realized where she was going with this.

“So being that I’m a Changeling, rather than going out and getting a dildo, I just poof a dick into existence, a broad green lance between my legs. That one’s still…”

“You’re pushing it, Em…”

“I haven’t even gotten to the egg laying part yet!”


“Sorry, sorry. Couldn’t resist. But really, I’ve heard from some male Changelings in the hive that, gay or not, they immensely enjoy anal stimulation in the proper setting.”

“Yeah, but you’re freaky sex bugs! It’s what you do!”

“Admittedly the concept of sexuality does weigh less on my kind than it would on most, but nonetheless we all have our preferences, Anon. You know I certainly do.”

“S-So do I! J-Just because I’ve thought about it doesn’t mean I’m gay!”

“You’re right, it doesn’t. Sexuality isn’t meant to be binary, no two creatures like the same things, and as long as you’re not harming anypony there’s nothing wrong with liking what you like.”

“A-and if I maybe thought about… a man, er stallion, er whatever. A-Am I still straight?”

“You’re whatever you want to be,” Metamora confirmed, “Not to trivialize your feelings, but they’re just labels. Your desires aren’t any less valid because they don’t fit within somepony else’s lines.”

“E-even if I want to s-see what d-dick feels like?”

“It’s natural to be curious, Anon. Everypony needs to experiment from time to time.”

“Can you show me, then?” you asked nervously.

“Show you what, Anon?”

“Your ovi… egg whatever.”

“You know I don’t actually have one of those, right?”

“Come on, Em…” you begged, “Please?”

“Fine,” she grinned, a green flame bursting between her legs, revealing a hefty sheath, “But you have to get me hard.”

“Ffuck…” you swore, your face on fire as you stared betwen her legs.

“We can go as far as you want.”

There was something comforting about that statement. You watched your arm extend out as if it had a mind of its own, moving towards the fleshy pouch between her hindlegs. The closer you got to your target, the shakier your hand became. You shivered as soon as your fingertip brushed against that warmth, earning a shallow moan from Metamora. Emboldened by the pleasured sound of your partner, you continued on, your entire hand coming to rest against the warmth of her sheath.

“Oh… ohfuck” you shivered, noticing the first signs of movement as the first peek of verdant shaft escaped its charcoal covering. Before you could even think about it, your hand closed around the quickly growing mast, gripping it gingerly but sill strongly enough to feel each rush of blood as it pooled within the enlongating organ.

“Mmm, you’re good at this,” Metamora teased, “Sure you haven’t done this before?”

You didn’t respond. You just kept stroking as the inches kept coming, watching as her ovipositor gained more definition. The smooth, slick shaft ended in a gentle taper that seemed like it would stretch you just right. Then there was that opening, splaying just a tad wider with each pulse of her shaft. You felt an overwhelming need to touch that tip, to play with the slick fluid seeping from it.

“S-Shit, Anon!” Metamora squealed as you rubbed a thumb against that opening. Her hips started to jerk involuntarily, forcing you to grasp her shaft tightly as she thrust against your grip. “Hive, I can’t believe I never thought to do this before.”

You just let her keep going. It was clear that she was enjoying herself, and for once you were honest with yourself - you were enjoying it too. Every thrust, moan, or dribble of warm pre was an affirmation that it was okay to feel the way you did. Or at least, the only person you could confide such secrets in was very understanding. Either way, you were making your bug squirm in all the right ways.

“F-Faster!” she demanded, her hips frantically trying to fill that ask as much as you were. You held tightly onto her shaft, letting her slick lime-tinted precum coat your hands as you jerked her off as best you could.

“Nnh, fuck Anon! I’m gonna cum!” Metamora yelled, her entire body arching rigidly as she convulsed in the throes of her impending orgasm. You kept going, giving her those last few strokes before she let loose.

You could feel that moment as soon as it came, one enormous pulse through her shaft as she screamed incoherently. No sooner had you realized what was happening than an enormous jet of milky seed shot into the air, crashing back down to cover her dick and your arms right as the next powerful spurt shot forth. Just as quickly, you realized it was such a shame that her potent seed was going nowhere, and before your heteronormative trappings could stop you, you dove in and sealed your lips around her shaft.

She squealed even louder, the third jet even stronger than the first due to the increased stimulus of your mouth. You’d heard that jizz was supposed to taste awful, but that was the last thing on your mind. The warmth, the feeling, the sheer volume of it forcing you to swallow without thought… You all but came yourself as the last few jets of her orgasm tapered off. When you finally locked eyes with your newly endowed partner, she was blushing like you'd never seen.

“Hive, that was so intense…”

“Yeah,” you sighed sadly.

“W-What’s wrong?” she asked back worriedly.

“I thought there would be eggs?”

“That’s not how…” Metamora tried, her worry replaced by confusion, “I don’t just cum eggs, Anon.”

“But you could, you know…” you intimated, “If you wanted an egg… right?”

“We’re not going to be getting any sleep tonight, are we?” Metamora asked in a soothing, prideful tone, her honeyed words as much a compliment as a taunt.

“S-Shut up. You’re cute when you’re smug, but you can be a real pain in my ass.”

“Oh? Can I…” she giggled hungrily as she lunged for you.

“No! Shit, wait…”

[Bonus][Act V] Cornflower Blues

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“Wait!” Cornflower begged, tears in her eyes as she was stared down by two hungry Changelings.

“And what would we be waiting for?” Pharynx asked with venom in his voice.

“I don’t want this!” Cornflower cried, backing slowly into the small room that Pharynx and Aphelion had cornered her in.

“Of course you don’t, but you don’t have any choice in the matter. We’ve taken over your pathetic city and all the love in it belongs to us now.”

“No that’s not…” Cornflower tried to steel her resolve, “I don’t want you to take my love when I’d give it to you instead.”

“Come again?” Pharynx implored, “You want to give away your love?”

“Just like Anon gave his love to Metamora. I- I…” she hesitated, “I want to believe there is good inside of you.”

“You’ve met Queen Metamora?” Pharynx asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Yes, I knew both of them from their time here. And I…” Cornflower blushed, her voice dropping to a whisper, “I, um, got to know them rather intimately too.”

“You don’t mean to say that you’ve bedded my Queen?” Pharynx asked, a jealous incredulity in his voice.

“Well if I’m being specific… we both kind of tag-teamed Anon,” she nervously explained, “Oh, I’m so embarrassed!”

“Same!” Aphelion squeaked happily. Her exuberance clearly set Cornflower at ease, her gaze now warily trained on Pharynx.

“Well then,” Pharynx harrumphed, “If Queen Metamora deemed you worthy enough to bed her and her consort, then you have our attention.”

“Yup! All three of us, at attention,” Aphelion chuckled, “Me, Pharynx, and…”

“And?” Pharynx asked, looking down towards the plucky drone next to him.

“And your dick, obviously,” she retorted, “How could you not notice that, that thing almost broke the sound barrier as soon as she mentioned Em’s name.”

“That’s Queen Em- er, Queen Metamora,” Pharynx scolded, trying to change the subject, “I know we raised you better than that.”

Aphelion’s expression soured at Pharynx’s admonishment. One of these days she’d have to teach him how to have fun.

“Now… Cornflower, was it?” Pharynx asked, refocusing on the less thorny of the two mares.

“Yes, I-”

“Suppose we take you up on your offer…” Pharynx hypothesized, “What benefit would we derive?”

“…Well Metamora said being given love is better than taking it,” Cornflower explained, “But I don’t know how that all works. What I do know is that I had a lot of fun. Enough fun to want more. I don’t see why this would be any different.”

“You act as if you have a choice in the matter. Can’t you see that we’ve defeated you?”

“You haven’t defeated anypony,” Cornflower disagreed, a streak of defiance in her voice, “I don’t want to fight you, we don’t want to fight you. We want to offer peace, to coexist!”

“Coexist? There’s no way,” Pharynx dismissed, “There is no equilibrium between our kinds. There is no give, only take.”

“Your Queen would disagree,” Cornflower tried to explain, “Before the invasion she and the Princesses promised a way forward for Changeling and Pony alike. Can’t you believe in that? Don’t you want to believe in that?”

“If you can show us this love that exists to be given,” Pharynx offered, “Then we can talk about what there is, or is not, to believe in.”

“Before we… Could you tell me your names at least?”

“I suppose we cou-”

“I’m Aphelion!” she chirped, nuzzling her purple-haired compatriot, “and this is Pharynx. He acts all serious, but he’s really a big softie as long as you show him a good time.”

She ducked underneath Pharynx’s barrel and placed a quick kiss on the side of his still-firm shaft.

“Aphelion!” Pharynx shouted, kicking one of her hindlegs gently. He stared angrily at the diminutive drone just long enough to miss Cornflower turning around. By the time he noticed movement and refocused his attention-

“Do we have a deal, Pharynx?” Cornflower asked, presenting a very attractive offer.

Pharynx stammered for a moment. Of course it was because he wasn’t used to anypony offering themselves to him, and it definitely wasn’t anything to do with the fact that he very much appreciated the view.

“If you don’t do something, I’m going to,” Aphelion whispered into Pharynx’s ear, her desire similarly stoked.

Pharynx shook his head, as if to brush away the cloud of lust assaulting him, “You’re serious about this?”

“Of course I am,” Cornflower explained, “The last time I trusted a Changeling it was… delightful.”

“I’m not going to change for your amusement,” Pharynx declared.

“Wha- I-”

“Of course, there’s the caveat,” he pointed out triumphantly, “Always a fucking catch with you ponies.”

“That’s not-”

“That’s not what? Not going according to your precious plan? What a shame.”

“Pharynx!” Aphelion shouted, drawing him out of his tirade, “She’s trying to say something, behave yourself.”

He stared briefly at her, confused by her admonishment, then grudgingly turned to hear Cornflower out.

“I never asked you to change,” Cornflower explained, turning to face Pharynx “Metamora showed me the most beautiful part is in here.”

She pressed her hoof gently to Pharynx’s chest, her warm, caring gaze locking with his cold, stoic stare. Then she leaned in for a kiss; Pharynx obliged.

“Come on stud,” Cornflower beckoned, delighting in his vision locked on her as she turned around for the final time, “You know what to do…”

Pharynx let out a deep, instinctual grunt as he lunged for his prey.

“Oh yes!” Cornflower squealed as she prepared for Pharynx to mount her.

He, however, had other plans. Despite wanting to assert his dominance, he still wanted to make sure Cornflower enjoyed it- er, made as much love as possible. Yeah, that.

“Pharynx?” she asked, looking over her shoulder just in time to see what he had planned, “Oh- Ah!”

His muzzle met with her marehood roughly and without warning, his tongue crashing the beachhead of her pleasure, his ambition to wear down her inhibitions and enrapture her. And if Aphelion happened to see, and happened to like what she saw… Well the consequences of her arousal were often well received.

“Oh Pharynx, you didn’t have t-” she shuddered, feeling him lick a particularly sensitive spot, “Ah!”

Yes, just like that. He could already taste the first threads of love peeling away from her, unraveling as he continued to stimulate her glistening sex.

“W-Wow…” Aphelion exhaled, moaning softly to herself as her hoof moved between her legs; Anon would be proud. Even she could already sense the love Pharynx was squeezing out of the adorable, sweet mare they had captured. He had good taste in more ways than one.

“Fuck,” Pharynx swore, pulling away for a moment to escape the pounding assault of her floral scent, her effervescent lust. His plan to get her worked up, to make her lose control was precipitously close to backfiring on him. He could feel his dick straining to find somewhere to sheathe itself.

“W-What are you waiting for?” Cornflower asked, any remaining shred of timidity that Anon hadn’t already fucked out of her torn to shreds by her unquenchable need and the irredeemable taboo of the situation she found herself in.

Pharynx growled, a primal noise that made Cornflower’s fur stand on end. He jumped atop her, feeling the soft, pliant give of her soft fur and well-rounded flanks under his unforgiving chitin. But the firmest part of his body was currently still awaiting contact. In a frenzied shuffle, he stumbled forward, feeling himself at first lance high and brush his stallionhood against her back. The sweet contact, even if it wasn’t what he inevitably wanted, was enough to earn a steaming shot of his abundant Changeling precum.

On the second thrust, he hit his mark, feeling his blunt head spearing the tight canal of his willing pony partner. They moaned in tandem as he slowly pressed inside.

“F-Fuck, you’re huge!” she screamed, his length not but halfway buried. He pulled back slowly, fighting against the instinct to just let go and bury himself inside.

He pressed forward again, gently driving himself further than before. As he went to reverse directions once more, he felt the air around him heavy with love to consume.

Once more he withdrew all but the tip, grasping more firmly before thrusting back in to the hilt. Now that he was finally buried inside of her, the real fun began. Now that he was finally buried inside her, he could let instinct take over. He could get to work without anything to distract him…

“Phaaaaaarynx…” Aphelion whined, trying to downplay the obviousness her well-dampened hoof, “you’re leaving me out of the fun!”

“Nhh, you’ll get your chance with her in a minute squirt,” he dismissed, “soon as I’ve had my fill of her love.”

“I don’t want…” Aphelion trailed off, looking away solemnly, “I want you Pharynx.”

“You…” Pharynx started, losing focus on the task at hand, “huh?”

“I l… I lu-…” she stammered before finding her resolve, “Damnit, I fucking love you Pharynx!”

“W-what?” Pharynx gasped. Between the billowing love from Cornflower and the sharp arrow from Aphelion that freshly pierced his heart, he was having trouble thinking straight.

“Oh Pharynx!” Cornflower squealed, feeling him start to flare inside of her, “c-come on, you can do it!”

“I-” he hesitated, leaning in closer to Cornflower as if the war raging in his mind threatened to topple him off her back, “Wha- I…”

Pharynx could feel the threads of those words hanging in the air, he just needed to figure out how to tie them together, how to make them real. One look at Aphelion over his shoulder and he knew. He knew that even if those words went without saying, telling her how much she meant would be worth it. Worth the pain, the confusion, the uncertainty.

“Aphelion I-” he cried, teetering right on the edge, “I love you too!”

And as he let his feelings free, so too did release wash over him, mixing with the sweet taste of love in the air and the bitter realization that some of it was his.

Pharynx woke up some untold amount of time later, seeing double as he started to ascertain his surroundings. There was that wonderful pony over there - wait, over there - wait… No there were definitely two of them.

“Pharynx,” they said in unison, each presenting themselves to him, “Ready for round two?”

“What am I-” he tried, rolling to his hooves as if standing would bring him perspective, “Why are there two of you?”

“Well we thought you might…” one of them began.

“…might want to have some fun,” the other finished.

“Which one of you is-”

“Cornflower?” they both said in unison again, walking towards each other, “I am!”

“Better hurry up,” one said, wrapping her hooves around the other.

“Or I might get tired playing with myself,” the other finished, locking lips with her clone in a heated embrace.

Pharynx was starting to realize that he was going to enjoy this, he might, maybe, just a little bit, even love it.

“See what I mean,” the real Cornflower cooed, “There’s so much more love to give than there ever is to take.”

“It’s beautiful!” Aphelion gushed, staring fondly at the whirling ball of mixed colors above the intertwined trio.

“Beautiful indeed,” a sinister voice cackled, “But I think I’ll take it all anyway.”

Chrysalis grinned as she devoured all but the barest threads of love in the room.

“Every sip more refreshing than the last,” Chrysalis bellowed, her wings flaring menacingly, “but I still thirst.”

As the Queen alighted in search of more love, Cornflower focused on what little was left within.

“I love you two,” she whispered, fighting against the pull of sleep, “don’t let her corrupt that.”

And as exhaustion finally overtook her, Pharynx and Aphelion found themselves energized. Chrysalis had taken all the love there was to take, but she could never take all the love there was to give.

[Bonus][Act V] Science Unfair

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“Hey,” you call into the seemingly empty library, “anyone there?”

“Pharynx?” Twilight’s voice called, scents of surprise and excitement wafting toward you from- “I’m downstairs! Come on down.”

You had some very interesting shared remembrances of that basement, courtesy of Metamora. Truth be told, you’d rather be helping with whatever the princesses were trying to do to bring her back. But you understood, presumably as did Twilight, that there was always a big picture. So you descended the stairs, trying to clear your head for the task ahead. If only you knew what that task was.

“Hi!” Twilight greeted you warmly as you reached the bottom of the stairwell, “I’m so glad you were able to make it.”

“I was told there was important research. I came as fast as I could.”

“Yes. The princesses asked me to do some testing to make sure that everything goes smoothly now that this is your home too.”

“Oh,” you sighed, “Have to make sure we’re actually reformed, right?”

“Nonono!” Twilight corrected, shaking her head vigorously, “Literally the exact opposite! I need to make sure that Equestria will be safe for every Changeling.”

“No offense, Twilight, but we’ve been in and out of Equestria for hundreds if not thousands of years with no trouble.”

“But you haven’t been given love during that time. We have to make sure-”

“Anon and Metamora are-” you stopped yourself, “…were fine. Why would this be any different?”

“Well we don’t know if pony love is any different. It might be harmful in large doses. We just… The princesses and I and… really everypony, we want to make sure we’re good hosts.”

“I understand. Please let me help however you need.”

“Thank you!” she squealed, “Thank you so much, Pharynx! You won’t regret it!”

“I’m certain I won’t,” you agreed wholeheartedly. Between what Metamora had shown you, and what you experienced with Cornflower, trust was a lot easier to come by now. You refocused from your brief reverie, “Now what do you need from me?”

“Well at this point I don’t have the resources to really clinically test this, so unfortunately we’ll have to be a bit crude in our experimentation?”

“Crude?” you asked, not catching her train of reasoning?

“Well I don’t exactly have stores of distilled love, nor do we have the time or subjects to test this reliably so…” Twilight paused, making sure you were following, “I’m just going to have to monitor you while I give you my love.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” you reassured, already looking forward to the free meal.

“I uh…” Twilight chuckled nervously, “…I’ve got no clue how to give love, you know scientifically.”

“Well what about un-scientifically?” you asked, posing the obvious question.

“Um, well I… We could but…” Twilight blushed, “I-If you promise to be gentle and…”

“Wait, you’re saying…” you tried to summarize, “sex is the only way you know to give love to a Changeling?”

“I’m sorry!” she exclaimed, hiding her face behind a hoof, “I’ve never been so unprepared for science in my entire life!”

“Twilight,” you called, trying to break her from her panic, “There are other ways to share love.”

“There are?”

“Of course,” you explained, “Sex is obviously the quickest, I mean there’s a reason it’s called making love. But it doesn’t have to be sex.”

“Then what?”

“Come lay down over here,” you motioned to a corner of the room where some cushions were laid out. As she obliged, you laid down next to her.

“Like this?” she asked, a nervousness in her voice and in the air around her.

“Yes, now…” you started, leaning gently into her, “Tell me about something that makes you happy.”

“I like sunrises,” Twilight offered, looking to you for approval, “they’re a beautiful phenomenon, and a nice reminder of who’s responsible for it.”

“Good,” you cooed, feeling the first wisps of her love starting to diffuse, “Tell me more.”

“Well, Princess Celestia was almost like a second mom to me,” Twilight continued, radiating the warmth of her appreciation, “I mean my parents were both great but she… Understood me?”

“But you like her,” you started following a hunch, “…more than family, right?”

“I-” she tried, her emotions turning sour for a brief moment, “Yes. And I had a chance to act on those feelings recently. It wasn’t what I expected.”

“Do you feel differently now?” you asked, trying to redirect her back to happy thoughts.

“Well I…” Twilight hesitated, “She needed more than I knew how to give.”

“I can relate,” you laughed.

“Oh, um… with, uh,” Twilight stammered, trying to remember her name, “…with Aphelion, right?”

“Yeah,” you confirmed sheepishly.

“Well she sure seems to like you already,” Twilight offered, “What’s missing?”

“She, uh,” you started, “She took so quickly to this love sharing thing and I want to show her that I’ve changed too, but it’s hard for me to, you know… I’m so used to hoarding love to survive.”

“You’re not hoarding it right now,” Twilight pointed out, her horn lighting and causing a red mist to precipitate out from the air, “I noticed it and I can’t even feel emotions. You must really like her.”

“I love her, Twilight,” you explained, “but I can’t just give her love, I need to feed too.”

“She needs more love than you can give her?” Twilight asked with concern in her voice.

“No,” you answered, “But she deserves more. I’ve seen how much love Anon gave to Metamora and I… If I could give her that much…”

“P-Pharynx are you…” she asked, staring towards your hind legs, “…aroused?”

“Wha-” you exclaimed, tracing her gaze right to…

“That’s…” Twilight giggled, “kind of adorable. Getting all excited about your crush, huh?”

“Twilight, I can taste emotions, including yours. You of all ponies don’t get to shame me about being horny right now.”

“Eep!” she squeaked, recoiling in shock as you laid her deception bare.

Somehow that only made you more excited.

“I-I…” she hesitated, “It’s probably just…”

“No excuses, Twilight,” you declared, “We both need to be honest. For Equestria.”

“Honest…” Twilight chewed on the thought, “If we’re being honest… I’m really pent up. It’s a long story but… I don’t want to pressure you into…”

“You didn’t want me to feel used, right?” you asked. Twilight nodded in response, “Well maybe I want to be. Maybe I want to be useful for once instead of…”

“Pharynx,” Twilight sighed, “you don’t have to prove anything. Not to me, not to Aphelion, not to anypony.”

“What would you know?” you asked, cringing at your own words, “I’m sorry, it’s not your fault.”

“You’re right,” Twilight answered, leaning against you a little more forcefully, “There’s a lot I don’t understand about love, about Changelings… But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that hands on learning always works best.”

“Twilight,” you warned, watching her bring her muzzle to yours. Before you could discourage her further, she planted her lips on yours, enveloping you in warm, filling pony love.

“Come on,” Twilight encouraged, “Let’s make love, Pharynx.”

“I thought you didn’t want to…”

“So did I,” Twilight explained, pushing you over onto your back and rolling atop you, “But you… consider this a donation, so you can make her happy.”

“Twilight,” you gasped, “I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” she whispered, her breath hot in your ear, “unless you can’t help yourself.”


She rolled her hips, moving ever so slightly forward with each motion, the warmth between her legs drawing ever closer to the sensitive tip of your shaft.

“It might come as a surprise,” Twilight started, “but I’ve never been with a Changeling before.”

“Oh? Liking what you see?”

“Yesss,” she moaned, finally lining up the tip of your dick with her wet marehood, “Are you?”

“Changelings are less about what we see, and more about what we feel,” you explained, nipping gently at her neck, “but getting both in one package is nice.”

“Oh!” she squealed, finally feeling you start to spread her open, “such a gentlecolt!”

“You did ask me to be gentle,” you explained, softly pressing yourself further into her with a need you didn’t know you had.

“W-What if I changed my mind about that part?” Twilight asked, pushing back more forcefully until her hips met yours.

“Then I’d have to oblige,” you said, wrapping your forehooves around her back as you slowly retreated.

You could tell she was ready for it, her head lowered, her lips inches from yours, her marehood pulsing around your shaft. So you didn’t hold back. Sex was the most effective way to gather love, and thousands of years of evolution had honed your species into machines built for maximum carnal efficiency.

“Oh fuck!” she squealed, shuddering as you shoved yourself back inside with one quick thrust.

“How does it feel, Twilight?”

“Y-youuu-” she groaned, half in pleasure over your change in tactic, half in contempt over your effective strategy.

“That good, huh?” you chuckled, pulling out with an agonizing slowness but ramming yourself back in like your life depended on it.

“Come on,” she grunted, lowering her head a little more, “that all you got?”

It wasn’t. You switched it up once more, instead of long, staccato thrusts you switched to a short, rapid motion. Her ragged breath switched instantly to small moans of pleasure. She tried to match your thrusts with her hips, but all she managed was a weak shudder.

Just when you thought you had finally secured the upper hoof from underneath, you were surprised once more. Her forelegs, which had been supporting her ever so slightly, finally gave, causing her to fall fully onto you and causing her horn to cross with yours. Immediately you felt a jolt through you, as if her horn had completed a circuit. Eventually, though the sharp surprise of her magical infusion dulled and instead of knocking you off kilter, it drove you on even faster.

“Oh Pharynx!” she squealed, “…s-sorry I-”

“Keep going” you demanded, feeling her magic resonate through you as you felt your magical energy start to intertwine with her body. Your magical embrace fed you back as much pleasure as your physical union, mirroring what the other felt and relaying it back to one another.

“H-hive, Twilight!” you grunted, “I’m gonna-”

“Hah, m-me too!”

Your dueling symphonies reached their crescendo in synchrony, a beautiful harmony.

“That was …highly informative,” Twilight agreed, rolling off of you, “T-thank you for being such a v-virile… I mean valuable test subject.”

“Well,” you grinned, “Anything to save Equestria.”

You moved to leave, having accomplished more than either of you had expected. As you turned to face the stairs up to the library proper, you noticed something, or rather someone…

“Pharynx did you really not invite me?” Aphelion asked incredulously, standing at the foot of what were turning out to be a rather unfortunate set of stairs.

“This all kind of… Just happened. You know I love you first and foremost, my little nymph.”

“I’m not a little nymph!” she whined, “And you completely glossed over the possibility of a really hot threesome! I’m more disappointed for you than I am that I missed out.”

“That’s my bug,” you cheered, “What do you say, Twilight? Room for one more?”

Twilight was in shock, scribbling furiously at a clipboard in front of her.

“Not this again…” Twilight called nervously, her horn lighting, “I have to go.”

“Looks like it’s just you and me, bug,” you smirked, already feeling yourself getting ready to go again, “Why don’t I make it up to you?”

“Oh Pharynx, how’d you know?” Aphelion gushed, “I’d love to go for ice cream!”

“Ice cream?” you asked incredulously. This was not what you had in mind.

“Yeah!” she squealed, “I’ve been longing for something thick and creamy to fill my mouth with all day long!”

Hive did you love her, but she was going to be the death of you.

[Bonus][Epilogue] Pride and Accomplishment

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“Good morning, Chrysalis,” Celestia called, trotting up behind you, “I’m glad to see you’re finding your way around the castle.”

“Yes, it was quite the puzzle at first. Even with the underhanded knowledge I’ve gathered over the years,” you agree, “I couldn’t be more appreciative, though, of everything you have done to make me feel welcome here.”

“You are welcome here, Chrysalis. I never thought I’d see the day where I could consider you an ally, a friend.” Celestia admitted, “But you’ve been that and more since the events in Ponyville.”

“No deed can ever repay what I’ve taken from you, but I am determined to try nonetheless,” you promise, “whatever assistance I can be to your empire-”

“Our empire,” Celestia smiled, the warmth in her voice matching the warmth in her emotions, “don’t divorce yourself from the beautiful thing you helped create.”

“Thank you, Princess, but your subjects number in the many of thousands and mine in the few of hundreds. I can claim only the smallest part to play in bringing us together.”

“Sometimes the smallest parts are the most delicate. The most delicate parts the most intricate. The most intricate parts the most integral.”

“I appreciate your flattery, but I am neither intricate nor delicate,” you disagree, “You, your sister, even my own Metamora - you are all beautifully complex creatures, but I... I have only ever been brutishly moved by hunger. Now that I’ll never hunger again… What should motivate me?”

“What indeed,” Celestia responded, “I can’t answer that for you, but I would love to help you find out.”

“Do I deserve help?” you ask, “After all I’ve done?”

“Mistakes are intrinsic,” she lectured, “Learning from them is the true test of character.”

“I want to say I’ve learned from…” you sigh, “from everything. But my revelation was gift-wrapped for me three times before I finally understood. Now I’m being consoled over my own crisis of confidence by a mare that is as morally pure as she is beautiful-”

Did you actually just say that? Judging by the laser focus of Celestia’s attention and the delightful dance of scarlet on her cheeks, you did.

“Sorry, that was improper of me. My mouth moves ahead of my mind as of late. It was much easier to keep my thoughts in check when they weren’t driven by my own emotions.”

“I take no offense,” Celestia soothed, “I don’t think anypony would turn away from being told they were morally pure.”

“That wasn’t…”

“I know,” Celestia teased, “Can I ask though, was that just idle chatter or do you actually-”

“Celestia!” you admonish. Was this a thing that friends did? She wasn’t making fun of you, but her delight in your embarrassment was tangible even ignoring your ability to taste emotions. Nonetheless, she asked you a question and you owed a debt of honesty, “…I meant what I said.”

“Well I’m flattered. I think you’re beautiful as well.”

“No you don’t,” you denied, “You don’t have to pretend to reciprocate the wanderings of my unbidden tongue.”

“I’m not pretending, never in matters of the heart,” Celestia mused, “And I think we can both grow to enjoy the efforts of your unbidden tongue and any reciprocity it may bring.”

Now you were the one blushing. It wasn’t enough that you had shown your hand, or even that you were beginning to realize that you were painfully attracted to the wonderful, regal, majestic princess who had as of late become as much a maternal figure as she had a friend. The real tragedy here was that the more she spoke, the more she radiated warmth and kindness and happiness at you, the more you wanted to conquer her in the one remaining domain where you may still hold the upper hand…

“The bedroom…” you thought aloud. Instantly you realized what you had done. It appears you were ironically cursed to be as transparent with your emotions as ponies usually were to a Changeling.

“Oh my, how forward of you,” Celestia gasped. There was something in her reaction though that confused you. She wasn’t amused by your slip, wasn’t holding in laughter or biding her disapproval. She hadn’t the slightest of context on why you chose to string together those two fateful words. Could you… could you flip the script?

“You’re right, I am forward. Some would bury their desire behind hidden meaning, but in the end, they have needs the same as I. Your innuendo is just as shameful as my indiscretion, but while I’m prepared to lap directly at your desire, you are content merely to fan the flames.”

“I…” she shuddered, her breathing suddenly heavy. You still had every ounce of your Changeling charm.

“There’s fear in your voice, Celestia,” you declare, “you know you don’t have to fear me.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” she responded, as much a declaration of goodwill as it was an attempt to defray further question.

“No,” you agreed, reading her emotions once more and realizing your mistake, “You aren’t scared of me, you’re scared like me. I know why I’m terrified of feeling things, but what of your emotions scares you, Celestia?”

Realizing that Celestia was vulnerable too should have filled you with confidence, but instead it filled you with unease. Being afraid of yourself was a cruel punishment, and she didn’t deserve that.

“I make mistakes when I lead with my heart. I scared off Twilight, then I… when Anon was still…”

“Somepony once told me mistakes are intrinsic,” you nurtured, “How about we learn from them together?”

“I’d like that, I think.”

“Then let’s go make a beautiful mistake,” you agreed.

“Thank you, Chrysalis,” Celestia said, her voice sincere, vulnerable, “Letting myself go is new to me.”

“You’re not the only one,” you confirmed, feeling the heat of her magical embrace preparing to whisk you off to her chambers, “I’m glad you can understand.”

“What form would you have me take,” you asked, “I can be the mare, or stallion, of your dreams.”

“I thought this was for both of us?” Celestia asked, stepping closer to you and making you inch backwards towards her bed.

“The form I take is irrelevant to my enjoyment,” you explain, standing your ground “So ask of me whatever makes your heart fullest.”

“I don’t need you to change, Chrysalis.”

“Really, I don’t mind,” you assure her, “Surely you’d rather look at another form than mine.”

“No, truly, I don’t want you to take another form for my benefit. I’ve hidden from my feelings enough, using you to perpetrate the lie would only hurt more.”

“I understand,” you concede, “A transformation into something unique, then?”

“It is my sole intention to bed the most beautiful Changeling that I have ever set my eyes upon, and give her as much love as possible in the process.”

“I see why you’ve come to me then,” you admit, already beginning to imagine the form, “There’s not much likelihood that Metamora would be inclined, given her mood of late.”

“Metamora?” Celestia asked in surprise, interrupting your concentration, “She is definitely beautiful and will no doubt become a skilled ruler, but she has not the cutting edge of your wit nor the skills honed over years on the throne.”

“I’m not beautiful,” you disagree, “I’m a wretched creature, as disgusting outside as I ever was in.”

“Not too long ago, I would have agreed with you,” Celestia capitulated, stepping to your side and looking at you with an admiration you could feel.

“What changed?”

“Context,” she whispered breathily in your ear, “I used to see you as a monster because I didn’t understand you. I used to interpret Changelings as nothing more than weapons of flesh and blood, because that’s all I could conceptualize. But now… I can see past that ancient fear.”

You couldn’t think to respond. Everything she said rang true, but you weren’t sure if that hurt - or if it should.

“Your horn for example,” Celestia continued, her breath hot against that selfsame organ, “In my darkest nightmares I never feared its magic, only the sharp, jagged edge. Now I’ve seen… I’ve felt the power you conceal inside that obsidian spire.”

Oh hive, was she really… Certainly she couldn’t know the effect a simple kiss would have.

“Your chitin was always a shield, a covering for the weakness I knew filled you,” she again explained, nipping her way down your neck, “but now it’s a container, a chalice full to overflowing of strength, love, beauty.”

You weren’t sure why you were tearing up. Was it knowing what you had been, or hearing what you’d become?

“Your wings, I imagined them a coward’s tool built to escape justice and punishment, now they're a majestic part of your regal air,” she expounded, blowing gently across the sensitive membranes, “and how they buzz when you’re aroused… delicious.”

You were embarrassed that your body would betray you so, but you could read where this was going. What came next happened on the bed, her bed. She swiftly joined you, rolling you onto your back with a lover’s delicate caress.

“And what you conceal between your legs,” Celestia refocused, nudging your hindlegs apart, “Well that will always be a weapon of seduction. One glance enough to indenture the most resolute of ponies in blissful, eternal servitude.”

If she had as much a way with actions as she did with words, you would…

“C-Celestia!” you screamed, her playful tonguework on your drenched marehood the most intense feeling you had ever known.

“Why did we ever wait so long?” Celestia asked, a longing sadness in her voice.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, hearing and feeling the desperation, the disappointment in her voice, “Let’s make up for lost time.”

The brisk motion of her tongue was the only indication you had of her affirmation. Your vision was focused instead on the mark of the sun on her flank, almost mocking you as it concealed just out of reach the burning heat you truly wished to look upon. And you had never allowed yourself to be mocked, to be denied that which you wanted. Now was no different as you didn’t even have to think before your magic enveloped Celestia and flipped her inelegantly onto her back.

“C-Chrysalis?” she asked, shuddering as she witnessed the hunger in your eyes.

“Don’t worry, my princess,” you reassured, preparing to delve between her thighs, “You’re in good hooves.”

You kept your word, repeating the same actions that she so valiantly performed upon you. Her squeak of surprise died as you refused to let up, giving way to a forceful exhale and finally to ragged, uneven breaths. Your senses were bombarded by perfection, her taste, her voice, her beautiful, wonderful heart. Making love to her was a drug, and you were resigned to your addiction.

But just when you thought your mind was full with what you were already experiencing, you felt the heat of her tongue once more. Her touch was the final straw, the lone remaining holdout of your mind that had just lost the battle against rational thought. Now there was only biology. Only the beating of hearts, the moving of limbs, heat, pleasure, love. Love as real, as potent, as beautiful as anything you could imagine. It flooded your mind like nothing else ever could, singing away regrets, burning down hostilities, bathing you in truth, in oneness, in her.

“I love you, Chrysalis,” you heard at the edge of reality, “Please, please, please let me love you.”

“I-” you tried, steeling yourself against the terrifying tide of her incorruptible love. “I want to-”

“It’s okay, Chrysalis,” her soothing, motherly voice came. Did you hear disappointment, or were you just imagining it?

“No,” you declared, finding a foothold within yourself, “I want to.”

This time it was a declaration. You felt the world around you fill with saccharine green magic, sealing away everything that wasn’t you or Celestia.

“I love you, Celestia!” you screamed.

This. This was love.

[Bonus][Epilogue] A Bad Lyre

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“AAAAANON!” Lyra Heartstrings screamed at you, “Fuck Me!”

Jesus fuck you just got back like literally yesterday. You did not have time for this.

“Vaporize or moon banishment?” Metamora asked, first staring lasers at the minty mare before looking towards you for approval.

“Easy,” Pharynx, of all creatures, said. Since when was he the voice of level-headed reason, “I’ll take care of it.”

Pharynx fragmented away from your group as you continued on your way back to the inn. You stared warily over your shoulder as he followed her away from your group. The sight of Metamora and Aphelion outpacing you enough that you now had a view of their backsides was enough to refocus your attention.

“What’s your name anyway?” Lyra asked you, trotting just as fast as you cared to keep pace.

“I’m Pharynx,” you responded curtly, “and you are?”

“Lyra Heartstrings,” she replied cheerily, “I like hands.”

“What was that about back there?” you asked, “Asking my Queen’s consort to breed you like some common whorse?”

“Wow, you’re a feisty ‘ling, aren’t you?” Lyra snapped back, still content to lead you… wherever she was headed.

“You’re one to talk,” you laughed, “Not but two minutes ago you would have let sir Anon rut you in the street!”

“Mmh, yeah,” she groaned, “Talk dirty to me…”

“What are you-” you started before deciding you didn’t know what to ask, and you certainly didn’t want to know the answer.

“What am I what?” she asked, “I’ve been clear about my ambitions, you’re the one following aimlessly.”

“I uh,” you paused. Why were you following her? “I have to make sure you’re not going to bother them again.”

“Right,” she scoffed, “You said you’d take care of me.”

“That’s not-” you quickly denied, watching the cruel smirk on her muzzle just grow wider.

“Oh is it not?” she laughed, waving her tail slightly more than professionally necessary, “Didn’t cross your mind that you could catch a piece of this flank?”

“That would be unbecoming conduct for a Changeling of my duty.”

“Ah, I’m sure you’d rather your conduct…” she smirked, “be cumming, right?”

“I see what you’re doing here,” you lied, “and it’s not going to work.”

“Oh?” she asked, feigning incredulity, “Whatever could I be planning?”

“Don’t get coy with me,” you commanded. You liked her tenacity, but you really wish that she wasn't so convincing.

“Oh, we’re here!” she declared, turning away from the road and toward a small house, “Well, Pharynx… are you going to come inside?”

If she kept this up, yes. In more ways than one. You silently followed her through the door, watching as she lazily flopped onto a convenient couch in the main room of her home.

“I’ll make you a deal,” she declared, “I’ll leave Anon and your Queen alone. I just want two small favors in return?”

“Two? What are they?”

“First, I want you to change into Anon…” she hesitated, “you… you can change into other creatures, that’s not just a rumor, right?”

You did find it endearing when ponies tried to be inoffensive. For all her quirks, she seemed a nice enough mare.

“Yes, we can,” you answered, “What about the second favor?”

“That’s the fun part,” she grinned, “After you turn into Anon, I want you to fuck me until I pass out, then keep going until I wake up again.”

“W-Why?” you asked, cursing the not-so-small part of you that didn’t immediately want to say no.

“Have you seen him?” she asked, “Can you imagine what he could do with those hands?”

A pair of translucent golden hands appeared in front of you as Lyra lost herself to her fantasy. They started to trace their way along her body, kneading, stroking, playing with her.

“I’ve, uh…” you started to admit, “given it a thought or two.”

“Then you understand why I need those hands. Come on, you give me this and I’ll leave you alone for the rest of forever and pump you full of all the love I can possibly manage.”

“I’m not saying no…”

“But?” she asked, reading between the lines.

“If you don’t make good on your promise to pump me full of love,” you started, preying on the still gray area of Changeling popular opinion, “I’ll devour the rest.”

Of course you never would. You made a promise to Metamora, to yourself, that you would only thrive on love given. But you needed to know how desparate she was.

“Deal.” she finally decided. There was no hesitation in her voice.

“Well then,” you started, concentrating as a green flame significantly altered your biology, “How do you want it?”

“Oh fuck!” she huffed, visibly shaking as she stared at your naked, now bipedal form.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to be more specific,” you demanded, still trying to pretend you knew how these hive-forsaken appendages managed to orchestrate any kind of balance. At least you perfectly matched that pretentious lilt of the smug bastard’s voice.

“H-H-Hands,” she elaborated, “g-grab me and… d-don’t give me a choice.”

“That sounds an awful lot like giving you a choice,” you nagged, “but I guess we have to start somewhere.”

You walked the few steps remaining between you, surprising yourself with how easy it actually was to walk on two legs. She shook as you towered over her, your hands inches away from her. You did as she asked, but instead of holding her down and doing her on the couch like you were sure she imagined, you hefted her into the air entirely, once again amazed by how effortlessly the mechanics of the human frame operated.

“W-Where are we going?”

You are going right here on this table,” you declared, setting her down on the higher surface, “And I am going to rut you into it until either it breaks, or you do.”

She was vibrating with what you would have assumed was panic if you couldn’t read her emotions, taste her excitement. You leaned over her, bracing her against the table with one hand as the other roamed her body. You stroked along her neck, traced the rise of her chest and then the slender curve of her barrel, continued down toward her small teats and hesitating ever so slightly before finally teasing the fur around her marehood.

“F-Fuck, you tease!” she groaned, trying to wiggle into your touch despite your other hand holding her firmly in place.

“Oh, you’ve got to earn these hands,” you decided, flicking a thumb across the tip of her moistening slit.

“Y-Yes Master!” she answered without hesitation. You felt the absurd tool that your form had gifted you starting to stir. She was definitely a talented provocateur.

"That’s right,” you grinned, “You belong to me, you candy-colored slut.”

“F-fuck, you’re really getting into this, aren’t you?”

“Oh, I’m about to be,” you teased, gently stroking your meat to attention, “are you ready?”

“I thought…” she trailed off, a note of disappointment, “…hands?”

“See that’s the great thing about these,” you waved your fingers. You brought one hand down to her slit and plied at the side of her glistening marehood with your thumb, “while Anon Jr. is occupied, these are free to… wander.

Between the pleasure of direct contact, the excitement of what was about to happen, and the subversion of her expectations, all Lyra could manage was a surprised whimper and a deep, tremoring shudder.

You pressed slightly harder with your thumb, spreading her open just wide enough that your entry would be a breeze. Lining up the anatomical impossibility between your legs, you pressed forward, sinking slowly into her. She was tight, but you had a secret weapon. As you started to meet resistance, you grabbed each of her legs with one hand and pulled her forward onto you.

“A-Anon!” she squeaked, her insides coiling around their alien invader. You drank deep of the honeyed fountain of her love, feeling her fill you with sustenance just as you filled her with each calculated thrust. You felt her legs tense every time you pulled her down onto you until finally you had sheathed yourself within her depths.

“F-Fuck, t-touch me more!” she screamed, wiggling her legs as if to free them from your grasp. You obliged, leaning over her and cupping the back of her head with one hand. The other hand wandered over her chest, idly drawing shapes along her silken, minty fur. When you finally found that second hand wandering closer towards her legs, you took your time to admire her small, perky teats.

“These are cute,” you declared, gently circling a nipple with your first finger. You cupped your palm against the warm mound, squeezing ever so gently as she shuddered in ecstasy. Finally, you let up for a moment, only to place that same nipple between your thumb and forefinger, pinching it just a bit, “…And so sensitive too.”

“C-Come on…” she whined, “H-Hold me down and fuck me like an animal!”

“Fair enough,” you decided, shifting your stance. You grabbed her sides just ahead of her flanks and squeezed. While Anon’s hands weren’t massive, they gave you more than enough leverage to secure a predatory hold on your willing prey. As you squeezed gently, you felt the power in that embrace, understood why Anon was such a monster in the bedroom. You could do anything to her that you wanted, she was little more than a warm sleeve when you could manipulate her so easily with those spindly appendages.

Picking her up seemed like a good idea, your tactic shifting from thrusting forward to hefting her up and letting gravity push her back down on you. By this time you could barely think through the haze of her cloying lust, you just needed more. You needed to breed, you needed to cum.

But she beat you to it. One particularly fierce thrust found her throwing her hooves around you as she howled like a timberwolf. She panted heavily as a fresh river of steaming marecum soaked your dick and dribbled down your legs.

“Oh Celestia’s Sun above! A-Anon!” she all but sang, “That was just what I needed.”

“We’re not quite finished,” you quipped, roughly laying her back down on the table. You pulled out, smearing her teats and stomach with her juices as you loosely thrust outside of her, “But we can take a break if you need it.”

“Come on champ,” she winked, holding her hindlegs apart with her front hooves, “A promise is a promise.”

“That’s my girl,” you murmured, cramming yourself back inside her still-slick passage.

You kept going and going, impressed by the human’s stamina. But eventually, even a human would succumb to the climactic culmination of such an event. With one last potent thrust, you felt yourself let go, firing everything you had into the poor mare.

“Oh fuck, oh Pharynx!” Lyra screamed, wrapping her hooves around you as best she could.

“Shit!” you grunted through clenched teeth, feeling yourself pulse within her. After your spurts came to an end, you slumped over her.

“That was…” she quietly acknowledged, “…magic.”

“Pharynx, though?” you asked, “Not Anon?”

“Shit, I’m sorry…” Lyra apologized, “I know you’re in character and I… I got a little carried away.”

“Of all the things you do not have to apologize for,” you started, “this one takes the cake. What stallion would be upset that you couldn’t help yourself from screaming their name during sex?”

“But this was supposed to be…”

“Uncomplicated?” you finished, “It still is. This wasn’t about feelings or true love or any of that crap, this was an honest rutting for no other reason. A damn good one at that.”

“T-Thank you Pharynx,” Lyra sighed, her breathing slowing down and a cute weariness falling over her eyes, “I’m glad you understand. Maybe next time we don’t need a disguise… you were kinda cute yourself.”

“Huh?” you asked. She was already sleeping.

No disguise? Cute? …Aphelion is not gonna like hearing about that.