No Girls Allowed in Guy's Night

by Warfire Writing Studios

First published

Guys are only allowed to participate in Guy's Night and Discord make sure it stays that way.

A commission for Loveless.

An alternate set of events near the end of "Dungeons and Discords."

After seeing Discord join Big Mac and Spike for Guy's Night, Pinkie and Rainbow want to join in on their fun. But Discord doesn't allow them for one specific reason. After hearing their arguments for a moment, he devises a way to allow them to participate in Guy's Night. However, this "way" leads to some... unexpected actions by everypony present.

Contains the following:

Prologue: Unexpected R63
Chapter 1: Threesome, blow jobs, face fucking, double stuffing, creampies
Chapter 1.5: More creampies, throat fucking, spanking, threesome
Chapter 2: Interspecies, blowjobs, premature ejaculation, eventual successful creampie
Chapter 3: Shy, softly spoken orgasms, blow job, creampie, hornjob
Chapter 4: Vaginal sex, interspecies, creampie, anal, pregnancy scare, Discord's usual shenanigans
Epilogue: Mention of love holes, but nothing sexual

Prologue: Be Careful What You Wish For...

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Twilight Sparkle opens the doors to her castle with her friends after enjoying a girls day out in Yakyakistan, wanting to rest from the long train ride home. What her and her friends see is something they never would’ve imagined seeing ever, Discord playing their role playing game with Big Macintosh and Spike, costume and all. Discord had wavy blonde hair and an olive green jacket and was armed with a bow and arrow; Spike was dressed as a wizard with turquoise blue hat and jacket with a sporting gray beard and staff; Big Mac dressed like a warrior with black armor on his body and helmet with curved horns on his head along with a unicorn’s horn. Some of the mares look perplexed about what was acting out in front of them, but watch them defeat several villains. “Uh, you think we should just… leave them be and let them continue their game?” Twilight suggests to her friends, not wanting to disturb their game.

"Are you kidding Twilight?" Rainbow Dash says as she drops her bags on the floor beside her and flies up into the air. "That actually really looks like fun!”

“Yeah! Whatever it is they’re playing, I want in!” Pinkie giggles and bounces excitedly in place, sharing the same enthusiasm as Rainbow.

Rainbow flies down and smiles at Pinkie and then the two rush forward and after crossing the threshold of Discord's magic spell, the two appear in outfits that they were suited for. Rainbow dressed in green loose fitting pants with a green colored cloak that allowed her wings to poke out of the back through two cuts in the fabric.

“Awesome Dash!” the pink pony says as she crosses to where Dash was, observing her new outfit; a turquoise/goldenrod striped outfit on one portion of it with the other half being goldenrod, a matching striped hat with two gold leaves on top complete the outfit. “Sweet! I don’t know what I am, but it’s awesome!” she excitedly says.

"I know! Me too!" Rainbow says as she rears back on her rear hooves to look over the change of her outfit and realizes that her voice was ever so slightly muffled by a piece of cloth that was covering her muzzle, almost adding to her mystery and stealth factors as she and Pinkie hug each other happily.

“Ah, it seems you two have decided to join us on this most epic of quests on Guys Night Out I see…” Discord says to the two new ponies in outfits, seeing Pinkie and Rainbow in costume.

"Of course! Why not? This actually looks really awesome!" Dash says as she turns her head to address Discord's comment toward them both.

“It would be nice if you could join us… but I’m afraid you two can’t…” he says with a bit of disappointment in his voice.

"Oh come on! Why not?!" Dash asks as she gives Pinkie a little bot of a tighter hug from the disappointment.

“Yeah Discord, why be a party pooper? That’s no fun to be one.” Pinkie asks him.

“Well…” he starts out but stops mid sentence.

"We'll do anything to play with you guys!" Pinkie says as she hugs Dash back and gives the archer Discord her best puppy dog eyes.

“Well…” he says again before thinking of the words to say. “…you two aren’t stallions and mares aren’t allowed for Guy's Night, that’s why.”

“What?! We really want to play with you guys!" Dash says as she glares at the draconequs.

“But you two have to be stallions in order to play with us though. But you two being mares and all… that’s kind of hard to accomplish… you know…” Discord replies hesitantly.

"We know it's not that hard for you to do what you want," Pinkie says as she gives him a smirk. "Especially for something like yourself.”

“You can like, do ANYTHING with a snap of your fingers!” Rainbow Dash interjects. “Can’t you do something about that?”

"Yeah Discord! You can do something for us!”

"Hmmm, let me do this..." Discord says, muttering something softly.

"Hey Pinkie? Wouldn't it be be funny if he actually made us stallions?" Dash snickers to herself.

“Uh huh, but too bad Discord won't do that. Maybe he's too scared to do that!" Pinkie giggles and then hugs Dash and giggles loudly.

Rainbow bursts out in laughter and hugs her nearby friend, thinking that idea would be too ludicrous for him to pull off.

“Careful what you wish for girls…” Discord says with a sly grin and snaps his fingers. Moments later, Twilight and the others let out a collective gasp. Rainbow feels something rub against her. “Uh… Pinkie?” she asks with a dumbstruck look on her face.

"Y-Yeah Dash?" Pinkie asks as she feels something pushing against something that felt attached to her and was throbbing gently.

“I-Is that your leg… brushing against me?”

"I th-thought that was yours..." Pinkie says softly in a silent panic as she bites her bottom lip gently.

Rainbow’s heart begins to beat faster and faster, feeling something throbbing attached to her which wasn’t her legs. She slowly looks between herself and Pinkie and gasps to see a fully hard and erect stallion cock, immediately blushing a deep red.

Pinkie looks down and then gasps loudly as she sees a hard stallion cock resting neatly in place as if she was a true stallion and sees the first few inches of her own touching Rainbow’s.


"We're both stallions!" Pinkie says in a shocked and deeper voice as she, now he, pushes back and stands on his own rear legs as he moves his body a little wondering if Discord had just put them in an illusion. "Our voices! They're... deeper!"

"They are!?" Rainbow gasps, covering her, or now, his muzzle. "They are!"

Discord then bursts out in laughter and chuckles hardily, loving the expressions on their faces. “Hahaha! Oh this is too funny! You two should see the look on your faces! They’re priceless! Hahaha!” He bounces on his tail and continues to laugh.

“S-Shut up Discord! This isn’t funny!” Rainbow says, trying to hide his new erect stallion cock with a deep blush on his face.

"Take a look for yourself!" Discord says and snaps his fingers as a mirror appears in front of the two, now former mares. "Why don't you look at your new... additions now?"

Rainbow and Pinkie hesitantly look at the mirrors in front of them and see that their frames have changed, besides their hardware and their lower voices. They noticed that their frames were more muscular and more broad as compared to a thinner, more feminine frame of a mare. They each lift a leg and look at their erect stallion cocks and notice that their pussies were now replaced by a pair of hanging orbs, full of potent stallion seed. "This can't be real!" Pinkie says, dumbstruck, looking at his new cock.

"Believe it, it's real you two!" Discord chuckles hardily, loving the reaction of the two ponies and their... temporary sex change.

"DISCORD!" Rainbow says angrily after he is done looking at his new "hardware."

"What ever could you want Rainbow Dash?" he asks with a smirk on his face, letting a snicker escape his lips as he snaps his fingers, seeing the mirrors disappear into thin air.

"This ISN'T what we had in mind when we said we wanted to play with you guys!"

"Oh? I thought you said," He says and with a snap of his fingers turns his head into Rainbow's and in her mare's voice, replies. "'Come on Discord! We'll do anything to play with you all!’”

“I… But… How…?!” the Pegasus replies, frustrated as his own words were used against him.

Discord's head returns to his normal one in a flash of light and smiles. "But hey, now you two can really play with us guys.”

“Fuck! I hate it when my words are used against me!" he snorts, biting his lower lip, talking quietly to Pinkie. "This is so embarrassing...”

"You're telling me Dashie?!" Pinkie asks with his typical over-the-top way and bites his bottom lip as he looks down at his cock and blushes a dark red as the two mares, now stallions, were being completely embarrassed in front of their friends, especially the white mare who licks her lips for the view in front of her.

Chapter 1: Thrusting Swords

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Meanwhile, the others in the group have very different reactions to Pinkie’s and Rainbow’s new… additions.

“Well, they certainly can give Big Mac a run for his bits in terms of size,” AJ chuckles hardily with a smug smile on her face.

"I can't believe that they tempted him into doing that," Fluttershy replies and hides her eyes from seeing her two friends with cocks between their legs, a blush starting to form on her face.

Twilight throws her head back as her nose bleeds from Pinkie's and Rainbow's additions.

“Well, they were askin’ for it and they got what they wished,” the farmer pony chuckles, loving to see the expressions on their faces.

Meanwhile Rarity eyes their cocks with careful and calculating eyes and blushes happily. “Oh dear! Do you see the size of their swords?!” she says excitedly, licking her lips slowly eyeing the delicious and long pieces of meat.

Discord smiles and then waves her in with his taloned paw. "Come on in then! Join in the fun!" He replies as Big Mac and Spike blush and make awkward glances at their friends’ new cocks.

Rarity slowly enters the play area and approaches her friends, her eyes glued to their members, having naughty plans for them.

“R-Rarity? What are you doing?” Rainbow asks, seeing her approach Pinkie and himself. “Don’t let these things get to you!”

"So what if they are?" Rarity replies with a smile on her face as she winks at her two friends. "I totally want them!”

“Oh this is too rich! I can’t WAIT to see how this turns out!” Discord chuckles as Rarity closes in on them, seeing Pinkie and Rainbow slowly back away from Rarity, her lips drooling for their erect cocks.

“Rarity! Get back now! This is one of Discord's tricks! Don’t look at them!” Rainbow tells his friend as the two hung stallions back away from Rarity, slowly approaching them like a predator to its prey.

"Y-Yeah..." Pinkie moans softly and then bites her bottom lip gently as Rarity scoots closer towards them. The white, sophisticated mare lowers herself so that she could examine them closely as she follows them, step for step back into the area that Discord had changed for their game night. "What ever are you talking about Dash? Those swords look positively alluring.”

“‘Swords?’ Is she crazy or something, Pinkie?!”

"I... I think she might be! More so than me for once!" Pinkie replies as he steps back with Dash as Rarity steps with them like a hungry predator.

Rainbow bites his lower lip as the two of them continue to back away from Rarity before feeling something that they didn’t expect or want to feel; a wall. “No… No! Nonononono! This can’t be!” he says in a panicked tone of voice. “She’s getting closer! Any ideas Pinkie?!”

"I've got nothing!" Pinkie says as she and Rainbow rear back and try to hide their cocks with their forelegs as they look down at her.

"Oh don't worry darlings," Rarity says as she uses her magic to pull their forelegs aside and then leans in and gives Rainbow's sword a long and slow lick.

The cyan Pegasus shivers softly, feeling Rarity’s tongue licks her cock with care. “O-Oh…” he moans softly, his mind becoming... clouded with thoughts of lust.

Pinkie moans as Rarity reaches up with a hoof and strokes his hard cock, sliding the smooth side of her hoof along the length of his shaft. "Oh... pl-please stop..."

Rarity looks at Pinkie and then give his cock a gentle lick while sliding her hoof along Dash's. “Why would I do that darlings? Your pieces of meat are so tasty!"

“P-Please… s-stop Rarity. It’s so… so…” Rainbow trails off, the voice inside of him, telling him “no,” but his body keeps telling him, “yes.”

"I'm afraid not darling," Rarity says as she alternates between the two of them, after each lick and stroke to the opposite cock, she'd switch back and tease them. "Once I'm committed to a project, I intend to finish it!"

"Co-Come on Rarity... Pl-Please stop this..." Pinkie moans softly with each teasing lick and stroke of Rarity's hoof, licking her lips softly as the mare's hoof caresses his member.

“It’s… getting to your mind... S-Sto...” Rainbow stops mid-sentence and slowly thrusts his hips forward as Rarity strokes his cock with a hoof as she sucks on Pinkie’s, licking a bead of precum from his flared head, tasting rather sweet.

"Then why just now did you thrust your sword?" Rarity asks with a smirk on her lips and then wraps them around the head of Dash's cock, having a myriad of flavors to it.

“I… I don’t… kn-…” he moans and takes a hoof to bring Rarity closer to her, putting more of his member into her warm and wet mouth, letting her saliva coat her cock.

Rarity moans happily around Dash's addition and strokes Pinkie's quickly with her hoof, moaning happily.

"Dash... wh-what are you doing?" He asks seeing him pull her closer with a hoof on the back of her head.

“I… I don’t… she feels so… good…” Rainbow pants and holds Rarity’s head in place as he thrusts her sword into her mouth, feeling new levels of pleasure travel through his body. “O-Oh yeah…” Lust begins to take control of his emotions and actions, his fears evaporating as Rarity’s mouth becomes his new drug. The white mare moans and then pulls back and turns her attention to Pinkie and then wraps her lips around his cock and sucks it down near her throat. The pink stallion rests his head back and feels his eyes flutter and new sensations run through her body as her friend enjoys her member.

“S-See what I… I mean… Pinkie?” Rainbow moans, seeing Rarity being preoccupied with his friend.

"I se-see..." Pinkie moans deeply and then reaches out with a hoof and presses it against the back of his friend's head and pushes his sword deeper into Rarity's muzzle. As Pinkie shoves his cock down Rarity's muzzle, the white mare takes a hoof and begins to play with her pussy, already wet with her nectar, being more than turned on as Pinkie's addition is coated with a generous amount of her saliva.

“D-Doesn’t she feel so… amazing?”

Pinkie nods wordlessly, a moment that was uncharacteristic for him as he thrusts harder into Rarity's muzzle as she moans around it. “Oh… Oh Celestia… She’s so… good…” he replies and holds his friend’s head in place. Rarity pulls back and then pulls their swords closer and then licks the heads of them slowly with her tongue, making them both moan simultaneously.

“T-That’s so hot… isn’t it… Pinkie?” Rainbow moans, seeing their friend, entranced by their swords, lick their heads with her tongue.

"Oh fuck... wh-when did yo-you get th-this good?”

“Oh Darlings, I’ve always been a cock slut. It’s not too hard to make stallion crave you like a sweet candy…” Rarity chuckles and runs Rainbow’s sword against her cheek several times, making an audible ‘pop!’ when it leaves her mouth.

Pinkie moans as Rainbow's sword is played with and then gasps as his own gets the same treatment. "Co-Come on, I think sh-she's earned it!”

“N-No… I want some fun with… her mouth…” Rainbow moans, taking his friend and shoving his sword in her mouth, making Rarity gargle and drip saliva down her chin.

Pinkie moans softly as Rarity gags softly on Rainbow's sword and shivers, his fur standing up from the pleasure coursing through his body.

“Oh yeah. Take that fucking saber Rarity! Swallow it good!” the Pegasus stallion moans and holds onto his friend’s head and thrusts his hips forward into his mouth, making her gargle more. Rarity gargles around Rainbow's sword deeply and closes her eyes as she pushes her tongue free of her muzzle to allow Dash better access. Her hoof, now coated in her nectar, continues to rub between her haunches, feeling a fire between her legs, a fire that could only be quenched by her friends and their additions.

Pinkie moans as Rarity slides her hoof along her cock before using his own hoof to knock Rainbow's hoof away from the back of her head. "I want a turn with her throat!”

“You… will Pinkie! S-She’s mine f-for the moment!” Rainbow moans, unable to tear himself away from Rarity’s mouth bobbing up and down on his massive saber. Rarity moans happily and looks up with her eyes at Rainbow Dash and licks the underside of his cock as her throat wraps around his shaft. The Pegasus pony holds onto his friend’s face and thrusts deeper into her mouth, teasing him with the wide medial ring touching her moist lips. The regal mare groans low around Rainbow's cock and shivers as her pussy glistens with desire.

Rainbow groans softly, looking down at his friend. Rarity groans loudly and then tries to push forward but gags loudly and struggles to pull back. The Pegasus lets her pull back, but maintains his thrusting motions inside her mouth. Rarity looks up into Dash's eyes lustfully and then pulls back, barely getting her muzzle away from Rainbow's cock. "I'm such a cock slut.”

“Hmmm, that you fucking are Rare… Celestia, you feel so amazing!”

"I'm glad you loved it Dashie... but I think Pinkie deserves a turn.”

“G-Go ahead Pinkie… she’s sooooo worth it…” Rainbow grins at his friend.

Pinkie smiles and then turns Rarity's head toward his hard sword which had a large drop of pre at the tip. "Come and get it.”

Rarity moans, leaning forward to lick the bead of sweet precum with her tongue on her friend's head before taking his sword in her mouth to coat it with her saliva, stroking the remainder of it with a hoof. Pinkie moans deeply and closes his eyes as he leans his head back against the wall and thrusts his cock forward, pushing nearly up to his medial ring into Rarity's muzzle. The white mare gargles heavily against his member as saliva drips from her lips and down to her chin. She looks at the pink stallion slyly and massages his full and hanging orbs beneath him to give Pinkie more pleasure, churning the white cum that lays within them, hoping they can put out her inner fire. Pinkie moans deeply and reaches forward with his forehooves and presses against the back of Rarity's head, pushing the head of her cock into Rarity's throat. Rarity holds back her gags for a few moments as Pinkie slowly pushes her head onto his large sword, making her swallow more of his length, pushing into her throat. A few moments pass before the white mare lets out a soft cough, but remains calm and still with the cock inside her mouth.

"Dam-Damn... she's really go-good at this!" Pinkie groans deeply and rocks his hips, moving his cock around inside of Rarity's throat and muzzle.

“I… I told you Pinkie! S-She seems to be a… a natural at this!” Rainbow replies and watches Rarity enjoy Pinkie’s sword in her mouth. “Y-You like swallowing Pinkie’s… sword Rarity?”

Rarity moans deeply around Pinkie's sword and nods quickly, loving how his hot cock filled her muzzle and throat.

“G-Good girl… Gag on it like… the cock slut that… you are!”

Pinkie moans and with one hoof pets Rarity's hat and gives one last hard thrust into her muzzle and throat before pulling back and lets her breathe deeply. "Holy fuck…"

"E-Enjoy that darling?" Rarity asks, stroking Pinkie's saliva coated cock with a hoof.

"F-Fuck yeah I did..." the pink earth pony replies to her.

"Good..." Rarity moans and then while using her magic pulls back from Pinkie's sword. "I want you two to fuck me now!”

“But, what about…” Pinkie interjects, feeling Rarity’s magic grab both of them, bringing them close to her face, and making them looking her dead in the eye.

"As honorable players, you two wouldn't want to upset an NCP would you?" Rarity asks with a lustful smile.

“N-No… we wouldn’t…” Rainbow says softly, surprised in his mind that Rarity used gaming terminology despite her not being a gamer as much as himself and Pinkie.

"Take me, take me now and make me see heaven. Fuck me..." the white mare begs, wigging her sexy flank at them.

Rainbow looks at Pinkie. “Well, we… shouldn’t disappoint her, should we?”

"No we shouldn't," Pinkie replies and then smirks at Rarity. "How do you want us to ravage you?

“Stuff my cunt, you two. My cunt alone…” Rarity says in a smooth and sly voice.

Rainbow and Pinkie smile at each other and pick Rarity up between the two of them and stand up, their cocks poking at each other. "Mind giving us a hoof Rarity?” Pinkie asks.

The white mare uses her hooves to spread her pussy lips and adjusts herself accordingly to make sure their swords would enter her pussy. “Hmmm, thrust your lancers into me! Send me to the heavens!”

The two nod and then use one of their hooves each, moving their cocks so that they pushed gently against her pussy. Rainbow pushed his in first and groaned with pleasure as Pinkie pushes against the underside of Dash's and feels his cock struggle to push inside their friend.

“Hmmm, fuck… s-she’s so… t-tight Pinkie!” Rainbow moans as he gently thrusts inside of his friend’s pussy, feeling his sword rub against Pinkie’s.

"Th-This is so amazing!" Pinkie moans deeply as he thrusts up into Rarity's tight and stuffed pussy and then pants heavily as he feels Dash's cock rub against his own.

Rainbow holds one of Rarity’s legs open, spreading it as he uses it for leverage to thrust inside of her. “Y-You feel so… so good Rarity!”

"Th-Thank you! Oh fuck, th-this feels so good!" Rarity moans deeply and then shivers deeply as she rocks her hips into their cocks slowly. “Oh sweet Luna! Pierce me to… the heavens with… y-your swords you two! Harder! D-Deeper!” she groans, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she feels their swords alternate thrusts inside her stuffed pussy.

Pinkie shivers deeply and then hugs himself close to Rarity and then pulls back slowly and thrusts deeply into their friend and groans as Rainbow pulls out and then thrusts back in with great speed. As the two stallions thrust inside Rarity, they feel their hanging orbs slap against each other's from time to time, causing pleasurable pain.

“Oh fuck… s-she feels so… so good Pinkie!” Rainbow groans and brings Rarity down, pulling her cloth covering her mouth down to her chin and brings his friend’s lips to his own and kisses her deeply while continuing to thrust inside her.

"I do-don't know ho-how, but sh-she must be re-really tight before us," Pinkie moans deeply and then kisses the back of Rarity's neck as she and Rainbow kiss deeply.

Rarity ignores Pinkie’s statement and moans into Rainbow’s mouth as she continues to kiss her on the lips, moaning as the two mares alternate thrusts inside of her, giving their friend near constant pleasure. Pinkie groans deeply as she and Rainbow keep alternating their thrusts inside of her, growing close as their cocks leak pre cum inside of her, making her pussy allow their cocks to glide inside of her easily.

“Mmm…. Mmmhmmph!” Rainbow moans into his deep kiss with Rarity, thrusting faster and faster inside of her, nearing his orgasm, the cum inside his orbs beginning to churn.

"Oh yeah! I'm gonna cum!" Pinkie moans loudly as he lifts his head from her friend's neck and then bites it gently.

“I’m gonna… gonna cum Rarity!” Rainbow moans, thrusting faster and faster into Rarity, rubbing his cock against Pinkie’s as he nears his orgasm.

"Me too darlings! Fu-fucking cum in-inside me and hilt th-those swords inside my cunt!" Rarity cries out loudly and feels her pussy clench tightly around their swords inside of her stuffed pussy, leaking her nectar around their members.

Rainbow pants heavily as he thrusts faster and faster before shutting his eyes and groans loudly, feeling his cock head flare as slams his sword deep inside her pussy and starts to unleash his load into his friend. Pinkie shuts his eyes tightly and slams into his friend's pussy just as Rainbow cums, shooting his own cum inside of Rarity's pussy as Rarity screams up to the heavens as her pussy squirts her marecum around their sabers and with enough force of the clenching that she pushed their cum out of her and onto the ground beneath them.

“H-Heaven’s Gate, here I cum! Whaaahaaaah!” Rarity cries out loud as her friends cum inside of her pussy as she squirts her nectar around their swords, her nectar mixing with their cum, dripping onto the ground below the three ponies. Her tight walls massaging their members as they milk their cocks of their cum, feeling her inner fire start to become quenched.

Pinkie and Rainbow Dash moan deeply and shiver as they ride out their orgasm, their bodies quivering from the delight as they continue to fill their friend's womb with their warm and creamy seed.

The Pegasus mare pants into Rarity’s ear as he continues to empty his load into Rarity, enjoying his orgasm.

"Oh fuck..." Rarity groans deeply as she feels her pussy massage the two cocks inside of her pussy and then flicks her ear as Rainbow's hot breath washes over it.

“Y-You felt incredible Rarity…” Pinkie moans softly, speaking to his friend as she enjoys his post orgasmic afterglow.

"Th-Thank you darlings... and yo-you two feel amazing…" Rarity pants, breathing heavily for a moment to catch her breath. "You think you two have another round left in you? I still feel a fire between my legs..."

Rainbow chuckles and softly kisses her lips again. “You bet your sweet flank we do! Want to try doggy?”

"Ohhhhh yay! I get her mouth then!" Pinkie calls out happily and gives a gentle thrust up into Rarity's cream filled love hole.

“Deal Pinkie, I wanted her pussy anyway. You up for it Rarity?”

"Y-Yeah... just ke-keep me in heaven you two! Quench my inner fire!”

“Oh… we plan on it…”

Chapter 1.5: A Second Helping

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Rainbow and Pinkie Pie let Rarity dismount their thick stallion cocks and let her stand on her wobbly legs after the incredible orgasm she had given them, seeing their cum leak from her pussy. Still feeling horny enough to go a few more rounds with the mare, they stroke their members in front of their friend, seeing her mouth drool, seeing her eyes sparkle from their lengths.

“Why aren’t they going down after one go Discord? Are these things magic or something?” Rainbow asks the draconequs curiously, stroking his member with a hoof.

"Precisely! And since you two are normally mares I can assume that you'll be able to have multiple orgasms without going soft," He says and strokes Pinkie's cock slowly with a claw.

“S-So we have… t-the best of both worlds?” Pinkie asks curiously, biting his lower lip as Discord strokes his member.

"Looks like it!" He says with a laugh and slithers away and stands back with the others as they watch Rarity eyes their cocks with a hungry look.

“S-Same deal like we said earlier Pinkie; you get her mouth I get her pussy, then we switch?” Rainbow asks.

"Deal!" Pinkie says and looks down at Rarity who had licked her lips happily. "Ready Rarity?”

“Give it to me darlings. Make me feel like a slut in heaven…” she says in a sly voice, wiggling her plot for Rainbow as she licks her lips, anxious to have Pinkie’s cock in her mouth again.

"Come and get it Rarity!" Pinkie says as he rocks his hips in front of his friend.

Rarity nods and leans under Pinkie and begins to bob her head on his cock, tasting a mixture of her marecum and her friends’ cum too, the taste already making her wet as she wiggles her plot for Rainbow, anxious to be mounted and fucked by him again, wanting to be part of a mare sandwich between the two stallions.

Pinkie moans softly and leans back against the wall behind him as he humps into Rarity's muzzle slowly, enjoying all of the pleasure flowing through his altered body.

The white mare moans softly and licks around his member with her tongue, wanting to taste all of her friend’s member before feeling Rainbow’s hooves on top of her flank, feeling his cock poke at her love hole. She sways her flank for her friend, anxious to be filled again.

"Go ahead Da-Dashie... she's beggin' you!" Pinkie moans as he pants gently from the pleasure.

Rainbow nods and slowly presses his cock against Rarity’s pussy and slowly enters her again, letting out a soft moan as he feels her still relatively tight pussy wrap around his cock. “S-She’s still tight! Even after t-the pounding we gave her!”

"Ma-Maybe she's been around longer than us..." Pinkie moans and then thrusts forward quickly, burying his cock inside of Rarity's muzzle, nearly pushing down her throat.

“P-Possibly… She’s such a… a slut!” the Pegasus moans and starts to thrust up to his medial ring to start off to tease her. He leans forward and gyrates his hips into Rarity, giving her more pleasure by moving his member into her pussy.

Pinkie looks up from Rarity and sees Dash's face contorted into a pleasurable squint as he fucks Rarity's pussy and Pinkie shivers as Rarity's tongue slides along the underside of his cock.

“C-Celestia, I-I didn’t know h-having a cock was this much… fun!” Rainbow moans as he continues his movements inside Rarity, giving her plot a firm smack, making the white mare jump softly.

Pinkie gasps as Rarity's muzzle tightens around his cock and makes it leak pre cum down her throat. "Do th-that again Rainbow!”

“Y-You mean this?” he asks, smacking her flank again with a hoof.

Pinkie moans deeply as Rarity's muzzle tightens again around his cock and causes more pre to leak out of his throbbing cock. "Y-Yes! Oh I'm no-not gonna la-last lo-longer!”

“Y-You like that Rarity, you slut? Like getting spanked while sucking cock?” Rainbow moans, giving two more smacks to her flank. Rarity groans as she bobs her head on Pinkie’s member, being turned on by the stinging sensation on her backside from Rainbow, causing her to leak her nectar onto the floor between her legs.

Pinkie groans deeply along with Rarity as his cock begins flaring and more large drops of pre cum leak out into Rarity's throat. "I'm gonna cum!”

“C-Cum then Pinkie! I-I still have a bit to go before I do!”

Pinkie groans loudly and then holds Rarity's head in place with his two front legs and thrusts deeply, his medial ring pushing deep into Rarity's muzzle as his cockhead pushes into her throat, a torrent of his hot cum shooting down her throat as his cock flares widely.

Rarity gurgles as she swallows Pinkie’s warm, creamy load like it was a milkshake, not wanting a drop of his precious liquid to leave her mouth. She savors the flavor of her friend once again and shivers, loving that how she was being used by her friends as their fuck toy to drain them of their cum.

Pinkie closes his eyes and slumps back against the walls behind him as he feels his cock throb and continue dripping out his hot cum into his friend's throat and into her belly.

“S-She feel good Pinkie?” Rainbow asks his friend, seeing the look of satisfaction on his lips.

"Y-Yeah... be-better than the first time..." Pinkie groans as he shivers, the pleasure clouding his mind a little.

She chuckles “I… I bet. W-Want her to suck you more until I cum or… do wanna sit this one out?”

"I th-think I should sit this out... It's a lit-little over-whelming..." Pinkie says as he pulls back and pulls his cock free from Rarity's muzzle and looks down as it rests on the bridge of her muzzle. "Th-Thanks Ra-Rarity…"

“N-No… T-Thank you for the load darling… It was delicious…” Rarity chuckles with a moan, looking into her friend’s glazed eyes before looking back at Rainbow. “You want to blow a second load inside my pussy, Rainbow dear?”

"I want to but now your muzzle's open for me... what do you th-think Rares?”

“Hmmm, true. I could always use a creamy load, but surly you want to blow your seed inside my womb, don’t you? I know you enjoyed it last time as much as I did…” she replies with half lidded eyes.

Rainbow smirks and then fucks her pussy faster and smacks her flank. "Th-Thanks for the be-better idea," He moans and leans over her back, panting into her ear.

“N-No problem dear! N-Now fuck me and call me a d-dirty slut!” Rarity groans, licking her lips as her friend thrusts in and out of her at a quick rate, the smack making her wet.

"I be-bet you would... you dirty little slut..." He moans deeply into his friend's ear as he winks at Pinkie who was still standing; with help from the wall behind him.

“T-That’s it Rainbow… M-More…” the regal mare moans, being turned on by the degrading name towards her, making her ears flop softly.

Dash smacks his friend's flank again hard with his hoof as he thrusts deeply, his balls slapping against Rarity's pussy and his medial ring pushing deep into her.

“G-Give it to me!” Rarity asks in an almost begging tone, wanting her cunt to be filled with Dash’s cream again.

"That's right... I forget how much of a little co-cock whore yo-you are... begging ev-every stallion to fuck you ri-right?" Dash asks, getting turned on himself from the degrading comments he was saying to his friend.

“A-Any stallion d-darling! Hmm, fuck, I’m so wet now! I love it!” Rarity groans as she feels Rainbow’s balls slap against her wet pussy, feeling him bottom out within her love hole.

"I-I'm go-gonna cum inside you! I'm gonna flood you-your cunt with my cum! Beg me for it!”

“F-Flood m-my cunt w-with your cum Rainbow! S-Show w-what a whore I am!” the regal mare begs her friend to cum inside of her, her lips tightening around his cock, nearing her orgasm as she feels the Pegasus quicken his deep thrusts within her. Rainbow moans deeply and clenches his eyes shut as he hilts deep inside Rarity, his cock flaring deep inside her pussy and then a large torrent of cum floods her pussy, adding to the last load that he gave her.

“Whaaahaaa!” Rarity cries out and throws her head back as her pussy lips tighten their grip on Rainbow’s cock, acting like a constrictor slowly sucking the life out of its prey. Instead of hunting for prey, her pussy milks her friend’s member for his cum, feeling it already leak and start to pool between her legs, mixing with her squirting marecum.

Rainbow cries out happily into his friend's ear as he feels her pussy milk his cock for his cum, leaking from her pussy and dripping down his balls.

“Oh… Oh Rainbow… T-That was… incredible…” Rarity moans softly, feeling a small stream of Rainbow’s cum leak from her pussy.

"Th-That was pre-pretty awesome," Dash says in agreement with his friend and pants heavily into her ear. "Sti-Still got one more plan with you…"

“M-Me sucking your cock?”

"Guilty as charged..." Dash replies with a light giggle.

“T-Then get in front of me s-so I can drink your tasty creamy load once again…” Rarity grins softly, looking back at her satisfied friend before looking towards Pinkie. “D-Darling?”

"Yeah Rarity?" Pinkie asks with a smile and strokes his cock very slowly with a hoof.

“W-While I suck Dash off, w-want me to stroke one out for you?”


“C-Come on over then…” Rarity insists as she feels Rainbow slowly pull out of her pussy, wanting to make the pleasure last as long as possible before showing his cum coated member to the regal mare, making her lips moisten once again.

Pinkie slowly wanders over and rocks his hips, moving his cock against the open air with a low moan. "Come on Rarity…"

“You mustn’t rush a lady and her work dear…” Rarity says to Pinkie before slowly leaning forward to wrap her lips around Rainbow’s cock once again, tasting a mixture of their flavors, bobbing it up and down slowly as she takes a hoof to stroke Pinkie’s member simultaneously, still loving how hard and warm he still was.

Rainbow and Pinkie both moan softly and rock their hips slowly, into either Rarity's hoof or her muzzle. "Be-Best game ever!” Pinkie says.

“Mmhmmph…” the white mare grins at their comment, agreeing with them by nodding her head as she continues her motions with the two stallions, not losing a beat with either of them.

"H-How is she keeping up st-still? Sh-She's gotta be a lit-little tired by now... Right?" Pinkie asks softly.

“Y-You would think… t-that…” Rainbow moans softly, his eyes closed with short breaths escaping his lips as he gently rests a hoof on Rarity’s head as her lips remain locked around his member. Pinkie groans softly, Rarity's hoof sliding along his sensitive medial ring and sends bolts of pleasure through her body.

“S-She’s an… expert at this… isn’t she…?”

"Mo-More than an ex-expert... she's a master at this…"

“T-That too… Oh Celestia…” the Pegasus moans, giving a soft thrust into her muzzle, hearing a soft gurgle from her pre-occupied lips. Pinkie closes his eyes and rocks his hips into Rarity's hoof as his cock leaks pre onto the ground before a sudden pull back on his own hips smears his pre all over Rarity's hoof. Rarity moans softly as she forces a bit more of Rainbow’s cock into her mouth, poking at her throat as she feels Pinkie’s pre coat her hoof, getting a feeling he was getting a bit close for his orgasm.

“I-I will Pinkie! F-Fuck I… I’m gonna… cum again!” the Pegasus moans softly, having his hooves on her head and thrusts harder into her mouth, nearing his orgasm.

"Flood her throat... Dashie..." Pinkie moans keeping his eyes closed and keeping his hooves still as he rocks his hips quickly.

“Oh… Oh! I-I’m… g-gonna… NNNGH!” Rainbow groan as he holds Rarity’s head in place against his crotch and thrusts quickly and deeply into her throat for several seconds before releasing his third creamy load into her throat.

Pinkie smiles and then lets out another loud groan growing closer to his orgasm. "Oh fuck... that's so good!”

The regal mare moans and sucks Rainbow’s load expertly again as she increases Pinkie’s strokes, wanting him to cum on her face.

Pinkie and Rainbow both groan as they ride out their orgasms as Rarity's acts as a true slut and sucks one off while stroking the other off.

Rarity coos softly as she enjoys the last of Rainbow’s load shoot down her throat and flinches slightly as Pinkie begins to ejects thick ropes of his cum onto her face, feeling the warm, creamy liquid glaze her face.

Pinkie bites his lip and struggles to keep back a giggle as he looks at the large spurt that shot onto his friend's face.

“T-That’s so.. h-hot Pinkie…” Rainbow moans, his eyes half lidded, barely seeing his friend glaze Rarity’s face with his cum as his eyes become heavy, the energy being drained from his body, feeling his orgasm subside in his friend’s mouth, having sucked down every drop of his load.

Pinkie finally collapses into the puddle of his own cum and begins giggling loudly. "I go-got you in the face!”

Rarity slowly lifts her lips from Rainbow’s cock and kisses his flared head and grins. “T-That’s what my purpose was for, darling…”

"Re-Really? Because it lo-looks like it to-took you by surprise!" Pinkie giggles loudly and smears the cum into her fur.

“I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know when precisely…” she grins and feels the last few strings coat her face as she turns to the satisfied pink stallion.

The stallion smiles and then closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as he breathes in the sent of their cum and Rarity's juices.

“I… I needed that… second helping. Worth it…” Rarity grins, satisfied of what she did with the two stallions and their new… hardware as she rests on the soft grass between them, slowly closing her eyes, her body now full of and covered in their cum.

Chapter 2: A Pair of Daggers

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“Hmmm, I guess Rarity got what she wanted, didn’t she?” Spike sighs softly, looking down at the floor as he stands next to Applejack, seeing Rarity continuing to be fucked by Pinkie and Rainbow together, adding to their already long sex session together. With how he was watching the two stallions fuck Rarity, he figured it would be a feat he probably couldn’t accomplish, knowing her high demands to be satisfied and him being a short dragon wizard were too tall an order for him to achieve.

Applejack giggles a little and smiles. "Rarity's really honest 'bout what she wants, isn't she?" She asks as she stands beside Twilight's assistant.

He sighs again. “Yeah… I guess those big sabers satisfied her more than twin daggers ever would…”

Applejack looks back over at Spike and then turns her attention back to the three ponies continuing to make love. "I think twin daggers are fine…” she replies and smirks softly.

Spike turns his head slightly and looks at Applejack for a moment. “You… You think so?”

"Yeah," She replies with a smile and then turns to face him.

“Y-You’d like twin daggers more so than long and thick sabers, Applejack?” Spike asks curiously.

"Well, I won't know until I try will I?" Applejack asks with a smile and winks at the young drake.

“I… I guess not…” Spike blushes softly, seeing the earth mare look between his short legs, already seeing his twin daggers erect, glancing back to him from time to time as Pinkie, Rainbow and Rarity fuck like animals in front of the others, probably making the others hot and bothered from their love making.

"Would here work well with you Spike... I mean uh, what's your name?" She asks, not remembering the name of his character.

“It’s… Garbunkle, Applejack.”

"Ok Mr. Garbunkle... would this spot right here..." She says as she looks over at the grassy hill beside them. "Will that work for us?”

“S-Sure AJ. C-Can you get them wet first? I want this to be as pleasurable as possible; wanting you to be happy along with me,” Spike asks softly.

"Of course," Applejack says as she shrugs off her backpack and then leans down and slowly licks his two cocks and breathes in deeply, smelling his musk.

The young dragon moans softly as he feels her soft tongue tickle his cock heads, making him shiver softly, never having the opportunity to be with a real mare, always resorting to look at naughty magazines when Twilight wasn’t around or having the occasional dirty dream, but never having the courage to get to know a mare so much that he would be able to get into the position he is in now.

Applejack glances up at Spike and then winks as she takes one of his cocks into her muzzle and then swirls her tongue around his shaft.

He lets out a soft moan and lets his tongue hang out of his mouth, feeling Applejack’s mouth around one of his small, smooth cocks as she strokes the other gently with a hoof. I… I can’t believe this is happening! A mare is… giving me a blow job! I just hope I can get to the good part, like I never do in my dreams…’ he thinks to himself, seeing the earth mare softly bob her head on one of his short members.

Applejack smiles around his cock and then sucks him down to the base and feels his just barely poke at the back of her throat as she strokes his other cock slowly.

“T-This feels so… so good Applejack! I-I love what you’re… doing to me…” Spike moans and lets short breaths escape his lips as the earth mare blows him just below.

She moans softly and raises her flank into the air to tease him with the sight of her raised rump as she reaches down with her hoof that had been stroking his cock and slides it along his underside, giving him more pleasure. Spike moans softly, feeling his cocks twitch as he sees Applejack’s raised flank, begging to be fucked and shivers softly as her hoof slowly traces between his legs. After a moment longer she pulls back and then switches to his other cock and gives it a slow lick.

"Oh... this feels amazing..." Spike moans as AJ switches sucking to his other cock while stroking his other with a hoof. “Y-You have such a… n-nice flank Applejack…”

Applejack moans around his cock and then pulls back, sliding her tongue along the underside of it as she pops it free and winks at him. "Thank ya kindly.”

The young dragon nods softly, licking his lips as his eyes gaze over her curvy and sexy flank, seeing her tail swish back and forth teasingly.

"Ah think that I want you to cum like this first then you can put those twin daggers to the real test.”

“Y-You mean you stroking me? B-But I want your flank badly…” Spike groans, his mouth drooling to get a piece of her flank and all that it has to offer.

"Good things come to those who wait," Applejack says as she strokes his first cock with a hoof.

“O-Oh okay…” he says in a defeated tone. “You better make it worth my while…”

"Ah will, trust me.”

“G-Good… C-Can you tease me until… then? I-I like it when you do.”

"Can do," Applejack replies and slides her hoof along his cock, sliding it up around his head. "Ah never said this before... but you've got some interestin' gear down here, Spike.”

“T-Thanks Applejack. I always thought that it was… abnormal to have two cocks like me…”

"It's something interesting alright..." She says and winks at him.

“It… is isn’t it?” Spike asks and licks his lips again, seeing Applejack tease one of his cock heads with her tongue, making them pulsate softly.

"Yeah it is, don't feel bad about it. Yer gonna fill me with two cocks, just like Rarity. We're getting what we want, right? ”

Spike nods. “I sometimes dream I am with her with my cocks inside of her, but I then wake up and realize it wasn't real.”

"Ah've had dreams where I'm being taken by a small group of stallions, but when I wake up ah'm alone in my bed.”

“Y-You ever cum in bed while you’re asleep?” Spike asks, seeing her enjoy one of his cock in her mouth, making him moan softly.

"Yeah, I've had more than my fair share of wet dreams.”

“S-So we know what it’s like, huh?”

"Yep we do Sugarcube..." She replies and licks her lips as her hoof toys with the head of one of his cocks.

Spike moans softly and bites his lower lip as he slowly feels an orgasm churn within him. “I-I’m gonna cum soon AJ…”

She smiles and then in one move takes both of his cocks into her muzzle and bobs her head on them slowly.

The dragon pants slowly before thrusting into her mouth and feels both of them erupt inside of her mouth, giving her more than enough of his dragon cream to savor. Spike felt like this was a dream, never having been with a real life mare before. Who knew that he’d lose his virginity to Applejack out of all ponies and not the love of his life, Rarity. Applejack moans softly and suckles down his dragon cum, it feeling hotter than any she had ever sucked down her throat before and pulls away to let a few small squirts fall onto the ground. "Ah think... you're finally ready for the goal you seek.”

“I… I am… I-I want to use my daggers to pierce your tunnel AJ…” Spike says softly, anxious for his prize.

"Then let's put them in the ring," She replies and leans back against a small mound of dirt behind her, her side resting against it as she flicks her tail away, spreading her legs for Spike. He slowly approaches her and feels his cocks twitch with anticipation, anxiously awaiting to reach their destination. He holds up one of Applejack’s legs and presses one of his cock against her moist lips. “I-It feels so… incredible…”

"Th-Thank ya little dragon... now don't hold back..." She moans and feels his one of his cocks against her tight pussy.

He nods eagerly and presses a cock into her lips while the other grinds against her soft fur, making him experience sensations he has never felt before; sensations that went throughout his body and making him hump into AJ’s leg, letting out a pant. “Oh… it’s so… real. Please… tell me this isn’t a… dream AJ…”

She moans softly as his one cock pushes into her pussy and the other slides along the fur of her lower body. "Th-That feels good Spike…"

“T-Thank you AJ…” he moans and thrusts into her, panting softly as his member wraps around her wet pussy. “T-This is it! I’m having real sex… with a real mare! I-It feels so much… better than jerking off!”

Applejack closes her right eye as he fucks her pussy slowly and pants softly. "Twin daggers ma-may lack attack power... but their sp-speed and agility make up for it... Oh sweet Celestia…"

“T-Tell me this isn’t a… a dream AJ… Tell me it’s… real!”

"Th-This is real... Spike." She moans and rocks her hips into his cocks.

Spike groans softly and holds tightly onto her leg, fucking the earth mare’s pussy with vigor, her wet lips massaging his small, but smooth cock inside of her.

"Oh Sp-Spike... don't stop now... I'm go-gonna cum!”

“I… I won’t! I-I’m gonna cum too Applejack! I’m so close!”

"Cu-Cum with me Sp-Spike! Fill my pussy with you dr-dragon cum!" She moans deeply and rocks her hips faster into his.

The small dragon nods and thrusts faster into her love lips, his hips connecting to hers. “A-AJ! I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!” he announces loudly as he thrusts his head back and pushes forward and slaps his body against the earth mare and feels a rush of excitement run through his body as he experiences his first orgasm while having sex with a mare.

"Me to Spike! I'm cumming!" Applejack cries out happily as her juices squirt out and cover both of his cocks as they ride out their orgasms with each other, the pleasure coursing through their bodies. Spike pants heavily, keeping his eyes closed and his hips connected with hers as he continues to experience his orgasm with Applejack, his heart racing as his body slowly begins to wind down from the sexual excitement. The earth mare groans deeply, shivering as her orgasm makes her pussy quiver around the cock that was inside of her pussy and make her fur stand up a little, a feeling of lightning like pleasure coursing through her.

“Oh Applejack… y-you feel so good around my cock…” Spike says softly to the mare, panting as he humps into her.

Applejack moans softly and slowly realizes that she hadn't felt the warmth of his dim inside her like the few times before that she had sex. "Sp-Spike? Did you cum inside me?”

“Y-Yeah I think I did…”

"Ya sure, sugarcube? 'Cause I don't fe-feel any warmth inside of me. " She moans and looks at her crotch and sees his second was the one that came, his cum covering her crotch.

Spike looks down and sees a small pool of his cum around AJ’s pussy. “Oh no! I ejaculated out of the wrong cock!”

"How is that even possible?" Applejack asks deeply as her pussy spasms around the cock inside of her.

“I don’t know. I knew I’d mess up! Even in real life!” the young dragon wizard sighs sadly, knowing that, even in real life, he'd mess up having sex with a mare, just like waking up just before he could cum when getting to the "good part" in a naughty dream.

"You didn't mess up... just maybe need to try on-one more time. Maybe t-try both of them inside me.”

“Okay Applejack. C-Can we do it in doggy though?”

"Sure... it's ma fav-favorite pos-position…"

Spike slowly pulls out of her pussy and lets go of her leg so she could get into position. The mare shivers as his cock slides from her pussy and gives him a wink as she slowly rolls over onto her hooves, but then slowly slides down, letting her belly slowly make contact with the ground, her legs in a perfect split, presenting her pussy to him, flicking her tail to the side.

"Wow, I never knew you were that... flexible, Applejack," Spike says, admiring her perfect split.

"Well, those long hours working out in the field certainly helped with mah flexibility," Applejack chuckles, wiggling her rump teasingly for Spike. "Come on Spike, explore my love tunnel with your daggers."

Spike nods and lines his cocks with her pussy. “L-Let’s try this again, but to be sure…” He slides both of his daggers slowly inside of her pussy, piercing the inside of her slick walls, making him moan softly. “T-This is even… better than last time…”

"I c-can feel it... and it feels so mu-much better!" Applejack moans happily, his two cocks feeling like one large one inside of her tight cunt.

“Hmmm, oh yes Applejack!” he groans, licking his lips and thrusts inside her pussy with vigor, feeling his two members slide effortlessly inside her love hole. She pants happily and then rocks her hips back into his thrusts, shivering as his twin cocks slide against the walls of her pussy. "M-Make love to me like you would Rarity, Spike.” The young dragon wizard nods, panting softly as he places his claws on her flank and feels his hips make contact with her lips with each thrust inside of her, the sounds of them having sex filling the room. Applejack pants softly and groans happily, bitting her lip to prevent a loud moan from escaping her muzzle.

“This feels s-so good Applejack! T-Thank you!” the dragon wizard moans softly, continuing his motions constant, making this feel many times better than jerking off and having no pussy to fuck.

Applejack groans happily and closes her eyes as the pleasure washes over her, making the fur on the back of her neck stand up on end, feeling the dragon thrust into her lovingly, like a gentlecolt would do to his date after a night out together. The dragon’s hips make contact with the pony’s more frequently as he thrusts faster and faster into her, feeling her love hole produce more of her nectar, making his thrusting smoother and more fluid.

"Yo-You gon-gonna cum Sp-Spike?" She asks softly and then once he hilts inside of her she clenches hard around his cocks.

“S-Soon Applejack! Y-Yourself?”

"No-Not clo-close yet... t-try ticklin' mah clit..." She moans deeply and feels her ears fold back from the pleasure rushing through her veins. Spike nods, slowing his thrusting into her and takes a claw and reaches underneath his cocks and begins to gently rub Applejack's wet lips. Applejack groans and looks back at him with half lidded eyes. "Hmmm, Spike... T-That feels so good."

“Thanks Applejack…” Spike says, feeling her mare juice coat his claw as he continues to play with her pussy, hearing a long and drawn out moan of approval from the earth pony below him.

"Oh mah stars..." She groans happily as her pussy clamps down hard on both of his cocks almost pinning him in place. "T-Touch mah hips Spike... feel mah body..." The dragon nods and uses his claws now to massage her tight and well rounded flank, gaining moans of approval from the earth mare, making her quiver softly in pleasure. 'Wow, AJ has a nice body... do I dare say... a bit better than Rarity's?' Spike thinks to himself, continuing to touch the goldenrod earth mare.

"Hmmm, Spike. Y-You have the magic touch. Y-Ya feel better than a-any stallion that has fucked me..." She moans softly, the dragon's soft touch edging her closer and closer towards her orgasm.

Spike blushes softly. "T-Thank you Applejack."

Applejack nods softly and lets out a soft moan. "I-I'm... g-gonna cum Spike... Fill me with yer cum..." the earth mare pants as short bursts of breath escape her lips before she cries out happily, her ears standing up from the intense pleasure that washed over her body and mind, making her shoot her juices around his cocks and down his crotch onto the ground beneath them.

The dragon wizard continues to gently fuck the earth mare, despite her having her orgasm, nearing his mighty orgasm. He pants heavily and looks Applejack in the eyes. “G-Gonna cum Applejack! I-I’m so close!”

"Cum! Fill me with yer cum!”

Spike thrusts temporarily increases nearing his orgasm before he slams his twin cocks inside of the earth mare’s love hole and bottoms out inside of her, feeling both of his daggers explode inside of her, filling her womb with his warm and cream dragon seed. His body shutters as he experiences his first orgasm inside a mare, in real life, never imagining it would be happening to him. ’I-I’m cumming inside a… a real mare… with both cocks exploding! B-But it’s not Rarity though… but AJ feels so much… better than Rarity! I want to do this… more often, if she’ll allow it…’ Spike thinks to himself as his mind goes in a million different directions as he enjoys his orgasm with Applejack.

Applejack groans happily and clenches around his cocks gently. "Oh Spike... th-that felt so good…"

“I-It did… didn’t it Applejack? Y-You feel so… good around my daggers…” he pants softly and looks into her eyes.

"Th-Thanks little Spike... Ya know we... could po-possibly do this more, if ya want ta, that is...” the earth mare asks softly with half lidded eyes.

“Y-You mean… besides doing it… today?”

"Sure as su-sugar..." She replies with a groan of delight.

‘W-We can?! I was just thinking… about that! Did she just… read my mind or something?’ Spike thinks to himself as he hears Applejack and her wanting to do this again in the future. “S-Sure AJ. If you need anything… let me know.”

"Ah will... trust me..." She moans happily and winks at the young dragon. "Can ya keep going?”

“S-Sure… Y-You’re not tired out yet?”

"Ah can go fo-for a while yet... Ah've had my fai-fair share of sex…"

Spike nods and continues to thrust inside of her now cum filled pussy again, giving her more pleasure as he begins another round of sex between them.

"Wow Spike... Ah never guessed you'd have th-that kind of stamina..." She groans softly and hugs the drake close, their breathing coming in gasps.

“I… I never did either… I came so… much inside of you Applejack. You’re so… so tight…” he pants as the mare hugs him close to her, his twin cocks still hard even after their long and passion filled session of sex.

She giggles a little and wipes her forehead with the back of her hoof. "Next time Ah'll have ta make sure I give your cocks a little more attention with ma muzzle.”

“Hmmm, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the… additional attention.”

The farm pony grins and then leans in and kisses his nose softly. Spike blushes softly as Applejack kissing his nose, knowing that he would be having sex soon enough again, but with Applejack. “Applejack? Can I… tell you something? Promise to keep this between us?”

"Sure can," She says seeing the hesitation in his posture and hearing it in his voice.

“Y-You honestly felt… better and acted sweeter than Rarity has in my dreams about us making love.” he admits to her, blushing deeply.

She smiles and runs a hoof slowly along his cocks. "Ah'm glad ta hear that.”

“I-I’m happy you are. J-Just don’t tell Rarity that… okay?”

"Yer secret is safe with me.”

“Thanks… Applejack.”

She smiles and kisses his nose again.

Spike chuckles and yawns softly as he hugs close to her warm body, having been satisfied from the earth mare.

Applejack smiles and then pulls his back against her stomach, her eyes becoming heavy with rest. "Rest well little dragon wizard." Her eyes slowly close and sleep overtakes her and her dragon mate, lulling each other into a well deserved sleep.

Chapter 3: A Great Sword

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What turned out to be an innocent game for Guy’s Night had turned into an orgy with Pinkie and Rainbow Dash being turned into stallions as they double stuffed Rarity and made her feels like a dirty cock slut. Spike, on the other hand hoof with his, unique package, managing to sweetly make love with Applejack, with this being his first time with a mare ever. While the others participating in the orgy would be rather… vocal, there would be a pair of ponies that would join in on the fun, but do so with rather soft vocals.

Big Mac, now his character in his game that he played with Spike and Discord, blushes as he watches his sister and her three other friends fucking like animals during their heat cycles.

Fluttershy watches as most of her friends already engaged in the sexual orgy happening around her, making her blush a deep red. She looks around and sees Big Mac sitting by himself, his great sword resting in the ground in back of him. ’He’s by himself. Maybe I should… um… say hi to him or something? I mean, he is strong, but he’s also a bit shy and… soft spoken, l-like me. C-Could me standing next to him, I don’t know… make us… join in? I… I guess there’s one way to find out.’ Fluttershy says to herself before working up the courage to go near Big Macintosh and slowly scoots close to him, maybe hoping he wouldn’t notice her near him.

As he watches the mares fuck and Spike fuck his sister, he glances away and looks right into Fluttershy's eyes. “Umm..."

Fluttershy lets out a small gasp and looks into his strong looking eyes and blushes even a deeper red. “H-Hi…” she nervously says to him. “S-Sir… Mcbiggun… right?”

"Eeyep," He replies, a dark blush on his face, even his red coat couldn’t not hide it well.

Fluttershy’s eyes look up into his eyes again before looking down at his hooves, catching a glimpse of his erect and hung cock between his legs, making her pussy lips tingle with her juices. ’Oh… my. He has such a big… thing between his legs. I… I’m not sure if I can handle all of it inside of my tight… hole. C-Could he fit his… thing inside me?’ she asks herself before working up the courage to finish her next line. “Y-You’re um… great sword looks a bit… gloomy. Do you mind if… um… I polish it… or something?”

"N-Nope," He replies with a smile and then licks his lips softly and rolls onto his back, his long and hard cock sticking up into the air as he looks into her eyes.

“I-It’s so… u-um… big…” she chuckles nervously as she lowers her face near his member and licks her lips softly, never seeing a penis this big before in her life. After a few moments of hesitation, she slowly drags her tongue along his meaty member and starts to inhale his strong musk and taste his strong flavor, tasting like cider. She didn’t like the taste of cider in general, but she was too entranced by his massive size to ignore the taste of him on her tongue.

He shivers softly as his horn glows softly in response to the pleasure flowing through his body because of her gentle tongue. "Mmm...”

“Oh thank you… Big Mac... I-I mean Sir Mcbiggun...” she says in her signature shy voice before licking the entire length of his shaft another time around before taking his head into her muzzle and gently begins to suck on it, taking a hoof to slowly stroke his member as her tongue runs across his flared head, tasting a bead of apple flavored precum. The stallion moans deeply as he slowly rocks his hips into her muzzle, pushing the head of his large penis into her tiny muzzle and reaches out with a hoof and slides it slowly through his long pink mane. ’Oh my… he’s so much bigger than I… dreamed of. He’s so… yummy, it’s hard to… describe his flavor,’ she moans to herself, continuing to gently bob her head, getting the first few inches of his member into her before gagging slightly.

He lifts his head and looks at her, seeing her try her hardest to take more of him into her muzzle.

Fluttershy moans softly and works her tongue around his member’s thickness, slowly closing her eyes as she enjoys his shaft inside her muzzle, making her moan softly. As she sucks on his greatsword, one of her hooves slowly travels down between her legs and begins to gently rub her vagina; something she rarely does, only saving it for when she’s really hot and bothered. The broad stallion moans and then slowly pulls his cock from her muzzle and looks up into her eyes. "Thank ya. Y-You wa-want to try so-something dif-different?" He asks as his magic flows out and gently tickles her wings.

“H-How so, um… Sir Mcbiggun?” she asks his character, blushing as she looks away, feeling the soft and warm magic tickle her sensitive wings.

He lifts a hoof and touches his horn gently. "Try su-sucking on this..." He replies with a smile, feeling his member twitch as he feels the pleasure flow through his body.

She nods softly and lifts her head from his cock to his horn, carefully wrapping her lips around it and gently begins to bob her head on his addition, running her tongue along it, feeling small sparks of magic leave the tip of the horn, tasting like a sweet apple candy.

He groans loudly as he reaches down with a hoof and slowly strokes his penis with his large hoof. "Oh fu-fuck...”

The shy yellow mare blushes at his comment and runs her tongue along the grooves of the horn, not knowing it would give more pleasure to the horned stallion. He groans loudly and then arches his back as he shoots a large load of cum all over Fluttershy's back, covering it with the sticky hot liquid, soaking into her jacket and into her fur.

Fluttershy gasps softly and lifts her head from his horn and shivers softly as the hot cum seeps into her fur, not knowing some landed on her jacket. “O-Oh my…” she says softly with a blush.

"S-Sorry there…"

“It’s um… it’s okay about… that. Ehehe…”

He moans as his horn continues glowing with his magic and his cock lies back, resting against her flank with some of his cum leaking down her back

“D-Do you want to p-put your… sword inside of me? U-Um… if you want… to that is… Or do you… maybe, want to um… taste me?” Fluttershy asks nervously, feeling her pussy tingle with her juices, shivering softly as Big Mac’s large member twitches between her flank cheeks.

Big Mac pants softly and looks into her sweet and kind eyes while thinking over every little idea that she presented, his face darkening in his blush. "Um... Ah want to taste you first.”

“Um… okay. I’ll go and… spread my legs for you, um… if that’s okay with you,” she says nervously and gets off of Big Mac and lays on her back next to him and slowly spreads her legs for him, revealing her dripping and pink pussy, coated in her mare honey. He gets up onto his hooves and looks down at her pussy that was dripping with her juices and then licks his lips slowly. "Wow..." He says as he leans in and gives her vagina a very slow and gentle lick.

“Oh…” she squeals softly with delight, biting her lower lip as she feels his broad and warm tongue tickle her sensitive lips.

He smiles as her juices land on his tongue as he swirls it inside his muzzle. "You taste really good..." He replies and then leans back down and starts licking again.

“T-Thank you…” Fluttershy says softly as she begins to pant as his tongue tickles her folds, making her voice quiver softly. He grins as he looks up her body and makes eye contact with the normally timid mare and slides his tongue out and slides it slowly along her pussy lips. “O-Oh Mac…” she pants, looking down into his eyes, placing a hoof on his head, keeping him close between her legs.

He moans deeply as her hoof finds the back of his head and pins his muzzle to her love hole as he slides his tongue into her love tunnel, shivering as her warmth envelopes his tongue. Fluttershy lets out a semi-loud squeal of delight as his tongue begins to tickle inside her lips, making her bite her tongue to suppress the moan. Her body begins to shake softly as she feels like she’s going to explode while Mac was continuing to pleasure her between her legs. “M-Ma…” she says softly, but not loud enough for him to hear her gentle voice. He moans happily as his tongue is covered by her warm and sweet juices as he tickles the inside of her pussy and reaches down between his legs and strokes his cock that had some streams of his cum and pre from Fluttershy's earlier teasing. His tongue explores her wet lips and accidentally runs his tongue against her swollen clit and gently moves his head slightly upwards and softly nibbles on it, edging her closer and closer to orgasm.

“M-Ma… Mac…” she says in a slightly louder voice, but barely getting above a whisper as more of her juices drip onto his tongue, feeling the equally shy and gentle stallion edge her closer and closer to orgasm. He flicks his eyes up and blinks since her hoof had still had his muzzle pinned to her pussy, keeping his tongue busy with pleasuring the tiny and quiet mare. Unable to hold it back any longer from his tongue tickling her sensitive clit, Fluttershy lets out a squeal of delight as she lets a flow of her juices spray into Big Mac’s muzzle as she experiences her orgasm thanks to his amateur tongue work. Her mind goes into ecstasy and her voice immediately begins to quiver as she orgasms. Big Mac moans loudly as he gulps down her juices, making sure to try and not waste a single drop of her honey, knowing that she was thriving in pure ecstasy as he pulled his tongue from her pussy and breathes heavily as her scent fills the air. The shy mare pants heavily as she looks into the sky for several moments as she enjoys the afterglow of her orgasm before looking down at Big Mac, still between her legs. “O-Oops…” she blushes deeply, wanting to tell him when she was going to go over the edge, but wasn’t able to.

"Don't worry... Ah loved how ya tasted," He replies with a smile and then smiles down at her. "Wa-Wanna tr-try having sex?" He asks shyly, softly addressing his proposition as he moves his hoof away from his hard penis that was dripping with pre cum from his teasing and the taste of her juices..

’He wants to have sex… with me? I… I don’t know what to say. I… I mean, it’d be rude to say no, since nearly everypony else is… doing it and I… I’ve always wanted to… try it with another um… stallion…’ Fluttershy thinks to herself for a moment, looking into Big Mac’s eyes as he slowly overshadows her body. “S-Sure S-Sir Mcbiggun. W-We can do that… if… um… you want to that is…”

"Thank you m'lady," He says as he bows, as if he was bowing before Princess Celestia himself and then looks up at her with a deep blush on his face.

She blushes back as she silently looks back at him. “S-So, how um… do you want to… do it?”

"Hmm... maybe missionary?" He asks her softly as she raises himself from his bow and then walks up to her and helps her onto her hooves and smiles at her.

“M-Maybe or we could try um… where I look at you as you… thrust into me… like cowpony… I-If you want to that is…” Fluttershy suggests with a gentle giggle.

"That could work too..." He replies with a smile and kisses her lips softly.

Fluttershy gently kisses the stallion back, her wings becoming erect.

He smiles and then pulls away from the kiss, his blush still dark on his face. "Sh-Shall we?”

She nods and looks into his eyes. “Uh huh… W-Wanna lay back and I’ll lower myself onto… you?”

"E-Eeyep," He replies and rolls onto his back, tossing the large blade that was on his back behind him.

Fluttershy blushes as she eyes his massive length, making her body shiver softly and her mouth beginning to water. She nervously crawls towards him and gently lowers her flank onto his cock head, feeling it press against her pussy. “O-Oh my…”

He moans softly and bites his lip as she slowly lowers himself down onto his large penis, shivering deeply as she slides down his member.

The mare's breathing begins to quicken as more of his great sword enters her love hole, stretching her lips wider than any of the toys she had used before. “Mmmm…” He closes his eyes and then gives a little thrust up into her vagina, groaning happily. The shy mare lets out a soft groan as he thrusts inside her hole, nearing his wide medial ring, feeling Big Mac’s thick cock thrust into her. “O-Oh…” Mac moans happily and then reaches up with a hoof and rub her cheek with it. Fluttershy grins softly as she slowly moves her flank up and down on his cock, lubricating it with her honey.

She closes her eyes and leans in for another kiss on the lips with the handsome stallion warrior. He moans happily into her muzzle and closes his eyes to let the pleasure flow easier through his body. The Pegasus mare moans into the soft kiss with Big Mac as she moves her flank on his penis, his wide cock head rubbing against her slick walls. Small quivers escape her lips as she breaks the kiss, but her lips remain a few inches away from Mac’s as he feels her soft breath against his lips. As they have sex with each other, looking into each others' eyes and tasting each other's breath, Fluttershy's clit winks slowly each time Big Mac thrust into her, sending shivers down her spine. He pants happily as she rides him, loving how tight she was around him as he gives little thrusts into her. Small squeals of pleasure escape Fluttershy’s lips as her lips make contact with Big Mac’s horn again and she gently bobs her head on it, moaning as she sucks on the horn as the gently thrusts inside of her vagina make her leak more of her honey down his thick cock.

The Unicorn groans deeply and then bites his lip gently as a low groan escapes his throat. “Mmmm..."

The Pegasus moans deeply as her tongue travels along the horn’s ridges and shivers as she feels his hooves gently massage her flanks.

He moans loudly and quickly thrusts into her, feeling his cock flare, feeling the head rub against her tight walls, edging him closer towards his orgasm. With a few more deep thrusts and unable to hold his orgasm back any longer, his penis presses against her cervix and erupts with another large load of semen from his swollen testicles.

Fluttershy moans softly and closes her eyes as she feels Big Mac’s warm seed fill her as she has her orgasm simultaneously with him, feeling a combination of her marecum and his warm stallion seed travel down past his hanging, swollen testicles and onto the ground below. Suddenly, Big Mac's horn erupts with his magic, shooting a sweet tasting energy down her throat like when she had given him his blowjob from earlier. Her eyes suddenly shoot open as she feels the tingly liquid like substance enter her mouth and her throat, tasting like freshly picked apples, never having felt sensations like this before as she feels them travel through her body. He groans happily and shakes as he rides out his orgasm while filling her with his cum and magic.

After for what seems like an eternity, Fluttershy lifts her head from his horn, seeing some of his magic leak from his horn as she pants heavily from the two orgasms she received from her strong, silent warrior stallion.

"Fl-Fluttershy... th-that was amazing.”

“T-Thank you… B-Big Mac…” she says softly as she feels her chest move from her heavy breathing. “C-Can we try… something else?”

"Y-Yeah? What else do you wa-wanna try?”

“C-Can you… um… stick your horn inside m-me?” she asks with a deep blush.

"Y-Yeah... Ah could…"

"Th-Thank you..." she moans softly and slowly gets off of his penis and feels his cum leak from her vagina, she says nervously and gets off of Big Mac and rests her front hooves on Big Mac's large sword's handle and stands on her hind legs, spreading them slowly for him. She lifts her tail to the side to reveal her dripping and pink pussy, letting Big Mac see a small trail of his cum leaking from her lips. He gets slowly onto his hooves, swaying softly from the pleasure still flowing his body as his cock sways beneath him. “Ready?"

“Uh-Uh huh…” she nods softly, seeing his horn lined with her pussy.

He smiles and then slowly slides the length of his horn into her tight and dripping pussy lips, groaning from the warmth that was surrounding his sensitive horn.

“O-Oh… m-my…” Fluttershy moans as her eyes flutter softly from the horn slowly penetrating her vagina, already feeling a bit of his magic tingle her folds.

’I didn't think that ma magic wo-would re-respond like this... it's so g-good…’ Big Mac thinks as he slowly slides his horn in and out of her slowly.

The yellow Pegasus mare softly pants and the pleasure from Big Mac’s horn travel through her body. 'Oh… m-my… this feels so… good. I… never knew a horn inside of me would… feel so… tingly. I… wonder what happens if h-his horn… explodes inside me…’ she thinks to herself with a soft blush, feeling her wet lips wrap around the horn with a surprisingly strong grip, feeling each of the grooves run along her walls, sending shivers down her spine.

Big Mac shivers softly as the pleasure flows through his body, his magic tingling inside of her. As he pushes his horn inside of her, he takes a hoof and slowly strokes his hard cock, wanting another release from his member.

Fluttershy licks her lips as Big Mac thrusts his horn slowly in and out of her, feeling herself being edged closer and closer to her second orgasm..

’Ah can't be-believe Ah've never do-done this sooner... it fe-feels so good. Ma-Maybe Ah could inv-invite her here when we play again...’

’I… hope we can do this again… This is so… f-fun!’ the yellow mare thinks to herself, feeling her lips wrap even tighter around Big Mac’s horn, feeling it pulsate as her mare honey lubricates it for him to thrust more easily into her. Granted his horn wasn't as big, in both length and width, as his cock, the grooves and gentle pulses coming from Big Mac's horn made up for it.

"Cum for me…"

Fluttershy squeals softly and bites her lower lip hard as she squirts her marecum around his horn, sending shivers throughout her body. Big Mac moans deeply and the sudden orgasm from the timid mare causes his horn to glow brightly inside her and shoot his magic into her. As the horn inside of her erupts, her body shakes with delight as it sends her mind into overload from the pleasure suddenly coursing throughout her. For a few moments, the shy mare feels the strong magic pulsating throughout her body like a strong current of electricity, making her tongue hang out of her mouth from the extreme pleasure given to her by the magic’s strong sensation. The pleasure from the horn orgasm was so great on her body, she rests against the handle and pants heavily, trying to catch her breath.

The Unicorn slowly pulls his horn from her tight pussy walls and looks down at her with a smile creeping onto his face after his horn rides out her orgasm. Fluttershy continues to pant heavily and looks up at the sky, still recovering from the extreme pleasure. Figuring he had finished inside of her, the gentle and silent stallion continues to stroke himself with a hoof, panting softly before shooting a few thick strings onto the ground below him, landing near the puddle that was leaking between Fluttershy's legs. He lets out a sigh, grinning that he got release from both his member and horn, both of them proving to be pleasuring to both of them in one way or another.

"Feel good?” Mac asks softly.

A few soft moans escape her lips as she gently nods her head, being able to make small movements since Big Mac’s strong orgasm inside her left her nearly paralyzed from the extreme pleasure that rippled throughout her body.

He slowly wraps his hooves around Fluttershy and gently takes her to the ground with him and lest her rest to his side. He hears her coo softly as the mind numbing orgasm sends her into a well deserved sleep. He kisses her forehead and smiles. "Rest well, fair maiden…"

Fluttershy moans softly as she slowly falls asleep in Big Mac’s comforting grasp, still feeling small tingles throughout her body, wondering if that magic did, indeed, do anything to the inside of her body…

He smiles and rubs his hooves over her body to help her relax as sleep takes him over.

Chapter 4: A Lance and Usual Shenanigans

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“Hey, Discord… I’ve been wondering something for a while now…” Twilight asks the draconequus, feeling him rest his arms on top of her head as they watch her friends become encased with heat, one after another and continue to add to the already growing orgy that was happening in front of their eyes.

"What's that my dear Princess?" He asks as he smiles and slides a finger along her horn nonchalantly.

“Why didn’t you turn Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy into stallions? You did that for Rainbow and Pinkie, but why not the others?”

"Well they did join the game as NPC's and not players," Discord begins, his tail balancing an X ray scanner on it as he supports his chin with his two paws. "So that makes them free from the guys night rule," He finishes with a small smile as his growing cock begins pushing softly against Twilight's back.

The alicorn princess sighs with a roll of her eyes, beginning to feel his member poke at her backside. “Such a blunt excuse…”

He looks down slightly at the top of her head and grins. "But this game is still missing an enchanter, you know?" He asks as he lowers one of his paws down and idly strokes the length of her horn. "We need somepony who can enchant a player’s weapon..." He replies with a seductive voice, leaving the end open for Twilight to fill it in.

A long sigh escapes her lips as a small blush comes across her cheeks, becoming… somewhat entranced and turned on by the growing orgy her friends and the others were getting into. “Fine. Fine… I’ll join in. I’ll play along with this... roleplay game or whatever this is… However, you can stop poking me with your lance now.”

"Thank you Twilight, I'll be sure that your own 'weapons' don't go without an enchantment or two with me," He says and slithers around her and looks into her eyes with a smile on his face

“Sure thing Discord. Now, want to get comfortable in order for me to warm you up?” she asks softly, looking him back with her eyes.

"Oh so you want to start things off like your friend Rarity did?" He asks as he smiles and lies back, resting his back against the ground, his member sticking up in the air between his legs.

“It’s only appropriate right?” Twilight asks him, looking down his snake like body until her eyes focus in on his oddly shaped cock. It was roughly triangular in shape, having scales, arranged like a dragon’s skin, on the underside of it and jagged ridges on the either side of the length with a small head topping it all off. It was unique from what she had studied in the history of sex throughout various parts of Equestria. She just wondered how it would compare to a stallion’s member. “W-Wow… it looks… interesting Discord… I’ve never read or seen anything like it…” she says, leaning in closer towards the twitching length to examine it from all angles, making her mouth water from behind her lips.

"One of a kind Princess, I'm the only one of my kind, remember?" He asks with a smile and winks at her with a sly smile on his lips. "Now show me how skilled you must be.”

“Right, right…” she rolls her eyes, licking her lips as she observes his cock, wondering where to start. ’Celestia it looks so… odd, but delicious. I want, no, I NEED it in my mouth now… f-for science of course!’ she thinks to herself and leans forward, hesitantly placing her lips around the tip of his member before taking a few more inches of him into her mouth, gently bobbing her head on it, getting used to the flavor of it and smelling Discord’s surprisingly strong and intoxicating musk.

He moans softly as her tongue slides over his uniquely shaped cock, his body shivering as if he had his own 'Pinkie Sense’.

Twilight softly moans as her tongue runs along the jagged edges of his cock, sending shivers down her spine as they roll across her tongue. ’Mmmm… he tastes so good and… he feels so… unique. I love how it’s like this compared to a stallion. He has more edges for my tongue to roll over. Does that pleasure work both ways? I’ll have to make a note of it sometime.’ she thinks to herself as she bobs her head on his member, her tongue sending shivers down his spine.

He moans happily and reaches up with his hand and pushes her down onto his cock, filling her muzzle. "That fe-feels really good Twilight…"

She winks softly at him before feeling more of his member enter her muzzle, feeling his thin, pointed head push against her throat. As she continues to pleasure him, she takes a hoof to rub her pussy as her horn slowly glows and focuses her warm magic on his balls, starting to move them in a swirling pattern.

He groans happily and bites his lip gently as she bobs her head down his cock, her warm magic only adding to the pleasure.

Her magic gives a slight tug to his sack, adding some pleasurable pain to their love making.

’Didn’t know she could be this way... it's actually very sexy,’ He moans softly as she uses her magic to add slight pain into the pleasure. "I thi-think I'm ready for you.”

Twilight slowly lifts her lips from his oddly shaped cock before kissing his head. "Aww, but I haven't had enough of you yet. Besides, you have a treat to look forward to," she winks with a sly smile on her lips.

"Why do you say that?" He asks as he stands back up and looks down at her with a sly smile.

"I want to taste you Discord... All of you..." she replies in a sultry tone of voice, slowly licking her lips slowly with her tongue.

"Save that for later. Besides I'm sure you'll love it after we've had fun," He says and in a flash of his magic she was where he had been while he was lying between her rear legs, his warm breath teasing her wet lips. "This is turning you on huh?”

Twilight nods softly and bites her lower lip, feeling his warm breath teasing her glistening pussy. "Uh huh... I've been... meaning to experiment with other species besides stallions.”

He smirks and then his tongue slithers out like a snake and slides along the wet lips of her pussy. "First chance with another species, huh?”

"Uh huh..." she nods with a blush on her face, looking down at Discord.

Discord leans in closer and slides his tongue into her pussy, giving him a good taste of her juices. Twilight shutters softly as his snake like tongue enters her pussy lips, tasting her sweet honey. He smirks and then pulls his tongue from her pussy and licks his lips. "You taste like a tasty popsicle.”

“I-I do? W-What flavor?”

"Almost like... raspberries," He replies and then slithers his tongue back into her pussy, groaning happily. The alicorn moans deeply and her tongue hangs out from her mouth as Discord’s tongue slithers inside her sensitive wet lips. Discord smiles and then pulls his tongue free once again and licks his lips, winking at Twilight. She smiles down at him, having a deep blush come across her face, her body softly shaking with pleasure.

"I think it's time we get to business.”

“Y-Yeah… I think so too…” she nods, shivering as he gently kisses her now wet lips. “T-Time for me to… be an enchanter… for you?”

"Yes it is," He says as he uses his magic and lifts her into the air while angling himself toward her dripping pussy. "Ready Princess?”

Twilight nods with a deep blush on her face. “Mmhmm… T-Thrust your… lancer into me…”

He moans and then lowers her down slowly, spearing her pussy with his unique cock, feeling her tight vagina wrap around his long and hard shaft.

The Alicorn moans softly and raises her head slightly with her tongue still hanging out of her mouth, licking Discord’s nose softly. She takes some of her warm magic to massage his balls in a swirling motion.

"You're getting better with th-that magic... maybe you use it on yourself more th-than you tell others about," He replies with a smile and then kisses her lips as he thrusts into her slowly.

“Mmmhmm…” she groans into the deep and passion filled kiss. His gentle thrusting inside of her makes her magic move slightly faster on his cock and start to slowly vibrate around his balls, making them churn with his seed, not suspecting he’d blow his load inside of her pussy. ’I never knew he was such a charmer… and a good kisser. I’m sure this isn’t his… first time around. His cock feels so good… inside of me. Those edges really are… doing wonders for me…’ Twilight thinks to herself, feeling his odd looking cock rub against her walls, giving her more pleasure than what a stallion would pack.

Discord moans deeply as he thrusts inside her and shivers as her magic works along his balls, adding the the pleasure of fucking her pussy slowly. ’She's teasing me with her magic... maybe it's time I tease back,’ He thinks as he reaches toward her forelegs and lifts her a little to change the angle of his thrusts, feeling her clench hard around him.

Twilight pants softly as Discord slightly changes her position on him, feeling the thrusts become deeper and his balls slap harder against her wet vagina, still encased by her warm magic. He smirks and then lets out a low groan of pleasure as he kisses her neck softly and then uses his magic to tease her wings.

“Ooohhh… D-Discord. I-I think your lance is powerful… enough…” she pants softly as he kisses her neck, feeling his magic tease her wings. “T-There is no.. need to enchant it… further, right?”

"Nah..." He moans softly at first and then hilts inside her tight pussy. "I think my lance can become even more powerful. Just ke-keep enchanting Twilight, I know you want to," He moans deeply and then pulls her down on top of his hard cock, pushing it deeply inside her pussy.

“U-Uh huh…” she nods, looking behind her, seeing him continue to thrust inside of her wet lips, feeling his thin cock head poke her cervix. “I-I think I will… keep enchanting it until… then… Ahhh, fuck… s-so good.”

He moans and then pants softly as he pulls out of her pussy slowly and then slams back inside of her.

“Y-You’re so… good at this D-Discord… I-I take it you’ve… done this before?”

"Once or tw-twice Twilight... D-Damn, you’re so tight," He moans deeply and then leans in and kisses her lips

Twilight moans again into the kiss and slowly begins to move her hips on his cock, adding more pleasure for them, feeling his jagged cock rub against her wet and slick lips, making her leak more of her honey around his member as she slightly increases her magic around his balls, beginning to softly knead them while thin threads of magic begin stroking his cock faster than what his pace was inside her.

He moans and soon his thrusts begin becoming more erratic and his pre cum leaks into her with each firm and wild thrust.

“Y-You’re so… jagged, b-but so good inside m-me Discord!” she moans, feeling his quicker thrusts inside of her, sensing he was near his orgasm and that her magic was taking its toll on him. “O-Oh Celestia! H-Have you ever… imagined f-fucking me… ever?”

"So man-many times Princess... I'm even sure Lu-Luna's stayed cl-clear of my dreams because of how naughty they have been..." He groans and kisses her chest softly.

“I-I’m s-surprised y-you didn’t go and… take your prize then…” she moans softly, petting his head with her hoof as her pussy wraps tighter around his member as he kisses her soft and warm chest.

"What? I'm patient... ju-just had to wait... five seasons?" He asks softly and thrusts deeply into her pussy once more, hilting deep inside of her.

"What do you mean by... that?" She asks, feeling his cock hilt inside her pussy, his hips connecting to hers

Not responding, he chuckles softly and then kisses her neck softly.

"Oh fuck..." she moans, exposing her neck so Discord could kiss and lick it. He moans deeply and then pulls out of her and thrusts hard into her, roughly slapping his balls against her pussy. Twilight moves her head back and grinds her hips on his cock, letting her tight lips wrap around his member lovingly, like a constrictor hugging its prey. He groans and feels his penis leak with his pre cum and grinds into her, moving along with her so that the pleasure was amplified.

"Hmmm, you feel so... so good Discord..." Twilight groans, panting softly as she grinds her hips while riding his cock, letting it hit her pleasure points inside her.

"Tell me you're close..." He moans deeply and nibbles gently on her neck.

"Yeah... I'm... I'm close... I'm gonna... cum soon!

"Cu-Cum...!" He moans as his cock begins throbbing inside of her pussy.

Twilight quickly nods and grinds harder and faster against him as her pussy becomes tighter and tighter before she releases her mare honey around his member, causing her to let out a scream of pleasure. He groans loudly and then shoots his cum deeply into her tight pussy, his whole body shivering with delight. The Alicorn princess pants heavily as she feels his head poke at her cervix and begin to flood her womb with his warm potent seed. He moans happily and remains hilted, her magic forcing more of his hot cum deep inside her womb.

“Aaahhhh… E-Enchanting is at it’s maximum! I-It’s going to overflow! Aahhh!” She pants heavily as her magic tightens its grip on his balls and his cock, milking it for his cum.

"Ohhhh! It's so good!!!" Discord moans deeply as his cum leaks out of her pussy. "My lance feels so pow-powerful Twilight!! Gahh!!!" He moans happily and feels his body spasm from delight.

Twilight grinds herself against his cock, her mare honey mixing with his warm cum as it drips onto his crotch, making her cum harder. “S-Such a… huge and… powerful load. I-It will fill me to… t-the core…” She pants heavily as his cum continues to flood her womb.

He pants softly and then licks her neck slowly as he comes down from the intense orgasm that he had inside of her and floats up the X ray machine and holds it over her body. "You know what?”

“W-What Discord…?”

“I know you weren't really fond of this whole th-thing were you?" He asks softly with a smirk.

“W-What are… you talking about?” she asks with a lustful pant.

"Well I know you weren't a fan of this to be-begin with, so what do you think of it now?”

“I… I’m starting to… like it now…” she replies, a lustful smile coming across her lips.

"Really?" He asks with a smile and a lustful pant.

She nods. “Mmhmm…”

He smiles and feels his cock begin slowly softening inside of her. 'Wonder if she'll think this game is normal after this.’

“Can we finish this… weird roleplaying now? I don’t think I can do for more- Wait! W-What is that thing!?” she asks seeing an x-ray machine in his paw, holding it near them.

"Just something to see what's inside of you. Oh! Look what we have here," He replies with a giggle and a grin on his lips.

Her eyes grow wide as she sees the machine show her the colorful motion picture of Discord’s countless sperm swimming towards an egg inside of her womb appearing on the screen of the x-ray machine. “WHAT?!” she exclaims loudly. “But how?! That’s impossible! I’m not even in… heat! My ovary should’t be dropping an egg this time of the year!” Twilight’s heart begins to race, the thought of her being a mother so soon with Discord making her nervous and panic on the inside.

As Discord watches her freak out about what was being shown on the machine, he begins chuckling evilly. "Oh! Sorry dear but, that was a recording, here's what's really happened, no egg being attacked by sperm here," He says as he flips a switch and shows another colorful picture, this time, only consisting of Discord's member piercing Twilight's cervix and flooding her womb and pussy with his creamy, warm load, feeling some drip down his cock and onto his crotch.

“Why would you do that?! WHY!? You almost gave me a heart attack! I”m not ready to be a mother yet, you know!” she exclaims, breathing a sigh of relief, but still feels her heart racing from the near panic attack Discord nearly gave her.

"'Yet?' Oh... Does that mean you don't mind having a baby with me in the future, dear Twilight?" He asks with a sly smile and then leans in and licks her neck teasingly.

“DISCORD!” Twilight exclaims before letting out a soft moan as he licks her neck. “I-I hate you so much…”

"Duly noted... but I think it's time for another round, don't you?”

“H-How do you want it?” she asks softly, fluttering her eyes as she looks in his eyes.

"Doggy. Us. Now," He replies simply and moves them slowly into position, standing her on her weak forelegs as he remains inside her and begins slowly thrusting.

Twilight moans as his thrusting pushes her slightly forward, feeling his cock slide easily into her pussy, already slick with her honey and his cum.

He groans happily and slowly slides into her vagina, shivering from the feeling of her walls gripping his member tightly.

"Hmmm... this f-feels better than the last... position. Oh fuuuuck!" Twilight pants happily as her magic continues to massage his balls, gently pulling them to give him some pleasurable pain. Discord moans deeply, feeling his balls being played with by Twilight's warm magic, hilting inside of her as he shivers from the lasting orgasm. She groans, looking back at Discord with lust in her eyes, loving him fuck her pussy with his uniquely shaped cock, giving her pleasure in ways no stallion could ever reach.

He groans softly and then slowly pulls from her pussy and slides back into her and lets out a low groan. "You're really ti-tight Twilight... tighter than the first time…"

"T-Thank you. Hmm, yeah... I love this position with you…"

Discord pants deeply and then bites his bottom lip and then leans over her back and licks her horn slowly with his forked tongue and thrusts into her gently and then gives another hard thrust, making his balls slap against her wet vagina lips. Twilight groans and pants as his tongue runs along her horn. She leans her head back towards Discord's and plants her lips on his, kissing him while he thrusts into her. He moans into her lips and slips his tongue into her muzzle and slithers it down her throat, making her realize that sex with him was always going to be strange as he hilts inside her and his magic strokes and teases her horn. The alicorn pants into the kiss as his tongue tickles her throat, his member makes her body shiver from the thrusting and her horn leak sparks of magic from his own magic teasing it. The draconequus groans and then slowly pulls his tongue from her throat and slides it along her own tongue. His thrusting growing more erratic with each moment more.

’Hmmm fuck, he's so good at this. Was he saving his energy for me?’ Twilight moans to herself as she enjoys the pleasure being given to her by Discord.

"Feel good Princess? I'm sure lo-loving each and ev-every second of this..." He groans happily and pulls back from the deep kiss before slamming back into her.

"I... I am Discord! Hmm yeah you feel so good inside me!" She groans as he thrusts into her, feeling his balls slap against her pussy, making her clit wink with each thrust inside of her.

’She looks like she is really enjoying this... maybe I could actually do this more often...' He thinks as he slowly fucks her, making sure she felt each and every inch of his uniquely shaped cock and nearly pulls out of her pussy before slamming back into her pussy again.

"Fuuuuck! Oh yeah Discord! You love m-my tight pussy? Have you fantasized about it often?”

"Very often... so much so that I might've sneaked a peak in your shower..." He moans deeply and then pulls out quickly and slips himself back into her.

"I... I really hate you now... you know that?" She says sarcastically, sneaking in a kiss on his lips as her pussy becomes tighter around his cock.

"Noted... I ho-hope you're ready for m-my second load..." He groans deeply as the combination of her magic, the tightness of her pussy and her juices as he nears his next orgasm.

"I... I am! Give it to me Discord!" Twilight moans as she licks he bridge of his nose as she nears her orgasm as well, ready to explode.

He groans deeply and closes his eyes as he slams back into her vagina and lets out a deep and possessive growl as his cock throbs and shoots his cum deep inside her once again.

“Ahhhhh… I-I”m cumming!” The alicorn exclaims as she feels his cum coat the inside of her vagina walls and again spills into her womb, past her cervix as she releases more of her mare honey around his member, making her shiver softly as she cum around him. Her clit winks as she enjoys her orgasm and feels Discord pump her more of his warm cream into her body.

He groans happily and shivers as her pussy squeezing his member sends more pleasure through his body and he lies on top of her, his weight causing her to collapse onto the ground. She plops onto her belly with the cum filling her pussy and leaks out her lips slowly. He moans softly into her ear and hugs her close like he would with Fluttershy. "That... was ama-" He begins and his muzzle is shut by Twilight's magic.

"Amazing? I know," she grins slyly and listens to him breathe heavily into her ear, releasing his muzzle. "But, since I know how passionate you were with me, I know you want another round or two..."

"Sounds good to me," He replies and snaps his finger and his energy comes back instantly. He stands up like before and picks up Twilight, making her support her self with her front hooves as he moans and slowly pulls out of her pussy and pokes his cum coated cock against her tight tailhole. Twilight nods and lights her horn with a soft glow to bring the energy back into her body, being able to fully support her own weight. "D-Do it Discord. I know you want my ass..."

Discord nods softly as he pushes into her, shivering from how tight her hole felt. "Relax... don't want to hurt you..." He moans deeply into her ear and gives it a lick. She shutters softly as she feels his tongue tickle her ear, feeling his member slowly push inside her tight hole, her muscles wrapping around him. "Hmmm, yeah..."

He bares his teeth a little as he pulls her close, his cock barely managing to slip inside of her tight tailhole. "Ever pl-play with yourself here, Twilight?"

"S-Sometimes... but not often..."

"That's why yo-you feel so wonderfully tight..." He moans and manages with a few teasing thrusts to push a few more inches of his cock into her warm and impossibly tight hole.

Twilight lets out a low groan as his scale like cock, rubbing along her inner walls, loving he pleasure he was giving her

"Oh Twilight... I can't imagine how long I've dream-dreamed of something like this," He moans gently and then licks her ear again before turning his attention to her horn, coating it with his saliva once again.

"Haaaa, fuck... Oh yeah Discord... Oh..."

The god of chaos moans and slides his fingers along her belly as he gently and slowly slides into her, stopping when he finally managed to hilt inside her.

Twilight moans softly, licking her lips as he slides in and out of her. Her magic slowly slides down his body and wraps around his balls again, giving them a gentle squeeze, feeling them softly slap against her pussy. Discord moans deeply and starts slowly speeding up his thrusts inside of her tight tailhole, groaning as her magic teases his balls again. He groans and then starts to speed up the thrusting he was doing inside of her. His body quivering from the tight pleasure around his cock. The alicorn princess pants softly as his thrusting makes her tailhole clinch itself tightly around his jagged cock, the scales on it sending shivers down her pony body in a way no stallion cock could ever do.

"You fe-feel really good Twi-Twilight... better than any I've ha-had before," He groans, his cock starting to throb, not sure how much longer he'd last inside her tailhole.

"T-That's good to... know huh?" she asks softly with a soft chuckle, making her magic squeeze tighter around his sack, causing him some pleasurable pain. He winces slightly from her magic's grip of his balls, and then starts thrusting into her quickly, nearing his orgasm.

"Y-You gonna c-cum inside m-my tight ass Discord? Blow your seed inside me?" she asks in a seductive tone of voice, knowing he is liking this as much as she was.

He nods to her softly and pants heavily, his hot breath causing her to flick her ear gently, making her sense he was close to his next orgasm.

"Should I continue t-talking like this?" she asks, letting out a long, drawn out, lustful moan as her hole constricts tighter around his cock.

"Just like that," Discord groans loudly and hilts inside of her as his penis throbs hard inside her, leaking his pre cum inside her tight tailhole.

Twilight groans loudly and feels him bottom out inside of her with his balls slapping against her pussy. "C-Cum inside me Discord!"

He groans deeply and hugs her close as his member throbs once more inside of her and finally his cum shoots out and floods her tight hole.

The Alicorn princess lets out a loud groan and feels him flood her tailhole with his warm, creamy seed, sending her over the edge herself as she cums from her pussy again, squirting her honey on his balls, making a small puddle between her legs, her clit continuing to wink as she cums again from his orgasm.

As they cum together, Discord rests his full weight on her back which during her orgasm as the two fall onto the ground again. She quivers heavily as she feels Discord's full weight on top of her, enjoying his orgasm inside her tailhole. His own eyes close so that the pleasure could flow though his snake like body faster as his heart beats quickly inside of his body. He opens his eyes slowly and pants into Twilight's ear. "Th-Think we're do-done Twilight?"

"Well, if you're... up for a few more rounds... I am too..."

"Then pr-prepare yourself Twilight..." He groans and slowly starts thrusting back into her.

"B-Bring it on...!"


Discord lies beside Twilight as his cock lies just outside of her pussy, dripping with his cum and covered with her juices. "Amazed?" he asks after several passionate rounds of sex between the two of them.

"B-Beyond. Celestia, I... I never knew you had in you, Discord..." an exhausted Twilight pants heavily as she lies next to the equally exhausted draconequus, her holes stretched open and leaking of his seed.

He smiles and then kisses the tip of her horn and turns toward the reader and winks. "Now I th-think you all might be re-ready for the epilogue of this story."

"W-Who are you talking to?" Twilight asks softly, wondering who he was referring to.

"Nopony you'd know..." He replies with a smile and winks again toward the readers, snapping his fingers as the story goes to black.

Epilogue: All are Welcome

View Online

Earlier in the day, Twilight and her friends walked into Discord playing with Big Mac and Spike in Guy's Night, not expecting all of them to be getting along so well considering Discord being reluctant to join them before they left for Yakyakistan. But after Discord worked his magic and caused some shenanigans by first turning Pinkie and Rainbow into stallions which eventually lead to a domino effect which drew everypony, including Spike and Discord into the mix, causing a large roleplaying orgy. Fun times were had and bodily fluids were spilled everywhere. It would be safe to say that Big Mac, Spike and Discord himself enjoyed this Guy's Night. However, Guy's Nights in the future would never be the same for... obvious reasons...

Fluttershy and Big Mac slowly awaken and look around the room they were in. The two lock gazes with each other when their eyes meet and blush deeply. "H-Hi... did you um... enjoy what we... did?" Fluttershy asks the shy stallion.

"E-Eeyup..." Big Mac nods softly, kissing her cheek. "Ah did. Y-You were... amazing"

"Oh, um, thanks. I-I mean, you were good too. N-Not to take any credit... away from me or... anything," Fluttershy chuckles nervously.

Big Mac blushes at her compliment and plants a soft, but sweet kiss on her lips, not needing to say anything. This continues for several moments before Fluttershy slowly breaks the kiss and looks into his gorgeous eyes and says in her signature soft tone of voice, "Um... should we... wake them up?"

Still too shy to say a word to her, despite having enjoyed sex with her, Big Mac gently shrugs to her, loving the post sex moment they were enjoying together.

She smiles up at him and looks around at the room, still faintly smelling of sex as Fluttershy remembers what had happened sometime ago, her being with Big Mac, Applejack with Spike, Pinkie and Rainbow, turned into stallions, with Rarity and Twilight with Discord. As her thoughts clear they both hear a faint groan and Applejack lifts her head from the ground. "Howdy Flu-Fluttershy. Big brother," She says softly, not wanting to wake the sleeping Spike resting his head on her belly.

“H-Hiya sis…” Big Mac softly says to her younger sister. “How was Spike?”

"Surprisingly really good," She replies with a blush on her face as she looks down at Spike who cuddled up to her belly in his sleep. "And Fluttershy?”

“Well…” he looks at the equally shy mare and blushes a deep red, loving the session he had with her, his first mare in a while.

"Say no more. Ah catch ya drifts," She replies softly as she looks away and then nudges Spike with a hoof. "Wake up Spike.”

The small dragon wizard licks his lips softly and rubs his head. “Hmmm… is it morning… already?” he asks, still half asleep.

"Yeah, you feelin' ok Spike?" Applejack asks with a small smile.

“I… think so,” he replies, looking up to see her sparkling green eyes. “L-Last night was… amazing Applejack…” he blushes deeply as he talks to the mare he made love with.

"Yeah it was," She replies and then leans down and kisses his nose softly. "Love what we did?”

“I… I did. I loved feeling you… from the inside. Something I thought I was only going to dream about my whole life…”

"Don't ya worry Spike, Ah'm glad ya liked it," She replies. "Ah'm sure we'll be doin' this again."

"I... I"m sure we will too," Spike replies, already anxious for the next time he'd be with Applejack before Rainbow and Pinkie groan. "Looks like someponies wakin' up.” AJ says, seeing them slowly awake from their sleep.

Rainbow slowly lifts her upper body up as she rubs her head, groaning softly. “Ugh… What happened?” she asks, not fully realizing she was a mare again.

"You tell me darling," Rarity says as she sits up and rubs her head with the back of her hoof and looks between Rainbow and Pinkie who just jumped up onto her hooves as if nothing happened at all.

“Pinkie? Y-You feeling alright?” Rainbow asks the pink mare, wondering how she had her energy back so quickly.

"Yeah!" She says as she jumps into the air then in a flash seemed to appear on the chandelier in the room and then again back in her original spot. "Well I feel like Discord toyed with my naughty parts but other than that I feel great.”

“Easy for you to…” the cyan mare says before looking at herself in a nearby puddle of water. She examines herself and realizes she was a mare again. “Hey! I’m a mare again! Sweet! Though, I will admit, being a stallion was kinda fun really.”

"Yeah it was considering that we had large cocks and we gave Rarity the ride of her life!" Pinkie says as she appears behind Rarity and hugs her from behind, lifting the white mare off the ground.

“Yeah we did. You enjoy your ride with two beginner stallions, Rarity?”

"Well dearie..." Rarity says and struggles out of Pinkie's hug and brushes her coat off and feels that their magic cum was gone. "I really loved it. It was quite lovely.”

“Glad you enjoyed it. You wouldn’t mind us being stallions again and letting us have our way with you again, would you, if Discord allowed it again anyway?” Rainbow asks curiously.

"Of course not. As a mater of fact I'm looking forward to it," She replies and winks at Dash while Pinkie hops around and stops and stares down at Discord and Twilight who where sleeping together with Discord curled around Twilight, almost protectively.

“You are?” the cyan mare asks with a bit of a blush coming to her face.

"Somepony could say... once a mare's had a taste, she'll be craving it more and more," Rarity says and licks her lips slowly as Pinkie pokes Discord's forehead with her hoof to try and wake him up.

“Hmmm… no, no, the chocolate pancakes go over there, n-next to strawberry ice cream…” Discord mumbles in his sleep, waving Pinkie’s hoof away.

"Come on Discord! Wakey wakey eggs and bacon!" She says as she hops around the two sleeping friends of theirs while singing her makeshift song, her head bobbing to the beat of her own rhythm.

Twilight licks her lips and moans in her sleep. “T-The… muffins go with the blueberries…” she mumbles, something similar to Discord.

“What is she talking about?” Rainbow asks, turning to Applejack with a confused look on her face.

"Who knows Sugarcube. Maybe she’s havin’ some kinda sex dream or one of her organizing dreams.”

“Maybe. Knowing Twilight and her organizational skills…”

"Or maybe she's having a dream where she's running Sugarcube Corner and she's going overboard with giving directions and-" Pinkie begins but is stopped by Discord snapping his fingers and her muzzle seals shut.

“Jeez, does she ever stop talking, even for a moment?” Discord moans softly as he stretches his body from a much needed sleep. “She does realize the importance of beauty sleep, doesn’t she?”

"Sometimes I don't think she does," Rarity says gently and runs her hoof through her mane.

“Us creatures need our personal rest, even if it was after a long night of roleplaying which turned into an orgy pile, thanks to me,” he cackles before stretching his body like a soft candy, feeling his back crack as he wrings himself out. “Oh… much needed, if I do say so myself.”

Slowly Twilight raises her head and rubs her eyes slowly with her hoof and then looks around tiredly. "Wh-What happened?”

“Just an exciting roleplaying game that became fun for everypony involved, I’m sure you know that, right?” he replies, giving a wink at the reader.

"Um... ye-yea I guess so," She replies and looks around at her friends. "So... is everypony ok?”

“Yeah, I am, glad I’m a mare again… mostly,” Rainbow replies as everyone else says they're alright to Twilight.

"Mostly?" Twilight asks as she gets up and looks back at her flank, feeling pretty sore from last night.

The cyan pegasus chuckles nervously with a slight blush coming to her face, knowing she enjoy having a few rounds with Pinkie while making Rarity their plaything.

"Ookay then... does anypony else think that this Guy's Night was different?”

The mares nod their head in agreement before Rarity speaks up. “Darlings, do you think it’s time to… change the rules a bit when it comes to Guy’s/Girl’s Night?”

"Well I think that as long as it's only you girls," Discord says as he slithers and then floats in the air above them all. "I know the three of us won't argue with you.”

Spike and Big Mac shake their head, not minding another Guy's Night like the one they had experienced.

“True darling. But maybe, we safely says that guys would be welcome when the girls have a night out and vice versa, perhaps?” Rarity proposes to all present.

"All those who object?" Twilight asks with a smile on her face and looks around with a blush on her face.

No one raises their hoof, claw or paw to object the new proposal.

“Then it’s settled. All are welcome, no matter whose night it is,” Rarity officially declares.

"Well I don't know about you girls," Discord says, grinning widely. "But I think that we all could use a shower. One, large and hot shower," He says as he stretches his arms out and scoops up all of them into one giant hug.

“Maybe something potentially steamy?” Twilight asks in a sly tone of voice as Discord embraces her fully.

"Sounds good to me!" He says and turns toward the hallway and then in a flash of light they all teleport from the room where all the action happened to the nearby hallway. "Care to lead the way girls?"

"Sure, we don't mind, do we girls?" Twilight asks in a seductive tone, beginning to walk with her friends in front of the guys.

"No we don't Twilight, not at all..." Rainbow replies as each of them swivel their hips and tease the guys behind them, giving them brief glances of their love holes, anxious for another adventure through the steamy and misty waterfalls of the shower room that lie ahead of them, knowing that all were welcome, and future Girl's Sleepovers or a Guy's Nights would never be the same again.