[Displaced] CRYSIS: Legacy


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Goes to convention as a CELL operative in a Nanosuit, buys the Predator Bow from a shaddy Merchant, and end up in Equestria. Yup, totally a normal day.

(Important: Chapter two and three are both under maintenance. Expect them to be edited in the future. And, I also need an editor to help me edit and add chapters in this story. PM me if you want to.)

'Being a good soldier comes down to one thing. To one single question: What are you prepared to sacrifice?' ~Laurence "Prophet" Barnes.

'This question, has plagued my mind ever since I got here. Day and night, I wouldn't stop thinking about that question. And I always wondered, what am I prepared to sacrifce for? And it appears that I don't have to wonder no more. For the answers were already with me.' ~Scot "Nova" Mcarthur.

1st Lt. Scot "Nova" Mcarthur dressed in a CELL Nanosuit, goes to a convention with his younger sister. He then buys the 'Predator Bow' from a cosplaying merchant. He then gets sent to a Modern Equestria with power that can make a city crumble. What will he do there? Will he protect this land? Or will he abuse its powers and make Equestria fall to its knees?

( A/N : I don't own My Little Pony nor Crysis, they belong to their respective owners. This is my first story. Story sets in a modern Equestria. The Mane Six are now not part of the main characters of the story. They still interact with Scot, but they're not part of the main characters. All characters wear clothes. Dragons and Changelings are no exception. )


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"Scot! Come on, we're gonna be late!" Alex yelled from the front door, clearly pissed.

"Hold on! I can't seem to find my helmet!" I yelled back, checking everywhere for the helmet of my cosplay.

"Just forget about the darn thing! Let's go!" I checked under the bed, to find it not there.

"You know I can't do that, rig- Aha!" I spotted my prize in the laundry basket. "Found it!" I then quickly took it and ran downstairs.

"Finally! That was taking like forever." My sister said,cosplaying as a Halo Spartan while leaning on the doorframe.

"I know, I know," I took the keys from the pouch on my suit,"let's go?" she nodded before heading outside to the car. I then followed next, locking the door before heading to the car in which my sister was already in.

I got in the drivers seat and buckled my seatbelt.

"Hey, Scot? What are you waiting for?" Alex asked beside me.

"Car's not moving till everyone is buckled up." I looked at her with a smirk.

"Ugh, fine." and she did what she was told.

Chuckling to my oh-so-sweet victory, I placed my helmet at the back seat before turning the ignition and going to our merry way.

Now, I know introductions are needed so I'm Scot Mcarthur. A 28 years old guy living with his younger sister in Manhattan. My sister beside me is Alexis Mcarthur, 19 years old.

I just finished collage five years ago. I also joined the US Army a year ago, even getting ranked as 1st Lt. Scot "Nova" Mcarthur. But don't ask me why I was dubbed Nova, I don't even know myself.

After stopping at a red light I glanced back at Alex to see her without her helmet, eating a lolipop. Her short black hair, combined with her sky blue eyes, she's pretty cute. Not the perverted type, but the caring-brother type.

"What?" I must've been staring too much that I didn't even notice her glance back at me.

"Oh, n-nothing." I stammered as my eyes went back on the road. But I could've sworn I saw her smile.

After the traffic light going green, we continued on our little adventure. And I'm just hoping that this ride won't make us late.

After arriving at the place just in time, we found a good parking spot and went in. The place was already packed. People cosplaying were found left in right,and the costumes were amazing.

After agreeing that we're going to meet at the car at 7 o'clock, we parted ways. But not before giving her hugs, kisses and 250 bucks. What? She used the puppy dog eyes! What am I supposed to do? Hit her in the head? Yeah, no thank you.


Anyway, after parting ways. I decided to check the place out. See stuff here and there and what-not.

After looking at shops to shops, I finally noticed something. No one was cosplaying as characters from Crysis. Is the game not good? Or is it just too hard to make the costume? Probably both...

After looking around some more, I finally found a guy wearing a Nanosuit with a hood on. And damn, was he badass! He's also selling Crysis related merchandizes, sweet!

"Ah, another Crysis fan I see." he said once he saw me walk up to him.

I chuckled at that,"I like your costume, though."

"Please, your's look better," he paused as he examined my costume," and using a CELL Nanosuit instead the classic Nanosuit? That's just brilliant!"

Alright, I am so liking this guy.

"So, what can I get ya?" He asked as he gestured to the items on sale.

"Anything cool would be nice." I replied.

"Then I have the perfect thing for you." he said excitedly as he grabbed something underneath the table. Once he took out the thing he was talking about, my eyes went large!

In his hands, was a weird looking compound bow. But I knew what it was, it was the 'Predator Bow'. Crysis 3 signature weapon.

"Now, judging to your reaction. I'd say, you know what this is, right?"

"How much is that one?" I asked, not taking my eyes off the merchandise.

"Hmm, let's see here. About... 600 bucks." Wait, what?!

"600 bucks!? That's outragous!" I am not wasting 600 bucks for one bow.

"I know, but this was hand made by myself. It can also do this, you know." he flicked the bow and it freaking transformed into its compact size. "You'll also get this." he took out some small boxes. But I knew it was detachable magazines that the Bow use.

'No wonder why it was 600 bucks. It was the whole package' I thought to myself, not taking my eyes off the bow and the magazines.

"So, you gonna buy it or..." I slammed the exact amount of money needed on his table.

"Just take my money!" if I wasn't wearing this helmet, he would've saw my eyes gleaming with stars.

"Alrighty then." he took the money and gave me the bow. Once the bow landed on my hands, I started looking at it more closely. Examining the complex details, even the detachable magazines.

I heard the merchant chuckle,"I see that you're really liking it, hmm?"

I just chuckled nervously and pocketed the bow with the magazines in my pouches. After that, I started leaving. Without waving and telling him that he just made my day of course.

Going around more the place, I ended up in a gaming store. After checking the available games, I bought Halo 5 for my sister and left.

Now, my stomach was going crazy. Like it's gonna explode any moment. 'Ugh, wish I didn't ate that Taco.' I thought to myself as I ran around looking for the bathroom. It didn't took long for me to find it and getting an available stall. But my stomach went back to normal when I got seated. 'Hmm, that's strange.' I thought to myself.

But then I got lightheaded all of the sudden. I tried fighting back the urge of losing conciousness . But in the end, I failed and blacked out in the stall.

Worst Wake Up Call... (UNDER MAINTENANCE)

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'Suit Integrety at one hundred percent.'

"Quite down, will you?"

'Systems recovery... Corrosive agents isolated.'

"Wha- Argh!" I woke up from slumber as my whole body was electrocuted. "Alex! What the fuck!" I yelled at Alex, to only see that I was at the middle of a dense forest. "Where am I?" I asked, to nobody at particular.

'Location Unkown.' Wait, was that...'Re-routing primary power systems. Please wait.' No way... It is SECOND! 'Primary systems re-routed. Cleared to proceed.' the suit then became lighter than earlier.

Going over my shock, I returned to the matter at hand. I checked my surroundings, to only see that I am in a forest. A very unfamiliar forest, no doubt. I then decided to go to higher ground, to pinpoint my location. I looked up to see that I can just climb up a tree and do my stuff there. But before I can even start climbing, I heard a very familiar voice speak,'Maximum Power.'

I stopped and recalled everything I know of the suit and its abilities. "Wait, maximum power increases my jump height, right? Then that means..." I went wide-eyed when an idea came into my head. I quickly got into stance and jumped, reaching the tree's branches and grabbing onto it. "Wow. That went, pretty well." I said, climbing up the tree.

Once I popped my head out of the tree line, I used the Suit's binoculars and started pinpointing random stuff, and it was fun. That is until my eyes landed on a mountain. What's special about this one is that it has a castle on the side, the freaking side. What's more weird is that it looks offly familiar. Not gonna pass the opportunity, I pinpointed it for future reference.

That is until, I heard a scream. Or screams that came approximately 30 meters away. How do I know this? Well, just ask SECOND on how he does it. Or is he a she? I don't know, but I'm just gonna stick with calling SECOND a he.

I jumped down the tree, activating the suit's armor at the last second of my fall. After getting up and facing the direction of the screams, I activated the suit's speed and ran.

"Damn!" I yelled in surprise as I ran with my speed thrice the average.

I smiled at this but quickly wondered,'How am I doing this? This is just my first time. Hmm... It probably has to do with SECOND linking with me or something. Meh, I'll think about it later.'

I reached to a small clearing and hid on top of a tree. After that I quickly scanned the area and saw wolves made out of wood? Wha? I quickly regained my focus as I heard a cry of help in front of them,"Somepony, help us!"

I didn't know what happened to me but I quickly took out my 'Predator Bow' and changed my ammo to Super-thermite,
'What am I doing?!" I yelled in my mind,'This won't work! It's not even real!' I then aimed to the nearest wolf and fired a shot.

It hit the wolf in the back before the arrow started beeping. It confused the wolf, its comrades and me. Until the beeping stopped and it exploded, killing the wolf. Seeing this, the others whimpered and retreated back, not wanting to end up like their fallen comrad.

Regaining from my shock, I turned my attention back to the ones I saved. To only see three familiar anthro ponies, who was holding each other in fear. And my shock coming back, to see that it was the CMC from the show MLP. How do I know this, you ask? Let's just say SECOND showed me my old memories. My memories when I was still a brony.

"Great, now I feel like a dick." I mumbled to myself as I collapsed the bow to its compact size and holstering it on my back. After that I jumped down, gaining the attention of the three. Who was now starting to cry.

I got up and slowly walking towards them. Once I was over their cowering bodies, I crouched down to their eye levels to speak,"You three alright?"

The one with a yellow fur, red mane with a rid ribbon, Applebloom, if I remembered correctly, nodded, "T-t-thanks m-mister."

Aw come on! I am not that scary, right? Shaking my head, I stood up and held out my hand,"Come on, let's get you home." They hesitantly took my hand and stood up,"Now, you three know the way home?"

They nodded,"Alright, I'm gonna follow you three to make sure nothing gets you, ok?" they nodded again. *Sigh* 'This is going to be a long walk.' I gestured my hand for them to lead the way, to which they lead of course.

After walking a few minutes, I decided to at least ask them a few questions,"So, what were you three doing out here?"

"Oh, well we were just visiting our friend, Zecora. Until we were chased by those timberwolves." the orange colored pegasus, Scootaloo if I remembered, said.

"Hmm, at least I got there to save you three. Who knows what would've happen if I were'nt there." I said, carrying the white unicorn, known as Sweetie Bell, over my shoulders.

"I know. It was really scary." Sweetie whimpered.

"Don't worry, nothing bad will happen. Now that I'm here." I said with pride.

"So mister, what's ya name?" I flinch at that sudden question. But it looks like no one noticed.

"Oh, well just call me Nova."

"Nova, huh?" Scootaloo asked beside me, "Are you a Royal Guard? Is that why you're wearing that weird looking armor?"

I simply just nodded,"Mhmm."

"That's so awesome! Not as awesome as Rainbow Dash but still, awesome!" Hmm, SECOND? I want you to search informations regarding to this 'Rainbow Dash'. Give me the results later.

"N-nova? Is t-that your cutie mark?"

"Hmm?" I glanced at my right shoulder to see the CELL's logo.

"Yeah, why did you ask?"

"W-well I was wondering on why is it on your shoulder instead on your... flank..." she mumbled that last part, clearly embarassed about asking that question. Good thing this suit has an enhanced-hearing system.

"Well, the suit is kinda hiding it. Also I don't want anyone looking at my flank." I said.

"O-oh." Good, she bought it.

"Then what's it suppose to mean?" Scootaloo asked.

"What?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"Like, what are you good at?"

"Well, I call it CELL." I said.

"Why's that?" Three of them were now leaning.

"It's just an acronym."

"Then what's the whole word then?" They were now really, really leaning.

"CELL stands for Canterlot Enforcement & Local Logistics." I saw them with puzzled looks,"It means I'm in a private military."

"Oh..." all of them said. Thank you SECOND, for that valuable information.

"Welp, I guess this is where we part ways." I said as I dropped Swettie Bell. We were already at the edge and we can already see a town not far from here.

"Welp, it was nice meeting you three." I said as I walked away,"Bye!". Once I was out of sight, I activated the suit's cloak and left the area. Heading deeper in the forest. Which will be now my temporary home.

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted (UNDER MAINTENANCE)

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I've been in Equestria for a week now. I've been hunting and scavenging the forest for my survival. I've also been gathering information from the Cutie Mark Crusaders to keep me on track of their timeline. And apparently, it's already pass season 6, but still not in season 7.

They were also cars and modern techno-stuff. To which I can be benifited. Heck, I think I can even hack into their computers and show the whole Equestria their browsing history, if I was in the mood.

I've also been practicing my Nanosuit so that I can get used to it, and so far so good. I've also been practicing with the 'Predator Bow' for awhile. And I gotta say, I'm impressed with myself. One Ursa Major vs Me blindfolded? Damn! I'm getting better.

I even showed the three my skills with it. And their impressed as I was. And they've been visiting everyday, always talking about how their days went. But whenever they ask me about my day, I would just say,"Oh, you know. Royal Guard's stuff." And thank god they're buying it. I don't think I've got the time to explain on what I am.

But not only that, they have also suggested that I should leave the forest and come meet the town. And of course, me telling them that it's not the right time to do that. To which they would pout and sometimes give me the puppy-dog eyes.

I was this close in leaving the forest, if it weren't for the protocol I intalled in the suit. And before any of you asks, I know how to do it with no problem at all.

It's currently night and I'm hunting food for me to eat. I'm stalking a Manticore right now, and it appears that this one won't be a problem at all.

'Nanovision engage.' I activated the suit's Nanovision to see my prey, eating behind a thick foilage.

I took out my bow, changed the ammo to Super-thermite and my Draw weight to Stong.

"That's right, big guy. Hold still." I whispered as I aimed my bow over his head.

That is until a bullet went pass my head, missing my visor. I then quickly hid behind a tree and waited for the ones that attacked me make their first move.

After a while, I heard movement.
'Enemy threat detected.' No shit, SECOND.

'Cloak Engage.' I then sneaked away from my previous spot. 'Hope they got a death wish.' I mumbled before changing my ammo to Recon.

48:04 Minutes Later...

"What?!" Screamed a thousand years old ruler.

"Princess, that thing fought back. Which resulted in 12 of my men getting injured." a brown Unicorn said before taking something from his pocket,"And this is what we got before we lost it." he pressed a button and it started playing.

"W-w-what a-are you!?" a male voice came from the device.

There was nothing but silence, until a distorted robotic voice answered back,"The Hunter." Then the static came in soon after.

The stallion then pressed it again and pocketed it. The princess however, just sat on her throne, mouth's agape. Unable to comprehend the information.

Moments later, the stallion cleared his throat,"As you can see, Princess. This Hunter, is clearly a menace to ponykind and need's to be dealt with."

"B-but Commander Lock Heart, how about we negotiate with this so called Hunter?" the princess spoke, now out of her shock.

"I'm sorry princess, but you just have to face it. Not everything is solved by love and friendship." the stallion named Lock Heart, stated.

The princess sighed, knowing that he was right."Alright Commander, I now give you permission to capture this Hunter by any means."

Lock Heart smirked,"As you wish, your majesty." He then saluted and left the throne room, his smirk turning into a saddistic smile.

I am now sitting on rock by a river, eating an apple Applebloom gave me before she left. Still not telling the three I'm not a pony. But now's not the perfect time for that. Especially, since the Military here are now after my ass.

I finished eating the apple, and threw the core in the river. I sighed and sat back down, recalling my perfect life before. I then wear my helmet, before I forget like last time.

'Enemy threat detected.' thank you SECOND for that heads up, now do your thing.'Maximum armor.'

As soon as SECOND said that, I felt a .50 caliber bullet ricochet off me. That made me flinch.

Glancing around and using my visor's built in binaculars. I easily found a blue pegasus, in her hand is a sniper rifle.


Ow! That bitch! 'Suit integrety at fifty percent.' And that's my cue to leave. I stood up and ran back in the forest. 'Maximum Power.'

I continued running until I stopped on a tree to recharge the suit's energy. Not letting my guard down, I kept scanning my surroundings in case that bitch tries anything funny.

My suit was almost done recharging, but it stopped by getting electricuted. I grunted as the pain soared through my body. In the end, I fell of the tree with a loud thud.

'Suit integrety at critical percent.'

I looked up to see that same mare flying down towards me. Once she touched down, she contacted someone over the comms.

"Sir, this is Bolt Recon." she said through the comms before looking at me with a smirk,"Target has been neutralised." The person she was talking spoke, but I didn't seem to hear what he/she said. The mare nodded and went towards my body,"Sorry big guy. But I've got orders to follow." She then knocked me out with the butt of her gun. And from there, I lose conciouseness.

I groggily opened my eyes to find myself on a chopper heading towards the castle on the mountain without my helmet. Both my hands and feet were chained.

"Hey! Glad you woke up!" I looked to beside me to see the mare from earlier, smiling.

I was about to say something, but was cut off by her pointing a large taser on my chest. "Ah, ah, ah! I didn't gave you permission to speak! So why don't you just sit there and stay quite, unless you want me to electrocute you again?"

Knowing my better judgement, I did what I was told.

"Good." I heard her whisper, but it was really hard to hear her over the chopper's engine.

We entered the large castle shortly after landing. And my god! This place is beautiful.

We continued walking, passing by more anthros here and there. We stopped in front of a double doors.

"Now, once we go through this door. I want you to be on your best behavior. If not, then you know what's gonna happen." I gulped and nodded as she gestured to her large taser.

We entered the doors and the first thing I noticed was a white alicorn seating on her throne. I know that she's named Princess Celestia. One of the two rulers of Equestria. ( How do I know this? Well let's just say, that I've been watching MLP through my memories. I've also asked the CMC for some information. ) The brown Unicorn stood at the base of the stairs of her throne. He held a face of disgust as soon as he saw me walk in.

We stopped in the center of the room, and kneeled. Well, I didn't. But in the end, I was forced.

"Arise, my little ponies." We all did what we were told, but I had difficulties since I got tased on the leg.

She looks at me for a minute, examining my facial and body structure before speaking,"So, you're the infamous Hunter?"

Wow, I didn't know I was already that famous. Damn, looks like being a celebrity is no longer of a dream.

"Mhmm." I nodded.

Celestia was about to speak when Mr. Brownie beat her to it,"Well, then. Hunter, if that's even your real name, you are under arrest. How do you plead?"

"Easy," I looked at Celestia,"do you like bananas?" I got the result I wanted.

Celestia was as red as a tomato. But it also pissed of Mr. Brownies.

He charged up his horn and blasted me with magic, on the face. Before I completely lose my conciousness, I heard him speak,"Put him in the dungeon, and make sure that he won't escape. If he does, you will be his replacement."

Back in the everfree, a bright light appeared. Blinding everything there for a few moments, before it died down.

In a clearance, a green box of supplies stood about. Blending in with the environment. But what stood out most, was another person wearing a green Nanosuit with some red highlights. He looked over to over where the caslte was located and started scanning.

Once he was done, he then started walking there. 'CELL operative detected.' the mysterious person said as he disappeared out of thin air.

Operation:Hot Escape

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There I was. In the bed of my cell, waiting. Waiting, for something to either save me from this hell hole, or kill me. But sadly, that didn't came.

I sighed, knowing that without my helmet, I am nothing. Well, not entirely nothing. I still got the suit on, but it seems that I can't do anything. I can still move, and eat that's for sure. But whenever I would try to activate the suits abilities, I would always end up having a severe headache.

Now, there's the guard pony outside my cell. Which, of course, guards me. She would guard me all day before taking shift, they then will be replaced by a bat pony with a semi-shotgun. The shotgun isn't the thing I'm afraid of, it's the bat pony that guards me.

I know you're wondering,"What's so scary about one Bat pony?" Well, let me tell you this. That Bat pony is a female. You guys are probably laughing or getting frustrated about me getting scared by a female bat pony, with a shotgun.

But the most scariest -no, scratch that, terrifying thing about her is that she always looks at me straight in the eyes. Call me paranoid, but I feel that they have evil intentions behind them. The worst part, is that she would sometimes break in my cell and watch me sleep. I noticed this one night when I heard the cell door opening and closing afterwards. After that, I would then start having this feeling of being watched. I tried ignoring it, but it -or should I say, she - will just continue. The feeling only leaves before sunrise, followed by the door opening and closing in, then followed by a click, which I assumed was the lock.

Of course, I tried talking to Bolt Recon, the mare that captured me and guarding me, of getting a new night guard for me. But she would always answer by a scowling back or glaring at me. I would then get back on my bed and take a nap, to replace my lack of sleep from the night's prior.

But before closing my eyes, I always wondered,'How am I going to get out of here?' After that, I would then go to dreamland.

The Nano soldier stood at the top of the castle's roof, scanning everything he found. From civilians walking around, to guards patrolling. He also pinpointed necessary buildings and objects for future reference.

Unknown to everypony, this Nano soldier was planning something, big. The soldier is this close to completing its plan. A plan, where everypony will know, to not mess with this person. That's why the Nano soldier is at the roof, to get as much intel they would need.

Seeing another patrol, the soldier zoomed in using its built-in binoculars and listened.

"So, you know what happened to Bolt Recon?" an Earth pony clad in heavy duty armor, asked to his comrade.

"I've heard that she's been foalsitting on that thing." His partner, a Unicorn wearing the same armor stated.

"Sheesh, now that's just cruel." Jake ( Let's just call the Earth pony, Jake. While the Unicorn is named, Finn. Because why the fuck not.) said. Feeling pity for the poor mare. But it quickly left as it came.

"Don't worry about it. At least we're not doing that," Finn said, "Plus, I think she's doing fine so far. Nothing bad happened yet, so learn to take a breath." he added.

Jake nodded in agreement, knowing that his pal was right.

The Nano soldier highlighted them in the future references list. After that, the soldier then activated its cloak. Engulfing them (the gender will be revealed later on) in invisibility. They then jumped off the roof to another, making as little sound as they could.

It didn't took long for them to reach the walls of the city. The walls that separated the city from the Everfree forest. The parkouring soldier then stopped up in a guard tower's roof, recharging their suit's lost energy. Glancing back at the city, he knew, that they needed to get that CELL operative no matter what. And failure, was not an option for them.

Hearing the suit fully charged again, they leapt off the tower and into the thick dangerous forest. Where they disappeared from sight.

I was sitting in my oh-so-lovely bed in my oh-so-lovely cell, eating two loaf of breads and an apple for breakfast. 'At least the food ain't bad here.' I thought, taking another bite of my apple while savoring the flavor in it.

And I was about to finish it if weren't for someone putting drugs in it. I became light-headed, the world around me started turning blurr. From everything that was happening, I fell of my bed to the hay covered stone floor. I heard the door open, then I felt a couple of hands hold me and started lifting me up. But before I could anything else, I blacked out.

The Nano soldier came back to the city, but was carrying weapons. Weapons of mass destruction. For they need them to get Scott Mcarthur. They activated both the suits cloak and power, making the soldier twice as fast and twice as stealthier. He got in the castle with ease and from there, he started searching for Scott.

I woke up with a start, and with a little headache to boot. I grunted as I tried to massage my head, but only to feel my hands restrained.

My eyes shot wide open. I then looked at my two hands and they were tied to the chair. I tried breaking them but they won’t budge.

“Looks like somepony’s awake.” a familiar voice said, making me look up to see Mr. Brownies sitting across the room with a smirk on his face. I then noticed that we were not alone in these room. In each corner of the room, stood a Unicorn clad in golden armor with .50 Caliber guns.

“Sheesh, these guys are taking this way too seriously.” I thought to myself before facing Mr. Brownies.

“Now, I know we started with the wrong hoof. So why don’t we start over?” Mr. Brownies said, “Alright, I’ll start. My name is Commander Lock Heart of the Royal Army.” he added.

I looked at him with a bemused look on my face, “So you want me to introduce myself?” I asked. He nodded, “Alright. Well, my name is Scott Mcarthur.” I said as I reached out for a handshake, only to realise that both of my hands were restrained.

“Alright, now introductions are out of the way. I want you to answer these questions, truthfully.” Lock Heart said as he took out a clipboard and a pencil.

“Only if you answer mine.” I said. Lock pondered this for a moment.

“Deal.” He said. I nodded as he took a look on the clipboard. After scanning through the clipboard, he nodded and took something under the table. As he took it out, my eyes went to the size of plates, if that’s even possible. He then set the object on the table, dusting off a few dirt on the visor’s, before looking back at me, “So, mind telling me what you’re wearing?”

I gulped, knowing that if I give them too much information, they could abuse it against me or the world.

I looked down, completely avoiding eye contact. I then heard him snap his fingers and one of the Unicorns came up behind and tased me. I grunted as the same pain I felt earlier came back.

After a few minutes, the Unicorn stopped tasing me. I then started panting from the intense pain I felt, again.

“If I were you,” I looked up to face Lock, “I’d answer that question.”

“N-never!” I managed to speak, before Lock Heart snapped his fingers and I got electrocuted, again.

The Nano soldier had found their prey in a room, a very secured room. They had to silently take out most of the guards out, but sacrifices were needed.

They just placed the last R.E.X. on the door, ready to blow up the whole place. He has a M4A1 on his right hand, and the detonator on the other. And without wasting more time, he pressed the button.

I sat there, panting from the pain. Suffering, from this bastards torture.

“You’re really wasting my time here.” Lock said. “Just tell me what I need to know, and we’ll let you go.” he added.

“Bullshit! I know you’re lying, bitch!” I looked up at Lock. I stared at his eyes, before spitting him in the face.

“You could kiss my ass, bitch.” I stated weakly, a small smirk appearing on my lips.

Lock Heart glared in anger. His face as red as a tomato. He then grabbed his gun and pointed it at me, “I’ve had enough of this!” he yelled as he cocked his pistol, “If you won’t give me information, then I’ll just take it from your lifeless body!”

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, the iron door to my right exploded. Temporarily blurrying my vision and activating the alarms. A silhouette came through the wrecked doorway and killed the four guards in the room with the gun in its hand.

I then heard gunshots in front of me, probably Lock Heart shooting the intruder. The silhouette then turned its head to him and started advancing, deflecting the bullets. Once the green silhouette was in front of Lock, it punched him straight in the face. Knocking poor Lock Heart out, instantly. And I could’ve sworn I heard a crack.

After that, the silhouette then grabbed my helmet off the table and started fidgeting it. My helmet beeped, signaling the silhouette that it was done. It then turned it’s gaze at me, spotting two glowing eyes from it. It then walked towards my restrained body and placed my helmet on my head. Once my helmet was on, it started booting up.

‘Suit integrity at one hundred percent’ Oh, I missed you too, SECOND.

‘Systems recovery… Corrosive agents isolated.’

‘Re-routing primary power systems. Please wait.’

‘Primary systems re-routed. Cleared to proceed.’

And with that, I broke free from my restrains. Destroying the chair’s handle in the process. I looked around to see the intruder gone. Like he somehow managed to disappear out of thin air.

‘Incoming transmission.’ Huh, I wonder who could that be.

“-eLlo? *static* HeL- *static* HelLo? HeLlO? CaN YoU hEaR mE?” a distorted voice asked through the comms.

“Uh… Who is this?” I asked the mysterious person.

“tHerE’s No tImE fOr iNtroDuctIons. ThE gUaRds aRe cOmiNg To yOur lOcAtioN.” A map suddenly appeared on my Hud. “ThAt’s tHe mAP tHaT yOuR gOiNg tO uSe iN oRdEr tO GeT yOuR StUff bAcK. JuSt fOlLoW tHe mAp aNd dOn’T gEt cAuGht.”

Well, that was… something. Alright, SECOND? Go make a list of objectives.

Main Objective:
•Follow the Map
Side Objective:
•Don’t get caught

The list popped in my Hud before shrinking and going on the top-left corner. Now with this in mind, I silently went out. But I realized I forgot something and went back in the room, going to Lock’s unconscious body, and started teabagging him in the face. After that, I left the room and towards the armory. Like the map says.


Ok, I am now outside with all of my stuff. And I’m currently getting chased by the entire Royal Army.

“Halt, creature!” I heard Moonie yell from behind me. I looked back and saw her wearing a black colored set of armor. And she’s currently holding a scythe, great, now I just made this worst. I dodged another rocket, barely hitting me. But the shockwave did make me slower for a bit.

“Alright, this is getting ridiculous. SECOND? Please tell me you’ve got something that’ll help me.” I asked SECOND.

‘Activating EMP.’ And on cue, an electrical surge came out of my suit. Shocking the ponies behind and disabling their choppers.

“Phew, thanks SECOND.” I said as I ran through the forest. I stopped as my energy came low.

‘Warning. Energy Levels Depleted. Stand By for recharge.’ I sighed, knowing that the suit’s energy isn’t unlimited.

As I was recharging, I saw a very weird looking rock. A very familiar weird looking rock. I stood up and went over to pick it up. As I picked it up, I then pocketed it in one of my pouches.

‘Energy Recharged. Cleared to proceed.’ From there, I ran again to find a good spot to examine the strange object with me.

Unexpected Meeting

View Online

Scot sat beside a lake, eyeing the mysterious object that he found. As he studied the strange stone with an eye, it began to sing a soft tone that sounded familiar to him, it was playing something from a game he hasn’t played since he was ten years old.

“Wait, that’s awfully familiar. SECOND, go see if I have a memory of this.”

Scot then saw his old childhood memories, memories of a game that he loved to play. Legends of Zelda. Then he started feeling lightheaded, making him drop the object from his hand and making the music stop.

“SECOND, please do try and don’t overload me again, ever.” he said, picking up the object before it repeated and sang the bolero of fire. After a few minutes of listening and remembering the tone, he then whistled with the tune.

When he finished, a fanfare followed by a wolf’s howl filled the air, causing the hunter to drop the stone in alarm, his first thought was that it might of been Timberwolves. He then grabbed his Predator Bow and changed the ammo to Airburst Fragmentation.

‘Maximum Armor’ SECOND said.

Something within the stone’s eye began to swirl around, taking on a green hue. Suddenly, a strange furry wolf leaped out and landed in front of Scott with its back turned. ‘Threat Detected’ SECOND said. It slowly turned around and looked right at Scott, it looked nothing like a timberwolf. It looked like a spectral red, grey, and green wolf with blue eyes, its forehead bared the symbol of Din. Scott noticed that it had some old healed claw marks to its right ear and a scar on its left cheek. Despite looking like a wolf, it was a bit peculiar to see it wearing blue earrings.

What? It's wearing earrings?” Scot thought to himself, lowering his bow as he examined the strange wolf,”It’s probably friendly.” he added, slowly approaching the wolf. But before Scott could get close enough, the wolf crouched down and suddenly leaped toward his head, causing his vision to blur and swirl.

When the world stopped spinning, Scott noticed that he was laying down face first. “What in the world?” Scott asked to himself as he stood up.

The first thing to notice was that he was standing on a solid ground, clouds to be exact. He takes a look around and notices he’s very high up above Equestria, he could even see the snowy mountains to the north and the barren lands to the south. Then the wastelands over at the west and the griffon’s kingdom to the east. If Scott looks hard enough, he can even see Canterlot castle.

“Well now, this is new.” A voice spoke out, making Scott whirl around to look at the person. There stood a man in a red cloak, its face hidden within its hood, the lower half of him had a green tunic that that was impossible to forget due to how iconic it was.

“Who are you and where am I!?” Scott asked, aiming his bow at the mysterious man.

“There’s no end for that, at least not in this temporary mindscape.” The man said as he pointed at Scott’s surroundings.

“Don’t toy with me!” Scott yelled, “If you’re not going to answer, then I could just end your life right here, right now.” he added, still aiming his bow at the man.

“Don’t believe me? Try to do something with your suit, you’ll notice it won’t respond to your voice, not unless it’s linked to your mind?” The man said, his voice full of far too much courage to take Scott’s threat seriously.

‘Maximum Power,’ SECOND said. Scott smirked under his helmet, knowing that the suit was linked to his mind. Hell, the suit has even merged with his skin.

“Regardless, you’re currently in a mindscape, thus your weapons cannot hurt me nor can mine hurt you physically, the only thing you’ll do is tire both of our minds..” The man said as he reached up to pull down the cowl, revealing his face to be that of Link except with no green cap and some strange key differences. So far, the scar on his left cheek and damaged right elven ear remained, Link’s face also sported a bit of a stache and goatee look to him, Scott doesn’t recall Link having facial hair. “I don’t know much about you, but I do know I can hear that voice in your head, would this proof suffice?” Link asked.

“Sweet Jesus fuck…” Scott cursed, knowing that no one knows about SECOND. He slowly lowered his bow, knowing that this person might be right about them in mindscape.

“Exactly. So let’s not resort to a fight, we’re only here as a means of a test as per my token’s purpose. Afterall, I need to make sure that my summoner doesn't plan to misuse it or betray my trust.” Link explained.

“Wait, token? Misuse? Betray?” Scott asked, not knowing what this person meant.

“I must be the first Displaced you’ve met, correct?” Link asked before sighing a bit. “Guess I gotta tell you everything, Farore knows how many times I’ve explained it to newcomers.” He said. He points a leather gloved hand at Scott’s chest, causing the armored man to look down to notice a necklace. “That’s my howling stone, just one of many tokens of the Displaced, they’re basically unfortunate victims sent to many realms of Equestria, I’m assuming you brought that bow from a merchant?” Link asked.

He looked at his bow,”Yeah, I guess i kinda did.” Before realising what the man said,”Wait, other people got sent, too?!”

“Yep. You’re not the first.” Link said as he held out a hand, causing the area to look like the starry skies. “There are many Equestria’s out there, many alternative timelines and universes. Each one has a Displaced that use their powers to either take over, protect it, or they’re just trying to live a new life when they don’t want neither of those things.” Link explained. Slowly, images moved past the two, revealing other Displaced that the hylian has met.

“Woah.” Scott stared in awe at the other awesome displaced.

“They all almost share same reasons of how and why they became as such, and they usually lead back to the one as The Merchant, or some other untold explanation.” Link explained as the landscape returned to its cloudy visual. “You’re not alone.”

“Wait, do all Displaced gets chased down by the Equestrians?” Scott asked, hoping he wasn’t the only one suffering.

“I don’t know their backstories personally, but I do know that not all of them have been chased. I mean, when I revealed myself to the ponies, they welcomed me like any other person. Why do you ask?” Link said.

“Well, I’m being hunted down by the entire Royal Army. Sunbutt and Moonie included.” Scott said. Link snorted in minor amusement of the nicknames the suited man gave them.

“And what exactly did you do?” Link asked with distrust in his voice.

“Hehehe, well you see. I might or may have injured fifty or more royal guards, destroyed half of Canterlot, and insulted Celestia.” Scott mumbled the last part. The hylian man sent into a moment silence as he placed his gloved hand on the side of his face.

“By Din’s fiery wrath, you messed up big time. Was it all in self-defense, fear or… revenge?” Link asked, he sounded like he was having doubts about his trust in Scott.

“Self-defence and fear. But mostly fear.” Scott said as he remembered the things that the Night Guard did.

“We’d best return to the outside then, it was a mistake to force you here. Judgement has passed.” Link said as the area started to brighten, causing Scott to black out. When his vision returned, he found himself face down on the forest’s green ground, again. “Sorry about that.” He said, now standing within the Everfree Forest.

‘Suit Update Complete’ SECOND said. “Well, let’s test that out later.” Scott looked over at the wolf, but Scott realized that the wolf wasn’t there anymore, instead it was the hylian from before.

“Mother offfFF- You scared the living crap out of me!” Scott yelled, not liking sudden surprises.

Link blinked at Scott’s reaction. “And I didn’t even need my Stone Mask.” he said jokingly. “Are they still hunting you at this point?” The hylian asked as he took a cautious look around.

“Probably, but I’m sure they’re not around. Cause if they were, they should’ve captured me while I was on the ground,” Scott reassured, until,

‘Critical Threats Detected! Hit the deck!’ SECOND yelled, and on cue a rocket went pass the two. Hitting a tree and destroying it. Scott looked to his right to see three choppers and ten pegasi high in the air. He then turned to Link, and said,”Suit up.”

He then activated the suit armor and went straight at them, deflecting most of the bullets. “SECOND, go play a nice badass music.” and on cue, the suit started playing music.


Link quickly reached into his pouch and pulled out what appeared to be a fox mask, he placed it onto his face and pulled his hood over it. With his arms spread out, he started rotating them. The area started to get a little cold, the winds picking up from the north and toward the south. Suddenly fierce winds swept up toward the choppers in an attempt at pushing them away.

Meanwhile, Scott had already took down the last Pegasi. He looked over at Link to see him doing something that made the choppers crash each other. The three choppers landed right over the treelines, totally out of sight. “Huh, that man is Link.”

“Come on, I’ve only delayed them for the time being, I'll probably known as the fox or a spirit of the everfree. So let’s go somewhere they can’t find us.” Link said as he looked over at Scott. “Unless you have a better idea about clearing your name.”

“I think I know a place.” Scott said, remembering the place where he stayed. He then started walking, but stopped and looked over at Link,”You coming?”

“Of course, you are the holder of my token afterall, I can’t leave your world till you say so.” Link said as he started following me, he kept the Keaton’s Mask on throughout the journey.

The two continued walking till they’ve reached a ruined castle, a very familiar castle. “Welcome, to the castle of the two sisters. Population, two.” Scott said to Link as he crossed the bridge. Link followed behind although a little cautious due to the age of the structure.

Scott went in the castle and up to Princess Luna’s old bed. There in the room, Scott sat at the bed while Link sat at the old chair.
“So, Link,” Scott started, ”How can I summon other Displaced?”

“As I mentioned before, it is done by a token. I’d advise being careful who you summon, not all Displaced are good people.” Link warned.

“And how can I get a token?” Scott asked.

“There are two ways, either take something you own and infuse it with your energy, or try to make it from scratch, I also suggest some sort of safety precaution to go along with it much like I did with mine. If you were evil or a bad person, my token would've crumbled in your hand and send me back home.” Link explained, his expression unreadable besides the fox mask’s silly playful look.

“Something that I own, hmm.” Scott started thinking of something that he can use for a token. He then snapped his fingers,“I’ve got it!” Digging in his pouch, he found the thing he wanted and took it out. In his hand is a green-rectangle-like box. “Can this do?” Scott asked Link as he gestured to the thing on his hand.

“It will do. Once you’ve pushed your energy into it, just give it a message that other Displace will hear when they find it. Just remember the safety measurement I mentioned earlier just incase you meet someone you wouldn’t like or a world where you’d rather not repeat history prior to your own.” Link explained.

Scott nodded as he held the object with both hands, closed his eyes and recited, “I stay low, and move fast. I kill first, yet die last. I require one shot, to kill. I have no luck, but pure skill. I am the Hunter of Evil. I am Nova.” And with that, the object disappeared in a bright flash.

Scott then looked over at Link,”So, when do you leave?” he asked.

“I leave the moment you say ‘Your contract is complete’. It will activate my token and i’ll be gone. However before you do..” Link said as he pointed at the howling stone that was still around Scott’s neck. “My token can also help you out. When I was making it, I made it so that it would help me become a wolf there is no Midna or Twilight Shard to do it for me. So if you fancy taking a risk, you can try it out and it should turn you into a wolf, it won’t look the same as mine though.” Link explained as he pointed at a replica of his token that sat around his neck.

“And how can I turn into a wolf?” Scott asked Link.

“Grasp it in your hand, calm your mind, then focus on its energy. Your body will be surrounded by black particles before forcing it to walk on four legs.” Link explained with a hidden smile behind the Keaton’s Mask.

Scott grasped the stone, calmed his mind and focused the energy in it. After that, black particles surrounded him. Scott felt his body changing, and without wasting time, he got on all fours. After the transformation, the black particles left and instead of Scott, a big grey wolf stood on his position. But if you look closely, you’ll see that instead of flesh, you’ll find CryFibril under all that fur.

“In this form, you can understand the language of animals. If you hone in on your scent, you'll smell and see a colorful trail that only your wolf eyes can see, especially spirits still that still linger around here. You can even see things buried underground, so be sure to dig it up incase it’s something of value. Now, usually in this form you can use a Spin Attack, but since this is your form, you can create to make up something else.” Link explained before he leaned back a little, he as trying to think of other things the form had. “You’ll be able to jump far as well.” he said, finishing his explanation. “Heh, now you’re more of a hunter.” Link pointed out.

“So, how do I turn back?” Wolf Scott asked, but barks and growls were heard. Link chuckled at this.

Link reached into his pouched replaced his mask with another. This one was a white mask with a single red eye, it looked like it was laughing. “Could you repeat that?” Link asked.

“I said, how do I turn back to normal?” Wolf Scott asked, again.

“Just picture your human form in your mind and relax, the token’s mask will leave your body and return to the stone.” Link explained before he quickly put it away in his pouch and replaced it with his Keaton Mask.

Scott did what Link told him, and in a matter of seconds, he was back to his human form. “Thanks, for that valuable information.” he said as he got up and dusted himself. After he was done, he looked over at Link, “Well, I guess this is where we part ways.”

“Don’t hesitate to call on me if you ever need help with anything you can’t handle on your own.” Link said as he placed a gauntlet leathered hand on Scott’s shoulder. “Either that, or just to get away for a bit in my Equestria. My Celestia understands the Displaced and will welcome you with a smile.” Link promised.

Scott chuckled at this, “Well I hope she likes bananas.”

“...Why Bananas?” Link asked in curiosity, then shook his head. “Never mind, just remember that not all Equestrias are the same.” he said.

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t do anything stupid or dangerous.” Scott then pulled out his pinkie, “I pinkie promise.”

“Pinkie promise noted.” Link said with a smile as he did the same. “Just be sure to keep that promise, she may be kind and considers everyone in Equestria as her children, but she holds quite the power..” he said. Scott then nodded in understandment.

Meanwhile in a far distance away, a certain pink pony felt something in the air. “My pinkie sense is tingling.”

The two felt something weird, but as quick as it came, the feeling disappeared.

“Ugh, I think I just got the chills,” Scott shuddered, before facing Link, “ Well, see ya later, buddy. Cause your contract is now complete.” With those words assured, a crystal quickly formed around Link and levitated him into the air. With a flash, he was gone from the castle, returning to the universe he came from.

“Yep, I’ll see ya later. Alligator.” Scott added before sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking on what he’ll do to cleanse his name.

Meanwhile, outside the castle. The lone Nano soldier stood behind the treelines, observing Scott and his ‘friend’ from the very start.

“SoOn, ScOtt. SoOn.” the soldier said in his distorted voice. He then activated the suit’s cloak, his silhouette was then seen leaving the place back into the forest.