Pinkie's Party Place

by CrazedLaughter

First published

Pinkie opens up a party store in Canterlot. Unfortunately, things don't go quite as well as she hoped.

Wanting to spread joy to all of Equestria. Pinkie begins her quest by opening a party shop in the heart of Canterlot. With hope in her heart and determination in her soul. She hopes to use her abilities and this shop to skyrocket her plan into existence.

Unfortunately, the ponies of Canterlot aren't as fun and loose as the ones in Ponyville.

A reformatted story I wrote back in 2014 I thought I'd share.

Welcome to Pinkie's Party Place! Howya doin!?

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Pinkie, having always accomplished being the best party pony Ponyville had to offer. Had always thought of a way to bring more joy and happiness across Equestria. She wanted to set up her own party shop where anypony could visit and ask for any supplies or for her expertise at anytime, 24 hours a day.

She didn't want to be "that kind" of famous, nor did she want it to be about the money. She had a plan to set up shop temporarily across key places within Equestria. Make everyone happy and throw big parties, and perhaps even leave somepony to run it with her ideology as she moves on to the next spot.

She even had it planned that when she was all finished. She would set up permanent shop in Ponyville. Her job would not only be done, but then if there was anypony in need of a good cheering up or an awesome party, they'd know where to look.

Her first target was the most important. Canterlot.

She rented out a building in a densely populated spot. Not only the cakes, but her friends as well had given her hefty amount of bits to make her little dream come true. And she had no intention to squander it.

Before the grand opening, she had to make sure everything was perfect.

"Come on! can't you stay straight for even a second?! I got super fun stuff to do!"

She was trying to straighten a picture of her and her friends on the wall behind the service counter....but it just wouldn't stay straight.

Pinkie eyed the frame with anger. She couldn't possibly start with the picture being all crooked. "There's only one way to fix this... Gummy, DUCT TAPE!"

Her pet gator already seemed to be ready with the tape as Pinkie turned towards him. Her anger turning to a happy smile "Thanks Gummy!" then she faced the picture again, resuming her anger as she planted enough tape to stick even a minotaur to the wall.

Pinkie wiped her forehead with her hoof as she looked over at the frame. She smiled happily as it was finally straight, despite the fact that the tape made the placement look messy. "There we go! Don't worry girls! I'll be back in Ponyville before you know it! So don't get sad ever, ok?" she spoke to the picture as if it was actually her friends.

She turned and looked around her newly finished shop. It was very bright and pink, shelves full of the partiest of party supplies. Party hats, noisemakers, kazoos, confetti blasters, plastic forks,knives, and spoons, pinatas, cards for any occasion, of course balloons,and various other things...

She picked up Gummy and placed him on the counter as she awaited behind it for any customers to show up. "hehehe! I can't wait to make the first customer ever of Pinkie's Party Place smile!" She was trotting about in excitement, she had no professionalism whatsoever.

But as she waited, nopony ever showed up. And as time went on, Pinkie started to get a little bummed. She put her head on the counter and looked at the front door "isn't anypony throwing a party today?"

She looked over to Gummy as he blinked and turned over to the open/close sign.

Pinkie looked over to it. "Hmmm..I don't think that's it Gummy, see it says open! So everypony would know the shop is open."

He just blinked

"hmmm..OHHHHHH" She smacked her forehead "I see! hehehehe, silly me. I forgot to flip the sign, if I can see that it says open, everypony outside would see that it's closed!"

She zipped over to the sign and flipped it and zipped back to the counter to await her first customer.

"Hi my name is Pinkie!, gotta be more like a shopkeep...ahrmmm.....howya doin?....wait....hrmm....Howya doin...ermmm..ahh! Welcome to Pinkie's Party Place! Howya doin! hehehe! perfect!" She was excited and practicing her best storekeep mannerisms the best she could.

Suddenly....the bell to the door rung, as a very sophisticated looking white stallion, with a dark blue mane, stepped into the store. He was garbed in a fine black silk top hat and a black suit with a red bow tie. A monocle over his left eye.

He didn't seem too impressed by what he saw inside the store. He walked over to where Pinkie was, who hadn't noticed him as she practiced her greeting, and rung the counter bell. Pinkie didn't hear it.

"Ahrm.....excuse me" The stallion cleared his throat

Pinkie STILL hadn't noticed him


Still nothing

"AHRMAHRM...YOUNG LADY!" He didn't quite yell, but his voice boomed enough to make Pinkie turn to him in surprise.

Pinkie looked at him and slowly smiled "You know, you could have just rung the bell! hehe"

He looked very unamused by that quip "Quite...any....GYAH!"

Suddenly Pinkie raises her forelegs, confetti bursting from everywhere as she yells. "WELCOME TO PINKIE'S PARTY PLACE!! HOWYA DOIN!? YOU'RE MY VERY FIRST CUSTOMER! ISN'T THAT GREAT!!!"

He quickly composed himself and started to brush off the confetti, he started to have second thoughts about stepping into this place. " honor" he said sarcastically "In any case, I can only assume by that outburst that you do parties....even ones that need to be planned for say....tomorrow morning?"

Pinkie continued her zealous smile "Yup! I could even do it tonight if you wanted! no party is too big nor too small nor even too far away for this Pony, so what's the occasion?"

The stallion smiled, it seemed to be a smile of reassurance to himself "Excellent....the occasion? Simply put, I had forgotten my son's birthday was seems I had forgotten his birthday was this year actually...and I'd rather not deal with any confrontation with him. I also will pay top bit to make sure his birthday is one to be remembered...At least for my sake"

Pinkie wanted to break her smile and suddenly rail into the guy. "How could he forget his son's birthday!?" But she knew if she did that, then his son would have a sad, partyless day.

"I could definitely DEFINITELY do that! And you don't have to spend too much in my shop! everything is practically a steal! hehe! Even me! Does he need a super awesome funny clown! I could also do some cool tricks! or funny jokes! Or I could do a really neat song and dance routine!"

The stallion sniffed, and looked at her with eyes filled with disinterest "clowns? jokes? hrmph" He looks around "And am I to assume that everything on these shelves are what you have for sale?"

Pinkie nodded "Yup!"

"I see....Do you even sell any kind of food?"

Pinkie nodded again "Yup! I keep them in the back. I got candy and cakes and even more candy!" she giggled "And I have all kinds of tasty snacks! All for making your son's party the bestest best ever!"

"....i see. what about Caviar? Salads? Juice imported from Saddle Arabia? or should I dumb it down and say....what about your fancier foods?" He looked at her as if she was filth

Pinkie gulped, but did her best to never break that smile "Well! I have pie! that's pretty fancy right?"

"hmph.....I shall be the judge of that. Produce a pie for me to try" He demanded.

"No Problem! Give me two shakes of a donkey's tail!" Pinkie zipped to the back and grabbed a tasty banana cream pie and brought back to the counter. She sliced a small piece for the stuck up stallion and held it towards him.

He just eyed it "......cut another piece and leave it on the plate, I'd rather not have your germs on it"

Pinkie almost frowned at that remark, but her smile was definitely wavering at this point. She rushed back for a plate and did as he asked.

He stared at it for a moment. Bit into it. His eyes widened as his face turned green. There was nothing wrong with the pie in actuality. But as he swallowed, it was clear it did not match up to his tastes.

The stallion silently composed himself from the apparently vulgar experience. ".....hrm" He used his horn to pull a handkerchief from the pocket of his suit and wipe his mouth. "And this is all you have to offer?"

Pinkie didn't understand why he didn't seem more excited, surely the severity of his situation plus the fact she was willing to make sure the party went well was enough? She tried to settle some confidence in her mind as she nodded "Yup! Though I'm pretty sure I could get those other things for if you give me a little time, I could do special orders personally, I can run really really fast!"

He chuckled, he found it amusing that she didn't seem to understand at all how things worked. "I see, and tell me...Ms. Pinkie...How would you go about getting everything I need in preparation for tomorrow morning? hmmm?"

Pinkie was not feeling well at all from this line of questioning. She was starting to lose her nerve "Well...I could just go around, and...ask? And for everything...I guess I'd have to charge you extra....I don't really want to...But I don't think I have the money myself to get all that stuff on my own."

"hmmhmm, I see...How quaint. And tell me, do you really think you could gather all I need just for tomorrow? Are you aware that some of the things I require takes weeks in advance to actually obtain? Money was never an issue, just time, and you have wasted mine." He stared at her, the disgust in his expression was growing.

Pinkie stopped smiling, and began to quiver as she sunk a little to the ground. ".....I'm....sorry....I didn't know"

"Hmph, of course not. In anycase, I'm sure my son can do without a party. If anything, I'm sure I can hire an extra nanny or two to deal with his complaints. I bid you ado, and I can assure you I will never come back here." He sniffs again, and gruffs as he raises his head, turns and leaves the shop.

Pinkie was in shock. She never thought her first customer would berate her like that. Gummy merely blinked at her as she looked down in sadness. "No Gummy, you can't bite at his eyes.....that...would be mean"

She started to circle her hoof along the ground "....That...that poor colt, now he's not gonna have a super awesome party....or maybe...My party wouldn't have been super awesome at all compared to what it...mmnnn.." Pinkie looked down for a moment more before looking up at the picture with her friends. " was just one customer. I can't just get sad because of one meanie!" She began to stand "Nope! If I do! then everypony else who wanted a super awesome good time and lots of smiles wouldn't have them because I gave up! Nope! Not gonna happen! Not today! Nope!"

She turned around and faced the door to the shop "Just be ready this time Pinkie! There's still a whole world out there who needs a smile! And maybe, if other ponies see how great it is! That snooty patooty will come back and let me throw a super awesome party for his son! I just know it! I just gotta believe in myself!"

Again, Pinkie waited. She smiled, and did her best from talking to herself. She had this, No need for practice.

After some time, an elderly unicorn stepped in. She had a bonnet, and was wearing a green dress.

Pinkie sighed in relief. Old ponies were usually pretty kindly. Atleast to her experience, not so much donkeys. But surely she must have come in for a party for her grandson or daughter.

"Welcome to Pinkie's Party Place! Howya doin!?" Pinkie beamed a smile at her and waved.

The old pony shot a small smile back at her.

Yes! Pinkie could already feel it. She had a customer, a good one this time.

The old pony walked up to her, she had abit of a wobbly walk. "Hrmm...Excuse me dearie, but is this a place for parties and such?"

Pinkie nodded "Yup! I've got everything you need for the bestest best party ever! Do ya got a grandson or daughter looking for a super good time?"

The old pony shook her head and smiled and Pinkie "Oh heavens no, I'm just here to pick up a tea set, some tea, and a new table and some chairs. I am having a few guests over and my old tea set has broken. And I'd rather just buy a new set of everything. Would you have any in the back? I don't see any around here"

Pinkie kept her smile, but she didn't expect this. All she had in the back furniture wise was picnic tables and wooden seats. Nothing of that caliber. "u...ummm...actually."

The old pony smiled at her and raised a bag with her magic "Oh don't fret dearie, I always pay the extra for the work. These old bones can't move things like they used to. Now....about those items.."

Pinkie lowered her head "I don't have anything like that here ma'am....I'm sorry"

The old pony frowned "hmm? my...what a shame. Is this not a place where I can buy things for a tea party?"

Pinkie shook her head, she had a long frown on her face. "no ma'am...."

The old pony looked at her and frowned "I see....Whatever is the matter dear?"

Pinkie looked up at her, she was sure she was just going to get taunted again. "It's just, you're my...second customer and I haven't been able to help you or the last one either" She refrained from mentioning how the last one was cruel.

The old pony's frown deepened "Oh dear...I see. Well, you shouldn't be frowning just yet. I'm only your second customer. I'm sure somepony will show up and everything will go smoothly from there"

Pinkie didn't expect those words, it made her smile almost involuntarily. She almost felt silly thinking she was going to get berated again. But her very first customer was quite....mean. It almost cemented a false image in her head that conflicted with her goals.

Pinkie looked over to the old lady pony. "You really think so?"

The old pony smiled and chuckled "oh my, are you asking me if I do? That would imply doubt."
"Doubt?" Pinkie thought for a moment. Then she realized that she did have a doubt or two, simply because of how things went over a single customer. she beamed a slick smile "Doubt? nope, not this pony!" She pointed to herself.

"Very good..." The old pony looked up at the picture of her and her friends "Are those your friends?"

Pinkie nodded "My super bestest friends actually! in the whole wide world! They are all back in Ponyville though"

The old pony chuckled "I see, so am I to assume you are on some sort of business venture?"

Pinkie smiled and rubbed the back of her head "something like that"

"hmm, I see. I'm sure your friends are rooting the best of luck to you. I wish you luck as well miss....ummm..."

"Pinkie Pie ma'am!" Pinkie exclaimed

"Pinkie Pie....that is a nice name. My name is "Bitterroot Lullaby" " She chuckled "Not the best name, I know. But i'm proud of it"

Pinkie smiled "Well I can say one thing, you're not "Bitterroot" at all! hehe!" she started giggling

The old pony giggled with her "I suppose not. I could buy a few of these noisemakers things. I'm sure my grandson will like them. How much are they?"

"One bit each ma'am!" Pinkie said with pride

"oh my, that's very cheap. You'll never make any money that way dear."

"It's not about the money! it's about making other ponies happy!" Pinkie said proudly.

Bitterroot couldn't help but smile, she bought about five noisemakers and left a tip for Pinkie. Pinkie tried to hand it back to her, but the old pony made an excuse that she didn't want to keep her friends waiting. And hurried off with a pleasant goodbye.

Pinkie waved to her, placing the money into the register. She then slapped herself for having any doubt in her mind at all. She wish she had taken a picture of Bitterroot however, to keep as a "Best Second Customer Ever!" memorial.

Pinkie sat back and waited. She still had a mission to do. Parties to plan. Ponies to make happy. Sure things started slow, but things were gonna get better. She knew it.

"She was a pretty nice lady huh, Gummy?"
Gummy just blinked at her

"hehe! Gummy, are you still on that guy? Come on, we just gotta forget about him and focus on good customers!" Pinkie felt a renewed vigor in her heart. The next customer was gonna be the one. She knew it!

The bell on the door sounds as a new customer steps into the shop. He looked pretty smooth. He had on a black fedora and a pinstripe suit with a red tie. His mane was greased up. Even his horn had a sheen on it despite him not using any magic.

"Welcome to Pinkie's Party Place! Howya doin!?" Pinkie smiled and waved at her new customer.

He looked at her and shot a smile at her "Pretty good babe, this the right place to get some party supplies, right?"

Pinkie shot back with a smooth swing of her hoof "Ya better believe it! I can throw ya any kind of super fun awesome party ya want!"

He laughed "Cool Cool, but I'm just lookin' for supplies." He eyed her a bit "Although, I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind havin a cute hostess servin' em drinks"

"I don't mind!" Pinkie shot up with excitement "I could do other things too!"

"Hold on there sweetie, you ain't exactly what I'd call "full on" material. You’re cute and all, but I doubt you could do everything MY boys like" He chuckled arrogantly at her.

"Yeah huh! I can do everything! I can dance! I can sing!..."

He raises his hoof and stops her "Now hold on there...Ya can dance huh?" He looks around for a moment "Can ya show me?"

She nods happily "You bet! I don't even charge for that!"

He smiles an almost devious smile at her "ya I'd bet....well...let's see it."

Pinkie smiles as she gets a phonograph and has it play a record. It starts to play an old timey type of song as she gets into a showman's getup and starts dancing with a cane in her hoof.

The stallion's slick smile disappears as he puts a hoof to his face "......ya...gotta be kidding me......hey...just stop"

Pinkie doesn't hear him, the song is a tad loud and she's into her dance

"...ya can stop now sweetness.." He starts to get annoyed.

But she continues

He sighs and trots over to the phonograph and lifts the needle, stopping the song and causing Pinkie to fall flat on her face, due to missing the rhythm.

The stallion shook his head at her "Such wasted potential...and what's with all this garbage anyway? Is this place for kids?"

Pinkie stood up and looked back at him "Garbage?! This is awesome party stuff!" She grabbed her showtimey hat and put it on with a gruff ".....And this stuff is for ponies of all ages"

He rolled his eyes "Suuuuuuuuure it is. Listen babe, are you serious with all this stuff?...really?"

Pinkie nodded "Yeah!" She wasn't going to let this guy get to her, not this time "I want to make every pony who is sad, not sad anymore....With happiness!"

The stallion started laughing at the thought "Holy Celestia! Are you serious!?! At least your good at telling jokes"

Pinkie frowned, she felt something crack as her very ideology just got mocked " wasn't a joke"

He continued to chuckle "heheaha..I figured. Let me give you a word of advice baby cakes" He started to trot over to the door "Your little shop has no business being here. Nopony would ever, And I mean ever want a party from a kid like you. Just give up, go home, and go entertain your stupid looking friends." He was looking at the picture taped to the wall, thinking to himself that she was so stupid that she couldn't even put a picture up correctly.

Pinkie felt a rage inside her, she looked down in anger at his remark before pointing her hoof towards him "Hey! You can make fun of me all you want...but you never...EVER...CALL MY" she slowed to a halt. she hadn't even noticed that he already stepped out the door. He stepped out before she could tell him how great her friends were.

She felt a pain in her heart. She did her best to disregard it. The guy was just....really mean. She couldn't give up....but his really hurt.

She looked at Gummy, her eyes were a tad teary. But she did her best to remain smiling. "...Yeah...maybe your plan isn't too bad Gummy....eheh...heh"

her heart was heavy. But she knew she couldn't give up. She knew that there were still nice ponies too. She just needed them to be customers. So she could do what she planned to do.

But things were going at a slow pace. And every new customer was either disinterested. or dismissive of her. the only thing that was good that none of them were as mean as her first and third customer.....but sadly, none were as nice as Bitterroot.

This went on for a few days, ponies that were coming in as well had slowed to next to nothing with each following hour. until eventually the customers has stopped coming. And the only thing Pinkie had managed was sell five noise makers. Nopony wanted her brand of partying.

It was another fruitless night. She had only one customer that day and he was just looking for a bathroom.

Pinkie plopped onto the ground. She wanted to cry. She had such high hopes. And now all she wanted to do was go back to Ponyville. Nopony wanted her here anyway.

Her mane was straight, as was her tail. She was poking at a strawberry jam cake, Gummy was asleep next to her. "...well looks like it's just you and me....too bad I can't throw you a party."

She continued to poke at it, she wasn't very hungry. And she also wasn't in the mood for anything festive. "Maybe I'm just not very good at this....all these rich ponies don't need my kind of parties. Maybe they are already happy....and all I do is make them angry for not being as good as them..."

She put her face onto the floor "I'm sorry girls.....I guess I wasn't good enough after all....thanks for the support anyway....."

Suddenly, the door opens, Pinkie hears the bell.

She says in a monotone voice, still laying on the ground behind the counter "Welcome to Pinkie's Party Place.....we’re closed"

"But the sign says you're open"

Pinkie sighed "Nope, I'm pretty sure I switched it to close"

The voice giggled softly and soothingly "Pinkie, it says "Closed" from the inside. Everypony outside can see it as "open" "

Pinkie's ears perked up as her eyes opened wide.....she knew that voice.

She sprung upwards to face the originator of the voice "P-P-Princess Celestia?!"

Indeed, it was the Princess herself. She yawned a little and gave Pinkie a warming smile. As warm as the sun, it was a little late for her to be out and about. "Hello there, Pinkie. I hope you are having a pleasant night."

Pinkie wasn't in the mood to have a "Freakout" moment that the princess of Equestria was in her little shop. She plopped her head on the counter and looked straight ahead into nothingness. "I've been trying...sorta"

Celestia noticed that Pinkie's mane was straight and her ever present smile was missing. "Pinkie. Is there something the matter?"

Pinkie sighed "......other than I can't make anypony here happy?....I guess nothing...."

Celestia's smile never ceases, but she starts to worry for Pinkie. She didn't expect to see her so down. "Pinkie...hnn..Well, I know a thing or two about that. But...I was actually wondering if you wouldn't mind making many ponies happy..If you aren't too busy of course."

Pinkie sighed, normally it would make her ecstatic beyond ecstatic to have such a request. But at this moment, she was sure the Princess probably visited her because she already knew about her predicament, and was just trying to cheer her up. " don't really need me...I don't even sell anything for anything fancy...I'm sorry about that by the way.."

Princess Celestia seemed confused by her current mannerisms and words "Pinkie, I do need you. You're the only place that's still open. And when I heard you were here. I knew that this place was exactly where I needed to be."

Pinkie's ear perked up "Heard?....who would ever tell you about this place?"

Celestia looked into her eyes with a smile "Well, I was at a tea party the other day hosted by an old friend of mine. And I told her about a dilemma I was having with my school. That I wanted the young ones to have a party so fun that they would always remember it for the rest of their lives. And she told me about your shop. I didn't even know you had opened one here. But I can safely say that I'm fairly confident you're the right pony for the job".

Pinkie's mane and tail slowly started to curl, she raised her head and looked at Celestia. She started to review in her mind the one nice sorta customer she had...tea party? old friend?

Celestia added "She said the noise makers made her grandson very happy."

Pinkie's mane and tail were almost fully poofed..but she couldn't smile just yet. Something was holding her back. "Princess Celestia...u..ummm...are you sure I really am the right pony for the job? I...really can't do anything fancy at all..."

Celestia giggled "I don't need anything fancy Pinkie Pie" She looked up "Though I suppose when I think about it. Would a song and dance number be fancy? If it is...then I'd rather it just be fun you think you could do that for me as well? I'm sure the students would greatly appreciate a fun little number."

Pinkie broke out in a wide smile. Her mane and tail nearly exploded into it's old fun style as she jumped on the counter and pointed at Celestia "Can I make it fun!? I can make it the funniest fun! The funniest fun of fun that I can't even come up for a word for it!.............." she stopped to think "is gratuitous a word?"

Celestia laughed gleefully at Pinkie's bounce back "It is"

Pinkie put her hoof under her chin "Darn! I'll have to think of something..."

Celestia stands patiently, smiling as Pinkie tries to think of something.

Pinkie then realizes that she had a customer, and thinking of that word became an afterthought.

Pinkie looked over to Celestia with excitement and got behind the counter "Ahh..Umm..Um! Welcome to Pinkie's Party Place! Howya doin'!"

Celestia giggled and played along, sounding serious"I'm doing quite well. I have a big order for you Pinkie" She almost laughed out loud at how serious she sounded.

Pinkie saluted "Anything for you Princess! Whatcha need!"

Celestia looked up "Well, I need...." She looked around the shop..."Everything"

"E-e-everything?! W-Wow!" Pinkie almost fell back. "This must be a super big party"

Celestia nodded "It's a graduation party. I be remembered for all time. Everypony who is anypony will be there. And I want them to fun things can be." Celestia had it in the back of her head that this was going to be a "Wether they like it or not" sort of deal, it was really for the children.

Celestia looked deep into Pinkie's eyes "And..of course, I need you as well. I couldn't imagine a party being as fun as it could be without Ponyville's very best party planner". As she said this, Celestia plopped a huge pouch of bits onto the counter. "This is enough to cover it I believe. If it's too much, then you needn't worry about it. I certainly don't."

Pinkie looks at the pouch and pushes it towards her "I can't take any money from you Princess Celestia! you're royalty! I can do this..."

Pinkie started to go on a rant on how she couldn't take the money as Celestia stealthily opened her register with magic and dumped the bits into it. She then takes the empty pouch back "Well Pinkie if you insist"

Pinkie never noticed "You darn tootin' I insist!...oh.....when do you need it all set up?"

"Actually, I had spent some time looking for a party planner for awhile until I was told about your shop....." she chuckles "I'm afraid I'm very behind schedule and needed you well.....tomorrow that too..."

Before Celestia could finish, Pinkie zipped like lightning packing everything into a huge bag and rushing out the door "Hurry Hurry Hurry! We can't have all the fillies and colts not have a party!"

Celestia laughed to herself as Pinkie disappeared through the front door. "hmmm.....I suppose she wouldn't mind if I helped myself to... a little piece of cake"

And so, Pinkie did throw that party. and it wasn't just any party. It wasn't even a fun party. No, it was the funnest, bestest party ever thrown in Canterlot....possibly truly the bestest ever. And despite some of the adults finding Pinkie's antics uncouth or inappropriate. The children had a blast. Celestia herself having quite a time while keeping an eye on everything to make sure nothing goes awry. And Pinkie herself? She just loses herself in all the fun and all the smiles she brought forth that day. The only thing that would have made it the bestest best best best for her is if her friends were there with her to enjoy it.

When it was said and done. Pinkie had returned to her shop, with the thanks and love given from the students. She was happy as could be. Having managed in one day what she wasn't able to do since the week before when she opened her shop. But she also came to a realization. Maybe a worldwide shop tour was a tad too much. As she packed things up and opened the register to put in the few bits she thought she had into a case. She instead saw a crazy amount.

But she wasn't absorbed by it. Instead she just wondered where it came from. and how she was going to make someone happy with it. She certainly didn't need it after all.

As she finished packing things up. Celestia had once again shown up. Stepping in and noticing the now empty shop. "hmm? Leaving so soon, Pinkie?"

Pinkie stopped, and turned towards Celestia in surprise and saluted "P-Princess Celestia?! um-..umm..." she looked down, she thought she was needed again. and She had just closed down shop. "...I'm sorry...I really am closed this time."

Celestia nodded "Oh,I just wanted to see you Pinkie. I wanted to see how you were doing.."

"Oh! I'm doing super awesome! I'm just busy closing shop and going back to Ponyville."

Celestia just smiled "Oh? But you've only been open for a week. Did something happen?"

Pinkie shook her head "Nothing happened. But I think I managed to do what I wanted to do here all in one night thanks to you. I brought so many smiles all at once. It almost seemed all of Canterlot was there."

Celestia chuckled "Just about..."

"And that's the only reason I came here......but...I also realized I can't make everypony happy either. But I don't want to just give up." Pinkie says as she closes one of her bags.

"I see" Celestia was interested on what she meant "What do you plan to do when you get back home?"

Pinkie Giggled "Sleep! Eat! and Party with my friends for a whole day!....then I want to find out how to make ponies happy outside of Ponyville without having to open shops everywhere. That way anypony that needs my help would already know what I do and the help I could give."

Celestia nodded "That's a nice goal....And with all the money I noticed you made. I'm sure you can reach that goal quite easily."

"Oh...I can't use this money! I don't know where it came from. I'll probably give it to somepony who really really needs it. That will make their day for sure!"

And with a pleasant ado. Pinkie headed back to Ponyville. She had to remember to send a letter to miss Bitterroot for the recommendation she made to Celestia. And she hoped that one day soon. She could meet up with her for a nice little tea party.