by Filipino_Gal7787

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Twilight tries to gain the attention of one friend. No matter how long it will take for them to notice.

Throughout her entire time at CHS,Twilight has kept a secret since she arrived. A crush towards one friend that gave her everything she thought she didn't need in her life,Sunset Shimmer. Twilight wanted nothing more than to be in the arms of Sunset,but Sunset pushed her into the arms of another. So the secret stays hidden until she finally works up the courage to deal with it herself.

Cover made by me.

This is inspired by a song entitled KAILAN which is english for WHEN so it may be obvious as to what the story is about.

》Everyday I Follow,You Don't Even Glance《

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Setting:Aftermath of Friendship Games.

It was yet another mundane,for now,school day at CHS as students alike walked down the halls to get to their lockers or classes.

One among these students' is a newly transfered budding young scientist that goes by name Twilight Sparkle. Formly from CHS's once rivaled school CPA and now proud Wondercolt.

Although she is now surrounded by such wonderous friends, Twilight still has anxiety about meeting other people since she wasn't used to being around an area where other students would greet her with a smile and the occational 'good morning' rather than an icy glare for just being a prized pupil.

This place is certainly much more welcoming than Crystal Prep. will ever be.

Giving nervous waves and greetings in return to their gestures, Twilight made her way to her assigned locker and unlocked it to get and leave the things she didn't need for her first class.

On the other side of the hall was Sunset Shimmer making her way to her own locker as students still gave her greetings and praise for her second act of heroism,even though it was months ago. It was such an amazing feeling that others had finally warmed up to her in spite of the way she had treated them at first.

So glad I surpassed the angry glares and threatening stares.

Sunset halted in her tracks as she spotted a particular student indulged in the organization of her locker and schedule, completely unaware of the approaching figure towards her.

"Hey Twilight" Sunset greeted as Twilight squeaked and looked at the source of the voice but quickly relaxed as a shade of pink flushed her cheeks.

"O-oh,h-hi Sunset...uhh hey to you too..."Twilight stammered as Sunset chuckled lightly and Twilight felt herself melt inside.

Although her time in CHS is still so short,she couldn't help but let an infatuation bubble to the surface at the girl that had saved her life and was the first one to forgive her,even if it wasn't entirely her fault.

"Are we still up for that study session later on?" Sunset questioned.

"Oh,of course! W-why don't we meet later after school?" Suggested Twilight as she nervously played with the hem of her skirt.

"Sure,I maybe a little late though. Is that fine with you?"

"Uhuh,sure! I'm ok with it!"

"Great! I'll see you later,Twi. Have a good day!" Sunset patted Twilight shoulder before walking past her and made her way to her respective locker.

Twilight turned to look back at Sunset as her figure got smaller. She touched the shoulder Sunset had patted on and could still imagine her hand being there.

"You've been here for months,yet you already got it bad for her." Spike's voice said from inside her backpack as she stops her daydreaming and tries to focus her mind on something else other than the red head/blonde beauty.


"Are-are you sure about this?" Twilight asked nervously as the bike comes roaring to life that caused to yelp at the abrupt loud noise.

Sunset chuckled,"Relax,Twi. I promise you i'll take it slow."

Hearing the reassurance in Sunset's voice, Twilight eased her muscles and slowly calmed down."Ok,I trust you,Sunset."

"Good now hold,it's gonna be a bit of a bumpy ride."

"Hold on to-whoaaa!" Twilight didn't get to finish her sentence as Sunset speedily exited the parking lot at which she instinctively wrapped her arms around Sunset's waist pulling herself closer and burying half of her face on Sunset's shoulder as she loudly exclaimed."You said you would take it slow?!"

"I am! This is by far the slowest speed I've ever been!" Was Sunset's carefree reply at the shaking girl.

"You and I have very different definition of slow!" Twilight screamed as Sunset goes full throttle and tightened her grip around her waist.

"So you much prefer this then?!" Feeling the vigorously shaking head of her passenger,Sunset slowed down her pace and ended her teasing at the poor bookworm.

"Relax,Twilight. I was only teasing you a little." Looking up,Twilight flicked Sunset's ear."Ow! What the fuck was that for?!"

"That was for scaring me to death! And also!" She flicked Sunset's ear again."Language! You know I hate that!"

"Geez,ok I may deserved that,but you should've known by now that I would do something shi-idiotic sooner or later!" Sunset says defensively.

She did have a point,Twilight knew Sunset would do anything to tease her, but that doesn't mean she was used to it by now.

"But still! With the speed you were going it could've resulted to us in a hospital!"

"Ok,fine,i'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that and you can flick me anytime as punishment but could you at least loosen your grip. I'm kinda having difficulty."

Looking down at her position Twilight realized that her body was practically pressed against Sunset like how a koala or tarsier clings on a branch.

Twilight could feel the heat rising from her cheeks to the tip of her ears."Oh,i'm sorry, Sunset!" She reluctantly got her arms off around Sunset but was stopped.

"It's ok,Sparks. You don't have to let go,you just have to loosen your grip." Nodding,Twilight followed Sunset's word and loosened her hold and hid her head on the other girl's shoulder to hide her blush.

She gave me a pet name. She freakin' gave me a pet name! This is the best day ever!


Sunset Shimmer was already fast asleep once her rump met the surface of the couch and Twilight was left staring at her form from beside her.

The sun has already set and twilight is taking place up in the sky above and the young women inside the Sparkle residence living room were already finished with their session along with their homeworks' and was left just lounging on the couch.

Twilight continued to stare as she reached a shaky hand out to run her fingers through Sunset's hair. She slowly raked her hand through the crimson and ember locks causing Sunset to squirm. Twilight was about to pull her hand back in fear that she might have awoken Sunset but to her surprise Sunset had instead leaned on her hand as if saying that she didn't want her to stop.

She once more raked her hand across those silky locks,she saw a smile form on the sleeping girl's face her as body practically scooted closer to hers. Adjusting her position so that Sunset's head was resting on her lap and so that she can get a better angle.

"I know we had a rocky start but it still confuses me that I develop feelings of something I would never expect to happen, just what is it about you that made these feelings rise to the surface?And how much time would it take for you to figure it out yourself?"

She looks down at the girl as if begging her to answer the swarm of questions flooding inside her mind but even she knew she wouldn't get a reply.

"What are you doing to me, Sunset Shimmer?" Twilight whispered."What is it about you that has captured my interest?"

》When? When Will You Notice My Secret?《

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Setting/Scene: Everfree Forest/Twilight's melancholy.

After her little number,Twilight remained seated on the log, hugging herself tighter as she stared at her reflection in the pond. Lost in her own world as she couldn't help but imagine herself as Midnight Sparkle,wreaking havoc across the multiverse. She closed her eyes to console herself.

Keep it together,Twilight. You just have to make it through the week.

"TWILIGHT?!" A familiar voice from the forest screamed her name,snapping her out of her thoughts. She looked over her shoulder to see the familiar mop of red and gold hair making there way towards her with a relieved smile. Just seeing her made Twilight's heart beat faster than it usually does.

"There you are,i've been looking for you. Why did you run away?" Sunset sits down beside her and Twilight looks away,she didn't want Sunset to see her like this,looking so weak and pathetic. And also so she can't see her blush.

"It's nothing you should be concerned about,Sunset." Twilight said mostly to herself.

"It is something I should be concerned about! Is this about what happened at the docks? Twilight,that wasn't your fault!" Sunset tried to console her as she reached out her hand but Twilight stands up before her hand could even make contact.

"But it is! Sunset I could've killed both Derpy and Sandalwood because of this! I-I...could've...could've-" Twilight's back was facing Sunset so she was genuinely surprise when she was violently turned around and felt a strong grip on her shoulders. She found herself staring into a pair of mesmerizing teal eyes that she could easily get lost in.

"Don't think like that,Twilight. Neither of us saw how it happened back there so don't blame yourself. If anyone should be to blame for all of this it should be me,I was the one that brought magic into this world. I caused all this craziness to happen but even so I still have hope that I can fix this,that I can restore everything back to normal and I won't have to face this alone. The light of friendship will always shine at the end." Twilight couldn't believe that Sunset would take the fall for all of this after all that have happened.

"B-but the things I did as Midnight Sparkle-" Twilight argued but Sunset cuts her off.

"Are nothing compared to the things I did,believe me all the things I did before I was redeemed was totally out out of context." Sunset chuckled as she lets go of Twilight's shoulders to cross her arms.

If possible,Twilight blushed even more at the sound of Sunset's voice getting a little deep by her chuckling."C'mon we should probably head back to camp."

Twilight said nothing but just nod her head and trailed behind Sunset,too shy to walk beside her. But Sunset noticed right away that Twilight wasn't walking beside her so she slowed down her pace so they were side by side.

Twilight felt something warm grasp her hand,looking down she concealed her urge to squeal right then and there.

She's holding my hand! She's holding my hand!

Looking back up she was greeted by a smile so sincere that she feels like melting." No matter what you're dealing with right now,me and the girls will always be there for you.I'll always be there for you."

Sunset held her hand tighter and Twilight was ready to drop everything out. She was finally ready to confess to the girl she had been crushing on for months on end.

"Sunset, I-"

"What are you two doing out here?" A familiar unwelcomed voice asked from behind. Looking back they saw Timber Spruce coming out of nowhere in particular.

"Oh,uhh...we were just...just..."

"Gone for a nature walk but got lost on the way back." Sunset saved her at the last minute but unfortunately she let's go of her hand to gesture to the forest.

"Oh,why don't I walk you? I know a few shortcuts around these woods." Timber offered,before Twilight could even utter a word,Sunset beats her to it.

"Sounds great..." Looking back at Twilight,Sunset got an idea and lets a smirk grace her lips as she turns back to Timber."...actually. You two should go ahead. I'd still like to explore these woods for a bit if you don't mind?"

Sunset pushed Twilight towards Timber,not even letting her have a say in all of this. Timber shrugged nonchalantly agreeing to the idea." Sure,if you'd follow me,please."

"U-ummm,sure." Twilight said in response and walked alongside Timber as he lead them out of the woods.

What are you planning,Sunset?

Looking over her shoulder,she saw Sunset giving her a thumbs up and with a knowing smile Twilight got her answer.

Oh,I see.

She looked at Timber and had to admit that he was indeed cute and handsome, she guessed? But if this was Sunset's intention then she might aswell give it a shot. "Sooo,Timber? Care to give me a brief history about camp?"


Sunset Shimmer stirred awake as felt something shook her shoulder. Cracking an eye open she was greeted by Twilight's tear streaked face,the tiredness of her body leaving at the sight that she instantly sat up and asked.

"Twilight,what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Sunset asked worriedly but Twilight didn't give her the answer she wanted.

"Can I-I sleep b-beside you? I-I j-just really need the comfort of a friend right now." Twilight said softly as a fresh batch of tears falls freely. Sunset didn't hesitate to make room for Twilight and the bespectacled girl layed down beside her with her back turned to her friend.

"Thanks Sunset..."

"It's no problem. Anything to help out a friend."


"Yeah..." She didn't get a response and figured that Sunset already went back to sleep. She removes her glasses and was ready to fall back into a night of torture brought by her own demon until she felt some pressure on her side.

Looking under the blanket she saw an arm had rested and also felt something breathing against her ear. It took her only a few seconds until she blushed and started to feel giddy and lighter than air.

She closed her eyes with a smile and for the first time this week,she wasn't haunted by Midnight Sparkle or her threats.


Spike groaned as he was awoken by the rays of sunlight coming from the tentswindow and hits him square on the face.

Opening both eyes,Spike got on all fours and shakes his body and after stretching his limbs,Spike jumped from his bed to Twilight's ready to wake her up. But saw that there was no one there.

He turns his head to look at Sunset's bed to see his master was held in the embrace of Sunset Shimmer.

Oh,this would make some good teasing material.

Spike jumped off of the bed and made his way to the flaps of the tent and exited,breathing in the fresh morning dew. He studied his surroundings,surprise to see that at least seven students were already awake and two among them were Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

"Thanks again for accompanying me on my nature walk,Dashie. Even if I told you it wasn't necessary."

"Are you kidding me?! Of course it was necessary,i'm not leaving my girlfriend alone in the woods knowing that there might be some shit-face creep lurking around! That would just be fucked up!" Rainbow protested but Fluttershy just released an adorable giggle and kissed her lover cheek.

"Hey girls!" Spike greeted as he got closer to them,luckily he wasn't able to hear any of the things Rainbow just said.

"Oh! Good morning,Spike! What caused you to wake up so early?" Fluttershy greeted the pup as he ran into her arms and licked her cheek mercilessly but she wasn't fazed by it.

"I was just in the mood really. I couldn't really do my usually routine in waking up Twilight."

"Why? What's up?" Rainbow asked

"I just found her sleeping beside Sunset and I didn't bother to wake her up." Spike replied as he was set down on the grass.

"Oh? You don't say?" A smirked made its way into Rainbow's face as she suddenly made a run to the sapphire tent to capture the scene,leaving Spike with Fluttershy.

"I honestly don't see how you could keep up with her."

"You'll get used to it someday."

》Not A Chapter《

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》No Matter What I Do, You Still Don't Notice《

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Continuity to Previous Chapter
Rainbow Dash stealthly made her way inside the sapphire tent as she tried her hardest to hide her snickers. She looked towards Sunset's bed to confirm Spike's word.

Both girls were laying beside each other on their sides with Twilight held in between Sunset's arms.

Rainbow couldn't past up on an opportunity to tease Sunset as she got her phone out and went to camera and quickly snapped a picture of the sleeping duo. She wanted to take it so bad that she completely forgot to silence her phone.

Being the light sleeper that she is,Twilight stirred awake as finds the source of the snapping sound but couldn't really identify them since she wasn't wearing her glasses but she did see a rainbow blur leave the tent. It didn't take a genius to figure out who that was.

Yawning,Twilight got her glasses and was about to sit but was prevented from doing so. Looking down she realized that she was encased in Sunset's arms. Turning her body she found herself face to face with Sunset and with only a short distance between them.

Twilight felt the heat rising to her cheeks as she registered the situation she was in right now.

Oh,how she dreamt of this moment for so long but even she knew moments don't last forever. She savoured every minute as she awaited the wake of her dear friend.

"You're a lot of things Sunset Shimmer... apparently being oblivious to ones feelings is one of them." Twilight inched towards Sunset's cheek nonchalantly and gave a light peck causing said girl to stir at the sudden moisture in her cheek and then eventually fluttered her eyes open.

"Twilight?" Looking down at their position, Sunset blushed at how she had trapped her friend."Oops, sorry."

Bringing her arms back to her sides,both girls got up from the bed and stretched their tired limbs.

"How are you feelin' Twi?" Sunset asked while tying the laces of her shoes.

"I'm fine. Thanks for letting me sleep next to you."

"No prob. If you have nightmares again,you can just slip right into my bed." Sunset suggested as she got out the tent with Twilight following suit, cheeks tinted with a deep shade of red.


"How you holdin' up?" Twilight looked at Sunset in all her glory as her form was bathed with the moon's soft glow, a sight that tempted her jaw to drop but she controled herself.

"I'm ok." Putting her cup down, Twilight hugged Sunset unexpectedly catching her off guard and, although slightly puzzled, Sunset reciprocated.

"Mind telling me what this is for?" Twilight hummed and buried her face in Sunset's neck, subtly inhaling her scent.

"Words can't describe how thankful I am to have you as a friend." Just by saying that word stung Twilight inside out as she tighten her hold and felt the tears rising and in no time was gently crying in Sunset's neck, both in joy and sorrow.

Joy because she was truly and incredibly grateful to have a friend like Sunset. For the sorrow was because with each passing day this infatuation of hers is turning into something else and Sunset only viewed her as a friend. She fears that this would be an issue. She'd rather lie to Sunset everyday than to lose her because of this, she's not even sure anymore, crush!

"Whoa! Twi, you alright?" Sunset tried to pull Twilight back but Twilight latched onto her.

"I am. I just... I'm just really,really thankful." Twilight sniffled as she pulled back with a tight smile and wiped her tears.

Sunset puts down her cup and heels and helped wipe away her friends tears." I'm thankful too,Twi. I'm happy to have a friend that can actually relate to me. The others are great but your really the only one that understands me."

Sunset had slid her hands down Twilight's arm and had intertwined their fingers together and both gazed into each others eyes both filled with mixed emotions. Good thing Sunset is a fast learner or else she would've been reading Twilight's thoughts and emotions by now.

A slow waltz can be heard playing from the cave and an idea sparked in Sunsets mind and she lets go Twilight's hands and did a gentleman like bow as she offered her hand." May I?"

Twilight felt like squealing but she held it in and took Sunset's hand in which Sunset pulled them closer and raised her other arm with her hand behind Twilight's shoulder and the latter had her arm over Sunset's with her hand on her shoulder. The two rocked back and forth to the music in harmony when it came to the climax of the song, Sunset unexpectedly raised Twilight's body in the air and twirled her around before finally setting her feet back on the ground.

Twilight released a flurry of giggles as she enjoyed every minute, every second with Sunset and for the remainder of the night the duo didn't bother to go back inside the cave and were satisfied just by being with each other talking about various topics as the night progressed.


Timber continued to marvel at the sight of numerous fireflies as some glowed brighter and some dimmed and some blinked to resemble those of far away stars. He turned to look his companion hoping to be met with the sight of her eyes but his hopes were quickly faltered as Twilight's sights were directed at the fireflies but with a look of far away longing present in her eyes.

Ever since Camp Everfree he knew that he couldn't let her leave without confessing because the moment he laid his eyes on her he was struck by cupid's arrow and was captivated by not just her outward appearance but with her inner beauty and quirks as well. However when she announced that she was already interested in someone else and that it wasn't just measly crush or fling. He was devastated beyond compare and was even tempted to dispose of this person but thinking it through, that would just be selfish of him and cruel. So as much as it pains him to see her with someone else, he rather see her happy than to be forced into a relationship with someone she doesn't have a romantic interest in. They did however keep in touch with each other and over the course of a few months the two bonded and remained good friends. Although, Timber still harbored feelings for Twilight and didn't lose faith that she might feel the same way someday.

He sighed and got his cup of hot coco and took a sip, thankfully the breeze lowered its temperature." So...you still haven't told her, huh?"

Twilight diverted her attention from the fireflies to the boy who casually drank his beverage beside her. Deciding to do the same,Twilight replied afterwards,"Almost....I was about to confess to her after winning that dance music video competition but..."


After ordering their smoothies, the Rainbooms and the Crystal Prep. girls were seated in a long booth that fits all of them.

Twilight and Sunset were seated at the far end minding their own business, Sunset anyways. Twilight was fiddling with her drink as she glance at the young woman from time to time. She was a nervous wreck. Sure she had had conversations with Sunset but said girl was usually the one to start it off.

Ugh! How do I do this? How do you tell someone you love them without babbling like a complete idiot?!

Yes.Love.For the following months Twilight had been contemplating her feelings for the redhead girl and only then did she realize that her infatuation did bloom into something else. And that something else was love. A feeling she was very new and afraid of.

Inhaling through her nose, exhaling through her mouth, Twilight turned her body face Sunset as her confidence was building. Twilight cleared her throat and Sunset turned to look at her.

"What's up Twi?" Sunset asked sitting up straight and smiling at her friend.

Gulping, Twilight started." Sunset Shimmer. I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Sunset tilted her head and Twilight's wall of confidence came crumbling down just by how Sunset looked really adorable right now.

"I...I...I noticed the stain on your cheek." The lavender skinned girl said instead.

Sunset reached a hand up to her cheek and indeed there was a stain."Oh...thanks Twi."

At that moment Twilight wanted to bang her head literally anywhere and die.


Timber wanted to laugh out loud but Twilight's expression prevented him, he cleared his throat and gestured for her to continue.

"I had another opportunity and I had the courage so I was prepared. But unaccounted events got ahead of me." Twilight sighed and rested her head on her hands her lips pursed.


Twilight took a deep breath before walking up to the subject of her desires. She was gonna do it. She was finally gonna confess to Sunset Shimmer, this time for sure.

She had planned this event,gave herself a little pep talk, and with assistance from Spike, learned to control her urges to back down from a situation that would leave her mind blank.

The blunette tapped the redhead on the shoulder and said redhead turned to look her way smiling at the sight of her friend."Hey Twi! Didn't expect to see you here?"

"I actually wanted to talk to you about something." Twilight responded,confidence lacing her voice as she spoke.

"Sure,what is it?"

"This is a secret i've kept to myself since I transferred to CHS and the more I hide it the stronger it becomes. At first it was just a small thing, something I thought it was gonna fade after a while because that's how it's supposed to be. But it didn't. It kept growing and growing as the months passed and the longer I stayed it changed and turned into something else. Something I never thought I would feel or even need." Twiight inspected Sunset's face to find her staring at her curiously."...and I couldn't keep it a secret any much longer." She took Sunset's hands in hers and looked at her directly in the eye. Her heart pounding against her chest as she was finally gonna say her feelings out loud. "Sunset Shimmer I-."

"Yo Shimmer! Practise is about to start!" The distant voice of Rose Heart yelled as she waited for Sunset.

"Oh,right. Can this wait later,Twi? I gotta go."

"Shimmer!" Rose Heart yelled again.

"C'ya Twi!" Sunset grabbed her helmet and ran towards Rose and both made their way to the area where fencing practise would take place.

She forgot. How could she,Twilight Sparkle, forget? She had Sunset's entire schedule printed in a calendar and incoded in her computer! And yet she forgot!


Timber chuckled at Twilight's misfortune at her futile attempts to come out to Sunset Shimmer.

"Wow. It's like the universe is against you or something."

Timber joked as he thought of this as a way to brighten up her mood about the whole confessing to Sunset Shimmer situation. But this only caused her mood to transition from annoyed to utter sadness.

"I don't know what else to do,Timber. I have had multiple to chances to reveal to her but everyone one them falls somewhere between bad and/or disastrous."

Twilight looked down at her feet as the hope in her eyes were slowly dying. Timber knew he was probably too late to offer some words of encouragement now, 'cause Twilight might thought it was pointless, and because he didn't have enough dating experience to know how to handle this situation, but better late than never,right?

"Look Twi I am no good at this dating thing and I don't know what you're feelin' right now but what I do know is that there is a problem to every solution." He placed a comforting hand on Twilight's shoulder,giving it a light squeeze." things will work themselves out eventually. You'll get your chance to tell Sunset when you feel the time is right, no matter what the circumstance is." He finished his sentence with a smile her way at which she returned.

"Maybe you're right, Timber. There's a time and place for everything. I just can't force it to come sooner. I might not be able to tell her today, tomorrow, or even a month but I will get to tell her someday." Twilight pulled Timber into a hug with Timber hugging her body tightly." Thanks for the encouragement,Timber. You're a great friend."

This is as far as intimacy as he'll ever get but he'll take. Timber will always treasure Twilight as a friend no matter how big his desire is for them to become something more.

"No problem Twilight."

》No Matter What Fondness We Do,You Still Don't Notice《

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Sunset landed on the ground at the same time as the rest of the Humane 7. All of them holding their heads as the pain of their memories literally came flooding back into their minds. And with those memories came the feeling of guilt for Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle as they also recalled what they said to Sunset at the beach.

Once she recollected her memories,Twilight remembered every awkward encounter, every fruitless attempt at admitting her feelings, and every tender moment she and Sunset had shared together. The hugs, playful punches, kisses on the forehead, the banters on scientific theories, and the many splendor things Sunset had bestowed upon her. Though surprisingly for Twilight, even if she didn't have any pleasant memories of the redhead her interest on Sunset never left. It was simply one of those cliche teenage drama moments in movies and novels where the lead female developed feelings at someone who was out of their league. Like a nerd and a jock, a goody two shoes and a bad boy/girl, or the one where the new girl/boy falls head over heels in love with the person that is said to have a bad reputation or one of the popular kids. The latter is most likely the one that fits her situation.

"Twilight...Sparkle?" Sunset's thrilled voice brought her back to the present as she turned to look at the girl.

"Sunset Shimmer!"

Both girls sprinted towards each other at a fast pace and met in the middle as they shared a tight,albeit brief, hug and when they separated. Twilight didn't have to think twice as she did what she been wanting to do for a year now.

She crashed her lips against Sunset's not even thinking ahead as to what could be the results of her actions as they 'cause just not the redhead but everybody else surrounding them, off guard as Sunset mind tried to explain to her what was currently occuring.When Sunset did catch up, she didn't do anything to stop Twilight's intentions. She just stood as still as stone as the kiss eventually came to an end and she stood their eyes and mouth wide open as she tried to find the right words say.


"I love you, Sunset Shimmer..." Twilight said barely above a whisper but Sunset picked it up.

Again Sunset was frozen as those words slipped past Twilight's lips and she was left with her mind blank. Staring into the eyes of her friend, Sunset didn't need her geode powers to know that Twilight has been wanting to this for a long time. Behind those violet eyes, Sunset easily spots the emotions hidden in them but the most prevailing one of all was anxiety as Twilighg awaited her reply.

Looking at the corner of her eye, Sunset spotted Wallflower sitting on the ground with her back turned to them.

I have to take care of her first.

Looking back at Twilight she simply said,"Will talk about this later..."

Not even protesting Twilight agreed by nodding her head as she and girls watched Sunset walked up to Wallflower.


The silence was inevitable. That was something Twilight was certain about. The only thing worse than the silence was the awkwardness present in the air. After all she couldn't blame Sunset for being so quiet at the moment, it was her actions of not thinking what the consequences might be that started this. Kissing someone out of nowhere and saying I Love You rather abruptly would leave any victim speechless.

Both Twilight and Sunset were at the front of the school by the pedestal. After confronting Wallflower, the rest of their friends made an agreement to leave the two alone so they can talk things over with Fluttershy offering to take Spike home.

Both girls were leaning against the base with a short distance between them. Twilight didn't have the will to look at Sunset after realizing her mistake and was left as a blushing mess.

After an excruciating silence, Sunset was the one who spoke first." Well, you certainly took your time."

Twilight looked at Sunset confused. She saw Sunset was looking down with a smug smile and it only took her seconds to know what Sunset was getting at." You knew?"

Sunset raised her head but didn't focus her gaze at the bluenette." For a while now."

"Wait. If you knew then how come you didn't talk to me about it?" Twilight was beside the redhead by the time she was finish talking.

"I actually didn't know right away. I picked it up a few weeks before we went to Camp Everfree. And when we hugged at the ball, I kind of read your emotions for confirmation, sorry by the way, but it wasn't really easy when you actually felt conflicted at the time." Sunset rubbed her nape as she continued." I didn't need to use my powers to know that your feelings for me were changing. I didn't tell you about this because it didn't feel right. What would you do if I did tell you that I know?"

Twilight didn't answer as she thought about it. What would her reaction be if Sunset did straight up ask her about her feelings? If she were like any other girl she wouldn't even try avoiding it and would answer directly, but she isn't. Twilight would have done the opposite and make sure to keep it that way.

"I guess I would avoid the topic and prolong it." She answered.

"Exactly. There were times where I did want to talk to you about it but thought it would be better if you were the one to bring it up." Sunset was now looking at Twilight as said girl sighed.

"I guess i'm not as subtle as I thought I was." Twilight said hugging herself. Something then occured to her.

"Wait. You knew before we went to Camp Everfree."


"Then why did you try to hook me up with Timber?"

"Because it was part of my plan." Sunset said." I wanted to see how you would react if I set you up. When you look back at me confused then I gave a smirk and thumbs, you looked disheartened and my suspicions were correct."


Silence made its presence known again as they stood side by side with no words left to offer at the moment. Again,Sunset was the one who dissipated the quiet.

"Look Twilight." Sunset turned to Twilight." You're great and i'm flattered that you feel such a deep emotion for me. And if i'm being honest, anyone would be honored to be your significant other. You're intelligent, motivated, pretty,innovated, and down right adorable." Twilight's blush darkens at every compliment but she knew Sunset wasn't done yet."but...I'm just not really looking for a relationship right now" There it was."And if it were any other circumstance I would say yes, it isn't. Twilight, you're an amazing girl and I would do anything to make you happy. But if it's a relationship where your feelings are one-sided then that is something I cannot grant."

Tears were slowly making their way down Twilight's cheeks as she hung on to every word Sunset said and each felt like a stab in the chest. It hurts. Really,really,really,really bad. She had waited for this moment and had envisioned several times at what might progressed and was fairly certain that Sunset may have reciprocated her feelings but the truth will always triumph.

The soft sobs turned to a salty waterfall of sorrow as Twilight did nothing to stop the tears from falling or even tried hiding the fact that she was crying. Sunset took of her vest before wrapping her arms around the crying girl and hugged her tightly as Twilight continued her onslaught of tears soaking the redhead's shirt but Sunset paid no mind. Twilight's sobs eventually subsided and was left sniffling.

"Feelin' better?"

"Yeah" Twilight sniffled."A-and I respect your decision,Sunset. I hope in despite of my feelings that we will remain good friends?"

"Best friends. We will always be best friends." Sunset pulled Twilight in her arms again for a good 30 seconds before Sunset said,"C'mon, I'll drive you home."

The color seemed to drown from Twilight's face when she recalled the recent time she rode that monstrosity of a vehicle.

"Don't worry I promise to actually go at a leisurely pace." Sunset assured her.

"I hope you go by the actual meaning of leisurely."Twilight muttered but Sunset heard her.

"Why Twilight Sparkle, are implying that everything I do in the dictionary are by my own definition?" Sunset asked in a pish posh teasing voice earning a giggle from the bespectacled girl.

"Maaaayyybbe..." Twilight walked ahead of Sunset with the latter chuckling at how things turned to a complete 180. Just a few minutes ago they were having a tearful moment now it seemed that nothing emotionally serious happened.

While the pair were making their way to the where Sunset parked her bike what they didn't notice throughout the conversation was an athlete and fashionista intently eavesdropping just at the other side of the pedestal. When they heard the sound of an engine ignite and it slowly growing distant, they got up from their hiding spot and looked at the route where Twilight and Sunset took off.

Rainbow groaned at her defeat."Well shit, that just happened. I owe Aj five bucks."

She turned to Rarity who was staring blankly at the road her face devoid of any emotion until suddenly."NOOOOO!!!"

Rainbow covered her ears at the loud girlish, yet at the same elegant,shriek."What the?!"

Rarity's voice was slowly diminished but now she was in the verge of tears. She was now gripping the athlete's shirt and shaking her whole body rather agressively."Say it ain't so,Rainbow Dash! Say it ain't so!"

"What the fu-Rarity what are you talking about?!" Rainbow gripped her friends wrist to stop her from shaking her.

"My ship! Please tell me it sailed!"

Ship? Where not even at the peir! What the hell is she-

Rainbow cuts off her thought and was giving Rarity a look that says seriously?

"What? Is it a crime to ship your friends?" Rarity voice was dripping with sickening despair and,surprisingly ,innocence.

"I've been through enough shit today,Rarity. I don't need you to add more to the pile." Rainbow got Rarity's hands of her shirt and walked away.

"Rainbow Dash get back here! I need someone to rant to!"