Rainbow Light Goes To School

by Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

First published

After The TwiDash Family went to a family vacation Rainbow Light has finally grew up to become a filly.

Rainbow Light goes to school she is very excited for her first time going to school.

Getting Ready For School

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Twilight and Rainbow Dash was getting Rainbow Light ready for her first time at school. “Got everything ready?” Twilight asked, Twilight checked her check list, everything was ready.

“I’am so excited to go to school I can't wait mummies!” Rainbow Light said excitedly.

“Wo there, Rainbow Light you need to be 20% cooler to go to school,” Rainbow Dash said.

“She doesn't have to, she's there to learn and you should go now, you don't want to be late for school, do you Rainbow Light?” Twilight asked.

“No I don't want to be late for school, mummy,” Rainbow Light said respectfully to her mum Twilight.

“Good,” Twilight replied.

“Bye, mummy,” Rainbow Light said as she hugged Twilight.

“Come on, Rainbow Light let's go to your school now,” Rainbow Dash said, Rainbow Light got her bag and they flew to school. Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Light went inside the class room to see Miss Cherrilee.

At School

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“Hi Rainbow Dash, and who is this little filly,” Cheerilee said.

“This is, Rainbow Light,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Why hello, Rainbow Light it's nice to meet you,” Cheerilee said.

“Rainbow Light, say hello to, Miss Cheerilee,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Hello, Miss Cheerliee,” Rainbow Light said shyly.

“I know you're shy, Rainbow Light you can go play with somepony else class will start in, 5 minutes,” Cheerliee said.

Rainbow Light hugged Rainbow Dash, “Bye, mummy.”

“Bye, Rainbow Light hope you have a great day at school,” Rainbow Dash said as she cried a bit because her little filly is growing up so fast.

Rainbow Light went to play with someponies. “Hi, what's your name?” A filly asked Rainbow Light.

“H-hi th-there my name is,” Rainbow Light gulped, “Rainbow Light,” she said nervously.

“I know you're shy you just have to get out of your shell one day and my name is, Sketchy Clouds,” Sketchy said. “Do you want to play with me at play time?” Sketchy Clouds questioned Rainbow Light.

“Sure, I would love too,” Rainbow Light answered.

“Cool, see you then,” Sketchy Clouds went to her desk and so did Rainbow Light.

“Alright, class time to start learning,” Cheerilee said as she checked if everypony was here then they started learning. “Now we are going to learn our ABC’s now sing along now.”

Everypony sang. “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, now I know my ABC’s next time won't you sing with me.”

“Good everypony now let's go on to, maths,” Cheerilee said.

Everypony said along, “1+1 is 2. 1+2 is 3,” Rainbow Light was really liking school. As everypony was learning time flew fast the bell rung and it was play time.

“Ok everypony it's play time,” Cheerilee said.

Everypony ran outside, “Yay!” They all said.

As Rainbow Light sat there waiting for her friend Sketchy Clouds found her sitting there and Sketchy Clouds came up to her. “Hi, Rainbow Light, watcha doing sitting there?” Sketchy Clouds questioned her friend.

“I was just waiting for you,” Rainbow Light answered.

“So what do you want to play?” Sketchy Clouds asked.

“I don't know I didn't have a friend before it's just you, Sketchy Clouds and never played a game before,” Rainbow Light said, watching everypony play.

“We can play tag it's easy the rules are you tag some pony and they try to tag you but you have to run if you get tagged your it and you have to tag them again. Got it?” Sketchy Clouds said.

“Yes I got it,” Rainbow Light said.

“Ok then,” Sketchy Clouds said, “Tag your it.”

“Hey you are a cheeky friend,” Rainbow Light said, as she ran to Sketchy Clouds. “Tag your it!” Then as the two fillies were playing the bell rung and play time was over and it was back to learning.

“Play time is over everypony!” Cheerilee said, everypony ran back inside and all took a seat on their desk. Cheerilee checked the list to see if everypony was inside then they started learning again. “Okay, everypony now let's do some handwriting,” Cheerilee put the A-Z letters on the board for everypony to copy and trace 10 times. As Cheerilee walked around the classroom to see if everypony was ok Rainbow Light was having difficulties with her lower case m and w as Cheerilee found Rainbow Light stuck.

“Miss Cheerilee? I need help please,” Rainbow Light said struggling.

“Oh you need help, Rainbow Light?” Cheerilee said to make sure.

“I’m have trouble with my W and M,” Rainbow Light said.

“Yes those are the hard ones I expect most of you to get it wrong,” Cheerilee said, as she traced it on Rainbow Light’s book as Rainbow Light watched. “There you go it's you’re turn,” Rainbow Light traced the W and M as Cheerilee watched.

“Thanks, Miss Cheerilee,” Rainbow Light said.

“You’re welcome,” Cheerilee said, the bell rung and it was home time.

Sketchy Clouds flew to Rainbow Light. “Hi, Rainbow Light, loved school?” She questioned Rainbow Light.

“School was fun but it was more fun with you here,” Rainbow Light said.

“Awww you're just saying that, aren't you?” Sketchy Clouds said.

“No I’m serious,” Rainbow Light said.

“Thanks you're gonna make me cry,” Sketchy Clouds said. “So do you wanna play puzzle games till our parents come?”

“Sure, okay! I know how puzzles work,” Rainbow Light said happily.

“Cool but already do you want to become BFF’s?” Sketchy Clouds said.

“Of course! You're the only friend I have!” Rainbow Light said, so the two friends played puzzle games then about a minute later Rainbow Light’s and Sketchy Clouds mum came in they both ran to them but this time it was Twilight taking Rainbow Light home. “Hi mummy,” she said, “Where’s mummy?” Rainbow Light questioned.

“She’s at the Wonderbolts Acdemey,” Twilight answered.

“Okay,” Rainbow Light said as they were about to take off. “Bye, Sketchy Clouds.”

“Bye, Rainbow Light,” Sketchy Clouds said.

Then, Twilight and Rainbow Light flew off.

Back At Home

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Then, they went inside the house. “So how was school?” Twilight asked.

“Good and already made a BFF,” Rainbow Light said. “So fun if it wasn't from my BFF, Sketchy Clouds that I said bye to earlier.”

“Glad you had a fun time,” Twilight said.

Rainbow Light had a rest because she was tired from school.

To be continued...