Who Framed Saffron Masala

by VegaStarStudios

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After a near fatal "accident" rocks Equestria, National security is tightened, Friendships are tested, and broken. The race is on to find an answer, or a culprit.

After a near fatal "accident" rocks Equestria, National security is tightened, Friendships are tested, and broken. The race is on to find an answer, or a culprit.

The Accident

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Dark clouds loomed over Canterlot, Dumping immeasurable amounts of rain on the capital. No, this was not the work of the storm king, or the result of a lazy weather control squadron. This weather was a request, a request from the princess of the sun herself. "Art thou sure about this, dear sister" Luna asked nervously,

"of course Luna" Ceslestia replied,

"if the commander says it's safe, I'll believe him". A silence pertained as the two trotted to the royal hangar at the Canterlot Memorial Airport. There, beside the the entrance door to the hangar, was the commander, dressed in his usual military fatigues.

"Ah, princesses, your right on schedule", He said with a grin. Celestia let out a faint sigh before answering.

"Let's not wait another minute, we were supposed to leave for the Crystal Empire two hours ago" The commander grinned, and pressed a button on the main hangar door. Immediately, a loud, persistent warning alarm pierced every wall of the Airport's underground aircraft storage level. The large, metal door began sliding along, while warning lights pulsed in every direction. When the door had fully opened, the interior lighting flickered on. There, in the hangar's centre, was a Gulfstream G650ER. The plane's glossy white fuselage gleamed in the bright hangar light, while the stripe of pink, green, and light blue streamed along the fuselage until ending with a detailed sun addorn the vertical stabilizer. The royal sisters were stunned,

"I want one" Luna whispered to Celestia.

"So you're sure this "jet" will get us to the Crystal Empire, faster than any royal carriage or train?".

"But of course, this aircraft will cruise at 51,000 ft, at a speed of mach 0.85".

"Very well" Celestia sighed, "come Luna, "luxury" awaits". The three climbed aboard, and the commander called for a tug.

"This is private jet, C-LSTA requesting a tug".

As the jet had finished it's elevator accent, the commander began the engine startup. Celestia and Luna rushed to the rearmost windows to watch. The fan blades began to spin, and a high pitched whistle filled the partly cavernous runway.

"This is private jet, C-LSTA, requesting take-off clearance from runway 1".

"Private jet C-LSTA, hold position at exit 3".

"This is your captain speaking, please find a seat and strap in". The two sisters heeded to the given commands, finding and sitting in two window seats.

"Private jet C-LSTA, EA flight 0561 has landed, you're cleared for takeoff from runway one",

"roger tower". The jet's landing lights blazed a small path down the runway as it rolled into position. Though the twin jet engines were now making a high pitch scream, the two passengers aboard barely heard a thing. With a push of the throttle, the jet began its roar up to take-off speed. About half of the runway was underground. So a lift-off there would result in disaster, but as soon as the rain hit the wings, the jet lifted off, into the skies. The jet then banked left, to do a flyby of Canterlot. As they sped past, it happened.

A suttle thud, followed by a series of warning lights in the cockpit. Celestia heard the noise, and rushed to the front. "What's happening!" she demanded.

"Get to the back of the pane and tell me what the left wing and left engine looks like!" heeding to his stern voice, Celestia shooed Luna to the back window,

"what does the left engine look like sister" she shouted to Luna.

"It's on Fire!" Luna shrieked in return. Celestia peered out her seat window, and was horrified to see the winglet missing. Celestia raced back to the cockpit,

"the left engine is on fire, and the left winglet is missing!".

"Bother" the commander muttered to himself, "get back to your seats and buckle up, this could get bumpy". "Mayday, Mayday, this is Private jet C-LSTA, we've lost engine two, and we've got both royal sisters on board. Requesting assistance from any nearby aircraft".

"This is cargo plane L-YRB0N, request received, onroute now". There, out of the clouds, like an angel, a cargo plane descended from above alongside the crippled jet.

"Bon-Bon, the rear cargo door, NOW!" Lyra shouted. Bon-Bon rushed through the empty hold to the rear control panel, smashing the open button. Hydraulics squealed as the massive cargo door lowered. She stared out at the jet with horror,

"jet C-LSTA, we're going to attempt an uplift maneuver, please advise.".

"Confirmed, proceed to attempt uplift maneuver". The cargo plane descended below and drifted to the left side. Using it's right wingtip, the plane ascended and hooked onto the private jet's left wing.

"Lyra, docking successful" Bon-Bon reported,

"jet C-LSTA maneuver successful".

"You hear that, we're safe, for now". The jet's two passengers shouted with joy, but a lightning bolt ended their joy, and fear again ensued. "Cargo plane L-YRB0N, requesting assistance to Ponyville Municipal airport",

"request advised, prepare to turn southwest". As the two aircraft flew towards ponyville. A stray pegasus saw the incident, and rushed to the local radio station. twilight and her friends were relaxing in the castle library. rarity was scanning the radio for a suitable station, when one certain channel was tuned in, the broadcast got everyone's attention.

"this is a PNVL radio urgent news broadcast, a jet aircraft carrying the royal sisters is currently crippled, and is being assisted to the Ponyville Municipal Airport, more details will be released soon". before the announcer had finished, the 6 friends had rushed out the door.

"PMA tower, this is Jet C-LSTA, requesting a vacant runway".

"Jet C-LSTA, Mayday advised, cleared for emergency landing on runway 2". as the two planes were approaching the runway, one problem arose.

"Lyra, we can't fly like this much longer, we're too close to the ground, your plane will crash",

"Advised, disengaging now". just as the two aircraft separated, rainbow dash rocketed toward the jet. She placed herself underneath the plane's left wing, pushing up with all her strength. The plane touched down safely, just as the rest of the mane six rode with the airport fire trucks, speeding towards the smoldering aircraft.