The Beginning of Chaos, Alicorns, and the Elements

by Tyler-the-Brony

First published

The tale of a time before the Kingdoms, and a long forgotten enemy and friend of Equestria.

This is a tale of the time before Celestia, Luna, and Discord's respective kingdoms. This is the tale of the greatest enemy Equestria has ever seen, and how he will come back to the present time in a big way. Read on for the tale of the time of Dune Star and Anima.

A/ N: I know the Prologue is a little short in comparison. I renumbered the Parts. That's why. Also, I have an Epilogue in mind, but I'm also okay with the way I ended it here. Comment if you want an Epilogue and I will add it. The story will be marked as complete no matter what though until I receive at least 2-5 people's comments for an Epilogue.

Part 1: Prologue - A Glance at Fate

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Between the homeland of the Zebra’s, Zebrika, and the home of the ponies, Equestria, there sits a vast mostly unexplored desert known only as the Desert of Fate. While it would appear and be known to most everypony that there were no inhabitants of this desert, that was not entirely true. There was but a single hidden inhabitant of the Desert of Fate.

This inhabitant had not forsaken the confines of the Desert of Fate for close to 1600 years at this point in time. This inhabitant was an almighty sorcerer, assistant of Star Swirl the Bearded himself and personal magic instructor to both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. This mighty inhabitants name was Dune Star, and he too was an alicorn like the Princesses of Equestria.

Dune Star studied the Magic of Time greatly, same as his mentor had before him. Dune Star had at last fully succeeded and surpassed his mentor 200 years ago thanks to his long life span thus far. Dune Star studied all kinds of magic after finishing his Time Magic research, having need of a great amount of activities to pass his free time in the Desert of Fate.

Dune Star had another purpose for being within the Desert of Fate aside from the solitude required to truly and fully master the toughest kinds of magic known and unknown. Dune Star was both a watchmen and a guard in the Desert of Fate, which he still felt held all the ties to his own destiny and future. This Desert had once held home to Dune Star’s first friends and his greatest foe, all of them having been entrusted to Dune Star by his mentor upon his deathbed.

Star Swirl the Bearded had used the last of his magic and life force on two separate Time spells, each beyond modern conception in their own rights. The first spell Star Swirl the Bearded had used had sealed away the greatest Enemy Equestria had ever known until such a time as those who could defeat him could be present. The second spell Star Swirl the Bearded had cast before his death was to preserve those who could help in the eventual final battle against the Enemy, knowing full well they could not survive as long as was needed without his help.

Below the cave where Dune Star studied and slept most of his days, much as his master had, lay a chamber where the six ponies Star Swirl the Bearded had entrusted Dune Star to keep safe until the Enemy’s eventual return were kept. As Dune Star descended the stairs to do his yearly inspection of the room where these ponies lay asleep, a roar ripped through the chamber, bringing a typhoon like wind alongside it.

Dune Star braced himself with his magic and his wings for a moment before the mysterious roar and wind subsided into nothingness all around him. Dune Star quickly descended the remainder of the path to the ponies below with his wings, and was mostly unsurprised to see the ponies beginning to awaken.

Dune Star looked before him for a moment before he closed his eyes for a moment and used his Time magic to gleam a part of the future a short ways ahead of the present. Dune Star saw the true source of the roar and the wind that had just recently ripped through the cave. The roar had indeed emanated from the Enemy. And soon enough, he Enemy would be returning, much as Star Swirl the Bearded had predicted so long ago.

Dune Star opened his eyes again and freed himself of his magic just as the Six Leaders of Legend rose fully before him and waited for an explanation as to the current situation they had just now awoken in.

“He is returning it seems. I estimate in less than a year’s time He will return to Equestria. We must find the new Bearers and rally the greatest forces we have. Remain here and re-accustom yourselves with the dormant powers within you. I will return for you in a short time once I have alerted those who must know now.” Dune Star calmly explained to the ponies before him, glad to see that none of their intelligence had left them in their near 1600 year slumber.

Dune Star turned around from his current position in the chamber, and quickly took to the air with his wings as to quickly get to his writing supplies in order to more quickly embark on his long and necessary journey.

“Those two must be the first to know of His return. They will alert the others that must know now and gather them for me. I am certain of at least that much in all this uncertainty.” Dune Star spoke aloud as he landed near his desk and prepared to dictate his letter with his magic as he searched for his cloak as he had not for near 1600 years.

Part 2: The Awakening and the Gathering

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Princess Celestia trotted around the outside of the Royal Gardens, contempt to merely bask in the unexplained and near magical calming effect the Gardens could produce near every single day. Princess Celestia knew not why, but she had felt the strangest urge that she needed to be outside of the confines of her Room today.

As Celestia stopped before an the night-flower section of the Gardens, an idea of her sisters upon her return, Celestia turned her head as a tremendous wind ripped through the Gardens, seemingly from nowhere and everywhere.

The strange wind subsided as quickly as it had appeared, appearing to carry a roar of its own throughout its short appearance within Canterlot. As Celestia raised herself from her braced position, she began to hear several wing beats approaching her location in the Royal Gardens.

Two of Celestia’s Royal Guards were the source of the wing beats, landing a short ways from Celestia and in clear worry over the strange occurrence that Celestia now knew must have echoed through all of Canterlot.

“Are you alright Princess Celestia? We feared you may have been caught up in that strange wind just a few moments ago.” Winged Spear spoke up as he surveyed both the area and the Princess herself for any damage.

“I am unharmed. I will not lie and say I am not afraid of the strange wind though. It was other worldly.” Princess Celestia told Winged Spear as his partner, Bronze Feather, finished his survey of the area around the Gardens edges.

As Winged Spear nodded at Celestia and prepared to take flight again to continue his routine, everypony in the Gardens heard more frantic wing beats, far lighter than those of any Royal Guard Pegasi though.

Princess Luna was the source of these particular wing beats, worry and urgency clear on her face and other features as she rapidly approached her elder sister’s location within the Royal Gardens at a speed Celestia had only ever seen Rainbow Dash fly at.

“Sister!” Luna yelled to Celestia a moment before she landed, clearly exasperated by her elevated speed over the past short moments.

“Luna! What is it? What his distressed you so greatly?” Celestia begged her sister for an answer as she and Bronze Feather assisted Luna in standing again.

“We cannot talk in front of the Guards. This concerns one of the great secrets we were born for.” Luna whispered to her sister Celestia, knowing only she would hear and understand what Luna had just said.

Celestia looked over at the currently present Guards and was fully prepared to use all her authority to remove them. If the situation was in fact as grave as Luna suggested with her whispered words, then there was less than no time to waste here.

“Winged Spear. Bronze Feather. Leave me and my sister. We must discuss matters of great import. Have all the Guards adjust their routes to give a large bubble of space around my personal chambers. And I want Shining Armor to cast his shield spell around my Chambers to further isolate us. Please do this now.” Celestia told her Guards, the true authority of her position behind each of her words.

“As you insist your Highness.” Winged Spear replied to Celestia, nodding first at her and then at Bronze Feather as both took off to relay their new orders.

Celestia nodded to Luna and set about leading the way to her private room, where nopony at all would disturb them. As Luna and Celestia reached the top of the long staircase that lead to Celestia’s Chambers, they met Shining Armor, who saluted them and parted his shield spell for a few moments to allow Luna and Celestia access.

Once inside Celestia’s Chambers, Celestia took her typical place by the hearth rug and Luna set about pacing the room nervously as he sister settled in for the important news Luna had for her.

“We are quite certainly alone now Luna. Tell me what you have learned about the secrets of our first memories.” Celestia told Luna, unsurprised to see Luna continue to pace as she began her explanation.

“I received a letter from Dune Star.” Luna began, glad to see Celestia take the true meaning of this otherwise mundane activity seriously.

“What was contained within it? I know that Dune Star would not simply send a letter here without very good reason.” Celestia replied to Luna’s statement, worry now growing in her as it grew in her sister.

“Dune Star says he is coming here to Canterlot to discuss the greatest threat to Equestria since the end of the Second Equestrian Age with us. He also requested we gather the current Bearers of the Elements of Harmony and any others we feel must know a grave few facts at this time. He finished by saying he will arrive shortly.” Luna concluded, at last stopping her pacing to look at her elder sister fully for her reaction to this news.

Celestia immediately rose from her position near the fireplace, ready and willing to gather everypony of military import and greet Dune Star when he arrived in Canterlot, which Celestia knew would be all too soon.

“We have little time in that case Luna. You must go to Ponyville and gather Twilight and her friends. Tell them it is of even greater importance than the Discord incident. That is certain to rouse them fully if they are unwilling. I will gather the others of import and then guide Dune Star here. Can you do that?” Celestia asked her sister, hoping Luna was now once more prepared to defend Equestria.

“Absolutely my sister. I will return post haste. Are there any others I must gather?” Luna replied, already preparing to take the gaseous form that Nightmare Moon had shown her.

“I do not think so. I will gather Shining Armor, Cadance, and Prince Blueblood here. They are of enough import to be informed alongside us. Even my nephew will understand once he meets our mentor himself.” Celestia informed her sister, already heading to the door and knocking upon the shield spell to inform Shining Armor to lower it.

“I will see you shortly then my sister.” Luna called out as she dissolved her form to easily travel to Ponyville.

“I do hope so greatly my sister.” Celestia voiced her worries aloud, spreading her wings and preparing to fly all across Canterlot.


Princess Celestia paced along the outskirts of Canterlot near the side that eventually led to the heart of the Desert of Fate. Princess Celestia was certain that if Dune Star was indeed coming to Canterlot very soon, then this is the side of Canterlot that he would appear on in order to finish his journey.

Princess Celestia had quickly flown about Canterlot summoning Cadance, Shining Armor, and Blueblood to the Royal War Chamber, an area of Canterlot Castle known well by the Royal Guards as their typical meeting room. Once Celestia had sent each of these three ponies on their way, she had quickly come to the edges of Canterlot and set about her pacing.

Celestia stopped her pacing for a moment to glance at the sun in the sky over Canterlot, and was greeted with a small gust of very sandy wind. Once Celestia reopened her eyes, having shut them at the sudden gust of wind, she saw that Dune Star had now arrived.

“Hello again Celestia. I am glad you are here. It means that you have gotten my letter yes?” Dune Star asked Celestia, generations worth of knowledge echoing in his words.

“I indeed received it. I have already summoned those within Canterlot who should be informed, and Luna is off collecting the current Bearers of the Elements of Harmony as per your requests.” Celestia explained to her old teacher, glad to see that in the 1600 years since she had last seen him he had hardly aged, as was usual of any Alicorn.

“Excellent. I do wish I could have visited Canterlot under better circumstances, but time makes fools of us all. Even those who study it like my master.” Dune Star replied, turning his head all around him as he studied the changes Canterlot had undergone in his long absence.

“If you don’t mind me asking master, why exactly are you visiting? Luna said that it had something to do with the greatest Enemy to face Equestria since the end of the Second Equestrian Age, but what does that mean exactly?” Celestia questioned Dune Star as she led the way to the Canterlot War Chamber within the Castle’s confines.

“I would love to tell you as of this very moment, but I do prefer to multi-task as they say. I would very much like to explain this to everypony once they are gathered.” Dune Star told Celestia, falling a small ways back from her steps as they approached the doors to the War Chamber so as to still appear lesser than the Princesses at least within their own kingdoms.

Celestia nodded at Dune Star as she opened the doors to the War Chamber with her magic. Within a few moments, the door swung shut again and both Princess Celestia and Dune Star were now within the War Chamber.

Luna had not yet returned from Ponyville with Twilight and the other current Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and as such, only Shining Armor, Cadance, and Prince Blueblood were within the War Chamber and seated at the large table within the middle of the War Chamber.

As all other ponies present except for Dune Star and Celestia prepared to raise their voices and questions, Celestia held up her hoof to silence them.

“All questions will be answered. But we must wait for Luna, Twilight, and the other Bearers of the Elements of Harmony before we begin. This concerns all of Equestria.” Celestia told everypony present, glad to see them at least close their mouths and settle down slightly.

Dune Star took his position at the head of the table within the War Chamber just as Luna reappeared within Canterlot, the Six Bearers of the Elements of Harmony in tow behind her smoke trail.

“Do forgive me if I’m late. My magic isn’t powerful enough within the daytime hours to move everypony along with myself at my usual speed.” Luna explained to all ponies present in the room, glad to see them all nod at her as she took her seat at the table beside her sister.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Fluttershy did not join the others at the table initially however. Celestia could not blame them for choosing to speak up as of the moment. They hadn’t all been present when she explained her reasons for not answering questions at the current time.

“Forgive me for not immediately taking my seat Princess Celestia, but I need a couple of questions answered. First, why are we all here now so soon after Luna barged into Ponyville and got us all together? Also, what in the hay could possibly be worse than the Discord incident?” Rainbow Dash spoke up, mere confusion and not anger behind her words.

“Simple enough questions to answer. You’re here because you are the current Bearers of the Elements of Harmony. And this situation is far graver than the Discord situation because it involves the one who created Discord.” Dune Star replied, speaking up from underneath the hood of his cloak to the room at large for the first time since his arrival in the War Chambers.

Everypony in the room turned to star at Dune Star, surprised that he both had logical answers to Rainbow Dash’s questions and that he had actually spoken up in place of the high authority of the Princesses in the War Chambers.

“Do forgive me for being rude to ya, but who in the hay are you and why are ya answering in place o’ the Princesses? What gives you that right?” Applejack questioned Dune Star, felling a mild shiver run through her body as he directed his body at her to give his answer.

“I do not exceed the authority of the Princesses in anyway. They are as unaware as you all are. I am the one who summoned them here alongside you with the information I must share.” Dune Star replied, shocking Applejack into silence by responding with such a perfect answer to her inquiries.

Twilight was the next to step forward, seeking knowledge being in her nature as both a unicorn and a magic student of Princess Celestia herself.

“And what information is that exactly sir? And might I ask just who you are anyway?” Twilight asked Dune Star, somehow sensing that he was smiling at her question despite the fact that she and nopony else could see his face.

“The information will be given all at once when you decide to join us at the table. And, since you asked nicely, I am Dune Star. I’m certain at least one of you recognizes me no?” Dune Star answered Twilight, satisfied as he heard Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash gasp at the realization of just who he was.

Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Fluttershy remained confused as to the gravity of the situation though. It was Pinkie Pie who decided to become informed first.

“Who’s that huh girls? I’ve never ever ever heard of a pony named Dune Star. Is he super duper uber important?” Pinkie Pie asked her friends, shocked to see them all spin around to face her as fast as they did.

“Pinkie Pie! Show some respect! Dune Star is the assistant of Star Swirl the Bearded himself!” Twilight cried out as Rarity nodded along in agreement.

“And legend is that he trained with the very first Wonderbolt ever, Flash Breeze!” Rainbow Dash added, showing true her extensive knowledge of all things Wonderbolt.

Applejack and Fluttershy now understood just how important Dune Star must be due to hearing how related he was to some of their friends personal heroes. Pinkie Pie grasped it too after a couple of moments when she jumped up in the air and gasped.

“Forgive us for making everypony wait. We’ll sit down and listen now. Come along girls.” Rarity commanded, leading all the rest of her friends to the six pre-set chairs at the table.

Once the last of the Six Bearers had taken their seats, Dune Star saw fit to at last remove his robes. Once he did, everypony in the room gasped at his appearance.

Dune Star had a sand colored coat with a stark white mane. Dune Star’s Cutie Mark consisted of a pair of hourglasses crossed like swords with a large spark of blue magic in the middle where the hourglasses met. Dune Star also had several scars with three prominent ones on his right flank, his stomach, and his left eye.

“Very well. I shall begin this War meeting.” Dune Star spoke up, waiting for his words to take effect in the room.

“War meeting Dune Star?” Luna asked, worry clear in her voice as she tried to imagine the true meaning of Dune Star’s words.

“Yes Luna. In one year’s time, Equestria will again be at war with the single greatest enemy it has ever faced in its long life. The God of Chaos, Anima, will return.” Dune Star gravely replied, wishing he didn’t have to say anything more than that.

Part 3: The Information of the Past

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Everypony present in the War Chamber aside from Dune Star, including Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, had absolutely no idea just who this ‘Anima’ was. Dune Star’s tone certainly implied a great threat and a great evil, but everypony needed more to go on.

“Excuse me Dune Star darling, but just who is this ‘Anima’ you speak of? You called him the God of Chaos, but I for one at least have never heard anything about him.” Rarity asked Dune Star, confused as to why Dune Star sighed and became visibly more upset at Rarity’s question.

“There’s a very good reason for that Rarity. Anima is the one being omitted from all of Equestria’s history. There are currently only seven ponies alive that remember anything about him at all, and only one pony that should even still be alive at this point in time. I am the only one that should have information of him if he were truly gone.” Dune Star replied, certain he was raising more questions than he was answering.

“What do ya mean omitted from Equestria’s history? How can ya just omit somepony who sounds this terrible?” Applejack spoke up, confused as to just how what Dune Star had explained could have ever happened.

“You can thank my mentor for that. Star Swirl the Bearded is the single greatest time magic sorcerer pony of all time. For all but me and the six others who share my life, he removed Anima’s existence from time itself. He cannot be written about or spoken about unless it is by one of the Timeless Seven.” Dune Star answered Applejack, hoping he was explaining everything as well as he could.

“Who are these Timeless Seven? I’ve never heard of them either. You said you are one of them, but who are the other six?” Twilight questioned Dune Star, absorbing all the knowledge she could so as to help everypony as best she could.

“The Timeless Seven are seven of the most well-known and forgotten ponies. I am the first. The other six are Commander Hurricane, Private Pansy, Smart Cookie, Chancellor Puddinghead, Princess Platinum and Clover the Clever. I trust I need not explain to everypony who they are.” Dune Star explained, unsurprised to see the shock on everypony’s faces.

Princess Cadance was the next one to speak up among all the ponies present in the War Chamber.

“B-But…they’re all dead. Aren’t they?” Cadance asked Dune Star, further shocked to see him shake his head at her.

“History would have you think so. But they do indeed still live. They currently inhabit the Desert of Fate alongside myself. Star Swirl the Bearded foresaw that they would be needed when Anima chose to return, and he placed them within a slowed state of sleep. They have only recently awoken due to the first signs of Anima’s return.” Dune Star spoke aloud, at last beginning to warrant responses out of everypony.

“I do not believe it. I choose not to. I refuse to believe that there are ponies still alive from the founding of Equestria who could outrank me and my Aunts in terms of rightful rulers.” Prince Blueblood spoke up for the first time, shocking everypony with just what he had chosen to focus on from Dune Star’s latest bit of information.

Dune Star walked around the table to face Prince Blueblood directly. Once in front of Blueblood, Dune Star closed his eyes for a moment and let loose a powerful spell. Blueblood instantly passed out afterwards and slipped into a long and quiet sleep in front of everypony.

“Funny how the blood dilutes eh Celestia?” Dune Star chuckled as he returned to his former position within the War Chamber.

“What did you do to him? Is he gonna be okay? Not that I really care though.” Shining Armor asked, clearly as pleased as everypony else that Blueblood could no longer rudely and terribly interrupt them today.

“I simply awakened the royal blood within him properly. He is currently in the process of reliving all his ancestors and relatives have. When he next awakens, he will be a proper pony of royal blood.” Dune Star explained, preparing himself to answer the next and sure to be on proper topic questions.

“To return to the urgent matter at hand. Can you continue the tale of Anima Master Dune Star?” Luna spoke up, encouraging all the other ponies focus to fully return to Dune Star again.

“Certainly Luna. Though it is better if I begin before he truly came to be. I will tell you all the tale of the First and Second Equestrian Ages. Do pay close attention and try not to interrupt too often. There will be no test or penalties, but it is better if I do not have to repeat myself when time is of the utmost essence here.” Dune Star replied, looking around the room to check everypony’s focus before diving into his tale.


“The First Equestrian age refers to a short stint of time shortly after the founding of Equestria. It began with the vast migration of the other members of the Earth Pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn tribes. The Six Leaders had gone to Equestria first as you all well know, but they also had to return in order to inform their tribes of the alliance and the new home they could inhabit together. Each tribe was not all too keen to join with the others even with their respective Leaders insists. They had not experienced what the Six had, and thus could not fully trust each other yet. It was then that the Unicorn King, Titanium Horn, came up with a suggestion.” Dune Star began, hoping he could encourage questions at the points that would help spurn his tale forward.

“You mean the father of Princess Platinum?” Rarity spoke up unsurprisingly. She had been the one who had represented Princess Platinum herself in the Hearth’s Warming Eve Pageant.

“Yes, the very same. Titanium Horn was a student of Star Swirl the Bearded as well. He knew that if anypony was the one to come up with a solution to their leader problem, it would be him. Titanium Horn also passed on the full rights of the Unicorn Throne to Princess Platinum after this suggestion before disappearing for the rest of his life. Many believe he disguised himself and lived a new few years with Princess Platinum’s unknown mother, who had always been suspected as being a commoner unicorn. In any case, it was agreed the Star Swirl the Bearded could help to select a leader.” Dune Star continued, hoping it would be Twilight who next questioned him.

“Why would everypony agree to let him decide though? I understand that he was a great sorcerer, but how could Star Swirl the Bearded have held such great influence?” Twilight asked Dune Star, surprised to find out just how much more Star Swirl the Bearded had been respected back in Equestria’s youth.

“Simple. Star Swirl the Bearded was the single oldest pony in Equestria at the time, near 607 years old even back then. He had witnessed various different tribes rules and seen various styles of leadership in his time. Star Swirl the Bearded could therefore select who would be best to rule over all the ponies from the current 3 leaders of the tribes. Most surprisingly though, once the Six Leaders consulted him, Star Swirl the Bearded stated that none of the current 3 leaders of their advisors was a proper ruler to rule over all 3 of the tribes.” Dune Star explained, feeling strange in regaling this tale to so many.

“Why in the hay would he say somethin like that? The Six Leaders had ruled well over their own tribes hadn’t they?” Applejack voiced her question, wondering why even a pony as why as Star Swirl the Bearded would say such a thing.

“You struck the issue yourself Applejack. Yes the Six leaders had led their respective tribes well. But none of them were well accustomed enough to the troubles and hopes of the other tribes to properly lead over all of them with a just rule. Star Swirl the Bearded knew this. That is why he came up with the alternative options of leadership for Equestria.” Dune Star paused, wanting to explain only when asked at this point.

“W-What were these three ideas? I-If you don’t mind saying…” Fluttershy whispered, still managing to be heard by Dune Star though.

“Not at all. Star Swirl the Bearded had three ideas in base concept for the ruling of Equestria. The first was to inspire Harmony amongst the citizens who had not been part of the first Hearth’s Warming Eve. To achieve this, Star Swirl the Bearded forged the Elements of Harmony as they once were before from the deepest sands of the Desert of Fate. He then bequeathed them to the Six Leaders respectively. Chancellor Puddinghead was Laughter, Clover the Clever was Magic, Princess Platinum was Generosity, Smart Cookie was Honesty, Private Pansy was Kindness, and Commander Hurricane was Loyalty. Another reason you six were especially chosen to represent them respectively.” Dune Star explained the first idea, content he could simply continue on.

“The Elements of Harmony were first used on the masses of Equestria, and peace between the tribes to an extent sprouted. Equestria was still in need of a sturdy leader for the tribes, but the tribes themselves were no longer ignorant or hateful of the others as they had once been. This allowed Star Swirl the Bearded to suggest his second idea for leadership. A pony born of all three tribes would best exude the qualities needed in a proper leader for Equestria. How to do such a concept though? Star Swirl the Bearded first attempted to create this pony born of all three tribes in the same manner as he created the Elements of Harmony. He forged the basic shape of the pony from the sands of the Desert of Fate, and then had the Six Leaders fill it with life energy from the Elements of Harmony. That is how I came to be.” Dune Star paused, certain that last comment would inspire a question or two.

“You? You’re the very first Alicorn? Oh my Celestia!” Pinkie nearly shouted as she realized just what Dune Star had said.

“Indeed. I was intended to rule over Equestria. That was not what fate decided my destiny to be though. My destiny lies in defending the flow of time within Equestria. I have the ability to inspire leadership and harmony in others due to the power of the Elements within me, but I do not possess these qualities myself. This left the Six Leaders and Star Swirl the Bearded baffled as to what to do next. I was born a pony that could unite the land, but I would not be able to. Star Swirl the Bearded next suggested that he combine the leadership aspects of each of the tribes leaders and advisors into two separate ponies and attempt to create proper leaders that way. Celestia was born from Princess Platinum, Commander Hurricane, and Chancellor Puddinghead. Luna was born from Clover the Clever, Private Pansy, and Smart Cookie. Their base colors and magic are based on their unicorn mothers. Their height and flying abilities are based on their Pegasi mothers. And their intellect and age comes from their earth pony mothers. The powers of the Sun and Moon were instilled into them thanks to a special spell from Star Swirl the Bearded combined with the unifying power of the Elements. Unfortunately, even after all that, there still emerged a problem.” Dune Star explained, letting the large amount of history he had just revealed sink into everypony, especially Luna and Celestia.

“What was the problem?” Cadance spoke up, wondering why she had never had any problems despite she too was born an Alicorn.

“While I was shaped into near the same age I am now, Celestia and Luna did not have conduit forms as I did. Once the powers of the Sun and Moon settled in them, they were transformed into newborn foals. Again, there was the possibility of a leader without the chance. Celestia and Luna were destined to rule. Star Swirl the Bearded knew this much. But they must wait to take the throne it seems. In the meantime, until Celestia and Luna would be ready, Star Swirl the Bearded concocted his third and final idea for a leader of Equestria. A conduit was needed to make a leader of the proper age, as well as a will to rule. It was decided that a new creature should rule Equestria until the time for Celestia and Luna to rule would come. Star Swirl the Bearded decided to create a Draconequus and a Paramioe.” Dune Star paused yet again, hoping the term he had used would resonate somewhere amongst all the ponies present.

“Wait a minute….Discord said he was a Draconequus. I remember learning that in school way back when.” Shining Armor spoke up, disbelief clear on his features as all faces returned to Dune Star.

“You are not wrong. Discord is the Draconequus I speak of now. He was not always Discord, God of Mischief though. When he was created long ago, his name was Discan. He was a God of Mediation, going to all problems he heard of and taking it upon himself to dispel all chaos around him. Discan was given the head of a pony and the body of common creatures to rule over the realm of ponies and the common animals. As you all know though, Equestria is not merely inhabited by creatures of common birth.” Dune Star answered, hoping he could nudge the others into speaking up.

“Yeah. There’s all kinds a crazy magic things here. What did Star Swirl suggest for them?” Applejack asked Dune Star, now as entranced as the others in this tale.

“To rule over the magical creatures, another being was created. The opposite of Discan, composed entirely of magical creatures. The creature is what is known as a Paramioe. The Paramioe was named Famira and he was a God of Freedom, freeing all creatures in his magical rule from anger and such other feelings by taking them into and upon himself. Famira had the body and face of a dragon, the eyes of a Cockatrice which could be shielded from view with his additional snake eyelids, as well as two dragon claws. He also had a Manticores Claw, a Timber Wolf’s Claw, a Hydra’s Claw, and a Quaray Eel’s Claw though. He also possessed a Sea Serpents tail with a Windigo hoof and a Griffon Claw for feet. Famira possessed the wings of a Parasprite, sized properly for him, and a second set of wings what were those of a Phoenix. Famira also had the horns of a Golden Deer sprouted off of a set of Minotaur’s horns. While Famira’s appearance may sound gruesome to you, he was beloved by all of his subjects greatly.” Dune Star finished his description of Famira, almost shedding a tear as he remembered his friend.

“When does this ‘Anima’ you mentioned show up? Is he an enemy of Equestria that came to usurp Discan and Famira’s rule?” Celestia asked Dune Star, wondering why Dune Star was revealing so much history before telling them of them enemy.

“Anima has already appeared in my regale of Equestria’s history. Anima is what Famira became after years of his rule.” Dune Star stated blatantly, hating every word he said.

Everypony within the War Chamber was silent with shock for quite a long period of time. Eventually, it was Twilight who would speak up and ask the inevitable questions.

“How? And why?” Twilight asked Dune Star, not believing that a creature created by Star Swirl the Bearded for peace in Equestria could also be called its greatest enemy.

“Famira’s style of problem management within his ruled area was not the greatest of choices. Years of small minute problems relating to one particular aspect or another began to pile upon each other within Famira. The aspects of Anger, Greed, Hatred, Jealousy, Lies, and Betrayal were strongest. These aspects eventually compounded within Famira’s soul, emerging as something eventually christened the Elements of Chaos. These Elements of Chaos leaked through Famira’s soul, transforming him into the creature most feared in all of history. This was when the First Equestrian Age ended.” Dune Star stumbled over his words as the images of those days began to overtake his eyes and he found himself lost in his terrible memories.


Famira sat on his throne within the confines of the Jungle of Magic located near the edge of Equestria. Famira hated sitting around like this when such strong emotions bubbled within him. A short few days ago, Famira would have sat on the throne night and day to please all of his subjects. But Famira would no longer subjugate himself to the daily tortures his subjects put him through.

Famira stood from his throne just as one of his advisors, the Griffon known as Silver Claws, came around to have a few words with him about his weekly schedule.

“Lord Famira? May I ask where you are going?” Silver Claws spoke up, wondering why the Lord of Freedom was acting so strange today.

“You may not. Do not follow me if you value your life.” Famira called to Silver Claws as he took to the air with his wings and went towards the nearest source of new Chaos.


Within the hour, Famira landed outside the city of Roam, a place commonly called the second capital of Equestria. Famira looked about the city walls as the Elements of Chaos pulsated from their hidden position between his spines. Soon enough a pony came over to the edge of the nearby Guard Tower to call to Famira.

“Greetings Lord Famira. May I inquire as to what brings you here today? I am Strong Shield by the way.” The pony who was called Strong Shield asked Famira as the God of Freedom moved forward towards the gate to Roam.

“Open the gate.” Famira called out his order to the pony he did not care was named Strong Shield.

“I cannot do that without a reason for your visit. Even you are no exception Lord Famira.” Strong Shield called back, worried at what he thought he must have mistaken as malice behind Famira’s words.

Famira flew up the Guard Tower with speed that greatly surprised and worried Strong Shield. Famira was not known for being aggressive at all, let alone being as intimidating as he was now.

“I will say it once more. If you value your life or the lives of any special ponies or creatures within these walls, you will heed my order. Open. The. Gate. NOW.” Famira hissed at Strong Shield, towering over the already extremely large pony and openly flashing the red Cockatrice eyes he usually kept hidden.

“I-I’m sorry Lord Famira. I cannot do that.” Strong Shield whimpered back at Famira and quickly gulped as Famira smiled malevolantly back at him.

“You shouldn’t have said that at all.” Famira spit at Strong Shield, fully releasing his Cockatrice eyes on the pony.

Within seconds, Strong Shield was frozen in place as a stone statue, a look of absolute terror upon his face. Famira felt his body grow a ways, glad that embracing his Chaos would allow him to grow more powerful than he was already proving himself to be.

Famira returned to the bottom of the gate and set about letting the Windigo powers within him flow forth. Within a few short minutes, the entire gate was frozen solid. Famira released his Windigo influence and let his Hydra poison coat his claws as he set about tearing the gate apart to reach the city he could greatly create Chaos in.


“Who did all this?” Discan asked Strong Shield as he used his powers to separate the stone magic from the pony before him.

“L-L-Lord F-Famira. I-I-I tried to stop him. B-But I couldn’t. H-H-H w-wasn’t the lord Famira w-we’re supposed to know at all.” Strong Shield slowly explained, still shocked at what had transpired mere hours ago.

Discan looked up from Strong Shield to survey what was once the city of Roam. The city was demolished beyond any possible repair. Many ponies were frozen solid or turned to stone like Strong Shield had been. A lot more were being treated for sever bite, claw, and poison wounds. A few had already left Equestria permanently. Discan mentally kicked himself for not acting upon his gut feeling to visit Famira personally earlier in the day. By the time he had gone to meet him, only a disheveled and confused Silver Claws was there to greet him and direct Discan in the general direction Famira had went.

By the time Discan had caught sight of Roam, it was already far too late. The city had already been destroyed and Famira was long gone from its confines, no clues to his current whereabouts anywhere.

Star Swirl the Bearded and Dune Star approached Discan, both clearly tired from the long journey and the extent of the working they were doing to save any residents of Roam that they could.

“Do not blame yourself for this Discan. You may rule over the ponies, but there is no way to know that this might’ve happened today. Even I had no idea with my future glimpsing.” Star Swirl the Bearded told Discan, the wisdom of his words echoing strongly in Discan’s mind.

“I will find him. I will stop him. This cannot stand. I may not have been able to save Roam, but I can try to save the rest of Equestria from Famira.” Discan replied, looking towards the sky and hoping that some sort of exterior God might guide him.

“Please don’t Discan. You don’t know what he could do to you. If Famira can cause this much destruction on his own, then you have no chance of defeating him.” Dune Star quickly told his friend, hoping to calm him down slightly.

“How can I simply ignore this? This is my realm until Celestia and Luna are ready. I have to protect it. I don’t care if Famira’s always been stronger than me. I’ll find a way.” Discan bit back, his malice directed at Famira and not his friend and mentor.

“He has grown even stronger though Discan. And your power has weakened due to your feelings over Roam. You are the strongest of us all at the moment, and even you do not stand a chance against Famira as he is now. We must hide and wait. Celestia and Luna together with the Elements of Harmony can defeat him as long as he does not gain more power. I have already accelerated Luna and Celestia’s growth rate and stopped the Bearers own aging until another set can come. I can try to accelerate their growth a bit more and they can be ready within a year’s time.” Star Swirl told Discan, hoping to appeal to the reason he knew Discan had within him.

“A year?! You want me to wait a whole year to go after Famira?! Can you imagine what he could do in that time? He did all this to Roam in under a day! Equestria won’t last a month let alone a year if Famira’s left to his own devices! We can’t hide every pony and creature in Equestria from him for a year. He needs to be stopped now. And I will be the one to do it.” Discan yelled as he took to the air, solidifying now his need to find and defeat Famira.

“Discan! Wait! Don’t do it!” Dune Star shouted hopelessly after his friend, knowing it was futile as Discan was already gone on his pointless quest.

Star Swirl the Bearded put his hoof on Dune Star’s shoulder a moment later. Dune Star turned to look at his master to see grim determination on his face.

“Discan cannot be saved now. But perhaps now we can save a few others while he battles Famira. I would prefer if he was here to help, but we must still do what we can. Fly over Equestria and alert all the cities and towns that you can. Tell all the inhabitants to teleport to as hidden a place as they can with the help of any and all able unicorns. Help those that cannot otherwise. Tell all the Pegasi to carry as many ponies to as safe of places as they know, and then to either hide themselves or stay perpetually on the move. The same message to the earth ponies.” Star Swirl the Bearded explained his plan to his assistant, glad to see Dune Star nod and take flight a few moments later.

Star Swirl the Bearded looked towards the sky and uttered a prayer he hoped would soon become true.

“May Celestia save us all.” Star Swirl the Bearded whispered as he set about his own duties for protecting Equestria.


Famira walked through the edge of the Whisperwind Woods towards his next goal, the city of Las Pegasus. As Famira came to the edge of the Woods though, he sensed a quickly approaching being. One he was quite well acquainted with.

“I was wondering when you would find out about Roam and seek me out. You always were easy to predict Discan.” Famira called out to the being he knew now was directly behind him.

Discan stepped out from the shadows of the trees to confront Famira and demand an answer for his actions. As Discan looked at Famira though, he realized that his friend was no longer with him.

“Where is Famira? What have you done with him?” Discan demanded of the being once called Famira, encouraging a smile from the wicked God.

“What madness do you speak about Discan? I am Famira as I have always been before now.” Famira answered Discan, his smile growing ever larger as he did so.

“No. You are not Famira anymore. Famira is not a being of Chaos. Famira was a close friend and a benevolent ruler of Equestria. You are most certainly no longer worthy of being called Famira.” Discan replied to Famira, shocked as Famira began to laugh at his statement.

Famira’s wicked laughter echoed across the land, filling everypony who heard it with dread and fear. After a few more moments of laughter, Famira quieted to answer Discan’s statement properly.

“Perhaps you are right Discan. I no longer feel like Famira at least. That much is certainly true. Perhaps it is time I rechristened myself with a proper title. From now on, all will call be Anima, the God of Chaos and Tyrant of Equestria!” Anima told Discan, laughing his wicked chuckle again as he finished.

Discan tensed himself for what he knew must now come. Famira’s….no. Anima’s confirmation that he was no longer the friend Discan had once ruled with was enough to solidify his resolve for battle this day.

“If that is indeed the case, then I have no qualms about stopping you right here and now Anima. You will not rule Equestria whilst I remain here.” Discan challenged Anima, hearing the wicked laughter that frightened him stop abruptly at his words.

“I always knew that Discan. That is why I intend to remove you from Equestria much as I removed Famira!” Anima shouted as he charged at Discan, the Elements of Chaos pulsating greatly as Anima prepared to destroy the one who was both his friend and his brother.


Discan fought bravely against Anima for 11 days and 12 nights consecutively. Discan knew he must fight as long as he was able, granting his other friends the chance to try to defend some of Equestria from any future attacks by Anima. On the dawn of the 12th day of their battle though, Discan collapsed for a moment, worn beyond endurance from his long and difficult struggle.

Anima took advantage of this short chance to envelop Discan in the influence of the Elements of Chaos. Discan would not yield to their power easily, but Anima knew that time both created and healed all wounds. Anima sealed Discan within stone with the eyes of a Cockatrice and left the portion of the Elements of Chaos’ power to warp him into a being that would once again stand by him in his rule.

“Farewell old friend. When I next see you, you shall be Discord, God of Mischief. I am not foolish enough to give you power to equal or surpass mine. Do not attempt to fight me with your new powers when you awaken. If you do so, next time you will not remain in any form after facing my wrath.” Anima spoke to the statue of Discan, knowing full well that Discan could hear every word he spoke.

Anima turned towards Las Pegasus again and decided to take to the air to let true Chaos envelop him. Destroying Discan had granted Anima a power such as he never experienced before, even in destroying Roam. When Anima returned to the ground again, he towered above even the largest of all Dragons and Hydra’s. Anima again set his pace towards Las Pegasus, marking it as the first of the remaining cities he must crush to rule properly.


“And that was the beginning of Anima’s Reign of Chaos. Anima had crushed all of Equestria within six months of the defeat and imprisonment of Discan. Thanks to Discan’s brave sacrifice in battle, many ponies and creatures had been able to hide and save themselves from Anima’s terrible destruction.” Dune Star slowly spoke, wishing he had no reason to remember any of this at all.

Everypony within the War Chambers remained silent, even Prince Blueblood, who had just recently awakened from Dune Star’s spell. Dune Star saw fit to continue his tale upon hearing the silence.

“Anima’s influence spread throughout Equestria, transforming the once beautiful land into a land stained in blood and war. The Elements of Chaos spread amongst all the creatures and caused many inner conflicts. Anima fed on the Chaos he created and grew ever larger and more powerful as the years of the Second Equestrian passed. The Age of Anima was a terrible one indeed.” Dune Star explained, seeing all the images of those years flash before his eyes as he did.

“Star Swirl the Bearded had tried his best to further age Celestia and Luna for battle, but had been unable to do so due to his dwindling health, magic, and life. I stepped up to his position in order to keep up Luna and Celestia’s accelerated aging and to prevent the Six Leaders from aging. I was not yet fully ready though, only being able to hold the spells in place and do no more than that.” Dune Star hurriedly said, hoping that everypony would not hate him for his lack of involvement.

Everypony still remained silent though, not wanting to make Dune Star linger any longer on this horrible tale than he absolutely had to so as to inform them all.

“It was then that the Six Leaders formed an idea all their own. Star Swirl the Bearded had theorized that an Alicorn could better wield the Elements of Harmony better than any one particular other kind of pony. The Six leaders also knew that the Elements of Harmony possessed the power to create Alicorns. Each of the Six Leaders bombarded themselves with the powers of the Elements of Harmony and became Alicorns themselves.” Dune Star voiced his memories to the group at large.

Cadance spoke up next from the group, clearly baffled by the true origins of the species she personally belonged to.

“The Elements of Harmony can create an Alicorn out of an already existing pony? I know that you and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were shaped from existing ponies memories and infused with the power of the Elements, but I had no idea they could reproduce that effect on other ponies.” Cadance asked Dune Star, hoping that her question was an appropriate one.

“It is rare indeed, but it can happen. It took a year and a half for each of the Six Leaders to fully become Alicorns, meaning a total of nine years to transform six ponies. Their links to the Elements are mostly likely what helped attribute to their accelerated transformations. It would take far longer for an un-linked pony to become an Alicorn. The Alicorn Gene can also be passed down through inheritance, which is how you came to be an Alicorn Cadance.” Dune Star explained, his years of research paying off greatly at the moment.

Celestia was the one who next asked a question, as curious as worried to how the Second Equestria Age proceeded forward from the Six Leader’s idea.

“What occurred next? I’m afraid that neither I nor Luna possess memories of any of this, despite the fact that you say we were there.” Celestia questioned Dune Star, hoping that the end of his tale was near for his sake.

“Once the last of the Six Leaders was transformed into an Alicorn and they had become accustomed to their new abilities, the Six Leaders took to the Battlegrounds against Anima himself. My master Star Swirl the Bearded attempted to stop them, but age had slowed him greatly. He requested that I take him to their location as quickly as I could. It was 6 days and 6 nights before we were able to reach the area that was once the First Canterlot. By then, each of the Six Leaders were as tired as we were from their battles. Anima had grown even stronger than when he defeated the rest of Equestria, and towered beyond all imagining of giants now. Anima was mildly hurt due to the newfound power of the Six Leaders, but not enough to warrant defeat.” Dune Star began, pausing to allow the knowledge to sink in with the other ponies present.

“What did you do then to defeat him? Y-You did defeat Anima right?” Rainbow Dash chided in, hoping she wasn’t causing any unnecessary pain by asking.

“In a way, yes. We did defeat Anima that day. But in a far larger way, we did not defeat him. My mentor, Star Swirl the Bearded unleashed the two spells I told you of earlier at this point in battle. Star Swirl the Bearded cast Anima out of the flow of time itself, hoping to strand him there for many a year. Then, once Anima was gone, Star Swirl the Bearded informed the Six Leaders of what they must do upon Anima’s return. My master sealed them in time, removing the Alicorn influence from them for a time and sealing it within them whilst they slept to further strengthen it. My master then bequeathed the last of his power and knowledge to me and passed away. I raised Celestia and Luna through the end of the Second Equestrian Age until the beginning of the Second Reign of Chaos. It was then that I released them from the Desert of Fate, removed their memories of before then, replaced them with better ones, and stayed within the Desert of Fate to fulfil my duties to Star Swirl the Bearded and the Six Leaders. I believe you all know the rest from there on.” Dune Star finished, as surprised as happy that he had finished his tale.

Everypony certainly did now the proper flow of history in Equestria from that point in time onwards. Celestia and Luna had wielded the Elements of Harmony themselves and stopped Discord’s Reign. They had then ruled Equestria together in peace until the Nightmare Moon incidents. Afterwards, all was very well known by near every single pony present in the room.

Luna was the first to speak up from the gathered group this time, having felt firsthand the destructive urge within a being of evil and wanting to do her absolute best to prevent another being from carrying out those urges.

“What do we do now then to prepare ourselves for the upcoming battle?” Luna spoke aloud, wanting to do her best in stopping an enemy she had been born beside long ago.


Part 4: The Preparation and Arrival

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Dune Star though about Luna’s question for a few moments, a plan practically already fully formed within his mind. Dune Star looked about the War Chambers one last time to check the attentiveness of everypony present before announcing his war plans.

“Our battle strategies will not be simple to prepare and execute. They will require most every moment of our time for the next year hereafter. Are you all fully prepared to dedicate yourselves fully to defending Equestria from Anima? If not, feel free to hide with the other masses who will not participate in this war.” Dune Star explained to the group, sweeping his eyes over Equestria’s chosen leaders of the era to look for any signs of wavering.

Dune Star saw not one pony before him that would back away from defending Equestria as best as they could. As Dune Star ascertained himself of this, he felt a slight spark of hope and happiness blossom within his soul.

“Excellent. Now then. Celestia, Shining Armor. I want the two of you to gather all current existing Guards within Equestria and recruit any other ponies that are willing and able to fight and bring them to Canterlot. Call them from all across Equestria. Afterwards, I wish you to be responsible for dividing the troops evenly. You two have the greatest military influence in Equestria. That is why I have chosen you for this mission.” Dune Star began the explanation of the battle plans for Equestria.

Shining Armor immediately leapt to his hooves and saluted Dune Star as he prepared to call a meeting of the Guards.

“You can count on me Dune Star. I’ll go alert every Guard and able pony within Canterlot and gather them here as soon as they can.” Shining Armor called to Dune Star as he exited the War Chambers and set about his mission already.

Princess Celestia was the next to stand from the table, stretching her wings wide from her body as she did so.

“If Shining Armor is taking care of those within Canterlot, then I shall alert the remainder of Equestria. I must go now. Even with my magic and speed, it shall take a while to alert all my other subjects to this impending war.” Princess Celestia announced to the Chamber, disappearing in a bright flash of magic a moment later.

Dune Star nodded at Shining Armor and Celestia respectively as they left and prepared to continue explaining his plans.

“Good. Next. Luna, Rarity. I want you two to accompany me to the Desert of Fate to help in the re-introduction and transportation of the Six Leaders. Once they are here in Canterlot, Luna, you are to join your sister in arranging the troops, and Rarity, you are to join your friends in linking your powers fully to the Elements of Harmony. You two are best accustomed to the times of the current ponies and the ponies of the past. You are the only ones for this job.” Dune Star continued, clearly surprising Luna and Rarity with the faith he placed in them.

“Certainly Dune Star. It is my duty to do all that I can as a Princess of Equestria. I will accompany you once we are finished here.” Luna replied, smiling for a moment at Dune Star before returning to her original state of focus.

Rarity stumbled over her words for a few moments before being able to speak properly to Dune Star.

“C-Certainly Dune Star darling. I am honored you would choose me for such an important duty. I shall do my very best.” Rarity assured Dune Star, moving to stand next to Luna as she did so.

Dune Star nodded at the two most well accustomed ponies of the eras he needed and then returned to directing the others.

“Excellent. Twilight, Applejack. You two are responsible for organizing your friends and any other warriors from Ponyville. Return there as soon as possible, gather anything and anypony you think you may need or want, and return here with your choices. Once here, as soon as you can after organizing the others, meet with the other current Bearers of the Elements of Harmony and the Six Leaders and beginning channeling you power through them and with them all. You two know best the value of organization and teamwork. That is why you are chosen for this job.” Dune Star spoke up, knowing Twilight and Applejack would not disappoint him.

Twilight teleported herself to the exit of the room and awaited Applejacks arrival there as she answered Dune Star.

“You can count on us. Oh there’s so much to do. I just hope I have enough ink and quills to organize everything…” Twilight trailed away in her self-motivation as Applejack approached the exit to the war Chambers as well.

“Don’t ya worry now. We won’t fail. I stake the entire Apple Family Tree on that promise.” Applejack added as she turned to follow Twilight out of the War Chambers and back to Ponyville.

Dune Star looked after them both for a moment before continuing to address the dwindling number of ponies in the room.

“Fluttershy. You are responsible for any and all animals. Hide them, prepare them for war, warn them, whatever you see fit. Simply make sure they are ready. You are the best pony to do this. Even I know that.” Dune Star addressed the timid Pegasus.

Fluttershy nodded at Dune Star before barely managing to utter a reply to him as she too prepared to leave the War Chambers.

“I-I can do that…I hope…” Fluttershy trailed off as she flew through on of the open windows of the War Chambers and out towards the arrears she knew were littered with the animals she could help now.

Dune Star stared worriedly after Fluttershy for a moment before assuring himself that her friends could bolster her confidence later.

“Alright. Rainbow Dash. You are Air Commander. Gather all the Pegasi in Equestria and organize them in whatever ways you see fit. As warriors or as weather operators or as anything you think can help our chances. You organized a hurricane and saved the Wonderbolts. You are best fit to lead the Peagasi.” Dune Star told Rainbow Dash, causing her jaw to drop wide open.

Rainbow Dash remained in her shocked state for a moment before coming to her senses and instantly becoming ready to go.

“Sure thing Dune Star! I’ll be the best Pegasi leader since Commander Hurricane. Maybe even better!” Rainbow Dash shouted as she too took off out a window and off to Manehattan, where she knew the Wonderbolts would be today.

Dune Star did not bother to follow Rainbow Dash’s movements, knowing that he must address the last three ponies present in order to return to the Desert of Fate as quickly as possible.

“Excellent. Lastly. Pinkie Pie, Cadance, and Blueblood. You all are responsible for keeping the troops together as a united force. Pinkie, you can inspire joy no matter what. Cadance, you can spark love wherever it is needed. And Blueblood. You possess the proper blood and mind to direct ponies as needed. You are the official Relayers of Hope and Order for this War.” Dune Star finished, hoping he had sounded less corny aloud than he had in his mind.

Pinkie Pie sprang up instantly and bounced around the room a couple times before moving to exit the War Chambers too.

“I’ll organize the bestest ‘Stay-Together-and-Do-your-Bestest’ Parties to motivate everypony! I’ll start right super duper now!” Pinke Pie yelled as she bounded out of the war Chambers.

Cadance was the next pony to rise from her seat, far steadier and easier than Pinkie Pie had just done.

“I’ll do my best. At least I can be around to help in this war.” Cadance told Dune Star as she exited the war Chambers calmly and collectively.

Prince Blueblood was now the last seated pony in the War Chambers. He too rose and set about his duties for the war.

“I will guide as best as I can. I can assure you of that.” Prince Blueblood stated as he too exited the War Chambers in perhaps the most normal fashion of any other pony that day.

Dune Star saluted Blueblood as he too left the War Chambers and turned to face the only two ponies that still remained there alongside himself, Luna and Rarity.

“Let us leave now too. Our journey will not easy or short. It is necessary though to grant us some of the power we need to face Anima. Come along now.” Dune Star told Luna and Rarity, moving forward to begin leading both of the ponies towards what was his home for the past 1600 years.


“Focus now Twilight Sparkle. Focus.” Clover the Clever spoke up to the pony she was now mentoring in her old ways, proud that the unicorn was doing as well as Clover had hoped she would.

A few moments after Clover the Clever had finished addressing Twilight, Twilight collapsed to the ground below her, as energetic as exhausted from her training with the Element of Magic.

Clover the Clever scanned Twilight with her magic and was happy with what she sensed within the third Element of Magic before her.

“Well Twilight Sparkle, you have awakened your Earth Pony blood. You are two thirds of the way to being able to become an Alicorn upon binding with the Elements of Harmony.” Clover the Clever explained to Twilight, happy to see Twilight leap to her hooves at the news.

“Really Master Clover? Oh I’m so happy! I never thought I’d be able to train with you or learn how to become more attuned with the Elements of Harmony. This is so many dreams coming true for me right now.” Twilight answered Clover the Clever, clapping her hooves together in celebration for a short moment.

“Never forget this though Twilight. Whether or not you are fulfilling your dreams right now is unimportant to the urgency of the situation. All Equestria will again be bathed in a reality of nightmares should we fail to defeat Anima in 6 months.” Clover the Clever responded to her students outburst, glad she was able to make Twilight refocus her studies so easily now.

“Certainly Master Clover. Allow me to try again.” Twilight told Clover the Clever, taking the posture and mindset which had become second nature to her now once again.

Six Months had passed since Dune Star had first informed Equestria of the impending return of Anima, God of Chaos. Each of the Current Bearers of the Elements of Harmony was in intense training with the respective first Bearer of their Elements, and were in the middle of fulfilling the additional war duties they had been assigned.

Shining Armor and Prince Blueblood currently trained and dispensed all of Equestria’s main forces, totalling well over 3000 ponies at this point in time. Pinkie Pie was in charge of propaganda and troop morality, and nopony had complained about any of her methods or choices thus far in the preparation months.

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia helped in organizing the hiding places for the remainder of the masses of Equestria. As was tradition, Celestia led them in the daytime hours while Luna replaced her at nighttime. Cadance also currently stayed amongst the hiding masses, reassuring them with her magic when necessary to help keep the timeline proper for evacuation of all the cities in Equestria.

Rainbow Dash led the Pegasi all over Equestria, dispensing them where and when they were needed to keep the weather normal in Equestria and to assist in evacuation. Rainbow Dash had also gained a seventh color to her mane, gray, due to her extensive work in organizing the Pegasi as such. As compensation for her work, Spitfire and Soarin offered her a position in the Wonderbolts if they were still around when all was said and done.

Fluttershy organized the animals of Equestria in much the same way, placing those species that were attuned for battle at strategic points and those who could not fight alongside some of the less populated pony hiding spots. Fluttershy had lost her shyness long ago and was now able to speak properly in front of anypony at any given time.

Rarity, Fleur De Lis, and Fancy Pants were in charge of outfitting all the troops, and each of them was doing a magnificent job. While both were known before this point as only producing amazing fashions, Rarity and Fancy Pants proved themselves to be quite the armor crafters as well.

Cheerilee remained with the masses as well, wanting to fight alongside Big Macintosh and the others, but also knowing that protecting all the foals was more important in the here and now. Derpy was responsible for information distribution between the masses and the troops, delivering mostly heartfelt letters and special objects between ponies.

Braeburn, The Cakes, and Cherry Jubilee were in charge of food for the troops and always made sure to have plenty for everypony, including the many buffalo that had come to fight alongside the Apple Family and all the Appleloosan’s. Octavia and Vinyl Scratch often performed live concerts in order to entertain the troops and help with the overall morality of the situation, both being unsure if the other would ever perform with them again after the upcoming war. When Octavia and Vinyl Scratch weren’t performing, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were, always managing to invigorate the troops with their shows in the same ways as Octavia, Vinyl, and Trixie when she bothered to show up at all.

Applejack was responsible for leading ponies like Snowflake and Dumbbell in clearing the surrounding area of Canterlot to allow maximum fighting space. Applejack’s long learned knowledge of where and how to buck down trees helped greatly in her job and allowed most ponies to keep more of their energy at the end of the day.

Twilight also helped organize the unicorns into co-ordinating their magic together, something not many of them had ever done before now. Twilight’s great organizational skills had never been more welcome than right there especially when dealing with unicorns like Trixie and Flim and Flam.

When Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were not doing their war duties, they were training with the Six Leaders in order to better attune themselves to their respective Elements to battle Anima directly.

Twilight and Clover the Clever were an easy match as Twilight had always respected Clover greatly even before she had directly met her. Their training had been going as smoothly as Twilight’s control of her magic allowed, which was actually quite rapid in comparison to some of Twilight’s other friends.

Rainbow Dash and Commander Hurricane had also been able to agree quickly in their training. Rainbow Dash also enjoyed a fierce drive behind any sort of training she experienced, and Commander Hurricane was more than willing and able to provide the enforcement she needed. Rainbow quickly learned though that becoming an Alicorn was a lot harder than even performing a Sonic Rainboom.

Fluttershy and Private Pansy had been an odd team for training, but they worked well none the less. Eventually, Fluttershy and Private Pansy trained at the same to better harmonize with each other and the Element of Kindness, also working to overcome their shyness and fear.

Princess Platinum was not overly thrilled to be teaching Rarity at first, but the two had bonded over matters of a ‘proper unicorn’ and now Princess Platinum loved to help her. Rarity had been the first of her six friends to be able to achieve and maintain her Alicorn form.

Applejack and Smart Cookie were the oddest of the pairing and had taken the most work to be able to work together. Smart Cookie’s methods did not directly relate to Applejack, and the same was true for Applejack’s methods with Smart Cookie. Eventually though, they came to attempt harmonization together and came to have a much better mentor-student relationship afterwards.

Pinkie Pie and Chancellor Puddinghead had somehow achieved perfect harmonization and Alicorn forms within just three short training sessions. Nopony understood just how they had done exactly, but everypony decided it was better not to ask at all.

Eventually, the First and Third Generations of Bearers of the Elements of Harmony all came to harmonize with their own Elements, the Elements as a whole, and each other as a collective group. All of them could become Alicorns and control their powers once they combined with the Elements now, and they were certain they could remove the Elements of Chaos from Anima’s being.

Dune Star was not certain that removing the Elements of Chaos alone would destroy Anima though. It was for that reason that Dune Star concocted his own plan for defeating Anima as he supervised and observed all the activities of all the ponies within Equestria. Dune Star secretly wished though that his plan would not be necessary and the Elements of Harmony alone would be enough. Dune Star wished for that eventuality more than anything.


“Are you certain he will come today?” Princess Celestia asked Dune Star, worried more for her subjects than she was for herself.

Dune Star stared gravely out at the blank path of land by Canterlot. That patch of land had once been home to the First Canterlot, which Anima had destroyed. Dune Star was absolutely certain that Anima would return to that area to attempt his Reign anew.

“I am certain Celestia. I have gazed the future every single day since Anima’s roar first tore through Equestria last year. 2 days ago, I was at last able to gleam the date of his return. It is indeed today. Even Anima, a being outside of Time, must obey some rules of it.” Dune Star explained to Princess Celestia, knowing that she would then go relay the information to the remainder of the troops in Canterlot.

Princess Celestia nodded towards her master and prepared to take flight in order to inform her sister and generals of the certainty of Dune Star’s words.

“I shall inform the others. How long do we have until his arrival this day?” Celestia questioned her mentor, sad to see him turn with disbelief clear on his face.

“Anima will be here within 2 hours. Do hurry Celestia. Time has never been of as great importance as it is today. A single moment is all it takes to crush Anima or for him to crush you.” Dune Star called to his student as Celestia again nodded and took quickly to the air behind them.

Dune Star looked over at the vast empty expanse of the Base again. The Base is what that area had been christened after Anima’s defeat. It fit only too well due to the fact that Anima had chosen it as his base of Chaos once Equestria was within his grasp.

Dune Star stared at the vast expanse of the Base for near an hour, all the while mentally refreshing the Plan as a whole and remembering his own secretly devised Plan. After near an hour of silence, more ponies joined Dune Star at the forefront of the battle formation.

Dune Star turned around from his position in order to gleam the identity of the ponies that now approached him, already having an idea implanted in his head.

Dune Star was not disappointed as he saw the Six Bearers and the Six Leaders approach him, already clad in their armor and carrying the Elements of Harmony between them.

Twilight wore a magical plate alignment of armor which protectively rotated around her, certain to be able to react and protect her from most any and all forms of attack. Each piece of the Armor was emblazoned with Twilight’s Cutie Mark as a sign of respect for its new master.

Clover the Clever wore armor in the style of the First Canterlot, magically restored earlier that year by Clover herself. Clover did not wear her cloak, much as she usually did before now. Clover’s armor too bore her Cutie Mark, a pair of crossed Unicorn horns.

Applejack wore only massively armored boots, certain she would need no more if she could fly and use magic as an Alicorn in her attacks against Anima. Each of Applejack’s boots was a different color, representing the most important members of her family. Green for Granny Smith, Red for Big Macintosh, Yellow for Apple Bloom, and Orange for herself and the remainder of her kin.

Smart Cookie wore only a broad piece of armor that protected her from her withers to her flank, leaving her hooves open so she could still have great mobility. Smart Cookie wore no emblazoning on her armor, instead preferring to keep things as simple and logical as possible.

Commander Hurricane had outfitted all of the Pegasi with the warrior armor once worn by them and their ancestors. Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy’s attire was no different than what it was normally, but Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy certainly looked different to everypony.

Rainbow Dash wore her armor, created by Rarity long ago for a fashion show, over the Wonderbolt uniform she had only recently received. Rainbow had her Cutie Mark design emblazoned over that of the Wonderbolts by Rarity as well.

Fluttershy wore armor in the style of Private Pansy, light but still protective. Though she was visibly nervous, she did not hide as she would have a year ago. Fluttershy stood her ground, the Element of Kindness giving her the courage needed to fight Anima.

Pinkie Pie wore green camouflaged armor, an odd choice by everypony’s standards. Pinkie preached that nopony would expect her to be in armor like that and that she just couldn’t wear pink armor because it would clash with her too much. Pinkie’s ideas were again left alone for fear of destroying the minds of others.

Chancellor Puddinghead too wore her original outfit, modified only slightly to carry more protection beneath its folds by Fancy Pants. Chancellor Puddinghead had never looked as serious as she did now, and everypony reflected her style, knowing there was no time to joke about anymore.

Princess Platinum and Rarity wore matching emblazoned suits of armor, with the symbol of Princess Platinum’s crowd on the chest, and Rarity’s Cute Mark on the back. Princess Platinum simply adored hers and had allowed Rarity to use the design as well, something Princess Platinum had never done before now. Rarity assured everypony that the armor was as durable as fabulous, and nopony mistrusted her words at all.

Dune Star addressed the Six Bearers and Six Leaders respectively as they fully approached his position now.

“Greetings my Fellow Timeless and Bearers of the Elements. I trust you are here because Celestia informed you of today’s timeline?” Dune Star questioned the twelve ponies before him, knowing they would be some of the best fighters today.

Twilight Sparkle spoke up first, moving her armor slightly with her magic so as to properly project her voice.

“Yes. Princess Celestia told us of the timeline. We have approximately less than one hour until Anima’s return now correct?” Twilight asked Dune Star, seeing him nod gravely in response.

“I’m afraid that is indeed the case. I trust you are all ready to attack at a moment’s notice no matter of the timeline though?” Dune Star replied to Twilight with a question of his own.

Commander Hurricane was the pony that would answer this question in lieu of the other ponies present.

“Absolutely. We are all so well attuned to the Elements of Harmony now that all it takes is a split second of focus for us to bear their power and become Alicorns. May I ask why you have other troops gathered this time? Last time we fought Anima we did not nearly have these numbers or the power of this many Alicorns. Certainly we can manage without all these extra lives on the line.” Commander Hurricane voiced her concerns to Dune Star, surprising him that she had noticed such things.

Dune Star thought to himself for a few moments before answering Commander Hurricane, needing to explain enough to alleviate her worries but not enough to add more.

“We also do not have Star Swirl the Bearded with us this time. His magic was what allowed us to win the day last time. And I fear removing Anima from time again is both beyond me and no longer an option for his defeat. We have many strong ponies here with us, but Anima will have still grown stronger in his time away. The Elements of Chaos are far too attuned to Equestria. In case our initial attack waves fail, we must have numbers at our side to support us until we can again charge ourselves.” Dune Star told Commander Hurricane, hoping he had not revealed too much of his thoughts regarding this battle.

Commander Hurricane looked perplexed for a moment at Dune Star, but then seemed to accept what little he had told her, and shrugged at Dune Star before also nodding to him.

Dune Star nodded in return to Commander Hurricane, and then returned to his original battle position before speaking again to the Six Leaders and Six Bearers.

“Do take your places now. I’m afraid we no longer have time for any more questions or statements. Anima will return at any moment. I will launch the initial blast. Rally yourselves and the other War Ponies to attack after that.” Dune Star called to the ponies behind him, knowing they would hear and understand him.

As Dune Star heard the retreating hoof steps of the Six Bearers and the Six Leaders, Dune Star looked to the heavens above and begged forgiveness for what he was now near certain he must do.

“Forgive me Father. But my destiny approaches. And I must embrace it. I simply hope you and the others will be forgiving of me.” Dune Star spoke aloud to the sky as the ground began to tremble and a single tear slid from his eyes.


The ground around Canterlot shook with a might that no pony alive, aside from the Timeless Seven, had ever felt before. The tremors were centered around a glowing blue light near the center of the area that was once the first Canterlot.

Within a few short moments, the blue light had grown to tremendous statures so that it blinded near everypony. A few moments afterwards, the light faded and a being beyond all imaginings inhabited the area where it had once been.

Dune Star looked at the being he had once known, noting one severe difference between this reality and his memories.

“He’s grown far larger than I expected.” Dune Star spoke aloud to himself as he gazed upon the face of Anima.

Anima had indeed grown larger than even his once towering stature, now standing large enough to dwarf most dragons to the size of foals in comparison. Anima’s features too had become more warped in the time he was removed from Equestria, making him near unrecognizable even to the Timeless Seven.

Anima turned his head slowly to gaze upon his surroundings, almost like a foal waking from an abnormally deep sleep. Anima seemed not to be able to see any of the ponies around him, mostly likely due to their miniscule in comparison size. Eventually, Anima chose to speak in a voice that would forever haunt the citizens of Equestria.

“I have at last returned. I do wonder how long it has been since I was last in Equestria. It seems to have rebuilt what I had once destroyed at least.” Anima spoke aloud to himself, in a voice that seemed to infect the very air itself.

Dune Star stood poised in the position he had been in mere moments ago, prepared to unleash his magic at any point. All Dune Star needed was the symbol, a hologram of Twilight’s Cutie Mark, to appear in order to signal him to attack.

A few seconds later, the very signal Dune Star needed appeared directly in front of him. Dune Star let fly one of the spells he had developed in his mentor’s wake in order to combat Anima when he returned.

The tremendous bolt of ocean blue energy collided with Anima and spread exponentially over his being within moments. Anima roared at the magic as it connected with him, but it faded away mere seconds later. Anima froze his body for a moment before turning towards the caster of the spell.

Anima smiled wickedly as his eyes confirmed what the Elements of Chaos had told him about the spell he had just experienced.

“Well, well, well. It has been a long time Dune Star. Though apparently not long enough for you to fade to dust.” Anima called out to Dune Star, not scaring Dune Star as much with his voice as somepony else might’ve been.

“Indeed Anima. I had hoped you’d never return. You are not welcome in Equestria. Our father made that very clear last time.” Dune Star responded to Anima, hoping to appeal to the tiny bit of Famira he hoped was still within the being.

Anima began to laugh the menacing laugh he had first echoed when Discan had battled him. Anima laughed for what might’ve been hours or mere minutes. All that was known was that while Anima laughed time itself seemed to flow erratically and silence abounded.

“Not welcome? I am one of the intended rulers of Equestria. I was created by our father Star Swirl the Bearded to rule! Unlike some I could mention.” Anima hissed at Dune Star, hoping to put Anger within him.

Dune Star had trained himself well for this battle though, and had learned to instantly sever all links to emotions and thoughts that Anima might use to make the Elements of Chaos grow stronger. As Anima realized this, his smile faded and he began to speak again.

“So Dune Star. Do tell me. What exactly was the magic supposed to do to me? You had but one chance to properly attack me without my knowledge of your location. Why did you not attempt to kill me then? Or is my death clock already ticking so to speak?” Anima questioned Dune Star, as curious as cocky about this situation.

Dune Star smiled at Anima, glad that Anima was now falling for his first plans entirely. Dune Star closed his eyes for a moment to make sure that his plans would progress, then decided to answer Anima.

“That spell was intended to do two things Anima. The first was to properly ground you within time again so that you could be hurt by attacks.” Dune Star started, glad to see Anima questioningly gaze at him upon his answer.

“And the second purpose behind the spell Dune Star? Do tell me what you intend to do now.” Anima mocked Dune Star, certain that one pony could do nothing against him.

“The second purpose was to distract you from glimpsing the entirety of your surroundings in order to execute THIS!” Dune Star screamed to the air as the Six Leaders and the Six Bearers took flight from their hiding spots in the Alicorn forms to begin the true attack on Anima.

Anima screamed as the powers of the Elements of Harmony began to make contact with him again, burning him almost. Anima was stronger now though, and he could take more pain because of this fact.

“I defeated the Six Leaders last time Dune Star! Do you really expect them to win this time?!” Anima screamed as he began to let loose energy from his body in an attempt to catch the Six Leaders.

“They’re not alone like last time Anima. 9 more Alicorns join them now!” Dune Star screamed back, taking to the air himself to begin attacking Anima as well.

“Nine more Alicorns?!” Anima screamed, attempting to scan all the small bolts of energy for unfamiliar shapes.

Anima took sight of the Six Leaders, the same as he remembered, and the Princesses, now fully grown. Anima was also able to glimpse Dune Star again, as well as the Six other Alicorns who were most unfamiliar to him as all circled and attacked him.

“ENOUGH!” Anima bellowed, releasing the full power of the Elements of Chaos through the entirety of his being to push the Alicorns away.

Dune Star regrouped quickly and used his magic to cushion the stopping points of the other Alicorns. Dune Star called the Princess, Leader and Bearers over to him as Anima began to bellow again as the other ponies began their assault on his being.

“Listen. The power of the Elements can hit him, just as I expected. Anima will not be still long enough for you to fully utilize their power against him and the Elements of Chaos though.” Dune Star explained, hoping that the others would follow him again as they had a year ago in the War Chambers.

“What do we do then? If we cannot hit him with their full power we have no chance of dispelling him.” Clover the Clever called out, worry creasing her face greatly.

“There is one way. Cockatrice petrification will hold him long enough.” Dune Star stated, certain he would be misunderstood.

“We don’t have enough Cockatrice power on our side to petrify something as large as Anima is now.” Fluttershy explained, confused as to why Dune Star had suggested such an idea.

“You’re right. We don’t have enough power to petrify Anima, but Anima himself possess the power.” Dune Star elaborated, hoping he was beginning to convey his idea properly.

“How in the hay do we get him to petrify himself though?” Applejack asked aloud, hoping she could help in some way.

“Leave that to me. You all continue your attacks. Celestia, when I give you the signal, Shining Armor’s Cutie Mark as a hologram, hit Anima with all of your Sun Magic directly in his eyes. That should make him draw out his Cockatrice powers.” Dune Star asked Celestia, glad to see his student nod at him before turning from her current position to return to the battle ahead.


“Trixie! Shining Armor!” Dune Star called out as he skimmed the ponies below looking for the two who could help him in his plan.

“Over here!” Shining Armor called out, waving Dune Star to his location as Trixie also galloped to his side.

Dune Star landed within moments and knew he had a very short time to explain and begin his plan to hold Anima.

“You forgot to call me ‘The Great and Powerful Trixie’ but considering the current situation, I will let it go. What do you need of Trixie?” Trixie asked Dune Star, shocking him with simply letting her title slide for the moment.

“Trixie. I need you to gather as many unicorns as you can and prepare to cast a reflection spell on my signal, which will be Shining Armor’s Cutie Mark projected in the sky.” Dune Star explained to Trixie, hoping her charisma would be a help now and not a hinder.

“Excellent. I shall go at once to prepare. We will be ready in 5 minutes time with all the magic we can muster.” Trixie replied as she set off at a gallop again, calling out to all the unicorns she passed with Dune Star’s plan.

Dune Star looked after Trixie for a moment before turning to Shining Armor again in order to explain his role.

“Shining Armor. I will need you to cast your strongest shield spell directly behind the reflection spell of Trixie’s forces. Don’t drop it for a second until Anima screams. You go at the same signal as Trixie got it?” Dune Star asked Shining Armor, truly hoping he had enough magic left for the job.

“Sure thing. I can do that. I’ll be ready at the same time as Trixie. Just show me when.” Shining Armor told Dune Star, closing his eyes afterwards to begin focusing all his magic.

Dune Star took to the sky again and glimpsed the crowd below for Trixie before taking off to give the signal. Dune Star found Trixie as she and most all the unicorns waved at him to show their readiness for their part.

Dune Star glanced once more at Shining Armor to make sure he was ready as well before focusing all his magic into making the signal everypony needed.


A giant hologram of Shining Armor’s Cutie Mark erupted next to Anima’s head, causing him to stop and turn his head minutely for a moment.

“What in the- AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Anima screamed as Celestia let loose all her magic against Anima’s eyes just as she was asked.

Anima stumbled for a moment, fully blinded, allowing Trixie and Shining Armor to play their parts undetected before his vision returned along with his anger.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Anima bellowed at Celestia, his burnt eyes blinking for a moment before turning pure red to signal his Cockatrice powers.

Anima’s power was stopped by Shining Armor’s carefully placed shield spell though, and returned to him two-fold with the help of Trixie’s battalion.

Anima bellowed again as his own power was reflected upon him and he turned temporarily to stone against the Cockatrice’s influence.

“NOW! Release the full power of the Elements of Harmony.” Dune Star yelled as the Six Leaders and the Six Bearers charged forth to attack Anima with all they had while they could do so.

The Elements of Harmony collided fully with the Elements of Chaos, and without Anima to contain them within his being properly, they appeared a short ways in front of Anima, a strange creature centered within them.


Part 5: The Conclusion

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“FAMIRA!” Dune Star called out as he recognized the creature held in the center of the Elements of Chaos, not daring to believe his eyes.

The creature was without a doubt Famira though. Famira appeared to be within a deep and dark slumber and severely malnourished though, almost a ghost of his former self. Dune Star knew what he must do now.

“Celestia! Luna! With me now!” Dune Star called out as he charged towards the Elements of Chaos.

Celestia and Luna appeared beside Dune Star almost instantly at his words, both charging with him at the Elements of Chaos at near the same speed.

“You two need to grab Famira before he falls okay? Do you understand?” Dune Star asked them, hoping they would simply listen to their master.

“But what are you going to do Dune Star?” Luna replied, ushering forth a few tears from Dune Star with her question.

Anima’s petrification would not last much longer than it already had. Large cracks were beginning to appear all over his being, and he was beginning to be able to visibly move again. Dune Star knew he had to time everything perfectly now.

“Don’t worry about me! Do you understand what you need to do?” Dune Star called out again, hoping that Celestia and Luna would both understand what he must do and why he must be the one to do it.

“We do!” Celestia called to Dune Star, tears in her eyes, as they all neared the Elements of Chaos greatly now.

“Please try to come back though!” Luna added, tears running down her face as well now, having fully grasped what Dune star intended to do now.

Dune Star nodded and smiled one last time to his two favorite students as he entered the circle of the Elements of Chaos. Their power nearly threatened to overwhelm Dune Star, but they were also made of the Sands of the Desert of Fate, and therefore, Dune Star could control them enough.

Dune Star closed his eyes and went in to a direct upward soar after embracing the Elements of Chaos, knowing full well he needed the maximum height his wings would allow for this to work as he intended.

Out of the corners of his sight, Dune Star saw Celestia and Luna catch Famira as Anima began to fully escape from his stone form. Dune Star needed to work quickly.

Dune Star continued to soar beyond the heights of the sky that any winged creature should go, knowing he needed to push himself every tiny bit of distance he could go for maximum impact.

Eventually, just as Dune Star heard Anima bellow below again, his wings would let him climb no farther. Dune Star pivoted himself so that he would plummet downwards now, glad he had exhausted his wings enough so that he could not flap.

Dune Star began to feel a sonic barrier form about him as he became able to barely see Canterlot again, knowing that no Alicorn had ever achieved this speed before. Dune Star also saw Anima roar at the sky, or more precisely, at him.

Dune Star no longer felt guilt though as he knew this creature truly was no longer in any way Famira. Dune Star had the Elements which had created this creature with him. Destroying both at the same time was the only way everypony could be safe.

Dune Star was extraordinarily close to contacting with Anima now, and thus he put the final part of his plan into action. Dune Star turned himself ever so slightly as he made contact with Anima, so as to push him back to what would be both his birthplace and his grave.

The Desert of Fate took only a couple of moments to reach at the tremendous speed Dune Star possessed. Once there, Dune Star used the last of his magic to restore his energy to fly once more. Dune Star empowered himself to teleport beyond where he had last flown to, so as to make sure this contact would destroy the Elements of Chaos and Anima completely.

Dune Star plummeted one last time, and as he again came close to hitting Anima, time appeared to slow itself. Dune Star looked about him as the ghosts of his past and the friends of his present appeared before his eyes.

Only two words escaped Dune Star before the impact. Two words that nopony would ever hear when they were uttered at that moment.

“Forgive me.”


The impact of the collision between Dune Star and Anima within the Desert of fate could be felt fully, even in Canterlot. The Six Bearers and the Six Leaders all felt the power of the Elements of Harmony leave them as grief overtook them.

The 12 Users of the Elements of Harmony looked towards the Princesses and received only grave nods as their answer to the unasked questions.

“C-Can we go see if h-he’s okay?” Rainbow Dash asked aloud, knowing full well that her hope was futile.

Princess Luna nodded and let her magic flow through her horn, brining all the ponies nearby to the edge of the Desert of Fate.

The Desert of Fate was now empty, just a barren basin where the home of Dune Star had once been. The ponies present began to cry before the magic of the Desert took effect one last time.

“Don’t cry. We all knew there would be sacrifices.”

Everypony looked up as what could only be described as the ghost of Dune Star approached them threw the swirling residue of the Desert and the crash. The being once called Dune Star smiled as he looked upon all the ponies present.

“I am simply content that all of you are okay after this battle. Be happy. I had a life far longer than most. And now I can be with my father again.” Dune Star spoke as he smiled upon the heavens and those before him.

“It’s not fair though! You did so much for all of us! You should still be alive!” Commander Hurricane called out, emotion overtaking her for the first time in what felt like 10 lifetimes.

“I will continue to be alive. So long as you all remember me. As long as one pony remembers me, I can never really die. The same is true of every pony in Equestria. Remember that I will always be with you and live your lives well.” Dune Star replied to Commander Hurricane, hoping she would understand this due to the war-like times she had once lived in.

“Goodbye master.” Luna spoke up, still crying as she had been through all of Dune Star’s last words.

“We will miss you. You were a true hero of Equestria. I will make certain nopony ever forgets what you have done.” Celestia added, smiling at Dune Star before turning away to cry like her sister.

The others could not speak words to Dune Star. They merely smiled, nodded, and cried. Dune Star felt certain that they would be okay though, and content that he should move on.

Dune Star walked a short ways to lay down at the center of the deepest part of what was once the Desert of Fate. Dune Star curled in among himself as though settling for a long sleep before his residual magic gathered and he became a crystal representation of himself, his spirit both remaining with the ponies in Equestria and going to join the other ponies in Elysium.


History must never be fully forgotten. If even only one person still remembers, then it can live on forever. The same thing is true of people, and of ponies. Remember this mantra. Live for the present, prepare for the future, and always remember the past.

Goodbye for now.