A Screwy Tickle Session


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Screwball finds her friends and asks them to tickle her.

Screwball, the daughter of Discord and Fluttershy, visits her friends, Dinky, Mothball, Lightning Dash, Thunder Dash, Apple Blossom, Cinnamon Stick, and Cinnamon Roll and asks them to tickle her.

This is a story based on Daughter of Discord by DisneyFanatic2364.

A Screwy Tickle Session

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Screwball was going for a walk and kept thinking what she wants to do with her friends. "I wonder what Mothball is up to today.", she thought. She knows her parents, Discord and Fluttershy are too busy to spend time with their daughter. "I know that my parents are too busy to spend time with me, I don't know if my other friends have other plans.", she thought again. "I guess I should check with my friends and see what they're doing. Maybe, I'll ask them to tickle me."

Screwball's friends, Dinky, Lightning Dash, Thunder Dash, Apple Blossom, Cinnamon Stick, and Cinnamon Roll were at the school of Ponyville waiting for Screwball to show up. "Hey, guys.", Mothball said as he flew to Screwball's friends at the Ponyville school.

"Hey, Mothball, what's going on?", Thunder Dash asked.

"Just coming to check on you all.", Mothball said. "So, why are you guys here if school isn't going on? And where's Screwball? She's usually with you guys, and it's Summer, nopony's normally here if they have Summer break."

"We're just waiting for Screwball to show up.", Dinky said. "She said she'll meet us here."

"Huh.", Mothball said as he raised an eyebrow. "Well, now that I'm here, perhaps I could join you all."

Then, all of a sudden, Screwball showed up. "Hey, guys.", she said. "What were you all talking about?"

"Mr. Moth-boy showed up and wondered where you were.", Lightning Dash said.

"Mothball?", Screwball asked.

"It's true.", Mothball said as he blushed. "So, what took you so long."

"Well, I want you guys to do something, but, it might weird you all out.", Screwball said shyly.

"Weird us out?", Apple Blossom said with confusion. "I'm sure we won't be weirded out if you tell us."

"I want... you guys... to tickle me.", Screwball said admitting it.

"Sure. Why not?", Mothball said as he beamed with that brilliant idea. "I mean, none of us has tickled you before, but, we'll give it try."

"But, there's six of us.", Lightning said. "Can we like take turns on tickling her, and how are we going to restrain her?"

"I say we duct-tape her hooves down and give everything we got.", Cinnamon Stick suggested.

"That could be an ok suggestion, Cinnamon Stick.", Screwball said. "But, how are you all going to keep me from using my powers?" Screwball was worried if she uses her powers during her tickle session, then it's going to fail.

"I have a mind power-dampener.", Mothball said.

"A mind power what now?", Cinnamon Roll asked.

"A mind power-dampener, like this one.", Mothball said again revealing the tool.

"What the.", Thunder said surprised. "Where did you get that?"

"I don't know.", Mothball said confused. "I found this at some store around the corner."

"Can we please stop talking and start restraining Screwy.", Dinky said. "We are burning daylight."

"She's right, we should totally get started.", Screwball suggested.

"But, where should we go?", Lightning asked. "The ground's rough to lay down on."

"Hold on.", Screwball said as she made a restraining board appear. "This should be alright. So, who's restraining me." Screwball can't choose whether who will restrain her for her first tickle session.

"I'll do it.", Lightning said. Screwball laid down on the board. Lightning placed Screwy's hooves on the restraining cuffs and locked them up. "Do you feel comfortable with that?", she asked.

"Yes I do.", Screwball said. She's not comfortable if the restraining board is on the wall, because she might fall off if she wants to get off. But, she is comfortable with it on the ground.

Mothball put the mind power-dampener on Screwy's head. "Alright, that should do it."

"So, which two of you wants to go first?", Screwball asked.

"Me and Cinnamon Roll will go first.", Cinnamon Stick said. "Thunder, wing out."

"Why?", Thunder asked. Cinnamon Stick and Cinnamon Roll plucked a feather from Thunder's wing. They both walked on the board. Cinnamon Stick stroked his feather on Screwball's belly and Cinnamon Roll stroked her feather on her left back hoof. Screwball started to giggle.

"Does this tickle?", Cinnamon Roll asked trying to tease her friend.

"Yehehehehes ihihihihit dohohohohoes.", Screwball said laughing.

The two cinnamon siblings stroked their feathers faster and faster. Screwball's laughter sky rocketed. The two cinnamon siblings weren't used to tickling their own best friend. They once tickled their mother, Applejack, Cinnamon stick would just hold her front hooves down with his front hooves and Cinnamon Roll would tickle her belly with her hooves. Spike helps out sometimes by holding her legs down so she would kick her own daughter.


"Tickle tickle tickle.", Cinnamon Roll said teasingly.

The cinnamon siblings stopped and backed away from the panting Screwball.

"All righty then.", Lightning said. "Now, it's our turn." She and her brother walked toward the restrained filly with grins on their faces. Thunder used his wings to tickle her sides and Lightning used her wings to tickle her hooves.


"You told us to tickle you.", Thunder said. "So we're doing it."

Thunder and Lightning aren't used using their wings to tickle ponies, they normally use their wings to fly when they're in flight school. If they get use it, this change their minds and maybe take their wing life to the next level. "Ha, wings for tickling.", Thunder said. "We should totally take this to the next level."


Lightning and Thunder stopped and walked off the restraining board. It was Dinky and Apple Blossom's turn, they both walked toward Screwball. Apple Blossom used her hooves to tickle her restrained friend's belly and Dinky revealed two brushes she has and used them to tickle Screwy's hooves.

Screwball turned into jello. "HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT THE BRUSHES!", she screamed.

"Coochie Coochie Coo.", Apple Blossom said as she tickled her belly.

Dinky normally uses her brushes to brush her mane, but, not using it to tickle ponies' hooves. She really hopes that they don't get ruined, if she goes slow. But, she's supposed to go fast because Screwball wants her to.

"DINKY GO FASTER!", Screwball screamed.

"This is faster.", Dinky said. "I don't want to ruin the brushes." Dinky's mother, Derpy bought her those brushes and she doesn't want her to ruin them. Because, if she ruins them, she's going to have to buy another two, they cost 15 bits.


Dinky and Apple Blossom stopped and walked away from Screwball. "Guess you're the last one here, Mothy.", Dinky said. "Give her your best shot."

Mothball walked over to her marefriend's body. "Sorry, Screwy. But, duty calls." He used his hooves to tickle her belly.


"Don't say I didn't warn you.", Mothball said. Mothball kept himself focused while he tickled Screwball. He never tickled anypony before, this was his first time. He stroked her belly up and down with one hoof. Then, he flew over to her hooves and stroke them with his wings. "Sorry, my wings don't feel great."


"Poor wittle Screwy, laughing her wittle heart out.", Mothball said teasingly as he tickled his own marefriend who is restrained.

Screwball feels wetness around her hooves. She completely wet herself. "I HAHAHAHAHAHA WEHEHEHEHEHET MYSEHEHEHEHELF!", Screwball screamed.

Mothball's hooves were starting to get tired, so he stopped and set Screwy's hooves free. Screwball was breathing heavily. Dinky revealed a towel she brought and wiped the sweat off of Screwy's body. "Did you have fun, Screwy?", she asked.

"Yes I did.", Screwball said as she breathed harder. "Thank you, guys. This is just what I wanted."

"Say, why don't we get some lunch?", Mothball asked.

They laughed and talked about their day before they went to the school house. The screwy tickle session lives on.