The Royal Sisters At Home

by GhoulDash97

First published

After a long arduous day of doing business with delegates and attending snobbish parties, the Royal Sisters can finally relax. What hijinx will ensue?

Whenever the Royal Sisters were finished with their duties, they would spend a lot of time doing activities with each other. Anything ranging from board games to even eating contests with each other. But little does everybody know that they have a time of their own. A secret playtime they shared with each other since they were little mares. What fun will it hold?

Sisterly Quarrel

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Just like any other day of the week, Celestia was listening to everypony talk in their meeting about certain subjects in her throne room. Having smiled all day and participating in several other events as well as having to endure their gossip, she was more than ready to lose her nerve with the elites. But just then, she heard the buzzer go off. Everypony got out of their seats and started leaving the throne room.

"Okay, everypony. We are finished for today. I hope we can figure out how to end this debate tomorrow." Celestia said as calmly as she could.

"Oh Princess, you are such a catch. We should have coffee sometime." one of the gentlecolts said.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I'm so busy with my schedule that I barely have time." Celestia said.

"Oh well..." he said as he left.

"Princess, what would you have to say about Rarity's new trend on the fashion catalog? I hear it has rave reviews." a mare asked as she was prepared to leave.

"It's something. I often order from her catalog." Celestia with nervous laughter.

"I see. Well, see you tomorrow." the mare said.

After watching everypony leave and having noticed the day has ended. With nothing left to do, she teleported back into her castle living quarters. She then said,

"No offense Rarity, but fashion is so overrated."

Celestia started stripping out of her clothes down to her undergarments along with her crown before tying her hair back in a ponytail with her right bang still loose. At that moment, she put some music on her record player and started happily dancing around as her bare, tall, thick, voluptuous, curvy, busty hourglass body bounced. She could never get any happier if she wanted to.

"Could you be anymore obnoxious?" a voice called out.

She turned around and noticed Luna who was nude as well with her hair tied back. Her body was somewhat tone, but she had almost the same volume of thickness as her sister and was almost as tall as her sister. Rolling her eyes, Celestia went to her record player and turned the music off.

"Can't you see that I'm trying to enjoy my freetime?" Celestia said as she moved towards Luna.

"I was going to start catching up on my reading until you began playing this racket." Luna said, crossing her arms.

"Well, excuse me for being the fun pony when I had to put up with a whole room of snobby delegates, especially that one creep who tried to grab my thighs."

"That's pretty understanding why he would do that, considering that you're the fatass of the family." Luna jolted with a smile on her face.

Feeling insulted with her whole face turning red, Celestia said,

"Like you're any thinner?"

Celestia mover her hand forward on Luna's left breast and started grabbing it. The latter started moaning as the former squeezed hard.

"Don't think you're any better than me just because you tend to the gardens and everypony else in their dreams." Celestia said.

Luna swatted Celestia's hand away and walked behind her. The next moment, Luna grabbed Celestia in the ass and said,

"That's where the cake goes to, thunder thighs. I completely understand why Spike goes for you."

At that moment, the two sisters started wrestling each other. Rolling around back and forth, one tried to get the other to submit. Celestia got the upper hand as she tackled Luna and started sitting on her face.

"Do you like my ass~? Spike often grabs it when we hug each other." Celestia said as she proceeded to rub her ass on Luna.

Luna tried to push Celestia off, but the latter grabbed the former's arms and held them down until she would tap out. Luna tried pushing her off, but Celestia's heavy body was just too much for her. After five minutes, Luna finally stopped moving. Celestia got off the ground and exclaimed,

"That's why you don't fuck with your older sister!"

But for some reason, Luna didn't move.

"Come on, Luna. You can't fool me." Celestia said as she place her hoof on Luna's breast.

She still didn't wake up.

"Luna?" Celestia wondered.

Luna still remained unmoved.

"Are you okay, dear sister?" Celestia asked in a concerned manner.

She moved her middle and index finger together and pressed them towards her throat. She wasn't breathing.

"Oh no..." Celestia said.

But knowing she had to do something to save her little sister, Celestia started performing CPR on Luna. First, she rubbed her hands together and pressed down on her chest-plate.

"Clear!" Celestia shouted.

She shot her energy down and made Luna jolt up to no avail. Then Celestia started pressing down on Luna repeatedly to get her to breathe, but it didn't work. Turning towards Luna's lips, Celestia felt really hot about what would happen next.

"I have no idea if it's a prank or not, but she's my sister." Celestia said.

Taking deep breathes, Celestia closed Luna's nose and opened her mouth. Then Celestia moved closer and gave Luna mouth to mouth. At that moment, Luna grabbed Celestia and started kissing her. The latter tried to break the kiss, but the former's grip was just too powerful to break away from. Luna moved her left hand downwards and grabbed Celestia's right breast as she locked Celestia's body while her right hoof rubbed her left ass cheek. By some form of miracle, Celestia managed to break the kiss and asked,

"Did you plan this~?"

"Why else would I let you suffocate me, dear sister~? Luna asked with a lewd tone.

Hearing this, the royal sisters started embracing each other as they kissed and groped each other. They rolling on the ground when they made out with each other. Just then, Celestia on top moved the opposite and started licking Luna's pussy in a sixty-nine position. Likewise, Luna did the same and they were both interlocked with full ecstasy. The latter slapped the former's ass before she stuck her fingers inside. Celestia moaned as Luna fingered her.

"Wow. Your asshole is so stretchy. Spike always did love anal~."

Luna then stuffed her face into Celestia's ass and started licking into it. Feeling this, the Sun Princess sat on the Moon Princess once more as she started to lick deeply inside her.

"Oh Luna~. Yes~." Celestia moaned as she bounced on Luna's face.

Just then, Celestia had a brilliant idea. She got up and grabbed Luna's left leg. Getting down, the sister's pussies touched each other and they started scissoring each other.

"Oh~. Even better~." Luna said as she moaned.

"Your cunt is to die for, dear sister~." Celestia said.

They were panting really hard as they rubbed against each other.

"Oh dear sister, I love you~!" Luna shouted erotically.

"I love you too, dear sister~!" Celestia shouted as she kept rubbing.

Panting really hard, the two finally climaxed and passed out for the next three hours until nighttime came around.

Dinner Time

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After waking up from their nap, Celestia decided to go into the kitchen and make herself dinner while Luna waited outside to lower the moon. As Luna waited for the clock to hit 6:00, Celestia was receiving messages from Twilight. Reading through them, she sighed and said,

"You know you don't always have to come to me for advice, Twilight. You always have your friends to depend on. And what about you, Spike~?" Celestia said as she looked at his letters.

After reading them, she said in a disappointed voice,

"Oh dear. Why the Changeling Kingdom? Life was so much tolerable when Twilight was still my student. I got to see Spike everyday."

Celestia took a photo of Spike when he was little and she said,

"I would always teach you everything you needed to know about sex and you always delivered~. No colt could ever compare to you~." Celestia said as she licked the photo.


Meanwhile, Luna was reading a book with her legs crossed as waited for the clock to hit 6:00. Looking down at the denizens of Canterlot, Luna said,

"The citizens are quite lively here at this hour. Almost makes me feel glad to be the Moon Princess..."

She got back to reading her book as she wondered,

"I wonder what my sister is making tonight. It would be awfully decent of her if made something that wasn't macaroni and cheese. The noodles and the cheese just taste too oozy to even consume. And I am one of the Sisters of Canterlot!"

She thought even more as she read her book.

"Why is it that my sister is always the center of attention? Everywhere I go, it's always Celestia this and Celestia that! Even her own son sleeps with her whenever the night comes falling. I need to think about finding a boyfriend..."

Just then, she smelled something cooking downstairs in the kitchen.

"Maybe I'll go see what Celestia's cooking downstairs." Luna said as she got out of her chair.


Meanwhile as Celestia was cooking pasta, she was masturbating to the thought of Spike. Rubbing and fingering her pussy as the water bubbled, she was getting very worked up about wanting Spike to be with her once more.

"Oh Spike. Why did you have to leave me for Ponyville? Why did you have to go with Twilight when she was capable of taking care of herself?" Celestia asked as she fondled her left breast.

"What in the name of Equestria are you doing?!" Luna shouted.

Celestia jumped out of her chair in a startled manner and asked,

"How do you feel about pasta?"

Luna simply rolled her eyes and prepared to head back to the balcony. But Celestia stopped her and said,

"Wait. Why not stay here awhile? Tell me about your day, dear sister?"

"Hmm. I do have an hour left. Okay, I'll stay for a bit." Luna said as she sat down.

After taking their seats, Luna went first.

"How did your day go?" she asked.

"Well, I had to participate in a pie-eating contest as a judge and I had to cut a string to promote the grand opening of a pastry building. Those weren't the horrible parts though. The horrible part was that I had to participate in a meeting where one of the colts tried to grab my thighs." she explained.

"Yes. I do believe you mentioned that during our little tirade." Luna said with a sly smile.

"Indeed. What about you, little sister? How was last night?" Celestia asked with a smile.

"The usual. There was some dreams that were pleasant and others that made you wish you could gouge your eyes out." Luna said as she cringed.

"Is that so? Care to tell me which ones?"

"I will, but I need to be ready to raise the moon and you to lower the sun."


Celestia got out of her chair and joined Luna up to the balcony. After awhile as they talked, it finally hit 6:00. Using her magic, Celestia lowered the sun as Luna used hers to raise the moon. Afterwards, they went back to the kitchen where the pasta was bubbling. Panicking, Celestia ran over to the stove and turned it off while Luna laughed.

"Very funny, shorty." Celestia said, poking fun at Luna's short height.

"I'm still taller than every other mare in Equestria."

"Still not as tall as me, short stack~."

"Yet you couldn't even turn the stove off in time."

Scowling, Celestia said,

"Let me finish cooking it or you're gonna be dreaming of yourself wishing I could give you my food."

"Fine." Luna groaned.

Sitting down, Luna went back to reading as Celestia cooked their dinner. But she couldn't due to Celestia's butt catching her sight. She could avert her eyes due to how big and gropable it was. It was certainly no wonder why Spike or that gentlecolt tried to grope the princess. It was just too huge to turn away from. Even after all these years, Celestia was just too beautiful to resist. It almost made Luna feel insecure.

"I'm going to add parmesan. Would you like any?" Celestia asked as she continued to cook.

"Sure." Luna said, turning back to her book.

"By the way, could you please quit staring? It's rude." Celestia said without turning her head.

Hearing this made Luna blush as she covered her face with her book. After ten minutes have passed, dinner was ready and it was set on the table.

"So Luna, what would you say about playing some games tomorrow?" Celestia asked.

"Hmm?" Luna wondered.

"You know? Board games? Twister? Truth or Dare? Any game you feel like playing tomorrow?"

"Oh, those games. Sure. I'll be sure to tell you. Will you be busy all day?"

"No. I will be sending Fancy Pants to cover for me. I will be as free as a birdie tomorrow."

"Oh. Okay. Just double check to make sure nothing has come up. I don't want to be disappointed."

"You won't. Just make sure that the gardens are cared for."

"Can we play games in the nude?"


"Great. I will see to it firsthand." Luna said with full enthusiasm.

"Okay." Celestia beamed.

"And by the way, is Spike coming over?"

"I wish. He is at the Changeling Kingdom visiting Thorax right now..." Celestia groaned.

"Oh. That's too bad. I'm sure he will be back in Ponyville."

"Hmm. Anyway, let's finish eating so we can get to bed."


After they were finish eating, they both went to their room to get ready. They both wondered to each other how long it has been since they spent time with one another. While they certainly had their schedules tied to each other, it wouldn't be enough to separate the sisterly love they have for each other. When they were finished, they both went to bed to be ready for tomorrow.


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The next morning after Celestia finished raising the sun, she and Luna were in the kitchen having breakfast with each other naked. Luna was eating her favorite brand of cereal while Celestia had her usual plate of pancakes.

"So have you cleared things up with Fancy Pants?" Luna asked.

"I sent a letter to him about filling in my position as a diplomat. He must have received it already." Celestia assumed.

"I hope so. Because the last thing we need is a ditch in our plans as sisters."

"I'm sure he received it. He's usually so coordinated."

"Are you sure?" Luna asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I've known him for years. He would never let me down in my moment of need." Celestia said, putting her hand on her chin.


"You know what I mean."

Just then, a letter appears out of thin air. It lands on Celestia's pancakes. She picked it up out of the mess as she groaned. After reading it for a brief minute, she said,

"Well, it appears that Fancy Pants is out of commission due to an incident of food poisoning."

"What?" Luna asked in an angry tone.

"But... he did say that Prince Blueblood would fill in willing if I let him hold another party outside the castle for himself. Good god..."

"That cheeky- why does he always need to have it his way? It is bad enough you have to put up with those spoiled entourage of Fancy Pants', but even they had more subtlety to ask us about the arrangements!"

"Well, that's the sad part of being a princess. You always lose." Celestia said as she levitated a piece of paper.

After writing down the letter, she used her horn to magically send it over to Fancy Pants. They both waited as they continued to eat their breakfast. Five minutes later, they received it. After picking it up and reading it once again, Celestia said,

"It appears that we are in the clear today."

"You said yes?"

"Mm-hmm. On the condition that we allow him to use it for one night or we would cut off his privileges along with the other uppercrust ponies for a year."

"Wow. I never knew you were this harsh~."

"I'm more harsh in bed~."

They both laughed as they finished their breakfast and putting their dishes in the wash. Afterwards, they went into their rooms and searched everywhere for a board game to play.

"Are you sure remember which place you put Battle Clouds?" Luna asked as she search through the cabinets.

"I do. I kept it with me since the day I moved our kingdom here." Celestia said as she opened one cabinet.

"You don't say..." Luna said in a sarcastic tone.

"And I assume you know where I place it?" Celestia replied back in her own sarcastic tone.

Luna groaned at her as they continued to look. But as she continued to look, Celestia turned around and looked at her sister's ass. Licking her lips, she could only imagine what dirty things she wanted to do to it. It was like staring at a peach. Getting ready to peel it back and eat away at it. Giggling about she wanted to do next, she decided to sneak up on her by remaining silent.

"Did you find it?" Luna asked.

Celestia didn't reply.

"Sister?" Luna asked.

Suddenly, Luna's butt was grabbed from behind as Celestia grabbed her breasts. Fondling and playing with them, Celestia said,

"You've got a whole lot of meat in your body~."

"Sister!" Luna begged.

"Please don't fight~. We already know what happened last time~." Celestia said as she slipped her fingers into Luna's anus.

"Ahn~! Sister! Please!"

Celestia refused to listen as she started to finger Luna. The former continued to fondle her while the latter started moaning harder. The pressure started to well up into her as she felt ready to gush out in the next few minutes.

"Sister! Sister! It's coming~!" Luna shouted.

"It's fine, dear sister~. Let it out~." Celestia said.

Luna started to blush even harder after being given the go-ahead. The next moment that happens, Luna orgasms from being fingered by Celestia. She collapsed on the floor, exhausted from cumming on the floor.

"Oh dear sister~. We haven't even begun to play~." Celestia teased.

"You bitch..." Luna said as she blushed.

"Don't be a stick in the mud~. We both know you needed to cum badly~."

"But having to sneak up on me like that..."

"I needed to think about where I put the game last time~."

"And did having to feel your fingers in my backside do any work for you while trying to squeeze my breast!?"

"You may not be as big as me, but you are still the squishiest little sister I ever had~. Besides, I already found it~."

Shaking the game in a playful manner as Celestia stood her tongue out, Luna gritted her teeth in embarrassment upon finding out.

"You marshmallowed fatass! You already knew it was inside there?!"

"Actually, it was inside the wardrobe. Who knew~?"

"If we weren't sisters-"

"Who helped relieve you of your hangups when you were little?"

Groaning in defeat, Luna got up off the ground as she recovered. Afterwards, they both set up the board game on the ground. But before they started, Celestia said,

"Before we get started, how about we place a bet~?"

"Come again?" Luna asked.

"Whoever wins gets to boss the loser around as well as choose the next game. Does that sound fair~?"

"Ugh, not again."

"Oh please. I let you sleep in bed with me when you were scared of the dark~."

"That was because I was a little girl!"

"It's unfair to not honor the request of the sister who has helped you so many times as fillies~? You shatter my heart so, my dear Luna~." Celestia said, turning her head away in a sad manner.

"Fine..." Luna groaned.

"Great~! Now let's set the game up, so we can get underway." Celestia said in a now cheerful tone.

"You are such a little filly..."

"If life were as simple as ruling a kingdom, we would all be fillies. Now set your station up and no peeking~."

Wasting no time, Luna set up her station along with her pieces where she and Celestia were ready to play.