For the Record

by Calico64

First published

Jet is a young pegasus mare who is down on her luck when it comes to journalism. She got fired from her job in Manehattan, now she is trying her luck in Ranchtown. Perhaps her luck will be better?

Jet is a young pegasus mare who is down on her luck when it comes to journalism. She got fired from her job in Manehattan, now she is trying her luck in Ranchtown. Perhaps her luck will be better?

Writer's Block

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Whoever said that writing was easy, is not and probably never will be a writer. Writing is taking a concept and putting it into your own words. Not only do you have to find the right words and how to use them. You also need to use them in a way that will keep people’s attention for long periods of time. Those words are yours. If those words are not yours that’s called either quoting or it’s plagiarism depending on how you use them. People tend to think that those who are paid to write are fortunate, they have an easy job, they have a stay-at-home job and they can make their own hours whenever they damn well please. That is a myth.

Yes, there are great writers out there who can put anything into words as they please. Yes, there are people out there who can do so as an art form. However, every writer has a time limit. Whether that time limit is a year or a decade, there is a time limit. Those writing brains have an expiration date. If you are graced with the writing job that you’ve dreamed of since fillyhood, good for you. However, once you hit that lonely valley known as writer’s block, your job is not going to be forgiving. Nor are they going to stop heaven and hell from working just because the words will not come to you. They are going to stomp their hoof on the ground, and ask you where in the hell is that article they set that pretty little deadline for. That deadline is not for show, it is there as a reminder that you wanted this in the first place. If you can’t meet it, you’re out.

Jet Stream was in the valley herself. Not only the valley of writer’s block but also the valley of the Foal Mountains, on a train. Manehattan was nothing but hustle and bustle, and if you couldn’t keep up, it was time to find something else. She woke up from her fourth ten minute nap, feeling the effects of dehydration, hunger and just sheer shittiness all around. Everything hurt, her head, her mouth, her throat, her joints, even her brain hurt, despite the fact that it didn’t have feeling.

The white mare with the blue and white striped mane stunk pretty bad. She’d been on the train for the past four hours, and before that she slept at the train station, waiting for the train itself. So there was another eight hours. Before that, she had to get all of her belongings out of her apartment before people came and threw them out. So she counted around twenty nine hours from her last shower. She would have apologized to the teenage pegasus beside her but he wasn’t exactly a bed of roses either. Not to mention, his wing kept nudging her wing because he didn’t know how to tuck them behind him properly. Pegasi were meant to live in Cloudsdale, apparently, where the clouds could just whisk them away in a stream of rainbow water.

However, this was not Cloudsdale, and flying from Manehattan all the way to Ranchtown would have been entirely too taxing on her to make it worth the effort. She was down to her savings account and while it was not as if she were in the poor house, one wrong move would have landed her there pretty fast.

She checked her cellphone, she still had four hours to get to her interview at her new job. Yes, it was a writing job, and no, her writer’s block was not cured. Yeah, cured, as if there were some kind of medicine you could take and it would just go away. That’s a laugh. Next she’ll just cure stupidity. Why not?

The train began to slow as it neared the station. It came to a grinding halt and ponies began to rise from their seats. Jet took her first steps in Ranchtown as she got off the train and saw that the train station actually wasn’t too crowded. At least it wasn’t crowded by Manehattan standards. At first glance, Ranchtown did look rather small, but not nearly as small as she first expected. It had its taller buildings in the distance, it had its traffic on a Saturday morning, and the neighborhood she was currently in didn’t look like the most savory type.

There were broken down cars on the side of the road being sold for car parts, fillies playing in puddles, larger stallions walking down the street walking toward their favorite bar, and three liquor stores on the other side of the road from Jet. A piece of paper floated with the wind, straight into her leg and clung to it. The white pegasus rolled her eyes and peeled it off of her leg. Apparently, there was a comic con today. Joy.

She took in a deep breath and exhaled.

“Home sweet home.” Jet waved down a passing taxi.


“Well, normally we start rookies on the cute little fluff pieces about the old ponys’ home having a quilt sale.” The rather large, black pony with a red mane said across from the table. Jet had agreed to meet Opinion Piece at a local cafe on the edge of hay street. Jet had found temporary living quarters, now she was five minutes late to her interview and still did not have time to bathe before she got there. Not to mention her shower did not have curtains, so that was going to be a joy.

“I’m not going to do that.” Jet said as she sipped her coffee. She had added four extra spoonfuls of sugar to get herself out of her near comatose state.

“Over the phone, you said you could write anything.” Piece said as he frowned at her. All the sudden the week that he had waited with baited breath was turning out to be kind of disappointing. He was head writer at the Ranch U newspaper “Nightmare Nightrider.” Unlike other college based newspapers, it branched out to other subjects than just what happened in the school.

“I could write anything, that doesn’t mean I would write anything. And let’s get one thing clear. I’m not a rookie. I’ve been writing for almost ten years and I’ve earned the opportunity to write something that doesn’t involve a stage and things that do tricks for treats.” Jet took one long sip of her coffee.

“So you’re the new girl who thinks she can decide what she writes articles about. Met my fair share of your kind. What makes you think I’m giving you the good stories right out the door?” Piece sat there and watched as her jaw worked to get in all of that coffee. Her long draw of coffee turned into around forty seconds of nothing but almost drowning in the brown liquid. She put the coffee on the table with a sigh. Then she belched.

“Because I can walk out that door and find another job with any of your top competitors. I just so happen to have a friend who works in Ranchtown and said she recommended Nightrider. You’ve read my pieces, you know how good I am, I’m not going to wait around to build up my reputation when I’ve already done my fair share. Either I’m part of the team, or I’m part of another team. It’s your paper and I don’t want your job. I just want my fair cut.” Jet nodded to the waitress who walked by with more coffee pouring into her mug.

Piece sat there with his hands together, pianoing his fingers onto his knuckles. He watched Jet shovel little spoonfuls of sugar in her coffee again. His eyes went up to her face to see that she was staring at him with her dull, expressionless gaze. His lips pursed, he sighed, then he rolled his eyes.

“Fine. I have a better story for you, but don’t expect me to bow to your every whim every time. This city isn’t that big, and news comes when it comes. Sometimes we need to run the side stories to maintain our schedule.” Piece said as she drew in another long drink.

“And it is?” She said as she set her mug against the table once again, this time only having drank half of it in one drink.

“Well, this city ain’t much in the ways of news since Rich Co. went down, but we have our local heroes. We even have a resident Porn Star.” This drew a surprised look from Jet. “I’m looking for a story on comic books.”

There was a long pause.

“I’m sorry, did you just say comic books?” Jet drank the last of her coffee as the waitress came by with a refill.

“Yes, recently, a local librarian became the writer for Spider-Mare comics. Now that there’s talk of a Spider-Mare movie, she’s becoming pretty hot shit. So, local legend tells of how the writer of that comic met up with the artist and they got together at a convention.”

“Yeah, they got together, isn’t that what comic artists and writers do?” That’s when she thought for one second. “Unless you mean--”

“They had a comic love baby. From what I understand, they’ve been dating ever since. I just want a nice little behind the scenes work. See if you can get an interview with either one or both Fable Prose or Quick Bullet. Get me that interview and you can have whatever story you want.” Piece said as he grinned at her.

“Really,” She drank another large gulp of her coffee. The white pegasus mare burped a bit and thought for a moment. “Whatever story I want.” She tapped her finger on her chin. “Alright, I'll get that interview.”

Jet got up from the table and put five bits on it. Without another word, she started walking out of the diner. She pulled out her phone and got to work right away. It didn't take very long for her to find Fable Prose in the comic book mainframe. However, his profile was a bit bare. There wasn't much to go off of. All it said was that he lived in Ranchtown and he wrote for Spider-Mare. Apparently his fame hasn’t gotten very widespread.

Walking down the street, the research seemed to be going nowhere. Even Quick Bullet had very little on her. She was seemingly an up and coming artist in the comic book world, but, once again, her biggest claim to fame was that one issue of Spider-Mare. Jet sighed. Maybe this was why that pompous prick gave her this story. There was so little to go on that no journalist in their right mind would take the job.

Jet sighed, she needed a coffee. Then she stopped and remembered that she just had four whole cups not even ten minutes ago. Did she need to pee? Oh yeah, she needed to pee. After a quick trip to the bathroom, she walked out of the nearby auto shop that gave her a funny look for not buying anything. Then she started to hear a strange scraping noise coming from her hoof. She looked down to see the sidewalk had graced her hoof with a piece of paper. Jet started entertaining the notion of doing an article on the litter problem in Ranchtown as she lifted her hoof. She peeled the wrinkled and worn paper from her sole and looked at it. Once again, it was an advertisement for that comic book convention happening for the weekend.

At first she started to crumple it, but then she paused. Comic book convention, comic book nerds, comic book knowledge, all of these things could actually be a little useful for her. She ended up crumpling it anyway and finding a garbage can. After she threw it away, she raised her hand at a passing taxi cab.

“Taxi!” She shouted, making the cab stop.


Opening the convention door was like opening the door to an alien world. Cosplayers walked the booths that laid out mint condition graphic novels. Geeks were arguing over comic book happenings. Some ponies were playing video games in small dens and lines were formed at several booths for celebrities who were giving out signatures. It was loud and slightly annoying, but Jet was able to make her way rather well.

Her first order of business was finding a more official booth for the comic company that actually distributed Spider-Mare. After ten minutes of searching, she was finally able to locate one of the more decent looking displays. She worked her way around the gathered crowd of ponies and looked at the short, scrawny looking stallion behind the table. Some of them were taken by how physically attractive Jet was, as she put on her best reporter smile, despite not really being a reporter.

“Hi, I was wondering if you could give me a little bit of information.” Jet smiled at him in her sweetest demeanor.

“Um, sure, what did you need?” He said as he stood up and looked down at his comics he had laid out across the table. “Did you want to read the latest War Horse? We still have a few left.”

“No, I was looking for some information on the writer and artist who did Spider-Mare number six thirty-six?” She said, and as she did she looked behind him to see that there was, indeed a copy of that issue. It was in a protective cover, along with a number on top “9.8.” Then her jaw went slack when she saw that it was priced at five hundred bits.

“Oh, you mean this?” He took the comic off of the shelf behind him and showed it to her.

The cover was very well done. It depicted Rainscald, the black suited villain stallion with the jagged teeth and red wavery eyes. He was staring down Spider-Mare, who was up close and staring him back with her wide white eyes that she was so well known for. The two of them didn’t look especially angry, in fact they looked more concentrated than prepared to fight.

“Ummm yeah, is there a reason it’s so expensive?” She asked and the guys around her gave a slight chortle.

“Yeah, it was the final battle between Spider-Mare and Rainscald. There’s a bit of a story tied behind the making of this issue.”

She sat there and listened to the same story she had been told at the diner. Only this time, he theorized that they wrote the entire issue while they had sex. They made the whole issue into an erotic comic before rewriting it into a proper comic book afterward. The entire time, they were both cosplaying Rainscald and Spider-Mare. Such a story sounded ridiculous, and she wondered how such a rumor got started if no one else was there.

“Well, that’s interesting and everything, but I was wondering if you guys knew anything about either Fable or Quick Bullet. Do you know where I could reach them?” This drew another round of laughter from the guys around her and she looked at all of them with a mean look. They promptly stopped laughing and went on about their business.

“Yeah, actually, they’re doing a conference.” He checked his phone for the time. “Right now.”

“Where?!” Jet asked, her eyes widened and her pen went down to her little notepad she had been taking notes on.

“There.” He pointed down at the other end of the convention center, where there were a line of doors. Without another word, Jet took off like a… well… a jet. She worked her way around the crowd of stallions in mares, cosplayers, fanboys and fangirls so she could get to the doors had a sign that read: “Today only! Meet the writer and artist of Spider-Mare from our very own city! Fable Prose and Quick Bullet will be taking questions from 9 am to 11 am.”

She checked her phone to see that it was ten thirty. It was as if the stars and planets all aligned and brought her to a higher plane of existence where things seemed like they may actually work out for her. Then she returned to reality to shake off that nonsense. She wasn’t out of the woods yet. Jet Stream still needed an interview.


“Earlier, you stated that there was plans for producing a second issue of Spider-Mare, were you planning to bring back Rainscald for this one too?” One of the thirty or forty ponies in the seats across from the room of the red stallion and yellow mare said as she stood up. All of them watched as Fable, the black maned stallion scratched his hair a little bit.

“Ummm, we’ve had a few hints of an offer to return as writing and art team, but as of right now, nothing is set in stone. If that happens, it’s pretty much out of our hands of where they are in the story. It could be any of Spider-Mare’s villains.” Fable looked over to Letty who leaned forward into the microphone in front of her.

“But if we do, we’ll definitely request a storyline of the two again.” The yellow pegasus remarked, drawing an excited report from the crowd. The next pony stood up, and waved.

“Hi! Fastball, from Fastball Blog. Why didn’t either of you cosplay for this convention?” The bright blue stallion asked, drawing very silent snickers from the rest of the fans.

Fable and Letty eyed one another, Letty rolled her eyes.

“We’re here in a more official sense this time around. The next time we come to a convention for playtime, we’ll definitely break out the Spider-Mare and Rainscald suits.” Fable replied, drawing an even larger cheer from the crowd.

“Alright, one more question, then we need to get going.” Letty said, the crowd dying down as the last fan stood up, this one was a larger stallion with the Spider-Mare symbol on his red shirt.

“Hi, long time fan of the comics. I was just wondering if you could explain to me why Spider-Mare could use her precognitive abilities against Rainscald when she was said to have no such ability against the symbiotic life form that she had fought before it attached to the pony host later on. I was also wondering why she did not use her remote controlled spiderling that she got in issue six hundred and two and used in three subsequent stories thus far. Also, the symbiote madness that Rainscald experience did not coincide with the symbiote madness portrayed in issue five ninety three when it temporarily latched onto Smooth Move, the local bartender. Did you have any explanation?”

There was a silence that drowned the room in the most uncomfortable aura. The vibe in that room could be measured in gallons of nervous jitters as all of the fans immediately wanted to disassociate with this guy who obviously had entirely too much time on his hands and not enough social interaction of any kind.

“Ahem, well.” Fable said as Letty’s eyes were as wide as they could go. She looked over at Fable who popped his neck. “If you’ll remember in the symbiote’s fifth issue, it was stated that the reason why she could not sense it was because it was entirely an alien life form whose very fabric of existence was immune to her limited clairvoyance. However, now that it is attached to a pony, she would be able to sense that pony, as it does not cover his actions. The spiderling device was quite useful in those three stories it was depicted in for reconnaissance, but she has stated many times that she was hesitant to use it, because of how expensive it was to make, and how it could not possibly survive or be replaced if hit with a strong enough blow, one that Rainscald could easily do if he saw it. As for the Symbiote madness, the bartender was already diagnosed with dementia, only adding to the symbiote’s effects, as well as limiting the capacity it could use his body and mind as they were both very scarce.” Fable finally took a breath at the end of saying that. Every jaw dropped, every eye widened, and the silence was so loud you could hear every pony’s hair growing.

After a very long pause, Letty leaned forward to her mic. “Umm, that’s all the time we have. Thank you for coming out to see us, and we hope to do this again. It was… fun.” She said, looking over to Fable, who waved to the crowd as they both got up from their seats.

As the crowd clapped through their awe, they started to get up from their seats and disperse back into the comic convention. Fable and Letty walked to the left side door, kind of a back stage where they put their belongings. Fable had already bought five very rare comic books, all of them in protectors, one of them signed by the artist. He was looking forward to digging into those when he got home.

“Ummmm, Fable? What the hell was that?” Letty did not stop staring at Fable as they walked toward the door.

“What was what?” Fable asked, giving her an odd look.

“That back there, with the know-it-all. What was that response of yours?” She opened the door.

“Well the guy had some relevant questions, ones that I considered as we created the comic.” Fable said as he turned on the light, and his eyes widened as he looked inside.

“You thought of all that stuff when you were pumping me full of co--” She was interrupted as he very loudly cleared his throat. Letty tilted her head toward him, then he pointed into the room.

There was Jet Stream, sitting on the edge of a table and playing on her phone. She stood in the middle of that mostly empty room with just some chairs around the table. Their belongings were still by the entrance, completely untouched. Jet glanced at them, then tipped her head toward them.

“Sup?” Jet said, looking at her phone for another moment then pocketing it.

“Can we help you?” Letty asked, putting her hands on her hips. “How did you get in here? That door is locked.”

As soon as she asked, Jet tossed a very bent up paper clip onto the table. “I’m here to get an interview with you two. If you wouldn’t mind me taking up a bit of your time?” Jet asked as she took off her jacket and put it on the back of one of the chairs and pulled it out for herself.

At first, Letty was about to call security, and curse them out for letting someone just barge into a room filled with their personal stuff. Then Fable started walking toward her, dressed in his best Spider-Mare t-shirt, depicting the Spider-Mare symbol crossed down the middle diagonally with the Rainscald symbol. He also wore his best jeans. He sat down across from Jet and then pulled out a chair for Letty.

Quick Bullet stood there for a moment as Jet started getting out her notes, her paper pad, her laptop and some gum out of her side pack. Then she looked over at Fable, who had a stupid smile on his face. He was like a kid on Christmas day who was getting everything he wanted. The fame was not hindering to him, the attention gave him great comfort, and the fandom he took with such natural ease that Letty could only blink at. It was kind of amazing how far Fable was willing to go with this new found following. It was like he prepared his entire life for this.

Letty rolled her eyes and sat at the table alongside him.

“So, my name is Jet Stream, I’m with the Nightrider paper. I’m here to relinquish some of the rumors that have been going around town surrounding you two. Did you have any questions before we get started?”

“Yeah, do you plan on breaking into our apartments too? Because I’m still a little pissed that you had the tenacity to lockpick our room here. I’m wondering just how far you were going to take this?”

“I would apologize, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t do it again. To answer your question, no, I don’t plan on breaking into your apartments. If you want, I’ll give you all of my contact information and my panties, just in case.” She said this, and both of them glanced at one another. All the sudden, they were wondering what her joking voice sounded like, because that sounded stone-faced serious. “Now, Fable, let’s start with you. Why don’t you give the public a little backstory on yourself?”

Fable thought for a moment, then hummed a little, tapping his chin.

“Ummmm, alright, well. I was born to Sun Storm and Star Gazer in Cloudsdale. I lived there until I gained enough for an associates degree in English, then I decided I wanted to visit more parts of Equestria. I went completely broke while passing through Ranchtown, and found that life was a little more unforgiving than I had originally predicted. So, I’ve been in Ranchtown ever since. I’ve been working at the library for about three years now, and working at Frozen Pop’s Frozen Treat shop for a little over half a year.”

Letty had heard a lot of this story already, still hearing the full story from him was a bit fascinating all the same. That’s when Jet turned her attention to her. Letty blinked.

“How about you, Bullet?” Jet said, but for some reason, she had a pencil in her hand, she just wasn’t taking any notes.

“Letty’s fine.” She said, taking a deep breath. “Well, I was born in Canterlot. My father was in the military, and my mother was an art teacher. My mother, Vivid Landscape is the one who taught me how to draw initially, and I just kind of took off with it. I took art all through high school and through my college until I got picked up by Cosmic Comics as an artist for the short lived comic book series White Iris. I’ve been credited as the artist of comics such as Thunder Steed, Elementous, Tidal Neigh, and of course, Spider-Mare.”

Jet nodded at all of this information, her hand playing with her pencil as her fingers rolled it over the back of her thumb, only to roll it back between her thumb and forefinger. She thought for a moment, then sighed.

“Is something wrong?” Fable asked. Jet shook her head.

“No, I’m fine. Just trying to get my thoughts straight. Now, is it true that you two have been dating?” Jet looked toward them to see them glance at one another once again.

“Yes.” Both said at the same time. Then Letty added. “For two months.”

“And the rumors are true? It all started with creating this comic? How did that work?”

“Well, ummmmm.” Fable started, then his thoughts tapered off a bit. He looked at Letty who shrugged her shoulders. “It just kind of happened. I would be lying if I said I remembered every detail of that night.”

“Take your time, think about it.” Jet said, looking down at the sheet of paper with a frown. “Have you two been ‘creating comics’ ever since?”

That’s when both of their eyes widened and Fable’s jaw went a little slack. Letty began to frown and point her finger at Jet.

“What kind of an interview is this? I thought you were here to talk about us as artists, but I’m getting the idea that you’re here more for the pornographic details. Furthermore, why haven’t you written anything down?” Letty asked, and then felt Fable’s hand on top of her own. She looked at Fable, whose expression was rather somber.

“She has writer’s block.” It was Jet’s turn to look at him with a very befuddled expression. “Scatter shot interview, not writing anything down, and improvised lines. Yeah, I’ve been there. Every writer has.”

“Yeah, alright, I admit it. It’s been a hard couple of months for me. I was coasting through my last journalist job in Manehattan. While I pulled it off for a while, they caught onto me and I just flat out admitted I barely even knew what I was writing anymore.” Jet said, and then dropped her pencil onto the notepad. “Truth be told, I don’t even know if I want this job. The guy who interviewed me is kind of a prick and I’ve got other prospects I can look into.” She brought up her little side pack and started to gather her things. “We can just call it a day if you--”

“Around three times a day.” Fable said, drawing a look from Letty.

“Fable!” Letty’s face went completely flushed.

Jet stopped in her tracks and gazed at the red stallion for a moment. Then she dropped her notepad down on the table once again. She sat down and leaned forward, giving him her full attention.

“Yeah, we ‘make comics’ three or four times a day, sometimes twice in one session.” He scratched the back of his neck, then glanced back at Letty who crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked off to the other side. “In fact we were thinking about doing it in here. Letty’s not even wearing any panties under her skirt.”

Letty gasped, then she froze, gaining a few sweat beads on her forehead. Jet was now fully invested, pursing her lips as she listened very intently. Then she looked over at Letty, who was beet red at this point.

“So, you’re an exhibitionist?” Jet leaned in a bit closer and Letty cringed a little bit.

“I-I never said that!” Letty was finally able to say.

“She totally is.” Fable said, then got a very dirty look from her, and not the good kind. “Tell her when the last time we made love was.” He leaned over to her and started to kiss along the side of her exposed neck, causing her to draw in a sharp breath. She cringed, and looked away even harder.

“Mmmhh, an hour ago. Y-you…” Letty swallowed hard. “You licked my pussy behind the curtains at the cosplay contest.” She shivered at the feeling of his tongue sliding over her neck. “Alright, fine.” She moaned and tried her best to speak straight. “He fills me full of cum every single chance he gets.”

Fable was sucking on her neck at this point. He was turning into something of an animal as he started reaching up her shirt and grasping her bare nipple in his fingers. Her head turned toward him and met his lips to hers as she moaned into his mouth. Letty’s hands moved up to his chest and began to rub his hard, chiseled chest.

“He makes me horny everywhere I go. He rubs on me, he caresses me when I least expect it. Then he presses his hard cock up against my butt when he sneaks up behind me.” At first, her voice was down trodden, somber in its tone. “I love it!” She pulled her shirt up to expose her tits to him so that he began to suck on her nipples.

It was Jet’s turn to blush hardcore. The pale white pegasus watched them both as her hand moved onto the notepad, the pencil starting to scratch against it at a mile a minute. She took every single note she possibly could as fast as her fingers would move but it didn’t seem fast enough as far as she was concerned. All the sudden, she felt like she was burning up.

“Did you suck his cock while you two made the comic?” Jet asked, still writing like her life depended on it.

“Yes--OH!” She moaned a little bit too loud as he started to suck her nipple, his hand going down between her legs to feel her quim was absolutely soaked. It was even drenching her chair. “I sucked his nice big cock while he told me a nice hot story of how a big strong villain took advantage of a horny, slutty mare hero. You need to see this.” She patted Fable on the head. “Stand up.”

Fable complied, and before she even touched his pants, Jet’s eyes widened as his enormous dick was outlined in his pants with complete visibility. This did not take away from the first sight of it, though. His very dark, red skinned cock slid out as his underwear was dropped to the floor. Jet’s pencil broke on the notepad as her eyes went wide and her pupils went wider.

Real talk, it had been a good minute since Jet had indulged in the finer things a stallion had to offer. Her work life in Manehattan was so damn busy that she more or less forgot that sex even existed. In fact, she had gone so long without it that her body no longer craved it. All of that came crashing down as she saw that cylindrical piece of flesh pop out. It was rock solid, thick, and the ring in the center of it accented the whole shaft. Her baser instincts began to take over and her mildly wet vagina turned into a very slow, viscous waterfall.

After a very short while, they stopped pulling their punches. Letty sucked his massive cock all the way down to her throat as he stood in front of her, his wings twitching some. Little strings of precum and saliva dripped from her maw. She caught the saliva in her hand and used it to jerk his cock as her tongue went down to his nice big testicles, which she started to lick with the pad of her tongue.

It seemed like they completely forgot that Jet was in the room, Fable gazed down at his mare and they had a nice little moment in each others eyes as she took in one of his balls in her mouth, starting to swirl her tongue around it. “Mmmmm, pull my hair.” She whispered.

Jet shot up from her seat. “Alright! You guys need to stop!” Her golden eyes were as wide as they could possibly get. Her legs buckled together as if she were becoming structurally unsound and her top row of teeth were latched onto her bottom lip.

“Oh, my, Fable. I think she’s about to have a breakdown.” Letty said and then pointed downward at Jet’s pants. All eyes turned down toward toward the very large wet spot that was growing in between the blue and white maned pegasus’s legs. “Something tells me she didn’t come here to watch.

“That-- I mean… well I did--” Jet stifled and mumbled as she talked. Her speech patterns only became worse as Fable and Letty started walking toward her around the table. “What--OHH!” Letty’s mouth latched onto the tip of Jet’s ear, causing her to twitch and shiver all over, especially when she started rubbing her teeth along the edge of her lobe. The control of Jet’s limbs became especially hard to navigate. Her hand wet up to the yellow mare’s mane and began to brush her fingers through her hair.

“Good God these things are soaked.” Fable said as he spread her legs a bit and got a good look at her groin, which was dampening her pants at an extensive rate. “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to amputate your pants.” He said as he undid her button.

Part of her almost cried out for him to stop, but the bigger part of her urged him to do it! Her carnal side told her logical side to shut its fucking mouth and let this happen! She needed this! Even if she was against this, which she certainly was not, she didn’t even have the inkling to speak. Her body tingled all over and her brain could only shrug and sit back and watch.

Her pants came down, and her panties were barely even visible. The fabric was soaked through and the outline of her mound was clearly seen through such flimsy, soaked white cotton. However, he did not remove them, he simply began to rub his thumb against her very malleable labia. Her breath and her heart started working overtime. She felt her heart thudding against her chest like it wanted out and the sweat began to gleam on her head as Letty lifted up her shirt to reveal a pink bra. Without even asking permission, the yellow pegasus lifted up the bra to begin suckling one of Jet’s very pink nipples.

With just the tiniest of touches, and the smallest of kisses, Jet was building up something fierce. It wasn’t even two minutes of this attention and her first orgasm was fast approaching her. Her fingers ran through both of their manes as they continued to give her that sweet attention that was driving her absolutely insane. The white mare was trying to tell them to stop, not wanting to cum from these little touches, but she lost her voice once again. Fable had moved her sopping panties to the side and started lapping up her pretty pink pussy. She felt every stroke of his tongue, and her orgasm caused her to send another torrent of juice onto him. She simply yelped as the climax took her by the reigns and she went for a nice long ride.

Fable got off of her crotch then, and patted Letty on the arm to stop her as well. It was obvious that Jet was still riding the afterglow of that amazing few seconds gone by. They sat her back down in her chair, her tits still out and her pants and panties still around her ankles. Her hands gripped both her boob and her crotch as she sighed, panting with pure satisfaction.

“You alright?” Letty asked, making Jet nod a few times. “You need a minute?” She drew another nod from Jet. This made both of them laugh, but as they did, Jet could only gaze as Fable’s big cock bobbed up and down.

“Okay,” Jet said as she tried to compose herself. “I didn’t expect it to take this turn, but apparently I seriously needed that.”

“Well, I mean, we’re not really done yet.” Fable said as he walked over to their stuff by the door, his pants and underwear still on the floor so his chiseled ass sticking directly at Jet. Her stare stuck to it like white on rice.

“You’re… not?” She asked, then noticed that he pulled out the Rainscald costume he wore to the last convention they went to. She blinked, then watched as Letty did the same thing, only this time she pulled out a totally different cosplay of Spider-Mare, this one with the blue and red with webbing patterns on it. “You brought the costumes? I thought you said--”

“The less they know, the better.” Letty said as she started taking the rest of her clothes off. “ This was the plan all along.”

They suited up in front of Jet. She watched as Fable turned into the black suited, red eyed Rainscald. The evil nemesis of Spider-Mare, the spider empowered mare of justice. Their battles are legendary, their rivalry ever growing, and the sex was fantastic!

“So ummmm…” Jet looked them both over, very impressed and slightly overwhelmed. “Where do we start?”


“This Summer. The greatest hero of all time will face her greatest challenge yet.” The scene flips through several images of Spider-Mare fighting off thugs and burglars. She webs one in the face, pulling his nose into her fist, laying him low. She webs another one’s gun with her wrist gadget, and makes it burst into shards as the bullet gets blocked from exiting the barrel.

“The darkness will come when she least expects it.” There comes a black sludge that completely covers a stallion, taking him over! “Now she must face the consequences of her power.”

The scene shifts to Rainscald grabbing Spider-Mare by the torso with a giant black sludge fist and bashing her into a wall. The scene ends with them both muzzle to muzzle, facing each other door.

“Spider-Mare. Rated PG-13. Starts April 27th at theaters everywhere.”

As the trailer ended, the crowd went wild, as it had only just premiered on the first day of the convention. The small room was made into a theater that could seat a hundred people and the place was absolutely packed. This did not deter the three ponies as they walked in unnoticed by the group. The next movie was going to be the old Thunder Steed movie from back in the nineties when comic books were viewed to be nothing but garbage action genre books for kids. The movie was panned by both fans and critics alike. However, it also gained up a colt following for how bad it was and how it actually lowered the bar in quality. This put it in the category of “so bad it’s good” and made comic book fans love to watch it and make fun of it at the same time.

The Fable, Letty and Jet stood in the back of the room, where there was a clutter of old machinery. There was an old projector, a boob tube television on a cart, an air hockey table with a piece of paper reading “out of order” and a huge cart that was meant to push around the huge collection of foldable chairs. It was perfect.

“Wait, Thunder Steed?” Jet asked as they made their way across the room near the wall. “I saw that as a filly, and even I knew then that it was trash.”

“Yeah, I actually liked it as a kid. It took me a while to realize that it sucked.” Fable whispered back to her as the beginning credits started in that very dark viewer room. “Still, I respect it for what it is.”

“Yeah, I wish I could respect garbage.” Letty whispered to him and then got behind the giant chair cart by the air hockey table. It was just tall enough to block the view from the people sitting. The Spider-Mare costumed lady turned to Jet and lifted her mask, giving her a big kiss on the lips. Jet’s first reaction was surprise, but soon she leaned into the kiss. Jet was no stranger to the lesbian scene, but again, she hadn’t indulged in a very long time.

It didn’t take long for the crowd in the viewing room to start yelling out lewd insults to the movie as it started to play. Where the movie completely ruined his origin story in favor of a cliche “he came to Equestria as his home died” kick off. Fable couldn’t help but watch the movie, what little he could see of the screen, and remember that it was one of the first things that got him into comic books in the first place. Then he looked back to see that Jet’s tits were already out as they crotched down behind the air hockey table.

Quick Bullet went back to sucking them as she did before. Jet was far more into it now, keeping her breathing quiet as she started to caress the yellow mare’s tits. That didn’t last long, though. Jet’s hand rubbed downward between her legs. She began to concentrate on caressing Letty’s pussy through the thin spandex of her costume. The poor superhero pegasus was already edged a great deal at that point. Without needing any prompting, she mounted the air hockey table, her wings setting on it to lighten her descent in order to not make any noise.

An action scene obviously started in the movie, making Letty’s moans go unheard as Jet attached her mouth to her pussy. Within seconds Jet’s tongue was invading every single crevice of her labias, both inner and outer feeling the wrath of her tongue. The real point of near loss of control was when her tongue went into Letty’s pussy hole. The slithery tongue started to lick the inner tunnel of her vagina and she almost went berserk. As nice as her hair was, Letty couldn’t help but grab her mane and clench it with both hands as she grinded her way into an orgasm! Letty had a hell of a time not blurting out a scream of pure ecstasy, she merely trembled and twitched all over.

Fable, on the other hand, watched all of this go down and grabbed onto Jet’s hips. He lifted her lower half up to where her legs were straight while her back was bent, still eating Letty out through her flow of erotic juices. He had no trouble in dropping her drawers and spreading her legs out. The stallion brought out his studly hard on and pressed it against her pussy lips, which were more than wet and wanting. She only stopped to look back at him as the bright movie screen painted his silhouette with some color. His black mask hid his expression, which was a very sinister grin.

“Do it.” She said in an urgent whisper. The sudden familiar feeling of a huge stallion pushing into her bulged her eyes some. She latched back onto Letty’s cunt and sucked with a passion as the red pegasus began to stuff her with great gusto. He pumped her at an even pace and she went wild! Her quiet moans were muffled into the pussy she licked. His wet cock rubbed her g-spot directly and her legs began to twitch from underneath.

The advantages of having seen the movie in recent years made Fable know what was happening just by listening. When a sudden action scene began, one of the longer ones which led to act two, he started to seriously plow that mare! Letty’s wetness became far more palpable in Jet’s mouth and Fable’s huge cock squeezed in and out of her as it filled her whole tube.

Getting fucked like this after such a long dry spell was almost surrealistic to the white mare! Her wings twitched, as did Letty’s. Her pussy became slick and he easily pushed into at a mile a minute. If anyone was really listening closely, they could hear the wet, smacking sounds of his manhood drilling her with his pelvis smacking against her ass. Thankfully though, if they did, they didn’t pay attention to it. Jet was working through her second orgasm at that point. Then, with his relentless thrusts, there came a third, spurting sticky juice onto his cock and balls, which dangled and slapped against her mound.

On her third orgasm, however, that was when Fable pulled out of her cunt, causing her to gasp in surprise and dismay. He very quickly worked his way in between the two of them and thrust his cock into Letty’s already very wet pussy, and started pumping her full of semen. Letty gritted her teeth and stared at Fable, unbelieving at his course of action.

“Did you--seriously just-- Oh--OH!” Her louder moan was a bit jarring to those in the theater, but it came just before a very loud cheer as the only nude scene of the movie came on when the stallion playing Thunder Steed showed his very well sculpted butt cheeks. Load after load of spunk filled her vaginal tunnel and she honestly could not complain. She loved the feeling of his sperm blasting into her uterus through her cervix. Letty loved every moment of it, in fact. She just thought it was a bit rude to do so after fucking another mare.

Jet watched as this occurred. Part of her felt a little slighted. However, the other part of her thought that getting pregnant right now would be a huge problem, so this was for the best.

The three of them got their clothes back on as silently as they could. Letty was forced to put her underwear back on with her pussy filled to the brim. It was uncomfortable to say the least, but with the mess they already left there, she didn’t want to make it any worse. Their clothes back on and the spot wiped down enough, they made their way toward the door.

“Dude! It’s Rainscald and Spider-Mare!” One of the guys at the theater shouted and pointed toward them. At first they thought they were going to be trampled by a crowd. They simply waved at them all and they all cheered. To their surprise, they simply turned back around and continued to watch the movie.

“Sweet lord, that was close.” Letty said as they exited the theater. “So, what now?”

“Well, the convention is almost over for today,” Fable checked his phone. “And we all know that Sundays suck at these things, so I’m thinking we should go ahead and go home.” Fable walked with them to the room and gathered their bags of loot and personal belongings.

“Yeah I was thinking the same thing.” Letty said as she scratched her cheek underneath her mask. “I am seriously tired.”

“Well, it’s been a…” Jet cleared her throat. “Pleasure. But I think I’m just gonna go ahead and call it quits.” She strapped her side pack onto her shoulder and started following them out of the convention.

“Call it quits?” Fable asked as he got out his car keys. “You mean you’re not gonna print the article?”

“Pretty much. It’s like you said, I’m suffering from extreme writer’s block. I couldn’t rub two words together.” She looked to see Letty wrap her arm around her shoulder.

“Oh really?” Letty had a sly grin, which showed because only half of her face was covered by her mask, while her eyes were covered in those white ovals with black borders. “If I remember correctly, you seemed to be scratching down some words while you were watching us ‘demonstrate.’”

Jet’s eyes widened. Not only had she forgotten about that, but she had hoped they didn’t notice at the time.

“Yeah, that is true.” Fable concurred. “It seems we may have a cure for your writer’s block after all. Not to mention, I have a few tricks of the trade for dealing with it.”

“Oh really? Pray tell what are these so-call ‘tricks of the--”


Jet leaned her head onto the seat of the couch cushion as he pushed the whole length of his cock into her. She howled with absolute delight! They were all naked, wet with foreplay and rearing to go as Letty lied underneath Jet longways on the couch. She was in the sixty-nine position so she could watch those balls pat against Jet’s wet cunt.

“Now, remember that the words will come to you, you just need to leave your mind open for them to begin to flow.” Fable instructed as he pistoned into her like an engine. That was enough to get her fire blazing up. Letty took it a step further and attached her mouth to Jet’s clitoris, starting to lick at the same rhythm she was getting fucked.

Jet’s already tight pussy tunnel began to shrink and strangle the life out of his penis. He kept pushing through and it wasn’t long at all before Jet reached her forth or fifth orgasm for that day. She had lost count in the throes of lust. Her large breasts dangled beneath her. Letty’s mouth moved from her snatch and connected to Fable’s balls. She began to give them a good licking.

“Oh--fuck! Then what?” Jet managed to ask as she felt her pussy getting pounded like it owed Fable money. She was only barely able to follow what he said. Normally, getting fucked was no hindrance on a conversation. However, she was still getting into the swing of things, and Fable was not pulling his thrusts. He wielded his huge cock with both precision and skill.

“You just need to find the words to unlock that door.” Fable leaned forward and grabbed her swinging tits, cupping them with firm hands. “It needs to feel like they are words you would say, and you just need to remember how to use them. After that, just let them guide you.”

Once he said that, he started banging the white mare, making her cry out. Their privates pounded together, his cock knocked against her uterus entrance and her mind just went berserk. With another orgasm kicking off, her juices shot out onto Letty’s face. The yellow pegasus smiled and started to slather her cunt with saliva from her tongue.

“Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Fuck! It feels sooo good! Fuck my pussy! Harder!” Her breath started darting in and out of her lungs. Her blue and white mane was all over the place, and her eyes couldn’t stay open for long before they clenched shut again. “Are there--OH!!-any other pointers you could--nnnnn!-- give me?”

“Yeah!” His eyes were also closed as Letty’s tongue started to lick his balls as they passed her. His cock grew far more solid and his tip began to balloon just a little. “It may sound a bit strange.” His breath started pumping harder. “But I want you to write a letter--mmm!--to your writer’s block.”

“A what?” She looked back at him with a raised eyebrow. However, that was when she felt semen begin to flood her insides. This pushed her over the edge again, making her tremble all over. Even when he had already cum, he had enough to drown her pussy in hot spunk. All of the scares of being pregnant didn’t even occur to her in that moment, nor did the fact that he was cumming in her in front of his girlfriend. She looked down between her legs to see that Letty was rubbing herself off at the visage before her.

“A letter.” Fable finally said as he pulled out of Jet. As soon as he did, Quick Bullet began to lick all of the loose sperm off of her pussy, making her tremble with the raw feeling of a tongue against her very sensitive vagina. “I want you to write a letter to your writer’s block and tell it to go away.”

Fable migrated from behind Jet to infront of her. He picked Letty’s hips up and pushed his dick into her without missing a beat. Letty moaned into Jet’s pussy hard!

“Just go into details on what you want to write about, why you want the writer’s block to go away, and how much you do not like it. Be as harsh as you want to and as forthcoming as you want to. You will not hurt your writer’s block’s feelings.” Fable talked as if the writer’s block was a living breathing creature as he fucked his marefriend’s cunt right in front of her. He slid in deep and pounded her poor pussy as her big yellow tits bobbed all around underneath Jet.

“And that will--mmm!-- work?” Jet asked as Letty started sucking her pussy without mercy.

“It worked for me.” Fable grinned at her but then cringed as he, once again, pumped Letty full of more cum, making her climax. “So, it’s worth a shot.”


Dear Writer’s Block,

There was a lot of shit you put me through back in Manehattan. Thanks to you, I was out a job and out an apartment that I really liked. Because of you, I have missed three important deadlines and was forced to move away from my home. I have to tell you, I’d be a lot more pissed if it weren’t for the fact that without you, I would never have come to Ranchtown and gotten a fresh start with some really good ponies. Well, now I have a fairly decent job again. However, when I wrote my latest article, there was still traces of you.

I don’t want any traces of you. Before you, I was happily writing five thousand words a day. I could out-write any of those bums back in Manehattan and I could out type any secretary I wanted to. So, do me a favor and fuck off! I am ready to write again! I may even want to write a novel while I’m here in Ranchtown, it could happen! I have made some new friends and Fable said I could come to him for any advice or “exercises” I needed to clear my head and get me ready to write again. I like being a journalist, and I like being able to express myself through words. If you want to bother me again, then I’ll be ready for you next time, but for now, go the hell away.

Have some milk then shove the glass up your ass! I don’t need you, I don’t even want you in my life! No one needs you! Piss off! Please, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re the worst thing this entire writing world could ever conceive of outside of cold coffee and wannabes saying “I can write, I just don’t have time.”

I hope we can still have a relationship after this, Writer’s Block, I still need a place on the sidewalk that I can walk by and spit on. So if you could fill that position, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, and have fun playing hide and go FUCK YOURSELF!

I love you very much,
Jet <3

Trojan Metal

View Online

They could have easily taken a flight, and gotten to Canterlot in way better time. However, they had the days off and they had the nerve to do it, so they took Death Metal’s car. The white mare with the raven black mane was the driver. She sat up front with her hands firm on the wheel. Every once in a while she would turn up and down the air conditioner, but the whole time, she sat in silence, staring forward with her sunglasses on. The black hot rod she drove was hand picked by herself to be her primary means of transportation. The outside was black but the insides were beige. She was excited, but even her normal lack of emotion was stunted further by what was going on with her new bride. It was a hard time, even for the richest pony outside of royalty.

“What is the biggest romantic fail you’ve ever had in your life?” Jet Stream read from a magazine she had in her lap. The white and blue maned pegasus sat in the back with another pegasus pony, in fact, with Letty and Night Moon filling out the crowd, there was only Death Metal who didn’t have wings. More than once, when Quick Bullet’s yellow wing tapped her, she would apologize to Death. However, after about the eighth one, the earth pony snapped.

“Ey, get your wings under control.” Death Metal wasn’t loud but it was stern, shaking Letty a bit.

“I’m sorry.” Letty said very quickly as she looked out the window. There was a long pause between the four of them. The earth pony driving now had a permanent, deep frown on her face. Her brows were slanted downward between her eyes and her sunglasses were sliding down her snout as a result.

“No,” Death said as her shoulders finally relaxed and she sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s been a really rough week.”

“Oh.” Letty looked back at her, then back out the window beside her as the sun was right over head in the middle of a sunny day. The highway was ever long and ever winding and soon Death Metal calmed down.

“Well, I’d say the biggest romantic fail I’ve ever had… I may have cum directly into Star Burst’s hair. Like, I got part of her ear and all of her bangs.” Night Moon looked off to the side, blushing.

Every eye in the car locked onto him as best they could, Death still had to drive, afterall. Then all three of them broke out into a jumbled talking and yelling mess. All of them were disgusted, asking him how he could have done such a thing and how he could sleep at night, knowing what he did to his girlfriend’s poor hair.

“Look, she looked downward to cough! It’s not like I could stop myself! Have you ever started cumming and attempted to cease immediately? A guy can’t help himself! She had me on a razor’s edge!” Night Moon pleaded with them, and noticed that he was getting to them when they all stopped talking. There was silence. “Look, I told you guys, we didn’t break up. We were just happier being friends. We were still banging up until I moved out, and we even had a sudden booty call a few nights ago.”

“Wow, I wish I could stay that kind of friends with my exes.” Jet said as she read an article on her phone. “So, you got any other girls you want to get with?”

“One or two.” Night Moon said. The sudden image of Vertigo came to mind. That pegasus chick was more than willing to oblige him every time he called, and he loved to see her name on his phone. “Still, I’ll just hang back for a while, concentrate on work now that I have a new place all my own.”

“Yeah, you still doing PR for Two Lost Ponies?” Jet asked as she grinned at Night Moon, who nodded. “Sure was nice of them to pay for your ticket.”

“It’s good to have connections, I’ll admit.” Moon said as he started reading Jet’s magazine along with her. “Hard to believe I’m going to see Skullhoof again. I can barely get out to see them anymore because their Ranchtown visits are very few and far in between.”

“I’m just happy to be doing anything.” Letty said as she caught her wing going near Death Metal, who didn’t react. “Fable babysits so I can get out of the house, but my motherly instincts don’t let me go far. He keeps telling me to go do something for longer, I just can’t. Maybe if I’m a thousand miles away, I won’t get my hormones in a jumble.”

“Then why does Jet have your phone?” Death finally spoke, and all of them looked at a blushing Letty. “If I remember, you’ve already snuck five texts before she took it away.”

“I have problems!” Letty admitted in a loud tone, causing all of them to struggle with holding in their laughter. “I trust that Fable has everything under control.”


The red pegasus pony was played out cockeyed across the couch in the middle of their new living room. The apartment was full of wonderful memories for Fable, but it was time to look at the big picture. This place was a five bedroom with three bathrooms. They figured it was enough for any sized family they were going to have. The last thing they wanted was to contribute too much to the overpopulation. It was a bigger house, but it was not overly big. It was comfortable, and the yard was pretty big, but it was only three fourths of an acre overall. It was a beautiful house with very dark orange bricks lining the front along with white panelling just under the roof. Plenty of windows, plenty of space to run around.

Becoming a popular writer helped a lot. Fable was able to write full time while Letty worked with different comic and card companies who paid for her services. Ever since her pregnancy ended in a bundle of joy, she had seldom not been drawing or painting something. She worked harder the more she didn’t have to. That also included the aforementioned joyous bundle.

The orange, winged baby slept on his back on his father’s chest and abs. He wore a purple onesie and his diaper was getting rather full. He breathed almost in sync with his napping dad while the TV blared some kid’s show that Ember Wing very seldom watched. Normally, everything on the television was ignored unless there was some sort of music. Ember loved music, so they played a lot of sing-along videos for him. He was three months old and barely even crawling, but his big purple eyes were wide open now, and he was playing with the red fur he was laying against.

As he pinched the fur and pulled at it, Fable stirred and grumbled. That was until Ember started kicking his hoof against Fable’s lower stomach. As soon as the hoof connected to the hard shaft of his penis, his eyes went wide and he twitched all over. He shouted and his legs went straight up as his pelvis had a hollow pain that raged through it.

“Son of a biscuit eater!” He coughed and put his hand on a whining Ember Wing. He rolled over and sat up on the couch. He placed the foal on the center cushion of the couch and growled at his frustratingly pulsing crotch. Ember was still caught in a trance, as the kid’s show that was still on started with the Fluffy Pony Merry Song, which was pretty much a remix of the theme song. The theme song had been the same in all three generations of the Fluffy Pony Show. They owned all three original movies, plus the two reboot movies, along with the first season of the second gen show. Fable loved the first gen show as a colt, but as an adult, he found he could tolerate the second and third ones a lot better.

He looked up at the clock, and his eyes went wide. “Three o’clock?!” He shouted, as the short hand was on the three while the long hand was on the one. Telling him that it was technically three o’five at that moment would probably end up in a very sour look. Fable went to the side table and saw that it had, in fact, not gone off. Page Turner was supposed to call him to go see the new Dragon Helm II movie, the long awaited sequel to the hit movie of the mid 2000’s. After a long branch of production hell, and switching three studios and five directors, it was finally done and the matinee was today at three thirty.

Fable pressed one button and put the phone to his ear. As the phone began to ring, the front door knocked. He remembered suddenly that Voltage was only very slightly late, like she claimed she would be.

“Hello?” Fable finally heard.

“Page! Dude, where are you?” He said as he opened the door and waved to Voltage, who already had a whole bag full of things for her and the baby to do. She waved back, seeing he was on the phone. He motioned for her to come inside and she did, closing the door behind her. “Hay Street Mixer? The hell? Why are you at a nightclub at three ten in the afternoon?”

Voltage gave him a very strange look and the red pegasus shrugged, his wings slightly flapping, making her laugh a little, covering her mouth. As they made it to the living room, she could only get a big grin on her face as the little tike was getting closer and closer to the edge of the couch, trying his best to scoot his way off, while also flapping his tiny orange wings.

“Heeeeyyyyy Emby!” Voltage smiled big and grabbed him, giving him a big kiss on the cheek, making him laugh out loud.

Fable gave a huge sigh, one that could possibly be heard over the phone. “Look, I get that you need to follow your dick once in a while, and yes, I get that they’re as big as your head! But no, I’m kind of glad I didn’t buy that damn ticket beforehand now. You conquer her dungeon with your dragon, but remember who got you that damn bonus when I did my book signing at your establishment! I tend to remember things like this for a while! I don’t hold grudges but I know the sting of the back burner all too well! No, no, no, you go get your freak on with the gamer chick and you call me in a month and tell me if it was worth it!”

He pressed the button on his phone and flipped it onto the couch cushion near Voltage, who sat beside him with Ember Wing in her lap.

“So, I guess everything is going to plan and you’re going to enjoy a wonderful sequel?” Voltage asked as she tickled Ember on and off, making him laugh as if he just got a confusing joke.

“Oh, yeah, he even invited the royal family. We’re going buck balling afterward.” Fable’s sour demeanor didn’t soften. “So, I suppose, if you had nothing else to do, you could either do whatever it is you wanted while I just stay here--”

“No.” Voltage said as she booped Ember’s nose, making him cover it with closed eyes.

“Or, you can stay here and we can try and come up with some kind of game plan, since my significant other is obviously not going to be coming back tonight and that means my Neptune Classic is just ripe and ready for--”

“Me to absolutely own your ass in every game ever made. Isn’t that right, Ember?” Voltage asked the baby, who continued to laugh as she nuzzled him.

“Traitorous little wretch.” Fable mumbled, making Voltage laugh. Ember grabbed her horn and gripped it, making her lean her head downward a little bit with a sudden giggle.

“Ember--” Fable was about to stop him, but Voltage waved him off with a smile. That was when she made a little tiny burst of light come from her horn, making the little colt laugh big time in surprise. Voltage gasped and laughed at him. “Man, stop enjoying this so much…”

“Hey, I don’t lose any sleep from this little guy.” She admitted. “And Auntie Volt can just have all the cute time while Daddy and Mommy get to stay up all night.” The sweet voice she used to say this only made Fable’s ugly look intensify as she spoke.

“You’re not leaving this house.” Fable whispered in a threatening tone.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind staying. This house is really nice, did you really unpack everything already?” Voltage said, looking around the large living room. It looked complete in its furnishings and quite honestly, the simple decorations only added to its homely atmosphere.

“No, we still have some, they’re just in the other rooms, the living room pretty much took care of itself.” Fable said as she started digging out her games from her little bag. “Alright, good, so you have been getting new Neptune games. And a two player, no less?” He asked as he pulled up one of the cartridges, recognizing it from some internet videos. “Where did you find a copy of Blue vs Yellow?”

“Oh, don’t get me started, that game took me weeks to track down for anything less than 300 bits. I finally talked a guy down to 200.” Voltage rightfully felt quite proud of herself. This was a feat even Fable couldn’t muster, with all of his knowledge of the internet trade world.

“Yeah, this is one of those games I played a lot as a teenager, and I got pretty damn good at it. I played it against my brother a lot.” He held it up toward her and wiggled it between his fingers. “Single player or multiplayer, I know I can at least give you a nice run for your money on this little gem.”

“Oh! What a wonderful challenge, dear Fable.” Voltage grinned and got face to face with him. He was taken a bit by surprise, but he gladly returned the grin. “And what will be the wager on such a confrontation, my winged friend?”

“I figured we could figure that out when the time was right, what do you think?” Fable’s eyes only darkened as he spoke. Her eyes replied in kind.

“Splendid, just how I like it.” As she whispered this, she pressed her snout more onto his, making his nose scrunch up and his eyes widen as he was taken aback. “Open ended.” She cackled and then gave him a quick kiss.

She returned to her normal self and started bouncing Ember in her arms as Fable blinked at her. Voltage carried on as if nothing happened, even dancing with the baby as he clung to her with his head against her upper chest.

That’s when Fable started back to looking in her bag. He happened upon a movie that made his eyebrows furrow. He held up the case and made her he was reading it right. Voltage tried to grab it, but he held it away from her. “What’s this?”

“That’s--” Voltage’s face deepened red.

“You’ve never had this before, have you?” He held the movie case toward her “Strawberry and Chocolate’s Magical Voyage, wasn’t this that old 80’s cartoon that had one good season, then got cancelled despite its--”

“Cult following, yes…” Voltage looked away with her face flushed. There were lot’s of good kid shows. Fluffy Pony is what you watched when you were nostalgic. Strawberry and Chocolate is what you watched when you were just crazy or extremely inebriated. “I wanted to show Ember Wing!”

“Uh huh.” Fable said, and opened the case.


Shrapnel was always nervous when it came to the whole scene. On the outside, she seemed composed, cool, and a bit coo coo to some. On the inside, she was a roaring, raging fiery volcano about to erupt and destroy whatever unsuspecting island that it was on. It would either have to be an uninhabited island, or the island would need a good support response system in place for escape. The explosion would be massive! Fire, smoke, mushroom clouds, bursts of volcanic rock destroying the surface while an entire lava storm reduced every inch of it to smolders and plantlife death (not pony death because that would be gratuitous) but they would look back to see their home completely decimated and destruction reigns supreme all over their entire world!

“Man, I’m hungry,” Shrap said to herself at first, then looked at her other bandmates her were trying to get their gear on, and tune their instruments. “Is anyone else hungry? There’s a Wheatery nearby. Canterlot has some huge restaurants.”

“Ugh, how can you think about eating?” Grave said as he kept looking over their song regimine, and deciding if he picked the right songs from the right albums. By albums, he meant one album and several singles on several demo discs. That was the great thing about concerts, you could choose the best songs from your album and scatter them around other songs you want people to hear. However, this wasn’t just any garage or bar gig, this was an actual concert with actual merchandise and money changing hand. They were already getting paid three times more than their normal gig (Pearl and Death wedding was on par with the pay they were getting here) and that just made them more and more nervous. At the wedding, they knew what they were doing. They were shocking and awing a bunch of rich folk.

Here, in the face of Skullhoof, this was it. They were being judged by their peers and superiors.

“Wait, do you think they know that two of us actually prefer Killproof a little more?” Gristle said but this drew a whole bunch of very disdainful looks. He waved at them and then went back to spinning his drumsticks in his fingers. The bat pony decided changing the subject might be the best option. “So, we’re doing all of EP?”

“I was thinking at least Mental Mutilation, but we gotta do Bestial Compulsions. I mean, we have one demo disc and one actual album, obviously, we may want to think main stream with this crowd, so Sowing the Seeds of Devastation is third.” Shrapnel said as she pulled a bag from her messed up bed sheets and started to prepare something on a flat surface. “Only Bones remain should at least make a preview.”

“Exactly,” Grave Rush said as he was writing all of this down. “We did say Only Bones Remain would show up here. Amputate should be out at the end of the year, so this will be some good buzz until then. Right, Tremor?”

The green furred, brown bearded bassist gave Grave an odd look before he went back to checking the internet for nearby food places so he could order something online. He snapped for all of them and showed them the place he chose to eat.

“Spoolony? The hell is that?” Shrapnel asked as she read the descriptions of the food on their menu. “Oh, so pasta. Okay, in that case I’ll go alfredo.” She said as she went back to her plate with her little sheet of paper and small leafs of a plant. “Get me breadsticks.”

“Ravioli, beef with marinara.” Grave said as he was finishing up the song list. “Alright, that’s it, we got five songs and then Skullhoof comes by and follows us up to much more applause, they win, we lose. The end.”

“There’s that negative vibe again.” Shrapnel said as she rolled her eyes. Then she looked at Gristle. “What do you want, Griss?”

“Lasagna, no wheat balls.” He said as he put his drumsticks on the bed and got up, but as he was about to walk to the bathroom, the door knocked and opened.

“Did someone say no wheat balls?!” Letty asked as she walked in with Death Metal. “I’m sorry, who is ordering pasta with no wheat balls?!”

Gristle suddenly slid off the side of the bed to hide behind it. “Did she see me?” He said as he poked his head back up and saw a lovely white pegasus with blue and white hair. The one following her was the one that caught his eye, though.

“Night Moon!” Gristle said as he flipped over the bed and rolled onto the floor to end up directly in front of the very dark purplish blue pegasus. They embraced. “Hey, broseph!”

“Blast Beat! My oh, my, did you get more red, or are you just sunburned?” He said as he ran his hand over Gristle’s burgundy fur, then ruffled his grayish silver mane.

“It’s Gristle, remember, MixiMoon? Keeping up appearances.” He rolled his eyes as he accepted a kiss on the forehead from the pegasus.

“Death!” Grave said as he opened his arms and looked at her, frowning some. “Death? What’s wrong, hon?” He said as he embraced her and she simply leaned on his chest, being a good bit shorter than him.

“It’s been a rough month.” Death Metal whispered to him and they pecked lips. “I’ll be fine. I wanted to introduce you to my friends.” She motioned over toward the two lovely pegasus mares. “This is Quick Bullet, call her Letty. This is Jet Stream.”

“Call me Jet.” The journalist purred as she took his hand before the yellow pegasus could. Letty didn’t let that go unnoticed as she gave her a sour look from the side. “I’d love to do an interview, if you had the time after the concert.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s enough.” Death said as she butted into their conversation. “I heard there’s food being ordered. I got twenty bits on it.” She held up a small sack of coins.

“Yeah, actually, I could go for two cannolis and something drenched in garlic.” Letty said as she sat near the large, green pegasus sitting on the bed, typing down all of the orders without a word. She waved to him, and he took a moment to nod toward her before going back to typing. She couldn’t help but admire his very large patterns of tattoos all over his chest and over his shoulders and upper arms. He wore a leather jacket with no shirt, and his muscles were buried in a thin layer of fat. He was thick enough to do pro wrestling, though.

“So, Night, I heard you were pretty hot in the Ranchtown scene. You still in the underground?” Shrapnel asked him as he sat beside her. The neon blue mare with the pierced lower lip smiled a bit as she finished up what was one of the most beautiful homemade smoking devices this side of Canterlot. “Cuz I found some Canterlot Green Day in the underground. Would you care to join me?”

“Oh, this is a situation that only we can resolve.” Night Moon said, looking at the rest of them mingle throughout the room. After surveying that no one was even looking at them anymore, the two of them snuck off into the bathroom and turned on the vent.

“Okay, so you creeps still got four hours to be there, six hours until you’re on stage, thrashing your garbage music to a bunch of slobs.” Death Metal said as she lit a cigarette and put away her flip-lid black metal lighter with the green heart on it. “Sound about right?”

“That’s a… wonderful way to put it, Death.” Grave said as he sat on the floor, cross-legged as everyone else was taking up the bed space. Then he noticed that two bodies were now missing from the bed. He shrugged it off, though.

“Yeah, I thought you liked this music?” Letty gave a small, nervous chuckle.

“I do.” Death Metal said, “For Grindhoof, it’s garbage, but for my namesake, it ain’t bad.”

“You do know you’re not supposed to smoke in here, right?” Jet asked as she was recording this whole conversation. She knew she would have to edit it later, but as a journalist, it was time for some good old fashioned writing. The real gritty kind that normally people didn’t get to see. Like Gonzo Duke once said, “The truest image is the image that people don’t want to see. But once they see it, the tendency to stare was hard to ignore.” Jet was going to get this okayed with the band’s producers and the band themselves, but the exposure was going to be paramount.

“Ummm, guys?” Gristle asked, drawing silence, even making Tremor look up from his computer. “Does that smoke smell weird to you?”

That was when the rest of them seemed to notice the smell. There came a loud clattering cough from the bathroom. There was a continuous cough as they heard Shrapnel start to giggle.

“Dude, hold your hay.” She whispered loud enough for them to hear her through the door.

Virtual Highlights

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“Okay, when I tell you ‘now’, you push it in as hard as you can and wait until it hits bottom. You ready?” Voltage asked and giggled as Ember started flapping his arms at his sides, his wings flapping with him. “Good! Now, one…”

Ember went ahead and pushed the button, making the ball inside the large block of blue plastic, making all of the confetti and little plastic bubbles blow all over the place inside of it. Ember began laughing and clapping his hands, while his tiny wings on his back continued to flap.

“Well, I’m glad you’re happy, Ember, but I said to wait until I said ‘now’.” Voltage was giggling along with the little tike and Fable laughed a little from the couch as he played with the Neptune controller, playing his favorite fantasy game of all time while Voltage and he took turns between it and Ember. They decided maybe they should wait until he took his impending nap before they broke out the real game.

“Technically, you did say ‘now’. You just didn’t say it to the capacity of starting him.” Fable said, making her give him a puzzled look. “I promise, I was listening.” He grinned at her and she looked at Ember, who pressed the button in again, then continued clapping.

“Oh, so he’s gonna grow up to be a smart ass, just like Daddy. I hope he can play video games better than daddy, or else he doesn’t stand a chance against Aunt Voltage.” Voltage sat up in a cross legged position on the floor while Ember sat on the other side of the toy from his orange unicorn babysitter. Then the sudden stench of protest came to Voltage and she paused. “Oh, not only a smart ass, some other ass as well. Has he seriously been doing this all day?”

“What can I say? Growth spurts, they get messy. Before this there was nothing, now you and I get to handle all of it. However, you still got a minute before your turn… so…”

“I will not show you mercy on the next fighting game, Fable. I remember you saying something about not holding grudges, but call me in a day and tell me if making me change this diaper was worth it.” As she said this, she was sliding the big plastic block out of the way and laying Ember down on his back as she slid the diaper kit toward her. As she opened the front of his disposable undies, her face turned green and she shuddered.

“That doesn’t mean I have to refrain from enjoying this. As for the next game, you better not try any of your dirty tricks, devil mare!” As Fable said this, Voltage sucked in an exaggerated, gasping breath as she scowled toward him. Fable snickered as she changed the diaper and put it in a scented bag, throwing into an airtight garbage, grumbling the whole time. After that, Voltage took her turn, then Ember took a turn after that and killed their last life. They were hardly paying attention to the game anyway. After that, they sat on the couch and watched a that awful 80’s cartoon movie.

“Strawberry and Chocolate! Best of friends and friends of love! Strawberry and Chocolate, fire below and stars above!” The very, very slowly framed animated intro sequence rolled across the screen in all of its old filmy goodness.

“Dear lord, this is a DVD?” Fable watched as the red male dog and purple girl cat duo dance around the screen. What they waltzed through was a cinematic nightmare of hand drawn tripping absolute balls. They straight up killed giant bug people who looked sentient, and they kissed other mammals of other species and gave them long hugs.

“No, this was recorded off of a Betamax. You can tell because in this version is color correct. The VHS was overly red scaled, and the cat was pink while the dog was orangish.” Voltage passed him the chips from her bag, and she got the bag of popcorn.

“This is a bootleg?” Fable said, and then shushed Ember as he started to dance and give loud humming noises at the screen.

“Yup, got this from the webstore. It’s literally the only way to get it. This was only released on VHS and Beta. Both are around five hundred bits. This DVD one was ten.” Voltage said as she stuffed popcorn into her mouth in a handful.

“Makes cents.” Fable said, then put three chips in his mouth.

“Did you just…”

“Wow, this cartoon is really weird, huh? Look at them! Wow…” Fable said as Voltage stared at him, then shook her head and turned back to the screen.

“Strawberry! I’ll save you as you fight that skeleton menace! He is not happy!” Chocolate, the dog said as he waved his fists and ran in an awkward run animation cycle.

“Death to all! Death to me! Liberate hearts from blood and rip the flesh!” The wobbling bones of its body distorting to and fro as it ran after them both. The cat was flailing and giving tiny cartoon screams but then started slicing the bones apart with her claws.

“I’m liking it more and more.” Fable said as he took some potato chips and shoved them in his mouth. That was when he looked down at the baby, who was now on his back, breathing steadily. His fingers twitched a little and he wrinkled his nose as he cooed softly. “Oh, hey little guy.” He got up and walked over to the floor space where his son began to snore in a small way.

“It’s nice to know that this is a sleep aid for the guy. I thought it’d cause him nightmares.” Voltage rolled over to her side and watched as Fable picked up the little foal and held him in the most cute dad pose. He walked to the dark room with the windows blacked out and the crib in the corner. It was an orange room with many autumn forest pictures and paper orange, red and yellow leaves stuck to the sheet rock.

“Sleep tight, little man.” Fable kissed the baby on the head as he placed him into the crib, on his back and draped a small, thin blanket up to his chest. Fable walked out, closing the door before he went to the living room and sat down to see his Neptune 5 controller on his coffee table. He also heard the intro to one of his older games that he bought when he first bought the system.

As soon as he looked at the screen to see Gravestone Valley, his eyes widened at the sight of a clothed but exposed naked ass and outer labia between the silk garter straps of none other than Voltage beside the TV screen. Her rump was very clearly displayed in front of him with her pussy lips slightly open and her fingers were caressing her very delicate pink inner skin. Her asshole was only partially covered by a silk string that very clearly showed her sphincter muscles as they kept closed. The lingerie she wore looked expensive with its black, soft lustrous shine on a silk surface. The thong was red, and easily moved to the side while the bra she wore was black with gray frills and showed a tiny bit of her areola.

“Hey, Fable.” She purred at him with the biggest bedroom eyes she must have been hiding before. His suave, yet sensible casual wear khaki pants now had a cylindrical outline that ran from his crotch over toward his hip. “So, I was wanting to play a little game I like to call ‘Don’t Look.’ It’s simple, you’re going to beat the first two levels of GV, and I’m going to be over here trying to make you think of better things to do.” Voltage started to quicken her pace as she fingered herself and clenched her eyes shut. She bit her lower lip a little as she was growing ever so wet, so she decided to give herself another good slew of fingers before grinning and talking while she gasped in the most pornographic way. “Now, I know what you’re thinking, I won’t be able to tell if you’re looking from over here, well, I’m actually pretty good. Do a good job and you can do whatever you want to do to m--”

She said this, but she didn’t notice his controller was already working, and the guns were already blazing the ghost energy at the Bone Curse Soldiers. “Are you already playing?!” She asked, then she heard the dialogue that came from the middle of the level.

“Yep!” His character’s six shooters already had the secret fire power up found in the graveyard. With this, he blew through the rest of the level.

“Oh, come on! You can’t keep staring at the screen! I’m all pink and perky over here!” Voltage said as she used two fingers to spread her pussy lips toward him, even sinking two fingers into her hole. “Are you even listening to me?!”

“You said anything I wanted, right?” Fable asked as he kept at it, and she could not even see a single glance over toward her. She gazed into his eyes and couldn’t see him lose focus for even an instant.

“Umm--well, I mean, in theory. I may have said-- something to the effect. Yes.” Voltage’s face got red as hell as she looked off to the side. The mere fact that he was concentrating so hard just to get at her naughty bits was a very potent turn on for Voltage. Then she heard the second badguy’s music, and she started to panic a little. “You’re seriously to the second boss?!” She got up and started massaging her tits toward him, even going so far as to get in his way.

“Hey, now! I don’t remember this being part of the deal!” He smiled and laughed as he leaned straight over onto his side and she screamed a little bit in surprise as she ducked down and slid into him on the couch. Without even pausing the game, Fable dropped the controller onto the carpet and wrapped his arms around her as she got on top of him. Their lips met and she began rubbing her hands over his hardened physique. “What’s got you so fired up?” He asked her gladly starting to suck on her nipples, making her shiver.

“I think dads are sexy.” Voltage whispered and undid his pants and his belt.


“Alright, now. Your name?” Jet asked as she pressed the record button on her digital recording device. It was automatically hooked up to her own personal cloud file that was linked to her work computer directly. Over the years with some of the technological discoveries, Jet had become not only a more accomplished and better writer, but also a more efficient system with which to do so.

“Grave Rush.” He said, his eyes tracing around the room to see everyone was in super chill mode as Letty and Gristle lied beside one another on the floor, watching a movie on the TV. Tremor was reading a book on one of the greater philosophers of the Early Celestian period, Dustwind. Then, of course, there were the two very inebriated individuals cuddled up beside one another. Jet had told Night and Shrapnel that they were going to do the interview before the concert, so they had to be quiet. Now they were laying there and whispering in each other’s ears and giggling like they were back in grade school. Everything had boiled down, even though they had maybe thirty minutes before they had to be in the van, heading to the concert. “Friends call me Rav.”

“Okay, Rav.” This brought a smile to both of their faces. “First question is: What drove you to create this band in the first place?” Jet asked as she crossed her legs tightly and popped her back.

“The love of Brutal Death Metal and the love of life, as it is both.” Grave said as she chuckled a little bit, causing her to smile. “I was pretty lucky to have some friends who were willing to indulge me in my rock star fantasy for a while. Then we found out we were pretty good at it.”

“Oh, yes, you mentioned that you all met in high school?” She asked, and he thought for a second. The gray earth pony thumbing his pony chin a little bit before shaking his head.

“Not exactly. Three of us did. Tremor joined the band through Gristle. We went a while without a bassist, and anyone will tell you that a rock band needs a bassist. Equilibriums and all of that come into play.” Grave said, having to stop himself from droning. Then he looked off to the side and tapped his chin again. “Wait, didn’t we play for the zombie apocalypse at one point?”

“Golden Mile High School came first.” Gristle said, the red pony throwing away an empty bag of chips and Letty looking off to the side, pouting because there were no more snacks close enough for her to reach.

“Zombie--” Jet started to ask, then shook her head. “Next question: Where was your first venue?” The white pegasus mare was hoping the whole Zombie Apocalypse thing wouldn’t come up for this question.

“Ah, the Cradle. It was this random bar out near the boonies. A guy we knew said his cousin owned it, and they needed a band, so we gave it a shot. Turned out, they were an open minded bunch of guys. It was a pretty cool time.” Rav could still remember trying to get some girl’s number. Instead, he ended up getting two blowjobs after the concert while Shrapnel was passed out on pills. She had a massive headache and took some aspirin that killed her for the rest of the night.

“Oh, nice. How many instruments do you play?” Jet asks, and all of the band members, including Shrapnel all began to laugh. Tremor didn’t so much laugh as he did make breathy sounds for a quick moment. This drew a quizzical look from her.

“I am honestly quite useless for anything other than driving away raccoon in the springtime. I don’t play any instruments, nor do I paint.”

“I do both.” Night Moon said from underneath a cuddling Shrapnel.

“Shut up, Moon.” Rav said with no pause. “I pretty much have a very long range with my voice, and I’m able to use it in a way that does not hurt my throat. It’s a technique that many many professional metal singers use. If you just go out there slicing up your throat, you’re more or less saying goodbye to any chance of a normal voice afterward. Two years of this and you’ve more or less shredded your vocal chords.”

“Wow, I always kind of wondered how they did the vocal cords thing.” Jet smiled at him and giggled. Then she looked at her watch and shrugged. “Now, for my last question. How long would it take you to cum if I sucked your cock five minutes before we need to leave for the concert?”

This drew the attention of everyone in the room. Grave Rush’s eyes widened and before her knew it, Jets was removing her underwear from underneath her skirt. She held up her wet and pungent panties in front of her and tossed them to him. Before he could say anything, Letty rolled off of the bed and landed between them.

“Hold it right there, Jet!” Letty poked her finger onto the point of the white pegasus’ snout. She wrinkled her nose and the yellow pegasus gave Jet the stink eye like none other. “You said we were waiting until after the concert! We were gonna do it together!”

“Wait, what?” Grave asked, looking very puzzled from Letty to Jet.

“Hey, I was just going to do a quick suck and we were going to hit the road. The boy could use one, this is his first big concert.” Jet said, and held up both of her hands out toward Letty as she crawled more onto the bed, and began to undo the gray earth pony’s pants.

“Alright, fine, but together! We agreed on that.” She brought out a nice looking length and girth from Grave’s trousers. He was certainly not the largest Letty had seen, but he certainly looked like fun, and felt like fun as she shoved his cock into her mouth.

“Um, Jetty, Letty, what’s going--on?” Grave asked as Jet giggled and moved her blue and white hair out from in front of her eyes. Her nervous smile didn’t get any mileage in comforting him.

“We kinda wanted to make this a nice special time for such a dear friend, and Death told Letty she could give you a ride, since she was looking for a bit of strange.” Jet said as she went down to his crotch and took over with her mouth engulfing an already very slick sex organ.

“Yes, I’m getting married soon, and I decided to make this kind of a bachelorette party. Fable loves it when I send pictures too, so we’ll be doing that later.” Letty winked at Grave Rush as the two of them went to town on him together. Their mouths met along the edge of his dick as they began to work together in licking and sucking along the length to the base and to the head.

“Man…” Shrapnel said as she leaned her head onto Night Moon’s shoulder. His wings were flat against the wall, as was his head. The two of them held hands, and the neon blue earth pony cuddled into him tight as his arms wrapped around her and they smiled. “They’re going at it, man. Like three horses in heat.” This made both of them laugh a little.

“Dude, are we horses or ponies?” Night Moon asked her, and she waved him off, shaking her head. “You’re right, stupid argument.” He nodded, and so did she.

“So, aren’t we supposed to be getting to the… thing?” Shrapnel asked.

While the two mares double teamed both his cock and his scrotum with affection, he checked his watch and cursed. “Yeah, we’re kinda supposed to be getting ready now.”

“Aw, hell! Come on, Tremor!” He got up from his place and grabbed the keys. All of their gear and their sound equipment was stored in their very large van, so it wasn’t so much a chore to do that part. However, then he looked at the state of his other comrades. “Well, Grave, when you’re done getting your dick sucked, and Shrapnel, when you get done being high off your gorde, if you’ll join myself and Stone Ridge in the van, I would very much appreciate it, thanks!” Gristle started gathering up his side pack and the pizza they had ordered that literally no one else but Tremor, Letty and he noticed was delivered. The slightly plump yellow pegasus ate great deal. Not only did she love pizza, but she had been on such a strict diet, which she was now cheating on happily.

Still, very few people noticed it was there, not even the ones that acted like they had the munchies in the corner, still in each other’s arms.

“Come on, guys!” Gristle goded them more, and the two of them laid Grave Rush’s cock against his abs as they both began to lick it up and down, grinding their tongues on the shaft. Soon, his endurance began to wane something fierce.

As Shrapnel got up slowly from the ground, she tried an urgent grunt, but only ended up sounding more dozing off than straining herself. She helped Night Moon up to his hooves and both of them started to make their way to the van as Tremor started it up. As the van started up, the tongues on his shaft started moving faster, along with the lips that sucked along the way of his length. The sounds of closing car doors and the thought that the door was left wide open while two mares sucked him off just rang across his head sporadically until he finally saw nothing but white in his head! Boom!


The rate to which Fable fucked her was rather impressive, she hadn’t expected them to be going missionary on the couch already, with a Game Over screen blaring on the TV screen. Her hooves were in the air and her hand clenched the back of his neck while her other hand gripped the side of the couch to keep herself level with his cock. Voltage periodically kissed with Fable, making him stop and kiss her back before starting to ram her even harder than before. This would cause her to go into a bit of a frenzy before she would repeat the process. Little did he know, she was doing this before he took her to the home stretch.

“After--this… you wanna…nnmmplay--” Fable began to ask, but a very strained very muffled moan from her closed lips.

“Dragon Helm?” She whispered sharply into his ear and he chuckled as he grunted his yes. Her vagina was starting to lubricate on his cock as it felt the warm precum drool inside of her pussy tunnel. “Okay.” She laughed a little bit as her legs wrapped around his waist. “Can you keep fucking me while I play?”

“Do you need to ask?” Fable said as his cock began hammering her cunt, causing her large, natural tits to bounce up and down. Voltage gave his ass a squeeze with both hands as he filled all of her pussy tunnel with his dick and held it tight against her cervix as she bit her lower lip.

They wasted very little time getting Voltage logged into his computer, he had all of the updates they needed. It wasn’t long before Voltage was clad in her paladin armor, now a hue of white with golden borders and designs like oak leaves and vines that outlined the very dirty white plate that covered a chainmail undershirt.

The field was a yellowish, sickening green throughout the grass while the sky was orange. In the field stood Daconian warriors. Their dragon scales green and thick with spikes on their backs while their chests were armored with steel plates. They carried halberds, though some of them carried crossbows as they stood guard outside of their tall, black metal stronghold. It was very large, and held within it the secret to melting black metal into a legendary collection set sword for the death knight quest.

One single ball of lightning travelled through the air and smashed into one of the front guards. This created a chain lightning effect to four other guards around him. All of them began to charge toward her, as she had only targeted an area of melee wielders.

“Alright, Draconian war mongers! Let’s-- give this a ---a try.” Voltage said as she wielded her very large battle axe toward all of them, the edges of the blade glowing with holy light. The only thing missing from her armor right this second, was her leggings. Her lower half was now completely naked with a red pegasus death knight between her legs, licking and causing her inner tunnel to lubricate something fierce. “Damnit, Fable! Take it--easy!” She moaned as she got into the best stance she could with her knees buckling.

“Mmm-mmm.” He shook his head no and started worming his tongue within her, making her eye close as she cried out with a good amount of lust.

“Bastard!” She shouted as her axe buried itself into the first dragonoid soldier, causing him to disappear. He had taken the brunt of the initial lightning attack, and was quickly dispensed. After that, swords began to pang against her holy light shield, which was given some augmentation from the spells that Fable possessed that didn’t negate her powers. The fact that a death knight was eating out a paladin in the middle of enemy territory was a bit of something to behold.

After a while, Voltage was licking her lips and biting her lower lip on simple reflex. Her axe swung with abandon, striking her enemies on instinct as her conscious mind was far too busy. Finally, her axe cleaved the last of her victims and she stood on the field victorious!

“There! Now, it’s my turn to get what I want!” Voltage glared down toward him with a beaming grin. Her eyes almost seemed to glow a sinister red as the pegasus death knight looked up at her from between her spread legs.

It was no time flat, Fable’s pants were off and Voltage was squatting down on top of his very sizeable dong as it sunk deep into her very wet, waiting quim. The way he stretched her was just the way she liked it, pumping her cunt onto his shaft without delay and resting her hands on his chest while he held onto her tits. Her gauntlets were off, as was her breastplate, but her vambraces still covered her arms in cobalt blue platemail.

“Fuck! Yes! I love riding!” Voltage cried out as her brow was still sweating from earlier, along with this new effort. He was rock solid inside of her with his dark red rod, poking at the entrance to her uterus everytime she rammed his dick deep. “Now, don’t you dar-- AHH!” She was interrupted as she felt the first pulse of thick, splattering cum drench her insides with warmth. “Damnit, Fable! I didn’t even get to threaten you! Fuck!! Look at that!” She said as she pulled him out to his tip to show off the wads of white on his dick coming from her.

“Don’t blame me, we’ve been building this up way too much and you were ramming way too hard. Like this!” He grabbed onto her hips and began pounding up into her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck! Fable! Fuck me! Yes! Harder!” Voltage put her hands on his shoulders as he concentrated on flexing his abs. He grunted as he continued to pound her. He also wore his arm bands, but his were a dark crimson red with black horse skulls on the shoulder areas. Beyond that, he wore his black iron boots.

It wasn’t long before she slid off of his cock and went back up to his mouth. As soon as his tongue touched her pussy again, she shivered hard.

“Damn…” Voltage said as she looked back to see his very large cock was pulsing. She put her hand to feel the throbbing within it. She pulled her hand from his cock only to spit on her palm and return it to start stroking the dark red shaft to make it glisten. “Something you got on your mind there, Mr. Rocket?” She giggled, then yipped as blew a raspberry into her vagina. “You asshole!” She shouted, but was also starting to laugh. That was when she shushed her, and then she remembered that a baby was about three doors down the hallway. Both of them paused the game and laughed for a moment, pulling off the VR headsets. They were on top of Fable’s bed, each of them with a full headset, while Voltage’s was hooked into her goggles which she converted to VR a while ago.

“Alright, I think we’re good.” He said, then went ahead and took off the helmet entirely. “It’s time we got serious.”

She followed his lead, taking off her helmet and gently dropping her baton controller which she jokingly called the “wand” onto the carpet next to the bed. “What do you mean by seri-AH!!” She yelped out loud once more, thankfully not seeming to wake any sleeping babies as he made her fall backward onto the bed with his face still planted between her legs and licking her nether regions.

After her outcry, she tried her very best to be quiet as her legs were spread eagle out wide and his tongue worked its way in and out, and all around her folds. Sweat began to gleam as he held her legs up as high as he could, keeping her level. Her head rested on the bed sheets while he made sure she did not have to support her full weight. Her pink lips felt like they were being turned to jelly with his lips and tongue grinding against them. She gushed her juices out of her very stimulated cunt. That was when he stopped.

“No--Nnn--NO!” Voltage shouted as he dropped her down flat against the bed, and her angry gray eyes glared at the red stallion. She was literally leaking on the bed sheets at this point and he was standing there with a something that resembled a torpedo to her in that moment. Whether it was actually in the shape of a torpedo or if that was just over exaggeration of the moment was unclear to her. Voltage only knew that she was growing more and more impatient as the moments past them by.

“How would you like it?” Fable asked, and put on his most sly grin that only made it that much more plowable with the bony side of her fist!

She instinctively got up onto her knees and pointed her ass at him, moving her red and blue tail out of the way to make sure he got a perfect view. “I would like it now!” She both shouted and whispered.

She didn’t even see him approach. It was as if he became a red trace and instantly entered her vaginal tube, filling it up nice and full. This caused her to smash her face into the sheets and give a small shriek into it as the mixture of pain and pleasure caused her to squirt just a little bit as he rammed her the third time. His cock did its work without argument, harder than diamonds and raging the bull so hard, Voltage couldn’t even hear herself as she shouted curses into the bed comforter.

Fable grabbed and mashed her ass cheeks together as he jammed his glans penis against the entrance of her uterus. She was slick enough to take him full force and it wasn’t long before he was also reaching the breaking point. After a few more humps, Voltage was sent into another frenzy of shivers as she felt the waves of another orgasm pulsing through her and she bunched the pillow over her muzzle to keep herself from being heard. She was very good at this, given her past with Spark and their parents. Keeping quiet under duress was a bit of her forte.

Then the wondrous gift of a third orgasm came when the orange unicorn felt a nice flood of semen drench her insides.

“MMmmmm, you hear that baby?” Fable said as he picked up his cell phone and held it to his ear. She chuckled as he heard the female voice on the other end say:

“Yes, baby.” Letty said as Death Metal drove them. Both Jet and Letty were in the back. Both of them still without panties ever since their stint with Grave Rush. The yellow pegasus had her legs spread wide as Jet serviced her. The feeling of hot semen in her mouth and the sound of her fiance’s hard cock pounding another mare was entirely too much for her. Jet was happy to oblige her. Her tongue grinded nice and hard against her innermost pink skin and invaded her pussy hole. “Oh! God! It was so fucking good! Make her cum again! Now!”

“Oh? Make her cum again?” Fable asked the phone.

“Wait, Letty said what?!” Voltage asked as she looked back at Fable with wide eyes. “What did she say!?”

“Well, alright, dear, if you insist.” Fable said to Letty, then put the phone back where it was and then started back to humping and banging the unicorn babe whose tits started flopping up and down once again. “You heard the lady.”

“I did! She had better know that she is going to get one for this! My orgasms are not at her command!” She protested but still smashed her face back into the pillow as she pulled it back into her face.

“But I am.” He grinned and kept up a great pace that made more and more juices spill from her already very well fucked cunt. She couldn’t argue, nor did she want to, another orgasm was just what the doctor ordered, especially since she knew she had an audio audience now.

“Oh, baby! That’s so fucking good! Harder!” Letty commanded both Fable and Jet as she squealed in delight, her legs twitching nonstop now. Her orgasm was on the very cusp, and Jet made sure that her tongue was grinding at the very tip up until she reached the very pinnacle of that wonderful little bump at the top.

“God! Yes! God! Yes! Fuck me!” Voltage shouted out, causing Letty to cum as the unicorn also shivered and squealed into the pillow. Letty dripped a steady trickle of juice onto the towel the put on Death Metal’s leather seats. It did its job in absorbing it into the thick fabric.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned into Fable’s ear over the phone as her leg twitched once again. Death Metal adjusted her mirror just a little bit to get a tiny bit of a better view. “Good boy.” She purred.

We're Ready to Rock!

View Online

“Alright, so based on the third rewrite of our list, we finally have The Carving Ritual, Sowing the Seeds of Devastation, Blasted Wasteland, and Bestial Compulsions. That’s if we go over a few. We still have a few to fall back on if the show runs too short for some reason.” Grave Rush said as they rushed in their van over to the set. Their stuff was in bags and ready to be taken to the stage as soon as they landed in the venue. Tremor drove with Gristle in the front and Grave Rush sat right behind them. Shrapnel and Night Moon were in the third row of seats with a symbol stand sticking out next to them and the edge of the bass drum close to their ears.

They took turns kissing each other and exploring each other with their hands. Because of him, she didn’t wear a bra, not that she planned to anyway. She also wore the smallest, skimpiest thong in her luggage. It was a thong he had no problem moving to the side to run her finger over her sweet, tender lips and she had no problem with him doing it. Their tongues wrapped around one another and they took turns whispering dirty things they were going to do to the other.

“Ummmm, Shrap? You good over there?” Grave Rush asked her and she gave a shrill little giggle as Night nibbled her ear. “You gonna be good for the show?”

“Mmmm, you know what, he’s right, Night Moon.” Shrapnel stopped him with a hand on his chest. Her palm rubbed softly against his chest and they met in another kiss before she continued. “I think we should make this official. Let’s become fuck buddies.” She said to him, and his jaw dropped.

“You mean it?” Night Moon asked like a giddy little kid who got what he wanted for Hearthswarming. She nodded vigorously, and they suddenly started to rustle around and change positions.

“Wait, what did you just--whoa!” Grave looked back toward them again, and somehow they had gotten completely nude. His cock was tight against her pussy as the length of his hard shaft pressed against her soft folds. He stood on his knees in the floorboard and she was spread wide to accept him. “Dear sweet crackers! How did you-- wow, Night Moon, you been workin-- guys! We’re five minutes away from the gig!”

By the time he stopped talking, it was already too late. His dark purplish blue shaft was already hilted into her, rutting away like high school graduates. She was moaning softly, while up in the front, Gristle and Tremor glanced at each other.

“What the fuck are you so worried about, Grave? I’ve been building this up for--aaa---a minute!” Shrapnel, whose real name was Neon Blue started to bulge her eyes as her arms wrapped around the humping pegasus who started to cause her legs to tighten around him. “Oh! Bang me! Split me in half! Grind me to pieces! Yes yes yes yes!!!” The blue earth pony blasted his balls with a gush of juice as she felt every ounce of his cum mix with it. The two of their faces flushed beet red, beads of sweat trickling down their faces.

“I see the parking lot.” Grave warned them both.

“Oh shut up Grave Rush, the story segment is over and we’ll transition out just fine.” Shrapnel said, causing all of them to turn and look at her weird except for Night Moon, who was chuckling.

“Wait, you can’t know--”


“I hope you’re happy.” Grave Rush said as he helped Gristle roll part of his drumkit up the ramp to the backstage entrance. “That was way harder than you made it sound!”

“Blah blah blah, we’re fine!” She said, making them exchange sour looks until she dropped her gas mask over her face and sneered at him. He couldn’t see it, but she was sticking her tongue at him. The guards let them in just fine, and they were very closely followed by Death Metal.

“Hold it.” The very, very large unicorn stallion said, holding his hand up toward Death, who glanced over at him with a frown. “Let me see some ID.”

“I ain’t got it.” Death said as she finished off her soda can and tossed it toward the trash can. The can hit the rim of the bin, falling to the ground. “Why don’t you make yourself useful and pick that up.” She demanded more than she asked.

The stallion snorted as his nostrils flared. Grave looked back at her and Night Moon’s eyes went absolutely round as he also paused. Pretty soon every eye was on her as a stallion two feet her senior glared down at her.

“Littering is an offen-- ah I can’t keep a straight face. Get your ass in there, Death.” The guard exchanged kisses on the cheeks with her and she gave him a tiny smile as she embraced him and he turned to pick up her can, and place it in the bin.

“Thanks, Cleave.” Death fist bumped her fellow bodyguard and walked in with the rest of them. “What?” She asked as all of them were still looking at her. Letty had a bit of a shiver from the tension in the air, it was not as if they looked like they were playing. Some of them just chopped it up to bodyguard humor and moved on.

Already, Grave recognized Corpseborne and Severed Synapse. Along the way to their room, they also ran into Horse Steam in their strange suits and top hats. They even waved and high fived them as they passed them by. Then that was when Grave saw their name on a card posted at the door very near the end of the hallway. At the very end of the hall was a guard, his arms crossed, blocking the entrance to anyone but who was on the list.

Something told him they were not on that laminated sheet of paper. All of them got a good look as they started piling into the room. It was a decent size, as they knew it would be. This place was built for show biz. Canterlot was full of these places, and all of them treated their bands like honored guests.

“Wow, look at this place. Looks like it’s been refurbished like twenty times!” Jet said as she felt the hard rock wall that was painted a pale white with a foot thick black stripe horizontal across the middle. “How many bands trashed this place?”

“I’d wager around five or six at least.” Death Metal said as she looked around, opening the fridge to see that they had gift packages with snacks, sodas and cigarettes, which she took. She added them to her deplenishing arsenal as the rest of the band started to put their stuff down. The drumset was being wheeled to the backstage.

“Ectoplasmic Discharge?” A female voice called from the hallway causing Grave’s nerves to become rigid! His entire body tensed up and his fists formed rock solid!

“It’s MUTA---” Shrapnel was quick to tackle Grave to the ground with her hand over his mouth.

“It’s Mutagenic Discharge, ma’am, how can I help you?” Gristle appeared right in front of her with his elbow against the doorway.

“You’re on in one hour.” The smaller pegasus mare said with a clipboard in her hand and her hair in a ponytail.

“Thank you.” He smiled and closed the door, leaving it open just a crack. Then he turned a judging eye to Grave and gave him tiny slap on the cheek. “The hell is wrong with you, bro? You almost snapped at that nice young mare who is doing nothing more than her job. I think you need to get your head straight before you get out on that stage. What do you guys think?” Gristle said and already he could see Night Moon with his Ritter Lighter, the fancy kinds with the metal sounding lids and hard extinguish flames.

“I dunno guys, last time we did a show on hay, we kinda ate all of kraft services on stage.” Grave said as he saw it start to get passed around. “I mean, I could use a bit of calming do-- no no no now I sound like a junky. I say when I smoke!” He said all of them shrugged.

“Alright, that’s fine. We’ve got an hour before you guys go behind the stage. Do what you want.” Letty said as she laid down on the couch in the far wall. It was a pretty big room. It was said that all of the rooms were made huge because some bands could range from ten to even fifteen people before they would be broken up into multiple rooms.

“That’s alright, Grave Rush, I need to talk to you anyway.” Jet said as she cuddled up close to Grave as he sat in a chair, completely filling up the whole seat with two asses. Letty turned her head toward Jet with a furrowed brow. “What was your favorite song growing up?” The white mare asked with her hand rubbing his chin as he gulped with his eyes widened.

“Ummmm…” The gray stallion started to think until Death Metal stood up from her chair around a table. Gristle and Tremor were also sitting at this table, very quietly discussing whether or not they would be able to add anymore bras to their collection.

“If no one else gives you one,” Death reached into her larger purse, the one she took on long trips when she went body guarding out of town or when her and Pearl went on… She pulled out her a bra as her expression darkened. It was purple lace, and she tossed it to the table. Before Tremor could reach it, Gristle’s hand shot out like a bullet and took it.

That was when she pulled up her shirt to reveal a black bra with no nipple covers, showing off her pink, pretty areolas. She unlatched the back and then tossed it over to Tremor, who caught it with a sly grin. A small but very real black cloud loomed over Gristle for the next ten minutes.However that was when Death sat in Gristle's lap and held his face into her chest between her modest breasts.

“Hey, I’m countin’ on you. You gotta keep a rhythm, can you do that?” Death Metal asked, and he hummed that he very much could. “That’s good.”

“So anyway,” Jet said as she laughed, also making Grave laugh a little bit as Tremor jokingly waved off Death’s advances with a smile and a silent chuckle.

“Yeah, so anyway. After the apocalypse, I treaded the Dreadlands of Canterlot for a couple of days, avoiding the horde.” Grave explained as Jet took notes and then chewed on her pen. That’s when she scooted onto his lap.

“Wow, what about when you fought off the demons of--” Both of them were interrupted by Letty, who decided to also join the party by removing Grave Rush’s pants. Both their surprise, she was already without pants and her shirt pulled down below her tits.

“Oh no! The zombie horde took your pants!” Letty said as she held up the black pants with bright stainless steel spikes coming out the wallet protector in his pocket.

“That’s not funny, Letty, that really happened!” Grave Rush pointed at her, acting like he was upset about this, but it was actually quite an enjoyable experience. “Now give me back my--”

She was already backing her ass up into him and grinning behind at Jet who wore a face of malice and contempt! Letty hotdogged his nice cock between her butt cheeks and spit in her hand, rubbing it all over his prick. She jerked him nice and hard, causing him to cringe as she more or less forced him to absolute hardness.

All three at the table were staring at this with playing cards in their hands. They had a nice little game going between them, and Death was still topless because she was enjoying the freedom.

“Man, these vacations never go off without someone going off.” Death said as she put down two cards. “Gimme dos.”

“Damnit, Jet!” Letty said as she over shadowed Letty by climbing on top of them both and sliding Grave’s cock into her nice, freshly unwrapped vagina making her inhale deep between her teeth as he gave her a good length within her labia. The yellow pegasus mare was livid, as her ass was now feeling a traitorous vagina pat against it as she stole her claim.

“Ummm--mm--girls? We-we’re about to-- head-- to--”

“Shut up.” Both of them said as Jet squatted down and pushed it harder. She was reverse cowgirl style, gazing down at her very good friend who was entertaining the notion of killing her. She watched her so-called “friend” pump on him like a crankshaft at last of the year sales. The winged pony with white streaked hair smacked her ass against his pelvis and began to sweat, blushing hard. She whispered dirty things to him as she pummelled his cock into submission.

However, that was when the entire chair toppled over. Letty tackled Jet off of Grave Rush and the whole thing went down as Jet yipped and Grave made a very loud, oddly pitched sound from the back of his throat as they leaned all the way back and hit the floor.

Jet caught herself on her hands and knees as her bare and very wet pussy went into Grave’s face, smudging him a bit and making him blink. Letty didn’t waste any time in putting herself on the cock and start backing into it as his ass still sat on the now vertical seat, his back against the horizontal rest.

“Lettyyyyyy, I swear I’ll--nnnrrr!!” She started to strain as she got into Letty’s face, her very sensitive pussy was now being licked by an eager tongue. The harder the lovely mare rode his cock, the harder he grinded his tongue against the white lady’s cunt. “Once he stops jamming his--fucking amazing-- tongue in my pussy, I’m going to--kk--aaah!!” She suddenly met Letty in a sloppy, very messy kiss as their tongues lapped one another and their hands started caressing their manes and their bodies together. Letty felt his dick punch into her pussy like it owned the place and she stopped to enjoy the ride.

All of them locked into a hard coitus, and it wasn’t long before the two mares were sandwiched, Letty on Jet with her legs wrapped around the yellow pony’s waist. Grave was behind them, fucking their labias together. Every once in a while, he would slip into one of them. He started with the journalist. Her tits rubbed against Letty’s as they continued to make out. Only now she was moaning into her friend’s lips as Grave plunged into her depths.

“You’re paying more attention to her!” Letty whined as Jet sucked on her neck and the yellow pegasus grabbed Jet’s ass with both hands. “Fuck me--YES!” She got her wish as Grave shifted his cock over to her and started rutting without relent. He held onto Letty’s haunches, spreading her ass cheeks to get a better angle at her honey hole.

Letty wailed as she felt hot jizz fill uterus within just a second. Some leaked onto her labia as he pulled out of her and pushed ever so deep into Jet, making her squeal as more and more cum filled into her tunnel. The white pegasus shivered and her hands scrunched up to yellow tits and squeezed the tiniest bit of milk out of them.

“Heyyy~ She got most of the cu--” Letty was about to say, but then Jet pointed her finger into her cheek.

“Don’t push your luck, whore!” She whispered in a very truthful, threatening tone. That was when they both began to giggle and kiss on each other again.

“Did you get some good angles, Death?” She said up to the black maned earth pony, who at her request, began recording the three of them when Letty jumped onto Grave’s cock.

“Ain’t my first rodeo, girlfriend.” She zoomed in on some very creamed vaginas as both Letty and Jet show cased them on their backs on the floor. “Looking good, by the way.”

“Yeah, hi, Fable!” Letty waved to him and blew him a kiss, then started rubbing herself. Jet also waved, but then attached her mouth to Letty’s nipple to suckle it some. “I miss you! I’m having a whole lot of fun, and I hope you are too! I love you so much!” Letty giggled as she moaned and held Jet close.

“I’ll bring her back in pieces, I promise. Bis Bald.” She waved goodbye and Death Metal cut it.

“What does bis ba-” Letty was cut short as Jet kissed her ever so deeply on the lips and Letty didn’t argue. They lay there for a time and made out quite furiously. However, they were not the only ones in the room who were doing so.

It looked like Shrapnel and Night Moon were getting about four years of makeout sessions out of the way. It seemed like they were going this entire time between smoke sessions.

“Metagenic Discharge! Five minutes!” The woman who looked in on them, saw all of the very illegal, and very jailable offenses they were committing in this public facility that was financed through private means. She didn’t seem to give any of it a second glance as she shut the door.

All of them had about 5 million questions at that point. Where did the time go? Where did their pants go? Where were the body wipes? Holy shit, why are we running so late!? They began to panic and scramble. However, they had not been in this business for so long to get caught too far out of the know. They had been woken up from passing out with a three day music festival, only to perform the next day in Manehattan, their first out of town concert.

They got themselves clean. Gristle tossed Grave his makeup pen and, he just started arching black lines all over his face, then looked into a mirror, getting his ghost makeup to fill in the blanks with white skeleton-like grease. He looked crude enough, he got on the rest of his stuff, along with his microphone.

The only two who did not scurry were Moon and Shrap. They simply were not kissing at the moment, instead looking in each other’s eyes.

“I love you…” Shrapnel said and shivered some.

“Wait, what?” All things ceased, freezing in place as Grave turned his head at the two. They were sitting there as if they were conjoined at the hip, and her gasmask, that she loves so damn much, was on top of his head, a dark black with white chalk evil eyes and rigid teeth.

“I love you too.” He dipped her down onto the couch and their mouths came together in an eternal bond.

“Whoa whoa whoa! This is no time to start forming eternal bonds! We gotta go!!” Grave cut into the blissful, wondrous musical soundtrack playing in the background. Then he grabbed the gasmask and put it on her head, and wedged it between their snouts to put it over her face. Even through gas mask eyes, she looked absolutely gorgeous to him. All the way up until Grave pulled her ragdoll body up off of Night Moon and started to carry her like the first drunk mare at the party. If the crowd was big enough and there was drink enough, there was always one. “Gah! Come on, Shrap! We gotta get your chords!” She said, motioning over to the guitar, which Tremor picked up and strapped on along with his bass. Grave nodded his thanks.

She was so love struck, she couldn’t even feel when they got her out to the hallway, and all four of them barreled their way toward the stage. Shrapnel’s heads were finally out of the clouds as she heard the call to metal. The band before them still had two full songs to go. Which meant they had twenty minutes to do their checks.

Shrapnel kept her gasmask on as she ran through her normal spider licks. Her fingers tapped against the frets as her fingers worked the chords with abandoned complacency. As she did this, she couldn’t help but thinking about that soft, purplish blue fur against her neon blue. Neon Blue started gazing through her gasmask off into the distance as she suddenly began shredding licks without a single fuck given!

All eyes turned her as she cranked the dial up to 11 and her solo from Blasted Wasteslands began rocking through her amplifier as her heart sang through the dark, bass-ish chords her guitar was built with. The dark metal guitar could reach the higher pitches as well, but she was using it as it was ordained.

Even the band out on stage had to stop because her noise pollution was killing it! The other bands and assistants around them began gazing at the earth pony who began stomping her hoof to the drum beat as her psychedelic notes thrashed its death metal bonds into tremoring!

Tremor, the large, viking built pegasus even had an inquisitive look on his face. However, that was when he shrugged, and turned on the internal speaker in his bass. He began thrumming as he joined in mid-beat with his partner in crime.

Gristle and Grave’s expressions went from dumbfounded to total fucking A-class flabbergasted as they almost called out for Tremor to stop! They looked at each other, but then they found themselves starting to panic as their cue was coming up. They just panicked and darted for their respective instruments. Grave rushed and grabbed his own microphone as it was already plugged in, only hanging out right backstage, along with Gristles beat boxes.

The two of them began to bash their respective weapons of choice along with her.

“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK LET THE FUCKING WASTELANDS -- GET -- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKED~!!!!” The curtains spread immediately as all immediate personnelle who were not vital to the scene began to clean off the stage around them.

The band before them was none other than Mega Xsang. The name was short for Megatronic Exsanguination: The process of draining a living creature of all of its blood, only it’s Megatronic, so they are also vaporized. They stood there, all five of them looking dumbfounded at Mutagenic Discharge. The lead singer, Kane, gritted his teeth. The unicorn had a red painted and glowing horn with magically enhanced, glowing red eyes. In that moment, the orange unicorn stallion could feel a rising anger at this disrespectful insolence!

Before he knew it, even his bandmates were moving out of the way, and assistants were moving their equipment out of the way as their stage was literally stolen from them! At first, he wasn’t going to take the low road, but then Kane trudged off stage, flipping them the double birds as he did.

It wasn’t a single minute before Kane was backstage, opening the director’s door with any force necessary and confronting not only the director but the three main editors.

“What in the FUCK! WAS! THAT!!!???”

Mutagenic Discharge was taking the crowd by storm. All of them began to scream and wail at them, applauding them for totally bitch slapping Xsang off the stage. Grave could even tell that they had some fans in the crowd, as he could see more than one lips singing along with him. It was, afterall their first album, but he didn’t know they had any fans in Canterlot.

From “The Blasted Wasteland” to their next song: Orgy in Radioactive Waste. It was not a song on their list, but Grave made sure Gristle tapped the beats for Orgy. The song did not have the literal lyrics of the title, but there were very highly suggestive lyrics along with the undertone of “Let’s go swimming.” From Gristle in the backup vocals.

From there, it was more of their latest album, “Amputate, Ingest, Regenerate.” Including such instant hits as Anthem To Autosarcophagy, Nothing City, and Shrap’s personal favorite, The Carving Ritual.

The were allowed to have two more songs than normal because of the sudden disappearance of the previous band. As their last chord was struck and Grave let out one last, gasping roar, he fell to the ground, his black and green highlighted hair draped, and matted all over the stage. The crowd went absolutely bugshit. Moshpits, crowd surfing, arrests, vomiting. All of it came to one pony from backstage.

Jet Stream was there, looking on at the crowd with a very watchful eye. She surveyed everything. As she was covering the whole concert for the most part, the pegasus had to make sure she got the details as they came to her. Professor Gonzo had his quirks about him, but his journalism doctorate was not just for show. He knew the hard hitting facts that the people needed to hear. They were laid about in front of her as time went still and her hand began to pull her very expensive, beautiful red quill from her side pack. It was in a case and she pulled it out. She admired it, and smiled.

It was a gift from a stallion that helped her when she needed it most. The red quill was very perpetually wet with ink. She pulled a very used and loved notepad from her pocket and began to do her work. Her watchful mind’s eye gazing forward, ever vigilant.

“Hearts throbbing harder than pistons in a all out derby. Faces red with overactive pressure. Public urination and topless mares a common sight. Everything about this place just screams at the top of its lungs and it does it along with the performers. The louder they scream, the more they kill their much needed brain cells. It’s worth it. Think of the age we live. Harder hitting topics couldn’t be more blatant to the oblivious.

Most of us did not live through those years where tidied t-shirts meant peace and flowers. We weren’t there when bread cost a nickel or schools could spank their students. That magic is long gone, never to be seen but always to be spoken of for generations. However, what we see is the youth of a new age. By and large, not perfect but look at them fight their logical cerebrums. They cut loose harder than any others and they are more than happy to wake up with a bruised cheek or a severely sprained ankle from a pratfall.

It goes to show what one can do when given the opportunity to put a microphone in their hand. The words don’t come out clear, the music will deafen all senses, and the good times are hard to ruin. Spoil this fun and you will see what happens when the generation today finally finds a common goal that they can fight for. A revolution against authority has been seen throughout the ages in every such gathering. The difference in generation is blurred for many instants in time. We may not have lived through the golden age of rock, but our golden ages were already begun when our hooves hit the pavement.

Be it crowd surfing, punching a stranger in a mosh pit, or getting your hands trampled for copping a feel; your night can be had. The Death Metal scene can be grim, and downright unseemly, but the silver lining is clear for those who would behold it. Good words go unnoticed a lot, so screaming it into the faces of those who will not listen may just be the start we need.”

Jet filled up three pages in the little notepad. With her quill firmly back in its case and in her pack, she met Grave Rush as he walked very slowly off stage, waving to the crowd and even doing the Dio Metal hands. As he walked off stage, all of their belongings were being packed up for them while the curtains closed.

“Wow! That was awesome!” Letty shouted as they came to them. The band met Letty, Jet and Death Metal just off stage, they all began hugging. Gristle and Death Metal hugged making Gristle blushed when she kissed him on the cheek, the expressionless frown still on her face as she let go and stood off to the side. He waved at her and she returned it, all the way up until she looked off to her left. Then her eyes went absolutely round and as they opened to their very capacity. Gristle saw her jaw practically hit the floor and this made him raise an eyebrow.

“Death?” Then he looked to where her eyes went, he wore a very similar expression at that point. There was Hellgate. That was Hellgate. He was the lead singer of Skullhoof. He was standing there, with his fire emblazoned guitar around his chest. That legendary metal axe was worth well over a million on the black market for anyone who dared to try for it. He stood off to the back with two assistants beside him with provisions for him.

Death was going to say something to Gristle or anyone else, but it wasn’t long before Grave caught on, and then the rest of them turned to see the rock legend of the early 2000’s. Skullhoof made their debut in Ponyville back in 2002, killing the scene with a brand new outlook on the genre. Within months, they had a fanbase all the way through Coltlanta, Ranchtown, Manehattan, and as they toured, they only got bigger. Now, they had six albums (five if you counted two of them as sequels in the same set) and there came Smoke Pit!

Smoke Pit, the Bassist, even Tremor gasped and put his hand over his mouth. If anyone cared to look at him, they would see that he was on the verge of bursting with at least one… maybe even two words. It was not long before the drummer, Light Hoof came up behind them. That beauty was an older woman now, late 30’s at this point. However, when the sky blue pegasus flew onto the scene, she was the tall, lanky beauty with a bit of a bod. Her boobs would always shake when she drummed and that was a big hit with the fans. Now, she had grown a bit more pudge after giving birth to three kids who were now in grade school.

Then, finally, the rhythm guitarist, Black Fade walked in. The black stallion with a white muzzle outline with speckles of white all through his ripped body. The older stallion bodybuilder not only became a rock star, but also a porn star in four whole publications of gay magazines. Five porn movie franchises and some sextoy products later, he was bringing dildos to concerts and every single girl fan that could muster the strength went to enormous lengths to get them as he threw them. Those were highly regulated after the fifth huge brawl of girls in their Steel Spike Tour 2011.

The entire band was there, waiting for their turn to take up the stage. Assistants, technicians, stagehands worked tirelessly to get the whole concert could see the death laser show of sinister red and purple smoke and mirrors.

That was when Neon Blue gasped, flipped her gasmask to the top of her head and put her hands over her muzzle and squealed! She flung her arms open and started running straight toward Skullhoof. All four of the band members snapped their eyes straight toward the neon blue earth pony whose blond mane went wild as she darted with the air passing through it. Their assistants, who were also body guards stood out in front of them, one red and one green, both with sunglasses and combat training.

“Shrapnel!” Grave shouted, and then she jumped! Her entire body seemed to go in slow motion as she flipped upside down in the air. Her entire body careened forward, her black and blue mane brushed lightly against Hellgate’s face as her gasmask fell from her head and into his hands, making him blink with his eyes widening. She flew straight past them without wings, whirling twice in mid air and flipped around to her hooves as they hit the backstage concrete floor, directly in front of Night Moon.

“Moon!” She swooned as they met in an embrace.

“Blue!” He said as their lips met and their kiss pressed their lips together, attaching them to one another. Their hands caressed one another’s bodies. Her hands explored his very flat midsection, up to his chest. Then she reached around to his back, feeling his lovely wing feathers. He cringed a little bit at the very slightly intense sensation of her caressing his back appendages. Neon Blue attached her mouth to his neck and she couldn’t help but feel a wonderful roll of bits outlined in his pants.

“I can’t wait anymore.” She whispered to him and her hand went down to his very lively prick, taking hold of it outside of his pants. “I need you now.” She wasted no time in unveiling his huge dick to everyone who would look. She took hold of his balls and took to her knees immediately, giving him a nice sucking, complete with a tongue lashing. He cringed at this and put a hand on the back of her head.

“Oh! Hey, I’m sorry about that, I really am.” Grave said as he approached Skullhoof, but their assistants began to stand in his way, their arms crossed.

“Hey, back up, give me space guys.” The neon orange pegasus said as he came out from between the two of them. Hellgate grinned as he looked at the gray earth pony and he chuckled. “Dude, I don’t know what kind of ragtag outfit you’re running here, but I’m suddenly reminded of my youth.”

As he said this, all of them looked back as they heard Shrapnel moaning out loud. Both of them had taken to the floor now, doggystyle. Night Moon pumped her full of his long, dark blue cock from behind. Then Hellgate became acutely aware that his bandmate, Black Fade, was getting a blowjob from a random female assistant who looked more than happy to do so.

“Dude, the fuck are you doing?” Hell asked him, and Black looked back at the singer.

“What the hell do you think? I can’t watch something like this and go out on stage with a boner! That’s not until the third song!” He said and Hell shook his head, waving him off.

“Whatever, anyway. It was Grave Rush, right?” He chuckled and held up his fist to him. They fist bumped one another and Hellgate shook his head. “You got some crazy fucking bandmates, bro. I heard Kane was fucking PISSED!”

“Wait, what?” Grave asked, then he was reminded that he did, in fact, interrupt someone else’s song list before they took the stage away. “Oooohh shit, that was Xsang, wasn’t it?”

“Yup, I heard Kane took every single bit of his ticket and merch sales and he hauled ass out of here. If I were you, I would be a little more wary of your ass, you catch my drift? If there’s anything I’ve learned in this business, it’s get your money up front, and do not even think a pissed off metal head will forget or forgive that kind of shit. The guy is an asshole, so I don’t care, honestly.”

“You think he’ll make a move?” Grave asked him, thinking about that demon-like unicorn on stage glaring at them with those red glowing eyes.

“It’s hard to say, bro. Kane’s got a temper, for sure. He hit the scene a few years back and people liked his stuff. Guy can only score skanks, though, so Light Hoof’s a dead ringer.”

“Get fukt Dingle Bell.” She said as the slightly heavy set mare approached Gristle. “Sup, kid?”

“Ooohh, hey, you’re the ummm, drummer, right?” He said as she loomed over him by a few inches. Her sizeable, natural tits sagging in her black spaghetti straps.

“Yeah, bro. You the drummer for your band?” She asked as she took one small step toward him, now looming her tits very close to his chin. He suddenly found that his mouth was too dry to speak, he could feel his breath hot off of her chest. This was especially apparent went her green furred tits and dark green nipples were exposed in front of him, making him blush uncontrollably. “Cool, sign my tits.” She handed him a marker she had on her for some reason.

He wasn’t sure what he scribbled onto her, but her was certain he was more or less just trying to take up more space on them so that she’d leave them out longer.

“Anyway! We got the stage, let’s go. Zip it up, Black.” He said as he started off. “Take it easy, kid.” He glanced a smirk at his fellow metal singer as he passed him by. Grave was star struck to the point of numbness. Not only did he just meet one of his idles, but now he made such a scene as to be remembered by the likes of the premiere metal band of the last two decades.

“Oh, yeah! Cum inside me!! Breed me!!” Shrapnel cried out as a small group of onlookers watched with recording devices.

“Tremor! Run interference!” Grave shouted, and instantly all three cell phones were snatched from them by the very large pegasus who towered over all three young stallions who almost protested. However, that was when he crushed all of them with his bare hand and growled.

As they backed away, Grave came up to Night Moon and slapped him in the back of the head as his spunk spurted deep into the moaning mare.

“Damnit, Night Moon! What the hell.” He shouted and was met with a meek, blushing face of the pegasus.

“I uhhh… love her?” He said, and there came a gasp from the mare who was still on all fours with a bare ass.

“You do!?” She gasped again as he nodded to her.

“I give up. We’re leaving!” Grave said, and started walking with everyone toward their room in the back. That was when he felt an arm wrap around his as they walked. He turned to a smiling Jet. She gave him a kiss on the lips and he was met with some of the biggest bedroom eyes he’d seen in a while.

“I had a good time.” She gave his cheek a tiny lick and giggle as he laughed a little bit.

Behind them, Death Metal and Gristle walked together, joined shortly by the two blue lovebirds. It wasn’t long before they were packed up and heading out toward the van while Skullhoof took on their last song. All of them who had seen Skullhoof were cool with not seeing them this time and those who did not were okay with heading on out.

“Man,” Gristle said as they walked toward the van with their equipment in arms. “Sure is a weird job when you not only fuck your fans, your co-workers, your boss and your coporate sponsors, but now we’re fucking entire bands out of the stage. Pretty fucked up.” Gristle said as he pulled the back hatch open.

“Metal, am I right?” Tremor said as he handed Gristle the amp chord.

“I know, right?” He chuckled.


“Mommy!” The baby said the only word he knew as Quick Bullet walked into the door, holding her luggage on a roller and in her gym bag.

“Baby!” She spied Ember Wing in the middle of the living room. He was playing with his multiple colored blocks scattered across the carpet.

“Well there she is.” Voltage said as she dabbed a towel over her hands in the kitchen. “I just got the dishes done.”

“Isn’t Fable home? Didn’t he stay?” Letty asked as she put her luggage off to the side. The baby screamed a bit as she held out her hands in an excited fashion and leaned down to pick him up.

“Yeah, but he’s in the backyard, mowing.” As soon as Voltage said this, there was a door opening in the back of the kitchen. “Or, he’s right here.”

“Letty?” He called in, already they could smell the very strange stench of freshly cut grass. He would obviously be in his white tank top with his headphones in, listening to his loud music that he could hear over the engine. “Hey, babe!”

“Well, hello there, my little honey bunny.” Letty put on her prissy voice and her prissy walk as she approached him. Just like she thought, he was filthy and his man musk was hot against his skin and fur. Sweat gleamed off every surface of his amazingly toned muscles.

“Honey bunny.” Voltage chuckled, drawing a look from him. “You done back there?”

“Yeah, that was the last grass bag.” He pointed out back. Then he wiped the grass off his hands with a paper towel and running water from the sink.

“Good! Then why are you washing your hands? Little Wings needs to get to his nap, and we need to shower.” She pushed him toward the master bedroom, which had the master bathroom.

“Wait, we need to shower?” He said as Letty began to walk toward Ember’s room. She glanced a wink at Fable.

Within five minutes, he was being washed all over by two naked mares in their ten by ten shower. Both of them worked their hands with soap all over him as they pressed their bodies against his torso, making him blush a little.

“Yes,” Voltage said with a chuckle. “We do.”