Lost Child

by MegaCheesy

First published

Sunset gets found out by her principal.

After Principal Celestia finds out about Sunset's living conditions, she calls a friend. Hopefully, she'll look after her.

Takes place after Fall Formal.

Who's Calling Me?

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*Ring* *Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

Ugh, who could be calling me now? I was in the middle of a nap too...

With a disappointed sigh, I sat up from the couch and grabbed my phone. "This is Eva," I answered the phone. "It is so great to hear from you again, Eva. It's me, Celestia."

Celestia? It's odd to get a phone call from her, ever since she became a principal. Maybe I should take her out for some tea when she has free time, that could be fun. "Tia? My god! I didn't expect you to call me. Did something serious happen?"

"Unfortunately, yes. I'm sure you have heard what happened at the Fall Formal, involving one of my students, Sunset Shimmer."

"Yeah, it's hard to miss that on the news. Where are you going with this?" I asked.

"I recently found the place where Sunset is currently living. To cut down to the chase, it was atrocious. I currently have her in my office, which may have been a mistake."

"Why's that? You've told me she 'turned over a new leaf'; is she causing problems?"

"None at all, but being called down to the office is making her paranoid. She's done so much to fix everything, but she hasn't completely healed."

It was reasonable. I mean, she did try to take over the school with demon powers, destroying the property in the process. She's not like that anymore from what I've heard. "Understandable. But why does this involve me?"

"I believe you'll be the perfect caretaker of Sunset Shimmer. You always said you wanted a child."

My jaw almost hit the floor. What! Celestia wants me to take watch over one of her students? "Tia, you don't know how happy I am right now. I'm gonna explode!"

Please don't. I won't have my friend explode on me."

I chuckled at her response. I asked her what time I should come to pick her up, which she said in a half hour. That gave me enough time to change out of my PJs. Our conversation closed shortly after, my excitement was too much to bear. I went to my room to find some clothes. After I took off my PJs, I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

I guess I should tell you more about myself. I'm not one you would call 'normal' by any stretch. Well first, I'm a single 25-year-old living alone. Second, I'm a tiger, an anthro one...

Yeah, I know it's strange. My mom was an anthro tiger (like me) from what dad has told me. I never got the chance to meet her because she left dad when he was only fifteen. Poor guy had to take care of me while balancing school. Third, I'm not exactly skinny, another thing I got from my mom. Although, I can't entirely blame my mom for having a poor diet. Dad liked to stuff me with his awesome cooking when I was growing up.

I put on a sky blue dress, with a matching orange hoodie. You wouldn't think to put a hoodie over a dress, expecting it to be comfortable, but it's surprisingly comfy. I slightly fixed my frizzy, brown hair, but came to the conclusion that bedhead was better. I grabbed my keys and phone, unlocking the car in the process.

This is going to be great!


(Sunset's POV)

I've been called down to the office again. Although, this time I don't know what it could be about. Maybe it's about Celestia finding out about my home. I don't know...

Celestia had made me bring all of my belongings down (not that I have much), for some reason. We talked for a bit, but she had gone off to make a phone call. When she was out of view, I buried my face in my palms. I could feel the dark circles on my face, showing off my fatigue. I'm a complete mess...

The girls have been trying to help me, but I'm not ready to interact with them. They've been trying, but I shunned them out, sometimes eating my lunch and spending my free period alone. I'm far from 'okay'.

Celestia finally came back from her phone call. "Sunset Shimmer. I've made a phone call with one of my old collages. I gave her a proposal to adopt you, which I hope you will accept. She's is coming very soon, so be ready for her. She's very unique..."

"Wait! I'm being adopted?" That was the only thing I could blurt out, ignoring the vagueness of the last statement. "Indeed, my faithful student. That old apartment is no place for a young woman your age should live in, but a happy family is a valid place."

Welp, I'm at a loss. So I'm being adopted by one of her old friends, instead of being alone?

I can't say I hate this...


(Normal POV/Evianna's POV)

I finally made it to the school. Turning off my car jams, I got out and texted Celestia; 'I made it to the school' and exited my car. I walked over to the main office, which already had Celestia and her sister greeting me. Next to the two skyscrapers was a teenaged girl half their size. I'm taller than Luna, but I'm nothing compared to Celestia. Her mother definitely had some crazy genes.

"Hey, Tia. It's great to see you too, Luna." I greeted the two sisters. We then proceeded to have a nice conversation, but I noted Sunset observing me to an extreme degree. It's not every day you get to see a huge, tiger lady. "I'm sure you want to take Sunset with you now, right?" Luna asked.

"I'm not in a hurry, but I'll get Sunset out of your hairs. I'm sure she's just as excited as I am." I answered. "Yeah, I would like to do that," Sunset muttered, finally getting into the conversation. I examined Sunset, noting a few things. To name one, she looks like she needs desperate sleep. There were these over-exaggerated dark circles under her eyes, giving off some zombie vibes. Second, her clothes looked somewhat ruined, especially her orange dress.

"Before you leave, I have Sunset's adoption sheets." Tia pulled out multiple sheets for me to sign, how she got these? No clue. It nearly took me fifteen minutes to fill it out, but it was finally done. We said our goodbyes, taking Sunset out of the building and out to the car. She's a lucky duck, leaving school early with a new mom.

We both got into the car, buckling our seatbelts in the process. "Hey, Sunset? You mind if I put on some tunes?" I asked the very excited, yet zombie-looking girl. "You can put on music, I don't mind..."

"Alright." With that said, I put on a very somber song.


Like I said before; this is going to be great!

The Girls

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We finally made it back to my (slightly large) house. I stopped the car, turning off my tunes in the process. I look over to my new daughter, Sunset Shimmer, snoring softly in her seat. This is too precious!

I took a photo of her, adoring her slumber in all of its glory. I got out of the car, scooping Sunset in my arms and taking her inside. I made it in the house, finding a room that will soon be hers. I placed her in bed, taking her oversized boots off. That leather jacket probably isn't the best to sleep in either, I should remove that too. After doing that, I went back out to the car to grab Sunset's stuff. I'm just too excited at the aspect of having a daughter! Think of all the stuff I can do with her!

Although, I should focus on getting her stuff in her room. I know there's going to be a weird phase of adjustment, but I'll make this work! Maybe...

Finally getting her stuff, I went back inside and into Sunset's room. Placing the supplies down, I felt satisfied. Picking Sunset up was easier than I expected, but maybe there's a catch to all of this. It wouldn't surprise me this 'demon' of hers isn't completely gone. I'll just have to ready for it.

Getting out of my thoughts, I exited Sunset's new room and decided to get out of this dress. Scrummaging through my drawer, I found some jean shorts. Nice, I could use something a bit more casual. I'm finally satisfied...

I plop down on the couch, trying to find something to entertain me. I flick through the channels, yet couldn't find anything that's not trash. Fine, I'll grab my acoustic guitar instead. Running my figures through the strings, I feel ready to play.

Let's go...!



I finished playing. It feels nice to reminisce about simpler times, especially about my old friends. I look up from guitar to find Sunset staring at me. "I didn't know you played guitar..."

I gave her a smile and said; "Hey, sleepyhead. But to answer your question - yes - I do play acoustic and electric guitar." Her oversized circles under eyes were gone - finally. "Did you have a good nap, sleepyhead?" My question was answered with a nod. Sunset walked over to me, sitting on the coach. She fiddled with her fingers, trying to start some sort of a conversation.

"So - mom - I have these group of friends at my school I made not too long ago. I've been having a lot of problems connecting to them, like being accepted by them. Do you think you can help me?"

First, she surprises me with calling me mom - Now, she's asking for my help. I think Celestia found a good one.

"Have you tried talking about your feelings with your group?" I asked.

"I don't think I've tried doing that..."

I tapped my fluffy chin. Great Scott! I have an idea!

"How about you invite them over. 'Sides, school usually wraps up around this time."

"Really? You don't have to do that." You foolish girl! Fixing my daughter's friendships is what I'm going to do! No one is stopping this metaphorical train.

"I'll order a crap ton of pizza." I offered.



The second car ride of the day. Sunset apparently texted all of her friends to meet her in the parking lot after school, which is rather convenient. I've never been one for texting, neither my dad. We care more about playing videos games instead. Y'know, I really like the small bond Sunset and I currently have. I mean, we haven't known each other for very long, but I like where this is going.

We finally found a parking spot. I saw a group of five girls, which I could only assume are the girls. It's lucky I have a van...

"You want me to come out with you, Sunset?" I asked.

"I think it would be a good idea to introduce my new mom."

"Then, it's settled."

Sunset and I walked out...

Now confusion insues...