Silence, Please

by Calico64

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Final Cut is just having a recreational day at the library. However, when she leans her head into a shelf, she gets stuck.

Final Cut is just having a recreational day at the library. However, when she leans her head into a shelf, she gets stuck.

Silence, Please

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When you ask about a small city in Equestria called Ranchtown, you’ll more than likely hear about the awesomeness of Ranch University. This was understandable, as the college had an entire room full of awards, national trophies, and a laundry list of names that have gone on to become famous in various fashions. Ranchtown college sports are a serious matter in many respects, especially if you’re one of the hardcore fans that start fights with Bridlewood University fans just for wearing their colors on Ranchtown streets.

What you probably won’t hear about is the very large library in the middle of Ranchtown. Which is a shame, because it had books on literally every subject you could possibly think of. The staff was friendly, and the area was kept nice and quiet by a sign on the wall when you first enter through the vestibule at the front of the building reading “silence, please.”

Of all the places in Ranchtown, Final Cut, a green furred unicorn pony, loved the library most of all. People didn’t bother her, she had a nice comfy chair all to herself, she could lounge around and read books or watch movies in their mini theater, and best of all, it was free. She was a film student at Ranch U, just now out of her associates degree and working on her major in film. Wherever she went, she took her camera, which was very portable, and easy to point and shoot. Despite her not really liking to interact with people, she loved to put together small films about life, and about hardships. You could call it a passion, since there was a rather large film reel cutie marked on her hip.

Still, her passions were not only for film. They were her main passion, but she also loved books. Books adapted into film were the greatest invention in all of ponykind, sometimes.

Cut finished the last page of the Death House series fifth book, and she closed the book with the flick of her thumb and forefinger. She sighed, having lost herself in the book for entirely too long, and, once again, finishing it way too fast. There was supposed to be a new movie coming out in the next few months over the book series, but she honestly couldn’t wait for it to come out. So she decided to go for the sixth book as well. It was getting rather late, and the library was going to close in about thirty minutes, so she’d need to check it out. Very few people remained at this hour. Even the main librarian, Miss Hard Cover had already gone home because she’s older, and doesn’t work quite as well as she use to.

She left Fable Prose in charge. The librarian assistant was busy putting the books for the end of the day. The library was massive, and he was meticulous in his precision. He put each book in different piles separated by genre, and alphabetized by author. Fable never bothered Cut, every once in a while, he would nod toward her, and she would give him a tiny smile, nodding back, but it never went any further than that. He just went on with his job, putting books in their right places on shelves.

He was part of the reason why she came to the library. He was part of the library staff, and yet he did not have the inkling to actually bother her. She stayed quiet, read her books, watched her movies, and didn’t bother another soul. However, today was a very bad day to be social for Final Cut. A big reason she spent the day at the library on that day was she was almost dizzy from absolute need. Masturbation had helped her for years to stint the urge, but today, it was going to take a lot of distraction. Once in a while, she would find herself grinding her legs together, but she sat upright and spread her legs apart.

Cut walked over to the shelf where she got her book series, and she slid the fifth book into its rightful place. She grabbed the next one, and looked at the cover with a frown. For some reason, the seventh one was the only one after the fifth book. She looked along the shelf for the sixth installment of the series, and she kept her frown on her face as she saw no sign of it anywhere.

She started to look for another place it could be mistakenly placed. She gave a tiny grunt of dissatisfaction. She looked over toward Fable Prose, the young, red pegasus who looked closely at the book in his hand for a while before he found the proper place for it in the shelf. Cut decided against asking him, and looked at the shelf’s lower sections before she saw that there was a book in between the two shelves that were back to back. She leaned downward to see if it was the one she was looking for, and she couldn’t quite tell.

With both her hands on either side of the covers, she pulled a stack of books out of the shelf, and placed them carefully onto the ground at the base. With her magic, she attempted to pick up the lost book, but she was not so good at picking up things she shouldn’t fully see. Hell, she could barely pick up three hardbacks with her magic. She reached down toward it, and felt around for the spine of the hardback. She leaned back out and looked around for it again, it was right there, but she may have not been reaching far enough. She bent over to an almost ninety degree angle, and reached more of her arm, and her shoulder through the shelf. She still couldn’t feel it, so she decided to slide her muzzle, and her head into the shelf section. Her horn slid into the shelf in an almost perfect fit. She finally got the book in her hand, and she gave a small grunt of approval as she gripped it with her palm. She pulled it out of the shelf, and put it on the ground behind her.

When she tried to pull her head out of the shelf, she felt a strain in her forehead, connected to her horn. She cringed, and found that she couldn’t move her horn out of the shelf at all. Her lower muzzle was up against the bottom, wedged against it to where she couldn’t twist her horn from the corner of the shelf’s edge. It wasn’t painful if she just stayed at a rested position, but trying to move her way out of it made her horn almost snap off of her forehead. She tried to use magic to lift the shelves apart, but there were too many damn books, and the shelves did not budge an inch.

“Ummm… excuse me?” Final Cut spoke after a moment of trying to escape. “Hello?” She said, though she couldn’t be too loud, as the shelf was limiting her mouth movement. “Fable?”

Fable looked up, he could have sworn he heard his name. He was in the nonfiction section of the library, a little ways away from the science fiction where she was now leaned over.

“Hello?” He said into the rows of shelves. “Is anyone there?” The silent rule was more or less useless at this point, as there was no one there. Maybe he was just going crazy?

“Over here!” She raised her voice slightly.

“Where? Keep talking, let me follow your voice!” He said as he started to walk down the aisles. That was when he saw an ass sticking out of the shelf. She was clothed in khaki pants with cargo pockets, and a red shirt over to peach sized breasts. Just from that angle, he saw that she was quite lovely. He’d never really paid a whole lot of attention to her until just then. He even admired the orange highlight she had in her beautiful blond tail.

“Final Cut? Are you stuck?” He placed the books in his hands down on the ground behind him and went up to her.

“Yes, my horn isn’t moving the way I need it to so I can slide my head out. Could you help?” Her voice was so uninterested in its tone, but at the same time, Fable could tell that she was trying to convey some sort of urgency in her words. The young pegasus got down on his knees and looked at her horn, it was, indeed, shoved into a wedge, and a tight one at that.

“Alright, just tell me if it hurts too much.” He was about to reach for her horn, but was interrupted.

“No, don’t grab my horn, it’s what is stuck. I need to you pull me straight back.”

“Couldn’t you use magic to break the corner of the shelf’s back?” He asked, looking to see her angle.

“No, my magic isn’t very strong. Please, just pull me from the back.”

Fable shrugged, and did as he was told. He got behind her, and began to pull her hips back. She grunted slightly as he did this, though it didn’t seem to be a grunt of pain. His balance came off a little, and he stumbled forward a little bit, his crotch bumping against her butt.

She let out a bit more of a grunt this time as her eyes closed tight.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry!” He said as he let her hips go.

“No, it’s fine. Pull me again, I could feel my chin sliding a little.” She said, and judging by her speech, her mouth was a little more muffled as she’d moved slightly. He got back behind her and put his hands back on her hips, this time he heard her let out a very small groan.

“Everything alright?” He asked, looking up to her face.

“Yes.” She said, her tone was starting to sound a little more impatient at this point.

He pulled her again, only this time his hips pressed against her ass as his hands pulled. He could hear her groan in her throat, but then he also started to feel a heat in his crotch. He stopped pulling and pulled back, realizing that the heat was emitting from her.

“Are you sure everything’s alright?”

“No, actually. Something’s wrong with my pants, I need to take them off.” She said as she was already unzipping her cargo pants, and pulling them down. To his surprise, she pulled her panties down as well, and he was shocked to see that they were completely drenched. A wave of pheromones wafted his way, and he realized that she was absolutely aroused by all of this. “I need you to take your pants off too, and pull me out.”

Fable could tell that subtlety was not her strong suit, and the way she was angling her ass, and arching her back was conveying a great deal without her even saying anything. Without overthinking it, he decided to pull his own pants down. His very hard horse cock swung upward as it was released, and it touched the mound above her very slippery quim. She drew in a breath as she felt him against her. With both of her hands, she spread her pussy lips and angled her ass to give him a clear view.

He slid inside of her and she let out another grunt, and a straining noise followed as he began to pull her back into his very erect member. His breath became harsh, and his cock slid evently in and out of her tight hole. From the feel of her, she was not a virgin, but then again, that may have been self inflicted. He was forced to push very hard to reach up to her cervix, and only then did she begin to make a little more noise. He pushed back and forth harder inside of her, and her vagina was very generous with the lubrication it provided.

Before long, her eyes closed tight, and her tongue lolled out the side of her mouth, and she panted. Her hands held onto the shelf as he plowed her ever so deeply. The sounds she made were few, but Fable knew that they meant a great deal coming from her.

Cut did her best to keep up with his pace and rhythm as she leaned her ass back into his thrusts. His cock was covered in her juices in no time, and they were dripping all over the hard carpeted floor.

Then there came a cracking sound. Fable stopped suddenly and was about to ask what that was. Her horn had penetrated through the corner, finally, creating a large hole that snapped the corner off of the shelf all together. Her horn now had a big enough hole to pull out of. That was when her head slid out of the shelf. She turned her head the other way, and four amiable pops were heard, followed by a very small sigh of relief.

He watched her as she stood up from the ground and proceeded to pop her back. Cut turned to the round wooden table, pulled up her pants and began to walk toward it. As she reached the table. He wondered if she was done up until she removed her pants entirely, as well as her shirt, of which there was no bra. Her two handful sized breasts rolled out onto her chest, and she looked back at him, propping her knee up onto the table, and spreading her asscheeks.

Fable wasted no time in going up to her from behind and sliding back into her sopping cunt. This time, his dick put it into overdrive, and began to piston in and out of her cunt. There came a small cry from her muzzle, and she slouched her head toward the table. Her tits bounced from the impacts, and her ass gave slight jiggles as Fable Prose’s tender meat almost fit all the way inside of her, and caressed every inch of her vaginal tunnel with each vigorous thrust. That one cry gave him far more pleasure than she could have imagined, and before long, he pulled out of her pussy, and came onto her ass cheeks, coating them. Her ass shuttered with absolute delight, her legs were weak, and on the verge of collapsing, and she gasped for breath.

With no cares about the gallon of cum on her ass, she pulled out a chair, turned it away from the table, and sat down in it. She slumped back in the seat, and panted, letting sweat run down her forehead. As she did, he noticed the film reel cutie mark on her hip, and looked up at her. She had tiny freckles on the side of her face, and her hair was very blond with orange highlights, much like her tail.

He brought out a chair sat down in the chair backwards, his back leaned against the edge of the table with her and took a breather.

“Wow… of all the things I expected today, that was pretty far down the list.” He said, leaning his chin down onto the back of the seat.

To his surprise, she gave him a tiny smile and then went back to her eyes being closed.

“Thank you, and I’m sorry.” She said in a soft tone of voice.

“Sorry for what?” He asked, spreading his wings a little to pop them.

“I didn’t give you a whole lot of choice in the matter.” Her hand went up to her horn and poked it a little bit to make sure the stupid bookshelf didn’t scratch it or chip it.

“Oh, I was peeking up your shirt to see you had no bra, and I was admiring the shape of your rump while I was pulling you from the shelf. I’m in no way an innocent party. So I guess I should apologize for that.” He looked over at her to see a very slight flush come across her face. “The fact of the matter is, it’s been kind of a fantasy of mine to do something like that. Okay, that’s a lie, it’s a dream come true to do exactly what we just did.”

She gave the tiniest chuckle. “I was a virgin.”

His eyes widened a little bit, and then looked down. “Yeah, so was I.”

“I guess that’s a good thing.” She looked away from him and looked around the library. “Did you already lock the doors?”

“Yeah, I lock the doors ten minutes before closing, and I’ve never seen anyone attempt to come in after that. I love it here, but at the same time, I’d like to do other stuff. Not to mention I still have like, a hundred books to put on the shelves.” He said, and remembered the stacks of books he still had to go.

This reminded her of why she got stuck in the shelf in the first place. She got dressed after wiping off her ass with some tissue paper she found at the front desk. Then she went over to the section of books, and knelt down to pick up the book she retrieved. A small frown came across her face. It was the same writer of the series she was reading, but it was a completely different book.

“Oh, you like Dark Theme’s works?” He said as he came up beside her. He’d gotten dressed as well, and was hurrying to put books away. “I’ve read a lot of his stuff. Have you tried the Death House series?” He held up the sixth book in the series, evidently, it’d just been turned in.

Her eyes went to it, and she took it from his hand, looking at it. Her eyes had an intensity that gave Fable pause. She looked back up at him, and she took the stack of books from him, starting to shelf them as well with the magic of her horn.

“Let me help you.” She gave him another little smile.