Revenge Is Best Served Frozen.

by Strawberri

First published

When pushed to the edge, during a cold and lonely night. The Dazzlings plan a quick plan of revenge, yet when they arrive at their victims place, they are given a warm welcome.

The Dazzlings have been pushed too far, on a icy night alone on the streets they form a plan to get revenge on Sunset Shimmer.

Once there though, they are surprised by a warm welcome.

Their would be victim showing them a side of compassion, they had long forgotten existed.

Part of The " Once More Verse." taking place before the start of Once More.

Cover Art By The Amazing PsychoDiamondStar.

The Warmth Of Kindness. ( Edited. )

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The moon was a pale blue in the sky, the empty dark streets were like ice tonight. Three young girls cuddled together on the street corner in silence, each wearing torn and faded hoodies that did very little to block out the frigid air.

Tossed to the streets after an embarrassing defeat, they now lived day to day as nobodies of this world. Their power faded, their true elegant forms, replaced with these weak trembling bodies.

No soul gave them a second glance, nor did anyone stop to even check on them during these long and bitter nights. It was just them now, poetic in the sense that they had returned to square one.

Each siren an outcast, exiled by their kind. Forced to feed upon the weaker races to survive, only with each other to keep safe. Adagio watched the sky in silence as she wondered about life, how on earth did they fall so far from grace?

Could they ever return to glory?

If so, how would the rest of the world view them?

As people or as monsters?

With a roll of the eye she scoffed aloud, why was she even wondering about such far-off dreams?

She should focus her attention on the now.

Like the fact it had been three days since they've eaten or the countless nights she’s failed to get even a wink of sleep.

A cold breeze blew over each girl, causing them all to shiver in unison.

Most importantly of all, that soon they might freeze to death.

Adagio calmed her rigid breaths, glancing down to Sonata who clung onto her for dear life. She shivered uncontrollably trying to stay warm, arms wrapped around her leader's waist in desperation.

Aria placed her head on Adagio’s spare shoulder, sleeping silently as she failed to even move an inch. The leader felt a sense of dread, thoughts that she just might lose a charge filled her mind.

Yet a viscous growl from Aria’s belly placed those thoughts to rest, she was just weak and starved, which in itself still wasn’t all that good.

“I say we kill,” Adagio growled under her breath.

“I’m listening,” Aria spoke in a whisper, head still on her shoulder with eyes shut tight.

“Why must we suffer upon these streets? When that wench of a pony Sunset, just prances around all high and mighty!?” Adagio snapped aloud as Sonata let out a soft whimper in her slumber.

“Well, we did try to enslave the school nay the world,” Aria replied sarcastically.

“So did she!” Adagio snapped back.

Aria sighed and slowly opened her eyes, casting a “ So?” look towards her leader. The wind howled louder, sending a wicked chill over each girl.

“The...the...there’s three of us and one of her! I say we...we find her and annihilate her!” The leader shivered wildly as she tossed Sonata to the side, and lifted up to her feet excitedly.

“I'M AWAKE MOMMA!” Sonata gasped for dear life in a shocked daze.

“Student Housing,” Aria smirked up to her suddenly blood-lusting comrade.

“What the buck is Student Housing!?” Adagio asked in confusion and anger.

“Housing for students between homes, abusive homes and stuff.” Sonata yawned and softly stretched in place, smacking her lips sleepily.

Adagio raised a thin brow down to the weakest link of her group, eyes filled with even more questions.

“You know? They give apartments to students, paid by the school system…” Sonata whimpered, Adagio standing over her in rage.

“In exchange for the students to do community services, get their education and…” Sonata suddenly winced and shielded herself in fear.

“The fact you failed to tell me this earlier angers me! Yet alas I have no want to return to the hell that is school.” Adagio flaunted a hand down to her charge, who in return sighed relieved.

“I’m not saying we return to school, Oh Mighty One. But Sunset lives at The Student Housing Facility, like two blocks from here.” Aria spoke as she rolled her eyes.

“Then we go over and finish her!” Adagio clapped her hands together wickedly.

“You don’t say,” Aria replied as she slapped both her cheeks with her hands in faux surprise.

“Finish who now?” Sonata asked in a blatant sense of confusion.

Her two friends walked off into the distance of the night, never letting her in on the plan. Sonata sighed slowly, wobbling to her feet as she dragged after the other two, so weak she could barely keep up.

'Knock-knock.' Adagio could barely slam her fist upon the door, her strength just about spent.

Turns out this facility was a three-story building and as luck would have it in this cruel world, the Sirens found themselves on the third floor exhausted.

“It’s like 4:00 A.M! What in all hell do you…” An odd short girl answered the door with a scowl upon her face, she was slightly overweight and wore an oversized jersey with boy shorts.

“Is Sunset.” Adagio weakly squeaked out.

“Yeah, it is almost Sunrise! You bimbos stink worse than my sister!” This rude little excuse for a girl made a gagging noise.

“No! We are looking for a Sunset Shimmer,” Adagio spoke through gritted teeth in anger.

“Who in tarnation is out there!?” An extremely tall girl walked out of a room behind the rude girl, her hair a wild red color and cascaded down to her lower back in waves.

“Get back to bed, Draggle! They’re just some homeless sticks looking for a Sunrise!” The short girl snapped in annoyance.

“A Sunrise!? Why it’ll be outside in like an hour, Reeka!” Draggle spoke with a dumbfounded tone, her wild bangs covering her eyes.

“No! We’re looking…” Adagio was cut off by a loud snort, Reeka spitting a large loogie at the feet of the girls.

“Don’t ya think I know that Draggle! Sorry, my sister and I don’t want to let y’all stay until Sunrise.” Reeka almost hissed aloud.

“No! You damn swine…” Adagio tried to speak up, only to have the door slam shut in her face.

Sonata softly tugged on Adagio’s hoodie, the leader looked over to her in weakened anger. The foolish girl pointed to a door down the hall, S.S taped to the door with festive bubble letters.

“At last salvation!” Adagio and her crew stumbled down the hall, coming to a stop at the front door.

“After I knock,"

"Aria, you tackle Sunset as she answers the door.” Adagio spoke exhausted.

“I’m not gonna lie. I’m so weak, she might be able to punch through me.” Aria trembled.

“After Aria tackles, Sonata you start smashing on Sunset.” Adagio continued forward with her plan.

“I think I'm dying.” Sonata spoke in a worried tone, unable to catch her breath.

“And last I’ll use my final breath to smite her.” Adagio spoke her actions looking loopy and off-balance, as she barely pounded upon the door.

“Yes?” Sunset swung open the door after a few moments of agonizing waiting, wearing a soft warm pair of red Pj’s with a sun symbol upon them.

Aria swung a weak and delicate punch at the girl, missing completely before she collapsed forward to the ground with a loud thud. Sonata simply fainted behind Adagio, falling backward out of breath.

Adagio glared forward to her nemesis, collecting the last of her energy to take a step forward. The world fading to black around her, she could feel herself fall to her knees and shutdown.

“Smitekelsplat.” Adagio groaned and entered the abyss of the dreamworld.

Sunset gazed down to each collapsed girl in a tired silence, as a soft yawn escaped her lips.

“I’ll put on some coffee and snacks.” Sunset groggily dragged herself off to the kitchen.

“So why are you here this early?” Sunset groaned as she sipped a scalding hot cup of coffee.

The Sirens were too busy devouring all things in sight, to even acknowledge their would be victim of the night. Within just a few moments of being here, they had put away more than she could in a month.

Three bags of cookies, five bags of chips, two six-packs of soda, and who could guess how many packs of candy bars.

“Re-blenge!” Aria hissed out between chomps and loud chugs of soda.

“Re-blenge?” Sunset asked in a monotone voice, brow raised in interest.

“Thank you.” Sonata sobbed aloud as she stuffed a handful of chips into her mouth.

“Mmmrphh. on’t ou ank er!” Adagio tried to scream between swallows of food, lifting a hand to smack Sonata on the back of her head.

“I’m sorry, but thank you!” She winced in pain and continued to cry before Sunset.

“So you three wanted to talk or something?” Sunset asked confused as she placed her coffee down on the table in front of the Sirens.

“No! We wanted to tear you apart,” Adagio spoke in a sinister tone, as a loud burp escaped her lips afterward.

“What? Like, kill me?” Sunset asked as she tilted her head to the side slightly.

“Thank you!” Sonata curled up on the sofa and sipped on a bottle of soda.

“Om-nom. In retrospect it was a shite plan, we had nothing more than a good ass-kicking as a weapon.” Aria chewed slowly on a cookie, eyes locked on her victim coldly.

“Thank you,” Sonata whispered sweetly, wiping away tears from her eyes.

“Sooo. Are you still going to attack me or something?” Sunset asked after a yawn, placing a slender hand atop her cheek.

“Well I’m sort of tired, I could maybe do a savage beating though.” Aria shrugged a bit towards Adagio.

“It wouldn’t feel right.” Sonata gazed down softly to the floor, cheeks burning a bright red.

“I suppose we could show you...mercy.” Adagio rolled her eyes and looked away in shame.

“Okie Dokie. Well make yourselves at home, I need to get some sleep.” Sunset flashed a gentle smile to the girls.

Each Siren gazed towards her in shock at such words, never had they heard them before in such a giving way. Adagio felt her lips form into a scowl, surely this was just a ploy.

“We can use your shower maybe?” Sonata asked sheepishly.

Aria cast a harsh glare to her in deep silence.

“Sure thing! I also have some extra clothes in my room, you girls can borrow them.” Sunset smirked between a yawn as she stood up, swaying hips side to side as she exited the room.

Opening the closet in her room, she scooped up a few spare outfits for her guests. At one time they might have been intimidating, yet now she just got a feeling they were scared and confused.

Walking back to the living room, she flashed a smile to the sofa.

“Feel welcome to stay as long…” Sunset started to say, dropping the clothes to the floor in shock.

The living room was empty, the last few bags of chips and half a pack of soda missing from the coffee table. Her front door was left open a crack, she walked over and gazed down the empty hall with a frown.

Each girl walked down the sidewalk in silence, not a word spoken as they made their way back towards a small silver trash can.

The cold wind had died down, for now, the sun peeked through the sky as dawn approached.

Sonata sighed and plopped down to the ground with a thud, her violet hues glowed in the dim light up to her friends. Aria simply slid down the nearby wall of a building, keeping a fair distance away from Sonata as her eyes closed.

Adagio continued to stand, both her charges soon enough asleep.

Watching the sun in the sky lift, the world soon filled with the promise of a new day.

The Siren leader frowned and slid between the other two, Sonata slowly cuddled closer as her arms wrapped back around her waist, a smile formed across her lips.

Why did Sunset show them such mercy?

Was it out of exhaustion?

A ploy to lower their defense?

Or maybe because it was the right thing to do?

No matter what the reason, she knew one thing rang true above all else.

She didn’t deserve kindness.