Good Morning, Class

by MrWriterWriter

First published

Spike gets a tad more than he bargained for in taking over his grandfather's class.

When he learns his grandfather Scorpan is retiring and that he's been recommended to take over as Homeroom teacher for Class B-5 at Canterlot College, Spike Drake sees it as an opportunity twice over:

To earn a paycheck, and to be in a position where he'd finally be taken seriously.

Now, if only he had been warned about the group that was in that class.

And the college for that matter...

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The sun slowly rose over Canterlot City as its inhabitants began the day; some hitting local coffee shops for their first caffeine/sugar fix of the day, others trying their best to avoid the morning traffic snarls. Still others chose to walk, letting the early day chill rouse them from any lingering sleep. All in all, it was a typical start to what most would consider a typical day.

"All right, runt, hand over yer lunch money and maybe I won't rough ya up...too much."

And a not so typical start for a few. At the entrance to an alley that delivery trucks normally used, dressed in what he thought apparently was intimidating gang attire: black leather pants, jacket with spiked shoulders, and elbow-length gloves, covered in buckles and studs, and his dirty, dark yellow mane styled in what was supposed to be a serrated mohawk, stood an overly confident earth pony.

He was sneering at his first target of the day; a young-looking individual, male, currently dressed in a surprisingly well-tailored light grey business suit. At first glance he looked barely out of the single digits, age-wise. He was also a dragon, purple scales with a green fin and spikes running down his tail.

A dragon by the name of Spike Drake

Given the circumstances, it's understandable that most would think the young dragon was terrified at the situation he was in...until a closer look was taken. Instead of fear, nervousness, or even apprehension, he just looked at the stallion with exasperation, "You do realize that 'mugging' someone in the morning, where every Tom, Dick, and Harrier can see you, isn't a bright idea, right?"

The so-called 'gangster's sneer deepened, "Scared, shrimp? Ya should be; I'm the toughest mofo on this side of town!" He threw his hand out, "So hand it over before I make ya start bawling for yer mommy!"

"Ok...first, 'toughest' is the stupidest thing I've heard you say. Second, you're making me late for an important appointment. So, how about the both of us show a measure of civility and you just walk away, huh? Because, to be quite honest, I've had sandwiches that looked tougher than you."

It took a second before what the dragon said registered, and the sneer turned into a scowl, "You threatenin' me? You think you can threaten' ME!? Fine, you won't give me what I deserve, then I'm TAKIN' it!" He advanced on him, punching his palm.

Spike sighed as he straightened his tie, "Why do people like you always want to do it the hard way?" He asked.

A reply came in the form of a pained whimper from the dumpster behind him; the gangster's lower body poking out from under the lid.

"Don't worry, someone'll probably come and pull you out before long." With that, he resumed his previous trek.

Several minutes later, he finally arrived at his destination; two walled-off city blocks, connected to each other by a pair of concealed walkways up above the street. A large, twelve-story building was visible in the corner of one block from his current vantage point. On it was a sign saying 'Canterlot College'

"So this is the place." Spike murmured to himself, "Ok...he said he'd be waiting at the entry way, and that's near the building with the sign." A quick jog around the corner brought him into view of what looked like a door drawn on the wall. Beside it stood a grizzled-looking old gargoyle leaning on a cane.

"Grandpa!" Spike called out, getting his attention as he jogged over to him.

"Spike!" The gargoyle wheezed out a chuckle as the two hugged, "I was starting to think you made a wrong turn somewhere."

"Sorry about that. Ran into a bit of a distraction." He looked back to the sign, "So this is the place, huh? Kinda hard to believe you've been a teacher here since before I was born."

"Over thirty-five years now." Came the reply, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to miss this place, but, there's a penthouse in Manehatten calling out 'Scorpan, spend your retirement in me, Scorpan'."

Spike rolled his eyes, "I shouldn't be surprised."

"Besides, you've had that teaching certificate for what, three months now? No sense not putting it to use."

"Yeah. I gotta admit, though. I'm a little nervous; figured I'd be starting out as a kindergarten or elementary teacher or something. Not college."

"Relax, Spike." Scorpan patted his grandson on the shoulder, which given how short the gargoyle was, wasn't too hard, "The dean was actually impressed when I gave her your qualifications. She's waiting for you in her office now." He gave the Spike directions to it an handed him a medallion with a picture of a key, "This is the only way teachers or students can get on or off the college grounds, and even then you need the dean's authorization for it to work. Luckily she's already given it for you. Just place your hand against the door and you're in."

"Aren't you coming? I mean, you have to retire officially now, don't you?"

"Already did!" The wheezing chuckle returned, much to Spike's surprise, "Made it official yesterday. Done said good-bye to my class, got my train ticket, and now that you're here, I'm off! Knock 'em dead, kiddo!" Scorpan gave him on last hug before spinning around and walking off down the street.

Spike watched him for a few seconds and just shook his head. Again, he wasn't surprised, it wasn't the first time the old gargoyle had pulled something like that. "Ok, well, here goes my first day of employment..." Taking a deep breath, he set his hand against the door picture. As soon as he touched it, the image rippled and he vanished in a brief flicker of magic.

At the nearest crosswalk, Scorpan looked up as something hit him." Dang it!" He muttered, snapping his fingers, "KNEW there was something I forgot to tell him about! Ah well..." He sighed, "He'll find out soon enough."

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"Oog..that's gonna take getting used to." Spike shook his head to clear the wonky sensation from sudden teleportation. It was admittedly a pretty good way to keep uninvited guests out, and he had a feeling there were measures to keep someone from going over the wall, by climbing or flying.

Still, a little warning would've been nice.

Once the feeling subsided, he began his walk to see the dean. "Ok, he said the one with the sign is the main hall. Hope it's not her lunch break." It took a minute to reach the main door, but once he was in, a feeling of accomplishment washed over him. He was sure this was going to help him with two goals; first was a steady paycheck. Second, and the more important one, he'd finally be taken seriously.

Spike was a dragon born and raised in Canterlot City. Unfortunately, while there were a few others like griffons, deer, and even some changlings that lived amongst the mostly pony population, he was the only dragon there as far as he knew. That meant that there weren't many who knew that much about his kind.

Namely the fact that male dragons physically aged at half the rate of others, including female dragons. Because of this, even though he was a few months shy of his twenty-second birthday, he was easily mistaken for, and treated like, a ten-year old.

It was even more frustrating when he tried to prove his age and was simply blown off as 'playing pretend'. Hopefully this job would solve those problems. After all, it wasn't that hard to be a homeroom teacher, right? Just make sure the students were ready for the day and help them out if they needed it.

Now, if he had been standing still while all this was going through his mind, it probably wouldn't be an issue. Except he was walking, and by the time he realized there was someone standing there after turning a corner he almost walked right in her.


"Whoa!" His shoes squeaked loudly as he hit the brakes to avoid hitting a unicorn mare that was looking at the local bulletin board, "Sorry, my bad! I didn't see you therrrrrr---" Spike's voice trailed off into a low drone when he saw what she had on.

Or rather, what she didn't have on. She had on a top that barely qualified as one, stopping just at the nubs of her nipples, exposing the full lower half of her ample bust. Between that and her shoes, however...

Was nothing! Spike felt his face heat up alarmingly quick and his pants become a tad uncomfortable as he inadvertently looked down her naked lower body. She wasn't unattractive by any means; curvaceous with a pale sea green coat that she obviously took care of , but even if it was rather cute to look at...her naked pussy was almost right in his face! He could literally see the line of pink flesh between her netherlips from where he was standing!

"Well, hey there, Cutie!" She giggled, bending down to look at him, almost spilling out of her top in the process, "What are you doing here?"

"I...I...eye-yie-yie...uh...d-dean's office..." He managed to get out, trying hard not to take note of how the top was now showing her in all her glory. 'Sweet gumbo, those certainly don't look fake.'

"Oh, well, I have a class I need to get to in a few minutes, otherwise I'd love to show you myself. Lucky for you, Dean Cadance's office is pretty close. Just down the hall there, take the second left, and it's at the very end of that hall. Can't miss it."

As she turned to point out the way, Spike couldn't help but sneak a peek of the mare's firm-looking rear, 'Well...she definitely does squats.' "Oh, th-thanks." He said, getting another giggle and pat on the head before walking away as fast as he could without looking odd. 'H-HOLY SHIT! He hollered mentally, 'How the hell is she just walking around THAT!? Seriously! She's obviously aware of it, but didn't seem worried in the slightest. Maybe...maybe it's just some weird sorority initiation or something...?' He almost had to smack himself in order to not look back.

Whether or not Spike was hoping for an answer, he got one as soon as he entered the first hallway she pointed out. There were other female students walking around, but the only article of clothing he saw that they all had on were shoes. A few were dressed normally, but others were wearing nothing as well; and the full gamut in-between.

It didn't help that some girls would giggle and wave cutely at him while he was trying his hardest not to pop a freaking tent in his trousers. His eyes bugged out at one earth pony dressed in only a C-string, bent over at the water fountain, and he almost whined when his next sight was a pair of pegasai girls making out beside the stairs, one in a thong, the other nude. 'Geeze, I've seen less bare female flesh at the beach! How the hell do the male students deal with this!? For that matter...where ARE the male students?' That was something else he realized as he finally reached the dean's office: out of the students he saw currently...

They were all female. Not one guy to be seen.

"Got a funny feeling about this." He muttered, knocking on the door.

"Come in." The feminine voice called out from inside. He promptly complied. Inside was a fairly standard-looking office. Desk off to one side, a small nameplate on it reading 'Dean Mi Amore Cadenza', file cabinet, a couple of tasteful pictures, a knick-knack here and there...except Spike was too busy staring at the almost naked pink alicorn mare laying under the sunlamp to notice it all.

"I'll be with you in just a moment." She said, rubbing lotion onto her plump breasts, two dark pink nipples topping them (damn things had to be borderline E-cup!). Spike wasn't sure whether to be aroused at the sight, amazed at the fact she was an alicorn; the first he'd ever seen, or try to figure out if what she did have on counted as a g-string. It was little more than a side-tie waistband and a strip of fabric between her legs, barely wide enough to cover her entrance.

He spent the next few seconds fighting the risk of his tent getting any bigger than it was before she sat up, breasts cheerfully jiggling. "Ah, Spike Drake, I presume?"

A nod was the only response he could give. 'Above the neck! Look above her neck, Drake! No matter how tantalizing those soft, juicy-looking globes of hers are...shit! She's gonna be your boss shortly!'

Not bothering to change, she headed to the file cabinet and retrieved a folder, "I have to admit, when your grandfather suggested you as his replacement, I was a little uncertain." Said, sitting down at the desk, "There's usually a degree of nepotism when a family member gets recommended, no offense. However..." She opened the folder and rifled through its contents, "...your records show otherwise. Decent grades through high school, Bachelor's degree by nineteen and received your teaching license just a few months ago."

"Al-almost didn't get it." He replied, keeping his gaze focused on the base of her horn, "One of the instructors refused to believe my age."

"Luckily for you, I'm well aware the age quirk male dragons have." She closed the file and gave him quite the cute smile, offering her hand, "Well, then let me be the first to say welcome to the crew, Spike...if it's ok for me to call you that."

"No,'s fine, Mrs. Cadenza" He replies, taking the hand in a shake.

"'Miss', actually. And feel free to call me Cadance. We encourage everyone to know each other on a more casual level. Helps make interaction between faculty and students less tense sometimes."

"W-well, that's helpful." Spike swallowed loudly before deciding to bring up something, "Um, Cadance? When...when I was making my way here, I saw several students dressed, well...I guess 'dressed' wouldn't really be the right term..."

"I know what you mean. We learned that the students tend to put more energy into their studies when they're allowed to wear what they choose. Given the privacy afforded by the security measures, as long as they wear something reasonable when off campus and abide by the code of behavior, their attire within these walls is their choice."

"Oh." He was trying hard to look calm. Internally, however, he was screaming. 'I'MDEADI'MDEADI'MDEADI'MDEAD!!' "So-so then...?" He attempted to be subtle in gesturing to what she had on.

"Examples have to start somewhere." Cadance grinned and gave her breasts a little shake, causing Spike's eyes to immediately dart to them briefly, "Yeah, I'm proud of them too." She leaned forward a bit, "Actually, I'd be more worried if you didn't look. Like most mares, I enjoy it when my little girls are appreciated."

"R-right." Spike responded, his voice going up an octave. 'She calls those 'little'!?'

Cadance then took a look at the clock, "Well, I believe class is officially in session right now, so let's show them their new Homeroom teacher, shall we?"

"Oh, um, l-lead the way." He said. And almost tripped when her tail swung to the side and he saw that the material didn't even attempt to conceal her heart-shaped rear. 'Please let me survive my first day...' He pleaded mentally, hoping he had at least the willpower to ignore the swing of Cadance's perfect ass.

"Something wrong, Spike?" Cadance asked when she saw the disconcerted look on her new teacher's face as they left the main building.

Due to the somewhat limited area, the college held-at most-around six hundred students. Averaging thirty to a classroom, meaning twenty initial classrooms-five in the main hall, the rest in a separate building-for standard subjects like math, and history. Classes that required certain equipment, like biology, chemistry and others had their own buildings. Gym tended to be held outside, provided it wasn't raining.

"Not..not really..." He said, absentmindedly watching a group of girls doing jumping jacks...bottomless jumping jacks, " do your male students handle this...?

"Oh, we don't have any male students. They go to Canterlot University on the other side of town. Granted, we do have a couple of male teachers, including you, but Canterlot College is an all-female campus. Didn't Scorpan tell you?"

"N-no..." He answered, hoping she didn't catch the way he whimpered it, 'I hope the view from your penthouse SUCKS, Grandpa!'

"Well, you do now, if that helps." She chuckled, taking him into a building opposite the main hall. Inside was an interesting setup; a hallway with large windows giving a view of the campus on one side, and the classrooms on the other. Strangely enough, the floors above were apparently comprised of only the classrooms with walkways-wide enough for four to stand side-by-side-providing access between them, and stair cases at each end. Multiple pillars provided support, giving the whole set up a bit of an apartment feel.

"Here you go." Cadance said, stopping at the door labeled 'B-5'. The click of the knob echoed a little as she opened it

Spike gulped and stepped in with her, taking deep breaths with each step.

The random chatter inside stopped almost instantly. "Morning, ladies." Cadance spoke up once they reached the middle of the room, "You all know by now that Scorpan has retired." Sounds of confirmation filled the air briefly, "With that in mind, let me introduce you to your new Homeroom teacher. Someone Scorpan himself recommended; his grandson, Spike Drake."

Every single pair of eyes in that room were on him in an instant. He fought back the urge to shiver and mustered up what nerve he could. "H-Hello..."

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"H-Hello." Spike said, adjusting his tie in an attempt to calm his nerves. However, silence reigned in the room.


For about three seconds, before the air, and possibly a few eardrums, were rent by the triple squeal. Spike stepped back on reflex when three of the students; two earth ponies: one pink and wearing a bikini that showed off quite the figure, the other a light grey and dressed in a sweater that seemed to engulf her; and a blue-grey female griffon also in a somewhat baggy cargo shirt that looked like it was made entirely of pockets-every single one of them loaded with various tools and miscellaneous items-though her legs were noticeably bare, almost took flying leaps towards him but were quickly restrained by the ones beside them.

"No, Pinkie! Settle down, heel! Ember, help!"

"But Twilight, He's so adorable!"

"No glomping teachers, Pinkie! Twilight, grab her tail! She's getting loose!"

He blinked. That was new. It took him a second to notice there were actually little hearts in the pony girls' eyes.

"Calm down, Marble."

"Can't I hug him just a little, Maud?"

"Not unless it's ok with him."

"Gabby! Quit it! A little help, Juniper!?"

"Oh my gosh! He's so...!

"Gabby." Cadance called out, giving the griffoness a knowing look, "Sit down."

"Yes, Miss Cadance!" She chirped, quickly sitting down with an adorably wide smile on her face. She was also visibly vibrating from her excitement.

He'd been called 'adorable', 'cute', even 'kawaii' from a Neighponese gal he bumped into once, but they didn't react to him like this. " this normal?"

Cadance chuckled and waved it off, "Don't worry, this lot can be a bit energetic sometimes, but they're great when you get to know them." She let out a quick whistle, "Ok, girls, settle down. Pinkie, Marble. You too." Once the would-be pouncers were back in their chairs, she continued, "Like I said, Spike here is your new Homeroom teacher..."

"But...but he's just a kid!" A blue, and quite buxom, pegasus blurted out, a couple of others voicing their agreement. Spike quickly tried to focus on the gemstone poster behind her to avoid how her breasts were almost bouncing out of the sling bikini she had on.

"You'll be surprised, Rainbow." Cadance replied, "Regardless, I've checked his credentials and his teaching license is legitimate. Do any of you really think Scorpan would've recommended someone if he didn't feel they were right for the job?" She was answered with murmurs of ascent, "Ok! So, how about we open things up with a little Q&A, so you can get to know each other better?"

"Ooh! Ohh!" The one named Gabby squeaked eagerly, "Are you going to be full time?What's your favorite food? What do you like to do for fun? Where...?"

"Gabby! Gabby!" Cadance called out, "Calm down and just pick one. You'll get a chance." She looked at the others, "Anyone else?

With that, a few hands shot up. As Cadance picked out one, Spike took a second to get a lay of the land. Most of the looks they were giving him was a mix of curiosity, a little confusion, and a couple that seemed indifferent. The pink and light grey ones, named Pinkie and Marble if he heard right, along with a second pegaus-this one butter-yellow and almost as busty- were looking at him with blushes and smiles. A couple of others seemed to share that opinion. For some reason, that made him feel a little better out his situation. One however, a surprisingly well-endowed dragoness who apparently was the one named Ember, simply looked at him and nodded slightly.

The classroom itself seemed to be set up more like a small lecture hall; three tiered rows of eleven seats each with steps on either end. Instead of separate desks, each row sat at one long desk, the seats apparently spaced out enough to give them a decent enough work area. The teacher's desk was slightly off to the corner, and a podium in front of a massive blackboard that took up almost the entire front wall.

"Ok, Fluttershy, let's start with you." Cadance's voice quickly brought him back to the present.

Just in time to see the yellow pegasus fidgeting with a strand of her hair, the red in her cheeks brightening, "Um...w-what are your thoughts on....on cuddling?"

"What she said!" Pinkie threw in, pointing at her wildly.

Spike chuckled weakly, "W-well, I'm not against it, just depends where." This brought out blushes from a couple others and some light giggling.

"Ok, let's keep the questions to a less personal level, all right?" Cadance cut in, nodding to the lavender unicorn that had restrained Pinkie "Twilight?"

"What kind of books are you interested in?" She seemed more than eager to ask that particular question.

"Kind of varies, Fetlock Holmes, a little H.T. Hoofcraft, Some Sci-Fi, Fantasy...and the occasional issue of Power Ponies." That earned him a few more giggles. A part of him felt that maybe, just maybe things wouldn't be too bad. Aside from the plethora of bare and semi-bare hotties surrounding him at least.

"Juniper?" Cadance looked at the light green earth pony beside Gabby.

"So...what made you want to teach college?" She asked. Judging from the sounds of agreement that went through the class, this was something almost all of them were wondering.

"To be honest, this is technically my first real class; had just recently earned my certification." He scratched the back of his neck a little sheepishly, "At first I thought my first teaching job would be Kindergarten or Elementary. Didn't expect it to be college. I was pretty surprised to learn I'd been recommended for the position"

"Well, it certainly looks like you had little trouble acquiring it, darling." A snowy-colored unicorn in the back row commented. The smile on her face showed she meant it in a complimentary fashion.

"Almost didn't. For...obvious reasons..." He gestured to his small stature, "A couple of my instructors refused to believe I was serious about it and pretty much denied my application out of hand. It was a bit of an uphill battle."

"So they were gonna boot you out just 'cause of yer age?" the mare beside her spoke up, the twang in her voice showing she was definitely a country girl, "That just ain't right!"

"Fortunately the others disagreed with them, so here I am."

Cadance then looked at the still excited griffon, "All right. Gabby, how many questions did you have?"

"Um...I'm up to 37 so far."

"Just ask one. Save the rest for the others,"

This caused the whole class-Gabby included-to giggle.

It took her a moment to think, but then she smiled and stood up. "First, I just want to say how amazing it is that you've managed so much despite everything that must have been against you."

Spike smiled warmly. "Thanks. It's been a long struggle, but worth it."

"So what subjects are you qualified to teach?" She asked, eagerness saturating her voice.

"I haven't really gotten a mastery in a specific subject yet. So I'm just the Homeroom teacher right now."

"Oh. Ok!" She chirped, "I'm sure you'll find one you want soon!"

"Ember, you look eager to ask something." Cadance looked over to the dragoness.

"Um, there any subject you feel qualified to tutor in?" For a second, Spike could have sworn she blushed some. This caused a slightly louder bit of giggling from the other girls, no doubt at the idea of a little kid 'tutoring'.

"It depends; I received top marks in Calculus, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics, so I should be able to give you a hand in one of those. Been told I'm a pretty good cook, too."

Every giggle stopped dead when he said that, and more than a few jaws dropped. Twilight and a yellowish-grey unicorn both looked at him with something akin to shock or awe. Spike simply grinned.

"Ok, I think we have time for one more before class has to start." Cadance fought to stifle her own giggles as she looked around and pointed to a beige earth pony, "Bonbon?"

"Have you already moved to campus?"

"Ah. No, I live on the south side of town."

"The south side?" This caused Twilight to look at him in confusion, "I don't remember any residential areas there...there's the train yard, the old steel mill, that place that makes those cheap plastic raincoats, and..." Her ears slowly slowly lowered as she took on a look of horror, "Spike...please tell me you don't live in Everfree Heights!"



Spike was knocked on his tail from the collective shriek of the other thirty females currently in the room.

"Are you crazy!? That place is dangerous!" The mint unicorn beside Bonbon cried out.

"And scary!" Pinkie whimpered, "Just getting near that place gives me the willies!"

"That dumphole creeps ME out!" The eagle-colored griffoness beside Ember added, "Wouldn't go there if you paid me!"

"Will you all relax?" He said, climbing back to his feet, "It's not like I live in the middle of it."

"Spike, Everfree Heights has the highest crime rate in Canterlot!" Cadance replied. glowering at him a little, "Seriously, what possessed you go to live there!?"

He sighed, "It's the only place I could afford and still be able to take my courses. And for the record, I only had one guy try and break into my apartment." The smile he put on was almost malevolent, "He learned the hard way that a wool ski mask and dragon fire isn't a fun combo. Hehehe, the idiot bounced down the fire escape like a slinky."

*Gigglesnort!* Ember quickly covered her mouth to stop laughing at the thought of that.

"Wait..." A rose-colored earth pony in the front row spoke up, "You said it was a place 'you' could afford. You didn't mention anyone else! Do not tell us you are living alone!"

"Ok..." He hesitated, a little wary of how incensed they sounded initially, "I won't?" Once again he was knocked off his feet by shouts of outrage.

"Yer by yerself!? In THAT PLACE!?"

"Where the TARTARUS are his parents!?"

"Miss C, you GOTTA get him moved to campus!"

"I agree! Who knows what could happen to him there, regardless of how long he's been there!"

This continued for several seconds before Cadance gave a piercing whistle to quiet them down "They have a point, Spike." She commented once the protests settled, "You may not have had any trouble there yet, but it just takes one unlucky moment for you. And personally, I'd feel better knowing my newest teacher is out of there."

"I can't move!" He protested, more than a little shocked at how strongly they were all reacting to this, "The landlord's already threatened to keep my security deposit if I leave before next month's rent! Five hundred bits isn't that big a deposit, but still!"

"You don't have a lease? It's just month to month?" The one who restrained Marble-Maud, if he remembered right- asked in a deadpan tone.

"Yeah, from what I've seen he doesn't care who moves in as long as they pay rent. The turnover's pretty high too."

"I believe withholding a deposit like that is illegal in Canterlot."

"It most certainly is!" Cadance's eyes narrowed somewhat and her horn flashed a few of times, causing Spike to take a couple steps away.

'Ok...mental note, pissing off the dean is quite possibly hazardous to one's health.' He thought.

She looked at him, "I will definitely be going with you when you go to get your things, Spike."

"W-what?" He looked around and saw that all the girls, even the ones who'd given him indifferent looks, were nodding or otherwise expressing their agreement, "Wait a second! I haven't even agreed yet!" He waved his arms frantically, trying to slow things down.

"Think of it this way." she started ticking items off, "Moving here: better security, no commute, no rent, considering what you said about tenant turnover there you'll have a chance to maybe make some friends, a twenty-hour-hour grocery store half a block away from here, plus there's on-site fitness center by the gym area, a five-star meal plan included that caters to all diets, including dragon, we have a really good cafeteria. Between the fashion, home ec, and similar courses, there's low cost clothing, and similar services like barber and masseuse available since classes like those tend to require volunteers for practice at times."

By the time she was finished, Spike was feeling torn, 'Oy vey...I didn't expect to get hit with a choice like this, much less on my first day on the job! Then again, everything she listed is really tempting; I've been at that place for the better part of a year now...and it's a shithole, to put it nicely...' "I gotta admit, that does sound pretty good...and that apartment was mainly just let me afford getting my certification, been wanting to get out for a while now."

"So, I'll take that as a yes?"

"I..." He sighed, the offer was too good. "Yeah, I'll move." He jumped when a few of the girls let out a cheer, along with a cloud of confetti from...somewhere and a party horn.

"Excellent! We'll go as soon as classes are over!" Cadance chirped happily, "Now, I believe your first subject is about to start." She looked over at the clock.

'Spike, I hope you know what you've signed yourself into. Spike thought, watching her literally scamper out the door.

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"All right, let's see what we got..." Spike muttered to himself as he looked through the papers left for him on the desk while the first teacher came in for her class.

"O-oh, you must be the new Homeroom teacher Scorpan recommended." He heard her say. It was evident in her tone she'd done a double-take when she saw him, "I didn't expect you to look younger than I expected!"

"Yeah, I tend to get that a lot." He replied, "But I'd rather let my actions de--" He turned to look her way, and almost fell off his chair when he did. Standing by the podium was a shapely cerise-colored earth pony mare. There was no doubt she was a few years older him, but she had a body that was definitely on par with the girls.

However, it wasn't just her figure that threw him off, it was the fact she had on a revealing blue and silver cheerleader outfit; a skintight, midriff-baring halter top that barely covered her breasts, and a skirt that showed off not only her legs, but a little bit of firm backside.

"Oh my! Are you all right!" She asked worried as he fought to regain his balance.

"Fine! I'm ok! Hehe. No problem!" He called out, pulling himself back into the seat and praying they didn't hear his voice crack, "Just...just wasn't on it as well as I thought. Um..." He quickly rifled through the papers until he found the class schedule, " I-I'm guessing you're Cheerilee, the Physics teacher."

"That's me!" She gave a cheerful bounce on her heels, causing her breast to bounce along. It also caused her skirt to flutter up a little, leaving no doubt that she had on no panties.

"Uh..right. W-well, I'll let you get started." He forced his attention back to the papers, 'I swear, boners, if the two of you don't go down...!'

"Cheerilee?" An accented voice called out. Spike glanced up to see it was from the deep orange-colored unicorn, her coat visibly a few shades darker than the county girl, wearing nothing more than a sarong that showed off her lithe figure. He immediately put his eyes back on his desk.

"Yes, Saffron?"

"Why are you in your cheer uniform? We don't have practice until tomorrow."

"Well..." Cheerilee rubbed the back of her head, blushing, "I forgot to do my laundry yesterday. Fortunately these uniforms are comfortable in weather like today."

"Cheer uniform?" Spike asked, briefly glancing back at her.

"Oh, Miss Cheerilee is our Physics teacher AND she coaches the college cheer squad!" Gabby answered him, the same exuberance in her voice as before, "You should watch practice, she taught us some great moves!"

"I..I'll keep that in mind." He said, quickly inhaling to keep the red out of his face at the thought of a full group dressed in those. With that, he went back to the papers while Cheerilee started her class.

"Applejack, where's Macareina?" He heard Cheerilee ask. He looked at the seats, realizing he hadn't seen just who was there. A quick count showed room for thirty-three in the rows, but three seats were conspicuously empty. Given only one name was mentioned, two were evidently unclaimed. A brief rummage let him find a page containing the seating arrangement:

Front Row:
Aloe, Lotus Blossom, Fleur Dis Lee, Moondancer, Coco Pommel, Minuette, Macareina , Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Gabby, Juniper Montage

Center Row:
Limestone Pie, Flitter, Cloudchaser, [Empty Seat], Lyra Heartstrings, Bonbon, Carrot Top, Roseluck, Coloratura, Spitfire, Saffron Marsala

Back Row:
Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Ember, Gilda, Maud Pie, Marble Pie, [Empty Seat]

"'Fraid mah sister got a hold of a batch of bad alfalfa." The country girl, or Applejack, responded, earning winces of sympathy from the other ponies, as well as Spike; he had developed a taste for pony cuisine when he was younger and was aware of how unpleasant something like that could be. "The doctor said she'll be needin' to stay in bed fer a couple days."

"Ooh. Well, when you see her, remind her about the test you have next week, ok? All, I believe we were continuing from where we left off about the laws of conservation and their possible interaction with each other..."

While the class went on, Spike resumed reading, his main focus being on the schedule. Since today was Friday, they were having Physics, Literature, and History as their morning subjects, then two hours of either free time or classes in the other buildings before the cafeteria opened for lunch. 'Nice, I can learn my way around the campus then.' He thought, looking up every now and then during the lesson to catch what was going on.

It didn't take long before the lesson was finished and Cheerilee left for her next classroom. A few minutes later, another teacher arrived, this one with a similar orange tone to Saffron, but she was dressed in a business suit and had a somewhat stern look in her eye.

"Mr. Drake, I presume." She said, looking straight at him, "I am Ms. Harshwhinny, the Literature teacher for this establishment. I won't beat around the bush; in all honesty, while it's an accomplishment in itself, I have my reservations about having someone your age employed here. However, this is your first day so I shall withhold judgement until a later date."

"Oh..uh, thanks?" He said as she turned back to the class 'Guess she's not one for small talk.' . Apparently they were going over work from a Neighponese poet he'd never heard of, so he focused more on the papers. Along with the seating and schedule, there was memo:

Homeroom Teacher Priorities:
Confirm students are present and accounted for
Provide daily announcements and/or planned event info
Mediate disagreements/conflicts between classmates
It is the Homeroom teacher and students' duty to ensure classroom is kept clean and organized
While not required, teachers and students are encouraged to socialize amongst each other

'Well, makes sense I guess. Given what Cadance said about everyone's names' He thought before going over the rest of the papers.

It wasn't long before Literature was finished and the the History teacher made her way in; a light gold mare in a pith helmet.

A mare Spike instantly recognized, "A...A.K. Yearling? YOU'RE the History teacher!? Holy crap!" He stared at her slack-jawed

She chuckled, "In the flesh. I take it you liked some of my stuff."

"A-Are you kidding!?" He blurted out, "I have your books about Lady Icehoof's burial site, the Neverstone ruins dig, the excavation of those griffon catacombs near Bluebeak Valley, the full Daring Do manga collection, AND all nine movies on DvD!"

A squee was heard from Rainbow, "You got the movies?!"

"Well, nice to meet a fan." Yearling grinned, "So, you're B-5's new Homeroom teacher, huh? Something tells me you'll fit in pretty good."

"I hope so. Still my first day-ay-ay-ay..." His voice stuttered when he got a better look at her. Not to say Yearling wasn't nice to look at; a life of archaeology and treasure hunting had made her quite fit with a rather supple-looking figure. But with the exception of her boots and helmet, she was also as naked as some of the student.

"Something wrong?" She asked, seeing his face lighting up.

"Um...w-well, you look pretty. COMFORTABLE! Y-you look pretty comfortable..." He smiled weakly.

"Yeah." She stretched, pushing her firm c-cups out a little, "With the booby traps at my digs, running into a few cranky animals, and the occasional scheme from a rival, I'm pretty used to ending up in just my hat at work. And after one too many pranks along those lines at other jobs, I decided to just cut out the middlemare when I learned about this school's wardrobe policies. Makes each day feel like an adventure."

"I...I...I see..." Spike replied, trying to will any sign of a blush away, "Any..anyway, I'll let you get cl-class started." He turned back to the desk as quick as he could. 'Did she....? Nah, that silly! It's still morning so she probably hasn't been up long. It's not that farfetched, even though she's naked as a breezy.' He told himself, letting out another weak chuckle, albeit quieter.

A few minutes later, he was reading over a paper that mentioned a few names of other teachers when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. A turn of the head showed it to be Yearling's hand, not much more then a foot away.

It was then that he heard her say something about Princess Platnum and looked to what she was referring to.

And found himself getting the perfect view of her naked backside; two pert and toned cheeks well within grabbing range. His eyes widened to an almost painful extent and the blush returned with a vengeance. For a moment, he thought she was just standing there...

Until she turned to face the board, and gave him a playful wink.

'That....that was deliberate!?' He forced down the lump in his throat at the thought, 'Dammit, boners! I said go away!

For the rest of the lesson, he was treated to the sight of her shooting him teasing looks and winks when she wasn't facing the class. He didn't know how she did it, but she managed to walk in a way that let only him see her hips swing a bit. The mare even took a seat on the edge of his desk, almost presenting herself to him! A couple of times when she looked his way, he could almost swear her line of sight went straight to his lap.

He let out a shuddering exhale when the lesson was finished before she came back over and whispered, "I think you and I are going to get along quite well."

'I need a drink...'

One Long Day. Pt.1

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"All right, let's check this place out." Spike said to himself as he exited the classroom area. The girls had already left for classes that required certain equipment, like tailoring, chemistry, botany, and such. So, he had a good hour and a half to look around campus before the cafeteria opened for lunch.

Thankfully, they'd given him a map of sorts. It didn't have much detail, though; just a general layout of the college, but it was enough to at least let him know where most of the structures were.

The campus itself wasn't massive-coming in at just under eight acres between the two city blocks it covered-so space was maximized as much as possible and built pretty much everything upwards. The block that held the primary classes and offices was also where the gym and work out area (why oh WHY did it have to be all outdoors!? Even the freaking SHOWERS were outside! Since most of them wore little or nothing, changing clothes for it was kinda pointless, so a locker 'room' wasn't really needed...but still!) were situated along with the school's auditorium.

The other block was where the building that housed the various other classes could be found. It looked more like a hotel than anything, standing about twenty-five stories with a three-story structure next to it that the map said was where the teachers lived. Not far from it was a fifteen-story apartment building that was the student dorms and the cafeteria-complete with outdoor seating- was next door, with the infirmary nearby.

"Wait, didn't Applejack say her sister was sick?" He asked himself, remembering Cheerlie asking about her absence, "I probably should see how she'd doing and introduce myself while I'm nearby. No sense putting it off."

The infirmary itself was relatively small compared to the other buildings; only about two stories high. Inside, he was greeted by a light grey earth pony mare wearing a standard nurse uniform. A quick glance at the nameplate on her desk read 'Nurse Redheart'.

"Oh, Mr. Drake." She spoke up, "What brings you here? Not catching something your first day on the job, I hope."

"Oh, no. I learned one of my students was under the weather and figured I'd check on her. Macareina, I believe."

"Ah. She's in room 3, just down the hall. Thankfully she's doing better, but I'm still keeping her in bed for a day or two."

"All right, thanks." He made his way to said room where a voice he recognized could be heard.

"Next time, doublecheck the expiration date, sis." Applejack must have stopped in between classes to check on her sister as well.

"But, Ah did..." Another voice spoke up, a good bit deeper than Applejack's, but no less feminine, though she did sound like someone who'd spent the last day or two puking, "Still had a week on it."

"Jus' be more careful next time, alright? A stomachache might be the least of yer worries next time."

"Um, hello?" He called up, giving a light rap on the frame, "Everyone decent in here?"

"Spike? Didn't expect to see ya in here." Applejack said, spying him in the doorway. Out of the back row, he now had a chance to get a better look at her, and he was not disappointed.

Waist-length blonde hair, tied in a loose ponytail, matching her tail and framing a rather cute freckled face. The small, front-tied halter top she had on barely contained her firm double-D cup breasts, a light dusting of freckles on them as well. Noticeably toned arms and abs, and a pair of thong-like daisy dukes, unzipped and held up only by a belt, revealing voluptuous, yet defined legs and a good bit of her apple cutie mark along with a juicy-looking bottom.

Needless to say, Spike almost gave into the urge to lick his lips at the sight.

"Hey, what's HE doin' here? This here's a girl's college!" The country twang was there, but the voice was a good deal younger than Applejack. He turned to see a trio of fillies standing by the bed; a gamboge-colored pegasus in fairly standard t-shirt and jeans, a pale-yellowish earth pony in a flannel shirt and overalls with a bright red bow in her mane, and a unicorn colored quite similarly to the one in class named Rarity, wearing a simple blouse and skirt. All three were looking at him like he'd just ran up screaming 'I am Cornholio!'

"Ah, Mr. Drake." An older unicorn mare that was with them spoke up, wearing a sweater and dress slacks. "Getting a feel for the campus, I see."

"Wha..? But Sugarberry, why's he here?" The pegasus asked.

"Teaching." Spike responded, "Just started this morning."

"Pfft, yeah right!" The earth pony filly snorted, "Yer barely older than us!"

"Actually, he is workin' here, Apple Bloom." Applejack corrected her, "Our new homeroom teacher."

"Seriously!?" The unicorn filly asked, her voice carrying the infamous squeak of puberty. Before he could respond, or really much of anything, he was surrounded by the trio and bombarded with questions:

"How'd you get Dean Cadance to hire you?"

"You met any of the other teachers?"

Why'd you wanna come teach here anyway?"

"Why'd ya pick Homeroom instead of one of the other classes?"

"How'd you even GET Homeroom teacher?? They won't even let us near inside the building!"

"Ooh! Have you been around the campus yet!? We can show you around later!"

"Um..I.." Spike started, a little overwhelmed by the excited verbal barrage. Apparently they took this as slight reluctance and hit him with one of the most dangerous weapons in a girl's arsenal...

The Puppy Dog is difficult enough to handle; three was flat out impossible to withstand. "All right." He consented, "But.." He quickly added, "It'll have to be tomorrow. I still have a little bit to do before I get settled in, ok?"

"All right! CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS TOUR GUIDES! YAY!" They nearly shrieked-it was more like a battlecry-and nearly taking Spike off his feet.

" Ok, that's enough, you three." Sugarberry started ushering them out, "Your Engallopish class' starting soon." she looked back at him, "Sorry about that, Spike. They get rather excited when they think they have an opportunity to earn their cutie marks."

"Heh, it's ok." He chuckled, a little weakly. Once they were down the hall some, he let out a breath he'd been holding, "Well, that was interesting. Who..."

"That was our lil sister, Apple Bloom, and her friends." Applejack caught the unanswered question, "The squeakin' unicorn's Rarity's lil sis, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, the filly Rainbow Dash kinda sees as a siblin'. Better known 'round the neighborhood as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, doin' whatever they can think out in the hopes they'd get their marks."

"Ah. Uh, what'd Sugarberry mean by their class was starting?"

"Oh, the college has a few High School AP classes fer middle school kids." Applejack replied, "But, 'cause of the choice of attire most of us gals prefer..." She tapped her top, "The kids that do take them have to have an escort so they don't go wanderin' into some spots on campus. To be honest, we were all kinda surprised when they decided they wanted to test fer the classes in the first place." She let out a laugh, "Certainly weren't really expectin' them to qualify as well as they did. Should've seen the look on Rainbow's face when Scootaloo scored better than Dash's GPA in her senior year!"

"Wow...that's pretty impressive."

"Ain't kiddin' there. So, what brings you in here, 'Teach'?"

"Since you said your sister was here, figured I'd come and see how she's..." For a brief moment, Spike forgot what the next word was when he saw Macareina. Even though she was half under the bedsheets and wearing a t-shirt, what he could see was, quite bluntly, a wet dream with muscles. A bright amaranth coat and slightly shaggy orange mane, not quite as long as Applejack's. However, her arms were considerably more muscular than her sister's, but somehow didn't detract from her femininity. Coupled with the bouncy, almost F-cup breasts straining slightly against her shirt, the sight made for quite a luscious-looking amazon.

Once again, he almost the fight not to salivate, 'I will not bow to my hormones! No matter how much sense they're making at the moment!' "Doing! How doing she?" He shook his head, "I-I mean how's she--you, I mean, doing? Um, hi!"

"H-Howdy..." Macareina replied in a somewhat low tone, curling up into her sheets.

"I say something wrong?" He asked.

"Naw, it's just Mac...well, a lotta folks get kinda intimidated by her size-she's a good half-foot taller than me- so she's a bit on the quiet side an' not quite as social as the rest of the class, especially 'round newcomers. I think she thinks she scared ya a lil..."

"Applejack." Spike promptly cut in, "Out of all the students and faculty, the thee fillies that just left are the ONLY ones here who aren't taller than me." He looked at Macareina, "No offense, but an extra six inches of height is kinda moot when the highest I've reached so far is belly button."

Macareina looked at him, more than a little surprised before sitting up, "So, yer...yer not scared a'me..?"

He shook his head, "You're too cute to be scary. Well, it looks like you two were talking about about when I came in, so I'm gonna head out in case it was personal, was mostly just dropping in to see how she's doing. Anyhoo, I will see Applejack back in the classroom after lunch, and you in there on Monday, all right?"

"O-ok/Alright.." The two mares replied, watching him head out. If he'd hung around a few second more, he probably would've heard the following:

"'Cute', huh?" Applejack gave her sister a teasing look, "Looks like someone's got an admirer."

"Oh, hush you..." Macareina retorted, cheeks pinking a little, "Don't try 'an pretend ya didn't see the way he almost went slackjawed seeing you."

"Yeah, Ah know. He's awful at hidin' it." Applejack smiled, "Poor lil' guy's probably just startin' to notice girls. But, Ah gotta admit, he's tryin' his best to look professional. Either way, the whole class'll be happy once Cadance helps him get out of that hole he's livin' in."

"What are you talkin' about, AJ? What 'hole'?"

"Ah dunno what the hell his parents are doin', but the lil feller told us he's livin' by himself at an apartment in Everfree Heights!"

When Macareina's indignant shriek of 'WHAT!?', followed by aspirations about the IQ of parents who let that happen, Spike was already outside.

He had just stepped off the walk way when it hit him, "Wait, did...did I just call one of my students 'cute'? Oh crud...!" He let out an almost pained groan at that mistake.

His whole job was riding on maintaining a measure of professionalism, especially in a place like this. It, his future career, and reputation would go down the crapper if the students, and possibly faculty, thought he was some kind of pervert or sexual deviant that was using his appearance to his advantage around if, and when, they possibly found out his actual age.

'Maybe they didn't catch it...?' He hoped, taking a few deep breaths to calm down, 'I mean, it was just a slip of the tongue. They both are pretty hot. Then again, that goes for my whole class, and nearly every coworker I've seen so far, too...NO!' He shouted mentally, 'No. You're a college teacher now, Spike. You'll get accustomed to it soon.' There was an audible 'gulp' as he tried to swallow the lump in his throat, followed by a tiny, "I hope."

By the time Spike had managed to get his nerves to settle some, a loud ringing echoed around the area, followed by a recorded announcement, 'The Cafeteria is now open for lunch. The menu includes minestrone soup, roasted daffodils, fried rice, and clover salad with saffron, along with chicken jambalaya, garlic and butter salmon, and barbecued cragadile for our carnivorous students.'

"Food...yeah, that'll help." He said to himself, making his way over, trying to ignore all the bare female flesh surrounding him once again, "Something on my stomach'll calm me down."


"Huh? What the!?" He yelped as he was suddenly yanked up off the ground, followed by his head firmly wedged in between two large, soft, microkini-clad breasts, and the scent of cotton candy filling his nose.

"Oh, Spikey, I hadn't seen you in soo long!" The mare holding him squealed, "I was worried something had happened to you!"

He quickly recognized the perky voice and pink color of the arms he was in, "Pinkie Pie? What are you...??"

"Pinkie, it's only been a couple hours." The bluish-grey colored mare beside her spoke up with a slightly bored tone. Dressed in a grey tank-top that barely held the Double-Ds inside it and skin-tight shorts, she was a little more muscular, but just as shapely as the excited mare holding him. If their coats were similar colors, they could probably pass for twins.

"Two hours!?" Pinkie half-shrieked, holding him closer, "That's still a long time! What if something had happened!? He could've gotten trampled by the track team, or scared off by one of the science club members!"

A mental run through of the seating chart, plus brought up a name for the calmer, "Um, Limestone Pie, I presume?"

"That's me." She smirked a little in pride, "The oldest outta the Pie sisters, and you already know which one of 'em has a hold of you." Limestone then nudged her sibling, inadvertently giving him a view of her breasts bouncing slightly under the thin material, "Ok, Pink, he may be adorable, but he's still our teacher. Put him down so we can go eat."

"Oh yeah!" Even though he couldn't see her face from his angle, he could tell she was looking down right at him, "You hungry too, Spikey?"

'Spikey...?'"Uh, yeah, wouldn't mind a bite to eat myseellf...f!" He barely finished the sentence when Pinkie bounced off into the cafeteria with him.

Spike's stomach growled when the smell of everything inside hit him; the ones listed from the announcement, fried chicken, eggplant parmesan, chili con carne, cheese ravioli...even the glint of gems for the few dragons that were there. The whole thing was set up buffet style, allowing students and faculty to eat their fill.

"OOH! Limey, look! They have chedderjack olives again!" Pinkie squeaked happily, letting him go and making a beeline for the mentioned item, her sister right behind her. As soon as he was free, Spike's eyes darted around, marking his targets before moving to grab one of the trays offered beginning his hunt.

Within a few minutes he had a pile of food he could barely see over, and looked heavier than him. The scene earned a few looks of amusement and slight worry from the students, most likely at the thought of him falling with all that that. Luckily, he made it to a table without any trouble.

However, it wasn't until he sat down than he saw who else was there. Most of the tables were a mix of restaurant style, seating around five or six, to banquet-like ones for twenty or so, not counting the ones outside, he'd gotten to one of the smaller tables, one was currently occupied except for the chair he'd gotten.

A quick look had him discovering Pinkie and Limestone sitting on one side, and the other sat two more mares, the beside Limestone had a turquoise-grey coat with half her face hidden by her mane, and wearing only a baggy pale grey sweater that exposed a slender pair of legs. He quickly recognized her as the one named Marble.

The other one, sitting by him, was the one that restrained Marble earlier- Maud. Like Limestone, her coat was also bluish grey, though a little darker. However, she was also naked, and considering she was sporting a figure that closely rivaled Pinkie's...Spike found himself quickly focusing all his attention on the tray before any of then noticed he'd been staring.

"How's this for luck!" Pinkie chirped, "Looks like Spikey gets to meet all of us today!"

"Hello, Spike." Maud said in an even monotone, "I see you've encountered our sisters now."

"You sisters?" He asked, turning to look at her briefly before catching himself almost looking straight at her breasts.

"Yeah, if you go by age it's me, Maud, Pinkie and Marble." Limestone said, pointing to each in turn, "The Pie sisters."

"Ah. Well, that's good to know." Spike took a deep breath to try and relax, "Um, you don't mind me eating meat here, do you?"

"I-it's ok." Marble answered quietly, "I...I just don't like the taste."

"Oh, wow. Are you sure you wanna try and eat all that, Spikey?" Pinkie asked, checking out what he'd gotten, "You could get a tummy-ache from that much!"

"That does seem like a lot." Maud agreed.

"You'll be surprised." Spike just grinned a little before digging in.

~Ten Minutes Later~

"Now that was pretty good." He smiled, using a ruby to get the last bits of marinara off a plate, to the amazed looks of four ponies.

"Great googa-mooga!" Limestone blurted, staring at the now emptied plates and bowls.

"WOW! He really did put it all away!" Pinkie rapidly shifted her gaze from him to the tray and back.

Spike picked the tray up, "I'll be back in a few minutes with the encore. The minestrone and fried rice are calling."

"Y-You're going back for more??" Marble squeaked, her visible eye widening in shock.

"Yeah, I'm still hungry. Plus, there's still that pile of fudge mint brownies I spotted at the end." As he headed back for seconds, he couldn't help but laugh a little, "And they say college food is lackluster."

One Long Day. Pt. 2

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A contented sigh escaped Spike's lips while he relaxed back in his chair in the classroom, the girls all making their way back in, "Dunno who whipped all that up, but I wouldn't mind getting a few of those recipes." He wiggled a toothpick between his fangs, "Chow here alone's worth it!"

"Sounds like someone enjoyed the cafeteria." The yellow pegasus-Fluttershy, accoring to the seating map-giggled a bit. Spike noticed she had on a snug-fitting pink blouse that hugged her large C-cup breasts and a ruffled white skirt showing off a pair of long, shapely legs. However, he was too busy basking in the aftermath of good grub to really worry.

"After getting thirds, I'm not surprised." Limestone responded as they all took their seats, "Made me feel full just watching."

"What can I say? I'm a big eater." He just grinned as the classroom door opened again.

This time, though, it was a rather massive light grey stallion that came in, wearing khaki trousers and a black tank top.

Spike blinked, 'Forget brick house, this guy's built like a concrete bunker!'


"N-Nice to meet you..." Spike replied, reeling a bit from the force.


Aside from the yelling, the class was pretty straightforward. It wasn't a subject Spike was too familiar with, so he didn't really pay much attention to the lesson. After a while, Bulk informed them to study up for a possible quiz and gave his goodbyes for the week before heading out.

"Mental note, get some earmuffs of my own..." Spike wiggled a finger in his ear when the door was shoved open, and pretty rudely at that, and greenish-grey stallion marched in like he owned everything, wearing a suit that practically screamed 'look at me! I have money!' The look on his face was already one of supreme arrogance, it quickly added a sneer when he looked at Spike.

"Humph, I always knew that mare would ruin this college." He spoke up, sounding like he expected everyone needed to know his opinion, "As if allowing this...'dress code' to continue, she's allowed a snot-nosed...kid to think he can be a teacher!"

Spike just looked at him, "Huh, who blew their nose in your breakfast?"

"And this just proves her lack of judgement." The stallion rolled his eyes, "I am Svengallop, the math instructor, now go back to your crayons and let the adult do his job!"

"Hey, he may look younger, but he's still your coworker, Svengallop!" Ember spoke up, already on her feet.

Svengallop whirled to look at the girls, "That's MISTER Svengallop to the lot of you!" He snapped, before focusing straight at Ember, this time a hint what looked like hate was in his expression, "And you'll do better to be silent when your betters are speaking, you filthy reptite brute...!"

The shocked gasp ripped through them, but even more noticeable from Ember. There was a sharp inhale as her eyes began tearing up. Svengallop not even trying to hide his smug satisfaction at the slur's effects only worsening it.

"I can't believe-!" Twilight almost whispered, thoroughly appalled.

Rainbow growled, "You son of a...!" Before either could finish what they were saying, a sound cut through everything, silencing everyone.

It was the slow, rubbery squeak of Spike's chair against the floor as he pushed it back.

"Hey, Flare, you remember which test we have next week?"

"I don't know, Derpy; keep thinking it's Chemistry or-"

The two mares in the hall stopped dead when they heard a shriek followed by a heavy thud from inside Room B-5. Before either could guess on what was going on, the door suddenly came crashing off its hinges, a pony tumbling out along with it as they both screamed in alarm.

Back in the room, the girls stared, silent shock etched on their faces at what they'd just seen. Spike, on the other hand, simply glowered at the now damaged entryway, "Pinkie, Gilda.' He said, still focused on the doorway, "Make sure Ember's ok. I'll be back in a little while." With that, he stalked out into the hall where they soon heard him, "C'mere you...!" He growled out something that most recognized as the dragons' old native language, but only a few understood it, if the intense blushes Ember, Twilight, the one named Moondancer, Gabby, and surprisingly enough, Pinkie were now sporting.

"I...I don't think that's anatomically possible...!" Twilight squeaked, cheeks blazing red.

"N-Not without a caulking gun and a duck!" Pinkie added.

Outside, Svengallop's now pained voice was heard, "Wha..AH! St-stop! OW! Unhand me..! How dare you--!"

Spike's growl cut him off, "I can drag you to Cadance's office, or the morgue. Your choice." a fearful whimper was heard, "Smart pony."

As the yelps of pain trailed off, Gilda was the first to speak up, "Um...anyone else not sure if they should be touched he's already this protective of the class, or kinda scared that he actually sounded intimidating just then?"

"P-pretty much." Spitfire responded, wiping her forehead off.

"Same here." Saffron threw in.

Juniper nodded, "Ditto..."

"Why not both?" Pinkie asked, "I'm feeling rather intouchmitated myself!"

In the hall, the two mares were too startled to do much of anything as they watched the battered math teacher...or 'instructor' as he kept demanding they call him, get dragged outside by his poofy mane by what appeared to be an angry ten-year-old.

" see what I saw??" Flare looked at her classmate, only to see her staring wide-eyed at the dragon, her face glowing scarlet. "Derpy?"

"That doesn't sound fun or comfortable, even with lube...!"

"You're a real piece of work, you know!" Spike grumbled, dragging Svengallop across the campus, "If it'd been just me you called names, this would've ended a hell of a lot better for you. I'd have just given you a broken nose if you called me that; nothing some reconstructive surgery couldn't fix. But no! You just HAD to go after one of my students!

"Ow! Y-yours!? gah! No they...OW!" The stallion squealed in pain from a hard yank on his mane.

"I'm the homeroom teacher, you self-absorbed-!" He growled something else in Old Draconic, "My classroom, my students! I intend to take my job seriously!" He continued to mutter as he made his way to the offices.

"Um, I think Trottingham's the only town in Equestria where it's still legal to use a cheese grater like that." Yearling commented idly from nearby, hearing one of his remarks in draconic, and trying not to laugh at Svengallop's predicament.

"I don't think the cafeteria'll spare one for that kinda use...but then again, it is Svengallop we're talkin' 'bout." One of the language teachers, a pale gold-colored mare by the name of Ms. Peachbottom, added.

Cadance glanced up from her work when she heard the door open, "Something wrong, Spike....aaand why are you dragging the math teacher in by his mane?"

"Well, to start with, I should let you know that B-5's classroom door is broken."

She slowly raised an eyebrow. Judging from the somewhat dark look on her newest teacher's face, and the teary whimpering of Svengallop, it was safe to guess that she was going to be angry at one of them. Very angry, "And exactly how did it break?"

"When I threw this asshole through it for insulting one of my students."

"C-Cadance!" Svengallop managed to get out after the pain subsided, trying to get Spike's hand off his mane, "This little hellion...!"

"Shut it, Svengallop!" She snapped, "You'll get to give your excuse soon enough!" She focused her attention back to Spike, "Now, I'm going to have to ask what he called her exactly, so he can explain himself."

"'Filthy reptite brute' I believe it was..." Spike' knuckles cracked audibly. The stallion let out a squeal of pain and grabbed his scalp, indicating Spike had just torn out some hair in the process.

"The damn lizard should've known better than...AH-HAAHAA!!" He screamed when more hair came out in Spike's hand, a few follicles visible.

Yep, she wasn't going to be just angry..."Svengallop..." She started, the deathly calm tone she used actually making Spike gulp slightly, "Congratulations, you've just given me more than enough reason to fire your ass!"

"F-Fire me!? You can't! My tenure...!"

"Well, that's where your math was WAY off; your tenure wasn't due to start until the next term." Cadance smiled when he started to sputter. "Then again, you would've figured that out if you weren't so busy getting into arguments with other teachers over petty crap. You were hired to teach Math, not stick your nose into their business and tell them how YOU think they should treat their subjects...and trying to give yourself fancy-sounding titles just made you look like an even bigger dickhead than you are; you're a 'teacher', same as everyone else! Or, you were."

"Wait! Please, I...!" Svengallop pleaded, quickly realizing his situation. He was screwed.

She stepped over to the file cabinet and began to rifle through a drawer, ignoring him. "And let's not forget the less than complementary things teachers AND students have heard you refer to them as, 'an army of sluts' I recall being one you used often...even though you claimed it was just 'a personal opinion', yet you always seemed to say it right when someone was in earshot." She tossed a paper on the desk, "Now, I'm a big enough filly to admit my mistakes, and hiring you has turned out to be a VERY big one on my part. Thankfully, I can rectify that. Mr. Svengallop, you have exactly thirty minutes to pack up your things and get off campus." Candance looked at Spike, "You can let him go now." Her horn began glowing brightly, "He knows what I can do to him if he tries anything. Besides, I believe you have a student who could use her homeroom teacher right now."

"Yeah, I should do that." He let go of the now blubbering pony's mane, shaking off the loose hair, and turned to head out.

"Oh, and Spike." She gave him a pointed look, "Don't forget, you and I still have a few details to finish out once classes are done."

"Oh, oh yeah." He nodded slightly, thinking the trip back to his place was definitely going to be interesting.

Once he got back to the classroom, he noticed it looked like the girls had managed to recover a little. Ember was currently in a hug sandwich courtesy of Pinkie and Twilight. A quick look at the damage showed the door itself was ok, but the hinges had been ripped right out of the frame, bent to Tartarus and back. 'Hope that's not gonna be too much of my paycheck...' He thought before going in. What little chatter that had been going on quickly stopped when he entered, everyone staring at him with a mix of shock, surprise, befuddlement, and a little more awe. "Sorry 'bout the wait." He said, not really paying attention to the looks, "Just let Cadance know about the door. How's Ember holding up?"

"Oh, uh, I...I'm doing ok." She replied, wiping an eye, "Can't believe a teacher would be willing to say something like that, though...!"

"Yeah, every walk of life has its douchebags. If it helps, he won't be coming back to class. Ever."

"Well, can't say I'm surprised." The almost marshmallow-colored mare in the back...Rarity, if he ready the seating right, spoke up, "Never liked him to begin with. Seriously, what respectable individual wears a peacock blue business suit? YEUCH!"

That seemed to cheer Ember up a little if the scattered giggles were any indication.

", since we don't really know when a new teacher is gonna be hired, I'll go ahead and fill in for now." He picked up one of the textbooks lying on the floor, "Anyone tell me what you were working on last time?"

One Long Day. Pt. 3

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"Cadance, can I ask you something?" Spike looked over at his boss/current traveling companion. Math turned out to be the final class for B-5 that day, and every girl in that room was pretty quick to remind him that he had agreed to move to campus. So, he was now walking to the nearest subway station with her.

"Hm?" She looked over, now wearing a pair of body-hugging jeans and midriff-baring t-shirt that didn't leave a lot to the imagination. Though, given how she was dressed when they met, Spike didn't have much trouble worrying about imagining anything.

"Um, when you were in the classroom, how come you didn't tell them my real age?"

She simply responded with a mysterious grin, "How come you didn't tell?"

"With the exception of Ember-who already knows since SHE'S a dragon too, you really think any of them would believe me when I still look like I'm ten? I mean, my voice won't even start to crack for another five years!"

"Well, the main reason I didn't has something to do with that as well." She answered as they finally reached the entrance. By this time, most were already, or had finished, the commute home. So, the station was fairly quiet at the moment. "You saw how readily they embraced you as their teacher, and it's only your first day here. Do you really want to skew all that by making a fuss over your age? Besides," She took on a more humorous tone, "With how you're championing them, not knowing your age is probably the only thing keeping several of them from trying to seduce you."

Unfortunately, the humor flew right over his head. "But that's just it!" He responded, "They're all going to find out sooner or later; what if they think I'm some creep that's using his size to perv on them!?" Cadance had no trouble catching the worry in his voice. "My job, the reputation I'm gonna get, and whatever career I build here is going to hinge on maintaining a measure of professionalism. That's gonna be hard enough when some of the students snatch me up in hugs." He sighed, "And I've already slipped once in calling Macareina cute."

"You don't think she's cute?" She teased as they got in the subway car.

"Of course she is, but that's beside the point." Spoke slumped a little when they sat down, "But making remarks like that isn't something a teacher needs to be doing. I think she and Applejack missed it, but still..." He let out a deep breath, shaking his head, "And I...I just don't wanna mess this up." In doing so, however, he missed the brief smirk on Cadance's face that quickly got hidden in the shadows once the train started its journey.

With the exception of a stoned-out-of-her-gourd unicorn wandering down the cars, mumbling something about potato wedges, the ride proved to be uneventful. Less than an hour passed before they reached their stop. However, it was still about a three block walk until they actually entered the Heights.

The whole area had an eerie feel; the street and surrounding buildings seemed to get more and more abandoned the closer they got. Aside from the occasional distant shout or dog barking, it was unnervingly quiet.

"So, what's the name of the place you're living at?" Cadance asked, heading towards the district like she was walking to the store.

"Oh, uhm...the 'Grizzlehoof Arms'." He answered, almost stumbling when she suddenly took his hand, giving the image of a mother and son going for a walk.

"No sense making it look odd if we're heading the same way." She said, "Now, which way do we go?"

"Ah.. take a left there." He pointed to a nearby corner once they entered Everfree Heights. "There's one other thing I'm kind of curious about."


"You said something about a 'behavior code' earlier today..."

"Well, it's basically a set of rules to ensure students don't become troublemakers and ruin things for others. Stuff like no narcotics, if anyone smokes, they do it in an empty spot of the campus grounds at least."

"Give us yer bits, NOW!" A grubby-looking mare and stallion came rushing out from around a dumpster and pointed switchblades at them threateningly.

Cadance just gave them an annoyed look, her horn flashing twice, "Parties in the dorms are ok, provided they don't disturb students studying or sleeping. Alcohol's fine, as long as they don't get drunk on a school night. Otherwise it's their own fault if they find themselves having to attend class with a hangover."

"I'm guessing they never try that more than once." Spike replied, glancing at the pair, still holding out their knives.

"A couple of times for the more stubborn ones." She nudged the wannabe muggers aside, their immobilized bodies falling over with a clunk, "And the girls tend to change their minds pretty quick after seeing what passes for hangover cures"

A couple turns (and a third frozen mugger) later, the two were standing outside the apartment building.

Cadance looked at Spike in disbelief, "Are you insane!? This place has 'condemned' written all over it!" She pointed wildly at at least three broken windows-one with a half-assed boarding, a dilapidated fire escape, and an area where it looked someone tried to steal the brickwork.

"I know, but it's hard to be picky living on five thousand bits a year." He replied, missing the look of disbelief on her face.

'Five thou...?? Cadance shook her head and followed him in, feeling a LOT better about the idea of getting him out of there.

Inside, she scrunched her nose up at the musty smell, like the place hadn't been properly cleaned in years; peeling wallpaper, a carpet that threw up puffs of dust with each step, and a brief movement in the corner that she was sure was a rat.

"There's the owner, Gustav." Spike motioned to a mangy-looking yellow male griffon at the counter, reading a porno mag.

"Ugh...ok, I'll deal with him, go ahead and pack up what you want to salvage." She had to resist the urge to scowl when she caught him not even try to hide the leer he gave her.

"You sure? I mean, he thinks he's suave enough to get into any pair of panties he wants."

"Trust me." She gave the 'lobby' a look over and he noticed she seemed to be doing a mental tally of something.

"All right." Spike hesitated for a moment, before finally making his way up the stairs.

As soon as he was up the first flight, she marched towards the counter.

The griffon didn't bother to hide the mag, or look above her breasts when she got near, 'Well, hell-o ladies..."

"Can it, jackass!" She snapped, slamming her fist on the counter and making him jump, "And my eyes are up here!" A scowl crossed her face until he finally made eye contact, which meant tilting his head back a bit since she was a few inches taller than him. Before he could say anything she began, "First off, that little dragon going up the stairs; he's with me. He's also moving out of this overgrown roach motel." She lowered her head down a bit until they were even, "Now, you have two options; you can give him his deposit, since you and I both know that without a written agreement, withholding it until he prepays rent-like you are-is illegal in Canterlot."

The griffon reared back, evidently not accustomed to being called out like this, "Who the hell do you think...!?" He quickly shut up when her horn started glowing.

"OR, I can inform certain parties about the dozen or so violations I've already counted in this dump." She jerked her head head towards the entrance, "The wrecked fire escape, which is a fifteen thousand bit fine in itself. The compromised structural integrity, ten thousand bits plus repairs." She made sure he followed her gaze to a visible patch of fuzzy-looking black matter behind some peeling walpaper, "Black mold, up to five thousand depending on how widespread it is."

"Are...are you kidding me!?" He protested, trying to ignore the intimidating glow, "There ain't nothing...!"

"Possible vermin infestation, that's at least three hundred." She continued, catching another rat out of the corner of her eye, then pointed to a light switch with visible, naked wires sticking out, "The shoddy wiring I can from here; that's a thousand bare minimum."

"That's just one switch!"

"No sign of any fire extinguishers in the holders, which are required in buildings like this, five hundred per violation. And that 'lovely' planter full of Poison Joke in the corner." She looked pointedly at the mass of blue flowers, ignoring his strident shriek of 'they aren't mine!', "Which just so happens to be highly illegal to grow-much less own-in the city limits, is another one thousand bit fine PER PLANT, and I believe I see at least twenty."

" can't do that!" He shouted, moving to jump her, regardless of magic...only to feel his feet get yanked out from under him.

"Can I?" She responded, pulling a phone out of her pocket after he faceplanted onto the counter. "A couple of phone calls is all it takes."

"!" He finally deflated after she started dialing. "Fine! Fine..." He muttered under his breath as he removed a nearby poster to reveal a wall safe, though Cadance caught the words 'bitch', 'cunt' and 'hooker wannabe'. A minute later a bag hit the counter in front of her, "There's the little reptite's deposit; I hope you both choke on it!"

"Right. Oh, by the way." Cadance looked him dead in the eye as he suddenly found himself faceplanting again, except this time, he was stuck to the floor, "That was being a creep. This is for being an asshole."

His eyes widened and began to tear up when he heard the sound of a phone ring, followed by 'Hello, Canterlot Health and Safety Commision?' He tried to scream, but she'd locked his beak shut as well.


"He changed the lock, that feathered so-and-so changed my damn lock!" Spike growled, examining the door after he'd been forced to remove it from the frame when his key jammed. The lock'd been switched with a newer, microchipped model, the kind needing a key with the matching chip. A glance at nearby doors showed a couple others had been done same. "Probably thinks he can squeeze a few more bits out of the tenants for the new keys if they don't know already." He snorted and tossed the door to the side, "Yeah, agreeing to move was definitely a good idea. Ok, first off..." He quickly headed to the closet. The apartment-if it could actually be called that-wasn't much more than one room; bed in the corner, fridge, stove and sink on the other side, and a small bathroom off it.

Luckily, he didn't have too much to worry about in regards to what he had take with him. "Never thought I'd be happy this thing always jammed" He mused, wrenching the stuck closet open with a crack, and pulling out the old Saratrota trunk Scorpan had given him when he finally moved out on his own. Supposedly he'd gotten it from a pawn shop owner who thought it just looked tacky and wanted to get rid of it. A sigh of relief that it was still locked and he quickly opened it and began pulling out the compartments.

It took a few minutes, but he'd managed to double check that his books and winter clothes were still accounted for. A slight shiver ran down his back at the thought of how the girls, and a few teachers for that matter, would react to the blue,teddy bear decorated sweater he'd been forced to settle for last time he went for clothes. As he started getting clothes out of his closet and the cheap little dresser nailed to the wall, he had to fight another shiver while getting out some of his more tailored stuff; a pair of vest-slack combos in blood red and steel , and another business suit in dark green. Those, along with his regular shirts, jeans, and everything else he could find/remember, including a couple of posters he made sure to grab, went.

However, it wasn't completly flawless, "Son of a bitch stole my toothbrush!" He yelled, staring at the empty holder, "He even took the toothpaste and my jar of scale polish!" Being cheap was one thing, but this waltzed into petty shit! For that, he made it a point to turn the hot water on before leaving.

By the time he got back down, Cadance was putting her phone away...and Gustav was on the floor bawling.

"Got everything?" She asked when she spotted him.


"Then it's time to go." She handed him the bag, "Here's your deposit."

He glanced to the crying griffin, "Um, do I wanna know?"

"Just explained a few basic truths he didn't enjoy. Nothing to worry yourself about."

The trip back to the college turned out to be rather uneventful, and the sun was already setting by the time they got back.

"Whew, feels good to be away from that dump." Cadance commented.

"I'll second that." Spike replied, "Never thought I'd be that happy to leave a place behind. So, do I just pick a room or just find an empty one?"

At this, Cadance stared blankly for a second, "Whoops..."

"'Whoops'? What 'whoops'? That's never a good thing!"

"Heh, I forgot to tell, all the rooms in the teacher housing are currently taken." She said sheepishly, before quickly taking on a more cheerful expression, "However, there is a free room in the student dorm!"

Spike almost dropped his trunk, "The..the student dorm?"

"Mm-hm! And luckily for you, it's on class B-5's floor. Since we have a relatively small student body, each class has access to their own floor in the dorms, so you'll be able to be right there, just in case!"

"But..but..." He gestured toward the teacher housing, albeit a tad helplessly. "What about the one who got fired?"

"Svengallop was adamant about living off campus." She replied, rolling her eyes a little at the memory, "The idea of rooming 'among nudists' was apparently beneath him." Her smile then looked even more cheerful, "Don't worry, you'll be fine! I'll go let one of the girls know they can tell the others." She started to trot off, "Oh, one more thing, sometimes they tend to have sleepovers with each other from time to time, so you may wake up with company on occasion, but at worst most of them are just cuddlebugs from what I've heard."

As she left, he could only stand there, fin drooping slightly, "Aw, come on...!" He whimpered.

Getting Discovered

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Spike's shoulders slumped as he stood at the entrance to the dorms. As if his day wasn't stress - and arousal - inducing enough, he was now being housed among the students...

The mostly naked and seemingly eager to hug him students.

He sighed and hefted up his trunk. 'Maybe if I'm quiet enough, I can find an empty room before they find me.' Taking a deep breath to try and settle his nerves, he went in. A small floor plan near the doors revealed a pair of elevators just around the corner. 'Ok, Spike, you can do this. Just move in...and pray there's one down here.'

Unfortunately, he was so preoccupied with trying to be quiet, he missed the telltale 'ding' of elevator doors opening, followed by light footsteps. "Spike?"

Said dragon squawked in alarm when he heard the voice nearby, almost dropping his trunk in the process. His head swiveled around to see Ember standing there.

"Oh...E-Ember, it-it's you." He stuttered, trying to catch his breath, especially now that he was getting a better look at her. Like the majority of dragonesses, she was fairly gifted in the curves department, straining the sling bikini she had on with breasts that seemed to be reaching F-cups and an ass that almost screamed to have his fingers sink into it.

"I take it you and Cadance just got back from the Heights." she chuckled a little. "You probably should know, soon as they they found out you'd left, Pinkie started planning a party for getting you out of that part of town."

"A...a party?"

"Yeah, she's always looking for an excuse to throw one. Let's just say she takes the term 'party girl' to a whole new level." she then looked at his trunk. "Um, not that I'm complaining; I mean, it's great that you're out of there, but why are you in the student dorms?"

He sighed. "According to Cadance, the teacher rooms are all full; apparently Svengallop lived off campus. So, she's having me take the empty room on B-5's floor."

"Oh." her eyes eyes widened slightly. "Oh....ohh. Well, that's gonna be something to see when they find that out."

"Yeah...right now I just wanna get unpacked before...." his gaze snapped down the hall when they heard the sound of a door closing. Thankfully, whoever it was didn't see him. "....Before I get spotted."

"Well, luckily for you, I know the floor like the end of my tail." Ember nodded towards the elevator. "Come on, I think I know when room she meant." Thankfully one of the elevators was already there so they were able to get in quick. After getting it started, she turned towards him, a slight hint of shyness in her expression. "Um, I didn't get a chance to say thanks earlier...for standing up for me to Svengallop."

"Ah, the guy was an asshole."

"Still," She leaned against the wall of the elevator. "I'm part of an exchange student program that's trying to improve pony/dragon relations, and it's kind of a long-term personal goal as well, so throwing a teacher through a wall for an insult - racial or otherwise - wouldn't have earned me any points."

"Well, hopefully none of the others'll be like that." Spike replied, flicking a bit of lint off his trunk. The two relaxed into a somewhat comfortable silence until the elevator came to a stop.

", I probably should've warned you; the girls can be a little frisky when we aren't in class." Ember said as the doors opened and rock music could be heard from the room opposite them. "Especially since it's the weekend now." she peered down the hall, and after seeing it was clear, motioned for him to follow her. "Luckily, most of them are probably relaxing in the hotroom right now."

"The what?" he asked, keeping his voice down.

"It's sort of a common room each class has on their floor. Works as a kitchen and entertainment room. Ooh, and the hot tub built in the floor."

Spike blinked. Hot tub...? They had their personal freaking HOT TUB?? His body went on auto-pilot as he tried to wrab his head around a college - much less one located in a place like this one - that was capable or willing to get the students luxuries like that. The buffet-style cafeteria was one thing,but this?

Unfortunately, he didn't have much time to think about it before his field of view was quickly filled with a round, blue object barely an inch from his nose. It didn't take much to tell him exactly what it was: Ember's backside. Spike gulped and felt his face rapidly heating at the thought of almost walking right into the plump, squeezable-looking, succulent...

'SHUT UP, DAMMIT!' he mentally snarled at his bubbling hormones.

'C'mon, man, look at that fine rump! You know you wanna give it a bite!' a small part of his mind weedled

'Grandmother in a thong.' he sighed in relief as the feeling quickly retreated, screaming, back to its corner. "Ember, what happened? Why'd you stop?"

"I-I thought I saw some....someone coming o-out of a room." She managed to get out, grateful that he couldn't see the intense blush she was sporting due to the heat of his breath on her rear.

"Oh." he quickly backed up, and in an attempt to kill the sexual tint in the air, said the first thing that came to mind. "You said it doubles as a kitchen?"

"Y-yeah." she replied, quickly taking the moment to try and calm down as she resumed leading him down the hall. "Kind of...the designers assumed everyone'd eat at the cafeteria so there really wasn't actual space allocated for any kitchen stuff. But, Pinkie's an aspiring baker, so she and her sisters brought a camping oven and a couple mini fridges with them when they arrived. We all tend to use it sometimes, especially if someone doesn't get up in time to make the cafeteria for breakfast or they're too busy studying to do for dinner. Have to use a lot of paper plates and disposable cooking pans, but it works." She stopped at a door midway down the hall. "Here we go. Right next door to me and Gilda. Just so you know, Twilight's room is right across the hall, Fluttershy's is on your left, and me and Gilda on the right in case you need someone to talk to."

"Right." while it was a bit of a relief that there was someone in the dorms who knew, he still had to fight the urge to sigh somewhat resignedly at the fact he was going to be surrounded by a group of attractive ladies his age who were also his students. "Thanks, Ember. Well, I better go ahead and unpack. Night."

"Night." she lingered a bit and watched him carry the trunk in, setting it down by the bed. Once again a blush crossed her face when he took his jacket off before the door finally closed. Now alone, she let out a shuddering exhale "Haa...down girl..." she whispered, catching herself as a hand drifted down to her mound. "Damn dragon hormones. Ok, deep breaths, Ember, relax; you know you've got a chance with him. Just gotta let him get comfortable then get his attention, while the others think he's a kid at least." she headed to her room to let off some steam. "Last thing I need is competition when they find out."

A short while later, Spike had managed to get some of his things unpacked. "Gotta ask if there's a dry-cleaner around." He muttered, frowning at what looked like a greasy splotch on the sleeve of his suit jacket. That also reminded him that he was going to have to go get some groceries. Even though he tended to get up early, he didn't know if the cafeteria operated on weekends. That and he was going to get the munchies anyway.

After a change into some more comfortable clothes, and grabbing what would've been his rent money, Spike ventured back into the hall. Thankfully, it was still empty. Tiptoeing back to the elevator, another floor plan on the wall (he guessed to help new and/or forgetful students) showed him the floor was basically a pair of t-intersections that wrapped around the common room, which made his trek back out far easier. It wasn't long after until he was reappearing back on the sidewalk

"Chocolate-covered does that dragon eat this?" Gilda shook her head before putting it in the cart. She didn't complain when it was her turn to go to the store, given that this was one of the few non-specialized grocery stores that catered to multiple races, but deep down she wished Ember would get her stuff a bit more often. "All right, now to see if they restocked the licorice."

"Amethyst pound cake, nice!" a voice she quickly recognized spoke up from nearby. Gilda wheeled around in time to see a small purple dragon walking off towards one of the nearby aisles. She noticed he wasn't in the business suit from earlier today, "Well, at least the kid's out of that part of town. Still feels weird having..." she trailed off when he suddenly loaded almost two dozen cans of deviled ham and a few jars of dill pickles into his cart. 'The hell!? she asked herself. 'I thought the Pies were just seeing things when they said he put all that stuff away during lunch!' the memory of an awestruck Pinkie popped up and she had to fight a giggle at Limestone almost having the same expression.

She was quickly yanked from her thoughts by at least three boxes of ramen cups being added to her teacher's cart as he weaved through the store, followed by a few cans of artichoke hearts and hearts of palm. A couple bags of marshmallows and beef jerky joined them before. Her own shopping was almost forgotten while she followed him in a haze of surprise and curiosity, keeping her distance as well. Multiple containers of peanuts, chips, even a box or three of cereal were added.

By the time Spike had finished his trek around the shop, he was having to pull the cart behind him since he couldn't see over the stuff he'd picked out. Gilda could only stare in shock at what she'd seen; that had to be at least three hundred bits worth of stuff. Granted, everyone tended to buy for themselves, but still...! However, it was where he was heading next that quickly brought her back to reality; a corner of the store that was separated from everything else, the large windows showing shelves of colored bottles and jugs...

The liquor section.

Gilda's eyes bugged out when he park his cart by the entry and strode right in. "W-what the heck is he doing?? No one underage is even ALLOWED in there!" She'd tried to get some beer a couple times, but still had another year before she was and got shot down. Throwing caution to the wind, she rushed over, getting as close to the entrance as she could. While she was too far off to hear Spike or the clerk, she could see them easily enough through one of the windows. What she saw wasn't what she'd expected.

"...seriously?" The clerk asked, holding up Spike's ID. "Kid, you really expect me to believe this is genuine?"

Spike rolled his eyes a little. "Check your species register."

The clerk glanced down at a sheet of paper under the counter. "Um...huh, forgot about that for male dragons. Sorry about that, dude...but I guess this ain't the first time?"

"Won't be the last, either. Don't worry about it, you're just doing your job."

"New around here, I take it?" He asked, handing the ID back.

"Yep, just finished my first day at the college."

The clerk did a double-take so fast, Spike could've sworn he heard a joint pop. " way! T-the college?? The all-girls college right over there??" he pointed in the general direction.

"Yep." he sighed.

The clerk quickly looked around before dropping his voice some. " it true about clothes being completely optional there?"

"Pretty much. I found that out the hard way." He twitched a little and tried to put the image of the first mare he ran into there out of his head

"Dude...! Seriously!? You're hanging out with hot gals who can be naked whenever they want??"

"I'm a homeroom teacher. They're attractive, yes. But they're my students. And now I've learned that I have to room with my class in the student dorms."

"Come on, man. You've landed a gig most other stallions -pony, griffon, or otherwise - would die for! Hell, if they found out, probably half the guys who work here would see you as a celebrity!"

Spike just stared at him blankly for a moment before ticking things off on his hand. "Except that one: most of them think I am a little kid, and therefore they 'feel safe' around me. Two: I'm their teacher. And three: several of them are cuddlers."

"Oh." the clerk's expression of awe quickly faded when things finally soaked in. "O-ohh...s-sorry, dude. Didn't think about that. But, why don't you just tell them you're older?"

"Aside from the ones who know about male dragon growth, do you really think they'd believe me saying I'm really in my early twenties?"

"Oh yeah; got a point."

"Besides, they're all going to find out sooner or later, so the best I can do is have a measure of professionalism and show I'm taking this seriously."

"Well, all I can say is good luck, dude."

"Have a feeling I might need it." Spike looked over at the shelves. "Gimme a bottle of Zapp Black Label."

"Zapp Black?? You sure, dude?" The retrieved bottle of dark green liquid clinked lightly on the counter. "This' some of the strongest booze we sell."

Spike chuckled and paid for the drink. "Trust me, the stuff dragons need to get hammered is considered toxic by pony standards."

Outside the liquor section, Gilda could barely believe what she'd seen; Spike'd managed to buy alcohol with no trouble! The clerk'd looked skeptical for a moment before checking a paper under his counter, then everyone was ok! She knew how seriously this place was about making sure you were old enough, so there was really only one explanation for what she'd seen.

Spike was older than he looked, definitely old enough to get hooch. She quickly raced around a display when she saw him coming back into the main store. ' No way! Is he seriously older than me? Maybe older than most of the class!?' her mind raced as she watched him head to the checkout. It was then that, a thought popped in Gilda's head.

Given the tough girl/rebel image she like to put out, plus the fact she had a tendency to be a bit on the intimidating side she'd never exactly been with anyone, though she and Rainbow Dash had experimented once.

But now there was a guy who, if she guessed right, was close to her age, even though he didn't look it. And, she had to admit, was kind of cute. ' Hmm, wonder if he's into griffons. If not, then I can definitely help change his mind.' She thought, a light purr escaping her.

A Dorm Welcome. (filler of a sort)

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"Mff....gotta stop eatin' Choco-Muffin Bombs 'fore bed..." Spike groaned sleepily, trying to ignore the crack of sunlight hitting him through the window. "That was a wonky dream." He still remembered the whole thing; how he'd gotten a job at Canterlot College, only to learn that it was an all-girls campus, with almost every student and teacher almost or fully naked.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he yawned and started to sit up...only to feel a weight against him.

And a pair of round, and quite soft, pillows pressing against the back of his head. "Huh? I dun 'member buying big, round pillows...'specially ones dis color..." He reached up and pressed it, rubbing a finger over the dark-colored button on top. "Kinda squishy." He pressed his hand on it, watching his fingers sink in a little. "Warm too...and feathery...?"


The moan near his ear informed him of three things; he was not alone in the bed, what he was touching evidently belonged to that someone, and it was NOT a pillow!


It was then that he discovered he was being firmly snuggled by whoever was in bed with him, pinned against them by a pair of slender arms. Taking a risk, he slowly turned to see just who had invaded his apartment. "G-Gabby!?"

His eyes nearly bugged out when he saw the slumbering face of the bluish grey griffon girl. He realized wasn't a dream...all the long legs, pert backsides, and plump breasts that had surrounded him had been very real. And he was also sharing a floor with that same class on their dormroom floor.

And somehow, one of his students, one of his quite...well-developed students, was in his bed, cuddling with him in her sleep!

At hearing her name, the griffoness yawned and opened her eyes slightly. "Hmm?" She murmured, looking around. When her gaze fell on Spike, she went from sleepy to wide awake in a heartbeart. "Spike!" She chirped, sitting up. "How'd you find my room?"

"Um, this is my room. Gabby...Cadance said the teachers' dorms are full..."

"Cadance? OOH, that means you're not living in Everfree Highs anymore, right?!" She scooted up near him, revealing just how curvy she was under the shirt, especiany since she was naked.

"Y-yeah..." He gulped, trying not to stare at her body. "Listen, how'd~"

"THIS IS GREAT!" She squealed, jumping on the bed in joy, making her DD-cup breasts bounce like crazy as she did. "We were all worried sick that something might've happened to you when you vanished last night!"

", not that I don't appreciate the concern, but MMMF!?" He tensed when he found his face wedged firmly in her breasts. 'Wow...these are softer than I thought. She smells really nice too...dammit Spike!'

"I know Cadance said she was going with you, but it's still Everfree, that place is YUCKY!" She 'yecched' before letting him go and rushing to the door. "I gotta tell the others!"

"How'd you get in my room!?" He blurted out, but she was already gone. "Oy vey."

Since the floor wasn't that heavily populated, it barely took the griffon five minutes to inform them all that, not only was their new homeroom teacher now out of that part of town, apparently he was also their new dorm mate. He soon found his room filled with nearly, or completely, naked girls. "All right. I know all of you probably itching to aaa-aashk!" He yelped slightly as he found himself scooped up into the lap of a now happy Fluttershy.

"It's great that you're outta that dump, halfpint." Spitfire said, grinning a little as she called him that. "But why are you sleeping here? The teacher apartments..."

"Are full, according to Cadance. Svengallop was off campus. So, she moved me in here." He took a slow, deep breath, expecing at least one objection.

Spitfire just shrugged. "Oh. Ok."

"Works for us." Aloe and Lotus said in unison.

"I don't see anything wrong with that." Fluttershy said, nuzzling the top of his head and making him blush

Needless to say he was surprised by that. "So...none of you are bothered with your homeroom teacher rooming with you? Your male homeroom teacher?"

"Come on, teach." Lemon Hearts piped up. "If Cadance....DEAN Cadance, trusts you enough to have you move here, then I don't really see any problem."

"Besides, we don't have to worry about a little guy like you." Rainbow smirked, ruffling his fin.

"Remember Svengallop and the door, Dash?" Ember reminded her.

"Oh...heh." She rubbed her shoulder. "Well, at least our virtue's safe."

No one noticed the knowing grin Ember had....and she missed the smirk on Gilda.

Once the relief of him living there now had receded a bit, he found himself carried into the common room.

Or as the girls had simply christened it: The Tub. Spike slowly traced the outside edge of the 'tub'. 'Hot tub?? This is a freaking POOL!' And it was! He didn't know how the college had managed to afford it, but it was a standard ten-by-twenty foot pool set in the thirty-by-thirty foot rooms floor. A third of his class was currently relaxing in or around it. Others were either reading, watching tv on the wall-mounted flat screen or eating a quick breakfast.

"Cannonball!" Pinkie squealed, tossing off her nightcap...the only thing she'd be wearing...and hopped into the water with a sizable splash, earning laughs and a few indignant yelps. Spike chuckled when he heard Twilight.

"Wanna join us, Spike? The water's just right." She patted a spot of water beside her.

Oh it was tempting...very tempting. But there was still the fact he was their teacher...even if they didn't one, somewhat larger issue. "I..I appreciate the offer, girls....but I never learned to swim."

"Wha?" Flitter sat up, "You can't? Then I believe that's something we can rectify over the next few days. You can get some swim trunks later today and start tonight!"

"Yeah!" Carrot Top piped up, "Not fair if we all can but our newest dormmate can't!"

It was a nice gesture, considering there was a lot of agreement. "O...okay."

"Don't worry, dude, none of our hands'll leave you until you can do laps all on your own." Twinkleshine smiled.

"Heh...great." For the first time of many, Spike fought the urge to run to his room and lock the room for some 'solitary relaxation'.

Week No.1: The 'Tour'.

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Once he accepted that this was to be his living conditions, and after a light breakfast - though Moondancer and Twilight got into a rather pointed debate about how a full box of cereal could be considered 'light' - he decided now was as good a time as any to get learn a bit more about the campus layout. More then he'd found yesterday, at least.

"Oh, Spikey, before you go." The unicorn who'd introduced herself as Rarity spoke up, stopping him as he was about to head to his room. One thing he'd learned about his class, it was getting very easy to remember their names, especially with bodies likes theirs and the fact Rarity seemed to enjoy wearing pasties over anything.

"Hm?" He looked straight at her nose, trying to pretend it didn't look like the voluptuous unicorn was just wearing body paint at the moment.

"If you are going to walk around the campus, be careful if you run into a little girl named Flurry Heart."

"Why? Is she trouble or something?"

"Oh, no, nothing like that." She paused for a moment. "Well, not intentionally. She's Cadance's daughter.

"Really?!" Spike didn't even bother hiding the surprise in his voice. 'Holy shit...the dean is a MILF..!'

Rarity smile. "I was surprised as you when I found, darling. Anyway, if you do encounter her, just be ready for a challenge if you find yourself having to tell her 'no'. She's only seven, and adorable as a teddy bear, but I'm afraid the word is alien to her. Not that she doesn't like being told it, but, it just doesn't seem to register."

"Ok, I'll keep that in mind." He said before heading back to his room to get dressed.

"Oh! One more thing!" She called out, catching him at the door. "Um, my seamstress class is Monday, and we're working on making full suits, but....well, the model we were going to use canceled on us with no warning. The class was all set up for it and we don't have time to hire another, so..." She trailed off, looking at him hopefully.

"And you're asking me to possibly fill in." He sighed when she gave him puppy dog eyes. "All right, I'll do it."

"Oh thank you!" She 'squee'ed, wrapping him up a hug and kissing his cheek. "I promise you won't regret it! I need to go tell Sassy!" With that, she scampered off, leaving a mildly stunned and red-faced Spike.

"Ooh, let me try that!" Pinkie chirped.

"Me too!" Gabby added.

"I wouldn't mind giving it a shot." A slender light grey unicorn named Fleur-de-Lis joined in

Ten minutes (and half a dozen kisses from other girls) later, he finally managed to get back to his room. He had yet to unpack, but figured he'd do that tonight. He quickly changed into some jeans and a t-shirt. "Mental note, gotta buy a new toothbrush later." He muttered.

The journey outside was a bit faster since they knew he was there now.

"There you are!" A somewhat familiar voice squeaked the moment he was outside. He looked to see the three fillies he'd met the other day; the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The speaker, who he recalled was Sweetie Belle, ran up to him with a big - and not that he'd say it out loud, kind of adorable - smile. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were right behind her.

"We were wonderin' where you were!" Bloom spoke up.

"Yeah! Rainbow said Dean Cadance was going with you to help you move to campus, but we didn't know it was from... Everfree." Scootaloo added, all three shuddering at the name.

"Ah heard some horror stories writtin' 'bout that place." Bloom muttered. "Anyhoo, we still gotta figure what to show you first-"


All three stared at him when they heard the sound.

"Cafeteria?" Sweetie asked, getting nods from the other two.

"But I had some cereal!" Spike threw in as he was promptly dragged off.

He didn't know what it was about the campus cafeteria, but the moment he got there, the smell of the food had him making a beeline to the nearest platter. Sausage, eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, toast, oatmeal, a big bowl of gems, a jug of chocolate milk, and a flask of coffee with cream and sugar all made their way onto his tray.

"You really think you can eat all THAT??" Sweetie asked, looking at the spread in trepidation. Usually she was full after a couple of bagels.

Spike just grinned and set to dismantling his meal. A few minutes later and the fillies were gobsmacked.

"No way...!" Scootaloo blurted out, watching him calmly polish off the last few strips of bacon. "I don't think I've even seen Pinkie polish off that much!"

"Ah'm with Scoot there." A new voice spoke up, one that Spike easily recognize from the twang. "That was definitely a thing."

"Macerina?" He looked at the tall county gal. She'd traded in her hospital gown for a bikini top and daisy dukes, showing off her amanezon figure, complete with an impressive six-pack. 'Damn...!'

"Mac! Ah thought you were stuck in the infirmary fer a couple more days." Bloom said, looking at her oldest sister in surprise .

"So was Ah, but Nurse Redhead said Ah'd improved enough to let me out. Just gonna steer clear of alfalfa fer a while." She gave Spike a lazy grin. "So, what've these three rascals got you doin'?"

"We're showing him around campus!" Scootaloo answered. "At least, the spots we're allowed to go to."

"Which kinda leaves out the main buildin'" Applebloom muttered. "Lot of the office workers go skyclad."

Sweetie ticked off a couple more. "And we saw him come out of the dorms..." They all looked his way.

"Cadance said the teacher dorms were full, so she put me on my class' floor." He replied.

"Oh. And the gym area. Some of the older students work out on the weekends."

"The auditorium?" Scootaloo offered. " It doubles as the lecture hall, and sometimes we go to watch movies there when we get free time. Ooh, we can see if anything's playing later!"

"Well, ya'll have fun. Ah'm gonna head back to the dorm an' see what all Ah've missed." Mac said before she headed off.

"Bye, Sis." Apple Bloom replied. "Guess that leaves the class building. We can show you around there at least."

"That works. Just one thing first."

"Where is he putting it all!?" Sweetie asked, watching Spike munching on the double-decker egg, sausage, and, bacon pancake sandwich he brought with him.

Bloom and Scootaloo just shrugged.

"Well, I guess we can just work our way up." Sweetie said on entry. "Ok, the first three floors floor are mostly the school library and study hall, so there isn't really much to say."

Spike let out a whistle at the place, making a mental note to see what books he could find.

"The Arcane Studies Club meets here sometimes, but they can be kinda stuffy." She added, leading him to the elevator.

"Fourth floor's where the good stuff starts." Apple Bloom grinned when they reached the floor in question, the smell of clay and paints hitting Spike's nose as they passed a door, a sign on it saying 'Kiln in use'. "Like most of the art classes; sculptin', paintin', even stuff like engravin', pottery, and etchin'. It's fun to watch when they let us in."

"And the Tailoring ones. Design, identifying fabrics and the little doodads that get added, embroidery, knitting." Sweetie said, looking into the currently empty room. Manniquins with partially finished outfits, rolls of fabric and various material bins decorated the large room. "Rarity's been showing me how to sew some lately."

"I tried to sew some once." Spike muttered, looking at his fingers. "Bent four needles jabbing myself." That earned a wince from the fillies.

The next floor had a more...sterile feel to it. "Oh, this floor." Scootaloo muttered. This is where the chemistry and biology labs are. But we aren't allowed in them 'cause of the equipment. But..." She turned to look at Spike. "Being a teacher,you can. The professor should be in there right now, so you can go in no problem, introduce yourself, and maybe tell us what kind of stuff is really in there."

"Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to at least say hi." He agreed. "Ok, I'll be back in a few minutes." He quickly stepped in, the door closing behind him with a sturdy 'click'.

Inside, Spike held back another whistle. The college was definitely going high-end for equipment; aside from the mass of the usual items; beakers, bunsen burners, scales, and microscopes, he noticed at least two fume hoods in the back, along with a set of centrifuges and a large reagent cabnet. There was even a ULT freeze and bioreactor.

"Wow...this place really DOESN'T spare expenses." He looked on in a bit of awe at the environmental chamber.

"Indeed, the college made no lie when they told me that all classes were given high quality supply." A deep feminine voice spoke up behind him, making him whirl around to see the owner; a zebra mare, standing almost as tall as Macareina, her mane done up in a mohawk and wearing a standard lab coat that showed off a pair of long, toned legs. The coat, however, was unbuttoned just enough to show off the cleavage of her considerable bust, and give a slight peek that she had on no panties, the lips of her marehood just barely visible. The grin and almost bedroom-eyes she gave him made him sweat a little. "I must admit today I expected no one to meet, but tell me, what is your name, my little treat?"

Week No.1 pt2: A...Friendly Faculty

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"Oh, hi..." Spike replied, part of him wondering why he suddenly felt like prey for a moment. "I...I take it you're the chemistry teacher."

"The very same." Her smile widened a bit as she went over to the reagent cabinet, giving him a show of her long, curvy legs; her toned thighs flexing a little with each step. "Zecora is my name. You must be the new teacher of which I've heard. Whilst I work, won't you share word?"

"S-sure! prob. Um, I....I'm Spiiiyy--" His voice cracked some when she bent over, the coat stretching over her plump, and VERY grabbable-looking ass. 'UNF!' "I-I mean Spike! Spike Drake." He tried to be subtle in pushing down the tent forming in his pants.

"Male dragons around here are a rare sight to see, though as for why...well, you know better than me." She set down a few jars filled with metallic powder.

"Yeah...I'll admit, I was actually kinda surprised that I was considered." He said. "Good thing the dean here was aware."

"Cadence always ensured she would see true." She replied before wiping at her forehead. " it warm in here to you, too?" With barely a second thought, Zecora unbuttoned her coat a little and uses it to fan herself. In the process, it also teased him with a hint of her plump onyx nipples. "Now this leaves me a touch braced. So what brought you to this college, of any place?"

"W-well, tittie-TEACHING! I mean teaching's kind of had my attention." He faltered a little spying the satisfied look on her face. 'That's deliberate...she's as bad as Yearling!' He fought to keep his composure. "That and it also seemed the breas-best way to maybe be taken seriously. Was more than a little surprised when I got the call from my grandfather that he'd recommended me to take his place when he retired."

"Quite the god send. Has it since been pleasant?"

"Not too bad. My class seems to like me." 'At least...until they find out.' And the faculty I've seen so far are pretty nice Present company included." He added with a sheepish smile.

"A compliment you plainly know how to tend" He could swear she purred saying that. "I am sure you will be to me a very...good friend. Sadly, our conversation we now must end. Soon my next class will come to attend."

"Oh, that's cool. I'll leave you to finish getting ready." He started to leave when she spoke up one more time.

"Might you sometime be willing to aid me in research unique?" She looked back at him, licking her lips a bit, tail swishing tantalizingly over her backside. "You look quite skilled with...hands-on technique."

"Uh...y-yeah..." He gulped, bumping into the door, his face bright red.

Sweetie, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom quickly asked him what he'd seen inside, but didn't really recognize much aside from the microscopes, beakers and general items. Despite the slight disappointment, they quickly rallied and resumed taking Spike on the tour.

The next floor turned out to have some of the dryer subjects; sociology, political sciences, writing, and similar. The girls were pretty eager to get off that floor fast. Unfortunately, another look at the clock brought the tour to an end; the girls had classes of their own they had to go for that day. The quartet headed back outside, where they promised to take him to see a movie at the auditorium some time that weekend.

Once they met up, and left, with their assigned escort, Spike headed back to the dorm to relax, and probably unpack.

*Knock, Knock!*

"Yeah?" He asked, getting the last of his suits hung up. He looked over to see Twilight Sparkle peek in, wearing just a bra and panties that she looked comfortable in. It also showed off her curvy build. "H-hey...Twilight, right?"

"Mm-hm." She nodded. "We're all getting ready to watch a movie. It's Spitfire's turn so odds are it's a horror flick, you wanna come watch it with us?"

"Sure, just let me finish unpacking." He pulled out the compartment with his underwear, trying to ignore how she giggled at the fish-patterned boxers he was holding.

"Want some help?" She asked, stepping inside. "Could go faster with two."

"Sure. Don't worry about the books at the bottom for now. Can get those later."

"Ok." She went over and took out another compartment. "What's this?" She asked, finding what looked like a little tin for cookies, except it was a twelve-hundred piece mini-puzzle of a picture of Buckministerfullerene.

"Hm? Oh I got that as first prize for an algebra competition back in middle school. You can have it if you want. Not much of a jigsaw guy myself."

"R-Really??" She looked back at the picture and saw the picture even had info about its structure and properties. She'd done puzzles with her mom when she was little, but none of them were science-based. The fact she was being flat out given it made her squee a little.

'Ok, that was freaking adorable.' Spike thought.

After a few minutes, they'd gotten everything else out. Twilight was about to start putting the compartments back when one of the books caught her eye. " that what I think it is!?"

"What?" Looking in the trunk, he pulled out the one she was looking at; a hardback copy of 'Grimbridle Brothers Fairy Tales'. "This one?"

"I LOVE that book!" She squealed, looking like she'd ran into someone she hadn't met in years. "My mom used to read the stories in this to me when I was a little filly!"

"Huh, well, if you wanna read it, go ahead. No sense leaving it in the trunk-mmf!" He was abruptly cut off when she snatched up in a hug on par with Pinkie.

"THANK YOU!" She cried out, before giving him a kiss...


Right on the lips.

"P-pro noblem..." He responded in a slightly airy manner after being put back down, wobbling a bit while she skipped out of the room. "Did...she slip me tongue...?"

Twilight was already a short ways down the hall when she stopped, her face turning crimson as she lightly touched her lips. 'I just gave my first kiss to my homeroom teacher! And a little boy to boot!' She reflexively ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. 'B-but, he is adorable...and tastes a little like cornflakes...' And let out a small, slightly embarrassed squeak as she realized what she was thinking.

More than a few of her classmates were bemused at the sight of her speed-walking back to her room.

By the time Spike managed to come down from the surprise of his first actual kiss being from one of his own students, figuring it was mostly out of excitement, and a couple of the others managed to get a still-blushing Twilight (who refused to say anything just then) out of her room, the movie was starting.

"Cool, Nosfertrotu!" Spike perked up from his spot as the filling in a cuddle-sandwich between Fluttershy and Marble. "Haven't seen this one." And unfortunately, he soon found himself having to wait to see it again; every time the two got scared, he was promptly dual-marshmallowed.

In a similar fashion, Twilight was rather distracted from the movie as well. 'I kissed him...' She thought, going over the scene in her head more than once. 'And...and it was kinda nice-gah! What are you doing, Sparkle!' She scolded herself mentally. 'He's young enough to be your little brother! Even if you did like was still...' Luckily for her, the whine she made was covered up by Rarity's scream when the vampire showed.


"I know, it's freaking awesome!" Rainbow replied excitedly as the first victim was gotten.

Soon as the movie was over, Spike let the girls know he was heading to the store to replace a few bathroom items that his former landlord had stolen.

Most of them were offended on his behalf, most notably Aloe and Lotus. Juniper Montage was just thoroughly confused as to why a non-dragon would even like topaz-flavored toothpaste, much less steal a half-empty tube.

The trip to the store was pretty much cut and dry, except for the fact he soon found he had a bit of company. "Oh, need to pick up some stuff too, Gilda?" He asked, seeing the griffoness standing idly by a display, and trying not to look at how tight the spandex shorts and t-shirt she had on were, despite how much more they covered than her usual 'outfit'.

"Sorta, kind of looking for something...specific." She bent down low, legs spread and making sure he saw everything. 'Heh, this view oughta get him revved.' She glanced back at him, and hid her smirk when he blushed.

"O-oh...ah, w-what exactly?" 'Ok, just calm down, Spike. Just because those shorts look freakin PAINTED on...she's just limber, that's all...right?'

"Nothing major." She moved to act like she was going to climb the shelf, arching her back in the process, lifting her ass up some. "I kinda want some nice and...' He could swear her voice went husky. "Meaty for my buns back at the dorm. Poor things really need something between them."

Spike gulped, praying she didn't see the bulge forming in his pants. "heh, w-well, I'll leave you to it. Need to get back to the dorm!" With that, he scurried off down the aisle.

"Damn! Almost had him!" She muttered.

Spike nearly sprinted back to campus after that.

"Girls, if anyone needs me, I'll be in the shower." He told the group, once he got back to their floor and a clean set of clothes. "Um...where the one for our floor?"

Coco Pommel was the first to answer him. "The dorms don't have showers, Spike."


"Yeah, since no one's really worried about being seen naked, we all take our showers at the gym area." Carrot Top added.

"But...but that's out in the open." He ran over to a nearby window that gave a view over the campus. Despite the fact that it was the weekend, there were still too many out there for him to be comfortable going down just yet. "Yeah...I think I'll wait a while." He looked at the clock.

Two in the afternoon. "Definitely a while."

The next few hours seemed to crawl by for Spike as he tried to kill time while waiting for the activity outside to die down enough; mostly with a mix of figuring out who's room was where for emergencies, listening to Rainbow and Gilda try to talk Twinkleshine into picking an action flick for the next movie they watched, and flicking through the channels when no one else was watching.

By the time the campus grounds looked empty enough, it was getting dark out. "Ok, let's do this." He told himself, getting his stuff. Luckily there was enough light for him to keep watch out for anyone who might've been near the gym area. Reaching his destination, he quickly selected a shower in the back. "Why'd it have to be outside?" Turning the shower on, he fiddled with the lone handle until it was at a temperature he liked and double-checked his surroundings before stripping down.

Soon he was the middle of a cloud of steam and covered in suds. Heh, I feel better already. Now, where's that polish...wait a sec...' Getting there, he saw there was a couple of lights about the showers, and one was behind him.

Except something was now between it and him....two somethings to be exact. He turned around in time to hear a slightly deep female voice.

Spike promptly took a step back at the sight that greeted. Standing less than four feet away was a dark orchid-colored mare, her mane done up like a mohawk, and wearing nothing but a pair of running shoes, showing of a toned and very curvaceous figure. Beside her stood a brownish-orange female buffalo, wearing nothing at all. She was a few inches taller than the mare, and had a more muscular build, but it did little to hide her own curves.

Both were giving him somewhat toothy smiles.

"Well, well. Look who we found, Strongheart." Even though there was a bit of amusement, he could hear a distinctive purr in the mare's voice.

"Mm, I heard our new male teacher had gotten the attention of a few mares on campus, Tempest." The buffalo's was noticeably deeper, similar to Zecora. "But I didn't expect him to be this yummy little morsel."

Week No.1 pt3: Bits and Pieces.

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'Ok, just...just focus on something; the water falling on you, the crow in that tree over there, the tiles under you feee-' "Eet!" Spike squeaked when one of Strongheart's nipples brushed against the back of his neck. The sensation snapped him out of his thoughts and he found himself staring straight at Tempest's bare breasts.

"Think he likes what he sees, Tempest?" Strongheart purred, slowly running her soap-covered hands over his back. "Don't worry, cutie." She leaned in to whisper in his ear. "We'll be gentle."

Spike gulped. "Well, I-uh..." He'd figured that they knew he was older than he looked since neither of them reacted like he was a kid. But he wasn't prepared for them to offer to help scrub him down...and do it before he could even give a response! He squeaked again when Strongheart gave his butt a squeeze. 'Did...did she just-?'

"Well, well...he might not be saying it, but I'd say he's definitely enjoying it." Tempest looked down, blatantly licking her lips.

"Huh?" Spike's face turned crimson as Strongheart looked over his shoulder.

"Hello! I always though it was just a rumor about dragon guys!"

' double-crossing bastards!' He mentally cursed, realizing what they were looking at. "'s nothing major..."

"Heh, maybe we could give them a good scrubbing next?" Tempest's hand slid down dangerously close to his upper erection.

"Ha-ahh..! Heh..whoa...heh." He tried to hop back a little, but Strongjeart was almost right on him. His head nearly wedged itself between her breasts.

"Oh, I nearly forgot. Tempest, we need to wash up as well." Strongheart said as she rinsed his back off.

"Oh yeah. Heh, think you'd be willing to help us with a couple places that could use some..." She took Spike's hand, and while crouched, slipped it up high into her inner thigh. "....extra scrubbing."

That did it; he might've been a dragon, but this was a bit more than he could handle. With a noise that seemed like a cross between a shriek and whimper, he took off back to the locker area, not even worrying about drying off.

"Heh, think I'm gonna like having him around." Tempest grinned, standing back up.

"You and me both." Strongheart picked the soap he had dropped.

Upon returning to the dorm, he learned from Spitfire, who'd been the first to see he was soaked, that Tempest and Strongheart were the resident coaches. Of course, that didn't help his slightly frazzled nerves and still raging hardons.

Before going to bed, he made a note to get more alcohol when he could.

The next couple of days proved to be less stressful. Sweetie, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom made good on their deal and got him to watch a movie with them. Unfortunately, it was a bad musical about a nanny falling for her boss. Even the girls seemed unimpressed by it.

At least they were allowed to bring snacks.

And like he promised, when Monday rolled around, he went with Rarity and Coco to their tailoring class. The rest of the girls there seemed a little surprised that he was a new teacher there when Rarity introduced him, but were more relieved to learn they still had a model. He was a little uncomfortable about having to strip to his boxers, but they were professional about it for the most part.

From what Rarity had said, their project was a contest of sorts. They were to work in pairs to design and construct an outfit from scratch, the winners would get to decide what kind of project for the class to do next time. As soon as the class started, they advanced on him in small groups to take measurements. During this, he noticed that the girls were nude, or mostly nude, were all wearing cloth wraps around their breasts. Probably to keep from accidentally poking themselves or each other while sewing.

Things weren't quite as bad as he thought it might be, but while watching the 'teams' work on designs, he did overhear a couple commenting that 'he'll look adorable in tartan'. 'Interesting, but not really a kilt guy.' He also heard fabric names he'd never heard of. What the hell was 'voile', or 'bengaline'?? Fortunately, he'd been able to get dressed again once they finished the measurements, though he'd have to come back in later for fittings and alterations.

It wasn't long before that class came to a close. Before he could leave, a couple of the girls came up to him. They'd heard from Coco that he was able to tutor in a couple of subjects and asked if he'd be willing to help them get ready for a math test they had later that week. He didn't see any harm in it, so he agreed to meet them in the library after classes were done.
Needless to say, they were pretty grateful.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. After the last class, he met up with them at the library. They'd introduced themselves as Sassy Saddles and Inky Rose (if Spike was honest with himself, he though goth girls were pretty hot sometimes), so it wasn't too hard to find them. They were both seated in one of those really big two-person bean bag chairs.

"Well, I see you two are comfortable." He started looking around for a chair himself. "Let me get a seat and we can staaaaart!" He yelped when a magic aura pulled him into the chair between them.

"Why? There's plenty of room for all three of us." Sassy grinned, before she saw him sink down into it.


"We got you." Inky help her pull him out...and move so he was halfway in both girls' laps, where he was promptly snuggled up in the middle. "Normally I'm not much of hugger or anything, but for some reason, I can get used to this."

"R-Right..." 'Why couldn't they have at least put panties on?' He asked himself, firmly tucked into the spot where he'd spend the next couple of hours helping them bone up on things for their test.

"'re out of Zapp Black?" Spike couldn't keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"Sorry, dude, the newest shipment won't be in until tomorrow night." The cashier replied, shrugging helplessly.

"Aw man...well, what's the next best thing you got?"

"Um...if you like cinnamon, we got this." He brought over a bottle of dark red liquid.

"Huh. Thought they stopped making Cinder's Kiss vodka." Spike said, paying for the bottle. "It'll work." He took the bag with his purchase and decided to stop for something to munch on..

"Oh, hey, Spike." Gilda called out, looking out from around a display. "Surprised to see you here."

"Yeah, just grabbing a couple..." He nearly dropped his bag when he saw what she had on; a tiny, cropped bikini-style t-shirt, low riding leather short-shorts with the straps of her panties visibly poking out, and heeled, knee-high boots. 'Holy...!!' "A..a couple things."

"Same." She wiggled her hips a little, looking uncomfortable. "Damn, did these shrink?" Not even bothering to turn around, Gilda undid the top button on her shorts, giving him a view of what was little more than pussy floss underneath. "Whew, that's much better." She purred.

"OkwellIllseeyoubackatthedorm!" He blurted out, face bright crimson as he quickly headed out the door.

"Crap!" She snorted, looking a little annoyed at her second fail. "At least he noticed a little this time, I think." Leaving the aisle, she missed the fact that a third party was noticing as well.

Week No.1 pt4: Discovered

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Listening to the faint chorus of 'good-night's from the girls heading to bed while heading to his own room, Spike found himself chuckling to himself as his first full week came to a close. Surprisingly enough, it didn't take him long to get somewhat accustomed to being around so many semi and fully naked gals.

The flirting was still gonna take a while. He had a feeling Yearling's offer to teach him yoga was meant to involve a lot more than stretching. It didn't really help that Tempest and Strongheart had learned about his preference for showering late, and managed to catch him each time. Though, despite their slightly aggressive flirting and offers to help him scrub down, they never really went farther than marshmallowing him. Zecora...was almost as bad, namely with how she'd tease him with her lack of panties under the coat.

Thankfully, Bulk had noticed how uneasy he got due to it all and told him about his only starting week. Poor guy had been scared to get within five feet of any of the female staff or students. That lasted until Cadance talked to him, explaining that if it was honestly accidental, or just something like a pat on the shoulder or back, he had nothing to worry about. If anyone decided they wanted a slice of beefcake, though, that was HIS problem. (That last bit didn't really help much)

While the other teachers were proving to be somewhat eccentric, his class was the true handful. Granted, he'd found that if he made himself ignore it, he could take finding company in his bed in stride. However, it was their own quirks that stood out.

Twilight, for instance; for some reason she was acting oddly around him the last couple of days. She was almost bashful, and when he tried to talk to her, she would blush and squeak like an embarrassed little filly. Considering she had been one of the more composed of the class when they first met, it was really peculiar.

Since he had to go back to the sewing class for the fittings, he noticed Rarity and Coco were watching one particular student like a hawk; a mare named Suri Polomare. He wasn't sure what'd happened, but the two seemed hellbent on keeping her away. Even the others in the class asked them if they'd overreacted about it, whatever 'it' was.

And Gabby. While she loved helping him out sometimes, she could easily overdo rather embarrassing levels; like offering to help him dress, saying two pair of hands would make it faster, or feed him while he was looking over papers. One moment stood out - fortunately it was just far - when she offered to help him wash the last time he was heading to get a shower.

"Ah, could be worse." He thought, heading into his room. He had a few papers to go over before heading to bed as well. "Least that's all I gotta deal with."

Knock on wood...

As Saturday night rolled around, Spike found himself back at the store to restock. "Maybe I should start buying in bulk." He said to himself, throwing a few cans of peanuts into his cart. In doing do, he felt the need to look behind him. "There you...aren't." He muttered, seeing no one. In the last few times he'd gone shopping, Spike had found Gilda there, every time.

And each time she'd been wearing skimpier clothing. Last time she'd had on denim shorts that looked more like a thong, and bikini top under a mesh shirt...he had a sinking suspicion as to what was going on, but hoped her was wrong and it was just something about her. 'Maybe she's just proud of her figure. Sure as hell has one.'

Now though, it looked like she decided not to come today. He had yet to see her at all in the aisles. "Huh, guess she doesn't need anything today?" He asked himself, heading to the candy section to fix his sweet tooth.


He jumped when the scream hit him. "The hell!? That came from behind the store...and it sounded like Gilda!" Without a second thought, he left the cart behind and took off out of the store.

Five Minutes Earlier

"Man, kinda drafty." Gilda shivered a little thanks to her current 'outfit'. Consisting of just a couple wide belts to form a makeshift skirt and a strip of cloth that was barely holding her breasts in, it was one she was certain would get Spikes attention. Either that, or she'd just pounce him and show what a horny griffoness was capable of! "You better be ready, Teach, cause this time, you'll be learning a few things." She purred.

"Maybe you could teach me instead, sweet thing." A grungy-looking pony with a mohawk stepped onto the curb in front of her. The smarmy grin he gave her made her want to brain him on principal.

"Piss off, prick." She snorted, moving to walk past him...only to have a mare who looked like she'd gotten into a fight with a tattoo gun, and lost.

"If Murky wants to talk to ya, then ya talk to him." She sneered, as a half dozen others came up, blocking the sidewalk.

"Talk to this, asshole!" She flipped them off and headed the other way. Reaching the back corner of the store, she cut through the alley behind it, knowing she could come around the other end.

"Where d'ya think yer going!?" The mare demanded, having ran to catch up with her. "Murky-!"


"Do I look like I give a shit, bitch!?" Gilda hissed, delivering a back kick that caught her in the chin. The mare had a glass jaw, since she went down like an onion bag. "Shit!" Gilda yelped, quickly closing her legs and looking around wildly. "I hope no one saw that!" Fighting down the blush that tried to rise, she almost facepalmed at picking today to go commando in a skirt. Making sure no one else was around, she resumed her walk.

Unfortunately, the rapidly approaching footsteps ended the return of her good mood. "Aw, now why'd you gotta do that to Babytail?" 'Muddy' or 'Mungy' or whatever his name was called out.

She snorted. "She pissed me off. Now scrape her up and get lost!" She snapped, not bothering to look at them. She knew she could whoop them, but her current attire put her at a disadvantage. And there was on way in hell she was letting these lowlifes get a peek at her goodies. With that she picked up her pace a little, hoping they'd get bored or forget what they were doing.

"Wait up, baby! We just wanna talk!"

"And I told you to FUCK! OFF!" She yelled. "I got better things to do than hang with bottom-feeders!"

As she walked down the alley, the catcalls got a little more aggressive, with some of his friends joining in.

"Hey, Murk, maybe she needs a lesson in manners?"

"You might be right. We just wanna talk."

Reaching the other entrance, Gilda froze and swore; the other entrance was blocked off by a large delivery truck. 'Oh, fuck me with a brick! I'm stuck!'

"Well, well, well, karma's somethin', ain't it?" 'Murky' crowed, his gang spreading out to pin her in. "Now, how about you and I get to know each other?"

"How about I stuff this up your ass!?" She snapped, moving to grab a length of pipe leaning against the wall. In her eagerness to get it, though, she failed to see the broken bottle in her path...until she felt it pierce her ankle and heel. With a cry of pain, she stumbled against the wall. 'Dammit! Just my luck...shit, that hurts!' She'd never been the type to cry, but the burning sensation was testing her limits, plus the fact that it felt like a shard was still in there.

"Aww, the poor birdie's hurt." One of the other punks laughed. "Maybe we should kiss it better?"

"Heh, why not. Ain't like she can stop us now." Murky smiled, leading the way as they slowly advanced on her.

'Dammit! Now I really can't fight like this! And I don't have time to get the glass out.' Seeing how limited her options were, Gilda did the only thing she could think of. "Hope someone in the store hears me... HEEEEELLLPPP!" She screamed as loud as she could.

"Ain't gotta scream, baby." Murky replied. "We'll take care of ya."

Doing her best to keep her balance, she grabbed the pipe with her free hand. "You fuckers better be ready to pay out the nose!"

"Gilda! Hang on!" Another voice call out on the other side of the truck, followed by the sound of metal being ripped apart, then the side of the truck blowing out as Spike plowed through it into the alley.

"The hell!?" One of 'Murky's friends shrieked, falling back in shock.

"Okay....THAT'S new." Gilda said, staring at the hole. She'd seen how strong he was, but she never expected to see him go right through a vehicle!

"Gilda, what happened?" He went over her. "Oh geeze! Your ankle!"

"Hey! Piss off, runt! The bitch is with us!" Another one snapped, stomping closer to try and intimidate him.

"Excuse me?" He asked, stepping closer to him, the calm tone in his voice quickly reminding Gilda of how he responded to Svengallop. "You did not just call one of my students..." Growling, the punk ran up and attempted to give him a good kick.

Key word: attempted. There was a light thump as Spike caught the foot, quickly moving his grip to the ankle. "A 'bitch'"

"The hell!?" The punk tried to pull away, to no avail.

"Mooch, quit dicking around!" Murky ordered.

"I-I can't! It's stuuuaaaUGH!" He screamed when Spike hurled him back at his friends, knocking Murky and another off their feet.

"Nice shot..." Gilda commented while he returned to her.

"Ok, this might sting a little. We'll have to get you to Nurse Redheart to make sure it's all out."

"What about the others!?" She asked, looking at them as they stared in shock at the now concussed trio, before feeling him take hold of her foot.

"They don't really matter." He slowly pulled the shard out, doing his best to keep the pain to a minimum. Once it was out, and he made sure he didn't miss any other visible pieces, he pulled his shirt off and wrapped it around her foot. "You really need to wear shoes more often."

"I-I tried, but they're uncomfortable as hell." She said, blushing a little when she saw he had visible definition.

"Wh-what the hell are you, kid!?" One of the still standing punks yelled.

"A dragon, duh." He snarked, turning back to Gilda. "Ok...this may be a little awkward, just hook your leg under my arm and hold on. It might be a little more comfortable than trying bridal style." After a bit of wrapping limbs around him, Gilda managed to get into a piggy back position. "You ok?"

"Y-yeah." She replied, resisting the urge to rub against him. Looking back at the hole through the truck, she shook her head. "How...just, how??"

"You already know, but I'm stronger than I look."

"I think the whole class guess that." As he carried her out out the alley, she couldn't resist flipping off the punks again while they tried to drag their unconscious members away.

"All right, before anything else...Gilda, what possessed you to dress that?" He asked when they neared the sidewalk. "I can feel you sitting on the base of my tail, and..." He didn't think he needed to say he could tell she didn't have panties on. Luckily, the circumstances surrounding that discovery was allowing him to ignore it.

"Well, I...I've been trying to get your attention the last few days." She admitted, tightening her grip a little when he stumbled.

"W-what??" He coughed on the inhale that snagged in his chest.

"Why do you think I've been wearing less and less when I manage to find you at the store?"

"Me? But I'm...I mean, look at me! I'm barely half your height!"

"Spike, I know your older than you look." She replied, leaning in on him. "This store takes carding seriously, and I saw you buy that bottle of booze earlier this week."

" saw that?" He blanched.

"Yep. I'm not sure exactly how old, but you're at least a year older than I am."



"I'm twenty right now. I'll be twenty-one in a couple of months."

"Well, that's not bad. Though...I'm still curious about..." She gestured to his height.

"Why I look like I'm ten? They still haven't figured out why exactly, but male dragons age at half speed. I won't look like a twenty-year old until I'm in my forties. Some think it's so we have a bigger window to find a mate, but I don't know. Either way, it's a pain when it makes you hard to be taken seriously."

"Wow, guess that explains why you didn't tell us at first?" She paused 'Wait...Ember...she's a dragon, so that means...that sneaky bitch!'

"Would you have believed me if I said 'Hi, despite my size, I'm actually in my twenties' without any proof?"

"Got a point there." Gilda turned back to look at the alley. "One more the hell are you strong enough to do, well, all that back there!? You tossed that jackass and Svengallop like they were footballs!"

"It's kind of a defense mechanism for us." Spike replied as they neared the campus entry portal. "To make up for our smaller size, we're a lot stronger than we look. The most I can lift right now is eight thousand, one hundred and twenty pounds."

"F-four tons!?" Gilda nearly fell off him in shock. "Holy shit!"

"That's why I eat a lot. That kind of power requires a high caloric intake."

"Hey, I'm not arguing. That's...that's...damn!"

It took a minute, since Spike didn't want to jostle Gilda's foot too much, but they finally reaching the campus entry portal.

"Spike, hang on a second." She said as he was about to step on through. "Um, remember when you asked why I was dressed like this?"

"Oh...yeah. You said something, but I..."

"Nice try, but you know." She rested her head against him. "I'm gonna be blunt about it; you're just about the first guy I've ran into since coming to this college that doesn't just take the 'tough girl' act I like to do.'s actually kinda new to me. Not many guys care much for a gruff attitude, so I'm having to adapt to it." She purred a little in his ear. "Frankly, the thought of a guy who can actually make me back down gets me pretty damn wet."

Spike glanced back at her, too surprised to really say anything.

"And, well, you know about my attendance record..."

"Kinda." He'd heard from a few other teachers about how Gilda, and on occasion Rainbow Dash, would skip classes. However, it was the classroom teacher's duty to enforce that, and his duty was to B-5. All he could really do is tell them they need to go more often. Besides, she still managed to keep decent grades.

"So, what do you say to a little deal? I'll work on improving my attendance, and in exchange, you give me a little..." Spike squawked in surprise when she reached down to grip him through his pants, "...incentive to keep it up." She blinked and gave him a squeeze. "Fuck me...what've you been feeding this anaconda!?"

"G-Gilda!" He yelped, turned bright red. "We're in public!"

Once they were back on campus, and he'd gotten her to stop groping him, Spike had made a beeline for the infirmary. Thankfully, that one shard was all that there was. Nurse Redhead was able to clean up the cut and make sure it wouldn't get infected. Though, she'd need a few stitches, and his shirt was beyond saving. Aside from that, Gilda was going to be ok.

As he left the building to let her rest up, what she said just before he left still echoed.

"The offer still stands; some incentive, and I show up in class more."

Now that he was alone, Spike found himself just kind of drifting around the grounds. It was obvious what kind of 'incentive' she was looking for, but...academic improvement in exchange for sex? Last he heard, that was still illegal! That and if the others found that out...he didn't know what to expect, except that it didn't look good for him at all.

He really needed a place to think...or someone to talk to at least.

He turned to the main building. " Please let her be awake...'

Extracurricular Activities

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"Ok, just calm're a teacher now, a professional..." Spike said to himself, standing outside the door to Cadance's office. "Just explain things calmly...I can do that." He reached up and knocked on the door. "...I hope"

"Yes?" Came the response from inside. He steeled himself and entered. Cadance was at her desk, doing what looked to be last minute paperwork. "Spike, what brings you here at this hour?"

"Well...I...ah..." He scratched the back of his next nervously. 'What a time to get stage-freaking-fright!'

"What's wrong? You look like you're going to hyperventilate."

"Um...G-Gilda...thing...attendance offer...I-I..." He stammered, his mouth running on autopilot.

"Spike, calm down." Cadance spike up, stopping him. "Just start at the beginning and go slow."

Spike took a long, deep breath. "W-well, I was at the store, getting a few things..." He recalled hearing Gilda's scream and finding her being accosted by the thugs. She quickly turned concerned when he mentioned seeing her foot bleeding. "I already dropped her off at the infirmary to get the cut taken care of, so that's one thing." He added, seeing relief show on her face. He then got to getting her out of the alley...and finally the offer she made. "I-I mean, I knew it was only a matter of time before they'd start figuring out I'm older, but this is the last reaction I expected!"

Cadance was silent on the matter, so he continued. "I mean, she's attractive; I'll admit that...hell, they ALL are, but I'm a teacher! I'm doing whatever I can to show I'm a professional and that I'm taking the job seriously! Not to mention the fact this is a student propositioning a teacher about academics!" He whined as he scratched his head in frustration. "I'm worried enough about how the rest of them are going to react when they finally do find out my age-!"

"Haahaha!" Cadance's sudden laughter caught him off guard, and put him off a bit as he saw her leaning on her decks, shaking with a massive case of the giggles.

"Cadance, I'm almost ready to puke from nerves about this! What the heck is so funny about any of it??"

"You...*gigglesnort* you didn't read the guidelines about *squeak* student/teacher interactions, did you?"

"Guidelines...?" He faltered, indignation evaporating into being befuddled.

"Spike, you are the homeroom teacher. You don't actually handle a subject. Outside of moments like with Svengallop, at least, but you don't handle any actual tests, exams, or grading." Cadance smiled. "So, there's no question of academic indiscretions. And as for the guidelines, it's a regulation that homeroom teachers are trusted to use whatever method they think their students will respond best to that encourages them to achieve academic excellence." Her smile turned more than a little cheeky. " if you think giving her a ride will get her in class and paying attention, then by all means have fun. That's between you and her."

"H-hoovahebewu?" He responded inelegantly.

"Gilda's offering to improve her attendance, not exchange sex for grades; so there's no issue there. If the girls are willing to improve themselves academically for a chance to ride those twin-Ds you're packing, then it's more of an incentive system. Yes, I've seen pictures of male dragons; I know what you're armed with." She licked her lips a little to tease.

"I...I-da...eda..." He wrapped his tail around himself to try and hide the tent forming in his pants.

"Like you said, she's attractive, right?"

"Well...y-yeah, but-"

"So, she knows you're older, and she didn't start screaming 'pervert' or 'liar' or anything. Right?"


"So, I don't see any real problem. Hell, you've already proven you take the job seriously more than once. I'd say you've earned a little...extra credit. Also, I've seen a couple of the teacher have been eyeing you as well...Miss Yearling, for instance?"

Spike flushed when he remembered the way she kept showing off to him during her lessons. Along with the fact she didn't have any worries,either. He was still unsure about the whole thing. "Um...can-can I think it over first?"

"By all means...but, I'd recommend not thinking too long if you're worried about rumors at all."


"About why she's acting like she is towards you. I can imagine what the students might speculate."

Spike winced slightly. "Yeah..." Given the griffon's 'tough girl' image, it wasn't hard to guess what they'd assume.

"Here, go and get some sleep. Maybe settled nerves'll help."

A quiet, almost empty campus greeted Spike as he left the main building, his head spinning slightly from what he'd just learned. "Ok, ok. Spike you've had to make choices like this before...well, not on the same level. J-just gotta weight out the pros and cons..."

Pros: He'd be hooking up with a hot girl, one who's actually interested in him. His boss is surprisingly fine with it, even telling him to go ahead. And like she said, he's the homeroom teacher, therefore he wasn't involved in their tests or exams, so that was a non-issue.

Cons: He couldn't really think of any, to be honest. Gilda'd figured out his age on her own, yet instead of calling him out, went with getting his attention.

'All-in-all, aside from nerves, I don't really have any reason not to.' He thought, with plenty of reasons to say 'yes' as an image of a naked griffoness formed in his head.

His trek took him to the outside of Gilda and Ember's dorm room. Thankfully, Ember was currently pulling an all-nighter study at the library with Maud for their geology test, so that saved him from a rather...awkward explanation. 'Here goes.' He gave a quick knock on the door. "Hang on...I left her with Redheart."

"Come in." Gilda's voice sounded out from inside.

He steeled himself and slowly began to open the door, only for his jaw to slacken at the look she was giving him as her face became visible.

"Nurse Redheart said the cut was thankfully shallow, so she let me head out with some bandages and painkillers. I was hoping you'd make up your mind, tonight, Mr. Drake." She purred in greeting. "I'm afraid I've been a very bad girl."

As the door swung open, the knob slipped away from his nerveless grasp. The sight that greeted him caused the dragon to swallow convulsively...

Griffin' Lucky

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Gilda smirked, wearing a somewhat damp t-shirt, just long enough to give her something akin to modesty. "Heh, had to take a shower after being about those creeps." The wet material clung to her curves and outlined every contour of her body, along with the rock-hard nipples that jutted almost proudly. "I should probably tell you it's not just to scratch a mother of an itch" She said, visibly enjoying the way he was staring.

He tore his eyes away from her thighs to look at her. "It's not?"

"Well, it is a pretty big part; but the fact that even after your first night here, and waking up to Gabby's tits, you've refused to try and take advantage of how affectionate some of the girls can be. Shit, you do what you can to help us out more than the other way around, and that's just when it's involving your height."

"It's l-like I told Cadance, I'm trying to take this job seriously. I mean, aside from Ember you're the only one in the class who knows I'm older, and I wanna show that I'm a teacher first and a guy second, even if it is just homeroom."

"Considering you put that prick Svengallop through the door, then came back to fill in yourself, I'd say 'taking it seriously' is an understatement!" She sauntered his way, the hem of the shirt bouncing against each sway of her hips. "And like I said, the fact that you haven't batted an eye to 'tough girl' me..." The moment she got close, she slipped to her knees in front of him and pushed the door closed. " a serious turn on."

Next thing Spike knew, she laid a searing kiss on him, her tongue already slipping into his mouth. Meanwhile. her hands were already guiding his into groping her; making sure he had two handfuls of tit. He squeezed on reflex, making her moan into the kiss and push against him slightly, her nipples rubbing against his palms through the material, encouraging him to grip a bit harder.

In return, hers slid town to the growing tent in his pants. He tensed sightly when he heard the sound of unzipping, but ignored it, only to feel her pull his pants down as the kiss ended. "Mm, never had dragon meat before." She purred, staring hungrily at the bulge in his boxers before yanking them down...and her eyes widened at what greeted her. "Uh...I..i'm not seeing double am I?"

"No..." Spike replied blushing brightly while both of his nine-inch erection bobbed slightly from being freed. "Don't ask me why; guess it's something we developed to...double our chances of hooking up."

" have two dicks!" He inhaled sharply when she grabbed both. "And their fucking huge! Geeze, morning wood must be a bitch...holy got..." She trailed off.

"G-Gilda." He asked, glancing at her...and seeing she was grinning widely...and starting to drool.

"Bed, now!" She commanded, snatching him up in her arms and semi-tossing him onto the bed.

He let out a weak laugh. "Why do I have the urge to say 'what are we gonna do on the bed, Nee-ch..." The sound of ripping fabric filled the room when Gilda tore her shirt off, giving him an unobstructed view of her bare figure. Dark chocolate-colored nipples topped breasts that nearly rivaled Ember's in size, followed by a flat belly and hips that screamed 'you love to watch me leave', and finally, a plump little mound, already dripping from arousal.

Gilda licked her beak as she crawled toward him. "Always loved a big, fat sausage..."

"Heh, dunno about-"

"That can't be possible!" Twilight whined, head in her hands. "It just can't...I shouldn't feel like this!" All because of that stupid kiss! "Why did I do it...and why did I like it so much!?" She threw herself on her bed with a whine of frustration. "He's young enough to be a little brother! A smart, insanely strong, caring, adorable...huggable..." Her cheeks pinked heavily. "Oh-"

"Sweet Faust...!" Spike moaned, gripping Gilda's head as she had one erection nestled between her breasts, and sucking on the other like her life depended on it.

"Kinda spicy." She flicked her tongue over both heads. "Gilda LIKE!"

Spike was forced to prop himself up. "How...when did...?" He couldn't help asking.

"Griffon's don't have much of a gag reflex, so our all night parties usually had me being dared to swallow a banana in one go." She smirked. "You're a hell of a lot tastier!" With that, she descended on him on again, the tip of her beak reaching the base while she rubbed his other cock between her breasts. "Mmm." While it wasn't long, her tongue was flezible enough to coil around him at least once.

While she was enjoying herself, Spike, on the other hand, was nearing his limit rapidly. "G-Gilda...I'm I think I'm gonna...!"

Gilda, sensing thing was gonna happen, pulled back a bit, but not enough, because with a whining growl, he came. "Eep!" he squeaked as he gave her both barrels, spraying her lower face and breast with hot, sticky cum. She coughed a little, mostly in surprise, and the fact she didn't expect to still get a mouthful, swallowing on reflex. "Heh, damn..." She chuckled when the shock'd wore off. "I thought only porn stars could blow a load like this." She smacked her lips, getting another taste. "Hm..." She ran a finger over a nipple and licked it. "Your jizz tastes like hot sauce..." She licked some more. "I like it!"

Unknown to her, the sight of her covered in his load, not to mention the fact she was enjoying it switched something on in him. "Spike want.." He hissed.

"Even smells spicy...say what, Spike?" She asked, looked at him...and pausing at the look of unabashed hunger he was giving her.

"Spike....WANT!" Without another word, he grabbed hold of Gilda and yanked her onto the bed, stomach first.

"Whoh! Easy, Teach, this stuff's still stick..." She turned back in time to see him positioning himself right behind her, grabbing hold of her tail to keep it lifted. It wasn't until she felt the head of a cock pushing against both her holes that she realized what was going on. Especially with the way he licked his own lips as he drew back.

'H-He's gonna...' Her eyes widened briefly, followed by an eager smile as she had to clap a hand over her mouth to muffle the scream of pleasure when he impaled her.