An Orgy by the Campfire

by The Abyss

First published

Creamy and his coltfriend make some friends at their favorite campsite and invite them to their neck of the woods for an orgy. Contains: M/M, M/F/M, M/F, Crossdressing, Blowjobs, Creampies, Cum Swallowing, Rope Bondage, and Public Sex.

Creamy and his coltfriend make some friends at their favorite campsite and invite them to their neck of the woods for an orgy.

Contains: M/M, M/F/M, M/F, Crossdressing, Blowjobs, Creampies, Cum Swallowing, Rope Bondage, and Public Sex.

A Cum-Filled Night

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Using his magic, Creamy lit a fire underneath the pile of wood that his coltfriend had just built up for them. They had decided to take the weekend off from the hustle and bustle of the city, hoping to get away from the prying eyes and ears of their neighbors, both across the hall and in the adjacent apartment building. Unfortunately for them, most of their windows faced the other building’s, giving them almost no privacy, and furthermore, they tended to be pretty vocal during their sexual activities. Naturally, their neighbors did not like to hear them moaning, begging for their lover to fuck them harder, faster, and they had made their distaste clear on more than one occasion.

Luckily, they had found a fantastic campsite an hour’s trot from the city, and the community there was wonderful. Everypony, just like them, were there to get some much-needed relief from the stress of their lives, and they’d already made more than a few friends down by the lake earlier that day. In fact, they were expecting them to show up at any minute.

“So…” Creamy sat down on the log next to the fire and draped his leg around North Star’s back. “You ever go sailing before? You were pretty experienced when you had us out on the lake.” He nuzzled his lover behind his ear, breathing in through his nose as he took in his scent. Creamy’s ear flicked against his muzzle over and over, making him chuckle. “You sure are ticklish back there, huh?”

North Star blushed and laid his head against Creamy’s neck, gazing into the fire as it grew bigger and bigger with each passing minute. He took a deep breath, then snuggled a little closer for warmth. The trees around them were quickly losing their leaves, and the temperature was dropping a little each day, making him wish that they had a blanket. He eyed their tent on the other side of the fire. Thankfully, he’d saved it from when he was younger, back from when he and his friends used to go camping. It was his idea for them to come out here for the weekend, and he felt relieved when his lover had agreed to come with him.

Their tent was a two-pony tent, which really meant that it was sized for just one pony if they had brought a lot of other camping gear, but they had planned to make sure they’d fit by doing a dry run the night before, seeing exactly how much they could fit.

“Yeah, kinda…” North Star murmured, nuzzling Creamy’s chin as he hummed happily. “And yeah, my dad used to take me out on the lake back when I was just a little colt. He made sure I knew how to sail, hoping I could use it to impress future marefriends, but then…” He looked up into Creamy’s eyes and let a sly grin slip on his face as he gazed into his eyes, the light from the fire lighting up his light-brown coat in a soft glow. “I found you.” As he leaned in for a kiss, hoping to get a little bit of action in before the others showed up, he heard a branch snap a little ways down the path, just out of sight. His ears perked up as he looked over his coltfriend’s shoulder as he heard the sounds of ponies chatting, their voices becoming louder with each passing second. His ears flicked down to lay flat on his head as he fought back a groan. Heh, maybe we can convince them to join in on our fun… Celestia knows I’m a little pent-up! Maybe they’re as pent-up as me… “I think we have company,” he said softly as their company for the night finally came into sight.

“Really? About time!” Creamy chuckled as he pulled his leg back. “Hey guys, glad you could all make it! We were starting to think that you weren’t going to show up!” he said, watching as everypony spread out around the campfire. “I’m not so good with names, so could you all re-introduce yourselves?” he asked. “Also, let’s play a little game while we’re at it!” He grinned slyly, eyeing each pony around the fire. “Once you introduce yourself, tell us something naughty.”

“Sounds good!” A mare with a dark gray coat waved at everypony as she blushed a little bit. “Hey everyone! I’m Crimson Wing!” She flicked her orange and red mane from her shoulders as she looked around the campfire, her blush becoming more obvious as it deepened. She giggled, then leaned forward, lowered her voice, then said, “I’m into mares and stallions, and… I like being on the bottom!” Crimson looked to her right and nodded at the pony on the next log. “Should we just go around the circle, then?” she asked, eyeing the stallion’s unique coat colors. His coat was light gray along his back and sides, with a light tan patch running from his muzzle down to his lower belly. “Your name’s Luster, right?”

“Heh, yeah… Glad you remembered it!” Crimson giggled at that, making his ears flick back. His tail swished back and forth in the dirt as he rubbed his foreleg. Luster cleared his throat, then glanced around the campfire as he felt everybody’s eyes bore into him. Lifting his head up high as a show of confidence, he smiled and said, “As you all just heard, my name’s Luster, and… I’m bisexual too, but I prefer being on top.”

“Oh yeah?” Crimson Wing stood up and sat down next to Luster, biting her bottom lip as she scooted up close to him. “You don’t mind me sitting here, with you… right?” she asked rather breathlessly.

“Nah, not at all!” Luster draped a foreleg across her shoulders and tugged her close. “So…” He looked to his right. “I guess you’re next?”

“I suppose,” Sour Shield said, his voice deep and rough. He ran a hoof through his short pink hair and placed it back on the log. “I’m Sour Shield. Unlike you two cuties, I’m just into mares.” He rubbed his chin as he glanced into the fire. Several seconds passed in silence as he thought of what to say next. “As for something naughty about myself, I…” He couldn’t help but chuckle. “I have a thick cock, and I love feeling a mare’s lips wrapped tight around me as I slide into her throat.”

North Star gulped as he felt the tip of his cock peek out from his sheath. He crossed his hind legs as smoothly as he could, wishing that his deep blush wouldn’t give him away. He’s straight? Damn… I sure would love to have his thick cock in my mouth… He glanced up at his lover. Hm… would he want to have fun with these other ponies, and maybe… share me? I know we’ve gone exclusive, but… we never talked about having an open relationship before… He licked his lips, then lifted his muzzle up to Creamy’s ears. “Hey… have you thought about if one of these ponies wanted to have a threesome with us? I know this weekend was meant to be a getaway for just us, but… it might be fun to experiment a little bit.”

Creamy smirked at him, making his lover’s blush deepen. “Hehe, feeling a little frisky, eh?” He looked over at their tent where their toys and a very special outfit lay tucked away in their bags. “Tell you what; we can have fun with any of these ponies on one condition…”

“And what would that be?” North Star whispered back. He shivered as Creamy’s breath teased the sensitive hairs in his ear.

“I want you to wear that sexy little maid costume you brought with us, and before the night is over… I want it to be covered in cum,” Creamy said right before he nibbled on the tip of his lover’s ear.

“R-Really?” North shivered at the idea, his eyes going wide. “With the panties and stockings, too?”

“Especially the panties and stockings,” Creamy replied with a growl. Upon hearing nothing but silence around the campfire, he flicked his eyes up at everypony and saw that their eyes were all locked on him. “Uh… is it my turn?” A few ponies nodded back at him, smirks sitting plain on their faces. “Heh, alright then…” He rubbed the back of his neck with a sheepish grin, then pulled North Star up against his side. “My name’s Creamy, and as for my naughty thingy… I’m bisexual as well, and I love sinking my cock into North Star’s butt and filling him up with my cream, if you catch my drift!” He chuckled as he heard a mare try to hold back a soft moan. “As for my cute and sexy coltfriend, North Star…” He gently shook his shoulder with his leg, then said, “He’s got something very naughty to admit. Right cutie?”

North Star chuckled nervously, then felt Creamy kiss him on the cheek. As a couple of mares daww’d at that, he said, “Well, you guys already know my name, and…” He glanced up into his lover’s eyes, his breath caught in his throat.

“You can do it…” Creamy whispered to him with a wink.

After taking a deep breath, North Star stared into the fire, and said, “I love to dress up in a frilly maid’s outfit and pretend I’m a cute mare who needs a strong lover to take care of my needs…” It felt as if his cheeks were on fire, though he didn’t know if it was from the heat of the fire or from him blushing so hard. “And I like to let him finish inside, too… I love the way it feels, w-with his seed warming me up from the inside…”

“Gods above, that’s really fuckin’ hot!” a light tan mare said, clenching her hind legs together as tightly as she could. Her wings bristled momentarily as she flicked her tail a couple of times as she squirmed on the log. “I’m Gypsum Rose, and… while I consider myself to be straight, I’d… be down to experiment a little bit tonight!” She looked to her right, where the last pony to introduce themselves sat. “So what’s your name, sweetie?”

Sunny waved at the group. “Heya everyone! My name is Sunny, and…” She bit her lip as she looked around at everypony. “This is taking a lot for me to admit this, but…” she trailed off as she dragged out that last word, then said, “I love it when a nice, caring stallion makes me little more than a quivering mess of a mare, and I love being tied down to something, unable to break free…” She shivered as she bit her bottom lip. “And I wouldn’t mind somepony doing that to me tonight, too…” Murmurs of agreement echoed from around the fire, making her blush a little bit. “So, uh… if you’re all thinking what I’m thinking, how should we get things rolling?”

“I think North Star should go get his outfit on and give us a little show to help us…” Creamy nuzzled his lover up from his seat and nudged his flank with his muzzle, pushing him towards their tent. “Don’t take too long!” he called after him as North Star disappeared into the tent.

North Star used his magic to zip up the tent flap, giving him a little privacy. Just the thought of putting on a show for his new friends was making his cock twitch in his sheath, but he forced himself to not pop a boner. Besides, he knew that fitting into his favorite pair of panties would be a little hard if he had an erection. He lit his horn and lifted out the panties first, then the stockings.

He held the cute white pair of hipster-style panties in his hoof, once again admiring their softness. He’d paid a good number of bits for these, and he and his lover had gone into Celestia’s Secret to pick out some fine panties for him to go along with the pair that he held in his hoof. He felt his cock twitch in his sheath again as he remembered how embarrassed he had been when he had told the cashier that they were for him, but that night under the sheets had more than made up for it, because Creamy had helped his dreams of crossdressing come true. He’d been understanding, and helped him in every step of the way, even letting him go at his own pace until he had been screaming for him to pump his cum deep inside of his butt.

And for his first time mating with his coltfriend, it had been one of the best nights of his life. He had never known the wonders of falling asleep next to a special somepony, especially when he was lulled to sleep by the warmth of his lover’s seed nestled deep within him.

He tugged the panties up his hind legs with his magic, then let a content smile slip on his face as they assumed their proper place: on his butt. He spanked his butt with a hoof, then made sure his balls were nestled comfortably in the soft fabric, using his magic to pull on the matching silky-white stockings. Last but not least, he sat down, then lit his magic to pull out the actual outfit. He pulled the frilly black and white dress over his head with the help of his magic, then smiled as he made sure he looked as good as a stallion could look in a maid’s dress. He lifted his tail, completely exposing his panties and the outline of his balls, knowing all too well that he was in for one hell of a night.

With his outfit complete, North Star rummaged around in his bag and pulled out a bottle of lube. Holding it in his mouth, he kept his gaze cast towards the ground, then stepped out through the tent flap and sat down next to his lover, blushing furiously. He glanced up into Creamy’s eyes and threw on a shaky smile. When his lover held out his hoof, he gently placed the bottle of lube on it. “What do you wish for me to do?” he asked breathlessly, his ears flicking to lay flat on his head.

“Well, we gotta get everypony else in the mood, right?” Creamy hefted the bottle of lube. “What do you think we should do?” he asked with a sly smirk, nipping at his lover’s ear.

“Um...” North Star glanced around the campfire and found everypony’s eyes on him. His heart beat a little bit faster in his chest as he stuttered, “C-Could you bend me over the log and, um...”

“What is it, sweetie?” Creamy asked. “Say it for everypony to hear...” he whispered into his ear, stroking his lover’s sheath. The tip of North Star’s cock poked against the tight confines of the panties, so he adjusted his grip to rub his tip.

North Star’s hind legs twitched as he once again gazed into his lover’s eyes. “Could you fuck me, and w-when you cum can you pull out and cover my panties with your seed?”

“Yeah, I suppose I could do that for you, but first, I think I need a little help down here...” He stood up and turned to the side, letting everypony see his slowly-thickening cock. With a smirk, Creamy nuzzled North Star off of the log. “Lay down and service me, pet,” he said softly, his voice deep and strong.

“Y-Yes, master!” North Star said. He lay down next to Creamy’s left legs and lifted his muzzle up to his lover’s semi-flaccid length. Hearing his lover’s horn light up, he felt the hem of his skirt lift up, pushed by his tail as he felt totally exposed.

“Aww, his panties look so cute!” Crimson Wing said. “I’d love nothin’ more than to lick him through his panties...” She flicked her gaze up to Creamy’s, biting her bottom lip. “Can I? I’ve never licked a stallion off through panties before...” She crossed her hind legs, though not before she let a foreleg slip in between them. “Pretty please?” she asked as she started grinding her slit with the side of her hoof.

Creamy chuckled, then shook his head. “Sorry, cutie, but that’s up to him.” He looked down, then nuzzled the back of North Star’s neck. “So what do you think? Would you like to feel her tongue licking you through your panties?” he whispered into his ear. “I think it’d be pretty hot...”

North Star glanced over his shoulder, looking at Crimson. After a few seconds, he nodded and went back to licking Creamy’s shaft.

“Great!” Crimson slipped from the log and lay down right behind North Star. She grinned as she fluffed her wings, then she dove right in.

North Star’s eyes went wide as he felt her tongue massage his balls, his panties becoming quite damp, both from her ministrations and the precum that slipped from his tip, though he didn’t let his efforts diminish. With Creamy’s cock now as wet as can be, he stood up, his cock pushing almost painfully against the confines of his panties. It suddenly slipped out through the top, his precum leaking onto the dirt below. “So...”

“Assume the position,” Creamy said. Before North Star did so, he leaned in and whispered, “I can’t wait to make you squirt like the little cutie you are... Won’t you love it when I make you cum just from fucking you until you won’t be able to walk straight?”

North Star gulped at that, then leaned down over the leg, his cock sitting between his hind legs. “Just be slow at first, okay?” he asked. “I know how forceful you can get...”

“You got it,” Creamy whispered back. He pulled down North Star’s panties down his legs, just enough to give him access to his butt. After opening the bottle of lube, he poured a ton of it right on his hole, then pushed his butt cheeks together with his hooves. He slid his cock in between North Star’s butt cheeks, then stopped with his tip pressed up against his hole. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” North Star breathed back, his cock twitching against the smooth and weathered log. Suddenly, his field of view was filled with nothing but pussy. Recognizing the coat color, he glanced up with a sheepish smile up into Gypsum Rose’s eyes.

“Hey, could you... you know...” Gypsum Rose muttered as she blushed furiously. She spread her hind legs wider as she scooted up to his muzzle, then propped herself up with her forelegs. “I couldn’t bear to just sit there and watch you get fucked when I know you might be willing to, well...”

“Sure, no problem,” North Star said with a chuckle. “Though I must admit, I am a virgin when it comes to mares.” He felt Creamy’s tip slip inside of him, aided by the lube. “Oh!” he gasped, pushed forward by his lover’s penetrating cock.

As she watched Creamy sink his cock into his lover, Crimson Wing nuzzled Luster’s neck, purring softly as she flicked her tail around his flank. “So... whatcha say we get kinky, stud?” she asked, rubbing his inner thigh with a hoof.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Luster said. “Hey Creamy? You guys got any rope in your tent?” he asked, his cock slowly hardening from the sounds of North Star’s ass getting railed.

“Hm?” Creamy looked up. “Oh, yeah. We brought some just in case my cute little cocksleeve wanted to have some extra fun, but he’s a little busy at the moment. Go ahead; it should be in between the two sleeping bags.”

“Thanks!” He slipped from his soon-to-be lover’s grasp and quickly found the rope. “So... how you wanna do this, cutie?”

“Hm...” Crimson Wing looked around and spotted Sour Shield looking around, his hind legs crossed as he futilely tried to hide his growing erection. “Hey, Sour Shield, right? You wanna come fuck my throat sore?”

Sour Shield’s eyes lit up at that. “Sure, but I must warn you... I wasn’t lying when I said that I have a thick cock. You think you can take it?” He let a grin slip on his face as he stepped up to her. For a stallion, he was rather tall, so he was able to look down upon her with a gaze akin to a hunter standing over its prey.

Crimson Wing blushed as she looked up at him. She leaned down and looked between his forelegs, spotting his cock now standing at full-mast. “Geez, you weren’t lying at all... that thing’s huge!”

She felt her mouth water as her nethers became damp with lust.

Luster nuzzled her flank back over to the log. “Lay down on it, and I’ll tie you up nice and tight, okay?” he asked. As the sounds of North Star’s moans filled the air, he lit his horn and tied her up nice and tight, her belly facing the night sky as he used his magic to lift the log up for a few brief seconds. With her forelegs bound to her chest and her hind legs spread as far as she could spread them, Luster stood behind her and mounted her, his cock slapping against her folds as he adjusted his grip on the log. Knowing that she was more than ready due to the large amounts of arousal that slipped from her folds, he slowly pushed his tip inside of her. Without stopping, he pushed himself the rest of the way inside of her, his twitching balls resting on the dock of her tail. Crimson Wing opened her mouth wide as she let loose a throaty moan, clenching down on his shaft.

Sour Shield saw his opening. He mounted the log, pushing his cock into her mouth. Crimson Wing’s eyes went open wide as his cock slid to the back of her mouth, and as she felt him push harder, she swallowed as her eyes slid shut. Sour Shield’s cock slid down her throat, all the way down until his balls rested upon her forehead.

“Damn...” Sour Shield muttered as he felt her throat vibrate as she hummed softly. “You weren’t lying! You’re a little slut, aren’t you?”

“Mhm!” Crimson Wing said through the cock lodged in her throat.

Sour Shield glanced down and saw the outline of his cock bulging through her throat. Knowing she’d have to get some air at some point, he pulled back until he slipped from her throat, paying no mind to how she rocked back and forth from Luster’s ministrations. As soon as his cock slipped from her lips, he let her get some air, then shoved his cock right back on in. He started fucking her throat with reckless abandon, paying close attention to how she reacted. She bucked up against her bindings when Luster’s magic focused on her clitoris, and when he felt her shake her head from side to side, he pulled out and let her get some air.

Crimson Wing panted madly, her pussy aflame. She felt her orgasm grow deep within her, and as she felt it swell up inside of her core, she took Sour Shield’s tip within her mouth, sucking and licking at it with all of her strength and experience from past stallions. Moments passed as she felt it swell up in her mouth, signalling that he was about to burst.

“Need some help, stud?” Luster asked, focusing his magic on Sour Shield’s tip. He shot him a sly look as he made his entire tip vibrate madly, and as Sour Shield’s face scrunched up, he gently fondled his balls.

“I-I... I...” Sour Shield grunted, unable to keep his orgasm at bay for much longer. “Oh, gods above...”

Crimson Wing let the cock slip from her mouth. “Pump your cum in my stomach, sexy!”

Sour Shield grinned at that. “Sure thing!” He shoved his cock to the back of her throat like before, and when she swallowed, he shoved his cock all the way down her throat. “O-Oh...” he muttered as he couldn’t hold on any longer. Giving into Luster’s magic, he gasped as he felt his first shot of cum shoot from his tip, coating Crimson Wing’s tight throat white with his cum. There was no doubt in his mind that he was cumming directly into her stomach, as the outline of his cock through her throat no doubt showed. When he peered down, he could just barely make out the outline of his cock near the base of her neck. Luster’s magic faded away from his tip, but since he was already in the throes of one hell of an orgasm, that did not matter in the slightest.

As soon as Sour Shield’s cock slipped from her lips, she felt him shoot a couple of shots of his warm cum onto her lips and throat. Before he could pull away, Crimson Wing wrapped her lips around his tip, cleaning the cum from his cock as she finally slipped over the edge. With the taste of his cum fresh in her mouth, she clamped down on Luster’s cock as the magic on her clitoris intensified. She squealed out into the night sky as she squirted, something that was very hard for her to do, but then again, she’d never been spitroasted by two thick stallions before. She felt her insides warm with Luster’s seed, and as her vision started to glaze over, she felt her body go slack. If it wasn’t for the rope that held her to the log, she would have fallen to the ground in a heap for sure.

Creamy leaned over his lover, noticing that North Star’s muzzle was soaked with Gypsum Rose’s cum. “Aww, don’t you look cute covered in her cum?” he asked, rubbing North Star’s cutie mark with a hoof. “Well, you’re about to have your cute little butt filled with my cum!” He picked up his pace, feeling his tip swell within his butt.

North Star groaned, nuzzling Gypsum Rose’s inner thighs as he felt Creamy’s cock ram against his prostate over and over. Here we go... he thought, feeling his balls twitch, ready to cover the dirt with his seed. He clamped down as hard as he could, then finally felt his lover fuck him with all he had. When he felt his weight upon his back, North Star moaned into Rose’s crotch as his orgasm came out of nowhere. He absolutely loved how his lover was able to make him cum without touching his cock. That was something that he was never able to do, even with the wide variety of toys he had back before he had started dating Creamy. Just knowing that his ass was about to be pumped full of hot cum was something that he’d never been able to recreate with toys, and that idea was more than tantalizing to him. With a small grunt, his cum shot from his tip, hitting his hooves and matting his fur.

Creamy bit down on his lover’s ear and nibbled on it for a few brief seconds before he whispered, “Good girl... making cummies for your stallion...” With his tip flaring up, he rammed all the way back inside of North Star’s tight ass and grunted as several spurts of cum filled his passage. Panting heavily, he pulled out, then yanked North Star’s panties back up. “Good girls need to keep their stallion’s cum inside of them, isn’t that right?”

“Yes sir,” North Star murmured back with a soft smile. “You were wonderful, Creamy... Thank you.”

“Anytime, cutie... Next time, I think you should wear that black lingerie set I got you for your birthday. I’d love to see it covered in my cum, and... my scent.”

“You know I’d love that...” North Star said as he gingerly pushed himself up. He collapsed in Creamy’s grasp, unable to stand up. His lover helped him lay down, then he laid his head on Creamy’s forelegs. “I think I’m done for the night.”

“Yeah, I bet! After a fucking like that, I’m sure I’d be wiped out too...” Creamy said, watching as Crimson Wing was released from her bonds, licking the cum from her lips. “Hey, Sunny, right?” he asked, wondering why she was just sitting there masturbating to what was going on around her. “You need some help?” he asked with a smirk. “Maybe Sour Shield can help!”

Sunny’s eyes went wide as her gaze slipped to Sour Shield’s cock, her hoof already soaked through with her arousal. As Luster stepped around to Crimson Wing’s mouth to get his cock cleaned from her cum and his, Sour Shield’s cock slowly stiffened back to full mast.

With a soft smile, Sour Shield stood over Sunny with a gentle glint in his eye. “So...”

“Um... yeah,” Sunny pulled her hoof away and blushed madly. “Could you...” She stood up and planted her face in the grass, wiggling her ass at him with her tail flicked to the side. “You know...”

“Of course,” Sour Shield said with a soft smile. “I’ll go slow, okay?” He mounted her, using a hoof to line himself up.

“Okay...” Sunny smiled back up at him over her shoulder.

Sour Shield bit back a moan as he slid inside Sunny’s tight passage, aided by her arousal. He felt a familiar tingle, then felt his entire shaft vibrate madly. He glanced up at Luster and saw him smirking at him, so he simply chuckled and started pumping in and out of his new lover. Wrapping his forelegs around her lower belly, he pumped in and out of her. With his cock already wet from Crimson Wing’s mouth, and combined with Sunny’s arousal, he was able to fuck her without a problem.

“F-Faster!” Sunny panted into her forelegs.

“You got it...” Knowing that he’d cum a lot quicker if he increased his pace, Sour Shield rubbed Sunny’s side with a hoof then leaned down over her, pinning her down with his weight. With her locked in place beneath him, he pistoned in and out of her with reckless abandon, and as he felt his second orgasm swell up inside of him, he fucked her as fast and as hard as he could, even though his muscles quickly grew sore. His tip flared up again, and before he knew it, he shot his load deep inside of her, no doubt helped by Luster’s magic. With his balls firmly pressed against Sunny’s clitoris, he felt her love button vibrating, most likely with the same magic that stimulated his tip. He felt Sunny clamp down on him, then a moment later, felt her cum splatter against his balls.

Pulling out of her, she collapsed when he let go of her. He lay down beside her, nuzzling her cheek as she panted. “You okay?” he asked softly.

“Y-Yeah, that was... great,” Sunny said, returning his smile.

Creamy planted a light kiss on his lover’s cheek, and as the fire crackled before him, he cleared his throat, getting everypony’s attention. “So, now that we’re all dirty, shall we all go wash off in the lake? With it being this late, I’m sure nopony would be down there, so we could definitely keep things going under the cover of night!” He looked everypony in the eyes, then smirked. “Has anyone else been fucked in a lake before?” When they all shook their heads, his smirk deepened. “Then who wants to go first?”