The Misadventures of Sketchy Clouds

by PixelMoon

First published

Born May 13th, 2004, ANMM. Talent of two. This is the story of a pegasus named Sketchy Clouds.

Glassy Amber, unicorn mare, married to Bally Hoops, pegasus stallion.
Mother and father of Curly Emerald, unicorn, Basket Coco, unicorn, and their newly birthed foal, Sketchy Clouds, pegasus.

'Everyone would say that I can't do it, saying I couldn't do the impossible. I was just I mere "blank flank". Yet I tried, several times. And look where it got me. This is the journal, of Sketchy Clouds.' -Sketchy Clouds.

* * *

Cover Art by Multiversecruise.

Additional tags: Fluttershy


Prologue - A Foal Was Born

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Glassy Amber moaned in pain, her husband, Bally Hoops, next to her. He was holding her hoof, giving reassuring words to his wife.

Beads of sweat were rolling down Amber's face. She sighed heavily and glanced at her loving special somepony. He gave a reassuring look and nodded.

"Honey, you can do this. It's only the third child. The girls will love her," he reassured.

"Yes, maybe. But, what if she, she's a earth pony or something!" Amber exclaimed.

Bally raised an eyebrow at the statement. "That's so bad because why? If she's an earth pony you don't have to teach her magic. And if she is a pegasus you have me." He gave a light peck on his wife. "Besides, the doctor said she's a unicorn."

Amber nodded and sighed again. She suddenly shouted in pain and mumbled something about a contraction.

It was 4:50 A.M in late Spring, and the two ponies were in the Ponyville hospital, giving birth. They have only been there for a few hours, for their foal was approaching its due date.

Amber had to take off from her glasses shop that she worked at for a few days, as of the pain that her foal was causing became unbearable.

"We are going to have to have a talk about kicking when you come out, missy," Amber stated as she poked her bulging stomach.

The stallion in the room rolled his eyes and chuckled. Sure, he loved Amber with his whole heart, but sometimes she could say the weirdest things.

The pregnant mare rolled her eyes as well, and placed a light kiss upon Bally's muzzle. The pegasus stallion copied the kiss, and kissed her on the lips as well.

He broke their light, short kiss at the sound of a magical aura channeling. The two ponies both turned their heads at the door to see a green aura surrounding it.

Their doctor - Doctor Crosshead - was revealed behind the wooden door. He gave a small smile and waved hello. "Okay, Amber. How are you doing?"

Amber grunted as she levitated a rag to her face and wiped the sweat off. She sighed and gave a weak smile. "As good as I'm gonna be, I guess. The contractions are getting closer, I think its coming."

Bally's eyes widened, and he gained a frantic gaze. "Oh my Celestia! Its almost here!" He paused for a second when a sudden realization hit him. "I'm gonna be a father of three fillies..."

Amber was about to give a warm smile when a sudden pain appeared in her stomach, stopping her from doing so.

She grunted in pain, while the doctor called in a nurse. They began to make sure everything was okay.

"I think its coming..... THE FOAL IS COMING, EVERYPONY! GET INTO PLACES!" The nurse exclaimed after she finshed her examination.

Amber was about to freak out when Bally squeezed her hoof, causing her to turn her head towards him. He mouthed the words "you are going to be fine" and she calmed a bit down.

The doctor soon was next to her, along with the nurse. "Okay, miss. Just push the foal out." Amber did as told, almost crying while doing it.

She continued pushing, and soon enough the head can out. The body pushed through, and all that was left was the legs.

"Almost there, sweetie! One more push and that should do!" The nurse encouraged.

Sure enough, the foal came out, and the doctors and nurses took it. Amber relaxed and groaned in pain, falling into her hospital bed.

Amber awoke from her nap - one that she was gifted with by her tiredness - to a knock at the door.

She wearily rubbed her tired eyes and looked around. Her husband, Bally Hoops, was fast asleep for whatever reason.

"Come," she yawned. "In". Amber managed to say.

The door was slowly opened by the nurse that helped her with the foal. She had a loving smile upon her lips, and had a white blanket in her arms.

Upon seeing the bundle, which she assumed was her foal, Amber nudged Bally with her horn. He lazily awoke with a startled gaze.

"Wha? Where am I?" He said, dazed. Bally flipped his head around, confirming that he was in a hospital room. Once sure, he turned his gaze to the nurse.

"I believe this belongs to you," the mare said kindly. "Congratulations, it's a girl!"

Amber's eyes filled with tears as the nurse put her filly in her arms. Bally stood next to his wife, mutely admiring his filly.

"She's beautiful..." Amber breathed heavenly.

Bally didn't show that he heard her, and only continued to stare at his bundle of joy. He carefully stroked the filly's cheek, which she responded to by squirming a bit.

The filly had a cyan coat - a light blue - that practically glowed. Her mane was long for a filly, and was a semi dark shade of purple that had golden ends, appearing to have been dipped in mane dye.

The part that made Bally smile with glee was what was adorned upon his filly's back. She had a small pair of pegasi wings.

"She has your wings, Bally," Amber stated.

"She has your mane," he said back.

That was partly true. The color wasn't the same, but even though the filly was just born, her mane was very long for her age and extremely thick. Far thicker than normal adult ponies.

"Indeed. I hope my hair stylistic won't have a problem with having two of myself to trim." Amber joked tiredly.

"The girls are gonna love her."

"My little star, she'll have a bright future. I can feel it."

Basket Coco laid upon the floor, playing with her action figures. "Zoom! You'll never catch me, Darth Vader! I am the greatest Jedi in all of Equestria!"

"Haha! Great job, Luke! Chewie! C'mon! I need somepony to drive the Millennium Falcon!"

Curly Emerald gritted her teeth and cover her ears with her hooves. "Coco! Can you play with your Galactic toys somewhere else? I'm trying to read the Canterlot Chronicles!"

"It's Star Wars, get it right! Now get your egghead books and your flank somewhere else if you don't want to hear me!" Coco exclaimed.

Emerald gritted her teeth and let out a grunt, before grabbing her magazine and standing up. Just before she was going to stomp out of the room, a noise coming from the door caught her attention.

The rattling of the doorknob went out for another moment, before the door creaked and opened. There stood Bally Hoops and a tired Glassy Amber with a filly in her hooves.

"Mommy! Daddy!" The fillies stopped fighting and ran over to their parents, Emerald jumping on her dad.

"Girls! How have you been? Did grandma do a good job?" Bally asked, setting his unicorn filly down.

"Yeah! She let us have ice cream every night!" Coco exclaimed.

Amber moved forward and nuzzled her fillies lovingly. "I missed you girls. Do you want to meet your new baby sister?"

The two sisters excitedly nodded, Emerald practically bouncing out of her skin. Amber went onto the rocking chair in the living room, next to Coco's skewed action figures.

"Meet your little sisters, my stars," Amber said once everypony was settled.

She removed the blanket from the newborn filly's face, revealing the cyan coat once again. The two fillies's faces lit up in amazement, staring in awe at their sister.

"She's so tiny!" Coco exclaimed.

"She's so adorable!" Emerald gushed. "What's her name?"

Amber and Bally gave each other a look and smiled. "Her name is....."

She paused for dramatic affect.

"Sketchy Clouds."


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The Misadventures of Sketchy Clouds

Book One: The First Years

Chapter One - The First Flight

Written By PixelMoon

A. K. A. THE Sketchy Clouds

I skid down the halls of my home very fast. Flapping my wings to boost my speed, I starting giggling in joy. "You'll newer cwatch me, daddy!"

I was only three, and could barely talk. Maybe this is a bit to late, should I start earlier? Okay, well all you need to know is I'm Sketchy Clouds, and this is basically my diary of my whole life.

I was born and raised in Ponyville. I guess I'll tell you from the very beginning, like as far as I remember.

Let's see, hm. Ah ha! I've got it!

So I was little, like REALLY little. Maybe two or even one. Anyways, I was a filly of three. There was me and my two sisters, Emerald and Coco.

By the time I've started remembering things they went to school. Mommy was always at work during the school days, only off after 3:30 and on the weekends.

That left me with dad. You wouldn't believe the things he did for me as a filly. As far as I can say, I was the spoiled filly. Even up to my years now.

After Coco and Emerald would go to school (and I pretended that I was sleeping while they gushed over how cute I was) and mom went to work, me and dad would hang out.

He put me in a tickle dungeon, (trust me, you don't wanna know) and kept tickling me until I put the 'key' in his ear. Just please, don't ask!

After that we, well, actually I kinda forget. Sorry!

It was about lunch time by now, so dad went out to get me some hayburgers and fries (every. Single. Day!). He let me sit in the living room on the rocking chair! THE ROCKING CHAIR! WOOHOO!!!

Of course you've gotta know about that chair. It's only the greatest chair in all of Equestria.

Anyway, dad would let me color and eat lunch in the living room, sitting in the best chair ever. That's about it.

I'm sorry, you guys. I'm new to this journal thing, and as soon as I finish this first "book" I will actually start labeling, as the entries will start to come into my life beginning.

Haha, just kidding. This diary thingie is to tell my story, how I came to be amd stuff like that. Blah blah blah, you don't care for this part.

Okay. This sucks. I, I just don't even know where to start. How about my first day of school? Meh, that's a bit sketchy. Haha I used my name.

How about when I first begun to fly? Sure, why not.

(By the way, when I make a pen mark I start to tell ot as it happened, as if its happening right now.)

So me and my dad were hanging out of course, the rest of my family were either working or at school.

Dad set down my tray of a hayburger and some fries. He smiled as I squealed in excitement, shoving my face almost instantly into the food.

"Slow down there, Sketchy. You don't want to get a tummy ache," dad said.

Since I couldn't talk very well, I only grumbled in response and began to eat slower. He nodded satisfiingly, seeing as he got me to stop.

I soon enough finished eating my food and watched dad finish. Being the antsy filly I was, I kept tipping my chair back and fourth, much to dad's dismay.

"Sketchy, if you keep doing that you are going to fa- yep, and you fell," dad said calmly. I was crying, for I had hit my head on the chair next to me. "Told ya."

Dad eventually stopped boasting about how he was right and decided to help me up. He wiped the tests away and gave me a kiss on the area that hurt. "Better?" He asked.

I sniffed and nodded. Dad rubbed my head, messing it up even more than it already was. Dad always managed to make me giggle even at the sad times. I guess that's what I love most about him.

Eventually he finally finished eating, paid for the lunch, and we were walking outside. The sun was a little off of its highest peak, singling the time was a little after noon.

Me and dad had planned to learn how to fly (well, he already knew how, he was teaching me), but after my incident in the restaurant, he wasn't sure if I was up to it.

"Sketchy, are you still up to learning how to fly? I just don't want you to do it if you still hurt," he asked.

"Uh huh! I want to fwy!" I exclaimed.

Dad chuckled, and said, "okay, my little fartball."

He picked me up and started to fly to a nearby cloud. It wasn't to high up, but high enough o help me get started.

"We'll start with gliding. Jump off the cloud and open your wings and let the wing take you. I'll be next to yo in case you fall."

I nodded and was about to and a running leap before I started to feel nervous. What if dad doesn't catch me if I fall? I was about 500 hooves above the ground already, I would at lastly be in the hospital for a week!

Dad must have seen my nervousness, for he wrapped a wing around me. "Hey it's okay Sketchy. I know it may be scary at first, but trust me. I will catch you no matter what." He nuzzled me. "I promise."

I was still beyond terrified, but decided I should at least try to glide for dad. He really wanted to fly with me. So, with legs shaking, I ran across the cloud and jumped.

The air blew in my face, forcing made to shut my eyes. Panic shot throughout me as I completly forgot what dad had told me to do. I was falling, and dad hadn't caught me yet.

I opened my eyes for a spilt second, only to close them again once I see how close I was to the ground. About 300 hooves.



27- "Spread your wings, Sketchy! Come on, I know you can do it!" I heard my dad call. I suddenly remembered everything he told me.

I open my eyes again, this time longer. Dad is right next to me, ready to catch me at anytime. That wouldn't be needed, though. I quickly opened my wings just when I was reaching about 250 hooves above ground.

My falling stopped. Well, sorta. I felt like I was floating! The wind was ruffling through my feathers as I this time gently fell to the ground.

I started crying at how happy I was. Dad was teary eyed, and quickly grabbed me, clearly forgetting that I couldn't fly yet.

My wings snapped shut in surprise, and I screamed. He dropped me out of surprise and I was sent falling to the ground.

"Dadddddddd!!!!" I screamed.

Dad had never dove toward the ground as fast as he had that day. I could have sworn I saw a white cone forming around him.

100 hooves.



Woosh. Dad caught me. I cried my heart out so hard. "Shh, Sketchy. It's alright. I'll never let you go again."

Not one of my most memorable memories. I mean, I almost plummeted to my death. But to this day that is my me and dad are is close.

Anyway, I and going to hit the hay. Tomorrow I might tell you how I actually started flying, and not just gliding.

~Sketchy :heart: