Feeding off Love

by CynicallyTwisted

First published

Thorax comes back to Ponyville to catch up with the first friend he ever made. Things escalate into something he never expected, yet was secretly hoping for.

During the time following the defeat of Queen Chrysalis and reforming of all the Changelings, Thorax visits Ponyville to catch up with who he considered to be his best friend. He had felt something different towards the young dragon the second he met him, for he was the first to ever befriend him. During the visit, they end up alone in a room in Twilight's castle...things escalate into a more heated get together.


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After becoming King to all the changelings after the fall of Queen Chrysalis, Thorax decides that it has been too long for him since he saw his best friend. And so, he makes a plan to visit the young dragon on a more relaxed day in his own kingdom.

He desperately wanted to see Spike again. Spike was the first pony, or 'dragon', to actually become his friend. It hadn't been that long since Thorax saw him, but to him, that short amount of time felt like a millennia. He never actually got to spend any real quality time with the dragon since they met. This fact gave Thorax even more incentive to visit Spike. However, every time that Thorax was around Spike, his friends always happened to "bless" them with their presence. Thorax wanted them to be alone, to actually be able to talk and enjoy each others' company without disturbance. To make sure this happened, Thorax sent Spike out a letter telling him of his desire to hang out with him. He detailed how he wanted them to be alone, but in a more discreet way so Spike wasn't skeptical.

Spike had smiled as he read the letter, more than eager to get some quality time with the reformed changeling. Twilight was fine with it and was actually excited about the whole thing. She squealed in delight upon hearing Spike's request to allow Thorax to stay over the castle for a night, for this would give more insight into friendship among changelings. Spike backed away saying, 'Okay okay okay, geez', then ran off to the kitchen to prepare snacks and food for himself and Thorax; most of it being junk food, of course.

Back in the changeling kingdom, Thorax told his subjects, though he preferred to refer to them as friends, that he would be visiting Ponyville to see the friends that he had made there, and catch up with them. This wasn't a lie, for he was going to say hello to everypony during the time that he was hanging out with Spike, he just wasn't going to talk to them as much as he would the purple dragon. 'This visit is about Spike', he would think to himself.

Thorax's POV

I need to see Spike. That's what this is all about. Sure, I liked his friends, but I had spent time with them plenty already. I'm really happy that Spike responded to me, and that Princess Twilight was okay with it; enthusiastic even. I waited by the train station after sending out another letter in response to that one, this was our meeting place. Oh boy, I was so excited, perhaps too excited. But I couldn't help myself, the dragon I've had eyes on since we first met was allowing me to stay overnight in the castle he lived in.

I had been waiting by the train station for a little bit, and just before I decided to sit down, I saw the figure that I was thinking about begin to approach me. He trotted towards me waving, with a huge grin adorning his face. His fangs were almost as cute as mine. Ha, what am I saying? His are waaay cuter.

"Thorax!", he yelled when he finally got close enough to me. He had his hands on his knees, breathing heavily. "I'm sorry I took so long, Twilight had me clean out the room we are gonna be staying in. I had to sweep and everything.", Spike threw his hands in the air in vexation.

I laughed, it was so adorable how he got all frustrated.

"Hey! That's not funny!", he shouted, and blushed in embarrassment while doing so.

I covered my mouth with a hoof. "Sorry, it's just, it seems like Twilight has you cleaning every square inch of the castle.", I chuckled through the hoof on my mouth. Spike sighed.

"Well, now that it's done, we have the rest of the day and all night to have fun! I got tons of food and blankets prepared for us. Along with a fantasy game if you're interested.", Spike stated.

I smiled at Spike, a hint of red dusting my cheeks, only noticeable by me as I felt the slight heat. "That sounds great, Spike. I think we'll have a lot of fun.", I replied to him.

"Awesome! Let's not waste any time. Let's get going so we can start! The more time to catch up the better.", Spike yearned for me to follow him enthusiastically. His enthusiasm and vibrant personality always did make me fall for him even harder.

Spike's POV

I held out my hand to coax him to follow me. However, I didn't even need to do that as he started off towards the castle. I followed him eagerly, staying behind to catch glances at the reformed creature. But, was he really even reformed? He had been good since birth, so he never really needed to change. His heart had always been pure. His purity and innocence had pulled me towards him instantaneously. I never saw a changeling like that, it redirected my whole perspective. Actually, I don't even think I've ever seen a normal pony as warm-hearted as he is, especially since birth and throughout their life.

What I perceived in him from the time we met til now is nothing short of wonder. Seeing his true self sparked something inside me I never expected. He had something that not even Rarity had, but that wouldn't have even mattered. At this point, I was over Rarity for various reasons. Thorax was just so...unique. He is so caring and compassionate, and strives to share love among other ponies. He is truly selfless. I expected him to be crude and evil just like the rest of his kind, but he wasn't. He was the exact opposite.

Thorax made me feel things I've never felt before. When I first met him, and saw that all he wanted was a friend, and to share love with that friend, instead of hogging it all for himself, I immediately felt different towards him. He saved my life, protected me from falling into a pit of icy nothingness. It was at that point I realized that I wanted to be more than friends; I wanted to share with him love that not even friendship could bring forth. No, this love was much stronger.

Of course, I couldn't share this openly. Hell, even just admitting that I had made friends with a changeling, and that said changeling wanted to be friends and spread love with everypony else had been risky enough. I couldn't even believe it myself that I had felt even stronger feelings towards him than I had Rarity. But now when I think about it, it doesn't surprise me. He was selfless, caring, and just, god, it's so hard to get out. He wasn't what I expected at all. But that was okay. Even though I didn't expect any of it out of him, everything I saw was everything I adored.

"We're here.", Thorax said, shaking me completely out of my trance. He looked down at me with concern plastered on his face. "Are you okay? You seem kind of...out of it.", he asked.

"I'm fine. I was just thinking about all of the stuff we can do and I got distracted. That's all", I replied sheepishly.

"Alright then.", Thorax gave me a small grin as he opened the door and led me inside.

"I think I should take the lead from here, the castle can get quite confusing. Even for the Elements of Harmony, this place is like a maze. Must be more so for you since you've only been here once", I explained to him, forgetting that changelings were very keen on finding their way through places.

"Uh, yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I wouldn't wanna get lost here, and then have to spend and waste time looking for you. Um, where are we going exactly?", Thorax asked, sort of nervous.

"Oh, we're just going to stay in the map room. There's plenty of chairs and that huge table we can play games and eat on. Twilight left it open for us while she stays in the library, don't worry, she won't be bothering us.", I told Thorax. We were going to be alone—wow. I honestly wasn't expecting this either. Maybe I'll even be able to profess my love to him. After all, I didn't seem to have much trouble doing that for Rarity, not that she really cared, but still. However, he was different. Very different.

"Oh, hehe, wow. So there must be a lot of room to do whatever we want, yeah? I mean like, we can run around, sleep wherever...", Thorax trailed off.

"Yep.", I said, scratching the back of my head. I coughed and put my claws together, trying to shake off the awkwardness. "Shall we head to the room then? I can take you on a tour of the castle first if you'd like.", I offered.

"Oh no, that's quite alright. I wanna get right to the room activities, there's lots of catching up to do, and much fun to be had. I don't want to miss a minute of it!", Thorax said, lifting his head up high with a wide smile spread across his muzzle. I felt my stomach flutter.

3rd Person POV

Spike and Thorax headed down the long and wide hallway of the castle to the outside of the map room. They stopped before the two large glass doors that were the solid spaces between the hall and the room they were aiming for. Thorax looked up and down the stained glass door, eyes twinkling with astonishment.

"It's magnificent. I've never seen something so beautiful. Not just the doors, this whole castle. It's amazing.", Thorax pointed out. In his mind, Thorax knew this was a lie. He took a quick glance at the dragon, knowing that he had seen something more beautiful before.

"Hehe, well, just wait until you see the map room, it's even better.", Spike replied as he began to push open one of the large doors, leaving Thorax to gaze in disbelief. After he opened the door, Thorax couldn't help but gawk at the sight before him. The room was breathtaking. The crystallization of the walls and the structure of the map were remarkable.

"Pretty cool, huh?", Spike asked Thorax, crossing his arms. Thorax just continued to stare, wide-eyed.

"Incredible...", Thorax whispered.

"I know, right? Compared to old Golden Oaks library, this is stellar!", Spike stated. Thorax just continued to stare, and Spike could've sworn he saw his breath ghost out of his mouth as he looked on in amazement at the map room. Seeing Thorax in such a transfixed state caused Spike to blush slightly.

'If he thinks the castle is a sight for sore eyes, he really should seek out his reflection. Because I'm currently looking at something more alluring than this castle could ever be.', Spike thought.

Spike was so lost in his 'crush' that he began to feel nervous. As he looked on in a love-struck manner, he brought a claw to his mouth and began to bite on his long and sharp nails. Thorax, so lost in the sight before him, started to walk forward into the room, but then suddenly stopped. Spike jumped a bit, startled. He froze.

Thorax slowly turned his head to look at Spike, who he noticed was staring at him, but not in a casual way; not at all. Thorax frowned slightly when he realized how long Spike had been staring at him for. He was so focused on the room that he hadn't even noticed. Thorax just shook his head and continued walking into the room, his head down. Spike watched him drift away, his claw just under his chin and his mouth open to form a small 'o'.

Spike clenched his fists, defeated.

'Damnit', he cursed under his breath. Spike stood there with his arms low for a few seconds before reluctantly trudging into the room after Thorax.

When he entered, Thorax had his front hooves on top of the table and his hind legs still on the ground beneath supporting him. He swerved his head from left to right, his eyes darting at each location presented on the peculiar map. Spike watched, stunned. He loved how curious the changeling was, it added to that sense of innocence he held. Spike approached that changeling hesitantly, reaching an arm out when he got near. Just before Spike could place a hand on Thorax's shoulder, he staggered and fell, landing on his back.

"AH!", Thorax shouted in surprise. He staggered, keeping one hoof on the map before falling over and landing on his back, all four hooves in the air. Spike immediately hovered over him, worry present over his features. He had both arms out, as if to protect Thorax from incoming danger. "Are you okay?! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to—"

Thorax smiled, placing one fore hoof on Spike's muzzle. This reassured Spike and he smiled as well. He looked down at the changeling now with a different twinkle in his eye. Using both arms, he grabbed that fore hoof of Thorax's and embraced it, resting his head slightly on the side of it. Thorax gasped quietly, surprised at what he was witnessing. "Are you—?", Thorax started, only to be interrupted by Spike tumbling on top of him. This was both purposeful and not.

Their muzzles were now mere inches away from another. Thorax chuckled awkwardly, attempting to get up, but failing as Spike held him down with his claws on his chest. "You know, maybe we should just, um, do some of the activities that you had planned, that fantasy game sounded interesting. Yeah?", Thorax asked anxiously.

Spike continued to look down at Thorax, practically not hearing the question. He was beginning to get filled with dragon lust and greed. It started when he was walking behind him on the way to the castle, and after seeing him in the light inside the castle, it began to drive him crazy. He loved Thorax, and being alone with him just made him feel things toward him with extreme fervor.

Spike simply licked his lips with his thin reptilian tongue and hissed in response. Thorax got the hint, and felt himself start to get excited. On the outside, he was defiant and tried to push him away, suggesting that they do something else. But, on the inside, he felt the opposite. He was raging with love and lust, wanting Spike to take him more than ever. He adored and cherished the dragon. He was the first to acknowledge him in a positive way. Thorax wanted to get intimate with Spike, to feel all of the love he had shown him that very first day. They already expressed love through their mutual acceptance and friendship, but Thorax wanted more.

Thorax desperately wanted to experience the intimacy, to show Spike just how much he meant to him. He felt his once sheathed member start to protrude slightly. Thankfully, Spike didn't notice.

"Spike, I uh—", Thorax began, but was halted by the feel of Spikes lips against his. Thorax moaned in surprise but did not relent. He was shocked, but not disappointed—he was ecstatic. As their thin tongues wrestled each other, Spike went down further and took both of his arms and wrapped them around Thorax's head and neck, using his chest now as a seat.

They were now full blown making out as their reptilian tongues clung to each other. They both moaned into the kiss as they continued, making sloppy, wet sounds with each motion. Spike tilted his head to get better entry of Thorax's mouth and shuddered at the feeling. Thorax relished in the intrusion of his moist cavern. Spike felt around his mouth, getting a taste for his fangs as they continued their act. Almost out of breath now, Spike released himself from the kiss, his hand still clutched to the back of Thorax's head.

Thorax was panting, a blush spread across his cheeks as he stared up lustfully at Spike, his arms kept down. "Spike, I-I don't even know what to say..."

"I do. Shh.", Spike said as he put a finger on Thorax's lips. "I love you, Thorax. Admire, even. I saw something in you that I never saw in anypony before. I expected you to be crude and terrible, but you weren't. You showed me that things aren't always as they seem. You are so caring and compassionate. All you wanted was to share the love you received with everypony else. Yet they didn't believe you. I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but you...you saved my life. You prevented me from falling into an icy, cold death. You're more generous than Rarity ever was, wanting to spread love wherever you went.", Spike confessed, a tear beginning to form in his eye.

"You're more than anything I could ever ask for. Your qualities are just so radiant, as are you. Not only have I never seen a changeling like you before, I've never seen a pony like you either. You are everything I adore and treasure, I want to share the love I feel for you; it's only fair compared to all of the selfless acts you've done in sharing your own love. I can't believe I'm able to say this but...I want you to be mine, Thorax, so I can share with you all the love I can.", Spike admitted, the forming tear falling down his cheek.

Thorax was smiling, the widest grin Spike had ever seen spread across his face. Thorax looked up into Spike's eyes in amazement, more fascinated by the sight above him than he was with the entire castle. Thorax nuzzled Spike's neck with his muzzle. "I love you too, Spike."

Spike's eyes shot wide open and his mouth was left agape. He really didn't expect to hear those words directed towards him from the changeling he just confessed his feelings to. With his head still resting under Spike's chin, Thorax said, "It's true, Spike. You were the first one to ever accept my hand in friendship. You were also the first one to accept me for who I was because of what was inside, not out. You let me express myself without glowering condescension. You recognized me in a way that nopony else has...or, should I say, dragon.", Thorax giggled. Spike found it to be the cutest sound he'd ever heard.

Thorax sighed under Spike's grasp. "You let me share the love that was within me, and you took my hoof as a true friend. You acknowledged me as a friend, and that was all I ever wanted. You were able to see me for who I really was. And for that, I love you.", Thorax divulged, gently licking Spike's neck with his thin tongue. "I want to share the love I feel with you, a love much stronger than friendship...", Thorax whispered. Spike felt his hot breath caress his neck, causing him to shiver.

Spike released himself, raising his head to look down again at Thorax below him. He smiled and nodded. "Me too. That's what I wanted as well. I want to give you the strongest kind of love, so that you can feel what it is like to be truly loved by another. So that you can share this strong and new love with the rest of your kind, so they may experience a bit of it as well, and maybe experiment on their own.", Spike stated.

Spike lowered his head down again. "Please, Thorax, let me show you more than friendship can. You'll never be lonely again.", Spike said, lust filling him. Hearing this, Thorax also began to become lust-filled. He felt his member rise again and it was now erect, protruding even farther than it was before. Spike felt something hard touch his back, and he could only guess. "Thorax...", he breathed.

"Do I take that as a...yes?", Spike asked. Thorax just squeezed him tightly in a hug to respond, causing Spike to squeal. Thorax then released his tight grip and embarrassingly nodded. Knowing what was behind him, Spike began to feel his own cock begin to come out of its moist hiding place. Thorax saw this and involuntarily bucked his hips in growing need. He wanted this more than anything. He wanted to show Spike just how much he loved him...by giving him pleasure.

Seeing Thorax's expression, and feeling him buck his hips, Spike's member became fully erect and he moaned at the feeling. He began to reach down to stroke himself right in front of Thorax's face, all for his eyes to see. He wrapped his hand around his little dragon cock and began to stroke. But before he could stroke again, Thorax grabbed his claw with his hoof, determination gracing his features. "No, I want to pleasure you, to show you how much love I carry for you. Turn around.", Thorax commanded.

Without another word or moment of hesitation, Spike did as he was told. He now stood on Thorax's chest on all fours, his ass and hanging cock presented before Thorax. Spike's face was now right before Thorax's penis, it was long and stood up straight, his plump balls hanging below. Spike gulped and looked in amazement. It made him feel much hornier and he felt a bit of pre-cum begin to form at the tip of his own penis.

"Wow...", was all Spike could muster. But it seemed no words needed to be spoken as he felt Thorax's hoof lift his tail up to allow his muzzle better entry of Spike's gems. Spike groaned in satisfaction as Thorax sniffed his unique and musky aroma. It was like smelling a fresh rose to Thorax, he could tell it was a dragon's scent through the distinct fragrance of Spike's arousal.

Spike then took it upon himself to take a whiff of Thorax's arousal, bringing his nose closer to his cock as he sniffed. It was like nothing he had ever smelled before, it was truly heaven on Earth to Spike as he took in Thorax's scent. He grabbed Thorax's cock with one claw to bring himself even closer to the intoxicating odor which caused Thorax to whimper in delight. "Ahhh", Spike said blissfully, beginning to stroke the hard member. In response to this, Thorax gave Spike's hole a slow lick. Spike bit his lip. "You like that? Want me to continue?", Thorax questioned.

"Oh, yes. Please, show me you love me!", Spike squealed. "As you wish.", Thorax replied.

Thorax then started to work. He dove his face into Spike's hole, continuing to hold up his tail with one hoof, and the other placed on the dragon's ass for stability and comfort. Thorax ate out Spike, eliciting pleasured and satisfied moans from the young dragon. Thorax was so eager and couldn't hold back anymore from hearing the cries. He dug his tongue inside of Spike's entrance and explored the cavern. Spike moaned while continuing to stroke the changeling cock. The thin and wispy tongue allowed Thorax to fondle every inch of Spike's hole. He went even deeper and and licked a particular spot that made Spike scream. "Oh yeah! H-hahhh. Right there! F-fuck! That's the spot.", Spike cried, panting.

Although feeling immense pleasure as Thorax continued to dig, Spike was feeling a bit selfish realizing that he should return the favor instead of just mindlessly stroking. He didn't hesitate, he wanted to bring Thorax love through pleasure without delay. Spike, now with both claws on Thorax's cock, used that stability to give it a slow, long lick. Thorax made a muffled moan in response to this gentle touch. "Mmmphhh!"

Spike then stopped licking and brought his muzzle to the middle ring of Thorax's cock and began suckling on it. He gave tiny licks as he did this, holding onto his cock for dear life to give him the most pleasure he could with his mouth. Thorax moaned again, using the hoof that was on Spike's ass to stroke the dragon's cock. This excited the drake even more and he wanted to show Thorax even more love too.

Spike, his ass still in the air, crawled his upper body forward a bit to bring his muzzle down to Thorax's hot ball sack. Using his left arm as a grip to keep himself steady on Thorax's cock, he reached his right arm down and grabbed the bottom of Thorax's balls and hung there. He kept his left arm wrapped around Thorax's thick cock and continued to massage Thorax's balls with his right.

Thorax brought his tongue out from Spike's hole in a scream of elation. He brought his muzzle down to touch Spike's cock and licked the tip of pre-cum that had formed. He continued to lick the dragon's cock and was about to suck, but decided to pleasure him in other ways. Surprising Spike, he enveloped the drake's cock with his reptilian tongue, encasing all around it in his saliva. This brought Spike unrelenting pleasure and so he brought his own muzzle down to Thorax's balls and began to suck on them while simultaneously massaging them with his right claw.

Thorax continued his act, releasing his tongue and then wrapping it around Spike's cock again, pulling on it to create to even more pleasure. Thorax felt Spike suck on his balls and he would occasionally release his tongued grip to let out a moan. Spike, growing even more excited, brought the claw that was massaging Thorax's balls up to his muzzle and began to suck on that now; he moved two of his fingers in and out of his mouth, moaning as he lubed them up. After, he restarted his act of suckling on his ball sack and brought the wet fingers down to prod at Thorax's entrance. Thorax shrieked in delight as he felt two of Spike's fingers begin to invade his wet hole. Skipping the foreplay, Spike pushed his two wet fingers in and felt Thorax's anus contract and squeeze them.

This pleased Spike and he began to thrust his fingers in and out of Thorax's hole, hitting the spot that Thorax had graced himself with earlier. Thorax screamed in ecstasy as Spike moved in an out of his hole. Spike's lust was ever growing, and he was hesitant at first, but decided to go along with it. He slowly started to bring his ring finger into the hole along with the other two that were already inside. This made Thorax groan in joy as Spike fit in the third finger. He now had 3 of his fingers thrusting into his lover, ramming his prostate over and over again.

Thorax moaned. 'The only thing that could be better than this is his cock slamming into my ass.', Thorax thought as he continued to envelop Spike's cock with his long and swift tongue.

"Oh god Spike! Yes!!", Thorax yelled.

Hearing Thorax moan his name as he continued to thrust brought his lust to the absolute edge. Spike released his fingers and growled, startling Thorax. Fighting against his tongue, Spike began to crawl off of Thorax, confusing him.

"Grrrrrahhh! "SPIKE. WANT.", Spike shouted while staring at Thorax, who was lying on his back, dazed because of what was occurring. "Spike, what are you doing? Did—did I do something wrong?", Thorax asked, worried. He didn't want this to stop, and he hoped that he hadn't upset Spike in any way. Just as he was coming to terms with all of his nervous, racing thoughts, his question began to be resolved.

Spike breathed heavily, trembling on all fours. "Haaaahhhhhh. GAHHH! Spike. WANT.", he repeated. His form then started to change. As he growled on all fours, he began to grow, as if he was getting older. His muzzle got longer as did his tail, he grew in height and his forearms were now much longer. His entire size grew as if he had aged at least 10 years. He now appeared like a young adult dragon, ready to pounce. Thorax just looked on in amazement, stunned.

'Wow...he's even hotter like this.', Thorax thought.

"Oh, Spike. Please, I love you.", Thorax stated, staring deeply at Spike's new form.

Spike just grinned and ran over to him, making the ground thud with each heavy step. He towered over Thorax hungrily, taking in his now smaller form in comparison to his own. Thorax squeaked, witnessing the now much larger dragon cock before him. It was ribbed and was now at least 5 inches longer in length and at least 3 in width.

"Spike...I need you.", Thorax whispered.

Spike growled in pure lust, lifting Thorax off of the ground with his claws and placing him on all fours. He placed his right claw on Thorax's head, pushing it down so his ass was raised in the air. Spike prodded at his entrance with his huge cock, pre-cum dripping and acting as lube. Spike would have sucked and licked Thorax's entrance, but he decided that the saliva from his fingers would be enough. He was just too eager to ravage Thorax with his love and make him his.

Gripping onto Thorax's waist with both of his claw's, Spike pushed his cock inside of Thorax's entrance, teasing him by pulling out completely then prodding the tight hole.

Thorax looked at him with his face still down on the ground. "S-stop teasing. Please. Fuck me. Fill me. I need your love, I can't wait any longer.", he pleaded.

The slits in Spike's eyes thinned, and he growled again. He obliged by Thorax's request, wanting it himself. He didn't want to tease him, but he did want to hear Thorax plead for him to fuck him. In one forceful thrust, Spike's cock filled Thorax's hole in one go, causing both of them to scream out in pleasure. Spike's balls now met with Thorax's, making him blush and squeal.

'Mmmmmm", Spike growled. Following this was a purr from Thorax, "Ahhhhh"

Spike then gripped onto Thorax's head with one of his claws, pinning it down as he thrusted slowly at first. Hearing the tiny moans from Thorax made Spike pick up the pace along with his own greed and lust. He now fucked him at a moderate pace, making light slapping sounds as his balls met Thorax's. Thorax writhed in pleasure and continued to squeal.

As Spike continued to thrust into him, Spike did something Thorax did not expect. He released his claws from his head and waist and grabbed both of his antlers, one claw for each antler. Spike lifted Thorax up buy his antlers and gripped onto them as he rutted him at a now quicker pace; a slapping sound accompanying each hot, messy thrust. Thorax's tongue hung lazily out of his mouth as his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head from the immense pleasure he was feeling.

It was all too intense for Spike as he fucked Thorax, thrusting back and forth into his ass while using his antlers for leverage. It wasn't really for balance though, it just turned Spike on even more, making his dick twitch inside of Thorax. Thorax also found that he like being submissive to Spike, especially when his own antlers were being used for the drake's pleasure. Something about being dominated like this just turned him on so much, and he moaned breathlessly as he felt Spike's cock fill him with each thrust.

Spike began to pull on Thorax's antlers to bring his cock inside instead of just plain thrusting. He grunted as smoke emitted from his nostrils while pounding his dick into him. Enjoying the love and passion he felt and was no doubt giving Thorax, he released his claws and cock from him and sat down against the table, his cock raised.

"Come here...", Spike purred as he stroked his member.

Thorax gulped and turned around to face Spike, mouth opening wide at the sight before him. He got a clear view of both his asshole and his cock—the way his balls rested above his entrance...oh, Thorax felt his own cock twitch in excitement. It was alluring him as he felt himself almost lose control of his lust. He walked over to Spike and hovered above his cock, placing both of his hooves on the drake's chest.

"Mmmmm... so hot.", Spike purred.

"Mmf.", Thorax squealed as he began to lower himself onto Spike's cock, the tip prodding at the entrance. Thorax realized he was somewhat in control at the moment, so he took it upon himself to give in to the rest of his lust. He lowered himself even further onto the dragon cock and felt it push inside of his wet hole. He raised his head up and closed his eyes, moaning in pleasure as he felt Spike's dick fill him. He now sat on top of Spike, his cock completely inside of his ass as his eyes remained closed and he breathed erratically.

He began to move up and down, letting his own motions control the pleasure. Before he could pick up the pace of him fucking Spike's cock, Spike gripped onto his ass and began to thrust upwards, emitting a squeak from Thorax. Spike closed his eyes, his tongue hanging out and he breathed softly from bliss.

Spike rubbed his muzzle against Thorax's, licking his face gently. He then started to thrust upwards at an even quicker rate, keeping his claws gripped on his ass. Using his claws, he spread Thorax's cheeks wider to allow further penetration and also for his own pleasure. Thorax moaned. "Nnnngahhh!", he panted, his tongue still hanging loosely from his mouth. He looked back at his ass, seeing it spread with Spike's cock thrusting into it made him gasp out in pleasure. The sight made him hornier and he began to bounce, syncing with Spike's thrusts.

Being dominated by this drake was pushing Thorax over the edge. Spike was thrusting incredibly fast now, his balls slapping up against Thorax's ass continuously. Thorax flicked his tail and felt himself nearing his orgasm along with Spike. Spike continued to pound into him, now opening his eyes and staring into Thorax. Thorax sensed this and did the same, keeping one eye closed from the amount of pleasure, it was hard to keep both eyes opened.

Spike growled as he felt himself reaching the edge. "Grahhh. THORAX! I'm gonna cum!", Spike shouted.

"UNH! Me too! AH! Spike, cum inside of me! Fill me with your LOVE!"

Spike's thrusts had begun to slow down. He gave one last push as he came inside of Thorax, spreading his love. Thorax came right after him, spurting his cum all over Spike's scaly chest. Spike moaned loudly as he felt Thorax's anus clench around his cock as he continued to unload himself into him. Thorax continued to breathe heavily, moaning from the feel of Spike's hot cum continuing to fill him up. Euphoria overtook him as his head fell onto Spike as the last spurts went into him.

Spike gasped, moving his claw from Thorax's ass to his back, stroking it softly. "Oh, Spike.", he breathed.

Spike had released so much of his cum into Thorax that it started leaking out from his hole, covering his own cock and balls. He released it from inside Thorax and let it lay limply against his leg.

"Oh god Spike, that was amazing. I love you. And tonight, you proved to me just how much you loved me. I don't think I've ever felt this much love before, not even from multiple friends.", Thorax said.

Spike chuckled, now stroking the back of Thorax's head. "I love you too, and I always will. This is a night I will never forget. If the crystal heart were here, it would be beaming with power.", Spike replied.

"Hehe, you're right. A-and, I don't think I'll ever forget this night either. Oh, Spike. You're amazing.", Thorax said. He then nuzzled into Spike's chest, closing his eyes, covered in his lover's cum. Spike rested his head atop Thorax's joining him in in the now sudden need for sleep. His lust and greed had been quenched. And so, they both lied there, sleeping together. Thorax on top of Spike, smirking against his chest.

Before they knew it, they both fell into a deep slumber in each other's love-filled grasp. They just secretly hoped that they would wake up before Twilight decided she should check up on them. However, as if through telepathic communication, they both knew that their love and company together mattered much more. It was everything to them, as if it would last an eternity. Time had stopped, nothing else mattered but each other and the love they had shared.