"Oh Aria,how I miss you..."

by Sparkling blaze

First published

After her sister's death Sonata is suffering,we saw Adagio's side of the story. Now let's see how the younger sister is dealing with this...

After her sister's death Sonata is suffering,we saw Adagio's side of the story. Now let's see how the younger sister is dealing with this... Let's see what leaded to the happiest siren death...
(Sonata's side of "You Can Live Without Me...")

1- Aria's death

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Sonata's POV

I saw it. I heard it. But yet it doesn't feel real.

My sister, my company, my best friend , the only one I could tell all my secrets for. Just slipped away.

I pack my things and look at her dead body, maybe, maybe she's still hearing, maybe she's not dead, maybe just weak.

"A-Aria?" I say her name, believing it would make she wake up from her eternal sleep. " I-I'm leaving...But if you're still hearing it and still alive... Please get better and return home, return to me and Dagi, we we can't live without you...You're the glue between us who keeps us together....we need you."

I know she won't answer back to me tho.

I start to make my way out of the room.

It doesn't feel like I'm stepping in the ground,or that I'm in my own reality.

Soon as I stepped out the hospital I received a hug and hear an familiar voice saying:

"I'm so sorry for your loss."

I look at her turquesa eyes deeply, Sunset is a really great friend,but "Sorry" isn't going fix the fact I just lost my sister.

Oh, Aria, how I want you back... I miss you too much...

I keep crying and before I even notice it, I'm home...

"You're sure you don't want me to tell
Adagio?" Sunset asks getting me on surprise.

"Y-yeah. Thanks for bringing me home."

"Anytime. Just know me and the girls are there for anything you and Dagi need, gotta go,see you?"

"See you later."

I look at the door and sigh, I didn't ever thought I would be walking through this door to tell Adagio such sad news.

I open the door.

The first question Adagio makes it's just what I thought she'd ask:

"Sonata, where is Aria?"

"Dagi, Ari is...Aria is...She...is...is..." The words won't seem to get out of my mouth.

"What she is, Sonata? Just tell me."

The truth finally gets out of my mouth:

"She's dead. Aria is dead, Adagio."

Tears start to roll through my face once again.

Adagio is paralized, she never thought Aria would be the first of us to go....

Soon I receive an comforting hug from her as we cry together.

Things will never be the same.

2- Day 1 Without Ari

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Sonata's POV
" Hey little sister. Wake up. "I hear Adagio's voice calling me.

But I don't wanna get out of bed, I just want Aria ... I groan in response as I hide under the covers.

" I didn't made breakfast. But we can go wherever you want to have breakfast ...."

I'm not really hungry.

" I don't wanna eat ." I say quietly .

" But you need to ... Let's go to taco bell? " She says worriedly.

" No. "

" To Mcdonalds? "

" No. "

" Stay home and I make you breakfast? "

" No. "

" C'mon Sonata you need to get up and eat... "

" No, no, no. I want Aria. "

" Oh Sonny, I know you don't want to but you need to forget her. " Adagio says making it seem like it's easy. But in the inside she's even worser than me.

" Dagi, tell me it is a lie, that it's just all a big nightmare. " I say crying.

She hugs me.

" I wished that it wasn't true also, Sonata. But she's dead. There's nothing we can do."

I start crying harder as I hold her shoulders tighter.

" Shh, shh it's okay... it's okay... " She tells me softly.

But I know it's not.

As soon as I calmed down a little she let me go.

" You can sleep more if you want to Sonny. "

" 'K-kay. " I lie back in bed and keep crying till I feel like sleeping.

3- Day 2 Without Ari

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Sonata's POV

"Sonny. Get up.We're going to a friend's house." Adagio said in her cheering up voice.

I didn't know of which friend she was talking,but I didn't wanna go...

"No." I said, my voice muffled by the pillow in which I was laying in the couch.

Adagio took the pillow from me.

"Please, go to the car Sonata." Adagio said in an more firm, yet comforting voice.

Then she took my hand and pushed me to her car while I was fighting to go back to the house.

I started crying:

"Let me go."

"No,Sonata you need it. " Adagio said as she started driving.

I spent the whole time looking through the window and remembering good times with Aria,each moment brought one tear in my eyes.

I kept thinking on how hard I wished I could see her again,with some hope It would come true. I closed my eyes for a second, no the wish did no effect.

We arrived in a familiar cottage in a few minutes. But I was too busy thinking of Aria.

"It's good to see you getting out finally!"Fluttershy answered the door.

"It's good to get out right Sonata? " Dagi asks me.

"Ugh? What? Oh Yeah, yeah it is." I say faking , I wish I was in my room right now.

"I have to go to the market, just came to bring Sonata,but it's good to see you." With that Dagi started leaving.

" You know Aria wouldn't want you to feel like this. Now let head on inside." Fluttershy said with a very comforting voice. "By the way Pinkie is here too."

As much as I loved Pinkie the last thing I needed was her and Fluttershy in the same place.

I couldn't help but feel nervous.

" F-f-feel What way? Oh Pinkie is here too? " I have my best fake smile while sweating.

That was useless tho.

"Yeah,Pinkie is here, she is in the living room." She took me by my hand and guided me to the living room. "You don't need to fake it with us Sonata we're here for you."

Then I realized they were my best friends,there was no need for faking.

My mind and my mouth suddenly started repeating the same thing over and over again as I cried:

"I want her back...I want her back..."

"Let it out." Fluttershy hugged me. "Let it all out."

Suddenly I felt another two warm arms envolving me,and a heard a voice saying:

"We're here for you Sonny."

My breakdown had lasted 10 minutes.

I hugged my best friends:
" T-thanks. It's Just I miss Ari so much..."

"You will miss her Sonny. It just shows how much you loved her. I can only imagine what I would do going through if I lost one of my sisters, and I'm not as close to mine as you are to yours." Says Pinkie.

Suddenly Fluttershy reads an text and calls Pinkie.

Then Pinkie goes to the living room and calls me:

"Come on Sonata. We can talk more in there."

"Ok." I start to follow her.

We took a sit in Fluttershy's couch.

"This is the first time I've seen you since the funeral, have you seen any of the others?"

I freeze with this question, but I knew It was coming and I'm going to answer it:

"No. I've been stuck in my room since then."

"You can't just hide away the rest of your life. You need to keep going you still have a lot of life to live." Pinkie makes a serious face at me.

"I know Pinkie... It's Just I need some time..." I lie.

" I understand and so do the rest of the girls, we're just worried about you."

Fluttershy walked in with some sandwiches and tea.

"I hope I'm not interrupting, oh and Pinkie also brought a nice cake with her today for after our sandwiches."She sitted down. "You girls help yourself".

I knew exactly where this was going.

"Thanks. But I'm not really hungry. "I said softly.

"Oh well...Can you at least try to eat a little bit? It's lunch time. You should eat something."

"Yeah Sonny, besides it's good." Said Pinkie.

"No,I'm not hungry. Thanks. Really." Huh,Dagi already should be here."Besides I should call Dagi she's taking too long on the market."

"She's fine Sonata. She texted me a little bit ago it just may take her a little longer then she though. You really should eat something tho. I can fix you whatever you want."

"No, I'm not hungry really. Thanks Fluttershy."

"Adagio told us you've stopped eating Sonata, you really need to eat something." Said Pinkie in a more serious tone.

"Do you think this is what Aria would want?"Asked Fluttershy in a serious tone.

Then I realized,that wasn't me at all,or what Aria wanted at all.

I started to cry again, then I felt warmt around me.

"It'll be alright Sonata we're all here for you." Said Fluttershy.

"We're doing this because we love you and we don't want to lose you too." Said Pinkie.

I kept crying and repeating:

"I want Ari..."

After some time I eventually calmed down.

"There ya go. Now that you've calmed down a little bit an you try to eat a little bit? Do it for me please?"Pinkie asked in a soothing voice.

"Sorry Pinkie but if I wasn't in the mood to eat before imagine now..." I said softly.

"I know I had to try tho..you really do need to eat more." Pinkie sighed and hugged me "I don't want to lose my best friend. Oh Dagi's here."

I was in relief,not that I didn't liked my friends but I wanted to go home.

"Oh She probably will want to go home." I hugged Pinkie. "Later Pinkie."

"Later Sonata." Pinkie hugged me.

"Later Shy. Hi Dagi." I said taking Dagi's hand.

"Later Fluttershy.Let's Go home sis." Said Adagio.

"Later girls." We heard Fluttershy say.

4- Day 3 Without Ari

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Sonata's POV

I've been up all night... Thinking about Aria.

Is she seeing me now? Can she hear me?

Some tears roll down my face, while I uselessly try to talk to Aria.

"A-Ari?" I say between tears. "If you're here,and hearing me. I wanted to say that you were wrong...I can't live without you... Can't you come back, please? If you need someone's soul to stop living to come back to life, I can do it..."

No response.

"Aria, please come back..."I repeated again and again as if my wish would come true.

I hold my pillow harder and harder while I cry whispering:

"Please, Aria.... Please... "

Then I thought what If I haven't to live without Aria?What if I could be together with her? I can do that.

But that would hurt Adagio, and the girls also... But truth be told: I'm not living.

Maybe I can let something letting them I know I wanted to die,like a note.
Yeah, a note, one for each of them, beginning by Dagi.

Day before suicide 1-Dagi

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I know you must be real angry at me for doing this and I know that you're hurting very much.
And I'm really sorry for doing this.
But I can't live without Aria.
I just can't.
Don't get it wrong, I would be very sad if this happened to you....
It's just Aria was always there holding my hand, heck you even told me my first word was her name,then my last word will be her name also.
I'm going to find Aria.
But don't let my end be yours also.
And with this I say my last goodbye Dagi.
Love, your younger sister: Sonata Dusk.

Sonata's POV

Maybe something like that could work, but I still want to spend a whole day with each of them before I go join Aria....

I go downstairs.

"Hey Dagi, can we go out today? "

She flashes an bright smile:

"Sure Sonny, where you wanna go? "

"Maybe to the park, or I don't know.... Anywhere. "

I ain't even finished going downstairs when I receive an warm sisterly hug.

"Dagi? " I ask.

"Sometimes life gotta continue, Sonata. "

I hug her and start crying. I'll miss this warm hug.

"So let's get going..." I try my best to give my best smile.

I hold her hand like when I was a kid, as we walk to the car.

She looks to my face and smiles.

I smile to her.

We go to the park, walk a little, and have ice cream.

After arriving home I hug Adagio, a goodbye hug.

Goodbye, Dagi...

Day before suicide 2 -Pinkie

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Sonata's POV

I already have my Guns, now to say goodbye to everyone...

Next on the list: Pinkie, my bestie... It'll be hard to say goodbye to her, after all she is always so bubbly and positive and happy... Always smiling... It will probably hurt her when she learns what happened to me... An smile will turn into a frown and sparkly bubbly eyes will be full of tears... Or maybe not... Maybe I don't matter that much to her...

I go downstairs.

Adagio is not home, so I send a text to her, telling her I'm going out.

I walk till Pinkie's home, and knock on her door.

"Sonny!" I receive a big bone breaking hug from Pinkie, but this time I don't want this hug to end even being breathless with Pinkie's force, I want this hug to last forever after all is the last of this 'Pinkie's hugs' I'll receive.

"Hey, Pinkie..." I hug her.

"Enter, enter!" She says pushing me inside. "How are you? Better? I see you're better enough to get out of your room."

She laughs. The kind of laugh that lets your mood up, even when you're feeling down.

I smile.

I love Pinkie's talent, cheering everyone up, making everyone smile.

This requires more courage than anyone could ever imagine.

I admire her.....

That's why she's my bestie, even if she's down she brings smiles and happiness.

"Sonata?" She says worriedly.

"Oh sorry lost my train of thought." I reply. "So you wanna go to Sugarcube Corner or something?"

"Of course." Pinkie replies with a big grin.

We go to Sugarcube Corner and have fun.

I hug Pinkie longer, as I say goodbye.

"Bye bestie..."

Day before suicide 3-Fluttershy

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Sonata's POV
Next to say goodbye to in the list: Fluttershy, my second best friend, the kindest girl you'll ever meet... This will be hard.

I imagine her face once she learns what I did...

Perhaps she'll be happy...Perhaps I don't make anyone happy and I'm making a favor to them.

I send a text inviting she to come,I don't feel like getting out of home today...

In a few minutes Fluttershy is here...

"Hey, Sonata."She say in her quiet calm voice like always.Fluttershy haves an unique way of being...I'll definetely miss her.

"Hey, Shy.You wanna watch something with me?Anything you want.Then we could order some food.Or something."I say in the happiest tone I
can,which unfortunately isn't even a bit happy.

"Sure I'd love to,but is everything ok?"She says sweetly.I love the way Flutters worried about everyone,I'll really miss her.I give her a smile.

"Yeah, Just thought I would return to talk to you girls. You never know when something like what happened with Aria happened."I say melancholically

"You're right someone's life can be over at anytime."She says.

"Yeah."I then start thinking in how in a few days it'll be me who'll be dead.

"Sonata I know something is bothering you. Please tell me what it is, I want to help you."She says worriedly and puts her hands on mine.Again making me smile.

"Nothing is bothering me, Shy, just thinking."I reassure her.

"If you say so."She says unsure.

I get up to get an DVD,but I suddenly feel dizzy and fall,must he cause I haven't been eating.

I see Fluttershy run over to me,she seems panicked.

"Sonata I..I knew something was wrong. Are you ok, and I mean really ok?"Her voice seems really worried.

I picked myself up from the ground.

"Yeah just felt dizzy cause I haven't been eating." I say."Soon it won't be a problem anymore."

"Oh,if you haven't been eating you should have said something. I'll fix you something. What do you want to eat?"She says in a caring tone.

This is my last time seeing her before I go meet Aria. So I may as well do what she says or at least pretend to.I smile at her.

"Anything is fine."

She frowns.

"Sonata you're my guest and one of my best friends. I'll make whatever you want."She said.

"Really anything is good."I say half smiling.And expecting she gives up.

"Sonata, just pick something."She says.

I sigh internally.

"Fine. A sandwich."I then answer.

"Alright, I'll fix us some sandwiches you set up the movie."She says and starts heading towards the kitchen.

I pick a movie and put it on.And I see Fluttershy coming with a tray withTwi sandwiches one for herself and one for me.

"You got it set up?"She asks as she puts the tray on the table.

"Yeah." Some lines in the movie really are making me thing about what I'm gonna do.

Sunddely I feel a hand on my shoulder.I look at Fluttershy,she seems pretty concerned.

"Are you sure everything is alright?"She asks then looks at my plate in which the sandwich I haven't take a bite is."You don't like your sandwich?"

"What?"I take a small bite."Uh, no, it is great,it's I got distracted by the movie."I want to give Fluttershy something to remember me,something that's important for me,I get my watch which Aria gave me,Aria barely gave me things so whenver she bought something it didn't matter what,it always mattered a lot to me.Normally I'd never give something Ari gave me,but how I'm going to find Ari it doesn't matter anymore.I hand it to her."An gift to you."

"Your watch? I can accept that, didn't Aria give it to you?"She says really surprised she knows me too well.

"Yeah.But I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I gave you it."

"Thank you."She hugs me."I promise I'll take care of it."

I hug her back stronger this time.Goodbye Fluttershy.