Redeeming Darkness - 'Displaced'

by KukriRyuTsukino

First published

What happens when you go to a convention as one of the most infamous Rangers who actively chose to go dark? How would you redeem his actions... through your own?

Little did I know what I was getting into when I went to the Denver Comic-con dressed as Lord Drakkon. I knew there were others who had cosplayed as the infamous “Dark Dragon” though not in the same way as I was.

Of course, I'd heard of the so-called 'odd disappearances' at the conventions, but this one isn't a comic or anime convention, so I should be fine, right?

Casual Journey

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Redeeming Darkness

Little did I know what I was getting into when I went to the Denver Comic-con dressed as Lord Drakkon. I knew there were others who had cosplayed as the infamous “Dark Dragon”, though how many had actually used forged metal in their gear? I used brass lacquered with dark emerald flake around the edges whilst I also, just for the hell of it, forged my own bronze copies of the Zyuranger DinoMedals and the Dairanger crystals from smoothed rocks. The emerald for "Tengensei" Daigo and ruby for "Tenkasei" Ryō were the more difficult to find as I made each of the 'crystals’ the size of a golf ball.

Oh, by the way, my name is Thomas. Thomas Oliver, no intentional relation or reference to Jason David Frank's character of Tommy Oliver.

I'm nineteen, with raven hair falling over my shoulders and upper back and crystalline aquamarine-emerald eyes. I've been told that they sometimes seem to glow intensely, though everyone knows it's impossible for someone's eyes to glow. Even as I drop my gaze from the mirror to the helmet in my hands, I inhale slowly before lifting it over my head and sliding it into place before clicking the latches on the sides, the cherry red tint on the darkened lens making the helmet quite intimidating.

My gaze drops to the Zyusouken, or the 'Dragon Dagger’, sheathed at my left hip, the DragonMedal merged into the handguard. However, the sheath that should hold Saba, lies empty as it's very difficult to find someone willing to part with one. It's the only item missing, unfortunately.

Obviously, some details of the suit, like the shield and Saba, were either too detailed or large for the limited amount of metal I owned, so I had to resort to other ways to get the items.

A low sigh escaped as I left the bathroom, my gaze instinctively scanning around constantly to nullify the usual loss of peripheral vision from the helmet. I had a total of $650 with me for food or anything that caught my interest.

I had checked for Saba, and most of the replicas were cheap plastic, whilst I would much prefer something more dense and durable.

“Nice costume, man,” I heard before I paused, looking at the speaker. I blinked before chuckling a bit.

“Hello, Jason. I'm Tommy,” I quipped, amused as Jason David Frank’s almost immediate grin.

“Heh, that brings back memories. Don't have a Kimberly?” he said with amusement. I shrugged, the shield rattling slightly as the lacquered Plexiglas shifted.

“Not yet, though I'm keeping an eye out,” I deadpanned before shaking his hand and drifting through the crowd. I blinked as I noticed not only a Saba replica, but the recently released Legacy version which was primarily black and gold where the original was white and gold. The seller looked eerily like Bartley the Shopkeeper from Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, even down to the boisterous voice.

I do have several tricks that very few people know about, one which I suspect may be genetic, though being able to store things in a subspace pocket for easy access wasn't all that helpful most of the time. I also possess an eidetic memory for the martial arts, specifically Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Akido, and a couple of different styles of Kung Fu, specifically Dragon and Leopard.

Fortunately, I primarily used the subspace pocket for storing survival gear, walking staff, and my electric guitar and rarely for other things. Sometimes, just to freak people out, I drew things out of the dimensional pocket that couldn't possibly fit in something like a pants pocket. He grinned beneath the helmet as he tilted his head, the tight tendons popping rather loudly.

“Ah, the infamous Dark Dragon…. seems you're missing something, my Lord Drakkon,” the Bartley lookalike said boisterously.

“Saba,” I said shortly, making it clear what I wanted.

“Ah. Which would you prefer, then, my Lord?” was his energetic reply.

“Both, preferred. Heard the Legacy version is selling for $175, with the original selling for around $45 to $50. I'll offer $210 for both,” my tone was calm but firm and stern through the voice changer installed under the mouthpiece.

“Well, well, a man who knows what he wants and does his research. Quite refreshing, my Lord. These are unique as where most are made of plastic or, rarely, plate metal, these are fully forged and molded. I'll take $350,” Bartley said with a grin.

I chuckled softly, noticing a few cosplayers backing away as I unintentionally radiated the feeling of a predator hunting. I didn't notice Jason David Frank's body tensing subtly as if readying for a fight.

“Forged, eh? Of what, 1040 steel core with a 1065 outer layer?” I deadpanned. I was slightly surprised as Bartley grinned even more, as if enjoying the banter.

“1065 core folded into a layered 1040, 1095 outer layer,” was his reply. I cocked my head, mildly impressed.

"Intriguing. I assume that the outer jacket was twisted into Damascus before hot cutting the core groove and pressure forging?" I quipped, making the Shopkeeper laugh.

"Since you seem to know your blades, I'll sell you both Byakōshinken and Yorūshìkon for $250," the Shopkeeper offered.

"Done," I barked sharply, ignoring the oddity that the Legacy Saba had such an odd name. I did notice that he had used the Japanese name of the so-called 'classic' Saba.

"Don't be too surprised if that old fox wakes up. He's been in your family for a long time," he quipped as he passed me both blades. I could tell his claim that the weapons were forged was true from the weight, though unnoticed to me as I hung Byakōshinken from the empty sheath, Power Coin shimmered as the raised marking shone a metallic silver as its counterpart shone a dark indigo-black color.

I thought about the Shopkeeper's words as I stalked into the crowd and vanished from sight... unfortunately... in more ways than just visibly. I felt a surge of vertigo as mingled amethyst and silver-black energy surged around my body before engulfing my form.

What happens when you never see it coming? Vigilance will save lives...

A New World

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The planet Equus - Country of Equestria

Clouds swirled in a controlled manner around the broad continent of Equus, homeworld of mythological anthromorphic creatures such as unicorns, pegasi, dragons and griffons to name but a few.

It was very common for creatures here to use magic, whether actively as the unicorns did, or passively, as the 'earth’ ponies which lacked both horns and wings, did to use amplified strength or other such gifts.

Inversely, the Alicorns, who had both wings and horns, were amongst the strongest of the active magic-users.There is one young female unicorn with great potential in the magical arts above most of the others. What fate has in store for this young woman? We cannot be sure.

Even now, watching this thirteen year old unicorn filly, her mulberry fur contrasting with her indigo and rode streaked mane, she is clearly skilled as a young draconian male between ten and eleven years of age with purple scales and a lighter green abdomen and chest walked into the sunlight from the archway of a large ivory and gold palace with swirling white and pale grey towers. The amethyst eyes were narrowed a bit against the sunlight as she looks up from the scroll clutched in long, slim fingers.

For some reason, her eyes widen as our perspective shifts to see the light yellow, goldenrod, and orange streaks trailing a silvery black comet blazing fast before striking a cobblestone square several dozen yards north of the palace. The scroll flutters in the breeze before being grabbed and rolled securely by the young draconian male.

“Thanks, Spike. Princess Celestia might get upset if we lost that scroll detailing the lost Chí Beasts although nobody is quite sure how they could be summoned,” she said as she darted quickly towards the rising smoke from the impact of the unknown meteorite.

“No problem, Twilight. Hey, what was that and why were the Wonderbolts chasing it?” Spike replied as he jogged after the young woman.

“That's what we're going to find out. Ooooh, it could be some lost creature, or maybe some super element that could channel magic more strongly!” Twilight Sparkle hypothesized. Spike rolled his eyes a bit, blocking out most of Twilight's rambling before they slowed, going quietly but stopping a good twelve to fifteen feet away from the smoldering stone as an echoing boom sounded. The most telling detail, however, was the slight rocking of the meteorite as if something was within it.

It was very well known that humans were little more than a myth, Spike mused as a chunk of the meteorite the size of his head shot off, rolling to a stop, revealing that the interior of the meteorite looked to be gold, though the spider-webbing cracks gave away the probability that the deepest core of the meteorite may well be hollow.

Perspective Shift - Thomas Oliver
Thomas groaned as he came to, feeling very nauseous as his eyes fluttered open behind the ruby lens of his helmet before he lurched to his feet, unable to see anything before his hand rose to his chest, a warm radiant sapphire-teal aura flaring up as he found himself in what appeared to be a jagged eggshell, especially at the apex over his head whilst most of the surrounding areas was rough golden-amber stone. He drew a fist back and threw a hard punch at the stone, eliciting an echoing boom that sounded almost like a shotgun blast.

I narrowed my eyes as I unlatched the helmet, setting it aside as my gaze slid around.

“You do have your Chí, remember? Why don't we try that to get out?” a dry voice cut in, sounding like Hugh Jackman. I blinked before looking down at Byakōshinken.

“Eh? Byakōshinken? How are you… talking?” I said with confusion.

“Not important at the moment. This thing looks completely sealed in, which means,” Saba said dryly.

“No fresh air. So… we need to make a hole… that way fresh air can get in…. I wonder,” I said with a grimace as I tensed my legs before focusing, feeling an intense energy flowing through my body before throwing a powerful strike at the same spot, noticing that a burning silver-black aura flared up as my fist plowed into the stone, tiny shards kicking up before I jerked my arm free, a rush of cool air the most welcome sound in that moment before I blinked, hearing faint yells of surprise and probably shock.

“Mhmm, interesting. Using the Bunsun Zankyō in a focused state as a hammering strike. Kou would have liked your style, I think,” Saba deadpanned.

“You say that like he actually…” I said before Saba cut me off.

"He did exist, long ago," was his curt words. Admittedly, that fact intrigued me to know what that meant, but we had other things to worry about at the moment.

I inhaled slowly and carefully as I concentrated, not having noticed that the helmet had, several seconds after I'd set it aside, had dissolved into motes of sparkling graphite grey and gold light that streamed into the buckle. A wavering sphere slowly formed, crackling with restrained force.

“I've always wanted to try this… never thought I actually could,” I muttered with a smirk.

“What do you mean?” Saba said curiously as he hovered free of the sheath whilst his dark counterpart remained quiet.

“This… Hadōken!!” I said, barking the second word as I shoved the unstable sphere forward hard, the sphere detonating on impact.

Twilight jumped as a sudden plume of dust detonated from the cracks, though she wasn't surprised that, moments later, no less than three squads of fifteen guards, plus her older brother and mentor, materialized, the guards surrounding the meteorite in two rows. “What are they freaking over? It isn't like it's a monster or something,” Spike quipped rolling his eyes. The cracks had widened revealing the glistening obsidian layered over sandstone which melted into a brilliant glittering golden surface.

"Who knows? It would be very preferred, I suspect, that it's not some dangerous monster, Spike," she replied before noticing the odd rose quartz disc near her foot. It was half as thick as her pinkie and around an inch and a half wide and at most a third of an inch thick.

What will happen next? We'll find out if the dark past of 'Lord Drakkon’ has any bearing on the present.

New Life

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Redeeming Darkness - A New Life

Equus, the country of Equestria, city of Canterlot

Thomas Oliver, FPoV
I gritted my teeth as I focused on recreating the Hadōken, yet concentrating it into a more explosive burst to widen the crack which was very far from easy as the energy kept trying to explode, though the crack was maybe a couple of inches wide at most.

‘This is going to hurt, I’m almost certain. Hopefully nobody is on the other side,’ I thought as I pressed my palms a bit closer, the energy crackling and glowing almost a hot bluish purple.

“What exactly is that? That does not feel like what you used before,” Byakōshinken said carefully.

“It’s different. I guess… the equivalent… would be a darker form of the Hadōken… the Metsu Hadōken. The most literal translation of both is ‘Wave Surge Fist’ and ‘Destructive Wave Surge Fist’,” I sighed, shrugging my shoulders.

“Interesting. I assume you have used these before,” Byakōshinken commented.

“Never, actually. Where I came from, they're techniques used in a particular video game series about street fighting, though the people in that series are able to use their Chí, so, reasonably, I should be able to recreate the techniques, though I guess I should be thankful that the Metsu Hadōken seems, at least for the moment, only requires intense focus and not the dark, malicious energy,” I sighed before shoving the energy hard, breathing hard. The energy surged forth much like a cannonball, barreling through the dense stone shell before I heard curses and yells as a sudden boom caught my attention, making me wince.

Perspective Shift Princess Celestia
I have never seen such an odd, dense stone. It appears to imprison something male, possibly two, from the voices my hearing picked up.

“Halt, do not harm our new visitors,” I commanded. I was mildly surprised by the sudden surge of energy before a foot and a half diameter sphere shredded through the stone, the acrid scent of burning sand hanging in the air. I noticed, through the smoke and mist, a sudden surge of graphite grey and emerald green energy that faded almost immediately. I half noticed the sphere detonating against a wall slated for demolition anyway as I focused, my golden yellow aura flaring up for a few minutes as I pushed aside the dust and smoke before I noticed the form half slumped over the heavily fractured stone just under two feet above the cobblestones of the streets. Clearly, he was semi-conscious, I observed.

“Carry him carefully into the palace and into a empty bedchamber. Make certain that he is comfortable. I will check on him shortly,” I said calmly.

Clearly, he is not a pony, so what is he? His clothes are rather tattered, unfortunately. I wasn't very surprised to see Twilight Sparkle approaching alongside her young ward Spike.

“Princess Celestia!! What was that? Can we speak to it?” Twilight said excitedly.

“Of course, though we'll have to make sure that he's healthy first, then once he feels better, we will be able to see where he came from,” I said with amusement.

Perspective Shift - Thomas
'Ugh, what happened? At least I know what clothes feel like in the dryer… wait… Byakōshinken… Saba… was actually talking… wonder why he sounded like Hugh Jackman, though. Too bad I don't have a Zordon to help me understand what the hell is going on. Call it a gut feeling… that something just feels… off,’ I thought as a groan escaped me as I sat up slowly, feeling like I'd been used for the football in the Super Bowl, sore, aching all over, and exhausted… and starving. “I have a craving for fish and chips,” I muttered, wincing before I let my gaze slide slowly around the room.

The arching pale golden-bronze ceilings made me think vaguely of Italian architecture, though the windows were almost definitely French in nature. The windows were a soft creamy white that made me think of meringue, though I don't recognize anything. 'Whoever owns this place is most certainly rich, though… I vaguely remember something about a motherly voice saying something about I will check on him shortly and we'll see where…. something… I can't remember the rest,’ I thought. I did notice the double doors as well as the other broad door with marks I don't recognize on it. I shifted in the warmth of the bed before sliding slowly from beneath the covers before shivering slightly as I realize that I'm clad in naught but a pair of dark green boxers.

“Ugh… I feel shakier than Jell-O…” I mutter before I slowly walked around the room, noticing the dark stained cherry wardrobe with deep sapphire inlays and coppery inlays. I slowly walked to the unknown door before tentatively opening it, my eyes widening at the broad bathroom.

I guessed it had to be easily ten or fifteen feet across and probably the same in breadth. The tub I saw could probably hold at least five or six people and looked about five and a half feet deep. “Damn, I've seen pools this deep and it's a freaking bathtub. Ugh… hope I'm not in some rich bitch's place… she'd probably perve all over the idea of a guy… in my position,” I muttered with a grim look.

I hadn't missed the fact that I felt like I'd been rolled in sand and gravel whilst my head was throbbing like Triple H was using his infamous sledgehammer on the inside of my skull. I tentatively touched the spigot that had the ruby on it, which immediately glowed softly as water poured into the tub, steaming softly before I touched it again, the flow and glow ceasing as I tentatively touched the sapphire, cold water pouring into the tub before I stopped that as the water reached the four foot depth, though I did notice the amethyst spigot that I touched lightly, bright creamy gold foam spraying over the water's surface before I stopped that.

I looked around, spotting the low cabinet a foot or so from the tub alongside a few thick towels and washcloths. I sighed softly as I slid slowly into the water, groaning softly at the heat as my muscles relaxed. I slid into what looked like a curving seat before sighing softly as my eyes drifted closed. A soft giggling caught my hearing, though I saw nobody. The sudden sensation of fingers gliding through my thick, often unruly dark red hair, distracted me before I heard the click of a shampoo bottle. My gaze snapped upwards as my eyes met bright cerulean blue eyes and a bright shade of raspberry hair that fell over her soft pale raspberry skin, partially covering her left eye in slightly wavy locks. I cocked an eyebrow at her, as she giggled before sighing softly as I very, very carefully restrained the urge to Freak The Fuck Out. I let my eyes drift closed before I felt her fingers running through my hair before I felt the slight chill before her fingers began moving gently in circles as I shivered slightly, drawing another giggle from the strange young woman, whom I guessed to be… roughly twelve or thirteen, maybe fourteen.

I'd actually never had someone wash my hair for me, strangely enough.

Personal Update

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RyuTsukino here!! As much as I'd like to get the next chapter out quickly, and it is a work in progress... with twists and turns that frankly even surprise me, lol!!! Unfortunately as of next week, I will not be able to access the internet as I will be offline for personal reasons. I will, however, try to work on the next chapter as I can. It is, however, unfortunately possible that I may not get the next chapter out before Halloween, or Nightmare Night, which happens to be my favorite holiday of the year.

I enjoy scaring the hell out of people and I was thinking about recreating a scene, if slightly different, from an old horror movie, Re-Animator, though that plan will have to wait until next Nightmare Night, unfortunately, I suspect.

:pinkiecrazy: Before I'm flamed, I do have plans for Nightmare Moon, ones that will, hopefully, be quite... unique.