MLP: Light of Azyr

by centuries

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An ancient power is rising, and soon, all will bow before her, for she is the true master of this world, and all the creatures that reside within it

Long ago, in forgotten times, far beyond Equestrias forgotten west was a land once known to all. Rule of this great and powerful land was a being of complete mystery, for none knew who or what she truly was, some legends say that not even she knew what she was.

The ruler of this land was given many titles, but her universal name was the God-Emperor, ruler of the Eternal Empire, Azyr. Legends of this once great Empire are scarce and few know the truth, not the pact of divinity, the Alicorn uprising, the Griffonia wars, the Discrordian war, the great sundering, the Shadow wars, the age of lost, the splintering of the realm, or the wars of succession of that followed the entombment of the emperor.

Among Legends lye great truths.

Prologue I

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Long ago, in forgotten times, far beyond Equestrias forgotten west was a land once known to all. Rule of this great and powerful land was a being of complete mystery, for none knew who or what she truly was, some legends say that not even she knew what she was.

The ruler of this land was given many titles, but her universal name was the God-Emperor, ruler of the Eternal Empire, Azyr. Legends of this once great Empire are scarce and few know the truth, not the pact of divinity, the Alicorn uprising, the Griffonia wars, the Discrordian war, the great sundering, the Shadow wars, the age of lost, the splintering of the realm, or the wars of succession of that followed the entombment of the emperor.

Among Legends lye great truths.

Upon the dirt and mud within the Horgan forest lies an ancient temple city, guarded by a race who sworn loyalty until death centuries ago when the Emperor fell silent. Many tried to take the temple city in holy crusades, but all failed. Upon floating alters, a series of elders with the oldest being nearly 8,000 years began to stir and open its eyes. Bellow the elder a reptilian being looked up in awe at what has transpired, but before the small creature could say anything the elder spoke “Ready the legions. Prepare the ancient war gear. For the seraphon shall soon march to war. The Emperors awakening draws near, and she will need us to reclaim HER dominan.”

Once the elder spoke, he fell silent again, but soon the alters in which the 13 priest rest upon soon began to glow and upon hearing the message, the reptilian ran out of the chamber toward the massive horn that lay on a outstretched platform that views the temple city. The creature then went upon the relatively large horn, and blew into it, but the horn was merely one part, across the city the sounds of horns began to blow ever louder from seemingly nowhere. Across the ancient city, the denizens whom protect it, along with pilgrims who braved the ravines forest, and were deemed pure enough to enter by the oracles looked upon the largest building in the city; the reptilian guardians roared in pleasure that their great charge has been full-filled, and that there true purpose can be realized; the pilgrims whom still follow what their kin call the old religion, bowed down and wept.

Beyond the temple city’s walls, cloaked shadows begin to move toward their respective kingdoms, Empire, and republics, for the day many have feared and hoped for has come.

The 6th age of wisdom shall now end. The beginning of the 7th age of fury, shall begin.

Within the city of Canterlot, Capital of the great kingdom of Equestria, Princess Celestia, Sole ruler of the kingdom is currently listening to bickering nobles.

“-and I say that while the money can help in the construction of new roads, the funds could instead help in the advancement of our trade fleet. After the failure to cross the Solar sea we have been lacking in building a proper air fleet.”

“So you would have us create a bunch of floating containers. I say those ships could be put to better use, such as the military.” Snarked a noble with a grin.

Before they could argue more Celestia silenced them, “Enough! I wil—“ suddenly, the massive doors to the thrown room burst open, a guard came in holding a scroll.

“Your majesty! Word from the west!” Said the unicorn gaurd, as he floated the scroll to Celestia. As she takes the scroll in her hands and began to read, her eyes widened in shock, and a gasp left her, causing many to look her way.

“Your majesty?” “Princess” “what’s happened” asked multiple nobles before she raised a hand to silence them.

“How long ago was this taken?” Celestia said to the guard. “At least 8 to 9 months ago your majesty, and we have been getting word of conflict beginning to stir among the nations in the western lands not long after.” Celestial nodded her head, and motion for the guard to leave.

“Noble Gilded plate.” The princess asked. “Yes your majesty?” Said Plate, as he nervously approached his princess. “How long will it take to arm the air ships for military use” Celestia said. This caused many to speak up for never before did Celestia make decisions such as this in nearly the last 4 centuries. “I’d say with the current budget of the kingdom, around 12 years at least. We still have much to learn about air ships and even more if we wish to make our own, not what was left over from the pirate parrot enclaves along the southern coasts.

“You will have a blank check along with anything you may desire.” Said Celestia as she got up from her throne. “Court is adjourned for today” she said as many Nobles roared in protest as they were led out.

Sighing, Celestia walked to her room and once she entered, made her way to the balcony were she began to gaze out into the distance. As she was thinking, she looked down toward the palace garden and saw the young unicorn of twilight sparkle, and her newly hatched dragon cub siting in a small shaded area with a mountain of books with them.

Celestia giggled at the site, but soon her head pointed upward towards the moon. The day was coming, that her sister would be released, and she feared that not long after that an even greater power will soon come to equestrian lands. For now she will have to build her military up slowly, and secretly, for Equestria has always been seen as a peaceful nation, but for what is soon to come, she will need to have every military advantage. For soon, an ancient price must paid, one that was signed by he Grandmother nearly 10,000 years ago, when the Alicorns rose up to become the beings they were are today.

Meanwhile, down below in the garden of the royal palace of Canterlot, a little unicorn girl is sitting next to a tree with her little baby dragon right beside her. she is currently reading an old book about ancient legends, but as she flips through the pages she focuses on those such as Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Starswirl, but ignored one legend as nothing more than a story her grandmother spoke of when she visited her, along with her grans strange church, one of the few across Equestria were pony’s don’t worship the Alicorns, but other deities.

The legend she over looks, as well as the deity her Gran worshipped, spoke of the origin of all that now exists, and how the modern day was forged though the fires of war.

In the estate of the Noble House of Armor, the former head of the house hold Is Kneeling down to an alter in a secret room of the house, only known to but a few. Upon the alter lays a statue of a female warrior residing upon a throne. The woman, who is speaking a long dead dialect, is praying to the statue ‘“...long may she guide the soul, and mind. For she will bring deliverance to all who walk the path. May she grant my family good fortune, for any who follow shall be blessed. May sh-“ before she could finish a knock on the door alerted her that dinner must be ready, but looking toward the clock in the room, it seems to be early?

“My lady, a message has arrived from the church. A message regarding the ‘Eternal one,” this stunned the woman to no end, only a select hand full of people know that phrase, and many are dying of old age. “ENTER” she says to her steward. The stallion walks in, and hands her the note. Upon taking it she sees the seal of the church, and begins to read, barely half we through she looks back to her acolyte, “this, is what’s stated hear true?!” The stallion nods and with a smile says “yes my lady, the horns were blown nearly a year ago, and many reports state that the western heretics are currently waging war on the Eternal city, but the Emperor has not awaken yet.”

Valkyrie Armor grandmother to Shining Armor, and Twilight Sparkle, moves with her servant out of the room and moved to the window of her room, and gazed out toward the royal palace. The look of disgust on her muzzle soon turns to an evil smirk, “send word to all the faithful across the city, and the rest of Equestria, we sail west.” The servant looks to the Archbishop of the Equestrian branch of the church of cosmic with a smile as he bows, “At once my lady, I’ll begin immediately, but what of your family?”

Valkyrie looked to her children who are talking in the garden, sadness fills her, but her faith outweighs her allegiance to family. “Tell them that I went on trip to the south east, then arrange a fabrication that our party was lost in a terrible sand storm. They would not accept the real reason” she said, as she begins to leave out the door while her servant merely bows, and carries out her orders.

Not long after this, nearly 200 servants to the faith left the city for one reason or another, fabricating lies, deals, deaths, or anything to explain their disappearance to those of their individual family’s. On their truck to the city of Manehattan, members of the church set their temples ablaze, or ordered them to be reduced to ruble, and not long afterword's, nearly 1,367 ponies arrived at the docks for transport west. When the each of the 27 ships were ready, they prepared to set sail in the dead of night.

“Lady Armor, We will not be going” said one of the pony's who manages the entirety of the Manehattan docks. Armor looks to her Friend with shock “you would deny the call?!” She says with tad of venom in her voice. “It’s the only way that myself, and the few of us that work these docks must make to insure no one knows this voyage happened. The princess will come looking for us, and their must never be a trail to follow, so we few will make sure that one is never found.” Said Galley Heart, bowing. “Fair winds my lady, may the Emperor protect you” he said as he and 10 others backed away. “Fair winds brothers, and sisters, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten” said Valkyrie, as she bordered the vessel. When the ships began to sail off, many of the average believer waved off their brothers and sisters left behind, thanking them, and telling them they will always remember, and in doing so, the 10 ponies put there hand to their chest and bowed to the ships leaving in the night of the full moon.
When the last of the ships disappeared into the moon lit fog, all 10 said a single phrase, “imperious Invictus.”

Once it was all over, and the pony’s said their prayers, one of the managers of the Manehattan docks walked up to Emerald Crane, head of the Manehattan docks. “Sir, will we ever see them again?” Emerald thought about what his Friend Galley said and walked up to him were he put a hand on his shoulder, “one day, yes. But until then we must wait; gather support, for when they do come back to us it will be as liberators.” He said as he motioned for the others to follow. “Come, lets go to bar a drink to their safety and the great age yet to come. ON ME!” He said triumphant to the rest. In a yell of excitement all the other followers yelled in excitement, as they gleefully went to the bar to drink.

Prologue II

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"Move it, move it!" "AHH!" "Winter!" "He's Gone!" "Fall back, Fall Back, regroup along the tree line!" "GAHH, my leg!" "-and, give me yo-, Ahhh!" "Fall Back, Fall Back!"

The sight taking place is one of slaughter and death. For nearly 3 months, the Nations of the Western lands have been embroiled in a 6 way war, with the Legendary Holy City being at the center of it all, and also holding the title of the ultimate prize. As of now the Cat Polity of Italine, is laying siege to the northern half of the city, with the south being sieged by a force of Pony, Zebra, Parrot, and Mole army from the Heartland Confederacy. So far, neither side has been able to breach the walls, and with the italines having exhausted nearly a fifth of their 85,000 army's in the process to take the city.

"NO!" cried General Trant, leader of the Italine forces, "That is the second time that those lizards have repelled us from the walls, and after everything we still have yet to even get a ladder on those walls" he raged, while looking over a map in his command tent. His second in command came up next to him and said, " Sir, I would advise that we fall back for now, and regroup with the Prince's main army along the Hojin river, and support him in repelling the Yaks from the north." the general turned to him with a glare at what he said, "You would have us Abaddon the siege, and flee as cowards!" "No" said his second in command, Captain Tabbaty. "What I say is lets deal with the more immediate threat now, and come back later. After all, its not like the Heartlands can do any better than us, and we can allow them to batter each other until we come back with an even larger force to strike down those walls and show to the world our superiority, and rid ourselves of those reptiles who protect a false Emperor." The general thought for a while, and saw the truth in his captains words, the Holy city will still stand when they return, and will probably be weaker upon their return. "Fine. order the men to break camp, and begin the march north to his highness" said the General.

As his captain saluted and left the tent, the general walked outside and gazed out toward the city upon the hill his tent resided on and looked toward the Holy City. 'The legends say we were uplifted by this so called Emperor during the mythical Dicordian war around 13,000 years ago. I only pray that the gods can give us the strength to defy this Emperor, for if the legends of our status in its empire are true, then we were nothing more than cannon fodder.'

When the cat legions were assembled, they began to march north to aid their prince in the repellent of the yak Horde that has descended from the north.

Meanwhile, to the far north along the yakistan Mountains, High Chief Jaki sits on her throne as she awaits word from her forces on how the battle is going along the mountain pass that leads into the province of Ionia of the Italine polity; As she is waiting, a yak warrior comes in and kneels bellow her throne. "Speak" she declared to the warrior. "My Chief, Yaks have been stalled by the weak Cats, Yaks need more time to take pass, Yaks can't break through without a bold move." said the yak warrior, as he began to leave the tent after telling the high chief how the battle is going.

With what she heard, High Chief Jaki of the Great House Jaki, moved to a separate tent were a great wooden table was placed, and with a map of the mountain ranges that make up the Yak clans domain. After going over the map a dozen times, Jaki came to the conclusion that if her Yaks wish to make the trek south to support the seat of the 'Great One' the head of the Pantheon in which the Yaks of the western continent worship with great fervor.

As Jaki drew up the last of her plans, she meet with several of the other clan chieftains in her command tent. "Jaki has come up with plan to break weak cats and march to great city." After explaining her plan to the others, she marched out to meet with her personal Honor guard of 1,000 elite yak warriors, and began to march to meet the enemy; while at the same time, many of the remaining clans marshaled their forces, and moved to strike at the intrenched cat legions.

"Move!" "Fire another-!" "Get to cover! Mages, put up-!" "Fall back!"


Field Marshal Silver Blade begin looking over the battle report along the left offensive, and sighs as he read the number lost in the attack. "1210, how is it that we are losing so many men in trying to bring down that City!" the Marshal yelled to his two commanders whom aid him in this endeavor. "Sir, I know this is not ideal, but if we petition the senate for more men then.."
"More men! over a third of the nations army is committed to the siege, they would never agree to send more men when they find out how many soldiers were losing in trying to take the city." cried the general as he slummed into his chair. "Even if we had the men available, the rest of the nations army's are busy defending our borders against those Fanatic Griffon Enclaves, as well as the Ruby Hives, not to mention the rising tension amongst the masses."

The marshal begins to think of a new plan to deal with this increasing threat but still can not see a way to breach the city's walls, and kill the demons an their master. The creatures of the wester- lands were slaves to that demons empire if the ancient legends were true, and if the senate believe that killing it would ensure the safety of the Confederacy, then that is what must be done.

"Attack again in one week along the eastern side, but be sure to not hit the Italine legions, we can't risk going to war with them over a mistake if-" before he could finish, one of his commander called Spear Pike, spoke, "That won't happen sir, from what our scouts have found, it seems the Italines are leaving." The marshal looked up to his commander and saw that he was indeed telling the truth, and if so, then this war got even more difficult. "Make that two week until the next attack."

Within the Great Temple city, sitting upon the Golden Throne at the heart of the city, the eyes of the Emperor open slightly to the world around her, but while she has begun to awaken, she remains still and calm, for she has not truly awaken but instead reaches out to find one who can aid her in coming back to the plane of the mortal realm.

Her vision takes her throughout the city, but soon her gaze falls upon a young Pony girl who is helping in loading barrels with exploding crystals to aid in the city's defense. As she looks upon this girl, the emperor send a message to her council, and tells them to bring the girl to her, for she is what is needed to finish her rites to return.

In the chamber of the emperors council, the being known as Katu 'Chok opened his eyes, and began to float downward on his throne. As he reaches the bottom, he beckons one of the servants to him; this servant is a young Hippogriff who kneels down toward his lord. "M-My lord. what is it tha-" before he could finish, the priest speaks over the scared little creature. "Deliver a message to the General. Tell him to find the chosen one. This command comes from the Emperor Herself. GO" the priest commands to the young creature.

Shocked at the orders he was given, the young griff ran out of the temple chambers and once outside began to fly toward the south of the city were the general resided in his defense of the city. Once he made it to the military camp that the lizards have constructed to keep out the invaders, he got on his knees before the two guards at the camps entrance. “I-I bring a message for the general by one of the council.” Croaked the poor young colt before the guards. As he was examined, one of two let out snarl behind him, and soon a small lizard came forth dressed in a robe of feathers with a staff in it arms. When the creature was next to the Hippogriff it placed its hand on his head and spoke a small incantation. As the spell commenced the eyes of the smaller lizard glowed a soft golden light before fading away, and when the lizard removed his hand he stepped back; “Bring this one to the general at once. The awakening is at hand” Said the star priest to the two guards.

When the two heard what the priest said, both immediately grabbed the young griff by his shoulders and carried him to the center of the camp were the general resided. The griff, scared at what is happening once he was unexpectedly picked up, began whispering a soft prayer as they carried him deeper into the camp. As the group entered the generals tent, the small lizardmen from before stepped in behind them, and greeted the ancient one, "Hail the eternal champion of the great plan, hail to Kroq-Gar" As the small lizardmen said this, the general looked toward the star priest and snarled in irritation from this interruption. "Do not worry, s-saurus, we come with great news-s-z" commented the lizardmen, as he gestured to the little hippogriff boy, "we have brought this warm blood whom has received a message from the council, go warm blood, tell the enteral champion the message from the council."

The young Hippogriff looks to the sides frantically for a moment before looking up toward the general "I-I was told by the High priest Katu 'Chok that their is a young girl serving within the axuilia, and that she was the, um, chosen one..." the moment both the general and the star priest heard that title they bolted up right. before the young griff could cower or look down the general was existing the room at a quickened paste while barking orders to his elite guard, and moving toward the auxilla tents that reside to the east of the main encampment. As the young griff was left alone in the tent for a moment, the star priest approached the young colt, and knelt down to him, while laying a hand on his head. "Go little one, return to your home, when the Emperor awakens, know that you shall be rewarded" regarded the star priest. As the young hippogriff looked up at the priest, he silently gave thanks before swiftly existing the tent and leaving the camp toward his home along the eastern edge of the Palace.

Sitting on top of a ledge within the camp of the city’s auxiliary forces, the mare Radiant Sky look out toward the city’s Imperial Palace and stares in wonder at its majesty. Radiant is a Pegasus pony with light blue fur and a white/black mane.

Radiant left Her home in the kingdom of Germanay about 14 years ago to escape her family, and follow the faith of her mother, and not the false religion of the diarchy which has taken hold amongst the member of the Equestria Hegemony in the North East of her home continent. She has braved many hardship in the eternal jungle when making her pilgrimage to the first city, and when she was judged by an oracle to enter the city, she wept when allowed into the Holy city, were she laid to rest her mothers ashes in the city in which she had strived for so long to reach. Although, before she could properly establish a life within the city, the great horns sounded across the city and as prophecy proclaimed, the Emperor would soon be awakened and reclaim the world that rightfully belongs to her, and strike down all who appose her divine order.

As Radiant was sitting there upon the ledge she soon here's a commotion amongst the auxila forces, as a wave of creatures began moving the officers section of the camp. She leapt from her ledge, and slowly glided down with her wing some 60 feet before landing on the ground, and making her way to the officers quarters to see what is happening.

She approached one of her friends that is at the front of the mob surrounding the tent, "Hey, glitter whats.." before she could say any more she looked forward in shock, for in front of her was Lord Kroq-Gar, the Eternal Defender and champion. Before she could say another word, the priest next to the great champion turned and looked directly at her as if it new she was there the entire time and pointed.

"Sshe iss the one"