The Ultimate Finale!

by Polaris Solarmoon

First published

The greatest cross-over since The Grand Finale

Glitter Brightstar's Grand Finale party was good but now she wants to have a much bigger party and this time Everyone is invited!

And I mean Everyone... Literally.(some may not appear due to thier own choices not due to my laziness...)



1. Twilight Sparkle

2. Fluttershy

3. Pinkie Pie

4. Rarity

5. Applejack

6. Rainbow Dash

( Different View universe normal and Anti)

7. Glitter Brightstar

8. Prism Shine

9. Prof. Pinkamena Dianne Pie

10. Flutterbold

11.Jeweled Apple

12. Quartz Bell

(The Other View Universe)

13. Dr. Flora Shy

14. Peaches Pie

15. Shine Spark

16. Joyous Rainbow

17. Stormy Diamond

18. Applegem

( The New View Universe)

19.Sunny Sky

20. Moonlit Sky

21. Shining Twilight

22. Midnight Serenade

23. Windfeather

24. Random Question


That's right everyone from all of my Au's are making an appearance in this new story which is going to be a comple redo of The Grand Finale which means that there is a lot of characters and I'll need a lot of time to do this story I hope you guys understand.

:The Other Au's not listed:

The Ultima Universe

The Final View Universe

The Hyper Universe

The Random Universe

The Opposite View Universe

The Altered View Universe

The Legendary View Universe

The Godly View Universe

The Kidverse

The Mixed View Universe

The Alternate View Universe

The Beautiful View Universe

The Future View Universe

The Mirrorverse(my version)

And The Monstrous View Universe.

[New aus to this story will appear as I came back to really finish this story.]

(Inspired by

Everyone is here!

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It was a rather nice day in Ponyville, the Sun was shining and everything seemed fine we'll except for Twilight who was still holding the odd letter from Glitter Brightstar which said "Prepare for the Ultimate Finale". She couldn't put it down due to how ominous it seemed and this was after she got back from another world! So she decided to go to Glitter Brightstar's world and find out exactly what her letter ment.

When Twilight made it to Glitter's world she was met with a rather enthusiastic, "Hi Twilight!" from the hyper mare herself.

"Hello Glitter, care to tell me what this letter you sent me is about?" Twilight said.

"Your such a silly filly Twi, it's your invite to my party! I must of forgotten to finish yours." Glitter Brightstar says cheerfully.

"What party?" Twilight asked her.

"I call it, The Ultimate Finale Party! Your world won't be the only one I'm inviting, I've decided to invite Everyone!" Glitter Brightstar says as she bounces in place.

"Everyone? Like from both of our worlds?" Twilight said.

"Nope, I mean from all worlds! Or at least the ones that are known." Glitter Brightstar said.

"Oh, ok that doesn't sound like a bad idea at all." Twilight says before laughing nervously.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to have the party here in my world. I have a special place in mind for it." Glitter Brightstar said.

"Like Where?" Twilight said.

"Sorry Twilight, It's a secret. " Glitter Brightstar said.

"Ok then. " Twilight said.

"Oh! Your invite was just one of many that I sent out. The other worlds should get theirs soon, Wanna see!? " Glitter Brightstar says happily.

"Um... No, I'm fine thanks." Twilight said.

Apparently Glitter didn't seem to hear Twilight and proceeded to show her anyway. As Glitter said each universe's version of Twilight was each reacting differently to Glitter Brightstar's letter.

Shine Spark didn't seem to like the letter and gave it to Dr. Flora who read it in her stead, she was rather confused but decided to get her friend ready.

Sparkle Duskmoon happily showed her letter to Empress Flutterscare who reads it for a little while then immediately tears it apart only saying one thing as Sparkle Duskmoon sadly morns the loss of her new letter friend "Nope!".

Princess Loving Star stared in confusion at the odd message but considered going to see what this party was about, she eventually decided not to go.

Eclipse Shine gave one look at the odd letter than said to herself,"Welp,I guess I know what I'm doin' tomorrow..."

Sparks Twilight wasn't one for reading but decided to read the unusual letter that had arrived at her farm's mailbox, she like the idea of party so she went back to her house and got herself ready.

Sparkling Shine just fainted. Her friends immediately got rid of the letter.

Princess Dawnstar looked at the odd letter she received from out of nowhere, she gave it some thought but eventually decided to attend Glitter's party.

Shadowlight Darkspark was simply traveling her world looking for a pony called "The Demon" she seemed to be speaking to no one when Glitter Brightstar found her. Glitter asked her as to whom she was talking to but was ignored, Glitter decided to pass on this world apparently.

Miss. T. Sparkle reads her invite but decides not to go for the sake of her sanity. Pinkamena however found the letter interesting and went in Miss. T. Sparkle's place.

Sunbeam Sparkle didn't seem to understand her letter but eventually decided to go,she then remembered she had farmwork to do and went to find someone else to go in her stead.

Wisdom Spark cheerfully decided to go to Glitter Brightstar's party even though she didn't even read the letter she got.

Twilight Armour got her letter from one of the Privates of her Guard, she didn't seem impressed with the letter thinking it was a prank but when she read it a second time she eventually decided to go, but not without bringing her brother with her.

Twily was happily bouncing all over the place after reading her letter, "Yay! A party, A party! Can I go pwese?!" she asks the king who had simply said, "sure".

Sparkshine Rush didn't read hers at all, she was too busy napping...

Twi-Twi can't read... So she took the letter to Prisma who seemed rather surprised when she read it for Twi-Twi.

Princess Twishine Sparkle reads hers then just heads off to see who sent her the odd letter,She wasn't able to find anyone so she just stayed home.

Anti-Glitter just burned hers.

Twilight Sparkless threw her invite away.

Violet Sparklescale picked up her letter but never read it.

Duskmoon Sparkle got his mothers letter somehow and like his mom before him he too fainted upon reading it, once he recovered he gave the invite to Windfeather.

Serene looked at the odd letter from Glitter Brightstar but didn't want to go to Glitter Brightstar's party, she apparently felt that the presence of so many alternative version of one pony would rip all of realty asunder.

Rinda Mew read the letter in Princess Sparkle's stead and happily decided to go in her place.

Twilight Sparklescale gave one look at the letter then decided to check out the party. She couldn't make it due to a meeting with her friends.

Some of the other Alternative Twilight's from all over the multiverse either left the letter alone or never got theirs, others simply destroyed their letters for the sake of their own sanity.

Twilight was completely took off guard when Glitter showed all of the other versions of her and their reactions but she was happy not all were going to Glitter's party.

"At least I don't have to worry too much... " Twilight thought to herself.

"Aww... I knew my Anti self would burn the letter. I guess that world's not coming." Glitter said.

"That wasn't needed Glitter Brightstar..." Twilight said.

" I know but I just wanted you to see this. " Glitter Brightstar says cheerfully.

Twilight gave Glitter a deadpan look before deciding to go back home. Glitter happily waves goodbye as she does.

At home Twilight decides to go tell her friends about Glitter's party hoping she wouldn't be going alone.

Fluttershy kindly declined as she had tea with Discord that day. Unsurprisingly said draconasus appears and tells her to go anyway.

Rarity had told Twilight that she wasn't busy and would love to come.

Rainbow Dash had practice so she could not come, however she decided to just reschedule it and come anyway.

Pinkie well...

"OMC YES! I'LL GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN! " Was the hyperactive mares response.

Applejack told twilight that she'll go if the party allowed her to sell apples there.

Once everyone was together,Twilight lead everyone to her home.

Back within the Different View Universe, Glitter Brightstar suddenly looks up to the sky then says "I'll see you all next chapter!" before giggling and bouncing away.

The Ultimate Finale!

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Everything was finally in place for Glitter's party and said mare was cheerfully bouncing around Professor Dianne Pie's library awaiting her guests, as she did Twilight comes into the library with all of her friends.

"You all came!" Glitter said.

"Pinkie convinced us all to go after I shower her my letter from you." Twilight said.

"Yeppers, I wouldn't miss a party no matter where or when it is!" Pinkie cheerfully added.

"So your Pinkie Pie, it's a pleasure to finally see you in person." Dianne Pie said.

"Oh hi there other me!" Pinkie said.

"Oh right you two never met yet, silly me. Hey Twi. I brought my friends too!" Glitter said.

"Really!? Can we see them? Can we? can we?" Pinkie says as she bounces in place.

"Ok! Come on out everypony!" Glitter Brightstar said.

"I'm here... " Dianne Pie said in a monotone.

"Hey there Rainbow!" Flutterbold said.

"Well hello everyone" Jeweled Apple said.

"Um... hi... " Prism Shine said.

"Howdy!" Quartz Bell said.

Twilight looks at all of Glitter's friends and was happy to see them again. The others went over to their look alikes and started to inspect them.

Fluttershy and Prism Shine got along well because of their similar personalities. The same went with Rainbow Dash and Flutterbold, who chatted about the wonderbolts.

Rarity and Quartz looked at one another and then in their own way say," now I've seen everything...", Applejack and Jeweled Apple following suit as Glitter simply giggles at their reactions.

Pinkie pie had some difficulty speaking with her counterpart as said pony was reading a book.

After some more socializing Glitter Brightstar would eventually called everyone over for a meeting in the back of Dianne Pie's library.

"Okay everyone it's time to show you where I'm holding this party at!" Glitter says as she happily bounces in place, Pinkie Pie does the same, excited about this huge party.

"So where are we going?" Twilight Sparkle asked her.

"Hopefully nowhere silly..." Dianne said in a monotone.

Glitter then uses her "Universe Swap" spell and sends herself and everyone else to an almost blank world, despite the emptiness of this place there was a lot of different pieces of paper all over the place.

"What is this place?" Twilight Sparkle and Dianne Pie said in tandem.

It wasn't long until they got their answer from a voice that wasn't glitter brightstar's.

"That's an easy one! You're in the Nexus a place where I keep watch on all the different AUs!" The voice said. It sounded like a hyper version of fluttershy to twilight and friends.

"Hey I was gonna say that!"Glitter says in protest.

"Sorry Twiliana I got carried away again." The voice says.

"Hey don't call me that!" Glitter protests.

"Whoopsie, forgot my bad!" The voice says cheerfully.

"Who are you!?" Rainbow dash says in inpatient anger.

"Hey calm down Rainbow." Flutterbold said.

"Oh sorry, silly me!" All of a sudden a very unique version of fluttershy appeared in front of everyone. She wore an outfit similar to what a painter would wear however she had a massive brush with her that she carried with ease and had a bunch of colorful flowers with her as well,each one a different color of the rainbow.

The odd fluttershy lookalike would then introduce herself,"hiya, I'm Inkshy! It's so nice to meet you all! When I saw Glitter pass out these invites to this party I told her to send everyone here so the balance between the different AUs doesn't get destroyed."

"Is that why... Interesting." Dianne Pie said.

"Um excuse me, sorry to interrupt you but is this where the party is?" Dr. Flora says as she arrives with Shine Spark behind her.

"Yep you're in the right place! We don't have everyone yet so feel free to talk with the others. Oh I'm Glitter Brightstar by the way.* Glitter says cheerfully.

"Hi I'm Inkshy!" Inkshy says afterwards.

"Nice to meet you Glitter and erm Inkshy, I am Dr. Flora and this here is my assistant Shine Spark." Dr. Flora says as Shine Spark shyly waves hello.

Dr. Flora would introduce herself to rest of the group and would easily get along with Twilight and Dianne.

It wasn't long until a pink unicorn who looks almost like twilight but with a curly mane would walk into the area all by her lonesome.

"Hiya! Welcome to the party!" Glitter Brightstar says after teleporting next to the now spooked mare.

"Um thanks.... I'm Shining Twilight former student of Princess Solarwind and uh you're the one who sent these right?" Shining Twilight said.

"Yep!" was Glitter's response.

"Oh ok um can you for next time not make your invitation so ominous... Please?" Shining Twilight says before she walks over to Rainbow Dash to inspect her.

"Kk! " Glitter says happily as Shining Twilight left.

Everything was starting to come together as even more guests from other universes join the festivities at Glitter's party, guests such as Eclipse Shine who had came alone and got along well with the other counterparts of herself and her friends. Another guest to arrive was a surprise to most everypony aside from Inkshy who was simply having some juice, as she was getting some she giggled a bit to herself and said" this will be fun.... if I knew how that felt.", the guest in question was Anarchy from the Mixed view Universe who came alongside Dizzy Twister.

"Wow some party eh Dizzy?" Anarchy says in an almost teasing way.

"Um I think so.... um Why did you bring me along? I was just about to water the flowers." Dizzy Twister says in his usually quiet voice. Oddly enough Fluttershy almost giggles upon hearing his voice.

Anarchy simply shrugs as her answer to Dizzy's question then flies off to do her own thing.

"Oh my...." Was all Dizzy Twister could say before heading off to find where anarchy went in case she causes trouble.

After some time passes a few more guests arrive, of the like to arrive are Sunny Sky and her twin sister Moonlit Sky who where at first mistaken for the main universes Princess Celestia and Luna by Twilight Sparkle, Sparks Twilight who brought along Mena Pie and Whisper Wing and Flutterbat from the Legendary View Universe who had came alone and was given the invite by Sunbeam as she was way too busy with farmwork to come herself .

Wisdom Spark suddenly appears at the party and says "Hi, I arrive! ", However she wasn't alone as with her was a rather bored looking fluttershy lookalike who wore a rather grim black cloak, her face was mostly cover by the hood of said cloak but the pink mane and tail as well as her butterscotch-yellow fur were all a dead giveaway.

"Oh my,She doesn't look to friendly." Fluttershy says once she sees the grim version of herself.

"Wisdom behave...." The grim fluttershy would say in a cold monotone which impressed Dianne Pie but creeped everyone else out aside from Inkshy and Wisdom Spark

"Sorry Mortema, I'm just so excited to be here!" Wisdom Spark said.

"Yes I am aware of that... I've come to keep an eye on you." Mortema says in the same toneless voice.

"it's as if she had no emotions at all." Twilight whispered to herself.

Mortema would appear next to her and say,"I heard that..." before returning next to Wisdom Spark, Twilight would shudder as Mortema left.

After the two Goddesses arrived Twilight Armor and her Little brother Shining Sparkle would arrive to the party just a few minutes after them.

"Wow... " Was all Shining Sparkle would say as his sister immediately walks up to main Twilight.

"So I guess this is who I'd be if I was like my bro hmm?" T. Armor says.

"The reverse is true I believe but other things would have to change as well..." T. Sparkle says before T. Armor leaves to go find her brother.

Once the two Twilight's were finished talking the last few guests would arrive to the party.

These guest are, Duchess Chrysalis and Princess Trixie, the two had found Glitter's invite thrown away by Twilight Sparkless so they decided to check the party out, Twi-Twi Sparkle who may not be able to read but was able to come thanks to Prisma who had tagged along with her, Violet Sparklescale who had decided to come despite her worries and Windfeather Shy who arrived in place of Duskmoon as he gave his invite to him, the hybrid was not comfortable around so many copies of his mother but he eventually got used to it.

Other guests that came were Rinda Mew who went in place of the Twilight Sparkle in her world, probably because the invite said there'd be candy and she really likes the stuff and Monarch Masquerade who was actually dragged into the party by an interested Pinkamina Pie,Monarch was none to pleased with her and decided to go speak with Rarity.

"Are you the one in charge here!?" Monarch would ask rarity once she got over to her.

"Erm, no I'm not sorry dear." Was Rarity's response.

Monarch Masquerade would then sigh and then apologise for her temper, she would then bid rarity adué then leaves to find Pinkamena.

The final guest to arrive was a real surprise as she wasn't in any of Glitter's original invites but was welcomed regardless, this guest wore armor that was mostly designed after the Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly and a rapier within it's sheathe under one of her wings, she walked in with an air of authority and grace.

"The Butterfly Knight herself..." Mortema says to herself in a hushed whisper.

The legendary knight would then sit nearby Queen Mortema and then take off her helmet underneath which was yet another fluttershy counterpart, this one had a short mane and a confident look in her eye.

"Why sit near me knight?" Mortema asks her.

"Never had the chance to have a date with death, why not start now?" The knight says which impressed Mortema.

"Yay, everyone is here!" Glitter Brightstar she follows with "now let's get this party started for real wheeee!" Before suddenly casting her balloon spell.

"This will be such fun!" Inkshy says cheerfully as she too joins in the festivities.

The party went on for a long time and everyone got along really well, however they all had to leave to there own universes, each guest saying thier own goodbyes.

Before the main six and the shifted six leave Inkshy stopped them and said,"thanks for the party Glitter! It was super fun!".

"No prob Inky!" Glitter says before Dianne pulls her back to thier universe.

"Well girls let's go home" Twilight says before she and her friends return home as well.

Oh and if you're wondering:" hey wait a sec you're forgetting someone!" Well um don't worry about me ok? I Polaris Solarmoon am watching this party from the safety of my own world...