My Little [VGW] WOOHOO: Friendship is [VGS] SHAZBOT

by Jolting8

First published

Pathfinder is stuck in Equestria! Join his Adventure!

(Tribes Ascend crossover)

Due to a mishap in the base of Diamond Sword, Pathfinder is stuck in Equestria! How will he return? Does he want to return? How many times will he race Rainbow?! Find out, in the story, that is; My Little [VGW] WOOHOO: Friendship is [VGS] SHAZBOT!

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Prologue: The Flag

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He could see it. Pathfinder was over-looking the Blood Eagle base in Katabatic; the flag was right in his sight. Not one Technician to been seen, nor any of those shields from a Juggernaut ether. Only one problem was in his way; the base was still active. The sentries were still up and, if he tried to get the flag, he would most likely get mowed down. He always wanted to know how they were so accurate, he could be skiing at 200mph, using his jet pack, and still get hit. “Dumb luck” as he would say. However, he was not going to test his luck right now. He was always told to do this in a pinch, but, when he did, it never came. But he had no choice.

He had to ask for help.

Why was this a big deal? Well, ever since they let anybody in this war, he was most likely stuck with the ones that didn’t know what the word ‘Teamwork’ ment. They were always, “too busy killin’ noobs” as they would put it. It had always put a sick feeling in his gut. This was Capture the Flag, not Team Death Match. If they wanted to just mindlessly kill, they could have signed up for that, but no, ‘CTF is the way to go!’ as the ad would put it. He didn’t ask about the ads. Well, he could try his luck in getting a ‘teammate’ to help, or in trying it in those sentries. He sighed.

“Destroy the enemy defense!” He called into the mic in his helmet.


He groaned. This was going to be a long day...

“Our generator has been destroyed!”

… lovely.

“Repair our generator!” After that, seven times the word “No.” came from his helmet.

He groaned, again.

“Pathfinder, can you hear me?” Said a female voice.

It wasn’t every day when the owner of Diamond Sword would just talk to anyone on the field.

“Yes, go on.” He replied.

“I’m sorry to ask, but would you repair the generator?” She asked. “I would get Technician to do it, but...”

“Say no more, I’ll handle it.”

“Thank you. It’s nice to know I have one good man on the field...”

After the signal had cut off, Pathfinder sighed, and started his way back to base.


“AW, BUCK!” Thunderlane yelled, after losing to Rainbow, again.

“Heh heh heh, nice try Thunderlane!” Rainbow said, eyes closed, chest out and still flying. “But, it looks like you're gonna have to try just a little more next time!”

Thunderlane buried his face into the dirt, embarrassed. ‘I was SO close!’ He thought to himself.

“Well...?” He looked up to see Rainbow, eyes half down and smiling. He sighed.

“The bits are in my saddle-bag...”

“Don’t be so... down in the dirt man, there's always next time.” Rainbow grinned at her little pun.

‘That’s the fifth time Thunderlane has lost...’ Rainbow thought. ‘Is there anypony who can beat me?’


Pathfinder was looking for the one who had got the generator. He had tried to blindly repair it before, the Brute that got it was not very happy with him fixing what he had broke. He thanked who ever it was who made the "Respawn" system, no madder how impossible that was. He never complained, and though's who had tried to copy it got there respawn cut off. But, just because he could be reanimated from death itself, doesn't mean he can't feel the pain. Blue Plate Special's might look cool, but damn it hurts.

Pathfinder had been looking all the time you took reading that paragraph. Hope you're happy. "It wasn't that long!" - You.

"Must of just got it and ran..." He said to himself. "Wuss... bet it was an Infiltrator." He laugh to himself.

Pathfinder walked back to pick up the Repair Tool from the "little box" as he called it. Once he had the Repair Tool, Pathfinder walked up to the generator, fixing it half way.

He was too lazy to fix it fully.

Our generator is back online! he herd through his headset. He sighed in relief.

"Thank you, Pathfinder, sorry for asking you to do this."

"Don't worry ma'am, I'm glad I can help." replied Pathfinder, "I'll go back too the field."

"Right, again, thank you." After that, he turned off his headset.

'Whelp, that's taken care of,' he thought to himself, 'better get back to the battle...'

Looking down to sigh once again, he noticed his Light Spinfusor was low on ammo. But, this was easily fixed, by the fact he can just walk into a resupply, just a few feet behind him. As he turned around, heading for the resupply, he didn't see the Infiltrator uncloak on the beams. He was already in the resupply before he saw the small yellow flashing light.

Aaaaand, boom.

The generator was destroyed.


That was all Pathfinder could feel. Pain, pain... still pain... oh yeah, and he screamed... in pain.

As he fell to his knees, he saw what was causing it. The resupply was short circuiting, shooting of bolts of electricity at him in an alarming rate. He could feel his power armor overcharging. He looked up, just to see the barrel of the Stealth Spinfusor, and the Infiltrator behind it.

"I'm the wuss, eh?" He asked.


The red Spinfusor disk seemed to fly in slow-mo towards Pathfinder. Only one thing went through his head.


The disk hit the resupply, causing it to blast more pain into Pathfinder. Faster. He couldn't take much more. The Infiltrator was laughing as he watched him. A bright light blind the Infiltrator for a split second, causing him to cover his visor.

And just like that, it was gone.

And so was Pathfinder.

The Infiltrator dared to look once again, and all he saw was a burned out resupply. No Pathfinder in sight. He chuckled lightly to himself, turned around, and left.

"That will teach 'em."

To be continued...

Done for now.

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Well, I thought I would do this... now to say why...

Besides that Tribes has been a bit boring to me lately, the news that it wouldn't be having any major updates for some time, it really killed the game for me.

So, this story will be no more.

... untill I MIGHT come back for it. I don't like leaving this unfinished, so, again, I might come back to it. But for now, I making a new story. It will be a crossover fic, so if you like those, you might enjoy it. And it's for a game I will most likely never get bored of.

Sorry guys.

- Jolting8