Apple Ticklish Feet


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Rarity visits Applejack and asks her if she can tickle her.

Rarity thought about Applejack and decides to visit her. And she asks Applejack if she can tickle her feet.

The Talk

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Rarity was doing her laundry and thought about her friend, Applejack. She hasn't been hanging out with her for the past few days, because she's been busy making other dresses. "Maybe I should take a break and hang out with one of my friends.", she said. She wants to do something that might include Applejack's feet. Applejack never had someone do something with her feet, even Rarity would like to do something with other people's feet.

She decided to take a walk to Applejack's place. She knocked on the door and Applejack opened it. "Hey, Applejack.", she said greeting the cowgirl. "You want to hang out."

Applejack smiled. "Sure.", she said. "Come on in." She grinned nervously, trying not to spoil her plan to Applejack before coming in the barn.

Rarity and walked in and sit on Applejack's couch. "So, how's your day going?", Rarity asked calmly.

"My day's fine.", Applejack said. "I've been doing chores this morning. How's yours?" Applejack is always doing chores around the farm, that way it's organized.

"I've been doing my laundry.", Rarity said. "And I thought about you." At this moment, Rarity is about to tell Applejack what she wants to do.

"That's nice.", Applejack said. "So, what are thinking about doing today." Applejack doesn't know what Rarity wants to do, If it's something stupid, she might wonder what she's getting herself into.

"Can I tickle you?", Rarity asked. "I've been thinking about doing that." Rarity was worried that Applejack would say "no" if she doesn't want to be tickled.

"Sure.", Applejack said. "Well, I've never been tickled by you before. There's got to be a way to restrain me, because I'm stronger than you." Applejack knows that she's the strongest, because she bucked a bunch of apple trees to get apples.

"That is a possibility." Rarity said. "How about we go out in a field where there's a lot of grass and trees, I'll have you lay down on your belly, I'll tie up your hands and legs and tickle your feet."

"I guess we can do that.", Applejack said. "You want to use my ropes?"

"Yes.", Rarity said. "Go get your rope and I'll meet you outside."

Applejack rushed down to her basement and grabbed her ropes. Then, she ran out of the barn and found Rarity. "I found my ropes.", she said.

"Why is there two?", Rarity asked. "I think one is for the hands and one for the feet, is that true?"

"Yeah.", Applejack said. "You ready to go to the field?"

"Absolutely.", Rarity said. She was excited, because this is her first time tickling a cowgirl like Applejack.

Feet Tickle Strike

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Rarity and Applejack found a place at the field for Applejack to lay her belly on. They are at a mountain where there's tons of grass, but not a lot of trees around; there were only three trees. There wasn't anybody around, it was quite. Rarity got her rope prepared. "Lay down on your belly, Applejack.", Rarity said.

Applejack got on her knees and laid down on her belly. Rarity grabbed both of Applejack's wrists and tied them up. Then, she took Applejack's shoes off, tied her legs together and unpeeled both socks off her feet to see the cowgirl's bare feet. "Are your feet sensitive, Applejack?", Rarity asked.

"Nah.", Applejack said. "My feet are fine." Her heart started beating fast. She took a few deep breaths.

"I'm going to stroke your foot to make sure if your foot really is ticklish.", Rarity said. She stroked Applejack's left foot with one finger.

Applejack giggled a little bit. Then, she spoke to Rarity before she could start

Rarity then placed all of her fingertips on the palms of Applejack's left foot preparing to tickle the farmer's feet. "You ready?", Rarity asked.

"Yes.", the bare-footed cowgirl said. Rarity wiggled her fingers around Applejack's foot. Applejack burst with laughter, she never felt a group of fingers move around on her foot. Rarity was so focused on keeping the cowgirl's foot ticklish.

"How does it feel, Applejack?", Rarity asked teasingly. She then now tickled Applejack's right foot with her other hand.

"HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE IT HEEHEEHEE FEELS HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE GOHOHOHOHOHOHOOD!", Applejack screamed. Apple Bloom tickled Applejack in the belly instead of her feet the first time she got tickled.

"Just laugh, Applejack. Just laugh.", Rarity said softly trying to make Applejack's laughter go on.

"HEEHEEHEEHEE OK RARITYHYHYHYHYHYHYHYHY!", Applejack said laughing hysterically. Her belly was numb from laying on it. Her belly was on the ground for so long, she could hardly balance on it.

"Now tickles on the toes, you know it feels good.", Rarity said teasingly. She stroked Applejack's big toe on her left foot with one finger.

"OH NO!", Applejack said. "DON'T YOU DARE!"

Rarity tickled Applejack's toes. Applejack never had her toes tickled before. She squirmed and wiggled around. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE NOT MY TOES!", she screamed.

Then, Rarity tickled Applejack's toes on her right foot. "Coochie Coochie coo!", she said teasingly.


Rarity decided to wrap it up, she tickled Applejack's palms of her feet for a few more minutes. After that, she stopped. She un-tied Applejack's legs and wrists and let her up. "Did you have fun?", Rarity asked.

"I sure did.", Applejack said. "Thanks for all of the fun, Rarity." They both hugged each other. Applejack put her shoes back on. Then, they both walked away from each other.

A Letter To Applejack

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Dear Applejack,

That was really fun tickling your feet, and I really hope we can do that again sometime. But, Summer's almost done and I have a lot of chores I need to do in my boutique. My parents are visiting my boutique in a few days and I need to polish it. Maybe, when Spring comes, we can do this again. I know you may be busy at Sweet Apple Acres, making apple meals and fizzy apple cider. And I need to visit Twilight at her castle to clean up all the rooms. Maybe, sometime when we want to hang out, you can try tickling my feet. My feet are more ticklish than anyone else's. Well, let's do that when none of are busy. I know our friends are a lot busy at other times. Hope I'll see you again soon.

Your friend, Rarity

P.S. Maybe someday we should do that to Pinkie Pie or Twilight.