The Ex-Queen And The New Princess

by Shining Smile

First published

This is a story of loss, revenge, love and compassion. Chrysalis had been having a hard time since her defeat at the Canterlot wedding. Her changelings were all but scattered to the wind and she was going to make Twilight pay.

This is a story of loss, revenge, love and compassion.
Chrysalis had been having a hard time since her defeat at the Canterlot wedding. Her changelings were all but scattered to the wind and she was going to make Twilight pay.

I apologize for the non-consent tag. It is only there for attempted rape no actual rape takes place.

Cover photo taken from deusexequus on Derpibooru

Chapter 1

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It was a bright night on the streets of Manehattan. A beam of moonlight shone across the face of a tan unicorn. A gust of wind blew her long black and emerald mane out of her face. Her acid green eyes looked towards the sky. She had a look that was a mix of sadness and rage upon her face. Her mind drifted off to the lavender alicorn who had caused her so much pain.

Six months have passed since Chrysalis lost everything to the hooves of Twilight Sparkle. Chrysalis was once the queen of the changelings and now she was a whore. She used to have a few thousand drones to go and collect the love she needed to survive. Now she was barely sustaining herself on the love of lust as she put herself out to anypony, under the disguise of Crystal Green. Most of her drones were killed during the magic wave that defeated her at the wedding; the rest were scattered across Equestria. She was alone. Everything was gone and she would make Twilight pay.


Ponyville was all abuzz with ponies going about their day as Twilight walked home from Sugarcube Corner with a bag of blueberry muffins floating in her magic. Spike, the small green and purple dragon that would normally be following her around was still asleep upstairs in the library. After a long night of reshelving the books in Twilight's room she felt he deserved a little extra sleep. Twilight had gotten some extra muffins for him for when he wakes up.

She was almost to her library when she heard a sound coming from a side alley.


“Huh, is somepony there?” Twilight asked hesitantly.

“Ugh.” was the only response that came.

Twilight slowly crept toward the opening to the alley unsure of what awaited her. She looked around and saw that the sound was coming from a cloaked pony lying on the ground.

“Oh Celestia are you ok?!” Twilight shouted as she rushed to the strange pony’s side.

She pulled the hood back to reveal a long black and emerald mane and a very feminine face. She tried nuzzling the pony awake, but all she got was another groan and a grumbling sound that she could only assume was coming from the pony’s stomach.

“Oh,” she sighed with relief. “You seem to have only fainted from hunger,” Twilight said as she moved the bag of muffins to her mouth and enveloped the pony in her magic. She carefully placed the pony onto her back and rushed off to her library.

Twilight walked through the door of her tree home carrying the unconscious pony on her back and the bag of muffins in her mouth. She slowly walked up the stairs leading to her room trying her best to keep her back steady as to not disturb the pony who was currently unconscious upon it.

Twilight walked through the door to her room as she carefully levitated the pony onto her bed and the muffins onto her desk.

She walked over to Spike who was still asleep in his little bed. “Come on sleepy head. Time to get up we have a big day today,” she said as she nuzzled him awake.

“Ahaaaaa” Spike yawned as he slowly woke up. Spike looked around the room as his eyes slowly adjusted to the sunlight coming through the open blinds. At the sight of the sun being higher than it should when he normally gets up. he had a worried look on his face, but when he opened his mouth to say something he found a hoof at his snout.

“Sssshhhhh,” Twilight said as she pointed her head at the bed.

Spike, who had not noticed the extra pony in the room until now, asked in a whispering tone, “Who's that?”

“I don’t know,” Twilight answered, but then added with a smile, “Yet;” however at the site of Spike’s confused face, she new she was going to have to elaborate. “I found her passed out in an alley from lack of hunger. And… um… I thought I would bring her back here and get her back on her hooves. You know, maybe make a new friend.” She said with a hopeful grin.

Spike, who was still looking skeptical asked, “Why do you need more friends? You already have five of the best friends you could want.”

Twilight looked down at her hooves with a look of sorrow on her face as she spoke, “I am a princess now and I am supposed to be learning about friendship. And... well yes I have five great friends, but they all really came to me. I still know very little about actually making friends and I thought this would be a wonderful way to make a new one.”

Spike just shrugged not really getting it.

“Now, I need you to run a few errands for me.” Twilight said as she levitated the checklist she made last night from her desk and a muffin from the bag. Handing them to Spike, she said, “I need you to pick up some more quills and parchment as well as a few other odds and ends.”

Spike raised one of his eyebrows and gave Twilight a questioning look as he asked, “And what will you be doing?”

“I am going to stay here and cook something for my new friend,” Twilight said proudly.

Spike rolled his eyes as he turned and left the room.

Unbeknownst to Twilight the seemingly unconscious unicorn was just waiting for her moment to strike and now that they were alone that time was now.

Twilight had just turned back to her desk when she felt magic envelop her body and pull her across the room. She landed on her back at the foot of her bed. Standing next to her was the unicorn she had brought home with her. The unicorn pounced on top of Twilight pinning her to the ground.

“What? Why?”

The unicorn erupted in emerald flames and was replaced with the black tall chitin body of the changeling queen.

“Ha. Twilight Sparkle. I have you now. You are going to pay me back for what you did to me.” Chrysalis leaned down to Twilight’s ear and whispered seductively, “You are going to help me rebuild the hive you destroyed.”

As the queen of the changelings spoke Twilight felt something long and thick brush against her inner thigh. Twilight’s face contorted into shocked fear as the true gravity of Chrysalis’ words sunk in.

Twilight’s mind raced for a way to escape and then there was a low rumbling coming from Chrysalis’ stomach. This caused Chrysalis to stumble as her hunger made her lose her balance. That was all the distraction Twilight needed. Chrysalis looked away but for a moment and then there was a bright lavender light and the purple alicorn was gone. Chrysalis felt a force hit her in the side throwing her threw the air and into one of the many bookshelves lining the room. Chrysalis hit the floor with a thud as she lost consciousness.

Chrysalis awoke bound on the floor of Twilight's room. Her front and back hooves were hogtied together, and though she could not see it she could feel the magic damping ring around the base of her horn. Chrysalis frantically looked around the room for the purple alicorn, terrified at how vulnerable she was.

She spotted Twilight lying on her bed watching her. She was watching Chrysalis with a blank expression, as if she was deep in thought.

Chrysalis turned her head away from the source of her pain. Laying her head on the cold wood floor, she just stared at the wall.

They kept on in silence for a few minutes before Chrysalis couldn't take it anymore. She gave a heavy sigh as she asked “So, what happens to me now? Am I to be banished again, or maybe you're finally going to make it permanent and execute me for my crimes?“ she spoke more to the wall then to Twilight, as she refused to look at her captor.

Twilight couldn't help but be surprised by the tone in Chrysalis’ voice, it was dull and lacking emotion as if she had given up on everything. Like she really didn't care what happened next.

“You know Equestria doesn't have the death penalty.” Twilight said with a raised eyebrow.

“So it’s a dungeon for me then? Lock me up somewhere and throw away the key? Well get it over with, at least there maybe I can get some peace.”

“You sound like you have given up on life. Don’t you have a kingdom to run? How could you just abandon all your people just like that?”

Chrysalis snorted out a small chuckle at the questions. She found it kind of amusing how little Twilight new of her own hoofwork.

“I don't get what's so funny. I believe those are perfectly legitimate questions, given the way you are acting. What's wrong with that?“

Chrysalis snapped her head up to finally look at Twilight. Her face was filled with rage as she yelled “WHAT'S WRONG?! EVERYTHING IS WRONG! FOR I HAVE NONE OF THOSE THINGS ANYMORE! YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME!“ At that she turned her head back to the wall, “I am alone.” and as Twilight watched her former enemy say those last words she actually saw a tear run down Chrysalis’ cheek.

At that moment Twilight did not see an enemy, a villain who had once brainwashed her brother and kidnapped her sister-in-law, all she saw was a pony who had lost everything she cared about. Twilight looked on and tried to feel anger, or at least be mildly upset with her for everything she did, but right now all she could feel was pity for her former enemy.

Twilight could not control herself as she was overcome with sorrow at what she had unknowingly done to the changeling queen. She jumped off the bed and raced toward Chrysalis. Chrysalis, unsure of what was to come of this sudden move by Twilight, closed her eyes and braced for the worst. Twilight threw her hooves around Chrysalis’ neck as she wrapped her in a tight hug.

Twilight spoke in a soft and caring voice as she whispered in Chrysalis’ ear. “I am so sorry. All I wanted was to protect my family. I did not mean for this to happen to you. No matter your crimes nopony deserves to be alone in the world.“

Twilight backed away and used her magic to release Chrysalis’ binds. She looked up at Twilight with suspicion and confusion.

“I am not going to arrest you. You are free to go, but I don’t ever want to see you again.” with that Twilight turned her back to Chrysalis as she walked to her bed.

Chrysalis looked around the room expecting this was a trick or something. When nothing seemed out of place she ran for the door disappearing around the corner.

Chapter 2

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“There you go Twilight, now your getting it.” Rainbow Dash praised.

It was Twilight’s monthly flying session with Rainbow Dash and she was finally understanding the practicals of flying. She had read every book she could find that so much as hinted at flight, however reading and studying, she was finding out, was very different when put to practical use.

She was practicing her glide when a particularly strong updraft caught her wings. It sent her somersaulting backwards through the air until Rainbow Dash caught her.

“Whoa easy there Twilight. I don’t think you’re ready for somersaults just yet.” Rainbow dash giggled at her own joke as she held Twilight by her armpits.

Twilight however did not hear the joke she was busy scanning the ground. She could have sworn she saw a familiar tan unicorn in the town below for a split second while she was spinning.

“Rainbow? In your daily flights have you ever noticed a tan unicorn with a green crystal cutie mark roaming around town?”

Rainbow looked confused by the question but gave it some thought, “Ya, I think so, here and there maybe. Why do you ask?”

“OH, it’s nothing, sorry. I think I am going to cut our session short for today.” Twilight said as she stretched her wings and flapped out of Rainbows grip. Twilight slowly moved toward the ground still searching for the unicorn that had been there just moments before.

“Oh, okay.” Rainbow Dash said as she waved a hoof goodby still confused.

It had been two months since her run in with Chrysalis and Twilight couldn’t help but wonder where she had been all this time. Had she just come back or has she been here the whole time spying on her waiting for her time to strike. These thoughts and others plagued her mind as she trotted back to her library.

Twilight was just passing Quills and Sofas when she noticed something in the window. Not something on display, because what was on display was a sofa that was way too extravagant to ever look at home in her library, but in the reflection of the window itself. There she was the tan unicorn with the black and emerald mane. She was standing across the way watching her.

Twilight continued to walk in the direction of her library keeping an eye on every reflective surface to make sure she was following her and then she made an unexpected turn down a side alley. The moment she was around the corner she cast a cloaking spell to conceal her presence to the next pony. Of course the next pony to come around the corner was exactly who Twilight was expecting.

The tan unicorn turned the corner expecting to see Twilight but all she saw was the empty alley. She looked around but the purple alicorn was nowhere to be seen, that's when she felt the magic envelop her throat. The magic was strong it lifted her off the ground and slammed her into the alley wall. The force of the impact was so hard it knocked both the wind out of her and her out of her transformation. Chrysalis looked around in terror as she clawed at the invisible force that held her by her throat.

“What are you doing following me around? I told you I never wanted to see you again!” Twilight said as she removed her cloaking spell. She was speaking in a raised whisper as to not attract the attention of the the ponies on the main street. “What, were you planning on jumping me when you saw an opening?”

“I was just…”

“You were just what? Haven’t you messed with me enough?” Twilight’s voice was rising above a whisper now. “Can’t you just go away and leave me in peace?!” Twilight lowered her voice back to a whisper “Why can’t you just go away?”

Chrysalis looked at the ground her voice came out as barely audible, It was soft and sad, “I have nowhere to go. I traveled back to my hive to see if any of my swarm had come back but it was completely empty. Not a changeling in sight. I can only assume that they are all dead or just don’t want to come back. Plus I haven’t had a good meal in months. I mean it is really hard to feed on love when everypony has a changeling detection spell over every door.”

Twilight could actually see Chrysalis the queen of the changelings crying. This was not like back in her room where the changeling queen let a single tear escape, this was full on sobs. This was something that twilight thought she would never see. Chrysalis had always been a source of hate for Twilight, and who could blame her after all the stuff she did to her. However at this moment there was no hate or anger only sorrow. Twilight slowly put Chrysalis on the ground and released her magical hold on her.

“But why come back here? Why come to me?” Twilight asked confused as what reason Chrysalis would have to come to the one pony who caused her this misery.

Twilight had to wait a bit for Chrysalis’ response, as she had to stop her tears so she could speak coherently.

“Well…” Chrysalis had a hard time meeting Twilight’s gaze, and Twilight could have sworn she could see a splash of red in her black chitin cheeks, “last time, when you let me go was the first time any pony had shown me any sense of compassion since… well ever. Plus I thought if anypony would be able to help me, and maybe forgive me, it would be the princess of friendship. After all isn’t that in your job description.”

Twilight was taken aback by this after everything she had done. Was it even possible for her to forgive her? Chrysalis was right; however, Twilight was the princess of friendship now. If she turned her away was she really living up to her new title? Twilight thought for awhile until she came to the conclusion that “NO” what kind of princess of friendship would she be if she did not give Chrysalis a second chance.

“Fine you can have your second chance,” Twilight sighed, but then her face became very serious and her voice rose, “But if you act up in any way I will not hesitate to throw you in the Canterlot dungeon!” her voice lowered back to its original volume, “You can stay at my place until you can find a place of your own.”

Chrysalis threw herself at Twilight’s hooves, “Oh thank you princess, thank you.”

“Please just Twilight will do.”

Chrysalis looked up into the alicorn princess’ face which was smiling down upon her. Twilight turned around and started walking out of the alley motioning with a hoof for Chrysalis to follow.

Chrysalis was overjoyed her plan worked better than she could have hoped. Acting came second nature to a changeling, whether they were impersonating another pony or just tricking a gullible pony princess. Not only will she be in close proximity to her but she will be living with her too. This was just perfect. She will get plenty of opportunities to make that bitch pay for what she did to her.

Chapter 3

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Chrysalis awoke that morning to a wonderful smell; the likes of which she had never smelled. She opened her eyes wondering where it was coming from. She was confused at first to see her room, but then she remembered the events of yesterday. After her award winning display of being pathetic, Twilight had brought her back to her tree home. Twilight had offered to put her up in her room but Chrysalis had declined. She was more interested in someplace a little more like her old home, so she had asked if she could live in the basement. It was dark and cold and it reminded her of better times, plus it was mostly isolated from the rest of the house so that she could plan her revenge in peace.

Chrysalis stepped out of her four poster bed and looked around her new room, Twilight had wanted to go all out with setting up her room but Chrysalis liked it bare. There was only a beautiful four poster bed in the middle of the room, Chrysalis didn’t really own anything so there was no need for anything like a dresser or any other kind of storage space.

Chrysalis followed the smell up the stairs and out into the main room of the tree. The smell was coming from a door off to the side that she had not noticed yesterday. Chrysalis headed for the door and opened it slowly to peak inside. The site that greeted her as she poked her head through the door was something she was not expecting. There was Twilight working over a hot stove making breakfast, but that was not what startled Chrysalis it was what Twilight was wearing, Twilight was wearing a bright pink frilly apron. The apron went from her neck and down her stomach then was tied around her back which seemed to draw Chrysalis’ eyes right to Twilight’s plot.

Chrysalis felt a stirring in her crotch. She wanted to jump that purple mare right here and now, but she resisted that urge. The timing and place had to be just right. She wanted her revenge to be perfect. So instead she just walked through the door and had a seat at the table which had already been set for three. Chrysalis looked upon the third place setting and smiled as she remembered the little dragon’s reaction the night before.

~~~~~The Night Before~~~~~

It was almost dark by the time Twilight and Chrysalis got back to Golden Oak Library. Chrysalis was the first through the door Twilight was right behind her until she heard a scream. Twilight rushed past Chrysalis to see what was wrong. Unfortunately when she rushed in front of Chrysalis all she saw was a large brown object as it hit her in the face and she collapsed on the floor. When she came to and opened her eyes she saw a huge book lying on the floor in front of her, now she knew what that brown object was that had hit her in the face. She looked around the room to see where the book had come from and saw Spike over in a corner on the opposite side of the room. He looked really worried about her, but was too terrified to come any closer.

“Are you alright?” Chrysalis asked with concern.

“Ya, I’ll be fine.” Twilight stated as she got to her hooves. As she stood up though she felt something wet touch her upper lip. She stuck out her tongue and licked it off out of reflex, however she soon regretted that action, she gave a slight shudder as the taste of iron filed her mouth. Her nose had been broken and was currently dripping blood down her muzzle.


As Chrysalis remembered the night before she couldn't help as a smile crossed her face as she remembered Twilight getting smacked in the nose with one of her own books. She remembered how much she had wanted to roll on the floor laughing, but she had resisted that to help Twilight patch up her nose while she explained the situation to Spike.

“OH, Chrysalis when did you come in?” Twilight asked finally noticing Chrysalis at the table.

“Just a few minutes ago.” Chrysalis stated as she was brought out of her thoughts

“Well breakfast is almost ready so get comfortable.” Twilight said as she smiled at Chrysalis.

Finally Chrysalis had to ask the one question that had been bugging her since she walked in, “Umm, Twilight what’s with the outfit?”

“Oh, this thing?” Twilight asked looking down at the apren. “I read in a book that ponies wear this when they want sompony to like them. So I figured that since you practically hated me a few days ago I thought that this would get you to warm up to me.”

Chrysalis nearly facehoofed as she thought to herself “Sweet Celestia Twilight What kind of books have you been reading.”

Chrysalis was in the middle of thinking of all the saucy things Twilight could be reading in her alone time when the door to the kitchen opened up again, and in walked Spike.

Spike walked in reading one of his Power Ponies comics, but the moment he spotted Chrysalis he brought his comic up to hide his face as he got into the his char across from her.

Twilight came over to the table and placed a big plate of pancakes in front of Chrysalis and her own chair “And for my number one assistant a nice bowl of rubies.” Twilight said as she placed the bowl in front of Spike.

Twilight looked to Chrysalis and saw her looking at the plate of pancakes curiously, as if not knowing what to make of them, then it dawned on Twilight, “Um, Chrysalis. I forgot you feed mostly on love don’t you? Can you even eat normal food?” Twilight asked with concern.

Chrysalis looked up from her pancakes and stated calmly, “We changelings can only get nourishment from love and similar emotions, however we can eat normal food, our body's do have a digestive system, but we do it simply for the taste. Now it can get a little annoying as our digestive system works almost immediately upon getting food. Meaning I will be heading straight to the bathroom after this. However, I have never had this before,” Chrysalis poked her food with a hoof.

Twilight gasped “You’ve never had pancakes before?!” she picked up a fork in her magic, stabbed the pancakes and shoved a forkful into Chrysalis’ mouth.

Chrysalis chewed, tasting every bite. It was simply amazing. The fluffiness of the pancake mixed with the stickiness of the syrup that it sent her taste buds into a frenzy. It was so good that when she was done she was almost sad that she couldn’t get full eating this.

They continued their meal with Twilight trying her best not to laugh at Chrysalis’ face as it contorted into different versions of pure bliss as she ate her food. Spike on the other hand, was eating quietly behind his comic book.

The rest of the day went by pretty uneventfully as Chrysalis mostly sat and watched Twilight and Spike go about their day.

Eventually the day came to an end and it was time for bed. Twilight and Spike went upstairs to their room and Chrysalis headed to her bed in the basement. As Chrysalis crawled into bed and tried to sleep her stomach rored. It was not a low growl but a roar that vibrated her whole being. She was starving. She had not fed on anything for about a week and she didn’t know how long she could last if she didn’t feed soon.

Chrysalis got out of bed and walked up the stairs, she crept through the main room and out the front door. Ones outside she quickly donned her disguise of Crystal Green and galloped off to find herself a partner for the night.

Crystal Green trotted through the streets of ponyville until she came to a side alley, where she turned and pulled in. She made sure that nopony was looking before using her magic to materialize some fishnet stockings and some red lace panties. She used her magic to slip them on to show off what she was looking for.

It wasn’t long before she was spotted. The stallion wasn’t that bad but wasn’t that good either. He was pretty average looking compared to some of the other stallions she'd seen. He was average height and average build for an earth pony, with a light brown coat and a dark brown mane and tail.

“So how much for a night with a pretty thing like you?” he asked as he slowly walked over.

Crystal Green slowly but sensually walked up, meeting him halfway. She didn’t stop though, she walked around him flicking her black and emerald tail under his chin. “How much you got?”

“I’ve got thirty bits on me,” the stallion said looking hopeful and holding a sack of bits in his hooves.

“Sweety that will get you one orgasm right here in the alley,” Crystal said as she turned her back on him as she walked deeper into the alley. Cristal didn’t care really how much money he had as money was only to keep her cover, because who would want a free whore? It would be too suspicious. All she really wanted was the meal.

The stallion followed after her almost bouncing on his hooves.

When they made it to the back of the alley Crystal Green slowly crouched under the barrel of the stallion, coming face to face with the stallion’s semi erect dick. She slowly licked the underside of the stallion’s dick from base to tip taking extra time to lick around the head. She kept licking the shaft up and down until the cock was fully erect. Once she felt he was hard enough she slowly slipped the head into her mouth while moving her tongue around the tip. As she started to speed up a bit, bobbing her head up and down on his shaft, she could hear his soft grunts and moans. She could feel his shaft begin to pulse and quiver in her throat and with one final grunt from the stallion above she felt him cum. She could feel his hot cum pouring down her throat. As his orgasim took over Crystal Green could feel his love wash over her. It wasn't anything special but it was enough to sate her hunger for now.

This was how her weeks went. She would have breakfast with Twilight and Spike then mostly watch as they did there chores. Sometimes she would help out, but mostly she would just sit and watch as Twilight and Spike went around and did their chores for the day, with a small break for lunch. Then they would have dinner, get ready for bed and when Twilight and Spike were sound asleep Chrysalis would sneak out and under the disguise of Cristal Green to have her own meal. Until that one fateful day.

Chapter 4

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Twilight awakes in the middle of the night sweating and panting from a dream she had just had. “How can those thoughts even cross my mind? I mean it’s not like I have feelings for her. Is it?” Twilight had woken up from a very vivid dream of her and Chrysalis making out. Twilight moved to get out of bed so she could get some water and soak her head in the sink. She needed some way to wash away the memory of that dream. Unfortunately, when she moved to get out of bed, she realized that her sheets were wet. “OH, come on it wasn’t that hot. How could I get wet from just a makeout dream?” Twilight groaned in her head as she got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom. Twilight reached a hoof for the faucet, then turned her head toward her damp crotch. “I think I am going to need more than a head wash to get over this,” she thought so instead Twilight went for the shower handle slowly turning on the cold water to cool herself off. She got into the shower making sure she washed off all evidence of her late night accident.

When Twilight was nice and clean she dried herself off and climbed back into bed. She placed her head on the pillow and tried to fall back to sleep, but all she could think about was that stupid dream. The way Chrysalis looked at her with those bedroom eyes, the way their lips met, the way her snake like tongue slithered into her mouth. Twilight had to stop and scream into her pillow to stop her thoughts from going to far. She quickly realized her mistake as she looked up to make sure Spike was still asleep. Fortunately he was. Twilight knew if she was going to get some sleep she was going to have to do something about this. She got out of bed again and headed for the door down stairs. Thinking that it is impossible for her to have any sort of feelings for that bug, after all it had only been two months since she moved in. Twilight thought that if she could just see Chrysalis it would hit home that what she was feeling was imposible. After everything that Chrysalis did to her it was hard to accept the fact that she may have feelings for her.

Twilight crept to the door to the basement, slowly she opened the door and walked down the stairs. The blinds of the brilliant four poster bed had all been pulled closed. Twilight slowly gripped one in her magic and pulled it open. Twilight gasped, Chrysalis was not there. Twilight ran up the stairs, she looked in every room until she was sure she was nowhere in the tree. Twilight went back to Chrysalis’ room, enveloped the bed in her magic, and cast a tracing spell that would help her find its owner. A black and emerald sparkle trail floated off the bed and up the stairs. She followed it up the stairs and out the front door into the cooled night air.

The trail led through Ponyville then turned down a side alley. Twilight slowly crept toward the alley on the tips of her hooves. She poked her head around the corner and was greeted with a sight she for which she didn’t think she was ready. There, before her was Cristal Green, that tan unicorn Chrysalis always used as a disguise when she went out. She was bent over on her front hooves being mounted by a big gray stallion. She started to feel something she wasn’t expecting. She thought that all these weird and confusing emotions were strictly a sign of pent up sexual frustrations. The fact that Chrysalis was the only pony living with her, it would make sense for her to transfer those sexual frustrations on to the closest pony; however, seeing Chrysalis fucking somepony else seemed to stir feelings in Twilight that she was sure did not exist. These feelings of sorrow, rage and jealousy filled her chest, and tears streamed down her cheeks. She couldn't take it. She ran back home as fast as her hooves could take her.

Twilight burst through the door to her tree and slammed the door shut behind her slamming her back against it as she slumped down onto her rump. The purple alicorn sat and sobbed for a few minutes until her weariness caught up with her. Not wanting to fall asleep on the floor she slowly made her way to her room. She fell onto her bed and was almost immediately asleep not even bothering to get under the covers.

~~~~~The Next Morning~~~~~

Twilight awoke to a wet pillow that morning as the memories of last night came flooding back to her. She wanted it all to have been a dream but her rational mind knew that what she had seen and felt last night really did happen.

Twilight got out of bed and took a deep breath in as she tried to calm herself as she wanted to make sure she had her emotions in check when she met Chrysalis for breakfast. Twilight was not a fool after last night she knew that her feelings for the bug queen were real, but Twilight thought that it would be best to bury those feelings deep down. When she felt she significantly had her emotions under control she headed downstairs to the kitchen to start on making breakfast.

Twilight was busy making eggs and haybrowns when she heard the door to the the kitchen open behind her. She had to take a deep breath to center herself before she could turn around to face her insectes roommate.

“Morning Twilight,” Chrysalis spoke with a yawn as she took her seat at the table.

Twilight walked over and sat a plate of food in front of Chrysalis without saying anything. She went on to place plates for herself and Spike, who happened to walk in a few seconds later. Twilight sat down and started eating seemingly just ignoring Chrysalis completely.

They sat and ate in a very uncomfortable silence. When they were done Twilight took the plates in her magic and started to wash them in the sink.

It wasn’t long until Chrysalis couldn’t take the silence any more. “Twilight, what’s up? You seem to be avoiding me this morning. Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?”

Twilight didn’t turn around. She simply put down the dishes she was washing and spoke very calmly, “Spike can you leave the room please?” She spoke it as a question but her tone told him she was trying to be nice while telling him to get out. Once spike was out of the room Twilight turned to face Chrysalis and again spoke calmly; however, there was something behind her words, as if she was struggling to remain calm. “I saw you last night.” There was a pause were Chrysalis looked at Twilight with confusion. “In the ally.”

Chrysalis’ mouth fell open slightly as realization dawned on her. She stammered trying to come up with a way to explain herself, “Wh… Wait I can explain.”

“What’s there to explain? You were fucking some random pony in the middle of a random alley. In my town!” Twilight’s voice began to raise as her calm composure began to fade. “I thought I was here to help you get back on your hooves, not to house a place for you to whore yourself out!” Chrysalis was practically cowering in her seat as sparks began to shoot from the tip of Twilight’s horn. All of Twilight’s suppressed anger was coming to the surface at once.

Chrysalis spoke very quietly, “I was just trying to get something to eat. You know I can’t survive on pony food.”

Twilight looked confused, “I thought you fed on love? What I saw was not love. was just pure sexual gratification.”

Chrysalis burst out laughing she knew this probably wasn’t the best time, but she couldn’t help it. “You act like you know everything about everything, but you actually know very little about changelings, don’t you,” she said smugly.

Twilight looked down at her hooves; her cheeks flushing red as her anger was replaced with embarrassment at her lack of knowledge. “Well… we don’t have a lot of information on the changelings. Even after you're attack on Equestria our knowledge of your kind is still quite limited.”

“Well, would you like to learn more about us straight from the queen of the changelings herself?” Chrysalis spoke with more confidence now that it was apparent that Twilight wasn’t going to blast her.

Twilight’s ears perked up and she looked up at Chrysalis “You would really do that? You would really teach me about changelings?” A wide grin slowly spread across Twilight’s face as she was overcome with excitement at the prospect of learning something new. Twilight was never the most emotionally stable pony, but this morning her emotions were definitely being put through the ringer.

At Twilight’s eagerness to learn, a wicked idea crept into Chrysalis’ thoughts. This was her chance to really get close to Twilight and find an opening to get her revenge.

“Ya, sure I could teach you. When would you like to learn?” Chrysalis tried to play it cool, to act like it was no big deal, but she was finding it hard to contain herself as she waited for Twilight’s response.

Twilight on the other hand was practically jumping up and down at the prospect of learning something new. “Yes!” Twilight squealed. “Then we can have class all day, and… and I can learn all about the changelings.” Twilight was actually jumping up and down now. “Why don’t you go on up to my room and I will be up to join you when I am done with the dishes.”

As Twilight entered her room Chrysalis called out to her “So, Twilight what would you like to learn first?”

Twilight took a seat on her bed as she thought over what was nagging at her thoughts the most. “Hmm…”Twilight thought as she put a hoof to her chin. “Well, I guess what I would like to know the most is how you absorb love and why you would choose to be a whore?”

“Well…” Chrysalis started as her horn lit up and magicly produced a white board and some dry erase markers. “You see we changelings can absorb love by two different means,” Chrysalis exclaimed going into full-on teacher mode. “We can absorb love by both directly and indirectly. Direct love absorption is the one you already know about. That is when a changeling impersonates somepony that you love and feeds off of that love.” As Chrysalis spoke she drew a pony on the whiteboard followed by an arrow to another pony with an arrow and the word changeling pointing at that pony.

Chrysalis looked back at Twilight who was furiously scribbling down notes.

Once Chrysalis was sure Twilight was done with her note taking she continued, “Now the second type of love absorption is indirect.” Chrysalis erased the whiteboard, “Indirect love absorption is when a changeling participates in an activity that another pony loves, and instead of feeding off the love that pony has for them feeds off the love that that pony has for that particular activity.” As Chrysalis spoke she drew two ponies kicking a ball around drawing an arrow from one pony to the ball than an arrow from the ball to the second pony and an arrow and the word changeling to the second pony.

Twilight raised a hoof as if she was in class, this caused Chrysalis to laugh, “Twilight you don’t need to raise your hand.”

Twilight rubbed the back of her head with her hoof as she blushed sheepishly. “Well if you can absorb love through any kind of activity why choose sex.”

“For convenience of course. Being a whore allows me to charge somepony to feed me so I have a source of income. Plus it’s never hard to find a willing partner.”

“That leads me into my next question. You were having unprotected sex. How exactly do changelings reproduce? If you don’t mind me asking? Aren't you afraid of pregnancy or disease?”

Chrysalis looked amused at this question, “Well, no I am not afraid of pregnancy or disease. You see we changelings are not able to get pregnant and we have a very high immune system. Now as for how we reproduce,” Chrysalis knew this would most likely be one of the only times she would be able to get to Twilight. Chrysalis crept toward Twilight and climbed up onto her bed. Twilight fell onto her back as she slowly backed away from her. Chrysalis slowly ran a hoof up Twilight’s leg and gave Twilight her most seductive facial expression as she spoke her next words, “Would you like me to show you?”

“I...I...I…” Twilight didn’t know what to say. Twilight wasn’t stupid she knew that this was most likely just another ploy by Chrysalis to have her way with her just like the first day she brought her home; however, since that first day some things had changed. This time Twilight wanted it, she wanted to be close to her, to feel her chitin skin pressed up against her fur.

It took Twilight a minute to realize that Chrysalis was now almost nose to nose with her, and she looked deep into those bright green eyes and was overcome with a need. It wasn’t a completely sexual need, it was just a need to be closer to her, to be as close as she could get. It was in that moment she felt her head come forward just enough to bridge the gap, and Twilight’s violet lips pressed against Chrysalis’ dark black ones.

Chrysalis’ eyes shot wide as their lips connected, and she quickly fell onto her haunches and pushed Twilight away. Twilight couldn’t understand her own feelings and quickly ran for the door. Before Chrysalis could say anything Twilight was gone.

Chrysalis sat in the empty room in shock. Chrysalis was not in shock from the kiss alone though. It was in fact, that in that moment of connection, she tasted something that she had never tasted before. It was the most delicious flavor ever. It was pure love. A love for her. Not somepony she was impersonating, but for her, Chrysalis. It was something that she had never experienced before, and it scared her. Chrysalis came back to her senses and ran out of the room after Twilight. Chrysalis wanted to know how something like this could have happened.

Chrysalis stopped as she got to the top of the stairs. The front door was open leading her to assume that Twilight had run out side. Chrysalis engulfed herself in emerald flames becoming Cristal Green once again and continued rushing out the door in search of Twilight.