The Student And Her Moon

by Juu50x

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Luna has invited Twilight to her balcony for a "special" night...

Luna has invited Twilight to her balcony for a "special" night...

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The Student And Her Moon

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The Student And Her Moon

“It's good to see that you decided to come, love.” Twilight heard as she entered the balcony. She couldn't help but smile at the sight of Princess Luna standing before her, also smiling at her. But there was also a glint in Princess's eye's that told her that there was something else going on.

“Of course I would come.” Twilight replied as she closed the door. “I mean it's not really hard when you are invited to your own balcony” Twilight joked. She then started laughing, which quickly had Luna joining her.

“Yes.” Luna then said, letting out a last small chuckle.

“But in all seriousness, what did you want to show me Luna?” Twilight asked as she walked to her Princess.

“Why don't we lay down first?” Luna suggested once Twilight was at her side.

“So...” Twilight started as she laid next to Luna.

“I'm sure you are familiar with Equestria's history?” Luna began. That caught Twilight off guard. What kind of question was that? “Of course!” she said. “Who wouldn't be!?”

“Then you are also familiar of the time before me or my sister?” Luna asked and Twilight found herself really confused. Where was Luna going with this?

“Y-yes.” Twilight replied, unsure what Luna was after. “That was the time when unicorns had to use their magic to raise and lower the sun and moon.” Twilight answered. “But, what does it have to do with tonight?” she then asked.

“I was wondering if we could reenact the moment?” Luna asked, with hidden hint in her voice.

“Huh?” Twilight was confused and Luna noticed that she needed to be a bit less subtle with her unicorn lover.

“What do you say if history would repeat itself?” Luna then asked. Hoping that Twilight would get the hint. But knowing her, she would need a bit of a harder nudge.

She watched as Twilight's eyes widened from realization and maybe even a bit of a shock. Luna felt her smile widening a bit. “Did she figure it out?” She mentally mused hopefully.

“Are you... are you saying that...” Twilight stuttered. She couldn't believe what Luna was suggesting, it felt just... surreal. She then felt her shock being replaced with pure excitement. “Are you saying that we are going to see unicorns raising the moon?” Twilight asked excited. But then her expression quickly changed. “Wait, if we are going to witness something like Canterlot unicorns raising the moon, then why are we at my balcony?” Twilight asked confused. “Shouldn't you have called me to Canterlot?”

Luna couldn't help but chuckle loudly. She was highly amused by the fact how oblivious Twilight could be sometimes. In a strange way she found it really cute. But she was also bit disappointed that she hadn't yet figured it out. But at least she hadn't ruined the surprise.

“No.” Luna replied, turning her head towards Twilight. “Well, yes. But only one unicorn is required.” That only made Twilight even more confused, but Luna could see the slow realization in her eyes.

“B-b-but, I thought that raising the moon required strong magical connections and concentration and-” Twilight couldn't continue as she was interrupted by Luna's hoof.

“Twilight my dearest, please calm yourself.” Luna said with a soothing voice. For a moment Twilight still looked at Luna with a somewhat frightened and unsure look, but that quickly changed. “Twilight, my love, the reason I called you, is because there is something I've wanted to do with you since we declared our love for each other.” Luna started, making sure that she had Twilight's full attention.

“Something, that would show you my undying love for you. Something that might... deepen our bond...” Luna noticed that she was running out of words, so she decided to go to the point. “Twilight, would you like have the honor in raising the moon tonight?” she asked, or rather proposed.

Twilight found herself completely dumbfounded and shocked. What Luna had just asked, that she, she, a lone unicorn would raise the moon tonight? How? How could she do, or rather, raise something gigantic like the moon? The amount of magical power would be overwhelming for someone like her! No unicorn had done this in many, many, MANY centuries!

Not after the disaster with Discord...

“But, but, that's not possible!” She exclaimed little too loudly. The distress in her voice obvious. “I don't think I can do it!” Twilight was quickly losing herself into a full panic mode again. “And even if I could, what if I screw up? What if-?” Twilight was once again interrupted by Luna's hoof. “What's up with me and Luna's hoofs these days?” Twilight quickly wondered as she tried to calm herself again.

“You won't be doing it alone, my dear.” Luna offered Twilight a sweet and smoothing smile. “I will be at your side. Making sure that you succeed.” Luna could see, or, feel as Twilight was finally starting to calm down.

Twilight was now feeling calm. Knowing that Luna would be with her, helping her if there was something that went wrong. “And with Luna, nothing can go wrong!” she thought, now her excitement rising up.

“I... I guess, I could try...” She muttered. Looking at her hooves while she played with them. She still felt unsure about what might happen. Not that she didn't trust Luna; on the contrary, she trusted her entire life to the Moon Princess.

“Good.” Luna said softly. “Now Twilight, raise your head. I need your horn for this.” she explained. Twilight looked at Luna with a raised eyebrow. “Since you are going to need my help with this, we have to combine our magic.” Luna continued explaining. “In other words, we need to connect our horns so we can create the bond.”

Twilight nodded at this. “Now, I suggest that you close your eyes.” Luna said. Twilight obliged. “Now... reach for me...” She heard Luna's soft voice tell her what to do. She then started reaching with her horn, for Luna's.

There was a small sound when their two horns collided and touched. “Now, reach out your magic.” Twilight heard Luna instructing her. “And I'll handle the rest.” Twilight once again obliged. She started gathering her magic to her horn, and she could feel Luna doing the same. And then... it happened!

She felt her soul, spirit or whatever you call it; leave her body and enter into something quite different. Like she was levitating above complete nothingness. Even though everything was still black, Twilight could feel everything. “Don't be frightened Twilight Sparkle.” she heard Luna speaking to her. But she couldn't see her Princess anywhere.

Luna! Where are yo-?” Twilight stopped herself when noticing that her lips didn't move. In fact she could feel that in some sense, she was bodiless. Disembodied. She then felt as a warm, comforting and familiar presence warping around her being. Like a warm blanket, or like soft wings, like the ones Luna always used when they were cuddling together.

Don't be distressed my dear.” Luna's smooth voice seemed to become even smoother, if that was possible. “I'm right with you.” with Luna being literally wrapped around her, Twilight could feel her confidence rising higher.

What do I do now?” She asked.

Just reach out.

Twilight wasn't sure what Luna had meant by that, but she decided to try. She let her magic out, reaching whatever she was looking for, with Luna following carefully right behind her. And then she found it.

Reach out more...

For a moment, Twilight hesitated. But Luna's reassuring presence made her feel braver again. She reached out and shuddered from its touch. The surface of the glowing orb was rough and hard. The light was pale and cold looking. But oddly, also cold to the touch. It was like she was holding a ball of ice in her hooves. And she did what she thought she was supposed to do. She tried to move the glowing orb.

It wouldn't move. She tried again, nothing. Again, not even a nudge. Twilight was slowly getting frustrated, and channeled more magic, but the moon wouldn't even budge! “How in the hay does this work?” She thought, or rather said frustrated.

No. You need to reach deeper.” Luna said. Twilight once again found herself confused. Deeper? But how did this make any sense? “Just do it Twilight.” Luna said calmly. She could understand Twilight's frustration, she still could remember her first time with the moon. “Trust me my dear.” She added. Twilight ‘nodded’ even though she wasn't sure Luna could see it.

So, she reached deeper as Luna told her. And Twilight could feel her flesh crawling as if she was literally slipping through the surface of the moon. And it felt like she had taken dive into a cold water. For a second she felt like getting away from this coldness, but she then felt Luna's presence warping herself around her even tighter, making her feel all warm and save. “Thank you.” Twilight said smiling.

You are welcome my Twilight.” She heard Luna reply and what felt what she couldn’t quite explain, was Luna nuzzling her.

Then the ‘dive’ came to a sudden halt. And now that Twilight thought about it, the trip was really short. But the coldness made it feel longer. But now she had passed through and what she ‘saw’ made her amazed by the sight before her. The light was beautifully bright and radiated warmness, like the sun, only not as warm, but neither was it cold.

But what really astonished her was the orb itself. She quickly reached for it and gasped. The surface of the orb was just so smooth and so light. Like it had been through the best care in all of Equestria. If Rarity ever saw it, she could easily be lost to it. The orb simply was perfect in any words Twilight could use to describe it. Just touching it felt like it was made from the smoothest glass.

And the weight, it felt like a light feather. So easy to move.

Wha- what is this?

She could feel Luna's amusement. “This, Twilight my dearest...” Luna started, as if introducing an old friend of hers. “Is the Moon. The real Moon.” Twilight found herself astonished once again. “Beautiful, isn't it?” Luna asked.

Twilight found herself speechless. Which Luna took as an agreement. “Then what are you waiting for?” She asked. “Reach for it.” she encouraged Twilight. “Don't worry, I will guide you...

And Twilight did as she was told. She then felt as Luna's magic joined with her own and she then let her magic warp around the orb and she could feel as the warmth started coursing through her. She then pushed. And as she suspected, the moon started moving fast, maybe bit too fast...

Twilight could feel her heart beat faster. What if she did screw this up? What if she failed and caused some kind of catastrophe for Equestria? If not making the Moon fall out of its orbit to the surface of their planet, then probably causing a flood or just making it disappear forever. And Luna would hate her for that!

The moon suddenly came to a suddenly halt. And Luna could feel the conflict inside Twilight.

Don't fret. You are doing wonderfully.” She heard Luna encouraging her. Feeling Luna fully warping herself around her once more.

Thank you, my Princess.” Twilight said smiling as her confidence returned. Twilight then returned to her task.

The Moon started moving once again and Twilight was feeling that maybe this wasn't as hard as she thought. As long as Luna was with her, she knew she could do almost anything! But as she was still moving the Moon, she failed to notice as Luna's presence was slowly leaving her.
Luna ’watched’ as Twilight continued, without realizing that she was no longer ’guiding’ her. Luna smiled to herself as Twilight was now doing everything without her help. “All she needed is little push...” She whispered.

Twilight felt as the Moon was reaching its normal place in the sky. Like there was a large round gap which told her where to put the Moon. Sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. The Moon stopped as it reached its destination and Twilight never had felt more proud of herself! “Did you see Luna?!” She asked excited. “I did it! I actually moved the Moon with your help!” But then Twilight noticed that she didn't feel Luna's presence.

L-Luna?” Twilight's worried words seemed to echo in the dark void which was filled with the Moon’s warm light. But Twilight didn't feel that warmth right now, especially when Luna wasn't with her. “Where are you?” She raised her voice bit louder to get an answer.

She then felt something touch her cheek. “Please return to me Twilight Sparkle.” she heard familiar voice speaking to her, half whispering. “I want you to see this.

And before Twilight knew it, she felt like she was being pulled away from this strange plane or dimension. Like Applejack had suddenly grabbed her and now pulled her with everything she had. Twilight could feel herself returning back to her body. Even if the time that has passed was probably only a moment ago, she felt like she hadn't moved for a week. Every muscle in her body felt really stiff.

“Don't worry, you will get used to it eventually.” She heard Luna saying. “But now my love, I suggest you open your eyes and behold your handy work.” Twilight heard from Luna's voice that she had now turned to look at the sky. “And I really do like the personal touch of yours.”

That caught Twilight's attention. What did she mean by ‘personal touch’? Did she do something to the moon? She opened her eyes, looking straight at the moon and couldn't help but gasp. The Moon was glowing brightly on the sky. Maybe a bit too bright and it was little bit bigger also.

But what really made Twilight gasp from complete shock was the fact that while the moon had its familiar snow white glow, it now had some lavender mixed in. The same kind of color as her coat. “I-did I do that?” She asked Luna, not believing the sight before her.

“Yes.” Luna answered, turning her attention back to Twilight.

“You... you, like it?” Twilight asked, now looking at Luna.

“Twilight... I love it!” Luna said with much warmth as her voice could carry. She then leaned towards Twilight, rubbing her cheek against Twilight's. “Just as much as I love you.” She then gave Twilight a long, loving kiss to her lips, to which Twilight responded eagerly. “You are my little unicorn.” Luna said as they parted.

“And you are my little moon” Twilight giggled to which Luna joined. The two then leaned on each other, savoring this new beautiful sight before them.

Like many others who were lucky enough to witness this amazing moment.

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