Hearth's Warming Gleam

by Oldtakufanboy

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Going on a date with Gleaming Shield is perfect on a day like this

It's Hearth's Warming Eve, making it a perfect day for Gleaming Shield and I to go on a date down at a pub where we began to fall in love.

Hearth's Warming Gleam

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I stand outside the barracks, wearing a toasty warm jacket, a scarf around my neck and mittens for my hands. My name is Stan Bord; former mercenary on Earth, now a soldier in Equestria. It all began two years ago, after being badly wounded from a terrorist who wanted to blow up a building unless we pay him fifty-million dollars, as though he were kidnapping Chelsea Clinton. A few guys and I snuck into the building to attack the guy, but the guy got us first. With his pistol, shot John in the head and Boris in the leg, then the head. As for myself, I got hit in the leg, then got gazed on the arm. I got the man and shot him repeatedly. Victory felt great, but in the end, I passed out.

When I woke up, I was leaning against a wall with anthropomorphic pony guards surrounding me with spears pointed at me. With my still injured condition, I couldn't attack, so I surrendered and was dragged into a castle to the ruler of the land: Princess Celestia. When I arrived in the throne room, I sat down on the floor bleeding from my leg and my arm. As I looked up at her, I could tell that she wasn't evil, but fair. I felt as though she was going to spare my life, which she did. I was taken to a nearby hospital and was in there for two weeks, as they observed, studied, and healed me. Every once in a while, I talked with Celestia and told her about my life, as she told me about her world. Unlike Earth, Equestria is a whole lot peaceful, with a little bit of conflict here and there, but are always resolved with little of violence.

Whenever I was alone in that hospital, it felt as though my mercenary life came to an end and I have to find a new job in this world. I asked Celestia and she was kind enough to make me a soldier. I took the job when I was released from the hospital and became a soldier under the hooves of Gleaming Shield, who's my captain. I didn't see it coming, but the captain began to hang out with me than any other pony during my time here. It all started when I hung out at a pub that had descent music playing in the background and great cider that feels amazing every time I take a sip of it. She noticed me at the bar and sat beside me asking about my day and how Equestria is. We began to talk more and more about ourselves and funny things that happened between us when we were young. I then began to have feelings for her, but having with a unicorn is so wrong back on Earth, but Gleaming Shield and I have such a good chemistry that even the other soldiers think so.

Early this year, I told her about my feelings and that I wanted us to be more than just drinking/talking buddies. It was awkward at first, but she eventually told me that she too liked me. Since then, she has become what ponies call, a marefriend. She and I would go exploring around Canterlot and Ponyville, which is where her little sister lives, known as Twilight Sparkle aka Princess of Friendship. We got along perfectly and began messaging one another by mail.

Today is a special one; today Gleaming and I are going out on a Hearth's Warming Eve date. Unlike Earth, this is the time of the month where ponies alike celebrate the founding of Equestria. It's like Christmas in a way.

"Come on, Gleaming," I said to myself. "I don't want this day to waste."

After what felt like ten minutes of waiting out in the cold, Gleaming has finally come out of the barracks wearing a thick red sweater, a scarf around her neck, blue jeans, and black snow boots. The snow crunches, as she takes a step down the few stairs until she's right beside me with a happy smile.

"I'm ready, Stanley," she says with a giggle, as she wraps her arm around mine.

I smiled, as we got held hands and walked towards the town of Canterlot.

"What took you so long?" I ask, as the two of us walked away from the barracks.

"Sorry, that armor from earlier is difficult to take off and it takes me time to put on these toasty warm clothes."

"Even mare's take forever to put on clothes," I thought to myself.

"I'm so glad that we get a break today. We both needed it."

"True. That chase from yesterday was exhausting."

Yesterday, a stallion has stolen some bottles of cider and boy, could he run like the wind. I couldn't catch up to him, but he was eventually stopped by a soldier who just happened to be ahead of him during the time.

"So where does my captain like to go?" I ask, as Gleaming looks ahead towards Canterlot town.

"How about we go to our usual spot? I hear they got some games going on over there."

"Really? They do that on Hearth's Warming Eve?"

"Sure they do. Looks like you've missed some fun last year. They have beanbag tossing, cider pong, dancing. It'll be fun."

I couldn't say no to her; with those beautiful blue eyes and her fair blowing from the breeze makes me not want to say no at all.

"Then let's go, captain."

"Can you please just call me, Gleaming when we're out in public?"

"Okay then, Gleaming."

She smiles wide, as her tail swishes back and forth like a happy dog.

"Come on, Stan," she says, as she squeezes my hand and drags me towards the pub, "let's go! I wanna have some fun."

For the past few hours, Gleaming and I have been enjoying our time having fun down in the pub. There was live music, games, and drinking. I'm already on my second round, as Gleaming and I share a bowl of salad.

"How are you enjoying your time?" asked Gleaming, as I munch on some salad.

"Well," I said before swallowing, "I'm glad I came here with you. Why didn't anyone tell me that this place would be this much fun on Hearth's Warming Eve? Where I'm from, our holiday is different."

"Oh? What kind of holiday is it like back on Earth?"

"For you it's Hearth's Warming Eve, but for me, it's Christmas Eve."

"Christmas Eve?" she asks, as she levitates a piece of salad into her mouth.

"Many people back on Earth like this holiday because of the gifts you receive. For the kids, we tell them that they are from Santa, a big fat guy who goes around the world giving people presents. It's a very popular holiday and Hearth's Warming Eve is just like it."

"What else do you do on this holiday?" she asks, as she levitates my drink towards herself and takes a sip.

"Well. We get trees, put decorations on it and have cookies and milk out for Santa to drink. I'm not a kid anymore, but Santa isn't real."


"Sadly, Santa is not real and neither is the Krampus. Santa is just a character for kids to enjoy, but when I got older, I figured out that presents are coming from my parents. Every kid will learn the truth eventually. For some, not really. They will always believe in Santa."

"That sounds odd."

"Yeah, I know," I said, as I take a bite into another forkful of salad.

"Also, who is the Krampus?"

"Krampus is like the opposite of Santa," I said after swallowing, "Krampus is like an evil Santa. He is the one who will punish children who are bad on Christmas. I told my niece about him and she's been good ever since. If only she could see me now..."

Thinking about family pains me; I think they miss me, as much as I miss them. It's been two years and I haven't seen or heard from them. If only there was a way to let them know I'm okay.

I sulk a little, as I take another bite of my salad.

"What's wrong, Stan?" asks Gleaming, as she puts a hand on my shoulder. "Is there something bothering you?"

"It's nothing."

"Come on, Stan. Talk to me."

"... I miss my family."

"Oh... well..."

"I haven't seen them in two years and I miss them. I don't think they know I'm even alive."

"Don't say that," said Gleaming, as she pats on my shoulder hard. "You shouldn't feel so bad."

"Yeah," I said blandly.

I feel her soft hands touch my cheeks, making me face her. She brings her face close to mine and plants her lips softly against mine. She then pulls away from me and takes her hands off.

"Your family will love you. Even if you were dead, they will always love you. I love you too."

"I love you too, Gleaming. Where would I be without you?"

She takes a finger and pokes my nose.

"Boop," she says with a giggle.

I give out a chuckle, as I wrap my arm around her and held her in a loving embrace.

The day went by quickly, as night came. However, there was a problem: blizzard. The breeze hit us hard, making us nearly fly off the ground and sending us to OZ. We luckily make our way to an inn that has about little of ponies in there from the blizzard. We get a room and decided to stay the night until tomorrow.

I lie on the bed, Wearing my long-sleeved shirt, pants, and socks. On my left is Gleaming on her bed lying down in the covers against the pilots in her black bra, reading a small, yet old book.

"What're you reading?" I ask.

"It's called A Soldier of Hope."

"Sounds good," I said before giving out a yawn, "well, I'm going to get some sleep."

"Besides the weather, I had a good day, but yet, it seems somehow... feels like there should've been more. Don't you think?"

"Not really. I had a fun time over at the pub."

"True. What am I thinking?" she says with a giggle.

She closes her books and places it on the small table between our beds.

"Good night, Gleaming," I said, as I get off the bed to slide my body under the covers.

"Good night, Stan," she said, as she gives me an air kiss before turning around and lying snuggled in the bed.

I smiled before rolling onto my side and looking towards the closed window. The room became quiet, with the exception of the heavy wind blowing outside. I then began to get a chill over my body and began to cover myself up more tightly to the blankets. I couldn't help, but my teeth began to chatter.

"God Damn," I thought. "Too fucking cold. Even in this place. I wanna be near a fire."

"Are you cold?" asks Gleaming, making me turn around towards her.

"Y-yeah. I'm really cold."

"I'm a bit cold too."

"You're lucky to have fur. I don't have any."

"Well... would you like to... lay with me?"

There was a hint of nervousness in her voice. It was as though she wants me to be laying with her.

"Are you sure?"

"I am. If you're that cold, then I want to help."

"Okay then."

I slowly lean up and push the covers off of myself, making my way towards her bed. She moves aside, as I slide under the covers with her.

"So... what now?"

"You can cuddle with me."

My heart beats a bit quicker; never have we been in bed. Usually, we're always cuddling on the couch or sitting together at the pub, but this is the very first time we ever cuddled in bed.

I gulp, as I grab her arm, which is soft to the touch. I slowly slide it to her back and pull her closer to me, making her give out a small squeak.

"You okay?" I ask.

"Y-yeah. I am." she says, as a slight blush appears on her cheeks.

"You have really soft fur. It feels like this blanket I used to have when I was a kid."

"You really think so? My fur?"

"I like it. You have soft fur."

"C-can... I ask you something?"

"Go right ahead."

"What exactly... do couples... do in bed?"

Her face goes red as a cherry, making me wanna do the same from her asking that question.

"Well... they cuddle. They whisper sweet things into each other's ears and they would also-"

I get cut off, as Gleaming plants her lips hard against mine. My eyes lit up, but then went dreamy as I place a hand on her cheek and start pushing my lips against hers.

We push our heads back and gasped for air.

"I love you, Stan." said Gleaming. "I love you, a lot."

"I love you too, my Gleaming Shield."

She smiles before the two of us could go back to kissing. I could feel the warm air coming off of her nostrils, as it tickles my face. Our tongues began to explore one another, as they slide against one another.

We then pull away from one another, to get another breather.

"Would you like to go further?" I ask, as I lean up to take off my shirt.

As I toss it aside, Gleaming looks at my muscles, including the scar from that bullet I had from Earth.

"How did you get that scar on your arm?" she asks.

"I got it before I came here," I explained. "You see, there was a man taking hostages and I was to go in there and kill the guy before he could hurt anyone else. Two of my comrade were shot, while I got grazed and shot in the leg."

"Ick," she said with disgust.

"I passed out after shooting the guy. Next thing I knew, I'm here."

"Can I touch it?"

"Go right ahead, captain."

She leans up and brings her head close to get a good look at my scar.

"You poor baby," she said, as she takes a finger and slides it against my scar. "I'll make it better."

She puckers her lips and gives it a soft and gentle kiss. Then another and another.

"What are you doing?" I asked. "I'm not a little kid."

"I've been thinking a little about you missing your family, but I come to this... would you like to make a family?"

"Make? You mean..."

My eyes lit up, as Gleaming gives me a nod.

"Let's get married and have a child of our own."

"You want a child?"

"I love fillies and colts. Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a momma."

"Looks like you're gonna get your wish come true," I said, as I give her cheek a peck. "Let's make one."

She smiles, as her horn glows, giving out a dim light behind her bra. There was a click, as it slides down her fur and onto her lap. Her breasts are now exposed with little light blue nipples sticking out from her fur. I reach both hands out and gave them a light squeeze, making her moan. I massage them circularly before bringing my head down to give her right nipple a few licks of my tongue. She gives out a little squeak, before I go to the other.

"I love your tongue," she moans.

I take my tongue away from her nipple and towards her mouth for another kiss. Muffled moans filled the room, as I continue to play with her soft breasts. As we yet again, continue to feel our mouths, I can feel my member beginning to grow hard like a rock. I pull my head away and notice the bulge from under the covers.

"Looks like someone is rock hard," said Gleaming, as her horn glows to pull aside the covers to see the bulge from my pants. "You are ready, aren't you?"

"Anytime, Gleamy."

"Gleamy? Never heard that one before."

She smiles, as she takes her hands to unbuckle my pants before pulling them down until I was in my boxers. She tosses them aside before her horn glows yet again to pull down my boxer till my member became free from its silky prison. It stands tall and proud, making Gleaming lick her lips with anticipation.

"Bottoms up," she said, as she goes onto her fours and takes her lips to the tip for a kiss.

I feel a shiver down my spine, as she gives it a few more kisses before opening her mouth and hoping the head into her mouth. Her tongue swirls around the head clockwise, as I clench onto the bed sheets.

"Oh Gleamy," I said with a moan. "Your tongue feels... amazing."

I look down at her, as she slowly brings her head down the length and back up again. While doing so, she takes one of her hands and possibly is rubbing it against her covered up pussy. She looks up to me and gives me a wink before picking up the pace to make my shudder.

"G-Gleamy," I said in a trembling voice. "I-I'm about to c-cum."

She continues her pace until I couldn't hold it in any longer. I grab her head, as my cum shoots into her mouth. I release her, as my load was finished being squirted into her mouth. I lie back panting, as she sat on her knees in front of me opening her mouth to see how much I came into her mouth. She then swallows it before looking back down at me with a smile on her face.

"You came a lot," she said. "I hope you still have some energy left in you for round two, Stan."

"I'm ready whenever you are babe."

She giggles, as she takes her hands to her hips and slides her fingers into the strings of her black panties. She slowly slides them down her legs to reveal her leaking pussy, as it drenched with the desire for my cock. She slides it down her left leg and tosses it aside. As I lie back, she crawls up to me until she was above me, like a predator preparing to bite down onto the prey.

"Ready to make a baby?"

"I'm always ready to make a baby."

She giggles, as she reaches for my cock and slowly sits on it, making her give out a slow moan. Her tail brushes up against my legs, which is a sign that she is happy.

She slowly moves up, then back down again making the both of us moan.

"Your cock feels good," she said, as I brush off a part of her hair that was in her face.

"It's perfect for making our child."

She smiles before picking up the pace. Feeling her behind smack against my flesh feels amazing; never has a man like I ever felt anything like this. I take my hands and plant them on each cheek, making her stop her moving. I help her push down, making the sex feel ever so better. Her breathing comes more erratic with each pump. Sweat slowly slides down our bodies, making the cold of the room dissipate, as though the blizzard has come to an end.

"I (hah!) love you (hah!) Stan," she says, with each pump, as I grip a bit harder against her butt-cheeks.

"I love you too, Gleamy!"

"Say that (hah!) again!"


"Once more!"


"I love it!"

I then began to feel the buildup of cum coming, as I began doing the thrusting, making her breasts bounce along with her with light smacks.

"Here! I Gah!" I said, as I released my seed into her, with her pussy juices flowing down my hips.

She slides off of me, as the two of us breathed heavily. I look over to her, as she looks back at me with those beautiful blue eyes of hers. I grab her arm and pull her close to me until our body heat increased.

"Oh my gosh," said Gleaming, "we just had sex."

"Was it worth it?" I ask.

"It is. Thank you, Stan for making my Hearth's Warming Eve a perfect one."

"Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, Gleamy."

"Happy Christmas Eve to you, Stan."

The two of us hold tightly onto one another, as the two of us drifted off to sleep.