Beyond the Express

by ScarFox9700

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In the aftermath of the Imperial War, the crew of the Battleship Express continue to try and rebuild their lives, while a shadowy force works behind the scenes to take them down

At long last, the Imperial War is over. After nearly 2 months of brutal fighting, the Zebra and Caribou Empires have been destroyed. Now, the returning crew of the Battleship Express, as well as the Human soldiers of Battalion 4009 face a whole new set of challenges.

They must now learn to cope in a world without war. A world where they do not need to be on call 24/7 to defend the nation that they've grown to love. They must now learn to adjust to peacetime. However, this will be no easy challenge. PTSD runs rampant among them. It can become hard to tell the difference between a tin can, and an IED. To learn NOT to jump up with a gun at every little sound, and to learn to regain the lives that they lost so many years ago.

They will not be alone on their journey into this brave new world. Right beside them every step of the way will be their beloved marefriends, soon to be wives! Yep, they will also learn to overcome the challenges of married life, building homes, and getting jobs. Also, some, if not most of them, will embark on a journey that NOTHING could have EVER prepared them for; the "joys" of parenthood!

However, behind the scenes, all is not well. A shadowy force has begun to rise up in the Undiscovered West. This force was once the brutal enemies of the Humans, and the cause of WW6. Now back from the grave, this shadowy force, and their new allies, armed with brand-old technology, rises up and attempts to make a name for itself.

This story picks up mere seconds after "Battleship Express" left off. It also contains action, adventure, some comedy, awkward situations, more Big Boy locomotive fun, and more wild adventures!

On a more serious note though, just like it's predecessor, "Battleship Express", this story is rated "M" for language, and of course, scenes involving sex. However, just like last time, some words will be censored, and the sex-scenes will be placed in their own "EXPLICIT!!!!" chapter.

Prologue: Earthside After the War

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After the disappearance of the Battleship Express from Earth, as well as the disastrous fiasco that was the Battle of Vegas finally blew over, the full scope of the damage was truly unfathomable.

Almost all of Southern Nevada, as well as a lot of the surrounding desert, was just barely habitable. All of the missiles and bombs that were used in "Operation Fireball" had been detonated at a certain altitude to prevent serious fallout, however, the damage was still beyond belief.

An estimated 750,000+ American troops, marines, airmen, and other service personnel lost their lives, with a further 500,000+ wounded, and 100,000+ missing. The Futas were believed to have been lost with complete casualties, and Vegas itself was in rubble-heap ruins, as was nearby Henderson, Nevada. Almost nothing about them were even recognizable, and they, and the desert around them, were radioactive. A lot of the casualties from that day also came from Nellis AFB. The base had been targeted, and several nukes detonated close to it. A few had managed to get to fallout shelters in time, but many others were not so lucky, and they either perished in the blasts, or like the less fortunate, died slowly from the radiation.

Although it had been targeted, the Hoover Dam still stood. Most of the Marines and Night Stalkers inside had been killed or wounded, but the dam itself withstood the test of nuclear war once again. And surprisingly, the cities of Reno and Carson City, which had also been targeted, had managed to escaped almost wholly unscathed. The nukes fell around the desert outside, but the cities themselves, though partially buried in sand, survived almost completely intact.

After Vegas, the war was a foregone conclusion. Without their leaders, and many Futas fighting each other, in less than 2 months after the fighting resumed, they were driven out of their final stronghold on American soil. In less than 2 years, the Futas had been wiped from the face of the Earth. Their genetic filth had been completely cleansed, as had the technology that they had used to turn themselves from women into Futas.

The whole world breathed a sigh of relief when WW6 finally ended in 2032, and no challengers rose up to take the place of the Futa Empire. There was America, Great Britain, the European Union of Free Republics (which was the successor to the EU, and was composed of a lot of countries in Europe), Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and what little remained of Asia. Africa was still uninhabitable after WW4-5, and Canada was partially a northern wilderness, while Mexico was a barren desert, and Central and South America were largely unpopulated jungle regions. Total world population was not known to exceed 3 billion people, and now that the Futas were gone, it was estimated to be closer to 2.5 billion.

However, "Operation Undertail" finally went into effect, and it enabled women who wanted to have children to have multiple births every time they got pregnant. It was met with mixed reactions, but the effects were noticeable. There were more people, and in 5 years, Earth's population would hopefully be over 3 billion again.

For those in America, their nation was the best off. While none of the nation escaped WW6 unscathed, the regions from the East Coast to the Mississippi River fared the best. Civilization hadn't stopped, and life continued as normal. In just 4 years following WW6, most of the US had been rebuilt, and was beginning to thrive again. It was estimated that in less than 20 years (by 2056), the total world GDP would be close to pre-WW4 levels again.

With each passing year, the site around Vegas got less and less radioactive, and methods that had been developed to control radiation were put to use. Eventually, the area had been made safe enough, although it would remain largely uninhabited for a long time to come.

For years after the fact, the final fates of the Battleship Express, as well as its supply train, Iron Glory, remained the greatest unsolved mysteries of the entire war. How could 2 trains like that have just up and vanished? Many searches were performed, and the desert was scoured with all kinds of instruments, but no traces of either train was ever found. Eventually, 2 memorials for their crews were added alongside the Battle of Vegas Memorial, the Nellis AFB Memorial, and the Hoover Dam Memorial, and those who wanted to could make the trek out to see these sites.

Many theories were put forwards regarding what happened to the Battleship Express and Iron Glory, ranging from total disintegration, to even alien abduction. Eventually, the conclusion was reached that the trains were unable to get out of the blast radius in time, and when they were hit by the force of the atomic blasts, they were blown into pieces, and the debris were scattered all around the desert. Then, due to the massive dust and sand storms resulting from the nuclear blasts, their remains were buried in the desert. Somewhere out there, the trains were believed to lie, shattered remnants of their former selves. Their crews were all given up as lost, and the world began to move on. The history books said that they'd been lost in the aftermath of the Battle of Vegas, and most people left it at that.

However, there was another theory put forward. According to a couple of historians and scientists, they believed that the trains had been transported to another dimension. They believed that the trains had crossed over a set of lay-lines that had been activated by the nuclear blasts, and were instantaneously teleported. Most people laughed at this theory, but yet, they still wondered that if the train really had been destroyed, why had no wreckage ever been found? Some parts of the train were even designed to survive a direct nuclear hit, but yet nothing had ever been found. It made no sense.

"But we also never found any wreckage of the USS Cyclops, or Flight 19, not to mention Malaysia Flight 370, so maybe it's just like them; lost forever to time, with no traces except for what we haven't found yet."

It was definitely strange, and many books were written about it, and even a number of documentaries appeared on TV as well. Still though, nobody could come to a solid conclusion.

Heh, if only they knew the truth. If only those scientists and historians knew just how right their teleportation theory was. Sadly, none of them ever really would. Also, most people never would find out what had really happened to the Battleship Express, HOWEVER, one day, a select lucky few would find the answers that they so desperately sought, and it would happen in the most unexpected ways imaginable......

Chapter 1: New Allies, Beginning Anew

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For a while, the Caribou and the Futas walked through the wooded valley. With Demetria leading the way, and the others following her, they seemed to be making good time to wherever they were going.

"Um, Empress Demetria?"

"Yes King Danin?"

"If I may ask, what.....exactly ARE you people? I mean, you look like Humans, but you do not seem to be."

"We, are Hermaphrodites (Herms), and Futas. A Futa or a Herm has most of the physical characteristics of a Human female, except for one exception; they also have male genitalia, and Herms are capable of getting pregnant."

Danin was shocked. "WHAT!?!?! You have male genitals?! How is that even possible?! Were you born like that?!"

Demetria leaned closer to him. "What I'm about to tell you is considered blasphemy. The absolute hard-core truth is that while the older Herms like me were, the younger ones, and the Futas, were not born like this. They became this way in adulthood, thanks to a scientific process. It would take too long to explain exactly what that process is, but it's enough to say that it does indeed work.

However, this has been covered up. The "truth" that most Futas are taught is that their kind has been around since the Dawn of Time, and were made by the Goddess herself to enslave males and females. This is just simply not the case. We've been around for less than 75 years, and my mother, Boudica, was the first Empress of the Futa Empire. Some of us were born as Herms, and others were born female, and became Herms and Futas later on."

Danin looked on in shock. What he had just heard truly scared him. Females who could seemingly change their gender if they wanted to? That didn't fly in the Caribou Empire. To Demetria, he said, "And I'm sorry for your loss to the Humans. You were better than them."

Demetria looked at him. "Once again, this is blasphemy, but no, we were not. The Futa Empire was extremely unstable. I had absolute power, but there were others who sought to take my rule. They worked around me, and became a very powerful bureaucracy. THEY were the cause of WW6, and THEY refused to surrender, even when the writing was on the wall that the war needed to end. The war simply eradicated them from the picture. If all had gone according to plan, then my son, Leopard, would have found us, and we would have surrendered to him, and the rest of the Humans, but alas, it was not to be. We were brought here by mistake."

Danin then looked around him a bit. "And.......where exactly are we going, Empress Demetria?"

"We're going to our city, where we all currently live, and have spent the past 2 months or so building. There we shall decide what to do with all of you."

Danin didn't like the sound of where that was going. Neither did the rest of the Caribou for that matter. Some of them tried to start conversations with nearby Futas, and they were met with mixed results.

One of them tried to talk to a Futa with black hair, and black, cat-like ears. She was rather scarred up, and looked to be pretty messed up under her raincoat.

"So, um, what's your name?"

She glared at him with her one blue eye, and one green eye. "My name, is Rikker. General Stacy Rikker. Leader of all of the Futa military forces."

"And I'm Face." A voice next to Stacy piped up. "Sally Face. But you can just call me Face."

The caribou looked, and to his shock, next to Stacy, was a smaller creature with blue hair, and blue eyes. What was really creepy about the figure though was that he was wearing a white mask that covered his entire face.

"Just like Commander Fox-Face!" The soldier thought. Out loud, he asked, "So, what, ARE you?"

"Well, unlike all of the others, I'm actually a Human male. I worked as a spy and saboteur against the Americans, however, that's a long story for another time. It's enough for now to say that I was actually able to almost put the Human's worst war train out of the war for good! Isn't that right Mistress Stacy?"

Stacy looked down at him. "Yes, Sweetie, it is." She then began to pet him gently.

"Ugh, it's like he's her little pet or something! Disgusting!" The Caribou winced. Out loud though, he asked, "So, um Stacy did you say? How long have...."

"It's GENERAL STACY TO YOU, YOU FILTH!!!" She suddenly shrieked at him.

"Oh, well um, I'm sorry General Stacy, I'm...."

"SORRY DOESN'T CUT IT!!!!" She then reached down, and pulled out a knife!

"Whoa! No! Stacy, don't!!!!" Face tried to grab the knife away from her.

"STACY RIKKER!!!!" A voice yelled, "You put that knife down right this instant!"

Stacy turned to see Demetria glaring down at her.

"Give me your knife!"

"But Mom...."


Stacy quickly handed it over.

"Thank you. Now then, someone getting your name wrong is NOT a death sentence! I adopted you, just like I adopted your big sister Carla. I can revoke that adoption at any time. Got it?"

Stacy rolled her eyes. "Yeah Mom, I got it."

"Good." Demetria started to walk away.

"Yeah, you've always liked my f@#king big sister better than me", Stacy muttered, "ESPECIALLY now that she's got that little bastard-brat to take care of!"

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY STACY?!?!" Demetria was on her in an instant.

"I said that you've always liked Carla better than me!"

"She's not a sick psychopath like what YOU turned into! She's actually pleasant to be around!"

"Yeah, and she's a F@#KING SLUT!!!! That bastard who's name I REFUSE to say got her pregnant, and now she's got a little BASTARD-BRAT to take care of!"

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT MY SON?!?!" A nearby Herm yelled.

"Shut it Carla, I've got this!" Demetria then turned back to Stacy. "When we get back to New Vegas, you're grounded! Do you hear me?! GROUNDED!!!! You're going to the Brig, and you're NOT coming out until you've had some time to think about this!"

Stacy was then taken under guard so that she couldn't get out of her punishment.

The group then continued moving towards the Futas's city.

After this little bout with Stacy ended, the others in Danin's party were much more scared to talk to the Futas. However, not all of them were nasty like Stacy was.

Dothan was talking to a one with red hair that was in a pony-tail, red cat-like ears, and green eyes. She was also carrying something in a bundle under her raincoat.

"So, I take it that you must be Carla?"

She nodded. "Yeah, General Carla Boudica. But you can just call me Carla, or General, whichever you pick."

"Oh, well, I'm Commander Dothan."

"Nice to meet you Dothan."

The bundle then moved, and some soft crying was heard. Carla then cradled the bundle. "Shh, it's ok Leo, Mommy's here."

"Is that.....a child?"

She nodded. "Want to see?"

Dothan shrugged. "Eh, I guess so." He walked a little bit closer to Carla, and after she'd unzipped her raincoat a bit, to Dothan's surprise, he saw a small child with reddish-brown hair suckling gently from one of Carla's breasts. The child was held inside a sling so that Carla could have both hands free.

"Wow, um, is it a boy, or a girl?"

Carla smiled. "It's a boy. His name is Leo. I named him after his father. Leopard was the cutest, nicest guy I ever knew. Even though we were 'enemies' during WW6, I still loved him. He loved me too, and for the longest time, we tried to have a child together. 2 miscarriages later, I snapped. After having angry-sex one last time, I cut Leopard off. However, a few weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant! Unfortunately though, before I could tell anyone really, during the Battle of Austin, Texas, I was believed to have been killed. In reality though, I was in a coma.

For the rest of WW6, I was in and out of a coma. I knew that I was pregnant, as did others, but what no one knew was if my child was going to survive. Eventually, I woke up, and I gave birth to beautiful Leo here. He was smaller and skinnier than he should have been, but he was alive, and he was my son. However, for nearly a year and a half after that, I was back in a coma. Next thing I know though, I'm sitting upright in a bed, with my mom Demetria holding my son. Mom told me that we were safe, and that she hoped that I would stay awake this time. I still don't know where we are, although nobody else does either."

Dothan shrugged. "Well, I can tell you that we are on the planet Equus, and we're currently in a region known as the Undiscovered West. We're also about as far away from the nation of Equestria as we can possibly get." He then thought of something else. "Wait. I thought that Futas only had male genitalia. How do you have a son?"

Carla sighed. "Well, the truth is, there's actually 2 types of Futas, 'True' Futas, who have just male genitalia, and Hermaphrodites, who actually have both male and female genitalia. I'm a Hermaphrodite, as I have both. This is how I was able to get pregnant. Both types of Futa are needed in order to keep our kind going. However, I just gave birth to a male. The chances of that happening are astronomical; it's almost NEVER happened!"

Dothan shook his head. "Strange. Too strange. It's like Equestrian Magic. Oh how I DESPISE the Equestrians!"

Carla looked at him curiously. "Wait, you don't like the Equestrians?"

Dothan shook his head. "No, we HATE them! They, with the aide of the Humans, AND their war-train, KILLED US ALL! They DESTROYED our Empire! I DESPISE THEM!!!"

Carla could see that she had struck a nerve, so she tried to change to subject. Dothan however seemed perfectly content to keep raving on about the Humans, their war-train, and their officers. Carla learned all about the Black Leviathan, The Kid, Scary Old Guy, Commander Fox-Face, and the Undead Harbingers.

"Wow", She thought as she continued to listen to Dothan, "These Humans must have been pretty bad! But yet, that's the Wabash Cannonball for you. Commander Tim Curry and his soldiers were the WORST! Even worse than Major Don, Leopard, and the Battleship Express! At least in my opinion."

She continued to listen for a while longer.

Eventually, they reached their destination.

"Here we are!" Demetria pointed down at it from the top of the hill that they were on, "My dear King Danin, welcome to New Vegas!"

Danin looked, and he was shocked. Down below them was a city that looked to have been built up from a ruin. There were a number of buildings, including what appeared to be power plants, workshops, warehouses, apartment buildings, a military barracks, shops and stores, and a large pyramid-shaped building in the center.

"Wow, this is really quite the city here Empress. You were really able to build all of this in just 2 months?"

Demetria nodded, but then she shook her head. "Well, yes and no. Some of this was already here, and even though it looks good now, we're still building it, and we have a long ways to go. We're only about 45% done right now."

"And just HOW were you able to build this city?"

"Well, we had supplies on our train, as well as tools, and the land's been furnishing what we need. We've discovered coal, oil, and iron here, and we've dammed up a nearby river to provide water, irrigation, and even hydroelectric power. We're very sophisticated here."

"And what's that pyramid-shaped building in the center?"

Demetria smiled. "That my dear King Danin, is the Palace Luxor. It's my palace where I live. I had it built just like the original Luxor back in Las Vegas, back on Earth. It's very beautiful inside, just the way I remember it."

"So, you've built a new city to replace this 'Las Vegas' that you speak of?"

"Yes, and it was quite the accomplishment. New Vegas is our crowning achievement. We do have a few other towns and villages close by, but they're all still under construction as well. With just 2,000 Futas, all that I was able to bring with me, and in just 2 months, we were able to build all of this."

"And how exactly did you all even get here? I meant to ask you that earlier, but I forgot to. You said that you got here on a train? Which train was that?"

"I'll show you." Demetria then led the way into the city. As the Caribou walked, all around them were Futas hard at work building their empress's city. They would stop and stare at the Caribou, but they made no moves to really do anything.

Eventually, they reached their destination. Demetria led the way to a long, warehouse-like building behind the Luxor. After some of her soldiers opened it up, Demetria stepped inside.

"Come on inside King Danin, and the rest of you. Enter, and be amazed! I now present to you, my personal train, now the largest steam engine in the world!"

The Caribous's jaws hit the floor. There, on a track in the middle of the room, was what they believed to be their worst nightmare!

"THE BLACK LEVIATHAN!!!!!" They screamed. "IT'S BACK!!!!"

Demetria looked at them, and then back at the mountain of black and gray metal that was her personal train. the numbers "3985" were visible on the sides of the engine's cab as well as "Union Pacific" on it's tender.

"Um, what's the 'Black Leviathan'?" She asked Danin.

Danin looked at her. "The Black Leviathan was the Human's war train. I don't know what it was really called, but we called it the Black Leviathan. However, I see now that this is not it. The Black Leviathan had different numbers on it, and it had military hardware as well. This one also has a different wheel configuration."

"Huh, interesting. Well, anyway, this is my personal engine, and train. 'Courtesy' of the Union Pacific Railroad, I give you the Challenger! Now the Largest steam engine around here, and the second largest back on Earth, second only to it's larger cousin, the Big Boy. 3985 here has been my personal engine for the entire time I've been Empress."

"Where, did it come from?" Danin asked.

"That's the interesting thing, it actually came from the scrap yards! It was about to be melted down for steel, but I was looking for a new engine, so I saved it from scrap. After a few modifications, such as making it burn coal again instead of oil due to fuel shortages, I had it put back into service. It's been a really great engine, and it was this engine, and the cars that it pulled, that allowed us to escape."

"And how, exactly did that work?" Danin asked.

Demetria sighed, and let her mind shift back to that day; June 8th, 2029.

Just after 6am, the Battle of Las Vegas began. Demetria herself had been unable to sleep the night before, and now that the battle was raging, she knew that she and the rest had to evacuate. They had all prepared for this, but now that the time had come, she was scared.

Demetria then grabbed the intercom controls. "Attention all personnel still inside of the Palace, attention all personnel still inside of the Palace, this is Empress Demetria speaking. The Battle for Las Vegas has begun, and we all need to leave here, now! All of you, please head to the Central Atrium, and I will meet you there!"

Demetria then hurried to get to the Central Atrium. When she arrived there, she found her servants, advisers, and a number of soldiers and guards.

"Where do we go?!" One of the advisers asked.

"To the basement! We have to get to the Challenger! It'll take us far away from here!" Demetria was leading the way to the basement of the Luxor, where a there existed a secret underground train station. This station, and the tracks that it connected with, were to be used in the event of an emergency evacuation. A train would be waiting for them, and after travelling underground, outside the city the tracks emerged in a hillside, and eventually connected to a main line.

A few days prior, Demetria had given the orders for her personal train, the Challenger, to be made ready to leave at a moment's notice. Hooked to it were a number of cars, ranging from passenger cars, freight cars, a dining car, generator cars, and even weapons cars, 20 in total. The whole train was armed, and had been made to defend the Empress who owned it. However, while the train normally had 20 cars, because of the evacuations, and the need to house more futas, as well as carry essential items, the train gained an additional 15 cars, for a total of 35 for this trip.

Demetria grabbed her radio. "Ginny? Ginny! Are you there?!?"

"I'm here, My Empress. What is it?"

"Is the Challenger ready?"

"Affirmative, My Empress, it is! She's all ready for you! Just come on down, and I'll get you out of here!"

"Roger that, I'm on my way now. Just have it ready, and load up any remaining Futas that you can find! I don't care who they are, but they're coming with us! NOBODY will be left behind!"

Ginny nodded. "It shall be done, My Empress."

Demetria then looked to some of her servants. "Grab whatever you can, in addition to the Essential Items from the palace's archives. Where we're going in California, we're going to need whatever we can get. Grab tools, building materials, carpets, rugs, furniture, anything that we've not already loaded up, and be quick about it!"

"Yes Empress!"

Demetria then looked behind her. She saw Stacy, Face, and Stacy's secretary Rey, but someone was missing. "Wait, where's Carla?! We have to bring her with us!"

Stacy groaned. "Ugh, Mom, she's in a coma. She's gonna die anyway, just let her go!"

Demetria gave her a look to kill. "I WILL NOT be leaving her behind! She's my DAUGHTER!!!! Adopted maybe, but she's YOUR sister!"

"Yeah, but she's in a coma. She's gonna die."

Demetria ignored her. "Go get Carla!" She told her servants who had been caring for Carla while she was in her coma. "Put her on a gurney, and bring all of her health monitors, iv bags, oxygen tanks, everything! And let's step on it; we have to go, NOW!!!"

"Yes Empress!"

Several of them scurried upstairs. When they reached Carla's sort of hospital room, as gently as they could, they picked her up, and placed her on a gurney. Then they also grabbed the bases of her health monitors, iv bags, oxygen tanks, and other equipment, and brought them along as well. Then, after covering Carla with blankets, they began to move her downstairs.
The first servant to return to Demetria also handed Carla's infant son to her.

"Shh, it's ok Leo. Grandma Demetria's here to take good care of you."

Carla was then carried down to the train. Demetria held her daughter's hand. "Just hang in there for a little bit longer Carla, you're going to be fine. Soon this war will be over, and Leopard will be back for you. He doesn't know that he has a son yet, but I know that he'll be overjoyed when he does!"

As the last of her servants ran down to the train, the Palace continued to take a number of jarring hits.

One of the guards then turned to her Empress. "My Empress!!! Come on, we've got to get you out of here! The city is lost!"

"Tell me something I don't know!" Demetria yelled as she ran along after her servants, with others behind her.

As they ran, the whole building shook from nearby explosions. Windows shattered, chandeliers, railings, picture frames, dishes, columns, support structures, and other things began to fall down, and the building became more and more unsafe every minute.

"Come on! We have to make it to the train!"

They kept running, but they never made it. Just before they could, a combined hit from the 2nd set of railguns, and the 2nd 16in. guns of the Battleship Express slammed into the Luxor, causing a large section of it to collapse!

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Everyone screamed, as debris fell on top of them.

By the time that the rubble was pulled off of them, 5 advisers, 9 servants, and 3 guards were dead, and a further 9 were wounded. Demetria herself was shockingly unhurt, although completely out cold. As quick as a flash, she and the others, including the wounded, were gently scooped up, and taken down to the basement where the train was waiting.

Once Demetria and the others were all on the train, the leader of the guards ran up to the cab. "Ginny, we've got the Empress, and everyone else! GET US OUT OF HERE, NOW!!!!!"

Ginny nodded. "Right away Minerva!" Ginny then blew the train's whistle, and with a great heave, and a chugging, the Challenger began to move forwards. It rapidly picked up speed as it continued to move through the tunnel that it was in.

Demetria did regain consciousness, although her first thoughts were for Carla, and her infant son Leo. Also, once the train was on it's way, someone went to tell General Stacy what had happened. All of a sudden though, Demetria heard Stacy yell something from the car ahead of where she was, and then, just as the train exited the tunnel in the hills, there was the sound of a massive explosion.


"It, felt like an nuclear detonation Empress!"


However, before Demetria could really say anything else, from all around the train, there came the loudest explosion that any of them had ever heard. This explosion then turned into extremely violent shaking, which in turn led to the train seemingly derailing!


Suddenly though, a black mass surrounded the train, and then it was gone.

When Demetria came around again, the the car was only lit by its internal lights. She jumped up from where she'd been lying, fully expecting to find a massive train wreck. To her absolute shock however, there was no train wreck to be seen. In fact, nothing looked out of place at all! The train was still moving along, but it was still on the tracks! Also, although her watch said that it was past 9am, it was still dark outside!

" the world?!" She looked out of the window closest to her. "Where are we? We should be in the deserts of Nevada, but those look like trees! How are we in the middle of a forest?!"

Eventually, Ginny managed to stop the locomotive, and then most of the train's occupants exited the train to examine their new surroundings. They seemed to be in the middle of a forest at Dawn.

"Ok, none of this makes any sense! Where the hell are we, and what happened?!"

"I'll tell you what happened, the Americans nuked us all straight to Hell!" Stacy yelled. "They dropped all of the nuclear weapons that they had on us, and now we've been blown into another dimension!" (Stacy of course was lying through her ass. SHE'D been behind all of the nukes when she initiated "Operation Fireball", but nobody else but Rey knew this).

Demetria shook her head. "That's IMPOSSIBLE!!! The Americans wouldn't do that! They were too afraid to use nuclear weapons!"

For the longest time after this, all of them were arguing about who's fault the nuking was. Stacy and a number of others blamed the Americans, while Demetria and a few others said that they were wrong. Eventually, they knew that they were going to have to adapt to their new surroundings, as they were indeed most likely in another dimension. How that was even possible none of them knew, but according to a few scouts, the area around them seemed to be uninhabited, although there were a number of ruins about as well.

"Ok, well, that's a start. Now then, let's see about building some shelters."

Over the span of the next two months, Demetria oversaw the creation of blueprints that detailed the cities, towns, and villages that were going to be built. From the blueprints, first construction began on the city of New Vegas, then 2 other towns, and 4 villages were being built as well. Their new civilization thrived, and it seemed to be well on it's way to greatness.

When Demetria finished her story, Danin and the other Caribou stared at her in shock. They had never heard a story like that, but if the Humans could have come from Earth by mistake, then maybe the Futas could have as well.

"Wow, um, that's....a pretty amazing story Empress Demetria. You're all very lucky to still be here! However, that also leaves me with one final question. Why do all of you look like cats? Were you always like that?"

Demetria nodded. "Yes, the Goddess has certainly been merciful to us. She spared us all, Carla recovered, and has been out of a coma ever since we arrived here. Mostly, she's been caring for her son, but when you've been in a coma since you were pregnant, and now your son is almost 2 years old, that's a lot of time to be made up!" She then frowned. "However, the Goddess wasn't fully feeling merciful. No, we were not always cat-like. This happened while we were being transported here. How and why, nobody knows, but we've adjusted to it."

Before Danin could reply though, Demetria continued. "Also, I take it that you and your Caribou would also like to ally with us, is that the case?"

Danin nodded. "Yes, Empress Demetria. If it wouldn't be too much of a bother, then yes, we would like to ally with you, as I don't see too much of a way that we could survive on our own. I wish for a treaty to be brokered between us, so that one day, we can attack Equestria, and expand our empire!"

Demetria looked at him with disdain. "Ok, first of all, this is MY empire, not yours! Secondly, we're YEARS away from doing ANYTHING besides building! There's only 2,000 of us in total, and we're all working as hard as we can to rebuild our empire, which could take the next 10 years to complete. ONLY after this is complete would I even CONSIDER expanding outwards! However, if you and your people would be willing to lend us some helping hands, we could be able to get our work done maybe a little bit faster."

"And then, once all of the work was complete, we would attempt to conquer Equestria?"

Demetria shook her head. "No. Then, I would reach out to them, and request to speak to the Humans. I do not wish to harm them anymore, but I want to end hostilities with them. Futas and Americans need not be adversaries. My life-long goal was for males, females, and Futas to be able to live side-by-side with each other while on equal footing. Maybe now I will finally see that dream become a reality."

Danin grumbled. He could see that it was pointless to argue with Demetria, but yet he didn't want to spend the next 10 years building an empire with the Futas. He decided to talk it over with Dothan.

"So what do you think Dothan?"

He shrugged. "Well, I'd say that we broker an alliance with them. They obviously seem to know what they're doing, and maybe, after the empire's construction is complete, then maybe, just maybe, we could get them to warm up to the idea of war with Equestria and the Humans. I know that it'll be a long-shot, but it's our best option right now."

"But spending the next 10 YEARS building a new empire?"

Dothan shrugged. "Hey, the Caribou Empire wasn't built in a day either! These things take time, My King."

Danin looked down at the ground. He knew that what he wanted seemed out of reach at the moment, but maybe an alliance with the Futas could bring it closer. He then went back to Demetria.

"Ok, Empress Demetria, after talking it over, myself and my people have agreed to join your empire. Together, I know that we will be strong and prosperous, and we will build an empire to be proud of!"

Demetria sighed. "If you're looking to impress me King Danin, you're failing; failing miserably. However, my people and I will welcome you to our empire, where you will live under our direction. Most of you will be helping to build New Vegas, although others will be transferred over to the mining town of Comstock, as well as the industrial town of New Cleveland. Once those cities are completed, maybe in the next 4-5 years or so, then we move on to the rest. My empire MUST be self-sustaining, and one day, it will be."

"So, we have an alliance then? If so, PLEASE do not make it an 'Imperial Alliance'! The last time we were in one of those, (during the Imperial War which we just lost!), our partners, the Zebras from the Zebra Empire, ruled by Overlord Zakia, decided to do their own thing, and broke away from the Alliance. We were left behind, as were a number of Griffons, Minotaurs, and even Dragons."

"Wait. Zebras, Griffons, Minotaurs, and DRAGONS!?!?! What kind of a world is this?!"

Danin smirked. "One that's full of beasts of legend, I can tell you that!"

"And I can tell you that our alliance will be a 'Kingdom Alliance'. You will be in charge of your people, while I'm in charge of mine. You will help us, and if you do, you will share in the profits, and other benefits that we manage to reap. You and your people will be well taken care of, and together, the Futa-Caribou Alliance, under the New Futa Empire, will become a powerful force! We will establish a name for ourselves here on this 'Equus', and one day, all of our dreams will come true!"

Demetria, Danin, Dothan, Minerva, Ginny, and others then began to sit down, and write out documents for their new alliance, while other Caribou, and their allies of Griffons, Minotaurs, and Dragons, were taken to various construction sites, and put to work.

The Futa-Caribou Alliance was off to a great start, and the New Futa Empire, was really coming together. Only time would tell what it's future would look like, but at that moment, it seemed to be working out just fine.

Chapter 2: New Adjustments, Long Nights (Part 1)

View Online

Back in Ponyville, completely unaware of what lay far to the West, all of us of the Battleship Express, Battalion 4009, and the rest of the Ponies, were still milling about. Some Ponies had left, but others still remained.

Don was talking to the Princesses. "Now then, the question is, where can we move our train? It obviously can't stay here, as it's blocking rail traffic, however, wherever we move it to must also be long enough to hold the train."

Celestia thought about that. "Yes, I do believe that you are right Major. I think that for the time being, you can move your train to the Old Railyard, on the outskirts of Ponyville. That old train yard isn't not really used anymore now that a new railyard was built a few years ago, and the tracks would be long enough to hold your train."

"Wow. Yes, I think that that could work."

Celestia then asked Don another question. "Also Major, your train is so popular around here, and so many Ponies seem to want to see it. I have begun considering designs for a museum to maybe one day be built here in Ponyville dedicated to the Imperial War. Would you possibly be interested in maybe opening your train to the public for tours? I know that it would be the highlight of the museum."

Don was shocked. He'd never really thought about the Battleship Express being put on display. Eventually though, he sighed. "Well, if that were to happen Princess, there are a number of criteria that would have to be met."

"Like what, for example?"

"Like how the train cannot be on static display, and must be ready to be put back into service should the need arise. It must also be maintained in pristine, fully-operational condition, ready to go at a moment's notice. Also, all weapons will have to be made dormant, and all ammunition removed from the train, and stored in a VERY safe place. Also, more repair work, and a number of other things would have to be done in order to make the train safe for the public. The way I see it, the train would need it's own wing of the museum, and it would have to be in a long sort of garage, with doors on both ends so that it can roll in and roll out as needed.

I know that my crew and I would be more than happy to maintain our train in that museum, and I know that it would be the highlight of the museum tour. However, making it safe for active display will take some time, and even while being displayed, the train will be in 'active reserve', and must be ready to move out again."

Celestia thought about that. "Hmm, well, you are all military people, and know what you're doing, and I was thinking about creating a Foreign Legion for Equestria, as there were a number of Griffons, Diamond Dogs, Minotaurs, and other non-native Equestrians who have petitioned to serve in the military before, but were turned down because they were not native-born. I would be willing to offer all of Battalion 4009 full Equestrian Citizenship, provided of course that you pass the proper tests, and become the backbone of the Foreign Legion."

Don didn't know what to say. Princess Celestia was offering all of Battalion 4009 free Equestrian Citizenship, provided of course that they passed the tests, as well as become the backbone of the new Foreign Legion.

", I don't even know what to say right now Princess. This just.....seems to good to be true."

Celestia nodded. "Yes, I know that it can be a lot to take in, although you don't have to worry about anything right away. I'll still need time to talk this over with my sister Luna, as well as work with a few other officials to create the Foreign Legion, but by Saturday, which is the night of the ball, everything should be ready to go."

"Well, I'll have to talk this over with the rest of the crew, but I don't think that they'll have too many objections. However, I do know that some of them were looking to maybe get away from the military, and start a new civilian life."

"That can be fixed as well. There can be active military, and active reserves. The active reserves would only be called for in a time of emergency, very much like your train."

Don shrugged. "Again, I don't know what to say Princess, aside from thank you."

"Don't thank me Major. If anything, I should be thanking you, and the rest of Battalion 4009. If you Humans wouldn't have intervened when you did, the war would most likely have turned extremely nasty very fast. We may not have survived."

"It's just our job Princess. We're soldiers, so serving is just what we do."

"And I and my Ponies thank you for it very much."

Don then sighed, and looked back over the train platform. All across it, Ponies and train crew were mixing and mingling. It was a perfect world, but yet, Don just didn't feel right inside. Something

"What could be wrong?" He wondered. After thinking it over, he finally had an answer; the urgency of war was missing. There was no need to rush to the next battle. The war was over, but yet, it wasn't.

"I......need to go sit down for a second." Don then walked over to a bench, and sat down, before burying his face into his hands. He also seemed to be sobbing gently.

"What's.....wrong with the Major?" Cadence asked.

Celestia sighed sadly. "Although the Imperial War may be over Cadence, I fear that for them, the real war may be only just beginning."

Cadence knew all too well what her aunt was referring to. She'd seen it all too many times herself when she visited the wounded soldiers in the hospital. PTSD, or as it was more commonly known, Shell Shock, was a condition that seemed to effect most, if not all of those who had seen combat, and we were seemingly no different. Our battles would be internal, but they would be just as serious as the physical ones. To move on, we would have to learn to cope in a world where war had an end.

Twilight went over to see if she could comfort Don.

"Shh, it's ok Don, I'm here for you." She hugged him gently. "The war's over. Nothing is going to happen."

"Easy for you to say", Don muttered. "You only had to see the Imperial War. Some of the rest of us saw the Forgotten War, WW3-6, the Second Cold War, and now the Imperial War. The wars were almost non-stop, and with only a few years between them. It was hell Twilight, HELL!!!!"

With Twilight's help, Don was eventually able to get a grip on himself. He hugged her back. "Thanks Twilight. I don't know what I would do without you. I'm slightly OCD, so without you, I would most likely just snap, and not bounce back."

Twilight nodded. "I know, and that's why I love you Don. You're just like me. I'm slightly OCD as well, and you need me in your life to help you cope, so that's what I'm here for, to help you."

"And you're doing such a marvelous job of it as well Twi." They then hugged for a little bit longer.

Once Don was feeling better, Celestia asked him something. "Um, M-Major?"

"Yes Princess?"

"I was wondering, what would it take.....for myself, my sister Luna, and my niece Cadence, to maybe go for a ride on your train? I've been extremely curious as to see what that would be like, as I've always wanted to see just what kind of raw power lay behind one of these Big Boy locomotives."

Don looked at her curiously. "I don't know Princess, that's more of a question for Leopard, and/or Jim. Most likely though, they would say yes, and I don't see a problem with it. HOWEVER, I would STRONGLY recommend that all of you wear coveralls, or something along those lines, as being on the train, especially in the cab of the engine while it's in operation, can be extremely dirty."

"Yes, I do believe that you are right Major. Do you have any that the three of us could borrow?"

"Yes, I think that we do. Now then, what to do about a crew for this excursion run....." Don then looked over towards the cab of the Big Boy. Seeing it to be empty, he scanned the platform, trying to see if he could see any engine crew. He spotted Alex sitting with Applejack, sharing what looked to be a pie with her, Todd talking to Fluttershy and Rarity, although he didn't see where I was.

"Hey Alex?"

"Oh, yes Major?"

"Where'd Leopard go?"

Alex jerked a finger towards the back of the station. "He's back there."

"Huh? What's he doing back there?"

Alex smirked. "He's f@#king Rainbow Dash."

Don put a hand over his face. "Alex, just stop!" Don then grabbed his radio. "Leopard, Where are you?"

After a few moments, a reply came. "I'm....mmm....right here Don!"

"What, are you doing right now? And if you're having sex, I'll snap your neck!"

"NO! No, Dash and I were just sharing a tender moment! Just some kissing, nothing more!"

Don then saw me step out from the back of the Station. Dash was holding my hand, and behind us Don also saw Captain Spitfire.

"And, where are you right now?" Don then waved to me. "Oh, there you are." I walked over to see what he wanted. Don also called over Alex and Todd.

When he saw us, he looked us over. "Ok you three, I have a very important job for you. The 3 Princesses want to see the Big Boy in action, and I do NOT want to disappoint them!"

"What did you have in mind Don?" I asked.

"Well, I want you to first uncouple the train after the second crew bunk car, or 6 cars in. That's all we're going to need for this run. Leopard, you're driving, Alex, you're fireman, and Todd, you're the brakeman."

We all nodded. "Yes Sir."

"Where are we going though Sir?" Todd asked.

Don shrugged. "Wherever the Princesses decide to go. It's all up to them."

We all nodded, and got the Big Boy ready to go again.

While Todd uncoupled the train 6 cars in, Alex and I, joined by Dash and Applejack, began to get the train ready to go again. This required very little doing, as the train was almost ready to go again already.

"Ok Don, we're all ready to go."

"Ok, roger that. Stand by, the Princesses are coming up there!"

Once they'd dressed in coveralls that Jim had loaned them, the 3 Princesses began to walk up to the engine's cab.

"I still cannot get over how BIG this train is Auntie Celestia! The engine alone is a leviathan!"

Celestia nodded. "Yes, I know. It had to be, as it wouldn't be able to haul heavy freight otherwise."

All 3 of them then reached the cab. (By this point, Dash and AJ went back to sit with Don, Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity for the excursion trip).

"Um, how do we even get up there?"

I looked out of the right-side window. "Just climb up the ladder on the front of the tender. Or, if you don't want to do that, then you can just fly up."

"Ok, hold on, here we come."

The Princesses then climbed up the ladder, and once they were up in the cab, all 3 of them gasped in shock. The inside of the cab was just as massive as the rest of the engine!

"Whoa! Even the inside of this engine is huge! I mean just look at its backhead!" Luna pointed to it.

"Quite correct Dear Sister, it is indeed a mountain of pipes, levers, valves, gauges, and other controls! How do you even know how to work all of this?!"

I smiled. "Well, like I've said before, it's all thanks to Jim. He taught all of us engine crew how to drive the Big Boy. Now then, if all of you will please take your seats behind us, we can get underway."

"Certainly Captain Leopard!" Celestia then sat behind Alex, Luna sat behind me, and Cadence sat in the spare seat next to Todd.

"Ok, I'll just radio Don." I grabbed my radio. "Hey Don, are you guys ready back there?"

"Affirmative Leopard, we're all ready!"

"Ok, good. Standby, here we go."

I then put down my radio, and first, I released the engine's brakes. Then, after releasing the brakes on the rest of the train, I blew the whistle, and with some chugging, and a massive cloud of smoke and steam, Big Boy 4009 began to move forwards once again.

Once we were rolling away from Ponyville, Luna turned to me. "Um, Captain Leopard?"

"Yes Princess?"

"Why does your train's whistle sound like that? I mean, it sounds like a Banshee's shriek!"

I chuckled a bit. "That's one of the most common questions of all time. The truth is, the whistle assembly was damaged a a series of stray bullets during our final training mission in December of 2026. We never repaired it because it sounded so terrifying. Long term, we have thought about building a proper Big Boy whistle so that she'll have her 'War Whistle', as well as a normal one, but we've never had the time to work on it. At least, not until now."

"And how fast can this engine go?"

I shrugged. "Theoretically, according to the designers, Big Boys could go 80mph, however this has never been tested."

"Well, what's the fastest that you've ever gone then?"

"Eh, well, for brief periods, we've managed to hit 70, but we've never really tried to make her go faster than that. We had much bigger fish to fry!"

Celestia looked at me. "Plus, around here, there's too much rail traffic for the most part. We'd have to set aside time for a speed trial."

I blew the whistle 3 times as we passed a crossing. "Yeah, so for now, I'll just keep her moving at a cool 35mph."

"One more question that I've had for a while. back when you were first showing us your train, you said that this engine should have been called '4025', instead of '4009'. What exactly did you mean by that?"

I sighed. "Well, basically, in the mid 1940's, after locomotive 4024 was finished and put into service, ALCO, the American Locomotive Company, began work on one final Big Boy locomotive. The engine was given the same design as the first of the 2 classes of 10 Big Boys, although it was never completed, nor was it ever officially given a number. Eventually, the roughly 50% complete engine was moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and left to rust. Eventually, in year 2018, the engine's remains were discovered, and following the success of 4014's restoration, it was decided to complete the engine's construction. Just after the engine was completed though, the series of World Wars began. It was STILL never given a number, but it was eventually decided by those who crewed her to give her the numbers '40', because she was a part of the 4000 Series of locomotives, and '09', because she was the 9th engine fully restored by Union Pacific once they'd started restoring engines again. So she was called '4009', instead of '4025.' Does that make sense?"

"Yeah. It sounds like a project that was cancelled, then later completed, before being pressed into military service. And she's the only operating Big Boy left?"

"Eh, well, 4014 was moved to safety in Pennsylvania, although it's still in a special underground bunker if I recall correctly. I don't know if it can still run anymore or not. I'm also not sure on the operational status of the other 7 surviving Big Boys. I know that 4004, 4005, 4006, 4017, 4018, and 4023 all still around though, even if they don't run anymore."

"Wait. That's only 6 Big Boys. You said that there were 7."

I sighed. "Big Boy 4012; an unsolved mystery. In a nutshell, Big Boy 4012 was housed at Steamtown USA, a railroad museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but she disappeared sometime during WW4. Her fate is still unknown, and her current whereabouts, whether still existing or scrapped, are a VERY hotly debated mystery."

Celestia nodded, and then the excursion run continued.

Once we'd made the loop around Ponyville and were on our way back, Luna nudged my shoulder a bit.


"Well, I was wondering. I've gotten to see you drive, but can I drive?"

I half-turned to look at her. "Eh, I don't know if we're allowed to do that. Alex and I let our marefriends drive for a bit, and Don yelled at us for it. But I guess that I could ask him." I grabbed my radio. "Hey Don, are you there?"

"Yeah Leopard, what is it?"

"The Princesses are asking for a turn with driving the Big Boy. What should I tell them?"

Don was silent for a bit. Finally though, he said, "Well, if you're responsible, then I don't really see a problem with it."

"Ok, roger that."

I then turned back to the Princesses. "Ok, so who wants to drive, who wants to be the fireman, and who wants to be the brakeman?"

After talking it over for a bit, Luna wanted to drive, while Cadence wanted to be the fireman, and Celestia decided on brakeman.

"Ok then, we'll do this just like we did with Dash and Applejack." I then got up from the engineer's seat, and after giving Luna my gloves and hat, she took over the controls, while Cadence did likewise with Alex. Todd and Celestia just sat back and watched, although Todd did film the ordeal.

"And now, like Dash before you, you are now driving the largest locomotive to ever ride the rails! You Princess Luna, have just become the 2nd mare ever to do so. Dash still holds 1st."

"Just as you Cadence have become the 2nd mare fireman. Applejack was 1st."

"This is just so.......incredible! I can't imagine you boys having to do this during combat though."

"And just hope that you never have to. Combat was the most stressful time for us all, and not all of us from the engine crews have lived to tell about it. I've lost 2 engine guards, and 1 brakeman, Tertiary lost an engineer, 2 fireman, and 3 engine guards as well. I don't know about Primary Crew though."

Todd sighed. "It was so bad that I actually developed schizophrenia because of it. This is most of the reason that I'm timid, and can be scared easily. Nevertheless though, I did my duty as 2nd brakeman, but it always haunted me to think that I was promoted to replace the previous Secondary Brakeman who died, Tyler Boris."

"We all have something caused by PTSD." I added quietly. "Todd has schizophrenia, Don has OCD, Jim’s a workaholic, Alex has something that was never fully diagnosed, and I have nightmares."

I sighed, and tried to carry on, but the haunting memories seemed to drain the fun out of our excursion trip.

Eventually, about 3 hours later, we all pulled back into Ponyville Station. Then, when the rest of the train was reattached to the engine, Joe and Frank moved it over to the Old Railyard, where it would remain until further notice.

"Thank you so much for showing us your Big Boy, and how it works. We really appreciate it."

I smiled. "You're welcome Princess Celestia. It was my pleasure to show you, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadence. I'm just glad that you all enjoyed yourselves."

They all nodded. "Yes, we certainly did. We'll have to do this again sometime."

"Yeah we will, won't we?"

Once they were off of the train, Don, and the Mane 6 were standing on the station platform again. By this point, everypony had gone home, or about their business, including most of the parents and family.

Don looked at all of them. "So, what did you guys think? Well, for those who haven't already been on the train that is."

Fluttershy smiled. "It was actually really nice. Your train sure did provide a nice, smooth ride. I really enjoyed myself."

Rarity was talking nonstop about how awful and ugly the interior decor was. "Oh, the interior is just as bad as the exterior! So much drab brown and gray! Oh WHY would anypony do this?!"

Don sighed. "Because this was a war train, built for fighting a war. It was built for utility, not luxury. Please try to remember that."

"Oh yeah, right. I keep forgetting."

Dash suddenly felt something wet nudge her hand. "What the....?" She looked down and saw Aurora. "Oh, hey Aurora."

"Hello Dash. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing pretty good. Stud just took us and the Princesses on an excursion trip on the Big Boy."

She nodded. "Yeah, I know. I tried to get on board the train, but I didn't get on board in time."

Dash was about to reply to this, but something, or rather somepony, interrupted her.

"Hey Dashie....."

Dash tensed. "Oh Celestia no, not him!"

Dash slowly turned around, and there, standing on the platform, was the one Pony that she prayed that she would never see again. It was Zephyr Breeze, Fluttershy's hippie brother, who stalked her to no end.

"What do you want Zephyr? I thought that I told you that I never wanted to see you again!"

He smirked. "Well, YOU may not have wanted to see me again, but I'VE always wanted to see you again!"

Aurora then began to bark.

"Aww, since when did you get a dog?"

"She's not mine, Aurora belongs to my coltfriend, Captain Leopard."

"Your......coltfriend?" No, no, no! You don't have another coltfriend besides me!"

While all of this was happening, Don just stood there.

"Why aren't you doing anything?" Twilight asked.

Don smirked. "Because I'm going to let Leopard deal with him. And don't look now, but here he comes!"

Don then pointed to me walking briskly towards Zephyr, and he and the others knew that shit was about to get REAL!

"Will you please leave Zephyr? I don't like you, end of story!"


"HEY! Dash said leave her alone, so you'd better do it buddy!"

Zephyr looked around to see who said that.

"Um, down here."

He looked down, and to his shock, all he saw was Aurora. "Wait, you can TALK?!"

"Oh yes, I can talk, and if you don't leave Dash alone, I'm going to do a lot more than talk; I'm going to BITE!!!" Aurora then looked behind Zephyr. "Or rather, I won't bite, but my Master, Dash's coltfriend will!"

"What now?"

"She means ME, you dolt!" A voice behind him growled.

Zephyr turned to look, and to his horror, the figure standing behind him was head and shoulders taller than he was! He wore a Battalion 4009 soldier's uniform with a helmet, as well as a red and white Kitsune mask over his face. Zephyr could see that he meant business, and was NOT fooling around!

"Now then, before I REALLY lose my shit and throw down, you need to leave, NOW! Dash doesn't want anything to do with you, and I don't want to waste energy kicking your ass, so BEAT IT!"

I could clearly see that Zephyr was shaking in his boots. In fact, he was so scared that he actually peed his pants! I didn't even have to touch him, and he pissed himself! He then ran off crying, vowing to get me back for stealing Dash from him.

"Oh yeah? Next time bring a protein shake with you ya hippie!" I then laughed a bit.

Dash came up and hugged me. "Mmm, thanks Stud, you're the best!"

I hugged her back. "No need to thank me Dash. He was bothering you, and as an Alpha Male, I was simply protecting what was mine. If he wants you, he's gonna have to fight me, and if he does that, he'll most likely be spending the rest of his life in a hospital!"

Fluttershy did run after her brother, although she did tell Dash to drop by her house later to pick up Tank.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about him! Yeah, I'll do that Fluttershy, thanks for reminding me!"

"You're welcome Dash!"

Dash and I then shrugged, and walked off the station platform. I was holding Dash's hand with my right hand, and Aurora's leash with my left.

As we walked, Don looked at us, and shook his head. "I don't care who you are, but love him or hate him, you will NEVER be as badass as Captain Leopard! He's got it all where it counts, and he's quite clearly reaping the results of that!"

Twilight sighed. "He and Rainbow Dash are almost mirror images of each other. They both act the same, they seem to like most of the same things, they both love adventure, and they have very similar personalities. Perhaps that's why they have such great chemistry together."

"Maybe so Twilight. It would definitely make sense."

By the time that the sun began to go down, some of us had dinner with the families of our marefriends, but all too soon, it was time to call it a night. This led to a very interesting debate. Some of our marefriends wanted us to stay with them, but yet, we felt duty-bound to stay with the train.

Eventually, Don settled the debate. "Ok, here's how I see this. I think that maybe some of us are clinging to the train a little bit TOO closely. Some of us need to learn to branch out a little bit. If your marefriend invites you to stay with them, then you should take them up on their offer. I'm going with Twilight to the Golden Oak library, Dan is going to be staying with Pinkie Pie, and Cole and Missy will be staying with them as well. Alex was invited over to Sweet Apple Acres, and Todd was asked by Fluttershy to stay at her cottage to help with her animals."


Don sighed. "And Captain Leopard was invited to stay with Rainbow Dash in her cloud house."

"And if we do accept, what will tomorrow look like?"

Don looked at all of us. "To be perfectly honest guys, for the rest of this week, up until the Victory Ball, for once in my life, I don't know. I still don't know how to react to this complete lack of war, or any fighting at all, and I don't know what to do. However, I still suggest that all of you return to the train by 11am, and we'll figure this out from there. In the meantime though, I release all of you from your duties. HOWEVER, please, for the love of Celestia, DO NOT do anything that I wouldn't do! I'm not joking here, DO NOT do anything stupid!"

We all saluted. "Sir, yes Sir!"

He nodded. "Good."

And then we all went our separate ways. Jim was the highest ranking officer in charge of the train, and most of the crew stayed with it. The rest of us though went with our marefriends to hopefully begin a new chapter in adjusting to life after the war.

While Dash went to retrieve Tank from Fluttershy, I was busy packing my duffel bags with items that I would need. I grabbed my clothes, toothbrush, hairbrush, fur brushes, other toiletries, some paperwork, as well as a few other odds and ends. I also packed up all of Aurora's stuff as well.

"This feels so....weird Master. It almost feels like we're abandoning this place!"

I nodded sadly. "Yeah, I know what you mean Aurora. However, we're beginning a new chapter in our lives now. Like Don said, we need to begin to find lives outside of the train. The war is over, and now we have to learn to move on."

Aurora sighed, and then, once we were all ready, Dash came back to help show us the way. I was unable to fly due to my duffel bags being heavy and unstable, so I was forced to walk.

Eventually, after walking through Ponyville, Aurora and I suddenly found ourselves at the edge of a field on the edge of town.

"Well, we're here Stud, home sweet home!"

I looked up, and when I did, I could only stare in surprise. Sure enough, way up in the sky, was a house made out of clouds! From where I was standing, I could see that it was 3 stories tall, and had rainbow waterfalls around it! The door had Dash's cutie-mark above it, and it looked absolutely amazing.

Dash smirked. "Hey, when you two pick your jaws up off of the ground, feel free to come on up!" She then flew up to her house.

"Um Dash, how are we gonna do this? Aurora can't fly."

She looked down at me. "Well, can you carry her?"

I nodded. "Yeah, but I'm going to have to make a few trips. However, once I get her up there, won't she just fall through the clouds?"

Dash shook her head. "No, she'll be just fine. Twilight and the gang come up here every now and again, plus Tank's always wandering around as well, so yeah, it's safe. Provided of course that she stays away from the edges!"

Aurora nodded. "No problems there, I don't want to die!"

I then turned to her. "I'm going to get our stuff up there first Aurora, and then I'm going to come back for you. Will that work?"

"Sure, but just don't take too long. I wanna see what it's like up there!"

"You got it Aurora!"

I then grabbed the first of my two duffel bags, and hauled it up to Dash's house. When I arrived up there, I found sort of stairs built into the clouds. The clouds felt squishy, but because I was a flyer, they held my weight with ease.

"It's still so weird that I can walk on clouds", I muttered. "I just can't get over it!"

Dash then unlocked her front door, and opened it. "You can just set your bags down here in the entryway Stud!"

I then stepped up to the door, and peaked inside. I don't know what I was expecting, but while the exterior of Dash's house seemed to be made of clouds, the interior really reminded me of the Battleship Express. The floors and walls were solid, and there were columns here and there as well. To my right was a statue of a Wonderbolt, and there were Wonderbolt posters on the walls as well. Almost everything was either bluish-green, white, or gray. I also saw several doors leading off in different directions, as well as stairs leading up.

For the time being, I shrugged, and set my bags down next to the Wonderbolt Statue. I then went back for Aurora. When I reached her, with some difficulty given how big and heavy she was, I piked her up, and she wrapped all 4 of her limbs, as well as her tail around me as well.

"Just hang on tight Aurora. Total airtime should only be about 2 minutes at the most. It'll be over before you know it."

She looked at me. "Over? Why would I want it to be over? I love flying! I've always wanted to try it. Now, I'll kinda get to do it!"

I looked at her a bit curiously. Up until that moment, I had never in my life even heard Aurora mention that she liked flying. In fact, I didn't even know how she KNEW that she liked flying! "Unless it was something that they trained her with at that military base before I found her, then I don't know how she would know that she loves flying." Nevertheless though, I quickly took off, and flew up with Aurora to Dash's house.

When we arrived up there a minute or so later, I brought her up to the front door, before setting her down inside of the entryway. I quickly glanced at my watch. The time was now 8pm.

"Whew! That was a lot of work! Anyway, we're up here now Dash, so now what?"

"Now we have the moment of truth. How will our pets react to meeting each other?"

I saw that Dash was holding Tank. She then set him on the floor.

"So, that's your tortoise Dash?" Aurora asked.

"Yep, this is Tank, the coolest tortoise ever!"

Aurora then got up, and circled around Tank for a bit. Tank just stared at her. "So, can he talk?"

"Nope. You seem to be the only non-sentient animal here in Equestria who can."

"I AM sentient though, and no, I do NOT want to eat that tortoise!" Aurora then walked slowly over to Tank, before sniffing him a little. Tank just stared up at her.

"I don't get it. Out of all of the pets that you could have gotten, you picked a tortoise. I won't ask why, but I just think that it's a little bit odd."

Dash looked at her. "Um, odd? You're a talking wolf. If anypony's 'odd' here, it's you!"

"Technically, I'm part wolf, part husky, and part German shepherd. However, I have more wolf in me than anything else."

Dash just shrugged. "Ok. Well, let's get you two settled in, at least for the time being, and then we can have some fun before it's time to sleep!"

I looked at Dash curiously. "Um, what exactly do you mean by 'fun'?"

She smirked at me. "Oh, I think that you're going to enjoy it Stud!"

If what I was expecting was something dirty, I was sadly mistaken. Dash's idea of fun was watching a few movies on her couch, cuddling on said couch, as well as eating some junk food. We also read a couple of Daring Do books, (Dash got me HOOKED on those!) and read a few magazines as well. All while we were having fun, Aurora went to sleep early, (her bed was placed in the living room corner), as did Tank, (he slept in Dash's room).

"Hmm, this is so nice Stud. It's almost like we're a young, married couple!"

I sighed as well. "Yeah, I know what you mean Dash. This is so nice. I actually get to enjoy myself for once, without the fear of getting shot at!"

Dash giggled a bit. "Yeah, that's nice for a change!"

We both then cuddled for a little while longer, until at last, it was time for bed.

Chapter 2: New Adjustments, Long Nights, (Part 2)

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(WARNING!!!! Chapter does contain nudity, as well as some sexual themes. No actual sex, but some things that Leopard does while in his PTSD riddled state, as well as what Dash does to comfort him, could be considered sexual.)

When the time came for bed, there was of course the topic of who was going to sleep where.

"I can sleep on the couch Dash. It's no big deal."

She looked at me funny. "Um Stud, whatever happened to us sharing a bed like we've always done?"

I kinda half-turned away from Dash. "I, um.....k-kinda want to sleep alone tonight. Or at least just have Aurora close by."

"But why Stud? What's wrong? Why don't you want to sleep with me?"

I sighed. "it's.....really complicated Dash. I don't know if you would understand."

"If this is because of something that Major Don said, don't worry about it Stud, it'll be our little secret! He'll never have to find out!"

I shook my head again. "It's....not that Dash, it's just......" I sighed. "It's something related to my PTSD. I just need some time alone to think, and to put some of the pieces together. I want Aurora close by me, because she was always there. She understands. It's nothing personal Dash; please don't take this the wrong way."

Instead of being angry though, Dash just shrugged. "Sure, I understand Stud. However, I'll leave my bedroom door open if you want to come sleep with me."

I nodded slowly. "Sure Dash, that sounds nice."

We both then got ready for bed.

Once it was completely dark outside, Dash gave me some blankets and sheets, and I made a sort of bed for myself on her couch. Aurora was curled up on her favorite rug in her bed next to me, and I just sat there on the couch, just trying to begin to put everything together.

Hey Stud?"

"Yeah Dash?"

"Even if you don't sleep with me, can I at least get a hug and a kiss?"

I smirked. "Sure Dashie. I would never deprive you of my love!"

She then glided over to me, and once she was in my arms, we kissed. I reveled in the sensations of her tongue against mine. Dash even wrapped her tail, and one of her legs around my waist as well!

"Mmm, gettin' a little frisky, are we?"

Dash smirked a bit. "Heh, a little." she said through half-lidded eyes.

Eventually, we broke the kiss, and Dash went upstairs to her room. "Well, Goodnight Stud, I'll see you in the morning!"

"Goodnight Dash, I love you!"

"Not as much as I love you Stud! Oh, and if you need anything at all during the night, just come and get me. I'm not the heaviest sleeper ever, so I should be able to hear you."

I nodded. "Ok Dash. Goodnight!"

"Goodnight!" She then went into her room, but the door didn't close all of the way.

Once I was all alone with my thoughts, I sighed. "Well" said as I stroked Aurora gently, "I guess that it's just you and me now."

Aurora didn't answer, as she was already asleep, but she did purr a bit in her sleep in response to my petting.

I then tried to put all of the pieces together. For the longest time I sat on my bed on the couch, trying to make heads or tails of the multiple wars I went through, why I was the only survivor in a few cases, to why my family, and some of my best friends had to die. It was so sad, but yet, so haunting and unnerving at the same time. I ultimately had no answers to any of the questions that I so desperately sought.

Eventually, I gave up mid-thought, and after stripping down to my boxers, I wrapped my soft wings around myself, and after pulling a blanket over myself, I tried to sleep. I did manage to find sleep, but when I did, I deeply regretted it.

A number of hours later, Dash was suddenly awoken from a sound sleep by the sounds of screaming.

"Guh......ah...what the.....what?!" She looked over at her alarm clock. The time read 3:30am. Then the sound of screaming came again, joined this time be panting, crying, and the sounds of something stumbling about in the darkness on the floor below her.

"OH CELESTIA, STUD!!!!" Dash then flew out of bed, and after hastily wrapping her robe around her nude body, (she almost always slept naked) she ran to see what the commotion was.

Once she reached the second floor landing, she looked down into her living room. After turning on the lights, what she saw shocked, and scared her beyond belief.

I was lying on the floor in front of the couch, as tangled up as I could possibly be in my sheets. The coffee table was knocked over, and a few other items were scattered about as well. Dash could see that I was crying, and mumbling insensibly.

"STUD!!!!" Dash's robe almost flew off of her as she raced to my side. "Stud, can you hear me?! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!"

I was able to twist my head a bit to look at her, but because of how tangled I was, that was pretty much all I could do.

"Oh Celestia! Here, just.....hold still, and I'll see about getting you out of there!"

Dash then worked with her hands, and eventually was able to get me free from my blanket prison. Once I was free though, all I did was just continue to lie there on the floor, crying, and mumbling.

As gently as she could, Dash pulled me up into a sitting position, and after pulling me into a hug, she began to comfort me. "Shh, it's ok Stud, it's all gonna be ok. I'm here for you, I'm right here Stud. Just let it all go."

"Oh Dash...." I mumbled.

"Shh, breathe, just breathe Stud. It's all going to be ok."

"End.....Why won't they end?!?!?! WHY CAN'T I EVER ESCAPE FROM THEM?!?!?!"

" you mean by that Stud? What won't end?"

"T-the nightmares! And the creatures in them! THEY WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! Night after night they torment me! WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LEAVE ME BE?!?!?!?" I then continued to cry.

Dash also noticed Aurora in the corner, and she was shaking with fear as well.

" want to talk about it Stud?"

I just kept crying. I did lean my head against Dash's chest though. Her breasts had all but slipped out of her robe, as in her haste to get to me, Dash hadn't tied it up at all. It was now more like a cape than a robe.

"You, can lean on my chest if want to Stud, I don't mind. I mean heck, breasts were made to be a source of comfort after all!"

I didn't answer right away, but Dash could have sworn that she'd heard maybe a faint giggle from me. Dash then lay down on the couch, and held me close to her. Her fur was so soft and warm, and Dash just ditched her robe, as it really was falling off of her anyway. She also noticed that I was naked as well, and that I'd must have lost my boxers in my frenzied, nightmare-induced panic.

Dash sighed. Then she felt a few small sucks coming from one of her breasts. She looked down, and to her quiet amusement, I was actually trying to suckle from her! She purred gently in response. "Wow Stud, I didn't take you for the kind of guy who liked to suckle. Heh, not that I mind, or anything, but it's just so......cute."

I looked up at her while I suckled.

"And it's even cuter with those Bat-Pony eyes of yours! Are you thirsty Stud?"

I nodded quietly. Dash then sighed. "Well, we can fix that. I have some REAL drinks in the kitchen. I could make us some hot chocolate if you want."

"Sure, if you wouldn't mind." I said softly.

Dash looked at me. "Why would I mind Stud? You mean the world to me." After I'd stopped suckling from her breast, Dash got up, and after pulling her robe back on, she quickly flew up to her room, and handed me a spare robe.

"Here. This may not fit you, but it'll do for now. Plus, it's really soft!"

I put it on. "Yeah, you're right Dash, it is!"

Dash then took me by the hand, and led me into the kitchen. After turning on a light, she had me sit at the kitchen table while she put water into a kettle, and then put it on the stove. She then joined me at the table.

" you um, w-want to talk about it?"

I buried my face into my hands, and began to cry softly again.

"You can tell me Stud, I'm here for you. I'm your soon-to-be wife, and I want to help you. I HAVE to help you get through this!"

I still said nothing.

Eventually, the water was boiling, and after pulling it off the stove, Dash poured it into 2 mugs, to which she then added the chocolate powder. Once she'd mixed them together with a spoon, she brought them over to the table.

Dash then took one of my hands gently into her own. "Will you please tell me Stud? I really can't help you if I don't know what's wrong."

I sighed. Finally, I spoke. "Yeah....I'll tell you. For so, so many years, I've been having PTSD-induced nightmares like this. They've always been bad, but now they seem to be getting steadily worse. They all follow the same pattern. I'm a soldier, dropped into Hell, from where I attempt to escape. Then I get chased by the monsters. Monsters from my past. Wars create monsters Dash. They catch me.......and.........t-tear me apart!" I then began to cry again.

Dash looked at me, before leaning in closer to hug me. "Well, I can say that I'm glad that you told me about this Stud. Now you don't have to suffer alone. I can help you through it."

"But can you?" I asked softly. "Can you handle it all? This isn't all of it. I haven't even begun to talk about Lycan Syndrome yet, or as some call it, the Apex Sickness."

"Um, what's Lycan Syndrome/Apex Sickness?"

"I'm......not ready to talk about that yet."

Dash had never seen someone in as much internal pain as I was in right then. She had seen Shell Shock before, but those cases paled in comparison to what she was seeing right then. She hugged me again. "It's ok Stud. I see now that we were meant to be together for another reason. You need someone in your life to help you through these tough times, and with your Shell Shock, I'm the right mare for you Stud."

I hugged her back. "I know Dash. And I know that someday in the not too distant future, we will be married. However, for now, let's just remain marefriend and coltfriend. I'll need to get some things shored up and squared away before I propose to you."

Dash wanted to ask what I meant by that, but she felt that it wasn't her place to. Dash glanced at the clock on the wall. The time read 4:30am.

"Wow, it's kinda getting late Stud, can we maybe go upstairs to my room now? I won't take no for an answer this time, as I'm not letting you sleep on your own again until you've gotten a better grip on your PTSD."

I didn't have any objections. "Sure thing Babe, just lead the way."

Dash giggled, and after we'd rinsed out our mugs and set them in the sink, Dash led me by the hand up to her room.

When we arrived up there, I took a look around. From what I could remember from MLP FIM, her room looked almost identical. On the walls were Wonderbolt posters, as well as a few flags, and a couple of framed pictures as well. There was also a dresser, nightstand, and a small bookshelf, as well as carpeted floors, a closet, and a few other such things. By far the most interesting thing in the room though was her bed. Dash's bed was seemingly made out of clouds! There were some pillows at the head, and the top blanket was dark blue, and had her cutie-mark on it. Dash went over to it, and after removing her robe, she pulled back the covers, and lay down on it.

"Come on Stud, I know you wanna!"

I sighed, and after removing my robe as well, I climbed into bed with my marefriend of nearly 2 and a half months, and snuggled close to her; both of us as bare as the day we were born. Dash then pulled the covers over both of us, and I tried to sleep, but yet, something in my head was still awake.

"Hmm, need something to help you relax Stud?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I'm close, but I'm not quite there yet."

Dash smirked a bit. "I know what'll help. Just hold still Stud, I'll do all of the work!" Dash then ducked her head under the covers. At first, I wondered what she was doing, but before long, I felt her warm tongue on my member. I was out of my sheath in an instant.

"Mmm", I moaned.

"You like?" Dash asked.

"Yeah...." I said softly.

I heard her snicker slightly, before taking me into her mouth. For a good long while, I just lay there while Dash worked away at my member. I'd gotten a few blowjobs before, but let's just say that there are things that you can do with a muzzle that an ordinary mouth just can't do.

I was in absolute bliss. "Wow.....Dash, you' good at this! Where.....did you learn to....d-do this?"

"Eh, I used to watch a lot of porn. I still do from time to time, at least until I met you anyway. I mean, why watch porn when you have the real thing?"

I was very surprised. Dash just didn't seem like the kind of mare who would watch porn. "Well, I guess that we all have our dirty little secrets...." I muttered.

"Do you watch porn Stud?"

"Ngh! I...used to, but it's....b-been may years since then. M-most of the porn I watched was of you......"

(By this point, Dash, as well as some of the others, had pieced together that they'd meant something to us back on Earth. They'd begun to suspect that they might have been characters in a TV show, but they still didn't have any solid proof.)

Dash heard what I said, but she really didn't care. All she could focus on was my dick, and the hot load that she was about to receive from it.

"Egh, D-Dash?"



"Mmm....good Stud, I want it!"

"NYAH!!!!!" I then blew my full load into Dash's eager throat.

She swallowed my full load as best she could, and eventually I stopped spurting. Dash then licked my member clean, and after kissing it one last time, it shrank back into its sheath.

"Mmm, better Stud...?" Dash whispered sweetly.


"Heh, I'll take that as a yes!" Dash then shifted a bit. "Now that you're about to fall asleep, I'm gonna move us into the perfect position for sleep. We'll both sleep like foals, trust me!"


Dash then moved us into a sort-of spooning position, although we were also curled up into sort of a ball. She also told me to wrap my wings around the both of us, which I did. Once we were done, Dash kissed me on the nose one last time.

"*Kiss* Goodnight Stud. Now I know that we'll sleep well. I've done this before, and I felt like a newborn foal when I woke up I'd slept so well!"

I sighed. "I'll believe it when I see it Dash, but for now I'll take your word for it. Anyway, good night Dash, I love you."

"Nyah, I love you too Stud!"

We both then fell asleep, and sure enough, just like Dash had said, we both slept like foals.

Chapter 3: New Morning, a Discovery, and War Train Plans

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The next morning, I woke up when the sun started shining on my face. I looked around, fully expecting to see my old room on the Battleship Express, but to my surprise, what I saw wasn't even close to that.

"Wh.....what? Where's...." Then I remembered. "Oh yeah, I spent the night with Dash. We're at her house, in her room, snuggled up in her bed." From the somewhat odd, but very comfortable position that we were lying in, I could see that the time was 9am.

"Hmm, so I guess that with Dash, I was able to sleep through the rest of the night. I guess that maybe cuddling really IS the best medicine! Maybe there's even hope for it curing PTSD!"

Dash felt me move a bit, which woke her up as well. "Mmm, hey Stud." She kissed me good morning.

I kissed her back. "Mmm, hey Dash."

"Did you sleep good?"

I nodded. "Yeah, once you helped me get over the nightmares, I slept great! You were right, I really did sleep just like a foal."

She laughed a bit. "See, I told ya! This is always the best position for sleep, especially with a partner!"

"Yeah, that's what it seemed to be anyway. However, I think that I need to get up now. And I probably need to shower, so where's your shower?"

Dash pointed to a door off to the right that I'd not noticed last night. "It's in there Stud. The shower controls are pretty straight-forward, although don't touch the red knobs."

I looked at her. "Um, why?"

She just stared back. "Because that's a special shower setting that I don't think that you're ready for yet. It's a special Pegasai thing. Maybe later on tonight I'll show you, but I want to sleep a little bit longer, so just stick with the regular knobs for now."

I shrugged. "Sure, whatever you say Dash."

I got up, and once I was out of bed, I began to stretch a little bit. As I was doing so, Aurora walked in.

"Oh, good morning Master! Hi Dash!"

"Hey Aurora."

"Hey girl. Did you sleep good last night?"

"Yeah, once Dash managed to calm you down, I slept ok."

"I'm....sorry about that Aurora, I.......couldn't help it."

She nuzzled my hand a bit. "Eh, it's not your fault Master. It's just the effects of war. I'm not mad at you."

I petted her gently. "You're the best Aurora. When you found us that day, I'm glad that you came to me. Having you around has been very beneficial for my mental health."

Aurora then reared up, and stood on her hind legs so that she could reach my face. When she could, she gave me a few loving licks. "Mmm, you're welcome Master." I hugged her back before she let go of me, and I went over to take my shower.

Once I was in the bathroom, I took a look at my surroundings. Dash’s bathroom was all white, and it was rather large. The floor was made of tile, and it was in a white and gray pattern. There was a sink with a large mirror and countertop, gray fittings, and a number of cabinets as well. Large windows let in light, as did a large skylight. Farther down, I saw a room with a toilet in it, and next to it, the shower. as I walked over to it, I also saw that Dash had a bathtub-Jacuzzi as well.

"Man, how did Dash even AFFORD a place like this?! Do Wonderbolts really make that kind of money?!" Then I remembered that Dash was also in charge of the weather in the Ponyville area, but still, did it pay that much? Or maybe houses didn't cost as much here in Equestria? Or maybe she built her house. Did building materials not cost as much here?

"Hey Dash?"

"Yeah Stud?"

"Did you buy this house, or build it?"

I heard her laugh a bit. "Why, are you wowed by the bathroom?"

"Um, yeah, a little bit!"

"Well, I bought the house, but I also made a few changes to it. I had that bathroom totally redone to the way that it is today. It did cost a bit, but it was worth it."

I still wanted to ask her how she paid for it, but because asking a question like that would be rude and improper, I was forced to let it go.

"We should also try the Jacuzzi later. It reminds me of a hot tub a lot more than a bathtub. Perfect for couples Stud!"

"Um Dash, did you know that you would have a coltfriend one day, or what? Why else did you build your house like this?"

"Well, let's just say that I had big plans Stud. I planned to marry one day, and raise a lot of foals here. That's why I remodeled my house like this, and also left room to build onto it later should that ever become necessary. It's my dream-house Stud, and now it's ours. We'll raise our family here, and grow old here together."

"Heh, all this house needs would be a swimming pool, and then it's awesomeness factor would SKYROCKET!"

Dash laughed. "Yeah, I know what you mean Stud. I've always wanted a pool, but I can't afford one. Plus, I don't even know how to create plans for one."

I paused. Back on the train, in the safe in my room, I had some blueprints stored away. Those blueprints were of the dream-home that I wanted to build one day. Those blueprints had one feature that I knew that Dash would love.

"Hey Dash?"

"Yeah Stud?"

"When was your birthday again? Mine was in September, but I don't remember when yours was."

"Eh, it's in February. We're about 7 months apart Stud. Now can I get a little bit of sleep? I've been half-asleep through most of our conversation here."

I nodded. "Sure, I'll let you sleep for a bit." I then went over to the shower.

It was rather large, and had several shower heads on the ceiling. The walls were of white tile, and the floor felt like it was stone, but it was shiny, so I knew that it wasn't. There were 2 drains, as well as 2 seats, and a few racks for soap and shampoo. It was obviously built for more than one Pony.

I then noticed the controls. One set of knobs was silver, and on the opposite wall was a set of red knobs. "So, those must be the red knobs that Dash was talking about. I still wonder what they do." I decided to leave them be for the time being, as I had promised Dash that I would, and after working with the silver knobs, I turned the shower on.

After taking my shower, I turned the water off, and after drying myself off, I brushed my mane and tail with my hair and fur brushes, then my teeth with my toothbrush, I also shaved, preened my wings, and then went to get my duffel bag so that I could get dressed.

Elsewhere however, other events were really beginning to unfold.

Over the course of the next few days, the Caribou were starting to adjust to their new lives. They did find it rather bizarre to be working with creatures like the Futas, but at the same time, they were grateful for their assistance. Most of the Caribou, Griffons, Mintaurs, and Dragons were put to work on helping to build the city of New Vegas, while the rest were helping with the other nearby cities and towns that were also under construction.

Dothan was assigned to an overseer position, although he helped out with plenty of manual labor. While he did his work though, Dothan noticed something. There seemed to be a lot more than just 2,000 Futas in their new empire. He didn't have exact numbers, but he estimated that there could be as many as 500,000, and he kept seeing more and more new faces all the time.

"Where did all of these extra Futas come from? Were they already here, and Demetria gave us a low-ball number on purpose? Or has she been teleporting them here from Earth?" Dothan didn't know, but he was hoping to find out soon.

Danin on the other hand had a secretarial job; he was Demetria's personal assistant. He helped her with paperwork, filing, sorting documents, fetching things, and helping the Empress keep her new empire running.

One day though, on Demetria's desk, he saw a picture of her standing next to a Human male. They were both hugging, and smiling into the camera.

"Empress Demetria, if you don't mind my asking, who is this?" He pointed to the picture.

Demetria looked up from her desk in her office inside of the Palace Luxor. She took off her reading glasses. "Oh, that's my son, Leopard. He was going to marry my daughter Carla, but before they could be married, a coup happened. Long story short, he got captured, and sold to a ranch in Kansas. Not too long after this, WW6 restarted. I only saw my son a few more times since then, but the last time that I saw him was on a video call just before the battle for Las Vegas. He promised to come get me, but during the battle, we were all nuked to oblivion. I have no idea what happened to him after that."

Danin shook his head. "Wow, um........well, I'm sorry for your loss, Empress. It sounds like he meant the world to you."

"He did. He was Carla and I's everything. Only Stacy didn't like him, but she hates everybody, so....." Demetria then thought of something. "Speaking of which, I need to go see if she's apologized yet." She got up from her desk. "Just keep working on those blueprints, and then file them away. I should be back soon."

"Yes, Empress Demetria." After she left though, he growled a bit. "Damn, I f@#king HATE this job! Me, the KING OF THE CARIBOU, now reduced to just being a secretary! It's inconceivable!" He did get back to work though, as he did want to stay on Demetria's good side.

Down below the palace, Stacy was still in her cell. She still refused to apologize to her sister Carla, or her mother.

"Stupid idiots!" She muttered, "Why does that bitch even LIKE Humans anyway?! What did they ever for to us? We’re VASTLY superior to them!"

"You should be very careful with what you say there Stacy. You never know who might be listening."

Stacy looked up, and she saw Demetria looking through the bars of her cell at her. "Oh yeah? And what are you doing, spying on me?"

"No, I just came to see if you were going to apologize to Carla and I yet."

Stacy shook her head. "No, Carla's a bitch, and you're a traitor. You're a Hermaphrodite, just like her. I'M a REAL Futa! I'm VASTLY superior to any of you!"

Demetria shook her head. "Be careful Stacy. Your vanity could easily lead to your demise. And for the record, we NEED the Humans to survive. Plus, perhaps you've forgotten where you've come from? What you REALLY were before you became a Futa?"

Stacy glared daggers at Demetria. "No, I think that YOU'VE forgotten who you really are, a TRAITOR! You loved the Humans, I HATED THEM!!!! Humanity was the greatest profanity to ever walk the Goddess's Earth!"

"No Stacy, You are the one who's forgotten. You were once a Herm, and became a Futa later. And to answer your question, why do I like Humans? Well, because I see a world where males, females, Herms, and Futas all live together on equal footing. I didn't even want to be Empress, but when my mother died, if anyone else took the throne, then the world would have been lost forever. When I adopted Leopard though, it really opened my eyes to what was going on with everything. He was the one who revealed to me the TRUE evils that were being performed on males by Futas. Who do you think that it was who passed the Male Protection Act? Or the Cohabitation Clause? Or even the Transparency Act? When Leopard opened my eyes to the true evils of the Futa Empire, I immediately took steps to END Futa tyranny!"

When Demetria said that, Stacy saw the truth. She'd always known that somebody high up in the Futa Empire had been conspiring to help the Males, and although she'd suspected it was her mom, she'd never had any confirmation until just then.

"You will regret your choices one day Mom! You'll regret EVER allying with the Humans, and I WILL make sure of it!"

"Oh? And how are you going to do that? You're locked in a cell, and will remain there until I can rest assured that you will NOT be causing anymore trouble! And now that I've heard what you've been saying? You will NOT be leaving there anytime soon!"

Demetria then left Stacy to think about her actions, while she got back to work.

Meanwhile, somewhere outside of the construction zones, Face was off playing by himself. He'd gotten extremely lonely since Stacy'd gotten locked up, as she was his mistress, and basically his only friend. Pretty much everyone else saw him as a blue-haired, pigtail wearing, freaky, mask wearing, psychopathic nutball.

He was tossing a ball that Stacy had given him around, all while muttering to himself. "It's not fair! Why does everyone hate me?! I was the one who almost destroyed the Battleship Express! I almost killed Captain Leopard! Why can't they appreciate me more?!"

In his anger, he threw the ball too hard. It hit a tree, bounced off, and flew off towards a boulder field. "Oh shit!" He then chased after the ball. "Damn, I HAVE to catch that ball!"

To his dismay though, it bounced around, before sailing between a gap in a cluster of boulders. "NOOO!!!!!" He then ran over to the boulders, and began to peer around inside to see if he could see the ball. What he saw appeared to almost be a small sort-of cave, but he didn't see the ball anywhere. "Gosh-DAMMIT!!!! Stacy's gonna kill me!"

"Not unless I kill you first Kid!" A voice from close by growled.

"Huh? Who said that?"

Suddenly, from out of the darkness inside of the boulder-cave, 2 glowing red eyes appeared! "ME, That's who!!!"

"GAAHHH!!!! W-wh-who....are you?!?!?!"

"I could ask you the same question Kid!" He then held up a ball. "Were you the one who threw THIS at me?!"

"Um, n-no, I didn't throw it at you. I was playing with it, and I accidentally bounced it off a tree. It then flew over, and flew into your sort-of cave there. I'm sorry."

"So, do you want it back?"

"Um, yes please."

"First, tell me who you are, and where you came from."

Face was getting a little bit weirded out, but the thing that those red eyes belonged to hadn't hurt him yet, so he sat down on a rock close by.

"Well, my name is Face. Sally Face."

He heard the creature laugh. "What?! SALLY FACE!?!?! That CANNOT be your real name!"

Face groaned. "It IS my real name, I SWEAR! Although, most people just call me Face. You can also call me Face. Anyway, I'm just a Human male from the planet Earth. However, I'm a Futa agent. My mistress, Stacy, sent me to infiltrate the American ranks during WW6, so as to attempt to destroy their most feared weapon; the Battleship Express! And I almost did too!"

"You did not! How could a little runt like you have POSSIBLY even come CLOSE to destroying a war train as mighty as the Battleship Express?"

Face smirked a bit. "I did it, because I was a noncom in the RWD assigned to the train! One day, not too long before the Battle of Denver, Colorado, Stacy told me that it was now or never. I kept waiting for an opening, but alas, I never got one. However, one day, my chance finally came. The cab of the Battleship Express was left unmanned during a shift change for nearly 10 minutes. I then snuck up to the cab, climbed aboard, and quickly looked around for what to destroy. I knew that I had a narrow window of opportunity, and would not get another chance like this again!"

"So, what did you do?"

"I took out a wrench, and damaged the steam pressure gauges! Now they were showing a MUCH lower reading than they were supposed to! I then quickly exited the cab, and not a moment too soon, as Captain Leopard, and his fireman, Alex, were returning!"

"And then what happened?"

"I got clear of the blast radius, and prepared for the whole train to explode! Unfortunately however, although the boiler did explode, it didn't do what I thought that it was going to. Instead of taking out the whole engine, the force of the blast went largely downwards, and everything was blown mostly towards the ground. Some of it did get blown back through the cab, but the force was only enough to blow Captain Leopard out of it. He was burned, and hurt in the fall, but he survived. The train was disabled and crippled, but not destroyed. I was also found out to be the saboteur."

"And how did that happen?"

Face sighed. "Someone saw me climb down from the engine's cab, and run away, all while I was still holding the wrench. In short order, I was a wanted fugitive! I managed to evade for a while, but Boise, Idaho was my last battle. The building that I was in got hit by a missile, and collapsed. I got buried in rubble, but fortunately for me, Stacy found me, and saved my life. Since then, I was kept by her side, at least until we had to evacuate Las Vegas. That's how we came here. Some weird black mass surrounded us, and then poof! We were here."

The figure was silent for a while. Finally, he said, "So, just how badly do you want to kill Captain Leopard?"

Face sighed. "More than anything in the world! However, most likely he got flattened by the nuclear attack on Nevada. He's dead."

"Well, what if I told you that Captain Leopard still lives, and that I wanted him dead?"

"I would ask you how you knew this, and why you would want him dead."

The figure growled. "I want him dead, because he STOLE my powers from me! I want them back, and the only way to do that would be to kill him!"

"Well, then if that was the case, then why didn't you just do it yourself? And who even are you anyway?"

"I can't, because I'm too WEAK!!! Without my powers, I'm NOTHING!!!! And who am I? Well, at one time, I was a great and powerful ruler! I ruled over an entire empire, before it got overthrown by another anyway."

"Just like the Futa Empire! It got overthrown by the Americans!"

The creature smirked. "Yes, just like that! I wandered around for many years before I eventually found Captain Leopard. He took care of me, and became my new host. I lived inside of him as a spirit, all while teaching him how to bring me back into the physical world. He took very good care of me, but I see now that he only had his own selfish interests in mind. Eventually, the final step was reattaching my horn so that I could fully return to the physical world. 'Ok Leopard", I told him, "Now just help me reattach my horn, and then I can rule again!'

'NO!!!' He roared. 'Your powers are MINE now!' he then attached my horn to his own head, and claimed my powers as his own. He also stole my crown, cape, armor, and staff, before banishing me to this Tartarus-forsaken place! I became a spirit once again, and I'm too weak to do anything but sit here in the dark and rot."

Face was really taken aback. "Wow, um, that's really awful. I can't believe that Leopard did that to you! now I hate him even more!"

In the darkness, the figure was smirking. He had been able to feed off of some of Face's hatred, which did help to revive him. "Heh, this is going to be so EASY! Even easier than Leopard was! This kid's so naive! He'll believe ANYTHING I tell him!" To Face, he said, "Well, I think that you've told me enough, so do you want your ball back now?"

He nodded. "Yes please!"

"Here, come and take it!" The figure held it out to Face, but it was still inside of the cave.

Face had obviously never seen the movie "IT" before, because the little dunce fell for it. He began to reach inside of the cave to grab his ball.

"By the way, you never told me your name. What is it?"

The figure smirked. "My name, is Sombra, and now....." He grabbed Face's arms, "YOU'RE GONNA BE MY NEW HOST!!!!!" He then dragged Face inside of the cave!

"AUGH!!!! STACY!!!!!!!" Face screamed, but he was all alone out there. Nobody heard his screams.

Sometime later, Face crawled back out of the cave again. He was a little bit scuffed up, but overall, he looked normal. He was also holding his ball.

"So, how long will you be with me Sombra?" Face asked.

"Well, like I told Leopard before you, forever! Through you, I will make my return, and now your mission in life will be to woo Stacy over to my cause. I WANT to Futas to fight against the Equestrians and the Americans. I know that it will be a long road to war, but I can wait; I've got all of the time in the world!"

"So, through Stacy, we overthrow Empress Demetria, Stacy becomes Empress, and then once we're ready, we declare war on Equestria?"

"Eh, not quite. Why work so hard? Let Demetria and the others do all of the work for you. Once they're done building everything, THEN you can plan your coup!"

Face smirked. "Heh, and then total victory will FINALLY be ours!!!!"

Sombra was more than pleased with himself. Face was more naive than I had ever been. He believed EVERYTHING that Sombra had told him, and he failed to see that he was just being used as a pawn.

"Soon", Sombra thought to himself, "In less than 10 years now, victory will be MINE!!! Once the Futas, Equestrians, Humans, Caribou, and all of their allies have finally destroyed themselves, then I will rule forevermore!" Sombra then began to laugh as Face walked back to the Futas.

Back in Ponyville, some work was beginning at the Old Railyard. The Battleship Express was sitting there on a track, and for just 1 bit per adult, visitors could pay to see parts of the train. Some preliminary repairs were being done to the train, as was some cleaning, so as to make her a bit more presentable.

Also, around the rest of the Old Railyard, the remaining tracks, except for the ones that the Battleship Express and Iron Glory were sitting on, and tracks leading to and from the main line, were all being torn up. A sign close by read, "Coming Spring 2031, the Imperial War Museum, featuring the Battleship Express!"

Yes, work was beginning on preparing the area to become a museum. The Battleship Express herself would be the pride of the museum's collection. It would take time, as well as a lot of money, but the project had been approved by the Princesses, as well as the Ponyville town council, so the town secured the land that was the Old Railyard, and then crews got to work on preparing it for construction. The land and museum would be maintained by public funds, as well as donations, and tax dollars.

"Yes, it's our tax dollars at work!" Don said as he watched the old rails, ties, and ballast get removed from the yard. There were also some surveyors hard at work as well.

"HEY, WHAT'S GOING ON OVER HERE?!?!?!" A mare yelled.

Don looked up from some blueprints that he and I, as well as a foreman were looking at. Running towards us was a mare with a pink fur, a purplish mane and tail, and a green dress. She was also wearing high heels. Running behind her was a stallion with brown fur, a black mane and tail, and was wearing a well-pressed blue business suit with a red tie.

The mare came running up to us. "And just what do YOU think that you're all doing here?! This is PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!"

The foreman looked confused. "Um, what? Um beg your pardon, Ma'am, but this is the Old Railyard. It was decommissioned earlier this week after the Imperial War had ended, and was bought by the town of Ponyville. Now it's currently the home of the Battleship Express, and will soon be the home of the Imperial War Museum." He handed her a flyer for the new museum.

Now the mare really seemed to flip. "WHAT?! A MUSEUM?!?! No, no, no no, NO!!!! There will be NO museum built here! All of you are TRESPASSING on PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!"

"Ma'am, with all due respect, you really need to calm down. Secondly, this is the town's land, to be turned into a museum and memorial for those who lost their lives fighting in the Imperial War. It is NOT private property!"

The mare looked like she was about to hit the foreman, but before she could, the stallion running behind her stopped her. "SPOILED!!! You leave these Ponies alone RIGHT NOW!!!!" He then turned to us. "I'm terribly sorry my good Sirs, my wife is just a little bit confused. She's had her eye on this land for some time, and wanted it to build a private spa over it, but the town bought the land, and I hope to see the museum here very soon."

Don looked at him. "Um, who are you Sir? If you don't mind my asking?"

He smiled. "The name's Rich, Filthy Rich. I own a popular store chain that's based here in Ponyville. This is my wife, Spoiled Rich. And we're terribly sorry to have bothered you. Carry on!" He then began to leave. "Please Honey, come on. Leave these Ponies and Humans be, they're just trying to do their job." He tried to drag Spoiled away.

"No, I'm NOT leaving until these FILTH have been evicted!"

"Honey, this land is not for sale anymore. It belongs to the town of Ponyville. The town wants to build a museum and memorial here. Plus, they've already begun the construction."

Spoiled Rich did turn to leave, but she turned back to us again. "This isn't over. I WILL get this land for my spa! Just you wait! I'll take this to court if I have to, but there will be NO museum built here! And get that metal monstrosity out of here!"

I was shocked. "What?!?! Do you mean our train Mrs. Rich?"

"YES!!!! Get rid of it! I can see it from my personal balcony at my mansion, and it's HIDEOUS!!!! It should be melted down for scrap!"

When Spoiled said that, ALL of the on-hand crew looked out of the train at her, and all of them looked mad!

I laughed. "Heh, you want this train, you'll have to take it from us, which you WILL NOT be doing! This train is American property, as well as the property of the Railway Warfare Division, and it's soon to be the property of the Equestrian Foreign Legion. And no, it's NOT for sale!"

She looked mad enough to kill. "Just you wait, all of you! I'll take this to court if I have to, but I will get an order to have this.....metal....THING, REMOVED from your possession, and MELTED DOWN FOR SCRAP!!!! THEN I will take the rest of you to court for CRIMINAL TRESPASSING, and have you EVICTED from my land! So you'd all better just give me what I want now, OR ELSE!!!!"

Don got right up in her face, and he looked almost mad enough to kill. "Ok Missy, you listen here, and you listen good! You WILL NOT be getting this land, and you ESPECIALLY will NOT be getting our train! Now then, please leave before we have YOU arrested for trespassing!"

Spoiled pushed Don away, and stormed off. "THIS ISN'T OVER!!!" She vowed. "You haven't seen the last of me! I will be back, and you will all be GONE!!!! When I WANT something, I ALWAYS get it!!!!"

Filthy Rich then turned to us. "Please, forgive my wife. She's REALLY used to having her way, and when you stood up to her Major Don, that REALLY pissed her off! Nopony's really done that before! Also, I will be doing everything in my power to help you keep this land if it comes to that. You all saved my entire business empire, so I owe you a great debt."

"We....saved your business empire?" I was confused.

He nodded. "Yes. During the Battle of Ponyville, some of you made a final stand in the town square. Just off to the right of your barricades was my flagship store. Inside of that store was a large amount of extremely valuable goods that would have been IRREPLACEABLE if lost! I mean it, I couldn't even get INSURANCE on any of those goods, so if they had been lost, I would have been RUINED! You saved my store, and my business, so for that, I offer you my greatest of thanks! Oh, and if you ever need help with anything, just let me know." He then handed each of us a business card. "Goodbye for now!" He then followed his wife to make sure that she really left.

Once he was gone, Don, the foreman and I, all looked at each other.

"Wow, that was.....highly unusual to say the least!"

I nodded. "No kidding Don. Who does Spoiled Rich think that she is? Stamping around here like she owns the place! Ridiculous to say the least!"

The foreman looked worried though. "Yes, but what she says is indeed correct. If she wants something, then she won't stop until she gets it! You guys were the first Ponies, (or rather, Humans!) to have actually stood up to her!"

Don sighed. "Yeah, and that was really interesting, from both of them. Let's just hope that this blows over quietly, and that it really doesn't come to anything. It would be a real shame if we really DID have to fight her in court over this museum and memorial." Don then thought of something. "Hey Leopard?"

"Yeah Don?"

"Weren't you the one leading that counterattack in Ponyville Town Square?"

"Yeah, I was. We reached the Town Hall, set up a firing ling, and then let the Zebras have it! We held the entire Town Square until we forced the enemy to retreat, and then we chased them out. Obviously, we didn't even know that Filthy Rich's store was even there, but now that we've saved it, that could prove to be beneficial in the long run should this come to blows."

"Yes, I know that it would be." Don then turned to the foreman. "And how long until the museum would be completed? And this is assuming of course that everything ran on schedule."

"It'll take us maybe 2 years from start to finish. We've just barely begun preparing the ground for construction to begin. All we've done so far is to remove some of the old railroad tracks, ties, and ballast, in addition to preliminary surveying work. There's still more to go, as well as old buildings to tear down, the ground to level, then digging the foundations, before construction could begin on the museum itself."

"And what about the Battleship Express?"

The foreman pointed to the blueprints. "That's a special thing. Due to your specifications for it being in active reserve, it will be getting its own wing of the museum here. The wing will be built around the train, and will have doors on both ends so that it can drive in and out as needed. It will also be heated, air conditioned, well ventilated, dehumidified, and your train will be completely safe from the elements."

Don looked at the blueprints. "What you've all done is amazing. I know that when they're completed, this museum and memorial will go a long way in honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The stories of the Imperial War need to be told, as well as the stories of those who lost their lives, so what better way to do that than this?"

The foreman shook his head. "I really can't think of any, that's for sure!"

We all then got back to work until the sun went down.

By the time that I finally got home to Dash's house, I was well and truly shot.

"Hey Dashie, I'm home!"

She came flying down the stairs to meet me. "Stud!" She jumped into my arms, and kissed me. "I'm so glad that you're home!"

I nodded. "So am I Dash. Today was a LONG day!"

Dash looked at me. "Wow, you looked exhausted Stud. What happened today?"

"Heh, you have NO IDEA!!!" I then explained to her all about the preparation work for the museum's construction, as well as Spoiled Rich. "She really tried to bully, intimidate, threaten, as well as push us around. We pushed back, and she did leave, but she vowed that it wasn't over, and that she would fight us for the land. I hope that she was bluffing, but who knows."

Dash wrapped her arms around me again. "Wow, yeah. 'Spoiled Rich'? Try Spoiled BITCH!!!"

We both laughed at that. "Yeah, she really was being a bitch. Obviously she's used to having her way, and it sounded like we were the first ones to really stand up to her."

Dash nodded. "Yeah, most Ponies around here are scared of her. She's got money, power, and influence. She's ruined a number of Pony's lives before, and now it looks like she's set her sights on you guys. What she said was no joke; she'll really look for a way to drag you guys to court over that land. I don't know about your train, but I know that she'll sure try with that too!"

I shook my head. "Mon bieur! Well, I certainly hope that she cools off, and doesn't push this any farther."

"Yeah, so do I Stud, and are you hungry?"

I looked at my watch. It was now almost 8pm. "Actually, no. I ate with the guys on the Battleship Express."

"Just as I ate with my parents." Dash then looked up at me, smirking a bit. " that we're alone again Stud, and it's getting a little bit late, so how about we take a shower? I mean, you still DO want to see what those red knobs do, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah, totally!"

She then smirked, and grabbed me by the hand. "Well then come on Stud, let's go!"

I then followed Dash upstairs to her bathroom where more surprises were awaiting me, as well as a long night of "fun"!

Chapter 3.5: (WARNING: EXPLICIT!!!!!)

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Once we were up there, Dash opened the doors, and went inside. Since the sun had gone down, there was no more natural light, so in place of it, Dash turned on the regular lights. They were yellow and glowing, and they filled the room with soft yellow light. Dash also lit up a few candles as well.

"Wow Dash. Was this 'shower and some fun', or was this 'date-night'? I'm really getting confused over here!"

Dash just turned to me and smirked. However, she didn't say anything. Instead, first she removed her white shirt, and then her shorts. Underneath, she was wearing a black sports bra, with matching sports panties.

"Ok, Stud, now it's your turn!"

I then removed my shirt and pants, until I was just in my underwear as well. Dash then walked over to the sink, and opened one of the cabinets. She then took out a bottle of something, before opening it, pulling out what looked like a pill, and taking it.

"Huh? What what was that?"

She showed me.

"Oh, birth control?"

"Yeah. Like you said Stud, let's wait until we're married before starting a family!"

"Yeah, we don't want any 'accidents' happening, do we?"

"No, no we don't!"

("YES!!! I WANT an 'accident' to happen, so that I can Find a Way! Stupid pills! Why the hell was birth control invented anyway? To ruin my work, that's what!" Life was still upset with us. "Just remember you guys, one day, I'll Find a Way. One day, multiple foals in one birth, as well as the next stage of Human-Pony evolution! One day, I'LL GET MY REVENGE!!!!" Life then continued to plot how to Find a Way.)

Once Dash was done taking her birth control, she walked over to the shower. Here, she removed her sports bra, as well as her panties, before tossing them to the side. She then half-turned, and while swishing her tail a bit, with one finger she beckoned me to come closer.

"Come on Stud, the shower awaits!"

"Coming!" I then stripped off my boxers, before following her over to the shower.

Once I was there, Dash opened the shower doors, and stepped inside. "Stay back there for a moment Stud, I have to get the water all ready." She then began to reach for the red knobs.

"And what exactly do those do Dash?" I asked her. "From what you were saying earlier, they sounded like they did something really special."

"They do. Watch this!" Dash then turned the knobs, and to my surprise, from the shower heads came streams of rainbow-colored water!

"What the.....?! What IS that stuff?!"

Dash smirked. "This Stud, is a rainbow shower. Cloud homes like mine are the only houses in all of Equestria that have them."

"And, why's it so special? Earlier you made it sound like I couldn't handle it."

"Well, it's so special because of its special properties. For the most part, something about this water helps reinvigorate Pegasai, and help them get their strength back after flying for long distances, also has another property to it as well. This property is the reason that I didn't want you doing this for the first time without me."

I was curious. "Oh? And what would that 'other property' be?"

Dash smirked. "That 'other property' is causing arousal in Pegasai! It makes them horny Stud. That's why I wanted to be here; I just didn't want you to freak out or anything. Honestly though, I'm pretty surprised that you ACTUALLY listened to me earlier! I thought for SURE that you would have tried the red knobs!"

I just stared at Dash. "First of all, soldiers like me tend to always follow directions. Secondly though, why do you even have a shower that has 2 modes like this?"

"Well, because I don't always have the time for long rainbow showers, so that's when I just use the normal water."

"And where does this water even come from? We're literally flying in the sky right now, and I didn't see any pipes!"

Dash smirked. "That's the one thing that you Humans lack Stud; the ability to link imagination, and Magic. It comes from the clouds! Those clouds around my house are filled with water, and whenever it rains, the clouds just fill up again. As for the rainbow water though, that also comes from the clouds,'s actually really complicated to explain. I would, but I would most likely turn into Twilight by the time that I was done, so I'll just leave it at, 'it's really complicated'!"

I laughed a bit. "Heh, I always find it kinda funny and cute when you compare yourself to Twilight like that Dash."

Dash blushed. "Aww, stop it Stud. T-that's not funny!"

"You're blushing though."

Dash thought fast. "Well......I also find it cute when you end up being cute when you don't try to be!"

Now it was my turn to blush a bit. "D-Dash, stop it! Comebacks like that don't work!"

"Yeah? Well if they don't work, then why are you blushing?"

I covered my face with one of my wings. I also gave Dash the finger, but I immediately regretted doing so, and yanked my hand down. "I'm truly sorry Dash, that was extremely uncalled for on my part. Please forgive me for that."

I felt my wing move a bit, and I saw Dash was looking at me. She then smirked, and waved her hand around a bit, before showing me how tall her middle finger was.

"Hmm, well f@#k you too Stud! And there, now we're equal!"

I was shocked, but yet, I should have expected it. Dash was brash, tomboyish, hotheaded, and a bit of a rebel. "Huh, yeah, I guess that we kinda are.” For whatever reason though, I flipped her off again, and she flipped me a bird right back.

For the next several minutes, we literally just stood there, buck-naked, while smirking, blushing, and literally flipping each other off! We even flipped each other off with our wings!

Eventually though, Dash started laughing. "Oh COME ON! Are we SERIOUSLY just gonna stand here flipping each other off all night, or are we actually gonna f@#k?"

I shrugged. "I dunno, what do you wanna do?"

"I want you to stop saying 'f@#k you' with your finger, and actually f@#k me!"

"Well, I would do that, but I thought that we were gonna take a shower first!"

"Ok, so let's do that before the water get's cold!"

I agreed, and once Dash stepped into the rainbow shower, I followed her.

When I did, I almost immediately felt the warm, sweet-smelling water hit my body, and when it did, I relaxed immediately.

"Ahh, now THIS is so much better than flipping each other off! Why the heck were we even doing that?!"

Dash looked like she was about to start laughing uncontrollably. "I........have no idea Stud! You started it!"

"Yeah, but I IMMEDIATELY regretted it!"

"And I flipped you a bird back so that we were equal. But then you flipped me off AGAIN! It just went on and on after that."

"Yeah, it was really stupid wasn't it?"

In response, Dash just flipped me one final bird.

I didn't flip her back, but I was confused. "Hey, what was that for?"

"Well, just after I asked you if we were just gonna stand there all night, you flipped me one more time. I never got a chance to flip you back. "NOW we're equal, and please make it stay that way!"

I nodded, "Sure thing Babe, but for whatever reason, I still find this whole thing really funny."

She giggled a bit. "Yeah, I know what you mean Stud. I know that one day we'll look back at tonight, and laugh hysterically at just how stupid we were!"

"Yeah, hopefully. Now then, do you want to wash me first, or should I wash you?"

"Um......I think that I'll wash you Stud."

Dash then led me over to one of the seats, and after having me sit down, she gently began to wash my mane, while the water flowed down around us.

"Wow Stud, you've got a REALLY thick mane!"

I nodded. "Yeah, and I think that it's due to me being a Human-Bat-Pony hybrid."

"Well, I like it. It's all thick, and kinda furry!"

"Yeah, and what kind of shampoo do you use?"

"This stuff. It's great for keeping dander at bay. Plus, it really gives your mane a nice shine, and gets rid of all of the knots and tangles."

I looked at the bottle. "Wait, Mane N' Tail?! That's the exact same shampoo that I use! I wondered why it smelled so familiar!"

She looked at me with surprise. "Wait, you guys have this stuff too?"

"Yes! Mane N' Tail was THE BEST for us Human-wolves. We always used it, AND its conditioner!"

Dash sighed. "Wow, we really are more alike than we even knew. Who knew that we had the same brand of shampoo?" Dash also washed my tail with it as well.

"Now then, here comes the tricky part Stud, your wings. They are such a pain in the ass to clean by yourself!"

"Yeah tell me about it! I have to use 2 mirrors, AND a series of long-handled brushes!"

Dash smirked. "Yeah, that's why it's SO nice to have a partner do it for you!" She then lathered up some body-wash, and got to work on my wings.

All the while, I purred and cooed softly. What Dash was doing felt amazing, and I don't know if it was her, the rainbow shower, or both, but I was really starting to feel aroused.

"Stud, you do know that you're making really adorable noises, right?"

I blushed. "S-shut up! It's not my fault, y-you're just making me feel so good!"

She blushed a bit as well. "It's not me Stud. Pegasai and Bat-Ponies, we're all wing-sensitive. It's just in our nature."

I shrugged, and after Dash rinsed off my black feathery wings, she had me stand up while she washed the rest of me. Here's where things got really 'hands on'!

All while she was washing me, Dash kept rubbing herself up against me on purpose. Before too long, I was out of my sheath, and at full mast.

"Wow! Looks like somepony's enjoying this, am I right?"

"N-nyah!" I moaned in response.

Dash then gently wrapped her hand around my shaft, and began to stroke me off.

"Ngh!" I moaned in response.

After stroking me off for a few minutes, Dash then popped me into her mouth.


I could hear Dash giggle a bit as she began to work on me. She sucked up and down on my member, but after only a few minutes, she suddenly spit me back out again.

"Hey, why'd you do that Dash?"

Dash then stood up. "Because Stud, you need to wash me too! You don't get all of the pleasures around here; I have to get some too!"

I nodded. "Yeah, you're right Dash."

She then got up, and walked over to the same seat where I'd been sitting, and once she sat down, I lathered up some shampoo, and began to wash her mane.

"Mmm, that feels so good Stud."

"Thanks, and your mane feels really nice as well."

"Mmm, thanks. Just wait until you get to my tail, not to mention my wings!"

I nodded, and got back to work.

Once her mane and tail, as well as her wings were done, I then got to work on the rest of her. Dash was leaning over forwards, both so that I could wash her better, and so that I could f@#k her once I was ready.

I then reached around, and began to fondle Dash's tits. "N-nyah!" She chirped in response.

"Like Dashie like Stud!" I whispered softly. I also began to kiss, and even lick and nibble her neck gently. I didn't bite hard enough to draw blood, but I did cause Dash to moan a bit.

By this point, I could tell that Dash was ready. She'd moved her tail to the side, and her pussy was all wet; and not just from the water!

I was rock-hard, and as gently as I could, I lined up with Dash, and pushed into her.


"Eeee!" I screed softly in response.

"Wait, did you just.....scree Stud?"


Dash just sighed. "So you really do have a lot of Bat-pony in you after all! And you really CAN scree! Now then, let's see if you can SCREW!"

I winced. "Dash that joke was painful, and you know it!"

"Heh, yeah it was. Now f@#k me stupid!"

"Dash, you already are stupid. You don't need me to f@#k any more into you!"

"Hey, I'm no more stupid than the Stud who's f@#king me!"

"Be careful there Dash. I'm about to call you a slut."

"Oh, and why's that?"

"Because you moan like one!"

"What, no I don......OUGH!!!" I thrust into her again.

"Are you sure about that Dashie?"

Dash then thrust back into me. "Eeeee!!!"

"Heh, and you scree like a Bat-Pony. What was your point again?"

I didn't answer. Instead, I decided to take Dash up on her offer, and f@#k her stupid.

For a good long while, we f@#ked in the doggy position. Then, we f@#ked in a standing position, and at one point, Dash even had her legs wrapped around my hips!

Because of my extremely high levels of stamina, I was able to keep going for a good long while. Eventually though, I felt myself getting close.

"Ngh, D-Dash.....I'm g-getting close. Where.....d-do you want it?"

"Ngh, mouth Stud; feed me!"

I complied. After pulling out of her, she laid back on one of the seats, and after taking me back into her mouth, I pumped her stomach full of my hot foal-batter.

Once I was done spurting, I pulled back out of Dash's mouth, before coming to lean against the wall, as my knees were rather weak.

"That was........amazing Stud. You're good at this!"

I smiled. "Thanks Dash, you're not so bad yourself!"

Once she had a bit of strength back, Dash got up, and turned off the shower. Then she went over, and after opening the shower door, she grabbed a towel, and handed me one too.

"Thanks Dash."

"You're welcome Stud."

The towels were cyan blue, and had a picture of her Cutie-Mark on them. Once we were dried off, Dash then led the way out of the shower. I began to walk towards the bathroom door, but Dash stopped me.

"Oh, and where do you think that you're going Stud?"

I was surprised. "Wait, you mean we're not done in here yet?"

Dash shook her head. "Nope! We haven't had fun in the Jacuzzi yet!" She then walked over to it. When she did, I got a better look at it.

For starters, it was huge! It was shaped like a circle, and if I had to guess, I'd say that it was 8 feet all around. It was also white, and had stairs leading up to it. One one side, there was a seat, and on another side there was the faucet and knobs. There were also jets to make bubbles, and provide relaxation.

"Wow, this thing is BIG!!!"

Dash nodded. "Yeah. This was here when I bought the house, although it was gray instead of white. I mostly use it when I've gotten back from a long stint with the Wonderbolts to help me relax my muscles."

"It looks more like an actual hot tub than a Jacuzzi bath tub. If not for the obvious drain, as well as the faucet, and only one seat, I'd swear that it was one!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean Stud. But now, fun time!" Dash then turned the water on, and after getting it warm, she then plugged the drain, and while the tub was filling, she added bubble bath, as well as what I guessed were bath salts, and bath oil.

"Mmm, watermelon!"

Dash giggled a bit. "Yeah, you can't go wrong with watermelon scented bath oil!"

Once the tub was full, Dash shut the water off, before climbing up the steps, and into the tub. I then decided to have a little fun. Instead of just climbing in, I took flight, and once I was up to the bathroom ceiling, as well as being directly over the tub, I turned downwards, and all while still flying, I placed my arms out in front of me, and in exaggerated slow motion, I did a splash-free swan dive into the tub!

When I came back up, Dash just groaned. "Really Stud? REALLY? Was that necessary?"

I smirked. "Necessary? Nope. Fun? Heck yeah!"

Dash put her hands over her face. "Sometimes, I just.....don't even know what to do with you Stud! You're just too much!"

"Yeah, maybe, but you still love me, right?"

Dash sighed. "Well, I can't stay mad at you, THAT'S for sure!"

We both then laughed, and once we'd both gotten "frisky" again, we went at it again in the tub. This time, I blew my load into Dash's pussy, and we both cried out in bliss.

Eventually, once we'd drained the tub and dried ourselves off again, Dash then led the way out of the bathroom, and back out into her bedroom. When I saw her alarm clock, I saw that the time was just a little bit past 10.

"Huh, so it's only a little bit past 10. Should we go to bed now Dash?"

Dash shook her head. "Nah, I was thinking that we could watch another movie."

"Which one?"

"Eh, what about Star Horse?"

I shrugged. "Sure, that sounds like fun."

I also noticed that Dash had a TV in her room that I missed the night before, and once she'd popped the VHS tape into the VCR, we both grabbed a few snacks, before laying down on her bed, (still naked, mind you!) to watch the movie.

All while we watched, we cuddled, and even fed each other snacks from time to time. I'd hold something in the palm of my hand, and Dash would eat it, or vice versa. Or one of us would hold something out to the other, and then they'd eat it, and Dash even brought up a bottle of whipped cream, and we'd put a little on ourselves, and the other would lick it off. Once the movie ended, still armed with our whipped cream, we went at it again for one more round.

Little did we suspect though, during our entire sexual adventures, we were being watched. From the moment that we entered the bathroom, to our flipping each other off, to our shower, the Jacuzzi, and the movie, Aurora and Tank watched our every move. They could not believe what they were seeing.

"I don't understand it Tank. What is up with them?!"

Tank didn't say anything, but he did look at Aurora as if to say, "Yeah, I know what you mean! Somepony's gone off their rails!"

"Well, thanks to my battle-armor, I have all of this on video, so maybe one day we could make some money off of it!"

"What, Really? How?"

"By selling it to the porn industry!"

"Eh, bad idea Aurora!"

She sighed. "Yeah, maybe you're right Tank. Well, at any rate, they've finally gone to bed, so I guess that we should do the same as well." She then walked over to her favorite rug, and Tank did follow her, though at a very slow rate of speed.

"Oh yeah, that's the one thing about you turtles and tortoises; you're slow."

Eventually, Tank did make it, and once he was beside Aurora, he pulled up into his shell for the night.

"Goodnight Tank."

Aurora then heard a series of small taps coming from inside of Tank's shell, which she interpreted to mean, "Goodnight Aurora."

Aurora then rolled over, and after wrapping her tail around herself, she went to sleep.

Chapter 4: Rest of the Week, Victory Ball

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The next morning, Stacy had another visitor to her cell.

"Hey Mistress Stacy."

She looked up. "Huh? Oh, hey Sally. What's up?"

He smirked at her. "Oh, I just came down to talk to you."

"And am I any closer to being able to get out of here?"

Face shrugged. "Well, like Empress Demetria said, you're stuck in there until you've apologized to your sister Carla, and learned your lesson about controlling your temper."

Stacy groaned. "Well, I'm NOT going to be apologizing to Carla! She's a bitch, and a slut! She got herself knocked up by He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named, and had a SON! NOT a Futa! Inexcusable! Filthy Hermaphrodite!"

Face put a hand over his mask. For so long, he'd listened to Stacy whine, moan, and complain about her sister Carla. It got really old, really fast, but since his mask hid his entire face except for his eyes, he could make all of the faces that he wanted, and nobody would notice.

"Hey Sally?"

"Yeah Mistress Stacy?"

"Why do you always wear that mask? I know that I've asked you this before, but I cannot for the life of me remember the answer."

Face sighed. "It's not a mask Mistress Stacy; it's a prosthetic. A prosthetic face, to be exact. If you remember correctly, back in the days of WW6, back while I was still a US soldier fighting AGAINST the Futa Empire, I got into a life-threatening accident. My entire face, and parts of my torso and chest had been almost completely stripped of flesh by shrapnel. Somehow, my eyes survived completely intact, although I was in the hospital in a coma. Artificial skin was placed over the wounds, but the look was horrid, and unnatural.

Eventually, I was given my prosthetic face, and I've worn it ever since. My wounds still haven't healed, so I always wear my mask. Captain Le........He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named........also had one, although his was a Kitsune mask. I got mine first, but HIS was more popular! I heard that he wore it all of the time after my little sabotage mission, and never really took it off."

Stacy nodded. "Ok, that makes sense. I'll be able to remember that now. And is that all? You kinda looked like you wanted to ask or tell me something."

Face nodded. "Yeah, I did. While I was out with your ball yesterday, I met a creature who offered us a chance at ruling the Futa Empire......." Face then went on to explain all about Sombra, and what had been promised if they helped him. "....Basically, you'd be the majority of the operations, while I gave you the power to make it happen. We WILL rule Stacy!"

Stacy smirked. "Heh, yeah, I don't really like 'General Stacy' too much anymore. However, 'EMPRESS Stacy' sounds MUCH better! Don't you agree?"

Face smirked, but it couldn't be seen. "Yeah, it does Mistress Stacy. With you at the helm, me providing support, and Sombra backing us, your empire could one day cover an entire planet!"

Stacy was once again becoming consumed with her ambitions. Technically, if and when Demetria died, Carla would become the next Empress. However, if she died, then it used to fall down to Stacy, until Demetria removed her from the chain of command. As to who her replacement was, Stacy didn't know.

She looked back at Face. "Soon, I could be the Empress instead of my mother! I'll let this go a little bit longer, because why would I waste effort building the empire myself when I can just wait for my mother to finish it before killing her?!"

"But, what about Carla though? Isn't she next in the chain of command?"

Stacy laughed. "My SISTER!?!?!? Have you seen her lately Face, she's LITERALLY early-onset senile! All she cares about is that little bastard-brat of hers, and her mind still yearns for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. She's barely there anymore Face. She'll be ZERO threat to me!"

Stacy then laughed, Face laughed, and even Sombra laughed. He still could not BELIEVE how easy it was to get Stacy and Face to do his bidding. He was able to play off of their feelings to get them to do what he wanted, as well as feed off of their anger and ambitions. Already he was starting to regain his lost strength, and every day, he got slowly stronger. He knew that it was going to take a while, but even a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

"This will be a long road to recovery, but with those two naive little shits doing all of the heavy-lifting, I will get my powers back!"

Sombra then got back to work with laughing with Stacy and Face.

In Ponyville, all of us were still hard at work. For the rest of that week, those of us who weren't servicing or taking care of the train were hard at work helping clear out the Old Railyards. The same bulldozers, loaders, tractors, and excavators that had helped rebuild Ponyville and Appaloosa, and had fought in Zebrica and Donneth now found use fighting dirt, rocks, rubble, and ballast.

The rails were still being torn up, and the debris from them was being sent to be recycled. There were a few buildings, such as water towers, coal hoppers, signal boxes, and storage sheds that needed to be torn down as well.

Iron Glory, since she was a 4-4-0, and was small enough to be used on the rails a lot, was put to work hauling away the debris, which went either to the landfill, a dumping site for dirt and rocks, or a recycling facility outside of town that dealt with construction and demolition site waste.

The whole site was fenced off, although holes were left in the fences so that ponies could watch us work. From 9am to 6pm every day from Wednesday, August 1st, to Friday, August 3rd, we all worked hard. Eventually, by Saturday, August 4th, the job was done. Aside from a water tower and coal hopper that serviced the Battleship Express and Iron Glory, As well as the tracks that they sat on that still hooked up to the main line, the entire area that used to be the Old Railyard was all dug up. Now the real work of leveling the area, as well as the rest of the surveying work, could begin. Then once that was finally done, then we could get to work on beginning to dig the foundations for the museum.

Don looked over the site. "Well done boys, this was a fine piece of work! We're well on our way to getting this museum built, and everything's going according to the schedule!"

"Actually", The foreman piped up, "We're slightly AHEAD of schedule now! The rest of the demolition wasn't slated to be done until the middle of next week! We're now 4 days ahead of schedule! With all of you helping the rest of the construction crews, as well as putting your big heavy machines to work here, the work's been going MUCH faster than we ever believed that it would."

Don nodded. "Well, we're just glad for the employment! With some of us working on the Battleship Express, it leaves the rest of us free to work on the museum."

The foreman agreed, and then he, Don, and later Jim, talked about this for a while longer.

Meanwhile, before it was time to start getting ready for the ball, I had a meeting to get to. Dash and I were on our way to the Wonderbolt Academy, so that we could meet up with Spitfire. Then, once she was with us, we would head over to Cloudsdale City Hall, and look through the archives until we'd found that contract that the two of them signed in their own blood. I wanted to see it for myself, and see if it had any loopholes.

"I sure hope that Spitfire will be happy to see us again." I told Dash as we flew.

"Are you kidding me Stud? OF COURSE she'll be happy to see us! I'm her best flyer, and you're her kinda-sorta coltfriend!"

I blushed a little bit. "Eh, let's just focus on the matter at hand! We have to meet her, and then get over to Cloudsdale City Hall so that we can find that contract of yours. I want to see for MYSELF what this whole deal is really all about!"

Dash nodded. "Yeah, I know Stud, so that's why we're doing this now!"

I sighed, and a few minutes later, we saw it; Wonderbolt Academy.

"Wow, this place is even cooler up close!"

Dash smirked. "Yeah, no kidding Stud! This place is awesome!"

Once we'd landed, we slowly made our way over to Spitfire's office. All while we walked though, Wonderbolts, recruits, and staff alike all stopped and stared at me.

"Whoa, that's Captain Leopard!"

"What? NO! THE Captain Leopard?!"

"Yeah, the guy who helped win the Imperial War!"

"One of the engineers of the Battleship Express, war hero, as well as being the coltfriend to Rainbow Dash! How much luckier can you get than that?!"

"You can't!"

I sighed. I was used to the celebrity status by now. Even while we were still back on Earth, whenever the Battleship Express was in town, EVERYBODY came out to see us! Battalion 4009 was the most popular, and well known unit in the US Military. EVERYONE knew us by name, as there was even merchandise! T-shirts, hats, hoodies, golf balls, commemorative coins, Frisbees, buttons, pins, toys, models, and of course, Lionel and MTH got in on the act, and made O-Scale electric trains of the Battleship Express and Iron Glory.

"It'll wear off eventually", I thought. "One day, we'll just be normal Humans, and everypony will move on from us." I then sighed, and Dash and I walked inside of the main academy building.

Eventually, we reached Spitfire's office. I knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Leopard and Dash Spits. We're here."

"Oh, well come on in guys!"

"Ok." I opened the door, and sure enough, Spitfire was there. She was sitting behind her desk, working on some paperwork.

She was wearing her blue academy uniform, and had goggles on her forehead as well. When she saw us, she got up and walked over to us.

"Hey Dash, hey Stud!" She hugged both of us.

"Hey Spits, it's nice to see you too. How are you today?"

She sighed. "As good as the Captain of the Wonderbolts can be Stud."

"Well, that's good to hear. So are you able to go to Cloudsdale City Hall now?"

She nodded. "Yeah. With the Victory Ball later on tonight, most of us are just wrapping up our work now. We can go now if you want."

I nodded. "Yeah. I want to see this document for myself, and see if I can find any loopholes in it."

Sptifire sighed. "Yeah, so let's just get this over with. Let's go."

We all then left the Academy, and took flight for Cloudsdale.

Once we arrived in the city a little while later, we all went straight for City Hall. When we walked inside, we were greeted by a receptionist.

"Ah, Captain Spitfire. So nice to see you again! Oh, and I see that you brought some friends with you as well."

Spitfire nodded. "Yeah. This is Rainbow Dash, one of my fellow Wonderbolts, and this is Captain Leopard."

"The guy from the Battleship Express!!! EEEE!!!! I'm such a huge fan of yours Captain Leopard! What you did during the Imperial war was AMAZING!!!!!"

I sighed. "Yeah, it was something else alright!"

Once the receptionist was able to get a better grip on herself, she looked back at us. "So, what can I do for you all today?"

Spitfire sighed. "Well, we need to get into the archives. There's a document in there that I need to find."

The receptionist nodded. "Certainly! I will be with you in just a moment to take you down there."

We all sat down on some nearby chairs, and waited for a few minutes. Finally, when the receptionist was able to help us again, she took us down to the basement of City Hall.

Once we were down there, she opened a door at the end of the hallway, and beckoned us inside. "Ok, here we are, the archives!"

I looked around. The entire room was massive, and was filled with rows upon rows of shelves and filing cabinets that went all of the way up to the ceiling.

"Whoa, this place is HUGE!!!"

The receptionist nodded. "Yes, it is indeed!" She then turned back to Spitfire. "So, what document are you looking for?"

Spitfire thought for a moment. "Well, it was filed away about 2 years ago, just before the Imperial War began. I filed it under my name, and it should be under marriage contracts."

"Ok, marriage contracts. Got it. Follow me!" She then led the way over to a massive series of filing cabinets. After climbing up a ladder, she began to look.

"Just for reference, what is your full name Captain?"

"It's Flare. Spitfire Flare."

"Ok, Flare. F. Got it!" She reached a file drawer for F's. After searching for a few minutes, she found it. "Ok, I found it!" She then flew back down to us. She handed the file to Spitfire. "Here it is Captain!"

Spitfire then handed it to me. "Ok, this is it, open it Stud!"

With trembling hands, I opened up the file folder. What I found inside was very shocking indeed. The document was indeed there, and at the bottom, I saw where it had been signed in blood! I then began to read the document.

"Ok, so this document hereby states that the loser of the race will be the lesser wife in a relationship, while the winner will be the primary wife. It also states that all parties must sign the document in their own blood. The contract is not valid without it. Well there's your loophole right there. If I sign this in INK, then it automatically becomes null and void! If I sign this contract in ink, then I release all of you from it."

Dash was looking over my shoulder. "Um, I don't think so Stud. Look at this!" She pointed to another line.

"Also, if any parties refuse to sign the document in blood, or sign it in ink, then they will be punished to the full extent of the law, as they have violated the legal terms of this contract."

"What the.....what? Did you guys put this in here?!"

They both shook their heads. "No Stud, we swear!"

"It must have happened either when we got it authenticated, or notarized."

"So now if I don't sign this contract, I could be in legal trouble! But yet, how can I be held responsible for barely-legal actions not my own? I did not consent to this, so why should I be held responsible?"

Spitfire sighed. "Now I'm REALLY wishing that I paid better attention when they drew up this contract! I was so busy bragging to Dash that I never really read it all carefully."

"And neither did I stud."

I put my hands over my face. "Great, just great. Now I'M stuck in a legal contract that I can't get out of, and if I refuse then I end up in court! Just.......I don't even know what to say right now."

Spitfire thought for a moment. "Well", she said slowly, "We could always take this document to a legal expert and have it interpreted for us."

"And what's THAT going to cost?"

Spitfire shrugged. "Well, since it's only a simple matter of having a document interpreted, it shouldn't cost too much. Plus, there's a law office just down the street."

Dash and I agreed, and then we took the document to the law office.

When we arrived there, after waiting for a bit, we were ushered over to the office of L. Eagle, Attorney at Law.

Once we were inside of his office, the aging Pegasus with gray fur, and a white mane and tail looked at us. "So, what can I do for you three today?"

Spitfire sighed. "Well Sir, the truth is, we need you to help us interpret this document. It was drawn up about 2 years ago, and now we have need of it. However, it involves the matter of a polygamous marriage, so we need legal help with this."

He glared at me. "Is he forcing you to do this?"

"No! He's the one caught up in all of this...." Spitfire then explained about the bet, as well as the events leading up to, and after it. "So that's where everything currently stands. We need help interpreting this document, and none of us want to get into any legal trouble."

After Spitfire handed him the document, he put on his glasses, and looked it over.

"Well", he said after a time, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but you three are legally bound by this contract."

"What?!" I was shocked.

"I'm afraid so. In layman's terms, this contract calls for the marriage of 3 individuals; 2 mares and 1 stallion. The 2 mares in question have already signed and sealed the deal, which leaves you the odd one out Captain Leopard. Have you signed the document?"

"No Sir."

"Are you in a relationship with either Rainbow Dash or Captain Spitfire?"

"Yes Sir. Rainbow Dash is my marefriend, and Captain Spitfire is a close friend."

"Have you handled the document?"

"Yes Sir, I have."

"That's the problem then. By handling the document, as well as being in a relationship with both of the mares who signed it, you are now legally bound to marry them. If you do not sign this contract, then you WILL be in serious legal trouble. It would take thousands to fight this in court, and even then, the odds are not in your favor. If you want, I can go and talk to my boss, as he's legally licensed to perform marriage ceremonies. We can just get this over right now if you want."

We all looked at each other in horror, before looking back at Eagle. "NO!!!" We all said together.

"Um, we're making other arrangements by ourselves!" Spitfire quickly added.

I then looked at Mr. Eagle. "Um Sir, does the contract say that I have to marry both of them at the same time? Both of my marefriends here were each hoping for their own ceremony. Also, their families don't like each other very well, and I don't want to cause any unnecessary stress for anypony."

He shrugged. "No, you can marry each of them in their own ceremony if you want; this contract gives leeway for that. However, the other ceremony must be done within 1 year of the first."

I sighed. "Well, thank you for your time Sir. I guess that we'll just be going now. We have to get dressed for the Victory Ball tonight in Canterlot."

Eagle nodded. "Ah, yes, that would be a very nice place to propose to your marefriends! I wish you all the best of luck!"

We all looked at each other, and once we were convinced that L. Eagle had lost his mind, we all got out of that office and fled back out into the streets of Cloudsdale.

"Great. This is just PEACHY!!!! Now I'm stuck with this, your parents are going to kill me, and I don't even have anything to say in my defense!"

Dash and Spitfire both looked at each other, before turning back to me.

"Eh, this might not be as dark as you think Stud. Remember, this was our fault, not yours. Spitfire and I made that bet, and you just got caught in the crossfire."

"I'll have to tell that to my attorney....oh wait, that's right, I don't have one, and the ones around here are loons!"

They could both see the amount of stress that I was under. "Well, if you want, we could try to talk to our mothers about it at the ball, and see what they would say."

I shrugged. "Sure, if you think that it would help."

We all then parted ways so that we could all get ready for the ball. We all agreed to meet back up at the Battlehip Express, as it was going to be taken with us to Canterlot.

Dash went back to her house, and after picking up the dress that Rarity had made for her, she quickly showered, and put it on. When she did, she admired herself in the mirror. "Wow, I actually look pretty cute!"

I did stop by to pick up Aurora, but Dash told me that I couldn't see her until the ball. "Ok, fine, I can wait!" I then took Aurora, and after flying her to the ground, we quickly made our way back to the train.

When we arrived there a few minutes later, I quickly got into the shower, and once I was out, from my dresser, still wrapped up in plastic from the last time that it was dry-cleaned, I pulled out my formal uniform. I'd never gotten a chance to wear it during WW6, but now I would finally get to. "Gosh, I only wore this when I got outfitted with it. I certainly hope that it still fits!"

I then pulled on a pair of clean boxers and socks, and then I began to pull on the uniform. (I did have to cut holes into it for my wings and tail, but that's besides the point!) It greatly resembled a US Marines Class A uniform. There were black shoes, dark blue pants with a red stripe running down the sides of the legs, a dark blue button-up tunic, a white belt around the waist, and a dark blue hat. On the shoulders of the uniform was my rank, which was Captain, as well as all of the medals, and other honors I had been awarded with over the years I'd been in the US Army, and RWD, and the insignia of the Railway Warfare Division was on the front of my hat as well. (I also had to cut holes in my hat for my ears as well!) I then looked myself over in the mirror on the back of my door.

"Wow, I look pretty good in this! I'm glad that it still fits!"

Aurora barked an approval as well.

"Oh yeah, I can't forget about you Girl!"

I then gave Aurora a bath as well, and once she was all dried off, I helped her into her own uniform. Yes, just like the rest of us, because she was the official mascot of the Battleship Express, she had her own uniform! It consisted of a small blue tunic with an attached tie, a blue skirt with a hole for her tail, small black shoes for her back paws, and of course, a blue hat for her head. The entire uniform was custom made for her, and she loved it.

"Ok, now I'm ready too Master!"

I nodded. "I know Aurora. However, it's almost time for that meeting with Don, so let's go!"

I then put a leash on Aurora, and together we walked outside of the train.

Sure enough, Don was standing there in his formal uniform, as was everyone else.

"Ok, everyone, this is it. Tonight is the night of the Victory Ball! The ball is being thrown to honor the heroes who have returned from battle, so remember we are HONORED GUESTS! This will be no different than a ball thrown to honor the President of the United States. We all must be on our BEST behavior, so that means NO running! NO shouting! NO discharging of firearms! NO falsifying stories! Basically, if you weren't at a certain battle, DO NOT say that you were! NO drinking out of chocolate fountains!" Here he glared directly at a gunnery officer. "NO sex in the bathrooms!" He glared at somebody else. "NO grinding against your partner! (This means YOU Alex Barkley!) NO cussing! NO spitting! NO getting drunk! NO drugs! NO picking up mares! NO picking up stallions! NO....."

"Um, Major Don?"

"Oh, yes Todd?"

"What CAN we do at this ball?"

Don sighed. "Oh, right. Well, I just got a little carried away. I just DO NOT want a repeat of that fancy dinner in Chicago back in May of 2028! I think that you ALL remember that episode!"

We all looked down at the ground. Yes, most, if not ALL of us remembered that night!

Don then continued. "What you all CAN do however, is have fun, eat some food, spend time with your friends and those you love, and enjoy your accomplishments. This ball was made possible by your contributions, so please act like it!"

We all nodded, and once we were all onboard the train, Joe blew the whistle, and the train departed Ponyville for Canterlot. (Dash sent word to me that she was just going to head to the ball, and meet me in Canterlot.)

For the most part, the train ride to Canterlot was dull and boring. Every now and again though, we would see some Ponies who would wave and cheer for us. We would often blow a quick blast of our whistle in thanks.

Eventually, we reached the base of Canterlot Mountain. Now we had to be really careful, as the tracks and bridges going up it were NOT rated for a train as heavy as the Battleship Express! Slowly but surely, Big Boy 4009 made her way up the mountain. Higher and higher she went, until she finally reached Canterlot Station at the very top.

"Woo hoo! We did it!" Joe then blew the whistle to signify our arrival, and once the train stopped, most of us got out onto the station platform. The few who remained on the train then drove it to a siding, and then they got ready for the ball, while detachments of Royal Guards stood guard over the train.

The crowds at the station were enormous.

"Dang! Is this a ball, or Black Friday?!" I heard Alex yell. "I'm confused!"

"Yeah, no kidding!" Fred added. "This place is nuts!"

Somehow though, we were able to find our dates. Alex, Don, Dan, Todd, and myself were able to find Applejack, Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Dash.

When I saw Dash, I gasped slightly in surprise. "Oh my gosh!" I thought, "She's GORGEOUS!" Dash was wearing a dress that from the waist up was cyan blue, and had short sleeves. Her rainbow colored mane was tied up in a ponytail, and draped over her shoulder. From the waist down, her dress was as rainbow-colored as her mane and tail. On her hooves she wore golden colored shoes. She also had a small brooch in her mane that looked just like her Cutie-Mark.

Dash then sauntered up to me. "Hey Stud. Like whatcha see?"

I couldn't even remember my own name, much less tell her that I liked what I saw!

"I know ya do!" Dash then kissed me gently on the cheek.

"Aww." The crowd around us cooed. "Such a cute couple!"

I was blushing like mad, but I still didn't really say anything. To Dash though, I did say, "Yeah, you look beautiful Dash."

Now she blushed a bit. "Aww, thanks Stud. You're so sweet."

After a few more minutes, it was time for us to make our way inside of the castle for the ball. All of the other ponies went in first, and because we were honored guests, we would come in a bit later.

Don and Twilight then moved to the front of the group. "Ok guys, this is it. Form up!"

We all then formed into our ranks as best we could. All of us who had marefriends were at the front; soldier on the left, mare on the right. Behind us came the rest of the train crew in columns of 2. Don and Twilight were leading the way, then Dash and I, Alex and Applejack, Todd and Fluttershy, Pinkie and Dan, Cole and Missy, and finally, Rarity and Andy Shepherd, who was one of the Engine Guardsmen of Secondary Crew. (They were paired up for the night, as Rarity was feeling left out. All of her friends had coltfriends, except for her. Andy volunteered to be her date for the ball.)

"Ok, Company steady, forward march!"

We all then began our slow walk into the castle. All around us, other ponies were taking pictures, and cheering for us. Once we'd made it inside, the crowd within went wild. A band was playing an upbeat tune, and from further inside, we heard,

"And now please put your hands together for the boys who made it all happen, the American Humans from Battalion 4009!"

Up at the front of the main ballroom, I saw Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, as well as General....well, now Prince again, Shining Armor. Celestia was motioning for us to come up to the front. Once we were all up there, all 216 train crew, and all 1,112 soldiers of Battalion 4009 lining the aisle, Celestia spoke.

"It's certainly hard to believe that just 2 and a half months ago, we were all at the bottom of the bottle. The Imperial War was still raging, and the enemy was making new gains all of the time. However, just when all hope seemed lost, the Heavens answered our prayers, and they sent the Battleship Express, as well as Battalion 4009 to us! In less than a week, they'd begun rolling back the enemy's advances, and in just 2 short months, both the Caribou Empire, and the Zebra Empire were wiped out, never to rise again!"

The crowd cheered for us.

"However!" Celestia continued, "Now that the war is over, it is time for these boys to begin making new lives for themselves. By their sides, they do have their marefriends, however, I would like to offer them something as well. Well actually 2 somethings! First of all, I'm proud to announce the creation of the first Equestrian Foreign Legion! The backbone of this foreign legion will the Battleship Express, it's crew, and Battalion 4009. The rest of the legion will be made up of Griffons, Diamond Dogs, Minotaurs, Donkeys, Dragons, and all others who hold Equestrian Citizenship, but are not natural-born natives.

Secondly, one cannot serve in the military, nor can they marry any of my subjects, unless they have Equestrian Citizenship. Major Don, Captain Leopard, and the rest of Battalion 4009, it is my greatest honor to announce that if you join the Foreign Legion, then you will be granted automatic Equestrian Citizenship!"

Some of our jaws hit the floor, but all of us stared in shock. If we joined the Foreign Legion, then we would be given automatic Equestrian Citizenship!

"Oh, and if you still want Equestrian Citizenship, but do not want to be full-time military, then we have a solution for that. Not all of the Foreign Legion will be active all the time. Most of it will only be activated in a time of severe crisis. Just like with the Battleship Express at the planned Imperial War Museum in Ponyville, you will all be in active reserve, and only be called up in the event of a severe crisis. So what do you all say? Are you ready to begin a new chapter in your lives?"

For a moment, there was still only stunned silence. Then ALL of our hands went up! We also cheered for becoming a part of Equestrian Society as a whole.

Once the formalities, (as well as singing all of the necessary paperwork!) were out of the way, it was time for the ball to begin. We all began to mix and mingle, as well as dance, stand around talking, some were signing autographs, standing for photos, and getting refreshments.

"So, what do you think of this ball so far Stud?"

I shrugged. "I don't know Dash. I was never really into stuff like this."

" want to dance with me?"

I sighed. "That's the problem Dash, I don't even know how to dance anymore. I did once, but I've long forgotten how to now."

Dash was maybe about to say something, but before she could, I saw somepony waving to us.

"Oh hey look, there's Spitfire!"

"Oh yeah! Let's go say hi!"

We walked over. When we got over there, Spitfire was standing next to a mare in a purple ball gown. She had yellow fur, and an orange mane and tail, and she looked an awful lot like Spitfire. Spitfire herself was wearing her Wonderbolt jumpsuit.

"Hey Stud." She hugged me.

"Hey Spitsy."

"Hey Dash."


Spitfire then indicated the mare next to her. "Oh and Stud, I would like you to meet my mom, Stormy Flare. Mom, this is Captain Leopard, the guy I told you about."

She then looked at me. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person Captain. My daughter's told me so much about you."

I took her hand and kissed it gently. "The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Flare."

"Wow, a war hero, AND a true gentlecolt too! There's not much better of a combination!"

While I was still talking to Stormy, Dash saw her parents, and waved them over as well. When I saw them come over, I suddenly got the very bad feeling that Dash and Spitfire were about to tell their parents the truth about their wager, and the legal document that followed. At that moment, my nerves failed me.

After talking for a while, Dash looked over at Spitfire. Spitfire looked back at her, and nodded. Then they both looked at me, and I could tell by their facial expressions that they were about to take the leap of faith, and tell their parents. I already knew off the bat that we were screwed, but NOTHING could have prepared me for what happened next.

Spitfire started the conversation. "So,, t-there's something t-that I need to you about......"

Stormy looked at her daughter. "Oh? And what would that be Dear?"

", you're gonna want to hear this too Mom and Dad.....It involves me too." Dash did refrain from studdering, but I knew that she was just as scared as Spitfire and I were.

"Huh? What is this all about?" Windy asked.

Dash and Spitfire both looked at each other. ", um, k-kinda involves a little wager that we made a while back...." They then told their parents everything. From the original bet, to how blown up it got, to the legal document, to getting it notarized, signing it in their own blood, the actual race, Dash winning, their telling me about the results, then the retrieval from the Clousdale City Hall archives, to taking it to L. Eagle to have it interpreted, to the final verdict.

"And sadly, that's where everything stands." Dash then wrapped her arm around my left arm, just as Spitfire wrapped her arm around my right arm.

"Mom and Dad...."

"As well as you Mom..... Say hello to the first polygamous union in Equestria in a long time. "

For the longest time after they told their parents this, all they could do was stare. I didn't know if that was a good sign, a bad sign, or what it indicated. Then I saw eye twitching, as well as irregular hand moments. I knew that this was going to be trouble.

Finally, Stormy Flare spoke up. "So there's no legal way out of this? All 3 of you are going to be married?"

Spitfire shrugged. "Well, kind of. I don't know if I'll be married to Dash, but Stud here will be married to both of us."

"And are you SURE that this is what you all want?" Bow asked.

I sighed. "I really do not have a say in this. I was never a part of it; I was just caught up in the aftermath."

I saw all 3 of them narrow their eyes at me. I knew this to be an ESPECIALLY bad sign!

Finally, Windy said, "Ok, we'll talk about this later. For now, you Sir!" she pointed to me, "Are in BIG trouble! And YOU Missy!" She pointed to Dash, "Are grounded!"

"Yes, and the same with you Spitfire! You're grounded!"

Both Dash and Spitfire looked at each other. "Um, in case you've forgotten, we're both grown mares who live on our own, and I don't know if you can ground us."

Her mom looked at her angrily. "Oh, we'll see about that Missy!"

Their parents then stormed off, leaving the 3 of us alone with our thoughts.

Dash sighed. "Well, that actually went a lot better than I thought that it was going to. I was fully expecting my parents to try and beat you up Stud!"

"Yeah, my mom too! She looked mad enough to, but she didn't do it."

I put my hands over my face. "Yeah, but now, I think that we're in SERIOUS trouble! I.....need to go get some air!"

I then went out of a side door, and out into a side garden.

I then began to try and put all of my thoughts together.

"Great, so now 3 parents hate me, and it wasn't even my fault! I didn't do ANYTHING!!!" I continued to ramble to myself, completely unaware that I was being watched from the nearby bushes.

Once I'd walked past the bushes, from behind them, what looked to be 2 figures stepped. One was shortish, while the other was taller.

"Ok, remember the plan?"

"Yeah, grab him, drag him to our 'special room' and interrogate him! See what kind of good info we can get out of him!"

One of the figures laughed. "Ok, on my signal.....NOW!!!!"

Suddenly, from the back of my head, I felt a shattering pain as a blunt instrument impacted with my skull. "OUGH!!!" I then hit the ground like a bag of bricks.

"Ok, now we've got him! Let's get him to our 'special room' and see what kind of information we can get out of him!"

"Roger that!" The 2 figures then dragged me away, where I was to face an uncertain future.

Chapter 5: "Interrogation", its Aftermath, Fun Times.

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When I finally came around again, my head was swimming. I also felt like I had just been hit in the head with a flying object.

"Oh good, he's waking up! Now then, let's see if we can get the truth out of him!"

When I raised my head up, I saw that I was in a dimly lit room. I then realized that I was tied up to a chair in the center of the room.

"What the...?"

"Oh, don't even BOTHER trying to struggle Captain! There's no way out of here! Plus, this whole room is soundproofed, so don't bother screaming either!"

Two figures then stepped out of the dimly lit area in front of me. Both of them were wearing ski-masks, as well as black raincoats.

I looked at them, then at my surroundings. I then sighed. "Well, if you're expecting me to struggle, or scream, you're sadly mistaken. I'm in absolutely no danger whatsoever."

They both looked at me. "What? How could you POSSIBLY know that?!"

"Because, Windy, I'm tied to a chair in the middle of the Tertiary Command Center, or TCC, at the back of the Battleship Express! Oh, and the figure next to you TOTALLY isn't Stormy Flare!"

They both looked at each other, and then back at me. "Oh? Well then, explain your reasoning!"

I shrugged. "Ok, if you insist. As to how I know who you are? Simple. I can see your eyes right now Windy. You have the same eyes as your daughter, Rainbow Dash. Plus, there really aren't too many other mares with cyan fur. You forgot to wear gloves! Plus, I recognize your voice, as remember, we were talking not too long ago. And as for you Stormy, your perfume gave it away. I recognize that as "Flaming Desire", a brand ONLY available in Cloudsdale. Plus, you forgot to cover your tail! Besides Spitfire, I know of no other mares who have a flame-colored tail!"

They both looked at each other. I could tell by their body language that I was dead on the money.

"And how do you know where you are?"

I laughed a bit. "Simple! Did you really think that the dark would confuse me? I'm a Human-Bat-Pony Hybrid; I can see in total darkness! Plus, this room is long, slender, is lined all over with computers and weapons stations, there's a digital map behind you, the back of this car is curved, as it is an observation car, and, to top it all off, the sign over the door says 'TCC'. Which means that Don or Jim let you in here, which also means that they're also watching this entire ordeal on camera, which means that they're in on it as well."

I then looked back up at them. "You see? It was all a matter of simple deduction, being able to read body language, and of course, knowing your surroundings, and adapting to them."

My captors both then sighed, and after turning the lights back on, they took off their ski masks.

"Well, I guess that this was a flop. We were all set to interrogate you, but now? Who knows."

"Yeah, so now, can you please untie me so that I can return to the ball?"

They both looked at me. Finally, Stormy spoke. "Not so fast there Captain! Just because you've figured us out doesn't mean that you're free. Now then, Windy and I would like the truth."

"The truth about what?"

The truth about what REALLY happened with the contract!"

I shook my head. "What your daughters told you is the ABSOLUTE truth! I had NOTHING to do with ANY of it! The race happened 2 years before I even got here!"

Windy frowned. "I don't believe you Captain. And we can always torture a confession out of you!"

I looked at her, and began to laugh darkly.

"Hey, what's so funny?"

"Torture? Do you think that TORTURE scares me anymore?! Girl when I was held prisoner by the Futas, they did things to me that DEFY the imagination! 'Torture', means NOTHING to me now! Absolutely NOTHING!!!!"

The two moms looked at each other. Up until that moment, they thought that their plan was foolproof. After storming off, they got dressed up in black, and waited for me to leave the ball. When I did so, they both snuck up to me, and bonked me with an empty wine bottle. Once I was unconscious, with the help of Dash's Dad, they drug me back to the train. They then revealed their plan to Don, who allowed them to use the TCC as an interrogation room. Bow then waited outside of the TCC, while Windy and Stormy performed the interrogation.

"Well, ok, maybe we can't torture you, but won't you PLEASE tell us why you agreed to it Captain? Even if you were caught in the crossfire between Dash and my Spitfire, why did you agree?"

I sighed. "Because legally, I had no other option. I haven't signed the document that they drew up yet, but I will have to. If I marry without signing it, then the legal hammer WILL come down on me!"

They both saw the truth in my Bat-Pony eyes; I was not lying to them. Maybe I didn't have all of the information, but I was clearly not lying. Eventually, Stormy sighed, and then went over to untie me.

"I apologize for this Captain, I really do. I see now that you had nothing to do with any of this. Also, for the record, I only meant to stun you with that bottle; I never intended to knock you out!"

Once I had my hands free, I felt the back of my head. "Yeah, that kinda bites, and I know that I'll have a headache for a while, but yeah, I guess apologies accepted. And to be perfectly honest, I might have done something similar if I was in your shoes as well!"

"What, really?"

"Eh, it's possible, I suppose. Now then, let's go back to the ball, shall we?"

They both nodded, and once Windy was back with Bow, all 4 of us went back to the ball.

Once we were back inside, the parents left me be to go talk to the other parents. As I was taking a moment to collect myself, Spitfire came running up to me. "Stud! There you are! Where'd you go?!"

I shrugged. "I doubt that you'd believe me if I told you, but if you really want to know, your mom, as well as Dash's mom sort-of kidnapped me, and after bringing me back to the Battleship Express, tried to interrogate me about the 'real truth' behind the legal document that binds you, Dash and I together."

Spitfire sighed. "Yeah, that sounds like something that my mom would do alright! You're not hurt are you?"

I shrugged. "Eh, aside from a bump on the back of my head, I think that I'm ok."

Spitfire nodded, but then she seemed to remember something. "Oh, that's why I was looking for you Stud! Fluttershy's brother's here, and he's been trying to grope Dash!"

"WHAT!?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!"

"Yeah! It's not good!" Just then she spotted Dash. "There! There he is!"

I turned to look, and sure enough, Dash was backed up against a wall in the corner behind a column, and Zephyr was keeping her there. When I saw that, I began to feel Sombra's magic boiling up inside me again. The rage level was rising high like pressure in a boiler gauge.

I turned to Spitfire. "Spits, look the other way. You didn't see ANYTHING!" I then took flight, and was across the room in an instant.

When I arrived behind Zephyr, he didn't even notice that I was there. Dash however did.

"Come on cutie, all I want is a kiss! I don't bite!"

I then grabbed him by his scrawny neck. "I DO!!!"

He turned to face me. "Oh.....uh...C-Captain Leopard! W-what a n-nice surprise!"

I then began to drag him away. "I warned you Zephyr. You mess with Dash again, I was NOT going to be playing nice!"

I then dragged him into a nearby broom closet, and after shutting off the lights, I began to beat the everlasting crap out of him.

I also bit into something wet, but I knew that it wasn't blood, as it tasted sweet. Then, thanks to my night-vision eyes, I saw that it was a red-cream filled cupcake that Zephyr had been holding. I continued to beat him up. He kept crying out in pain, but in reality, I wasn't even hitting him that hard.

Suddenly though, the door opened and the lights came back on. "Hey, is everything ok in here? I heard a lot of noise!"

I turned, and to my horror, I saw Fluttershy! However, I was still FAR too mad to care. To Fluttershy's horror, it looked like I had a mouth full of blood from her brother, but in reality, it was just the cupcake filling.

"TURN OFF THOSE LIGHTS!!!!" I shrieked.

Fluttershy then saw the cupcake, and knew that I was beating up her brother for bothering Dash. "Um, ok Leopard!" She then shut off the lights, and closed the door again.

I then continued my beat down.




Eventually, I left the closet. I did leave the lights on, and I knew that I hadn't really hurt Zephyr, but hopefully I did get my point across.

"Remember this well Zephyr", I told him just before I left. "This was just my last warning shot! If you EVER bother Dash again, our NEXT meeting will be much, MUCH worse than this was! Get the picture?!"

"Y-yes Sir!"

"Good!" I then shut the closet door, and after fixing my uniform, I went to rejoin the party.

When I saw Dash again, she was still close to the wall. I immediately went over to her.

"Hey, are you ok Dash?"

She sighed. "Yeah, I'm fine. Did you dispose of the body?"

I shook my head. "No, it didn't quite escalate THAT far, at least, not this time around! I just roughed him up a bit, and told him about what would be in store for him if he ever did anything bad to you again."

"And did he get the message?"

I shrugged. "I certainly hope so, but I'm still not quite sure. At any rate, he knows what's in store if he does it again though!"

Dash laughed a bit, and then asked me if I wanted to dance.

I sighed. "Well, that's the thing Dash. Like I said a little bit earlier, I don't know HOW to dance! I've long forgotten how to!"

Dash smirked at me. "Well, then there's no time like the present to re-learn, so let's go!" Dash then grabbed my hand, and drug me out onto the dance floor.

There were a number of other people and Ponies out there, and I was able to spot a number of familiar faces, including Alex, Todd, and Fred. There was a slow song playing, and Dash held both of my hands gently.

"Now then, did you REALLY forget how to dance, or are you just a little bit rusty?"

I sighed. "More than just a little bit!"

Dash laughed a bit. Then, after taking my left hand into her right, as well as wrapping my right hand around her waist, she wrapped her left arm around my waist. "Now then, just follow my lead Stud, it's going to be easy."

I sighed, but sure enough, I just followed Dash's lead, and my memory began to come back to me. Slowly, I was kinda beginning to remember how to dance.

"That's it Stud, that's it! You're doing it!"

"Yeah I am, aren't I?"

We danced for a while longer until the song ended. Soon after it did though, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned, and behind me stood Spitfire.

"Oh hey Spitsy. What's up?"

"Hey Stud, and I hope you don't mind, but I kinda wanted to be able to dance with you as well."

"Well, sure. Assuming that Dash doesn't mind of course."

Dash shook her head. "Nah, I don't care. I mean, she IS your soon-to-be other wife, so yes she can dance with you." Dash then stepped back, and Spitfire took over where she left off.

"Mind you though Spits, I'm still relearning how to dance. Dash did teach me, but I'm still pretty rusty!"

She giggled a bit. "Heh, I don't mind Stud. Just so that I get to spend a little bit more time with you!"

I laughed a bit as well, and then we danced together for a while.

Suddenly though, just as I twirled Spitfire a bit, I suddenly saw Don motion for me to come over. I also saw him motioning to Alex, Todd, and a few others on the dance floor as well.

"What's going on Stud?"

I shrugged. "I don't know Spitsy. Must be something important though."

While still holding Spitfire's hand, and with Dash following behind me, I made my way over to Don, as did the others that he'd summoned as well. When we arrived, Don was standing with Celestia and Luna.

"What's going on Don? Is something wrong?"

Don shook his head. "No, nothing's wrong. I just called you over here, because Celestia wanted to tell us all something."

We all then looked towards Celestia, who then sighed. "Ok, well, I know that this is going to be a little bit strange for you guys to hear, but well........the truth is, we've actually known about your Earth for a lot longer than we've let on. This is information that we've kept from the public, at least,until you all showed up."

We were surprised. "Wait, what? How did you know that Earth existed? And why didn't you inform the public about it?"

"Well, we didn't inform the public, because we did not wish to frighten them. All that we could find on Earth was war, and the implements of war. And the truth is.......and this is the hardest part of all, weren't the first Humans from Earth to arrive here; you were just the first to arrive ALIVE."

When we heard that, our jaws all literally hit the floor!

"What......does that mean, Princess Celestia?"

She seemed to be close to tears. "It means that.......for a number of years, various pieces of Human technology, all of them weapons in nature, kept turning up in Equestria. All of them were taken to a special storage vault so that they could be studied. A lot of what we got were hand-held weapons, or large rockets and missiles, but every now and again we would get a vehicle that would have contained either a Human occupant, or a group of them. A lot of the time the vehicles would thankfully be empty, but sometimes, they weren't......"

Celestia then went on to tell stories of finding corpses, or even skeletons inside of some of the vehicles. "It was so HORRIBLE! All of the skeletons were still dressed in their uniforms, with helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, and other gear. Some of them even still had traces of hair and beards! We would give the bodies a number, before removing them, and giving them a proper burial. For the longest time after that, we firmly believed that portal travel was what killed these poor souls, so we never attempted it. However, on the day that you all arrived, you proved that theory wrong! You all survived portal travel completely intact! I still don't know how you all did it, but you are now the first LIVING Humans in Equestria!"

When we heard that, all we could do was stare at each other in shock. None of us even had any words to describe what we were feeling. There had been other Humans before us, but they'd all died? How did all of these vehicles and other weapons keep winding up in Equestria?

I then turned to Celestia. "Um Princess, where exactly is this vault with all of the weapons in it?"

She sighed. "It's underneath the castle. I take it that you want to see it?"

Don nodded. "Yes, if it wouldn't be too much of a bother. And maybe we could help you identify what some of the weapons are."

Celestia nodded, and once she was joined by a few other guards, Don, myself, Alex, Todd, and Andy, as well as our marefriends, we all followed her through the castle.

Eventually, after going down a number of flights of stairs, we arrived outside of a massive vault-like door. "WARNING!!! HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INSIDE!!! NO ADMITTANCE WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION!!!!"

Celestia then told the guards guarding the door to stand aside, and once they did so, Celestia used her magic to open up the door. Once the door was opened, Celestia reached around inside, and we heard a series of "clicks". Suddenly, the lights inside of the room came on, and we all stepped inside. When we did so, we could not BELIEVE what we were seeing!

What was beyond those doors wasn't just one room, but it appeared to be a series of MASSIVE concrete rooms. There were numerous bar-lights all along the ceiling to provide light, but what really held our attention was what was in the rooms. Each room contained a single type of weapon, and they were all divided up by where they had come from.

In the first room, all we saw were guns. They were everywhere! On dozens and dozens of tables, were guns of all kinds. Rifles, pistols, semi-autos, full-autos, machine guns, gattling guns, chain guns, everything! If you can name it, it ranged from a single-shot musket from the 1700's onward, and it shot a bullet, it was in there guaranteed! The tables were also divided into types of guns. Some of the tables were labeled, while others were left blank.

The next room was full of helmets. In other rooms, were tanks, airplanes, trucks, jeeps, missiles, rockets, railguns, and other weapons of all kinds, from so many different eras. The Renaissance, the Age of Absolute Monarchs, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the US Civil War, the Spanish-American War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the Afghan War, the Forgotten War, WW3, WW4, WW5, AND WW6! There was so much, from so many different eras.The United States, France, Imperial Germany, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Imperialist Britain, Empire of Japan, Fascist Italy, Viet-Kong, North Korea, Taliban, ISIS, everyone. It was a war-buff's wet dream come true! There were even a number of atomic weapons in there too.

"Where......did all of this stuff even come from? How did it get here?"

Celestia shrugged. "Very much the same way as your train. One minute, there was nothing, but then, poof! There was something there! It would usually be discovered by a civilian, who would in turn report it to the military, who would secure the item, before encasing it in a special protective field, and transporting it here, where it would be studied. A spell was also cast on it to preserve it as it was, and render it harmless.

However, this was still happening when the Imperial War began. Since nothing ever fell in the same place twice, our biggest fear was the Zebras and Caribou getting their hands on these weapons, and using them against us. However, at one point, about 2 months into the Imperial War, all sightings of foreign weapons just stopped. We couldn't figure out why this was, but we were glad. We already have enough weapons here to most likely cloth and arm every country on Earth, as well as Equus, dozens of times over! We still study it all, but we really don't know what to do with it.

Then, came that fateful day that you arrived. You all arrived at a bit of an awkward time, as the enemy was closing in on Ponyville, and we feared that they may have been using captured technology. Hence the reason that you were attacked initially; we all believed that you were the enemy with stolen weaponry! Eventually however, we learned otherwise, but still, with all that had happened leading up to that, can you really blame us?"

Don shook his head. "No, we really can't. But, it's nice to know that all of this stuff is down here, just in case we would ever have any need of it for a future war."

"Which I pray NEVER happens! Weapons like most of what we've found, we pray that we NEVER have to use! We've found nuclear weapons capable of a 100 megaton yield! Some were inside of aircraft, but others were just found lying on the ground! It was a REALLY scary ordeal handling some of these weapons, and I'm just glad that it's over, at least for now."

After we'd all looked around for a while longer, we all took note of that place, and some of us made mental notes to come back later and study it further.

Once we were back up to the main party area again, we all split back up again. I went with Dash and Spitfire, and we went to talk about what we had just seen.

"Holy cow! That place was AWESOME!!!"

"Yeah, I can't believe that that entire complex existed,and none of us even knew about it!"

I agreed with both of them. "Yeah, so this means that the Princesses knew about us for a long time, but due to the constant string of wars, they never did anything about it. I still wonder how all of that stuff even got here though."

Dash shrugged. "I dunno Stud, but yet this means that Ponies like Lyra really aren't crazy! I remember how for a number of years before you guys showed up, she was always telling us about the 'Humans', and their amazing technology. I always called her crazy, but maybe I shouldn't have!"

I nodded slowly. "Yeah, but something that Celestia said still kinda bothers me."

"Oh, and what would that be Stud?"

"Well, remember how she said that some of the tech might have wound up in enemy hands?"


"Well, let's just say that all of us were REALLY struggling to explain HOW the Caribou had the kind of modern weapons that they did. Their societies were still emerging from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age; how in the world could they have learned to make modern weapons?! I mean, I now see that you guys just replicated some of what you found, but now I also see that so did the Zebras and the Caribou! THAT's why they wanted our train so badly; it had even MORE advanced weapons than what they had! What they had,was bad enough though, and they were able to replicate it. However, this began another question; what other weapons could still be out there, and where could they have landed? Have any other groups found them, and if so, what did they do with them?"

Neither Dash nor Spitfire had an answer either, but little did I know at the time just how right my question really was.

Way out in the Undiscovered West, the Futas had indeed found some of the technology, and they began to use it rearm themselves. They had plenty of weapons with them from their evacuation from Vegas, but why say no to more weapons?

Demetria herself was also surprised by this. "Where have all of these new weapons and supplies come from?" She asked Danin.

He could only shrug. "I'm afraid that I do not know, Empress Demetria. For a little while, a lot of this stuff landed in my empire as well. My Caribou were able to replicate it, and in a short span of time, we'd retooled to become a modern military. In the end though, we lost everything, except for what we were able to carry with us."

Demetria sighed. She was glad for the new weapons and supplies, but yet at the same time, they didn't have enough places to store them all yet. New Vegas was still only about 45% complete, and the other towns and villages were not much better. Progress was moving onward, and at a faster rate than before, but it would still take time. By the current estimates, it would still take maybe 6-8 years before everything was complete, and her empire was up and running at full capacity.

"I wish that it wouldn't have to take so long, but yet at the same time, we HAVE to get everything right this time! No war means that we can focus full-time on infrastructure, as well as anything domestic. Nobody from the outside world knows that we're even here, so let's hope that it stays that way!"

Demetria then got back to her office, with Danin right behind her.

Back In Canterlot, the ball was winding down. Some of the guests had already gone home, and we of Battalion 4009 were starting to get the train ready for the run back to Ponyville.

Most of the Ponies were saying their goodbyes, and thanking the princesses for the amazing Ball.

"You're all very welcome. This ball was a privilege for me to throw, as it was to celebrate the winning of the Imperial War."

Eventually, all of those heading back to Ponyville were on the train, and after saying their goodbyes to the Princesses, as well as thanking them for Equestrian Citizenship, and their slots in the new Foreign Legion, the Battleship Express pulled out once again.

However, a few individuals were still there in Canterlot. Most of these were those who lived in Canterlot, but there was also myself, Dash, and Spitfire.

"Hey guys, it's not TOO late yet, so how about we head back to my house, and hang out for a while?"

Spitfire nodded. "Sure. I have the day off tomorrow anyway, so yeah I can come."

I shrugged. "Eh, well, I live there too, so OF COURSE I'm coming!"

Dash and Spitfire both laughed at this, and before long, we were all flying back to Dash's house.

Once we arrived there, the first thing that Dash and I did was hang up our ball clothes so that they could be cleaned, and ironed later. Then we both changed into other clothes, and headed down to the living room. Dash wore an oversized T-shirt and black shorts, while I wore shorts and a T-shirt as well. Spitfire did have to make a quick run to the academy for a change of clothes, but once she was back, she was wearing her gym clothes. We all then grabbed some popcorn, and sat down on Dash's couch to watch "Daring Do and the Riddle of the Sphinx".

I sat in the middle, and Dash and Spitfire were on both sides of me. We were all kinda cuddled close together, but none of us minded. We were all friends, and we had to start getting used to living like that, as in the not too distant future, we would all be married, or I would be married to both of them. We still hadn't figured out how that was going to work yet.

All we knew was that an adventure lay ahead for us, and that we were going to take it with the bravest of faces, and see what Life had in store for us. And oh boy, was Life ready to dish out some revenge!

Chapter 5.5: (WARNING, EXPLICIT!!!)

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Eventually, by the time that the movie was over, all of us were feeling at least a little bit tired. However, it was then that Dash asked a question that would lay out the tracks for how the rest of that night went.

"Hey, anypony want any alcohol?"

I looked over at her. "Wait, you have some?"

She nodded. "Yeah, but it's just wine, and wine-coolers. I don't have any of the really good stuff."

Spitfire shrugged. "Eh, it's better than nothing. I guess bring what you got."

Dash nodded, and after disappearing for a moment, she returned with the alcohol in a bowl with ice in it. Once she'd set it down on the coffee table, we all grabbed a wine-cooler, and started in on it.

"Wow, these are actually pretty good! WAY better than the wine-coolers back on Earth!"

Dash nodded. "Yeah, it would seem so! Well, I'm glad that you like them Stud."

Eventually, once all of the wine-coolers were gone, Dash brought some wine glasses, and then we started in on the wine.

After drinking for a while though, all 3 of us began to feel a little tipsy.

"Wow....*hic* this is some pretty...*hic* good wine Dash!"

"*hic* Thanks Stud!"

Spitfire didn't say anything. She just rubbed her belly a bit, and burped.

Dash and I howled with laughter, and Spitfire joined us.

"Wow...that was *hic* a good one Spitsy!"

"T-thanks Stud!"

For whatever reason, we all drank more until the wine was gone. By that point, we were all about as drunk as hell. My memory really begins to fail me as to what happened the rest of that night, but after taking the time to think about it, as well as from what Aurora told me later, I was able to put together a rather clear picture of drunken debauchery.

At some point, the living room began to get too hot for us.

"'s....*hic* getting too hot in here Dash, c-can we maybe....*hic* get naked?"

Dash nodded. S-sure Spitsy *hic*!"

Spitfire then began to take off her gym clothes. First she removed her shirt, then her pants, then she unhooked her bra, and finally, she slid off her panties.

"Wow Spitsy, yer sexy!"

She looked at me. "T-thanks Stud! *hic*!"

And indeed, she really was. Spitfire was maybe 5'8", with a somewhat muscular build. She was maybe a D cup in bra size, and currently her fiery mane was hanging loose around her shoulders. She was also the oldest of all of us. (I was 24, Dash was 23, and she was 25. Coincidence?)

Dash then stripped down as well. I'd already seen her naked plenty of times already, but I still complimented her. "L-lookin' good as always.... Dashie!"

"*hic* Thanks Stud!"

They both then looked at me. "Now it's.....yer turn Stud. G-get naked!"

I complied, and once I was just as bare as they were, I sat back down on the couch again.

I then noticed Dash looking at Spitfire. "H-hey Spitsy?"

"Y-yeah Dashie?"

"W-wanna *hic* make out?"

Spitfire smirked. " you *hic* even have to ask Dashie!"

Dash then fell back onto the couch, and Spitfire sat down on top of her. As I watched, the two of them began to have sex. It was so hot. I'd only seen two girls going at it in porn before, but now I was actually witnessing it! They were both so hot. They both moaned as they kissed, and they continued to grope each other's bodies as well.

Eventually, I had to get in on the action as well. After scooting over a bit, I began to reach around and finger Spitfire's pussy. She was so wet and gooey.

"Ngh....yeah.....right there Stud!" She began to grind her hips back to meet my fingering. Dash was sucking from one of her nipples. Spitfire then turned her head back towards me, and we shared our first kiss; while drunk, and having sex in Dash's living room!

I moaned as our tongues mixed. With my other free hand, I began to rub Dash's pussy as well.

"Mmmmm....." she moaned. We were all really enjoying our little threesome. Dash then began to rub my member with her hooves!


Dash giggled a bit. Eventually though, she stopped suckling from Spitfire. "H-hey guys?'


"M-maybe we should move this upstairs. It' more fun up there!"

We all agreed, and after breaking away from pleasuring each other for the time being we all tried to head upstairs.

It did take us a bit, as were still kinda tipsy, but eventually we made it up to Dash's room.

"What now Dashie?"

Dash looked over at me. "Lie down on the bed Stud!"

I did so, and just before they came over, Dash and Spitfire both took a birth control pill. I knew what that meant. It was going to be a LONG night!

Before they both came over though, Spitfire looked to the right. "Wow Dashie, is that your bathroom?"

"Yeah.....wanna see?"


They both went over to it. I sighed, before getting up to follow them.

"Wow! This place is huge!"

"Yeah, it is, isn't it? I'm glad that you like it Spitsy. I remodeled it when I bought the house."

I then quietly came up behind both of them, and after reaching under their tails, I began to gently finger them.

"Ngh! Well somepony's sure eager!"

Spitfire then turned around, and pulled me in for a kiss. We just stood there, practically mouth raping the other. Dash then snuck between us, and began to work on my member.

"Mmm.....your so good Dashie!" I moaned.

"Mmm, thanks Stud!"

We then kept going.

Eventually, Dash left Spitfire and I be just long enough to get the Jacuzzi going. While it was filling, Dash then turned back around to see what we were doing. To her surprise, I had Spitfire up on the sink counter and was really eating her out.

"Oh, f@#k! Oh Celestia YES STUD!!!!" She then squirmed, and cried out as she suddenly orgasmed. Once she was done climaxing, I then took my rock-hard member, and stuffed it into her.

"OHGOSH!!!!" I then began to thrust in and out of her. Dash went over to us, and after she'd climbed up onto the counter as well, Spitfire began to eat her out.


I then began to kiss Dash while I thrusted. We were all getting wet from out sloppy love-making.

Eventually, I felt myself getting close.


"Hnngh, Yeah Stud?"

"I'm....g-getting close! W-where, do you want it?"

"I-inside me! I wanna feel it all Stud!"

I complied, and after thrusting into her a few more times, I both slammed my mouth over hers for a kiss, all while filling her up with my hot, gooey cum.

Eventually, once I was done spurting, I pulled out of her. Spitfire was still rolling in bliss, and I felt a little bit weak in my knees as well.

Dash went over to the Jacuzzi again, and after shutting it off, she turned back to us. "The Jacuzzi's ready now guys! You can come on over!"

I then gently scooped up Spitfire, and carried her bridle-style over to the Jacuzzi before placing her inside next to Dash. She'd managed to come down off of her sex-high, at least for the current moment.

"Oh Celestia, that was...amazing! No wonder you picked him Dashie! He's a real stud!"

Dash smirked. "See? I told ya! Now then, bubbles anypony?" Dash then stood up, and after fiddling with a small set of controls on the wall close by, she turned on the jets. Now the Jacuzzi was bubbling, just like a real hot tub.

Thanks to the warm water, all 3 of us were pretty close to sobering up, at least, for the time being.

"Wow Dash, this feels really nice. Once again, if not for the fact that we were in a bathroom, plus the obvious faucet and drain, I would SWEAR that this was a hot tub, not a bath tub-Jacuzzi!"

Dash laughed a bit. "Yeah, I know what you mean Stud. That's kinda why I had it rebuilt this way."

"And I'm really glad that you did Dashie. This is AMAZING for relaxing muscles!"

"Eh, thanks Spitsy."

After relaxing for a while, Dash turned to me. "Hey Stud?"

"Yeah Dash?"

"Well, you f@#ked Spitfire, but when will you f@#k me? I'm getting horny over here TOO you know!"

I smirked. "Well, how soon do you want me to f@#k you?"

In response, Dash simply leaned over the side of the Jacuzzi, and moved her tail to the side. She then looked back at me, and smirked. "Get the hint now Stud?"

I nodded. "Loud and clear! Hold on, here I come!" I then took a moment to stand up, and I made my way over to Dash.

Once I reached her, I then gently held her hips, and slowly pushed into her.

"Ngh!" Dash bit her lip slightly.

I then began to thrust in and out of her. Dash began to moan loudly, and I did occasionally grunt. Spitfire watched us, and I could tell by looking at her that she was rubbing her slit against one of the jets of the Jacuzzi.

"So this is what it'll be like having 2 wives? Wow, this is NOT what I was expecting at all!"

I kept thrusting. I also reached up, and began to gently fondle Dash's breasts as well.


"Gnn, you guys are really cute when you f@#k! Plus, I've had sex before, but now that I've been with a Human-Bat-Pony hybrid? NOTHING else can compare! You're the only stallion for me Stud!"

"Ngh, T-thanks Spitsy!"

" Stud! All I need is you!"


Eventually, I could feel myself getting close. Dash could sense this too. "Ngh....are you...getting close Stud?"


"Fill me up Stud! I want all of your love!" Dash yelled.

I complied, and with one final thrust, I filled Dash's womb with my hot load of swimmers.

"N-n-nyah!" Dash moaned, before sliding back into the Jacuzzi. I followed her a few moments later.

For a while longer, we all just sort of sat there staring at each other. Eventually though, we all began to scoot closer, until eventually, I was in the middle, and Dash and Spitfire were right beside me.

"Hey Stud?"

"Yeah Dash?"

"Can you please bite me? I kinda still want to see if I really CAN become a Bat-Pony as well!"

I shook my head. "Sorry Dash, but you'll have to wait for our wedding night for that!"

"What? Why won't you do it now?"

"Because Dash, I want us to have SOMETHING special for that!"

"And on our wedding night Stud, could you bite me too?"

I looked at her. "Sure Spitsy, but honestly, I really don't think that anything will happen. The whole 'getting bit makes you a Bat-Pony' is just an old superstition. Twilight told me that it's already been debunked several times. If I bite you guys, then you'll just have marks to show that you have a Bat-Pony lover. Plus, the truth is girls.......I've actually been holding back a lot during sex."

They both looked at me. "Huh? What do you mean by that Stud?" Dash asked.

"I mean, that if I REALLY were to give it all I had, you would be covered in more scratch and bite marks than you would know what to do with! You would look like you've just gotten in a fight with a cat from an old cartoon! You'd be walkin' funny, and you'd be all clawed and bit up. Since that would NOT be easy to explain, I've held back a lot during sex."

They both looked at each other, and then back at me. "Well, how about on our wedding nights, you f@#k us, and then you DON'T hold back? I'd like to have some battle-scars from sex! Then I could tell other ponies about just how much of an audacious lover I have!"

I sighed. "Yeah, and that just might make life even harder for Bat-Ponies. They've really been living hard lives due to the fear of the stereotypes, and from personal experience, I can tell you that it's ridiculous. Bat-Ponies are some of the sweetest, nicest Ponies that you'll ever meet. They don't deserve all of the bad rap that they've been given. And from what I've heard, baby Bat-Ponies have been known to cause fatal heart attacks, as there's only so much cuteness that a Pony can handle before their heads explode!"

Dash laughed. "Yeah, I kinda know what you mean Stud. Bat-Ponies really AREN'T what most Ponies make them out to be."

I then looked down at myself. I seemed to be growing more and more gray fur all of the time. The line between hybrid and pure-blood seemed to be becoming more and more blurred all of the time.

Before I could say anything though, Spitfire spoke up. "Really? They're that cute huh? Well then, I wouldn't mind having one as a son or daughter! I mean, you are a hybrid, so that would put some Bat-Pony genetics into any offspring, so they would have at least SOME Bat-Pony in them, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah, and according to what Dr. Fritz told me recently, the current statistics may actually be wrong. I could potentially have more Bat-Pony in me than Human."

"What? By how much?"

I sighed. "It's still just a theory, but I could be 55% Bat-Pony, 40% Human, and 5% wolf. Some of this may be due in part to my using Sombra's powers, but again, this is just a theory. Plus, my wings aren't structured or shaped like those of a Bat-Pony; they're still normal Pegasus wings covered in feathers. Something's up with that."

We talked about this for a while longer before we eventually all began to get tired. It had been a long day for all of us, and we needed our rest.

Eventually, after Dash drained the Jacuzzi, we all got towels, and after drying off, we went back to Dash's room. Once we were there, Dash pulled back the covers, and we all climbed into her bed.

I ended up in the middle, and both Dash and Spitfire were on one side of me. All 3 of us were still naked, as our clothes, as well as the empty bottles of alcohol, were still strewn about the living room.

I then kissed my marefriends goodnight. "Goodnight you guys. Tonight was fun. Both the ball, and our time here,was really fun. We should do this again sometime!"

They both kissed me back. "Yeah, this really was fun, wasn't it? Well, I owe it all to you Stud. If you hadn't saved me from the Caribou, then I would still be in serious trouble!"

I nodded. "Yeah, and I'm just glad that I was able to save you in time Dashie!"

"As am I Stud. You did what you had to do to save me."

"We all should get used to this, as in the near future, this will be how we'll sleep at night."

"Hmm, yeah. And I think that I could get used to having 2 wives. It'll be an unusual adjustment to say the least, but I'll get used to it."

My 2 marefriends then kissed me one last time, and then with the 3 of us all snuggled together, we fell into a deep, warm, and comfortable sleep, completely unaware of what the next day would bring.

Chapter 6: Morning Woes, War for the War Museum

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Sometime the next morning, Windy and Stormy came to Dash's house. Dash's mom wanted to surprise her daughter with breakfast, and when Stormy Flare heard that Spitfire was there too, she came along as well.

When they got there, Windy found the door to be locked. "Huh, it's locked." She did knock, but no sounds came from within the house.

"Maybe they're not up yet."

Windy looked at her watch. "Yeah, well it is only a little bit past 8, so maybe they are still asleep." She reached into her pocket for a key. "In that case then, I think that we can let ourselves in."

Windy unlocked the door, and they went inside. When they did, to their shock, sitting on the floor facing them was a large wolf!

"Whoa! I didn't know that Rainbow Dash had a dog!"

Windy looked closer at her. "No, this isn't Dash's dog. I know her. She belongs to Captain Leopard!"

"Well, what's she doing here?"

"I don't know!" Windy turned to Aurora. "What are you doing here girl?"

Aurora decided not to let them know that she could talk. Instead, she just looked at them as if to say, "I dunno."

It was then that Windy noticed something behind Aurora. "What in the world.....?!" She went over to Dash's living room, and to her shock and horror, the whole room was a mess!

There were empty bottles of alcohol on the floor, the couch cushions were all messed up, and there was an empty bowl of popcorn, as well as wrappers lying about as well. But worse than this though was what else was in the room. Littered all around were articles of clothing! Both moms were able to identify what belonged to their respective daughters.

They looked at each other. "Did they just......????"

"I don't know!"

They also found clothes that quite clearly belonged to a male, and if the logo on the shirt was correct, he was most likely a Battleship Express crew member.

Both of them looked at each other. "Do you think that......?????"

Windy narrowed her eyes. "If so, Captain Leopard is a DEAD STALLION!!!!"

Both moms then went up to the second floor. When they arrived up there, they found Dash's bedroom door open slightly. Sounds of gentle snoring came from within.

They both then steeled themselves up, and Windy pushed the door open a little bit wider. They both then peered inside, and what they saw made them slam their hands over their mouths.

Dash was indeed in her bed, but so was Spitfire, and me! I was lying in the middle, holding Dash close to me. Dash was holding me as well, and Spitfire was holding me from behind. All 3 of us were sound asleep, and seemingly very comfortable.

Windy then opened the door a little bit wider, and while crawling so as not to be noticed, she crept up to the bed. She then lifted the covers ever so gently, and peered underneath. Moments later, Windy set the covers back down, and crawled back out of the room again.

"What....did you see?"

Windy sighed. "Both of our daughters were as bare as the day that we pushed them out, and so was Captain Leopard. All 3 of them seem to be sleeping comfortably, and possibly even dreaming!"

Stormy put a hand over her face. "So, what do we do now?"

Windy sighed. She thought about how to teach all of us a lesson for what we'd done. Eventually she came up with an idea, which she relayed to Stormy.

"Heh, yeah! Let's do it!"

They both then got to work.

Sometime later, I finally began to stir. My movements also woke Dash and Spitfire from their slumber.

"Mmm, Hey Stud."

"Hey Dashie."

I felt something nuzzle my neck gently. "Oh, and good morning to you too Spits."

"Morning Stud."

"Did you guys both sleep good last night?"

Dash nodded. "Yeah, I slept like a foal!"

"Me too" Spitfire agreed, "What about you Stud?"

"The same. What time even is it anyway?"

Dash looked over at her clock. "Eh, it's almost 8:30."

I sighed. "Well, I have to be back at the train by 10 so that we can continue the museum's construction."

"Uh oh."

"What is it Dash?"

"Um, I just remembered. When we made out like minks last night, we left all of our clothes in the living room!"

I facepalmed. "Ugh! Yeah, I forgot about that! Well, we'd better go get them."

All 3 of us then got up, and after those who needed to used the toilet, we all went downstairs. When we arrived in the living room, we were in for a shock though.

"What the....? What happened in here?!"

On the coffee table were several empty bottles of alcohol, but yet our clothes were nowhere to be seen!

"Huh? Where are they?!"

I looked worried. "I don't know! I could have SWORN that we took them off in here!"

"Also, I don't think that we left these bottles like this either!"

We all looked at each other. Were we really so drunk the previous night that we forgot how we left stuff?

Dash then stiffened a bit. "Hey, do you guys smell that?"

"Huh? Smell what?"

"Coffee! I smell coffee!"

I sniffed the air. "Yeah, I smell it too!"

"Same here!"

"Where's that coming from?"

Dash turned towards her kitchen. "It's coming from the kitchen! And none of us even MADE coffee last night!"

We all then ran into the kitchen next door, and when we did, we REALLY wished that we didn't!

The first thing that we saw was Aurora. She came running up to me.

"Oh, hey Aurora! Were YOU the one who took our clothes girl?"

She shook her head. "No, it wasn't me Master!"

"Well then who did?"

"We did Captain, and did you guys have a lot of 'fun' last night?"

All 3 of us froze dead in our tracks when we heard those voices. We all knew who they belonged to. Slowly, I looked up, and to my absolute shock and horror, there, sitting at Dash's kitchen table drinking coffee, were Windy and Stormy! They were both looking at us, and they did NOT look happy!


"Damn right about that!"

We all then covered ourselves with our wings.

"Mom, why did you take our clothes?!" Dash was really starting to freak out.

"Because", Her mom answered. "I come here to bring you breakfast, and what do I find? Evidence of a drunken orgy! Then we find all 3 of you in Dash's bed, NAKED, and all cuddled up together!"

Dash and I both looked at each other.

"Um, well..." Spitfire began.

"Can it!" Stormy interrupted, "I don't want to hear your excuses!"

"Would it make you feel any better if I said that Dash and I were both on the pill?"

Both of their moms glared daggers at them. Then Stormy looked at me.

"Captain Leopard?"

"Yes Mrs. Flare?"

"Get over here, NOW!!!! I WILL NOT ask again!"

I complied, and when I did, I was in for a world of pain.

An hour or so later, I was back at the train. The others stared in shock when they saw me. "Oh Gosh! Leopard, what in the heck happened to you?!"

I was not a pretty sight. I had a black eye, as well as claw marks on my face, my mane was all messed up, and I had two very distinct handprints on my face as well.

"I don't.......want to talk about it!"

"Who....did this to you?"

"I said, I DON'T. Want. To. TALK ABOUT IT!!!!" I then went into the train.

The others all looked at each other. "What.......happened to him Don?"

Don shook his head. "It's not my place to talk about it. Let's just say that he ran afoul of certain parents!"

"Ooh, ouch!"

"Yeah, it's not good."

They all then got back to work.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks or so, I barely saw Dash at all. Her mom kicked me out of her house, and I was back to living on the train. I did have Aurora with me, but it seemed that my relationship with Dash was at its end. I saw her with her mom a lot, and from what I could tell, Dash looked miserable. I also never saw Spitfire, although I didn't really have the courage to show my face around the academy, just in case there would be a "welcoming committee" waiting for me if I did!

Largely though, our time was spent building the museum. On Monday, we all got back to work. Once the preliminary work was all done, it was then time to begin to dig the foundation. Our excavators got to work on that, while the rest of us were busy removing the dirt, rocks, and other debris. It was somewhat slow going, but 3 days later, we were ready to start putting up the barriers, and pouring the concrete. Unfortunately though, just as everything seemed to be looking up for us, it all came crashing down.

"Mail's here!" A mail pony was standing by the entrance to the construction site.

Jim went over to see what we got. These days, we were getting a lot of fan mail. Sure enough, Jim had a bag full of mail when he returned, however he didn't look too happy about it.

"What's wrong Jim?" Don asked.

"Well, in addition to the usual fan mail, I was given this." He handed Don a black envelope addressed to him. It looked like an official document.

Don took it, and opened it. When he read the letter that was inside, he sighed sadly.

"Is that..........what I think it is?"

Don nodded. "Yeah. We'd better tell the rest of the guys." He then told the rest of us who were on hand to come over.

When we did, he sighed. "I've called you all here today, because I just received this in the mail." He held up the letter.

"What is it Don?"

"It's a Court Summons. We're being taken to court over a land-rights violation. Apparently, we stole this land illegally, are housing unauthorized vehicles on it, and are being taken to court over it."

We all knew perfectly well what that meant.

"So, Spoiled Rich actually went through with her threat. However, why is it leveled against us? The Town of Ponyville owns the land; we're just the guys building on it."

Jim sighed. "Well, unless she's suing the town as well, which given this, might not be as far-fetched as we previously thought."

"Hopefully, this will be thrown out of court almost immediately. We've done nothing illegal, and the Town of Ponyville owns this land, so if they want to build a museum here, then they're entirely within their rights to do so."

"When's the court date Don?" Jim asked.

"Tomorrow. 10am. I'll be going, as will Leopard, Joe, and Brogan, the construction foreman. It's only a hearing in a civil court, so this should be over fairly quickly."

We all sighed, before getting back to work, and dreading what the next day was going to bring.

Sure enough, the next morning at 10am, Don, myself, Joe Dixon, and Brogan were all standing at our places in the Ponyville Court House. On the other side stood Spoiled Rich, as well as a mare that we guessed was her lawyer. Also with us were legal representatives representing the Town of Ponyville.

Spoiled looked at us smugly. Quite clearly she was expecting the court to side with her, and not only kick the construction crews off of the land, but also take it from the town, and take our trains away from us as well.

Eventually, the court was called to session, and the judge for the case was Iron Hoof.

"All rise! The Honorable Judge Iron Hoof presiding over this case; Spoiled Rich vs Ponyville."

The judge nodded. "You all may be seated. Prosecution, you may now present your case."

"Thank you Your Honor." Spoiled's lawyer then addressed the court. "Mares and Gentlecolts of this court, I come before you today to represent my client, Spoiled Rich. These stallions here!" She pointed to those representing Ponyville, "Have ILLEGALLY stolen land from my client, and then hired these buffoons!" She pointed to us, "To build an UNAUTHORIZED museum on it! They REFUSED to leave when asked to, and told my client, and I quote, to 'Piss off!'".

There were murmurings among those in the court.

"My client wants them EVICTED from the land, as well as to pay a fine of 3 million bits, and have their DISGUSTING trains taken away from them as well! Those trains are being stored ILLEGALLY on the land, and MUST be removed!"

After calling for silence, the judge turned to the defense. "Defense, you may now state your case."

"Yes Your Honor." The lead defendant then turned to the court. "Mares and Gentlecolts of the court, I represent the town of Ponyville. I come before you today to prove that not only does Mrs. Rich NOT own that land, but that she is also guilty of wasting the court's time!"

More whispering. The judge again called for silence. "Defense, you may now present your evidence."

"OBJECTION!!!! Why do they get to present first?"

"Sustained! As per policy of this court, the defense ALWAYS presents evidence first! You may continue Defense."

"Thank you Your Honor." He then pulled out a series of documents. "I now present to the court the legal land transfer papers between the Equestrian Railroad, and the Town of Ponyville." He handed them up to the judge.

"As stated in these documents, which were notarized by the Equestrian Department of Land Rights and Ownership, if and when the Old Railyard would ever close, then the Township of Ponyville would pay the predetermined amount to the Equestrian Railroad, and then take possession of the land. These documents here are from the Equestrian Railroad, authorizing the sale of the land to the Township of Ponyville." He handed these to the judge as well.

"The land in question was NEVER for sale to begin with. It belonged to the Equestrian Railroad, and when they no longer had need of it, they offered the land to the Township of Ponyville. The Township of Ponyville accepted the offer, and once the Old Railyard closed, the Township of Ponyville paid the predetermined amount to the Railroad, before taking LEGAL possession of the land."

The judge looked over the documents. Sure enough, they were indeed notarized by the Equestrian Department of Land Rights and Ownership, and signed by both representatives of the Equestrian Railroad, and by all members of the Ponyville Town Council. The documents were indeed genuine, and once they had been secured as evidence by the court, the judge then turned to the prosecution.

"Prosecution, you may now present your evidence to the court."

This was where Spoiled Rich's case really fell apart. The prosecution was unable to provide any evidence of wrongdoing against the Township of Ponyville.

After a brief recess, the court returned to session.

"And now, for the verdict. This court finds the defendants not guilty on charges of unlawful land possession, as well as not guilty on charges of unlawful possession of railway equipment. This court shall also fine the prosecution for wasting this court's time with foolishness! Case dismissed!"

Since we all knew that the case being thrown out was practically a foregone conclusion already, none of us were really celebrating, although we did shake hands with the lawyers who represented the Township of Ponyville.

Spoiled Rich stormed out of the courtroom with her lawyer right behind her. "This STILL isn't over! I WILL get all of you for stealing my land away from me! You will all PAY!!!"

We all then sighed, and after taking a brief moment to face the press to discuss the proceedings, we all went back to our daily lives. Nothing had really changed, and there was still work to be done.

Later that day, I was at my desk in my room on the train doing some paperwork, when there suddenly came a knock on the door.

"Huh? I wonder who that could be. Come in!"

The door opened, and to my absolute shock, there stood Dash! Her already magenta eyes were all red from crying, and as soon as she saw me, she immediately ran over and jumped into my arms.

"Oh Stud!" she cried softly.

"D-Dash! What are you doing here?! I thought that you were forbidden from seeing me!"

Dash looked up at me. "I couldn't stay away from you anymore Stud! You ARE the one for me! You saved my life, as well as pledging your love for me, so how can I just leave you now? Plus, what's my mom honestly going to do to me Stud? I'm a grown mare! I have a job, as well as my own house. If my parents disinherit me, then I am willing to say 'screw it'! I NEED you Stud!"

"Just as I need you too Dash."

We then talked for a little while longer about various things, from the museum construction, to the constant controversy with Spoiled Rich.

"She just won't leave us alone Dash. She's constantly leading protests outside of the construction site, she keeps ripping down posters for the museum, as well as having her minions cause as much trouble that they can."

"Are you for real?! Why hasn't she been arrested yet?!"

I sighed. "Because although WE know that she did it, and SHE knows that she did it, we really don't have enough evidence to bring it to trial. But honestly though, she can protest this museum until she drops dead for all I care. It's happening, and there's really not a damn thing that she can to about it."

Dash sighed. "Here's a thought though, why doesn't she just buy some other land that actually IS for sale for her private spa?"

I shrugged. "Honestly, that's the million dollar question of the day right there Dash. Sadly though, we don't know the answer to it. Filthy Rich is doing everything in his power to try and get Spoiled to back off, but she just won't do it. At least, not yet."

"Eh, well, it's like you said, the museum and memorial will be built, and there's nothing that she can do about it!"

I hugged her again. "It's good to have you back Dash, I was really starting to miss you!"

"Not as much as I missed you Stud!"

We then hugged for a little bit longer, before finally getting back to work.

4 months after this, the framework of the museum was all complete, as was the concrete flooring, and some of the exterior sidewalks as well. Next, the focus was on the walls, as well as the roof. These were being completed in record time, and before long, we didn't have to clean up the interior every time it rained!

Eventually, we were able to move the Battleship Express and Iron Glory underneath the roof of their wing of the museum, where they were better protected from the weather, at least from above. Everything was going smoothly, until late one night, tragedy struck.

For the entire 4, almost 5 months that the museum had been under construction, Spoiled Rich was getting more and more mentally unstable. She still wanted everypony off of the land, and was willing to go to almost any length to do that. Many of us were sent death threats, garbage was thrown over the construction fences at us, signs would be tampered with, and one night, some vandals even tried to break the windows on the Battleship Express! Fortunately, the windows were made of bullet-proof glass, and the rocks thrown at them just bounced off harmlessly for the most part. Although all of the vandals were caught, some of them had somewhat serious injuries, as the rocks that they threw at the train's windows occasionally bounced back and hit them!

However, after that, the incidents all stopped. We kept expecting something to happen, but nothing did. Filthy told us that his wife had finally agreed to leave us alone, and just buy land elsewhere. We all breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the nightmare was over, but unfortunately, it was merely the calm before the storm.

Late one night, while the museum's construction was almost 60% complete, it all came crashing down. I was sleeping with Dash in her bed, when all of a sudden, Aurora started jumping on me!

"Master, Master! Wake up! We've got trouble!"

I was awake in an instant. "What is it Aurora? what's wrong?"

"I've just picked up radio signals from Ponyville; the museum's on fire!"

"WHAT?!?! ON FIRE?!?!"

"YES!!! Major Don said that they need everypony there to help!"

That was all it took. In less than 30 seconds, I was out of bed, had pants and a shirt on, had grabbed Aurora, and was out the door. Dash was right behind me, and we raced to Ponyville just as fast as we could.

When we arrived there, sure enough, the mostly-complete museum was indeed on fire! All over, both the train's damage control crew, as well as the local Ponyville Fire Brigade used hoses and even buckets to get water to the fire. I grabbed a bucket, and helped as best I could.

Before too long, the fire was under control, and in less than 30 minutes, it was completely out. We wouldn't be able to get a full scope of the damage until the morning, but from what I could see, most of the museum's frame was still standing, as was most of the wall paneling. We didn't think that there was really too much inside that was combustible, as most of it was steel beams, concrete and tools, however, we were mistaken. Also found inside was a large amount of fuel, as well as wooden planks, and other fire-starting material. With cold logic, it was determined that the fire was arson. However, the culprit had already been caught. Spoiled Rich had started the fire, and stuck around to see her work completed. All while we were racing about to put out the fire, she kept cheering for the flames.

"Come on, burn baby, burn!" She was also laughing crazily. It was pretty clear that something in her head had finally snapped. By the time that the fire was out, she was in handcuffs, and was being led away by the local constables to the Ponyville hospital, so that she could be mentally evaluated. She would be found mentally unfit to stand trial, and was placed in St. Marley's Asylum, where she could finally begin to get the treatment that she needed.

By the next morning, the full extent of the fire damage was realized. The only thing that was still solid was the museum's frame. Most of the roofing, as well as a lot of the siding and interior walls were going to have to be replaced.

Brogan, the foreman, was extremely worried. "This is not good. Friends of the Soldiers, the non-profit organization that's funding this museum, do not have the kind of money to facilitate the repairs, AND finish the museum!"

Don put his hands over his face. "So, what are we going to do?"

"I'll tell you what you're going to do. You're going to accept me as the museum's first private donor, and let ME pay for the damage that my wife caused!"

We all turned, and to our shock, there stood Filthy Rich! He looked tired and worn out, but yet very determined.

Brogan looked at him. "But why? Why would you want to help us?"

"Because it's the right thing to do. My wife caused trouble, so now I'm going to help clean it up. Plus," he dropped his voice to a whisper, "I'd MUCH rather have a nice, interesting, public museum, than a boring, wasteful private spa any day of the week!"

We all looked at each other, and then back at Filthy. He looked determined, and there wasn't any hint of joking to be seen on his face.

Finally, Brogan spoke up. "Well, we will have to run this by our sponsors who are funding this project, but if they say yes, then you certainly can help pay for the museum!"

Brogan then went to set up a meeting with the sponsors from Friends of the Soldiers.

Sure enough, there were no real objections, and with better financial backing, and nopony causing us any heartaches, the repairs to the damaged sections of the museum were undertaken. Once these were completed about a month later, we were all back where we started, and could get to work on picking up where we left off.

We were nearly 2 months behind schedule now, and we were determined to catch back up again. While still following all rules, and regulations, as well as regularly submitting to building inspections, all of us on the construction site worked long days, and even at night sometimes. The museum was really taking shape, and soon work on the interior would begin as well.

A lot of the time, Ponies would still come by to watch us. Some would cheer, and others would even donate money to help fund the construction. Also, at the request of a number of families who had lost loved ones, the plans were expanded to also include a Memorial Garden that was to contain statues of soldiers, as well as a Memorial Wall, with all of the names of those who had died, or were still MIA, both Human, and Pony, on it. These were all slated to be finished a little while after the museum itself, as they were late additions to the blueprints.

The months passed on, and eventually, all exterior work on the museum was complete. The Battleship Express was now fully contained inside of its special wing, and could now be preserved properly. Now work was directed at the lighting, wiring, plumbing, carpeting, drywall, sewage, painting, and other aspects of the interior. The museum had two floors, the ground floor covered the war after the Humans showed up, and the upstairs was before.

Also around this time, numerous artifacts were being secured for the collections, as well as mannequins and display cases to hold them. These included documents, uniforms, weapons, every day items, letters home, and other items from both the battlefield, and the homefront. There would also be a few hands-on displays, full-sized mock-ups of battle scenes, complete with mannequins, and even a few movie presentations as well. Of course, the highlight of the museum would be the Battleship Express and Iron Glory, which were being displayed in their own separate wing of the museum. There were even plans for excursion runs with the Big Boy, although these were still in the planning stages.

All weapons on the train had been disabled, at least for the time being, and all ammunition was removed. The tender's water tank had been drained, and all of its coal was removed as well. Some areas were roped off, and others had extra lighting added to them. Stairs were added so that Ponies could see into the Big Boy's cab, but due to the train still being active, and how unnecessary touching could damage the controls, the rear doors to the cab were closed, although the windows were left open to provide easy viewing. The rest of the train was protected by a metal fence made from recycled railroad rails, and there were signs saying not to touch the train. Other signs gave the history of the Battleship Express, pointed out its various features, as well as specifics.

The trains's crews, when not on duty with the Foreign Legion or working their other jobs, would serve as tour guides, answering all questions about the train. And for those who were willing to pay extra, tours of the train's interior would be given as well. Points of interest included the crew quarters, (My room was ESPECIALLY popular!) the PCC, SCC, and TCC, the control rooms for the railguns, the 16in. turrets, ammunition cars, the car for the storage of the nuclear shells, the work caboose at the back that had missile launchers, as well as other points that offered insight to what life on a war train was like.

Finally, the museum was all ready. On May 9th, 2030, nearly a full year ahead of schedule, the grand opening ceremony was held. All of us from the train crew, as well as Battalion 4009 were there, as were the Princesses, our wives, kids, (if applicable!) and any others who wanted to attend as well.

Before the cutting of the ribbon though, Don stood up to give a speech. "Mares and Gentlecolts, colts and fillies, Princesses, friends, comrades, family members, Ponies of all ages, it is my ABSOLUTE honor to come before you today to announce the grand opening of the National Imperial War Museum, right here in Ponyville!"

The crowds all began to cheer.

"Also, I would like to thank all of the hard-working Ponies, and Humans who turned this museum project into a reality. If it were not for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to meeting deadlines, this museum would NOT have been completed nearly 9 months ahead of schedule! I would also like to extend my greatest thanks to those from the Friends of the Soldiers Foundation, as well as the private donors who's contributions made all of this possible as well! Now then, now that we've gotten the formalities out of the way, let's move on to the good stuff, shall we?"

Don then walked over to the big red ribbon in front of the museum. He was joined by Jim, Joe, myself, and a few other officers on the train, as well as the Princesses. Cameras were both rolling and flashing, as the mayor of Ponyville, Mayor Mare, brought out the big Ceremonial Scissors.

"For many years here in Ponyville, these scissors have been used at the grand opening of all businesses, and now I pass them to you so that you can open the National Imperial War Museum!" She then handed the scissors to Don.

Don then looked at the rest of us. "So, how do we do this?"

I looked at him. "Well, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you Don. You were our leader through thick and thin. You should have the honors of cutting the ribbon."

He sighed. "Yeah, but it was a TEAM effort! ALL of us in Battalion 4009 made this happen. So if anything, we should ALL cut the ribbon!"

Well, none of us could argue with that logic, so with Don, Jim, Joe, myself, and a few others holding the scissors, we opened them.

"We now pronounce the National Imperial War Museum..........OPEN!!!!" We all then cut the ribbon.

Everyone and everypony present cheered, and once the lines had formed, the rest of us went inside of the museum, and waited to treat the first guests who came through the front doors to an unforgettable experience.

Overnight, the museum became a national sensation. Ponies and other creatures from all across Equestria flocked to see the new museum, as well as meet the Humans who had helped to win the war. The Battleship Express was the highlight of the museum, and according to the statistics, more Ponies came to see it than the actual museum!

Even once the museum's novelty began to wear off, many still came to visit, be they school groups, veterans, or even just average Ponies. At one time, even the body of General Tarrath was on display in the section dedicated to the war in the Zebra Empire, but upon receiving complaints that an actual corpse on display was "too morbid", it was removed, and I took it back for my personal collection.

The gift shops were always hopping, and they had everything from T-shirts, to hats, posters, models of the Battleship Express, collectible coins, key chains, golf balls, books, and even replica guns and helmets. It was a thriving business, but yet through it all, everypony always took the time to honor the courage and sacrifice of those who had fought, and for those who had made the ultimate sacrifice, and were no longer with them.

The Memorial Garden was also well loved, as was the Memorial Wall. In front of the wall was a large statue of an Equestrian soldier and a Human soldier running with weapons drawn, while behind them came more of each. In the center of the statue were 3 flagpoles. One pole had the Equestrian Flag, while another had the US Flag, and the third flag was one made to remember those who were still MIA. The whole statue was lit up so that it would still be visible at night. Around the perimeter of the garden were a number of plants, and a few fountains as well. Each flowering plant represented one soldier killed in the line of duty, while each fountain represented 5 civilian deaths. They may have been gone, but they were not forgotten

Yes, overall this museum was one of our crowning achievements, aside from raising our families of course. Huh? What's that? I haven't mentioned our families yet? Well then, I think that it's time that I remedied that wrong! Let me tell you the full story now.....

Chapter 7: Don X Twilight

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Don. Major Don Curry. He was once the second in command of the Battleship Express back when Major Jeff Coleson was still alive. When Jeff was killed in Nebraska saving the lives of the train's crew, Don was promoted up from Captain to Major to replace him. I then became his subordinate, and the train's 3rd in command after Jim.

Once we'd found ourselves in Equestria, Don did feel lonely. Like many on the train, he'd never married. He did have a girlfriend at one time, but she was killed in WW4. After that, Don just buried himself into his work, and tried not to look back. However, that was about to change.

When Don met Twilight, he almost immediately took a liking to the purple Unicorn. She was just like him in many ways. Both of them had OCD, they both loved book, charts, records, and anything else with large amounts of words or numbers on it. They were also in charge of things. Twilight was in charge of the Golden Oak Library, as well as being the leader of her group of friends, on top of being the personal student of Princess Celestia. Don was in charge of the military aspects of the Battleship Express, and was the officer in charge that the rest of us looked up to.

One afternoon, between the battles of Ponyville, and Las Pegasus, Don was sitting on the steps of one of the train's coaches, and Twilight joined him.

"Hello Don!"

"Hmm? Oh, hello Twilight. It's nice to see you."

"It's nice to see you too Don. So what are you up to?"

Don sighed. "Well, I was just taking a bit of a break from my busy work schedule. Just taking some time to think about what lies ahead."

Twilight nodded. "Yeah, I know what you mean. With the Imperial War still going on, these are still very much uncertain times. It's still anypony's war at this point, but now that you, your crew, and your train have joined in the fight on our side, maybe things will be better."

"I hope so too Twilight. I just hope that this war will be brought to a conclusion very quickly. I DO NOT want to have to live through any more war!" Don then buried his face into his hands a bit, and seemed to be holding back his emotions.

Twilight tried to comfort him a bit. "Shh, it's ok Don. I know that you're in terrible emotional pain. War does that to Ponies, just as it does to Humans."

"But does it though? You've all just had to deal with ONE war! We've had to deal with SEVEN!!!!! And all but one of those was a war on a GLOBAL SCALE!!!!"

Twilight still could not wrap her head around Humanity, or their methods of warfare. The ability to fight a war that encompassed an entire planet was a concept so completely foreign to her.

They kept talking for a while longer until Don had to get back to work.

Eventually, the train moved out for Las Pegasus. All along the trip, Twilight functioned as a sort of secretary/assistant for Don. She'd go fetch him things that he needed, hep him with paperwork, filing, as well as taking notes, and putting together calendars.

"I'll admit Twilight, with you helping me, keeping everything straight has been easier than ever! It's SO much easier when you have someone helping you who understands!"

Twilight nodded. "Yeah, and it's nice to spend time with somepony else who has OCD too. You understand things that my friends don't. Plus, I'm more than happy to be helping you out, as it gives me something to do!"

Don sighed a bit. He did enjoy the time that he was able to spend with Twilight, but yet at the same time, he felt a twinge of sadness. Twilight did remind him a lot of his late girlfriend, Jessica, who also had OCD.

"May you rest in peace Jessica", He thought. "You were the best, and only girlfriend that I ever had. I hope that you're enjoying it up there in Heaven, and one day I'll join you up there, and then we can be together again!"

He sighed sadly as he got back to work.

After the battle of Vegas though, Don did have to send Twilight and her friends back to Ponyville. The war was getting too dangerous, and if they were captured, it would be catastrophic.

"I REALLY wish that I didn't have to leave you Don! I want to come with you so badly!"

"Yeah, I know Twilight, but this is for your own safety. Plus, we'll all be back once the war's over, so it won't be THAT long!"

Twilight smiled, and although she still had tears in her eyes, she reached up gently, and pulled Don into a kiss! None of the others really noticed, as they were too busy kissing their own coltfriends/marefriends, but Don was left wholly flabbergasted! NEVER did he EVER think that ANYONE would ever kiss him again!

He looked at Twilight with a massive blush on his face. "T-thanks." He said softly.

"You're welcome Don." Twilight then boarded the train with her friends, as well as a number of wounded soldiers that were bound for Ponyville, and he waved to her until she was out of sight. Little did he know though what was about to happen.

The next long period of time, from the moment that Zakia revealed that he'd captured Twilight, until her liberation, were all a blur for Don. Although he tried to never show it, he was just as angry as Alex and I were that our marefriends had been stolen.

"Just hang on Twilight, I WILL come for you! And I will NOT stop until those monsters have PAID THROUGH THEIR ASSES for what they've done to you!"

And sure enough, Don made good on that promise! Even though he didn't see as much action as some of the rest of us, he was right there with us the whole time. Wherever the Battleship Express went, he went with it. He did lead a few assaults in the Badlands, and those campaigns were very successful. After this though, Don did take a backseat role while some of the other field soldiers did their thing. However, in Zandia, Don once again stepped into the picture.

He was right there with us when we stormed the city, leading a battalion of his own troops. Aurora ended up saving him and his troops with her little "nuclear missile incident", and then once the city had fallen, we were all able to storm the Zandia Fortress, kill General Tarrath, and then move on.

However, the last battle that Don really was a part of was the Battle of Zebrica; because within THAT city was the mare that he loved more than ANYTHING else in the world!

"Just hang on a little bit longer Twilight! We're practically right on top of you! At Dawn tomorrow, we WILL save you!"

Sure enough, the next morning, Don made good on his threat. The Battle of Zebrica went underway in full swing. It was one of the worst battles of the entire war in terms of casualties, but it was an incredible Human, and Equestrian victory!

"TWILIGHT!!!" Don cried when he saw her.

"DON!!!!" She ran and leapt into his arms. She was so happy to see him again.

"Oh Twilight, I thought that I lost you FOREVER!"

Twilight was crying a bit. "So did I Don! I was beginning to wonder if you ever would show up! Bur now I see that my fears were unfounded!"

Once they'd taken their time to hug each other, Don then carefully unlocked her collar, before gently picking her up, and carrying her all of the way back out to the train.

For the next couple of days, all while preparing for the assault on the Caribou Empire, Don kept Twilight close at all times. He barely ever let her out of his sight if he could help it. Twilight really appreciated another guy like her brother Shining Armor that cared about her as much as Don did. Slowly, the two became more than friends.

All throughout the war in the Caribou Empire, Twilight stayed by Don's side at almost all times. Although they did still sleep in separate rooms, they did oftentimes cuddle whenever they got the chance.

"I really love spending time with you Don. I'm so glad that we can be together, ESPECIALLY after everything that's happened!"

Don nodded. Yeah, no kidding! After the Zebras got you, I was so, so afraid! I thought that I was never going to be able to see you again!"

As did I Don. I'm glad that you saved me too."

The happiest day for them came when the Imperial War finally ended. With the fall of Bryerton, there now were no more Caribou left. The war was won, and after General Stuggs, General Rodin, and Prince Dactyl signed the terms for the surrender, the war was over.

Once we were all back in Ponyville, and the crowds around the station began to die down, the Princesses asked Don if it would be possible to take an excursion trip with the Big Boy.

"Sure, I don't see any problems with it!"

While the 3 princesses were up in the cab with Todd, Alex and I, he, Twilight, and the rest of the Mane 6 were all in a coach farther back. What really surprised them though were all of the guns everywhere. There were several machine guns pointing out of the windows at various intervals, as well as heavier artillery guns.

"Wow, I still cannot believe that you guys really lived for this long among all of these weapons! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!"

Don nodded. "Yeah, they are aren't they? Every car had to be well-defended, and all guns had to be manned at all times. The vast majority of the Battleship Express's crew were either gunners, gun operators, or missile technicians. We weren't 'armed to the teeth, and ready to go at all times' for nothing!"

Twilight laughed a bit, before asking Don a few more questions, as well as sitting back and enjoying the rest of the ride.

Later that night though, the time had come for the sleeping arrangements to be worked out. I of course went to stay with Rainbow Dash, while Todd went with Fluttershy, Alex went with Applejack, Dan, went with Pinkie, as did Cole and Missy, Andy went with Rarity, and Don went with Twilight.

After he'd grabbed all of his necessary belongings, Don followed Twilight away from the Old Railyard, and through the streets of Ponyville. Eventually, they reached their destination, which was a massive tree!

"Holy cow! Is that a tree?!"

Twilight laughed. "Yeah, that's the Golden Oak Library. It's been my home ever since I moved here to Ponyville. And yes, if you were wondering, it IS real! The tree that the library resides in is still alive and growing!"

Don was shocked. " is that even POSSIBLE?!"

Twilight shrugged. "I'm not quite sure Don, however my research leads me to believe that the tree was hollowed out a few sections at a time, and the rest of the tree's structure was enhanced with Magic, so as to keep it alive and growing. And if you think that the OUTSIDE is amazing, just wait until you see the INSIDE!"

"Yeah, it is pretty cool!" A voice said.

Don looked around, but he didn't see anypony.

"Um, down here!"

Don looked down a bit, and there stood Spike, Twilight's Dragon assistant. "Oh, sorry Spike; I didn't see you there. But what does it look like?"

Spike pointed to the door. "Well, why don't you follow Twilight, and you'll find out!"

Don did so, and once Twilight opened the door, when he looked inside, his jaw hit the floor!

The entire interior of the library was filled with books. There were floor to ceiling shelves all around, as well as stairs that led to areas with even more books!

"Holy cow Twilight! This place is AMAZING!"

Twilight nodded, smiling. "Well, I'm glad that you think so Don. I love the Golden Oak Library, and I can't imagine living anywhere else!"

"Neither could I", Don said quietly, but he said it so softly that neither Twilight nor Spike heard him.

Eventually, after hours of reading books, as well as studying various subjects, the sun had gone down, and it was time for bed.

Twilight helped Don make up a sort of bed on a couch on the ground floor. "Are you sure that you don't want to sleep with me Don? I know that I could keep you VERY warm!"

Don shook his head. "While I know that that is a tempting offer Twilight, I still don't think that two non-related people, or Ponies, should sleep in the same bed until they're married. I know that a LOT of the others disagree with me on this, but others like Jim and Father Charles do agree."

Twilight nodded. "Yeah, and I can respect that Don. However, if you ever need anything, you know where to find me!" She then went upstairs to her room on the floor above.

"Goodnight Twilight."

"Goodnight Don."

Don then went and sat down on the couch. He knew that he needed sleep, but yet his mind was too wound up to allow it. He passed a bit of time writing in his diary, but eventually he did feel tired enough to try and sleep. When he did so though, he really wished that he didn't.

Sometime later, Twilight suddenly awoke to the sounds of screaming!

"Huh? What in Sweet Celestia's name....?!?!" Then she heard it again, as well as the sounds of somepony stumbling around downstairs. "Oh Celestia, DON!!!" Twilight then threw on her bathrobe over her nightgown, and ran to see what was wrong.

When she reached Don's side, she found him wrapped up in a blanket on the floor, mumbling, and breathing really heavy. He was also sweating a lot, and was rather pale.

"Don? Don! Are you ok?!" She helped him get untangled from the blanket that he was trapped in, before helping him back up to the couch. When she saw his face, she no longer saw a competent, capable officer that seemed so much older than he really was Now, all she saw was a scared, Human-Pegasus hybrid who seemed to be the age that he truly was, 25.

"Oh Twilight!" Don then began to hug her, all while crying softly.

Twilight comforted him. "Shh, it's ok Don, I'm here for you." She continued to hold him while he tried to get a grip on himself.

Eventually, he was able to, but he still held Twilight's hands gently in his own.

"There, now then, now that you're a bit calmer, what happened? Was it......the nightmares?" Many times during her stay on the train, Twilight had heard various train crew members scream out in the middle of the night. She knew what it was. "Nightmares/flashbacks of the war, brought on by Shell Shock." Up until that moment, she'd never actually witnessed Don having a Shell Shock nightmare, but now she knew that even he was not immune.

"Do you um.....w-want to talk about it?"

Don shook his head. "No. War is a terrible thing Twilight, and even once it's over, the REAL fight is just beginning. Let's just leave it at that."

Twilight nodded. "Well, I'm not going to leave you alone like this Don. You need comfort. So if you won't come up to my room, then I'll just stay down here with you, at least until you fall asleep."

She then had Don lay back down on the couch, while she lay next to him, and held him gently. Don relaxed almost immediately in her warm embrace, and before long, he fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The next couple of days were like this for Don. He would return to the train when he was required to, but for the most part he just stayed with Twilight, although Twilight often followed him to the train as well.

Twilight was also his date for the ball, and while they were dancing, Don asked her a question. "Um.....Twilight?"

"Yeah Don?"

"Um, I was wondering,........w-would you be interested in being my....m-marefriend, as you would say? I mean, ever since the war, plus all of those nights that you spent with me so that I wouldn't have another Shell Shock induced nightmare, I NEED a mare like you in my life Twilight."

Twilight was VERY surprised. She never thought that another stallion would EVER find her attractive, but now here was one who did seem to. And she knew that Don was honest and genuine, and when he said something, he meant it.

She looked back at him, smiling. "For you Don, of course! Of course I'll be your marefriend!"

The two of them then hugged, and went back to their dancing.

Over the course of the next number of months, Don was engaged heavily with the building of the Imperial War Museum. Twilight functioned as his assistant/secretary when she wasn't fulfilling any duties for Princess Celestia. The days seemed to follow each other as the museum got built up more and more, and the more and more time that the two of them were able to spend together.

They also went on a number of dates, with most of them being to attend lectures on various fields of study, science conventions, or even just spending time reading at the library. The more time that he spent with Twilight, the more and more convinced that Don was becoming that she was indeed the mare for him. He wanted to be more than just marefriend and coltfriend; he wanted to marry Twilight.

Late one night, he talked it over with Jim, as well as Father Charles.

"So, what do you guys think?"

Jim sighed. "Well, if you're happy Don, and she's happy with you, then I'm happy for you both. You two really do seem to complete each other, and if God wants you two to be married, then great."

Father Charles sighed. "And if God is indeed calling you to her Don, then yes, I am happy for you as well. That young mare does have a good heart, and wants to serve those around her. She's a good mare Don, take care of her."

Don nodded, but then he had a question. "Um, Father?"

"Yes Major?"

"If I do decide to marry Miss Twilight, you would be willing to perform the marriage ceremony, right?"

He nodded. "Certainly! It's been TOO LONG since I last performed a wedding ceremony!"

Don nodded. "Ok then. And I'll pray about this a little bit more, but if everything goes the way that I think that it will, I will be married by next Spring!"

Don then left to finish up his work for the day.

Eventually, he decided what he was going to do. One afternoon after making a quick stop, he went to go see Twilight.

"Oh, hello Don!"

"Hey Twilight."

"What brings you here?"

Don then got incredibly nervous. He'd been planning for this moment for a long time, but now that it had arrived, his nerves were failing him.

"Um, well......I was just wondering if you wanted to go and have a picnic with me. I've finished up all of my work for the day."

Twilight thought about that. "Sure! I'm free as well, so let's go!"

Don was carrying the picnic basket, while Twilight held onto his arm. They walked for a ways until they reached a grassy hill just outside of Ponyville. When they arrived there, Don set up the blanket, as well as the food, plates, and plastic cutlery. Unknown to Twilight though, close by were Jim and myself. We were both there to record the moment where Don proposed to Twilight.

"When do you think that he'll propose Jim?"

Jim shrugged. "I don't know Leopard. However, I do know that he'll signal for us when he's ready."

We both kept watching and waiting for Don's signal.

Eventually, Don felt that the time was right. The sun was setting behind them, and the food was all eaten. He then looked behind himself, gave us the signal and then Jim and I stood up, and walked towards the two picnic goers.

Twilight saw us. "Oh Captain Leopard, Mr. Jim, what a pleasant surprise!"

"Hello Miss Sparkle."

"Hi Twilight."

Twilight then noticed that Jim was holding a camera, while I was holding a video camera.

"What's.......going on Don? Why do they have cameras?"

Don knew that his big moments was here. The time had come, but his nerves had failed him.

I saw that Don had frozen up. "Come on Don, you can do this. You've gotten through MUCH worse than this!"

Twilight was still confused. "Gotten through worse than what? What's he talking about Don?"

Don then reached inside of himself, and found his courage once again. He knew what he had to do. After grabbing something out of his back pocket, he walked over to where Twilight was sitting.

"Twilight? Ever since the first time that I met you, I knew that we both felt a connection. We seemed to be the same in many ways, as well as being some of the only people who could understand each other. We went through war in Las Pegasus, and I led the charge through the Zebra Empire to save you and the other hostages.

And once the war was over, it was you who helped me get through the awful PTSD-induced nightmares. You were always there for me, and so now, I want to always be there for you. I just have one question for you Twilight." He then reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small, black box. Then, while Twilight was sitting in front of him, he opened the box, revealing an engagement ring.

"Twilight, will you marry me?"

When Twilight saw the box, her emotion levels shot through the roof. At first, she just stared at Don with tears in her eyes. Then she pulled him close, and hugged him tightly.

"YES, YES!!!! 1,000 times over YES!!!!!"

The two of them kissed briefly, before going back to hugging.

I then looked over at Jim. "Well, I think that we could call this one a mission complete, wouldn't you say Jim?"

He nodded. "Yes, I couldn't agree more Captain Leopard. I know that they will be VERY happy together."

We both then left, leaving Don and Twilight to be on their own.

Over the course of the next couple of months, in addition to helping build the museum, as well as duties with the Foreign Legion, Don helped Twilight plan out their wedding.

The plan was to have the wedding at the Ponyville Gardens, as Twilight had had her heart set on marrying there for years. They were also planning on a Spring wedding. Once the date was locked in, it was to be on March 28th, 2030.

Invitations were sent out to everyone on the train, as well as others who Twilight wanted to invite. The cake would be provided by Sugarcube Corner, the flowers would come from Roseluck and her sisters, and the rest of the Mane 6, and even some of the other train crew, helped with the planning as well.

"Who will be your Best Stallion Don?" Twilight asked him.

"Well, it'll be Jim. A number of years ago, I was the best man at his wedding. Now I want him to do the same for me."

"Ok, makes sense to me. Rarity will make my dress for me, but what will you wear?"

"I'll be wearing my formal uniform that I wore to the Gala. Also, who will be your Maid of Honor?"

"My Mare of Honor will be my old foal-sitter, Cadence. I think that Rarity's sister Sweetie Belle, as well as Applejack's sister Applebloom will be the flower girls, but who will be the ring bearer?"

Don thought about that. "I don't know. Usually, I would just give Leopard the job, but ever since he married 2 mares?! HECK NO!!!! I'll give the job to Joe Dixon if he wants it."

Twilight thought back to my wedding to Rainbow Dash on September 15th, 2029. Then on October 8th, I took Spitfire to be my wife as well.

"She sighed. "Yeah, Captain Leopard is a little bit on the wacky side, but still, he's a good stallion, and he is a soldier, so there's that too."

Don sighed. "Yeah, I guess so. But still, Alex's wedding to Applejack went off right on October 21st, 2029, why couldn't his have been the same?"

"Eh, maybe because it was just the 2 of them?"

Don sighed. "Yeah, I guess so. But still, I just wish that Leopard didn't do it." He then went back to the papers that he was working on.

Finally, that March, Don was heading back to his room one night, completely unaware that he was being followed. He was then suddenly grabbed, and had a bag thrown over his head!

"Hey, what the?!"

"You're coming with us Buddy!" A voice growled. "There's SOMEBODY who wants to see you!" Don was then dragged away.

Eventually, he felt himself get tied to a chair, before the bag was removed from his head.


Don looked, and to his shock, he was sitting inside of the TCC at the back of the train, and in front of him were Jim, me, Todd, Alex, Joe, and a few others. Behind us were a few tables with food on them, as well as some games.

"Wait, you all KIDNAPPED ME for my Bachelor's Party?!"

I laughed. "Yep! It was all Jim's idea!"

Jim then laughed a bit. "Yeah, guilty as charged! I hope that you like it Don!"

Don was still in a state of shock. "Well, if you'll kindly UNTIE ME from this chair, then I'll see if I like it or not!"

"Eh, you're not actually tied up Don. Move your arms a bit."

He did so, and sure enough, we were right; he wasn't actually tied up. He then stood up, and looked around the room. "I still can't believe that you guys did this! Thank you!"

"Eh, you're welcome Don! You've been our leader for a long time, so it was our genuine pleasure!"

We all then had a night of fun in the PCC. There were video games, board games, card games, lots of food, and even a karaoke machine! Everyone had a lot of fun, and Don said that it was the best party that he'd ever been thrown.

When the party wound down though, we did have to clean up and get ready for the wedding, which would be in less than a week.

Finally, the big day had arrived. It was March 28th, 2030. The time was a little bit past noon, and the wedding was slated to start at 2pm. Just prior to this, there would also be a traditional ceremony where we would all get together and "give" Don over to Twilight. It was a military tradition that we were going to continue.

On Twilight's end of things, she was getting ready with her bridesmaids, which were the rest of the Mane 6, while Rarity was finishing up with her dress.

"I still CANNOT believe that I'm getting married!"

Dash and Applejack looked at her.

"Well Twilight, Ah can say that you got nothin' to worry about! My wedding to Alex went off without a hitch."

"Yeah, and so did mine to Stud! And so did his wedding to Spitfire!"

Fluttershy looked up at her. "Um, I kinda wish that it was my turn Twilight. It still feels like so much longer until my wedding to Todd."

"Yeah, same with my wedding to Dan!" Pinkie added. I just wish that it was Summer now!"

Twilight then looked back at her friends. 2 of them were married, and the rest were now engaged.

"I'm really glad that we can all do this together girls. You all have been the BEST group of friends that I've EVER had!"

They all hugged her. "You're welcome Twilight! Now get out there and enjoy your wedding!"

They all heard the music start, and they all began to scurry to their pre-wedding positions.

On Don's end of things though, he was suddenly getting cold feet. His nerves were shot, and he seemed to almost be hyperventilating. The rest of us were trying to calm him down.

"Don, just calm down. Everything's going to be fine! You'll do great!"

I looked over at him. "Yeah, what they said. You've got NOTHING to worry about Don! I went through 2 weddings without a hitch! Well, except for what happened with Len, but let's NOT talk about that!"

"Leopard's right Major. Plus, my wedding to Applejack went off just fine. You've got nothing to worry about. Plus, ALL of us will be right there with you every step of the way!"

Don then looked over at his comrades. They had all gone to hell and back together. They would be there to the bitter end no matter what.

He looked up. "You're right guys! I've got NOTHING to worry about! Now then, let's all get out there. We have a Transfer Ceremony to perform, as well as a wedding to attend!"

We all nodded, and then we left for the garden.

Once we were outside of the garden, while a number of Ponies watched, we performed the "Transfer Ceremony". This was a tradition that dated all of the way back to WW3. The groom would be "given" by his comrades over to his bride, and be devoted to her, AND the Core. Alex and I had already gone through this, and now it was Don's turn. Todd, Dan, Cole, and Andy watched, knowing that they would be next soon enough.

Jim performed the "ceremony". "Major Don Curry, do you solemnly swear to still stand by your Brothers in Arms, and again bear the burden of war should the need arise?"

"Yes Sir, I do."

"And do you vow to love Twilight until your dying day?"

"Yes Sir, I do."

"Ok then, give me your hand."

He did so, and Jim poked it with a sterile needle. Once Don bled a little, he added his bloody fingerprint to the contract that all of us signed on our wedding day. Alex's and I's fingerprints were already there, and now Don added his to the mix as well.

"Ok Don, and we'll be holding you to this contract now that you've signed it in your own blood. We now give you the Core's permission to marry Twilight!"

Don nodded, and then we all took our pre-wedding positions.

Sure enough, at precisely 2pm, the Wedding got underway. The first one in was of course Father Charles, as he was the minister for the ceremony.

Next, Came Don and the rest of us groomsmen. We all lined the isle at intervals, and stood at attention as Don passed us. He then went up to the front, where he joined Father Charles.

Just then though, the music changed.

The rest of the audience stood up, and sure enough, Twilight came down the isle. She was followed by her bridesmaids, the CMC's, who were the flower girls, and Joe, as he was the ring bearer.

Don gasped a bit in surprise when he saw Twilight. Her wedding dress was pure white, although it did have purple trim, as well as a veil. She had golden horseshoes on her hooves, and a broach of her cutie-mark in her mane as well. She was being led down the isle by her dad. Out in the audience, her mom and Shining Armor were crying.

"I can't believe that Twily's getting married!"

"Yeah, I know Shining, I can't believe it either!"

Once Twilight was up on the small stage at the back of the garden where Don was, she turned to face him. As they held hands, all of the music stopped.

Once everyone and Everypony had taken their seats, Father Charles began. "Now then, are you two ready to begin?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Yes Father, we're ready!"

"Ok then. Now then, will the ring bearer please bring up the rings?"

Joe did so.

"Thank you. Now then, Donald Curry, do you, take this mare to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to cherish and to love, through sickness, and health, good times and bad, to love until the bitter end no matter what?"

Don then took his ring, and put it on her finger. "I do. I take you, Twilight, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to cherish and to love, through sickness and health, good times and bad, to love until the bitter end, no matter what!"

Father Charles then turned to Twilight. "Twilight Sparkle, do you, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to cherish and to love, through sickness, and health, good times and bad, to love until the bitter end no matter what?"

Twilight looked at Don with tears in her eyes as she slipped her ring onto his finger. "Yes, I do! I take you, Don Curry, to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, to cherish and to love, through sickness, and health, good times and bad, to love until the bitter end no matter what!"

Father Charles then looked out over the audience. "Now then, does anyone, or anypony, have any objections to this union? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

Nopony said anything.

"Ok then. By the power vested in me as presider over this wedding union, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Don then gently took Twilight's veil, and after lifting it up, he pulled her in close, and the 2 of them kissed.

The whole crowd then went wild, and now 3 of the Mane 6 were married; Twilight, Dash, and Applejack.

The wedding reception went off without a hitch, and after the cake was cut, and the first pieces fed to the bride and groom by each other, it was time for the couple's first dance. They went with the song that Don had picked a long time ago.

Some of the rest of us who knew the words sang along.

Then, the rest of us were able to kick up our heels to various songs. I even grabbed the mic and sang this one for Don and Twilight.

Unfortunately, I forgot one little detail, I could barely sing to save my own life!

Finally, Twilight had enough of that! "Oh Celestia Leopard, GET OFF THE STAGE!!! Let a REAL singer show you how it's done!" The then grabbed me with her magic, and dragged me off the stage! She then sang the same song that she'd sung for her brother and Cadence a few years prior.

Once that was all done, the time had come for the throwing of the bouquet, as well as the garter.

"Is everypony ready?" Twilight asked.

"Ready Twilight!"

"Ok then, here it comes!" She then tossed her bouquet out into the crowd of single mares. It was caught by Lyra.

Twilight looked over at her. "Well Lyra, it looks like you'll be the next one down the isle!"

While she was cheering about that, Don got the garter off of Twilight, and prepared to toss it. "Are all of you guys ready?" single guys ready?"

"Oh yeah!"

he then flung it, and it got caught by Spike. "Congrats Spike! You're the lucky guy to catch the garter!"

Then, while the crowd was still cheering, it was time for Don and Twilight to leave on their honeymoon. Their destination was the Crystal Empire to spend time with Shining Armor and Cadence.

"Don't worry Don, I'll take GOOD care of the Battleship Express while you're gone!"

"Thanks Jim! I know that you will!" He then climbed into the carriage that was waiting to take them away.

Twilight hugged her bother. "Congratulations Twily!"

"Thanks BBBFF!"

"I still can't believe that you're a bride! You've really grown up Twily!"

She blushed a bit. "Thanks BBBFF! And I'll see you again soon!"

"Yeah, see you soon Twily!"

She then got into the carriage as well. Behind it, Alex, Todd, and I were still attaching the ropes and empty shell casings that were going to be clanging along behind the carriage.

Once they were ready, the carriage pulled away to the sounds of a 21 gun salute.


Don and Twilight waved to us until their carriage was out of sight.

Chapter 8: Alex X Applejack

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Alex. 2nd Fireman Alex Barkley. The 2nd of 3 firemen of the Battleship Express. He'd been with the train ever since it's first run from Grand Central Station in New York, to St. Louis where the first battle began. He was an old-timer like me. Even though he was only 23 years old, he'd seen the wars like the rest of us. He was in the Big Boy's cab with Todd and I when the train was attacked by the Wonderbolts.

He was the one who managed to bash Soarin in the face with his coal shovel before the cab got swarmed. Eventually, the train was brought to a screeching halt outside of Ponyville Station, and he blacked out with the rest of us in that cab. Eventually, he did regain consciousness, and made his way out of the cab. Once he was on the ground again, he was told by others that we were now in the land of Equestria, and that the Ponies were not our enemies.

"Oh, well, just so long as they aren't Futas, then I'm ok!" He then went over to talk to the Wonderbolts who had been attacking the train.

"Um, Commander Soarin? I'm REALLY sorry for bashing you in the face with my shovel. I thought that you were a Futa."

Soarin looked at him. "It wasn't your fault Alex. You were just doing what had to be done to defend your train. We thought that you were the enemies as well. It was all just a big misunderstanding."

Alex nodded. "Yeah, but that still must have hurt since I did swing pretty hard!"

"Yeah, it did!"

Alex and Soarin talked for a while longer.

Eventually, while the meeting between myself, Don, and the Princesses was happening in the PCC, Alex was given the chance to talk to some of the other Ponies. Eventually though, there was one who caught his eye. She had orange fur, a blond mane and tail, green eyes, some freckles, and she was wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, work boots, as well as a Stetson cowboy hat.

Intrigued a bit, he went over to say hello.

"Hello Ma'am."

She turned to him. "Oh well howdy there Mr. Human! And who might you be?"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm Alex. 2nd Fireman Alex Barkley, but you can just call me Alex, Ma'am."

"Just as you can call me Applejack Sugarcube!" She shook his hand. "And it's nice to meet you Alex!"

"Nice to meet you too Applejack. So um, what town are we in exactly? I haven't heard yet."

Applejack gestured all around. "This is the town of Ponyville! I've lived here my whole life, as has most of my family."

"Oh, and do you live close by?"

She pointed to something off in the distance. "You see the top of that weather vane over there beyond that hill?"


"Well, that's the barn on the farm where I live. It's called Sweet Apple Acres. Best apple farm in all of Equestria! My family's been makin' the best apple-flavored products for generations!"

Alex was stunned. "Wow, that sounds amazing Applejack! I sure wish that I could see Sweet Apple Acres."

Unfortunately though, before the two of them could continue talking, Don and I stepped out of the train and began to tell the crew the situation that we were currently facing. Eventually, after the skirmish involving the Zebra and Caribou ambassadors, Don made an announcement.

"Attention all hands, this is Major Don speaking! Due to the now extremely high danger of enemy activity, all personnel MUST stay with the train at all times! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!"

Alex was upset. "Ah phooey! Now I gotta stay here!"

Applejack shrugged. "Eh, don't feel too sad there Partner, I'll stay here with ya if ya want."

He looked up at her. "Wait, you'd really do that?"

She nodded. "Of course I would Sugarcube!"

They then sat together on a bench close to the train, and talked for a while longer.

Eventually however, after the first-blood skirmish with the Caribou and Zebra forces, Alex knew just as well as the rest of us that another attack was imminent; and of course, we were all right!

That very same night, the Battle of Ponyville happened. While Applejack was taking shelter with the rest of the Element Bearers, Alex was with the rest of us right in the thick of the fighting. He was a part of my firing line, the same firing line that helped to protect the Ponyville town square.

By the time that the sun rose the next morning, and victory had been secured, we all knew what we had to do. Right alongside the rest of us, Alex voted to declare war on the Imperial Alliance.

Now the war could truly begin!

Very early the next morning, we all pulled out for Las Pegasus. Alex was the fireman, while I drove, and Todd was the brakeman, and Dash was up in the cab with us as well. After making it up No-Name Grade, we went down the other side, and we soon reached the city that was to become the sight of our next battle.

All throughout the course of the battle, Alex and Applejack were in the SCC watching the battle unfold.

"Golly! This is a TON of firepower!!!"

Alex smirked. "Heh, yeah! We've always been like this; it's just what our train was built for! It was designed to be able to provide EXTREMELY heavy firepower when required!"

Applejack looked at the digital maps. "Yeah, no kiddin' Sugarcube! I NEVER thought that I would ever see a train like this!"

"Well, she truly is one of a kind. Well, there were plans for a sister war-train, using Big Boy 4014, and UP 844 for a supply train. This train was to become known as the 'Dreadnought Express', but for whatever reason, the plans for it never came to fruition."

Applejack thought about that. "Huh. Well, maybe it would'a cost too much, or maybe y'all didn't need another train like this one."

Alex shrugged. "At times, I'd almost say that we did, but never mind that now. It's all in the past, although 2 Battleship Expresses side by side? Now THAT would have been cool to see!"

"Heh, yeah, no kiddin' Sugarcube!"

They then got back to watching the battle.

Once the battle was over, it was time for the cleanup to begin. It was also around this same time that Don called all of the Mane 6 together for a meeting.

"This is very hard for me to say, and I know that it's going to be even harder for you to hear, but the truth is, you all will not be able to continue on with us."

"WHAT!?!?! WHY!?!?!"

Don then went on to explain the extreme danger involved with what lay ahead, and how it was a stallion's job. "Plus, if you got killed, then that would be EXTREMELY bad, but if you got captured......" Don couldn't even bring himself to finish that sentence.

Eventually, Twilight sighed. "I....understand Don." Then, after reasoning with the others for a bit, they all understood too. It was also agreed that they would be on the next train heading back to Ponyville.

"I sure am gonna miss ya Alex! And I was just startin' to like ya too!"

Alex blushed a bit. "Yeah, I know. And I'm gonna miss you too AJ!"

She saw the dejection on his face. Then, just before she left, she kissed him gently on the mouth. "There. Just a little somthin' to remember me by until we meet again Alex!"

For a moment, Alex was stunned! He NEVER saw that one coming! In the end though, he did get over his shock enough to kiss Applejack back, before the two of them hugged one last time, and then Applejack got on the train to Ponyville.

"I sure am gonna miss her." Alex sighed sadly as the train pulled out of sight.

I looked at him. "We all are gonna miss our marefriends Alex; it's not just you."

Alex nodded, and then we all got back to work, little knowing the dangers that lay ahead.

Less than a day later, thanks to Zakia's video call, we knew that he'd captured our marefriends. Alex was with Don and I while we had our rage freak-out in the PCC, and for nearly an hour straight, our rage induced madness continued. We stomped on the floor, smashed things, screamed, yelled, cried, and a number of other rage-filled actions. Eventually though, we were able to get a grip on ourselves. After a chat with Princess Celestia, we all knew what we had to do.

"So, how are we even going to do this Major?" Alex asked.

"Well, like Princess Celestia said, we get to the Zebra Empire, and WIPE IT OFF THE MAP!!!!"

"As well as saving our marefriends?"

"Of course! What kind of people would we be if we didn't?!"

"Pretty terrible ones, that's for sure!"

We all then got to work on planning not only our attacks on the Badlands, but also reassuring the families of our marefriends that we were going to be doing everything in our power to bring their daughter/sister home.

"You have my word, Ma'am, that I WILL NOT rest until I've brought Applejack home safe and sound!"

"You'd better do that Sonny!" Granny told him, "Or I'll have ya skinned alive myself!"

Alex saluted. "As I just said Ma'am, I will bring her home, and now I add to that; I will bring her home, or die trying!"

A few days after that, our campaign through the Zebra Empire began. From one city to the next, we destroyed everything and everyone that stood in our way, and Alex was right there with us. He was part of the task force that wiped out the chemical plant in Bannon, and he was also present at the Battles of Zandia, Mardeth, and pretty much every other battle during our Zebra Empire campaign. He was just as much of a ruthless of a killer as we were.

Eventually though came the most critical battle of them all; Zebrica. Zebrica was the Zebra's capital city, and where Overlord Zakia was holding our marefriends hostage.

"So what's the plan Major?"

Don sighed. "Well, this is it, our final battle against these monsters. They have our marefriends, and we HAVE to get them back!"

"Yeah, NOTHING truer than that! So how are we going in?"

Don then relayed his plan, which was the Battleship Express tearing down the walls, as well as using our armored bulldozers, loaders, and tractors as tanks to move around the city. The attack was scheduled to begin at Dawn the following morning.

Sure enough, Alex found himself assigned to a bulldozer, which in fact was the same one that I was also assigned to. Once we got the signal from Don to begin the battle, and the walls had been brought down by the guns of the Battleship Express, we were all cleared for the attack. We all charged forwards, and did our best to make it inside of the city.

Then, once we were inside, our task was to cause as much ruckus as possible on our way to the Imperial Palace. Once we arrived though, we ran into trouble. We couldn't get the gates open! Eventually, Don was able to have them blasted open with explosives, and then we all proceeded onto the palace grounds.

Alex was looking up at all of the stairs leading up to the Imperial Palace. "Ok, so now I guess that we have to get out and walk!"

I shook my head. "No on my watch!" I then put the bulldozer into forward gear again, and after plowing over part of the fountain in front of the palace, I drove the bulldozer right up the stairs!

Once we'd all made it inside, our primary goal was to get to the hostages. Eventually, we managed to clear out the entire upper levels of the palace, with only the throne room remaining. Once the doors to that were blasted in after the whole room was filled with smoke, we all rushed in.

After dealing with the guards, I looked around. "Hello? Are there any hostages in here? We're looking for hostages!"

"Back here Sir!" From behind Zakia's throne stepped Dan, and then Twilight and Applejack.

When Alex saw his marefriend, he raced over to her. "APPLEJACK!!!!!"


He began to hug her. "Oh thank God that you're ok! I thought that I was NEVER going to see you again!"

"Neither did I Alex!" She looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I thought that you weren't going to be able to get here and save me in time!"

He continued to hold her close. "Well, I'm here now, and it's all going to be ok!"

Eventually, once the palace had been fully cleared out, Alex gently picked his marefriend up, and carried her back out to the train.

For the next few days or so, Alex was by Applejack's side every minute. He just wanted to make sure that she was alright.

"I'm fine Alex", she reassured him. "You saved me from the Zebras BEFORE they could hurt me!"

Alex sighed. "Yeah, I know Babe, but it's's complicated. I really don't want to get into it too much right now."

Applejack opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but she just closed her mouth, and didn't say anything.

Over the course of the remainder of the war, Alex did take part in a number of the campaigns against the Caribou, although he wasn't as angry as Dan and I were, as our marefriends were still being held hostage by the Caribou.

Eventually though, after the war was over, it was time for all of us to return home. After leaving Donneth for the last time on July 28th, we all headed back for Ponyville.

At one point, Alex did let Applejack take his place as the train's fireman, but after getting yelled at by Don, she was forced to abort early! The rest of the train ride back to Ponyville went just fine though.

When we arrived back there though, we all received the greatest hero's welcome of all time! EVERYPONY was there to see us, and they were all cheering for the Battleship Express, as well as Battalion 4009, who had managed to get them through the war.

Both Alex and Applejack were also both hugged by Granny Smith, Applebloom, and Big Mac.

"I'm back Granny! Alex here saved me, just like he said that he would!"

Granny then turned to look at him. "Mr. Alex, I would just like to offer ya my greatest thanks! You lived up to yer end of the promise, and ya brought Applejack home!"

Alex just blushed a bit. "Eh, it......was nothing really, Ma'am, just me doing my job; what had to be done! Oh, and you can just call me Alex, Ma'am."

"And I more than thank ya for it Alex. How would you like to come and help us out on the apple farm? I know that Applejack would love to have you, and we do need the extra help!"

Alex was speechless., I-I'll have to ask Major Don about it first, but if he doesn't have any objections, then sure, I could come and help you guys!"

Alex then went over to ask Don if he could help out at the apple farm.

Well, to make a long story short, Don didn't really have any objections, and so after gathering his things together, Alex followed Applejack, Big Mac, and Granny Smith back to Sweet Apple Acres.

When he saw the farm for the first time, he was shocked!

"Holy cow, this place is HUGE!!!"

And indeed it was. There was a house, and a large red barn, but beyond those were acres upon acres of apple trees.

"Well, now I can DEFINITELY see why this place is called 'Sweet Apple Acres!' There's apple trees everywhere!"

Applejack laughed a bit. "Yeah well, we Apples have been apple farmers here for generations. It's a tradition that we hope to carry on for many more."


Alex then took a bit more time to take in his surroundings. Eventually though, Applejack showed him where he could put his things for the time being, before showing him the ropes of farming.

The hours ticked by for Alex. He was learning so much about apple tree farming from Applejack.

"This, is really incredible AJ. Thank you for letting me work here with you."

Applejack smiled. "It's not really me that you should be thanking Sugarcube, it's Granny and Big Mac. They're they ones who're lettin' ya stay here."

Alex nodded. "Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. But nevertheless, I'm still glad to be here, and........" Alex suddenly trailed off. He looked to be troubled about something.

"Hey, what's wrong Sugarcube?"

Alex just shook his head. "It's.......nothing that you should concern yourself with. Let's just say that some aspects of the past are best left buried, even when they try to resurface again."

Applejack could see that Alex was in pain, but she didn't dare ask him what he meant. All of us Humans had come from extremely troubled backgrounds, and none of us were willing to talk about them.

Eventually though, nighttime came. For sleeping arrangements, Alex was going to be sleeping on a cot on the floor in Applejack's room. He would also be hung from the highest apple tree in the orchard if he tried anything funny with Applejack!

He tried to sleep, but sleep was fleeing away from him. One aspect of his past just wouldn't stay buried. It kept coming to the surface, and plaguing his dreams.

"!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! GWAH!!!!" Alex suddenly woke up screaming! In one quick motion, he was off of his cot and had flung himself halfway across the room!

He lay there, gasping, panting, and sweating profusely. Suddenly though, the light next to Applejack's bed turned on. "Huh? What......? SUGARCUBE!!!!" She flew out of her bed, and raced over to where Alex was on the floor.

"Sugarcube? What happened?! What's wrong?!" Then she remembered the nightmares. Dash had warned her that I too had been having PTSD-induced nightmares.

Alex then began to hug her, while he cried softly. Applejack's motherly instincts kicked in almost immediately.

"Shh, it's ok Sugarcube. I got you. You're safe with me. I ain't gonna let anypony hurt you!"

"Oh god......." Alex muttered through his tears. "Why won't she leave?! Why won't she stay dead?!"

"Who? Who won't stay dead Sugarcube?"



Alex then revealed the horrifying truth about his past. Like most of the rest of us, he'd been captured in WW6, and sold to a Futa mistress. His mistress though was violently insane. She tortured Alex and her other slaves for her own sexual pleasure. By the time that the authorities found out and intervened, Alex was at death's door. A number of reconstructive surgeries later, Alex was mobile again, but his mind was never the same again. Even though he would later kill Miranda himself by repeatedly bashing her head in with a brick, he was mentally broken.

When Alex finished his story, Applejack could only stare at him in shock and horror. She'd heard whispered rumors about some of us having been confiscated from abusive mistresses, but to have actually heard a first-hand account from an eyewitness? That really shed a whole new light on things.

"I........can't even begin to imagine the pain that you're going through Alex. To have been treated like that.........I can't even begin to wrap my head around it. Just know that, Miranda is dead, and if she EVER wants to get at you again, even from beyond the grave, I ain't gonna let her! She had her chance with you, and she blew it! She's dead, and nopony cares!"

Alex looked up at her, before kissing her gently on the cheek. "T-thanks AJ, y-you're the best!"

She kissed him back gently. "It's my job Sugarcube. You're the closest friend that I have right now, so it's my job to help you. But come on now, let's go to bed."

Applejack then gently helped Alex back to his feet, before leading him over to her bed, laying him down on it, snuggling close to him, and pulling the covers over the both of them before holding him close.

"Goodnight Alex, I love you."

"Goodnight, Applejack. you too." Alex then fell asleep, and managed to stay asleep.

Over the course of the next couple of days, Alex did have to come back to help a little bit with the Battleship Express, but for the most part, he stayed with the Apple Family; helping to tend to Sweet Apple Acres.

During this time, he and Applejack began to grow closer and closer together. Applebloom said that they were in love, but Granny just shushed her.

"You leave yer big sister alone Applebloom! Someday you'll find a nice colt that you fancy too!"

Applebloom said that that would never happen.

"That's what I said when yer pa married yer ma...." Granny muttered.

"What was that Granny?"

"Oh, was nothing Dear, just......talkin' to myself a bit."

Applebloom gave Granny a funny look before going back to helping pick apples.

That Saturday, Alex took Applejack to the Victory Ball in Canterlot. As the two of them danced, Applejack asked him a question.

"Hey Sugarcube?"

"Yeah AJ?"

I was wonderin'.......would you, uh......"

"Would I what AJ?"

"Would you........maybe......want to be my coltfriend? I mean, I think that Granny wants us together, and we do make a good pair, so what'dya say Pardner?"

Alex was really taken aback. He had NEVER expected this! However, he was quick to think up what to say. "If that's what you want Applejack, then sure, I'll be your coltfriend. Provided of course that you'll be my marefriend!"

"Of course I will Sugarcube!"

And that made it official; Alex and Applejack were now a couple.

With the months passing, more and more construction work on the museum was done, and before too long, Applejack heard that I had proposed to Rainbow Dash, and that she'd said yes. The two of us were planning on a mid-September wedding.

Alex heard about this, and finally he too had made up his mind. He went to talk to Don about it.

"So, you think that God is calling you two together, do you?"

He nodded. "Yes Sir. We've been together for a few months now, and I really do think that we were made to be."

"Well, if you want to do this, then I'm not going to stop you. I see nothing wrong with your relationship. However, when were you going to propose to her?"

Alex sighed. "Soon. I'm planning on surprising her with a ring here before too long."

Don nodded. "Well, good luck Alex. I hope that you find what you're looking for."

"Thank you Sir, and I hope so too!"

A few days later, he and Applejack were lying underneath their favorite apple tree. They were both holding hands, and in Alex's pocket was the ring. Close by were Todd and myself, hidden in the bushes. Alex selected us to be the ones to film the moment. Big Mac, Granny Smith, and Applebloom were also watching this as well.

Eventually, he signaled us to step forwards, which we did.

Alex then turned to her. "Hey Applejack?"

"Yeah Sugarcube?"

"I would just like to say that.....well, ever since the very beginning, you were always there for me. You were the one who understood my PTSD-induced nightmares, and also helped me get through them. You are the apple of my eye, and now I would like you to be the Apple of my life." Here he rolled over, and got into a kneeling position.

Applejack sat up. "Wait, what?"

"I mean that I just have one question for you." He then reached into his pocket, and pulled out the ring box, before opening it to reveal a gold ring with an apple-shaped diamond on it. "AJ, will you marry me?"

When Applejack realized that Alex was proposing to her, she immediately slammed her hands over her mouth and began to cry. Eventually, she was able to talk again.

"Y-yes, Sugarcube! 1,000 times YES!!!!!" She then sort of tackled Alex, and began to hug him. Todd and I filmed for a little bit longer before we stopped filming.

"Well Leopard, I can say that this was mission accomplished!"

"Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more Todd! I mean after all, Dash said yes when I asked her, and now we're planning a mid-September wedding."

"Hmm, I wonder when their wedding will be?"

I shrugged. "I don't know Todd, but I do know that we'll find out here before long!"

Sure enough, I was right. Alex and Applejack were planning on a late October wedding. Eventually, after some planning, the date was set for October 21st, 2029, just 1 month and 6 days later than mine. The wedding site of course would be the family farm, underneath their favorite apple tree. The plan was to invite most, if not ALL of the Apple clan, and of course, Alex invited all of us to come as well.

However, late one night, Alex ran into some serious trouble. As he was walking by the barn, a pair of arms suddenly reached out, grabbed him, and dragged him inside!

Alex was about to scream, before the lights came on, and sure enough all of his friends were standing around, seemingly laughing at him!

"Oh COME ON you guys! You kidnapped me for my Bachelor party?!"

Andy smirked. "Yep, guilty as charged! Now come on Alex, let's have some fun!"

Little did we suspect though, our 'fun' was about to have some almost fatal consequences!

At one point, Alex proposed a drinking contest.

"How do we do this Alex?" I asked.

"Simple!" Alex then pulled out a drink mixer and a funnel. "We start with some moonshine", He poured some in, "And then we add more alcohol!"

We all got the idea then, and began to add to the mixture.


"Red wine!"






Alex nodded. "Oh yeah, that's nice! Then Spirits, and of course, 100% pure Ethanol!" He then mixed it all together, before pouring it all into glasses, and handing it to any who wanted any. However, most of the rest of us backed away once we realized just how dangerous that concoction was. It could have killed us! I however volunteered to drink some just so that Alex wouldn't have to do it alone. I took a glass, and Alex took a glass. We both then looked at each other, before drinking it.


What happened next, nobody truly knows to this day. The last thing that I can remember before blacking out was saying, "Wow, strong SHIT!!!"

Alex did this.

To put it into simple terms, the bachelor party was cancelled, and Alex and I were both rushed to the hospital to have our systems pumped! We both survived, but I've shied away from strong alcohol ever since.

Eventually though, on October 21st, the time came for the actual ceremony. The wedding site was all decked out in white, and there were chairs set up for all of the guests. The reception would be held in the barn, and both parties were getting ready.

Applejack was having the final fitting of her dress done by Rarity. Her dress was white, although it had green trim. Also, at Applejack's insistence, Rarity also made her a white version of her stetson hat for the ceremony as well. Her mane and tail were braided with flowers, and she had golden horseshoes on her hooves.

"I still can't believe that I'm a bride! It seems like just yesterday that I met Alex!"

" nervous AJ?"

"No, not really Rainbow. I'm just so....happy!" Applejack then looked over at Rainbow. She'd been the first of her group of friends to get married, and now it was her turn. She picked Applebloom to be her maid of honor, while Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were the flower girls. The rest of her friends were her bridesmaids.

Suddenly though, they all heard the music start.

"Oh, that's the music! Let's go everypony! Let's get this wedding underway!"

"Right behind you Applejack!" They all then left for their pre-wedding positions.

With Alex, the rest of us were busy getting ready as well. Like Applejack, Alex also had no nervousness. He'd picked Andy to be his Best Man, while Big Mac would be the ring bearer.

"Well, today's the big day Alex, are you nervous?"

He shook his head. "What? Me, nervous no! I'm doing just fine. This is my life-long dream come true!" He finished adjusting his formal military uniform. "Ok, that should just about do it! Now then, let's go guys!"

Right behind you Alex!"

We all then left to go perform Alex's "Transfer Ceremony."

Once we were there, we all stood around while Don addressed him. "State your name."

"Alex Barkley."

"And who is the mare that you're marrying?"


"And you do love her, right?"

"Oh yes Sir!"

"And you pledge to love her until your dying day?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Ok then Alex, just like Leopard did, give me your hand."

Alex did so, and sure enough, after his hand was pricked with a sterile needle enough to draw blood, he put his bloody fingerprint onto the document that was signed by all of us Battleship Express crew who were getting hitched. Then we all had to scurry to our pre-wedding positions.

First to come down the aisle were the rest of us soldiers from Battalion 4009. We lined the aisle at intervals to stand at attention. Next, came Alex, and he went up to the front to stand with Father Charles, who once again was presiding over a wedding ceremony.

Then, after everypony was quiet and seated, the live band, (yes, some of the Apple Family did all of the music for the wedding!) started playing "Here comes the Bride." Then, to everypony's awe, Applejack walked out, followed by her bridesmaids, then the flower-girls, and then the ring bearer. Everypony gasped in awe when they saw Applejack, and soon enough, she reached the front where, under their favorite Apple tree, she was going to marry her Beloved. When she reached Alex, she held his hands gently in her own.

Father Charles then motioned for silence. "Ok then, are you two ready to begin?"

"Yes Sir, I am."

"Oh yes Sir! I'm ready!"

Father Charles then started the service. Once it was time for the vows, he looked over at Big Mac. "Please bring forth the rings."

Big Mac then brought them up to the front.

"Now then, do you, Alex Barkley, take this mare, to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, through the good and the bad, to love to the bitter end, no matter what?"

Alex put his ring on Applejack's finger. "I do! I take you Applejack, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, through the good and the bad, to love to the bitter end, no matter what!"

Father Charles then turned to Applejack. "And do you, Applejack Apple, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, through the good and the bad, to love to the bitter end, no matter what?"

Applejack looked at Alex with tears in her eyes while she put her ring on his finger. "I do!" I take you, Alex Barkley, to me my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, through the good and the bad, to love to the bitter end, no matter what!"

Father Charles then looked out into the crowd. "Ok, now then, does anypony have any objections to this couple's union? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace."

There was only silence.

"Ok, well then, by the power vested in me as presider over this wedding union, I pronounce you both man and mare! You can kiss the bride!"

Alex then took Applejack gently, and after lifting up her veil, she jumped into his arms and kissed him!


Now the REAL fun could begin!

After the cake, which was an amazing apple-cake, the time had come for the couple's first dance. Alex, being a Billy Joel fan, and Applejack, being honest, decided to go with this little number.

Then the rest of us kicked up our heels and got to dancing. Some of us had some pretty fancy footworking skills!

Eventually though, the time had come for the tossing of the bouquet, as well as the garter. "Are y'all ready for this?"


Applejack then tossed it, and to her surprise, Fluttershy caught it. "Wow, great catch Fluttershy!"

"Thank you Applejack!"

Alex then retrieved and tossed the garter, which was actually caught by both Dan and Cole at the same time, and as they fought over it, they managed to tear it in half!

"Whoa, um, ok, THAT wasn't supposed to happen! Well, anyway folks, this has been REALLY fun and all, but it's time for AJ and I to go! Our honeymoon in Baltimare awaits!" He and Applejack then ran towards the waiting wagon that would take them away.

On the back though, Todd, Andy and I were still trying to finish tying up all of the tin cans. Suddenly though, there was trouble. One of Andy's legs got caught in one of the ropes!

"Shit! They're about to leave!" He tried to get his leg unstuck, but then he noticed me just standing there. "Well don't just stand there, HELP ME!!!"

I shook my head. "Sorry Andy, but payback's a bitch ain't it?"

He looked at me. "Wait, you're not still mad about that little incident at your rehearsal, right?"

I glared at him. "What do you think?" Alex and Applejack then got into the wagon. "Bai Felicia!"

"NOOOOO!!!!!" Andy then got dragged away by his ankle!

Todd looked at me with wide eyes. "Um, was that REALLY a good idea Leopard?"

"I only tied him up pretty loosely. I think he'll be alright."

I would later learn that Andy was dragged nearly back into Ponyville until his leg came loose. He didn't suffer any real injuries, but he WAS plotting his revenge........

Chapter 9: Todd X Fluttershy

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Todd. Second Brakeman Todd Davis. He too had been with the train for a VERY long time! He hadn't been there since the very beginning, but he was a close second. When Todd joined Battalion 4009, it was close to the time of the Battle of St. Louis. However, very few people outside of Battalion 4009 knew that he even existed. Everyone was always talking about the engineers, firemen, and engine guardsmen, but nobody ever mentioned the brakemen.

I found this to be very sad, because if it weren't for guys like Todd, we would all be in some VERY deep doo-doo! It's always nice to have someone else around who knows how to drive the train, and can do so in the event of an emergency. Plus, the brakeman's job is to handle the train's brakes, and when you have a Big Boy locomotive, and 32 cars all filled to the brim with weapons, you HAVE to have good brakes, as well as an even better guy to help work them!

Yep, if it wasn't for Todd, we would all be in trouble. However, Todd was also good at other things as well. He could fight, and did so many times. He was very shy, and didn't like to use guns, but when he had to, he could prove to be a VERY fierce opponent!

Todd's mettle was put to the test once again after the Battle of Las Vegas. With the train in an unknown place, we were all suddenly attacked by what we believed were Futas! Todd was the one who spotted them running towards the train, and when he saw them, he grabbed a wrench to defend himself! (He, Alex and I had left our guns in the SCC by accident while we made our way up to the engine once we'd arrived in Equestria.)

Eventually though, when the train was attacked, Todd, who was in the cab with Alex and I at the time, showed the enemy was he was made of. Even though he had no gun, Todd kicked with his boots, and hit with his helmet! The Wonderbolts themselves who breached the cab said that they had NEVER seen anypony kick as hard as Todd did!

At the very end of the battle, Todd was the one who noticed that the boiler was about to explode. He pointed it out to Alex and I, and just in the nick of time we were able to shut off steam, release the excess pressure through the valves, and then slam on the brakes! The train then came to a shuddering stop just outside of Ponyville Station, and all of us who were inside of the cab at the time blacked out.

Eventually, Todd did come around again, and he left the cab. From Alex, as well as the Wonderbolts, he learned that he was in the land of Equestria.

"Oh, well that's quite the surprise!" He really didn't know what to say other than that.

After milling about on the station platform for a bit, while Don and I were in the meeting with the princesses, Todd decided to walk the length of the train. Before he could really get too far though, he was suddenly stopped by a voice behind him.

"Um, excuse me, Mr. Human?"

Todd turned around, and there standing behind him was a Pegasus mare with yellow fur, blue eyes, a long pink mane and tail, as well as a green dress with a white shirt. She also seemed to be blushing nervously.

"Yes? Can I help you Miss?"

The mare stared at him. ", n-never got to see a Human before. Um, w-what's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Todd. Todd Davis, but you can just call me Todd."

The mare seemed to brighten up a bit. "Oh....Todd. That's a very nice name. I'm Fluttershy."

"It's nice to meet you Fluttershy."

After the two of them started talking to each other, they began to realize that they were much more alike than they'd previously thought. They were both 22 years old, both of them loved animals, and they were both rather shy and introverted.

"Wow, who would have ever thought that we were this much alike Fluttershy?"

"I certainly wouldn't have, that's for sure!"

"So, do you live around here Fluttershy?"

She nodded. "Yes, I live in a small cottage close to the Everfree Forest. That's where I take care of all of my animals."

Todd sighed. "Wow, it sounds so lovely. At one time, I was going to school to become a veterinarian, as I really wanted to be able to help animals."

"Well, what happened Todd?"

Todd frowned. "WW3, THAT's what happened! And then more wars after that!"

Fluttershy could see that she was really starting to dredge up bad memories for Todd, so she just decided to let the topic of the wars go. She was about to keep talking to him, but just then Major Don and I stepped out of the train, and then we explained the whole situation that lay before us.

Like the rest of us, Todd was outraged when he heard what the Zebras and Caribou were trying to do to the Ponies of Equestria. Todd was doing a maintenance check on the brakes on the train when the first skirmish with the Caribou happened, and he was eternally grateful to Aurora for keeping Fluttershy safe during that battle.

During the Battle of Ponyville though, Todd was manning a machine gun on the train, doing his part to keep the Zebras and Caribou away.

"YEAH!!! Take some of this you sick monsters!" His blue eyes were wild with anger, and he did periodically have to keep pushing his dark hair out of his face.

Eventually though, at close to Dawn, the Battle of Ponyville was finally over. The Caribou and Zebras had been all but wiped out, and Ponyville was saved. The next afternoon, at the meeting to vote on whether or not we should declare war, Todd voted with the rest of us to declare it. He knew that the next battle was going to take place very soon, but he just didn't know where it was going to be.

Sure enough, on the morning after, he was told by major Don that our train was heading off to Las Pegasus. To his dismay though, while some of the Ponies were coming with us, Fluttershy was one of the ones who was staying behind, as was Rarity. Futtershy was staying behind to take care of the pets of the ones who were going, as well as her own animals, while Rarity was staying due to the fact that she was one of the ones responsible for making uniforms for the Equestrian Military.

"I really wish that you were coming with us Fluttershy."

"Yeah, so do I Todd. But yet somepony has to stay behind to take care of all of the animals. If I didn't do that, then who would?"

"Well, nopony, I guess. Or if they did find somepony, then they wouldn't be nearly as good as you would!"

Fluttershy giggled a bit, before giving Todd one last hug before he left. She also gently kissed him on the nose.

"Mmm." Todd hummed softly as he gave her a kiss on the nose back out of instinct.

"That was......for luck Todd." She whispered while blushing.

"Thanks Fluttershy. You be a good girl now, and I'll see you when I get back!"

Fluttershy giggled again. "Ok, sure thing Todd!"

Then, the train's whistle blew, and with Todd onboard, we all rolled out for Las Pegasus.

"I'm really gonna miss Fluttershy while I'm gone." Todd thought. "She was so sweet and kind, just like the girl version of me!"

However, what Todd didn't realize was that because Fluttershy stayed behind, she was in no danger of being captured by the Zebras or Caribou.

All throughout the Battle of Las Pegasus, Todd, just like the rest of us who weren't on duty manning the engine, manned a gun. He was picked to fire a machine gun, and all throughout the course of the battle, he kept mowing down Caribou, Zebras, and even a few Griffons and Minotaurs who tried to reach the train.

"Oh no y'all don't!" He even blasted at them with his rifle!

It was due to the contributions of men like Todd that we were able to carry the day in the Battle of Las Pegasus. At the end, the Imperial Alliance had been dealt a savage blow that they would not easily recover from. They had lost some of their best troops, as well as vast numbers of supplies.

Eventually though, Todd watched as Alex, Don, and I sent our marefriends back to Ponyville, as it was deemed too dangerous for them to continue on with us. We all kissed, hugged, and said goodbye to each other, and then once they were on the train, we waved to them until they were out of sight.

"Wow, now I'm slightly MORE glad that Fluttershy isn't here. If she was, then she would have had to had to have left to go back to Ponyville with the others."

Todd was also about to be given ANOTHER reason to be glad that Fluttershy wasn't with them on the Battleship Express.

2 nights later, after the Battle of Appaloosa, we all received the video call from Overlord Zakia where he was gloating about capturing 4 of the 6 Bearers of the Elements of Harmony.

Todd wasn't in the PCC when it happened, but he was close to another video screen. As he watched, he stared in absolute horror at what he was seeing. Then his horror began to give way to anger, just like the rest of those on the train.

"How DARE THEY take those mares away from the Major, Leopard, and Alex?! They will ALL DIE!!!!" Todd was just as enraged as if it had been FLuttershy who had been captured. Although he wasn't an officer, I did brief the rest of Secondary Crew in about our orders from Don.

"So what are we gonna do now Leopard?" Todd asked nervously.

I growled angrily. "What we're SUPPOSED to do! We go to the Zebra Empire, get our marefriends back, and then WIPE THE ZEBRAS FROM THE FACE OF EQUUS!!!!"

We all cheered for that, and after spending one final night in Appaloosa, we pulled out for the Macintosh Hills.

After this, the war tended to be a bit of a blur for Todd. Sometimes he was a part of a task force, sometimes he wasn't. He was a part of the team that took Badlands Outer though, and had 11 confirmed kills.

Not too long after the conquest of the Badlands was complete, he received a video call from Rarity and Fluttershy.

"Hello Todd."

"Oh, hey Fluttershy! And hello to you too Rarity."

"Hello Darling."

Fluttershy then began to cry. "Oh Todd, you just HAVE to rescue Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack!"

"Yes! And please for the love of Celestia Darling, DESTROY THE BRUTES WHO TOOK THEM!!!"

Todd saluted. "You have my word guys. Like the others have been saying, I will either bring them home safely or die trying. There will be NO other options!"

They both talked for a little while longer, before Todd said goodbye to them, and signed off for the time being.

"Gosh", he thought to himself, "I really hope that we actually CAN bring them all home safely, because if we can't, God help us all!"

The conquest of the Zebra Empire continued.

Thanks to stealth, speed, and superior weaponry, we were quickly able to overrun the Zebra Empire. Todd took part in the battles of Bandia, Mardeth, Zandia, and of course, Zebrica.

For the final battle in Zebrica, he was with Don in his loader. Once the city walls had been brought down, it was time for us to charge. After firing up our construction machines, we all began to roll forwards.

Once we reached the city, we got inside, and began to wreak havoc on everything in sight! Don drove the loader while Todd was busy working the machine guns on all targets that weren't American or Equestrian. Eventually, once Don had blasted inside of the Imperial Palace, and I used my bulldozer to help bash open the front doors, we all stormed inside.

However, once we were inside, Todd was assigned to the groups who were going to search the dungeons, as well as knock out the palace's power supply. When they reached the dungeons, most of the cells were empty, although they were able to find the missing female medical staff from the medical train!

"Oh goodness, are all of you ok?"

"Yes! But can you get us out of here?!"

"On it!" Using their tools, Todd and another soldier were able to cut the locks off of the cells doors, and once the prisoners were out, they were wrapped up in blankets, (as they had been stripped nude) and were escorted back to the train.

By the time that Todd got back to the palace, He saw the the Zebra's flag had been replaced with the Stars and Stripes, although he also saw me running away crying.

"What's wrong with Leopard?" Todd asked Alex when he saw him.

Alex sighed. "He's upset because his marefriend Rainbow Dash, as well as Pinkie Pie and Private Cole, were taken away from here and sent to the Caribou Empire!"


"Yeah, it's not good. According to Don, once we've secured this area, we're gonna nuke the rest of the Zebra Empire before moving on to the Caribou. We're going to give them a chance to surrender the hostages, but if they refuse, then we're gonna invade them too!"

Todd was in shock. Here he was thinking that the war was going to end, but evidently not!

Sure enough, later that same day, the rest of the Zebra Empire was indeed nuked. Todd also wasn't present for the call to the Caribou, but he was able to view it on a video screen elsewhere, just like the rest of the crew were.

After the Caribou refused to let our marefriends go, the time for invasion had begun. Todd was present when the first wave opened Hell's Gate, and he too helped cleared away the rest of the Caribou, explosive, and land mines. He was also a part of the group that not only attacked Marrow, but also trekked 250 miles to Dock Town!

He witnessed the destruction that we caused there, as well as in the rest of the Northern end of the Caribou Empire that night. Once it was all over, we then began to draw up the plans for our attack on Lake Town.

"So, Lake Town is just like Dock Town?"

I nodded. "Yep. It's where the Caribou are housing the last of their navy, and just like Dock Town, it's a liability lawsuit just waiting to happen!"

"Wow! I hope that I get assigned to one of the groups who gets to help take the town!"

"Me too Todd."

Sure enough, Todd would get his wish, although he wasn't in Lake Town for very long. He was part of the final wave into the city, but in less than 10 minutes they had to evacuate due to fire! Todd did manage to notch 5 kills before he had to fall back, and once we were all back to a safe distance, we all watched the city burn.

After Lake Town, it was now all a matter of getting to Donneth, and ending the war.

Todd was very busy for the final few battles. He fought at Carlon, and Donneth, and although he wasn't one of the ones assigned to storming the palace, he was one of the ones tasked with clearing out the last resistance in the city. Once Donneth was wholly in our hands, we made the final trek of the war to Bryerton.

After that city was wiped out in short order, we all returned to Donneth for the signing of the surrender documents. Once those were signed, the war was finally over, and we could all return home!

"I'm finally heading home Fluttershy! The Caribou have surrendered! The Imperial War is OVER!!!!"

Fluttershy was crying tears of joy. "I'm happy for you Todd! You fulfilled your end of the promise, and you brought my friends home safely! I thank you!"

Todd shrugged. "Eh, no need to thank me Fluttershy, I was just doing my job."

"But I still thank you. And when do you guys think that you'll be back?"

"We should be back in Ponyville on Tuesday, July 31st."

"Oh, that will be nice. It'll be SO good to see you again Todd!"

"Yeah, I know. It'll be good to see you again too Fluttershy!"

Todd then signed off for the time being, waiting for the day that he would see Fluttershy again.

Sure enough, on that Tuesday, the Battleship Express pulled back into Ponyville station, where all of the crew and soldiers received a hero's welcome! Everypony was clapping, cheering, snapping photos, taking videos, and trying to get autographs.

Todd was one of the last ones off of the train, as he wanted to try and avoid the crowds. He then began to scan over them for Fluttershy.

"TODD!!!!" A yellow blur flew into his arms.

"FLUTTERSHY!!!" He hugged her back. "It's SO good to see you again!"

"Yeah, I know, it's nice to see you again too Todd!" They hugged for a while longer.

"We did it Fluttershy! We won the Imperial War, and now the Zebras and Caribou will NEVER be a threat to anypony ever again!"

Fluttershy looked up at him. "I know, and that's so amazing Todd! Oh, and now that you're back, do you......maybe want to come and see my animals?"

Todd nodded. "Sure! But first I have to check in with Major Don." He went over to ask him.

Sure enough, after getting a "yes" from the Major, he grabbed his things, and followed Fluttershy to her cottage.

"I sure wish that I could fly like you Fluttershy. I got the short end of that stick, as I'm just a Human-Earth Pony. I have super-Human strength sure, but guys like Don and Leopard can fly, and Alex can use Magic to move objects, as he's a Human-Unicorn, but I look almost exactly the same as I did before!"

Fluttershy looked at him. "It's ok Todd, you don't have to be sad. I think that you look good just the way that you are. Plus, doesn't being a Human-Earth Pony make you stronger than your other comrades who aren't?"

Todd thought about that. He then remembered how he'd been able to pick up the back end of a bulldozer, and lift it off the ground as easily as if it had been a stack of books! (He wasn't able to pick up the entire bulldozer, but still, lifting up the back end at all? Crazy!)

"Yeah, you're right Fluttershy! I never saw it like that before! I think that I can make this work. Thank you for helping me see this in a whole new light."

She smiled. "You're welcome Todd."

As they continued to walk though, Todd suddenly saw a metal object move across the ground in front of him.

"GRENADE!!!!" He then grabbed Fluttershy, and pulled her to the side!

"Um, Todd, that's an empty soup can. It's not a grenade."

"What?" Todd then looked over at the metal object. Sure enough, it was an empty can of Hoofbell's Tomato Soup.

"Oh gosh......I'm so sorry....Fluttershy. I looked like....." Todd then broke down crying.

Fluttershy comforted him. "Shh, it's ok Todd, I'm not mad. Shell Shock can do these things to Ponies. Trust me, I've seen cases of it up close and personal."

"One grenade. That was all it took to end us all....." Todd mumbled.


"Nothing! It's nothing!" Todd quickly shelled up, and Fluttershy could see that he didn't want to talk about it, so she let it go.

A few minutes later, they reached Fluttershy's cottage.

"Wow, this place is really neat Fluttershy. Is this where you care for all of your animals?"

She nodded. "Oh yes. I have quite the full house here, although there is room for you as well." She then went up to the door, unlocked it, and opened it up. "Hello Everypony, Mamma's home!"

In an instant, animals of all kinds came rushing to the door. Todd was stunned. NEVER had he seen this many animals in one place before! There were squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, mice, rats, raccoons, dogs, cats, birds, and even....

"Whoa! BEAR!!!" Todd looked terrified as a large bear came lumbering towards him.

"Oh don't be afraid Todd. That's just Harry. He's a nice bear."


Harry then came over and sniffed at Todd. Then, once he was satisfied that he was friendly, he hugged him!

"OOPH!!!" Todd's voice was muffled by Harry's fur. "Well, this certainly gives, 'bear hug' a whole new meaning!"

Eventually, Harry let him go, and Todd was able to breathe normally again.

"Wow, this place is an animal lover's DREAM!!! Maybe now I can FINALLY see if I can become a veterinarian!"

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes, and there is a school for that in Canterlot if that's what you want. However, in the meantime, if you want to learn all about animal care, I could show you if you want."

Todd looked at her. "Wait, you'd really do that for me?"

She nodded. "Of course! You're a very dear friend to me Todd. It would be my pleasure to show you the ropes of animal care."

Todd then remembered something. "Oh shoot!"

"What is it Todd?"

"I left Misty back on the train!"

"Um, who's Misty?"

"My 17 year old cat! I've had her ever since I was just a kid!"

As fast as he could, Todd ran back to the train. When he returned, Fluttershy saw that he was carrying a red bundle. When he opened the bundle, she saw that the bundle was a blanket, and wrapped up inside was a large, fluffy cat with black fur, white paws, and some white on her tail and stomach. She also had blue eyes.

"Wow, she's really pretty. What breed is she? And you said that she was 17?"

Todd nodded. "Yeah. She's 17, and still shockingly healthy for a cat her age. Some think that it may have been because of the nuclear wars, but nobody knows for sure. Also, she's a breed of cat called Maine Coon."

Todd set Misty down, and she actually got up and walked over to Fluttershy, all while purring loudly.

"Such a pretty cat."

"Yes, yes she is. She's a real survivor too. She was wounded at least 3 times over the years, but she survived it."

Fluttershy looked at Todd with shock, but she didn't say anything.

For the rest of that day, Todd helped Fluttershy take care of all of the animals. Eventually though, it was nighttime. Todd didn't want to sleep alone, so he took Fluttershy up on her offer to sleep in her bed with her.

"Wow, this is really nice. Thanks Fluttershy."

"You're welcome Todd." Fluttershy then pulled a pair of pink pajamas, before crawling into bed next to him. Misty was sleeping on the foot of the bed, and unlike his other comrades that night, Todd was able to get to sleep, at least for a while.

Suddenly though, Fluttershy was awoken by what wounded like crying. "Huh, what could that be?"

At first she thought that it was one of her animals, but then she looked over at the side of the bed, and she saw Todd sitting on the edge of the bed, crying softly.

She crawled over to him. "Umm.....T-Todd? What's wrong?"

He glanced over and saw her. She crawled over and sat on the edge of the bed with him. "Oh Fluttershy!" He then began to hug her while still crying softly.

"Shh, it's ok Todd. This is also another symptom of Shell Shock. I'm here for you, and you can tell me anything."

Todd was able to get a better grip on himself. "F-Firestorm Battalion." He said softly.


"You want to know why I'm crying? I'm crying because I CANNOT stop thinking about Firestorm Battalion." Noting the look of confusion on Fluttershy's face, Todd explained.

"Firestorm Battalion was the battalion that I was a part of back in WW5, and later WW6. I was a corporal, and we're most remembered for fighting against the Futas in the Northwestern US. Eventually though, at the very end of the first half of WW6, we were trapped in Sue Falls, South Dakota. The Futas were all around us, and no help could reach us.

'Remember the Alamo boys!' our commanding officer told us. 'If they want us so bad, then they're gonna have to fight us to the BITTER END! Go down swinging, and take as many of them with you as possible!'

We all did so, and the battle for Sue Falls raged for nearly 3 months. And sure enough, we really did give it to them. Even though we were outmatched and outgunned, we still sent a great many Futas to their deaths. Unfortunately though, it was not to last. Eventually, the Futas launched a massive missile and airstrike against us, before overwhelming our defenses.

In the end, the entire battalion was wiped out except for 2 of us, both of whom were in critical condition, including myself. Eventually, I was sent to a care center, where because of my frail body and shy nature, I was kept around like an office pet. Later on, I learned that I was one of only 2 survivors of Firestorm Battalion. The commanding officer also survived, although he was sent to Vegas. Eventually, I was able to escape from the care center, and I eventually found my way back to America, where I joined the Battleship Express. Interestingly, the other survivor was there as well."

"Who? Who was he?"

"His name is Leopard. Captain Leopard. Yes, THAT Leopard! He and I were the only survivors of Firestorm Battalion. And that......." Todd tried to continue, but he started crying again.

Fluttershy could see that he was so sad for his comrades who died. "Survivor's guilt" as it tended to be called.

"I......know that you're hurting Todd, and I know that Captain Leopard must feel the same way. Both of you HAVE to be wondering why you survived when nobody else did."

"Y-yes! And ultimately there is no answer."

He and Fluttershy continued to talk about this for a while longer, before eventually they were both able to fall asleep again.

For the next couple of days, Todd continued to learn the ways of caring for animals. He became so good at it that the rest of us started calling him "Snow White"!

Eventually though, on the night of the Victory Ball, he took Fluttershy to it. While they were dancing, he asked her a very important question.

"Um, Fluttershy?"

"Yes Todd?"

"Um, I......was wondering.......would you um,.........b-be interested in maybe......"

"Becoming your marefriend? If so, then yes! Provided of course that you be my coltfriend!"

Todd nodded. "Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking Fluttershy! And yes, I will be your coltfriend!"

Fluttershy then kissed him gently on the nose, before the two of them went back to dancing.

Over the course of the next couple of months, Todd helped out Fluttershy with her animals. However, once the snows of Winter set in, and a number of them were hibernating, he helped out with the museum construction. The two of them had also been present at the weddings of Rainbow Dash and myself, Spitfire and myself, and Applejack and Alex. Don also informed them that he and Twilight were planning on a Spring wedding as well.

As the months went on, he and Fluttershy were growing closer and closer together.

"I think that we're very good together Todd."

"Yeah, I agree Shy. I can almost picture us growing old together."

She looked at him. "Wait, you can really almost picture that? Aww, that's so sweet." She nuzzled him gently.

Todd blushed a bit. "Yeah, I really can Shy." He knew that Fluttershy felt the same way about him. He decided to go talk to Don about it when he got the chance.

"So, you want to marry Miss Fluttershy, do you Todd?"

He nodded. "Yes Sir. We've been together for a while now, and I do indeed think that we are a good match."

"So, you think that God may be calling you to marry her?"

"I....hope so Sir. With her by my side, I finally see my life-long dream of helping animals finally come to be."

Don sat back in his chair. "Well", he said at last, "I've seen you two together, and I must admit, you DO seem well suited for each other. If you want my permission, you have it. Also, I do believe that you need to check with her parents as well."

"Yes, and I plan on doing that as soon as I can." Todd started to get up from his chair, but then he stopped. "Oh, and before I go Major, will I have to sign that contract in blood like you, Alex and Leopard did?"

Don nodded. "Of course. We all have to do it. After you, Private Cole and Private Dan comes anyone else who wants to marry outside of the team. It's just standard procedure."

Todd nodded. "Ok, that makes sense. Well, now I see what I have to do. Thank you Major, and I see a wedding for us before Spring is over; maybe even after yours!"

"Maybe so Todd, maybe so."

Todd then left to go to talk to Fluttershy's parents.

A few weeks later, he and Fluttershy, as well as myself, Alex, Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, as well as Applejack, were all together at Sweet Apple Acres. We were helping Alex and Applejack make some cider, and even Todd's cat Misty was there as well.

Todd and Fluttershy were sitting close to the fireplace in the farmhouse's living room, while the rest of us were in the kitchen making the cider. Then, in a prearranged maneuver, Alex and I turned around and began to film. Todd had a rather ingenious plan for proposing to Fluttershy.

While he and her were sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace, he suddenly turned to her. "Hey Shy?"

"Oh, yes Todd?"

Todd sighed. From what I could tell, his courage was failing him. One nod from me as well as a thumbs up from Alex though, and he quickly regained his courage.

"Well, what I wanted to say was........thank you. Ever since the very beginning, you were always the one who best understood me. We were alike in so many ways, and you were one of the first outsiders to really have a good handle on Shell Shock, and what it can do to people. You helped me through the bad times, and now I want to do the same for you....."

Suddenly, Misty walked up to them, and she was holding something in her mouth. She seemed to be smiling a bit.

"Oh, thank you Misty." Todd then picked up the object when Misty dropped it, and once he did, he took one of Fluttershy's hands, and got down on one knee. After opening up the box, he looked up at his marefriend of almost 6 months.

"Fluttershy, will you marry me?"

When Fluttershy saw the ring, she slammed her hands over her mouth, and almost immediately began to cry. She then leaned forwards and hugged Todd.

"Y-yes!" She said at last, "Yes, I will marry you Todd!"

The rest of us quietly clapped and cheered for Todd and Fluttershy, and we recorded for a little bit longer before finally ending the tape.

"Once again, mission accomplished!"

Alex nodded. "Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more Leopard! It's so nice to see them so happy together. Also, what are we doing for Todd's bachelor party?"

I sighed. "Well, he already told me no kidnapping, and after the fiasco at YOUR bachelor party, I think that we should just do something simple like what we were planning for Don, just minus the kidnapping."

He agreed, and then we both went back to our wives.

The rest of that Winter passed peacefully enough, and with the thaw of Spring, Don and Twilight had their wedding. Todd and Fluttershy were planning on an April wedding, and the date was set for April 27th, 2030.

One evening though, Todd was just leaving the museum's construction site to head back to Fluttershy's cottage. Suddenly, several figures blocked his path.

"Todd, I know that you said no kidnapping, so you'll just have to come with us."

He looked up at us, and saw that it was me, Alex, Fred, and Andy.

He brightened up. "Oh, time for my bachelor's party?"

"Yeah, pretty much."


We actually spent Todd's bachelor's party at a local bar/country music club. We all had an amazing time, and Todd said that it was the best party that he'd ever been to.

All too soon though, the day of the wedding was upon us.

For the two of them, they'd decided to have an outdoor wedding at the local nature preserve that Fluttershy had had built for some of the animals who wished to return to the wild. Chairs were set up close to a gazebo that was next to a beautiful blue pond.

In a room inside of the nature center close by, Rarity was helping Fluttershy get ready. Her dress was white with yellow and pink trim.

Fluttershy looked at her friends. 3 of them were married, and the other 2 were engaged. "I can't believe that this day is finally here! I'm actually getting married!"

"Are you nervous Fluttershy?" Twilight asked her.


"Well, don't be! For my wedding to Don, I was nervous too, but look at what happened for Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, myself, and Applejack. All of our weddings went off great, so I'm confident that yours will too."

Fluttershy nodded, and then she hugged her life-long friends. "Thank you. You guys really mean the world to me."

"Just as you do to us Fluttershy." Just then, the music started, and it was time for them to get to their pre-wedding positions. Fluttershy chose Dash to be her Mare of Honor, while her brother was the ring bearer, and once again, the CMC's were the flower girls.

In another room in the nature center, Todd and the rest of us were getting ready. And while Fluttershy may have been nervous, Todd was actually hyperventilating into a paper bag!


I then grabbed him by his shoulders. "Todd, listen to me, and listen to me very carefully. If you remember correctly, I did the EXACT same thing as you on my wedding day to Rainbow Dash. I was PETRIFIED!!!!! But what happened?"

"N-nothing. Aside from Lem getting sick, it went off without a hitch!"

"EXACTLY! Plus, ALL of us will be right there with you Todd. You have absolutely NOTHING to worry about!"

Eventually, once Todd did find his courage, we were all able to go out to the rear of the wedding area so that Todd could go through his "Transfer Ceremony". Also, I was to be his Best Man.

Once we were ready, Don looked at him. "Are you ready Todd?"

"As ready as I'll ever be Don."

"Ok, and your name?"

"Todd Davis."

"The name of your fiance?"


"And you do lover her, right?"

"Yes Sir!"

"And you vow to be with her until the end of time no matter what?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Ok then, hand please!" Todd then gave Don his hand, and with a sterile needle, he poked it enough to draw blood, and just like him, Alex, and me, he signed the "Transfer Document" in his own blood. Once that was complete, we all then got into our positions.

Once again, Father Charles was presiding over the wedding ceremony, and Todd and the rest of us soldiers walked down the isle. Todd joined Father Charles close to the front, and I stood close by him as well. As always, other soldiers were stationed at various points along the aisle.

Then, once everypony was ready, the music began to play, and Fluttershy was walked down the isle by her dad. Todd thought that she looked absolutely radiant in her dress. Behind her came Dash as her Mare of honor, and the rest of her bridesmaids. Then came her brother the ring-bearer, and the CMC's as the flower girls. Fluttershy then joined Todd in front of Father Charles, and she held his hands gently.

Father Charles then cleared his throat. "Ok then, now that we are all gathered here, are you both ready to begin?"

"Yes Sir."

"We're ready Father."

He nodded. "Ok then. Mr. Zephyr, the rings please." He brought them up. Father Charles then turned to Todd. "Todd Davis, do you, take this mare, to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to cherish and to love, through sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, to love to the bitter end, no matter what?"

Todd then put his ring on Fluttershy's finger. "I do! I take you Fluttershy, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to cherish and to love, through sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, to love to the bitter end, no matter what!"

Father Charles then turned to Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, do you, take this man, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to cherish and to love, through sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, to love to the bitter end, no matter what?"

She nodded, and put her ring onto Todd's finger. "Yes, I do! I take you Todd, to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, to cherish and to love, through sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, to love to the bitter end, no matter what!"

Father Charles then turned to the audience. "Do any of you have any objections to this union? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

For the most part there was silence, although a few thumbs up were given.

"Ok then, by the power vested in me as presider over this wedding, union, I pronounce you both husband and mare! You can kiss the bride Todd!"

Todd then gently lifted up Fluttershy's veil, before taking her into his arms and kissing her gently. She kissed him back as the crowd cheered.

Later on, after the cake, it was time for the couple's first dance. They'd both picked this song right away, as it described them both PERFECTLY!

Then, after more dancing, it was time for the couple to head off to their honeymoon in the Whitetail Woods.

"Goodbye Todd. I'll miss having you in the cab with us for a while!"

He looked at me. "Yeah, I know Leopard, but cheer up! It's only for 2 weeks. I'll be back, I promise!"

"Yeah, and now that you, me, Fred, and Alex are married, that just leaves Andy before all of us of Secondary Crew are married!"

Andy nodded. "Yeah, and Rarity should have the knot tied by the end of this summer, so hold on to your hats!"

It was also time for the garter and the bouquet. Fluttershy threw her bouquet, and it was caught by Pinkie her mane! Fluttershy's aim was a bit off!

"Whoops, sorry Pinkie Pie!"

She giggled. "Oh, it's ok Fluttershy! I've ALWAYS wanted to catch a wedding bouquet!"

When Todd tossed the garter, it was caught by Andy.

"Wow, good catch Andy!"

"Thanks Todd!"

Then it was time for the wedding carriage to take the newlywed couple away. We'd tied a number of empty containers that once held animal food in them to the back of it, although unfortunately, Andy also tied a rope to my jacket as well! Luckily for me, I only lost my jacket when the carriage took off, though I did have to fly for nearly 10 minutes before I could finally get it back! I knew that I deserved it for what I'd done to Andy, so I decided that I wouldn't plot any revenge.

I DID however get to work on planning a bachelor party not only for Private Dan, but also Private Cole as well......

Chapter 10: Pinkie X Dan, Cole X Missy

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Dan and Cole. Privates Daniel Lewis, and Cole Meers. These two unfortunate souls had some of the worst luck imaginable. Not only were they 2 of the only 3 Humans ever to be captured by the enemy during the Imperial War, but they were also held hostage as bargaining chips, and had to bear witness to a number of horrible things. The 3rd Human, Cpl. Ray Davis, was shot through the head by Zakia as he was trying to prove a point.

To make things even worse, while Dan was almost tortured to death, Cole was packaged off to the Caribou Empire to endure torture from them, AFTER enduring all that the Zebras had to offer! It was NOT a good state of affairs for these two fine soldiers. However, even through it all, they did manage to find true love; Dan with a Mane 6 Pony, and Cole with a Caribou cow. They would also both go on to create a successful business together.

Dan and Cole were both newcomers to Battalion 4009, only having joined the RWD in August of 2028 while the Battleship Express was down for emergency repairs following Face's sabotage of the boiler pressure gauges, which very nearly claimed the lives of myself, Alex, and Aurora. Before this they were part of the US Army, and did their part fighting the Futas on land, before one of their commanding officers recommended them for the RWD. They were with the Battleship Express in Battalion 4009 from the Battle of Denver, all the way up to the Battle for Las Vegas, when the train came to Equestria. Here, the two of them were very surprised to learn about the Ponies, and were as outraged as the rest of us that they were being threatened by the Zebras and the Caribou.

"How can this be Cole?" Dan asked him. "How can these.....things....take freedom away from the Ponies?!"

Cole looked at his life-long friend. "I dunno Dan. How could the Futas do it to us, and the rest of not only America, but the rest of the world as well? From what Major Don told us, these Zebras and Caribou are just the Futas with new faces!"

"And is that why we're here Cole, to take them out?"

Cole nodded while lighting up a cigarette. "Pretty much, yeah."

Dan smacked it out of his mouth. "Seriously Cole, stop. Just.....stop."

"Hey, why'd you do that?!"

Dan sighed. "1, because smoking is bad for you, and 2, you told me that you wanted to quit and stay OFF the cigarettes, so you said to keep smacking them out of your mouth until you were able to!"

Cole sighed. "Yeah, you're right Dan" He then took out his whole pack of cigarettes, and brought them up to the Big Boy's cab. "Hey up there!"

Alex poked his head out. "Yeah? Can I help you?"

"Could you please throw these into the firebox up there? I'm REALLY trying to keep from smoking anymore, and having these around is WAY too tempting!"

Alex nodded. "Sure." He then took them from Cole, and while Cole climbed up just enough to watch, Alex took the cigarette pack, and after opening up the firebox doors, he tossed them inside.

"Thank you."

Alex shrugged. "Eh, you're welcome Private, ESPECIALLY if it helps you stop smoking!"

Cole then nodded, and returned to his post.

Later that same day though, the brief skirmish between the train's crew and the Caribou/Zebra scout force went down, and later that night came the Battle of Ponyville. Since they were both part of Battalion 4009, they were in the thick of the fighting. Their unit was tasked with keeping the enemy away from the train station, as well as the Battleship Express. Both of them were manning machine guns, and were mowing the enemy down as fast as they came.



All throughout the night, it was thanks to contributions of men like them that helped not only to keep the enemy at bay, but also to annihilate them as well. By the time that the sun was up the next morning, not only was the battle a resounding Human/Equestrian victory, but the ENTIRE enemy force had been wiped out or captured! Once the battle was over, both Dan and Cole both helped with the repair and reconstruction of the damaged areas of Ponyville.

"Wow, that was a pretty intense battle last night, wasn't it?"

Cole nodded. "Yeah, it was. Luckily we were able to carry the day, and deal a severe blow to the Imperial Alliance. However, I fear that this is only the beginning of what will end up being a long campaign."

"Yeah, I know what you mean Cole. Any ideas on where we might go next?"

"Eh, from what the Major was saying, it sounds like another massive enemy force under the Caribou General Rodin is preparing for an assault on the city of Las Pegasus, so most likely there."

"Wait. Did you say, 'Las Pegasus'? Is that this world's version of Las Vegas?"

Cole shrugged. "Apparently. However, we know for a FACT that the enemy has NO nuclear weapons, so we're good there!"

They both laughed nervously at this while they awaited further orders.

Sure enough, early the next morning, they got their orders to pull out for Las Pegasus. They were once again heading off to war, although this time a battalion of Equestrian soldiers under the command of General Shining Armor would be coming with them as well, as would Iron Glory, their faithful supply train, that had showed up the previous day. Once everyone, everypony, and everything was all loaded up, I blew the train's whistle, and the Battleship Express pulled out once again for the battlefield.

During this time, some of the crew were mingling about on the Battleship Express, and Dan also got a chance to talk to the 4 Element bearers who'd come along for the ride. He knew that Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and Applejack were already taken, but the 4th one, Pinkie Pie, remained unspoken for.

Hiya! I'm Pinkie Pie! What's your name?"

"WHOA!!!!" Dan thought, "WAY too much energy over there!" Out loud though he said, "I'm Private Daniel Lewis, but you can call me Dan."

Pinkie then locked him into an almost death-grip hug! Dan could feel his oxygen getting cut short, and his blood stop circulating.

"Hee hee! It's SO nice to meet you Dan! I'll have to throw a party for you later! Ooh, ooh, ooh! And your train is AMAZING!!! I've already been to all of the areas that I could see, and I have to tell you that it's HUGE!!!!"


"Oh, whoops! Sorry Dan! Didn't mean to hurt'cha!" She then let go of Dan, who began to gasp for air for a few moments.

"Yeah, this train IS pretty big! 32 cars in total, ALL of them armed! Pulled by Union Pacific Big Boy 4009, and a crew of 216 men, and it's own battalion, Battalion 4009, we became the most famous, (and infamous!) war train of all time! We also killed more Futas than ANYONE else! We killed over 1 million of them, while the closest to that was a Marine unit called Sand Dust, who only killed 400,000!" Dan was maybe bragging a bit, ESPECIALLY considering that he'd only been with the train for about 9 months before the Battle of Vegas, but Pinkie didn't know that!

"Wowzers! You guys sound like you were the FIERCEST soldiers out there!"

"Yeah, we were pretty tough! In fact...."

"In fact, it's kinda hard for you to have been there while these Futas were being killed, ESPECIALLY considering how you and I have only been with the train for about 9 months now!"

All of them turned to see Cole standing close by, and he did not look very amused. "Dan, stop telling those stories. You were NOT there when they happened, and you only know them because you listened to others who have been here longer telling them."

Dan groaned. "COLE! Why'd you have to spoil my fun?!"

"Because you were telling whoppers, that's why! Plus, our old unit, US Army Unit 7, had a pretty good record. I mean, 255,000 confirmed kills, with possibly 50,000+ more unconfirmed is still pretty good, especially considering how small the unit was back then!"

Dan sighed. "Yeah, I guess that you're right Cole. However, the stories are all true, I just wasn't there to witness them."

Pinkie giggled a bit. "Well still though, even those stories are of wartime, I still think that they're interesting! I bet that you could tell me a lot more, right?"

Dan nodded, but then Don's voice came over the intercom. "Attention all hands, we are now approaching the city of Las Pegasus. Our attack will begin shortly, so please be ready to disembark quickly and get to your stations! Thank you!"

Dan sighed. "Oh well. I guess that I have to go for now Pinkie. But we'll talk later though, ok?"

Pinkie hugged him again. "Sure Dan! We'll have LOTS to talk about!"

Once the train came to a stop, both Dan and Cole, as well as the rest of us, went to our battle stations.

For Cole and Dan, the Battle of Las Pegasus, although it did get off to something of a rough start, was quickly able to be turned around. With our superior weapons, and superior range, we were all able to help carry the day. We did have a few VERY close calls, such as when our forward trenches were overrun, or when a massive artillery barrage was launched at the train, but overall we all fared pretty well. However, it was decided by Don and others that it was getting to be too dangerous to keep the Element Bearers around for the rest of the war. The plan was to send them home on a medical transport train with 5 Battalion 4009 soldiers, as well as 5 Royal Guards to protect the train. As Fate would have it, both Dan and Cole were selected to be on that train.

"Don't worry Major Don, we won't let you down! This train WILL arrive on time in Ponyville, or my name isn't Dan Lewis!"

Don nodded slowly. "Ok, I'll take you at your word Private. All of you be safe, and keep those under your protection safe AT ALL COSTS!!!"

Cole saluted. "We will Sir, you can count on us!" Eventually, once we'd all said our goodbyes, the train pulled out for Ponyville. Little did Cole and Dan suspect though that for a long time, Las Pegasus, as well as the first few minutes or so of the Battle of Appaloosa, would be their final fight.

As the train rolled along, Dan took the time to talk to Pinkie again. She certainly seemed to be very enraptured by the young Human private, and their friendship seemed to be growing by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately though, there was soon to be MASSIVE trouble!

Just outside of Appaloosa, there suddenly came a massive explosion! "GAAAHHH!!!! IT'S A TRAP!!!!! ALL HANDS BRACE FOR DERAILMENT!!!!"

Dan barely had time to react before the entire train seemed to be picked up, and thrown over sideways. The last thing he could remember was his head hitting something metal, and then blacking out. When he came around again, he became aware of loud voices, as well as the sounds of battle. He felt himself being dragged out of the train before being placed on the ground outside. Close by was Cole, as well as a few others of the train's crew. He then looked over the wreckage of the train.

"Gosh! What happened?! Was it sabotage?" He then looked over to his saviors.......only to realize that they were not saviors at all! He saw a number of Zebra soldiers, and all of them were dragging bodies out of the wreckage of the train. To his horror, he saw Pinkie, Dash, Twilight and Applejack being dragged out too!

"Oh dear God no!" It was then that he and Cole realized that they were now POW's.

One of the Zebras suddenly turned to face them. "Grab the Humans, as well as the Element Bearers, and all female medical staff! They've got a LONG journey ahead of them!"

Dan and Cole then had their hands tied together, and were dragged over to another train before being tossed inside, and had the doors of the train closed on them. Before long the train was moving, and from what they could tell, it was moving South. Nopony had to tell them the extreme danger that they were now in. Now that they were POW's, they were most likely going to be taken somewhere important to the Zebras, before being tortured for information.

What Dan and Cole had to witness though defied ANYTHING that they had ever seen! The closest comparison was what they saw under the Futas. All around them in Zebrica, Zebras of all ages and both genders were raping and drugging captives, POW's, and slaves. Both of them threw up they were so sickened by what they saw.

"Futas", Dan muttered. "Futas reincarnated!"


What lay ahead for them though was worse than ANYTHING that the Futas had ever done to them. After they heard that those on the Battleship Express were NOT willing to bargain, Overlord Zakia shot their friend, Corporal Davis, in the head!

"NO!!!!" Dan screamed. Cole just barely managed to hold back the urge to throw up again.

Both of them were then beaten down, and dragged away to the dungeons.

Once they were down there, the full scope of what happened has never fully been revealed. Although both of them did survive, and Cole did shed some light on it, neither of them have ever told the full story of what was done to them. Even today, both of them still undergo regular PTSD therapy sessions, and both vowed that they would never tell what really happened. According to Cole though, they were beaten, raped, urinated on, jizzed on and in, and one of them tried to force Dan to suck his cock, only to have Dan tear it off! The beatings that Dan received as a result of his actions were so severe that they were life-threatening. He would survive, but he would forever bear the scars of his horrible abuse.

One day though, with the Battleship Express closing in on their location rapidly, Zakia ordered the two Privates, as well as the 4 Element Bearers, be brought before him in his throne room. Once they were there, they were informed that one of the Humans, as well as 2 of the Element Bearers, were going to be taken away.

For a moment, Cole's heart skipped a beat. "Is this it?" He thought. "Are we FINALLY going to be set free?"

"......And you will be sent to King Danin of the Caribou Empire!" Zakia finished.

When they all heard that, they were devastated. Now, not only were they going to be split up, but now only half of them would be on hand to be rescued when the Battleship Express showed up. Long story short, Cole, Dash and Pinkie were selected to be taken away, while Dan, Twilight and Applejack were to be left behind.

Dan was devastated without his brother in arms with him. He and Cole had been life-long friends since they were very young, and they'd fought through WW5 and WW6 together. Now they were facing the wrath of the Zebras, and the Caribou, and it looked like it was going to break them. He also was sad for Pinkie not being able to be with him anymore.

"We have to hang in there Dan", Twilight whispered to him. "Remember, the Battleship Express could be on top of us any day now. We HAVE to be ready for them when they get here!"

Dan was still sad. "Yeah, I know that you're right Twilight. Even though we're still chained up here, I know that we'll be freed before long, either by the hands of our Human comrades, or by God. And if by God, then we'll all be together in Heaven, with ALL of those who came before us."

Twilight knew what Dan meant by that. If Zakia snapped and killed them, then they would all be in the Afterlife.

"I also know that once the Humans have freed us, then we'll also be on our way to saving Cole, Dash, and Pinkie!"

Dan nodded. "That's why we HAVE to stay alive! We CANNOT die!"

And hold on they did. For Dan, Twilight and Pinkie, liberation day came for them when we stormed the throne room, and finished wiping out the Zebras in Zebrica. Zakia was taken prisoner to be turned into a sex-slave, while Dan was taken to the medical car to have his wounds treated by professionals. In addition to finally being treated, Dan was also given the Bat-Pony Treatment as well. He was still a Human Earth-Pony, but now his brown mane and tail became thicker, and a bit darker, his Pony ears got fuzzier, and while he didn't grow fangs, his eyes were now cat-like as well.

"How do you feel Private Lewis?" Dr. Fritz asked him.

"I feel........amazing! What did you do to me Doc?"

"Vell, I gave you ze same treatment zat vas given to Captain Leopard vhen his life vas on ze line. It is now known as ze Bat-Pony Treatment, and it's to be given to soldiers like yourself vho have been vounded like you have been."

Dan got up and stretched a bit. "I feel as good as I did on the same day that the Battle for Las Pegasus began!"

"Zat is good news Private Lewis. Now you should probably head to your debriefing with Major Curry, before getting some more rest. It's still a LONG road to Donneth I'm afraid!"

Dan nodded slowly, but he didn't say anything. He was too busy thinking up what he was going to do to the Caribou who had stolen not only his marefriend, but also his comrade and friend Cole.

Once it was decided that we were going to be leaving for the Caribou Empire very shortly, Dan came to talk to the one individual in the train who would understand what he was feeling, as this same individual had lost his marefriend to the Caribou as well.

"Come in."

"Um, Captain Leopard?"

"Yes Private?"

"Can......I talk to you for a second?"

I nodded. "Sure. What did you want to talk to me about?"

He hesitated for a moment. Finally though, he said, "Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, and the Caribou."

I knew what he was trying to say. "What's it like having a marefriend who's still being held hostage? Is that what you mean?"

He nodded slowly.

"Horrible. Hardly a moment goes by without me thinking about Dash. She was my everything Dan, and now she's still in real danger!"

"I know what you mean Captain. It was the same way with me and Pinkie. Now I just hope that we can save her in time."

"So do I Private."

We both then got back to work on the task at hand.

Eventually though, for the rest of the hostages, liberation day came. With the fall of Donneth, and the fall of Bryerton not too long after, all of the prisoners were safe. I saved Dash and Pinkie, while Shining was able to save Cole, and a whole harem of sex slaves. Cole also revealed that he now had a girlfriend.

"Her name is Missy. She's a 26 year old Caribou Cow, and like me, she was a sex slave. However, she wasn't very popular, due to both her age, and the fact that she was considered an 'ugly duckling'. I'm just glad that liberation came for all of us."

For the whole way back to Ponyville, Dan and Cole never left their marefriend's/cowfriend's sides. Cole was also given the Bat-pony treatment, although like Dan, he was a still Human Earth-pony.

"Hey Dan?"

"Yeah Cole?"

"Do you think that.....when we get back to Ponyville, and things have settled down, do you think that we could finally get our business going?"

"Huh? What business?"

Cole turned to Missy. "Well, for the longest time, Dan and I have always dreamed of starting our own restaurant. We envisioned a small sort of cafe that would be themed around the Railway Warfare Division, particularly the Battleship Express, where we would serve food that would be duplications of the food that we've eaten here on the train."

"Yeah", Dan agreed. "We were thinking of calling it the 'Big Boy Cafe', after our engine, Big Boy 4009."

Pinkie looked over at Dan. "Wow Dan! That sounds like a lot of fun! I kinda help Mr. and Mrs. Cake run Sugarcube Corner, which is KINDA like a restaurant.......or maybe it's more like a bakery! But anyway, I know what it's like running a place like that! Maybe I could help you guys out."

Cole thought about that. "You know something Pinkie, that's not a bad thought. Even though we've both worked in restaurants before, and I was even an assistant manager, we could most likely use your expertise on this, since we would be just starting out."

All 4 of them continued to talk about this for the rest of the trip to Ponyville.

Once we were all back, ALL of us got mobbed by the crowds that came to cheer for us! While Dan and Pinkie were saying hello to her family, Cole and Missy stayed on the train for a while longer, as neither of them had family waiting to see them. Both of them were wearing sweatpants, t-shirts, and for the first time in her life, Missy also got to wear panties. They were a pair that Pinkie generously gave her. She and Cole were lying on Cole's bunk in the train, still just trying to come to terms with the war.

"I still feel horrible about what happened Missy, but yet if I hadn't gotten held prisoner by the Caribou, then I never would have gotten to meet you. I think that somehow, this all worked out for everypony."

Missy nuzzled him a bit. "Yeah, I know what you mean Cole. Even though so many creatures died, and so many more were severely scarred, I think that it all will work out in the end. The Caribou Empire has fallen, and will never rise again. We're both ok now, and now, I know that we'll be together for a long time."

(Earlier on the train-ride home, Cole had proposed to Missy, and she said yes. Cole gave her an engagement ring that he'd made himself a number of years prior, and always carried with him in his foot-locker. They'd both been to hell and back together, and now they would eventually be married).

Once the hubbub of our arrival home had died down, Dan, Cole, and their marefriend and fiance respectively, tried to settle into their new lives.

Pinkie invited Dan, as well as Cole and Missy, to stay with her at Sugarcube Corner. All 3 of them were very grateful for being allowed to stay there, as well as for the Cakes to allow them to work there until they could finalize their plans on their new restaurant, and then put them into action. All incidents of PTSD-induced nightmares, flashbacks, and other memories of the trauma that they'd had to endure aside, it was a nice change for them.

When they were needed, Dan and Cole also helped out with the construction of the Imperial War Museum. Cole also managed, (with help from Dan, Pinkie, and the Cakes,) to secure a lease on a small abandoned building only a few blocks away from Sugarcube Corner. Out front, a sign read, "Coming Spring 2030, the Big Boy Cafe!" The building itself was still sound, but with everything that was happening with the War Museum, they all knew that they were going to have to wait until Winter set in, which would put the construction on hiatus for a while, so that renovations on the building could start. When the time did come, most of us who were able came over to help Dan and Cole with their restaurant, and in short order, quickly got it's construction/renovation well underway.

While all of this was happening though, the rest of us were starting to settle into our new lives as well. On September 15th, 2029, I took Rainbow Dash to be my wife, and on October 8th, I took Spitfire to be my wife as well. On October 21st, Alex took Applejack to be his wife, and the following March in 2030, Don was going to take Twilight to be his wife. On April 27th, Todd would marry Fluttershy, and on May 12th, Andy was going down the isle with Rarity.

"When will it be our turn Dan?" Pinkie kept asking him. "Almost all of my other friends are getting married, so when will we be?"

Dan thought back to when he'd proposed to Pinkie. It was at Sugarcube corner on one of their date-nights. He told her to close her eyes, and that he had a VERY special surprise for her. As always, I was there filming, and when Pinkie opened her eyes, Dan was kneeling in front of her, asking for her hand in marriage.

"OOH, YES!!! YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!! A MILLION TRILLION TIMES YES!!!!!!" Pinkie then started bouncing around the entire bakery she was so excited!

Once she'd managed to calm down, she then hugged Dan as tightly as she did the first time she'd met him. Dan hugged her back, and I clapped for both of them before ending the tape.

Dan then looked back at his fiance. "It'll be soon Babe. Most likely we'll shoot for a wedding in mid-May, once Lt. Andy's honeymoon is over."

Pinkie nodded. "Ok, but I REALLY don't want to have to wait that long!"

"I know Babe, but yet, I need to be fully standing on both feet before we go into this."

"Um, but you already ARE standing up Dan!"

Dan put a hand over his face. "It's a figure of speech Pinkie. It just means that I want to have everything in my life where it should be, and be financially sound before we get married."

"Oh, ok, well that makes sense now! But I STILL wish that we didn't have to wait that long! It's only December, and May is like 5 months away!"

Dan went over to hug his cute, bubbly fiance, before the 2 of them got back to work.

Eventually, the next Spring, with Dan and Cole at the helm and Missy and Pinkie behind them, the Big Boy Cafe opened for business.

Themed specifically around our beloved Big Boy 4009 and the rest of the Battleship Express, the restaurant was a hit with fans. The booths were made to look like booths in one of the train's dining cars, the walls were covered with pictures, paintings, and other artifacts related to the Battleship Express, there was a model train version of the Battleship express that went around a track overhead, the grill in the kitchen was made to look like the Big boy's firebox and backhead in the cab, and there was even a model of the train outside to serve as both a sign, (even though the real sign was on the building), and a photo-op.

Other staff were hired as well, and before long, the Big Boy Cafe was the talk of Ponyville. Some even compared it to the Imperial War Museum, since it was dedicated to the Battleship Express. Dan and Pinkie still lived at Sugarcube Corner, while Cole and Missy bought a small house close by. Pinkie still worked for the Cakes, but she also helped her fiance when he needed her as well. All 4 of them were VERY proud of their new restaurant, and it showed.

"This place is FANTASTIC! The food is fabulous, and the service is great as well!"

"The owners of this place pour their hearts and souls into it, and it DEFINITELY shows! I hope that this place stays here for a LONG time to come!"

"5 stars! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this place to anypony! They have something on the menu for everypony, even those who eat meat!"

On occasion, even crew from the Battleship Express would eat there as well, and when they did, everypony would ALWAYS come to say hi to them.

"This place is awesome Dan. I'm so glad that you and Cole were able to realize your dream."

"Thanks Captain Leopard. And it's all thanks to you liberating us that we were able to do this!"

I smiled. "Well, you're welcome for the liberation, and let's hope that this place keeps thriving for a long time to come!"

"Yeah, I hope so too Captain, and so does everypony else!"

When the time came, Dan and Cole were given the same bachelor's party. We all went to watch a reenactment in Appaloosa of the battle there, and I have to admit, all of those involved did an incredible job at recreating the battle between Desert Battalion and General Tarrath's forces. For a moment, I almost forgot that it WAS a reenactment!

Eventually though, the date of their wedding came around, May 19th. It was a bit unusual, because they'd decided on a double-wedding. They would both marry their fiances, but one couple at a time. They flipped a coin at the bachelor's party to see who would get to go first, and Cole won the toss.

In the Bride's wedding room, both Pinkie and Missy were being fitted up in their dresses by Rarity. Pinkie's dress was all white, although it did have pink trim. Missy's dress though, was another story. Her's was cream-colored, and it had light brown trim as well. A few flowers were placed in her hair, and she wore a broach as well.

"You all look simply RADIANT Darlings! This is some of my finest work! How does it feel?"

"I......don't even have words to describe this. All of my life, I was told that I was nothing; just a slave, but now? I've risen above that, found a male who GENUINELY loves me and sees me as an equal, as do all of you!"

The others all smiled. They'd grown quite fond of Missy ever since Cole brought her to Ponyville, and now they were there to witness her wedding day.

"I can't believe that I'm a bride either Missy! It feels like just yesterday that I met Dan, and he seemed to like me! AND NOW WE'RE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED!!! IT'S CRAZY!!!"

Fluttershy looked at them. "Well, I can tell you from personal experience that neither of you have ANYTHING to worry about! All of our weddings went off without a hitch, and I know that yours will too!"

Just then though, the music started.

"Oh, that's our cue, time to get to our pre-wedding positions!" They all then scurried to do so.

For the rest of us, getting ready was simple enough. Dan and Cole had already decided to be the other's Best Man, and once they were ready, they became the latest Battalion 4009 soldiers to sign the marriage contract.

Don then stepped up to them. "Are both of you boys ready?"

"As ready as we'll ever be Sir." Dan said quietly.

"Ok, and you know the drill. Names?"

"Cole Meers."

"Dan Lewis."

"Names of your Beloved?"


"Pinkie Pie."

"And you do love them, correct?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Yes Sir!"

"And you vow to love them to the bitter end, no matter what?"

"Yes Sir."

"Yes Sir."

Don nodded. "Ok then, hands please."

They gave him their hands, and after taking 2 sterile needles, Don poked one of their fingers, and then they added their bloody fingerprints to the contract. It now read, "Leopard, Leopard, Alex Barkley, Don Curry, Todd Davis, Andy Shepherd, Cole Meers, and Daniel Lewis". (Why was my name in there twice? Well because of Dash AND Spitfire!)

Soon though, the wedding music began.

"And, that's our cue, let's go!" We all then filed out to begin the ceremony.

As always, Father Charles presided over the wedding ceremony, which this time was held at the Pie Family Rock Farm. The wedding was set up in a grassy spot under the shade of a tree, as the sun was shining that day.

Once Father Charles was up to the front, and everyone and everypony had taken their seats, it was time to begin. Once the music had been cued, the 2 grooms walked up to the front, followed by the rest of their fellow soldiers. Once again, the soldiers took their spots along the aisle, while those of us who were groomsmen followed the grooms, and the rest took their seats.

Then, once they were all in place, it was time for the brides. When Pinkie and Missy walked in, everyone and everypony stared at them. They were so radiant in their dresses, and behind them came their bridesmaids, Spike was the ringbearer, and the CMC's were the flower girls. Maud Pie also volunteered to be the Maid of Honor for both brides. Once the brides were up to the front, they joined their beloved, and faced them while holding their hands.

Father Charles then cleared his throat. "Ok, now then, are all of you ready to begin?"

"Pinkie and I are ready Sir!"

"As are Missy and I!"

"Ok, good. Now then, please bring up the rings Spike."

He did so, and then Father Charles first turned to Cole and Missy. "Now then, Do you, Cole Meers, take this Cow to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do you part?"

Cole put his ring onto Missy's finger. "I do! I take you Missy, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do us part!"

Father Charles then turned to Missy. "And do you, Missy, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do you part?"

Missy nodded with tears in her eyes. She placed her ring over Cole's finger. "Yes, I do! I take you Cole, to be my lawfully wedded husband! To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do us part!"

Father Charles then walked over to Dan and Pinkie. "Now then you two, it's your turn." He turned first to Dan. "Do you, Daniel Lewis, take this mare to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do you part?"

Dan turned to Pinkie, before slipping his ring onto her finger. "I do! I take you, Pinkie, to be my lawfully wedded wife! To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do us part!"

Father Charles then turned to Pinkie. "And do you, Pinkie Pie, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do you part?"

Pinkie nodded, while slipping her ring onto Dan's finger. "I do! I take you Dan, to be my lawfully wedded husband! To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do us part!"

Father Charles then looked out over the audience. "Now then, do any of you have any objections to these unions? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

Just like all of the previous times, nopony said anything.

"Ok then, by the power vested in me as presider over these wedding unions, I pronounce you all Husband and Wife! You may kiss the brides!"

Cole and Dan then lifted up their respective bride's veils, before pulling them in close to kiss them. The whole crowd then cheered as Missy became the first Caribou Cow to ever be married in Equestria, and Pinkie became the last of the Element bearers to be married.

After the wedding, it was time for the reception. After the couples fed the first slice of cake to each other, it was time for their first dances. They all picked the same song, and danced to it.

Then, once they were done, the rest of us began to dance as well.

Soon, it was time for them to leave on their honeymoon, with their destination being a resort in Manhattan that specialized in parties!

Pinkie and Missy both tossed their wedding bouquets, and while Missy's was caught by Raindrops, Pinkie WAY overthrew hers, and it managed to smack me in the face while I was talking to Spitfire! I was then MOBBED by single mares who wanted it! I managed to throw it like it was a live grenade, and it was caught by both Flitter, and her sister Cloudchaser.

When Dan and Cole threw the garters, Dan's got caught by Big Mac, (who at the time was engaged to Cherilee), and Cole's was caught by Braeburn. (Who we later learned was dating a male gunner on the Battleship Express! Don is still looking into the matter).

Once it was time for the wedding couples to leave onboard their carriages, there was once again a number of cans tied up behind them, although this time nobody got dragged away!

I sighed as I watched the happy couples leave on their honeymoon. "Huh, so that's it. Now ALL of the Element Bearers are married, and now we can all start the next chapter in our lives!" I then watched as the carriages pulled out of sight before returning to Dash and Spitfire.

(What's that? When was Rarity's wedding? Oh Ponyfeathers! I FORGOT ABOUT RARITY'S WEDDING!!!! Stay tuned for next time, and I'll tell you ALL about it!)

Chapter 11: Andy X Rarity

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Andy. Engine Guardsmen Andy Shepherd. Andy had one of the most important jobs on the entire train. His job was to help protect the crew of the engine, as well as the engine itself. He and Fred were the 2 engine guardsmen for Secondary Crew, and their job was to protect myself, Alex, and Todd while we drove the Big Boy.

Andy had been with the train starting from the Battle of Des Moines, when one of the previous guardsmen was killed. It always unnerved him that he'd been promoted to replace a dead man, but it was war, so it was his duty. He was also glad to be with his life-long friend again; 2nd Fireman Alex Barkley.

He and Alex had been friends since they were just getting into middle school back in Minnesota. Once they got older, they both talked about joining the military.

"Eh, I dunno Andy. It would take something VERY major for me to join the military, but you can join if you want to!"

All while the 2 of them were still thinking about what to do, just after they got out of high school, WW3 began. THAT was major enough for both of them to join the military!

From WW3, they were together in WW4 as well, but then towards the end, they got separated. Eventually, when the Futas came to power, Alex was sold off to a Futa mistress, although Andy managed to survive on his own in the wilderness in what became Futa-held territory before making it back to the US. Eventually, he joined the RWD, and was assigned to Battalion 4009 as a soldier. Then to his delight, he was able to meet up with Alex again!


"ANDY!?!?!?!? IS THAT REALLY YOU!?!?!?!" The two of them couldn't have been more happy to see each other again, and since they were both a part of Secondary Crew, they were always together in the cab with myself, Todd, and Fred when we were on duty.

All throughout the course of WW6, Andy and Fred were the engine guardsmen who kept Alex, Todd and I safe while we did our work. With their own guns, as well as the forward cannons located alongside the engine's boiler, and the AA gun and 2 machine guns on the roof, they both easily became the bane of any Futas who tried to attack the train.

"I'll do my job so that you do your job Captain Leopard. Fred and I'll be here to keep you, Alex and Todd safe!"

I knew that he would too, as I'd seen Andy in action many times. "I know Andy, and I and the rest of us of Secondary Crew are grateful to you and Fred. Without you guys, we might have been killed a LONG time ago!"

"Eh, you're welcome Captain Leopard. Now then, let's continue on our road to Vegas, shall we?"

I nodded. "Yes, let's!"

Once we arrived in Euqestria though, Fred and Andy were both hurt. Not too bad, although they were knocked down from the roof of the car that they'd been on, and fell into the 1st dining car, or the 5th car from the engine. Both of them had helped to beat back the Wonderbolts when they tried to board the train close to the front, and they'd also been among those who exited the train when it came to a stop outside of Ponyville station, ready to do battle with the Futas that they believed had been attacking us.

When they did though, they, as well as the others, got the biggest shock of their lives! Not only were there no Futas to be seen anywhere, but they were surrounded by bipedal, multicolored, equine-like beings! Once they learned that the "Ponies", as they learned that the creatures were called were not hostile, Fred went back to secure his post while Andy tried to see if he could get a chance to talk to some of the Ponies.

What most people don't remember about Andy though, or maybe they just don't know, was that he was the only one of us who married an Element Bearer who actually didn't meet his future wife before the war ended! Yes, you read that right, Andy didn't meet Rarity until AFTER the Imperial War ended!

Eventually though, Andy learned about what the Zebras and the Caribou were trying to do to the Ponies.

"That's.......terrible! That sounds just like what the Futas were trying to do to us!" He was itching for a fight with those monstrosities.

He didn't have too long to wait though. Not too long after our meeting with the Princesses of the land, the train came under attack! Myself and 13 others were able to hold the line and drive back the invaders, but we all knew that they were going to be back.

Later that same night, Andy was manning a gun on the roof of the train, when all of a sudden, he spotted a series of bright flashes in the sky.

"Huh? What are those flashes?" Just then though, all of the train's alarms began to blare. General Quarters was sounded, and everyone and everypony were racing to their battle stations!

"Oh shit, IT'S THE ENEMY!!!! THEY'RE BACK!!!!!" He then manned his machine gun, and prepared to repel the enemy.

During the entire 4, almost 5 hours that the Battle of Ponyville lasted, Andy never left the train. He did shift his position a few times, but he always manned a gun on the train.

He was up on the roof, when all of a sudden he heard Jim shout up to him. "ANDY, WATCH OUT!!! THERE'S A BUNCH OF ZEBRAS HEADING YOUR WAY, AND THEY'RE TRYING TO GET TO THE 2nd RAILGUNS!!! STOP THEM DEAD!!!!"

"Roger that Jim!" Andy then manned a machine gun, and got ready to deal out some death.

Sure enough, the enemy was coming right for him! A number of Zebras suddenly burst out of a roof hatch on the car just behind where Andy was, and while they were trying to make their way up farther along the train, he gunned them down!

"Woo hoo!!!!! Enemies down Jim! I got 'em all!"

"Great shots Andy, and great timing too! If you hadn't been up there, then they would have made it farther up into the train!"

"Eh, thanks Jim! Now then, let's keep fighting this battle!"

"Roger that!"

Everyone and everypony kept going.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Ponyville, we of the Battleship Express declared war on the Imperial Alliance, and vowed to NEVER AGAIN let them gain a foothold in Equestria!

"Ponyville was your high-water mark!" Don warned them. "Now, you will PAY for what you tried to do to Equestria!"

We meant every word of of what we said. The Zebras and Caribou thought that we were bluffing; they shouldn't have.

As I said later, "We're Humans. We don't play nice, we don't fight fair, if we have weapons we'll use them, and if you become our enemy, we will pursue you until the ends of the Earth! We will find you, and when we do, we will ANNIHILATE YOU!!! You will NEVER live to rue the day that you became an enemy of Humanity! And for those of us who have fought through as many wars as we have, we will be the last thing that you ever see!"

Our enemies were going to have to find out the hard way just what we meant about what we said, and they would begin to find out when the Battle of Las Pegasus went down.

For our enemies, Las Pegasus was a shit-show. They got ANNIHILATED by our weapons! We did take losses, but the battle was far more devastating for our enemies. Never again would the Caribou be strong enough to threaten Equestria again. We broke their backs, and from that point onward they would be fighting a defensive war.

For the Zebras on the other hand, they still had offensive capabilities. Once Zakia broke away from the Imperial Alliance, he swore that the Zebras would emerge victorious. Originally, the plan was for the Imperial Alliance to lay siege to the city of Baltimare, but Zakia didn't want to do that. Instead, he sent forces under General Tarrath to attack and capture Appaloosa and Dodge City before preparing for a drive North.

The Battle of Appaloosa was one of the darkest days of the war. More Equestrians died in that battle than ANY other battle fought on Equestrian soil. For the Zebras efforts, although they were able to burn down Appaloosa, as well as lay siege to Dodge City, we showed up to stop them.

With Humans and Ponies working side by side, we wiped out the Zebras, and drove them back to the Macintosh Hills, before tearing the hills apart with our artillery! Fewer than 4,000 Zebras and their allies managed to survive the battle.

As King Danin said to Zakia later, "Congratulations! I've NEVER seen someone lose THAT MANY soldiers in a campaign for two tiny, worthless desert towns! BRAVO!"

For their credit though, the Zebras achieved their greatest victory; the same victory that would ultimately lead to their (aside from a handful of prisoners) total extinction; the capture of 4 of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony.

However, the Zebras overlooked a few small details. 3 out of 4 of those mares had Human-Wolf, now Human-Pony coltfriends, and 2 of those were high-ranking officers. ALL of them were CQC masters, and when they learned that their marefriends had been taken by the Zebras, their anger knew no boundaries!

For Andy, even though he didn't have a personal connection with any of the Element Bearers like myself, Don, Alex, and even Dan and Todd did, he did feel the anger that the rest of us felt.

"They CANNOT be allowed to get away with this! They MUST be punished for their sins!"

And punished they were. Like the rest of us, Andy was also involved with most, if not all of the campaigns in the Zebra Empire.

"I was a soldier before I was an engine guardsmen. I KNOW how to do this! Let's just get in there, and get the job done so that we can go home!" Andy secretly missed Earth a lot. Unlike most of the rest of us, he actually had a few family members left. His dad and one of his brothers were still alive, and for all he knew, he had been declared dead.

"I want to go home so badly", he muttered to himself, "I had the BEST job in the world before the wars began. I made one of the FINEST clothing lines in the world! Now it's gone, all gone. If only there was a way to bring it back......."

2 days later, not too long after the reconstruction of Appaloosa began, the time had come for us to move beyond the Macintosh Hills, and into the Zebra Empire.

From the Badlands, to the 3 forts inside of it, Andy was right there with all of those of us who stormed them. He was injured by a glancing hit to his shoulder, but the wound was minor.

Once the conquest of the Badlands was complete, we then moved on to the rest of the Zebra Empire. Our first target was the series of villages that surrounded the city of Bandia, which also housed the chemical plant. Although Andy was not one of those assigned to attacking the chemical plant, he was one of the ones who helped damage the chemical pipes that led to the surrounding towns so that they would be destroyed as well.

Once the town, as well as the surrounding areas were destroyed, it was time for one of the most critical battles in the Zebra Empire; Zandia.

For Andy, he was assigned to my group as we went for Zandia. He was even there when the doors to Tarrath's office were blasted in, although he didn't go inside. He did however provide cover for those who were transporting the wounded back to the train, including myself.

Andy was assigned to guard duty while my procedure to become a Human-Bat-Pony was underway, but once I was done with that, he told me that he really didn't notice any difference.

"You still look pretty much the same to me Leopard. Maybe you have a few new features, but overall you still look the same."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, thanks Andy. Your powers of observation know no boundaries!"

He then left me be while I took the time to recover, before returning to duty.

After this day, aside from a few other battles, came the final battle in the Zebra Empire; Zebrica itself.

Andy's role was much like the rest of us; get to the palace, and save the hostages, all while wreaking as much havoc as we possibly could. No Zebras could be allowed to escape, and those that weren't killed, (which was almost all of them!) were captured. Zebrica fell, Zakia was captured, but yet only half of the hostages were rescued. Twilight, Applejack, and Dan were safe, but Cole, Dash and Pinkie, had been sent to the Caribou Empire.

"So, what do we do now?" Andy asked Fred.

Fred sighed. "Most likely, we'll be heading into the Caribou Empire next. Don and Leopard tried to reason with Danin, the leader of the Caribou, but he refused to listen. I don't know when we'll be pulling out, but I do know that it will be soon."

It was sooner than Andy expected. After taking a day to nuke the rest of the Zebra Empire, we then backtracked back through the Zebra Empire again, and from there we headed on over to the Caribou Empire.

All throughout this campaign, Andy was a front and center witness to ALL of the major battles. To the breaching of Hell's Gate, to the Battle of Marrow, to the MASSIVE drive to Dock Town, to the battle there, to our trip to Lake Town, to Rendale, Hilden, Carlon, Donneth, and even Bryerton. The only real battle that he missed was Danton, but that was due to his being in Carlon.

"The battles against the Caribou were much harder than those against the Zebras", He said later. "The Caribou were MUCH more disciplined, were better armed, and all around better soldiers. They did have their weaknesses, and we were able to exploit these, but I can say with a fair amount of certainty that we lost more men fighting against the Caribou than we did against the Zebras. I'm glad that it's all over now, and that the only place that I have to fight these monsters is in my head."

And indeed, Andy's statements seemed to ring true with the rest of us as well. Aside from the Futas, and maybe those from the Black World Order, the Caribou were the toughest opponents that we'd ever faced. According to Celestia, the Caribou were the strongest military force in all of Equus, with the Zebras and Equestrians being tied for second place. The Zebras fell, and the Caribou were toppled with them.

The fiercest battles of all were the battles for Carlon, Danton, and Donneth. By the time that we got there, the Caribou were almost suicidal, and were throwing literally EVERYTHING that they had at us! It was a scary time, but it was one that had to be fought and won.

Eventually, the battles were over, and it was time for all of us to head back home again. From Bryerton, we returned to Donneth, and from there to Zandia, Appaloosa, until we finally managed to reach Ponyville once again. When we arrived, the crowds all cheered for us, although Andy, like most of the others, had no family or friends waiting for him, so he remained on the train until the crowds had died down. He was also one of the many train crew who stayed with the train once it had been moved to the Old Railyards.

"I still can't believe that we won Fred. It still just seems so.......weird, that we're now living in a world without war."

Fred looked past his marefriend, Lyra, as she sat on his lap. He kept having to look past her so that he could continue his conversation with Andy. Lyra was SO HAPPY to have her Human-coltfriend back, but it was getting annoying for Fred.

"Yeah, I know what you mean Andy, and......Lyra! Will you stop that?! I'm TRYING to have a conversation here!" Lyra kept kissing and licking Fred's neck.

She giggled. "Sorry Babe! I'm just SO happy to have you back!"

Fred groaned. He thought back to the day that they arrived in Ponyville for the first time. "That was the day that I met Lyra, as well as her friend, Bon Bon. Lyra seemed to like me instantly, and wanted me to be her coltfriend. Being a 27 year old single male, I didn't see any problems with starting a relationship with her, but MAYBE I should have thought this through a little bit better!" He kept trying to push Lyra off of him, or to at least get her to stop being such a pain, but he couldn't pry her loose!

Finally, he just gave up. "Yeah, I know what you mean Andy. Not having to be on high alert at all times, actually being able to enjoy life for a change, and just.........actually being given the chance to start over again; a chance that I didn't think that we would ever get again."

"'s so.....weird. It's a new world now Fred, and we just have to learn how to move with it. I know that we'll get there, but I think that it will take a while."

Andy was right about this. It would take a while, a LONG while, and there would be a lot of pain and heartaches along the way.

Over the course of the next couple of days, Andy was one of many who helped out with the construction of the Imperial War Museum. Up until the night of the ball, our efforts were focused on the foundation. Once it was time for the ball though, all of us went to get ready.

Once he was ready though, Andy did feel a bit sad because he didn't have a date for the ball. ALL of the rest of those from Secondary Crew did, as did a number of others on the train as well. He felt left out.

"Um, excuse me Sergeant Shepherd, but I was wondering, would you be interested in being my date for the Victory Ball?"

Andy turned around, and there standing behind him was a Unicorn mare with white fur, blue eyes, a curled, purple mane and tail, and one of the most beautiful dresses that he had ever seen.

"Oh, h-hello Miss Rarity. And, did you just ask me to be your date for the ball?"

She nodded. "Yes I did Darling. Twilight and the rest of my friends have dates, but I got left out. I DO NOT want to have to deal with that, (forgive my language!) bastard 'Prince' Blueblood! I was also informed that you didn't have a date either, so would you be interested in going with me?"

To say that Andy was surprised would have been an understatement; he was shocked! In truth, Rarity was his Pony-waifu, and from what he could tell, they were both interested in designing clothing.

He nodded slowly. "Certainly. If you would allow it, then yes, I'll be your date for the ball!"

Rarity squealed a bit in delight. "Perfect! Oh THANK YOU Darling! You don't know how much this means to me!"

Andy shrugged. "Eh, don't mention it. It's my job to serve."

Soon though, it was time to leave, and the Battleship Express pulled out for Canterlot.

On the way there, Andy did get a chance to talk to Rarity a bit.

"So, you're the up-and-coming fashionista that everypony's always talking about?"

Rarity nodded. "Yes, fashion is my PASSION! Ever since I was a young filly, I've always been interested in fashion, and designing my own clothes. My shop in Ponyville, the Carousel Boutique, has become so famous that I've also opened shops in Canterlot, and even Manehattan! Can you believe it Darling? Plus, your uniforms are so STYLISH!" Rarity was feeling the sleeves of Andy's uniform.

"I'll simply HAVE to create a new line of styles from this now that the war is over, and I don't have to make clothes for the soldiers anymore! I also see now that a line of utility clothing can be made from the patterns of your standard field uniforms, and even your Big Boy locomotive can serve as inspiration as well! Oh, but do forgive me Darling, for I have rambled a bit. Now then, what is your passion?"

Andy sighed. "Well, as hard as it may be to believe, designing clothes is also my passion. I went to a special school to learn how to be a tailor, and that taught me a LOT about making clothes! I was only into men's clothes though, and my specialty was utility work clothes, suits, and military uniforms. My home-base store, "Pants N' Stitches", became an absolute sensation. Tell me Miss Rarity, how much can suits for men cost?"

"Oh, they tend to be DREADFULLY expensive Darling!"

Andy smirked. "Well, what if I told you that my store could make a full custom-made suit, complete with shirt, tie, jacket, cuff links, pants, socks, shoes, and a belt, that was FAR better than ANY other available suit, for $100 plus tax, and that also included a lifetime warranty?"

Rarity looked at him like he was insane. "That's absolutely MAD Darling!!!! It's IMPOSSIBLE!"

Andy smirked. "Heh, that's what EVERYONE ELSE said too! They said that I would NEVER turn a profit! Well, guess who showed them! I also could make pants that were pretty darn near IMPOSSIBLE to rip no matter how hard you tried, and a number of other items in men's clothing as well."

Rarity was intrigued. "But, what happened Darling? It sounds like your business was a resounding success!"

"It was, up until the end of WW3 anyway. My business was destroyed in WW4, and all throughout WW4 and WW5, I helped by making uniforms, and other clothing-related items for the military. By WW6 though, I could stand it no longer; I HAD to help fight! Long story short, I was drafted into the RWD, and eventually I got placed in Battalion 4009. Eventually, I was promoted to engine-guardsman to replace someone who was killed. I've been in that position ever since."

Rarity was shocked. Andy, like so many others, talked about the wars, as well as replacing someone who was killed, with almost no emotions at all. "It's like it's just another day in their life", She thought. "Some die, and others come forwards to replace them while those who are still alive move on like it's normal!"

"Yes, it's a horrible cycle", Andy said softly, seemingly sensing her thoughts, "But what can one really do about it in wartime?"

Rarity opened her mouth like she was going to answer, but instead she just closed it, and instead focused on the ball ahead.

For Rarity and Andy, just like the rest of us, the ball went very well. Thanks to Andy's death-glare, Blueblood kept his distance, although unlike the situation involving myself, Dash, and of course Zephyr, it didn't come to blows.

"You're SO much better than him Andrew Darling!" Rarity told him as they danced.

Andy blushed a bit. "Eh, you can just call me Andy Miss Rarity. Everypony else does."

She nodded. "Of course Darling. Also, after thinking it over a bit more, how interested would you be in possibly trying to restart your clothing business?"

"I've been interested in doing THAT since my store got burned down! I would LOVE the chance to try again!"

"Well, I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm Darling. The truth is, I've always specialized in clothing for mares, but yet there is also a large market for stallion's clothing as well. Maybe if we pooled our talents, we could really capture at least a corner of the clothing market! I mean, I already have my boutique here in Ponyville, and I could get you the supplies that you needed, so maybe........we could be business partners?"

Andy was shocked. Here he was being offered a chance to restart the business that he loved more than anything else in the world, and he was well and truly flabbergasted! He didn't know what to say!

"Golly........for once in my life......I honestly don't know what to say!"

"But, you will you accept my proposal, right Darling?" She held out her hand.

Andy sighed, but then he reached out his own hand, and shook Rarity's. "You have yourself a deal Miss Rarity. Maybe with your help, Pants N' Stitches can rise again from the ashes!"

They both agreed to help each other, and soon were drawing up plans for their new business idea.

For the next few months, while the museum was being built, Andy was hard at work in the Carousel Boutique. Wearing gray dress pants with a notebook in the back pocket, black dress shoes, a white dress shirt that was somewhat wrinkled and had the sleeves rolled up as well as the top 2 buttons undone, an untied red bowtie, a tailor's tape around his neck when he wasn't using it, and black glasses, not to mentioned slightly messy red hair and a pencil in his mouth, Andy was busy measuring stallions for their new suits and other clothes in the section of the boutique that Rarity had set aside for Pants N' Stitches.

Once he'd created his first designer suits, as well as a line of work clothes, he pitched them in Canterlot where they were met with resounding applause.

"Sensational!" One of the designers raved. "I've never seen such a young stallion with such talent at designing clothes!"

"He's amazing! Not only is all of his work custom-made, but he makes it all himself! From start to finish, it's all him!"

"And all of it for stallions too! I sure wish that there were more stores like Pants N' Stitches, and more tailors/clothing designers like Andy Shepherd in the world!"

Through it all, Andy remained as humble as he could. "It's not all about me though", He told the press, "I'm just an ordinary guy, who happens to have a talent in tailoring and designing clothes. I just put my skills to work in the public sphere, and this was the result!"

And between him and Rarity, business soared.

Over time though, although they started out as just business partners and close friends, their relationship began to become more intimate. Anypony could tell by the way that they carried themselves around each other; the way that they looked at the other when they thought that the other wasn't looking, and the way that they seemed to complete each other, that others could tell that they were in love.

"I'm happy for you Andy." Don told him. "She seems to be the perfect mare for you, and together I know that the two of you will be VERY happy!"

Andy laughed a bit. "Heh, yeah. I can imagine us growing old together. Sitting in rocking chairs by a fireplace, her knitting, and myself sewing, still doing what we love."

"Are, you going to propose to her soon?"

Andy nodded. "Yeah, but I'm going to wait until the Winter-clothing season begins, as we're both still a little bit tied up right now!"

After talking with Don for a little while longer though, Andy had to get back to work at the boutique.

One night though, in mid-January, the time had come. Andy wanted Alex and I present when he proposed to Rarity, so we, as well as our spouses, complied. I once again filmed the whole ordeal.

Rarity was sitting at her sewing machine, while Andy was trying to put the finishing touches on a suit that he was working on. Dash, Spitfire and I were sitting on a couch close by, while Alex and Applejack sat in a chair next to us.

"Hey Rarity?"

"Yes Darling?"

" maybe come over here for a second? I've kinda goofed something up, and I want your advice on how to fix it."

Rarity looked up from her sewing machine. "Certainly Darling!" She walked over, and Andy was holding what looked to be a flap on the jacket of the suit up with his hand.

"Um, I don't see anything wrong with it Darling. It just looks like you didn't finish the stitching."

Andy then let go of the flap, and a small black box with a small bow became visible.

"Wait, what's that Darling?" Rarity had an idea, but her mind wouldn't let her believe that it was so.

Andy picked up the box. "Rarity, ever since I got to know you better on the train, as well as during the ball, I knew that there was something special about you. You helped me restart my old clothing business from the ground up, and because of that, the business was a resounding success.

However, during that time, I began to see something more in you. I saw you as more than a friend, but I didn't know if you felt the same way about me. Now that I know though, I guess that I just have one more thing to say." Andy then got down on his knee, and after opening the box, revealing an engagement ring, he took Rarity by her hand. "Rarity, will you marry me?"

When Rarity saw that the love of her life was proposing to her, all she could do was, like all of the rest of the Mane 6 did when their (Human) coltfriends proposed to them, put her hands over her mouth and blush. Eventually though, she did hug Andy.

"Yes." She said softly. "Of course I will Darling! You mean the WORLD to me, and I couldn't BEAR to live without you!"

Andy hugged her back, and once he was standing up again, Rarity pulled him in close and kissed him.

"Well, looks like the last of my group of close friends will be married here before too long." Dash whispered softly.

I nodded. "Yeah. Dan's already proposed to Pinkie, and she said yes, so yeah, now that Rarity is engaged, it'll be a race to see who gets married next. I mean, you and I went first, then Spits and I, then Alex and Applejack, Don and Twilight are planning on a Spring wedding, as are Todd and Fluttershy. Dan and Pinkie want a Summer wedding, so I wonder what Andy and Rarity will pick."

"Yeah, I kinda wonder too". Spitfire said softly, before resting her head on my shoulder.

I held my 2 wives close. "I love both of you so much, you guys know that right?"

They both looked at each other, before both of them kissed one of my cheeks.

"Yeah, we know Stud", Dash whispered.

"Yeah, you tell us both every day!"

"Well, I just love both of you guys that much!"

They both giggled a bit. "Yeah, and we both love you too Stud!"

We all then got back to watching the scene in front of us play out.

Sure enough, when Spring began to turn into Summer, the invitations for the wedding went out. The date was set for May 12th, 2030, and it was going to be held in the park close to the boutique. Andy decided that Alex was going to be his best man, while Rarity wanted her assistant, Sassy Saddles, to be her Mare of Honor.

For Andy's bachelor's party, we managed to nab him while he was leaving Pants N' Stitches one night, and we dragged him off to Iron Glory. Once the train was underway, we revealed to him that we were just on an excursion trip, complete with a barbecue, and even some (mild) alcohol and karaoke! (We would have done this with the Battleship Express, but alas, at the time the Big Boy was down for boiler and firebox work. Iron Glory was the only other train that we had).

"This.......this was great you guys. Even though you DID kidnap me, I think that I can forgive you for it!"

We all laughed a bit, and congratulated Andy on winning Rarity's heart, as well as his success in his clothing business.

Eventually though, the day of the wedding arrived. May 12th proved to be overcast, but yet the Pegasai managed to keep the rain at bay. Wedding setup was complete, and the wedding parties were getting ready. This was a bit unusual for Rarity, as for all of her other friends, it was HER who helped them into their dresses, but now Sassy was the one helping her into her dress.

"This still just feels so.......unusual. I feel like I should be helping the bride with her dress, but yet this time I AM the bride!"

Sassy giggled a bit. "Yes, but you are certainly a beautiful one Rarity!"

And indeed she was. Her white dress was lined with purple trim, as well as a few purple bows. Once everything was ready, Rarity pulled her veil over her face. "How do I look?"

"Absolutely stunning!"

The rest of her friends agreed. Rarity looked over them all. "Well, today I'll join most of the rest of you. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Twilight, and Fluttershy are all married, and Pinkie is engaged, and today I join you who are married to become a married mare!"

"And we're all SUPER DUPER happy for you too Rarity!" Pinkie cheered.

Rarity hugged all of them. "I'll never find friends like you again even if I keep looking for a million years! Thank your for being here with me!"

"You're welcome Rarity!"

Suddenly though, the music began to pipe up.

"Ok, that's our cue to get into position! Let's go!"

They all then went to their pre-wedding positions.

For Andy, getting ready was a matter of getting into his formal uniform, complete with the rest of us helping him.

"So, are you ready for this Andy?" Alex asked him.

"As ready as I'll ever be Alex."

"Well, I can tell you right now that you have NOTHING to worry about! My wedding, as well as Leopard's weddings, Todd's wedding, and Don's wedding all went off without a hitch, so why would yours be any different?"

"I don't think that it would be!"

Once we were all ready though, it was time for the transfer ceremony. As per the usual, Don performed it.

"Name please."

"Andy Shepherd."

"Name of your beloved?"


"And you do love her, do you not?"

"Yes Sir! More than anything!"

"And you vow to love her to your dying day, no matter what?"

"Yes Sir."

"Ok then, hand please." Andy then gave Don his hand, and after his finger was pricked, he added his bloody fingerprint to the growing list of names.

Once this was over, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

By this time, all of the guests had taken their seats, and Father Charles stepped up to the arbor at the front of where the wedding was to take place. Then the ceremony began.

First, the groom walked in, accompanied by his groomsmen, Alex as his Best Man, and of course, the usual soldier escort. Once the soldiers had taken their potions along the aisle, Andy joined Father Charles at the front of the arbor, with Alex behind him, and the rest of us beside him.

Then the music changed, and when the bride walked in, as always, everpony stopped and stared at her. Her dress was so beautiful, and she carried herself with such grace. She was followed by Sassy as her Mare of Honor, and the rest of her bridesmaids. As always, the CMC's were the flower girls, and for this wedding, Todd was picked to be the ring bearer. Once Rarity reached the front, she joined her Beloved in front of Father Charles, and after turning to face him, she took his hands gently into her own.

Father Charles then cleared his throat. "Now then, we have all gathered here today to celebrate 2 more lives about to become one. Are both of you two ready to begin?"

"Yes Sir, we are!"

"I'm ready Father Charles."

He nodded slowly. "Ok then. Please bring up the rings Todd." Todd then brought them. Father Charles then turned to Andy. "Do you, Andrew Shepherd, take this mare, to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, through the good times, and the bad, to love until the end of time, no matter what?"

Andy nodded, before slipping his ring onto Rarity's finger. "I do! I take you Rarity, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, through the good times, and the bad, to love until the end of time, no matter what!"

Father Charles then turned to Rarity. "And do you, Miss Rarity, take this Man to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, through the good times, and the bad, to love until the end of time, no matter what?"

Rarity nodded, and with tears in her eyes, she slipped her ring onto Andy's finger. "Yes, I do! I take you Darling, to be my lawfully wedded husband! To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, through the good times, and the bad, to love until the end of time, no matter what!"

Father Charles then turned to the crowd. "Now then, do any of you have any objections to this union? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

Everyone and everypony looked like they were ready to start cheering, but there were no objections.

"Nobody? Ok then, by the power vested in me as presider over this wedding union, I pronounce you both husband and mare! You can kiss the bride Andy!"

Andy then gently lifted up Rarity's veil before kissing her. We all then cheered loudly for the new married couple.

Once the cake was complete, it was time for the couple's first dance. Since Andy was a HUGE Billy Joel fan, and he loved Rarity deeply, he picked out this song for her.

Once they were done dancing, the rest of us got in on the act as well. Eventually though, it was time for them to leave on their honeymoon. They'd picked the Waldhoof Astoria Hotel in Canterlot, and their carriage was waiting to take them to the train station. Just before they left though, they had to toss out the bouquet and the garter.

"Everypony ready?" Rarity asked.

"Oh yes!"

"Well heads up, here it comes!" Rarity then tossed it, and it ended up getting caught by her little sister Sweetie Belle.

"Wow, thanks Sis!"

"You're welcome Sweetie! And good catch!"

Andy then tossed out the Garter, and it ended up getting caught by Fred, who in another few weeks would be going down the aisle with his own marefriend-turned-fiance, Lyra.

Once we all finished attaching the recycled mannequin and sewing machine parts to the back of the carriage, the happy couple raced away for the train to Canterlot.

Dan sighed as he watched them go. "Man, I sure wish that that was ME right now!"

Cole walked over to him. "I know Dan, although very soon, it WILL be! Just hang in there a bit longer, you'll make it!"

Dan knew that his friend was right. In a few short weeks, it would be him, and Pinkie Pie. In the meantime though, he continued to wave as the carriage pulled away.

Chapter 12: Leopard's Tragic Life, and War Backstory

View Online

Leopard. Captain X "Leopard" Campbell. 2nd Engineer, and a captain within Battalion 4009. Where should I even begin to describe myself? Well, I guess that since you already know about my life in Equestria, how about I start at the very beginning?

I was born in September of 2005 in Iowa, though I lived with my family in Kansas City my entire life. I was the oldest of 3 boys, with my 2 younger brothers being Dren and Henry (later known by his code-name, Ozwin). Neither of them liked me very much, and always said that I would never amount to anything. My parents had faith in me though, and I set out to prove my brothers wrong.

For the most part, I lived a very normal life. I was going to school, I had a job, and everything seemed to be going well. Unfortunately though, it was not to last. Over time, the world political situation was becoming more and more unstable. A US Senator, Felicia Day, kept telling of having "dreams and visions" of a world where women ruled everything, and men were nothing but slaves. Day began to gather a rather large following, but for the most part, the world, and women in particular, saw this "Matriarchal World Empire" as it was called, as a joke. They shouldn't have.

On December 10th, 2018, the world as we knew it changed forever. Day and her followers, who seemed to be just as sick and deranged as their confirmed to be mentally ill leader, attacked the nations of the world, and everything plunged into chaos. WW3 had begun.

Overnight, everything changed. All of the militaries of the world were called to arms to deal with this terrible threat. It took almost 2 1/2 years, but it was doable. Day was more of an orator than a soldier, and she firmly believed that the world would just stop spinning, and that everyone would surrender to her if she told them too.

I enlisted in the Army, and over time I rose from a private, to corporal, to sergeant. Also working for us was the fact that Day's empire was very unstable. When she died of a brain hemorrhage, (to this day, nobody knows if she died naturally, or if she was murdered, not that anyone cares!) her followers were too busy fighting each other for power to deal with the rest of the world. In short order, the "Matriarchal World Empire" fell, and WW3 ended. Peace however would not come with the end of the war; WW3 was merely the calm before the apocalyptic storm.

For a year or so afterwards, the world began to repair itself, and re-population efforts were begun. However, a new series of pacifists came to power, and tried to make war, and even owning weapons illegal. Behind the scenes though, a new world order was rising. Calling itself the "One Race Empire", and led by King Malcolm X the 3rd, this empire vowed to wipe out all races that were not considered a minority. When they began to expand out from Africa where they started from, nobody was allowed to fight.

"All they want is peace!" World leaders declared. "Just let them have what they want; DO NOT fight them!"

However, one man, US President Gill Alexander, refused to capitulate. "These MONSTERS will NEVER stop! They are the ENEMY!!!! WE HAVE TO FIGHT THEM!!!!"

And fight them we did. King Malcolm ordered the US to surrender, and we refused. At Midnight, on February 4th, 2021, WW4 began. WW4 was the war that almost exterminated all of Humanity. While it started out as a conventional war, the later stages were fought almost entirely with nuclear weapons, and other WOMD's. Because of this, the Earth was on the path to being rendered completely lifeless.

For nearly 4 years the war raged, with neither side really getting anywhere. Eventually however, the lines collapsed, and the One Race Empire declared themselves the rulers of the world. All women were their property, and all majority races were their slaves. However, if they thought that it was over, they were wrong. DEAD WRONG!!!!

Most of the world's remaining fighting forces either retreated out to sea, or underground, and continued to fight back viciously. During the course of this war (WW4), US President Gil Alexander, and 5 of his successors either died, or were incapacitated. The 52nd President of the United States, Daniel Hudson, who himself was a former US Marine, continued the war efforts.

Also during this time, "Project Sterling" was begun; taking Human soldiers, giving them wolf DNA, and trying to turn them into super-soldiers. For the most part, the project was met with mixed results. It worked, but there were a lot of health issues that resulted from it.

The remainder of Humanity knew that they needed allies, and in their despair, they cried out for help, and someone heard them. A group rose from the shadows to help Humanity, though they were no longer fully Human themselves. Known as the "Futa Kingdoms", and led by the ailing Queen Boudica, the Futas rose up and fought alongside those fighting the One Race Empire.

Faced with the threat of a massive war, the ORE once more mobilized their forces, and prepared to take down the world again. WW5 had begun.

WW5, as well as its just as evil twin WW4, were the bloodiest chapters in Human history. It got so bad that we actually ran out of nukes! I was promoted from sergeant to lieutenant, and helped to lead forces in what was left of the western United States. We continued to drive the enemy back, but yet the more we won, the more people died.

Eventually, we all learned the horrifying truth. In place by the ORE was a contingency plan so that if the war was lost for them, ALL of Humanity, and even the Earth itself, would be destroyed! If they couldn't win, then NOBODY would! This plan had already been set in motion.

Deep down, we all began to fear that the only way that the war could be won was if the Black Race itself, which by this point many believed had well and truly become corrupted beyond redemption, simply had to be exterminated. With a heavy heart, Gregg Peterson, the 58th President of the United States, signed the orders that enabled the Allied Forces to use any and all means necessary to end the war before Humanity could be wiped out, including mass extermination.

I've tried to block out of my mind the horrors that we had to commit during WW5 to end the war. Some of us even went so far as to adopt the white KKK hooded uniforms so as to cause even more of a panic to the enemy. Such uniforms were provided for anyone who wanted one, and even those who DIDN'T want one! Even I myself ended up with one, although I tried to forget about it.

Finally, in the year 2022, everything was all over. WW5 was over, and the remaining 3 billion people on Earth were saved. How that was possible for a 5 year war that started in 2022, nobody knew. None of us seemed to age too much either. One theory suggested that the radiation and chemicals, as well as arcane ORE rituals somehow messed with the Laws of Time, but this has never been proven. What mattered though was that the world was safe, even if only for a little while longer.

In the aftermath of WW5, there were only a handful of countries left on Earth. There was the US, the Union of European Republics, (which constituted all of the countries in Europe except Russia, including Great Britain and Ireland) Russia, East Asia (There really were no Asian countries anymore) Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. All of Africa was rendered uninhabitable thanks to nuclear war, Canada was a largely a northern wilderness, Mexico was a desert wasteland, and Central and South America were largely unexplored jungle regions with only tiny populations.

With what little we had left, we all began to rebuild. The US had rebuilt its economy and infrastructure, and before too long was at least well on its way to getting back on its feet. The rest of the world depended on the United States, well, ALMOST the rest of the world anyway. The Futas had taken over what was left of Eastern Asia, and declared it to be their kingdom. We all watched them warily, and although they showed no signs of outright hostility, they weren't very friendly either. Eventually, Queen Boudica consolidated all of the Futa kingdoms into one empire; the Futa Empire. With herself at the helm, they began to thrive. However, in the year 2023, Empress Boudica, who had been ill for quite some time, quietly passed away. The rest of the world watched as her daughter, Demetria, took her mother's empire, and began to rule it.

Demetria made it VERY clear that the Futas did NOT want any more war, but that they did wish to be left alone, although they were interested in becoming allies, and business and trading partners with the rest of the world. Some tentatively accepted Empress Demetria's offers, but yet everything was about to come crashing down yet again.

In mid 2023, a Futa by the name of Stacy Rikker, who was not only a general, but also a high-priestess, and one of Demetria's 2 adopted daughters, decided that the time had come for the Futas to reign supreme. She began to gather her fores together, and told them that the time had come for war.

"The world is closing in on us!" She told them. "The Great Goddess has revealed to me that we MUST bring the rest of the world into submission! All males MUST be bound to us, and all females MUST be our brood-slaves!" The rest of the Futas cheered, and believing themselves to be doing the bidding of their Empress, whom they believed to be a physical representation of their Goddess, the Futas declared war on July 9th, 2023. Now WW6 had begun.

For a world still trying to recover from the brink of extinction, we all still fought as well as we could. The Futas first consolidated their power in the rest of Asia, before turning their attention to conquering the Middle East, and then they invaded Europe. The Europeans met them head-on, and made them take heavy losses, although they still pressed onward. Eventually, the Futas managed to reach Berlin, Germany, where they were driven to a complete halt. European forces, reinforced by British, US, Canadian, Russian, and even Australian troops managed to hold them there, and then drive them back outside of the city. Trenches began to appear about 10 miles away from Berlin, and the Futas dug themselves in for a long war. The same thing happened in other areas along the front in Europe, and the Futas never got beyond Berlin, or anywhere else north of it to the Baltic Sea, or south to the Sea of Dalmatia, and the Mediterranean Sea.

At this same time, other Futa forces began to move deeper into the Pacific, and the Futas opened a second front against Australia. However, this campaign was plagued by problems from the very start. For starters, the Australians, as well as the New Zealanders, and the Tasmanians (from Tasmania, the tiny country just to the south of Australia), had been preparing for just such an attack on Australia. They met the Futas head on, and prevented them from getting very far. The Futas were soon driven back into the Pacific Ocean, and were forced to settle into a sort of siege against the country. Another factor working against them was the terrain, the local wildlife, as well as the weather. Away from the coast, Australia is little more than miles and miles of deserts, and almost uninhabitable brush-lands. Plus, Australia is also home to some of the largest, and deadliest spiders and snakes in the world, not to mention dangerous kangaroos, Emus, and other nasty critters. The weather was not very kind to the Futas either, and they were constantly having to deal with thunderstorms, monsoons, and even a few deadly wildfires!

And adding to their already VERY problematic woes were the remnants of the US Pacific Fleet, as well as the Canadian Navy, the Australian Navy, the New Zealand Navy, the Japanese Navy, and ships from India and China too, all based in Hawaii and Australia. Their mission? Not only keep the Futas away from Australia and New Zealand, but also try and deter them from attacking North America. These ships were CONSTANTLY harassing and attacking Futa shipping, as well as targeting warships, and even going after planes transporting war material! Because of these losses, the Futas were looking to open another front in the war; a mistake that would end up costing them fiercely. They already should have seen the writing on the wall with the stalemate in Europe, not to mention the back-and-forth game of chess in the Pacific, but they didn't. The war was about to take a VERY deadly turn for everyone.

Angered, and extremely frustrated by the losses in Europe and the Pacific, General Stacy decided to open a 3rd front in the war, and attack the cream of the crop; the United States itself. The new Futa campaign began in late September of 2023 with a massive blitzkrieg-style attack on Hawaii. Outnumbered and horribly outgunned, the US Forces, as well as all civilians abandoned the islands aboard what was left of the US Pacific Fleet stationed there, which then fled to either the US Mainland, or headed Southwest to Australia.

On October 1st, the Futas then began to move from Asia into Alaska with the same blitzkrieg speed that they'd used to overrun Hawaii. Then, on October 5th, the Futas invaded California, Oregon, Washington State, and Eastern Canada. Facing EXTREME resistance from EVERYBODY at EVERY turn, Stacy had no choice but to tell her mother what was happening. Somehow, someway, Demetria seemingly had absolutely no idea that WW6 was underway until her daughter told her! Stacy told her mother that they were attacked first, and were now were bogged down on 3 fronts in a horrible war. When Demetria heard about the situation in Europe, the Pacific, and North America, she was VERY skeptical of her daughter's claims, but yet she knew that she had to save her forces. She told those on the European Front to dig in and hold on, those in the Pacific to surround Australia as best they could, and to also take steps to try and limit breakouts by the Allied Pacific Fleet, while a number of divisions were sent to deal with the United States and Canada.

By January of 2024, the Futas had all of California, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska, and most of Idaho, Arizona and Nevada under their control, however, the heavy snows of the Rocky Mountain Winter hit them with a vengeance, preventing breakouts into Utah and Montana. Outraged, Stacy ordered MASSIVE missile and airstrikes on US positions, as well as pushes into New Mexico. We all held on throughout the Winter, but yet the Futas kept creeping closer and closer to the US Heartland. The rest of the world tried to help us, but alas, they were unable to due to the war in Europe, and keeping the Futas away from Australia.

By this point, I was now a captain, and my battalion, Firestorm Battalion, was helping to defend the northern and western borders of the US. Our home base was Sue Falls, South Dakota, and tragically, that would be where we took our last stand. By early May, the Futas were in North Dakota, as well as South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, and the 63rd US President, John Dillinger, was trying to buy us room to breathe. Eventually though, we were all cut off. The Futas were literally all around us, and had reached Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, and Louisiana along the Mississippi River. We were the second to last battalion standing in the war zone west of the Mississippi River, and we vowed to go down swinging with everything that we had. We fought them to the bitter end in and around Sue Falls, and we did pulverize them for nearly 3 months until May 10th, 2024, but in the end, we were all killed; except for myself, and Todd Davis. We were both captured, and taken away to be sold to a Futa mistress.

To save his people, President Dillinger was forced to give the Futas all former US territory west of the Mississippi River, but threatened severe military action if the Futas tried to take more. On paper, WW6 was seemingly over, but in reality, it was anything but. The world had just sunk into the Second Cold War, at least on the surface. In many areas along the Mississippi River, and in some states such as Texas, not to mention in Europe, and the Pacific, the war never really stopped at all.

Once a "peace" had been reached, the Futas then turned to running their new new empire. Demetria knew that the peace wouldn't last forever, but she wasn't worried. In public, she played it out like everything was all ok for the Futas, but secretly though, Demetria had a plan. Ever since her rise to power, there had been unruly Futas (such as her daughter Stacy and those allied with her) who had tried to take that power away from her. Now she saw a chance to save the world, and hopefully bring about lasting peace.

"If I can get the REAL Futas to destroy themselves, all while secretly aiding the rest of the world, then maybe the war will FINALLY end, and maybe at long last, males, females, and Herms, can live side by side on equal ground."

(Fun fact: There are actually 2 types of Futas. "True" Futas have only male genitalia, XXYY chromosomes, and and are literally half female and half male, while Hermaphrodites, or "Herms" have both male and female genitalia, XXXY chromosomes, are 3/4 female and 1/4 male, and are capable of reproduction. Demetria was a Herm, while Stacy was a Futa).

One day though, Demetria decided to "adopt" a male from a "care center", and bring him to live with her in her new capital city in Las Vegas. Eventually, after scouting around, she came to a city called Des Moines in Farmland, (formerly Iowa) where from a care center, she adopted a male who appeared to be shell-shocked. His tag said "Scar" and he had brown hair, blue eyes, gray furry wolf ears on the top of his head, as well as a wolf's tail, and wolf paws. He was also naked, and he looked at her in fear. She learned from staff that he'd been confiscated from an abusive mistress, and was extremely fearful of everyone. She then looked down at him with tears in her eyes, before gently trying to pick him up. To the staff's shock, he actually let her! He snuggled close to her rather large chest, and seemed to be crying softly.

"Shh, it's ok Sweetie. Mamma Demetria's here to take good care of you. I will NOT let ANYONE hurt you EVER AGAIN!"

"M-mamma." The male said softly.

Demetria then looked at the staff. "Ok, that's it, this one's completely captured my heart. I just HAVE to adopt him!"

Long story short, she did, and she carried him away from that care facility, and onto her private train, pulled by Challenger 3985, and she began her trip from Des Moines back to Las Vegas.

"Wow, you're really cute." Demetria pet her new male softly while he snuggled in her lap. She sat nude, and held his nude body close to hers. The male snuggled close to her breasts, and gently began to suckle on one of them.

"Hee hee! That tickles sweetie! But yet you can do that if you want. I'm not able to give milk anymore, but yet my daughter Carla can, so if you want, I can give you to her."

The male said nothing. Demetria could see that he still seemed to be suffering from shock. She'd read the reports of his previous mistress, and what she read so thoroughly disgusted her that she threw up. She then sent her best forces to the prison where his mistress was incarcerated, and ordered them to make sure that she could stand trial.

"I want to watch her die for what she's done!" Demetria roared. She then pushed her soft brown hair out of her face, and looked down at her male. She then noticed his back. On it was what appeared to be gray fur, but yet it was also splotched with black. It seemed to resemble spots.

"Hmm, leopard spots." She mused quietly to herself. "Plus, 'Scar' seems to be such a horrible name for you Sweetie, and since the fur on your back resembles the spots of an Amur Leopard, I think that I'm going to rename you 'Leopard'. How does that sound Sweetie?"

For the first time since adopting him, he finally spoke. "Leopard? it. I like it Mamma!" He then sat up, and kissed his new mom on the cheek.

And henceforth, I adopted the name "Leopard", for all time; both in honor of the Amur Leopard, and for the Empress who gave it to me.

Eventually, the train arrived back in Vegas. Demetria put her robes back on, and I was given a dark brown smock to wear with the number "11" on it.

"Sorry Sweetie, but this is all I have on hand right now."

I nodded. "It's ok Mom. This'll work very nicely."

We walked towards a large, black, pyramid-shaped building. "Whoa, what's this place Mom?"

"This is your new home Sweetie. This is the Palace Luxor!"

"Luxor? Like......the Luxor Hotel? Are we in Las Vegas?"

"Well, no and yes. No, this is no longer the Hotel Luxor, as I've had it fully refurbished into my palace, but yes, we are in Las Vegas."

We both then walked inside, followed by a number of servants and guards.

"What'll..........happen to me now?" I asked softly.

Demetria turned to look at me. "You'll be well taken care of Sweetie. You are NOT a slave, nor are you a servant, or a pet. You will be provided for by myself, and my daughter Carla. You will be given simple tasks of cleaning and repair work, which I know that you can do."

Before I could answer though, Demetria saw a figure sitting at a computer close by. "Hey Stacy?"

The figure looked up, and I saw that she had black hair, one blue eye and one green eye, and seemed to be pretty mean-looking.

"Ugh, what Mom?"

"Where's your sister?"

"The f@#k if I'd know!"

"HEY! Watch your mouth Missy!"

Stacy just rolled her eyes, and went back to what she was doing, which I saw was jacking off to porn.

"And PLEASE do that in your room! I DO NOT want to see you watching that garbage!"

"Fine, whatever Mom!" Stacy then stormed off through the hallways of the palace to an elevator.

"Selfish Bitch!" Demetria muttered. "Don't worry though Sweetie, my other daughter Carla is the exact polar opposite of Stacy. She's so sweet and kind, and I know that she'll love you to pieces."

I didn't know what to think about that, but I was still nervous about meeting Carla all the same.

Eventually, a servant told Demetria that Carla was in her room. Demetria led the way up there, and she also put a bow on me.

"Today is Carla's birthday. You're her present." Once we arrived at Carla's room, Demetria knocked on the door. "Hey, Carla? Are you in there?"

"Yeah Mom! What is it?"

"Open the door, I have a surprise for you!"

"Sure!" I then heard the sounds of feet on carpet, and when the door opened, I saw a very interesting sight. Carla was 6' if I had to guess, and she seemed to be very strongly built. She had a lot of muscles, as well as a few scars. She also had long, ginger colored hair that hung down her back, as well as soft green eyes, and even a number of freckles. She was wearing a sort of an apron that really didn't cover her too well, and I saw her breasts, and the bulge where her dick was. She was maybe a Double D in cup size, and her dick seemed to be somewhat large as well.

"What is it Mom? What's the surprise?"

Demetria then smiled, before stepping to the side, revealing me for the first time. "Happy Birthday Sweetie!"

When Carla saw me, her face immediately lit up, and she almost screamed! "EEEEE!!!! A male! And he's so CUTE!!!!!" She then scooped me up, and held me in her arms. "Oh, he's PERFECT Mom! I love him already!" She was hugging me tightly, and I hugged her back. Carla was just a gentle giant, even though she was only a few inches taller than I was.

Demetria just smiled as her daughter hugged her new male. "Well, I'll leave you two to get acquainted, but I'll check back in later, ok?"

"Ok mom!"

Demetria then closed the door.

When that happened, I almost panicked. I thought that I knew what was about to happen to me, and so did Carla. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Easy there Sweetie! I'm NOT gonna hurt you! Nor am I going to do ANYTHING to you unless you specifically ASK for it! I'm not THAT kind of girl!" To prove her point, she set me down on the floor again. I didn't run, but yet I still didn't fully trust Carla either.

"Do you have a name Sweetie?"

"I'm.....Leopard. Mom gave me that name when she adopted me."

I saw her smile. "Leopard. I like that name, it suits you!" She then went over to her bed, and lay down on it. She then picked up her book that she'd been reading, and started to read again.

"You're not like them......are you?" I asked softly. "You're.....the other kind, right?"

Carla turned to look at me. She then wordlessly moved her apron to the side, revealing her cock and balls. She then lifted up her balls, revealing what appeared to be a pussy underneath.

"You're right Leopard, I'm NOT like them. I'm a Herm. I have both a guy's junk and a girl's pussy! And it all works too! I could even get pregnant if I wanted too!"

" want to?"

She nodded slowly. "Yes. More than anything in the world, I want to be a mom someday. But yet, I DO NOT want the father to be a Futa, or another Herm, I want a MALE father! But yet, nobody likes me like that. There's so few males that aren't slaves, and NONE of them want to father a child with a Herm. I have friends sure, but I'm so......."

"Alone?" I asked softly.


I then walked over to her bed, and after climbing onto it, I snuggled close to Carla. "Well, not anymore Carla. You have a male who likes you now. I want to be with you." I don't know what it was that triggered my love for Carla. It just sort of.....happened.

Carla looked away from me. "No you don't Leopard. I'm......a freak! My mom died, my sister Stacy hates me, and my adoptive mom Demetria does love me, but why would you?"

I then turned her head gently back to face me, before I gently placed my lips onto hers. "Because in case you haven't noticed Carla", I whispered after breaking the kiss, "I'm a freak too!" I then indicated my wolf ears, tail, and paws, as well as some gray fur.

Carla then looked at me. Once she saw that what I had said was indeed true, and that we really weren't that different from each other, Carla pulled me in close, and kissed me again.

"You're very sweet Leopard, and each minute that goes by, I like you more and more. I'll happily be yours, provided of course that you be mine."

I was surprised. "Wait, do you mean that.....?"

She kissed me deeply. "I dunno Leopard, you tell me!"

It was then that I knew that I had a mate for life.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I began to get into my new routine, I slept in a small room next to Demetria, and most of my days were spent cleaning, and doing small repairs. It was also during this time that I had the displeasure of meeting Stacy, as well as her pet male.

"So, you're the one my sister adopted, are you?"

I turned to look at her. "Yes, I am. And you must be Stacy."

"It's MISTRESS Stacy to you Wolf-Freak!"

"Oh. I'm sorry, 'Mistress' Stacy." I said, trying to hide my sarcasm.

"You'd better be Freak!"

It was then that I noticed the figure standing next to Stacy. He was really short, looked to be almost anorexic, was wearing a black smock, and had blue eyes. What really creeped me out about him though was that his entire face and head, except for his nose, ears, mouth and eyes, was covered by bandages! His hair poked out of the bandages in places, and oddly, it appeared to be blue in color.

"What.......happened to you?" I asked him gently.

He glared at me. "The.....Americans! THEY did this to me! They TORTURED me! They took my face away from me!"

"Yes, yes they did" Stacy murmured softly, stroking her pet. "Now then, come along Sally, we have things to do!"

"Yes Mistress Stacy!" He then followed her.

"Sally?" I thought to myself in disbelief. "His name is SALLY?!"

When I asked Carla about him later, she gave me a worried look. "Stay away from him Leopard. dangerous! He's insane, and he likes to try and attack. I don't know where the hell in St. Louis, Stacy got that freak from, but I just wish that he would hurry up and die! She calls him 'Sally', but I've also heard him referred to as 'Face'. I don't know what happened to his face though, but part of me doesn't WANT to know!"

I agreed with Carla there. What I didn't know at the time though was that not only had I just met the saboteur who would almost destroy the Battleship Express one day, but I also saw what he looked like BEFORE he was known to the world as Sally Face!

All throughout my stay with Demetria, I continued to suffer from nightmares related to PTSD. For the most part, Demetria was there to help me, but one night she wasn't. She was away on an important visit with military leaders in Texas, and I was gripped in the throws of another nightmare.

I woke up screaming, and in my panic, I ran out of my room naked! (I always slept like that since Vegas IS in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Don't judge me!) I then remembered what Carla had told me.

"If you ever need me Leopard, just come and see me. You know where my room is, and I'm not the heaviest sleeper ever either!"

I took her up on her advice. I made my way to her room, before throwing the door open, and closing it tightly behind me.

"Huh.......what.....???? Who is it?! What's going on?!" Carla was sitting up in bed and looking at me. She then turned on her bedside lamp. When she did, I saw that not only was she nude as well, but her ginger hair was hanging down her back too.

"Huh.....? Leopard? What is it, what's wrong?" She then saw the terrified look on my face. "Is it.......the nightmares again?"

I nodded slowly. Carla then scooted over in her bed, before lifting up the covers. "Well, we can fix that can't we? Climb on in, and I'll keep you warm tonight since Mom's gone."

I did so, and after walking over to her bed, I climbed in, before Carla let the covers back down, and I snuggled close to her.

"There, feel better Leopard?" She then felt a few small nips, and when she looked down, she saw me suckling from her breasts. "Aww, you thirsty? Well, luckily for you, I can actually produce milk from my breasts. Most Herms my age and younger, as well as a bit older, can."

"How old.....are you Carla?" I asked her softly.

She looked down at me. "Sweetie, you don't ask a woman her age! However, since I'm a Herm, and I like you, I'll tell you. I'm 25. How old are you?"

"22, I think." I answered softly.

She then looked at me again. "Hey Leopard?"

"Yeah Carla?"

"We've.......been together for a while now, and have feelings for you, just as you have feelings for me.....but um......w-would you be willing to take it all the way......w-with me?"

I looked up at her with a bit of fear. I knew what that meant. Whenever a male was "bound" by a Futa, it usually involved rape, and he also then became addicted to her cum. The only reason I was spared from this fate was because my former mistress was a lunatic addicted to her appearance, and used her males as slave labor.

"And I know what you're thinking Leopard, but let me tell you it does NOT work that way with us Herms! What I mean by that is that I want YOU to bind ME! I WANT to be yours Leopard!" She then lifted up one of her back legs, revealing her wet slit. "I NEED a male like you in my life Leopard, so come on. Take me now, and make me pregnant with your offspring!"

I was shocked, but yet I knew what to do. If Carla wanted me so badly, then she was going to have me. I will admit, it was weird having sex with a Herm, but Carla helped me get through it. Carla later discovered that she wasn't ovulating that night, so she didn't get pregnant, but she vowed to try again.

In the aftermath of multiple attempts, Carla twice got pregnant by me, and both times she miscarried. She was absolutely devastated. She knew that it wasn't my fault, but she still blamed me a bit anyway. Nevertheless though, she did want us married in order to break to HUGE social stigmas surrounding Male X Futa relationships. I was truly happy with Carla, but sadly my joy was not to last.

On the day of our wedding, there was an attempted Coup against Demetria. The Loyalists prevailed, but yet I was captured in the fray, and after being drugged, and shipped off to a farm auction in Nebraka, I was sold off to a Futa who owned a ranch in Kansas.

My new Mistress, Samantha "Sam" Applegate, although she sorta LOOKED like Carla, she definitely was NOT her! She was easily 3 times my size, and would sometimes hold me down in the barn while she had her way with me. I tried to fight at first, but I eventually just gave up, as I did grow to be somewhat fond of Sam. She definitely wasn't evil; she was just a bit misguided.

However, all was not as lost as it appeared to be. One day, I got a chance to talk to another male on the ranch. His name was Don Curry, and he introduced me to his friend, Jeff Coleson, as well as 3 other males on the ranch; Joe Dixon, Frank Otis, and Russ Thompson. They then revealed that in secret in an old bunker underneath the ranch, they were building weapons. They showed me, and I began to help them.

Over time, we began to build up more and more guns, as well as recruit a number of males from nearby areas who also wanted to help overthrow the Futas. Eventually, our bunker was discovered by Jim Bender and his team of engineers. Jim was a local leader of a brand-new US Army sub-branch known as the "Railway Warfare Division". Jim's group was based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and they offered us a place within the RWD, as they had a train, but no guns. We helped them, and during this time a concept that had been previously hatched was brought into the light. A short time before Jim found us, on blueprints made out of a discarded roll of wallpaper, Jeff, Don, Joe, Frank, Russ and I all drew up the plans for a train; a train that would one day become the bane of the Futa's existence once we'd shown the plans to Jim and his engineers. That train came to be known as "The Big One", after the engine that pulled it, Big Boy 4009. Later on though, it would be given a different name, one that would strike FEAR into the hearts of the Futas; the Battleship Express!

Eventually, under the cover of darkness, in August of 2026, we smuggled the train, and all of our weapons out of Kansas, and back to the United States. (The US still fully existed, and was still everything East of the Mississippi River).

Once we arrived there, we took the train to New York, and once it was at the RWD War Train Manufacturing Plant (formerly the ALCO Locomotive Works) in Schenectady, began to fully put everything together. Slowly, over a period of almost 3 months, we took a lot of individual parts, and turned them into a mammoth 32 car war train, armed to the teeth with almost every kind of weapon imaginable, from machine guns, to artillery guns, to railguns, to 16in. guns, and even nuclear shells, now believed to be some of the last nuclear weapons on Earth! Eventually, under the command of Major Jeff Coleson, and his subordinate, Captain Don Curry, with Jim as the Chief Engineer, and myself reinstated as a Captain, now acting as the train's 2nd engineer (aka, the second of the 3 men to drive her), not to mention 212 other crewmen, and an entire battalion of our own, we were ready to take the Futas back on again and win!

On December 28th, 2026, in the grip of a blizzard, St. Louis fell under attack by US forces as they fought to liberate the city! St Louis and the surrounding areas fell, and they became the first in a series of stepping stones on our way to liberate the rest of the United States from the Futas. From one city to the next, the Army, Air Force, Marines, Railway Warfare Division, and even the Navy and Coast Guard where applicable, fought back against the Futas. We didn't win every battle, but by the thaw of Spring, we'd liberated all of Missouri, Minnesota, Louisiana, and most of Iowa and Arkansas.

The Futas did fight back fiercely, but what they didn't know was that their own Empress and her loyal followers were conspiring against them. Demetria knew all along that the US would eventually declare war on the Futa Empire, and once she learned that I was still alive, she and I would, (on rare occasions) meet up via Skype, and lay out a plan of attack. I was still loyal to the US, but yet I knew that Demetria was trying to help us get our land back, in exchange for her life, as well as the lives of Carla, and her loyal followers.

On and on our drive went. We did take losses, sometimes heavy, but we never gave up. By the middle of Summer 2027, we'd liberated most of the Dakotas, as well as most of Nebraska, Kansas, and by the Fall, we were moving through Oklahoma, and down into Texas. Texas though would be the turning point in this war.

All throughout this, Carla and I had still secretly been seeing each other. She was still upset about her miscarriages, and one night, she and I had really rough, angry sex at a dirty motel in Amarillo before she cut me off. I tried to reason with her, and she said that she would talk to me again if she could have a normal pregnancy. What neither of us realized though was that in the aftermath of that night, Life Found a Way. Carla was ovulating, and some of my swimmers found an egg inside of her, and fertilized it. Carla was now pregnant again, and she didn't even know it yet. Eventually, after a string of really weird feelings and seeming illnesses, she went to a doctor, who told her to take a pregnancy test. She did so, and it came back positive! She tried several more, and ALL of them came back positive! Carla was so happy that she told her mom Demetria, and vowed that after her next battle in Austin, TX, she would let me "capture her", so that she could be kept safe, and not miscarry again. Unfortunately though, Carla wouldn't get that chance. During the battle, Carla was believed to have been fatally wounded. She was never mentioned again by the Futa leadership, and I was more than just devastated. I had lost my second wife; the only Herm that I ever loved aside from Demetria. How does one recover from that?

Carla had never gotten the chance to tell me that she was pregnant, so I never knew. In reality though, she wasn't dead; just severely wounded, and close to death. Carla was in a coma, and was moved back to Vegas where she would be fully cared for, and nurses back to health. Shockingly, this time she never miscarried! Everyone did assume that she would die, or that the baby would die, but neither of them did! Eventually, with us staying the Fall in the Rocky Mountains in 2028 while still trying to fully retake Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana in the months following Face's sabotage of Big Boy 4009, Carla woke up from her coma just long enough to give birth to a son. He had blue eyes, reddish-brown hair, a few freckles, gray wolf ears, and a wolf's tail.

"His name is Leo", Carla whispered. "I'm naming him for his father, Leopard."

However, for a reason that Demetria wouldn't reveal to me until much later, she never told me that I had a son, or that Carla was still alive.

Our drive continued onward. Barring the "incident" in Boulder, Colorado in April of 2028 where Face tried to destroy the train, and it got knocked out of action for nearly 4 months, we were able to press on. Our drive West was powerful, and nothing was stopping us. About a year prior to this though, during the Summer of 2027, was when I met my pet wolf Aurora for the first time.

During the Battle of Lake Sacajawea in the woods of North Dakota, she came bounding up to the train. We could tell by her harness that she was a military dog, possibly even an experiment into a new type of combat dog. However, we learned that the base that she used to call home, Fort Nightingale, was wholly wiped out, and since I had PTSD, I decided to take care of "Aurora", as it said on her harness. Aurora became the closest thing that I had to a friend since losing Carla, as well as my 3rd wife Lilly, and she seemed to sense my pain too.

"I'm just glad that I have someone like you close at hand Aurora", I whispered to her softly. "Without you, my mind would be well and truly lost. I've lost 3 wives now, and 2 infant children. How does one cope with that?"

"I know Master", She said gently. (She had the ability to talk, thanks to medical enhancements). "I'm just glad to be here for you. You're the only family that I have now that I've lost everyone else."

"As have I Aurora. My family is dead, and all I have left is my adoptive mother Demetria. Which is why we HAVE to save her Aurora, we just HAVE to!"

Our campaign pushed onward still.

Eventually, in the early Fall of 2028, we made a breakout through Montana, and after reaching Idaho, were able to push into Washington State! Our beeline drive took us all of the way to Seattle, and then beyond it to the Pacific Ocean! America was now once again a nation from "Sea to Shining Sea" in a sense, but there was still work to be done. Soon after this, after pushing south through the rest of Washington State, the Battleship Express joined the Army, Air Force, and Marines, and in a joint operation, with aide from the Navy, managed to reach Portland, Oregon. We managed to retake the city, as well as other cities and towns around it on the Oregon-Washington State Border, but due to bad weather, and heavy Futa resistance, the Navy was unable to launch an amphibious landing of Oregon from the Pacific. Then adding to this, the Battleship Express was ordered to the Southwest, as there was trouble in Arizona and the American drive through the rest of New Mexico from Texas.

We soon had the situation in New Mexico under control, and by end of the Winter of 2028-29, we'd pushed the Futas through the desert in Arizona, and back into California. Unfortunately though, due to them destroying all of the bridges behind them as they crossed the Colorado River into California, as well as major fortifications along the river, we were forced to abort chasing them that way.

"Blast!" Major Don cursed to himself. "Now it looks like we'll have to get them through Nevada." (Don had been promoted to Major to replace Jeff Coleson when he was killed in Nebraska saving the lives of men trapped inside of one of the train's gun turrets).

And get them through Nevada we did. After securing all of Utah by early May of 2029, our first attacks into Northern Nevada enabled us to take cities like Reno and Carson City, before working our way Southwards. First we made it to Lund, and then to Alamo before the Hoover Dam was taken back by US forces, cutting off Vegas's power supply. After this, other US Forces pushed the Futas back almost to California on the western side of Nevada, and they, as well as those of us on the northern, eastern, and southern sides of Vegas began to dig in, and get ready for the massive upcoming battle in the Futa capital. Soon we were ready, and on June 8th, 2029, the Battle for Las Vegas began. The Futa capital was soon to fall, and all of the remaining Futas in Nevada who weren't on Demetria's "Nice List" would hopefully be able to burn with it.

While all of this was happening though, in a surprise move in Europe, the Europeans and their allies broke through the Futa lines outside of Berlin on June 7th, 2029, and in fairly short order drove them out of Germany, through Poland, and by the Winter of 2029 had driven the Futas back into Russia as far as Moscow! Meanwhile in the Pacific, using Australia as a staging base, troops from the various Allied Nations, reinforced by various ships from the US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, Chinese and Indian Navies invaded first Japan on June 8th, 2029, then what used to be China and India by the Spring of 2030, and began the drive against the Futas there.

However, just when it all seemed to be coming together, back in America during the Battle of Vegas, everything fell apart.

Just when it looked like Las Vegas was going to be ours, we were given a VERY nasty surprise. Unknown to everyone, even Demetria herself, Stacy had a large number of nuclear weapons hidden underneath Las Vegas, both bombs and missiles that were aimed at various sites around southern Nevada. Her plan was to wipe out all of the US Forces in the area in one go, while Demetria's train escaped towards California. Once the back of what she called the "Male Resistance" was broken, then the Futas would be able to drive them all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, and then into it. Stacy was so deluded that she believed that the North American, Canadian, European, Asian, and Australian forces were little more than a tiny resistance cell, and once they fell, the Futas could reign supreme once again. Um, no. These were the militaries of the world, operating at their full strength, and slowly whittling down the Futas. The Futas themselves were losing, and badly, all over the world, but yet Stacy refused to acknowledge it.

Eventually, when the smoke from "Operation Fireball" as Stacy called it cleared, it revealed little more than a horribly irradiated Mojave Desert. Las Vegas was almost completely gone, although the Hoover Dam did manage to remain standing. Other cities such as Henderson were also nearly annihilated, and others, including Reno and Carson City, were hit by radioactive sandstorms, and at least partially buried in sand. Losses on both sides were in the hundreds of thousands, possibly even low millions (think Somme Campaign in WW1) and for nearly 3 months, all fighting in the US seemingly stopped as both sides struggled to recover from this massive disaster, and loss of leadership.

Then, when the American drive resumed again in early September of 2029, it was met with less and less resistance. The Futas were rapidly running out of steam, and 2 months later, their last outpost in California fell, with the last Hawaiian garrison falling a week later. Once Hawaii was secured, the drive turned to the North, with the rest of Eastern Canada, and then Alaska being invaded by the Allies by land and by sea, with both regions being secured by the end of 2030. 2 and a half months after this, in early March of 2031, the last Futa outpost in Eastern Russia fell to the European forces, and about a year after that, all of Asia was finally cleansed of the last traces of the Futa's filth as well.

Finally, in April of 2032, aside from a number of Herms, the last of the Futas had been wiped from existence forever. WW6 was over, and FINALLY the world was at peace! Now those remaining on Earth could finally begin to rebuild what was lost, as well as finally being able to try repopulate the planet, as total world population now did not exceed 3 billion people.

Through it all though, after the Battle of Vegas, the Battleship Express, as well as its supply train Iron Glory, disappeared, and no traces of them could be found. Most people believed that they had been obliterated, but the REAL truth was far more interesting. In reality, the trains crossed over a set of lay-lines that existed outside of Vegas, located underneath the tracks. We passed over those lay-lines at just the right moment, and were instantaneously transported to another dimension. WW6 may have ended for us with the Battle of Vegas, but our REAL adventure was only just beginning!

Chapter 13: Leopard X Rainbow Dash

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For the longest time after I lost Carla, I NEVER believed that I would ever find love again. Huh? What's that? What about my first wife Ell, and my second wife Lilly? Why didn't I talk about them at all in the last chapter? Well........remember what I said about tying to bury certain aspects of the past, and never......*sniff*.....never.......bring them up again? Well......*starts sobbing* I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT ELL AND LILLY!!!!"

What was I trying to talk about? Oh yeah, Rainbow Dash. As I was starting to say, after I lost Carla, I was beginning to believe that I would NEVER find true love again. However, all of that was about to change. Soon I would find the love of my life, and it would all start by the Battleship Express leaving Earth, and winding up in Equestria.

The first time that I ever saw Dash, at least in person, was when she and the rest of the Wonderbolts were the ones who attacked the Battleship Express when it first arrived, believing it to have been stolen by the Imperial Alliance, and being used to further invade Equestria. Dash, Soarin, and a few others on their team were the ones who attacked the cab, and fought with myself, Alex and Todd for control of the train.

Dash was the one who grabbed me from behind, and eventually I was able to twist myself around and face my opponent.

"Oh no you don't Missy! Wait.......RAINBOW DASH!?!?!?!?!"

She was equally shocked. "What the?! HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?!?!?!"

Before we could really discuss this too much further though, Todd yelled to the rest of us that the boiler gauges were almost past the red line. In record time, Alex and I were able to swing into action, and after shutting off steam, as well as opening a series of valves to let more steam release safely, I slammed on the brakes!

The train came to a stop outside of Ponyville Station, and with steam surrounding us, all of us in the cab blacked out.

Eventually, I did manage to regain consciousness. When I did, I saw that I was lying at the base of the backhead, right next to the engineer's bench.

"Gosh.....what....happened?" I muttered. I could see Alex and Todd, as well as those who'd attacked them, and to my shock, now that I saw them in the light of day, I could see that they weren't Futas at all!

"They're......P-Ponies! Wonderbolts if my eyes do not deceive me!" And indeed they were. They were anthros, wearing their Wonderbolt jumpsuits, and I was able to identify them as Soarin, Misty Fly, Echo Fleetfoot, High Winds, and even Rainbow Dash!

"This is.....too weird!" I then got up fully, and I looked out of the cab window to the train's right. What I saw equally shocked me. There was a small train station, and beyond it I saw a town. All about were other Ponies, and they were all staring, pointing at the train, and seemingly all talking at once. I also spotted Don talking with a group of them.

"Ok, so, assuming that I'm not crazy, hallucinating, dreaming, or dead, the Battleship Express is currently sitting outside of Ponyville Station, in the town of Ponyville! And if this is Ponyville, then that means that.....!!!!!" My brain couldn't even accept us being in Equestria as even being a faint possibility.

"IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!!!!" I then began to climb out of the cab, and down to the ground below. I saw that the engine had overshot the station by a good 100 feet or so, although as I was climbing down, the others began to regain consciousness as well.

I saw Dash start to get up, and when she did, she looked directly at me! Even though I was still wearing my Kitsune mask, I could see her magenta eyes were locked onto my blue ones.

"Who......are you? And better still, WHAT are you?!"

"We're Humans. And as for who I am, I'm just a nobody from nowhere." I then finished exiting the cab, and once I was on the ground again, I began to walk towards the front of the train.

As I was walking though, I heard something hit the ground behind me, and I half-turned to see Rainbow Dash following along behind me.

"Where are you going?"

I sighed. "Up to the front."


No answer.

"Hey, if you're still sore about me attacking you in the cab, I'm REALLY sorry about that! I thought that you guys were the Imperial Alliance, so I was just doing what I was supposed to do!"

I still didn't answer.

"And why do you wear that freaky fox mask? Was your face damaged or something?"

"Yes. I got burned in an accident."

"Whoa! What happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it!" Once I reached the front of the train, I climbed up onto it, and once I reached the roof of the pillbox, I sat down on it, and seemed to be staring off into space.

Dash then sat beside me, and tried to continue her conversation. "So why won't you talk to me?"

"Because I don't talk too much."

"Come on, I said that I was sorry for attacking you. We can be friends, right?"

I didn't answer.

"You're really mean!"

I sighed, before turning a bit to face her. "I'm not mean, I'm just a Tsundere."

Before Dash could ask what that meant though, Don and Twilight came up to the front, and Don informed us that the Princesses would be arriving shortly.

Over the course of the next couple of hours, all of us in Battalion 4009 learned of the Caribou and the Zebras, as well as what their plans for Equestria were.

I was with Don when the Princesses revealed their story to us, and I was outraged. "How can these....MONSTERS be allowed to exist?! If I had to guess, they're just the Futas that we killed in WW6.....reincarnated as males!"

When we informed the rest of the crew about the situation at hand, not only were they equally outraged, but they also wanted the Zebras and Caribou to be mounted to a wall as well.

After a brief but violent skirmish with a scouting force, we all knew that the war had come to Ponyville, and that we would have to fight!

The Battle of Ponyville, which took place that very same night, was the high water mark of the Imperial Alliance. While I was out fighting, Dash, and the other Element Bearers, who were still present at the time, were all taking shelter on the train. Dash was in the Secondary Command Center, while the others were in the Primary Command Center.

While her friends were taking shelter, Dash was able to pick up a gun and use it to fight back. Though she was only able to notch 11 kills, her contributions were later found to have been life-saving. While we were searching the battlefield later, we found the bodies of 2 Caribou who were holding a fully-armed rocket launcher. The launcher had been pointed at the train, and with cold logic, we realized that if Dash hadn't killed those 2, then they easily could have blown up the engine!

When I told Dash about this later, all she did was blush a bit. "Aww, shucks Stud, I was just doing my job to protect Ponyville! If I saved your train, then that's just a bonus!"

I sighed. "Well, bonus or not, you saved lives, as well as property, and for that I offer you my greatest thanks."

She shrugged. "Well, you're welcome Stud!"

We all then began to plan out our next battle.

After the turning point that was the Battle of Las Pegasus, never again would the Caribou have the strength to seriously threaten Equestria again. Also, the few Diamond Dogs who survived the battle, as well as Minotaurs, did surrender to Equestria. This just left the Griffons, and a number of Dragons as well.

Still to this day, it well and truly baffles me as to why the Imperial Alliance didn't field the Dragons against us more. They could have EASILY brought severe hurt to us, but yet we rarely ever saw them in combat.

As General Stuggs said later when interrogated, "We wanted to, and believe me, had the Imperial Alliance lasted until Baltimare had been attacked, you WOULD have faced more Dragons! However, due to the fiasco that happened to the Zebras in Appaloosa and Dodge City, our invasion of Baltimare was cancelled. We all fell back to the Caribou Empire, where we would remain for the rest of the duration of the war."

"But what of the Dragons though? Why didn't we face them in places like Carlon, Donneth, or even other cities?"

"You did. However, you all figured out that not only can, what were those radioactive bullets called again?"

"Um, do you mean depleted uranium? If so, then it's not radioactive."

"Yeah, those. You all figured out that they can be used to take down not only War Beasts, but Dragons as well. As more and more Dragons fell, others began to desert the Caribou, or flee elsewhere. The remainder of them and the Griffons all died along with the Caribou at Bryerton. They're all dead."

Not all of them were though. Those who survived left with Danin and his band, and were now in the Undiscovered West.

The REAL turning point in the war though was what went down during the Battle of Appaloosa. During that battle, the train that carried the 4 Element Bearers, as well as wounded soldiers back to Ponyville, was attacked, derailed, and all onboard who didn't die in the crash were captured. All of those who were considered unimportant to the Zebras were later liberated during the course of the battle, but those who WERE considered important were all packaged away to the Zebra Empire.

When Zakia revealed to Don, Alex, and I what he was doing to our marefriends, that was it. He had just signed the death warrant for his entire nation, and he didn't even realize it.

While others were angry, NONE of them had the spirit of King Sombra inside of them, and because I had him with me as well, I was more than just angry; I was borderline Super-Sayan!

I vowed that I would never rest until Dash was safe, and that those responsible for taking her were wiped from existence. My anger fueled an almost animalistic rage inside of me, and this rage helped to give Sombra strength, and to make him more and more powerful.

"Soon", He thought to himself "Soon I'll be strong enough to leave Leopard behind, and once I have my full powers back, I will be unstoppable!"

The campaign through the Zebra Empire was one of mass casualties on our enemies, and a battle every few days, with at least a raid nightly. The Zebras had no clue where we were at any given time, and as such we were able to take FULL advantage of that! Most of the battles were fought at night, or began at Dawn, and since the enemy had no night-vision capabilities, they were unable to spot us in the dark.

The Zebras dropped like flies, and those precious few that we did capture were largely female. A few officers were taken in for interrogation, while a few others were used to send messages to Zakia that not only were we coming, but no mercy would be shown when we did.

The biggest battle of the first half of the campaign was the Battle of Zandia, overseen by General Tarrath. We took Zandia by storm, and although the battle began at Dawn, it took a number of hours to complete the drive. I did get injured by Tarrath, although I hit him with 3 shotgun blasts, which did kill him.

Due to the effects of Tarrath's gun, I did have to have Bat-Pony DNA added to my own, so as to help balance out the damage to my genetics. Initial estimates put my total genetics as 50% Human, 45% Bat-Pony, and 5% wolf, however, later tests showed it to actually be closer to 55% Bat-Pony, 40% Human, and 5% wolf. I had a bit more Bat-Pony in me than Human! With this process being complete though, it was time to get on the rails again; destination Zebrica!

Zebrica was the last major battle of our Zebra Empire campaign, and it was the one that shattered what little was left of them.

At Dawn, we attacked Zebrica, with our destination being the Imperial Palace where we knew that the hostages were being held. Using our bulldozers, loaders, and tractors, we hauled troops into Zebrica once the Battleship Express took down the walls, and then we fought our way through the city.

It got so bad that most of the Zebras that we faced were absolutely suicidal. "It was really bad", I recalled later. "Even though we were inside of our construction machines that had been given armor and bulletproof glass, as well as additional roll-cages, we were still getting hammered hard by bullets. We did have to call in the gunship, and thanks to Lt. Hughes and his troops, they were able to give us the room that we needed to push onward. Thank God for Lt. Hughes!"

Eventually, we did manage to breach the Imperial Palace, and after a series of brutal firefights, we reached the throne room where the hostages were being held. A team sent to the basement were able to secure the remaining medical staff who had been taken hostage, and after creating a diversion, we breached the throne room.

In short order, all of the defenders were killed, and Zakia was taken prisoner to be held onboard the train until further notice. Unfortunately though, only half of the hostages were present. We saved Dan, Applejack and Twilight, but Dash, Cole and Pinkie were sent off to the Caribou Empire.

After failed negotiations, we all saw the truth; the Caribou Empire would have to be invaded as well.

"Just hang in there a little bit longer Dash", I thought to myself, "I'll be there soon, and when I arrive, there will be HELL TO PAY!!!!"

After nuking the rest of the Zebra Empire, we were on our way again. Little did we suspect at the time though that our campaign against the Caribou Empire would be the toughest fight of the entire war. The Caribous were masters of war, as they were a warrior race. They were well armed, and well defended by mountains, forests, and rivers. Their seasons were all wonky, and even though we invaded in July, Winter fell upon us! We were facing severe blizzards and snowstorms, to say nothing of freezing temperatures, and aside from the battles in Marrow, Dock Town, and Lake Town, and Bryerton, the entire campaign was fought in the snow.

We fought bravely on, but yet it was one small blunder on our part that would prove to be the greatest asset of our entire campaign. Just after the Battle of Rendale, we were on our way to Donneth on a treacherous stretch of rail line that ran through the Highland Mountains. This was the most treacherous section of the tracks, and we were running it at Dawn in a snowstorm! One misstep could have gotten all of us killed!

In the end, we made it through the mountains, before crashing into a huge series of snowbanks at the bottom that almost completely buried our train. Enemy search teams were sent out to see if they could find us, but thanks to us using the snow to hide ourselves, they never did.

Because the enemy thought that we were dead, we were able to use the greatest psychological warfare tactics that had ever been witnessed. First, 9 of us, dressed in tattered uniforms and enhanced with Magic, as well as disguised with makeup, became the "Undead Harbingers", and attacked the town of Hilden, completely wiping out the town.

Next, we used the Battleship Express itself, and after disguising it to look like it had been destroyed a long time ago, we turned it into a "ghost train", and were able to use it to terrorize the Caribou.

Finally, it was down to just the last 4 cities in the Empire, Carlon, Danton, the capital city, Donneth, and one more city, Bryerton. With the fall of those cities, the sun would set on the Caribou Empire for the last time.

It was decided that Carlon and Danton would fall in the night, and after a short 15 minute break, we would attack Donneth. By this point, more reinforcements from Equestria had also arrived as, and we were all ready to go. Little did we know though just how impacting the battles ahead were going to be.

I was overseeing the attack on Carlon, while General Shining Armor and his forces took on Danton. At 2am, with 25 degree temperatures, and light snow falling, the battles began.

Both of these cities were major military hubs, as well as breeding farms and training centers for War Beasts. The attacks began without a hitch, and although we did have to wipe out a number of airships, not to mention their home base, we were able to press on.

Eventually, my team made it to one of the military academies, which also housed a LOT of War Beasts! We were attacked, although we did discover that depleted uranium bullets could kill the War Beasts. However, while my group was trying to hold off a War Beast stampede, Sombra took control of me again, and he showed me how to tame a War Beast. It was during this battle that I was introduced to Argus, the Alpha-War Beast that I tamed with Sombra's magic, and used as my mount for the rest of the war.

Eventually, Carlon and Danton were ours, and the Battle for Donneth began. Donneth was HANDS DOWN the TOUGHEST campaign of the entire Imperial War! We'd NEVER seen this amount of suicidal resistance! The enemy came at us in such waves that 2 hours after the battle began, we'd barely managed to move 150 yards from where we'd breached the city's walls!

However, our gunship "cut down" some of our odds, and we pressed onward. After some of our men were killed by a fatally wounded Caribou with a rocket launcher though, I completely snapped. I let Sombra dictate my actions, and from that moment, until my final battle in the throne room, Sombra and I were one and the same!

We kept up the attack, and eventually the Imperial Palace was breached. With Argus by my side, and more soldiers trailing along behind us, we were able to make our way up to the throne room, where not only did I slaughter the remaining Caribou guards, but I also fought Prince Dactyl in a quick duel, before I defeated and almost killed him. Dash and Pinkie were saved, and the Battle of Donneth was over.

"I'm SO glad that you saved me Stud!" Dash whispered as we rode Argus out of the palace.

I sighed. "It was my pleasure Dash. You mean EVERYTHING to me, so it was something that I HAD to do!"

"Well, I'm just glad that you did, and that not only did you save us, but you also almost ended the Imperial War as well!"

"Well, yes and no Dash. Yes, I helped, but no, it wasn't just me: it was a team effort. We ALL did our part to help topple the Zebras, as well as most of the Caribou. The final battle of this war will be in Bryerton, and then the war will FINALLY be over!"

"And then we can go home?"

I nodded. "Yep, and then we can go home, and begin our new lives."

Dash hugged me from behind, all while leaning her head on my shoulder. "Hmm, yeah, our new lives. You and I, with Spitfire too, all getting married at some point, before settling down to raise a family of foals. At a future date of course, I'm NOT ready for foals just yet!"

I laughed a bit. "Neither am I Dashie, neither am I!"

We continued to talk about this the rest of the way back to the Battleship Express.

From Donneth, once the occupation forces moved in, the Battleship Express began her journey to her last battle, the Battle of Bryerton. She never had to fire a single shot, as Bryerton was entirely a ground operation. Once the city fell, (and I was treated for getting hit in the helmet with flying debris!) We all fell back to Donneth, as the last of the occupation forces moved in.

The next morning, Dactyl, Stuggs, and Rodin signed the surrender documents, bringing the Imperial War to a conclusion. We all then prepared for our trip from Donneth back to Ponyville, where we'd started from nearly 2 months prior.

Once we were back in town, we were treated to a hero's welcome. All who stepped off the train were swarmed by a mixture of family, friends and fans, and for a good long while afterwards, nobody could really get more than a few feet away from the train!

The victory ball was scheduled for that Saturday, and one by one, we all began to try and settle into our new lives.

In the aftermath of the ball, not to mention getting roughed up by both Windy Whistles and Stormy Flare for sleeping with their daughters, we also had to deal with building the Imperial War Museum, and the constant controversy with Spoiled Rich over it.

However, I had managed to make a new life for myself, as well as Aurora. After moving back into Dash's house, all 3 of us began work on making it a home.

Just like I'd originally thought, Dash was more than happy to let me display a few of my war trophies around the house. Eventually, I planned on building a trophy room once we expanded onto Dash's house at some point, but for the time being, I made do with what I had.

On the walls I hung a few guns, as well as a few Caribou and Zebra heads, pictures of the battles, while Caribou and Zebra fur rugs adorned a few floors, and I even had some Griffon battle armor as well. The highlights of my collection though were in 3 glass display cases on the second floor, in a spare room that I turned into an office.

In the first case was Aurora's battle armor that she'd worn for almost a year during WW6, as well as all throughout the Imperial War. With that armor, she'd killed countless Caribou and Zebras, and even a few Griffons! Aurora was VERY proud of her armor, and she waited for the day that it would be placed in the war museum with other war relics.

The second case was perhaps the most interesting, if not the most morbid. It was the taxidermied body of General Tarrath, complete with the armor that he was wearing when I killed him! He still looked just as fierce behind glass as he did the day that I pumped him full of lead.

"Just keep standing there Tarrath", I muttered as I sat down at my desk, "You're still the PRIZE of my collection!" Also sitting on my desk was my famous Kitsune mask that I'd worn from the day that Face tried to destroy the Big Boy, until the end of the Imperial War. I removed it a few times in between, but for the most part I never removed it, and now it adorned my desk.

However, the last display case was the most interesting. Inside it was a mannequin, but on the mannequin,was Sombra's full armor, complete with the cape, and his staff/weapon as well! On the helmet was a replica of Sombra's horn, but the original horn I kept safely locked away.

"With great power, comes great responsibility." I kept telling myself. Even though I could still use Sombra's powers, I chose not to, and instead I kept his horn locked safely away in a secret compartment in my safe.

As I was sitting there though, looking over all of my war trophies, Dash walked in. "Hey Stud!"

I went over and hugged her. "Hey Dashie."

Dash then turned her head a bit, and looked over at the case containing Sombra's armor. "Hey Stud, why don't you use Sombra's magic more? I know that you can."

I sighed. "I don't, because it causes migraines, as well as nose-bleeds, and other severe pain for me. My body wasn't meant to use magic like that on a regular basis, so that's why I just don't."

Dash then turned a bit to look up at me. "Well, even though you don't, I still love you all the same." She then kissed me gently.

I kissed her back. "Yeah, I know Dashie, you tell me that all the time!"

She giggled. "Well, I just love you that much Stud!"

"I know Dash. And I love you too. You are my marefriend after all."

I then got back to work on what I was doing, while Dash went to report for Weather Duty.

Over the course of the next month, Dash and I really began to grow closer and closer together. I knew that we were made for each other, and even her mom, once she'd gotten over her anger, saw that we were a loving couple as well. However, there was at least one other who was not convinced; Don.

I went to talk to him one day about marrying Dash.

"So you want to marry Rainbow Dash, do you?"

"Yes Sir, I do."

"And are you SURE that she's the right mare for you Leopard?"

"As sure as I can be Sir. I risked life and limb to save her, and we both love each other very much. We have great chemistry, and I think that God's calling me to marry her."

Don sat back in his chair. "I still don't know Leopard, but yet if you are certain, then I won't stop you. HOWEVER, I see the need for the tradition to continue."

I looked at him confused. "Um, what tradition?"

"Remember? The 'Transfer Ceremony'. Required for all train crew marrying outside of the battalion."

I knew what that meant. "Well, if you feel that it's necessary Don, I won't object to it." I began to leave.

"And when exactly were you looking on proposing to Rainbow Dash?"

I sighed. "Soon. My plan was to take her on a picnic to the Rainbow Waterfall at sunset, before proposing to her in front of it."

Don nodded. "Sounds interesting Leopard. Well, I wish you the best of luck with it."

"Thanks Don." I then left to head back to work with the museum.

Sure enough, by the end of that week, with help from those who knew how, I'd taken a piece from the Big Boy that was going to be scrapped, and had it remade into an engagement ring. I then gathered a few friends, and to them I laid out my plan.......

"Wow Stud, this picnic is awesome! I've ALWAYS wanted to seethe Rainbow Waterfall at night!" She and I were walking down the trail to the waterfall. Behind us came Todd and Fred, as well as Spitfire, and even Dash's mom Windy was there as well. Todd and Fred were filming, and Windy wanted to capture the moment that I proposed to Dash as well.

Eventually, we reached our destination. "Wow! This is AMAZING!!!"

I was equally impressed. Even in the light of the setting sun, the waterfall was indeed impressive, and you could still see a rainbow in the mist from it if you looked at it at just the right angle.

I then took a deep breath. "Hey Dash?"

"Yeah Stud?"

"You wanna......wade out to the base of the falls for a picture? I REALLY want to capture this moment!"

She nodded. "Sure Stud, I'm even wearing my swimsuit!"

"As am I Dash!" We both then stripped down to our swimsuits, and then,holding each other's hand, we waded out into the pool at the base of the falls. (What we were doing was perfectly legal, and swimming was actually encouraged there, as it helped to keep algae at bay).

The water was a little bit deeper than I thought that it was going to be, and it easily came up to our waists. "Uh oh", I thought. "Will I be able to propose to her while still keeping my head above water?"

We both then turned around, and after wrapping our arms and wings around each other, Dash leaned her head on my shoulder a bit, and we both smiled for the cameras of Fred and Windy.

"Is....he about to propose to her?" Spitfire asked softly.

"I think so", Todd answered. "He wanted a picture at the base of the falls, and then he was going to propose."

All 4 of them continued to watch, waiting for the signs that I was about to propose.

In all actuality, I was PETRIFIED! I hadn't ever done anything like this before, and I didn't know how to react! Eventually though, I was able to find my courage, and I then gave Todd the signal before turning to face Dash.

"Hey Dash?"

"Yeah Stud?"

"Before we wade back, I just have one thing to say. Ever since the first time we met, even though I was a little bit of a jerk, you still seemed to like me. Over time, I did begin to grow rather fond of you as well. However, once you were taken away from me, I vowed to NEVER rest until I had hunted down those who had taken you! In the end, I did get my mare back, the same mare that I'm talking to right now, as well as the same mare that I pledged to marry one day....."

Dash was starting to get the feeling that I was about to propose to her. However, she wanted to hear the end of my speech, so she decided to wait it out and see what I said next.

".....And finally, that brings us to this moment. Dash, I love you, and I want us to be together forever. Which brings me to my final question." I then reached my hand into the pocket of my swimsuit, before pulling something out, and after taking Dash by the hand, I kneeled down in water that came up to my chin, leaving only my head, arms, and the tops of my wings above the water!

I then reveal that the object in my hand was a small, black box. I then opened the box, and revealed the engagement ring.

"Dash, will you marry me?"

When Dash heard me say that, she immediately slammed her hands over her mouth, and began to blush deeply. Eventually though, she looked at me with tears in her eyes. After removing her hands from her mouth, she pulled me back to my paws.

"YES!!!! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!!!! YES!!!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME STUD!!!!" She then pulled me close to her and kissed me deeply.

"Aww!" Windy was all goo-goo eyed over what she was seeing.

"Lucky bastard", Fred muttered.

"Eh, I dunno Fred. You're time could come soon too, ESPECIALLY with Lyra, am I right?"

Fred glared at him a bit. "I don't know Todd. Part of me says yes, while the rest of me says no."

Spitfire was equally happy. "One day soon, that'll be ME instead of Dash! Soon we'll BOTH be sharing Leopard until death does us part!"

Dash and I stayed out a little bit longer until we both headed back to shore.

Soon, Dash and I were planning for our wedding. We locked in the date to be September 15th, 2029, which was just 11 days shy of my 25th birthday.

Dash wanted the wedding to be in Cloudsdale, but yet I knew that we couldn't do that, because of how most of my friends couldn't walk on clouds. Spitfire offered to let us use a section of Wonderbolt Academy, but I quietly reminded her that WE were going to have to use that for our second wedding, as polygamy was still HIGHLY frowned upon!

Eventually though we were able to come to a compromise. In Cloudsdale, there was an area that was used for weddings between mixed couples who wanted to have their wedding in Cloudsdale, but only one of them could fly. It was open to the air, but yet fully covered as well. Dash would have her wedding in the sky, which was her domain, and I would be able to invite those who couldn't fly, as it would just be a simple matter of docking an airship or balloon close to the building.

One night though, about a week before the wedding, I was walking back towards the Big Boy, when all of a sudden, Todd came running up to me.

"Hey Leopard?"

"Yeah Todd?"

"I was just up in the cab, and there seems to be something wrong with one of the boiler gauges. I tried to find Alex, or one of the other firemen, but I couldn't. Could you come look at it? It was showing a higher reading than the other gauges."

I nodded. "Sure thing Todd." I then followed him back to the engine.

When I arrived, I climbed up into the cab, but when I checked the gauges, nothing seemed to be wrong. "Um, Todd, are you sure that you were looking at the pressure gauges? I don't see anything wrong!"

"I'm sorry Leopard."

"Huh? Sorry for what?"

"There's nothing wrong with the gauges. They just told me to lure you out here, and I went along with it. Please don't hate me!"

"Wait WHAT?!?!"

Before I could really react further though, a hood was suddenly thrown over my head, and I was dragged out of the cab, and away from the train!

Eventually, I felt myself get sat down in a chair, before the hood was removed.


I looked, and to my shock, I realized that I'd just been kidnapped for my bachelor's party! I was sitting in the locker room of the Wonderbolt Academy, surrounded by both male Wonderbolts, as well as a few Battleship Express crew, including Alex, Andy, Fred and Todd too.

"DARN IT YOU GUYS!!!!! What were you trying to do, GIVE ME A F@#KING HEART ATTACK!?!?!?!"

Soarin laughed a bit. "Nah, we were just trying to get you up here for your Bachelor's Party! And from what I just heard, Spitfire's just kidnapped Dash for her Bachelorette Party as well!"

I just put my hands over my face. "This is NUTS!!!! And now I'm scared, because at some point in the future, you'll probably do this AGAIN for when it's my turn with Spitfire!"

Soarin smirked a bit. "Heh, you know it Buddy! But come on, Bachelor Party!"

I rolled my eyes, but yet it WAS a party, so I complied. It was a mixture of drinking, dancing, playing cards, karaoke, arm-wrestling contests, and other all-guy activities, including! On second thought, let's NOT talk about THAT contest!

Anyway, It was a fun night, we all enjoyed ourselves; even though I did slap Soarin across the face when he kissed me, but I did that out of panic! I don't know what his deal was, but I was sitting there, and he sat in my lap, and kissed me! I freaked out and slapped him!

"OWW!!! What the heck Bro?!" He then flew out to a balcony close by. After thinking about it for a bit, I did go and apologize.

"Hey, Soarin?"

"What?" He was still holding his face.

"I'm SOOO sorry for slapping you like that. It was just an instinct-response. You kissed me, and I freaked out and slapped you!"

"So, you're sorry?"

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Yep, I'm sorry!"

Soarin blushed really hard, but he didn't say anything at first.

"Oh, and for the record Soarin", I then whispered in his ear, "Out of all of the guys in the Wonderbolts, I think you're the cutest!"

"Wait, do you really mean that?"

I kissed him on the nose. "Yes, yes I do!"

He smirked at me. "Well then, you'd better watch yourself Cutie. Your next Bachelor's Party could just be a private one with me and you in my bedroom!"

"Ooh, you're a naughty stallion, aren't you?"

He smirked at me. "And can I PLEASE get one more kiss before we have to call it a night?"

I looked up at him. "For you Soarin, sure." I then rubbed his sore cheek a bit, before leaning in and kissing him. I will not lie, Soarin was actually a pretty good kisser!

Suddenly though, I heard a *click!*. I turned, and to my horror, there stood Alex! He was holding his camera, and he was smirking.

"Oh! Just WAIT till Rainbow Dash get's a load of this! Her future HUSBAND is kissing on of her MALE teammates!" He then began to laugh.

Suddenly though, I grabbed his camera, ripped out the SIM card, and then tossed it off over the balcony's ledge! It had a LONG way to fall before it hit the ground.

"Oh, I'm sorry Alex, what were you saying?"


"Well, to get rid of the evidence obviously! Now it's your word against mine an Soarin's, and as we all know, you do NOT have a very good track record!"

Alex then stormed off to go and see if he could find his camera's SIM card, while Soarin and I went back to the party.

Eventually though, the day of the wedding arrived. The weather Pegasai made sure that it was a bright and sunny day. The setup for the wedding in the Cloudsdale pavilion was coming along marvelously. I'd already decided that Todd was going to be my Best Man, and Dash decided that Spitfire was going to be her Mare of Honor. It was also decided that Don would be the ring, bearer, and that Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom would be the flower girls.

(During the rehearsal, Andy, on a dare from Alex, actually pants me! Don yelled at him for doing it, and I vowed to get him back for pulling my pants down like that! And I would, at Alex's wedding......)

In the Bride's ready room, the Bride, her bridesmaids, and a few others were all getting ready for the wedding. Rarity was helping Dash get into her dress. It was a beautiful white dress, with cyan-blue trim, and even a few rainbow-colored bows. Dash had her mane draped over one of her shoulders, and was wearing a broach of her Cutie-Mark in her mane as well.

"You look simply FABULOUS Darling!" Rarity was saying, "This is some of my FINEST work!"

"I still CANNOT believe that I'm a bride! It feels like just yesterday that I first met Stud when he first arrived here in Ponyville, and now we're about to get married!"

Her mom hugged her. "I can't believe that my little Dashie's getting married!"

"Mom, come on, you're embarrassing me!" She did hug her mom back though, and soon the music began to start.

"Uh oh, time to get to our positions!" After pulling down her veil, Dash and the rest of them all of them scurried to do so.

In the other ready room though, it was a whole different ball-game. I was all dressed up in my formal uniform, but I couldn't do it. I was completely freaking out, and hyperventilating into a paper bag!

"Guys, I CAN'T DO THIS!!!!"

"What?! What do you mean you can't do it?!"

"I mean that I CAN'T! I made that vow to Lilly to love her forever, and now I'm about to break that vow!"

Don then grabbed me by my shoulders. "Leopard, look at me! Once again, you're blaming yourself for Lilly's death. There was NOTHING that you could have done! That plane was already shot down and out of control. It hit that weapons car, and Lilly, and 3 of our best technicians and 2 soldiers were lost. There was NOTHING that could have been done! Lilly's death released you from your vow to her. I know that she's up there in Heaven right now, looking down on you and smiling. She's HAPPY that you found love again, so yes, you CAN do this Leopard!"

I then stood up straight and tall. I knew that Don was right. "You're right Don, I CAN do this! So let's go!" We all then left the ready room so that the transfer ceremony could begin.

Once we were in the atrium outside of the wedding hall, Don looked at me. "Are you ready for this Leopard?"

I sighed. "As ready as I'll ever be Don."

"Ok then, name?"

"Captain Leopard."

"No, you're REAL name!"


"Name of your Beloved?"

"Rainbow Dash."

"And you do love her, do you not?"

"Yes Sir!"

"And do you vow to love her until the bitter end, no matter what?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Ok then, hand please." I then gave him my hand, and sure enough, he poked my finger with a sterile needle enough to draw blood, and under my name at the top of a list, I put a bloody fingerprint just below it. After this the music began, and the wedding got underway.

After some coaxing, Father Charles agreed to perform the wedding ceremony. Once he was ready, he went to the front of the room, and stood just in front of the podium that was up there. Then the wedding began.

First, the groom, Best Man, and his groomsmen walked in, followed by soldiers from Battalion 4009, who stood at intervals along the aisle. Also accompanying me was Aurora. Rarity had made her her own dress for the wedding, and now she was happily trotting at my side on the way up to the front. Once she reached her designated post, she stopped, sat down, and when I walked past her, she saluted me with a paw. I then stepped up to the front next to Father Charles.

Just then, the music changed, and then the bride walked in. When Dash walked down the aisle accompanied by her dad, with her bridesmaids and Mare of Honor behind her, everypony stopped and stared at her. Eventually though, she reached the front of the wedding hall, where she joined her Beloved in front of Father Charles, and she turned to face him, and took his hands gently into her own.

Father Charles then looked at us. "Now then, are both of you ready to begin?"

"Yes Sir, we are!"

"I'm ready Father Charles."

"Ok, good. Now then, the rings please Don." Don brought them up to the front.

Father Charles then turned to me. "Now then, do you, Captain Campbell, take this mare, to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, from the good times and the bad, to love faithfully, until death do you part?"

I nodded, before taking my ring, and putting it on Dash's finger. "I do! I take you Dash, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, from the good times and the bad, to love faithfully, until death do us part!"

Father Charles then turned to Dash. "And do you, Rainbow Dash, take this man, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, from the good times and the bad, to love faithfully, until death do you part?"

Dash looked at me with tears in her eyes, before she took her ring, and put it on my finger. "Yes, I do! I take you Stud, to be my lawfully wedded husband! To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, from the good times and the bad, to love faithfully, until death do us part!"

Father Charles then turned to the audience. "Now then, do any of you have any objections to this union? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

Out in the Audience, Zephyr was about to object, but before he could, Jim, who was sitting next to him, pulled him back into his seat. "If you object I'm gonna bust your ass right here! Dash belongs to LEOPARD, and Leopard ALONE!"

"Y-yes Sir!"

Unfortunately however, before Father Charles could pronounce us married, one of the Equestrian soldiers, Len, suddenly got sick and projectile vomited all over the floor!

"Oh, OH GROSS!!! LEN, NOT THIS AGAIN!!!!" (for any who don't remember, Len also got sick during the Battle of Lake Town, and almost gave us away. Now he just did it again at my wedding!)

"Sorry Everypony!" He was then escorted out of the wedding hall, and thanks to a few unicorns who were present, the vomit was quickly cleaned up.

Father Charles then looked a little bit queasy. "Ok, barring things like that, does anyone have any objections to this union? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

This time nothing happened.

"Nobody? Well ok then! By the power vested in me as presider over this wedding union, I now pronounce you both man and mare! You can kiss the bride Captain!"

I then lifted up Dash's veil, and after she held me close, I kissed her passionately.

The crowd then went wild for us. Once we were out of there, it was time for the reception. After we'd cut and fed each other a slice of cake, everyone and everypony else got a slice, before it was time for the couple's first dance. Our song wasn't the most conventional ever, but it sure did get our point across!

Then, others joined in as well, and we all had a lot of fun dancing. Eventually though, it was time for the wedding couple to leave. Dash and I were only going as far as the Grand Hotel in downtown Cloudsdale, but still, traditions are traditions!

Alex, Todd, and a few others tied up some old utensils to the back of our wedding carriage, and just before we left, it was time to toss the bouquet and the garter.

"Everypony ready?" Dash asked.

"Oh yes!"

"Watch out, here it comes!" Dash tossed it, and to her surprise, it got caught by Scootaloo!

"Wow, great catch Squirt!"

"Thanks Rainbow Dash!"

I then got ready to toss out the garter. "Look out, here it comes!"

"Back up guys, that garter's MINE!!!" In one quick (or rather dick!) move, Soarin grabbed the garter in midair, before proudly showing off his prize.

"Wow, um, nice catch there Soarin. But anyway, Dash and I have somewhere to be!" We both then began to leave for our carriage.

"Alex, Todd, Fred and Andy? You guys take care of the Big Boy until I get back tomorrow, got that?"

They all saluted. "Yes Captain Leopard!"

"Good! Well then, I guess bye for now guys, and I'll see you all tomorrow!" And with that, Dash and I both boarded our wedding carriage, and raced off for the Cloudsdale Grand Hotel. Normally, we would have been racing off to our honeymoon, but Dash and I both decided to wait until AFTER I'd married Spitfire for that, so that the 3 of us could all go together, (and so that we could save money!) For that night though, the Grand Hotel would be all that we would need.

Spitfire watched us pull away. "Soon Stud", she thought to herself, "Just a little bit longer, and then it'll be MY Big Day!" Spitfire then began to day-dream a bit on what her wedding was going to look like.

Chapter 14: Birthday Surprise, a Long Night, Legal Repercussions

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The next afternoon, once Dash and I had returned to her house, I checked with Don and because of my wedding, he gave me the day off. Currently, I was sitting at my desk in my office, going over the blueprints for when Dash and I enlarged her house.

Our plan was to make the house about 3 times larger than its current size, and include more bedrooms, a trophy room, and a number of other rooms as well. I also didn't tell Dash, but for her next birthday, which would be in February, I was planning on adding an indoor pool! She'd told me all about how she'd wanted one, but yet hadn't been able to afford one.

"Well, then I hope that you enjoy your present Dash", I thought as I looked over the blueprints again. We knew that we would have to wait until Winter to begin construction, since that would put the War Museum's construction on hiatus for the season, and would therefore leave us time to build the extra additions to our house.

As I was looking over the blueprints though, I suddenly got a funny feeling. It felt like something was a bit off, but yet, I couldn't place what. I then glanced to my left, and to my surprise, I saw a file sitting on my desk. I picked it up, and I realized that it was the legal document that bound Dash, Spitfire and I together. For some reason though I felt drawn to the file.

"Hmm, I wonder why I feel the urge to read this again", I thought. I opened the file, and began to read.

Sure enough, everything seemed to be the same as the last time that I'd read it, right down to where I'd added my own signature in blood. "Huh, I guess that I was just imagining.........wait a minute! What's this?" I noticed that the document had a second page to it.

I picked up the second page. It looked just like the first, and at first I thought that it was just a copy, but then I saw that it wasn't. Dash's name was on it, and there was a blank space for my name, but I also saw that there was another name as well.

"Huh? Who's 'Raddingo'?" I then looked up from my desk. "Hey Dashie?"

"Yeah Stud?" I eventually heard her reply.

"Could you come up here please? I'm REALLY confused about something!"

"On my way Stud!" She then popped into my office a minute or so later. "What's wrong Stud?"

I held up the document. "This. This is what's really confusing me. I can see the document that binds you, Spitfire and I together, but then I noticed this second page. Your name is on it, and I see the space for my name, but who's this 'Raddingo' Pony?"

Dash looked at the file, but she didn't say anything. Eventually though, she smirked. "Heh, I KNEW that you were going to find this eventually Stud! I made this for you!"

I looked at her confused. "Um, what now?"

"I made this for you! It's going to be your birthday present Stud!"

I looked at her like she was crazy. "WHAT'S my birthday present Dash? You're making NO SENSE right now! What is this other document?!"

Dash giggled a bit. "It's another legal binding contract like the first one. However this time, since I was the one who got the original contract drawn up, it allows me to bring one final Pony into the contract. Basically Stud, your birthday present this year is a 3rd wife!"

When Dash said that, my jaw hit the floor, and NOT because I was thrilled!

"Dash, you WHAT?!?!?!?!?! You brought ANOTHER mare into our relationship?!?! Wha........I don't even......wait. Does SPITFIRE know about this?!"

Dash nodded, but then, she shook her head. "Well, yes and no Stud. Yes, she knows about the contract, and don't worry, she's cool with the idea of sharing you with one final mare, but yet she doesn't know WHO she is! And no, NEITHER of you will know until your birthday Stud!"

I looked at Dash in shock. "Dash, don't EVER do ANYTHING like this again without telling me! It's already hard with you being my wife, and Spitfire being my soon to be other wife, but now a 3rd wife?! This is INSANITY!!!!"

Dash continued to giggle like a school filly at my outburst. "Gosh Stud, I thought that you'd be a lot happier than this! However, maybe you'll change your tune a bit once you meet her. And before you start guessing, no, you haven't met her before. Don't worry though, she's cool. In fact, she's the COOLEST mare in all of Equestria, aside from Spitsy and me of course! Oh, and if you want another hint, just take the word 'Raddingo' and unscramble the letters to form her name."

"But.....that's it? You won't give me any more hints?"

Dash shook her head. "Nope! You'll just have to wait and see!"

I then began to think about the rest of the legal implications. "But.....some day, I'll also marry her?"

"Yep! But maybe not for a while longer, as we DO still need time to settle into our new lives, and with Spitfire joining us soon as well, not to mention us building onto our house, there's still time for you to get to know her better."

Dash then left me alone with my thoughts, promising to be up a little later to talk more.

For hours and hours, I poured over the document. Not only was I looking for a loophole, but I was also trying to find out what the mare's name was. I couldn't find a loophole, but yet I was also unable to figure out her name.

"'Raddingo'. There's SO many combinations for the letters of this, but even assuming that I DO get them in the right order, Dash said that it was a mare that I've never met, so how will I even know if I'm right?!"

Eventually, I gave up. However, I got the feeling that Spitfire might have at least a guess, so I wrote "Raddingo" onto a slip of paper, before leaving for the Wonderbolt Academy.

When I arrived there a while later, I knocked on Spitfire's door. "Who is it?"

"It's Leopard Spits. Can I come in?"

"Sure! Come on in!"

I did so, and I saw Spitfire sitting at her desk. She looked up when she saw me. "Stud!" She came over and hugged me.

I hugged her back. "Hey Spitsy! How are you doing?"

"Eh, pretty good, and you? How are you enjoying married life?"

I laughed a bit. "Well, it hasn't quite been 24 hours yet, so it IS kind of hard to answer that question, but for now at least, I can say that it's going pretty well!"

"Well, that's good to hear Stud! However, I get the feeling that you want to talk to me about something?" I nodded, but before I could say anything, Spitfire beat me to it. "Wait, before you say anything, can I have one guess? Are you here to ask me about that final addition that Dash made to our legal contract?"

I looked at her with wide eyes. "You.....know about that?"

Spitfire nodded slowly. "Yeah, Dash was working on it just before her bachelorette party. She got it notarized on the way home, so it is legal, but yet she wouldn't tell me who the other mare was, only that 'She's cool. In fact, she's the coolest mare in all of Equestria, aside from you and I of course!' That was the only hint that she would give me though."

"I got that too, but she also gave me this." I held up the slip of paper.

"What's that?"

"It's the mare's name, but the letters are all scrambled up."

Spitfire took a look at it. "Huh, 'Raddingo'. Have you made any progress with it yet?"

I shook my head. "Unfortunately, no. That's why I came to see you; I was hoping that you would have more answers for me."

Spitfire sighed. "Well, sorry to disappoint you there Stud, but Dash wouldn't tell me anything either. I REALLY wish that she would though, as the thought of sharing you with yet ANOTHER mare still really unnerves me!"

"You and me both Spitsy! But today is September 16th, so that means that we wait 10 days, and then we'll have our answer."

"Yeah, but still, what if it's a mare that you either don't like, or doesn't like you? What then?"

I sighed. "That's what I'm worried about too Spitsy. That's why I REALLY wish that Dash didn't do this without consulting me, or even you, first! I mean, even if she told you and you were ok with it, then that would be enough for me, but all of this secrecy, and only Dash's promise that I'll love it is what's got me all tied up in knots!"

"I can agree with you there Stud, I'm just as nervous as you, but yet, I do trust Dash, and since she IS the Element of Loyalty, I do trust her judgement, and I hope that this all comes out ok."

"So do I Spitsy."

After talking to Spitfire a little bit longer, I left to go back home to Dash.

Over the course of the next couple of days, both Spitfire and I tried to coax ANY kind of information out of Dash regarding the mysterious mare, but Dash was more stubborn than an old mule.

"I've already told both of you, you'll just have to WAIT! I'm NOT going to tell you guys ANYTHING!"

I'd just about made myself sick with wonder, just as Spitfire had just about made herself sick with worry. Dash though knew that everything was going to be just fine. In fact, while I was helping to build the museum and Spitfire was at the Academy, Dash took Aurora out for a walk, and met up with the mare in question for lunch.

"Hey you!"

"Oh, hey Rainbow Dash! How are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm fine. You?"

The mare smiled. "As good as I can be, I guess. Anyway, has Leopard figured it out yet?"

Dash shook her head, smirking a bit. "Nope! He hasn't, and neither has Spitfire!"

"Heh, then won't they BOTH be surprised then! And how are we going to do this again? Am I going to be popping out of a cake in my bikini?"

"Yeah, they sure will! And no, not a cake. I was thinking that you could be inside of a large box, and then while Stud begins to unwrap it, you just open the lid and stand up. Don't pop out, as I do NOT want to cause a PTSD related incident for him, but I KNOW that he'll be surprised anyway!"

"Heh, yeah, I KNOW that he will be, ESPECIALLY now that he'll have ME for a wife as well!"

While Dash and the other mare continued to laugh about what they were planning, Aurora watched them both. The other mare was one that she'd never seen before, but yet because dogs weren't allowed inside of the restaurant, she had to wait outside. She was trying to peer through the window, but she really couldn't get a good look at the other mare.

"Blast! So close, but yet so far! I guess that I'll just have to wait and see too."

Aurora sighed, and went back to waiting for Dash to finish her lunch so that she could go.

Eventually, the big night arrived. September 26th, 2029. I should have been turning 51, but somehow I was still only 25. It didn't make any sense, but yet I'd given up on trying to explain it a LONG time ago!

My day was spent helping to build more of the metal framework for the museum, as well as wondering what that night would bring. Others wished me a Happy Birthday, and I did get a few cards and small gifts, but Dash said that my REAL gift would be coming later on that night. Eventually, once work stopped for the day, I returned to Dash's house to see what I could see.

When I arrived there, I saw that most of the lights were off, although there was soft lighting coming from the kitchen.

I walked over to it, and then walked inside. "Hey Dash? You in here?"

Suddenly though, the lights came on.

"SURPRISE!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STUD!!!!" Dash, Spitfire Aurora, and Tank all popped out from behind the counter.

"Whoa! Hey guys!"

Aurora jumped into my arms. "Happy Birthday Master!"

I hugged her. "Thanks Aurora!" I then got a chance to look around the kitchen. There was a "Happy Birthday" banner with the number "25" on it, as well as a few streamers and balloons. There was also a large chocolate cake, on which Dash had put 25 candles, and I could also see that Spitfire was holding a gift too.

"You guys really did all of this just for a guy like me? You shouldn't have!"

They both hugged me.

"Of COURSE we did Stud! I'm your wife!"

"Just as I'm your soon to be wife as well!"

I hugged them back. "Well, in any case, thank you. You guys have REALLY just made my day!"

Dash smirked a bit. "Heh, I don't know about that Stud. I mean, the night is just beginning after all. We've still got LOT'S more to do!"

We all then got ready to celebrate my birthday.

Dash said that we were going to wait on the cake for a while longer, but in the meantime Spitfire did give me her gift. The box was a bit flat, although it was slightly long. It appeared to be a clothing box.

"I REALLY hope that you like it Stud. I had it custom-made just for you!"

"Well, whatever it is Spitsy, I KNOW that I'll enjoy it!" I was hoping that it was a bathrobe, but what I got was WAY cooler than a bathrobe!

When I saw what was inside the box, I gasped in shock! "Spitsy! Is this....?!?!?!?!"

She smirked. "Uh huh! What do you think of it?"

My brain swore that my eyes were deceiving me, but yet there it was. In my hands, I was holding a custom-made blue and yellow Wonderbolt Jumpsuit! It even had goggles with it! Spitfire had just given me my own Wonderbolt Jumpsuit!

"EEE!!!!" I screed happily before locking Spitfire into a hug. "This is AWESOME Spitsy! How could I ever thank you?!"

She just laughed. "Hee hee! Well, I'm glad that you like it Stud! And as for thanking me? Well, you could always start by putting the jumpsuit on so that I can see how you look in it!"

I nodded slowly, before excusing myself to the bathroom, jumpsuit and goggles in hand.

When I emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, I looked like a fully-fledged Wonderbolt. I didn't have the hood part pulled up over my face though, I just had it handing down my back like a hood. I was wearing the goggles on my forehead though.

I turned to face her and Dash. "Well? How do I look girls?"

Both of them took pictures of me.

"You look like you could become a Wonderbolt Stud! I'd be HONORED to fly in a show with you!"

"Yeah, what Spitsy said! You look AWESOME Stud!"

"Heh, thanks Girls. I DID have to strip down to my boxers to get inside of the jumpsuit, but now that I'm in here, it's actually really cozy! Not rough at all, and the fabric is so soft! What are these things made of?"

Spitfire shrugged. "Well, to be perfectly honest, I don't know what it's actually called, but we just call it 'Wonderbolt Fabric'. Anyway though, I'm glad that you like it Stud. Maybe sometime soon, I can get you to help me a bit at the Academy. We kinda NEED someone with your expertise to help with some of the more troublesome recruits, and maybe, just maybe, you could become a Wonderbolt yourself!"

I hugged her again. "Well, again, thank you Spitsy, and while I would be more than happy to help with the troublesome recruits, I just don't think that I'm cut from the right mold to be a Wonderbolt. I'm too muscular, and built to fight, not fly at high speeds. Plus, I'm a Bat-pony, not a Pegasus, isn't that an automatic disqualification?"

"Eh, it COULD be, but yet since you are at least PART Pegasus, maybe we could make an exception for you, ESPECIALLY since I'm the Captain, and I get to make the rules!"

I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. "Maybe. I'll see when the time comes Spitsy."

However, before Spitfire could reply to that, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Dash looked up. "Oh, she's here! Your present's here Stud!" Dash then went to the front door. After opening it, she hauled a large red gift-wrapped box inside.

Spitfire and I both looked at each other. My future was inside of that box. Who was in there? And most importantly, what would she be like?

Dash then moved the box into the living room, before grabbing her video camera and beginning to film.

I then walked over to the box before gently knocking on it. "Um, hello? Whoever is in here, I'm going to unwrap this box now, so PLEASE do not jump out at me! I have been known to have panic-induced punching fits, and I DO NOT want to hurt you!"

"I know!" Came a voice from inside. "That's why Dash told me to just let you unwrap the box before I stood up and revealed myself to you Leopard! I don't want to get hurt either!" The voice sounded muffled, but most likely this was due to the box itself.

"Ok, well, I'm going to unwrap the box now." I then took hold of the wrapping paper, and began to unwrap the box.

I had no idea what I was getting into, and neither did Spitfire for that matter. Any second I was wating for somepony to pop up from out of the box, but whoever was inside politely waited for me to finish unwrapping it.

"Ok, I've gotten the box unwrapped, but yet how does it open? I don't see any edges!"

"And you won't! This is a special box that opens from the inside. However, it IS getting kind of stuffy in here, so are you ready to see me yet? Are you ready to FINALLY see who 'Raddingo' is?"

I looked over at Spitfire, who shrugged. I then looked at Dash, but she just smirked, and nodded at me. I then turned back to the box. "Ok then. Whoever you are, you can come on out now. I'm ready for you!"

In all actuality, NO, I was NOT ready for her! When she finally did pop up, and I saw who she really was, I was so shocked that I literally fainted!

When I finally came around again, I was still lying on the floor right where I'd fallen. I felt something warm and wet licking my face, and when I opened my eyes, I saw Aurora licking my face.

"Master? Master! Are you ok?!"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I'm fine Aurora!" I then sat up again, and when I did, I once again found myself face to face with the mare from the box.

I then saw that she had tan fur, magenta colored eyes, and a mane and tail that were varying shades of grey. She was also wearing a black bikini that fit her somewhat slender, yet muscular frame perfectly. She had maybe D cup breasts, just like Dash, and she was also smirking at me a bit, and she had a pith helmet on her head as well. Her Cutie-Mark was also a compass.

Suddenly, in my head, "Raddingo" began to unscramble. It all became so clear to me now. D-A-R-I-N-G D-O!

"D-D-DARING DO?!?!?!??!"

She giggled. "In the flesh Stud!"

I then fainted again, although this time Spitfire fainted as well! Aurora remained standing, but most likely this was only because she had no clue who Daring Do really was.

Daring then looked up at Dash. "Um, wow Dash, do you think that he was surprised?"

Dash smirked. "Oh yes, he DEFINITELY was surprised all right! Just give him a little bit more time to calm down, and I KNOW that he'll come around to the idea of having you as his 3rd wife!"

Daring looked back at me. "Hopefully so Dash. I know that I'll really enjoy it if he does!"

Eventually, Spitfire and I both came around again. When we did, Spitfire was the first to say something.

" this even possible?! I thought that Daring Do was just from that book-series!"

Daring giggled a bit. "So does EVERYPONY else! A.K. Yearling is just my pen-name. In reality, I go on the adventures, and then write about them in the books. Almost every detail in them is factual, and really happened! However, I'm looking for a bit of a change of pace."

I looked at her. "Huh? What does that mean?"

Daring sighed a bit. "It means that I'm looking for a bit of a different lifestyle. I've been adventuring for a while now, and don't get me wrong, it's still my passion, my LIFE, but yet something's lacking. I just feel so.......lonely sometimes; like I needed somepony else in my life. I tried dating a few times, but yet, most guys were either douches, or only wanted me because I was famous. Eventually I stopped dating, although not too long after, the Imperial War began."

"Yeah, about that. What did you do during the war, if I may ask?"

"Well, A.K. Yearling helped to write war propaganda for Equestria, while Daring Do joined the Equestrian Scouting Force. It was thanks to this job that I actually spotted your train when you first arrived here! I radioed it in, but nopony believed me until they saw it for themselves!

In the end, although I never got the chance to meet you in person until just now Stud, I'm actually a HUGE fan of your work. I was able to watch you from a distance, and I must admit, your skills in combat are INCREDIBLE! All I need is somepony like you in my life, and then just maybe, I'd finally feel complete!" She then bit her lower lip gently. "So what do you think Stud? Think that you can handle having the Element of Loyalty, the Captain of the Wonderbolts, AND the most famous adventure hero as your wives?"

This time, I resisted the urge to faint, but I still did feel kind of weak. All of this just seemed to FANTASTICAL to actually be real! If it was real though, then it meant that Rainbow Dash, who was apparently friends with Daring Do, somehow convinced her that I was the stallion that she needed in her life, before practically giving her to me as a birthday present!

"I'm......still REALLY having a hard time believing that I'm not dreaming right now. I need some convincing that I'm not, as even the slight headache that I have right now isn't convincing me enough!"

In response though, Daring crawled over to me, and once she'd taken my hands gently into hers, and after placing her pith helmet onto my head, she kissed me! The kiss only lasted for a few seconds, but when she broke it, there was a trail of saliva still joining us together.

"There. Still convinced that you're dreaming Stud?"

I shook my head. "No, now I'm convinced that this is indeed real!" I looked over at Dash. "Hey Dash, how long until I can sign that document and be legally bound to Daring as well?"

Dash smirked a bit. "Heh, you can sign it right now if you wanted to Stud!"

I then left to go and do just that, and Daring followed along behind me.

Spitfire then turned to Dash. "So, I guess we'll be doing the cake upstairs then?"

"Yeah, I guess so!"

Spitfire shook her head. "Well, I certainly hope that we do NOT run out of birth control anytime soon! We DO NOT need Life Finding a Way before we're ready for her to!"

Life would have responded to Spitfire's comment, but at the moment, she was too busy Finding a Way elsewhere.

Back in my office, I pulled out the file again. After setting it down on my desk, I opened it up, before taking out a sterile needle.

"Wait, you keep STERILE NEEDLES in your desk?!"

I shook my head. "No, these are actually poison darts, just without any poison in them. I keep them here just in case I have to throw one at an intruder. However, I used one of these to sign the last contract in my own blood, so now I have to do it again."

While Daring watched, I took the needle, and after stabbing the webbing of my left hand, I waited for the blood to pool, before taking an empty inkwell pen, sucking up some of the blood, and using it to sign my name in blood. Now I was bound to 3 mares, until death did us part.

"So is that it? Are you done now?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm done now. We can leave if you want."

Daring took a look around just before we left though. "Wow, your office is pretty cool! All of these relics! Wait, is that GENERAL TARRATH?!?!?!"

"Yep, the very same! I killed him, and then had him stuffed. And yes, if you were wondering, in the case next to it, that really IS the armor of King Sombra!"

After practically squeeing her head off at having seen relics like that, in one leap, Daring was in my arms with her legs wrapped around my waist!"

"Whoa! Easy there girl! This jumpsuit is not only custom-made, but it's also BRAND NEW! I haven't even worn it for an hour yet!"

Daring just smirked. "Well, how about we just take it off then?" She whispered in my ear.

"Eh, if you wanna get kinky, let's wait until AFTER the cake! Plus, we still have all night, so let's make the most of it!"

Daring nodded, and after re-positioning herself onto my back, I carried her piggy-back out of my office, and over to Dash's room.

When we arrived, I found Dash and Spitfire sitting at a small table that they'd set up in the bathroom. The cake was sitting on the table, and Dash was lighting up the candles.

Daring then dismounted from my back and joined Dash and Spitfire at the table. Once they were ready, the began to sing,

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy 25th Birthday dear Stud, Happy Birthday to you!"

I then hugged all 3 of them. "You guys are the best! Especially you Dash. It was you who cooked all of this up after all!"

She kissed me a bit. "Mmm, you're welcome Stud! Now then, make a wish, and blow out the candles!"

I then thought of a wish, and after wishing it, I took the deepest breath that I could, before blowing out all of the candles.

"What did you wish for Stud?" Spitfire asked me.

I shrugged. "Eh, unfortunately, I can't tell all of you."

Daring then smirked at me a bit. "Oh, I think I know what you wished for. You wished that you could have your way with me tonight, didn't you?"

I was stunned. She'd guessed my wish, but yet I didn't say anything that would have suggested that!

"Oh, I can tell by your body language that you want me big boy!" She then turned to Dash. "May I?"

Dash smirked. "Sure! We have all night, and I have a bed, couch, shower, counter, and even Jacuzzi hot tub that we can all use. I also have birth control if you need it!"

"Heh, sure, I could use one!"

I could see that this was getting out of hand WAY too fast! "Hey I want to eat the cake! Can't we at least eat some cake before we f@#k?"

Spitfire shrugged. "Sure, why not? I mean it IS your birthday Stud."

We all then cut up a few slices of cake, and we began to eat them. We each fed each other a few bites, and I came to the realization then just how badly I was screwed if someone like Don ever found out about this!

"Oh boy....what have I gotten myself into this time?" I knew that I was in for a LONG night!

Chapter 14.5 (WARNING: EXPLICIT!!!!!!!)

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Once we were all done with the cake though, the 3 mares went to take their birth control. I knew what that meant. I would be having sex with ALL of them, and our sex would most likely be lasting all night!

All 3 of them then sauntered over to me. "Wow, we're all kinda overdressed for this party! How about we all 'get more comfortable'?"

Spitfire and Daring both looked at Dash. "Hmm, that sounds like a good idea Dash!" Spitfire and Dash then stripped down to their bras and panties, before all 3 of them turned to look at me. (Daring didn't need to strip, as she was already wearing her black bikini).

"What? What are you guys looking at me for?"

"First, we're gonna strip you of your jumpsuit Stud, just so that it won't get dirty, and then you're gonna pick which one of us you want to have 'fun' with first. You then strip her, before gently stripping the rest of us!"

I gasped a bit in surprise as all 3 of them began to take my new Wonderbolt jumpsuit off. Daring pulled down the zipper with her teeth, while Dash and Spitfire helped me out of the rest of it. Once it was off, and the goggles too, Dash took them both and hung them up in her closet for me. Daring also took back her pith helmet from me, before tossing it out into the bedroom.

All 3 of them looked at me.

Dash bit her lower lip. "So, what'll it be Stud? Who do ya wanna screw first? Your wife? Your soon to be fiance? Or your future 3rd wife?"

I sighed. I knew who I wanted, but I wasn't sure if that was ok with Dash. "Um Dash, how mad would you be if I said Daring?"

Dash just smirked. "Heh, not even mad at all! You two can do your thing, while Spitfire and I have a little fun. Then later we can switch!"

Dash then went over to Spitfire, while Daring came up to me. "Hey there Handsome! You called for me?" She wrapped her arms around me.

"Just remember what I told you Daring!" Dash called over to her. "Once you've been with a Human Bat-Pony hybrid like Stud, NOTHING else can compare! You'll NEVER want to go back to normal stallions again!"

She looked at me hungrily. "Well, he IS pretty hot, even for a hybrid, and just how hung is he?"

"Well, why don't you pull down his boxers and find out?"

"Oh I will, but first I want to see if he knows how to treat a lady!" She then gently took one of my hands, and placed it on her back by her wings, right on top of the knot for the strings on her bikini. "I trust that you know what to do Stud?"

I nodded, and after beginning to kiss her neck gently, which caused Daring to emit a loud moan, I then reached behind her, and began to untie her bikini top. Eventually, I got the knot undone, and after pulling her top off, I tossed it to the side. Daring then pressed her tits gently into my chest.

"Mmm, what do you think big boy? You can feel them if you want; I don't mind!" I then gently began to fondle Daring's tits, and while kissing her neck again, I stole a glace at what Dash and Spitfire were doing. I saw that they had the Jacuzzi hot tub filled up, and Dash was sitting in Spitfire's lap, kissing her.

I also felt my member rising to the occasion inside of my boxers.

"Whoa! You feel huge Stud! Can I touch it?"

"Sure, provided of course that you let me touch yours."

"Ooh, you are a naughty one aren't you? You weren't by any chance, born in September......oh wait, why am I asking you this? Today's your BIRTHDAY! However, wanna know a little secret? Today's also MY birthday as well!"

I was stunned. "Get outta here! Really? No foolin'?"

She nodded. "Yep, I'm being serious Stud. This is why Dash let me sign the contract. For my birthday, I wanted a chance to be with you, and now I've got that chance!"

I then reached my hand inside of Daring's bottoms, and I began to feel her slit.


"Wait, you say that too?!"

"'s embarrassing, I know!"

I shushed her with a finger. "No, it's not embarrassing Daring, I say the same thing! Dash always told me that I was crazy for saying it, but yet I knew that I wasn't."

Daring smirked a bit, before pulling her bottoms down, and tossing them to the side. I responded in kind by pulling down my own boxers, and soon we were both standing in front of each other, as bare as the day we were born. I was hard by this point, and almost to full mast.

"Whoa, you're HUNG Stud! Are you SURE that you're a hybrid?! I've seen full-grown stallions who would KILL to have a dick as big as yours!"

"Well, I DO have more Bat-Pony in me than Human, so maybe that's why."

"Maybe so Stud, and that would make sense for why your so big. However, now that we're naked, what are we gonna do first?"

I smirked at her. "Oh, I have an idea....." I then began to put my plan into action.

For the most part, sex begins with foreplay. Our version of foreplay though was pretty much unbridled lust. Daring was on me like a mare in full heat, and I pushed back just as hard. I had her up against one of the bathroom's walls, and we were making out with a passion, as well as groping each other's bodies.

"Oh Gosh Stud", Daring moaned, "I can already tell that this is going to be my greatest adventure yet!"

I didn't respond, as my tongue was too deep in her mouth. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore; I just HAD to see what Daring tasted like. After picking her up, I carried her over to the sink counter, and after putting her on it, I got down and began to eat her out with a passion.

I didn't quite get it at the time, but yet if my Human brain had been able to function properly, I would have realized why Daring seemed so intoxicating. The truth was, it was REALLY good that she took her birth control pills, because that night she went into heat! She COULD have gotten pregnant, but fortunately she wasn't going to, at least, not yet.

"Ough, OH GOSH STUD!!!! Don't stop, that feels SO GOOD!!! Raid my tomb Stud! Find my gooey treasure!"

What I failed to tell Daring though was just how strong of an orgasm that I was about to give her. I'd perfected a technique that I'd used on both Dash and Spitfire, and it absolutely made them cream their brains out! I was now using this technique on Daring, although I should have braced myself for the claws.

"OH F@#KKKKKK!!!!!!!!" Daring screamed as she climaxed. Never before had she had an orgasm that strong, although she did dig her fingernails fairly deep into my shoulders.

"Eeeee!!!" I screed with my mouth full of her juices. Before I could really react further though, Daring had leapt up into my arms and pushed me over backwards!

"WHOA!!!" Luckily, I managed to make a controlled crash landing in front of the hot tub, but that was only the beginning.

"You don't know how BADLY I need this Stud! I NEED you to f@#k me!" I hesitated for a moment, and in response, Daring just placed herself over my dick, before slamming herself down onto it!

"EEE!!!!!!" I screed as I felt her hips slam into mine. Daring though was too much of a mess to even care. I could tell that she'd already been f@#ked stupid, and we hadn't even started f@#king yet!"

However, I was able to quickly work with the situation, and before long, she kept ramming herself into me, just as I thrusted back up to meet her. We worked ourselves into a steady rythym, but yet I needed more. This position was hard on my back, to say nothing of my wings, so I decided to take the lead.

"Sorry Daring, but now it's MY turn to take the lead here!" I then reached up, and after grabbing her hips, I flipped us over until she was on her back, and I was the one on top. Then, I began to pound her pussy into the ground.

By this point, Daring went from drooling mess, to almost savage, feral animal. In short order, she'd grabbed my hips with her legs to hold me in place, and she was also digging her fingers into my back as well.


I merely grunted, and began to f@#k her even harder and faster than I already was.

From where they were, Dash and Spitfire had stopped what they were doing to watch us.

"Gosh Dash, I hope that Daring's ok!"

"Yeah, I hope so too Spits. However, she IS an adventure hero, so most likely she can handle it. She'll come down off her sex high eventually, but I know that she'll probably be walkin' a little funny for a while!"

Spitfire laughed at this, and they both continued to watch the 2 feral Ponies f@#k on the floor right in front of them.

Eventually, I could feel myself getting close. "Grgh, Daring, I'm getting close, you want it?"

"Inside of me! I want it all inside me!"

I was about to comply, before Daring flipped us both over one last time until I was on my back again, and after she slammed her pussy onto my dick one more time, she buried her muzzle into mine, and we practically screamed into each other's mouths.

I also let out a loud sort of whinny, before blasting a massive load of cum into Daring. She tried to get up, but her body was too weak. She collapsed on top of me, and I just held her close.

"Hey, are you guys ok down there?" I looked up, and saw Dash looking down out of the tub at me.

" least I'm fine. I don't know about Daring though. You ok Daring?"

"Ngh.......Dash....when you said that Stud was wild in bed, I thought that I could handle it. Evidently not!"

"Um, actually Daring, I've NEVER seen Stud do that before! Is THAT what you meant by taking it all the way Stud?"

I nodded slowly. "Yeah, pretty much. I scratched up your hips a bit Daring, and you also have a few bite-marks from my fangs on your neck as well. Don't worry, you won't turn into a Bat-Pony, but you WILL have the scars to prove that you have a VERY audacious lover!"

"N-nyah! Not to mention.....I'll most likely be walking funny for a while!"

"But you're ok though, right Daring?" Spitfire was still worried for her.

"Are you kidding me?! I feel AWESOME!!! I've NEVER been f@#ked like that before! And you were right Dash, after what Stud just did for me, I could NEVER go back to normal stallions!"

Dash giggled a bit. "See? I told ya! Stud's the BEST when it comes to satisfying a mare!"

"Yeah, he is. However, I feel kinda gross, so do you mind if I use your shower?"

"Sure, go right ahead."

Daring tried to get up, but she was still too weak. She didn't even have enough strength to pull my dick out of her.

"Mnnn, Stud, I can't get up. I'm too weak. Can you help me?"

I nodded. "Yeah, assuming that I can get up though!" I gave it a go, and even though it did take several tries, I did manage to make it back to my paws again. I then gently scooped Daring up, and after pulling my dick out of her, I carried her over to the shower.

Once I got Daring inside of the shower, I sat her on the seat, while I turned on the water. I decided that she need to be rejuvenated, so I went with the red knobs, and turned on the spectrum water.

"Wow, is that a rainbow shower?"

"Yeah. Dash told me that it helps Pegasai regain their lost strength."

She nodded. "Yeah, that's what I heard too. I never got a chance to try it though. Now I finally can!" Once she felt strong enough, she got up, and with me still holding her a bit for support, she got under the water. Almost immediately, I felt her relax.

"Wow, this feels amazing! I can feel my strength returning already!"

I nodded slowly. "Yeah, that's good to hear Daring. Dash said that this would work, and it worked for me, so I knew that it would work for you as well."

Daring then stood up, and after wrapping her arms around me, she kissed me deeply. "Mmm, I think that you've captured my heart Stud. Eventually, I hope that we can be married too, but for now I'm perfectly content with just being your marefriend."

I kissed her back. "That sounds fine to me Daring. Soon, you, me, Dash, and Spitfire will all be one big, happy family!"

"Nyah, I'd like that Stud."

We then washed each other, and once we were done, we went to join Dash and Spitfire in the hot tub Jacuzzi.

"Wow, you have a really nice house Dash. You even have a practical hot tub in here!"

Dash smiled a bit. "Yeah, and I am proud of my house. But soon Daring, it'll be YOUR house too! Come Winter, we're going to build onto it, and add more rooms, as I don't think that in it's current form my house will QUITE be large enough for us if and when we decide to have foals!"

Dash, Spits and I all looked at Daring. I knew for a fact that Dash and Spits both wanted foals at some point, but what about Daring?

" want foals at some point Daring?" I asked her.

She shrugged. "I don't know. I guess that we'll just have to see where life takes us. I do know that I want to be married first before I start any family planning!"

We all laughed at this a bit, before Dash and Spitfire began to move closer to me. I knew what they both wanted, and I was all too happy to let them have it.

"I'm gonna sit this one out girls! I've had enough f@#king to last me a while!"

Dash looked at her. "Heh, if you say so Daring, but that just means more for Spits and I!"

She shrugged. "Eh, I don't care, just as long as I get the middle in the bed tonight!"

I looked over at her. "Huh? But I always get the middle!"

"Well then, maybe we can share the middle. I don't really care where I sleep, just as long as I get to cuddle with you Stud!"

"And you will Daring, just as soon as we can all figure out how we're going to sleep tonight!"

"Yeah, but in the meantime Stud", Dash got into my lap, "You have a wife AND a fiance to please!"

I sighed, before getting back into the rhythm of pleasing mares.

In keeping with my promise to Dash, I finally showed her what it was like when I didn't hold back anything, and by the time I was done, she was a drooling, gooey, seemingly brain-dead mess, just like Daring was.

Spitfire took one look at Dash, and backed out. "Ok, on second thought, you can just f@#k me normally Stud! I'm NOT ready for full-blown Bat-pony sex yet!"

I shrugged. "Sure, whatever you say Spitsy. Plus, I don't think that I have the strength to go all the way again right now anyway!"

Spitfire nodded, and after standing up in the hot tub, she went over to the edge, and after moving her tail to the side, I gently pushed into her.

"Ough! Yep, this NEVER gets old Stud! You're SO good at this!"

I laughed a bit. "Well, I had mares like Dash teaching me, plus I got a lot of practice between you and her, so can you blame me?"

"Heh, no, not really!"

"I didn't think so!" I then reached around, and began to fondle Spitfire's tits gently, causing her to moan in response.

Eventually, once I'd finished inside of her, Dash noticed that it was almost 2am!

"Gosh, it's almost 2am! Anypony else getting tired?"

We all nodded. However, Dash had one more idea. "Hey guys, how about before we call it a night, we take one last picture of us in the hot tub just to commemorate all of this?"


We all agreed, and once the girls had sunk into the hot tub enough to hide their breasts, I sat in the middle, Dash and Spitfire sat on both sides of me, and Daring sat in my lap. We all then smiled, and after striking cute poses, Dash snapped the picture with her camera.

"What do you guys think?" She held it up for us to see.

I looked at it. "Yeah, we should DEFINITELY frame this one!"

"I agree. It's cute, we're all so happy, and to cap it off, even though we're nude, we're still modest about it."

Daring looked at the picture as well. "Yeah, I like it. I like it a lot!"

I agreed to help get a few copies made at some point, and then once we drained the hot tub Jacuzzi, Dash put the rest of the cake away before we all went to bed.

Somehow, some way, we all managed to squeeze into Dash's bed. The way that we slept was just like the picture. I was in the middle, Dash and Spitfire were on one side of me, and Daring was kind of lying on top of me as well. She snuggled into my chest, and I wrapped my wings around her before kissing her on the forehead.

"Good night Daring. Tonight was REALLY fun! I'm glad that you were able to stop by!"

"Nyah! So was I Stud. This was really fun."

I then kissed Dash and Spitfire. "Goodnight Dash, goodnight Spitsy!"

They both kissed me back.

"Goodnight Stud."

"Yeah, good night Stud. I hope that you sleep well, and I'm glad that you enjoyed my 'present'! I know that Daring did!"

I looked at the 3 mares snuggled up to me. All 3 of them loved me to pieces, just as I loved them. Sure, our union was polygamous, but yet it was a loving one.

"Hmm, I love all you guys. Maybe our relationship is a little bit strange, but just know that, I'll be with you guys until death does us part, and I'll love you to no end, no matter what!"

I then fell asleep on that note, surrounded by the gentle snores of Dash, Spitfire, and Daring Do.

Chapter 15: Leopard X Spitfire

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(WARNING: Chapter DOES contain sex towards the middle. Nothing TOO explicit, but still sex!)

Spitfire. How do I best describe her? Well, she's the captain of the most elite team of flyers in all of Equestria; the Wonderbolts! Stationed at the Wonderbolt Academy on a mountaintop outside of Cloudsdale, the Wonderbolts perform airshows at major events. In my opinion, their closest Earth Counterparts were an aerobatics team called the Blue Angels.

When the Imperial War broke out though, everything changed. The Wonderbolts, as well as squadrons of Pegasai assigned to serve under them, became like Equestria's Air Force. They both conducted raids and recon missions, in addition to helping protect the homeland. However, the war was about to take a twist in a whole new direction.

At about 5:30am on June 8th, 2029, a call came to Wonderbolt Academy from Rainbow Dash.

"What is it Rainbow Dash?" Soarin asked when he answered Dash's call.

"We've got a rouge train running the loop around Ponyville. We believe that it's controlled by either the Zebras or the Caribou, and we need to stop it now!"

"Well then, just out-fly it, get on board and stop it!"

"That's the thing though, we're gonna need backup for this one....."

Once Soarin heard Dash's report, he swung into action. He woke up Spitfire, who in turn woke up the rest of the Wonderbolts. After confirmation came from Fleetfoot that the train was indeed there, and almost seemed to be high-balling it back towards Ponyville, they all knew that they had to act fast.

"All of you on me!" Spitfire told them, "We have to catch up to that train, and see about what we can do to stop it! We CANNOT let them get back to Ponyville!"


They all then swooped down to get into position.

Once they'd regrouped with Dash, as well as a few Royal Guards who were on a small train of flatbed cars being pulled by a Friendship Express engine following along behind "The Leviathan" as Dash called it, they came up with a plan of attack.

"Ok, some of you need to get up to the engine, while others see about boarding the train in various places, and the rest of you provide distractions!"

They all agreed to this, and even though they did come under attack by the train's defenders, they tried to complete their missions. Spitfire's team tried to board a coach that was close to the back of the train.

"HEY!!!! GET OFF OUR TRAIN YOU F@#KING FUTAS!!!" A bipedal creature wearing a bluish uniform beat them back with a crowbar. Others close to him opened fire on the Wonderbolts.

Suddenly though, the train began to go even faster.

"SHIT!!!! Spitfire muttered to herself. "Dash, Soarin! Get up to the cab now! This thing's picking up speed again! We HAVE to stop it before it derails, or worse, makes it back to Ponyville!"

"Roger that Captain!" Dash and Soarin, as well as a few other Wonderbolts went for the cab, while the rest continued to try and breach the train elsewhere.

Eventually, Spitfire and her group did manage to make it onboard, but just as they did, they heard a violent screeching sound coming from the engine, and then the train began to slow down.

"Everypony hold on, they're stopping!"

They all held on, and before too long, the train pulled through Ponyville station, before coming to a complete stop. However, before they could really react further though, from all over the train came the sounds of running, as well as shouting, and grabbing weapons. Spitfire and her group peered out of the caboose where they were, and to their surprise, they saw the train's crew staring down the Ponies, but nopony was doing anything. Then, one of them who seemed to be their leader said something that they couldn't quite catch due to being too far away, but whatever it was made everypony with a weapon stand down.

"What's going on Captain?"

Spitfire shrugged. "I don't know. It seems like they're standing down though, so I'll take that to be a good sign."

Suddenly though, they heard a gun click behind them. "Ok, all 4 of you, hands up, now!"

They all complied, and Spitfire turned around to see a soldier in the same bluish uniform as the rest of the train's crew pointing a rifle in their direction.

The soldier pointed with his gun towards the caboose's door. "And get off the train! We may not be enemies, but you're STILL not supposed to be in here!"

"Getting off the train!" All 4 of them took flight, and landed on the ground a few moments later.

Eventually, they learned that the train was called the "Battleship Express", and that it was a war train pulled by Union Pacific Big Boy Locomotive 4009, and that it was attached to the Railway Warfare Division, (RWD).

"So, the creatures who crew this beast are called 'Humans' , and they come from the nation of 'America', on the Planet 'Earth'."

Spitfire nodded. "Yeah, that seems to be most of the scoop. These Humans and their train were apparently sent here by mistake after crossing over a set of lay-lines back in their home nation while escaping from an enemy."

"So, what'll happen to them now?"

"Eh, well, their commanding officers are talking with the Princesses right now, so hopefully they'll join the Imperial War on our side, but yet, I don't know if that will be the case."

Fleetfoot sighed. "Let's hope that it will be though. We NEED allies in this war!"

"Yeah, tell me about it! And if this train can do even HALF of what's its crew claim that it can, we'll be kicking the Alliance's asses all the way back to Donneth and Zebrica!"

They all then decided to walk a bit farther up along the train to get a chance to talk to some of the crew.

What I failed to realize at the time was just how close I came to Spitfire without meeting her on that first day. Looking back on it now, she most likely walked right underneath the window of the PCC that I was standing in front of, although my back was turned to it at the time, so I would have missed her. In fact, I wouldn't even meet Spitfire in person until a video call just before we invaded the Caribou Empire.

During the Battle of Ponyville, the Wonderbolts were ordered to fall back for their own safety, although some did help by spotting targets from the air.

All throughout the course of the battle, Spitfire watched us fight in awe. "Sweet Celestia!" She thought to herself, "It's like they do battles like this on a daily basis!"

One particular soldier really caught her eye. He looked like most of the others, although he was clearly an officer, and he wore a red and white fox mask over his face. He was helping maintain order at a firing line that was set up outside of the Ponyville Town Hall, and he and his troops, were helping to hold the entire town square, and were keeping the Zebras and Caribou away from it. Time and again the enemy came at them, and time and again they were repulsed.

"Wow! Who's the guy with the white fox mask?"

Soarin shrugged. "I dunno. Why don't you ask him after the battle is over?"

Spitfire decided that she was going to do just that.

Once the Battle of Ponyville was over and the cleanup began, Spitfire looked all around, but yet she couldn't find the mysterious officer.

Eventually, she asked another officer on the train about him. "Um, excuse me?"

"Yes Captain Spitfire?"

"I'd like to know the name of one of your officers. He was wearing a white fox mask."

The officer in question, Jim, sighed. "Why, do you want to lodge a complaint against him?"

"Oh, no, I just want to know what his name is. I saw him fight last night, and I wanted to get a chance to meet him."

Jim sighed again. "His name is Captain Leopard. He's the 2nd Engineer of the Battleship Express, or the 2nd of 3 men who drive the train. He's also a captain within Battalion 4009, and one of the most interesting soldiers that we have. I don't know where he is right now, though I think that he's off duty. He might be sleeping in his quarters, but I don't know."

Spitfire thanked Jim, and continued her quest to find me, unaware that inside the train at that very moment, I was waking up in my room to the sight of Dash naked in my bed!

Unfortunately though, Spitfire would never get the chance to meet me before the train left Ponyville. She did have to return to Wonderbolt Academy, and by the time that she was able to return to Ponyville, the train was gone.

"Huh? Where did the Humans go?"

The Ponyville stationmaster looked at her. "They left for Las Pegasus Captain Spitfire. In the aftermath of the Battle of Ponyville, they all declared war in the Imperial Alliance as well, and now they've all been sent to Las Pegasus to help with the battle that's about to happen there."

Spitfire was sad. She REALLY wanted to meet the soldier that she got to see in action, but now she couldn't. "Hmm", She thought to herself, "I guess that I'll just have to wait until he gets back from the war."

And indeed, with the Battle of Las Pegasus coming to a successful conclusion, the war seemed to be possibly getting ready to wind down. Unfortunately though, an event happened that changed that perspective forever; the kidnapping of the 4 Element Bearers, including Rainbow Dash, from the medical train.

When Spitfire, as well as the other Wonderbolts heard that one of their own had been captured, they were outraged! They were also all cheering for us to carry the day, and we did NOT disappoint! All throughout our entire campaigns through both the Zebra, and the Caribou Empire, The Wonderbolts, as well as the general public, followed our every move via newspapers, radio, and even television in some cases.

"Wow", Soarin marveled as he read a newspaper report, "Battalion 4009, as well as the Equestrian troops sent out with them are REALLY kicking some serious ass!"

"What's the latest from them Soarin?" Spitfire asked.

"Look at the headlines!" He showed her the newspaper that he'd been reading.

Spitfire looked, and to her shock, there was the Battleship Express in the foreground, unleashing hell upon a Zebra City while other troops moved in under the protection of the train's guns!

"Battleship Express wipes out Zebra Capital! Zebra leader, Overlord Zakia, captured!"

"Was, Dash rescued?" Fleetfoot asked.

Spitfire kept reading. "Sadly, no. According to this, 2 of the Element Bearers, as well as one of the 2 Human hostages were saved, while the other 2 Element Bearers and the other Human, Including Dash, were sent to the Caribou Empire!"


Spitfire sighed sadly. "Yeah, sadly that's the truth. It also says here that the campaign into the Caribou Empire will start soon, assuming of course that it hasn't started already."

Soarin looked at the paper again. "Yeah, that would make sense. Most likely they DID already start it, and I guess that we'll hear about it in the news soon." They all then got back to work on protecting the homefront.

Later on that same day, Spitfire FINALLY got her wish when she contacted the Battleship Express asking to talk to me, and Don forwarded her video call through to my room.

We talked for a while, and for the first time, I finally got to meet my other waifu; my future 2nd wife!

"I WILL bring Dash home Spits, or I'll die trying! You can DEPEND on me!"

"I hope so Stud. Rainbow Dash is one of the best flyers that the Wonderbolts have ever had. Losing her would be BEYOND devastating!"

"I know, which is why I will NOT be letting that happen! I'll talk to you again once I have Dash safe."

"Ok, goodbye for now Stud."

"Goodbye Spitsy!"

I then terminated the call, and got back to work on wiping out the Caribou.

Sure enough, the next time that Spitfire heard from me, I had Dash by my side.

"DASH!!!! YOU'RE OK!!!!"

Dash smiled a bit. "Yeah, hey Spitsy, and yeah, I'm ok. All thanks to Stud here!" She wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me on the cheek.

I leaned in and nuzzled her a bit. "Mmm, yeah, I love you too Dashie!"

Spitfire then looked at me. "So when are you guys going to be back in town?"

I sighed. "Well, according to the latest reports, we should be back in town by Tuesday July 31st, or Wednesday August 1st at the very latest. We just have a few more things to get shored up here before we turn around and head back to Ponyville."

Spitfire nodded. "Yeah, and I'll be waiting for you when you get back Stud, as I REALLY want to finally get the chance to meet you in person!"

I laughed a bit. "Sure, and assuming that you can navigate the tough crowds, most likely you can!"

"Ok, great. Well, I can't wait for Tuesday, or even Wednesday! Goodbye for now Stud!"

"Goodbye for now Spitsy. I don't know if I'll be able to contact you again anymore before we reach Ponyville or not, but in any case, we'll be back soon, so just hang on a little bit longer!"

"Will do, bye Stud!"

"Bye Spitsy!"

The call then terminated.

A few days later, we were on our way home again. The Imperial War was over, and we were heading home heroes. In just 2 short months we had managed to topple both the Zebra Empire AND the Caribou Empire! We had saved Equestria, and now we were heading back home to Ponyville, and to a hero's welcome.

Once we arrived, the crowd went absolutely wild! The Royal Guards protecting the station platform had to work OVERTIME to keep the crowds back! ALL of them were trying to catch a glimpse of the Humans who crewed the train, as well as thank them for their service.

The first ones off of the train were the ones who had Ponies waiting for them. These included Don, myself, Alex, Todd, as well as a few others. We had families to meet, as well as mares to reunite with said families.

Meanwhile, above the station on a cloud platform, the Wonderbolts were watching the train as well.

"Do you see Captain Leopard yet?" Spitfire asked.

Soarin shook his head. "No, although it's hard to spot ANYPONY with crowds like THAT down there!"

Spitfire looked, and low and behold, Soarin was right. "Hmm, yeah, you're right Soarin. I guess that we'll just have to wait until the crowds thin out a bit."

They waited and waited, but yet the crowds really didn't show any signs of dying down, at least not for the longest time. When they did though, Fleetfoot saw Dash.

"Hey, there's Dash! And I think that I see the stallion in question standing next to her!"

"What?! Where?!"

Fleetfoot pointed. "Right over there!" She pointed to where Dash was standing with me close beside her.

"Going down!" Spitfire then left the cloud that they were sitting on to go down and see us.

Once she was gone, Misty turned to Fleetfoot. "Do you think that she's going for Dash, or for that hunk of a stud next to her?"

Fleetfoot smirked. "Heh, what do you think Misty?"

Misty smirked, and then the both of them began giggling about Spitfire and her "little" crush on me.

Once Spitfire was on the station platform, she began to look around for Dash and I. There were still a number of people and Ponies milling about, which did make it difficult to find us.

"Gosh, where did they go?" Suddenly, Spitfire saw me duck behind the station. "Huh? Where's he going?" She followed me.

When she arrived behind the station, she saw me leaning against the wall facing away from her, and I seemed to be breathing rather heavily.

"Finally! Away from the crowds!" I muttered.

Spitfire smirked. "Hey, did you forget to say hi to me Stud?"

"That voice." I turned around, and low and behold, there stood my second waifu! Dash found us a few moments later, and we did get to talk for a while.

I was really happy that I FINALLY got to meet Spitfire, as she was not only my other waifu, but also my second wife thanks to her contacts with Dash.

Not too long after this, construction began on the Imperial War Museum. Up until the night of the ball, I didn't get a chance to see Spitfire. However, at the ball that all changed.

I found out what a WONDERFUL dancer that she was, and I also got to meet her mom, as well as talking to her and Dash's parents about our little "marriage arrangement", and barring getting "kidnapped and interrogated" over it, I think that it went well! Well that is, until what happened the next morning.......

Yeah, Stormy Flare and Windy Belle found Dash, Spitfire and I together in Dash's bed, as well as all of the evidence of a drunken orgy. I got beat up for it, and I was forbidden from ever seeing Dash and Spitfire again, at least for a while. Eventually, Stormy and Windy DID come around to warming up again, but still, it was a long and painful road to get there!

Not long after this, the time had come for me to propose to Dash. Spitfire was there, and she helped to film the ordeal. Dash said yes, and we both seemed to be cheering.

"So beautiful", Spitfire thought to herself, "And soon that will be ME!"

Spitfire was also Dash's Mare of Honor, and she and the other Wonderbolts got to perform at our wedding as well. The next day or so seemed to be back to business as usual, however NEITHER of us were prepared for the curve-ball that Dash was about to throw for my birthday!

For the 10 days between my wedding and my birthday, both Spitfire and I were wracking our brains out trying to figure out who the other mare that Dash was trying to bring into our relationship was. Apparently, she was going to be my 3rd and final wife, and all that Dash would tell us was that her name was "Raddingo", and that all we had to do was take "Raddingo", and unscramble the letters. Up until the night of my birthday, we both continued to try, but eventually we gave up.

"I guess that we'll just have to wait until the night of my party Spitsy. Then we'll FINALLY get the answer that we need!"

She sighed. "Yeah, I hope so Stud. I mean, I trust Dash's judgement, but still, this is a major leap for us. I just hope that she's a mare that I can get along with!"

I nodded. "As do I Spitsy. The last thing that we need right now is marital conflict!"

However, when the "package" arrived for my birthday, and the mare turned out to be Daring Do, Spitfire was shocked! After getting over her shock though, she agreed that Daring could be allowed into my"family".

While I was upstairs with Daring, signing her into our contract, Spitfire was helping Dash take the cake upstairs.

"Hey Dash?"

"Yeah Spitsy?"

"Whatever gave you the idea of 'giving' her to Stud for his birthday?"

Dash giggled a bit. "Well, I've known Daring for a while now, and we have become pretty good friends. Recently she told me that she wanted a night with Stud for her birthday, and in that moment, I offered her MORE than just a night with Stud since she and him share the same birthday!"

"Oh? And how did she react to that?"

"At first, she thought that I was crazy, or even joking! When she realized that I was serious though, she was ECSTATIC!!!! We actually had to duck out of sight at the convention that we were at so that she could recompose herself!"

Spitfire laughed. "So AK Yearling could have been spotted acting like she'd just won the lottery?! That's HILARIOUS!!!!"

Dash was laughing a bit too. "Yeah, and we were SO glad that we weren't caught either! The rest is history though. After getting the document notarized, I simply placed it with the original, and left it on Stud's desk so that he could find it."

Spitfire shook her head. "Dash, you are something else! I've NEVER been able to figure you out, and now I don't think that I should even try!"

Dash giggled a bit, and they both went for the "night of fun" that they had planned for me!

The next morning, I heard an alarm go off. There was a large weight on my chest, as well as two warm furry bodies snuggled up next to me.

"Mnnngh.....gotta.....turn it off!" I reached over, but I couldn't grab it. I then realized that I was in the middle of the bed. "Oh great!" I saw that Spitfire was the closest to the alarm clock, but before I could nudge her, I saw her reach over and turn it off.

"Hmm, 8am already." She then rolled over to face me, and when she did, she had to slam her hands over her mouth to keep from bursting out laughing. Daring was still lying on top of me, and to Spitfire's amusement, she was actually gently sucking on one of my thumbs!

"Look Stud!" She whispered to me.

"Look at what?" I then felt something warm and wet on my right hand, and after moving a bit, and I was able to see what Daring was doing. When I did, I placed my left hand over my mouth. "Oh gosh!" I whispered.

Spitfire was about to have a giggle-fit. "Hee hee! This is almost too good to be true! Adventurer in the streets, baby in the sheets!"

"Will you stop laughing? It's not really that funny Spits. We all have our little quirks. I guess that Daring likes to suck her thumb, and this time her half-asleep brain found my thumb, and assumed that it was hers."

By this point, Daring moved a bit, and began to wake up. She spit out my thumb, and rolled over to face me. "Mmm, hey Baby." She cooed gently.

"Hey Daring. And I'm surprised that you're still on top of me. I thought for SURE that you would have fallen off of me sometime in the night!"

She smirked a bit. "Heh, well then you REALLY underestimated my grip Stud! Also, hate to be a bother, but um......I think that your 'raider' wants to get inside my tomb again!"

"Huh?" I then looked down, and I saw that my dick was rock-hard, and was sandwiched right between Daring's butt cheeks! Words cannot even BEGIN to describe my embarrassment!

When Spitfire saw that, she finally burst out laughing, and almost fell out of bed she was laughing so hard! I had both of my hands over my face, and I was blushing redder than a firetruck, and Daring was content to just keep lying on top of me, but Spitfire's laughter did wake Dash up. (And yes, ALL 4 of us are still nude from last night!)

"Huh? Hey, what's so funny Daring?" She looked at her, as well as me. I could tell that she was still sleepy.

Daring shrugged. "I dunno. I was just about to have morning sex with Stud here. I don't know why Spitfire had to go all hyena-mode about it!" Daring then looked down at me, and after kissing me, she sat up, and after positioning herself over my dick, she eased down onto it again, and began to ride me gently.

Dash looked over at Spitfire, annoyed at having been woken up. "Seriously Spits, What's so funny?!"

Spitfire leaned forwards to look at her. "D-Daring and S-Stud!" She was still trying to get a grip on herself. She then told Dash about what she'd woken up and seen.

"And the best part was when his dick was between her butt cheeks, and he didn't even notice until she told him!"

Dash just rolled her eyes. "Ugh, you act like THAT'S actually funny! Jeez, act your age Spits! You're the oldest out of all of us, so act like it! Plus, Because of you laughing like a hyena, Daring just cheated you out of morning sex with Stud!" Dash then began to kiss me good morning.

"WHAT?!?!" She looked, and sure enough, there was Daring, and she was riding my dick gently. We were both holding hands, and Daring was really enjoying herself!

Spitfire lost it. "Hey! Who said that YOU got to f@#k him first?! Get off!" She tried to pull Daring off of me.

"Hey! Back off Fire-Mane, he's mine!" Daring then got into a protective stance and actually hissed at Spitfire!

Spitfire then took this as a challenge, and actually attacked Daring!

"OUGH!!! MY DICK!!!!" When Spitfire tackled Daring over backwards, my dick kinda got ripped out of her, and when THAT happened, it was HORRIBLY painful! The 2 of them were fighting on the floor while I was somewhat writhing in agony.

"Hey Stud?"

"WHAT?!?!?!" I then glanced over and saw Dash. "Oh hey Dashie, what is it?"

She glanced down at Daring and Spitfire. They were both still tussling, but yet it almost seemed like Daring was toying with her.

"Well, while those two are fighting, and youstill seem to need a good morning f@#k, wanna take ME for a ride instead Stud?" She then crawled over to me in the bed, and wiggled her ass a bit, giving me a good view of her slit.

I laughed a bit while rolling my eyes. "Well, this is ONE benefit of having multiple wives I suppose. If 2 of them are at each other's throats, there's always a 3rd one to help you take care of your 'needs'!"

Dash then kissed me gently. "Oh, you know it Stud! With the 3 of us, you'll NEVER be wanting for sex!" She then turned herself around, and while she got to work on my dick, I began to eat her out.

Meanwhile on the floor, Spitfire and Daring were STILL going at it!

"Get off of me you psychopathic bitch!"

Daring laughed. "Oh, I'M the psychopathic bitch?!"

"Yes! You head out into the jungle for Celestia-knows why, and then CLAIM that you were adventuring! What? Got an itch that can only be scratched by jungle beasts?"

Daring bit her. "Hey, UNCALLED FOR!!! And no, I do NOT f@#k animals! Sure, maybe I do play with myself a bit, and yes I HAVE bathed under a few waterfalls in my time, but I have NEVER f@#ked an animal!"

"Um, actually Daring, you DID f@#k and animal; you f@#ked ME last night!"

Daring looked up at me. She did look annoyed, but yet I did see the traces of a smirk on her face. "Oh don't worry Stud, I'll let Dash have fun with you for now while I put this PSYCHO here into her place in this relationship!" I then saw that Daring was actually trying to tie Spitfire up with her trusty whip!

"Sheesh! Careful there Daring!"

"WHAT?!?!?! You're on HER side in this Stud?!"

I sighed. "Actually, I'm laughing at both of you for behaving like foals, but please go on. I'm REALLY enjoying you two dominate each other! It's actually pretty hot. Although I AM betting on Daring to win this one, however this is only because, (and I can tell you this from personal experience!) it takes more energy to do things out in the field like Daring does than it does to be a Wonderbolt!"

Daring smirked at Spitfire. "See? I TOLD YOU that he likes me better!"

"HOWEVER, Wonderbolts are FAR more disciplined that adventurers since they stick to rigid schedules, and are a bit more in shape overall!"

Now it was Spitfire's turn to smirk. "HA! In your face Bitch!"

"HOWEVER, you're BOTH my mares, as is Dash, and I love you ALL equally! You all have your strengths, and I love each of them. Spitfire, you're the strongest, and you kinda like to take the lead in bed. Dash, you're the one who'll help me with anything. You may be a bit submissive, but yet sometimes I need that. And Daring, you're the kinky one. You like to experiment in bed. This can be anything from taking advantage of a situation, to wanting to go all the way, to as I saw just now, rope-play!

You ALL have something to bring into this relationship, and for that, I'm the luckiest guy in ALL of Equestria! I mean, I have the ELEMENT OF LOYALTY, the CAPTAIN OF THE WONDERBOLTS, AND the GREATEST ADVENTURE HERO as my, (or soon to be!) WIVES!!!!! Now then, for the love of Celestia, PLEASE STOP FIGHTING OVER ME!!!!! You'll ALL get your turn with me.........." At that exact moment, I jizzed inside of Dash. "And Dash, I REALLY hope that you have Morning After pills, or we may have just started our family planning EARLY! But anyway, JUST STOP ACTING LIKE FOALS, AND WAIT YOUR TURN!!!!!!"

When I was done shouting to get all of them to FINALLY shut up, Spitfire and Daring both looked at each other, and then back at me. However, before they could say anything, Dash spoke up first.

"Eh, well, yeah, I do have Morning After pills, which I WILL be taking, but I'm not in heat, so I don't think that I can get pregnant right now." She then got up and went for the bathroom.

The other 2 then looked at me, before Spitfire sighed. "Yeah, and I see what you mean Stud. It WAS childish of me to just up and attack like that. In my defense, Daring DID deserve it, but yet why fight over something that's already yours?"

Daring got up and stretched a bit. "Yeah, what she said Stud." She then looked to the bathroom. "Hey Dash?"

"Yeah Daring?"

"Is there a spare room where I can work on my next book? I brought everything with me from my old house, but I need a space to work with. Got anything?"

"Yeah, you can work in the spare bedroom next to Stud's office, or you can work in his office if he'll let you."

Daring then turned to me. "Will you let me work in your office Stud?"

I sighed. "Yes, assuming of course that you don't touch anything, don't break anything, and above all, DO NOT mess up my desk!"

She came over and hugged me. "Mmm, thanks Stud, you're the best! And don't worry, on one of my next adventures, I'm TOTALLY taking you with me!"

I looked down at her, and then kissed the top of her head gently. "You're welcome Daring. And where would we be going?"

She shrugged. "Well, I haven't decided yet, but when I do decide, I'm taking you with me!"

"Eh, well, sounds good to me Babe!" We both then kissed again, and then Spitfire got her kisses, and then after our showers and a quick breakfast, we all got dressed and went our separate ways for the time being.

Dash had weather duty, Spitfire was due at the Academy, I had to help with the museum, and Daring got to work on her next book. As I would learn later, in that story she introduced a male character named Mac, who was based on me. This was so that I could be in her books when needed, and she knew that she would have to introduce me now so that nopony would ask questions later.

The next few weeks passed one after the other in a bit of a blur. Soon, I knew that I was going to have to pop the question to Spitfire, and after talking it over with Daring and Dash, I FINALLY decided on what to do.

One night, I brought Spitfire up to the Academy's roof so that we could stargaze. Hidden nearby were Dash, Stormy Flare, and from above on a cloud, although nopony saw her, Daring watched as well. All 3 of them were also filming.

Eventually, I turned to Spitfire. "Hey Spitsy?"

"Yeah Stud?"

"For the longest time, ever since I first met you on that video call, something inside of me always drove me to be at my best around you. I mean, you ARE the Captain of the Wonderbolts, and even though I knew that it probably wasn't possible, I still strove to try and be a Wonderbolt anyway. I'm still in the process of trying, but every step of the way you've been there encouraging me. You've always...." Spitfire suddenly put a hand over my mouth.

"Stud, I love you, but you tend to ramble WAY too much! I get it; you love me, and want to do your best for me, but what's the point?"

I pushed her hand away. "Well, if you wouldn't INTERRUPT ME, you'd find out! Anyway, as I was trying to say, I've always loved you, and I've felt a deep connection with you. You and I seem to be made for each other......" I was reaching behind me for the ring. ".....And because of that....MPH!?!??!"

Spitfire put a hand over my mouth again. "Rambling too much Stud!"

I just about bit her hand that time! "Let me finish dammit!"

"Not if you ramble again!"

"Do you want the ring or not?!"

She then smirked. "Oh, do you mean THIS ring?" She held up a black box.

"What the?!" I felt around behind myself, but sure enough the ring was gone! "WHY YOU LITTLE THIEF!!!!! I OUGHTTA....!!!"

Spitfire then shut me up with a kiss, before opening up the box. "Stud, will you marry me?"

It was then that I realized that I'd been set up! Behind Spitfire, I could see her mom and Dash laughing their flanks off, and I also saw a number of other Wonderbolts as well. ALL of them were laughing at how I'd just gotten owned!

"HA HA!!! Captain got you GOOD Leopard!"

I groaned. "Come ON you guys, this isn't funny! It's CRINGEY at BEST!!!!"

Spitfire placed a hand on my shoulder. "Well, my offer still stands Stud. Will you marry me?"

I relented. "Give me the ring back, and I MIGHT say yes!"

"Why? Do you just want to say 'Spitfire, will you marry me'?"

"Close, but not quite. Ring please?" She handed it to me. "Thank you! Now then, as I was GOING to say, Spitsy, will you marry me?"

She wrapped me into a hug, and kissed me. "Do you REALLY have to ask me Stud? Of COURSE I will!" She then kissed me.

"AWWW!!!!!" Everypony gushed. I could also sense a twinge of jealousy.

After that night, we all got to work on planning the wedding.

The date had been locked in to be October 8th, and it would be in the Academy Garden. Anypony who wanted to could attend, but yet I could already tell that there was going to be a much lower turnout than there had been for the other weddings. I did get Todd to agree to be my Best Man again, and Dash was Spitfire's Mare of Honor.

"This is the last time though Leopard", he told me. "I CANNOT be a part of any more weddings for you!"

I looked at him. "Todd, I'm only telling you this because I trust you, but no, there will be one FINAL wedding after this. It'll be an EXTREMELY quiet affair, and I'll most likely NOT be inviting anyone from the train but you and Fred since I trust you both, and I KNOW that you would be quiet about it as well."

Todd looked like he was going to faint. He didn't, but still, I KNEW that I needed to rethink my life choices!

"I.........I can't do that Leopard. While I'm still your friend, I cannot in good conscience be a part of any more weddings after today!"

I sighed. "I......I understand Todd. And I'm pretty sure that Fred feels the same way that you do, so I won't bother asking him. You don't have to attend my other wedding after this one."

Todd nodded, though he didn't ask any more questions about what was coming, and I didn't tell him anything else about it either.

I kept expecting to get kidnapped for my bachelor's party, but yet up until the night before the wedding, nothing happened. On that night though, I learned the truth about why everything had been so quiet. As I was walking through the dark and empty halls of the Academy on my way towards the closest exit, I suddenly had a bag thrown over my head, and I was tied up before getting dragged through the halls!

"Oh COME ON you guys!" I yelled through my sack, "If you guys just wanted me for my bachelor's party, you TOTALLY could have just asked me!"

"Well, you might not have WANTED to come if you knew what Soarin had in store for you!"

"What? What does THAT mean?!"

"Eh, I don't know. All he told us to tell you was 'remember the night of your last bachelor's party, and the conversation that you had’."

I then remembered what Soarin had said about a private bachelor's party in his bedroom!

"Oh shit, I really am in trouble now!" I got dragged on and on through the Academy.

Eventually, I was dumped into a room, and I heard a door close behind me. I was lying on my back, and I could tell that the lights were on in the room, but they were dim.

"Ah, hey Leopard. Glad that you could join me tonight for your private bachelor's party!"

"Soarin, just so that you know right now, you're DEAD!"

"Aww, come on Bro, I just wanna cuddle!"

"*weird gibberish* NO!!!!" I then tried to scoot towards the door, but since I was lying on my back and the door was closed, I only managed to slam my head against it!


"Oh gosh. Are you ok Bro?"


"Sure, just hold on!" Soarin then untied my arms and legs, although I was able to sit up and remove the bag myself. When I did though, I looked at him, and I REALLY wish that I didn't!

Soarin was standing there wearing only a jockstrap! I could see the bulge where his junk was, and then I saw the rest of the room. There was a bed, a desk, a window, a dresser, and some posters on the walls.

"Huh, you have a nice room Soarin."

He smiled. "Thanks. And for your bachelor's party, I KNOW that you probably don't want to have sex with me, but would you at LEAST be interested in cuddling? It can get REALLY lonely here at night, and I wanted to see what you were like in bed, at least to a certain extent."

I sighed. I didn't know what to say, but Life certainly did though.

"Oh, so NOW you have a problem with sleeping with another guy?! You were just FINE with Sombra, but NOW there's a problem?!"

"Shut up Life, I wasn't talking to you!"

"Hey, watch it Leopard! I'm EXTREMELY pissed off at you for avoiding me, and if you don't start being nice to me, I WILL Find a Way, but in the most humiliating way possible for you!"

I just sighed. "Life, you're nothing but a huge DICK! You make EVERY bad situation worse, you ENJOY causing pain, and you serve no purpose! You're a JOKE!"

Life had had enough. "Ok, I see how it is now. Watch out Leopard! When I DO Find a Way, and believe me I WILL, it will be in the most HUMILIATING way imaginable! I'll make you feel like a FILTHY breeding animal, and you'll LOVE it!" Life then left me alone with my thoughts.

Eventually, I did agree to cuddle with Soarin, and we both shared a bed that night. We talked about many things, and I did confirm that I found him cute. He told me that he liked me as well, and we agreed that even though I was marrying Spitfire, we could still be friends.

We did kiss a few times, and eventually, we fell asleep in each other's warm embrace. We were both naked except for our underwear, and we had our arms, wings, and tails wrapped around each other as well. (And yes, I later learned that Soarin did clear this with Spitfire and Dash, so I wasn't in any trouble!)

The next day was the day of the wedding. Since Father Charles had given a resounding "NO!" to performing my second wedding, another minister had to be found. Unfortunately, we couldn't seem to find one, so we ended up being stuck with Ink Paper, the boss of legal expert L. Eagle, the same loon we went to to try and see if we could get our contract figured out from!

In total, only 29 guys from both Battalion 4009 and the Battleship Express showed up, and Spitfire only had a few friends who weren't Wonderbolts show up as well. All in all, this was going to be a pretty quiet affair. However, one VERY prominent figure showed up; Miss AK Yearling herself!

When asked why, she said simply, "Oh, I wanted to see this wedding since I need inspiration for a similar scene for one of my upcoming books. Plus, Captain Leopard is a somewhat close friend of mine, so I'm here to support him."

This in turn led to a lengthy conversation about how Yearling even knew me in the first place, which turned into a conversation about me showing her notes from the various diaries that I had written in throughout the course of the wars that I'd fought in back on Earth, (which actually was 100% factually true. Daring asked to see some of my writing work, and I showed her some of the diary entries from WW6, detailing life on the Battleship Express) which THEN led somepony to ask her if her most recent character addition, Mac, was based on me, to which Yearling quipped,

"All characters in my stories are a work of fiction, however any relation to Ponies living or dead just might be on purpose!"

After this conversation FINALLY ended, it was time for the actual wedding.

The Academy Garden was all set up, and after the guests had taken their seats, it was time to begin.

First, Ink Paper walked up to the front arbor, and once he was in place, the music changed, and then I walked in. Instead of my formal uniform, I was actually wearing my typical blue and gray Battalion 4009 field uniform that I'd been wearing since I became a Battleship Express crew member! (The whole wedding was a bit on the casual side, and was considered only "semi-formal"!) It had seen a lot of use in its time, from WW6, to the Imperial War, and now here it was, the uniform that I was wearing for my 2nd wedding, minus of course the helmet.

I was followed by Todd a my Best Man, as well as Fred, Soarin, Firestreak, and a few other male Wonderbolts, who were my groomsmen. (The Wonderbolts were wearing their Wonderbolt jumpsuits, and Todd and Fred were wearing their field uniforms like me.)

Suddenly though, the music changed, and then the bride walked out. Everypony turned when Spitfire walked out. She was wearing her standard dark blue formal Wonderbolt tunic with its white shirt and black tie, dark blue skirt, white socks, and black shoes. Her mane was hanging down her shoulders, and she wearing a white veil, as well as carrying a wedding bouquet! Her mom walked her down the isle, and she was followed by Dash as her Mare of Honor, her flower girl Scootaloo, her bridesmaids Misty, Fleetfoot, High Winds, Surprise, and a few other female Wonderbolts, and the ring bearer, who interestingly enough was actually Dan! (Yes, as in, "future husband to Pinkie Pie Dan"!) Also, I'd removed my original wedding ring, although it would be given back to me when Dan brought up the rings; 3 brides, but only 4 rings. And when Spitfire was asked later about why she didn't want a wedding dress, all she said was, "I became the Captain of the Wonderbolts in this uniform, and now I'm gonna get MARRIED in this uniform!"

Finally, once Spitfire was up to the front, she joined me in front of Ink Paper, and after turning to face each other, we gently held each other's hands, and then the wedding began.

Ink Paper then turned to the crowd. "Ok, now that we're all here, I'd like to welcome all of you to the wedding of Captain Leopard and Captain Spitfire!"

There was a little bit of cheering, but overall, not NEARLY as much as my first wedding to Dash.

"Now then", he turned to us, "Are you two ready to begin?"

Spitfire nodded. "Yes Sir, I am."

"As am I Sir."

"OK, good. Now then, let's begin! Bring up the rings please Dan!"

Dan brought them.

"Good. Now then, Captain Spitfire, do you, take this man, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, from the good times to the bad, to love until the bitter end, no matter what?"

Spitfire nodded, and while smiling sweetly, she put my ring back onto my finger. "Yes, I do! I take you Stud, to be my lawfully wedded husband! To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, from the good times to the bad, to love until the bitter end, no matter what!"

Ink Paper then turned to me. "And do you, Captain Leopard, take this mare, to be your lawfully wedded second wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, from the good times to the bad, to love until the bitter end, and to share with your first wife, Rainbow Dash, no matter what?"

When Ink Paper said that, EVERYPONY present did a massive face-palm. He was NOT supposed to say that! Yes, polygamy WAS legal, but it was still a HUGE taboo! It was supposed to be a QUIET affair, and now word was out to those few present who didn't already know that I was already married, and was now taking a second wife.

"It was a simple question Captain Leopard," He informed me, completely ignoring the groans and other backlash from the audience. I sighed, and made the best of a bad situation.

I then took my ring, and placed it on Spitfire's finger. "Yes, I do. I take you Spitsy, to be my lawful, (second) wife! To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, from the good times to the bad, to love until the bitter end, no matter what."

Ink Paper then turned to the audience. "Now then, do any of you have any objections to this union? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

I was fully expecting SOMEPONY to object, but yet to my surprise, nopony did.

"Nopony? Ok then, by the power vested in me as the preside over this wedding union, I now pronounce you both man and mare! Your blood contract goes into full effect as of right now, but you may kiss the bride!"

I turned to him. "Please, just SHUT UP! You've made my life MISERABLE, just like your loony employee L. Eagle did! All of you are nutballs! But yet, if you insist!"

I then lifted up Spitfire's veil, and after taking her into my arms, I kissed her deeply, as the crowd clapped for us.

The rest of the ceremony went fairly quietly after that. We had the cake, and after sharing a bite with each other, the rest of the cake was cut up as well.

Then we had our wedding song. For some reason, Spitfire was a HUGE fan of this one, and because I liked it too, I didn't object.

However, unlike all of the weddings that would come later, once Spitfire tossed the bouquet, and I tossed the garter, there was no carriage to rush away in. All there was were 3 train tickets to a resort in Las Pegasus, one happy groom, and 2 happy brides who were off on their honeymoon!

Also unknown to us was the fact that there was a famous author who decided to tag along as well, but that's another story........

Chapter 16: Two-Way Honeymoon, Beach-side Wedding, Honeymoons Merge

View Online

Once we'd changed, as well as packed our bags, we made it back to Ponyville so that we could board a train heading to Las Pegasus. I was lugging most of the bags, although Spitfire and Dash DID help me out a bit! We left Tank with Fluttershy, but yet I knew that I couldn't leave Aurora behind. I wanted to, but yet when you have a dog who's a wolf-hybrid, who KNOWS that she can misbehave if she doesn't get her way, (and whom I know for a FACT is fully sentient!) some things just can't be done. Aurora said that she was going, and that was that.

"Fine", I told her, "But if something happens, or if you don't like the trip, shucks to be you! I gave you the opportunity to stay here, but you wouldn't take it!"

She just looked up at me. "Master, for the past 2 years, wherever you've gone, I've ALWAYS come with you! Plus, I AM your certified PTSD dog, so according to medical experts, I HAVE to come with you!"

I just face-palmed. "Aurora, that's a load of bull, and you KNOW it!"

She smirked a bit. "Yeah, I know it, but does anypony else?"

Eventually, we just gave up and let her come along.

For the most part, the trip to Las Pegasus was very boring. Surprisingly, nopony really seemed to recognize us, or they just chose to ignore us after we became "Soiled Doves" in their eyes.

However, we DID get a visitor. As I was staring out the window of the Friendship Express, a mare suddenly addressed me.

"Excuse me, Captain Leopard?"

"Yes?" I then looked up at her, and I saw a mare with yellow fur, a grey hat, red glasses, wearing a purple sort of cape around herself as well. Underneath, I could see that she was wearing a grayish dress with black shoes.

"Is this seat taken?" She pointed to the spot next to Spitfire.

All of our eyes got VERY wide when we saw her. "Wow, AK Yearling! And no, that seat isn't taken."

"Ok, thank you." She then sat down.

Once she did, I turned to her. "What are you doing here Daring?! This was supposed to be a PRIVATE honeymoon!"

"And it WILL be! I just HAD to get away from those wedding crowds, and when I saw you guys heading for this train, I knew that I just HAD to kill several birds with one stone!"

I looked at her confused. "Huh? What 'several birds'?"

Daring sighed. "Well Stud, the truth is..........ok, here's the deal. I need you, and I WANT us to be married, but at this point, you guys are well and truly 'soiled doves'. Most likely you've been banished from ALL wedding chapels and related venues for life! Except however for Las Pegasus, because as you probably know, it IS the 'City of Sin'!"

"Yeah, but what's your point Daring?"

She then sighed again. "My point is Stud that the only place that you and I can tie the knot, is in Las Pegasus. I was hoping for a beach-side ceremony, maybe even in our swimsuits! And now that we're already on our way there, why don't we just take care of it while we're there?"

Dash, Spitfire, and I all looked at each other. None of us could tell if Daring was being serious, or if she'd just forgotten to take her meds that day!

Finally, Dash said, "Yeah, but why now Daring? Don't you want to wait a little bit longer? I mean, this kinda IS our honeymoon!"

"Yeah, and this is why I feel awful about interrupting it, but yet if Stud and I got married, then we could ALL share a honeymoon! Plus, the crowds are REALLY closing in on me, and I need time to get away! I won't be any hassle. All I'll need is a quick change of clothes, which I have with me in my bags, as well as a spot to sleep, and of course time to spend with you Stud. So come on guys, please? Won't you help a mutual friend, soon to be sort of sister/wife out?"

I didn't know what to do. Daring then tried to sweeten the deal. "Plus, I even have the ring so that you can propose to me!"

"Um, yeah, about that.........won't you have to create another fake name for yourself though Daring?"

Daring looked at me funny. "Yeah, of course I will, and I already have one picked out! I can be Feather Wings, Dash's cousin, as we DO look a lot alike!"

Dash then spoke up. "She does have a point there Stud, we really DO look a lot alike! Plus, a honeymoon for 4? That would be awesome!"

Spitfire then reached her decision. "Sure, I guess so Daring, HOWEVER, you STILL have to apologize for tying me up back on the day after Stud's birthday!"

"And I WILL, eventually anyway!" She then looked at me. "And what about you Stud? The final decision lies with you."

I had to take time to think about this, even though I already knew what the answer would be. I relented. "Ok, FINE, you can be on this trip with us, PROVIDED of course that not only do you behave yourself, but that you also keep a low profile. I mean you WERE trying to dodge the crowds, right?"

Daring would have squeed and hugged me, but yet she didn't want to give herself away. Instead, all she did was shake my hand. "Thanks Stud!" She whispered. "I'll give you a PROPER thank you later, but I hope that this will do for now!"

"It will. and for what it's worth, I'm kinda glad that you're here Daring, as I was wondering what you were going to be doing without us!"

We all then laughed about this for a bit as the train continued along to Las Pegasus.

Eventually, a few hours later, we reached the city. As we passed it, I looked out over the Palomino Desert. Sure enough, there were still a number of craters and other wreckage left over from the battle. All undetonated ordnance had been removed, but yet many scars of battle still remained. A few trails, as well as memorials had been constructed since the battle ended, and it was certainly a popular site to visit for both war enthusiasts, veterans, and all others alike.

"Do you......remember what we did here Dash?" I asked her quietly.

"How could I ever forget? This was the biggest battle ever fought on Equestrian soil! It was also the last time that the Caribou were ever a threat to Equestria!"

We both took a moment of silence to remember those who had fallen in the battle, both Human and Pony. Then a few minutes later, the train pulled into Las Pegasus Station. Then, once we had our bags, as well as our other luggage, we all disembarked and tried to make our way over to the hotel at the resort that we were staying at.

"Wild Ride" was the name of the resort, and it CERTAINLY lived up to its name!

"I'm having the strangest case of deja vu right now", I muttered.

" because of America's 'Las Vegas'?" Spitfire asked.

I sighed. "Sort of. Vegas was my home for nearly a year while I lived with Demetria and Carla. And then.......2 years later, I returned......" I couldn't bring myself to finish that sentence.

Dash and Spitfire comforted me while I recomposed myself. Both of them knew how close I was to Demetria and Carla, and how painful their deaths were to me.

While this was happening, Daring looked on with Aurora by her side. "Um, who's he talking about?" Daring asked.

Aurora sighed. "Demetria and Carla. Demetria was the Empress of the Futas, while Carla was her adopted daughter. They adopted my Master, and loved him dearly. Had nothing gone wrong, he would have married Carla and one day ruled the Futa Empire with her...." Aurora then explained the full story.

When she finished, Daring just looked towards me sadly. "That's......really sad. I feel so bad for him for having to experience this. I wish.....that there was something that I could do."

"Just......try to keep from mentioning this to him. Some things are best left buried."

Daring nodded, and once we were ready, we all continued on our way.

Eventually, we reached the front lobby of our hotel.

"Yes, may I help you?" The Pony at the front desk asked me.

"Yes, I'm here for my reservations."

"Certainly Sir! Name please?"

"Leopard. Captain Leopard."

He looked up at me. "Well, I have your reservations right here, but I can also say that I'd like to shake your hand and thank you for your service in the Imperial War!" He then held out his hand, which I did shake.

"Well, you're welcome Sir. It was my honor to have served Equestria during the war. It was our job, and we were just doing what we had to do."

"And I still thank your for it! Also, I hope that you, your wife, and your.....wait. Your reservation says that you only had 1 guest in addition to your wife. Why are there 2 guests with you?" He pointed to both Spitfire and Daring.

I thought fast. "Well, the truth is, at the time I made those reservations, Feathers here, my wife's cousin, didn't get back to me in time when I asked her if she would be available to come with us. She did eventually RSVP yes, but yet I'd already made the reservations. After a lengthy argument however, Dash and I decided to bring her along as well."

The desk clerk nodded. "Ok then, whatever floats your boat. However your rooms are ready, so feel free to head on up!"

I nodded, and after thanking the desk clerk once again, we all loaded our luggage onto a cart, and headed over to the elevators so that we could get up to our rooms.

Hey Stud?"

"Yeah Dash?"

"What did that guy mean by, 'whatever floats your boat'? Did he mean what I think that he meant?"

I sighed. "Well, if you mean that he thinks that we're married, and that Spitfire and Daring are an Escort Service, then yes, THAT'S what he meant!"

"And what rooms did we get Stud?" Spitfire asked.

"Oh, I got us rooms with a beachfront view! It's 2 rooms, but together they'll almost be like a small apartment. There's 2 king-sized beds, a Jacuzzi tub, fully-stocked mini-bar, lots of couches and chairs, and pretty much everything else that you would find in a fancy hotel room. Also, I think that they supply condoms, lube, and birth control!"

The 3 mares giggled a bit. "Well, they DO call it the 'City of Sin', so I guess that that's just them living up to their name!"

"Maybe so guys. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they did!"

We then reached our rooms.

When I opened the door and we all peered inside, we were all SHOCKED! For starters, the rooms were HUGE! They truly were everything that I'd described, as well as a few other things. There were 2 balconies, and one of them even had a hot tub! And yes, we did have a great view of the South Luna Ocean.

It was also then that we tried to figure out sleeping arrangements. This conversation lasted about 5 minutes, and it ended with Dash, Daring and I in one bed, Spitfire in another, (she STILL didn't get along too well in bed with Daring!) and Aurora would sleep with Spitfire as well.

Once we did this, we decided to take a look around the resort. We discovered a number of restaurants, pools, hot tubs, spas, exercise rooms, fountains, theaters, and a few other such venues as well. Dash also found out about other amenities that the resort offered, such as bike rentals, parasailing, and even bungee jumping!

"Wow, they've even got BUNGEE JUMPING here!"

I was surprised. "What? Really?"

"Yeah! It's on a bridge in the Las Pegasus Mountains, right next to Daredevil Falls!"

I'd heard about Daredevil Falls. It was a spectacular waterfall, but yet it was also a magnet for thrill seekers. Ponies would do everything from cliff-jumping, to even trying to go over it in a barrel! It was NUTS!

Dash then looked at me. "Before we leave here Stud, you and I are TOTALLY going bungee jumping!"

I felt the color in my face drain away like bathwater. Sure, I could handle things like skydiving, and had completed a number of jumps during my time with the military, but having a cord tied to your ankles while you jump from an extreme height? Um, NO!

Finally, I said, "Um, well, I'll DEFINITELY need time to think about that one Dash, but maybe."

Dash nodded, and then we looked around a bit more.

After eating dinner in a restaurant, we decided to try the hot tub on our balcony. We all wanted to try the beach that night, but yet there was some private event going on down there, so we would have to wait on that.

Once we were back, we WERE going to be using our swimsuits, but then Daring suggested that we skip them. I told her that she was nuts, and she then pointed to the sign that said that private amenities were clothing optional.

"Oh. Well, I guess that we could try it then."

We all did so, and soon, a Human-Bat-Pony hybrid, his 2 wives, and his marefriend, were all relaxing in their private hot tub. ALL of them were naked, although it was hard to tell due to all of the bubbles.

"Hmm, now THIS is paradise!" Spitfire whispered.

"Yeah, no kidding Spitsy!" I shifted a bit. "I could REALLY get used to this!" (I also made a mental note to add a hot-tub to the plans for a pool that I was going to be building for Dash for her birthday once we began building onto her house before too long).

All of us were sipping from a glass of white wine, and this time we made a promise not to get drunk! 2 glasses at the most, no more!

I then proposed a toast. "A toast, to the success of our lives, to long marriages, and to the good health and long life of us all!"

"Cheers to that!" We all then toasted, and went back to relaxing.

Eventually, Daring scooted over to me, before sitting in my lap. She then wrapped her arms around me, and began to kiss me gently.

"Mmm, I love you Stud, and ever since the night of your birthday party, I've really begun to feel a strong connection with you. We're really not that different you and I, and I know that we'll be REALLY happy together! You complete me Stud, and it's a pleasure to call you my coltfriend, but yet I want something more......"

Daring then reached behind herself, and Dash handed her something. I was pretty sure that I knew where this was going.

"Huh, naked in a hot tub in a resort in Las Pegasus", I thought, "Now THAT'S how you make a wedding memory!"

Daring then revealed that what she'd been given was a ring box. She opened it, revealing an engagement ring. "Stud, will you marry me?"

I sighed happily, before pulling Daring in for a kiss. "For a sweetheart like you Daring, yes! Yes, I'll marry you, provided of course that you marry me!"

"Eee! Yes, yes, yes!" Daring then hugged me, her tits pressing into my chest.

Suddenly however, our sweet moment was spoiled. From a level above our room, we all suddenly heard a series of wolf-whistles.

"Damn! How many mares do you have down there buddy?"

I looked up, and there on a balcony one level above us and to our left was a group of 3 stallions. All of them were wolf-whistling and cat-calling MY mares!

"HEY! All of you beat it right now! This is NOT a peep-show!"

They just laughed. "oh, we'll beat it, we'll beat dat ass of yours before we spend some time with your cuties!"

I glared at them. "You try that, and you WILL be leaving on a stretcher! I'm a veteran from Battalion 4009, AND I fought through almost every major battle of the Imperial War! I've kicked ass before, so please, for your sakes, DO NOT make me do it again! You will NOT be walking away from it!"

They did recoil a bit, but yet they didn't leave.

"Heh, I want that cutie with the grey mane. She looks just like Daring Do!"

Daring decided to mess with him. She stood up in the hot tub, and after getting a lot of bubbles on her tits, she began to rub and fondle them. "Aww, you want me cuz I look like Daring Do? Do you think that I look sexy Baby?"

"HELL YEAH!!!!!! DAMN!!!!"

Daring then giggled a bit. "And do you want these boobies?"


"Well then sucks to be you bitch! Cuz THIS mare, belongs to my Stud here!" Daring then sat in my lap again, and began to kiss and caress me in a VERY sexual way while I did the same for her!

"Why filthy BITCH!!!!" One of them screamed. “Slutty tramp-whore!”

Daring merely responded by showing them how tall her middle finger was. "Yeah? Well f@#k you too you pervs!"

That did it. All 3 of them were REALLY mad now! "Ok, listen closely you little shits! When we get down there, all three of you mares WILL be ours, and as for you you hybrid-freak!" One of them pointed at me, "YOU will be just another murder statistic!"

They then left their balcony, and I could hear them charging down the stairs to our room!

When the full gravity of the situation reached us, we all sprang to life!

"Shit! Battle stations now!" We all jumped out of the hot tub, and without even bothering to put any clothes on, we all went for the weapons.

I'd brought my rifle, shotgun, and my trusty Glock hidden in my suitcase, and Daring had her revolver as well. I took the rifle, while I handed my Glock to Dash, and the shotgun to Spitfire. We also locked and barricaded the 2 doors to our rooms, before turning over a desk, and using it as a barricade. I also took the liberty of informing the resort security to the situation, and telling them to please hurry.

"We're in Rooms 345, and 346! They're coming, and they REALLY wanna hurt us!"

"Stand by, we're on our way up!"

Long story short, security got to the 3 thugs before they could even get to our rooms. They were escorted away from the resort, and were charged with attempted murder, attempted sexual assault, and criminal mischief. They would be spending a LONG stint in jail!

Once it was all quiet again, we put away our guns, set the desk back upright, and pretty much went back to what we were doing before.

Eventually, we all decided to call it a night. After showering to get all of the chlorine off of ourselves, (and yes, we all did wash each other!) we went to bed.

The next morning, Daring and I decided to see what kind of wedding packages were offered. Daring wore her black bikini, a pair of shorts over the bottoms, as well as an oversized T-shirt and sandals. She had her gray mane in a ponytail, and we were holding hands as we walked. I was also wearing my swimsuit, a T-shirt, and sandals.

Eventually, we reached the part of the resort that handled weddings. Officially, we were Leo Matthews and Feather Wings, and our story was that we'd been dating for a while, and we'd both ALWAYS wanted to have a beach wedding on the shores of the South Luna Ocean.

"So, you two want to have a beach wedding here?"

I nodded. "Yes ma’am. Feather and I have been together for a while now, and we think that the time is right for us to tie the knot!"

"And what exactly did you have in mind for your wedding?"

I sighed. "Well, due to budget concerns, it will have to be a VERY small affair! Only a few guests will be invited, and we actually planned to wed in our swimsuits."

Daring then took up the story. "All I would really need would be a garter, veil, and a bouquet, although I could probably provide the bouquet myself."

The wedding coordinator then asked a few more questions. "Ok then, and party size?"

I sighed. "Very small, no more than 5 guests. 2 close friends, my dog, and MAYBE 1 or 2 others."

"Ok, that will certainly save time and money! And a cake?"

Daring and I both chose a chocolate cake that had whipped cream, as well as bits of brownies in it.

"Excellent choice! And you will be wanting a minister, am I right?"

We looked at the options, and we decided on what minister we wanted.

"Ok, and before I calculate your final total, one final question. When did you two want to get hitched?"

I pretended to think for a moment. "Well", I said at last, "We're here until the end of the week, but yet we kinda DO want to spend time together before we have to go back home, so how soon can we be married?"

Before the coordinator could answer though, Daring piped up. "Oh, and if it wouldn't be too much of a bother, I'd REALLY like my wedding to be at sunset! That's been my dream since I was a little filly!"

The coordinator smiled. "Well then, how about tonight? We actually DO have an opening at sunset, so we could fit you two in if you wanted!"

"What, really?!"

The coordinator nodded. "Yes, and now it's time to calculate the bill." She then got to work on that. Eventually, she told us that out bill was a measly 400 Bits, which I was able to pay upfront.

"Thank you for your purchase!" The coordinator called after us as we left. "I know that you two will NOT be disappointed!"

Once we were out of there, I turned to Daring, and after sharing a quick kiss, we gently rubbed noses before hurrying back to tell Dash and Spitfire the good news.

"Wait, the wedding is TONIGHT?!"

I nodded. "Yeah, apparently."

"What time?" Spitfire asked.

"Eh, well, at sunset, so I guess at around 7 like they told us. Also, EXTREMELY casual, I'm personally just going to wear my black bikini with a garter and a veil, and I did buy some flowers at one of the resort shops, so that takes care of the wedding bouquet. Plus, it'll just be Stud and I, you two, Aurora and the minister, and perhaps our wedding coordinator. It'll be small, but yet isn't that what we want? Very little, if any publicity?"

Dash nodded. "Yeah, pretty much. So yeah, I guess that this IS the best option that we have. A bit sudden sure, but yet when Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!"

"No, you take those Lemons, and shove them down Life's throat for being a dick-wad!" I muttered.

"What was that Stud?"

"Hmm? Oh, nothing Dash, I was just.....thinking out loud a bit. Anyway, we still have a bit of time before the wedding, so what do you guys want to do? And no, no bungee jumping!" I gave Dash "the look".

She just smirked. "Wow, you really ARE paranoid Stud! Plus, this is your wedding night to Daring. We can always do bungee jumping later!"

I was a bit surprised, but yet I just rolled with it. "Ok then, so what do you guys want to do?"

Spitfire then spoke up. "Well, remember how they have scuba-diving here Stud? That sounded fun!"

I took a look at a brochure, and tried to find the section on scuba-diving. What I saw both made me laugh, cry, and cringe all at once!

"Um, Spitsy, this isn't scuba-diving, this is DEEP SEA diving!"

She looked at me curiously. "Um, what's the difference?"

I showed her. "See this? THIS is scuba diving!"

I then flipped the page over. "And THIS is what they offer here!"

When Spitfire saw it, she put a hand over her mouth. She then showed the pictures to Dash, Daring and Aurora.

They all then looked back at me. Their facial expressions were unreadable, but yet I could somewhat tell that they seemed to be planning something.

"What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?"

Finally, Spitfire spoke up. "Stud, what would it take to get you into one of those suits?"

I rolled my eyes. "Rope, a gag, and a whole lot of drag!" I then began to walk away, but unfortunately I didn't get very far.

Just as I turned away from them, I heard something unravel, but before I could turn back to see what it was, I suddenly felt something wrap aground me, and pin my arms to my sides!

"Hey! What the....?!?!?!"

I then felt something jerk, and when I was pulled backwards, I found myself looking into the smirking face of Daring. I then realized that she'd lassoed me with her trusty whip, and tied me up with it!

"Hmm, let's see, we've got him somewhat pinned. Now then, rope please Spitfire!"

"Heh, sure thing Daring!" Spitfire then began to tie my legs together!

"Hey! You can't do this to me!"


"Yeah Daring?"

"Gag please!"

Dash smirked. "Heh, coming right up!" Dash then grabbed a washcloth, and stuffed it into my mouth!

The 3 of them then lifted me up, and carried me out of the room!

I struggled the whole way down to the diving docks, but Daring did at least try and comfort me. "Come on Stud, this'll be FUN! Just think of this as your bachelor's party!"

By this point, I managed to spit out the gag. "But that's for a GUY to plan, not you guys!"

"Well, it's not like you have too much of a choice Stud! Plus, you yourself DID say that all it would take to get you into one of those suits would be rope, a gag, and a whole lot of drag!"

They then drug me the rest of the way down to the diving docks.

Once we arrived there and my wives all untied me, I was ushered into a back room so that I could be fitted for my diving suit.

When I saw the massive suit that I was going to be suited up in, I just put a hand over my face. "Um, that suit does NOT look like the ones in the brochure!"

The stallion helping me gave me a sympathetic look. "Yeah, I KNOW! Time and time again we keep telling those who make the brochures to stop lying about our diving program, but time and time again, our pleas fall on deaf ears. And time and time again, they keep telling us that they won't need to change it if we'd just get rid of these old suits, and replace them with more modern diving equipment! But therein lies the problem; new gear costs money, and that's money that we DON'T have unless we can sell these old things! This suit here, as well as one other smaller suit are the only ones left, and if we can get rid of them, then we're golden! And, if you were wondering, no, you can’t use the other suit, as it’s meant for an instructor."

I gave him a curious look. If everything that he'd just told me was true, then that meant that in order to buy new equipment, they had to sell off the old, and for the most part they'd succeeded, except for the suit that I was going to be suited up in, and one other. And if they could sell them off, then they'd have enough money to upgrade their diving program.

"Um, and just so I know, assuming that I WAS interested in buying this suit, how much would that set me back?"

"Eh, surprisingly, not nearly as much as you think. I'll help you suit up, and your dive can be a test-run if you want. If you like the suit, then it'll cost you 750 Bits."

I then turned back to the suit. "Ok then, let's see how this works then." I then set about trying to get suited up, with help from the stallion, who's name was Ocean Breeze.

I will not lie. That suit was MUCH heavier than it looked! It was a gray suit with red stripes, brown gloves, heavy metal boots, a large gray helmet with hoses attached to it, small portholes on the front and sides of the helmet, and a big tank for air on the back. I thought that I looked at least somewhat good, at least until I saw my reflection in a mirror. "Oh gosh, I look AWFUL!"

Meanwhile outside, Dash, Daring and Spitfire were wondering what was taking me so long to suit up.

"Hey, is everything ok in there Stud? You've been suiting up for a really long time!"

"I'm done, but this suit is huge, bulky, awkward, and I can barely move in it! I look HIDEOUS! And no, I'm NOT coming out!"

Dash went up to the door. "Come on Stud, it's just a diving suit! It can't be THAT bad!"

"Well, it is!"

"Please, just come on out! I'll help you over to the water if you want!"

"NO! I'm NOT coming out!"

"Stud, if you're not coming out, then WE'RE coming in!"

"OK FINE!!!! I'll come on out. However, I only see one small problem, I don't think that this suit'll fit through the door!"

"Oh, I can help with that!" Ocean Breeze then flipped a few switches, and then the whole wall that the door was attached to opened up like a garage door.

The 3 mares then peered inside, trying to catch a glimpse of their husband in his diving suit. When they saw me though, they were shocked!

The suit was indeed big, gray, bulky, and most like VERY hard to move in! I then awkwardly took a few steps forwards. Once I was out in the light, they saw the suit in it's entirety.

Daring spoke up first. "Wow, you look GREAT Stud! That suit looks good on you!"

"Yeah, I'll say!" Spitfire agreed. "Is that a diving suit, or a tank?!"

"Can I take a picture Stud?" Dash asked.

"Sure, why not?" My voice sounded MUCH deeper than before, but this was due to the suit's audio system.

We all then posed, and Dash snapped a picture.

Daring then looked up at where my face would be. "Um, so how are you going to be getting into the water Stud?"

"Honestly Daring, I haven't the FOGGIEST idea! I can barely move in here, and I do NOT want to break anything!"

"The beach is about 25 feet to your left." Ocean Breeze pointed out, "You can just walk out there."

"Ok, thanks!" I began to (awkwardly!) walk towards the ocean. Ocean Breeze followed me in his own diving suit, just in case anything went wrong. (His was MUCH smaller than mine, and was CLEARLY more modern, even though it was still somewhat old.)

Daring had to duck out, as she had to get ready for the wedding. Spitfire went with her, although Dash stayed with me so that she could film me in action.

Eventually, I reached the beach next to the diving building. After doing a final systems check, and once Ocean was ready and Dash was filming, I began to walk into the water. First it rose to my feet, and then my knees, waist, chest, and then finally, the view-ports of the helmet went under water as well. I was now fully submerged in my suit!

"How's it going down there Stud?" Dash asked.

"Ok so far Dashie! Moving around under water is WAY easier than moving around on land! There's a whole new underwater world down here, and I'm right in the middle of it! I'm filming with my Go-Pro so that you can watch the footage later, but believe me, what I'm seeing right now is INCREDIBLE!"

"Yeah, I'll believe it Stud!"

I kept wandering around on the bottom of the South Luna Ocean at a depth of about 300 feet or so for a while longer. In fact, I was having so much fun that I COMPLETELY lost track of time!

Suddenly, Daring's voice came over my radio. "Stud? Stud! Where are you?!"

"Oh hey Baby, nice to hear from you again! And I'm about a half mile out, at maybe 500 feet down, checking out some really cool rock formations! What are you doing?"


"What?!?!?! I'm late?!"

"Yes you Big Goof! You're late for your own gosh-damn wedding!" I could tell that Daring was trying to be really angry with me, but yet was also trying to hold back her cute, yet sarcastic silliness. "And if you're not up here in exactly 2 minutes, we're starting without you! I'll bet the guy who's been checking out my ass would LOVE to take your place!"

When Daring said that, I let out a loud, whale-like scream, before charging as fast as I could through the sea. "Be there in 2, watch the ocean for me!" I then signed off.

"Hey Ocean Breeze?" I asked as I began to run.


"Are you free for the next 20 minutes or so? Because if so, you're invited to my sunset, beach-side wedding!"

"What, really?"

"Yeah, really! The same wedding that I'm LATE for, so let's hurry!" We both then continued our charges through the ocean, heading for the main resort's beach.

"Ugh, WHERE is he?! I get all dolled up for my sunset beach wedding with him, and he DOESN'T EVEN SHOW UP FOR IT?!?!" Daring was standing on the beach in her black bikini with a veil over her face, a tropical flower behind one of her ears, and a garter on her leg. She was also holding the wedding bouquet, and her mane was also still in a ponytail from earlier.

Dash and Spitfire looked at each other worriedly. "Well Feathers, he IS in a diving suit under the sea somewhere close by, so he's probably trying to make it here as fast as he can!"

Both of them were also in their bikini swimsuits, and Aurora was close by as well. Also present was the sort of minister, and our wedding coordinator. The only thing missing was the groom, aka me!

Finally, Daring managed to reach me by radio, and I told her that I was coming just as fast as I could. A few minutes later, they were all looking out to sea when Dash suddenly spotted a strange, glowing yellow light moving beneath the waves, and coming towards the beach!

"Hey, what's that light?" She pointed to it, and moments later, a massive diving suit burst up through the surf, and began to walk towards the beach! Also from behind it, another smaller diving suit appeared, before walking towards the beach as well.

"Holy.....!!!! WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS!?!?!?!" The minister yelled.

Daring sighed. "THAT would be my husband to be! He took a deep sea diving adventure, and almost ended up missing his own wedding! Behind him is the diving instructor."

A minute or so later, the big diving suit reached the wedding party, and after the occupant of the other suit revealed himself to be Ocean Breeze,the diving instructor, he helped me out of my suit as well.

Once I was out of the suit, I took a moment to collect myself, before removing my shirt, and once I was in my swimsuit as well, I joined Daring in front of the minister.

"I'm REALLY sorry for being late Daring! I just lost track of time being under the sea like that!"

She just held my hand. "Yeah, and I can forgive you Stud. Only now we have a bit of a problem. There's going to be photos taken of our wedding, and we have 2 diving suits here on the beach as well! What do we do?"

I thought for a moment. "Well, they could be 'guests' as well! This means that we have 2 mares, a dog, a diving instructor, a wedding coordinator, AND 2 diving suits attending our wedding!"

Daring just laughed, before playfully hugging me. "Oh Stud, you are just TOO MUCH sometimes! But what the heck. You only live once right? So let's do this thing!"

After taking a few minutes more to fully set up, we were ready to begin.

The minister stood with his back to the ocean, Daring and I were facing each other in front of him, and hehind us were the guests. Dash, Spitfire and Aurora got the front row, while Ocean Breeze and the wedding coordinator got the back row, and the 2 diving suits stood off to the side so as to "provide security"! The wedding coordinator was also taking pictures, as were Dash and Spitfire.

Once we were all ready, the minister began.

"Ok, well, now that we're all present and accounted for, let's do this shall we? Are you both ready for this?"

Daring sighed. "Yes, I was born ready!"

"I'm ready too Sir!"

"Ok then, Mr. Ocean Breeze, please bring up the rings!"

He did so, and once again, I simply removed my wedding ring, and would have it handed back to me very shortly. Daring got her own ring though.

The minister then turned to me. "Leo, do you, take this mare, to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?"

I placed my ring onto Daring's finger. I also decided to extend the vows a bit. "Yes, I do! I take you Daring, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do us part!" (I also forgot to call her "Feathers", and instead used her real name! Fortunately, nopony aside from Daring, Spitfire and Dash noticed!)

The minister then turned to Daring. "And do you, Feathers, take this stallion to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?"

Like me, Daring also decided to extend her vow. She then placed her ring over my finger. "Yes, I do! I take you Stud, to be my lawfully wedded husband! To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from the good times to the bad, through sickness and in health, to love faithfully, until death do us part!"

The minister then turned to the very small audience. "And, do any of you have any objections to this wedding union? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

For some odd reason, Ocean Breeze's diving suit suddenly made a weird noise. He checked it, but he said that it was simply a battery level indicator, indicating that the batteries for his suit's lights needed to be recharged. "It's NOT an objection!" He assured us.

The minister then sighed. "Ok then, by the power vested in my as the presider over this wedding union, I pronounce you both mare and stallion! You may kiss the bride!"

I then lifted up Daring's veil, but then to my surprise, Daring leapt into my arms, and after wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my back, she gave me a French-kiss! I held her legs to keep her stable, and kissed her back.

The minister was a bit surprised. "Whoa! Frisky young couple, aren't you?"

Once Daring broke the kiss, she shifted herself around until I was holding her bridle style.

"I assume that you know what to do Stud?"

I nodded. "Oh, you know it Babe!" Then in a prearranged maneuver, I ran with her down to the ocean, before jumping in with her.

As we frolicked, swam, and splashed around in the South Luna Ocean, Aurora, with help from DELCI, played through the speaker in her collar the most appropriate song for this occasion.

All while we were having fun, Spitfire and Dash watched us.

"Aww, they look so adorable together!"

"Yeah, can't argue with you there Spitsy! Now all three of us are FINALLY married to that hunk of a stallion, and now we can begin to plan out our new lives together!"

Spitfire thought about that. "Yeah, and first we'll have to start with building onto your house, which we WILL do come Winter, but then where will we go from there?"

Dash shrugged. "Wherever Life takes us, I guess. We've still got a LONG road ahead of us Spitsy, although for the time being, let's just focus on the present. Tonight, we ALL get to have our wedding night with Stud, and I know that THAT will be epic and awesome!"

Spitfire nodded, and they continued to watch us.

All too soon, we were down to our last day at the resort. As a sort of "last hurrah", I FINALLY agreed to go bungee jumping with Dash. However, let's just say that our trip up to Daredevil Falls was the LONGEST of my entire life! Spitfire and Daring came with us, as did Aurora.

All too soon, we reached the falls. I took out my camera, and started to video. "Ok, today is October 15th, 2029, the temperature is an amazing 85 degrees, and I'm here with Dashie; say hi Dashie!"

Dash wrapped an arm around me, and kissed me. "Hi guys!"

"And we're up here!" I then turned the camera, so as to show Daredevil Falls, as well as the bridge in front of it where the bungee jumping was done. "And SOMEHOW, Dashie talked me into going on a bungee jump with her. And not just ANY bungee jump, but a jump in just our SWIMSUITS! Isn't that NUTS?! Also, my two other wives are here as well to record this," I panned the camera over to Daring and Spitfire, "As well as Aurora!" I pointed the camera to her, and she barked happily.

"All three of them have come to watch Dash and I DIE, so let's do this, I guess."

Soon, Daring, Spitfire and Aurora were on the bridge watching, while Dash and I were being harnessed up for our jump. As per the usual, they tied the cords to harnesses attached to our ankles, before attaching our ankles together. We had our arms wrapped around each other, as well as our wings, and I had my trusty Go-pro camera on my head as well.

"You guys can do this!" Spitfire yelled over to us.

"Yeah!" Daring agreed. "Plus, if you two survive, I'll be willing to make a jump with you as well!"

"As will I!" Spitfire agreed.

"Me too!" Aurora added.

"Um, Aurora, I don't think that they allow dogs to bungee jump!"

"Yeah, we actually do!" One of the staff then showed me a picture of a guy doing a jump with his dog harnessed to him! The dog looked to be about the same size as Aurora as well.

"Huh, so you do. Well, I'm STILL freaking out over here!"

Dash kissed me. "Aw, come on Stud, this'll be AWESOME!"

"Yeah, awesome, right. I survived the Imperial War, only to die doing something stupid. I know that THAT will make the history books!"

"Well, the good news is Stud that even if you die, you won't have to die alone. I'll be right here with you, and I guess that we'll be heading to the Afterlife together!"

"Dash, NOT a very good motivational right there!"

She shrugged. "What? It's TRUE, isn't it?"

I just put a hand over my face, before it was time for our bungee jumping tutorial.

"Ok you two, here's the deal. You're about to make the most AWESOME bungee jump of your entire lives right now! You're about to make the full 17 story plunge to the bottom of the falls, before taking a quick dip in the pool beneath it, and then springing back up here! You'll fall down again of course, and then it'll be a few more times up and down,before we finally haul you back up here!"

I was scared now! "Wait. 17 story plunge?! Dip in the pool beneath the falls?!"

"Yeah! Any other questions?"

"Yeah! Where can I file for life insurance?!"

"No other questions? Good! Now then, let's get you two up to the jumping platform!" Dash and I were then picked up gently, and carried over to what appeared to be a small platform. It was made of metal, and was only about 3 feet wide, and 3 feet long. Beneath it was the 17 story drop to the waterfall's pool at the bottom.

"Oh Celestia!"

The staff member orientating me just smirked. "What's the matter Leo?"

"Oh nothing. I'm just a little bit nervous about having a cord tied to my ankles while jumping 17 stories down to a pool beneath a waterfall like Daredevil Falls! It's absolute INSANITY!!!!!"

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, we've NEVER had a single fatality at our facility here."


"Yeah. We're the safest bungee jump around!"

That made me feel a little bit better. Dash and I then stepped up to the edge of the platform. Once we were ready, we held each other tightly, and we wrapped our wings around each other as well.

"You ready Dash?"

She looked up at me. "I was BORN ready Stud!"

"Well, can I at LEAST get one more kiss for the road?"

She smirked. "Of course Stud!" She then gave me a quick kiss to help calm my nerves.

I then glanced over at Daring and Spitfire. "Hey guys?"

"Yeah Stud?"

"Do a countdown!"

"Ok! 10.....9.....8.....7.....6....5.....4.....3....2....1....JUMP!!!!"

"GERONIMO!!!!!!" I then jumped, and let gravity do its thing.

I will not lie, I GENUINELY thought that we were going to die! I felt like we were falling to our death, and while Dash cheered, I stayed a bit quiet. Eventually, we reached the water head first, and we did dive into it up to our waists, before we were sprung back up again.

"*cough cough* Going up Stud!" We were then shot back up.

Eventually, after springing up and down a few more times, our jump reached its end, and Dash and I were hauled back up.

"Whew! That was......pretty cool actually!" I was still in shock that I'd actually bungee jumped!

"No kidding Stud! That was AWESOME!!!!"

Daring then walked over. "Heh, well, I'm glad that you guys think so, cuz now it's my turn to bungee jump with you Stud!"

I took one of Daring's hands. "Well then, let's do this!"

After Daring's jump with me, then it was Spitfire's turn, and after she was done, I did it with Aurora. Aurora's jump was interesting, because I was given a harness that attached to my torso and waist, as was Aurora. Once we were both secured, I jumped, and we made the plunge upright this time. (My jumps with Daring and Spitfire were just like the one with Dash; Harness to the ankles, upside down.) We then hit the water, before springing back up again. Aurora loved every minute of it, and we had the videos of ALL of our jumps to remember the experience by.

Once we were done, we all took a group photo with our backs to Daredevil Falls.

One of the staff took the picture. "And just so I know, how are you all related?"

"Well, Dashie here's my wife, this is her cousin Feathers", I pointed to Daring, "This is our close friend Spitfire, and this is my dog Aurora."

"Wow, you're one LUCKY stallion to be THAT CLOSE with 3 beautiful mares!"

"More than you know Buddy!" I thought.

Once he snapped a few pictures, we all then headed back to the resort.

The next day, it was time for us to leave. All 5 of us were sad to have to leave, but yet we all had our lives to get back to. Also with us on the train ride home in the baggage was a VERY large crate, as well as a somewhat smaller crate. The large crate said, "CAUTION! FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE!!!!" Below that, it said, "Diving suit, property of Captain Leopard!" The other crate said, "CAUTION! FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE!!!!" Below that, it said, "Diving suit, property of AK Yearling!"

Yep, in the end, I bought the diving suit that I'd worn for my deep sea diving adventure, and Daring ended up buying the other one. Now, the resort had the money to FULLY upgrade their diving program from deep-sea diving to proper scuba-diving!

What did we plan on doing with the suits? Well for the time being, they would remain in their crates, which would be stored in a storage room onboard the Battleship Express. Later on, once the new additions to our house were complete, the suits were displayed in 2 large glass display cases in a trophy room full of other relics. Every now and again, Daring and I would take them for a dive in the river surrounding Ponyville, but for the most part, they just remained where they were.

Now, my last wedding was over. Now, I could focus on building a new life with the mares that I'd grown to love so much. Little did I suspect though just what kind of adventures lay ahead for ALL of us!

Chapter 16.5 (WARNING: EXPLICIT!!!!!!!)

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Eventually, Daring and I waded back to the beach. We were both still soaking wet, but we really didn't mind. Daring was giggling like a schoolfilly, and I wasn't too far behind her. Once we made it back to the beach, Dash and Spitfire handed us towels, and after we'd dried off, we helped Ocean Breeze move the diving suits back to the diving docks.

"So, have you decided yet on whether or not you'll buy the suit?"

I nodded. "Yeah, consider me sold! I'll take the suit, provided of course that I can pay by check!"

Ocean Breeze nodded. "Yes, you can pay by check."

Before I could respond further though, Daring spoke up. "And is that other suit still for sale?"

"Yeah, but it's more of an instructor's suit. Why would you want it?"

"Because my husband got his own suit, and here's another one for sale that I could have!" Daring then turned to me. "Oh, and don't worry Stud, I can buy this one myself!"

I shrugged. "Eh, whatever you say Daring."

Long story short, Daring did end up buying the other suit, and Ocean Breeze agreed to keep them in storage for us until we could transport them home. We also agreed to pay him once the suits were all packed up into a crate. In the meantime though, there was "fun" to be had!

Once we were on our way back to the resort, I gently scooped Daring up, and carried her bridle-style back inside the hotel.

"Oh come on Stud! I'm an ADVENTURE HERO! I'm perfectly capable of walking myself back up to our room!"

I shrugged. "Eh, maybe so Daring, but still, you are my beautiful mare, and I do NOT let my mares walk back to our room on our wedding night!"

"S-shut up!" Daring had a hand over her face, but she was blushing, indicating that she didn't mean what she said.

Also while we walked through the hotel, other Ponies clapped and cheered for us getting married.

"Wow, his wife's a REAL hottie!"

"Yeah, no kidding! She's the spitting image of Daring Do herself!"

"What a lucky guy!"

"Lucky guy? Don't you mean lucky MARE? I mean look at that hunk! What I wouldn't give to get me some of THAT in bed!"

I began to blush as well, and behind me I could hear Dash, Spitfire, and even Aurora trying to muffle their giggling.

"Really guys?" I quietly asked them once I half-turned to look at them.

"What? Who's laughing Stud? Nopony's laughing back here!"

"Dash, you've ALWAYS been a terrible liar, you know that right?"

She giggled. "Maybe?"

"And you two look SO cute together!" Aurora added.

Daring and I could both do little more than put a hand over our faces, and just buck it up. (We also planned on taking one of the bedrooms, and locking ourselves into it!)

We then went over to the elevators, and returned to our rooms.

Once we were up there, Spitfire opened the door for us, before I carried Daring over the threshold. After a quick glance over to the room that Dash and I shared with Daring revealed that the door was open, I looked at Daring, she nodded, and as quick as I flash, I took flight, before zipping into the room, dropping Daring onto the bed, before turning around and slamming and locking the door! (I'd gotten 2 rooms for us, and now I'd just locked Daring and myself into 345. Dash, Spitfire and Aurora were still in Room 346.

"Huh? Hey! What the?!" I heard hoofsteps come up to the door. "Hey! Why'd you lock the door Stud?"

"Because you, Spitsy and Aurora were being mean!"

I then heard more hoofsteps, as well as paws. "Hey, open the door Stud!" It was Spitfire this time.


"What? Why?"

"Because like I told Dash, you be mean, you get locked out! Daring and I ain't coming out of here til tomorrow!"

Dash and Spitfire then realized what I meant by that. I had just denied them sex for a night while I f@#ked Daring's brains out!


"Karma's a bitch, ain't it guys?" Daring laughed.

I laughed too. "Yeah! And let's see, we've got each other, we've got ALL of Room 345, which means that we've got a bedroom, a bathroom, a balcony, lots of food, the rest of our wedding cake, a fully-stocked minibar, a TV, couches, chairs, and other such luxuries of a high-end hotel room. Dash, Spitfire, and Aurora have that too, but yet they DON'T have me!"


"Not gonna happen Dashie! Tonight's Daring's night. Tomorrow I'll open up Room 345 again, but not before!"

"But my bags are in there Stud!"

"How's that a problem? I thought that you always slept naked anyway. Plus, without me, why would you need birth control? And if you need anything else, just ask Spitfire!"

"Don't expect to sleep in Dash's house anymore Stud!" Spitfire told me. "It may be OUR house now, but we're NOT gonna let you live there!"

"Yeah? Well, don't expect ME to pay for the expansions! Or the part that I was gonna give Dash for her next birthday!"

I heard them stop. "Wait, what part that you were gonna give me for my next birthday Stud?"

"You and Spitfire behave yourselves over there, and let me have my time with Daring, and maybe you'll find out!"

I heard them talk among themselves. Finally, Dash said, "Fine! I'll just have sex with Spitfire! Goodnight Stud, goodnight Daring!"

"Goodnight Dash!"

"Goodnight Dash."

They then left, and I turned back to Daring.

"Man, I can't BELIEVE that you just gave in to him like that! Why did you do that Dash?"

Dash turned to Spitfire, and then she began to laugh.

"Hey, what's so funny?"

Dash then held up a bottle of pills. "I'm laughing cuz I got these!"

"Huh? What are those?"

"Daring's birth control! Now, they'll either open up, or Daring had better be ready to be a mom!"

Spitfire was about to start laughing, but then she thought of something else. "Yeah, but what if they just do anal, or he pulls out before he cums?"

"Oh, don't worry, Daring will be taking a pill tonight, but the question is WHICH pill?"

Now Spitfire started to get worried. The smirk on Dash's face didn't seem to be the funny kind anymore. "Dash, what did you do?"

"I took the bottle of birth control, but there was also another bottle in my bag as well. This bottle though contains my FERTILITY PILLS! The bottles look almost identical, and I DOUBT that Daring'll pay too much attention to the label!"

Spitfire and Aurora froze. Sure, they were mad about what I'd done, but yet they didn't like what Dash was doing.

"Um, Dash, don'k you think that this is taking it a little bit too far?" Aurora was getting scared. "I mean, being mad is one thing, but yet something like this? What if Daring actually gets pregnant because of this?"

"And worse, what if one day that they found out that the foal(s) that were born to them because of this could have been avoided, but you decided to jack with the birth control? How do you think that Stud would react to that?"

"He'd be mad, but yet as he said, 'Karma's a bitch, ain't it?' Now it's HIS turn to get Karma!"

Spitfire was having NONE of this! She went over to the door. "STUD?! STUD!!!!!"

"Yeah Spitsy, what is it?"


"Hey, SHUT UP SPITFIRE!!!!" Dash yelled at her.

Spitfire just glared at her.

"Hey, what in the hell's going on over there?! And why shouldn't I take the pills?!"

"You shouldn't, because......MWPH!!!!!" Dash slammed her hands over Spitfire mouth to keep her from spilling the secret. Luckily, while Dash and Spitfire were tussling, Aurora finished for her.

"Master, can you hear me?"

"Yes, and what the hell's going on over there?!"

Talking fast, Aurora then explained the whole situation.

"WHAT?! Ok, thanks for telling us Aurora! I'll let Spitfire beat Dash's ass for this, and we'll just enjoy our night over here."

"Anytime Master! It's my job to keep you safe!"

Eventually, Spitfire managed to get Dash to the ground, where Dash then admitted that she was lying about the fertility pills, and just wanted to f@#k with somepony.

"I was KIDDING Spitfire! I don't even HAVE fertility pills! However, my bottle IS the only bottle of birth control, so I hope that Stud either uses a condom, or doesn't jizz in Daring! Or that if he does, he and her are ready to make us aunts!"

Spitfire smacked Dash one more time for good measure. "Dash you're so STUPID!!!!! And you'd BETTER go and buy them some Morning After pills!"

Dash sighed. "Yeah, fine. You're right. I'll go find some, and present them to Daring as a peace offering." She then went to go and do just that.

"And I'M sleeping on the couch tonight!" Spitfire called after her.

"Yeah, and so am I!" Aurora added. "Unless of course, you wanna eat dog-pussy; not that I even would let you lick mine even if you DID want to!"

"Oh yeah, you only let Stud eat you out! I forgot about that!"

"Hey, UNCALLED FOR!" Aurora barked at her angrily, before walking over to the couch with Spitfire.

Meanwhile, back in Room 345, Daring and I searched Dash's bag, but yet we couldn't find the fertility pills.

"Well, there's always the chance that Dash was just being a dick-wad, and didn't tell Spitfire and Aurora about this."

Daring just shrugged. "Meh, I can skip the pill anyway. Just wait for me to get dressed, and then we can have some REAL fun!"

"Sure babe!" I then waited in the living room, while Daring got ready in the bathroom. A few minutes later, I heard her moving a few things around in the bedroom. Soon though, all noises ceased.

"You can come in now big boy! I'm waiting for ya!"

"Ok, here I come." I then walked over to the bedroom, and when I opened the door, I was surprised.

All of the lights were off, and the room was lit only by a number of candles. I then saw Daring lying on the bed. Instead of her bikini, she was wearing a set of black, almost sheer lingerie. Her pith helmet was on her head again, and her mane was hanging down her left shoulder. She was also lying on her side facing me, with one hands on her hip, and the other under her breasts close to her belly. Her tail was also draped over her left leg. I also saw that she was wearing a purplish stone necklace, and that she'd put on a bit of makeup, (blush, and eye-shadow, as well as pink lipstick) and that she was gently smirking at me.

"Well, what are you waiting for big boy? Wanna come have an adventure with me?"

I hesitated a bit. Daring could really be adorable sometimes, especially when she wasn't trying to be! With what she was wearing, she just looked so feminine instead of tomboyish, and I loved it.

Daring saw me smirk, and almost laugh. "Hey, what's so funny?"

"Nothing's funny, but you just look so adorable Daring!"

She gave me a look. "Hey, who you calling ADORABLE buddy?"

"Well, YOU Daring! With that getup, it just suits you so well. It's kinda girly, and I like it."

She glared at me. "If you don't do this right, I'll have Dash and Spitfire knock you out, before we put makeup on you, put your mane in pigtails, put you in a schoolfilly uniform, and leave you somewhere outside of the hotel! I'll bet that some of the stallions out there would just LOVE a cute li'l schoolfilly to 'play with'!"

"Yeah? And I'd beat every one of their asses! But for the sake of tonight, I'll humor you." I then turned away, before turning back. "Oh, and where are we gonna have this 'adventure'?"

She patted the bed. "Right here! We're gonna find the Temple of Lola, the ancient fertility goddess!"

I walked slowly over to the bed. "Wow, that sounds like fun. And where is this 'temple'?"

Daring looked up at me, and smirked. "We've already found it Stud, it's right here! We're right now in the heart of the temple. This is where the ancient rituals took place."

"What ancient rituals? The fertility rituals?"

"Mmm hmm. And now we're gonna perform it too!"

I began to lick my lips a bit. "Oh, and with a fertility goddess like you, I'm REALLY gonna enjoy this 'ritual'!"

Daring and I then pretty much broke character after that!

I was on Daring in an instant, and after removing her lingerie, I began to kiss and fondle her gently.

"Ngh......yeah, right there Stud!" Daring was lying nude on her back, and I was kissing my way down her body. Her pith helmet was lying on the bed next to her, and I was naked as well.

I kissed her neck, before working down to her shoulders, and then I gently began to kiss her breasts. "Wow Babe, you've got a REALLY nice rack!"

"Hee hee! Thanks Stud! They're somewhere between D's, and Double D's. And yes, they're all mine!"

I continued to kiss and caress them. "Well, they're nice, and they're really soft They're not quite as muscular as Spitfire's but they're slightly bigger and softer than Dash's!" I then began to lick, and suck on her nipples.

"N-nyah! That feels SO GOOD Baby!"

"Mmm, yeah, purr for me kitty, purr!"

Daring just giggled in response.

I then stopped suckling from her, and after taking a few more moments to pet, and knead the tuft of fur that she had on her chest, I began to kiss lower. After kissing the bottoms of her breasts, I kissed her lower chest, and then I began to kiss down her belly.

She had some nice muscles. Not quite as muscular as Spitfire and Dash, but yet they were still there. It was also then that I noticed for the first time, that Daring actually had a little bit of a belly on her. She wasn't outright chubby, but yet she was a little pudgy!

"Wow Daring, you're a little pudgy down here."

"Y-you got a problem with that? I like to eat a little more from time to time; so what?"

"Nothing. I like a little meat on the bones. Plus, I NEVER said that you were fat. I just said that you were a little pudgy.........And NOW I'm gonna say that you have some really nice curves as well!" Daring had grabbed me by one of my Pony ears, and it felt like she was gonna rip it off!

"Stud, you NEVER imply that lady is fat! You also NEVER tell her that she's pudgy! I'm just a little 'fluffy' down there, that's all!"

"Well, when did I ever say that I had a PROBLEM with it?! I said that I LIKE meat on the bones!"

Daring finally let go of my ear. Before I started kissing her again though, I asked a question. "And before I start again, I noticed your necklace earlier. What is it?"

Daring looked at her necklace. It was a purplish polished stone with a black cord. "It's a pendant, actually. My mom gave it to me when I was a foal. Supposedly, I was born under the 'Mark of the Fertility Goddess', as my mom said. She would never tell me what that meant, but yet she said that I would grow up to be 'VERY fertile, and be able to have lots of foals with the body that I would have as an adult'. I thought that she was crazy, but yet looking at myself now, I have a body that's almost perfect for making foals. Large breasts to feed them, good birthing hips to push them out, and a perfect womb to make them. I've worn this necklace for years, and my mom always told me to wear it, as it would help 'keep me fertile', although I don't believe that it has any 'mystical powers'! I still like it though, so I always wear it. Except for the night of your birthday party. I left it behind that night."

I thought about that. "Well, I think that it looks pretty on you, and I like it! Also, I think that I'll go back to kissing you now!"

Daring sighed. "Well, I'm glad that you like it Stud, and if you want, I'll always wear it."

I nodded. "Sure. Now we can 'play' with you wearing that. Wearing ONLY that!"

Daring smacked me playfully. "Really Stud? REALLY?"

I just laughed before I resumed kissing.

Eventually, I reached Daring's pubes. For the most part she was shaved, except for a gray landing strip, which really stood out against her tan fur.

"Wow, nice landing strip Daring."

" like it Stud?"

I gave it a kiss. "What do you think?"

"I think that you do!"

I kissed it again. "And you'd be right!"

And I would have kissed her slit next, but yet I wanted to say that I did something first. I then began to rub Daring's Cutie-Marks. "Huh, just as I thought. It feels like fur, but yet it's colored to form your cutie-mark."

Daring rolled over a bit so that I could see it better. I then took the opportunity, and kissed her right Cutie-Mark.

"Whoa! Did you just........kiss my ass?"

I shook my head. "No......." I then kissed her right butt-cheek. "But now I did though!"

Daring then burst out laughing. "Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I can't BELIEVE that you just kissed my ass, literally!"

"Well, I can kiss it again if you want me too, or I can kiss your pussy."

"You just want me to say, 'kiss my ass' again so that you can do it, don't you?"

I smirked a bit. "What do you think?"

Daring rolled her eyes. "Just.......kiss my ass already, you Loony!"

I laughed a bit and complied. After giving her a few playful spanks, I began to kiss her ass again.

Eventually I was done, and I rolled Daring back onto her back, before finally getting down to her now gooey slit. I began to touch it gently.

"Wow Daring, you're really gooey down here! Are you enjoying this?"

"Is my pussy wet?"


"Then that means I like it, I like it a lot! The wetter and gooier I am, the more I like it!"

"What if I make you squirt though?"

"If I squirt, then THAT means that I'll be loving you for a LONG time to come! You made me squirt once, and I positively creamed my brains out!"

"And, do you want me to do that again?"

She looked down at me like I was crazy. "Are you kidding me?! HELL YEAH!!!!"

I shrugged. "Ok then, brace yourself! Here I go!" I then began to focus my attention on her pussy.

I started with a few gentle licks, which later escalated into a combination of licking and fingering. Daring just moaned like a mare in heat.

"Mmm, you like that Babe?"


"Heh, I'll take that as a yes!"

Soon I began to suck, and lick at her clit, before getting my almost muzzle up to her pussy, and going to town. Daring had to grab and bite a pillow to keep from screaming out in bliss! Using the same routine as before, I managed to bring her to an orgasm so intense that she squirted like a fountain!

"NYAH!!!!" She yelled into her pillow.

I was hit with a wave of juices that squirted out of her. All 3 of my mares tasted different. Dash tasted like Skittles, Spitfire tasted like mac and cheese (for whatever reason!), and Daring? She tasted like honey. I thought that Daring might have been satisfied, but alas, I was dead wrong!

I stood up to stretch for a moment, and in that moment, Daring leapt up, grabbed me, and threw me back down onto the bed! I looked into her magenta eyes, and all I could see was a wild, feral animal. She looked at me hungrily, all while licking her lips.

"Oh, I'm REALLY going to enjoy this!"

"Daring, the birth control! You're not on it!"

"Yeah? And they made Morning After pills for a reason didn't they? If you don't want a foal then just buy me some in the morning! Now then, let's have some REAL fun!"

While I was still trying to grasp that, Daring then straddled me, before lining her pussy up with my dick, and slamming herself down on it!

"NYAH!!!!" We both cried out. Then with Daring digging her nails into my chest, she began to ride me furiously.

I also saw her pick her pith helmet back up before placing it back on her head. " gonna be my....g-greatest adventure yet!"

"Hey, D-Daring?"


"W-what was, your....g-greatest adventure ever?"

"N-not what, S-stud, b-but.....W-who!"

"Ok then, w-who was.....your g-greatest adventure ever?"

Daring then stopped riding me so furiously for a moment, before leaning down, and giving me a loving lick on the nose, followed by a kiss. "Ngh, you Stud. YOU were my greatest adventure ever! You always have been, and you always will be. I know that life with you won't be perfect, but yet I DO know that it will be an amazing adventure! One day I'll write a book about my life with you, but for now, wanna be feral with me for a bit?"

I looked up at her. "Does that mean that I can be on top?"

"If you can wrestle me to the bed and f@#k me, then yes, you can be on top!"

I sighed. Sometimes a stallion just had to do what a stallion had to do. I then took Daring up on her offer.

I will admit, it DID take some doing, as I first had to get up from underneath her, and THEN try and wrestle her to he bed, but eventually, because I was slightly bigger AND stronger, I had Daring down in the doggy position, and I was f@#king her like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh Goddess YES Stud!!!! F@#k me! F@#k me and make me pregnant with your foals!"

I grunted, but I didn't say anything. I was too far into the zone to care.

Also while I had Daring in doggy, I was also squeezing and massaging her breasts as well.

"N-nyah, you like to play a little rough Stud?"


"Well then", She reached around, flipped herself into the missionary position, before grabbing my back with her arms and legs, and REALLY digging her nails and hooves into them, "Let's do this roughly!"

Her hurting me threw our sex into overdrive. The more she dug into me, the harder I f@#ked her, and the harder I f@#ked, the deeper she dug. Soon, I could feel my back bleeding from Daring's scratches, and in response, I bit her neck with my fangs!

"S-stop, scratching me so hard! I'm F@#KING BLEEDING!!!!"

Daring responded by slapping me hard on the back. "I SAID F@#K ME YOU FILTHY, FERAL ANIMAL!!!!"

That did it. If Daring wasn't pregnant, or f@#ked stupid already, she was going to be! I finally snapped.

Roughly, I grabbed Daring, before throwing her back into the doggy position, although this time, I held her arms firmly behind her back, while I used my wings to hold her hips in place! (Just another advantage to having wings; they're like a second pair of hands in a way!)

"You wanna play ROUGH?!?!?! Ok then, LET'S PLAY ROUGH!!!!!" I then began to f@#k Daring like I never f@#ked before.

Even today, I NEVER f@#ked like I did on that night before or since. I slammed my hips into her so hard that her ass-cheeks were as red as a tomato! The entire bed was creaking, squeaking, and shaking from how hard I was f@#king Daring!

I could feel my load building up in me, but I didn't care. The bitch that I was holding down and f@#king was MINE, and meant to be used however I felt like using her. And right then, I was gonna BREED her!

"You, want my foals Daring?"


"Well, here they come!" I then thrusted deep into Daring one final time.

"NYAH!!!!!" We both screamed at the top of our lungs.

I then blasted the biggest load of cum that I'd ever blasted inside of Daring, before we both collapsed onto our bed in a sweaty, messy heap.

Meanwhile, deep inside of Daring, an egg was traveling to her womb. It was hit by my wave of swimmers, and sure enough, it got fertilized! If something wasn't going to be done about it, Daring would soon be pregnant!

"Ha ha! I've gotcha now Bitch!" Life thought to herself. "Now I've FINALLY Found a Way!"

I kissed Daring's neck gently. "Mmm, goodnight Babe. I love you."

"Hmm, as weird as this is for me to say Stud, I love you too."

We both then fell asleep like that, with Life fully convinced that she'd FINALLY Found a Way!

The next morning, we both came out of our room again, Dash apologized for trying to screw with us like that, and she offered Daring the Morning After pills as a peace offering.

"Thanks Dash. With the way I got f@#ked last night, I could EASILY be pregnant right now!" She then got a glass of water, before taking the pills.

Deep inside of her, once the pills began to work, the pregnancy that had begun about 7 hours prior was terminated.

"What? No, no, no, no, NO!!!!" Life was DEVASTATED! “F@#K YOU MORNING AFTER PILLS!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!" Life then directed her anger at me. "This is the LAST STRAW Leopard! Now I WILL be finding a way, and in the WORST. Possible. WAY!!!! You will NEVER live to rue the day that you cheated me for the LAST TIME!!! Both you and Daring Do are MARKED PONIES!!! I WILL get you, and (hopefully!) BEFORE THE YEAR IS OUT!!!!!"

Meanwhile, back outside, neither Daring or I knew just how mad Life was at us. When Daring had her next period, the remains of the pregnancy went with it. She never knew just how close she came to disaster that night, although both of us DID suspect it.

Once she was done, we both went back to my bed, and with Dash and Spitfire, as well as Aurora with us, we all cuddled for a while.

"Hmm, 3 wives and a dog. I really AM the luckiest guy in all of Equestria!" I then lay back on the bed, wondering how the rest of our honeymoon would go.

Chapter 17: War Prisoners, War Trials, War with Winter

View Online

For a few days after we all got back from our honeymoon, everything was calm and peaceful. Soon though, Fall began to turn into Winter.

In mid-November, just before the American Holiday of Thanksgiving, the snows began to fall. They weren't too bad, and lasted for a day or so, leaving a few inches on the ground. Thanksgiving passed, but then on November 27th, 2029, orders suddenly came down from Canterlot.

Don called all of us from Battalion 4009 together, where onboard the Battleship Express, Celestia and Luna had a new job for all of us.

"Major Don, Captain Leopard, Jim, and others from the Battleship Express and Battalion 4009, it is a pleasure to see all of you again!"

"Likewise Princesses!" Don said warmly. "Now then, what was it that you had to tell us? Something about another job?"

Celestia nodded slowly. "Yes, I have another job for all of you. Before the hard snows of Winter set in, myself, Princess Luna, as well as ambassadors from the Griffon Kingdom, have decided that the time is right to bring the war prisoners that have been kept in Zebrica and Donneth to Canterlot, so that the war trials can begin."

When Celestia said that, we were all shocked. Sure, we knew that the trials were going to be held eventually, but we didn't think that they would begin before the year was out.

"And, what do you want us to do, Princess?" Don asked her.

Celestia turned to him. "I want you and your crew to go to both Zebrica, and Donneth, get the prisoners, and bring them to Canterlot. Troops, as well as any additional trains that you might need will be sent with you to supply you with whatever you need." When Celestia said that, the full scope of our mission was realized. We would be going to fetch the prisoners, and bring them back to Equestria to stand trial. We would also have to protect them, as there still could be a few Caribou and Zebra holdouts out there that would just LOVE a chance to liberate their leaders and fellow soldiers!

Don saluted. "As you wish Princesses, it shall be done! When do you want us to leave?"

"As soon as possible Major. You HAVE to get them back here before the Winter sets in!"

"Give us 5 days to prepare, 2 to reach Zebrica, 3 more to Donneth, and then 2-3 more to get back here, for a total of 14-15 days. By December 8th or 9th, we should be back, and the prisoners will be ready to stand trial. Give or take a few days for any weather delays."

Celestia nodded. "Yes, and I shall inform the others that the trials are to begin soon, as they'll need time to prepare. In the meantime though, godspeed, my faithful soldiers!"

"Thank you Princesses, we won't let you down!"

After Celestia and Luna left, we all began to prepare not only the Battleship Express, but also Iron Glory for the long journeys ahead of them.

Sure enough, on November 29th, we were all ready to go. With sunshine, and 45 degrees on the thermometer, we were ready. Iron Glory, as well as 2 other trains would be hauling prisoners, while a few would be held on the Battleship Express, which would also be protecting the other trains. We weren't expecting trouble, but in our experience, NOTHING was beyond the realm of possibility!

We decided that any officers would be put on Iron Glory, while the other prisoners would be on the other 2 trains, and any with medical needs, (i.e. General Rodin) would be onboard the Battleship Express.

Eventually, by about 10am, we were ready to leave. Our wives, fiances, and friends came to see us off.

"Goodbye Stud, PLEASE come back to me safely!"

"I will Dash! You can count on me! All we have to do is get there, grab the prisoners, and get them to Canterlot for trial. Nothing more, nothing less. The war is over, so we're not expecting any trouble."

Dash hugged me, as did Spitfire. "Yeah, we know Stud, but still, something could happen, and if it did, it would be DEVASTATING!!!!"

"Yeah, I know guys, but don't worry. We've done MUCH WORSE than a prisoner transfer before, and we're professionals! We KNOW what we're doing, and it should only take 2 weeks at the most to get the job done. Then I'll be home, and THEN we can get to work on building onto our house, ok?"

Dash sighed. "Yeah, that sounds nice Stud! Just call us when you get the chance, ok?"

I kissed them. "Sure Girls, and give Daring a kiss goodbye for me, will ya?" (Daring had to stay behind, as AK Yearling really wouldn't have any business being near the Battleship Express at that time.)

They both kissed me again. "Yeah, we will Stud, and take care!"

I kissed them back, before climbing up into the Big Boy's cab. "Will do Girls! Bye for now! And I'll be bringing Argus back when I come back!" I then blew the whistle, and once I'd gotten the signal from Don, I began to move the Battleship Express away from the partially completed museum, out of the Old Railyard, and back onto the main line. Behind us came Iron Glory, as well as the other two trains, their crews, and more soldiers.

Once we were out of sight, Spitfire turned to Dash. "Um, who, or what is Argus?"

Dash smirked. "Oh, Argus was the Caribou War Beast that Stud rode during the battles of Carlon and Donneth. He was riding him when he burst into the throne room to save me, and I even got a chance to ride him out of Donneth once Stud had Pinkie and I safe! Princess Celestia wanted her scientists to be able to study the Caribou's War Beasts so that they could hopefully be bred here in Equestria for pack work, as well as riding."

Spitfire nodded. "Ok, well that makes sense. And that sounds pretty interesting. I'll be interested to see these War Beasts once they've been brought back here."

After talking about this for a few minutes longer, both of them went to get ready, before heading off to Wonderbolt Academy for the Winter Training Season.

For the most part, the trip to get the prisoners was REALLY boring. Our first stop was Zebrica, where we were going to pick up the few Zebra prisoners that we'd captured. In total, only 873 Zebras had been captured, and of these, 711 were female. The rest were soldiers, a few officers, and of course, Zakia himself. Zakia had recovered somewhat from being our sex-slave, but according to the latest reports, he still looked pretty girly.

When we arrived in Zebrica, our trains all pulled into the designated sidings. While the prisoners were being transferred to the train, some of us looked around the city. It looked pretty different than when we last saw it. For starters, there were no Zebras, only Ponies, and even a few Griffons and Donkeys here and there. Most of the damage had been repaired, and the city modernized. No longer was it called "Zebrica", but instead it was called "Cheyenne", after Cheyenne, Wyoming, the home base of the Big Boy locomotives while they were in operation.

All of us were on hand with weapons while the prisoners were being loaded up. All of them had been clothed enough for decency, although their hands and arms were tied to their sides. And while most of them went quietly, a few did not.

"You get your filthy Human hands off of me!" a Zebra soldier screamed. He was then restrained by a few soldiers. "Hey! Get your hands off of my dick!"

"If you would stop fighting us, I wouldn't HAVE to touch your dick!" The Zebra was then taken to the train, where he was placed in a section for troublemakers.

Iron Glory, as well as the other 2 trains, had been modified to carry prisoners. The windows of the cars were still there, but they now had metal bars over them, as well as barred doors leading to the main prison area. There were also 2 toilets per car, as well as metal benches, and blankets on the floor for sleeping on. Food would be brought 3 times a day for meals, and the Zebras were told that they would be arriving in Canterlot soon. (Males and females were also kept in separate cars.)

For the troublemakers though, they were placed in boxcars, which pretty much functioned as isolation cells. They were cold, dark, somewhat dirty, and the food was terrible. It was a bad place, but yet if they hadn't been fighting with those transporting them, then they wouldn't have been in there!

When the time came, Zakia was also moved back to the car that had functioned as his cell during the war.

"Come on Jazzie, your old cell's waiting for you!"

"Ugh, fine! Let's just get this over with!"

I looked him over as we walked by. His mane was still kind of long, but he no longer wore makeup. He still had breasts, although they were a lot smaller than before. His voice also sounded more normal, although it was still slightly high-pitched. He was also wearing a loincloth, which did cover his private areas well enough.

Once he was inside, he was locked in, and just like before, was placed under 24/7 guard until we reached Canterlot.

"Just wait Jazzie!" I told him as I walked back to the cab. "In 2 days or so, you'll have Daisy, Puzzle, and Kylie back in there with you! It'll be just like old times. Won't that be fun?"

Zakia sighed. "Yeah, woo hoo, I can't wait."

"Good. Now then, once you're all settled in, we can head over to Donneth."

Once we were ready, the trains pulled out again, this time, bound for Donneth.

Donneth was to be a 2-step mission. First of all, we had to get the Caribou, as well as a few Griffons back to Canterlot for trial, and we also had to secure the War Beasts that we were sent to retrieve, and bring them back as well. It was a 3 day journey there, and we hoped that it would be uneventful.

For the most part, we were right. The trip through the ex-Caribou Empire was marred only by a nasty thunderstorm late one night. The trains did rock a bit, and a few leaks in the cars had to be plugged, but overall we made it through. The sky was overcast, and the temperature was 53 degrees when we finally made it to Donneth.

When we pulled in, we were once again directed to a siding. As we looked around Donneth though, in addition to the Ponies, we also saw some Caribou, both male and female as well. All were properly clothed, and there were no collars to be seen anywhere. The males were helping to rebuild the city, and while some females were helping them, others could be seen doing laundry, cooking, running errands, and tending to Caribou calves. All in all, Donneth looked like a fairly normal city. There were a number of soldiers about, as well as officials from Canterlot, but these were simply to ensure that the Caribou Empire was dead, and would STAY dead!

Soon, it was time to gather the prisoners, and take them to the trains. There were a lot of them this time; mostly soldiers, but there were a few officers as well. The 4 most important of them all were General Stuggs, General Rodin, Prince Dactyl, and Colonel Bruno, the Griffon's commanding officer.

I also heard that Governor Price, the Caribou who had surrendered Bindleton, was doing well in his city under Equestrian jurisdiction, and since he was not guilty of any crimes, would not be standing trial. I was also able to meet Winston, the Caribou who had helped to care for and somewhat protect Private Cole, Pinkie and Dash while they were held hostage.

"It's so nice to finally meet the young Caribou who saved one of my soldiers, as well as a close friend, and my wife while they were in captivity."


I nodded. "Yes. Since the war ended, I have married Rainbow Dash."

Winston nodded slowly. "Yes, I could have expected as much. Rainbow Dash was a good mare. She took what was thrown at her well, and I admired her courage. She was so convinced that you were coming to save her, and deep down, I knew that she was right. In the meantime though, what's going to happen to me?"

I sighed. "Well, like the rest, you'll be brought back for trial, but this is only because you were involved with keeping the slaves. Since you proved to be a help, most likely you'll only receive a light sentence, if that."

Winston nodded, before quietly allowing himself to be escorted to one of the trains.

The most interesting transfers were those of Stuggs, Rodin, Dactyl, and Bruno. Stuggs and Bruno were simply tied, Dactyl was still in a wheelchair, and Rodin had somewhat regained the use of his legs, although he still needed crutches. Stuggs and Bruno were loaded onto Iron Glory, while Rodin and Dactyl were placed in a medical car on the Battleship Express. They were restrained, but yet their injuries could be monitored.

None of them looked very happy, but yet they knew that they only had themselves to blame for their own actions. They had every opportunity to surrender before the Battle of Donneth, but yet they didn't take that chance. Now they were going to pay the price for their actions. Most likely, they weren't going to die, but yet lengthy prison sentences seemed to be absolutely imminent.

The last 3 transfers were Zakia's former "roommates". "Daisy", "Puzzle" and "Kylie" were former slave hunters, or soldiers found guilty of torturing POW's. They were given transformation potions very much like Zakia was, and turned largely female.

All of them seemed to be VERY happy to see us, and they came along without a fuss. They were placed with Zakia again, and this time, they were clothed enough for decency, and settled in for their journey. What was to be done with them was still unclear, as although they were guilty of war crimes, their minds were completely broken. They were pretty empty-headed, but were still capable of learning, and performing simple tasks. The original plan was to hand them over to be placed in a mental institution, but yet we felt that that was wrong.

"So then, what do we do with them?" Jim asked.

"Don shrugged. "It's not up to us to decide. It's up to the Higher-Ups. We just have to get them there, and then they'll decide what to do with them."

Jim sighed, before closing them into their car with Zakia.

The Griffons were a different matter. Some of them would appear to be cooperative, and then they would try to attack. Others, primarily females, (there were a few Griffon females serving within the military) tried to use their cute charm, good looks, and seductive skills to try and get out of being sent to trial.

They were met with mixed results. Some had to be wrestled to the ground, restrained, and then thrown into isolation, while others were given a few sexual favors, (which Don, Jim, and other officers, including myself STRICTLY forbade!) before being placed onto a train.

Once they were all loaded up, Don called us all together for a meeting. He then proceeded to RIP into those who had failed!

"I've been watching this transfer operation, and I must say, if it weren't for good officers such as Captain Leopard, myself, Jim, and others, most of you would probably be DEAD!!!! What is WRONG with you people?!?!?! SEXUAL FAVORS for enemy POW'S?!?!?! MY GOD!!!!! Don't you know that some of them were CONFIRMED to have STD'S?!?!?!"

(Don was not joking about what he'd said. While some of the Griffon prisoners were being evaluated, some of them were indeed found to be infected with STD's, as well as a number of other nasty things such as Feather Flu. And now our crew could EASILY be infected with something serious!)

"Now none of us will be going ANYWHERE until FULL medical evaluations have been performed on EVERYONE and EVERYPONY, and those infected with anything are QUARANTINED!!!!!!" (This was maybe a slight exaggeration, as it had been shown that Humans, and even Human-Pony hybrids, were immune to things like Feather Flu. But yet we were STILL at risk of STD'S.)

Among the soldiers, many were quick to point fingers at those who had been witnessed giving sexual favors to Griffons, but Don still ordered EVERYPONY to be evaluated!

Long story short, myself, Alex, Todd, Fred and Andy, were clean, as were Don, Jim, and the majority of the others. However, 11 members of Battalion 4009, and 7 Equestrian soldiers were found to be infected. Don radioed back to Canterlot to inform them of the situation, and the reply came to remain there until the infected crew could be treated.

Don did point out that there really were no known cures for STD's, and in response was teleported a crate full of vials of various cures. "Use them as the vials instruct", Celestia told him. "The cures WILL be painful, but yet it's the only way to keep them from living the rest of their lives in misery, and most likely dying young!"

"Will do Princess Celestia, Major Don out." Don then looked to Jim. "Hey Jim?"

"Yeah Don?"

"Do you ever feel like you're talking, but all everyone else hears is just white noise?"

Jim nodded slowly. "Yeah, I know the feeling Don."

"Yeah. In the meantime though, let's just get these cures handed out, and THEN get back to Canterlot!"

Jim nodded, and then went to help the medical staff with the cures.

Long story short, it was another 4 days before it was safe enough for us to leave for Equestria again, though all of the ones who had been cured were still kept in the isolation ward of the medical car on the Battleship Express just in case.

Finally, there were just a few more things to take care of. There was trial evidence to secure, as well as figuring out how we were going to get a herd of 12 War Beasts, including Argus, back to Equestria! In the end, they were loaded into purpose built stock-cars that were part of Iron Glory's train, and once they were finally secured, we began the long journey home.

Once again, extremely boring, and on December 13th, we pulled into the station in Canterlot. First to be taken care of were all of the prisoners that were going to be standing trial, as well as Zakia, "Daisy" "Puzzle", and "Kylie", who were going to be evaluated. The entire district from the train station to Canterlot Castle was completely shut down for the transfer, and the area surrounding it was also fogged in so that nopony would be able to see it.

First the Zebras, then the Caribou, Griffons, Caribou leaders, (Stuggs, Rodin, Dactyl), and lastly, the 4 "Crisis Cases", as they've come to be known, (Zakia, Daisy, Puzzle and Kylie.) Most of these were sent straight to the Canterlot Dungeons prior to the trials beginning, while Rodin, Stuggs, his nephew Winston, and Dactyl were placed in a different section of the dungeon that was a bit more posh, and so that Rodin and Dactyl's wounds could be tended to, but so that they could all still be watched. The "Crisis Cases" were sent to the dungeon's medical facilities.

Surprisingly, Zakia was evaluated, and despite physical appearances, was actually found to be mentally competent enough to stand trial! A death sentence was seemingly imminent for him though, as he STILL showed little to no regrets for his actions.

The Canterlot Trials as they came to be known, were slated to begin in early 2030.

When they did, they were broken down into stages; Zebra, Caribou, and Griffons. Griffon ambassadors were also present, and from what those who witnessed them said later, the trials greatly resembled the Nuremberg Trials following WW2. I never really got to see them, as I wasn't allowed in the courtroom, but then again, not too many Ponies were. Heck, even Don and Jim only got to see parts of the trial!

But for what it was worth though, even though the trials lasted most of the Winter, Justice was served. Stuggs, Rodin, and Dactyl were found guilty of war crimes, although because they surrendered, encouraged others to surrender, and showed great remorse for what happened, they were only given lengthy prison sentences. Stuggs received 15 years, while Dactyl and Rodin got 20. Other Caribou spent lengthy sentences in labor camps, farms, and mines back in the Caribou Empire, while the worst of the worst were sent to the gallows where they were hanged for their crimes.

For the Zebras though, they were an interesting case. Since most of those captured were female, they weren't executed, but DID spend lengthy stretches in jail, as well as being put to work in areas that they could be worked. The few Zebra males who were on trial and avoided the gallows suffered much the same fate.

For Zakia, his fate was the worst of all. After being publicly beaten, he was taken away to have done to him what he did to those he held as slaves. Eventually, his sufferings were ended by a firing squad. Like Tarrath though, his body was preserved so that it could be put on display.

Last of all came Bruno, and the rest of the Griffons. These cases were different, as instead of being tried by Equestrian Courts, they were tried in Griffon Courts. Bruno just barely managed to escape the death penalty, although he was sentence to life in a prison mine. The rest either suffered a similar fate, or were executed. There were however, a few exceptions. In a trade deal with Equestria, a few of the former female warriors were handed over to Canterlot Castle so that they could work off their sentences as servants. Grateful to be alive, as well as avoiding hard labor in a prison mine, the Griffon servants went about their duties without much complaint.

The final fates of the "Crisis Cases", are still somewhat unclear. Since their minds were considered completely broken, they were no longer a danger, but yet they couldn't be left unsupervised. Still to this day, they reside in a plush room at St. Marley's Asylum. Some of us from the Battleship Express still visit them, and we offer what encouragement that we can. They did learn to knit and sew, so they are earning their keep, and those who work at the mental hospital say that the 3 "girls" are such joys to have around. They described a lot of their actions as "adorable, carefree, and child-like", and Daisy, Puzzle and Kylie always love it when we come and visit them.

Once the Battleship Express was back at the Railyard, I decided to return home. After flying for a ways, I reached it, and after opening the front door, I walked inside. "Dash, Spitsy, Daring, I'm back! Where are you guys?"

"I'm in the living room Stud!" I heard a voice call.

I entered the living room, and when I did, I saw one of the cutest sights I'd ever seen. Daring was lying on the couch, and all she seemed to be wearing was one of my T-shirts, and it was way too big for her! Her mane was also in a ponytail, and was hanging down one of her shoulders. She was lying on her stomach, and was gently kicking her legs back and forth. I could also see that she was wearing her red glasses, and seemed to be writing out her latest book.

She looked over when she saw me. "Stud!" She held out her arms, and I came over and hugged her. "I REALLY missed you!"

"Hmm, not as much as I missed YOU! But where's Dash and Spitfire?"

"Hmm? Oh, they had to go back to the Wonderbolt Academy. It's just me here right now." She then noticed me staring at her. "What?"

I smirked. "Why do you have to be so cute Daring?"

I saw her blush. "For the last time Stud, I'M NOT CUTE!!!!! I just....wear my mane like this because it's practical! And my clothes were in the washing machine, so I borrowed on of your shirts! B-but I'm not cute! B-baka!" She then took off her glasses, and set them on the coffee table next to her.

I hugged her again. "Like me before you Daring, you can deny it all you want, but one day you'll admit that you're cute. If Dash could get me to break, then one day I'll get you to!"

Daring then rolled her eyes, before hitting me playfully. "Grr! Sometimes I just don't know what to DO with you Stud! I mean, we've only been married for about 2 months now, but I just can't DEAL with you half the time, you Big Goof!" She then grabbed me, and gently pulled me onto the couch with her, before holding me close.

"Nap time?" I asked her quietly.

"Yep. Nap time, and another trip to Dreamland!" (Daring and I often took afternoon naps together. Dash and Spitfire thought that it was cute, but "in reality", all we were trying to do was go to the Dream Realm so that we could have adventures together.

We both then got comfortable, before falling asleep in each other's warm embrace.

Sometime later, Dash and Spitfire got home.

"We're home Daring!" Dash called. There was no answer.

"Huh." Spitfire looked at her watch. "Well, maybe she's taking her afternoon nap."

Dash shrugged. "Eh, maybe so." She then looked into the living room. "Ohhhh!"


Dash pointed to the couch. "Well, looks like Stud's home, and he's with Daring on the couch!"

"Are they.....'napping' again?"

She was blushing, and trying to keep from giggling. "Come see for yourself!"

Spitfire did, and to her quiet amusement, Daring and I were lying on the couch. Both of us seemed to be gently blushing, and we moved a bit, and kept mumbling, and Daring would occasionally giggle a bit as well.

"Aww, this is so ADORABLE! Do you.....think that they're off on another adventure?"

Dash bit her lower lip. "Oh, you KNOW it Spitsy!" She then took a picture of us, before placing it in an album. "So cute. Adventurers in the streets, dreamers in the sheets!"

(Even before I started napping with her, I learned that Daring was an INCREDIBLY active dreamer! She could go on for hours, mumbling, moving around, even giggling from time to time. Author, adventurer, active dreamer, "sister", wife. Not too much of a better combination than that!)

About a week after I got back from helping bring the prisoners to Equestria, the time had come to finalize the blueprints for the expansions to Dash's house. Eventually, we all came to the conclusion that once complete, Dash's house would be slightly larger than 3 times it's current size, and would be more than capable of handling 3 mares, myself, Aurora, Tank and any foals that we would have as well. In short, the walls on the left side of the house, (left from facing the front door from the inside) would be broken down, and a number of new additions were be added. Like the rest of the original house, the additions would be 3 stories tall.

Also on the blueprints was something called the "Grand Atrium", that would be located in the center of the new additions to the house up on the second of the 3 floors. This space was very large, but yet what I didn't tell Dash was that I simply fabricated that section to keep her from seeing the surprise that I had in store for her.

For a while, I'd always heard Dash talking about wanting her own pool, but yet never being able to afford one. Now I had plans to build her an indoor, full-sized swimming pool, complete with a waterfall, hot tub, and even a sauna! All of this I was keeping a secret not only from Dash, but also Daring, and even Spitfire. I was planning on giving this whole area to Dash as a birthday present, since her birthday was in February, and it was now December.

Soon, the construction on the museum went on hiatus for the season, and once we had selected a contractor and a construction crew, it was time to start breaking ground, or in this case, clouds!

Work began the day after Christmas, (or Hearth's Warming), and was scheduled to take about 3 months or so. Since a number of walls were broken through to begin the expansion, the 4 of us were mostly confined to just a few rooms of the house. We also helped where we could, and I learned a LOT about cloud house construction!

After the walls were down, it was time to start laying the new foundations. This was done by bringing all of the necessary clouds into place, and then cementing them together. Next came the frames for the new walls. There was so much going on, and I really had no clue what anything was, but yet most of the construction crew told me to stop asking them so many questions!

"We're TRYING to get the job done here Captain Leopard, so PLEASE stop asking so many darn questions!"

I sighed. "Well, I'm sorry. I was just trying to figure out how a cloud house was built. And now that I'm experiencing it first hand, I STILL don't really know anything about it! But at any rate though, I'll leave you to it." I then walked back inside Dash's house.

Beginning in January though, the weather REALLY stopped cooperating. Even though it was Pegasai-controlled, SOMEPONY decided that there should be a TON of snowstorms that Winter! For days on end construction would be postponed, but due to the walls in parts of the house being down and covered only by tarps, Dash's house was FREEZING!!!! In fact, it got so bad that we had to vacate to Dash's parent's house! (I also had to smuggle Daring into their house in a suitcase, but I REALLY don't want to talk about that one!)

FINALLY, towards the middle of January, construction was able to get underway again. Soon, everything was coming together. The new areas were fully enclosed, which meant that no heat was escaping, and that we could move back into the original sections of the house. Although once Dash saw the "Grand Atrium" on the blueprints she began to ask me about it.

"What's the 'Grand Atrium' Stud?"

I thought fast. "Oh, it', just what it sounds like. I wanted some open space to display some of my other war relics."

"Huh. It looks more like a ballroom to me from what I'm seeing here, but if you say so Stud."

The hardest part of it all was building the pool area without Dash, Spitfire, or Daring knowing about it. The pool construction was happening right alongside the rest of the house's construction, but yet the "Grand Atrium", located in the center of the new additions of the house on the second floor, was still in constant danger of being exposed.

I gave the pool contractors the blueprints for what I wanted, but yet there were weather delays, delays on supplies, and the job taking longer than it was supposed to. In the end though, the job did get done, and I watched it come together with great pride.

The pool was in the center of the room, and there were stairs leading into it. It was 120 feet long, and 40 feet wide. The depth ran from 3 feet, all the way to 12 feet! It was also fully heated, and filtered. On the 2 longest walls in the pool room were a series of large, high-up windows to allow in light, as well as allow ventilation in the Summer. The room's high ceiling had a series of skylights, and the walls were made of white tile. The pool deck was seemingly made of marble, but yet was actually cleverly disguised concrete. The hot tub was up a small flight of stairs at the far end of the pool room, and over its edge flowed a waterfall right into the pool! The sauna was tucked away on the other side of the room from the hot tub, and there was not only a diving board, but also a high-dive! It was also all indoors, so it could be used in all seasons. Also present were closets for storage, towel racks, a bathroom, a small bar for drinks, a refrigerator, and of course, a number of pool toys!

On the last day of construction, as the pool and hot tub were being filled and heated, myself and the foreman who oversaw the work looked over everything one more time before it was completed.

"I still CANNOT believe that this has just become a reality! Previously it was just a dream of my wife, and now, (even though this whole venture has REALLY set me back!) it's all real! You Ponies did some AMAZING work!"

The foreman nodded. "Well, I'm glad that you're happy Captain Leopard, and it was my HONOR for myself and my team to have built this for you! As I'm sure that you do as well, I REALLY hope that you're wife likes it as well!"

"As do I. And how much longer until everything's ready?"

"Eh, it should only be about another 2 hours or so."

I looked at my watch. "Ok, so it's now 3:23, I need to meet Dash, Spits, Daring, and her parents at the restaurant for her birthday at 6, and then we all come back here sometime before 8 for the BIG reveal!"

I then thanked the foreman again, and continued to watch the final stages of everything coming together.

Eventually, I had to get ready to leave. Dash wanted to eat at her favorite restaurant in Ponyville, and we were all going to celebrate her birthday there. Everything about the pool area was ready, and the rest of the house construction was almost 80% complete as well.

I'd told her parents all about what I was planning, and they agreed to help me make it a surprise. Once I arrived at the restaurant, I found that it was quite packed all around. Aside from Dash, her parents, Spitfire, and Daring (AK Yearling), Twilight and the rest of her friends were there as well. It was QUITE the full house in our corner of the restaurant!

There was a lot of chatter, Dash was given her gifts, and we all ate the cake provided by Pinkie Pie.

"Where's YOUR present for Dash?" Spitfire whispered to me.

"It's back at the house. I wanted to save it for last, as it well and truly is beyond ANYTHING I've ever done for a birthday before!" Spitfire gave me a worried look. "Oh don't worry, not only is it NOT dangerous, but it's something that we'll ALL be able to enjoy for YEARS to come!"

"And does it have anything to do with the "Grand Atrium?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. You'll just have to find out!"

Spitfire then turned to Daring, but she didn't have any answers either. "Whatever he's been working on in that area was something VERY secretive! He never told ANY of us what it was!"

They all continued to wonder all the way back to Dash's house.

Once we were back inside, I took Dash by the hand, and with her parents and Spitfire filming, and with Daring and the rest of the Mane 6, and even a few Battleship Express crew (they all took Twilight's balloon to get up to Dash's house) followed along behind. As we walked towards the new area, Aurora suddenly came trotting up to me holding a manila envelope in her mouth.

"Oh, thanks Aurora!" I took it from her.

"You're welcome Master!"

I then handed the envelope to Dash once we were outside of the locked blue door that led into the "Grand Atrium".

"Dash, this is your present. I really hope that you like it!"

She took the envelope. On the front it said, "Happy Birthday Dash!", and after opening it, she found a square object wrapped in tissue paper, as well as a black key.

"Stud, what did you do?"

I smirked. "Open the thing in the tissue paper, and then take the key, open the door to the 'Grand Atrium', and find out!"

She looked at my curiously. But then she took the object, and unwrapped it. It was white, and square. It looked like a small sign, but it was seemingly blank. "Um, what is this?"

"Dash, you're holding the sign backwards. Flip it over!"

She did so, and when she did, she slammed a hand over her mouth.

"Dashie's Pool Rules:
1. Have Fun.
2. No Eating in Pool
3. No Lifeguard on Duty
4. No Sex Except in Designated Areas, (And When no Minors are Present!)
5. No Running
6. Only Dive in Diving Area
7. Aurora and Tank Welcome, (Other Pets by Appointment Only!)
8. No Horseplay
9. Pick up After Yourself
10. Swimsuits ARE Optional!"

Dash then looked back up at me. I was grinning, as was Aurora, and Dash's parents were filming, but everypony else looked like they were going to faint!

" didn't!"

"Why don't you take that key, unlock the door, and find out what I did?"

Slowly, Dash took the key, and inserted it into the door's lock. She then turned it until it clicked, and once the door was unlocked, she turned the knob, and opened the door inwards.

When she saw the entire indoor pool room that I had built just for her, all she could do was slam her hands over her mouth, hug me, and start crying. I held her while she did so.

Spitfire and Daring saw it next.


"How did you even BUILD THIS without us knowing about it Stud?!"

I smirked. "Well Spitsy, on the blueprints I just called it the "Grand Atrium". Also the walls were built first, and had clouds covering the windows to hide the interior. The door leading to the hallway to here was kept locked at all times due to "dust, flooring work, and heavy painting". They built this entire place in just under 2 months.

Plus, your Mom Spitsy, as well as Dash's parents, were in on this one. They helped me hide this secret from you guys. Remember all those times that they 'needed help', or 'wanted to spend time with you'? Well, that was to get you away so that the pool construction wouldn't be discovered! And now with the rest of the house construction almost complete, it's enough to say that all this hard work has FINALLY paid off!"

Spitfire just shook her head. "I KNEW that there was something funny about the work being done on this room, but I just didn't know what! Now I see that it was something more amazing than I could have ever imagined!"

"Yeah!" Daring added. Then she whispered, "And is it REALLY clothing-optional Stud?"

"Well", I whispered back, "After our experiences in Las Pegasus, you tell me!"

Daring hugged me, as did Spitfire. Also, Dash FINALLY got around to telling me what she thought.

"S-Stud, this AWESOME!!!!! It's even BETTER than what I was picturing in my head when I wanted a pool! T-thank you! This must have cost you a fortune!"

I hugged her. "Shh, it doesn't matter what it cost Dash. What matters is that I built it for you, and Daring and Spitfire can use it as well. And I'm glad that you like your present."

"And when are you gonna try it out Dashie?" Her dad asked.

Dash looked at me, and smirked. "Oh, just as soon as strip down to my fur, and get Stud to strip too, before joining me for the inaugural jump from the high-dive!"

"Wait, what?!" Before I could really say anything else though, Dash had already put her plan into action.

After stripping to her bare fur, and getting me to strip as well, skipping the built-in ladder, Dash then flew up to the high-dive platform, dragging me behind her.

We were both naked, and that really wouldn't have been a problem, except for the fact that Dash's parents, Twilight and the rest of her friends, not to mention Don, Alex, Todd and Andy were present as well! Now Dash and I were standing on top of a high dive platform, about to make the first jump into our brand-new pool, as bare as the day we were born, all while being observed, and filmed!

"You ready Stud?"

"If we were alone with just Daring, Spitfire, and MAYBE Aurora, I would say yes. But now, no!"

Dash shrugged. "Eh, well, we're doing this anyway." She then looked towards her dad. "You guys ready down there?"

"Yep! We're ready! Jump when you're ready!"

We were about to become the first in our new pool, but we almost got beaten to it!

"PSYCH!!!!" Alex broke away from the group and tried to jump in, only to be grabbed by Twilight using her Magic!

"Oh no you don't Alex! This is NOT your pool! you did NOT pay for it, and you will NOT be jumping into it first!"

Don then glared at Andy, who was often Alex's partner in crime. "You gonna be stupid too?"

Andy shook his head. "No. Plus, I don't even know how to swim! I used to, but I've kinda forgotten!"

Don nodded, although he remained looking away from the high dive, as did Andy.

Eventually, Dash and I were ready.

"Great catch down there Twi! You stopped him cold!"

"You're welcome Dash!"

Dash then turned to me. "Ok Stud. 10.....9......8.......7......6.......5.....4.....3....2....1....JUMP!!!!!"

Then, still holding each other's hands, we made the 20 foot plunge into our new pool. (Neither us us knew how to dive, so we just went feet first!)

When her hooves and my paws hit the water, we immediately felt the warm sensation of water on fur and skin. Moments later the rest of us went into the water. After being fully submerged, we both returned to the surface.

"Wow! That was fun!"

"Yeah!" Dash agreed, "And this pool is AWESOME!!!!"

"How was it?" Spitfire asked.

I turned to her. "Well, how about you and anypony else who wants to come on in and find out? There's PLENTY of room!"

Then, with a loud cheer, Spitfire and Daring also stripped naked, and jumped in after us. Twilight let go of Alex, and after he stripped to his boxers he jumped in too.

For the rest of those present, Dash's parents changed into their swimsuits, Todd stripped down to his shorts, and the rest of the Mane 6 either stripped bare, stripped down to their underwear, or changed into a swimsuit before jumping in. The only ones who didn't swim were Don, (He didn't want to) Andy, (He couldn't swim) and Rarity (She didn't want to get her mane wet!)

For a long time afterwards, we all splashed around, swam, chatted, and enjoyed all of the new amenities that my gift to Dash had to offer. EVERYPONY enjoyed themselves, and once the last of the guests had left, and it was just myself, Dash, Spitfire, Daring and Dash's parents, we all relaxed in the hot tub.

"I still CANNOT believe that this is in my house! It feels like we're in a resort or something, but NO! This is MY HOUSE!!!!!"

I laughed a bit. "Yeah, I know what you mean Dashie! And I'm still SO glad that you like my present!"

"As do I!" Spitfire added.

"Same here!" Agreed Daring.

"Just as we agree with you as well Miss Yearling. What our Son in Law gave our daughter is truly an amazing gift!" (Dash's parents were still in the dark about Daring's true identity, as well as her relationship with me. All they knew was that she was AK Yearling, and that she was a close friend of Dash's. Also, Dash's parents were the only ones NOT naked right then!)

"Well, I'm glad that you all like it! So much time and effort went into its creation, so I'm glad that you like it!"

Dash sat in my lap, and kissed me gently. "Stud, I'll NEVER find another husband and friend like you, even if I looked for a hundred-million years. You're TRULY one of a kind, MY one of a kind!"

I blushed a bit. "Aww, shucks Dashie, I don't know what to say!"

"Well then don't say anything, just hug and kiss me you Big Goof!"

I sighed happily before taking Dash up on her offer.

We all stayed there for a while longer, before taking our showers, and with Dash's parents in one guest room, Yearling in another, (she later slipped back to be with Dash, Spitfire and I!) and Dash, Spitfire and I in Dash's room, (joined later by Daring) we all fell asleep, dreaming of what the future would bring.

Chapter 18: PTSD, Sally Face, Big Boy Excursion

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(WARNING: The following chapter is VERY dark at times. Nightmares, and other PTSD related issues are described in graphic detail, as are some of Leopard's past experiences. You have been warned!)

Even though most of those in Battalion 4009 were married, or engaged by the time that the Winter of 2029-30 set in, all was not well in paradise. PTSD, and all of the health issues that came with it, continued to dog all of us. Everyone had it, and some of the symptoms were similar, but yet no two cases were the same.

For some, it became hard to tell the difference between blowing garbage, and a tossed grenade. What was Ponies cheering, and what was civilians screaming for help. The difference between your wife/fiance/marefriend gently touching you in bed, and an enemy coming to take your life.

It wasn't uncommon at odd hours of the night to hear Battalion 4009 members racing about the streets of Ponyville, trying to get to the train so that they could race off to their next battle. Even I myself had this happen a number of times. One night, I was working at my desk in my office, when all of a sudden, I heard an alarm off in the distance. I listened closer, and I also heard the sounds of other soldiers racing about. I knew what that meant. Battle stations!

As quickly as I could, I grabbed my weapons, pulled on my uniform, and raced out to the railyard.

When I arrived there a few minutes later, alarms were going off, and while Battalion 4009 was loading up onto Iron Glory, the crew of the Battleship Express were trying to get the train ready to go again.

Suddenly, Don came running up to the railyard. "What in the world is going on out here?!" I could see that he was wearing his pajamas.

We all saluted. "Sir, awaiting your orders, Sir!"

Don sighed. "Guys, there are no orders. The war's been over for almost 5 months now. Your orders are to stand down!"

When Don said that, we all froze where we were. Then reality came flooding back to us. We were in the Old Railyard, and all around us was the under construction Imperial War Museum. The Caribou and Zebras were gone, and would never return. Equestria was safe, and it was 2:22am.

Instead of being angry though, Don more than sympathized with all of us. He too had come running a number of times himself. For an hour or so longer, we sat on the train, and had a group therapy session. We discussed what struggles we were dealing with in our daily lives because of the wars, and how we were coping. Our wives/fiances/marefriends, fresh from running and flying from their bedrooms, joined us as well.

We would have a number of these sessions over the months and years following the war. PTSD would dog us for the rest of our lives. There were some things that were broken that just couldn't ever fully be repaired.

Like I mentioned before, PTSD affected all of us differently. Guys like Don struggled with bad memories, and keeping his mind anchored in the present. Todd suffered from fits of sadness, as well as survivor's guilt. Alex had issues with schizophrenia, paranoia, and nightmares. Guys like Dan and Cole suffered from paranoia and nightmares, as well as flashbacks.

Even guys like Jim had problems. In fact, what so few people realize about Jim was that he was actually married. He had a wife, and she lived on the train. None of us ever saw her though, as she was extremely timid, and her mind was all but gone due to losing all of her kids and grandkids in the World Wars. Quietly, some referred to her as "The Shadow on the Train". I saw her a few times, but only for a few seconds. When he wasn't taking care of the train, Jim was taking care of his wife, Melanie.

And me? What do I struggle with? Nightmares, flashbacks, and even hallucinations in a few cases. Memories of the past refused to leave me be. Night after night HE continued to torment me. He plagued my dreams, and would not let me forget who he was.

It was horrible, it was almost nightly, and it wouldn't end. "NOOOO!!!!! GWAH!!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!" I screamed, grabbing at the neck of the being lying on my chest. "YOU'LL NEVER GET ME AGAIN!!!"

"Stud?! STUD!!! WAKE UP!!!!"

I suddenly came to myself again. I was in Dash's bed, sweating profusely, while Dash and Spitfire were trying to make sure I was ok. I then looked down, and I realized that the being that I grabbed and tried to strangle was Daring! Like she usually did, she slept lying on my chest, and in my nightmare-induced panic, I saw that she was the monster from my dream, and I tried to strangle her!

"Oh gosh! Daring! Are you ok!!?!"

She pulled my hands off of her. "Yeah! Yeah.....I'm......fine Stud........" I could tell that she was visibly shaken up.

I held her close. "I'm sorry Babe. I....d-didn't know!"

Spitfire then felt something wet on the sheets next to her. She looked down, and sure enough, the sheets under us were soaked. "Eww! Stud, you wet the bed!"

I looked down, and sure enough, I was sitting on sheets soaked with sweat and urine. My fur and skin were wet as well. All I could do was bury my face in my hands and start sobbing.

"Do you need to wear diapers again Stud? This bed-wetting is getting ridiculous!"

Dash came to my defense. "Hey, back off Spits, right now! These nightmares that Stud keeps having are FAR WORSE than ordinary nightmares, or even night-terrors. His are fueled by PTSD, as well as the memories, and experiences of the wars. He fought through an attempted coup, 4 World Wars, a cold war, AND the Imperial War! Leave him be! Hell YOU'D be a bed-wetter too if you saw even a FRACTION of what this guy has been through!"

Spitfire knew that Dash was right, and she sighed. "Yeah, and I'm.....sorry Stud. But this is just getting so....frustrating! WHY can't you get a handle on these nightmares?! It's so GROSS waking up soaked in your pee!"

I didn't answer right away.

Dash then spoke up. "She's right Stud, we HAVE to talk about this! Night after night you refuse to tell us what you dream about, and night after night, (with some exceptions) is like this! We're all woken up by you screaming, trying to hurt yourself and/or us, and these days you keep wetting the bed!"

No answer.

"Stud, PLEASE talk to me! You're my husband, and I HAVE to help you get through this! You HAVE to tell me what's wrong!"

I finally looked up at her. " me get out of here, we'll get the sheets to the washing machine, then shower, maybe relax in the hot tub, and then I'll tell you everything. I agree too, 25 year old guys have NO BUSINESS wetting beds!"

Dash nodded slowly, and after she, Spitfire and Daring all got up, we stripped the bed, flipped the mattress over, took the sheets to the washing machine, put them in, put in the detergent, and started up the machine. Then we each got a quick rinse in the shower, before heading to the pool room. The time was almost 2:45am, and it was dark in there. The moonlight shone through the windows, creating eerie reflections of the water on the walls.

"Don't....turn on the lights please. Just.....turn on the small lights in the pool and hot tub. I want it to be dark."

Dash nodded. "Sure, whatever you say Stud." She did so, and then we all got into the hot tub.

All of us were nude as always, and once we were settled, we all just sat in silence. I kept looking down at the water, and still seemed to be trying to get a grip on myself.

Daring then took my hands gently into her own. "Please Stud, tell us what keeps happening to you. I WANT to help you!"

I sighed. "What I'm about to tell you DOES NOT leave this room. NOBODY else needs to know the truth of what I'm about to tell you."

Dash, Spitfire and Daring all looked at each other before nodding slowly. I did have to leave for a brief moment to get a few visual aides, but once I came back and they were ready, I began my tale.

"Does the name, 'Sally Face' ring any bells? Ever heard anyone from Battalion 4009 talking about him?"

Spitfire and Daring shook their heads, but Dash nodded. "Wait, do you mean that saboteur? The guy with the mask, and the blue pigtails?"

I nodded. "Yes, him. This is what he looked like at that time." I then held up a picture of several members of Battalion 4009 posing near the train, and pointed to one who was wearing a Battalion 4009 field uniform. He had blue hair that was in pigtails, but what really unnerved my mares was his face. He was wearing what appeared to be a white mask.

"What's up with the mask Stud?" Spitfire asked.

"It's not a mask Spitsy, it's a prosthetic. A prosthetic face, to be exact."

"And was THAT why he was called 'Face'?"

"I believe so Dash, but I don't know. However, what I do know was that Face and I had a past together that I'd forgotten about. Truth is, I always had this strange feeling that I'd seen him before he was a part of Battalion 4009, but yet I could never place him. Never that is, until one day it finally clicked. Face, and Sally, the 'pet' of General Stacy, were one and the same!"

"Um, what now?"

"Sally was the pet of General Stacy, the other of Empress Demetria's 2 adopted daughters. He was living in Las Vegas with Stacy at the same time that I was adopted by Demetria and given to Carla!"

"What?!" My mares were shocked.

"Are you sure Stud?" Spitfire asked.

I showed them a picture. In it was Carla in a bikini, Stacy nude, and in front of them were myself and a REALLY freaky looking figure. He was wearing a black smock, and he did have blue hair, but his face was covered by a small pink mask. Behind the mask, bandages were visible as well. He was also really anorexic looking, and he was much smaller than I was.

"This is one of the only pictures of all 4 of us together. Stacy and Carla hated each other even worse than Face and I hated each other. I never forget a face though, and those eyes.......those eyes.......staring at me from behind that mask! I NEVER forgot the eyes!"

"Ok, but I'm getting confused. What does Sally.....Face, or whatever his name is, have to do with your PTSD?"

I sighed. "To know the answer to that Spitsy, we'll have to go WAY back to Las Vegas, In March of 2026. Demetria brought me to Vegas on March 15th, and I met Face for the first time about a week later, but I didn't REALLY get to know him until a few days after this........"

"Hey, you."

"Hmm?" I looked up from what I was doing. Currently, I was vacuuming the carpets up on Level 11 of the Luxor. I thought that I was alone with my thoughts.

"Over here."

I half turned, and there leaning against a wall behind me, stood Sally. He was wearing his usual black smock, and I saw that he was barefoot. As usual, bandages covered his face and parts of his head, and his blue hair hung down to his shoulders.

"Can you?"

He shrugged. "I don't know, can you?"

I always felt EXTREMELY uneasy around Sally. There was definitely something wrong with him, and I knew that it went deeper than Shell Shock. He was always just.....there. Lurking about; watching, waiting. I suspected that he may be an up and coming psychopath, but yet I had no solid proof of anything.

"I don't know, what do you need?"

He didn't answer.

"Ok, I don't have all day here. Mom wants these floors vacuumed, so that's what I'll do. Plus, isn't Stacy be wondering where you are?"

"Oh, she knows where I am."

"Great. Now move along so that I can vacuum." I started the vacuum that I was using back up, and after re-securing it to my back, I put the nozzle and brush to the floor again, and began to vacuum once again.

To my growing unease though, Sally just continued to watch me. He never moved, and never said anything, but yet his eyes never left me. I was glad when I was done with that floor, and could head on up to Level 12.

"What was his deal Stud?"

I sighed. "That's the thing Spitsy. To some, Sally, or 'Face' as he was also known, was seen as a sniveling, freaky, blue haired, pigtail wearing little shit who was mentally broken, but yet in reality, he had something MUCH worse than Shell Shock. I now know that he was easily a sociopath, with perhaps a streak of psychopath as well. He was VERY manipulative, and knew how to get what he wanted. Remember, he was a spy before he was a saboteur. He kept spying for Stacy, just WAITING to give her something that she could tell her Mom about. However, Sally was FAR from perfect. If he wasn't shell-shocked, he would have been MUCH more dangerous. However, because he was, he didn't always take delight in doing his mistress's bidding. He did have bouts of insanity and Shell Shock, and that just made him dangerous."

"Did he ever do anything REALLY bad?" Daring asked.

"I'm getting to that. For now though, it's enough to say that yes, yes he did."

"What happened next though?"

I sighed, before continuing my story.

Like I always did for just about everything, I talked to Carla about him.

"There's something SEVERELY wrong with him Leopard, you need to stay away from him! That.....thing, should have been killed off a LONG time ago!"

"But, who is he? And where did he come from?"

Carla shrugged. "Who he is? To hell if I'd know! As for where he came from, Stacy LITERALLY plucked him out of a gutter in St. Louis! NOTHING is known about him, and his medical records are EXTREMELY poor! Very weak and sickly, and most likely without Stacy's care, he would have died already!"

I nodded slowly. "Yeah, he sounds like a real mess alright! I'll try and stay away from him if I can."

I had every intention of doing just that, but yet Face was looking for trouble. Time and time again he would try and antagonize me, and then come crying to Stacy when I came for his ass. I would then get into trouble, and Demetria would hear about it, before sternly telling Stacy to keep a better eye on Sally.

"I don't blame Leopard, I blame YOU Stacy! You openly encourage him to antagonize Leopard, and somehow it's Leopard's fault when he hits back! This is the last time I want to hear about it. From now on, if Sally antagonizes Leopard again, it's his own funeral. If Leopard f@#ks him up, then it's your own damn fault!"

For a while after this, Sally did behave himself, until one day, right in front of Carla and Demetria in fact, he actually threw a soda can at me! It hit me in the side of the head, and one look at Demetria told me that I had the go-ahead to beat Sally up.

"Alright, that’s it, get your ass back here!" He took off running, and I began to chase him through the Luxor. "How DARE you throw that can at me?! Just because you can move your stick legs faster doesn't mean that I’m not gonna outrun you and kick your ass! Come here you little bitch! Your ass is MINE!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!!"

Eventually, I wrestled him to the ground, pinned him, and beat the crap out of him! I also tried to rip the bandages on his face off, but it was as if they were held on with superglue! In the end, I bloodied him up a bit, and warned him that MUCH WORSE was waiting for him in the future if he acted out again! I then left him for Stacy to find.

Dash giggled a bit. "Wow Stud, Sally sounded like a real WIMP!!!"

I nodded. "Yeah, although some of this was due to his poor physical health. The rest of it though was his failure to learn how to fight."

"But what happened after this though?" Daring asked. "Did he ever try anything like this again?"

I shook he head. "Oddly enough, he didn't. In fact, for a time after this, Sally seemed to be a lot more friendly. Also, he did have his bandages removed, and replaced with a small pink face mask. This same mask was his first prosthetic face." I then showed them another picture of Sally. In it, he and I were wearing our smocks, and hugging each other. We were both looking at the camera, and I was resting my chin on the top of his head. I looked to be tired in the picture, and Face's mask was in a perpetual state of no emotion.

"Huh? What's the story behind this one? I thought that you and Face were mortal enemies!"

"We were. This one took a HECK of a lot of bribery to pull off!"

My mares laughed, and I resumed my story.

"Hey Leopard."

"Hmm? Oh, hey Sally. What's up?"

"Eh, not too much, and you?"

I sighed. "Well, just trying to wrap up my work for the day. I'm almost done with the vacuuming, and then all I have to do is dust the statues in the lobby."

He nodded. "Hmm, sounds boring. Well, I won't keep you from it, I just wanted to say hi." He then began to walk back in the direction of Stacy's room. "See you around Leopard!"

"Yeah, see you around Sally." I then got back to work.

For the next month or so, there were no problems from Face. Unfortunately though, this was merely the calm before the storm.

I can STILL remember that night. It's forever etched into my memory. May 30th, 2026. It was thunderstorming that night, and most in the palace were asleep. I had been 'playing' with Carla in her room, and we decided to take a break.

"Hey Leopard?"

"Yeah Sweetheart?"

"Could you maybe go and get me some grape soda from the refrigerators down on 7? I REALLY want some!"

I nodded, before pulling my smock back on. "Sure thing Babe. I'll be right back!" I then went to grab her the soda.

As I walked barefoot through the halls of the Palace Luxor, I saw that they were almost deserted. They were also very dimly lit, and from the lights outside of the exterior windows, I saw rain hitting them, and occasionally there would come a bright flash of lightning.

"It's so weird", I muttered. "It's almost like I'm all alone in here!" I did pass a few guards, but all in all, the palace did seem to be deserted.

Eventually, I made it to Level 7. After retrieving 2 bottles of grape soda from the refrigerator, I held them in both hands while I began to make my journey back up to Level 16 where Carla's room was. Little did I suspect though just what lay ahead, and how seriously it would affect my mental psyche.

Suddenly though, the lights in that area went out. before I could move, the backup lights came on, although they were dim.

"Great, minor power outage. Now it looks like I'll be taking the stairs!" I almost always took the stairs anyway, as I did NOT trust elevators anymore, ESPECIALLY with Futas maintaining them! It was just too easy to make a death look like an accident.

As I got close to the stairwell though, I suddenly heard what sounded like muffled screaming. I ignored it, as that was a sound heard all too often under the Futa Empire. Suddenly though, a door up ahead of me in the hallway towards the end on the right suddenly opened, and someone fell out into the hallway! I made the move to go and see what was wrong, but thanks to flashes of lightning, as well as lights outside of the palace coming through the window at the end of the hallway, I saw that not only was the figure a Futa guard, but also that she was tied up, and looked like she'd been stabbed! She also had a gag in her mouth, and was screaming and thrashing about!

Before I could help her though, from the same room, another figure stepped out into the hallway. I instantly recognized him. Sally. He was wearing his usual black smock, as well as his pink mask. I also saw that he was barefoot, his blue hair looked really messed up, and that he was covered in blood! In his right hand, which was protected by a thick glove, was a huge chunk of broken glass! Blood was dripping from the chunk of glass, and it was then that I realized what I was seeing happen less than 10 feet in front of me.

Face then stepped up to the guard, and as I watched, he slashed and stabbed her to death with the glass! Blood splattered everywhere, and soon the guard was dead. Sally didn't care though, and continued to hack her apart. After what felt like hours, he was finally done, and stood back up again.

I was literally frozen to the spot. I couldn't scream, I couldn't move, I couldn't do ANYTHING! I'd dropped the 2 bottles of soda that I'd been holding, and they fell to the carpeted floor next to me. My skin was dead white, and I was sweating profusely. Then, to my absolute horror, Face turned, and saw me staring at him. His blue eyes locked with mine, and I knew that I was as good as dead; I had just witnessed him MURDER somebody right in front of me!

Even though he was wearing that god-awful mask, I knew that he was smirking at me. Then, he began to move slowly towards me. I tried to move, I tried to scream, I tried to do anything, but it was as if I'd turned to stone. This was it, I knew that it was over. I survived WW3, WW4, WW5, and part of WW6, only to be murdered during the Second Cold War for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I saw my entire life flash before my eyes, and in truth, my life sucked ass!

Face came right up to me, but then he stopped. For a few moments, he just stared up at me. I looked into his eyes, but yet for some reason, they appeared soft. I was still unable to do anything. He was still holding the glass chunk, but yet he made no move to use it.

Suddenly though, Sally reached up a hand, and removed his mask. Due to the dim lighting, I couldn't make out too much of his face, although now I could see that he was indeed faintly smirking. His face also seemed to be scarred and burned. Face them grabbed the front of my smock with his free hand, before pulling himself up a bit, and after standing on his tiptoes, he kissed me gently on the mouth.

"Mmm, there." He whispered once he'd broken the kiss, "Now this can be our little secret Leopard. You didn't see anything, you didn't hear anything, and I'll let you live. Got it?"

"Y-yes....." I whispered faintly.

He then placed a hand on my cheek, leaving behind a bloody smear. "Good." He then kissed me again. "Wow, you have really soft lips, AND you're a good kisser!" He then let go of me, and after hugging me one more time, he began to walk away down the hallway behind me.

"Just remember Leopard, you didn't see ANYTHING! You were NEVER here, got it?"

I nodded slowly.

"Good. Oh, and if you snitch on me, you will NEVER live to rue the day!" He then began to giggle maniacally, and I blacked out right then and there.

When I finished, I looked back up at my wives. All of them were extremely pale, and looked like they were ready to throw up.

"You.......witnessed him MURDER somepony?!?!?!" Spitfire then grabbed a nearby bowl for drinks, and threw up into it.

"That's HORRIBLE Stud!" Dash looked like she was about to cry. "No WONDER you always lived in fear of him! He had the perfect blackmail to use against you, and you couldn't do anything about it!"

"Is that.....the end of the story?" Daring asked nervously.

I shook my head. "Close, but not quite. I was unconscious for 13 hours after I blacked out. Carla told me that I was found in the stairwell, and that I'd seemingly tripped in the dark, and fell down the stairs before hitting my head.

Later that same day, reports were around the palace that a guard had been found stabbed to death with a chunk of glass. Nobody had seen anything, and there were no suspects."

"So Face killed that guard, but who was she? And why did he do it?"

"Well Spits, her name was Velma Nelson, and she was a Captain in Demetria's Palace Guards. As it turns out though, she'd seen Stacy plotting to overthrow Demetria at some point, so Stacy sent Face to shut her up for good. In reality, Face was told to just push her down the stairs and make it look like an accident, NOT stab her to death!"

"And what you keep dreaming about Stud?"

I nodded slowly. "Yes. Flashbacks of that night, as well as dreams of Face coming to make good on his promise to kill me. For the rest of my time in Vegas, Face was ALWAYS watching me, just WAITING for his chance to murder me for talking! I even woke up to him staring at me from time to time! Carla began to get worried for me, but yet I never told her what I was really feeling. I knew that if I even so much as HINTED at what happened, both of us were as good as dead. Face also used his power over me to try and start a relationship with me. He failed, (thank God!) but yet it was so scary knowing that I was alive only because he chose not to kill me."

"But that's what's confusing me Stud, WHY did he let you live?! You were a witness!"

I shrugged. "Still to this day Daring, I don't know. Most likely, I never will. Also, now that I've finally told you guys all about this, I feel MUCH better! Time and time again in my dreams, Face warned me what was going to happen if I told anyone. Now that I've told you guys though, I feel like his power over me is FINALLY broken!"

Then, for the first time in almost 5 years, I breathed a sigh of relief. NO LONGER would Face be tormenting me, as his last grip of power over me was FINALLY broken!

Dash then thought of something else. "But wait a minute Stud, if Face really was the saboteur who almost destroyed the Battleship Express, and you had this kind of history with him, why were you unable to recognize him?"

I sighed. "A very good question Dash, and the answer has several factors to it. Firstly, he didn't look the same anymore. Where before he'd been tiny, and seemingly anorexic, he was now much taller, and slightly bigger than before. Also, his mask was white instead of pink, and he didn't always wear his hair in pigtails. He also sounded different, but this could have been due to a voice-changer for all I know.

Next, almost a year and a half had passed since the incident, and I'd done literally EVERYTHING in my power to block it out; I FORCED myself to forget. And lastly, Battalion 4009 was pretty big. Even though he was there, I extremely rarely, if ever, saw him. However, for some reason whenever I did see him, I felt that there was something familiar about him. I was never fully able to place what it was, but yet I KNEW that I'd seen him somewhere before.

After his attempt to blow up the train though, THEN I remembered who he was! Closure finally seemed to come with his death at the Battle of Boise, Idaho, but yet in my dreams, he continued to torment me. He did take a break on some nights, but over and over again in my dreams he would catch me, and make me pay for telling what I'd seen!"

My wives then hugged me. "Yes, but now that you've told us, and because Face is dead, he can NEVER hurt you again! You're free; now and forevermore!"

I hugged them back. "I love you guys! Thanks for being there for me, and for listening to me, and helping me get through this. Hopefully, this is the end of the bed-wetting, and the end for at least some of the PTSD-nightmares."

"We hope so too Stud."

We continued to talk for a little while longer, until getting out of the hot tub, drying off, taking quick showers, before grabbing the sheets out of the dryer, putting them back on the bed, and laying down to sleep.

With my wives snuggled up close to me, and Face no longer having any power over me, I slept very comfortably for the rest of the night.

Throughout the rest of the Winter of 2029-30, my nightmares did indeed get somewhat better. No more bed-wetting, and no more nightmares about Face. I still did have PTSD-induced nightmares though, but whenever I did, my wives were always there to help me through them. We'd usually talk about them, and they'd offer me encouragement and support.

Also, I found another way to cope as well. Even though I had never done it before, I took up painting. I became a talented painter, but yet my paintings were VERY dark, as I painted what I saw in my head while I was having a PTSD episode. They were somewhat distorted scenes of battlefields, full of soldiers and blood. One example would be "Battle of the Great Plains." In it, bluish-gray American troops fought against black, almost skeletal soldiers with red glowing eyes in a field of dirt. Blood was all around, there were bodies on the ground, and explosions in the background.

My most infamous painting though, was also my finest. "The Monster Within", was set in Dash's bathroom. In it, I was facing away from the viewer, standing in front of the sink, looking into the bathroom mirror. I was shirtless, but I was wearing pajama pants. My reflection though was not my own. Looking back at me was a terrifying figure with mangy black hair, a torn and dirtied field uniform that had bloodstains on it, as well as hands with claws for fingernails! The creature's face was covered by my old Kitsune mask, but there were bloody "tears" flowing from out of the mask's eyeholes, and blood was also seen dripping from underneath the mask as well. The eyes of the face behind the mask were blood-red, and seemed to be glowing.

Standing behind the creature in the mirror was none other than Face himself. He was wearing his old black smock, and looked just like he did the night he murdered Captain Velma. He was holding up a piece of paper that was backwards, but when viewed through the mirror read, "See? We're really not so different, are we Leopard?"

I painted this picture to show others that we really weren't all that different to the enemies that we were fighting; the only real difference was what we were fighting for.

I never sold any of my paintings, and due to their creepy, and oftentimes downright terrifying content, none of my wives let me display them, and the War Museum didn't want them for their collection either. In the end, I covered them in plastic to preserve them, before placing them into storage in Dash's basement. I did continue to paint a few new pictures every now and again, until finally I painted one that was display-worthy.

It was a painting of our Big Boy 4009 under steam in the Wasatch Mountains, pulling the Battleship Express behind her. The Battleship Express was climbing up Sherman Hill in Wyoming, on her way to liberate Laramie, WY. When completed, I sold my painted to the War Museum for a “whopping” 50 bits, and it was added to the collection.

Through it all though, very few people knew that I could paint. Only those close to me did, and still in my own opinion, I couldn't do it very well. I saw it as a coping mechanism for PTSD, although my work speaks for itself.

In the Spring of 2030, shortly before Don's wedding to Twilight, the time had come to fire up Big Boy 4009 again. She had been sitting cold since December, and now we had to fire her up again for a maintenance run.

We had to make sure that everything on her was sound, and that she would run smoothly. Alex, Todd and myself were selected to drive the train for it's maintenance run, and all while we worked, a number of Ponies came by to watch us. These included Applejack, Fluttershy, Dash, Spitfire and even Daring, although as always, she was dressed as AK Yearling.

"I still CANNOT believe how BIG their engine is! Spitfire was saying.

Dash smirked. "Well, it's not called a 'Big Boy' for nothing! It did earn that nickname!"

Daring too was impressed. "I think that it's certainly a VERY impressive specimen of a steam locomotive. It's massive size really serves to compliment its ability to haul large amounts of freight up steep grades. It's huge, but yet surprisingly simplistic."

She then walked close to the engine. "Excuse me?"

I looked down at her. "Yeah Da.....erhm, Miss Yearling?"

"I was wondering if you could give me the specifications of your engine."

I nodded. "Certainly! For starters, she's 136 feet long end to end, stands 25 feet tall, weighs 1.2 million pounds empty, has a 4-8-8-4 wheel configuration, and has a design speed of 80mph. She was also designed to be able to pull a 5 mile long train on flat ground, as well as a 3 mile long train through mountains. Her tender can hold 25 tons of coal, and 25,000 gallons of water!"

Daring began to write in her notebook, so as to have this information for later. "Well, she was DEFINITELY made to haul freight! But yet, where were these engines made? Who made them, and where did their name come from?"

"Well, these engines were made by the American Locomotive Company, or ALCO, for the Union Pacific Railroad. From 1941-1944, a total of 25 Big Boys were made, including ours. The Big Boys were the 4000 Series of locomotives, but yet when they were first built, nopony knew what to call them. On paper, they were supposed to be called the 'Wasatch Class', after the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, but according to the story, an ALCO employee chalked the words 'Big Boy' onto the front of the first locomotive, 4000, and the name stuck. Big Boys were in service from 1941, all the way to the last train that was hauled by one in 1959, before being pulled from service for good in 1960."

"Wow, that's amazing! But what about the war years? How did this engine come to haul the Battleship Express?"

"Another good question Miss Yearling. Well, the truth is, our engine was never completed, and was found abandoned in a shed in Cheyenne, WY, in 2018. Due to funding being available following the successful restoration of Big Boy 4014, as well as Challenger 3985 and UP 844, Union Pacific decided to finish the locomotive for static display purposes.

Because of this, she was made to burn coal instead of oil, and it seemed unlikely that she was ever going to run. A test was performed on her in September of 2018, and she did perform as expected, before being put on display at the railway museum in Cheyenne, right next to her sister locomotive Big Boy 4004.

Also, fun fact. Up until that point, she'd never been given a number! She was referred to as the 'Unfinished Big Boy'. Eventually though, she, like the rest of the Big Boys, was given the number '40' to mark her as a 4000 Series locomotive. She was then given the numbers '09' to mark her as the 9th steam locomotive restored by Union Pacific. Henceforth, she was called 'Big Boy 4009' even though the 'real' 4009 was scrapped a long time ago."

Daring then looked up at me. "And, any chance of my being able to see the cab Stu.....phm....Captain Leopard?"

I nodded slowly. "Yes, and it should be very interesting, as we were just about to fire her up!"

Daring then nodded, before coming over to climb up into the cab.

Once she was up there, as was Alex, we began to go over the firing up procedure. There was so much to go over, so many gauges and valves to check, and so much to look over and test. Also while we were working, the tender was being filled with coal and water again, as the tender had been emptied and winterized after our run to get the war prisoners.

"Ready Alex?"

"Yep. Let's start this baby up again, shall we?"

"Yep!" We then got ready to work.

While Daring watched, Alex first opened up the firebox doors, and peered inside. Everything had already been inspected, but yet it was just force of habit for him. Then he used his Magic to grab a large pile of scrap wood, as well as dead wood from Sweet Apple Acres that was sitting next to the train. After putting them inside the firebox, with my help, he took a rag, dipped it in oil, and after taking out his zippo lighter, he lit the rag, and tossed it inside. Soon, the pile of wood was burning.

"Hey, wait a minute! I thought that this engine ran on coal! Why'd you throw in wood?"

Alex turned to her. "Because Miss Yearling, we need a hot fire going in the firebox first. Once this pile gets going, I'll add more coal until it's hot enough to start boiling water into steam before turning on the auger."

"Um auger? What auger?"

Alex pointed to the tender. "At the very bottom of the tender is an auger that brings coal into the firebox. While in operation, a Big Boy uses coal MUCH faster than a human fireman can shovel it on. If it were just me, I could barely keep up steam for the whistle! Now all I have to do is control the auger, as well as work with water and fuel gauges, instead of having to shovel coal on."

Daring then turned to me. "Also, speaking of the whistle, isn't it broken, and instead makes an eerie, Banshee-like shriek?"

I nodded. "Yes, although, during the Winter, Jim and a number of other engineers finally got around to doing something; they made the Big Boy a brand-new whistle! Now, in addition to her 'War Whistle', she also has a proper Big Boy whistle as well. Now we can save the 'War Whistle' for war time, and have a regular whistle for the rest of it."

Daring nodded slowly. "Wow. Yeah, that will be interesting to see, or rather hear!" She then watched us continue our work.

Soon, Alex was shoveling coal into the firebox, while I worked with the blower and other controls. The water was beginning to come to a boil, and soon it was time to turn on the auger. Alex did so, and coal began to be brought from the tender to the firebox.

"And how long does it take to build up enough steam to move the engine?"

I sighed. "Eh, well, it can take a few hours actually."


"Yeah. Although remember, these ARE steam locomotives! They can take a long time to get ready. I know that it's the same way for Equestrian locomotives, as I've talked to some of their train crews as well."

"So, I'll have to wait that long to see it in operation?"

I nodded. "While there is a way to fire it up faster for wartime, since we're no longer at war, you will have to wait at least an hour. In the meantime though, feel free to watch us get everything ready to go!" I then turned back to the backhead, as did Alex.

Daring continued to watch us, as well as take notes.

"Hey Miss Yearling, can I ask you a question?"

"Certainly Alex."

"Are you REALLY the author of all the Daring Do books?"

She laughed a bit. "Yes, the very same!"

"And why are you here? Is Daring Do about to meet the crew of the Battleship Express?"

Daring nodded a bit. "Actually, you're mostly correct. I was planning on a sort of crossover story where Daring Do did indeed meet the crew of the Battleship Express, and learned from them their stories of courage, sacrifice, and of the battles that they fought. It was going to be a memorial tribute to the Imperial War, and I just wanted to be able to experience it all firsthand myself before I began writing."

Alex thought about that. "Wow, that actually sounds pretty cool. Too bad that would just be a story though. What I wouldn't give to ACTUALLY meet Daring Do in person!"

Both Daring and I shot each other a quick glance, as well as a smirk. If only Alex knew the strange irony of what he'd just said!

Eventually, it was indeed time to go. Todd joined us up in the cab, and Daring took a seat behind me. Since this was just a maintenance run, we would only be pulling a few freight cars that were usually pulled by Iron Glory behind us.

Once we we were ready, I picked up my radio. "Ponyville Dispatch, this is UP Big Boy 4009, we're ready to depart."

"UP Big Boy 4009, this is Ponyville Dispatch. Destination and cargo, over."

"PD, we're just hauling 6 empty boxcars, and one caboose. Our destination is simply a few laps around Ponyville for a maintenance run."

"Ok, roger that 4009. You're all clear to depart, over."

"Ok, thank you PD, Big Boy 4009 out."

I then began to ring the bell, and I also blew the whistle a few times. Sure enough, instead of the usual banshee-like scream, there was only a deep, baritone whistle.

"Wow, so THAT'S what it's supposed to sound like?"

I nodded. "Yeah, and that's what the original whistle used to sound like too, but then during the train's final training mission, the whistle got hit by a series of stray bullets. We meant to fix it, but yet it just sounded so cool! Eventually, it just became too iconic to repair. Now though, we have the best of both worlds!"

Then, I slowly opened the throttle, and Big Boy 4009 began to move forwards once more. The chugging of her 4 pistons was broken only by her bell, as well as her whistle.

"There was NEVER another engine like Big Boy, and most likely there never will be again. She had a claim to be the largest steam locomotive of all time, but yet so did a few other locomotives as well. The jury's still out on the whole debate, but if you ask me, it's DEFINITELY Big Boy!"

Daring shrugged a bit. "Well, if you say so Stud. But what I CAN tell you is that even if Big Boy isn't the largest steam locomotive on Earth, she IS the largest steam locomotive in Equestria, HANDS DOWN!!!"

"Yeah, you've got that right Daring! She's the biggest, and most likely always will be!"

Soon, we were out of the railyard, and back out onto the main line.

Daring greatly enjoyed our excursion trip. She learned so much about the Big Boy and how it worked, and even for a brief bit, like Dash and Luna before her, I let her drive! It was only a brief bit, as per regulations, but she still REALLY enjoyed it.

"Wow, thanks Captain Leopard! This will REALLY come in handy for the book! (The same book that you'll help me write!)"

"Eh, you're welcome Miss Yearling. It's always a pleasure to cater to the fans who genuinely care about railway history. I'm glad that you enjoyed it."

We continued on for a while longer, but eventually we did have to return to the railyard. Construction on the museum was going to be beginning again soon, and there were other duties to attend to as well.

Before she left though, AK Yearling did get to meet other fans of her work on the Battleship Express, and she even took the time to sign books, and other Daring Do merchandise as well. I even heard that she was asked to sign a Daring Do waifu/body-pillow, and she said that although she did sign it, she gave the guy who owned it a REALLY dirty look! (Was it me? No! Why would I own a body pillow of Daring Do, when I have the REAL one at home?! *cough* It was Don, *cough*!)

We all got back to work, knowing that soon it would be time for Don's wedding, with the remainder of the weddings soon to follow. It was also during this time that Daring was putting the finishing touches of her plans for the adventure that she was going to take me on, but that's another story..........

Chapter 19: Leopard, Daring Do, and the Search for the Lunar Shrine of Romance

View Online

(WARNING!!!! Chapter does contain nudity, as well as adult situations. No actual sex, but yet pretty close!)

How do most adventures begin? Well, they usually begin in the least likely of ways. Other times though, they begin on days that start just like any other days.

Like most days when I was home, I was sitting up in my office. I was hard at work on paperwork, although I was almost done for the day. It was late Spring in Equestria, and it was a time of cleaning, as well as getting everything ready to transition to Summer. Suddenly though, there cam a knock on the door.

"Come in."

The door opened, and Daring walked in. She was wearing another of my T-shirts, her hair was in its usual ponytail, and she looked a bit sleepy. I also saw that she was holding a large binder as well.

"Oh, hey Babe, what's up?"

She walked over to the desk, and set the binder down on it. "Mmm, Hey Stud, and I finally figured it out!"

"Figured what out?"

"The adventure that we can go on! I finally figured out where we're going, and what we're going to find!"

I was very interested. "Oh? Well then by all means, do tell! Where are we going Daring?"

She smirked a bit, before opening the binder. In it, I saw a lot of other folders, as well as maps with a number of things scribbled on them, not to mention a few aerial photographs.

"Well Stud, we're heading off into the jungles of the Undiscovered West to find this!" She held up a rough sketch of what appeared to be an ancient book. It was very ornate, and seemed to have been very beautiful.

"Wow, what is that Daring?"

"This, is the ORIGINAL Pony-Sutra! Legend says that it was housed in the Lunar Shrine of Romance, which was an ancient temple to Briana, the Goddess of Love, Life, Fertility, and the Moon. The temple was long ago lost to time, but now I think that I might have a guess as to where it is!

I looked at her a bit confused. "Um, what now? Are you being serious Daring? Because this sounds like a joke."

She shook her head. "Yeah, I KNOW that this sounds like it might be a joke, but let me assure you that it's NOT! If we could find the Lunar Shrine of Romance, then we have a real shot at locating the original Pony-Sutra!"

"And when you say 'Pony-Sutra', do you mean that book that tells all about how to have sex?"

She nodded. "Yes! And right now the Canterlot Library is offering a LOT of money if the original copy can be found!"

I was still a bit confused. "Yes, I can understand that part of it, but how do you know where the shrine is? I mean, I thought that it was lost to time!"

"It was. However, I was able to do a lot of digging in the Caterlot Library, and I was able to find a number of old maps, which I then cross-referenced with more modern maps, until finally I came up with what I think is the shrine's location!" She pointed to it on a map. "Right here, way out here in the jungle!"

I looked at the map. "Yeah, but Daring, that's the Undiscovered West! Almost NONE of it has ever been mapped before! Plus, we have no idea what's out there!"

She smirked at me. "Ooh, is little Leopard chicken? Such a mighty war hero scared of the jungle?"

I glared at her. "Daring, listen to me, and listen to me very carefully. No, I'm NOT scared of the Undiscovered West. However, what I AM scared of is what could be IN the Undiscovered West! I have not survived for as long as I have by being stupid! I like to know what I'm getting into before I just dive in. In my experience, don't be afraid of the dark, be afraid of what's IN the dark! Because my dear Daring, fear is just a word; Reality is always much, MUCH worse!"

Daring looked back up at me. She knew that I had some pretty valid points. It wasn't called the "Undiscovered West" for nothing, and even she didn't know what could be out there. "You, do have some good points Stud, however, there really IS no way of knowing what could be out there unless we just go there. Plus, I'm a professional adventurer, and you ARE a professional career soldier, so between us, and assuming that we take all of the necessary essentials with us, I think that we should be ok."

I sighed. "Well, as long as we know what we're doing, then sure. I'll come help you find the Lunar Shrine of Romance!"

"Really, you will?"

I nodded. "Yeah, why not? I've needed to get away for a bit, so why not head out into the unexplored jungle right into the jaws of possibly certain death with my favorite action-hero wife?"

Daring hugged me, and then rubbed her nose against mine. "Mmm, thanks Stud, you're the best! Even though you CAN be sarcastic at times, I still love you! However, we will have to wait a bit longer, as I DO need some more time to not only finish my latest book, but also to finish planning out our journey as well."

"Sure, take all the time that you need Babe. We DO want to get this right, and we don't want to die!"

She kissed me on the nose. "Yep, so I'll do all the preparing work, as well as finishing my book!" Daring then walked over to her desk on her side of the office, and sat down to continue working. (Eventually, we split my office in half. I got one side, while she got the other. She could have had her own office, but yet she INSISTED that she wanted to stay close to me!)

Both of us were wondering what our adventure was going to be like.

Eventually, we were ready. At about 4am on May 20th, 2030, Daring and I both got up to go get ready. Thanks to Andy, he'd helped me put together a proper adventuring outfit.

As I stood in front of a mirror, I pulled on my green button-up collar shirt with cargo pockets, green cargo shorts, a black belt, gray wool socks, and black hiking boots. I also had a pith helmet just like Daring's! For gear, I also brought a compass, my Bowie knife, my trusty Glock 9mm, a few extra mags, a canteen, a small filter pump for filtering water, a camera, and a notebook.

Daring was wearing her usual adventurer's outfit with her pith helmet, and she also brought her revolver, whip, a canteen, compass, knife, and her notebook. We also packed a small bag with a small tent, 2 small sleeping bags, a tarp, some cord, emergency rations, some flares, flashlights, spare batteries, 2 rain ponchos, and a first aide kit. EVERYTHING was made to fit into the bag, which was no bigger than a breadbox! We would take turns carrying it, and soon we were ready to go.

It was about 5am when we turned around to face Dash and Spitfire. Daring and I wrapped our arms around each other.

"Well guys, how do we look?"

Spitfire sighed. "Well, you guys sure look like you're ready to go off on your BIG adventure!"

Dash smirked. "Yeah, totally! And I'm REALLY digging the matching outfits! What, couldn't branch out from your wife Stud?"

I rolled my eyes a bit. "Dash, I REALLY liked Daring's outfit, so I patterned mine after hers! Plus, pith helmets are CLASSIC adventuring hats! Who am I to touch a classic? Plus, they're not QUITE matching outfits. Daring's boots are brown, and mine are black!"

Dash looked again. "Yeah, sorry. It's just SO hard to tell at 5am when the sun isn't even up yet!"

"How long do you think that you two will be gone?" Spitfire asked.

Daring shrugged. "It could take anywhere between a month, to the rest of the summer potentially! Where I think that we're going is WAY out there in the Undiscovered West!"

Spitfire looked at me worriedly. "Just, be careful out there. Promise me that you'll keep each other safe. If I lost you Stud, I'd be DEVASTATED!"

"Yeah, so would I Stud! You risked life and limb to save me, and if I lost you now, I'd NEVER forgive myself!"

I walked over and hugged them both, and I wrapped my wings around them as well. "I know Girls, and we'll be ok. We won't be taking ANY unnecessary risks, and we'll be back just as fast as we can!"

They both kissed me on the cheek. "I know, but still, please be careful!"

"I will Spitsy!"

"And I KNOW that you'll love this Stud. I've been on a few adventures with Daring before, and ALL of them were super-awesome!"

"I'll bet that they were Dash. I KNOW that this will be an adventure that I'll NEVER forget!"

Little did I suspect though just how right I already was. I didn't want to say anything at the time, but the truth was I had a funny feeling that something was going to happen on our adventure. I REALLY should have listened to my gut, as Life was soon to give me 2 VERY good reasons that I should have!

After a quick breakfast, Daring and I pulled regular clothes on over our adventuring ones, and we boarded the train from Ponyville, heading for the Smokey Mountains.

Once we arrived there about 3 hours later, we disembarked from the station, and once we reached the foot of the mountains, we began to prepare for our journey West. Close by where we were standing though was a sign. "WARNING!!!! You are now leaving Equestria! All territory beyond this sign is unknown! Barely any of it has been explored! Enter at your own risk, but don't! There is NOTHING out there that is worth your life!" At the bottom of the sign was a skull and crossbones.

I turned to Daring. "Um, are we REALLY sure that we want to do this Daring?"

She sighed. "Yes! Plus, I know for a fact that they only put up this sign to end liability lawsuits. You wouldn't BELIEVE how many Ponies went in there, got hurt, and then tried to sue Equestria over it! So in response, they put up this sign, and now you can't sue if you get hurt."

I nodded slowly. "Yeah, I guess that that makes sense. But still, I'm feeling nervous just heading into the unknown like this."

"Come ON Stud! Where's your sense of adventure? You're LITERALLY about to boldly go where no Human has EVER gone before! In fact, very few PONIES have even come here either! We're both about to make history with this trip!"

"Yeah, and I'm sure eager to go, but yet I'd rather be alive in explored territory, than dead with my picture in the history books! But yet, nothing that's worth doing is EVER easy, and you only live once, and we're most likely NEVER going to get the chance to do this again, so what the heck, let's do this thing!"

"That's the spirit Stud!"

With that, we both stepped past the sign, and walked off into the unknown.

For the next day or so, we mostly just foraged on ahead through the thick growth in front of us. It was unusual because it seemed to be a mixture of both forest and jungle. It was also hot and steamy, although thankfully there were no mosquitoes!

"Do you even know where we're going Daring?"

"Yes. We have to find this small range of mountains." She pointed to it on the map. "At the base of the mountain in the center is the shrine. Also, if my research is to be believed, we may also find the ruins of the civilization of the Marakeets, which were the tribe that used to inhabit that region."

"And, any ideas on how far away from that we are?"

Daring shrugged. "It's anypony's guess at this point, but if I had to guess, we could be looking at a month of travel ahead of us if we walk!"

"So then, why don't we just fly?"

"We will, but only at certain points. It's all too easy to get yourself lost around here, and head off in the COMPLETE wrong direction!"

"And, do we have our bearings yet so that we can fly?"

"Unfortunately, no. I know that we're heading off in the right direction, but we're just not quite there yet."

I sighed. "And what are the chances that we run into Dr. Caballeron and his goons, or even Ahuizotl and his cats out here?"

Daring shrugged. "Hopefully slim to none, but yet with them, you never know! However, I say that we won't, because most Ponies have never even HEARD of the Lunar Shrine of Romance, and since the Pony Sutra is already SO popular in some regions, there's already a huge market for it, thus keeping prices low. Both of these factors combined make a pretty good case for us NOT meeting them here!"

I nodded. "Yes, but still, it never hurts to be too careful, ESPECIALLY when dealing with Dr. Goon-Brains and Overgrown Dog-Monkey!"

Daring blinked at me before bursting out laughing! "HA HA HA!!!!! That's HILARIOUS Stud! I've NEVER thought of them like that, but yet you're right! Hang on, I'm writing that down! I HAVE to use that in the book for our adventure here!" She grabbed her notebook, and began to write.

I laughed a bit myself. "Eh, no problem Daring. Glad that I was able to help."

Once she was done, she put her notebook back into one of her pockets, before we pressed on.

One morning, maybe 2 weeks later, I woke up when the sun began to stream into our tent. I was lying nude on top of my sleeping bag, (It was so hot that we just slept nude, and oftentimes on top of our sleeping bags) and Daring was lying on top of me. She was snoring a bit, as well as drooling slightly as well.

I leaned up, and began to nuzzle her a bit. She opened an eye, and looked at me. "Mmm, hey Stud. Is it morning?"

"Yep, it's morning." I looked at my watch. "It's about 7:30 right now Ponyville Time."

Daring then opened both eyes, before giving me a few kisses. "Mmm, I love the mornings in the jungles. Even though they can be a bit noisy, they're their own kind of peaceful too."

I sighed. "Yeah, I know what you mean Babe. And when do you think that we should continue onward?"

"Oh, sometime soon I suppose. Firstly though, I'm gonna go for a shower, and then see about finding some food. Want to join me?"

"Um, what now? What shower? There's no showers out here!"

Daring smirked a bit. "Stud, you really lack imagination, don't you?" While Ponies were building showers in the cities, Nature already made them out here!" She then noted the look of confusion on my face, and then she took my hand. "Come on then, I guess that I'll just have to show you!"

After we exited the tent, we both took a quick moment to check our clothes that were hanging on branches close by, before Daring pulled me into the woods.

Even though we only went maybe 20 yards or so, it was rather painful with branches and other plants hitting our exposed skin and fur! Eventually though, we came to a small clearing.

"Right here Stud, THIS is where we're taking our shower!"

I looked, and what I saw made my jaw hit the ground! Maybe 25 feet from where we were standing was what looked to be a tall boulder field surrounded by trees and plants, and flowing down from the rocks was water! The water created a sort of waterfall, before falling down into a large collection pool, and then heading off down a smallish stream. The entire area looked like something out of a movie, but yet here it was, real before my very eyes!

"I HAVE to get a picture of this place!" I then ran back, grabbed the camera that I'd brought to document the trip, and snapped a few pictures before Daring told me to put down the camera, and join her. I hung it on a nearby branch, and went over to her.

Daring then took me by the hand over to the waterfall. The base of it was rocks, and when she stepped under it, it really did look like she was taking a shower!

"Come on Stud! You gonna join me or what?"

"Coming!" I then stepped under the water as well. To my surprise, the water was warm, almost hot! "Huh, must be a hot spring close by that's feeding this waterfall."

Once we'd rinsed off for a bit, Daring then dove into the pool and began to swim around in it. I followed her a few moments later.

"Wow Daring, you REALLY swim like an otter! Why didn't you swim like this in Las Pegasus?"

"Because Stud, it's MUCH easier to swim in a pool like this than it is to swim in the ocean!"

I nodded. "Yeah, I guess that you're right." I swam around a bit like she was doing.

"Wow, and you really swim just like an otter too Stud!"

"Really? That's what Dash told me once when we swam......on a Las Pegasus....." I had a sudden thought.

Daring looked at me. "What? What is it Stud?"

"I just realized something Daring. On that same beach where we got married, just after the Battle of Las Pegasus, Dash, myself, and a number of others spent some shore leave there! Dash and I swam in close to the same spot where we did when we got married!"

"What?! Are you sure Stud?"

"Positive! We took a few photos, so I'll have to show you when we get back so that we can compare them to the wedding photos, but I'm almost CERTAIN that it was the same beach!"

Daring shrugged. "Maybe so Stud, maybe so. In the meantime though, let's just swim a little while longer."

I nodded, and went back to swimming with my wife. Both of us knew that what we were doing was a bit naughty though. We were skinny dipping, in a hot-spring pool, in the middle of the jungle, in the middle of nowhere! Just anypony could have seen us, but yet there was nopony there TO see us!

Once we finished swimming, we got out, let the sun dry us off, before heading back to grab our clothes, and once we put them back on, we broke down our small camp. We also marked our location on a modern map so that we could find that hot-spring again if we wanted too, and after eating a breakfast of jungle fruit, we moved on.

For the next few days, it was more travelling through the forests and jungles of the Undiscovered West. I was able to take pictures of a number of cool rock formations, beautiful forested valleys, crystal clear streams, a few lakes, and more than a few incredible sunsets. It was truly a journey of a lifetime, and I knew that even with the pictures, aside from Spitfire and Dash, very few, if any, would EVER believe me when I told them the stories of this adventure!

Also during the course of the adventure, on some nights, Daring and I would begin to put together the storyboard for the book that would follow the adventure. We both jotted notes, and worked through the timeline.

"So, what's the book going to be called Daring?"

"Most likely, 'Daring Do and the Search for the Lunar Shrine of Romance.' And for this adventure, her sometimes partner, Mac, came along with her, as she needed his tracking skills."

I nodded. "Sure, that makes sense. And maybe we can use some of the photos that I've taken for the pictures in the book. Also, are Daring and Mac romantically involved, or not?"

"Yeah, that might work for the pictures, and no, they're not. For now at least, Daring and Mac MIGHT be considered 'friends with benefits', partners for sure, and friends as well."

"And how have the fans been reacting to Mac?"

Daring shrugged. "Eh, well it is a bit too early to tell, but for now at least, most of them seem to be reacting at least somewhat positively to him. The truth is, for the longest time a number of fans have been requesting that Daring Do have a partner, and now that I gave them Mac, they seem to like him well enough. I mean, he's only been in 2 book so far, and even then, not in a major role. Now though, 'Lunar Shrine of Romance' will be his first main character appearance alongside Daring Do."

"And, I'll be helping you write this book, right?"

She gave me a funny look. "Um, duh! You're IN the story, aren't you? Just under a different name. Of COURSE you'll be helping me write it! I've seen your work with those war diaries that you wrote, and I must admit, you're a pretty good writer too!"

I was stunned. If a multi-millionaire author said that I was a "pretty good writer", then that was some pretty high praise!

"Wow, um, I don't know what to say Daring!"

She smirked a bit. "Then don't say anything, just kiss me you Big Goof!"

Laughing a bit, I complied. Suddenly though, I broke the kiss.

"Hey, why'd you do that Stud?"

"Because, I just thought of something Daring."

"And that is?"

"Today's date. Today is June 8th, 2030."

"And, what's that got to do with anything?"

I smiled a bit. "Because, exactly one year ago today, at 5:25am, the Battleship Express rolled out of the Everfree Forest for the first time! We Humans have now been in Equestria for one year now!"

Daring hugged me. "Well then, congratulations on your one-year anniversary Stud!"

I hugged her back. "Thanks Daring. Oh, and how much farther is it to the shrine?"

Daring looked at her map again. "Actually, we're only about a day or so away now, assuming of course that this map is accurate."

"Well, I for one am REALLY hoping that it is! I mean, we've been out here for over a month now!" (And we'd also come within a half-mile of New Vegas at one point, but we never saw it.)

Daring nodded slowly. "Yeah, I know Stud, but yet as you yourself said, 'Nothing that's worthwhile doing is EVER easy!' so I guess we'll just see when we get there."

I nodded slowly, and then we pressed on.

Sure enough, about a day or so later, towards sunset, we reached the base of the mountains that were on the map. A stream flowed through the area, and everything was covered with grass, vines, other jungle plants, and of course trees.

We both began to look around. "Well, there ARE a lot of ruins here Daring, but let's just hope that none of them are the shrine, as I REALLY want to find that intact!"

"No kidding Stud! However, I think that we.......STUD, LOOK!!!!!!"

I turned when she yelled, and I looked to where she was pointing. When I did, my jaw hit the dirt. There, at the foot of the mountains, partially hidden by growth, but still visible, was what appeared to be the entrance to an ancient shrine! There was a flight of stairs leading up, and the actual entrance itself was at the top, surrounded by statues. For its age, it seemed to be in pretty good condition.

"Is that it?!"


"The Lunar Shrine of Romance! IT IS REAL!!!!!" I began to snap a few pictures of the shrine, as well as the surrounding area.

Daring was writing more in her notebook. "And once they reached the ancient Shrine, Daring Do and Mac gazed upon it's ancient beauty....." she was muttering.

"So, do we just go up and in, or what?"

Daring shook her head. "No, we HAVE to wait for nightfall! The Shrine is ONLY safe to enter when the light of the moon is upon it. It doesn't matter which phase of the moon, but there HAS to be moonlight involved."

I shrugged. "Sure, whatever you say Babe. You're the expert here."

We both then sat down on some of the ruins, and began to talk for a while while we waited for the sun to finish going down.

Once it did, we got ready to head into the Shrine. We grabbed flashlights, spare batteries, rope, our guns, my knife, her knife, her whip, my camera, and her notebook, as well as a satchel and some plastic wrap to hold the original Pony Sutra if we did manage to find it. Once the moon was up, we began to walk towards the shrine.

"A waning gibbous. A good sign that Life smiles upon our quest!"

I shrugged. "I don't know there Daring, in my experience, Life is the biggest dick that EVER existed! She HATES me!"

Daring giggled a bit. "Maybe so Stud. HOWEVER!" She stopped me just before I started walking up the steps, "There are a few critical things that I need to tell you before we go!"

"Which are?"

"Well, legend has it that Briana, the Goddess of Love, Life, Fertility, and the Moon to the Marakeets, still protects her Shrine from intruders. According to the ancient manuscripts, she appears in the form of a Sphinx, and all those who enter must solve her riddle!"

"Huh. Yeah, THAT could be an issue, but is that it?"

"No. Most likely, there are ALSO hidden booby traps in there, not to mention snakes, spiders, bats, bugs, and possibly even jungle beasts!"

"Ok, first of all, booby traps are just a movie cliche. Secondly, I can also deal with snakes, bugs, I AM a bat! (at least BAT-Pony!), jungle beasts will meet my Glock, but yet I HATE spiders!"

Daring looked at me. "Wait, so you're a war hero, but you can't handle spiders?"

"Well, in my defense, Indiana Pones couldn't handle snakes!"

"Stud, those were just movies! THIS is real life!"

"Yeah? And as long as I can see them, and stomp on them, I can take care of any spiders! And there had better not be any damn tarantulas in there, or I'm DONE!!!!"



"You.....probably do NOT want to look next to your foot right now!"

I glanced down, and to my horror, there sat a tarantula!

"Well.......shit. FORE!!!!!" I yelled as I brought back my foot, and sent the tarantula flying! It hit a nearby tree pretty hard before falling down, and it seemed to be dead. "Ok, tarantula down! I'm still here, and I didn't cry, scream, or piss myself, so I'm good!"

Daring just shrugged. "Eh, I do the same thing too. Good shot Stud!"


We then proceeded to climb the 39 stairs to the top of the shrine. As we reached the top, the light from the moon shone down upon the entrance. The entrance was guarded by 2 Sphinx statues, and there were the remains of torches as well. Beyond the entrance to the shrine, Daring and I could see that everything else about it was underground, or at least inside of the mountain that the shrine was built into.

"So....who enters the shrine first?"

Daring looked at me. "Well, you can if you want to Stud."

I glanced back, and Daring seemed to be breathing a little bit heavier, and she seemed to be sweating a bit. "Um, are you....ok Daring?"

"Huh? Yeah......I'm fine. Just....never mind, I'm fine!"

I was going to say something, but yet, I couldn't think of anything, so I just shut my mouth again. Just before I could enter the shrine though, Daring suddenly stopped me.

"Wait Stud! I forgot to mention something!"

"Ugh, what now Daring?"

"The texts that I found in the Canterlot Library also mentioned one other thing about this place. And this is just a legend, so I'm not saying that it's true; in fact, I think that it's just bogus myself, but according to legend, this place, thanks to the Goddess who supposedly inhabited it, because she was the goddess of love and fertility, as well as the moon, if a female were to enter the shrine under the moon, she would go into the deepest, most fertile heat that she's ever had. She'll cry out, begging to be filled with offspring."

"And let me guess, her cries, as well as her scent, attracts the closest male(s), and when they enter the shrine, they go into their deepest musk, then they have sex with, and impregnate said female?"

"Exactly! And if ANY of the male's sperm touches the female's womb, then a pregnancy is a 100% certainty! Also, the chances of multiple foals is VERY high. Twins are the most common, but some mares supposedly had up to quintuplets as well. Like I said though, I don't believe in this. Most likely it was some type of drug that the air in the shrine was laced with. However, this whole area's been deserted for centuries, if not millennia, so I'm pretty sure that we're safe!" ("Barring the tail end of my own heat cycle of course!" she muttered).

"What was that last bit Daring?"

"Nothing! I was just muttering about how my boots won't stay tied. But anyway, let's get in there, and get this done so that we can FINALLY go home!"

I nodded, and after walking up to the entrance, I became the first Human to EVER set foot inside of the Lunar Shrine of Romance!

Once we were inside, we had to use our flashlights. The air inside was somewhat musty, and there were dust and cobwebs about as well. Once past the entrance, the Shrine was seemingly a cave, but yet the walls, floor, and ceiling were made from cut stone, so it was almost like we were inside of a building, even though I knew that we were inside of the mountain.

Here and there, a few wall paintings existed as well. To my surprise though, most of them showed what appeared to be Ponies in VERY explicit sexual positions.

"Well, I certainly won't be taking any pictures of THESE!"

Daring giggled a bit. "Well, it IS called the 'Lunar Shrine of Romance' Stud, and it IS supposedly the home of the original copy of the Pony Sutra, so I guess that it does make sense that these would be here!"

"And, you feel like you're in heat and need to be bred yet Daring?"

She shook her head. "Nope! Like I said, that was just a bunch of hooey! Or some really strong drugs, I haven't decided yet!"

We both laughed a bit, before pressing on deeper into the tunnel. The passage that we were in seemed to be like a tunnel, and there were a few alcoves off to the side as well. Most of these were empty, but every now and again there would be a dusty urn, or perhaps a table.

At one point, I was about to enter a room that was filled with patterned floor blocks.

"Wait Stud! Booby trap!"

I groaned. "Daring, for the last time, that's just a movie cliche!" I then accidentally stepped on one of the blocks, unleashing a torrent of arrows from one wall to the opposite wall! "WHOA!!!!!" I jumped back a bit.

"Still just a movie cliche Stud?"

", that was real!"

"Yeah, I know! However, I've seen things like this before. All we have to do is follow the patterns of the Sphinx, and we should be ok."

She stepped on the first pattern to prove that it was safe, and I followed her. We then made it across the room, and after dodging a few more arrows, a wall full of spears, a swinging blade, a room full of spikes, and a collapsing floor, we finally made it to the deepest part of the shrine.

When we reached it though, instead of being rundown like the rest of the Shrine's interior, it was completely clean! There were torches burning on the walls, lots of paintings were on the walls, as well as carvings on the floor, (all of them of a Sphinx) what looked to be an area for worship, and there were holes in the room's high ceiling that let moonlight in as well.

"Whoa, this place is huge, clean, impossible, AND amazing!"

"Yeah, assuming of course that nopony's here! I mean, how ELSE could this place still be this clean?"

"I don't know, Magic perhaps?"

Daring looked at me. "Well, normally I would say that you were crazy Stud, but now I can see your point." We then looked around, but yet we couldn't find any signs of life.

"Well, I guess that it's clean, AND lifeless, but yet where's the Pony Sutra? I thought that THAT'S what we came here for!"

Daring seemed to be sweating a bit, and she kept rubbing her shorts. At first, I thought that she was just scratching an itch, but then, I realized that she was about to scratch a DIFFERENT itch!

"Daring? Are heat right now?"

She looked up at me. "Sort of, but not quite. Tonight's the last night of my cycle. I just.....need to make it through the night. It's NOT the Shrine, as I've been feeling a bit 'hot and bothered' all day! Just, find the Pony Sutra and secure it so that we can leave!"

"Yeah, but where IS it?"

"According to the manuscripts, It's at the Shrine of Briana, located at the front of this room. A sort of 'shrine within a shrine' if you will."

I looked, and sure enough, there it was. At the very front of the room was a huge golden statue of some sort of goddess. In front of the image though was what appeared to be a smaller version of the Lunar Shrine of Romance. It stood maybe 12 feet tall, and at the top I could see what looked to be a stone box.

"So, we just go up and get it?"

Daring looked at me. "No. Unfortunately, Daring Do got hurt by a spear trap, and while she's patching herself up, Mac volunteered to finish the mission with Daring's guidance." Daring then sat against a wall, and began to rub herself under her shorts.

I took off my pith helmet, wiped some sweat off my forehead, and then put it back on. "Mares", I muttered. I began to walk towards the front. "Just remember though Daring, if I die, then YOU get to be the one to explain to Dash and Spitfire what happened!"

"You're not gonna die Stud. There aren't any booby traps protecting the Pony Sutra. Why I don't know, but I really don't care right now."

I sighed, and with Daring guiding me, I slowly made my way up to the front.

The whole way there, I felt CERTAIN that something bad was going to happen, but yet it didn't. I made it to the front, and began to climb up the steps of the mini-shrine.

Once I reached the top, I reported back to Daring. "Well, there's certainly SOMETHING up here!"

"What do you see?"

"Well, the top of this sort of 'mini Shrine' is housing something underneath it. It looks like you lift the top off, but I'm scared to do that, as who knows what could happen!"

"I already told you Stud, NOTHING is going to happen!"

I still don't know why I trusted Daring's judgement. I removed the top, fully expecting to die at any second, but yet nothing happened. No explosions, no arrows, no poison-tipped darts, no collapsing roof, literally nothing.

"Is there anything inside the top Stud?"

"Um, yeah! There's a stone box!"

"Well, open it!"

I did so, and when I did, still nothing happened, and when I looked inside the box, my jaw literally hit the floor! There, in the bottom of the box, was the most ornately decorated book that I had ever seen! It's cover was made of what appeared to be gold, and it was inlaid with stones. I picked up the book and opened it. Sure enough, each and every page had Ponies in sexually explicit positions. Even though I was no archaeologist, I could tell that the book was indeed ancient.

"The ORIGINAL copy of the Pony Sutra! I FOUND IT!!!!!" And in all honest truth, I DID find it! Daring was too busy dipping into her honeypot, so she sent me, and I honest to goodness FOUND a long lost treasure! The ORIGINAL copy of the Pony Sutra!


"Yeah, you did. HOWEVER, this was a TEAM effort, so we're splitting the money!"

I nodded. "Yeah, I know that! It was a team effort, but I still get the bragging rights for finding the book!"

Yeah, I found the book, but what I failed to do though was check behind me! Something was there, and it was NOT too happy to see me standing there!

While I was still taking pictures of the book, I took a selfie, and accidentally captured the creature standing behind me in it. I didn't notice it, but Daring did.

"Um, Stud?"


"You.....need to look behind you, RIGHT NOW!!!!"

I gave her a look. "Ugh, Daring, that's the OLDEST trick in the book! If I look, you're gonna fly up here and snatch the book, as well as my camera so that I have no proof that I found the book! No, it's NOT happening!"

"No Stud, I'm SERIOUSLY not joking right now! We've got BIG trouble, and it's literally standing less than a foot behind you right now!"

I sighed. "If it's another tarantula, I'll just kick it!" I then turned around to deal with the tarantula, only to find that it wasn't a tarantula! I was staring right into 2 glowing golden eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth! The creature then moved forwards a bit, and I saw that it was a Sphinx! It had dark purple fur, a dull pink sort of mane, as well as lighter purple fur on its undersides and the end of its tail, huge wings, and a long tail, not to mention big paws, and a smirk. It wasn't quite as big as I originally thought, but it WAS easily 3 times my size, if not more!

"Oh shit, not a tarantula, SPHINX!!!!!" In my panic, I forgot how to fly! Instead, I grabbed the book, as well as my camera, before running back down the steps, and back across the room to Daring.

However, before we could escape, the Sphinx flew across the room, and blocked our escape! I looked around, but that door was the only way in or out! We were trapped!

I then heard the Sphinx laugh. "And where do you think that YOU'RE going you two? I'll tell you where, NOWHERE!!!!!! At least, not until I've had my 'fun' with you!"

The Sphinx then began to laugh again, and it was at this moment that Daring and I knew, we were most likely screwed!

Chapter 19.5 (WARNING: EXPLICIT!!!!!!!) (But please read for VALUABLE information!)

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When the Sphinx laughed the way that it did, I was able to determine that it was most likely female. I also knew that Sphinxes only had one weakness that could kill them, but yet neither Daring nor myself knew what that weakness was!

I looked up about a foot at the Sphinx. "Um......g-good Kitty?" ("Damn, where's some catnip when you need it?!" I thought).

The Sphinx looked down at me, smirking slightly. "Aww, how cute. Do you REALLY thing that you can tame me mortal?"

"No, not really. It was worth a shot though."

"Just as it was 'worth a shot' to come into MY Shrine to steal MY Pony Sutra?!?!"

Daring's eyes then got VERY wide. "Wait, YOUR Shrine?!?! B-but that can't be! Briana was just a made up goddess!"

The Sphinx laughed again. "Well, you're not wrong there Toots! Sure, BRIANA was made up, but I'm VERY much real! I'M who she REALLY is!"

"And let me guess, we have to solve your riddle to escape?"

"Briana" looked down at us. "Oh yes, you have to solve a riddle to escape! In fact, it's the GREATEST riddle of them all!"

I looked up at her. "Ok, let's here it. And before you begin, no, 'St. Ives' is the greatest riddle of all time."

"St. Ives You say? Never heard of it. Tell me!"

I thought for a second. "Ok. 'As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with 7 wives. 7 wives had 7 sacks. 7 sacks had 7 cats. 7 cats had 7 kits. 7 kits had 7 eyes. Eyes, kits, cats, sacks, wives. How many were going to St. Ives?'"

Daring looked at me. "Ok, I did NOT bring a calculator with me! However, I can say that it would be a HUGE number going to St. Ives!"

I was about to say something, but then I got interrupted. "Sure, it may SEEM complicated, but it's really quite simple!" Briana then poked me in the chest with one of her toes. "YOU are the only one going to St. Ives! The rest were leaving!"

I looked down. "Darn it! I've ALWAYS stumped everypony I've told that riddle to! None of them could EVER figure it out!"

"It's ironic really." Briana then sat back on her haunches, and began to lick one of her paws. "MY riddle, is a lot like yours. The answer is obvious, but yet NONE have ever figured it out!" (In case it wasn't already clear, the Sphinx is NOT an anthro! She walks on all fours).

I then sighed. "Well then, what is your riddle? We both kinda need to start getting on our way home, so can we hear your riddle?"

Briana nodded. "Certainly! The answer to my riddle is who I really am. 'Briana' was just the name that I was given. I am the greatest riddle of them all. Who am I?"

I blinked. "What? Is that it? That's the entire riddle?! How the heck are we supposed to solve THAT?!?!?! There's ZERO information in there!"

Briana giggled. "Nope! ALL the information that you need is in the riddle! Like I said before, the answer is obvious, but none have ever solved it! Oh, and before you answer, if you guess wrong, you become just another victim of the shrine's curse!"

"Um, curse? What curse?"

"Oh, your lady-friend there didn't tell you? This Shrine should NEVER be entered after dark on a night with a moon! Sure, it's SAFER to enter, but yet many who have entered have fallen victim to the curse! Briana is the Goddess of Love and Fertility, as well as the Moon! If you two guess wrong, well, let's just say you won't be leaving here alone, and in 9 months you'll DEFINITELY be living with a little 'friendly reminder' of our time here!" Briana then burst out laughing.

It was then that I realized that EVERYTHING that Daring had told me, and said that she didn't believe in, was REAL! We both had one shot at getting out of here, and if we failed....... I didn't even want to think about the possibility!

For the longest time, Daring and I just sat on the floor, trying to figure out the riddle. Briana just sat on her haunches and watched us.

"And don't even THINK that you can escape here without solving the riddle! If you do, you will NEVER make it out of the shrine alive!"

I sighed. "Why would I be attempting to escape? I've ALWAYS wanted to get the chance to cuddle with a Sphinx!"

I heard her giggle slightly. "Well, solve my riddle, and I'll be all yours to play with!"

Daring shot me a glare. I just shrugged, and gestured to her that I was just "testing the waters" to see what we could get away with. We kept trying to solve the riddle, but as time went on though, it began to get harder and harder to think.

"Oh, and one more thing that I forgot to tell you two! You only have a limited amount of time to come up with an answer as well! Right now, the air is filling up with aphrodisiac pheromones that once they reach a certain level, you two will be f@#king like minks until you drop dead from broken hips! You've already used up a lot of time, and soon it'll be too late!"

Daring and I both then looked at each other, and we knew that we HAD to hurry!

I was desperately trying to wrack my brains, trying to figure out what the answer to the riddle was. However, it was also getting harder and harder to concentrate. My mind kept picturing Daring and I in a LOT of sexual positions that I'd seen in the Pony Sutra. Daring continued to finger herself, and I could tell that she was possibly mere seconds away from losing it.

While this was happening, "Briana" looked at us smirking. So far, her plan for revenge was working FLAWLESSLY, and soon she would be doing what she did best.

Suddenly though, my brain began to put the pieces together. In my mind, I ALMOST came up with the right answer. Before I could though, I got tackled over backwards by Daring!

"Daring.....What?! GET OFF!!! We HAVE to finish solving the riddle!"

But Daring's mind was gone. I looked at her, and I could spot ALL of the symptoms of a mare in heat. She'd already torn all of her clothes off, her nethers were SOAKING wet, and EXTREMELY gooey, not to mention the fact that she was sweating, panting, and even blushing.

All thoughts that I had for solving the riddle, at least for the time being, were lost. All that I could think about were my primal instincts. In front of me was a mare in heat, and since I was the alpha male, it was my job to impregnate her with my offspring!

In an instant, I was on top of Daring, and after ripping my own clothes off, we were roughly kissing and groping each other.

"Time’s up!" I faintly heard "Briana" giggle, "Now I get to sit back, and watch the fun!"

And watch us she did.

By this point, all semblances of ANYTHING that had marked us as civilized were gone! We were well and truly 100% feral, answering to NOTHING but our natural instincts, and right then, our instincts were telling us to breed. Neither of us could even talk anymore! We communicated with grunts, groans, squeaks, squeals, giggles, screes, and other such noises.

Daring was on all fours with her tail in the air. She was moaning for me to come please her, which I did. After getting my sort-of muzzle close to her intoxicating nethers, I began to eat her out. I'll admit, I've NEVER seen her that wet before! It was like there was a water pipe leaking inside of her, as there was a constant stream of gooey fluids coming out of her.

I thrust my tongue into her snatch, and she pushed back to meet me. We worked ourselves into a rhythm, and I was able to give her orgasm after Earth-shattering orgasm. Each one was more intense than the last one, and soon the floor all around us was positively SOAKED in her juices!

"F@#K ME!!!!" Daring suddenly screamed. "Please, f@#k me Stud! I NEED you inside of me! You're tongue just can't do it, NOTHING can! I HAVE to be fertilized! Only insemination can save me from this heat!"

I didn't miss a beat. "Turn around for me then Daring!" She did so. "Now, stick your rump up into the air, and move your tail." She did, and I saw that her tail was soaked in her juices as well. Her slit was also winking at me, indicating that she was all ready for a good F@#K.

She began to moan for me to f@#k her, which I did. I was rock hard, and I slipped my member into her insanely wet furnace of a love-tunnel. Once our hips met, I pulled back out of her, sighed a bit, before thrusting back in.

"OUGH!!!!" Daring cried out in bliss.

I then began to pull out and thrust back in, while Daring bucked her hips back to meet my thrusts. We were in the doggy position, which was the most natural breeding position for wild animals such as ourselves.

Once again, we worked ourselves into a rhythm, and because I was f@#king her so hard and so fast, Daring was soon just a drooling mess lying in puddles of her own sex juices.

"Wow, you're a REALLY filthy mare, aren't you Daring?"

She just moaned in response.

"Yeah, I know that you are! I mean look at you! We're at the bottom of an ancient shrine, and you're getting your brains f@#ked out by a wild stallion, and you're enjoying it!"

"Ngh....who WOULDN'T enjoy getting f@#ked by such a hot stallion like you Stud?"

"Ngh....I know that you're going to be the PERFECT mom for my foals Babe!"

"Nyah! I want them Stud! Give me your Human-Bat-Pony babies!"

I kept going, fully having every intention of doing just that.

As I continued to f@#k Daring though, suddenly, it all clicked. In one rare moment of complete sanity, I was able to solve the riddle! I then slammed on the brakes, and stopped f@#king. Daring was too much of a drooling mess to care, but "Briana" did!

"Hey! Why'd you stop?"

I stopped, because I was able to solve your riddle!"

She looked at me. "Oh? And what pray tell, is your answer, brave adventurer?"

I smirked a bit. "Like you said, it's all really simple once you've made all the right connections! You are NOT a Sphinx, you've just taken the form of one. A Sphinx is the physical representation of a riddle. You are not a riddle, but yet I'm still on the right track. You're not just A riddle, you're THE greatest riddle of them all!" I paused a bit.

"And what greater riddle is there, than Life itself?" I then looked up at her. "So, we meet at last, my old enemy!"

When I gave my final answer, Life was BEYOND shocked! NEVER had anyone EVER solved her riddle before! Now, not only had someone done just that, but they were her old enemy as well!

"Yes, we do indeed finally meet Leopard! And now I've FINALLY gotten my revenge for you preventing me from Finding a Way!"

"Which was what? Having me have sex with Daring for a while? Sheesh, some revenge!"

I then saw her smirk at me. "Oh no, this was just the fun little warm up, my REAL revenge starts just about......NOW!!!"

I then lost all control again, and IMMEDIATELY went back to f@#king Daring, this time though like there was no tomorrow!

Now, I was like a f@#king machine on high speed. And all while Daring and I were busy making the next generation, Life was laughing her ass off at us.

"HA HA HA HA!!!!! I TOLD you that I would get my revenge on day Leopard! Now I FINALLY did! Remember what I said? I said, 'I'd make you act like a breeding animal, and love it'! Now how do you feel?"

I didn't answer, but I did roll Daring and I over onto our sides, where I continued to f@#k her like a slut.

"OH!!! You're such FILTHY little breeding animals! Is that all that's in your head right now, breeding?"

No answer except for the sounds of sex.

"Oh, I'll take that as a yes, My Little Breeders! Just keep f@#king for me, and make all of the obscene little noises that you want! There's nobody out here to hear you! Soon, YOU Daring will be the mother of multiple foals! I don't know how many yet, but I DO know that it will at least be twins!"

Daring still didn't answer.

"And all of this could have been avoided if you would have JUST let me Find a Way sooner! But NO! You just HAD to keep using birth control, AND morning after pills! I kept telling you that I was going to Find a Way, and now I FINALLY did! Life ALWAYS Finds a Way Leopard, and now I did!"

We kept going for an unknown amount of time. Eventually, I reached my limit, and after thrusting into Daring as deep as I possibly could, I unleashed a TORRENT of my hot, potent foal-batter into her unprotected, fertile womb!

We both then screamed our lungs out, before blacking out, and collapsing into a heap; Daring on bottom, and me on top.

Once she was certain that we'd passed out, Life walked over to us. "Aww, you two are so cute when you're asleep! She then sat down next to us, before brushing us gently with a paw. "Now that I FINALLY Found a Way, I don't outright hate you anymore, but yet I STILL need a little bit of revenge!" Life then altered our memories of this incident, so that we wouldn't remember having sex. All we would remember would be finding the book, meeting "Briana", and solving her riddle, at least until Daring started showing her symptoms!

Life then lay down close to us, and then pulled us both into her soft, warm chest and belly, and cuddled us like kittens. "Shh, sleep now, My Little Breeders", She whispered after kissing us on the foreheads. "You've eared your rest after doing my bidding, and now I will protect you while you sleep. You've earned my protection for all that you've done Leopard, and now I'll be with you for a LONG time to come! Now, not only can you add, 'cuddling with a Sphinx' to your list of accomplishments, but also having one protect you, now and forevermore!"

Life then fell asleep as well, still holding Daring and I close to her, and the 3 of us all falling asleep to Life's soft, gentle purrs. (Yes, Sphinx's can purr.)

Chapter 20: Adventure Aftermath, Wonderbolt Shakedown, "Little" Problems!

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Sometime hours later, I suddenly woke up. I was lying on a cold hard floor, but yet Daring was lying in my arms, and both of us were snuggled against something large and furry. Her head was throbbing, and my limbs felt extremely weak.

"What........happened?" My memory was very fuzzy. I remembered our quest to find the Lunar Shrine of Romance, as well as the original copy of the Pony Sutra, but yet after that, my memory began to fail me. I remembered a Sphinx, riddles, and being naked for whatever reason, but beyond this though, I could remember nothing.

I shifted a bit. It was then that I realized that the large, furry thing that Daring and I were snuggled close to was Briana the Sphinx.

She opened an eye and looked at me. "Mmm, time to get up Leopard?"

"I.......guess so. What happened?"

"You mean you don't remember?"

I shook my head. "No, not completely. The last thing that I can remember for sure is finding the Pony Sutra, and then it becomes fuzzy. I remember you, and riddles, as well as being naked, but then nothing."

Briana purred a bit. "Hmm. Well, I can fill in a few gaps for you. You grabbed the book, and tried to evade from me, but I blocked the way. The only way out was to solve my riddle. You and your female companion here did, but it really taxed you; physically and mentally. You both blacked out, and I merely removed your coverings, licked you two clean, and then snuggled close to you so that I could keep you warm." (In all actuality, Life, aka Briana, was in a sense telling the truth. She really did lick us both clean, but yet this was to erase the evidence of the debauchery that her revenge caused. She also did snuggle close to us, but this was for her own pleasure, not just for keeping us warm.)

I nodded slowly. "Ok, so, what now?" I was still slightly unnerved that I had been licked all over by a Sphinx, even one as cute as Briana.

Briana began to purr a bit. "Well, since you DID solve my riddle, AND you have the Pony Sutra, I am duty-bound to protect you. I will protect you and your female companion for as long as you live. And I can change size if I have to, just so that others won't ask too many questions."

By this point, Daring was awake as well, but neither of us really wanted to stop cuddling with Briana. Her fur was just SO soft and warm, and her purring was just so relaxing.

I reached down, and began to rub her belly gently. Briana began to purr VERY loudly, and she even rolled over so as to give me better access.

"Aww, you may be a Sphinx, but you're just a big kitty! Who's my adorable big kitty? Who's my adorable big kitty? YOU are! Yes you are!"

Briana let me have my fun. She knew that she could OWN me if she wanted to, but yet it's EXTREMELY difficult being Life sometimes, and she just wanted to let someone else take the wheel for a bit.

She continued to purr, while Daring got up, and began to pull her clothes back on. I followed suit a few minutes later, and soon, once we had the Original Pony Sutra all wrapped up in plastic, I placed it in the satchel that we brought to hold it, which I then slung over my shoulder.

Once we had the rest of our stuff together, we were all ready to go.

"So, I'll carry the book, you carry the gear, and I guess that I'll carry Briana as well."

Daring looked at me strangely. "Yeah, but how? She's nearly 3 times bigger than we are!"

"Ahem!" Briana then shrunk down until she was no bigger than an average house cat.

Daring looked at her in shock. "What the....?!?!?! How did you do that?!"

Briana looked up at her. "Magic! I can change my size whenever I want! It's just another perk of being Life. I can change my form, and my size. I only have a limited range of forms though. I can be a Sphinx, a cloud, and some fog. That's about it!"

While Daring was still in a bit of shock, I tried to figure out how to carry Briana. Even though she was smaller, I still needed a way to carry her. In the end, she settled on my shoulders, and provided that I was able to move about smoothly, she could just hold on. And if the going got rough, she could always just use her wings and fly.

Daring and I then began to make our way out of the Lunar Shrine of Romance.

"I will NOT be missing this place!" Briana muttered. "My boss literally CHAINED me to this place until somebody could solve my riddle! Now that they have, I can FINALLY get out! Even though I'm now stuck with you Leopard!"

I glanced back at her on my shoulders. "Wait, you were chained to this place? Why?"

Briana growled a bit. "It's a long story. However, the short version is that I was a tyrant a long time ago, and I held a village hostage. They gave me their crops, and I let them live. I also lived in a fancy pyramid back then, but that's besides the point. Anyway, one day I kidnapped some prince, and his lover came to get him back. She solved my other riddle, AND she passed my other challenges!"

"What other riddle was that?" Daring asked.

"I shine brightest in the dark. I am there but cannot be seen. To have me costs you nothing. To be without me costs you everything. What am I?"

I thought for a second. "Hope. I've heard this riddle before. It's an old classic among us soldiers."

Briana spat a bit. "Well no one knew the answer back then except for...........Sonambula, at least I think that's what her name was. Outraged at her defeating me, I fled from the pyramid, only to be confronted by my Boss, and he banished me to the Lunar Shrine of Romance. I was doomed to be trapped there until someone solved my main riddle, as punishment for what I did in the past. I saw the Marakeets come and go, but I was still there. Until now at least. You solved my riddle, thus freeing me from the Lunar Shrine of Romance forever."

I was surprised at Briana's story. It all made sense, but I still had another question. "And who is your boss by the way? I've always wondered who Life's manager is."

"The Universe. HE'S the man behind me! There's also my sisters Fate and Karma, and my brothers Time and Space. Not to mention my cousin, the Multiverse! My Mom, Wisdom, and my dad, Experience are in there too. Together, all of us keep everything running. God is ultimately above us all, but he charges us with keeping everything going."

When Briana finished her explanation, my brain just about exploded! That was WAY too much information packed in such a small span of time!

"Um, ok, I'll just stick with, 'your real name is Life, but everypony calls you Briana. You can now leave the Shrine because I solved your riddle, but now you're duty-bound to protect me. I also now have a Sphinx that will be living with me as well'. Oh, and Life? One other thing I need to tell you."

"And that is?"

"Whenever someone says, 'well, at least things can't get any worse!', that is NOT a challenge!"

Briana blinked, before bursting out laughing. I knew then that I really did NOT have as good of a handle on Life as I thought that I did! (No pun intended!)

Getting home took another 2 weeks, but by July 2nd, we were FINALLY back in Ponyville! We all got off the train utterly exhausted, and after taking flight, Daring and I made it back up to Dash's house.

"Man, a shower's going to feel SO good!" Daring muttered.

"No kidding Babe! I REALLY need one too!"

We then walked in, shut the door, I said hi to Aurora, who although she was excited to see me again, decided to let me rest for a while.

"I'll say hi to you better later Master! You look exhausted!"

"Thanks Aurora, and I am. I've been all over the place for the past 2 months, and I'm physically shot!"

I then turned away, and it was then that Aurora noticed Briana on my shoulders. "Wait, what the heck is on your shoulders?!"

I sighed. "This is Briana the Sphinx. In reality though, she's my greatest enemy, Life. She was the one guarding the Lunar Shrine of Romance, and Daring and I had to solver her riddle to escape. Wait for the book for the full story!"

"Wait, you went out there for the Pony Sutra, and came back with a SPHINX?!?!"

"Yeah, pretty much, although we came back with the Pony Sutra too. But please Aurora, I REALLY need sleep!"

I then gently pushed past her and went upstairs, all with Briana still on my shoulders, though Aurora still followed me up.

Daring took her shower first, while I secured the satchel with the book in it in my office safe, as well as the camera with all of the photos of our adventure. Then when it was my turn, I took my shower. Once I was done, I dried off, and without even bothering to put any clothes on, (Daring didn't either) we both crawled into Dash's bed, and were asleep almost instantly.

Briana jumped up on the bed, and snuggled between us, purring all the while, before settling down to sleep. Not wanting to be left out, Aurora did the same thing, and Daring and I were too tired to care. All 4 of us fell asleep, and I tried to come up with an explanation that Dash and Spitfire would believe when I had to explain to them about Briana.

When Dash and Spitfire came home later that day, they found a note on the front door.

"Hey guys, well, Daring and I are finally back! Long story short, mission accomplished! Right now, we're most likely upstairs sleeping, so please don't disturb us. We REALLY need it!

Much Love,

They both looked at each other. "Wow, so they're FINALLY back!"

Dash nodded. "Yeah, which makes you wonder how long until the book will come out!"

"And they may be sleeping, but I guess that we can at least see if they're awake."

They then went inside, before heading upstairs. Sure enough, once they reached the bedroom, they saw Daring and I asleep in each other's arms. We were also moving about a bit, suggesting that we were on yet another adventure.

"I still think that it's cute when they dream together. I just wish that Stud had more time to spend with us though."

Spitfire nodded, but then she stopped. "Yeah, but yet at the same time, we ARE Wonderbolts, which has us spending so much time at the Academy. The main reason that Stud's with Daring so much is that she's always here writing. Plus, he's still with Battalion 4009 in the Foreign Legion, which has him sometimes coming home at really odd hours. Daring's just the only one who's either home, or awake. I mean, we DO get time off, but yet not as much as I'd like. It's a lonely road being the Captain of the Wonderbolts Dash."

Dash was listening, but then, she looked a little bit closer at the bed. "Um Spitsy?"

"Yeah Dash?"

"I know that Aurora belongs to Stud, and I have Tank, but do either you or Daring own a cat?"

Spitfire looked at her like she was crazy. "What? I don't own a cat! And Daring doesn't have any pets either! Why?"

Dash pointed, and sure enough, lying close to Aurora was what appeared to be a cat! It had purple fur, a long tail, and it even seemed to have wings!

"Where......did that come from?!"

"I don't know! Maybe Stud and Daring found it on their adventures, and decided to bring it back. We won't know for sure until they wake up, although I don't know if we should disturb them right now."

I then rolled over, and looked over at them. "Oh, hey guys." I whispered.

"Stud!" Dash came over and hugged me.

"Please keep it down a bit. Let Daring sleep a little bit longer." I whispered. "But it's good to see you too Babe."

"Yeah, and I REALLY missed you!"

"Not as much as I missed you!"


I looked up. "Oh, and hi to you too Spitsy! Where's my hug?"

"It's coming, just as soon as you explain where THIS came from!" She pointed to the cat-like creature lying close to me.

I sighed. "Do you want the long story or the short one?"

"I want the truth."

"That's the thing though Spitsy, I'd tell you the truth, but I don't think that you'd believe me!"

"Try me Stud. I've seen some REALLY strange things in my time!"

I sighed. "Ok, well, the short version is that this is Briana. She was the Sphinx that guarded the Lunar Shrine of Romance, as well as the original Pony Sutra within. She was bound to the shrine until somepony could solve her riddle. I was able to do so, and now she's bound to protect me until the day I die. She shrank down to the size of a house cat so that I could carry her back here. The longer version though, Briana is REALLY a physical manifestation of Life, aka, my greatest enemy! She was known as Briana for centuries, and Because Life is the greatest riddle of all, she took on the form of a Sphinx. So now I have Aurora AND Briana as my protectors!"

Dash and Spitfire both looked at each other, and then back at Briana, who was now awake and looking at both of them.

Dash laughed a bit. "There's no WAY that you're a Sphinx!"

Briana glared at her a bit. "Yes, I AM a Sphinx! I may not LOOK fearsome, but that's only because I'm the size of an ordinary cat right now! When Leopard found me, I was at my original size, which was 16 feet tall!"

"Prove it!" Dash challenged.

"Fine!" Sure enough, Briana leapt off the bed, before shuddering a bit, and then rapidly changing size. Soon she was the size that she was when she snuggled Daring and I. "See? I TOLD YOU that I could change size!"

Dash's jaw hit the ground. "Wow, you really can!"

Briana then shrunk back down to her house cat size, before jumping back onto the bed and falling asleep again.

Over the course of the next few days, I began to notice Spitfire seeming to be REALLY tired when she came home. She also seemed to be cranky a lot as well.

"What's wrong Babe?" I finally asked her in bed one night.

She hugged me. "Oh Stud, there's a group of recruits at the Academy that are making life HELL for everypony! They won't listen to ANYPONY, and I've threatened to kick them out, but they STILL keep causing trouble! I WANT to kick them out, but yet I can see that they have so much potential. Finally tonight, I just told them, 'FINE!!!! If you think that you can mouth off to ME, just wait until you meet my husband! If I have to bring HIM up here to deal with you, he's gonna be PISSED!!!!!'"

"And what did they say to that?"

"Well, some of them smartened up, but the rest still continued on as before. Which is why I have to ask you if you're free tomorrow Stud, AND if you're willing and able to deal with them before I have to take drastic action!"

I smirked a bit. "You know me better than that Spitsy, of COURSE I'll help you! Plus, if those punks think that I can't whoop them, then they've got another thing coming! I could take them all on blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back and STILL come out on top!"

Spitfire kissed me, before holding me close to her. "Thanks Stud, you're the best!"

I kissed her back. "You're welcome Babe. If they mess with my wife, then they mess with me, and if they mess with ME, then they'll possibly be leaving on a stretcher!"

We both laughed about this for a while longer, before we fell asleep.

The next morning, once I'd changed into the Wonderbolt Jumpsuit that Spitfire had given me for my birthday, I followed her up to the Wonderbolt Academy. I was made an Honorary-Wonderbolt for the time being, and I was wished the best of luck by the others in dealing with the troublesome recruits.

"Good luck Leopard!"

"Here's to hoping that you can show them who's boss!"

"I'll do my best guys." I then followed Spitfire to the door to an outdoor drill area. Through the glass, I could see the recruits standing there.

"Yep, they sure look like punks alright!"

"And you can handle them, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Just go out there, and see what you can do. If they STILL don't respond, signal me, and then I'll come and finish the job! However, be prepared for me to REALLY be close to losing it, so just play along! I won't hurt them, I'll just put the Fear of God into them!"

Spitfire nodded, and then she went out to talk to the group of 7 recruits who still hadn't smartened up.

"Alright you lazy rats, get back behind the line! Stand up straight, eyes forwards!"

They all did so, but they continued to giggle, and make faces at Spitfire.

"Ok, I have had it up to HERE with all of you! This is your last chance. If you do not wise up RIGHT THIS INSTANT, I WILL be going to get my husband! And he does NOT play nice!"

"What husband?" One of the recruits laughed. "You're not married!"

"Yeah, you just sleep around a lot!"

They all started to laugh, and Spitfire, wanting to see them eat their own words, (as well as pavement!) gave me the signal, and braced for my entrance.

Suddenly, the laughing stopped as the door to the training area flew open, and slammed into the wall next to it! Then, a tall, hulking figure in a Wonderbolt jumpsuit came charging out. He had a black mane, as well as some gray fur, mixed with flesh. His blue eyes were blazing with fury, and the recruits could also tell that he was a Bat-Pony, or at least a hybrid of one, as he had furry Bat-pony ears and cat-like pupils, though his black wings were still feathery like those of a Pegasus. The name patch on his jumpsuit said "Leopard" on it.

"ALRIGHT YOU YOUNG PUNKS, YOU LISTEN TO ME, AND YOU LISTEN TO ME GOOD!!!!! My name is Captain Leopard, but you will address me as "CAPTAIN", or "SIR!!!!" IS THAT CLEAR?!?!?!"

"Sir, yes Sir!"

"Good!" Now then, my wife's been telling me that you've been causing her some SERIOUS trouble! Is that true?!?!?!" As I stood in front of them, I could see that I was EASILY head and shoulders taller than ANY of them!

No answers.

"Nobody? Well then why does Spitsy always come home to me utterly exhausted, and saying that she had to CONSTANTLY deal with you all?!"

"Freaky Human Bat-Freak!" I heard somepony mutter.


Of course, there was no answer.

"Oh, so I guess that it was the f@#king Fairy God-Pony! Was it you?!" I shouted at a female Pegasus with gray fur and a green mane and tail.

"Sir, no Sir!"

"Where you from Recruit?"

"Sir, Las Pegasus Sir!"

"HOLY MOTHER OF CELESTIA LAS PEGASUS?!?! Only Fags and Squirtin' Sluts come from Las Pegasus, and you don't look like a Fag to me so that pretty much narrows it down! I'm gonna call you Private Squirt! Do you like that name Private?!"

"Sir, Yes Sir!"

I then kept walking. I came to a Pegasus stallion with yellow fur, and a blue mane and tail. "I'll bet it was you, wasn't it?!"

"Sir, no Sir!"

"How tall are you private?"

"Sir, 5'9" Sir!"

"5'9" I didn't know that they stacked shit that high! Do you suck dicks?"

"What?! Sir, no Sir!"

"Bullshit! I'll bet that you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!"

"Sir, no Sir!"

Suddenly, I got hit by an empty soda can. Without even skipping a beat, I picked up the can. "And whoever threw this can at me, your mom's a ho! WHO THE F@#K THREW THIS AT ME, AND WHO THE F@#K SAID THAT I WAS A 'FREAKY HUMAN BAT- FREAK'!?!?!"

"I threw it and said it Sir!" I turned to see who had spoken. Sure enough, I knew HER all too well! She was a female Pegasus with green fur, and a yellow mane and tail. Lightning Dust! She'd been given a second chance with the Wonderbolts, and now she was about to blow it again!

I went over to her. "Oh so we've got a f#@king comedian over here! Lightning Slut! THAT sounds like a MUCH better name for you, don't you agree?"

She smirked. "Why don't you come to bed with me, and you'll find out!"

I then socked her right in the stomach, and THAT wiped the smirk right off her face! "You EVER talk to me like that again, there's FAR WORSE coming! Got it?!"

"Y-y-yes Sir!"

"GET UP!!!!"

She did so, and I could see that most likely she was the sort of ring-leader here. If I could break her, then I had the others. I then thought of the PERFECT way to do just that!
After turning back to face Lightning Dust, I put my plan into action.

"You got a War Face?"


"A War Face! AAAAHHH!!!" I yelled a bit. "THAT'S a War Face, now let me see your War Face!"

"AAAAHHHH!!!!" Lightning screamed.

"BULLSHIT!!!!! You didn't convince me! Let me see your REAL War Face!"


I was still unimpressed. "You don't scare me Private Slut, work on it!"

That did it. Lightning Dust was PISSED! "Oh yeah?! Well then what's a REAL War Face?! Because the one you just did wouldn't scare a......."

Lightning Dust never got the chance to finish that thought. I was WAITING for her to challenge me like that; in fact, I was PLANNING on it! Just before she could finish her thought, I reached deep inside of myself, and found the Leopard that became King Sombra Reborn. I then stared her down with my eyes blazing with fury, and I let out the fiercest battle-roar that ANYPONY in a 150 mile radius had EVER heard!

My roar was so powerful that it almost shattered windows! Even Spitfire, who had seen SO MUCH during her time as a Wonderbolt, felt her jaw hit the ground! NEVER did she EVER think that I had that kind of raw power in me! Dash tried to tell her about me going practically Super-Sayan at the Battle of Donneth, but Spitfire never believed it, until now anyway!

Once the last echos of my almighty roar abated, I took a deep breath before looking back at Lightning Dust. "There, is THAT a good enough War Face for ya Lightning?!"

She both pissed and crapped herself before literally fainting from fright!

I just laughed. "And what about the rest of you? Anypony still want to mess with me?"

The rest of the recruits then fainted from fright!

I then noticed Spitfire, as well as a few other Wonderbolts standing with their jaws on the ground. "And what about you guys? How good of a War Face was that?"

THEY all then fainted as well, although they fainted from shock!

I was left standing alone on that training field, surrounded by a large number of passed out Wonderbolts and recruits!

I shook my head. "Wow, I knew that my roar was scary, but I didn't know that it was THAT scary!"

Suddenly though, Dash came flying out of nowhere!

"F@#K!!!!! WHAT'S GOING ON OVER HERE!?!?!?! IS IT A MANTICORE OR AN URSA MAJOR!?!?!?! I heard a HUGE roar!!!!" She kept looking around, ready to fight anything that moved!

I shook my head. "No Dash, that was just me. There's no Manticores or Ursa Majors."

Dash looked at me like I was joking. "What?! You've GOT to be kidding me! There's NO WAY that that was just you!"

I wiped some sweat off my forehead. "No Dash, it really was just me! That roar was all me, although Sombra may have given me a bit of a boost as well!"

"What.....were you even trying to DO?!?!?!?!"

I sighed. "Well, I WAS trying to deal with these recruits, and after I realized that Lighting Dust was their ring-leader, I tried to break her. I went with the whole 'War Face' shtick, although I might have gotten a LITTLE BIT carried away with my roar! But in my defense, it was a great idea to break Lightning Dust, but that roar was WAY more powerful than I thought that it was going to be!"

Dash looked around at all those who'd passed out from fight. "Gee, ya think Stud?! But while YOU may be better at roaring, you STILL can't beat me at flying! I'M the fastest flyer in all of Equestria!"

I looked at her. "Oh really? Are you sure about that Dash?"

"TOTALLY!!! Who could POSSIBLY be a better flyer than me, YOU?!?!?!"

"I betcha I could! I'm not such a bad flyer myself! You may be smaller and more aerodynamic than me, but I have MUCH more torque, power, and endurance! Plus, it's been shown that we Bat-Ponies actually ARE better flyers than Pegasai in some areas!"

Dash just laughed. "Oh yeah? Well then, I'll BELIEVE it when I SEE it Stud! Race me at your own peril!"

I shook my head. "I can, and I WILL! Right after we help everybody who's passed out though, ESPECIALLY before anypony important sees this and thinks that we killed them!"

Dash just laughed, before helping me to revive those who had passed out.

Once we were sure that everypony was ok, Dash and I asked Spitfire if we could race.

"So, you REALLY want to see who's the best, do you?"

I shrugged. "Dash seems to, but I just want to take her down a few notches!"

Spitfire shrugged. "Well, l normally would say no, but yet for FINALLY scaring those recruits straight, sure. You can race with Dash Stud!"

I hugged her. "Thanks Spitsy, you're the best!"

She pushed me off of her. "Hey, no displays of affection while on duty Private!" She yelled.

I saluted. "Sorry Captain, won't happen again!"

"It better not! Or you WILL be sorry!"

"Ma'am, yes Ma'am!"


"You got it Captain!"

Dash and I then got everything set up. We put up a starting line, set up a course, and stood at the starting line stretching. The race would start at Noon, and Dash wanted word about it to get out to others who would want to see it. The time was currently 11:25am.

Once word of the race got out, a number of Ponies, and even Battalion 4009 soldiers gathered in the stands at the Academy to see it. Of course, ALL of the Human soldiers and Battleship Express crew present were cheering for me, while a lot of the Ponies were cheering for Dash.

"Come on Leopard, you've got this!"

"Yeah, FINALLY take Rainbow Dash down a few notches for her arrogance!"

"No, beat him Dash!" Others cheered.

"Prove once and for all that YOU are the best flyer in all of Equestria!"

Even Daring was present, although she was just there to see who won, she wasn't cheering for ether of us. "Let's just hope that they BOTH come out of this race in one piece!" She thought to herself.

Already off the bat, I KNEW that Dash was going to be tough to beat. Her body was MADE for flying at high speeds, and she was VERY aerodynamic! However, I was a stronger flyer, I had more power, and I could match her in speed. I also knew that Dash often let her arrogance get the better of her, and that that could cause her to make mistakes; mistakes that I could take advantage of!

"I'll admit Dash, you're gonna be tough to beat. However, I'm pretty sure that I can do it!"

Dash just laughed. "Oh, and what makes you think so Stud? I'M the best flyer in all of Equestria!"

"Says you! That's NEVER been proven! Now I FINALLY have the chance to set the record straight! Oh, and why would I tell you how I was going to beat you? That would really defeat the purpose!"

Dash shook her head. "It doesn't matter, you're STILL going down Stud! I can pull off a move that NOPONY else in Equestria can!"

I sighed. "Ah yes, the famous 'Sonic Rainboom'. And just because you can do it, and you're the only one who has done it doesn't mean that somepony ELSE won't someday do it too!"

"Oh PUH-LEAZE!!!!! You think that YOU could pull off a Sonic Rainboom?!?!?! Don't make me LAUGH Stud!"

I shook my head. "No, not me. Even though my wings are like yours, they would tear to pieces if I tried to do that!"

Finally, Spitfire shouted over to us. "Hey! It's past Noon! Are you two gonna keep arguing, or are you guys gonna race?!"

Dash and I looked at each other. We both then shook hands. "Good luck Babe."

Dash just smirked. "Oh, I don't need luck! YOU on the other hand need all that you can get!"

I then sighed, and we both got ready to go.

We both got down on the starting line, pulled our goggles down over our eyes, stretched out our wings a bit, brushed off our Wonderbolt Jumpsuits one last time, and then waited for the signal from Spitfire.

"Are you guys FINALLY ready?"

"Ready Spitfire!"

"Yep, ready Babe!"

"Good. Ok then, on your marks, get set......" She then blew her whistle as loud as she could.

With that, Dash and I were both off like rockets; one rainbow trail behind Dash, and a grayish-black trail behind me. The race was now underway!

The race was from the Wonderbolt Academy, all the way to Ponyville, up to Canterlot, past Cloudsdale, over the Everfree Forest, to the White Tail woods, and then back again. In total, this was a fairly large distance, but yet we were both fairly confident that we could do it.

Dash and I were neck and neck for most of the way, and we were both using every trick in our books to beat the other. Dash would try and create cloud clusters to block my way, as well as gusts of wind, while I would fly low and try to get her to crash into something. We were both acting somewhat juvenile, and not to mention the fact that we were cheating, but yet when your reputation as a Human-Bat-Pony Hybrid is at stake, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Still though, I didn't know if I could beat Dash.

She really was fast, and like I had previously thought, I was more muscular, and not quite able to fly as fast as her, but yet I WAS a stronger flyer, AND I had much better endurance than she did.

"Ugh, what's it gonna take to get you out of this race Stud?!"

"A LOT more than what you're currently dishing out Dash! I WILL win this race, or at the very least tie it!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it Stud!" Dash then tried to fly even faster.

Deep inside of me though, I began to feel some of my muscles loosen up. I suddenly felt myself able to fly faster than I had before. It was almost like I was FINALLY living up to my full potential! In fact, I was able to fly fast enough to actually fully overtake Dash once we passed Canterlot!

"What the......!!!!! HEY, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!!!!"

"I CAN and I DID Dashie Girl! Bye now!" I then sped off.

"GET BACK HERE YOU BATTY SAVAGE!!!!" She then rocketed after me!

Soon, we were getting close to the home stretch, and Dash knew that it was now or never for beating me. She could tell that I was really tapping into my full potential, and that was giving me the edge for beating her.

"How can I beat you?!" She was frantically trying to think. Suddenly though, an idea came to her. "Heh, he'll NEVER be able to keep up with me if I do that!" Remembering what I'd said about shattering my wings if I ever attempted to do a Sonic Rainboom, Dash decided to pull off her signature move to win the race.

"Bye Stud!" She then began to fly REALLY high.

I knew what she was trying to do. "Oh no you don't Dashie!" I then began to climb up after her.

Higher and higher we flew. It got colder and colder, and the air seemed to get thinner and thinner. My lungs and heart could handle it, but I knew that we had to be getting close to at LEAST 50,000 feet, if not slightly more!

"This is it Stud, time for me to win the race!" She then dove down into a vertical dive, and I decided to follow her. It would be a decision that would forever change the course of my life.

Faster and faster we went, and at the steepest angle that I had EVER dove at! I could hear the wind screaming past us, and I saw Dash begin to assume her form for her Rainboom. Both of us then passed the Speed of Sound.

"Pull up Stud!" I heard her scream, "This maneuver isn't for you! You're gonna tear your wings apart! ABORT NOW!!!!!"

"Not a chance Dash!" I'm NOT letting you win this one! If I go down.................well, Death is NOT an option, so I WILL survive!" I then kept going.

Closer and closer the ground came, and I was screaming towards it at well over Mach 5. I then threw both of my arms out in front of me, and prepared for the dive. My original plan was to level out close to the ground, and I actually had NO intentions of doing a Sonic Rainboom, as I KNEW that I couldn't handle it! Life though had other ideas.......

All of a sudden, Dash caught a gust of wind from my dive, and got blown off course!

"WHOA!!!!!" She then had to pull up a bit.

"HA!!!!" I then tried to pull up, but I found that I was unable to! I was locked into my current position, and was unable to move!

"STUD!!!!!!" I heard Dash scream far above me. She then rocketed after me as fast as she possibly could.

Down and down I went, with the ground coming up faster and faster. I could feel my wings shudder, but yet they still showed no signs of tearing. Suddenly though, from out in front of my hands, a whitish field of energy began to appear.

"Huh? What's going on?" I wondered.

I was soon to get my answer. Just as I passed the absolute point of no return, (aka, pull up or die!) my body threw itself into the biggest overdrive that it had ever been in, and I saw the world around me turn red. Then, I seemed to collide with something in mid-air, before shooting back up into the sky again while I heard what sounded like an atomic bomb going off behind me!

"AAAAEEEEEEHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs! I felt myself continue to shoot upwards, and I was climbing faster than I ever had before! For a brief moment, I glanced behind me and I saw this!


I had LITERALLY just done the physically impossible, and became the second being EVER to perform a Sonic Rainboom!

When Dash saw that I was following her into her dive, she started to get worried. Sure, she loved winning, but yet if I lost my wings, or even worse; my LIFE, because of an accident that could have been avoided, she would NEVER forgive herself!

Dash did abort her Rainboom attempt prematurely due to getting knocked off course, but yet I was still going! I was plunging towards the ground, and I seemed to be flying straight towards my death!

"STUD!!!!!" She screamed, before she came charging down after me!

Faster and faster she went. Again and again she kept screaming for me to break off my attempt, but yet I just kept screaming back to her that I was stuck in position!

Suddenly though, Dash began to see a whitish energy begin to surround me; the same energy that she saw whenever she performed a Sonic Rainboom!

"No, but that's IMPOSSIBLE!!!! There's no WAY that he could actually........!!!!!" Moments later, Dash had to eat her words as she witnessed somepony other than herself pull off a Sonic Rainboom!


"AAAAAAAEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Dash heard me scream as I rocketed back upwards again. Moments after this, Dash performed the Rainboom herself, and followed me up just as fast as she could. Oddly enough, although the spectrum-colored shock-waves of my Sonic Rainboom were visible, the trail behind me was still grayish-black! It was an odd combination, but yet it worked!

Down below, the fans were still cheering about my attempt to beat Rainbow Dash. Suddenly though, there seemed to be trouble. I was careening towards the ground in a dive, and I seemed to be stuck in position!

"What's he doing?!?!?!" Somepony yelled.

"Leopard, PULL UP!!!!"

I still keep plunging towards the ground, although now Dash was rocketing after me as well.

"Augh! I can't look!"


However, moments before I would have become just a bloody crater in the ground, a BLINDING flash of light was seen, followed by what sounded like an atomic bomb going off!

"Holy.......WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!?!?!?!"

"LOOK!!!!!" One of the Battleship Express crew pointed at the sky. "LOOK AT WHAT LEOPARD JUST DID!!!!!"

They all looked, and sure enough, I had a large grayish-black trail behind me, surrounded by a MASSIVE spectrum colored shock-wave!

When Spitfire saw it, her jaw hit the ground once again! "DID HE JUST.....!?!?!?!?!"

"Yes!" One of the other Wonderbolts who found their voice again answered. "HE JUST PERFORMED A FREAKIN' SONIC RAINBOOM!!!!!"

Moments after this, Dash did her Sonic Rainboom, and chased after me once again.

The race was pretty much over though. Thanks to my Sonic Rainboom, I screamed back to Wonderbolt Academy, tore through the finish line a full minute ahead of Dash, and won the race hands down! Yes, I had truly done the impossible, and now I had not only become the second being EVER to perform a Sonic Rainboom, but also the first male to do so, AND I now had a claim to be the fastest flier in all of Equestria! Now all I had to do was land so that I could claim victory.

I aimed for the runway at the Academy, and I was dead on the money, but yet I was unfortunately unable to stick the landing. I hit the tarmac while still running, but then to everypony's horror I tripped, and went flying! I was still going so fast, and I tumbled over and over and over again! Eventually, I skidded to a stop in the grass nearly 300 yards from where I'd started from! I was lying on my side, and it looked like I was dead!

"OH NO!!!!!!"

"LEOPARD!!!!!!" Spitfire screamed.


Dash landed a few moments later, and once she realized what had happened, she, Spitfire, the Academy paramedics, and others raced to the scene of my seemingly horrific crash landing.

"Oh Celestia, this is ALL my fault!" Dash was yelling while crying. "I challenged him to that race, and I pushed him to shoot for a Rainboom!"

To everypony's shock though, just before they reached me, I actually sat up again! I had some visible cuts and bruises, as well as a nasty nosebleed, my mane and tail were all messed up, and my wings looked a little hurt, but overall, for what I had just been through, I actually looked ok!

I then looked at those racing towards me. "It's ok Everypony, I'm ok! I survived the landing!" I then tried to stand up, and I succeeded, but I was back on my ass again a few moments later. "Ok, so maybe I'm NOT as ok as I originally thought!"

Dash then reached my side. "Stud! Are you ok?!"

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine Dashie. Aside from a few cuts and bruises, a bloody nose, and some other minor damage, I actually feel ok."

"BUT HOW!?!?! I saw you CRASH!!!!"

I sighed. "The first thing they taught us in the military was how to take a fall and walk away from it Dash. The instant I was unable to stick the landing, my old training kicked in again. In layman's terms, I just rolled into a ball, and went as limp as a ragdoll. I then aimed for the grass, and let inertia and friction do their things to bring me to a stop. I may be hurt, but yet if I HADN'T had my training, it would have been a HELL of a lot worse!"

Dash just hugged me. "Well, in ANY case, I'm just glad that you're alive!"

I hugged her back. "Me too Dash."


We both turned, and there standing over us was Spitfire, as well as the Academy's paramedics. Spitfire did NOT look too happy!

"Do you have ANY IDEA what you just did Leopard?!"

I sighed. "Well, aside from losing control, failing to stick a landing, and crashing, I'd say that I messed up the tarmac, not to mention some grass."

As I was talking, the paramedics began to patch me up. They first stopped my bleeding nose, before taking care of my bruised wings, the rest of my cuts and bruises, and the rest of my minor injuries.

Spitfire looked at me again. "Yes, but I'm talking about the REST of it!" Since I wasn't quite able to stand up yet, she kneeled down to where I was sitting. Then, to my shock and sadness, she grabbed the patch on my jumpsuit that said "Leopard" on it, and tore it off! Luckily, it was Velcroed on, so it came right off without damaging the jumpsuit. I then looked up at her, but before I could say anything, she placed a hand over my mouth.

"I'm still talking! However, what you did today, only ONE other Pony in Equestrian HISTORY has ever done! You performed an honest to goodness Sonic Rainboom! And even then, I've NEVER seen anypony walk away from a failed landing like that! You Leopard, even though you're my husband, and I see you all the time, never CEASE to amaze me! I took this patch, because it was the wrong one! I think that THIS patch would serve you much better!" She then stuck on another Velcro patch. I looked, and to my shock, it said, "Leopard, 1st Human-Bat-Pony Wonderbolt"!

I then moved her hand a bit. "Do you mean that......?!"

She then replaced her hand with her lips, kissing me for a few seconds. "I mean that whenever you're NOT working with the Foreign Legion, and we need you up here, welcome to the team, Champ!"

I was so shocked and surprised that I almost fainted!

After this, I was placed on the stretcher, and carried to the Academy's medical station. On the way, Spitfire explained what she meant a bit further. "What I meant by that Stud was that in some shows, we need others to help us perform. What I've seen from you over the months since you arrived here has well and truly amazed me. You have such talent and skill, and you have what it takes to fly with the champions! Sure, you'll have to through some more training, not to mention having your jumpsuit patched up, but it would be an HONOR to fly in a show with you Stud!" Spitfire then kissed me on the forehead again.

"But, aren't you mad that I kinda screwed up, not to mention my ruining the grass?"

She looked down at me. "Stud, we burn through grass around here faster than your Big Boy burns through coal! Plus, I've seen MANY recruits screw up WAY worse than you did today Scar!"

I froze. "Wait, did you just call me 'Scar'?"

"Yep! That'll be your Wonderbolt nickname. You've got all the 'scars' that you need to prove it!" I then sighed. "Oh, don't look so sad Stud, it's just a nickname."

I shook my head. "No, that's not it. It's just that.......Scar was my original nickname before I adopted the name Leopard........" I then pointed to my left eye, where a nasty scar was visible. "Somebody miss-threw a frag grenade during WW4, and I managed to grab it, and throw it away, but it exploded in midair, and this was the aftermath result."

Spitfire could tell that I was being serious. "Oh, well........if that nickname is bringing up bad memories, I can always change it!"

I shook my head. "No need, I bore the nickname with pride. After that, I was called Leopard, and to the Futas during the war, I was known as the 'Black Fox'. This was for my cunning, and combat skills. From the battles in Texas, all the way to Vegas, facing the Battleship Express was a death sentence! Very few lived to tell the tale!"

Spitfire laughed a bit, and then we talked for a while longer on the way to the medical facility.

In the aftermath of our race, Dash was a bit sore to losing to her husband, but yet she was a good sport about it. I also got my name into the history books for my successful Sonic Rainboom. EVERYPONY wanted to know how I did it, but yet I kept insisting that it was just a freak accident, which was the honest to goodness truth.

Also for the first time in history, not only had a male performed a Sonic Rainboom, but also 2 Sonic Rainbooms were performed seconds apart! (I did mine, and Dash did one as well.) It was quite the performance, but afterwards I made the vow that if I EVER tried to do a Sonic Rainboom again, I would DEFINITELY try and stick the landing a bit better!

Daring was sitting at her desk, beginning to put the finishing touches on the original manuscript of "Daring Do and the Search for the Lunar Shrine of Romance". She and I had written the entire book in about a month, and now it was almost ready for publication. Fans were eagerly awaiting its release, as many of them wanted to see Mac in his first main-character role as Daring's partner. However, as she worked, Daring felt somewhat sick. She kept rubbing her belly, and she did groan a bit every now and again.

Suddenly, there came a knock on the door, and Spitfire poked her head in. "Hey Daring, how are you doing?"

Daring looked up at her. "Oh, hey Spits. And I'm doing......well enough. 'Daring Do and the Search for the Lunar Shrine of Romance is almost ready to be sent to the publishers, and I'm just putting the finishing touches on it now." Daring then sighed her name on the manuscript, "AK Yearling", right next to where I'd signed my name, "Tom Quill". (This was my pen-name.)

Spitfire looked at her. "Um, are you SURE that you're ok Daring? You've been acting a little......strangely lately. Are you sick?"

Daring sighed. "Well, the truth is, I don't know. I've been feeling a, ever since Stud and I got back from the adventure. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I've contracted something."

"And, is that serious?"

"It very well could be. Luckily, I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I'll hopefully find out then." Daring then looked at her watch. "Speaking of which, I need to go drop this off with the publishers, and then head over to that!" She then placed the manuscript in a manila envelope, before putting it in her satchel, wrapping her purple cape around herself, putting on her gray hat and red glasses, and then heading off to her doctor's appointment.

Once she arrived there, and it was her turn, her doctor began to look her over. "So, what can I do for you today Mrs. Yearling?" (Her doctor knew that she was married to me. Doctor-patient confidentiality though!)

Daring sighed. "Well Stitches, I'm here for my yearly checkup, and I might need a few additional tests as well. I've been feeling kinda weird ever since Stud and I came back from the jungle, and I think that I might have contracted something."

Her doctor, Stitches, sighed. "Ok, well, you're the boss Mrs. Yearling." She then began to give her her physical.

Stitches checked her blood pressure, temperature, and checked her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. "Well, everything seems ok so far. Now let's check the rest of you." She then pulled out her stethoscope, and began to check her heart and breathing rates.

"Anything yet Doc?"

Stitches paused. "Well, I'm not completely sure. I need to check a few more things, but I'm not really seeing too many abnormalities though." She then began to gently poke and feel Daring's stomach, so as to be able to check her insides.

"Does anything hurt?"

"Y-yeah, a little bit!"

Stitches then paused for a bit. "And this may seem like a strange question, but you are sexually active, right?"

"Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"Have you......and your know........lately?"

"Yes, but we've always used protection! I'm DEFINITELY not ready to be a mom yet!"

"Well, have you taken any pregnancy tests by any chance?"


Stitches then looked at her clipboard. "Well aside from a few other tests, including blood tests, I'm also going to give you a pregnancy test, just in case."

Daring shrugged, but she let Stitches do her thing.

A while later, Stitches came back with the results for all of the tests.

"Well, what's wrong with me Doc?"

Stitches sighed, and blushed a bit. "Well, nothing Mrs. Yearling. You're just a perfectly healthy, happy, pregnant mare!"

Daring nodded. "Oh, well then, that's......wait. WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!?!?!"

Stitches smiled. "Your pregnancy test came back positive Mrs. Yearling! I did several just to be sure, and you're definitely pregnant! You're now about 2 months pregnant, and I think that you may be carrying twins as well!"

Daring was so shocked that she literally fainted!

"Whoops! Wasn't quite expecting THAT reaction, but yet what better place to faint than a doctor's office?" Stitches then helped to revive Daring.

Once she did, Daring was trying to figure out HOW she was pregnant! "This just isn't possible! I ALWAYS take my birth control, and a morning after pill if required! How am I pregnant?!"

"Well, you know what they say Mrs. Yearling, 'Life Always Finds a Way'!"

Stitches words echoed through her head. "Well, at least I now have a solid answer as to WHY I feel like crap in the morning, but yet......" Then it all clicked. NOW Daring remembered what REALLY happened inside the Lunar Shrine of Romance!

She looked up at Stitches one last time. "So, am I good to go?"

"Yes, however, I REALLY would recommend coming back for your monthly pregnancy checkups, and given that you are 2 months along, your due date should be sometime around March of 2031. See you then!"

Daring then got up, and fully got dressed again. "Yes, and thank you Stitches. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get home and THROTTLE somepony!" She then began to leave.

"Well, don't hurt Leopard too badly Mrs. Yearling! It DOES take 2 to tango you know!"

"Oh, it's not HIM that I'm going to throttle, it's LIFE!!!!!"

Stitches was confused. "Um.....ok. Well then, have fun, and I'll see you next month!"

Daring said her last goodbye, and then she was on her way back to our house.

Chapter 21: Pregnancies, Preparing, more Pregnancies!

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(WARNING!!!!! Chapter contains sex towards the end!)

All while she was on her way back home, Daring thought about how she was going to break the news to Dash and Spitfire about her pregnancy.

"And how will STUD react to it?! Well, luckily he was there, and he should remember in short order that it was Life's fault, NOT ours! But yet, that still doesn't change the fact that I'm now carrying foals, and they will be ours to love and take care of for the next 18 years! And that's ASSUMING that I can survive a 9 month pregnancy with twins!"

Daring then thought about her career. "And how am I supposed to be Daring Do while PREGNANT?! And even when I'm not, I'll STILL be a full-time mom after that! Unless Dash, Stud and Spitfire can take care of the foals, or Stud can take over where I leave off, I REALLY don't see how I can continue adventuring!"

When she arrived home, she steeled herself up, before knocking on the door. She didn't hear anypony inside, so she then pushed the intercom buzzer next to the door. (After the construction on the new additions to the house were complete, we also installed an intercom system so we could be able to communicate from all corners of our now HUGE house in the sky!

Finally, an answer came. "Yes, who is it?" It was Spitfire.

"Spits, it's Daring. I'm back, but I forgot my key. Where are you guys?"

"I'm the only one here right now, and I was in the pool. Just give me a sec to grab my robe, and I'll come get the door!"

"Ok, sure!" She then waited for Spitfire.

A few minutes later, the door unlocked, and Daring saw Spitfire. She was wearing her pink bathrobe with the Wonderbolt logo on the back, and her fiery mane was hanging down her shoulders.

"So, how'd it go Daring?" Spitfire asked her once she was inside, "Did you drop off your new book, and how did the doctor's appointment go?"

Daring sighed. "Well, dropping off the manuscript went well enough, but yet.......where's Stud? I REALLY need to talk to him!"

"Eh, he and a few of the other guys loaded up Iron Glory, and headed off to Baltimare to pick up spare parts. He said that he'd be back sometime this evening. Why, what do you need him for?"

Daring was looking at the floor. "I.......j-just need to talk to him about something VERY important......" She muttered.

Spitfire could tell that something was up with Daring. She looked at her a bit closer. Her tummy did seem maybe ever so slightly bigger, and she was holding something in one of her hands; and if she wasn't mistaken, Spitfire could have sworn that it was a pregnancy test.....

"Um, D-Daring, this may sound like a weird question, but um..........are you.....p-pregnant?"

Daring then sighed, before opening her hand, revealing a positive pregnancy test. "Yes, the doctor confirmed it. I'm 2 months along now, and my doctor, Stitches, thinks that I might be carrying twins as well."

When Spitfire heard that Daring was pregnant, she put a hand over her mouth in shock. She could have SWORN that Dash would be the first one of them to possibly carry foals, not Daring.

"So, I guess THAT'S why you want to talk to Stud, and I'm also gonna assume that this happened while you two were off on your adventure?"

"Yes, and you wouldn't happen to know where Briana is, would you?"

Spitfire shook her head. "Nope, I haven't seen her in a while. I'd assume that she's around here somewhere, but I haven't the foggiest idea where. I'm also gonna venture a guess that SHE'S the one responsible for your pregnancy?"

Daring gave her a look. "What do YOU think?!"

"Eh, I think that 'Life ALWAYS Finds a Way'!"

"And you'd be a Clever Girl, wouldn't you? YES!!!! Life, aka Briana, IS the one at fault here!"

Spitfire was still reeling a bit in shock. "I just.......STILL don't know what to say right now Daring. However, I do know that Stud and Dash should be home after a while, and he HAS to know!"

"And I'll tell him! However in the meantime, the pool is calling my name, so I'm gonna go swim for a while!"

Spitfire nodded, and followed Daring back to the pool room. Once they both stripped, the 2 mares swam and splashed around a bit, waiting for Dash, and especially me to get home.

By the time that I got home, Dash was there at the front door waiting for me.

"Stud!" She hugged me.

I hugged her back. "Hey Dashie! Did ya miss me?"

She kissed me. "Oh, you know that I did Stud! When did you get back?"

"Eh, just a few minutes ago actually. You?"

"The same. Where'd you go again?"

"We had to take Iron Glory to Baltimare to pick up some spare parts."

"What do you need the parts for?"

"Well, a few were for the Big Boy, but most of them were Iron Glory herself. She's reached the end of her service life, again."

Dash looked at me worriedly. "Wait, she's not gonna be scrapped is she?!"

I shook my head. "No, absolutely NOT!!!! She has WAY too much history to just be scrapped! She's the 3rd oldest engine in the RWD fleet, dating back to 1862!"

Dash was shocked. "Wait, she's been around since 1862?! That means that she's 168 years old! But yet, what does this mean for her now?"

I nodded. "Yeah, she's a real survivor engine alright! And it just means that she's going to have yet another full overhaul. She's had about 20 of them now, and she'll be down for a year or 2, but in the end she'll be just as good as new!"

"And then she'll be back in service? And what are you guys gonna do for a small engine while Iron Glory is down?"

"Yep, then she'll be back in service. And we'll just use Battle Glory until she's ready to go again!"

"Um, what's Battle Glory again?"

"Oh yeah, 'Battle Glory' was the nickname we gave to a train that we stole from the Caribou at Rendale. We used it to get the rest of the way to Dock Town, and it was taken to our first Winter base at Pennbrook. Eventually, it made it's way to Donneth, where it remained until recently, where it was taken back to Equestria for study. Now that Equestria's done with it, we bought it from Canterlot, and now she'll be added to our roster of trains. We now have 3 instead of 2."

"What's the train look like again?"

I showed Dash a picture. "She looks a bit run down, but she works just fine."

When Dash saw the picture, her jaw hit the clouds. "THAT old thing?! How the heck is that even safe for use?! It looks like it could fall apart at any second!"

I shrugged. "She's definitely a bit 'rugged' but she's just as powerful of a workhorse as Iron Glory is. Plus, she WAS taken from the Caribou, although her origins are believed to be the Zebra Empire, so what did you expect?"

Dash shrugged. "Not too much, I guess!"

We kept laughing about this for a little while longer.

Eventually, I pushed the intercom buzzer. "Hey, anypony home in there?"

After a bit, I heard Spitfire's voice. "Daring and I are in the pool room Stud!"

"Ok, well, Dash and I are home, so we'll be there in a few minutes!" I then unlocked the door, and Dash and I went inside.

Once we were in the pool room, I saw Spitfire floating on her back in the pool, while Daring was in the hot tub. As per the norm, they were nude. (In fact, now that I think about it, I really can't even remember a single time that any of us ever wore a swimsuit in the pool room!)

"Hey Spitsy, hey Daring!"

Daring looked up. "Hey Stud."

"Stud!" Spitfire the got out of the pool and hugged me.

I hugged her back. "Hey Gorgeous! It's good to be back!"

Spitfire then looked a bit worried. "Um, Stud, Daring needs to talk to you, and it's EXTREMELY important!"

I looked over at Daring. "Is this true Daring? You need to talk to me about something?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I do."

"Ok, well let me just get ready, and then I'll come over there." I then stripped, and after draping my clothes over a chair, I flew over and joined Daring in the hot tub. Dash and Spitfire followed a few moments later.

"So, what did you have to talk to me about Daring?"

Daring looked down at the water. "'s......." She couldn't seem to find the right words. Finally though, she thought of a way to break the news to me. "I have a surprise for you Stud. Just close your eyes."

"Ok, sure!" I did so. I then felt Daring take my hand, and then I felt something wet and furry. "Um, Babe, if you just wanted me to finger you, you could have just asked."

"That's.....not it Stud. And you can open your eyes now."

I did so, and when I did, I looked at Daring curiously. She was rubbing her belly with my hand. "Again, if you wanted a belly rub, you could have just......" I then looked closer, and I realized that Daring's tummy looked a little rounder than normal.

"D-Daring.......are you.....????"

She nodded. "Yes, I'm pregnant Stud. And my doctor, Stitches, thinks that it might be twins as well."

When Daring broke the news to me that she was pregnant, I legit fainted! I fell backwards a bit, and almost fell out of the hot tub!

"Whoa!" Spitfire and Dash managed to grab me before I fell.

"Ok, well, he took the news a LOT better than I thought that he was going to!"

Dash looked at Daring in shock as well. "Wait, you mean that Stud got YOU pregnant before ME?!"

Daring nodded. "Yeah, but don't blame him, blame Life! Aka, Briana!"

The 3 of them then began to try and revive me again.

Once they did, my mind was reeling. "B-b-but this even POSSIBLE!?!?!?!"

"Remember Stud? Remember what REALLY happened in the Lunar Shrine of Romance? What Briana did?"

Suddenly, my memory of our adventure came flooding back to me. I remembered Life getting her revenge, and then laughing about it!

"BRIANA?!?!?!" I yelled. "SHOW YOURSELF RIGHT NOW!!!!!"

To my surprise, she actually showed up! From seemingly out of nowhere, she appeared, and came sauntering up to the hot tub. She was now about the size of a mountain lion.

"You called Leopard?" She purred. I could also see that she was smirking slightly as well.

"Oh, so you can teleport now too huh?"

She gave me a queer look. "Of course I can teleport! How the heck could I be Life and not teleport?! But anyway, you called me, and I came."

I glared at her. "Yeah? And I think that you know WHY I called you, don't you?"

She nonchalantly licked one of her paws. "Maybe? You still kinda sore about me causing you to get Daring pregnant?"

"Oh, I'm FAR beyond just sore! GET OVER HERE MISSY!!!!!" I then flew out of the hot tub, and raced after her!"

"Whoops! Time for my exit!" She tried to teleport, but she wasn't quite fast enough. Due to her larger size, I was able to grab her and hold on. However, I was spread out across her back and hanging on to her neck, almost like I was riding her!

Unfortunately, I also forgot one other thing; she could fly! In a flash, she was out of the pool room, through the house, and outside again, with me still clinging to her neck and back for dear life, all while still naked! (I could also fly too, so I was covered there if I fell off!)

2 hours later, I returned with cuts, scrapes, claw marks, bite marks, and an angry Sphinx in my arms. Overall, I did fairly well considering the circumstances, but Briana STILL had a lot of fight left in her!

Luckily, my wives were waiting for me when I got back, but it took a combination of catnip, as well as me actually f@#king her to FINALLY get her to yield! Once she did, she rolled over onto her side, and I collapsed next to her, wholly and utterly exhausted. I then snuggled close to Briana, before actually almost falling asleep while still holding her!

"Mmm, you don't hate me anymore, right Leopard?" She purred gently.

"Briana, you're insane, you're dangerous, and I REALLY wish that I wasn't stuck with you for the rest of my life!"

"Eh, the feeling is mutual there Leopard! Except for the fact that you're a good cuddler, AND you really give it to a pussy in her pussy when she needs it! Even though you just jizzed inside of me, aren't you glad that Life didn't Find a Way with herself?"

I glared at her. "Briana, if I wasn't so weak right now, I'd fight you all over again!"

Briana merely giggled a bit, before proceeding to lick me like a kitten while holding me close with her paws and front legs. "Mmm, well then, I guess that I'd better make sure that you're not strong enough to do that, right?"

I just lay there in Briana's warm, furry embrace, and let the wave of humiliation wash over me while my wives took pictures of the whole ordeal. By the end of that day though, we'd all come to terms with the fact that Daring was pregnant, and that in 9 months she'd be giving birth to foals.

"Ok," I sighed, "We can do this. We have 9 months to prepare, and then we'll have to take what comes next head on!"

My wives all agreed to this, and we began to put lists together for the shopping trips that we would have to make soon.

Also around this time, other pregnancy announcements began to be made as well. Todd and Fluttershy were the first to come forwards.

"Wait, you're PREGNANT Fluttershy?!" Applejack asked her.

She nodded. "Yes. I just took a test today! Todd and I have been trying for a foal for a while now, and we finally got it right! Now we'll have a foal of our own to love and take care of!"

Don looked at Todd. "Congratulations Todd! I know that you'll make a fine father!"

Todd looked worried. "I REALLY hope so Major. I'm scared though. I was an only child growing up, so I really have no experience with doing ANYTHING like this!"

Don chuckled a bit. "Well, it's always like this with your first. I'm pretty sure that soon Twilight and I will be finding out how to do it as well. However, there's always help if you need it Todd, so don't be afraid to ask!"

Todd nodded. "I will Sir. I can't WAIT for the 9 months to be up!" He and Fluttershy were SO excited to be parents!

By the middle of August, screams were heard from Sweet Apple Acres. "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I'm PREGGERS?!?!?!?! ALEX, YOU GET YER ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!"

"Whoa!" Alex then REALLY had to start moving his legs to outrun his angry wife! "Babe, PLEASE calm down! We can work through this!"

Applejack glared daggers at him. "I told you that I was ovulating, and that I was NOT ready to be a full-time mom yet, but did you listen to me?! NO!!!!! You INSISTED that I wouldn't get pregnant, and now look where we are!" She waved her positive pregnancy test in Alex's face.

Alex put a hand over his face. Sure, maybe they HAD gotten a little frisky in the barn one night after work. Alex had forgotten the condom, and even though Applejack had EXPLICITLY warned him that she was ovulating, he still had sex with her, and ended up cumming inside of her. Now they were about to reap what they'd sown.

"Well, at least we're already married AJ, so at least our foal(s) won't be born out of wedlock. I mean, that's something, right?"

She looked at him. "Sure, I guess so. Luckily, I ALSO know how to make it look like an accident, AND hide the body!" She then grabbed an ax from the nearby woodpile, and began to chase Alex with it!



"Hey! What in tarnation's goin' on out here!?!" Granny Smith yelled from the porch.

"Alex done knocked me up Granny!"

"Oh he DID, did he? Well, always remember Applejack, I've told ya to ALWAYS use the dern protection! It takes 2 to tango, and you didn't make him use the protection, so it's YER fault as much as it is his! I blame you both fer this, however, since y'all are already married, it doesn't really matter now, does it?"

"But Granny, I'm not READY to be a mom yet!"

"Yeah? And neither was yer Ma! Big Mac was born from a situation just like this!"

Applejack was surprised. "Really? Well then, that may be the case, but I'M STILL GONNA GET YOU FOR THIS ALEX!!!!" She then went back to chasing him with that ax, and she ended up running him off the farm!

Alex kept on running though, and with AJ still shouting behind him, he didn't stop until he reached the Big Boy Cafe!

Once he reached the restaurant, aside from Cole and Dan, he also saw me, Don and Todd there too. Todd seemed to be very happy, while I looked like Dash wanted to file for divorce. Don seemed to be trying to talk to me about whatever was wrong, but I didn't want to talk. He then sat down close to us.

Todd saw him first. "Whoa! What happened to you Alex? You look AWFUL!"

"Yeah? and I don't FELL any better either! What are you guys talking about?"

"Well, I was just telling the guys a little bit more about Fluttershy and I's plans for raising our family. I mean sure, it's just one foal for now, but down the line we could have MANY!"

"Well again, congratulations on that Todd." Alex looked pretty down.

"What's wrong Alex?" I asked him. "Did you and Applejack get into another fight?"

He sighed. "Something like that. Let's just say that earlier today, I found out the hard way what happens when you DON'T use condoms!"

We all stared at him in shock. "Wait, you got Applejack......"

"Yeah, unfortunately I knocked her up. Even worse, she's NOT thrilled about becoming a full-time mom either! She chased me off Sweet Apple Acres with an ax, and I could hear her yelling and cussing at me practically the whole way here!"

Again, we all stared at Alex in shock. Suddenly though, Dan broke the silence. "Wow, then it sounds like you have the opposite problem that I do Alex! Pinkie's been pestering me for MONTHS now to start a family, but yet, I don't think I'm ready for it. Last night, things really came to a head when she flipped out on me! I've NEVER seen a scarier mare than she was then! And I pray to God that I NEVER have to see her that way again!"

It was then that some of us began to regret marrying a mare in the first place. A few of us were happy, while others were dealing with wives angry with being knocked up, wives angry for NOT being knocked up, and wives who were knocked up, but NEITHER parent was ready for foals yet!

I sighed. "Yeah, that's REALLY bad Dan! Pinkie didn't hurt you, did she?"

"No, but she certainly tried to!"

"Just as Applejack tried to do away with me! But why do you look so sad Leopard? Can Dash not get pregnant?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, we haven't tried yet. However, my problem is something that I don't want to get you guys involved with."

Don then turned to me. "If you're referring to your THIRD wife, AK Yearling, save your breath Leopard, I already know ALL about that!"

I looked at Don in shock. "What? How did you......?"

"Simple. I came to Dash's house looking for you, and some mare with tan fur, and a gray mane and tail comes to the door, claiming to be her cousin. She was wearing one of YOUR shirts, and she looked sleepy. I asked her if you were there, and she said no. However, instead of calling you 'Leopard', she called you 'Stud'. Eventually, I figured out that she was AK Yearling, and that she had to be married to you as well. So let me guess, you knocked her up?"

I nodded slowly. "Yeah. She's about 2 months along now with twins, and Dash is REALLY jealous! She said that she was going to stop taking her birth control so that she could have foals too. It's a sorry state of affairs, and I have only myself to blame."

Don shook his head. "Well, you were certainly stupid, but at least you're honest about it."

I gave Don a look. "Yeah, gee thanks Don."

Alex looked up from his food. "So, what do we do now?"

Don thought for a moment. "Well, I think that you all know that you have to take responsibility for your actions. Leopard, you take care of your wives, Alex, you need to give Applejack a bit of time to cool off, before returning with a peace offering. She should come around, and then you work through it. Dan, same thing. Let Pinkie cool off, return with a peace offering, and try and talk things through."

"And what about me Sir?"

"You Todd just need to keep doing whatever you're doing, because obviously it's working!"

We all agreed, and after finishing our meals, we went our separate ways.

Later, I heard that Alex was allowed to return to Sweet Apple Acres, and that Applejack was no longer wanting to kill him. She was still upset, but yet she DID have herself partly to blame for not making Alex wear a condom, even though she knew that she was ovulating. Alex also promised to work with Big Mac to build a cradle and a crib for their foal out of applewood.

Dan was able to have a long sit-down talk with Pinkie about starting a family. Luckily for him, she didn't flip out and try to kill him, but she did still show her being upset at Dan for not wanting to father a foal yet.

"Why can't we have foals Dan? I really, REALLY want to be a mommy!"

Dan sighed. "That's the thing Pinkie, I really don't know if you're ready yet. I mean, it's one thing to babysit, but it's a WHOLE other thing to actually be a parent!"

Pinkie then said something that got Dan thinking. "Well, when is ANYPONY ever really ready when the time comes?"

Dan thought about that. Finally, he sighed. "Well, I sorta can see your point there Pinkie, but yet..........I just......don't know if I'm ready to handle the responsibilities of being a parent. I mean, I'm still trying to come to terms with what's happened with the wars......."

Pinkie looked at Dan with sadness. At long last, she saw where he was coming from, and why he was so hesitant. She sat next to him, and pulled him into a hug. "Shh, it's ok Dan. We can take this one step at a time. In fact, I'll bet'cha that we can learn a lot from watching the others become parents! We'll learn what to do and what not to do, and then we'll go from there!"

Dan hugged her back. "Yeah, and thanks Babe. I'm glad that we can talk through these things."

Pinkie smiled as she felt the packet of fertility pills in one of her shorts pockets. "So am I Dan, so am I....."

Throughout the rest of August, and the early part of September, Daring and I borrowed from Twilight a number of books on pregnancy, childbirth, and taking care of your first foal. I also asked for books on caring for twins.

"So glad to see that some of you guys are starting a family!"

I sighed. "Well, that makes one of us Twilight. I don't know what to think yet."

Twilight looked at me. "Well, I'm always here if you need more information! Oh, and PLEASE be sure to tell me when Mrs. Yearling's in labor, as I REALLY want to see what the offspring of a Pony and a Human-Pony hybrid will look like!"

I nodded slowly. "Sure. I'll do that Twilight." Internally though, I rolled my eyes. This was so much like Twilight, always trying to learn literally everything she could about literally everything that she could. "How does Don even STAND IT?!?!" I wondered. "Anyone else would have gone insane by now!"

After getting the books back to Daring, we also began to plan out our shopping trips. Luckily for us, Dash's mom was available to help. Unluckily for us though, she was available to help!

"Oh, I'm SO GLAD that you came to me for help Leopard, I know ALL about parenting! I mean after all, my husband and I DID raise the cutest foal in all of Equestria!"

I felt like my head was going to explode! For the past 2 hours, Windy had given us a few tidbits of information, as well as what to buy and where to buy it, but she NEVER stopped asking about when her Dashie would get pregnant!

"Dashie, when will YOU make me a grandma?"

Dash shrugged. "I don't know. I keep asking Stud the same question, but he doesn't seem to know!" Dash then gave me a look, strongly implying that it was my fault for whatever reason.

I knew where THIS was going! It was now 2 on 1, Daring took the option to remain neutral, and Spitfire was working. I was on my own.

I sighed. "Dash, we've been over this before; we're taking this whole thing ONE pregnancy at a time!"

Dash just pouted. "Yeah, and Like I've told YOU before, I've stopped taking birth control, and I do occasionally take a fertility pill, so whatever happens just happens!"

"And you're seriously wondering why I'm so hesitant to have sex with you Dash? I can't trust you anymore!"

Dash's mom then looked at me. "One day Leopard, Dashie'll be in one of her 'frisky moods', and you'll be unable to resist her! Then, hopefully you'll share your love with her, and make her a mommy too!"

I was then given ANOTHER reason why polygamy was a bad idea. Note to self: the parents can gang up on you too when you don't give their daughter what she wants!

I was clawing at my face with frustration. "Like I've said before, once Daring gives birth, and we've waited a few months or so, I'll give you all the foals you want Dash! Spitfire said that she's not ready yet, so you're next in line. PLEASE just wait your turn, and this will all work out fine!"

Daring and I then took the list that we'd drawn up, and went out to see how much of it we could find at reasonable prices. I mean, Daring WAS only 2 months along, but why not stock up early? You never know with twins!

Once we were gone though, Dash turned to her mom. "What's it gonna take to get him to bed Mom? I NEED to be bred, and Stud won't do it! I'm almost 25 years old Mom, my time for having foals is running out!"

Dash was overreacting, but yet, so was her mom. "Well Dashie, the truth is, you may just have to wait until you're in heat, and then wait to catch him with his guard down. However, I just MIGHT be willing to give you a potion that can induce estrus, and provided that you take a fertility pill with it, BINGO! You've gotten what you've always wanted! Leopard mounts you of his own free will, and even though he might be mad at himself for a while, he'll get over it."

Dash agreed, and her mom gave her what she would need.

On the night of September 7th, Daring was sleeping on the couch, Spitfire was lying on our bed, and I was reading the Pony Sutra. The original copy Daring and I had given to the Canterlot Library for the reward, but I'd also bought a copy for myself. Why I don't know, but I was now sitting at my desk, looking over the VERY sexually explicit artwork and descriptions.

Suddenly though, the intercom on the wall in the room that I was in buzzed. "Stud, where are you?"

"I'm in my office. What do you need Dash?"

"Can you come to the bedroom? I REALLY need you!"

"For what?"

In response, Dash just moaned a bit.

"Dash, if you're in heat, the answer is NO!"

"Please? I REALLY need to be bred Stud!"

"Yeah? And I REALLY need you to wait until Daring's given birth!"

Dash kept moaning.

"Ugh, Spitfire?! Are you up there?!"

"Yeah, I'm here Stud!"

"What's going on up there?"

"Ugh, it's GROSS! Dash is CLEARLY in heat, her slit's soaking wet, and it's even dripping with juices! She keeps moaning, and rubbing herself all over the bed, and she's also naked! Briana's up here too, and she just keeps laughing! Wherever you are, stay there!"

"Oh, don't worry Spitsy, I plan to! I'm not going anywhere NEAR Dash until she's out of heat!"

I then heard what sounded like a small scuffle. "Ugh.....gross! Get off of me! Stud, Dash is trying to hump me! Can you come up here and deal with her?!"

I groaned. "Yeah, hang on, I'm coming! Also, why aren't you in heat right now Spitsy?"

"Not all mares have the same heat cycles Stud. Some are in the Spring, some are in the Fall. I'm a 'Spring fever' kind of gal!"

I sighed. "Ok, well, just standby, I'm coming up there!" I then went to go take care of the problem.

When I arrived up there, I saw Spitfire sitting in the corner using a pillow as a shield, while Dash was on the bed. Like Spitfire said, she was clearly in heat. Now though, she was kneeling in the doggy position with her tail in the air, all while moaning, and rubbing her slit.

She looked back at me. "Please Stud, just......get it over with. Fertilization is the only thing that can save me now. PLEASE douse my flames!"

"Stud, you promised! You said only ONE pregnancy at a time! Plus, you KNOW that her mom's been collaborating with her to mastermind this! Dash has 'Spring fever' too!"

I put a hand over my face. "Yes, I KNOW!!!!! HOWEVER, the sooner Dash gets pregnant, the SOONER she, AND her mom will shut up about it! Plus, you KNOW that they'll be all over their new grandfoal(s), so we MIGHT be able to get some free babysitting out of it as well!"

Spitfire shrugged. "It's your call Stud. However, if you two are gonna f@#k, I'll give you some privacy."

I looked over at her. "You can stay if you want. I mean, it's not like it's anything that you haven't seen before!"

Spitfire rolled her eyes before shifting a bit, but not really moving. "Sure, I'll stay if you want me too."

"Eh, I don't mind."

"But for the last time Stud, once you do this, there's no going back! Dash WILL get pregnant from this!"

I sighed. "Yeah, I know Spitsy. However, Dash and I have been together for about 15 months now. She was the mare that I risked EVERYTHING to save! We have been talking about having foals for a while, and since you've said that you don't want to get pregnant yet, that'll just leave 2 mares to take care of. I think that between the 3 of us, plus Dash's parents, we can handle this."

Spitfire shrugged. "Sure, whatever you say Stud. You're the boss."

"Eh, actually I'm the Master. Don's the Boss!"

"Wait, what now?"

"It's a Battleship Express joke."


I then stripped, and after coming up behind Dash, I pushed my now VERY hard member into her. I then began to slide in and out of her, and in response, Dash voiced her approval.

"Oh, f@#k yeah! Rut me harder you dirty stallion! Use me like the breeding mare that I was meant to be!"

I then grabbed Dash's hips, and thrusted in and out of her faster and faster. I already knew what was going to happen, but yet I wanted it, and so did Dash. Eventually, I felt myself getting close.

"Here it comes Dash, y-you ready?"

"Yes! Douse my flames Stud! Make me a mommy!"

I sighed one last time, before thrusting as deep into Dash as I possibly could, before unloading inside of her. Because she was in heat, and VERY fertile, my swimmers met her eggs, and 2 of them were fertilized. Like Daring, Dash was going to be having twins, and she didn't know it yet.

After I finished rutting Dash, we both sort of passed out from exhaustion. "Ngh, I love you Stud!"

"I know. I love you too Dashie! And now, I most likely just made your lifelong dream come true."

"Mmm, I hope so Stud!"

We both then fell asleep, and Spitfire came and cuddled close to us.

A few weeks later, I woke up from a nap to Dash just staring at me.

"What, what is it Dash?"

She smirked, before handing me a small white object. I took it, and to my surprise, I saw that it was a pregnancy test. I also saw that it was positive.

"OK, so you're pregnant. I thought that we both already knew that you were. Can I please go back to sleep now?"

"Only if you let me sleep with you Stud!"

"Dash, that's what got us into this in the first place!"

"What do you mean? YOU were the one who mounted me, all while FULLY knowing the risks!"

I glared at her. "So do you want to sleep with me or not?"

Dash then sighed, before gently laying on top of me. I kissed the top of her head gently. "Good girl."

Later that same day, I heard from Dan that Pinkie was now pregnant as well. He figured out that she'd secretly been taking fertility pills, but now there was nothing that he could do about it.

Now Daring, Fluttershy, Applejack, Dash, AND Pinkie are pregnant, and in 9 months, will be giving birth to foals! Todd is thrilled, Alex is worried, I feel a TON of mixed emotions, and Dan is VERY distraught! We all face an uncertain future now, and all we can do, is hope that it all works out for the best in the end.

Chapter 22: Births, New Lives, Looking Ahead (Part 1)

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Once all of the dust had settled, all of us who were able to tried to settle once again into our new lives. Sure, Dan, Alex and I DID have semi-unwanted pregnancies on our hands, but yet the good news was we were married to those who were pregnant, AND they all had families willing and able to help out every step of the way.

For me personally, Daring was the top priority, but Dash was a close second. Spitfire helped me where she could, as did Dash, but for the most part, the daily tasks fell to myself, Aurora, and Briana if she felt like it. Most of us were looking for normalcy though. September past peacefully enough, and I turned 26 years old.

Daring also passed from her first, into her second trimester of pregnancy. It was then that the symptoms began. Morning sickness, throwing up a lot, having to pee a lot, not to mention the weird cravings. Daring really seemed to like peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches with hay fries and watermelon. She was also moody a lot, and would even try and hit me every now and again!

"Ouch! Daring, what the heck?!"

"I said to just get me the damn sandwiches already Dumbass!" I winced heavily whenever Daring berated me, but yet I never retaliated, nor did I ever really react when it happened later on. I knew that it was the pregnancy talking, not her.

"Daring, I'm working as fast as I can. It takes a few minutes to make a sandwich properly. And I don't blame you for the outbursts, pregnancy just makes mares crazy."

She sighed. "Yeah, I know Stud. And I'm SO sorry for yelling you, and cussing you out! Like you said, the pregnancy is making me crazy!"

I nodded slowly, and tried to carry on with what I was doing.

One night though, I think that it was in October, but I can't remember the exact day. I was sound asleep, when all of a sudden, Daring began to shake me awake.

"Stud? Stud! Wake up!"

I opened an eye. "Ugh, what is it Daring? It's 3 O'clock in the morning! If your hungry, I left you some sandwiches in the fridge. If you need to use the bathroom, I don't care. If you want to cuddle, that's doable but I'm REALLY tired!"

Daring shook her head. "No, it's none of those things Stud. I just woke you up because I wanted you to experience it too!"

"Experience what? Can we NOT play 20 questions right now?" I was starting to get annoyed with Daring's antics.

In response though, Daring merely took one of my hands, and placed it over her belly. Just as I was about to ask her what she was doing, I felt something hit my hand!

"D-Daring.....are those....?!"

She nodded with tears in her eyes. "Yes! Our little foals just gave their first kicks!"

I didn't even know what to say. I just continued to lay close to Daring so that I could feel the kicks. Daring also woke up Dash and Spitfire so that they could feel the kicks as well.

"Wow, so in a few more months, that's gonna happen to me?" Dash rubbed her own 2 month pregnant belly.

"Yep! In a few more months, the foals are gonna start kicking!"

"And this is why I'm NEVER going to be having foals, at least not for a long, LONG time!" Spitfire muttered, before rolling over. "I do NOT want the pregnancy symptoms, and I do NOT want to be kicked for months on end! She then went back to sleep.

"Ngh, each to their own Spitsy", I murmured, "Each to their own." I then went back to sleep myself.

As more time went on though, Daring got closer and closer to her due date. Also, another problem that Daring was facing was that almost none of her clothes fit her anymore! She now had to face her worst enemy; maternity clothes!

"Darn these itchy, bulky, tight-fitting nuisances!" She muttered angrily. "I'd LITERALLY rather go nude while at home!"

I shrugged. "Eh, it's your call Daring, I don't care either way. You do whatever feels comfortable for you."

And Daring did. Throughout most of her pregnancy while she was at home, aside from her robe, which she had adjusted so that it would still fit her, she mostly went nude. I'd often find her asleep on the couch, lying on her back, buck-naked, with one hand on her belly, and her other arm over her face.

Dash would do something similar, although she was somehow able to work with the maternity clothes, at least the pajamas! She found her comfort zone with a pair of furry pajamas that had leopard spots on them.

"Mmm, now THIS is how you do maternity clothes!"

Spitfire looked at her. "Dash, those are pajamas, NOT maternity clothes!"

Dash sighed. "Ok, first of all, they DID come from the maternity section at Manesy's. And secondly, at least I even WEAR my maternity clothes! I mean look at Daring! She's REALLY rocking the invisible bathrobe over there!" Dash then pointed to Daring, who was sleeping nude on the couch, and even snoring a bit.

Spitfire put a hand over her face. "Dash, Daring is NOT in her right mind, and neither are you! I'm going to be SO GLAD when your foals are born, so that I don't have to keep dealing with your nonsense!"

Dash smirked a bit. "Oh, just you wait Spitfire, your time'll come! One day, you'll get all 'frisky' with Stud, and about a week later, you'll be looking at a positive pregnancy test! You'd better be boning up on learning from out experiences, as one day you'll be doing it with your own foals!"

"I told you, that's not gonna happen Dash, at least not for a LONG time! Sure, I may be 27, but yet mares can still have foals safely into their early 40's, so I DO still have time!"

Dash opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but then she just closed it again. "Yeah, and good talk Spitsy. Oh, and do we have any more fudge brownie ice cream? I REALLY need some!"

"Eh, I think that Stud bought some more yesterday. Try the freezer."

"Ok, thanks." Dash then went to the kitchen, while Spitfire got back to work on more Wonderbolt paperwork, including the paperwork for Dash's mandatory maternity leave, which would become valid in about another 3 months.

Once a month, Daring would go in for her monthly checkup. Stitches would see her first, but then she would leave her in the care of Dr. Karen, who was a specialist in caring for pregnant mares, and other expectant mothers.

I would be with Daring as often as I could, and I watched the entire procedure. "Golly, even though I'm seeing this firsthand, I'll NEVER know what it's like to actually have a foal, or several foals, growing INSIDE of you!"

"And be glad that you won't Stud, or else..........." Daring then vomited violently into a bucket. "Or else you'd be in SERIOUS pain!"

I nodded slowly. "Yeah, I'll believe it! I then continued to watch what was going on.

First, Daring would always remove her shirt, and after lying down on the exam table, Dr. Karen would look her over. She would check Daring's heart and breathing rates, then the foal's heart and breathing rates, then she would feel around Daring's tummy, just to make sure that everything was sound.

"Well, how am I Doc?"

"Well Mrs. Yearling, you're still a very healthy and happy pregnant mare, and your foals seem to be developing nicely!"

Daring scoffed a bit. "Well, I certainly think that 'happy' is debatable! And isn't today also possibly the day that we can find out the genders of our foals, as well as possibly what they might look like?"

Dr. Karen nodded. "Yes. We'll do the ultrasound now." She then got the equipment ready. Then, once she rubbed that special gel onto Daring's belly, she began to move the ultrasound sensor around.

Both Daring and I were watching the screen, waiting intently for any news.

Eventually, we had our answers. Dr. Karen looked up. "Ok, I have their genders. So what were you two hoping for?"

I shrugged. "Well personally, I was hoping for at least one colt."

"I don't really mind either way."

"Well, after looking it over, I can tell you now that you are the soon to be parents of 2 beautiful little fillies!"

When Karen said that, I was slightly sad. I mean, 2 daughters would be fun to have, but yet family names, and legacies, are carried on by sons. "I'm banking this on you Dashie", I thought. "Please don't let me down!"

Daring sighed a bit. "Well, not quite what I was expecting, but yet I've been told that fillies are easier than colts to raise."

I looked at her like she was crazy. "Daring, are you off your meds, or what?! Colts are WAY easier to take care of! Boys are much more laid back that girls, AND they tend to be slightly cheaper! Not that I'm dissing you, Dash or Spits, as all 3 of you are just about the easiest mares in the world to get along with in a relationship."

Daring just gave me a look. "Well, thanks for the backhanded-compliment there Mr. Mormon!"

I was shocked. "Hey, UNCALLED FOR!!! First of all, I'm NOT a Mormon! And second of all, a polygamy joke? Really?"

"Yeah! And what does our bathroom look like? His towels, and hers, and hers, and hers!"

"Daring, please just stop. I mean, it's not like Dash just TEMPTED you with an offer that you didn't have the guts to say no to!"

Dr. Karen saw that this was getting out of hand fast. "Ok, ok! Can you two PLEASE work out your differences later?! Now is NOT the time!"

I sighed. "Yeah, you're right Dr. Karen, we can work this out later. However, as Daring asked earlier, can you tell what our foals look like yet?"

Dr. Karen nodded. "Yes, and I can get to work on that now if you want."

Both Daring and I nodded, and Dr. Karen got back to work.

Eventually, she found the results that we were looking for. "Well, I've at least got enough information to give you the basics. Both of your daughters will be flyers, but while one of them seems to be a Pegasus like her mother, the other appears to be more of a Bat-Pony like Captain Leopard!"

When Daring and I heard that, we were shocked!

"WHAT?!?! One of them looks more like Stud?!"

"Eh, apparently! This is about all I can tell for now, as fur and mane colors, as well as eye colors, will only be revealed when you give birth in about 4 months Mrs. Yearling."

Daring and I were both still in shock as we flew home after the appointment.

"Well, somehow I should have expected as much." I said quietly.

"Yeah. And what was all this again about you being sterile?"

I then explained to Daring all about the Tower 9 Nuclear Fire, and how all of those affected were rendered sterile. "However, once I had my system rewired with Bat-Pony genetics, that may have fixed my being sterile! I mean, I'm no expert, but if both you AND Dash are pregnant with twins from me, then I'm pretty sure that I'm NOT sterile!"

Daring just gave me a look, before rolling her eyes. She looked like she was trying to come up with a snarky/sarcastic comment, but she wasn't able to come up with anything.

About a month after this, Dash began to feel her foals kicking, and later on in December, she went in to see about learning her foals genders as well. Once again, I was with her. Dash was now 4 months along, while Daring was now entering her 3rd trimester at 6 months.

"Ugh, damn!" She muttered. "These things have been kicking me like CRAZY!!!!!"

Dr. Karen laughed a bit. "Well Mrs. Dash, some foals are more active than others, and you ARE carrying twins, so that might be a part of it as well!"

Dash just shook her head a bit. "Yeah maybe, but it still hurts, ESPECIALLY when they kick my bladder!"

Dr. Karen gave me a look. "I don't know how you're able to take care of 2 pregnant mares Captain Leopard, ESPECIALLY considering that both of them are pregnant with twins!"

I sighed. "Well, it's DEFINITELY not easy if that's what you're asking! I also have the help of Spitfire, not to mention Dash's parents, and the aide of friends, but we've still had a number of sleepless nights. And each night brings us closer and closer to the inevitable day that both of them will give birth; Daring sometime in March, and Dash sometime in May."

"I still say that you're INSANE for having multiple wives! I mean, handling ONE mare while pregnant is bad enough, but 2?! You've completely lost your mind!"

I sighed. "I can agree with you there, and if I could do it all over again, I would make VERY different decisions!"

Dr. Karen nodded, and then she got to work with the ultrasound machine to see not only the foals's genders, but also at least a vague idea of what they might look like.

"Ok, well, I have not only the genders, but also the basics of what they look like. What were you hoping for?"

Dash shrugged. "Well, I was hoping for at least one colt."

"As was I", I said quietly.

"Well, this time around, Mrs. Dash, you're the soon to be mom to a filly and a colt!"

When Dr. Karen said that, Dash IMMEDIATELY began to hug me, and even tried to keep from crying a bit. I knew that I now had a son to carry on my name, so I was covered there!

"And, what will they look like?" Dash asked.

"Well, similar to last time, both will be flyers, and one will be a Pegasus, while the other will be a Bat-Pony. However this time, your daughter will be a Pegasus, while your son will be a Bat-Pony. Not fully sure how this works out, ESPECIALLY considering that you are a hybrid Captain Leopard, but yet Pony-other creature hybrids are very little understood, as they are EXTREMELY rare."

I nodded. "All of us Humans having children with a mare is a venture into a whole new world of study. No 2 will ever be the same, and as I see it, the next stages in our evolution have begun, at least to a certain degree."

Dr. Karen thought about that. "Huh, that's a very interesting way of putting it Captain Leopard. Maybe that's not entirely correct, but yet I don't think that you're wrong either."

Dash and I talked with Dr. Karen for a little while longer, before heading back home.

The rest of that Winter was a long blur. Alex learned that he and Applejack would have a colt, while Todd and Fluttershy, as well as Dan and Pinkie, would be having a filly. All of them looked at me with wonder though.

"How was it that you were able to give your wives twins on the first try?"

I sighed. "Because it's Life's idea of a sick joke Alex. She wanted to get her revenge, and now she did!"

"And how is Briana doing these days?" Todd asked. "Has she been behaving herself?"

"Eh, for the most part. She's still smug, and she's STILL a pain, but yet she seems to be doing ok overall."

Alex looked up at me again. "Well, at any rate, at least I only have to deal with 1 foal, not 4!"

"Yeah, and it's my own fault that this happened! I WOULD only be dealing with twins from Dash, but now Daring's in the mix, and will be giving birth sometime in March. Dash is due in May, although thank God that Spitfire doesn't want to be a mom yet, or then I'd REALLY be in trouble!"

"Yeah, no kidding!"

Todd then asked me a serious question. "Hey Leopard, have you, Daring and Dash decided how they're going to give birth? I mean, Fluttershy wanted to have our daughter at home in our garden with the aide of a midwife."

I nodded slowly. "To some extent. Dash told me that she wanted to have our twins at home, as 'I want them to be born in the sky like I was!' she told me. Daring on the other hand wants to be a bit more natural as well, although she's been discussing with a midwife about possibly being at a hospital, but yet giving birth in the natural garden setting that they offer at the Ponyville Hospital."

"Oh. Our soon-to-be midwife is REALLY nice, and she has so much experience!"

"What's her name Todd?"

"Bundle Joy, although she prefers to be called Bunny."

"Really? White fur, pink and blue mane and tail kept in a bun? Cutie Mark of a cinnamon roll over an oven?"

"Yes. Is she your soon to be midwife too?"

"Yes! Nopony better than her!"

Alex looked at us confused. "Wait, who's Bundle Joy?"

"Oh, she's a Ponyville resident who knows EVERYTHING there is to know about foals, childbirth, and foal-raising. She's a full-time midwife, surrogate mother and wet-nurse, and part-time babysitter! EVERYPONY in Ponyville knows who she is, and how good she is at her job."

"Wait, is she the one who holds the world record for most foals born from a single mother, as well as the most breast milk donated from a single mare?"

I thought for a second. "I think so. I've also heard that she has a 100% success rate for being a surrogate mother."

"Wow, she sounds like she has a LOT of experience with motherhood, as well as childbirth. Hmm, I wonder if Applejack would be open to the idea of having her as a midwife. I mean, she has made it VERY clear that she'll be giving birth at home, and we will need a midwife, so I wonder if she'd be available."

I reached into my pocket, and handed Alex her business card. "I honestly have no idea myself, but here's her card so that you could ask her yourself."

"Thanks Leopard, I'll be sure to do that." We all then talked for a little while longer about Bundle Joy, and how much experience she had in her field of expertise.

As Dash and Daring got closer and closer to their delivery dates, they became moodier and moodier. The only real solitude I could find was when I took Aurora out on her daily walks. We'd walk all around Ponyville just so that we could get a break from the pregnancy madness!

"This is getting CRAZY Master! How much longer will this go on?!"

"Well, it's now January of 2031, so 3 more months for Daring, and 5 for Dash. Unfortunately though, once they've given birth, then the REAL terrors of parenthood begin!"

Aurora sighed a bit. "Yeah, although I wish that I could be a mother someday. Too bad I was neutered though. At least, I THINK that I was neutered."

I thought for a second. "Actually Aurora, you weren't neutered. According to surviving documentation from Fort Nightingale, the military facility that you were bred, born and trained at, a small device was surgically implanted to prevent your heat cycles. So one day, if that was removed, you COULD have puppies if you wanted to, but I think that for the time being we should wait on that!"

Aurora laughed a bit. "Yes, I agree Master! However, I AM almost 7 years old, so my time may be running out!"

"Eh, actually, I think that you might actually have more time than you realize. According to the records, you and the other wolves from that project were given special genetic modifications to enhance your strength and speed, give you speech, and even prolong your life! How long I don't know, but I heard that 45 years would be considered an average lifespan, with anything older than that still being normal. I guess that we'll just have to find out how long you can live, although for the time being, according to the vet, you're still within the safe zone for being able to have puppies, and will be for at least a while longer."

Aurora nodded, and we then continued our walk.

Towards the end of the line, Daring knew that she was getting close to her due date. In late December, her belly button popped out, and now if you looked close enough at her tummy, you could even faintly SEE the foals kicking! Her belly was now close to its fullest point, and her breasts were filling up with milk as well. She was about 8 months along, with only about a month and a half to go. She was tired all the time, really cranky a lot, she always had to pee, she was literally eating her entire body weight in about 5 days, although considering that she WAS eating for 3, that was normal!

Dash was about 6 months along that February, and her belly button popped out as well. She was also eating for 3, although not quite as much as Daring, but that was rapidly changing!

One relaxing thing that Dash and Daring often did was sit in the hot tub. The warm water REALLY helped to relax their muscles, and keep them calm. In fact, the warm water and calming background also seemed to be beneficial for the foals. While their mothers were relaxing in the hot tub, they seldom kicked, and were really quiet.

One night after work, I came home to Spitfire working out, Dash eating a LOT of hay fries, and Daring up in our room. She was sitting in front of the vanity mirror, brushing her mane and tail, which had REALLY gotten longer since her pregnancy. While before her mane had hung to her shoulders, now it hung almost to her waist! Daring said that she would get it cut once the foals were born, but that she kinda liked the longer look.

"Long day Daring?"

She turned to look at me. "Hey Stud. And yeah, long day. I'm literally the size of a house, my ankles feel like rubber, I feel like shit, and the kicking is getting worse!"

I hugged her a bit. "Well, it's ok Daring. You just have to make it another month or so. I'll be here for you, like always."

"Augh!" Daring then rubbed her belly. "PLEASE stop kicking my bladder, PLEASE!!!!"

In response, the foals just seemed to keep kicking.

"Mind if I try Daring?" I asked her quietly.

She looked at me like I was crazy, but she did nod gently. I then sighed, and after getting down onto my knees, I gently lay my head against her belly. Using my Bat-Pony ears, I could hear the foals moving about.

I then took a deep breath, and sighed. "Ok in there", I whispered. "You both REALLY need to be more gentle with your Mommy! She's VERY fragile right now, and the thing you keep kicking is her bladder, which REALLY hurts for her! Please just settle down, and everything will be ok!"

At first, nothing seemed to happen, but then to our shock, the kicking suddenly stopped! There was almost no movement from the foals at all.

"Thank you, my sweet, beautiful foals!" I then kissed Daring's tummy gently.

Daring looked at me in absolute shock! Eventually though, she gave me a gentle smirk. "Heh, looks like they know who their Daddy is. They're not even born yet, and ALREADY they know to obey him!"

I just laughed softly. "Maybe, but aren't you glad that the kicking stopped?"

Daring then leaned down, and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. "What do you think Stud?"

"I would say so, and I'm pretty sure that I'm right!"

"Oh, you know it Stud!" Daring then began to run her fingers through my mane while I continued to talk softly to our foals in her tummy.

For the rest of that night, as well as other kicking episodes in the future, all I had to do was talk to the foals, and ask them to stop, and they did. Dash thought that I was crazy, until she was so desperate to stop the kicking that she was willing to let me try what I did with Daring.

She was standing in our living room, all wrapped up in her robe, although she left it untied so that her belly was exposed.

"Just hold still Dashie, and I'll see what I can do."

" something, PLEASE!!! The kicking is driving me insane! I'm gonna die of internal bleeding if you don't make it STOP!!!!"

"Well like I said, hold still and I'll see what I can do."

I then repeated the same process for Dash. First, I kneeled down until I was eye-level with her 5 month pregnant belly. Then, I gently lay my head against it, and listened with one of my Bat-Pony ears. Sure enough, I could hear the foals moving, and even feel them moving against the side of my head.

"Shh", I whispered softly, "Please stop hurting your mother. You're causing her SO MUCH pain, and that's making her really upset. She finds it hard to sleep at night, and she keeps having to use the bathroom because of your kicking, so could you please stop?"

Sure enough, just like last time, once I talked to them, the kicking suddenly stopped. "Thank you, my sweet, beautiful foals." I then kissed Dash's swollen belly gently.

I then looked up at Dash, who was looking at me like I was a magician or something. "Wha.....? How did....?????"

I smirked a bit. "See? I TOLD YOU it would work!"

Dash smirked a bit as well. "Or, they just know who their Daddy is, and they want to make him happy!"

"Maybe, but in any case, aren't you glad that the kicking stopped?"

"Oh, MORE than you can even imagine Stud! In fact, I'm so happy that I want to give you a reward!" Dash then went over to the couch, and after sitting down on it, she pulled her robe to the side, revealing that her slit was soaking wet. "Come on Stud, wanna 'taste the rainbow' again?"

I smirked a bit. "Dashie, you NEVER get tired of saying that do you?"

She giggled. "Nope! And I don't, because it's a joke that's EXCLUSIVE to me! Aside from my dad, no other Ponies in all of Equestria have a rainbow colored mane and tail."

"So the joke works", I whispered softly. I then came over, and after moving Dash's robe to the side a bit further, I began to give my beautiful wife the sweet pleasure that she wanted.

All too soon, early in the morning, on March 3rd, 2031, Todd got the word out to the rest of us that he and Fluttershy were now parents!

"Last night, at about 3:20am, Fluttershy went into labor. Then at about 5 this morning, our beautiful daughter, Windy Belle, was brought into the world!"

When we were able, most of us went to see the happy couple. When I saw Windy Belle, she was nursing from Fluttershy. I saw that she had tannish-yellow fur, a light pink mane that was streaked with brown, as well as blue eyes.

"So beautiful." I said softly.

"I know", Todd answered back. "I couldn't be happier right now!"

I congratulated the 2 of them one last time, before I went back home again.

Daring was waiting for me when I was, and I went over and hugged her. This was slightly difficult for me to do, as her belly was VERY swollen with our twins, but I still managed.

"Any idea on how much longer Babe?" I asked her.

Daring sighed. "Well, Bunny told me that It could be within the next 2 weeks. All I know is that I'll be MUCH happier when these twins are out of me!"

"I know Babe, and I can't wait either. For YEARS doctors told me, and all of the others who were affected by the Tower 9 Incident that we would be forever sterile, but now God's given me what I've always wanted through you and Dashie."

"Wanna know a secret Stud? Being a mom has actually been my life-long dream since I was a young filly, although in my teens, I pushed it to the back-burner in favor of exploring and adventuring, and then just kept it there. Now though, thanks to having you in my life, even though it's unexpected, and WILL hamper my career, I'm glad that my pregnancy happened Stud!"

"So am I Babe, so am I. Sure, if I was able to do things over again, I definitely WOULD do a few things differently, but yet being with you, Dash and Spitfire, I don't know if I could do it differently!"

We both laughed a little bit, before heading to the kitchen to find something to eat. For the next 2 weeks, we were on high alert for any signs of Daring going into labor, and Bundle Joy would visit us periodically as well.

"Well, I can say Mrs. Daring, it's been a while since I helped out a mare who was pregnant with twins!"

Daring was a bit surprised. "Really?"

"Yes. Twins aren't too rare, but yet they aren't the most common either."

Daring nodded. "Oh, and is my reserved spot in the garden of the Ponyville Hospital ready yet?"

"Oh yes. It's been ready since you reserved it. And I'm just a quick call away when you need me!"

Daring nodded, before laying back down on the couch.

For the next few days, Dash, Spits and I were still on high alert, but nothing happened. Nothing that is, until March 30th, at about 3am.........

I was asleep at the time, as was Dash. Aurora was sitting with Daring, who was reading a book on the couch. Spitfire was sitting with her as well, although she was dozing off. Who knows where Briana was. Suddenly though, Daring felt a pain in her stomach.

"Hmm?" She looked down at her belly. "Hmm, guess that it was just some more kicks." Suddenly though, the pain came again, only this time it was MUCH worse!


"Huh?" Spitfire looked up. "You ok Daring? What's wrong?"

Daring looked at her. "Spits, I think I just went into labor!"


"Yeah! That was DEFINITELY a contraction!"

Spitfire swung into action. "Right! Aurora?!"

"Yes Mistress?"

"Go get Stud and Dash NOW!!!!"

"Right!" She then bounded off upstairs.

I was asleep when Aurora suddenly started jumping on me. "Master! MASTER!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!"

"Ouch, ow!!!! Aurora?! What is it, what's wrong?!"

"Spitfire told me to come get you! Daring just went into labor!"

"WHAT?!??! Right!" I then shook Dash awake. "Dash, Dash! Wake up!"

"Huh?! Augh! What is it Stud? It's past 3am!"

"Daring just went into labor, and we have to get her to the hospital NOW!!!!"

Dash was awake in an instant. "RIGHT!!!!!" She then wrapped her robe around her nude body, and I pulled on my robe as well, in addition to the pajama pants that I was wearing.

The 3 of us then raced downstairs, where Daring was wrapping her robe around herself, and she, along with Spitfire, were grabbing the stuff that we'd prepared for this in advance. Then, with Dash, Spitfire and I supporting her, We carried Daring gently down to the ground, before getting her to the Ponyville Hospital. Behind us, Briana grabbed Aurora, and carried her down as well, as she also wanted to see the fruits of her labor come into the world!

When we arrived at the hospital a few minutes later, the nurse at the front desk checked us in, and while we took Daring out to the back "Pregnancy Garden", as it was known, somepony else paged Bundle Joy, and told her that we required her expertise.

"Right, tell them I'm on my way!" She then got together the things that she needed, and came out to assist.

The "Pregnancy Garden" is actually a pretty neat little slice of paradise. Built to resemble a sort of open air spa, there's sheltered areas, lush, green grass, flowers, natural hot spring pools to help mares cope with their labor, comfy places for mares to sit, lay down on, or even give birth on if they so chose! There were also speakers that softly played music, as well as birds chirping, water flowing, the wind blowing through the trees, and other soothing sounds. There were even short little trails that mares could walk on if they wanted to move around. It was a nice, peaceful and comfortable setting, and many mares chose it as the spot where they brought their foal(s) into the world.

That night, it was lit by the moon, as well as soft garden lighting, and there were even a number of tiki torches as well. Daring was ushered over to the spot we'd reserved, which contained a sort of bed, a small hot spring pool, grass, flowers, and seats for the rest of us.

Bundle Joy arrived a few minutes later, ready to assist with the birth when it happened. Dash and Spitfire sat down on a cushioned bench close by, while I sat with Daring on the bed. Wanting to be more comfortable, Daring removed her robe and sat nude. (These facilities were also clothing optional, as some mares wanted their births to be as natural as possible).

"Are you ready for this Mrs. Daring?"

"As ready as I'll ever be. I'm still REALLY nervous, as I'm scared for the pain!"

"Which you need not be my Dear. If done properly, childbirth can actually be a VERY pleasant experience!"

I looked at her in surprise. "Wait, do you mean that whole, 'orgasmic birth' thing?"

She nodded. "Oh yes. Plus, this natural setting, the hot spring, and the ability to move around, will certainly help with easing the pain. And of course, you have your husband, and your sisters here to help you through it too."

Daring nodded. "At any rate, I just hope that my labor and delivery go smoothly, and nothing goes wrong."

"Nothing will my Dear, although even if it does, we have trained professionals in the main hospital that can help you."

Daring nodded again, before settling down to wait for her water to break.

It was a very interesting next few hours for us to wait. I was also really surprised that they let Aurora and Briana in, but yet this was meant to be calming for mares, and some mares were calmest when they had their beloved pets with them. Plus, Briana made herself the size of a house cat, so nopony really gave her a second glance. (How it's possible for Ponies to not notice that she was a Sphinx though, I honestly have no idea!)

For Daring, even though she kept feeling her contractions, she really wasn't in too much pain. She did pace around a lot, but this was due to her wanting to be somewhat active, as it was just in her nature. After putting her mane back into its usual ponytail, she also swam a bit in the hot spring, and I did cuddle with her some as well.

I also at times gently licked, and fingered her warm slit. This was both to help Daring relax, and to help her ease through her contractions. At 4:25am, it happened.

"Ngh! Eww, what the....?!" A lot of clear, sticky fluids suddenly came leaking out of her. "Bunny, what is this stuff?"

She looked. "Oh, your water just broke Daring! That means that the foals are coming VERY soon!"

Daring lay back on the bed. "Great. And that means that the contractions are about in increase tenfold as well!"

Sure enough, Daring was right. For her, the most painful part was when our first foal began to enter her birth canal. For a few minutes, Daring lost her mind.

"YOU DID THIS TO ME LEOPARD!!!!!!" She screamed, grabbing me by the neck. "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT THAT I'M LIKE THIS!!!!!"

I pried her hands off. "It's YOUR fault too Daring! YOU were the one who accepted Dash's offer, and it was YOUR idea to go find the Lunar Shrine of Romance! You knew the risks that we were taking, but we went anyway! It takes 2 to tango, and don't blame me, blame Briana!"

"Hey! I was just doing my job!"

"Yeah, and you did a REALLY shitty job, you overgrown hairball!"

Briana glared at her. "Hey, UNCALLED FOR!!!! I'm NOT an overgrown hairball!"

"Oh yeah? Well then you've SURE fattened up since you came to live with us!"

Briana looked down at herself. Sure enough, she WAS a lot pudgier than when we found her! "Ok, yeah, maybe I HAVE let myself go a bit. A thanks for telling me, as I'm REALLY going to be getting back into shape now!"

Daring was then able to calm down a bit more, and after apologizing for lashing out at me, she lay back down to focus on pushing out our 2 daughters.

To my surprise, Bunny actually let me help her with delivering our foals as well. Dash and Spitfire both filmed the whole ordeal, and while Daring pushed, Bunny and I helped to ease the foals along. Towards the end, Daring was lying on her side, and biting one of the pillows. She was also blushing and sweating, and she even seemed to be moaning a bit as well!

Soon, a small, furry little head appeared, followed by a neck, shoulders, arms, torso, and then the rest of a foal. About 5 minutes later, her sister followed her into the world.

Once their umbilical cords were cut, Daring began to lick them both clean. I was rather surprised when I saw this, but they ARE Ponies, and upon inquiry, Bunny told me that this was natural for them.

"Most mothers do this for their foals, as it is the natural way. For the ones that don't though, we do help them wash their foals clean."

I then looked back at my beautiful wife, and our brand new daughters. Both of them were suckling from their mother, and to our surprise, neither of them were crying at all. Throughout the ENTIRE birthing process, neither of them really made a sound!

"Well, this is certainly a rare sight to see." Bunny said quietly. "Most foals at least cry, but every now and again, you'll get those that don't."

"But this IS ok, right?" Daring was slightly worried.

"Yes, it can be normal, but it's just so rare to see. But yet your foals ARE the first of their kind, being the offspring of a Pegasus and a Human-Bat-pony hybrid, so this is an adventure into a whole new world. However, I can tell that it's normal, and that both of your foals are perfectly healthy."

I then sat next to Daring, and looked at our daughters. Sure enough, just like the ultrasound predicted, one was a Bat-Pony, while the other was a Pegasus. My Bat-Pony daughter had a black mane and tail, light gray fur, little black feathery wings, and deep blue cat-like eyes. She also appeared to have little black freckles as well. My Pegasus daughter had a gray mane and tail, tan fur, little Pegasus wings, and deep blue eyes as well.

" beautiful." I whispered softly.

"Yeah, no kidding! I'm just glad that these foals are out of me, and into the world!"

"And decided on names for them yet?" Bunny asked.

Daring nodded. "Yes. This little one who looks like her father is Midnight, while her sister is Amber."

"Midnight and Amber. Beautiful names, for a beautiful pair of foals!"

We all agreed to that. I then lay next to Daring, and for the first time, I got to hold one of my daughters. Since Midnight was the closest to me, I held her first. I was unable to say anything, as words were unable to describe what I was thinking.

After handing her back to Daring I then sat next to the bed, and actually broke down crying.

"Whoa, Stud, are you ok?" Dash went over to make sure that I was ok.

I looked up at her, smiling through my tears. "Y-yes, I'm fine Dashie......I'm just.....SO overwhelmed right now! All these years.........d-doctors told me that because of Tower 9, I would NEVER father any offspring! Now........God's given me what I've ALWAYS wanted! Look at me, a Human-Bat-Pony hybrid, and now the father of twins, with 2 more on the way!" I then continued crying a bit, although I was still trying to get a better grip on myself.

Dash nodded. "Yeah, I know Stud, and that must have been REALLY hard for you, wanting something, but yet never being able to have it. Never that is, until you knocked Daring up, and then knocked me up 2 months later! But I'm proud to be an aunt too Stud!" (A while before this, we decided that 2 of my wives would be an aunt to the foals of the 3rd one. Dash and Spitfire were now an aunt to Midnight and Amber, just as Daring and Spitfire would be aunts to Dash's foals in 2 months).

We all then hugged each other, as well as Daring, before Dash and Spitfire each took turns holding their new nieces.

"So, so beautiful. And in 2 months, I'll be doing this with my own foals!"

Daring laughed a bit. "Yeah, so you'd better get practiced up now so that you know what to do later!"

We all then laughed a bit, and we all then continued to spend time with Daring, as well as our new daughters/nieces.

Chapter 22: Births, New Lives, Looking Ahead (Part 2)

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After staying at the hospital for another few days, just to make absolutely certain that the foals were ok, (not to mention Daring's health) the time had come to finally take them home.

It was an interesting way that we did this. Instead of a carrier like what Humans use, Daring and I used these sort of backpack things, only we wore them in the front so that our foals could snuggle against us. On our way back, a lot of my fellow Battleship Express Crew, as well as other Ponies, were clamoring to see our new foals as well.

"Aww, they're so cute Leopard! And the one that you're carrying looks just like you in a way!"

I smiled. "Thanks Todd. And yes, little Midnight here really does look just like me, just as Amber looks like Daring." I then looked at Todd, and asked a serious question. "And how has parenting really been Todd? I mean, you've been a parent for almost a month now, so had bad is it really?"

Todd sighed a bit. "Be prepared for long, sleepless nights. Also, have a gas mask handy for changing diapers, as I've come VERY close to vomiting many times! And you have to watch them CONSTANTLY! Even for a 1 month old like Windy, she's ALREADY taught herself how to climb, and she's even tried to fly!"

"Oh? And how's that worked out for her?"

"Her wings won't be strong enough until she's at least 2 years old, and even then, Shy and I want her to be a little bit older than that before she teaches her how to fly. However, this STILL hasn't stopped Windy from trying! So far, all she's managed to do is spin herself in circles on the ground, although this has served to keep her entertained for hours!"

When Todd finished his explanation, I was REALLY wondering just what I had gotten myself into! "And what about babies and pets? I mean, I've read about it, and I know that Aurora, Tank and.....Briana......are smart enough not to do anything bad, but yet how do you introduce them?"

Todd shrugged. "Eh, well.......I really don't know how to answer that, as Windy's been around animals since the moment she was born! They really seem to like her though, and so far we haven't had any real issues."

I thought about that. "Well, then I guess that we'll just have to take this one step at a time. It's a brave new world Todd, and now you and I, as well as Alex, Dan AND our wives, are all caught up in it!"

"Heh, no kidding Leopard! I still do miss the days of riding the rails, but yet, this is what I've always needed."

"Yeah. With the Big Boy practically having been retired, due to a lack of funding for excursion runs, at least for the time being, the only trains that we have are Iron Glory and Battle Glory. And with Iron Glory down for at least another 6 months with her overhaul, all we have is Battle Glory, and all they need to drive her are just 2 guys. And with 9 of us left over from the Battleship Express, and a further 4 from Iron Glory, they just don't need as many of us as they used to."

Todd sighed. "Well, at least I'm a veterinarian now, and I don't miss the rail life as much, although it'll still always be a part of me. However, yes, I can agree with you; I really wish that we DID have another train to use!"

(Be careful what you wish for there Todd, as you NEVER know when Life might decide to give you what you want!)

Back home, Daring and I sat with our daughters on the couch. Both of them were sleeping, and were still snuggled close to us.

"I REALLY wish that my parents were here so see this." I said softly. "Even though they're no longer with us, or any other members of my family for that matter, I know that they're looking down from Heaven, and couldn't be prouder! Well, maybe not proud of my having multiple wives, but yet still proud of what I've done!"

Spitfire and Dash glanced at each other. They'd heard me talking about being the last of my family, and they knew that Daring's mom had passed away an undisclosed number of years ago, and that she was an only child. Dash had both of her parents, and Spitfire had her mom, but yet we were the last members of our families, or at least we WERE. Now we had 2 new members of our family.

Dash then rubbed her own belly. "Yeah, and in 2 months or so, I'll bring my little bundles of joy into the world as well. Be sure to teach me your ways of Mommyhood, oh Great and Mighty Daring, as I'm VERY eager to lean everything that I can about being a full-time mom!"

Daring couldn't help but laugh at Dash's joke. "Sure thing Dashie! I'll teach you everything that Stud and I can learn from this!"

Dash then rubbed her own belly again. "Just another month or so", She whispered. "That's all it's gonna be, just another month!"

The next few weeks or so were stressful for some, and Hell for others. Nights were broken by sounds of foals crying, there were diapers to be changed, foals to watch, and real