Twilight's Musings

by DeathFox4

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Twilight tries to answer the question, "What is Silence?" It works?

Twilight tries to answer the question, "What is Silence?"
It works?

What is Silence?

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What is Silence?

A sequel to Fluttershy’s Musings.

There’s not always much to say when you’re with someone. However, it’s how you say what you don’t say that determines all. – Solena

My biggest regret in life is not what I said, it’s what I never said. – Celestia

It’s the silent moments that are the most enjoyable, or the most painful. – Rising Stardusk

Be honest. It may hurt, but it’s far better to endure the silence after the honest truth, than to endure the silence after the dishonest lies. – Applejack

Silence. The most disruptive and chaotic thing in the world, far far far too chaotic for my tastes. – Discord

Love will hold you in the silence. Hate will turn away in the silence. – Cadance

Silence are times for healing, or times of knowing that there’s nothing that needs to be said. If silence exists for neither of those reasons… *eeps* - Fluttershy

I love laughter and noise. It’s a thousand times better than the silence of sadness. But I would stand the silence if it meant healing for others. – Pinkie Pie

Silence is awesome! But it can kinda suck as well. Depends. – Rainbow Dash

“Silence is sometimes the silent approval of love so deep, or it is the disapproving glare of somehow who you don’t dare hurt. DON’T TELL FLUTTERSHY THAT I SAID THAT! Now can you remove this f-… spell?” – Angel Bunny

I just don’t know what went…no. That’s not the answer you want. *sits* Silence is space to think. But when it drives you crazy because you’re alone at night, you’ll do anything to get rid of it. Even if it means that you mess up on purpose so someone will yell or laugh at you. – Derpy

Silence is the moments for inspiration. The question stands for us all – Which inspiration? The one that whispers ‘here you go dear?’ or the one that whispers ‘There’s nothing here.’ – Rarity

I live to eradicate silence. She lives to take solace in the silence. Is there always two types of ponies? – Vinyl

I enjoy silence. *sips drink, ears flopping to the noise outside* But I only enjoy silence like a drink. When silence is savored, then I savor it. Any other time, and I’ll play my music to drive the silence away from my thoughts. – Octavia.

What is silence? Silence is many things, there is the silence of sorrow, the silence of joy, the silence of happiness, the silence of fears. There’s yet more to silence, such as the silence of power, the silence of pain.

I’ve asked many ponies what silence is. But none of them have given me the true answer of what silence is. Silence is that gnawing feeling of something wrong, something wrong that you did.

Dear Princess Celestia,

In hindsight, maybe asking the question, “What is Silence?” wasn’t the greatest idea in the world. I thought at first, I could quantify the silence that people were giving as answers. It seemed to overlap in so many areas. As such I have attached to this letter a short sample size of the most intriguing answers, and my final conclusion based on primary research.

Silence is golden. I found this to be the most common theme amongst most ponies. As ponies are naturally optimistic, most viewed silence as an opportunity to think, contemplate and to recover from work. It is why Princess Luna’s nighttime is considered a romantic time by many, as it provides a different change of pace from the usual busywork of the day. Having said that, this is why some ponies, like Octavia, savor the silence and enjoy the quiet moments, even when it is day time as well.

Having said that, it should not be assumed that nighttime is equal to silence. There have been many occasions where I have been woken by somepony partying too long into the night, especially the dubs of a certain pony. And likewise, daylight is not always about the hustle and bustle of work and play. Rather, silence is in and of itself, separate from the time of day or night, and belongs to the pony’s personal preference.

There is another side to the question of silence however, and that side is a far different side. While “Silence is Golden” depends on the pony’s personality, temperament, or even presentation of oneself, the other side of the coin is a side that is far different. I have chosen to dub this side of silence as silence is emotional.

Silence is emotional is referring to the fact that silence can mean pain or healing. While there’s so many psychological factors that would determine which one emotional silence belongs to, silence is emotional. The difference lies in whether somepony uses the silence to process pain or whether somepony uses that same silence to heal. It is a matter of choice, but for some reason, everybody chooses both of these silent moments.

So silence is golden and silence is emotional. I thought I had a basic idea of the answer to “What is Silence?” and was all ready to write this report to you, until I saw a colt on my way home playing on the playground. The colt was playing with his friends, having a fun time, and I almost passed them by without a second thought. Until a flash of magic taught my eye and I noticed the mother calling for her boys to come home…in hoof language. That moment of brief communication opened my eyes in a way I had never seen before. What about that colt? What is Silence to one who has lived with deafness his entire life?

As such, I have no answers right now. To the hearing, silence is golden and silence is emotional. To the deaf, I have no answer. This question requires more primary research, but I do not have enough ponies here to be able to quantify my research.

Thus, I present to you, the results of the question: “What is Silence for the hearing?” and request an extended time to be able to travel and research “What is silence for the deaf?”


Twilight Sparkle