Family of tanks

by doompony32

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I, there isn't much a platoon of tanks can do when they find themselves in Equestria

I there isn't much a platoon of tanks can do when the find themselfs in equestria.
Cowritten by The Lutece twins

chapter 1

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Some where in Russia and group of german tanks were driving through the night as they are chased by russian forces.

“Captain," A voice rang out from the radio from one of the tanks in the back row. "We should pull over, I don't think our men wouldn't last the night if we keep going like this."

"I know but we have to, we are being chased by the fucking Russians, they will catch up if we do stop.” he said back to him.

"Roger that, Captain." The diver said and turns the radio off. "Damn Russians, ever since they took back Stallingrad, this whole war is going down the toilet." The driver muttered.

"I know but we must stay strong and not surrender. We don't want to end up like the others that get captured.” the captain said through the radio.

The tank driver in his Panzer III sighed again and nodded, turning the radio off.

The captain looks through this veiw port but can't see anything do to the snow.

The snow storm only seemed to get worse as they kept driving as the captain looked at the fuel gage on the tank, noticing that he was running a bit low on fuel.

The captain turns on his radio "okall tanks fuel cheek." He said through the radio.

"Fuel doing ok over here." he got a reply from the Tiger H1 behind him. "Running low here" Another reply from the Panzer IV. "Same here" Even another reply from the Panzer III.

"Ok looks like like we are probably not going to make it to friendly forces.” the captain said and sighed.

"Sir!" The radio cracked as all the crew saluted. "I swear, this weather is getting to me." One of the gunners said over the radio

"Why do yoy say that soldier." The captain said back through the radio.

"I'm not used to this much cold." The gunner said, sneezing. "I prefer the nice warm weather."

"I do to soldier, but we have to deal with it till we get to friendly force.” the captain said looking down.

The gunner sighs. Just then the tiger II runs out of gas and stops.
The driver of the Tiger H1 sees the tiger stop. "She out of gas sir?" The driver radioed

"Yes she is out of gas. If anyone wants to leave they can, or we can hunker down here.” the captain said.

"We still got gas in our tanks, so I say climb aboard and let's keep going." The driver said, just as the tanks ran out of gas." Never mind. now where all out of gas.” said a other soldier from the radio.

"Ok lets get ready to hold then." The captain said through the radio.

Everyone got out of their tanks and grabbed any equipment and weapons that wasn't strapped down.

The germans set up some sand bags and covered them with snow. They also hid the tanks under snow.

One of the soldiers looked around, when he heard a whistling sound from the sky. His eyes widen. "Incoming mortars!"

"Scater!" The captain said and runs and a good distance away before going into cover. The ground around them exploded as dirt and shrapnel went everywhere. One of the loaders of the tanks looks around and sees a forest not to far from them, but at the cost of leaving the tanks. "Captain, there's a forest not far from us! But if we go there, we will need to leave the tank.” the loader said to the captain.

"Fine lets get out of here. Abandon tanks and run." The captain said and runs from the tanks and to the forest.

One of the artillery shells hits the tanks, hitting the tanks ammo rack, causing it to explode as more shells continued to rain down.

All the german tanks get hit and exploded by the artillery. The tanks are then left both but smouldering wrecks.

The soldiers looked back and saw nothing but burning wrecks of their once powerful tanks.

"Come on before the Russian start to come." The captain said and walks into the forest. The soldiers nod and follow the captain,leaveing and hide in the forest. But as for the tanks they are get a chance at life in a new world.

The Everfree forest, a dangerous forest that is filled with even more dangerous animals. But in a clearing on a small hill in the forest were 5 ponies all had a similar look of color.

The first pony was an earth pony stallion who had a very chiseled face and had a very bulky build. The next pony is a unicorn mare with a slim, yet bulky build. The third and forth ponies where teenage pegasi mares that looked like twins and have the same slim build. And the last pony was a small unicorn colt.

The the two Pegasus start to wake up first.

The panzer IV H was looking around but having trouble since her vision was blurry.As the looked everything was blurry as they have trouble remembering what was going on.

They blink for a few seconds, then scream at the top of their lungs they start to scream.

None of the other's wake up and the two twins keep screaming for a sold good hour. But the twins eventually stop screaming.

“w-who are you?" they both say to each other at the same time.

"I-i am panzerkufwagen IV H.” the taller one of the two said, she was also scard.

T-That can't be right, cause I'm panzerkufwagen IV H as well." The shorter one of the two said, scared as well.

"B-but how can that be." The taller one said scared and tries to stand, but just falls down flat on her belly.

The smaller one tries the same thing, but got the same result. "W-Why do we l-look like horses?"

"I-i don't know why but I don't like it." The taller one said

“I-I hope w-we can get back..." the smaller one said, just as the bigger pony started to stir.

The shorter one crawls to her sister and plops down next to her.

The taller one smiles slightly and leans against her “as do I sis.” the taller one said in responded. turret..." the big stallion said

The twins both look at the new voice and there ears pin af against their heads.

The stallion raises his head and looks around, his vision is blurry

The twin hug each other, since they were both scared. "W-who are you." The twins both said.

W-What, i am Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B, or Tiger II." the stallion said.

They both relaxed "we are both panzerkampfwagen IV ausf. H." The twins both said to him.

Tiger II blinks rapidly as his vision clears and he sees two horses. He blinks, then screams, trying to scramble backwards, only to stumble and land on his back with an oof.

They both crawl over to him and helps him so he isn't on his back.

W-What happened to us? W-Why are we-.”. “-Horses?" The shorter horse asked, causing Tiger to nod. "We don't know either.” the twins both said

"I just want to be a tank again." The taller of the twins said and starts to cry. Then the shorter one of the twins also began to cry.

Tiger crawls over to the twins and tried his best to hug them. The twins cry into tiger II chest and try to hug him back. Tiger sighs as he notices the other two stir.

Tiger grunts as he smacks the ground again trying to walk. "Gaaah!" He said in irritation. "This is getting annoying!" He muttered as he stood up again.

The twins were giggling a little since they were able to get up and walk faster.

Tiger grumbles as he saw H1 curled around Panzerkampfwagen II who seemed to be asleep. He get's up and tries again, only to trip over a rock and fall again.

They twins smile and help tiger II up. "Let us help you up dad." They both said smiling.
Tiger II nods and leans against them for support. They help him walk around so he can get use to it. "You ready dad, we are going to let you go.” they said warning him of what they are doing.

Tiger shakily nods as his legs wobble.They let him go slowly and back away from him.

Tiger steps a few steps as his legs wobbled. "I-I'm doing it, I'm doing it!" He said, just as he tripped over a rock, then lands face first into the dirt.

They twins topple over laughing hard "dad you need to stop tripping over rocks.” they both said.

Tiger mumbles in irritation as he can hear Tiger H1 chuckle happily.

The taller one of the twins then feels a small amount of weight on her. It was her little brother panzer II.

Pz. II yawned as he layed on top of her, rubbing his eyes. The taller panzer 4 h smiles "good morning baby brother." The twins both said to him.
"M-Morning..." The smaller panzer yawned. They smile at him "and good morning to you bro." The twins said happily to there little brother. “So...tired..." the colt said, having trouble staying awake.

"It is ok rest up if you want." They said smiling soft at him. Pz. II nods, yawns, then falls asleep as Tiger H1 walks up to Tiger II.

The twins stay quiet, and watch the two tiger tanks.

"Why are we horses?": H1 asked looking at the twin and then at tiger II. "I don't know, what I don't even understand is why where horses, and were alive." Tiger said

"We don't even know either, but sitting around here isn't going to answer anything." The twins said

Tiger II thought as he looked around. "Hmm, I'm going to have a look around. See where we are."

"Ok do you want us to stay here and wait for you." The twins asked at the same time

Tiger nods. "Yes, we don't know what's out there, so please, stay here."

"Ok dad we will stay here." They both said smiling happily. Tiger tries his best to hug the three of them, then comes up on H1, who had tears in her eyes.

"I'll be safe, I promise." He said, then bring her into a hug. H1 hugs him back tightly and cries "just come back soon or so help me." H1 said and nuzzles him.

Tiger II nuzzles her and holds her close. "I know, I will." he promised. "Ok good be safe. " She said and try to kiss him.

Tiger blushes a little as she kisses him. "i will." He said to her. "Ok I love you my big tank." H1 said smiling and pulls back. Tiger chuckles "As do I." He said to her s wife.

She smiles and turns around and walks away swaying her hips "good because if you don't come back, you won't get to be with me." She said smirking now.

Tiger blushes deeply. "I will promise you I will come back in one piece."

"You better because if you lose the piece I like the most I will be mad." H1 said sexually to him.

That statement caused Tiger's face to go entirely red with blushing.

H1 giggles "when you get back I will need a refuel." She said winking at him and lays down.

Tiger chuckles as he turns. "I will have to take up that offer." he said a he looked back

"You better my big boy." She said smiling happily." H1 said smiling and looks back at him.

The twins aww "I wish we had someone to be with." The twins said in unisenc.

Tiger looks at them. "Well, you two have each other."

They both blush hard and there wings extend to full length "d-dad how could you say that we are sisters." They say to him embarrassed beyond belief.

Tiger began to roar with laughter as he looked at them. "I'm just joking."

They both are still blushing hard and look away, and then at each other. "Hmm maybe that isn't a bad idea. " they both said smirking and kiss each other passionately

Tiger sputters in surprise, causing him to stumble and trip.

They pull back and smirking "got you, it was a prank." They said smirking evilly at him.
Tiger shakes his head and glares at them.
The two twins laugh happily and roll around on the ground.

Tiger sighs and shakes his head. "What am I going to do with you two?" he asked

"I don't know but make it fun." They said happily and tiger H1 giggles a little bit.
Tiger II rolls his eyes. "Whatever."

They smiles "just go and look around. " they said to him. "Ok, ok." Tiger said as he left. They smile and lay down watching him leave.

Tiger hmms as he looks around. "Now let's see, why are we here, why are we horses, why can't I remember much. Gaaah, this is getting me a headache." He grumbled.

In the distance were the sounds of laughter. Tiger's ears perk up at the sound and he follows the noise.

He comes across a school house with a bunch of little colt and fillies running around.

Tiger tilts his head as he walked closer, coming out of the trees and closer to the school. The kids don't notice him coming.

Tiger's eyes widen at what he sees. Colorful horses all around running and playing

Tiger decides to go back to his family to tell them what he saw. Tiger runs back into the forest, getting the attention of three little fillies. They were the cutie mark crusaders.

“G-Girls! I just saw a pony run into the Everfree forest! A stallion too!" A yellow earth pony filly wearing a bow in her mane, named Applebloom said.

The other two look at her surprised
“Should we follow him?" Apple bloom asked her friends.

"I don't know he looks dangerous and going into the everfree forest." Sweetie bell said

Yea I know but why would he go into the forest?" Scootaloo asked not knowing.

"I don't know why maybe he lost something in there." Sweetie bell said.

"It didn't look like it. We should follow him." Scootaloo said to her friends

"But shouldn't we tell twilight or are sister's." Sweetie bell said with concern.

"well, what should we do, go and follow the strange stallion, or go and tell Twilight?" Scootaloo said confused.

"I think tell twilight is better. Since bad stuff happens to us when ever we go in the forest." Sweetie bell said and three of them nod and run off towards Twilight's castle.