The Adventures of the Power Ponies

by RemixHero

First published

See the adventures of the Power Ponies day to day lives in Maretropolis

In Maretropolis you should know it's anything but calm, especially with all the Chaos and Villiany but never fear the Power Ponies will save the day!

Learn the story's of how these six ponies came to be, and just who they are as they fight crime and save the day!

Special thanks to pokefreak13 for Proof-reading the story!

Prologue: Our Hero

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In the deep dark streets of Maretropolis there stood six figures in the night, watching and waiting for crime to strike.

That's how you'd imagine the story would start huh? Let me tell you the entire story, or rather the origin of how the Power Ponies became who they are, and it all started with one, The Masked Matter-Horn.

In the busy streets of Maretropolis you'd never imagine seeing an Alicorn around, all you see are Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies living together, but one Mare does strike out as different than all others though… and her name is Cosmic Flare. Cosmic Flare is not what you'd call an Alicorn, but with her extensive knowledge of magic and the properties around it. You'd think she is a unicorn, but nope she's just a pegasus. She was a Navy Blue Pegasus with a dark blue and yellow mane, usually in a bun, with the front of her hair brushed down with the yellow highlights showing, her cutie mark was a star swirl. But Cosmic wasn't just a Pegasus with extreme knowledge in magic, she was also the most important Pony in all of Maretropolis, she is the CEO of the biggest company in Maretropolis, Alchemy Agency. In her company it researches all aspects of Magic in many different things, and funds almost every small industry in the city like Cosmare Cosmetics. She was a busy mare, she was always up in her office or in meetings, but it seemed like that's what she wanted. She only really got out of the job when she is invited to big social events after the day is over. Yep, Cosmic was the VIP, the Very Important Pony. Owning the company though made it easier for her cover, you see she has a secret… She is the Masked Matter-Horn! She had created a mechanical unicorn horn that uses actual magic, to cover up the wires and keep them same, she hides them under a mask. This is how she makes the illusion of being an Alicorn, the perfect cover for a busy business mare. Well now that you know more about her, let's move on with an actual story.

It was a busy and crazy day around the tallest building in Maretropolis. The navy blue Pegasus wearing her usual dark blue blazer with a light purple shirt under and black skirt made her way up to her office, many ponies saying “Good Morning Miss Flare” and such. She got to the elevator and got to the top floor, and walked into her office, a few short moments later a Teal unicorn with white and teal highlights, wearing a light green laced shirt and purple skirt walked in with a cup of tea, her cutie mark was a Quill dripping with Ink.

“Here’s your morning tea, Miss Flare.” The unicorn said

“Thank you Aqua Ink. What's my schedule like today?”

“You have an appointment at Ten, then a meeting at Twelve, then two more appointments at Four and Six.”

“Seems like I've got a full plate today huh Ink?”

“Yes Miss Flare. If you need me I'll be outside” She smiled and walked out closing the door behind her. Cosmic soon started to work until Ink knocked on the door. “Miss Flare, your Ten ‘o’clock is here.”

“Yes send her in, Ink.”

A young brown earth mare walked in, she had a dark brown Mane and tail that matched and her mane was tied back in a small ponytail with a white bow, she wore a light blue laces shirt and a grey see through skirt, her cutie mark was a grey pen.

“Hello, Miss…”

“Pattie Kit, Miss Flare, and thank you for accepting my interview request.”

“It's not a problem, now let's get started shall we, please take a seat.”

After about thirty minutes Cosmic Flare and Pattie Kit walked out to the elevator, Cosmic pressed the button to go down.

“Thank you so much for the interview, Miss Flare!” Pattie Kit said as she walked into the elevator.

“You're a very lovely mare, Miss Kit, I hope to see you around here again if you get the job, you will find out tomorrow. Goodbye!” Cosmic said as the doors started to close.

“Goodbye Miss Flare!”

“Ink how long until my meeting with the Cosmare executives?”

“About an hour and thirty minutes Miss Flare.”

“Thank you. I'll be in my office, don't forget to knock before entering.”

“Of course Miss Flare!”

Cosmic only said that to make sure that Ink didn't walk in while she was out on her patrol, she only had so much time in the day, and being stuck in a office wasn't helping any Pony. She opened the hidden passage she had behind a painting of the Maretropolis Tower and went in quickly becoming the Masked Matter-Horn. She flew all around the city listing for danger to come, until it finally did.

A few sirens were heard zooming down the streets of Maretropolis, Matter-Horn followed close to see the commotion. They all stopped in front of the First Maretropolis Bank, a Grey unicorn wearing a police uniform got a megaphone out.

“Attention! Release your hostages and come out with your hoofs up!” He said. Matter-Horn knew she had to do something; she quickly flew undetected to the roof of the bank, and flew in. There were three robbers inside, a Unicorn, a Pegasus, and an Earth Pony. The unicorn held the hostages in the air, while the others talked with the police outside.

Matter-Horn knew she'd have to work fast to help the hostages, before anypony got hurt. She quietly moved closer to where a few hostages were, they smiled and whisper to her.

“Masked Matter-Horn! You've come to save us!” One mare said quietly and excitedly.

“Thank Celestia were saved!”

“She's prettier in person…”

“Yay Matter-Horn!” With all the noise everyone was making, it drew the attention of the Unicorn holding them all.

“Hey! No pony should be making a -MASKED MATTER-HORN?!” He saw her, and drew the attention of the other two who quickly ran over.

“I'll give you three a choice. We can do this plain and simple; you release the hostages and go to the police, or my way. Which do you want?” Matter-Horn said in a deep threatening sounding voice.

“We ain't scared of you right boys?!” The earth Pony said, he looked at his two partners as they dropped the hostages and ran outside. “COWARDS!” The hostages ran outside, the stallion grabbed one before they could all get out, a small little filly. “Here's how it's gonna go Matter-Horn, you stay where you are, and this cutie doesn't have to die. Under-” before he could even finish his sentence, she shot an ice beam at him, freezing him making him release the child instantly. The little filly ran over and hugged Matter-Horn, she walked outside holding the filly and the frozen criminal.

“Here you go, Blue Belt.” Matter-Horn said to one of the Police officers, handing them the frozen criminal. She put the little filly down and they ran right to a crying mother and father. Matter-Horn watched the two embrace the young filly, Matter-Horn smiled and sighed before quickly flying back to her office for her meeting.

A few long hours passed, it was about 7:30, Cosmic was beat, she couldn't wait to get home, and she walked out of her office to see her secretary getting ready to leave.

“Good Evening Miss Flare!”

“Good Evening, Ink. Please tell me I don't have another Cosmare meeting tomorrow…”

“Nope, tomorrow you do have an appointment with your new executive, who starts tomorrow.”

“Right, from out Manehattan district right?”

“Yes Ma’am. I don't remember his name though; I can get the file for it if you want.”

“No, it's not a problem, Ink, besides you're leaving now too.”

“If you insist, Miss Flare.”

They both went into the elevator and then parted ways to home. Once Cosmic got home she did the same thing she always does, it was like her life was on repeat, Go to work, fight crime, go through meetings, fight crime, go home, fight crime, then repeat. It seemed like things would never change for The Masked Matter-Horn… boy was she wrong about that.

In a small train cart a young tall light brown Pegasus was sitting, looking through some documents from Manehattan, a photo fell from his documents. He picked up the photo and smiled before putting it under his hat.

“Next stop Maretropolis! Maretropolis next stop!” The conductor yelled. The Pegasus smiled and started to get his things together. His stop came and he got off looking around the city.

“I'll prove I can be a better person, you'll see… I'll be the best hero this town has ever needed!” He said to himself, holding the photo again. He looked up at the tallest building in the city, Alchemy Agency. “And it all starts here.” He put the photo back, dropping something else. He picked it up. Dusting it off, he put it on; it was a chain with a lightning bolt on it. “Can't lose you, well time to find my place and get a good night's sleep, tomorrow is a big day.” He walked away from the agency, smiling, as he saw a figure fly above him.