Pinkie Tales: Egghead and the Beast

by Magpiepony

First published

This Pinkie Tales installment is a parody of the fairytale classic 'Beauty and the Beast'. Be prepared for shocking characters, terrifying villain attacks, and an over-inflated egos!

This Pinkie Tales installment is a parody of the fairytale classic 'Beauty and the Beast'. Be prepared for shocking characters, terrifying villain attacks, and an over-inflated egos!

Pinkie Tales are a series of fairytale stories told by Pinkie Pie to the cake twins as a bedtime story. She uses herself and her friends as the characters and much hilarity ensues! Be sure to check out the other installments of the Pinkie Tale series found here which include "Cindershy" "The Little Mermare" "Applejack and the Beanstalk" and many more!

And of course there is a Youtube production of this Pinkie Tales, chalk-full of art, fantastic acting performance, and even some animation! Check it out on the Magpiepony youtube channel :)

Once Upon a Time...

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Once Upon a Time…

Long before the reign of the two alicorn sisters, there was a small village in the kingdom of Prance. A beautiful, intelligent, and slightly odd alicorn named Sparkelle lived in the village on her own. She was fascinated by the spells and histories she found in books, and chose to spend her days reading rather than socializing. Unfortunately, this caused Sparkelle to become introverted and awkward around other ponies. Though many ponies attempted to include her in daily village life, Sparkelle’s attention was always focused on her studies. Eventually, everypony left Sparkelle alone to do as she pleased; everypony, with the exception of Dashton.

Dashton was the village’s hero and most sought-after stallion. He dominated the sky, breaking weather and speed records as if they were foal’s play. He was handsome, strong, charismatic... and available. Every mare in the village dreamed of becoming his marefriend, but Dashton’s sights were set on the one who didn’t clamor for his attention: Sparkelle.

One afternoon, Dashton and his faithful assistant Scootaloo had just finished… hang on. Did I read that right? Is it really just ‘Scootaloo’?

“Yeah! Cuz in the other story the short stubby little human that followed the hunksicle around was called ‘LeFou’. So it’s totally perfect! Scoota-LOO and Le-FOU! Hehehe I love rhymes.”

But don’t you usually change the name? Isn’t that a little distracting?

“Well… why don’t YOU try to come up with something better? Do you know how hard it was to make a pun out of Maud’s name in the last one?! How am I supposed to make something funny out of ‘LEFOU’?! It’s in like… Francanese or something!”

Okay first of all it’s called French, let’s not start off the story by offending part of the world’s population. How about we call her Scootaroux? Roux is French and can be used as a surname.

“Hahaha that’s one of the silly nicknames Dashie and I use all the time! You know, like I’m Ponkapoo and there’s Yellow Quiet, White Perfect, Breakfast Cereal...”



“Woah! That was AMAZING Dashton!” Dashton’s faithful assistant Scootaroux called as Dashton landed with a resounding boom. He had instructed Scootaroux to time his cloud clearing, hoping once again to break his own speed record.

“How long?” Dashton asked, picking the cloud debris from his wings mindlessly.

“Oh you were amazing, as always, no pony can clear the sky like you can Dashton!”

“How. Long.” Dashton said again impatiently. Scootaroux gulped nervously before replying.

“10.3 seconds.”

“What?! Lemme see that timer!” Dashton growled, swiping the little device from Scootaroux’s hoof.

“It’s still record-breaking!” Scootaroux offered with a smile.

“Yeah, maybe last year when I actually broke it! I promised my fans I’d break ten seconds this year and I will NOT disappoint them. Are you sure this thing is working?” Dashton said, shaking it by his ear with a grimace.

“Look! It’s him!”


“Oh isn’t he dreamy?”

Three yellow pegasi with long soft pink manes called from a distance, crowding around Dashton and fawning over him. Scootaroux quickly moved away to avoid being trampled.

“Ladies, ladies! There’s plenty of Dashton to go around. Heh heh I know, I know, I’m the best I can’t help it. I guess I was just born to be awesome!”

As his over exuberant fans swarmed him, Dashton caught a glimpse of Sparkelle from the corner of his eye.

“Sorry fillies, gotta Dash!” Dashton said with a wink, flying away and leaving three sad mares behind.

“*Sad Sigh* There he goes again! Hanging around that mare instead of us.” One mare said.

“She’s pretty but she’s um… kinda… shy, don’t you think?” another said.

“What’s she got that we haven’t got?” another asked.

“Personality.” Scootaroux muttered under his breath.

“Huh?” the trio asked confused.

“Nothing, Nothing.” Scootaroux said dismissively.

“Hey there… couldn’t help but notice you strolling along the street all alone, figured you could use some company.” Dashton said cozying up to Sparkelle as they walked down the street.

“Hello Dashton.” She said, rolling her eyes before she resumed reading.

“You know, it’s not very mare-like to walk around with those... things all the time…” Dashton said.

“You mean books?” Sparkelle said, lowering her book with a raised eyebrow.

“You do know that ponies are calling you an egghead, right?” Dashton said

“A… what? Who calls me an ‘egghead’?” Sparkelle asked in confusion.

“I do.” Dashton said with a chuckle. “Look, it’s just not right for a mare who looks like you to be so… booky and… eggheady, you know?”

“I don’t think ‘Booky’ and ‘Eggheady’ are words, and what do you MEAN a mare who looks like me?” Sparkelle said defensively.

“It’s a compliment! It means you’re too pretty to be burying your face in one of these all the time. You should come out around town with me, I could show you some of my record-breaking trophies.” Dashton said with a smirk.

“Dashton, there’s no such thing as being too pretty or too ugly to be intelligent. Also, I happen to think the most APPEALING ponies are the ones who don’t flaunt their accomplishments. Instead, they should let their work speak for itself.” Sparkelle said irritated.

“You do have some pretty great work.” Dashton said with a shrug.

“What do YOU know of my work?” Sparkelle asked.

“Uh, duh, you’re like the most powerful unicorn in Prance--”

“Technically, I’m an alico--”

“Whatever. You raise the sun and the moon practically on your own. It usually takes like 3 or 4 of you unicorns to do that. That’s pretty impressive, and It’s that kind of mare that I want on my right wing.” Dashton said attempting to compliment Sparkelle, but failing to impress.

“You have dozens of other mares who would give anything to be your marefriend, why me?!” Sparkelle protested.

“Because you’re a challenge, and I never back down from a challenge! Not to mention, underneath all that egghead-iness you’re a really pretty mare, you know.”

“I am NOT an egghead--” Sparkelle started.

“So I’m gonna do you a big favor and take you out tonight. If you’re seen around the village with me, that egghead thing will be a thing of the past!”


“No no, you don’t have to say anything, I already know your answer. I’ll be by at 7:00 to pick you up, there’s no way you’re not gonna love what I have planned!” Dashton said, zooming away.

“That’s a double negative!” Sparkelle called after him in exasperation.


The thought of an evening spent with Dashton and all his braggery was too traumatizing for Sparkelle to fathom. She decided it would be a better idea to take her books and study somewhere far away where the pegasus could not find her. There was only one place she could think of where the village ponies dared not venture: The Enchanted Forest. Sparkelle ignored the warnings and rumors that the forest was indeed cursed and dangerous; choosing to believe that a night with Dashton would be far worse.

She wandered the narrow forest paths looking for a clearing to study in peace, but hours passed and Sparkelle conceded to the fact that she was indeed lost. To make matters worse, she finally understood why the forest was deemed ‘enchanted’ as the magic of her horn failed to produce any spells. Powerless, hungry, and exhausted, Sparkelle gave up the search for the path home and sought out a safe place to spend the cold night instead.

When hope was dismal, Sparkelle spied an old iron gate with a path that led to a mighty castle hidden in the heart of the forest. She was relieved, pushed open the gate and ran up the front steps of the castle.

“Hello? Is… is anypony there? Please, I only seek shelter for the night…” Sparkelle called, knocking her hoof against the wooden front door. Moments later, the door unlocked from the other side and opened to allow her entry.

“Thank you, I don’t mean to be a bother, I--” Sparkelle started but paused when she realized she was all alone. The only indication that somepony had unlocked the door for her, was the light of a strange-looking candle with a pony face carved into the candlestick. Sparkelle tilted her head and reached her hoof out towards it when the candle began to move.

“Well hi there! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your kind around here.” the candlestick said, talking from the pony face. Sparkelle screamed in surprise and leapt up in the air before crashing back down to the ground on her flank.

“Heh, way to go Flamewich, not two seconds into the castle and you’ve already given our guest PTSD.”

Sparkelle sharply turned her head around to see an old gramophone playing a record. The voice she heard had come from the gramophone horn but as the record spun no other sound could be heard. Sparkelle’s ears perked up when she heard the candlestick hopping over to the gramophone on its own, smiling as if nothing were amiss.

“Who... who ARE you?” Sparkelle asked in a voice barely over a whisper.

“I think the better question is ‘what’ are we. We haven’t been a ‘who’ in a long time.” The gramophone said with a chuckle.

“We’re the staff of the castle, cursed along with its master until our impending doom traps us as inanimate objects forever. But you’re not interested in all that, follow me! You must be freezing!” Flamewich said.

“Take me with you, this is going to end up a disaster, and I wanna watch it happen.” the gramophone said. Flamewich rolled his eyes and lifted the needle on the record with one of his candles. He picked up the record itself and hopped along one of the castle hallways.

“You coming?” he called to Sparkelle, she nodded and walked cautiously after him.

Eventually the candle paused in front of a small study where a comfortable chair waited in front of a fireplace.

“Hang on, lemme get that for ya!” The candle said enthusiastically, using the flame on one of his candles to ignite the fireplace. He then placed the record onto a second gramophone in the corner of the room adjusting the needle accordingly.

“Make way! Make way! I simply MUST see this for myself!” A third voice called, followed by the sound of china clinking down the hallway. Soonafter, a decorated little teapot entered the room and it too had a strange pony-like face that beamed excitedly at the sight of Sparkelle. “It’s TRUE! There IS a pony in the castle! Oh how terribly exciting!”

“Are you here to break our curse?!” a small voice called from behind the teapot, it was a little cup that appeared to be another piece of the tea set. The pair of them hopped onto a side table to get a better look at their pony guest. Sparkelle watched them in fascinated silence.

“ARE YOU CURSED TOO?” the cup asked frantically when it spied Sparkelle’s horn and wings.

“Sweetener Belle! It’s impolite to ask ponies if they’re cursed.” The teapot said.

“But she’s an alicorn, see? She even LOOKS like a Mary Sue!” Sweetener Belle said in response.

“Do forgive my little sister, she has quite the imagination since being turned into talking china. My name is Rariteapot, don’t be frightened darling we won’t hurt you.” Rariteapot said with a warm smile.

“Afraid? I’m not afraid…” Sparkelle started with a smile. “I’m… I’m… FASCINATED! How did you all get cursed like this? Who are you? What’s this castle doing in the middle of the forest and… why isn’t it in any of our history books? What--”

“What in tarnation is going on in here?!” another new object said from the doorway. It was a clock decorated with apple accents and a swinging apple pendulum. “WHAT’S SHE DOING HERE?”

“Flamewich let her in.” The gramophone said.

“And you just LET him? You’re supposed to guard the door!” The clock said angrily.

“It was exciting, and I’m bored. What’d you expect?”

“She’s the first pony we’ve seen in decades, and she looked like she needed help. Besides, now we have reason to celebrate!” Flamewich said with a smile. “She’s come to break the curse!”

Sparkelle opened her mouth to respond but hesitated when she heard mighty hoofsteps approaching from down the hallway. The objects in the room turned their attention to the doorway smiling, with the exception of Sparkelle and Apple Clock. A mysterious pony approached, staying hidden in shadow with the exception of his bright green glowing eyes.

“Who are you?” A deep voice asked. “What are you doing in my castle?”

(Pinkie whimpers)

Sparkelle took a deep breath and answered quietly. “I-I’m Sparkelle, I got lost in the woods and just needed a warm place to stay the night.”

“I see.” the pony said simply, taking a step inside the room and into the light. The sight Sparkelle beheld was

(Pinkie whimpers louder)

Um, was too fascinating and terrifying for her to comprehend. The pony before her was not an inanimate object like the other castle members she had seen, he was a tall black-coated alicorn with piercing red stripes on his coat and mane.

(Pinkie whimpers again)

Atop his head were three horns, two on either side of his head along with a broken unicorn horn.

(Pinkie interrupts:) “Oh No...”

He had cleft hooves and what appeared to be an orange flame pattern on his legs under his red stripes. His eyes glowed with a trail of purple smoke around them and he had large multi colored bat wings...


Alright, Pinkie, what is going on?

“What do you MEAN what is going on? Look at him! He’s… he’s…”

An alicorn representing the beast.

“No! I mean, yes, but JUST LOOK AT HIM! He’s an ABOMINATION! Why does he have multi colored bat wings? And a weird celestia-looking necklace thing with a heart-shaped gemstone?! WHAT CRAZY TWISTED MIND COULD CREATE SUCH A THING?!”

Well these ARE Pinkie Tales, aren’t they? So… didn’t YOU come up with his design?

“ME?! You think I had something to do with this… this… WHATEVER HE IS? It wasn’t ME! I thought he was going to be a manticore or something! But THIS? OH SWEET CELESTIA HIDE ME!”

Are… are you afraid of him, Pinkie?

“OF COURSE I’M AFRAID OF HIM! Why else do you think I gave my part to Cheese Sandwich?! I was supposed to be the candle but… but… I JUST CAN’T DO IT. He’s gonna shoot rainbow sparkle flame power at me and I’ll be sent into another dimension, I just know it! Do you KNOW how much power bronies give terrible OCs? THEY’RE UNDEFEATABLE! Pinkie will stay far… FAR away from him.”

You’re overreacting.

“I can’t hear you! I’m far far away! ...PLEASE TURN THE PAGE!”


“OH COME ON He’s on this page too? There’s no escape I tell you… NO ESCAPE!”

“Don’t be afraid, darling, this is our beloved Prince and the victim of a cruel and unjustifiable curse.” Rariteapot said sadly.

“No, not a Prince, I’m a beast… I don’t deserve your praise Madam Teapot.” The alicorn said dropping his gaze.

“Were… were you cursed to be this way?” Sparkelle asked sadly.

“No, my appearance did not change when I was cursed… but I fear my curse is the worst of them all. I am merely not permitted to leave my own castle to spread my vast and unending magical power with the pony world. You see, before I was cursed, I had studied every book of magic that had ever been written and I discovered a way to cure cancer, end hunger, and create ever-lasting world peace.”

“Oh brother.” Apple Clock muttered under her breath.

“But now that I am stuck here, and my magic is powerless against this curse, I am doomed to never be able to help other ponies and be their Prince.”

“Oh… that’s terrible. Every book on magic, you say?” Sparkelle said, perking up again when he mentioned her favorite word.

“Yes, I have them all in my castle library.” The alicorn said. “And yet I fear that none of them can help us. I have scoured them for answers but I fear my friends and I will be doomed forever.”

“Maybe… maybe I can break your curse. For some strange reason I feel compelled to save you.” Sparkelle said with a smile.

“You? What makes you so sure you can save us?” The alicorn asked.

“She’s a Mary Sue!” Sweetener Belle chimed in.

The alicorn took a second look at Sparkelle and noticed that she was indeed an alicorn too.

“Does your alicorn magic work in my castle?” he asked.

“Well, no but if YOUR magic still works maybe I can find the right spell and you can cast it!” Sparkelle enthusiastically.

“You are welcome to try but I must ask that you stay away from the west wing of the castle, that’s where I like to go to be brooding and mysterious. My candlestick and clock will show you to the library, little filly.”

“You can call me Sparkelle.” Sparkelle said with a smile.

“And you can call me… a Beast, for that is what I am. Now I will dramatically exit and leave you to your impossible task without helping you even though clearly I have the magic to do so.” The Prince said, igniting his broken horn with magic and disappearing from the room.


“Here we are darling!” Rariteapot said, helping Flamewich open the double doors that led to the vast castle library.

“It’s… it’s… beautiful… I think I might cry.” Sparkelle said, running her hoof along one of the bookshelves. “You must have hundreds, no, thousands of books here! There’s so much knowledge to take in! How can you possibly stand it?!”

“Well, to be honest half of us can’t hold a book or turn pages now that we’re objects, and the other half don’t like to read. I’d say I’m a little bit of both, myself.” Flamewich said.

“So how are you going to break the curse?” Sweetener Belle asked.

“I’d need to know what the curse is before I can know how to undo it.” Sparkelle realized.

“It’s written on an enchanted scroll.” Vinyl said from a new gramophone conveniently placed in the library.

“Geez, how many of these things do we have?” Apple Clock asked.

“And the better question is, why aren’t they enchanted too? There’s another plot hole.” Flamewich added with a wink.

“Wait… you know that we’re… you know, in a story?” Apple Clock asked surprised.

“Why of course I do! I’m a male rip-off of Pinkie Pie so I can basically do whatever she can! Don’t know why you’re 4th wall breaking though… maybe it’s cuz you’re like her 23rd cousin 3 times removed. It’s a recessive trait.” Flamewich said shrugging.

“How can I get that scroll?” Sparkelle said.

“You can’t. It’s in the west wing and you’re not allowed to go in there.” Vinyl answered.

“But… then how am I going to be able to break it if I don’t even know what it says!” Sparkelle asked exasperated.

“Hmm… I believe there is a book in here somewhere that has a copy of what’s written on there… the Prince is a deep and sensitive pony, so naturally he keeps a diary.” Rariteapot said.

“Or maybe we can just borrow it when the prince isn’t looking!” Sweetener Belle said happily.

“And risk upsetting the prince?! Sweetener Belle, you know better than that! The poor dear is going through enough as it is.” Rariteapot added.

“Alright, let’s look for the diary. Would you all be so kind as to help me search?” Sparkelle asked.

“Sure thing Sparkelle!” Flamewich said with a smile, hopping into the library enthusiastically.

“Now hang on there Flamewich… you’re a candle, and candles don’t mix well with paper.” Apple Clock advised.

“You’re overthinking things Apple Clock! I can-- oh wait, yup, it’s on fire. Rariteapot can you uh…”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Rariteapot said hopping after Flamewich to dose the fire with her tea. Sparkelle giggled and began combing the bookshelves for the diary.


Hours passed with no success for Sparkelle and the castle objects. They weren’t a very productive search party as Flamewich couldn’t touch any books, Rariteapot was afraid of spilling her tea on them, Vinyl couldn’t move at all,

“It’s better than not speaking, HASBRO” Vinyl said.

and Sparkelle frequently got sidetracked organizing the books by category and then alphabetizing them.

Eventually, Sweetener Belle decided it was time to take matters into her own hooves, so to speak, and slipped away from the library when nopony was looking. She hopped along the castle corridors until she reached the west wing. Being as quiet as she was able, Sweetener Belle was able to enter the Prince’s room unnoticed. Once she was inside, she spied the Prince laying dramatically on his bed. The diary that the others were searching for wasn’t in the library at all, but instead hovering next to him while his magic jotted down his thoughts. For some reason the Prince felt compelled to speak his entry aloud, which provided the perfect cover for Sweetener Belle to hop towards the enchanted scroll undetected.

“Dear Diary,

A beautiful mare entered the castle today wanting to help me. I don’t understand why she would ever want to help a strong, handsome, and over-powered stallion such as myself. I’m far too broken inside to be saved. These feelings remind me of when I was an infant and my parents abandoned me. And the years I spent on the streets being ridiculed by my peers because I was so… different. Or the time that my horn was broken when I saved those sick orphans from the burning hospital…”

Sweetener Belle used the handle on her teacup to grasp onto the scroll and hopped back towards the door quietly. She hurried towards the library while the Prince continued explaining his tragic backstory to himself.

“Sparkelle! Sparkelle! I got it!” Sweetener Belle said, holding out the scroll to the alicorn.

“Where did you find that?” Sparkelle asked.

“Uh…it’s a long over-exaggerated story. Come on! Let’s read it!” Sweetener Belle said.

Sparkelle smiled, choosing not to question the little tea cup. She unrolled the scroll and squinted her eyes, finding it difficult to read the faded ink. She carefully recited the words aloud.

“What costs nothing, but is worth everything. Weighs nothing, but can last a lifetime. That one pony can’t own but two ponies can share? Something you don’t understand but desperately need. One’s destiny is fulfilled when a correct answer is accomplished. Wait.. this is a riddle, not a curse!” Sparkelle said surprised.

“You found it!” Rariteapot exclaimed, oblivious to her sister’s thievery. “Solving the riddle will break the curse, silly! But the Prince has already checked all his riddles and answers books and tried all kinds of magic spells… nothing. See, if the ink disappears completely then we’re all cursed forever, and it gets harder to read every year! So… do you know the answer?”

“Uh… well…” Sparkelle started, unsure. “I just need more time, you know, to narrow down my options… I can do this, no problem… heh heh…”

“WHERE IS IT!?” The Prince bellowed, his voice echoing throughout the castle. Sweetener Belle gulped and Sparkelle stood motionless. Moments later, the Beast appeared in a flash of light and a resounding boom.

“You… you TOOK it! I asked you to stay away from the West Wing and you went there anyway?! YOU INTERRUPTED MY PRIVATE THOUGHTS!” He screamed.

Sparkelle shot a glance to Sweetener Belle who smiled apologetically before hiding behind Sparkelle’s hoof.

“Well how am I supposed to break your curse unless I know what the scroll said!?” Sparkelle asked defiantly.

“You could have ASKED!” The Prince answered.

“YOU were the one who didn’t think ahead! Do you even WANT me to break this curse? You seem mighty content to be depressed and mope around your castle feeling sorry for yourself!” Sparkelle said angrily.

“I didn’t TELL you that you had to break it! If you don’t want to be here then why don’t you just go?” The Prince said angrily.

“Maybe I will!” Sparkelle answered.

“Fine!” The Prince retorted.

“Fine!” Sparkelle added.

Sparkelle’s face was red from anger and embarrassment as she stomped her way towards the castle door. The objects protested, hopping along beside her pleading for her to stay.

“If he doesn’t want me here, than I won’t stay!” Sparkelle said angrily. She pulled open the door and stormed outside.

She had only taken a single step outdoors when the clouds overhead began to multiply and darken. Thunder and lightning were quick to follow, though there was no hint of rain. From somewhere in the distance there could be heard a dark and sinister laugh that soon multiplied into three distinct voices. Sparkelle panicked and ran from the castle towards the front gates. She was thwarted, however, by large dark crystals that sprung from the ground blocking her exit. Sparkelle quickly changed directions and fanned out her wings to fly over the wall instead. As she did so, the unmistakable buzz of hundreds of wings approached from the other side. She squeaked in surprise and ran in a new direction, finding it difficult to see anything when a thick black fog encompassed her.

“HELP!” She screamed, thrashing about in the darkness, her mind echoing with the unhinged laughter of the villains closing in. “I can’t see! They’re coming!”

Sparkelle’s screams were cut short when she felt a mighty footstep shake the earth. Even in the thick black fog she could see a circle of magical energy formed between two massive horns.

“HELP! PLEASE, SOMEPONY!” Sparkelle screamed, running back towards the castle.

Once she’d reach the castle doors, Sparkelle could see the Prince standing atop the tallest castle tower. He was reared up on his hind legs and his horn let out a blinding blast of light that pierced the darkness threatening to encompass his castle. The three villain voices screamed in anger and agony as the Prince’s magic laid waste to them. Its brilliant golden glow destroyed the crystals that had grown, cleared the air of the dark fog, and banished any dangerous advance from an outside threat.

“Wait. Are you saying that King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis, AND Tirek were all attacking the castle at the same time?”

That’s what it says, yes.

“But… WHY? Are we supposed to believe they’ll all just… GET ALONG? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Tirek to steal their power… or Sombra to turn them into mind slaves or…”

This is what happens in terrible fanfictions, Pinkie. Inexplicable boss battles with familiar villains easily defeated by overpowered OC characters.

“So… he’s attracting all the terrible fanfiction tropes like… like some kind of CRINGE MAGNET?! We have to get rid of him! Before Pinkie Tales are doomed forever! I know JUST what to do!”

...Alright then.

Sparkelle stood in shocked silence, witnessing the might of the Prince’s power. Once he had finished, he shot her an apologetic smile and disappeared from the tower momentarily to reappear in front of her.

“Are you alright?” He asked, overly concerned for her well-being.

“I’m fine… what WAS all that?” Sparkelle asked, still shaking.

“Sometimes myself and my castle is put in incredible danger by outside dark forces and I have to keep them at bay. Don’t worry, they’ve never beaten me before, I’ll make sure you’re safe.”

“But why? What could they want?” Sparkelle asked.

“They want me to turn... to the dark side.” The Prince answered.

“Is that an outside reference?” Appleclock asked from within the castle.

“Hey Appleclock. Grannyclock never told you what happened to your father.” Flamewich said smugly.

“My what?” Appleclock asked.

“Appleclock, I AM YOUR FATHER!”

“Oh for Apple’s sake!” Appleclock exclaimed.


“Thank you… for saving my life.” Sparkelle said, conceding to the fact that without the Prince’s help she surely would have met her doom.

“You’re welcome. It’s not safe for you to travel alone right now, it’s best if you storm off tomorrow when you have daylight on your side.” The Prince said.

Sparkelle smiled and nodded in agreement, following the Prince back inside the castle.


The following day, Sparkelle found that her determination to break the curse greatly outweighed her desire to leave the castle. The Prince was overjoyed to learn that she wanted to stay, and decided to assist her search rather than brood in his tower. The castle objects were all a buzz to see the two getting along, and each hoped the connection they were forming would bring them one step closer to breaking the curse.

Minutes turned to hours, hours into days, and soon a week had gone by of fervent study together. Sparkelle and the Prince rarely left the library, and each other’s side. The Prince quickly learned to accommodate Sparkelle’s tendency to work too hard by having his staff bring them meals, and blankets at night when studying poured into the cold early hours of the day. They talked, they laughed, they organized, and they made checklist after checklist to make sure they didn’t miss a single detail; sharing ideas and clues with each other while keeping the end goal in sight. However, one week of study was the Prince’s limit, and he desired instead to do something else with Sparkelle. He gathered the castle staff and enlisted their assistance to create a grand party. He wanted to thank Sparkelle for her hard work, and provide everypony a break from their toiling. Of course, the objects delighted at the opportunity to throw a party, none more so than Flamewich who took it upon himself to plan the celebration.

Rariteapot whisked Sparkelle away from the library to go and meet another castle object that would help to make her ready in time for the evening’s festivities. Sparkelle was a little uncomfortable with the idea as she had never attended a party before and didn’t want to disappoint the Prince or his castle objects.

“She’ll need to look DIVINE darling, I told her that only YOU could pull off such a feat.”

“But of course. Everypony knows that the Great and Powerful TRESSER has the most fashion-forward designs for any mare, even one as egghead as this one.” The dresser answered, looking over Sparkelle disapprovingly.

“Why does everypony call me that?! What does it even mean?!” Sparkle asked.

“I’m a wardrobe, not a dictionary. You just… look like one is all.” Tresser answered.

“That’s all well and fine, but we simply mustn't waste any time. Have you found a dress for our guest?” Rariteapot asked.

“How about… this one? I heard it was only worn once.” The Tresser giggled slyly, holding out a gown that was anything but appealing.

“Oh my, that’ll never do! It looks as if a bunch of mice sewed it together on a time crunch. No no no, we need something that accentuates her smile and shows off the brilliance of her wings.” Rariteapot said.

“I don’t think I have anything that would make HER look good.” Tresser said, her voice thick with attitude.

“Perhaps I misspoke then. Perhaps you are NOT the greatest wardrobe in the castle. Come Sparkelle, we will visit another room and perhaps we will find something for you there.”

“W-wait! I just found something, yes, have a look. It’s not exactly her color…”

“It’s BEAUTIFUL!” Rariteapot said with glee. “Try it on Sparkelle!”

Sparkelle examined the gown and ran her hoof over the material curiously.

“Are you sure I need this? Why can’t I just wear my regular clothes?” Sparkelle said.

“Regul-- WHAT? How could ever THINK to attend a gala without wearing a GORGEOUS gown!”

“Because she’s an egghead.” Tresser said.

“Alright… I’ll give it a try. But without my magic it might take some time to get this on right.” Sparkelle said.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. Come see.” Tresser said, beckoning Sparkelle closer. Sparkelle took the bait and approached Tresser. Moments later, she was sucked inside the wardrobe and the doors shut locking her in. Her screams of protest matched the strange sounds coming from within. Before a minute had passed, the Great and Powerful Tresser spat Sparkelle back out fully dressed and ready for the party.

“UGH now I smell like musty old books!” Tresser said in disgust.

“DARLING you look EXQUISITE!” Rariteapot said, showing Sparkelle a reflection of herself in a nearby mirror. Sparkelle did indeed look ravishing in her gown. It was accentuated with pieces of jewelry and a stylized mane to match.

“You’ve really outdone yourself, Great and Powerful Tresser.” Rariteapot said.

“Naturally. I AM the best.” Tresser replied.

“Ahem.” a voice called from the other side of the door. “The Prince would like to inform the young filly that the celebration can now begin.”

Sparkelle opened the door to see a hollowed suit of pony armor standing at attention on the other side.

“O-oh, you look rather beautiful tonight Miss Sparkelle.” it said, quickly getting out of her path.

“Thank you, uh…”

“Flash. Flash Armor.” Flash replied, the metal helmet’s cheeks turning a bright crimson.

“Your Prince awaits darling!” Rariteapot said delighted, then turned to Flash Armor. “Why don’t you go guard the magic mirrors, hmm?”

“Of course, right away.” Flash said, slightly defeated.

“Gotta be careful around the armor, they’ve been known to steal waifus.” Sweetener Belle chimed in.

“Sweetener Belle! LANGUAGE!” Rariteapot said sternly.

“What? Flamewich said--” Sweetener Belle started.

“Come! We’re holding up the party.” Rariteapot said cutting her off.

Sparkelle followed Rariteapot and Sweetener Belle towards the grand dining hall, a room that she had never seen before. The hall was extravagantly lit with numerous chandeliers, and candlesticks that vaguely reminded Sparkelle of Flamewich. There was a long table filled to the brim with party food, including a massive 100-layer cake. The adjoining ballroom had streamers hanging from every pillar and wherever she looked there were sure to be dozens upon dozens of balloons. The Prince waited for Sparkelle at the end of the staircase, wearing a brightly-colored suit that matched the theme of the party. Sparkelle blushed profusely, having completely overdressed for the occasion. She wondered if that was The Great and Powerful Tresser’s intention as she didn’t seem particularly fond of Sparkelle.

“You look lovely.” The Prince said, pulling out her chair at the dining table.

“And you look… this whole place looks… uh…bright and, festive!”

“I think the word you’re looking for…IS FUN!” Flamewich said, bursting out of the cake along with other castle objects in a sea of confetti. Sparkelle and the Prince were soon up to their flanks in pieces of paper and the remnants of the food that had once been on the table.

“What… you… THIS PLACE IS A MESS!” Appleclock screamed.

“What’s a party without a big surprise?” Flamewich said, scooping up a chunk of frosting and eating it in one bite. “Mmm cheese-flavored!”

“Ugh. I’ll go get Apple Broom.” Appleclock said bitterly, shuffling through the mess.

“Uh, that’s okay, I wasn’t really that hungry for cake.” Sparkelle said, brushing the frosting and confetti from her mane.

“How about… a dance?” The Prince asked, holding out one of his hooves to Sparkelle.

“I would love to.” Sparkelle said with a smile. She and the Prince waded out of the chaos to the ballroom where an expectant Vinyl Record was ready and waiting.

“Hit it!” Flamewich shouted.

“Don’t have to tell me twice!” Vinyl said, and soon after the Gramophone began playing music, specifically dub-step music that was loud enough to shake the chandeliers overhead. The entire room seemed to jump at the beat, including the Prince and Sparkelle. The pair of them laughed, dancing out of rhythm together, flailing their hooves about in all directions.

Suddenly, the ballroom doors burst open to reveal a disgruntled Pinkie accompanied by Dashton and Scootaroux.


“WHAT?” Dashton shouted, unable to hear Pinkie above the music.


“WHICH ONE?” Scootaroux shouted.

“HAH!” Flamewich replied.

Unable to get Dashton’s attention, Pinkie made her way towards the gramophone and lifted the needle from the record.

“HEY--” Vinyl started but was cut off.

“THERE! Now, if you would be so kind, GET THIS THING OUTTA MY STORY!” Pinkie cried pointing her hoof at the Prince.

“Dashton?!” Sparkelle said in surprise.

“Who are these ponies?” The Prince asked, stepping in front of Sparkelle protectively.

“Look Dashton, just like I said! A Beast! A Beast has stolen your mare and was dancing with her… kind of… WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT?”

“Why, come join the party of course! There’s cheese confetti cake enough for everypony!” Flamewich said.

“Does that mean I can come party too?” Apple Broom called from the dining room.

“Nope, not you Apple Broom! You git back to work!” Appleclock shouted back.

“But… Dashie! Er-- Dashton, don’t you wanna defend your marefriend?” Pinkie asked in exasperation.

“Marefriend? Please. She was barely even my FRIEND.” Dashton said rolling his eyes.

“Friend? But I don’t have any…” Sparkelle started, then paused. The answer hit her so directly that she felt foolish for not seeing it sooner. “That’s it! The way to break the curse!”

She ran towards the library where the enchanted scroll had been waiting. The Prince, the castle objects, and the pony intruders followed after.

“Oh, alright then I’ll just chill here and not get to see what’s so exciting. Yeah, that’s fair.” Vinyl Record said bitterly.

Sparkelle reached the scroll and carefully unfurled it, scanning the riddle as a big smile grew on her face.

“What costs nothing, but is worth everything. Weighs nothing, but can last a lifetime. That one pony can’t own but two ponies can share? Something you don’t understand but desperately need. One’s destiny is fulfilled when a correct answer is accomplished! That has to be it! Friendship! Before I came to the castle, you only had your staff around you, ponies that would do anything for you regardless of how they felt. You didn’t have a real friend, did you?” Sparkelle asked the Prince who was smiling shyly.

“I… I guess not. I never called any of my staff my friend, I always thought I was too likeable and perfect to be a good friend.” he admitted.

“And that’s the thing, the scroll said the answer had to be accomplished! That meant that you couldn’t just KNOW the answer, you had to EXPERIENCE it too! We’ve had the means to break this curse all along.” Sparkelle said delighted.

“You… you want to be my friend?” The Prince asked, hopeful.

“I already am your friend.” Sparkelle replied with a smile. “And you’re mine too.”

Once the words had left her mouth, the entire castle began to glow. Magical waves of light struck each castle object at once, engulfing them until it was too bright to see them at all. When they reappeared moments later, their true pony forms had been restored and Sparkelle could see them all as they truly were for the very first time.

“You’ve did it! You broke the curse!” Sweetener Belle shouted happily.

“Wooo-weee that feels a might better!” Appleclock said, bucking her hooves in the air rejoicing.

“Hang onto your flanks everypony, this light show isn’t over yet!” Flamewich said, lounging in a chair with shades over his eyes pointing his hoof at the Prince.

All eyes turned to the Prince in confusion as the magic began engulfing him as well.

“But I thought he said he was only cursed not to leave the castle…” Sparkelle said aloud in concern.

“His appearance WAS a curse.” Pinkie muttered.

Just as with the castle staff, the magical light grew too blinding to watch and a final burst was heard before the Prince emerged. His appearance had changed after all; he was without all the excess magic and vibrato he had grown accustomed to hiding behind. Instead, he became a proud and confident Prince with actual characterization and personality. However, it wasn’t a pony that stood before them now, but instead a much smaller creature, a baby dragon.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeexcuse me?” Pinkie asked in horror.

“Spike. This whole time the Prince was SPIKE?!” Appleclock asked both in confusion and irritation.

“I didn’t think you’d want to get to know the real me if you saw me for who I am, but now that I know you’re my friend, Sparkelle, I-- wait. Where’d the story go? Guys? GUYS?!”

Everypony had disappeared, walking away from him as quickly as they were able.

“Nopony likes you Spike!” Appleclock called.

The End.