"What is home?"

by Sparkling blaze

First published

After the Battle of the Bands, life hasn't been easy to any of The Dazzlings specially for Aria,it didn't helped much Sonata made friends with "The Rainblossoms". (Written in duet with Anstca)

After the Battle of the Bands, life hasn't been easy to any of The Dazzlings specially for Aria,it didn't helped much Sonata made friends with "The Rainblossoms".
(Written in duet with Anstca)
Prequel to "You can Live without me..."

After The Battle Of The Bands

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Aria's POV
We ran in shame from the stage,in other words,we can never ever return to that school ever again,and we'll be hated in ever place we go,ugh.

All of this just happened because Adagio is the leader, if I were the leader,by now we would be in Equestria,I'm angry with her.

She is rambling about: "how her plan could not fail." and about "how perfect it was."

Me and Sonata are sitting in the sofa,Sonata is crying,she is very scared,she hand't stop crying since we left that stupid stage, as for me,I'm not quite impressed or scared,we'll never return to Equestria, not while Adagio is our leader, I was such an idiot to believe in her,believe that we had any chance to return home.

"You know what?It is your fault the plan failed, Aria you were just whining all the time,about how you wanted to be the leader and Sonata you were just talking about food all the time instead of following the plan,I were contributing, but for you two none of this was important right?" Adagio says angrily while looking at us. "Now we'll never return to Equestria thanks to you two."

"I-I'm sorry,Dagi..." Says Sonata still crying.

"Oh,you're the one to talk Adagio!We don't win because of that little bitch Sunset Shimmer,I said to you that we had to destroy her,but nooooo, our brilliant leader had something else in mind. "We can turn her to our side". Yeah,look where we are now,I bet you don't even have money to buy food!Your asshole, and you blame us?! I'm sorry Adagio,but what happened is your fault!" I explode,it's not fair that she is blaming us.

Sonata seems more scared than before,with what I just said.

"Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to my room." I say,and start to go upstairs, Adagio is probably very angry at me now.

I think I'm gonna practice with my guitar a little, and go to sleep.


Knock Knock

Somebody is knocking on my bedroom door 12pm, I just hope it's not Adagio,whoever it is, Adagio or Sonata,she is disturbing my sleep.

Oh,it's just Sonata.

"What do you want,taco psychopath?" I ask still asleepy.

"Ari,I can't sleep..."


"Can I sleep with you tonight?"


"Just tonight?"

"Go ask Adagio,if you can sleep with her."

"I already asked,but she said I didn't deserve it."She says almost crying.

I can't believe Adagio said that. She must be very angry.

"Okay,just tonight."

Sonata lies by my side.

"Good night, Ari!"

"Good night,Sonata."

With a few seconds she is already sleeping.
I have two idiots for sisters,but I love these two idiots.

The next morning

My eyes slightly burn as the sun shines through my window.

"Morning already?" I sleepily thought to myself as I started to get up, only to be stopped by the pair of arms I had wraped around my arm.

"Huhh?" I thought as I looked down and what I saw was one of the cutest things I'd ever seen.

Sonata my hyper at times ditsy taco fueled little sister, she had her arms warped around me, her head resting comfortably on my shoulder. She had a goofy little smile on her face, she slept like there wasn't a care in the world.

How I wish that was true.

Our gems were gone now and with them our magic, we would now have to find another way survive. Gone were the days when all it would take was a simple song or a few well placed words to get anything we wanted, but me and my sisters are tough we made it this far together we'll make it through this too.

It felt like it should be a crime to wake someone who's sleeping as soundly as Sonata was, but it needed to be done.

"Sonata." I whispered. "Time to get up."

No response.

"Sonata." I said a little louder and shook her lightly.

"Mmmmmuuuuh?" she moaned in response.

"Hey Earth to taco girl time to wake up!" I shouted, only for her to jump awake.

"AAAArrrrriiiiiiii, why did you do that I was sleeping so good?" Sonata whined at me.

"Sorry,little sis, but it's time to wake up."

"Can't we just stay in bed all day? It is so comfy in here." She asks as she snuggles under my blanket."Besides Dagi hates us now."

She gives a slight sniff.

"Adagio doesn't hate us,now get up."

"Yes she does!" She shouts back at me as she starts to break down. "You heard her, she blames us for what happened yesterday. She thinks it's our fault we'll never get back home."

"Sonata-" I try to interrupt, only to be cut off again.

"And she is right isn't she? It's my fault. I've always been the weakest.If I was stronger like you we... we would be home right now." With that Sonata broke down into a mess of sobs.

I pull Sonata into a hug.

"Shhhhh,it's not you fault." I tell her as I rub her back. "It's not your fault."


"No buts."I cut her off. "And don't you ever think you're the weakest out of us. You're stronger ."

"How can you say that?" She asks me.

"You have a good heart." I tell her. "You wanted to befriend the Rainbooms. If we did that we never would have had to fight them, and we would be home and have some new friends. And you remember the old lessons magic comes from the power of friendship. "

"Really?" She asks a bit of hope in her voice."Do you think if I befriend with them we'll get our magic back, then we can finally go home?"

It hurts because deep down I know its a fools errand but I can't crush her hope.

"It might." I lied. "You never know unless you try."

"Okay!" She says with a new found hope. "I'll try then, one day I'll find the three of us a way home."

I hug her tighter.

"If anyone can find us a way home it's you. Now let's go have some breakfast." I say as we head downstairs to start our day.

Sonata's news

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2 weeks later
Aria's POV
Adagio apologized later for blaming me and Sonata,it's not like she hasn't done that before,and it's not like Sonata never blamed herself before.

Actually thinking about it now,I'm feeling guilty for making Sonata believe in that silliness of the magic of friendship,she'll be so disappointed when she discovers it's not tru-

"GUESS WHAT?"Sonata shouts as she enters home.

"What?" Me and Adagio say in unison.

"I made friends with the Rainbooms!!!!" She says excitedly.

Adagio shakes her head and screams:


I just facepalm,I can't believe she really took what I told her took seriously .

" Sonata... What do you mean you made friends with the Rainbooms?" Adagio asks.

Oh my god,if she tells Adagio what I told her I'm busted,I shake my head no, to tell Sonata to not tell Adagio about it.

"Ari told me,that if I befriend the Rainbooms,maybe we could get our magic and go back home through the magic of friendship." Sonata says innocently.

I facepalm again,I'm completely busted now,Adagio must be really angry.

"Oh,she did now?"She says while angrily looking at me.

I give her a nervous laugh.

"Uh,yeah?"Sonata says confused.

"That's great,can you go to your room for a few seconds now?" Adagio asks her.

"Okay." Sonata says.

Sonata starts to go upstairs.

As soon as Adagio hears that Sonata closed her bedroom door,Adagio starts shouting at me:

"What got in your head to make you think telling this to Sonata was a good idea?"

"I don't know, she started saying that you hated us,that it was her fault that plan failed,that she was the weakest of us,I tried to interrupt her,but it didn’t work,and she wouldn't stop crying, so I told her that you didn’t hate us and that she was the strongest of us,but then she asked me how I knew that, I just didn't know what to say,so I just said the first thing that came into my mind.Besides it works for the ponies why wouldn't it work for us?"

Adagio sighs:

"I can't believe you told her that , now she thinks this will work,when she discovers it won't ,you will have to deal with it."

"C'mon Adagio, I didn't know she would take it this seriously." I say.

"You know how Sonata is. She takes everything you say seriously. Also Aria, you're grounded."

This is one of the things that I most hate in Adagio, just because she's older then us, she thinks that she has the right to act as a mother would.

"C'mon Adagio, you can't be serious."

"Yes,yes I am serious,now go to your room and bring me your mp3."


"You know why."

"Oh no,please Adagio no."

"Who told you tell those things to Sonata? Now you'll have to hear Sonata's music.Now can you please call her and ask her to bring her cellphone."

"Yes." I say under my breath.

I hate the way Adagio grounds me, it's cruel.

Besides she's only two years older then I am.

I have to hear "It's Raining Tacos"and "Space Unicorn" all week long, and having to listen to those two songs all will drive me crazy.

But as much as I hate to admit it this time I deserve it,I gave false hope to Sonata, and she'll be crushed when she discovers it isn't true,but I just have one question in mind:

"How did Sonata make friends with the Rainbooms?"

Adagio shrugs her shoulders.

"Your guess is as good as mine.She has been gone a lot the past couple days."Adagio points out."She's been hanging out at that one place..that bakery the crazy one works at."

"Sugarcube Corner?" I ask.

"Yeah that one. Seems like the Rainbooms like to hang out there." Adagio answered.

"Well Sonata always used to made friends faster then we have. Most of the time she didn't even need to use her magic, and they wanted to be our friends." I remind Adagio.

"Yeah but friends with humans, could it even work out? "

"There's no reason it shouldn't we were able to make friends with the ponies back home, this is no different."

Adagio was still thinking about what to say next when we heard Sonata running down stairs.

"HEY GIRLS GOOD NEWS!" she shouted at us. Before me and Adagio had chance to answer she continued: "I'm gonna go hang out with the Rainbooms, and you know the best part? They want me to bring you two with me."

Me and Adagio just stare at her dumbfounded.

"The Rainbooms want to see us?" I ask.

"U-huh." Sonata answered.

"Why?" Adagio asked. "We tried to take over the world. Would have taken over the world. They don't seem like the type of people to forgive that."

"You're worrying too much Dagi, they want to give us another chance." Sonata reassured. "They did the same with Sunny and now Sunny is one of their best friends."

"Sunny?" I ask.

"Oh." she answered realizing she just used a nickname that me and Adagio didn't know. "Sunset Shimmer ,that one girl who helped the princess win. She used to be bad like really bad, worse then we were bad, but now they forgave her and they are all friends now."

"Wait,wait,wait, PRINCESS?! WE FOUGHT A PRINCESS?"Adagio shouted.

"Yeah, I thought you knew". Sonata answered."Twily ahem Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn princess from Equestria. She came to help the Rainbooms beat us".

"How can a human help an alicorn? They have no magic of there own." I say.

"Oh Sunny's from Equestria too, she's a unicorn."

'What about the others they from Equestria too?"

"No Pinkie,Dashie,Aj,Raries, and Flutters are all from here."

"But they transformed at the Battle of the Bands."

"That was because of Twilight's magic. She gave them the power to fight us."


"Friendship, Ari was right. If friendship can bring an alicorn here and give humans the strength to beat us. It has to be able to get us home."

"Sonata, you know how stupid that sounds? Having friends will somehow get us home?"

"What other choice do we have? Stay stuck here for the rest of our lives?"

Adagio was about to cut it when Sonata's phone beeped,she pulled out her phone."Oh it's Dashie wanting to know if you're coming or not, what should I tell her?"

Adagio looked at me for some type of answer.

I shrugged my shoulders:

"What's the worse that could happen?"

Sonata looked excited:

"Does that mean you'll come?"

I gave a nod as she ran off.

"What are you thinking?!"Adagio shouted at me.

I looked at her eyes and told her:

"The way I see it. It'll either work or it won't. If it works we found a way home."

"And when it doesn't." She spat back at me.

"It would be nice to have some friends, now let's go." I say as I start to follow Sonata.


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Aria's POV

When me and Sonata started to go out,and Adagio saw we wasn't changing our minds,she decided to go with us.

"Okay,okay, just get in the car you two,now. But if they hate us don't come whining to me." She said.

It was a really quiet ride,except for Sonata humming a song that I didn't knew all the time.

When we entered Sugar cube Corner, soon we heard an excited female voice shout:


It was the pink one.(or how me and Adagio like to say the crazy one.)

Sonata started to run, and hug her.

"PINKIE!" She shouted excitedly.

Adagio cleared her throat to call their attention.

"Oh girls,these are my sisters: Aria and Adagio." Sonata presented us.

The skittle hair one looked at us like she was trying to figure out just what our angle was. Her magenta eyes trying to stare in to our souls.

Adagio did the same thing. It was clear she didn't trust her any more then she trusted us.

Sonata just stared. Her eyes darting from Adagio and the rainbow haired woman.

It was thankfully broken when Sunset Shimmer cleared her throat and said:

"Sooo...Why won't you take a seat."

We took a seat and all of us stayed quiet.

Not wanting to be the first one to speak until at last Sunset spoke up again.

"U-hurm, so what do you like to do girls?" She asked.

"Listen to music."I said.

"Sing." Adagio said.

"That's great..." Rainbow Dash (I think that's her name) said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

The mood in there was so uncomfortable.

Adagio got up and made the gesture for me to come.

"If you excuse us girls. You stay here Sonata we'll be right back."

We went into the side of the store.

"This was a bad idea,Aria."

"No it wasn't."

"They don't trust us."

"Is just a matter of time 'till they trust us.Besides, Sonata was right, what choice do we have to be stuck here isolated,alone forever huh? Is that what you want."

Adagio looked like I had just slapped her across the face.

When next she spoke it sounded like she was having trouble keeping her rage in check:

"Aria Blaze Dazzle Dusk."

"Don't call me by my full name."

"Look,just make sure to come home soon with Sonata,and no guitar for you for a week and 2 weeks of Sonata's music,and I don't want to hear you whine about it now, I'm going home."


"I don't want trouble."

Adagio is so paranoid,my god.

"Okay,so I guess I'll see you at home." I tell her with that Adagio storms out.

I looked across the store and sighed and made a gesture to Sonata to come.

"Sonata,Adagio went home."

"Ooh..."Sonata looked down."But you're staying right Ari?"

"Uuuuh of course."

It's just impossible to say no to Sonata,It would crush her if I say no.

"Yay!" She hugged me.

I hugged her back.

I would do anything for my ditsy little taco sister. I know deep down Adagio would too, she is just too stubborn sometimes.

"Soooo..." Sonata says as she breaks our hug. "How about you come back over to the table so I can introduce you to the girls?"

She flashes a bright smile.

"Sure." I tell her smiling myself. "That's why I'm here."

We headed back to the table and sat down.

"Ari this is Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity,Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy, and the one on the end is Rainbow Dash."

They all give me a greeting except Rainbow Dash who just sighed in contempt. I was about to say something to her about it, when a tray was placed on the table by and older woman.

"I thought you girls might like some hot coco while you talk."

"Thanks Mrs C!" The girls told her and they took a cup.

"Oh Mrs. C." Sonata cut in. "This is my sister Aria. I brought her so she can be friends with the others too."

"It's good to meet you dear, if you need anything just holler alright?"

"Likewise." I tell her as I reach for a cup.

"So wasn't there another one of you last time we met?" I ask as I take a sip. "I remember there
being seven in your band."

"You mean Twilight?She's not here right now she had to go back home. Something important came up." Sunset says with a slight hint of nervousness in her voice.

"What? Her butt had to polish a throne?"I snark at her. "Or did Celestia need her to do more of her dirty work for her?"

Sunset began to fidget a bit:

"Wha-what do you mean?"

"It's ok, I told Ari about Twily being a princess" Sonata tells her.

"HOW CAN YOU HAVE TOLD HER THAT?!" Rainbow Dash shouts at Sonata.

"Now Rainbow, calm down. Please?"Fluttershy asks her as she places a hand on her shoulder.


"No, I told my sisters, I thought if we're gonna be.." Sonata started only to be cut off.


"I..I thought it would be ok" Sonata started sounding on the verge of tears. "We we're from Equestria too ,so-so is Sunny."

Sonata went on now barely under control.

"I... I just." That was as far as she got before she broke down completely. "I-I'm sorry I'm so so sorry."

When I saw that there was a tug of war in my mind. Part of me wanted to hit Rainbow Dash a hard as I could and just watch the blood fly, then keep hitting her till someone managed to pull me off her. The other part of me wanted of comfort my sister, but before I could do either Pinkie had moved around the table and pulled Sonata in to a tight hug.

"Shhhh don't cry Sonny it's alright don't cry." She told Sonata in soft voice as she rubbed her back.

"Yeah, Sugarcube you didn't do anything wrong." Applejack added. "Shoot I've told Apple Bloom and Big Mac."

Rarity locked Rainbow Dash with an icy stare.

"That was uncalled Dash, look what you've done to the poor girl. All she wants is us to be friends with her and her sisters and this is how you treat her? What's wrong with you?"

Rainbow stood up:


At that Sunset stood up and got in her face.


"YOU YOU'RE DIFFERENT." Dash shouted back


Dash was take aback by that:

"No it's not that. Th-they... whi-while you only.. there but you."

Try as she might Dash couldn't find an argument.

She just slumped in her chair in defeat.

After the shouting match I saw Sonata was calming down.

"I think it's time we go."I tell her.

"Yeah" She says. "It's for the best".

As we got up to leave Sunset tells us:

"I'll give you girls a ride home."

We make our way to Sunset's car, Sonata sat in the back seat I sit up front with Sunset.

After a few minutes of silence Sunset breaks it:

"I'm sorry about how Dash acted back there. What she did was uncalled for."

"It's not your fault". I tell her. "She's not the first person to hate us, won't be the last. But she's lucky Adagio wasn't here she not as forgiving as I am."

"What do you mean?"

I see Sonata in the has fallen asleep her head resting against the window. I gesture to the backseat.

"She's her baby sister and Adagio won't let anything happen to her. It's been like that ever since we've been here."

"How long have you been here?"

I think for a moment:

"About fifteen hundred years."

"No way....wait you're those sirens? The ones Starswirl banished?"

"You've heard of us?"

"Yeah it's an old legend. How is that possible, how can you still be alive?"

"You're a unicorn and you're asking me that?"

"You magic of course...but it's gone now."

"Gone forever." I tell her,a bit of melancholy in my voice.

"So does that mean you'll..you'll?" She can't quite get the last word out.

"Die?" I finish for her."Most likely,there's nothing keeping us from aging now."

"I.. I can talk to Twilight we can figure something out we can save you and your sisters."We pull up to our house.

"I doubt it." I tell her "Siren magic is different from your pony magic, not even an alicorn can use it, but by all it's worth try."

Back Home

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Aria's POV
Me and Sunset Shimmer talked until we arrived home.

She is kind of nice,I think I could be friends with her.

"It's here." I told Sunset. "Just let me wake Sonata up."

I left the front seat and went to the backseat.

"Sonata,wake up." I shook her.

"We're here?" She asked.

"Yeah." I told her.

"Bye Sunny!" She said bye to Sunset Shimmer.

"Bye Shimmer." I said.

"Bye girls,see you soon Sonata and I hope to see you soon Aria." She says.

I open the door and enter home,Sonata after me.

"Adagio?" I called her.

"Home,so soon?" She said with an satisfied smile on her face.


"Dagi, is dinner ready? I'm hungry."

"Why didn't you eat in the bakery?"

"I... forgot it." Sonata said clearly trying to hide what happened.

"Yeah, we were so distracted, we forgot to." I said trying to cover for her.

"Oh,I see." Adagio clearly knew that something happened and she would want us to explain what had happened . "You're lucky enough we still have some noodles, for you two to eat."

"We don't have tacos?" Sonata said with pleading dog eyes. "Can I order,pleaaaase?"

"Just for you, I'm sure Aria don't wants tacos. And I don't want them ether ." Adagio replied.

"Yay! Thanks Dagi!"

I made some noodles from me and eaten just some of it,I wasn't really hungry.

My ground begins today,I'm listening It's raining tacos right now, but Adagio luckily forgot to take one thing away from me,internet, and my laptop.

Huh?Strange,the connection with the WiFi is weak.

I'll put the password again, it's saying that the password is wrong, just one person can change the WiFi password in this house...

"OH C'MON ADAGIO!" I shout.

"Can't hear you,I'm in the shower." She shouts back.

She really knows how to get on my nerves.

Finally after what felt like forever Adagio got out of the shower. She gave me a knowing smile.

"Was there something you needed Aria?" she asked me.

"Yeah." I tell her. "The wi-fi is not working".

"Really? It's working fine for me. You sure you have the right password?"

" Why wouldn't I?We haven't changed it since we got it."

"You know what they say about keeping the same password for to long."

"That's not cool Adagio,what is it?"

"Why should I tell you? You're grounded rember? Besides I know it's the fastest way to get you down stairs. Now take a seat." she says as she goes to sit on the couch.
I sit in the chair across form her.

"So..." she asks me. "How did it really go this evening?"

"We told you it went just fine."

"I don't believe you, if things went as good as you want me to think you wouldn't be back this early."

"Something came up." I tell her.

"Something for all six of them to have to go? Discord himself show up? So I'll ask you again what happened tonight?"

I took a deep sighing breath:

"There might have been a small set back with one of the girls."

"Oh? Was it the fact that they hate us and this is a stupid idea?"

"No.. well maybe that one might hate us but the others don't, and its not a stupid idea. We just need to give it some time."

Adagio sighed like she was dealing with a child that was convinced that one plus one was three:

"What was this set back?"

"Rainbow Dash, the one you were starring daggers at didn't like that fact that Sonata told us Twilight is a princess. She also might have yelled at Sonata and made her cry".

"She choking her teeth?"

"Nah I didn't hit her, wanted to but thought better of it. She ever does it again I will."

"What her friends do?"

"They called Dash out for what she did and stood up for Sonata. Well most of them did, the quiet one...Fluttershy was just kinda quite and let things play out, the best part was what Sunset did."

Before I could explain further we heard a knock at the door. Then the next thing we knew Sonata was bounding the stairs.

"THE TACOS ARE HERE!" She shouted as she pulled the door open.

"You got the mega taco pack?" asked the delivery boy.

"Yep I got all the tacos." answered Sonata as she payed him what was owed.

Sonata put the bag of tacos on the coffee table and sat down on the couch next to Adagio.

"Are you two sure you don't want any?"
Me and Adagio shrugged.

"May as well." I answered as I grabbed one one for myself and offered one to Adagio.

"Sure why not?" She answered as she took one.

"So what are the two of you talking about?" Sonata asked as she took a bite of a taco.

"We're talking about what you two did at Sugar Cube Corner."Adagio tells her.

"Oh?" she answers looking nervously over to me. "What's Ari been telling you?"

"That one of you're new friends might not like us very much but the others seam alright." Adagio tells her.

"Yeah Dashie was a little upset I told you two about Twily being a princess, but I'm sure she'll get over it."

"If she doesn't." Adagio tell her as she puts her arm around her and pulls her close. "You just tell your big sister and I'll take care of it."

Sonata returns the embrace.

"You won't need to do that Dagi, besides Aj would step in if you did and I don't know if you could take both of them."

"For you two I'd fight all six of them and if I needed help I know Aria has always got my back." She reassures Sonata.

With that it was my turn to join my sisters, I put an arm around each of them.

"Always" I tell them."Besides you know I can hit harder then you."

"Girls, you know you don't need to do that..." Sonata tells us.

"Sure we do" I tell her, "You're our baby sister if we don't look after you who will?"

"But I want to look after you too, both of you."

"You help us more then you know" Adagio tells her. "You keep us on the right path and give us a reason to not give up."

"Really?" she asks us not quite believing.
We just nod and enjoy the group hug.

Not long after that I head back up stairs.

"I"m gonna crack that WiFi password if it takes all night." I tell myself.

There's only so many things she would use and if she made it to random Sonata would never rember it. But sadly I was losing the battle with the WiFi when I got a text from Sonata:

"Dagi told me she changed the password for the internet and told me not to give it to you....buuuuuut here it is. Remember you didn't get it from me! ;)"

"Good ol' Sonata" I thought to myself "Don't ever change."

Talking to Twilight

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Sunset's POV
I had just dropped Sonata and Aria off at their house.
This having been the first time I've ever met Sonata's sisters makes me wonder what could have been.
If I had met them before I did could we have all been friends? Would they have helped me at the Fall Formal? I was planning on going to Equestra. Could the four of us have beaten Celestia?
"No", I shake the thought out of my head.
Now I wonder what those three could have done to be banished here. I ran away I chose to come here and little but my own pride is stopping me from going back home. I'm sure Celestia would welcome me back, maybe not make me her student again I burned that bridge long ago.But those three never got that option.
They were banished here kicked out of the world they called home, and it was all fifteen hundred years ago.
That was even before the rise of Nightmare Moon, one of the last threats the two sisters would have faced together. What could be so bad to have forced this action? I had to find out and thees only one person make that pony who can tell me.
I pulled up in front of my apartment and got out of my car. I walk in the the apartment I've been living in sence I got here from Equestria.
"It wasn't always easy but I made it by somehow."I think to myself as I walk in. "Now were did I put the diary?"
It's the only thing I brought with me from Equestria. It may look like a regular book whatever is written in it will appear in a book in Equestra. Deep down as mad as I was I wasn't ready to give up my old life. And I knew one day I would need it. Although it is no longer with Princess Celestia, Twilight has it and that will be just as good for what I need to know.
"Dear, Princess Twiight
I hope this letter finds you and Spike as well, and know that me and out friends are doing good. You may be interested to know that we made a new friend after the Battle of the Bands Sonata Dusk, one of the Sirens we fought...."

"Dear Sunset Shimmer,
That's very interesting, did it go well? Did you befriended the other two of them also?"

"Things turned out well in the beginning... It turns out they're friendlier than we thought ,but we've really just got to know Sonata well,and a little bit of Aria,Adagio (their leader) didn't want to stay with us.
But Rainbow Dash was mistrustful and kinda lost control and yelled at Sonata because she told her sisters you're a princess."

"Did the sirens do something after that?"

"No,but after that Aria thought it best they leave, since Dash made Sonata cry. So I gave them a ride home,and Aria told me something very interesting when I was taking them home."


"They been here from over fifteen hundred years, and the only thing keeping them alive here was their magic, she told me that now that it's gone, they three will probably die. I was thinking that maybe you could know a way to fix it...You know a spell or something else to save them..."

"I don't know Sunset... Their magic is different from ours,but I can ask Celestia or Luna about it. I'm pretty sure there's a way to save them. But could you tell me how you made friends with Sonata?"


"Soon after the Battle of the Bands we saw her at Sugarcube Corner..."

Three weeks passed since the Battle of the Bands, I'm so glad the school trusts me now,and that there aren't more sirens,I wonder where did they go, did they have somewhere to go? They're probably not in the city anymore.
Well, but now I have a meeting at Sugarcube Corner with the girls.
We were just talking when a girl wearing a dark pink hoodie and jeans came in the bakery.
She approached us and took off her hoodie and with a bright smile said:

"Hi,my name is Sonata Dusk. I'm really sorry me and my sisters try to take over your school in the Battle of the Bands, but can we be friends?"
All the girls knew she was one of the sirens from the Battle, even being harmless now without there magic,the girls thought it wasn't a good idea to believe one of them.
But I was worse than them and got a second chance, I think they deserve one too, also if she searched us out it's already a sign she is willing to be good.
The girls looked mistrustful,but I think they agree.
"Can you give us a minute?" I asked.
We went to the other side of the store.
"I think they deserve a second chance." I said.
"A second chance to what? To destroy us?To take over the world?" Dash asked. "It's probably just a part of their plan,I wouldn't trust her."
"Well,I don't know darlings, at the same time I agree with you Sunset, I also agree with Dash." Said Rarity. "After what they did,who knows what kind of revenge they may be planning?"
"Ah' agree with Rarity,sugarcubes. But ah' also agree with Sunset, everyone deserves a second chance after all." Said Applejack.
Dash rolled her eyes:
"C'mon girls,you can't be serious,they were pure evil,we can't forgive them so easily, right Pinkie, Fluttershy?"
"I don't know Dashie, I'm with Sunset everyone deserves a second chance,also we could be making a new bestie!!!!" Said Pinkie Pie.
"Psssh..." Dash made an sound ironically. "What do you think Fluttershy?"
"I'm also with the girls Dash,everyone deserves a second chance." She says quietly.
She rolls her eyes:
"Okay,but if she do something to us,I'll kick her butt."
We all laughed and said okay.
This could be the beginning of a new friendship.

And that’s how we made friends with each other."

"It seems like it went well..."

Yeah,it did."

"Bye,I got to go now,something important came up."

"Cutie Mark map?"

I close the diary,and wonder to myself: what will future hold?

Standing up for who you love

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Three weeks after the meeting at Sugarcube Corner...

Sonata's POV

I already have presented Ari to the girls,but I'm sad I haven't presented Dagi to them yet,but thinking now I'm glad she wasn't there,if she saw the way Dashie talked to me,I would never hang out with the girls ever again,I'm still suprised by Aria hadn't hit Dashie 'till her death.

I just wanted them to get along to each other,so then we would return home.

I think I can change Aria's mind about the girls,after all Ari believes all I say, but Dagi will be harder,she doesn't trust the girls.

But I can make she trust them,well at least I'll try.

"It's Raining Tacos,falling out of the sky..."

Oh,it's Pinkie.

"Hi Pinkie!"

"Heya Sonny,me,Dashie and Flutters are going to hang out at the park,you wanna go?"

That's my chance!

"Sure.Can I bring Ari with me?"

"Yeah. So see you at Sugarcube Corner,then we go to the park.Meet you by 5?"


I'll knock on Aria's bedroom door,and call her to hang out,she just can't say no to me.


"What?"She says in her usual sarcastic tone.

"I'm going to hang out with Pinkie,Flutters and Dashie. Can you go with me?"

"Ok."She says.

"Yay!"I hug her.

She pushes me.

"Just let me get ready...."Says Aria.

A few minutes after...

"Let's go?"I say.

"Just let me tell Adagio we're going out,you know we two are gonna be grounded if she don't find us,when she gets home from her work."Aria says.


"Ok,already told her,let's go."

At Sugarcube Corner...

"Hey girls!" I shout to get their attention.

"Oh hi Sonata!" Says Rainbow Dash,and then she makes an bored face. "And...Hi Aria."

"Hey."Says Aria.

"Hi Sonata,hi Aria..." Says Fluttershy in her quiet tone.

"Hey Sonny!Hey Aria!" Pinkie says and hug me.

I hug her back:

"Hey Pinkie!"

"I kinda have bad news,I got an bad result on the chemistry exam today and my mom grounded me by cellphone,so I need to go home help her and my sisters with the chores." Pinkie says with an sad face.

"Oh..." I am disappointed now,but I'm still not giving up.

Pinkie starts to head home.

"But we can still hang out just us." I say.

"For me it's ok." Aria says.

"Yeah we could." Says Fluttershy.

"Gah...Okay." Says Dash.

We headed to the park.

We were just walking on the park when three tall guys approached me and Fluttershy.

"Well,well,what we got here?If it isn't our old friend Klutzershy..." The orange one with brown hair.

Fluttershy seemed very uncomfortable with the boys.

"Still a weakling after all these years?"

"Don't you know guys?Without Crash to stand up for her she's anything." Says one of them.

"Hoops,Dumbell,Score...I-I..." Fluttershy said stuttering.

I just can't let they do it to one of my friends,it's like Adagio and Aria always told me,always protect who matters to you.

"Hey!Who gave you the right to pick on her?" I said.

"And who are you,little girl?"

"I am one of Fluttershy's friends,and you bully her just proves you're three cowards." I say.

"Oh,is one of the sirens,the stupid childish one." Says Dumbell.

"What do you you want little baby,your bottle?" Says Hoops.

"Why don't you run to the lap of your big sisters?"Says Score.

I feel like crying, some kids did this to me when I was younger.
"Hey,you three!" Calls Rainbow Dash.

"Stop picking on them!" Aria shouts.

"Or else?" Says Dumbell.

"Or else you'll be messing with me." Aria told them.

"With us." Rainbow Dash corrected.

"Well,who are you?" Hoops shot back.
"I'm one of the the big sisters you to told her to go cry to. Now that I'm here what's your big plan?"Aria told him.

"And you know who I am." Dash told them. "When will you three learn you can't do this to people?"

"We can do what we want." Score shot back.

"Not while I'm around!" Aria told them.

"Now you three leave my sister and her friend alone."

"Who's gonna stop us?" Dumb-Bell asked with a cocky grin.

"I am." Aria tells him as she steps up move me behind her with he right hand as she threw a left hook in to the boys face.

The punch didn't knock him down but it dazed him long enough for Aria to follow up with a quick right jab to his nose. From the way it bled it had to have been broken.

"The bitch broke my nose" He shouted to the others. "Kick her ass"

Before the other two could react Rainbow Dash rushed at them and caught Score in the side of face with a right hook witch she quickly followed up with a left hook to the other side of his face.

Hoops took this opportunity to hit Rainbow while she was focusing on Score. The punch caused the girl to stagger sideways.

"You may be fast Dash but you know you can't take all three of us. You got guts tho."

"She doesn't have to take all three of you." Aria tells him as she unloads a punch into his lower back.

Hoops spun around trying to catch Aria with an elbow but she ducked it. When she rose it was throwing an uppercut that caught Hoops under his chin. The hit spun him around and made him stagger twords Dash, who threw one last punch putting all her weight behind it catching Hoops square in the face. The boys knees buckled after that.

"Don't ever want to see you three picking on those two ever again."Says Aria.

"Now you two help your friend." Rainbow Dash told Dumb-Bell and Score.

They ran away. I'm glad Aria and Dashie stopped them.

"Let's go home Sonata,Adagio just texted me and she is back from work,bye Rainbow Dash,bye Fluttershy." Said Aria.

"Ok Ari.Bye Dashie!Bye Flutters!"


Aria's POV

I still can't believe that guys made that with Sonata.

I'm kinda glad Dash was there to help me,for me,she always seen like the kind of girl who would do it.

I think I'm gonna thank her.

"Hey Dagi,I'm going out."

"Out where?" Adagio asks.


"Be back be 8pm."


I think that's her house,I knock on her door,she answers the door.

"Um...Hey." I say.

"Why you came all the way to my house?" Rainbow Dash says.

"Look,I also don't like you. I just came to thank you for helping me with that bullies."
She looks suprised and confused at me.

"Enter." She says.

I enter.

"I didn't know you sirens cared so much about each other...Or about anyone. And that you thanked other people." She says,her tone of voice confused.

"What did you think we are? Heartless?"I ask her.

"Well...After what you did in the Battle of the Bands...."She says kinda apologizing.

"Ugh...I don't blame you... But we did that just to feed and go back home." I say,a little of sadness in my voice."I miss home..."

Dash realizes the mistake she made:

"Oh..."She gives me a nervous laugh." So you guys aren't pure evil...Guess I judged you wrong. Anyways, it was awesome how you fought to stand up for Sonata and Flutters."

"Thank you.You were pretty awesome too."

"Thanks,I know."

We stayed in silence for a while.

"You're cool Aria. You know what,I don't hate you completely anymore."She says.

"That's good,you're cool too. Now I gotta go or else Adagio will yell at me,bye."


I think I can be friends with this girl,two of them earned my confidence but will the other 5 of them earn it also?

Surprise party (1/2)

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A month after...

Adagio's POV

"Were are you two taking me?" I ask Aria and Sonata as we pull out of the driveway.

"I told you Dagi we're gonna have fun." Sonata told me.

"Yeah but doing what?"

"Fun things."

"Fun things?"

"Yes Dagi, fun things."

"What kind of fun things?"

"The best kind the kind with friends."

"Friends? I don't have any friends. You two may have friends but I don't."

"Oh sure you do."

"You know I don't do "friends"."

" Maybe you should start... " Aria cut in. " Things have been a lot better this past month since I started hanging out with Rainbow Dash. I didn't like her at first but she's pretty cool. The other girls are nice too each in there own way. Applejack looks out for the others like Rainbow Dash does, after talking to her I've found I have a lot in common with her too. Fluttershy while being as shy as a mouse has a heart of gold and she has this strength about her that lets you know everything will be alright. Rarity while having a flair for the dramatic and tends to blow everything out of proportion is still one of the most giving people I have ever met. Pinkie Pie well she is Pinkie Pie, she has made it her life's goal to spread as much as happiness as she can to as many people as she can. She will go above and beyond what any sane person would, she's truly one of a kind and thank god for that I don't think the world could handle two of her. Last but not least we have Sunset Shimmer, she is a girl more like you then you then ether of you would ever admit. You both did what you thought was right when you defied a princess, but you lost. Now you blame yourself for everything that has happened, for everything that you and those around you had to suffer, but like you she finds the strength to go on because she still believes she can make things better for those she loves. "

"Do you really think they could be friends with someone like me?" I ask.

"Of course." Sonata tells as she throws her arms around me. "They'll love you if you just gave them a chance."

"If you two say so. Were are we going anyway? You two never told me."

"Sugarcube Corner." Aria tells me as we pull up. "Best place to have something like this".

"We are early?" I asked as I take a look at the place. "Because it looks like it is closed."
We entered the store.

"SURPRISE!" Pinkie Pie shouts in my face.

"Surprise party? Seriously girls?" I say while looking at Sonata and Aria.

"Don't look at me! It was their idea." Says Aria while pointing at Sonata and Pinkie.

The girls really seem as nice as Sonata and Aria told me,but after making we three being banished here and it's my fault we were defetead... I don't deserve friends after this...

But time to fake, I can't show it.

"Can I present you to the girls Dagi?"

I don't want to know them but for Sonata and Aria...


"Dagi meet Pinkie Pie,Fluttershy,Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Sunset." Sonata says.

They all greet me.

"It's good to meet you all." I say.

I'll stay quiet so nobody notices me...

"No need to be shy." Pinkie Pie says as she pulls me into a hug. "This party is for you to show that we can all be friends, because nothing makes friends faster then a party?"

"Except maybe tacos." Sonata chimed in.

"Nah!Parties." Says Pinkie.





"Girls,girls how about a taco party?" Rarity interjected.

"Rarity you're a genius." Pinkie and Sonata said at the sane time as they both pulled her into a hug.

Applejack walked up to me and put her arm around my shoulder:

"You'll get used to that, those two together are just something else. C'mon I'll introduce ya to the rest." she told me as she guided me to the other girls."Here's the rest. This here is Fluttershy, she may take a while to warm up to you but once she does she'll stick to you like glue."

"H-hi nice to meet you finally." She squeaks out. "I'm sure we'll be good friends like I am with your sisters..that is if its okay."

"Good to meet you too" I tell her.

So this is the girl that Aria stood up for? I can see why she did, there's something about her that makes you care, but also something more a strength deep down. I see why my sisters would love her so much.

"That is Rainbow Dash. She might take some getting used to but if you ever need anyone to stand beside you she's the one that'll do it."

"Yo so you're the big bad sister huh?" She asked with a cocky grin. "Was wondering when you would finally get off your butt and meet us."

This is Aria's best friend? The way she carried herself, her laid back attitude and the way I was told she could handle herself in a fight, everything reminded me of Aria, the two could pass as sisters. With both of them around anyone would think twice about picking a fight with the Rainbooms..or us.

"Yeah,yeah" I tell her. "Figured I may as well."

"And last but not least this is Sunset Shimmer."

"Glad we could finally meet...well I'm glad we could be friends.." She stumbled over her words.

Sunset Shimmer..part of me wanted to hate her. Everything Sonata, Aria and myself had worked towards was all undone by her. If she would have just stayed out of it we would be home by now. We would have even taken her with us, but no she had to help that little princess had to ruin everything. Try as I might I couldn't bring myself to hate her. After all all she did was help out those she cares about, I would have done the same thing.

"Yeah maybe we could get this time." I tell her. "If you excuse me I'm gonna get a drink and go sit down."

I pour me a glass of punch and go find a booth to sit it.

Could these girls really be my friends? How could they even want anything to do with me after everything I've done? All I've ever done is spread pain a misery to everyone, I did it in Equestria and I've done it here.Sonata and Aria are good and deserve friends...But do I?

My thought gets interrupted by someone siting across from me.

"Something wrong?" Sunset asks me.

"No." I tell her. "Nothing you can help me with anyway."

"Try me."

"Why are you doing this?"

"We want to be your friend."

"I don't deserve to have friends."

"Everyone deserves to have friends."

"After everything I've done?"

"Everything you've done was for your sisters."

"Yeah and it got us banished here and our only way home destroyed."

"What if I told you I may have found you a way to get back to Equestria?"

"I'd ask what's the catch?"

"No catch,just Twilight want to talk to you about it."

"I'm not bowing down to her. I didn't bow down to Celestia I'm not bowing down to that little upstart."

"That's just, give us a chance?"

I'm not staying here, if I stay I'll ruin everything again,I catch my bag,and call Sonata and Aria.

"I'm going home now okay?Go home whenever you want." I can see they're both disappointed,I hate to see them this way but... I can't ruin everything again,they have friends I can't ruin it.

They return to the party.

I start crying in my way to the car.

When I hear Sunset Shimmer coming after me...

"Hey what's wrong?"She asks.

"N-nothing."I answer she.

"It isn't nothing,let us help."She says with a caring voice,while getting closer to me.

"No.I only ruin everything."

"No you don't, you can't make things any worse then I have anyway."

"You know nothing about me.You don't know half of what I have passed through."

"I know a little. I've talked to your sisters. They've told me how hard thing were back in Equestria, how they were even harder once you got here."

"You don't understand!"

"Tell me then, make me understand because I want to help you."

"You'll never understand how it was hard to see my parents die in a war explosion,while I runned away with Sonata and Aria,you'll never understand how it was take care of them when I was just 12,you'll never understand how it hurt when we were banished here!!!And how it hurts to know we're never going back...how is to see two people you love disappointed,but you know you can't help it!" I shout at her."And to know it was all your fault..."

"It wasn't your fault. What could you have done to have stopped any of it? All you did was grow up was sooner then you should have had to. If you didn't thee wouldent have been anyone to take care of your sisters. Scrounging after the war ended, feeding off thos e Villages to survive even defied Celestia everything was for the people you love. You have nothing to blame yourself for."

"I only ruin everything!You wouldn't understand me.Nobody does! Sonata and Aria starved for a while while even here. They deserve better than this! They deserve friends as awesome as you guys. I don't... I deserve to die alone. "

"I ruin everything too, all I've ever done was disappoint everyone. I was Celesta's student on the fast track to being a princess. Then I disappointed her by wanting to know more about the dark arts, but instead of owning up to what I did I ran here. With nothing here I had to steal to survive then I monuapted the school in some pathetic attempt to raise an army to conquer Equestria, But again I failed at that. now the only reason I have any friends is because Twilight told them to give me a chance. I don’t deserve to have friends like them either but I gave it a chance and you can too.And you're right all three of you deserve better AT WHY WE'RE OFFERING YOU A BETTER LIFE."

"C-can I really have friends?"

"Yes just give us a chance. I know you won't regret it." She sounded really sure of what she was saying.

"Okay,but I'm not doing it for me." I look at Aria and Sonata."I'm doing it for them. And please don't tell nobody about this. The last thing I'd want are Sonata and Aria to worry about me."

"Whatever your reason its fine just give it a chance. Oh Don't worry I won't.....Now how about we go in and enjoy the party?" She says as we started to make our way back to the party.


I think this will work,Aria was right once again, and she’s looking out for Sonata in the party,what I would do without my sisters?

Surprise party (2/2)

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Aria's POV

The party is about to end,but I've seen something I hadn't seen in years: Adagio having fun,and just being herself without faking,just being her ol' good weird self, an egghead.

It was worth coming even feeling a little bad.

"Yo Aria,you're ok?You're looking a little pale..." Asked Dash.

"Yeah,yeah I am, just got a little headache,nothing to worry about." I answer her.

"You're sure?"

"Yeah Dash." I say and try to look to something else to get her attention. "Wanna race?I bet I can win you!"

"With one condition."


"If I win,which I'm pretty sure will happen cause I'm amazing, you'll tell me what is really happening."

"Gah...fine.But if I win I won't tell you anything."

"End of the block and back?" Dash asks me.

"Sounds good to me" I tell her as we start to walk towards the door.

"Were you two going?" AJ asks us as we start to go outside.

"I'm about to show Dash she's the second fastest around." I tell her. "Wanna watch?"

"Oh I gotta see this, come on y'all lets go see it."

We all filed out of the store me and Dash stood in the middle of the sidewalks wile the other girls stood on ether side.

"Down to the corner and back" I tell everyone. "Unless you think that's too far for you."

"That's not even far enough to count as a warmup, but since we don't want to stay here all night, it'll have to do."

"I know you can beat her Rainbow Dash!" Rarity cheered.

"You better kick her butt Aria." Adagio called out .

The two of us took our places, then Pinkie jumped in front of us:

"Wait! this doesn't feel right, feels like something is missing."

"Like what?" Sonata asked.

"Oh yeah I know! Wait right here." Then Pinkie zoomed off in a way that made me question if the girl was bound to the same law of physics and we were and came back just as fast with two checked flags and offered one to Sonata.

"If we're gonna do it we need to do it right."

"All the yes." Sonata says as she takes the flag as the to girls take there place in front of us and to the side.

"On your mark!" Pinkie shouted as she raised her flag.

"Get set!" Sonata Shouted.

"Go! "the both shouted as they wave their flag.

I runned as fast as I could,Dash behind me.

The race had finished.

"Woo!I won." I say cheering.

Dash looks at me angrily.

"I hate losing..."She says under her breath.

All the other girls laughed and cheered.

"Sleepover at my house?" Dash asked.

"Sure,just let me tell Adagio."I tell her.

Then I start to go to Adagio,who is preparing herself to go.

"Hey Dagi,going to sleep at Dash's today ,'kay?"

"Okay,if something happens call me,don't stay up too late,you have clothes in your bag? "

"Yes Adagio..."

"Good. Be back by lunch tomorrow and... have fun."

"'Kay bye Adagio,see you 'morrow,bye Sonata." I say and wave.

"Bye Ari!" Sonata shouts by the car window.

"Let's go?" Say Dash.

"Let's go."

We arrive at Dash's house,her room is big.
I'm not feeling very well,I just want to sleep right now,but if I do this Dash will get mistrustful.

"Wanna play videogames?" She aks me.

"Yeah."I answer.

"What game do you want to play?"

"Whatever you choose is fine.Since I know I'll beat you."

"Oh no you're not beating me."

She puts an game in her PS4.

Damn,I'm starting to get dizzy,I can't beat Dash if I can't see what I'm doing right.

"Wooo!I won I'm awesome!" Dash cheers.

"Shit..."I say,I can't believe I'm this way, Adagio and Sonata can't know it.

"Aria,are you sure you're okay?If you're not you can tell me,seriously." Dash says with an worried tone.

"I'm ok Dash,seriously. You don't need to worry about me." I say. "Also,I'm tired from the party...I'm going to sleep."

"'Kay."She shrugged her shoulders.


Rainbow Dash's POV

I can't sleep,Aria is snoring too loud,although it was fun to race with her today,I wanted to win, something is happening with Aria,she's not okay, and she's not wanting to say it, and by my own experience I can tell this never works out.

She even doesn't seen okay sleeping,she's making a pain face,but I know if I wake her up, she won't want to tell me what it is, because she knows I'll tell her sisters.

But maybe I could tell Adagio by Aria's phone.

I pick Aria's phone and through her contacts. and select Adagio's name.

It rings for a few seconds, then a tired voice answers:


"Sorry to wake you but..." I start only to be cut off.

"Dash it's two in the morning. What's wrong?"

"Well you see.."

"Did something happen to Aria?" she asked with panic in her voice.

"No, yes, I don't know maybe, Just something seems wrong with her. I know there is just she won't tell us."


"I don't know but I can tell she's in a lot of pain, and she told me she wasn't feeling well at the party."

"So you woke me up at 2 a.m. to tell me Aria is sore and doesn't feel good?"

"No I called you at 2 a.m. to tell you there's something wrong with your sister. I thought maybe you would care."

"Don't go there with me, you know I care about my sisters more then anything."

"Right, right I know sorry about that. It's just something's wrong with Aria...I can feel it. She's my best friend I don't want to lose her. "

"Dash you're sweet to care and she's lucky to have a friend like you who worries about her so much, But neither Aria, Sonata or myself have has so much as a cold since we got here. Our magic is keeping us healthy."

"But your magic is gone, who knows what that could be doing to you three. What if everything hits her all at once without the magic to stop it."

"Wouldn't it have happened to Sonata and me too?"

"Maybe it's just happening to her first?"

"To Aria? Listen to yourself do you really think Aria would be the first one out of the three of us to get sick? With everything Sonata does with Pinkie. And with all the stress I'm under. It's Aria that gets sick?"

"Well when you put it like that..its does sound kinda dumb."

"No it's not dumb you're worried about Aria and want to help her. I'm sure this is nothing to worry about, but if you want I can talk to her about it tomorrow."

"Oh no you don't have to, if you do she'll know I called you and I don't want her mad at me. I'll let you go back to sleep sorry I woke you."

"It's alright good night Dash."

"Good night."