Friday the Thirteenth:Camp Everfree

by NightmareTRXY32

First published

Everything has a version of itself in the pony and EQG universes, Even Camp Everfree. But this place's secret is much darker then its human counterpart. Here Gaia Everfree wasn't a driad, but a pony. A pony whose foal drowned at the lake.

Due to some Cunt that added my story to the "no" group, this story is now on Hiatus until the bitch that runs it responds back to my request to have it Removed from their group.

It's pathetic that some people just base their judgements of a story on the description , rather then actually READ IT and go from there.

[Warning: Contains my take on Friday the Thirteenth, and yes, there will be scenes of gore, sex, and slasher film type events] And dont forget...... This will be even split at times between the Ponyverse and the Equestria Girls universe.

Takes place after the Season 6 hiatus but wont contain any references to events prior to the Times are a Changeling, but will include a scene from 28 Pranks later. And i dont care what others say, i enjoyed that episode, its as close as we have gotten to seeing ZombPonies.

Everything has a duplicate between the pony and Equestria Girls universes. It turned out the Camp Friendship AJ and Rara went to as fillyfriends, went under a different name around 50 years ago. It was changed after a foal drowned in the lake while the camp attendants were off screwing around and not paying attention to the fillies and colts that had come to the camp after registering with the Filly Scouts.

A dark secret that spoke of a masked pony that would return to the camp if anypony disturbed its haunted grounds. A pony that also had a counterpart in the human world.

A place that was once called Camp Crsytal Lake.

Something that Sunset and her friends will find out for themselves....
And Twilight and hers will unfortunately discover while in the pony world....

Welcome to Camp Everfree!

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In the human world.

Everyone was so excited to get to Camp Everfree. Sunset and the girls had to go get Twilight before they missed the bus that was going to take them there. Apparently in class the other day, their match teacher Cranky Doodle couldn't wait for the next day either. They'd be out of his hair for a week or more, and he could go home to his wife Matilda, and just relax for once in his life. Out of all of his students, there were three girls that just got under his skin for some reason. Thank god they'd be at the camp with their sisters, he thought to himself as he got to his house.

Twilight's house.

"Come on Twi, wake up!", Sunset said as she knocked on the door. The others were close behind her, muttering to themselves about what they'd all do together once they got there. Sunset was about to knock again when the door creaked open. Spike had jumped up and pushed a chair next to the door in order to answer it if Twi wasn't able to get downstairs to answer it in a timely fashion. As soon as they were all through the door, he jumped up into Rarity's open arms for nice scratch behind the ears. He had no idea that his counterpart in the other universe had a crush on Rarity's pony counterpart, but he did get his own sense that he liked her for some odd reason over any of the other girls. As they all finished entering, Sunset turned and shut the door behind them afterwards.

"She's still asleep isn't she", Sunny asked Spike.

"Yes, and she's been having these horrible nightmares lately,", she could tell he sounded really worried with that last part. She wasnt dreaming about Midnight was she? Sunset thought to herself. Their friends had helped defeat her darker half at the Friendship Games. Or so they thought at least. To recap those events was something that Sunset didn't want to remember right now. She also remembered the feeling of wanting to touch one of the portals that had opened up, if only to be taken back home for the briefest moment, and feel the grass beneath her hooves, and the wind blowing through her mane. As much she loved being in this world, she was a pony trapped in a human body after all. The long she stayed here, the more home she had become. After the events here, she decided that after Camp Everfree it was time to return to Equestria and make amends for how she had hurt the one pony that cared for her like a mother.

She walked up the stairs to Twilight's bedroom, with the others trying to keep quiet as they followed behind her. Sunset opened the door and walked over to roust Twi from her sleep. It was easy said then done. She looked kind of peaceful the way she was sprawled out on her bed. Sunset softly smiled about it till she caught Rainbow Dash glaring daggers at her for it. She had forgetten that Dash and Twi had been dating since after the events of the Friendship Games. Apparently Dash was a loud snorer according to Twilight. They had just started talking about maybe getting a place to live together within the last two weeks.

Rainbow stopped glaring when she snapped herself out of it after Sunset came over and said she just thought it was cute the way Twi was sprawled out like that. Dash grinned sheepishly when she said that " Jumped the gun there didn't I?"

"It was an honest mistake to make," Sunset responded.

She didn't hold it against Rainbow for defending her girlfriend like that, Sunny would of done the same if she were in Dash's shoes. Of course her girlfriend probably would of busted down walls, let alone apple trees, if anyone looked at her in that way. Apparently neither of them had gotten around to telling their friends that her and Applejack were seeing each other. It was kind of awkward for both at first. It wasn't until Gym that Rarity found the two of them making out in the girls locker room at Canterlot High. She had entered the locker room after a tennis match to clean up when she heard odd sounds coming from one of the shower stalls. Each was a walk in with a door that locked from the inside in order to allow the girls their privacy. This one wasn't locked very well as she pushed it open to Sunny and AJ in the middle of the passionate kiss she'd ever seen another girl give someone. She also caught AJ glaring at her as stared at them gawking.

It was the 'turned around and dont fucking look back or tell anyone what ya saw' kind of look. And she didn't. At least not at the school. But AJ still found out that she had at least kept in their circle of friends. She wasn't as mad, but was still annoyed that Rarity had told Fluttershy. And apparently just Fluttershy, seeing that around that time, Pinkie had disappeared, and then shortly reappeared, and acted more aloof then usual.

Twilight woke from her dream to see all her friends standing in her bedroom, and to the pleasant sight of Rainbow Dash reaching her hand to her to help her get out of bed and get ready for the bus ride. The bus.. OH SHIT! she thought, today was the day that they all got together to make the bus to Camp Everfree. She grabbed a t-shirt Rainbow Dash handed her from the closet so as to get herself dressed. When she looked in the mirror to start undressing, she watched in horror as two black and purple sets of feathered wings extended from behind her, with an all too familiar face accompanying them.

"You'll never be rid of me Twilight," It hissed at her. Midnight Sparkle.

"But, We defeated you at the Friendship Games, how is this possible?!", she said under her breath.

"You didn't defeat me, you supressed me, that magic you stole from the others is from another world, another you that you've met now. And one that'll be instrumental in my return Twiligiht. You cant get rid of me in the sense your'e thinking of." Midnight wasn't just going to allow herself to be defeated that easily. She was up to something and Twilight was part of her plan. Imagine in the pony world if Twilight had used the Alicorn Amulet instead of Trixie, if she was faced with a situation so dire and that was the only to get out of it. Midnight Sparkle was forced to share the same body with the human Twilight, and that wasn't enough for her anymore. She required a body that was more powerful then that of a human, a body of an Alicorn.

And she had the perfect host in mind. The problem was getting there. Twilight felt a pair of hands start to shake her and turned to see Rainbow Dash standing over. That was when she realized she was lying on the bathroom floor. She had fallen asleep after those feathered Wings appeared. She also realized that Midnight was responsible. She couldn't affecting anything in the real world, but she could affect Twilight's dreams. It was something similar to Princess Luna's Dream Walking ability.

"Sorry i dozed off, " she said sheepishly.

"Eh, it's ok babe, let's just get ready before we miss that bus." Dash said as she turned around to let Twilight finishing changing clothes.

And with that she was dressed and ready to start the best time at camp they'd ever have. And experience something else there, something akin to a waking nightmare. Because Camp Everfree wasn't just a friendly place, it was a place mired in tragedy at one point in its history. Something had happened there about fifty years ago that no one has the courage to speak of, not even Principals Celestia and her sister Luna. They always been told not to venture from the Camp when it was dark out. Especially around midnight. It was said that something lurked in the lake, something that was not to be bothered at all.

They'd learn though. Sunset and her friends would come to hear that same tale when they got to camp after getting on the bus. Twilight and Dash sat together, while the rest of their friends were sitting in the seats in front and behind them. Lyra and Bon Bon were sitting in the seats parallel to them. Twi caught Bon Bon looking at Lyra kind of odd like as Lyra was reciting something with her eyes. Twilight's curiosity got the better of her as reached over and tapped Bon Bon on the shoulder.

"Hey Bon Bon, what is Lyra doing that for?", She asked. To which Bon Bon turned to whisper to her.

"She's convinced there's a creature at the school from some place called Equestria,", and as Bon Bon said this, Sunset picked up on it and started freaking out in her mind. How could that girl Lyra know about Equestria?!?, before calming herself down internally. Little did Twi, or Sunset know, was that the Lyra on the bus wasn't just an ordinary human, she was a pony like Sunset. She had been sneaking into the human world to study them for research back home. And it had all been permitted by Princess Celestia to gauge the progress and possible intent of the humans of this world. Humanity had existed in Equestria at one point but the entire race had disappeared around the time that Discord came to power.

Lyra looked up from her book for a moment and saw Twilight staring at her momentarily. She looked towards and saw SciTwi sitting with her. That was when it finally hit her. The one staring at her was "her" Twilight from Ponyville.

"Oh Hey Twilight,"Lyra said casually,"I didn't know you coming for a visit, i could have met you at your castle."Twilight's left eye twitched for a moment. How did she know about the Castle. That momentary silence was replaced with the epiphany that the girl sitting across from her and Twilight, was from Equestria, and not from the human world.

As if reading Sunset and Twilight's minds, Lyra switched places with Bon Bon so she could move closer to Twilight. "Celestia has me doing research here, she asked me to study the humans of this world and compare them to ones that used to exist back home." Lyra leaned over and hugged Twilight," When we get home we should get some hayburgers, catch up on old times."

In the back of Twilight's mind, she realized she liked that idea. It had been sometime since her and Lyra had hung out after Twilight had moved to Ponyville.

"I'd like that Lyra,", She said, hugging her back. Which for some reason drew a small bit of ire from Bon Bon. Twilight thought about it for a moment before it struck that maybe Bon Bon felt the same way about Lyra in this universe, that her ponyself felt about the mare back home.

It was later revealed that they were so chaotic, he was able to manipulate them into creating so much chaos, that they destroyed their entire race in a global war involving nuclear weapons. Twilight couldn't believe what she had just heard. She retreated back to her seat and turned to see a look of utter shock on Sunset's face.

But now was not the time to worry about that, this was the time to ready for all the fun that awaited them.

The 1st day of Camp Is to Die for..[Sunset POV]

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They always said the first day at camp was the most fun. They could of been more wrong, at least to me anyway. The girls and I went and helped get everyone lined up along the bus as we were greeted by the two main camp Counselors Gloriossa Daisy and her brother Tim, who took an immediate liking to Twilight, even though Flash was right next to her glaring daggers at him. This took Twilight by surprise. So i decided to fill her in when I got the chance.

"You know how you met your double from the pony world?", I asked her with the most innocent look I could get by with making. It wasn't hard for her to forget that there was another version of herself out there. And from I had over heard when they met, it had sounded like she wanted to switch places for a day to see what Equestria was like for herself. I didn't blame her, I planned on returning home permanantly after this whole trip to camp was over. I had to go, I was just so homesick these last few days, that I wasn't sure how much longer I could take it. I had even told Princess Twilight about how much it was hurting lately to just not slip through the portal when my friends werent looking just to run crying back into Celestia's hooves and ask forgiveness for how stupid I had been. It took me all these to realize that I was nowhere near ready to be a Princess, much less to rule an entire nation whose needs I had no idea how to sustain.

"Well, Flash has a thing for her, so he kind looks at you the way a brother or boyfriend looks when he thinks someone's moving in on his territory,"I explained to her as Princess Twilight walked up next to me. It didn't surprise me in the least. We had traded letters the other day in the journal.

The other day.

"It's ok Sunset, I know Celestia misses you with all the news I've shared with her. She was proud of you for standing up for my human Counterpart, and for taking the steps towards understanding the magic of friendship the way you have,", I knew her words were meant to comfort me, I just could shake the feelings I was having none the less. If everything went to plan, I'd be saying my goodbyes to my friends here in a week or two. That was if it went according to plan. Things tend to go crazy when Magic is involved.

Camp Everfree

Everyone was getting ready to circle around the middle of the camp for scary stories before being handed the directions to their cabins. Tim as the first to start it off.

" Have you ever heard the story of Gaia Everfree?", his words sounded sad and yet somewhat haunting with the way he had arranged them. Everyone around the campfire, even Twilight, huddled closer before nodding their heads to the side in the usual sign of no.

"Its said that she haunts these very woods, searching for lost campers to add to her collection of souls to devour,", I'm sure the last part was meant to be creepy, but telling from his posture, even he didn't fully believe the story he was telling us. That was when Rainbow Dash raised her hand and asked if she could tell one, to which Tim and Gloriossa both smiled and obliged her.

" Have you ever heard the story of the Man in the Lake?", I could feel a slight chill go done my spine, as did Twilight, when Dash started telling her ghost story. I looked around and noticed that out of everyone listening, Principal Celestia and her sister Luna's faces had lost all color. It wasn't Rainbow was half way into her story that Celestia got up and went over to her, placing a hand on Dash's shoulder before asking to stop for the night. Apparently it was getting dark out, so her and Gloriossa agreed that we needed to get our rest before starting up any camp activities tomorrow.

"Ive never seen them like that before,", i told Rainbow as we proceeded to our Cabins. I was sharing one with AJ, of course, and Twi and RD got one of their own. Pinkie ended up rooming with Fluttershy, and that Vinyl girl ended up with Octavia Melody, an aspiring cellist that I had the fortune to take music class with. Her mastery of the cello was enough to put us all to sleep. And I'm not saying that in a bad, it was so melodic and flawless that I could just fall asleep listening to it at night.

Sunset and AJ's Cabin

I swear if I had been an apple tree, the way she was thrusting her tongue in out from between my legs would of had the force to split me in half. Applejack was just so strong and yet so thoughtful when we were having sex together. I untied the braid in her ponytail and watched her golden blonde hair wash over her shoulder like a wave of glistening yellow silk. We were so lost in each others grip that a century could of passed and we would of barely noticed. I flipped her on her back and ripped off her boots and her panties, as i slid my fore fingers in and out of her pussy, listening to her moan in the process. She sounded like she was really enjoying too. That was when I pushed her legs apart and slid my tongue into her snatch and started to licking her back.

As the juices started to flow and we both went back to kissing each other passionately, I thought I had heard a noise coming from outside of the Cabin. I turned to AJ and could tell from the look on her face that she must of heard the same noise, almost like the crunching of leaves under a pair of work boots. I looked out the window in time to see something that should not of been possible. There was a man walking up out of the lake. It was like something out of a dream, more so a nightmare. He was walking as if he had a purpose, but looked like a corpse almost. It was hard to tell with the clothes he was wearing, but the best way to describe him was 6 feet tall, with coverall style pants, a tattered shirt, and some kind of overcoat/ surplus styled jacket on. What scared was that I could not see this guys face. He was wearing a hockey mask of all things. Applejack and I both put our clothes back on and snuck out of the Cabin without this guy noticing, and slipped over to Twilight and Rainbow's cabin.

Apparently they were entertaining each other when I softly tapped on the door and asked to come in. Rainbow was the one to look at us oddly as she opened the door to reveal us crouching on the ground next it.

"What are you..", She started to say before AJ clasped her hand over Dash's mouth and we all went inside.

"What was the rest of that story you started telling us before Celestia stopped you,", I asked her, constantly checking the window to make sure that creep wasn't trying to spy on us or anything. Rainbow began telling the rest of the story, at least what she remembered from her parents telling her. I started to get a sinking feeling as she continued on with it.

"All I know is that the camp changed its named like fifty years ago after a kid drowned in the lake,"she paused for a moment, as if the next part of it froze her in her tracks," but the freaky part is that he kept coming back everytime the camp counselors or teens were caught doing immoral things, like having sex without being married or some crap like that.", As she said this I looked out the window in time to see this guy walking right over to the cabin that housed Lyra and Bon Bon, and to watch him withdraw a machete from his belt!

"We need to GO!", I nearly yelled, sending Twilight tumbling for a moment.

"HE"S ABOUT TO KILL LYRA!" I shouted as I bolted out the door, catching his full attention, and everyone else's in the camp too. If this were any other situation I would of facepalmed myself. He pulled the machete all the way out and lumbered over to where we were, arching it above his head as he prepared to bring it down on me. I found myself being pulled to my feet by Applejack as we all ran towards where Pinkie and Fluttershy were standing. We all took off running towards the forest as we could hear screams echoing from behind us. I realized that we had just left all our class mates at the hands of that monster, who or whatever he was.

Applejack held me as I started to cry. All I could do at that moment was cry. We found an abandoned log cabin in the middle of the forest with two more run down cabins next to it, along with a 1956 Chevy Bel Air rotting and rusting next to it. We all hunkered down in the larger cabin until daybreak creeped over the forest a few hours later. During the summer the days were a bit shorter then normal. We decided to head back in the morning and access the damage to the camp, and to see if anyone else was alive to say the least. When we got back, the sight sickened me, there were bodies everywhere. The blood had already started soaking into the ground, turning it a deep crimson color. Luckily we did find some survivors.

Lyra and Bon Bon were ok, along with Vinyl, Octavia, Derpy, Trixie, and of course Flash. The dead were another matter. Celestia and Luna were found cleaved in two while trying to get back into their cabin. The same with Gloriossa and her brother Tim. He had bled out from multiple stab wounds, while her head had been taken clean off her shoulders. She had been decapitated, and I could tell that it was enough to make both Fluttershy and Twilight throw up right then and there.

We all realized that the bus wouldn't be back for another four or five days. We had to find a way to hold out till then. It wasn't going to be easy but we just had to. There was no way in hell that I was going to die here without letting Celestia know how much I missed her. And if I did die, so would my secret. A secret that no one, not even Princess Twilight knew. A secret that was mine as much as it was Celestia's.

You see I'm not just her former pupil, I'm also the daughter she kept hidden from the world.

From the Bowls of Hell

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As Sunset and her friends hid from the monster known commonly as Jason Vorhees, something else was stirring in the depths of hell. A figure watched from the darkness at the events unfolding, and silently reflected, looking for the oppurtunity to leave this place. He couldn't help but laugh to himself. Part of this was the work of his hand after all.

"The Children.. It was the Children that gave me my power.", He mused to himself. His control over ones dreams rivaled that of Princess Luna in Equestria. A thought that made him bite his lower lip for a moment. During the Friendship Games, the two worlds had merged briefly, bringing him into contact with her. He tried to cause what chaos he could when exposed the dreams of the ponies of Equestria, but he had never encountered one of her caliber before, it was something that he both relished and regretted, as did Luna, because he gained access to her worst fear and saw the events that brought about her transformation into Nightmare Moon. Something that he vowed he bring around again if he ever got the chance to enter that dimension again.

"He'll get all the blood, but I'll get the glory, and that fear is my ticket... home..", the figure spoke quietly as he disappeared back into the darkness. Sunset and her friends had no idea that their fear would give him so much power that he'd be able to break free and terrorize their dreams. This being was more malevolent then even Discord apparently. We have to keep going Sunset thought, their group had already traveled at least a mile since staying in those abandoned cabins last night. They still had another mile or two go before they even reached the outskirts of Canterlot. And even then they came across a curious sight. Sunset borrowed a pair of binoculars that Pinkie had packed for some reason and seeming pulled out of nowhere O_O.

As she looked ahead of the path they were following, she spotted three girls, and instantly realized who they were. What are they doing so far out this way she thought. And why is she with them. she thought. Sunset could feel the pit of her stomach rise up to her throat. If the person she thought about was really up ahead, what would happen when she and Applejack met, and how it be explained that Sunset had taken someone in when they were done and ended up falling in love with them. OR that she had just cheated on this person with Aj and not even bothered to tell Applejack that she wasn't technically dating her at all, she just something on the side.

As they got closer the three girls did in fact take notice of the group of girls that were approaching them. A teal skinned girl with a blue and turquoise ponytail took notice too of who was approaching them. Apparently they had talked behind the backs of the others that they'd seen one another soon, whether their com padres liked it or not.

"SHIMMY!", the Girl with the ponytail shouted at the top of her lungs. Sunset was kind of glad to see Sonata Dusk, even if she did feel AJ's glare penetrating the back of her head right now.

"Is.. that the Dazzlings?", Twilight asked. her question was answered soon enough as Sonata ran over to them like a gazelle and hugged Sunset tightly, before kissing her on the lips.

"Care to exlpain, Sunset,", Shimmer could see the anger building in AJ's voice, that was before Rarity walked over and put a hand on her shoulder, whispering something into her that surprised even the Farm girl.

"Agh! You can stop squeezing me Sonata,", Sunset could barely let out before Sonata released her from the Bear hug she had just received. She then went over and hugged Twilight, which was something Twi was not expecting at all. She patted her on the back before turning to the other two and asking them why they were so far out here.

"Adagio and I took up work on a farm near hear, and Sonata's been living with your friends Sunset since the Battle of the Bands fiasco. We only now just got in touch with her when she felt that something was way wrong, and come out here with no explanation," Aria glared at teal skinned siren for the longest time. Sunset took AJ aside to apologized for misleading her like she did. Applejack turned to her with a softer look in her eyes,"Think nothing of it Sunset, its not like we're not gonna still friends right?,", to which Sunset thanked her for the gesture.

Applejack really wasn't that mad at her, some people just lose track of whats important until its right back in front of them. She could that Sonata was in love with Sunset by the way she was clasping her arm. It kind of looked adorable when she thought of it. The trials to come would make them all bond more as friends anyway, if they survived that is. They had no ldea that Jason was right behind them, and that the next two nights would be harder to get through then the previous ones. The strangest thing happened though, a grey colored bus appeared out of nowhere, the driver wearing a tye die shirt and a white goatee, with a pair of red tinted irises.

That was strange Twi and Sunset both thought before approaching the door. To which Twilight dead panned when she saw who the driver was. Of all the things, events, or beings in the world to come here it had to be him, she groaned to herself.

"DISCORD!" She bellowed.

"Aww, not happy to see me Twilight?", he said as a smirk stretched across his face.

"What are you doing here?!?!", she griped loudly.

"If you must know, I'm here as courtesy because of Princess Luna,", he informed her.

"All aboard!, he shouted as a conductor's hat appeared on his head out of nowhere.

Down in hell, the shrouded figure watched the events unfolding before and shrugged. Jason had done his job for now, the being thought to himself. Time to have a little fun.... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The laughter echoed as he prepared his escape.

Freddy was coming home.....

Camp Friendship Goes to Tartarus

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Applejack had the fondest memories of Camp friendship from back when she was just a filly. She had always remindered herself and Rara n ot to stay out past dark. The counselors were always strict in that regard. they didnt want anypony goind missing like they had previously have happen several times in the past. They had recounted the story of a colt that had drowned there some fifty years ago. The colts mother blamed the camp attendants at the time, and went on a rampage killing a number of them. She was finally dealt with, but out of caution the Counselors opted to restrict access to the lake to certain hours, and only during the day time hours of operation.

She was going to have so much fun though there now. AJ had planned on meeting her friends there, along with Rara, in order to catch up on all the recent going ons in their lives. Apparently Rara had something to tell her as well. 'Oh boy I cant wait', she thought to herself. The letters they had been exchanging lately had started to change in nature. They were getting a bit more personal. Maybe Rara felt the same way Applejack did. She had been let down before. She had thought that Rainbow Dash might of been harboring feelings for her, but it turned into the most embarrassing moment ever when she found out that it was Twilight that held Rainbow's interest instead. She had felt like such a fool telling Dash something like that.

Rainbow kept it among their friends luckily, she told AJ she was flattered she had an interest in her. That still didn't help the feeling AJ had of having her rebuttal crushed like that. There were times she felt like the whole town was judging her now because of it. Even if they didnt know, it still felt like somepony had told them. It gave her the most unsettling feeling at times. As she was deep in thought over this, she didn't notice the feel of a pegasus wing draping over her shoulder. She snapped out of it in time to look into the eyes of Rainbow Dash. Was she dreaming right now?

She got her answer as Dash pressed her lips against AJ's in the most passionate kiss ever. What brought this on she wondered? She decided to ask her pegasus friend what prompted this. Sh also knew that Twilight was deeply in love with Rainbow Dash, so when she pulled that stunt with the farm pony, that nearly shattered her trust in the mare. Rainbow Dash certainly didnt want to lose Twilight, but the speedster wasn't sure how to go about apologizing without getting a book or two thrown at her.

"Whatcha doin' Dash?", Dash could see the curiosity in her eyes as she asked her this.

"Twi and I had a fight,"she dead panned. A fight? Those two never really got into lovers quarrels that AJ knew of. What could of caused it? she thought to herself. She'd have her answer sooner then she thought, as Rainbow could see her pondering that very question. AJ always got a certain glean in her eyes when she was thinking about things.

"Apparently she found out about how you really feel about me from Rarity,", wow, she thought, of all the ponies to betray her trust it had to be Rarity. Most had assumed that Twi already knew about what had taken place. Somepony hadn't bothered to tell her at all. It didn't matter as of this moment though. AJ tipped her stetson down a bit as Dash pulled her close and nuzzled her shoulder. If it turned out that Rara just wanted to be friends, that was fine. She already had a fallback ready. Her and Dash kissed one more time as the sun began to set. In another day they'd be relaxing at the camp and enjoying one another's company.

Regardless of what their friends thought. There was something about Rainbow Dash that would make AJ melt inside. She understood why Twilight had fallen in love with the pegasus. It was those magenta eyes of hers. She could lose herself in those eyes every night and not care about anything, just as long as she woke up to those eyes staring back at her, piercing her soul in a way.

"Thank you Rainbow, Fer staying the night,", what else could Applejack say. Oh hey Dash , by the way I love you? That was something that she wanted to say, but felt like it was rushing it right now. She wanted to make sure that Dash understood that at some point. Neither of them, nor Twilight, had any idea of what was transpiring in the human world. They would soon.

"It's no problem AJ, the closer I am to you, the safer we both are," Dash paused,"at least till we have to deal with Twilight in the morning," as much as it pained the farm pony, Dash was right, they'd still have to deal with Twilight in the morning. She just hoped their alicorn friend wouldn't hold it against either of them what happened tonight or in the past. Twilight was known to have a vengeful streak to her. It took her quite a long time to forgive Discord for what he did when siding with Tirek. She wasn't the most stable pony at times.

It was quite the surprise though for the both of them that Twilight wasn't mad at either of them. She was more mad at herself for not realizing it was her fault the fight between them had started and had taken her a bit to come to that observation. She couldn't look Dash in the eyes right now, she felt too bad about what had happened. She didn't want to admit it, but she was ashamed of herself. Bickering like that was something that was completely not befitting of a Princess of Equestria, especially the Princess of Friendship. She told them to hurry before their train left without them. Both Dash and Applejack could tell she was taking it alot easier then it really was.

"You two gonna lag back there?", she asked half jokingly.

"No!",Dash exclaimed.

Welcome to my World Bitch

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Sonata Dusk awoke to find she was no longer on the bus with Sunset, but now in a run down Boiler Room. She could see what looked to be dozens of newspaper clippings scattered all over the walls of the place. She also got the sense that she was being watched by something and it felt almost inhuman. She found that she couldn't wake herself, that it was like something was keeping her asleep and against her own will. She walked down what looked like a hallway leading out of the room that she was currently standing in and realized only now that she had come to a dead end. She turned around to come face to face with a horribly burned man, wearing a single glove adorned with razor-sharp blades.

His body was covered in burns and scars, at least she could tell this by the way his face and neck were horribly scarred by burns. The rest of his body was covered over by a tattered red and black sweater and torn black khaki pants. The sweater was of arm length, but that didn't stop Sonata from feeling unnerved by the whole sight. She tried to back away from him, but soon found herself up against a wall that appeared out of nowhere. If this was her mind, and he could affect her dreams, there was no telling what kind of hell he could make for her.

Apparently that wasnt his goal, not this time at least. From the look he was giving her, he had something special that he wanted her to pass on to the others that were with her. As he crept closer to Sonata, the smile on his face only seemed to widen. His claws clacked against the walls of her mind, almost like metal scratching against a barricade that only she had visualized.

She didn't want him so close to her. She could smell the rotten breath that was escaping his mouth. And he could tell this by the way she was looking at him now. He was used to this, he was after all a thing of nightmares. There had been a time where the children of Canterlot feared his name. The Police had covered up his death, attributing it to a freak accident in his basement.

It was anything but an accident, and he knew it. Before Sunset's arrival in the human world, her counterpart had gone missing several years ago. Her body was never found, but Freddy was accused of being the one that kidnapped her. Her leather jacket had been found in his van, and that was enough to arrest him according to the Police.

Freddy Krueger, that was his name Sonata realized. She was in the presence of a true monster. Thinking back to the Battle of the Bands, Sonata realized that she had never wanted to hurt anyone there at Canterlot High. Everything they had done was always Adagio's idea. It started to make the Siren believe that she could have stopped her own sister at any time. The only thing that had held her back was fear.

And it all clicked in her head. Even back then she could feel a presence, dark and sinister, feeding off of that negative energy. The presence that was right in front of her now.

"What's a matter?", he commented," The sun got your tongue?", and with that statement he held up Sunset's severed head, prompting Sonata to almost scream. What kind of sick games did he have planned? She was too scared to say anything, and he had just happened to take notice, opting to speak first.

She watched him let out a maniacal laugh. As he did so he placed his gloved hand over his chest, but not before stretching out his hand and pointing at Sonata, then drawing it back albeit with that wicked grin covering his face again.

"Ah, We'll get to that ,", he mused. she felt immobilized by a sudden onset of fear. A fear she hadn't felt since the Battle of the Bands, before her and Sunset had met again and grown close. And he could see it, or maybe even smell it if that were possible. What was it about him that filled her so much dread? She couldn't get away from it for some reason.

"Who are you, What do you want from me?", her response escaped her lips with a noticeable tremble. She didn't want to be this scared ever again, and yet this thing in front of her seemed to be soaking up her fear like a sponge.

"My name isn't important right now , Just the message,", his tone was as cold as the gaze coming from his eyes, so devoid of warmth and emotion. It was something she wasn't quite used to seeing reflected back. She could feel him lift her shirt as a he carved the message on to her back.

He did it in a manner that would kill her, but the scars would be with her for a very long time. She closed her eyes as he started to monolgue again, but something was different now. She could feel someone shaking her, like they were trying to get her to wake up. That was when she heard a familiar voice.

Sonata woke up screaming. She had been jostled awake by Sunset, who now had a worried look in her eyes. That look faded to relief as Sonata awoke and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend. She wanted to tell Sunset right away about her dream, before Discord turned to all of them and announced they were now getting close to the high school.


Back at Camp Everfree

Luna awoke to the sound of rustling and looked to see the monster that had butchered her sister lumbering off into the woods. No doubt looking for more survivors to murder. She had been lucky that the machete had made contact with the table and not her head. She made the choice to play dead in the off chance he fell for it, which he did. She could only look over to where Celestia was rested, and silently grieve for her sister. The machete had nearly cleaved the top half of Celestia's torso in half, leaving nothing but a bloody mess in it's place. Luna had to get back to the High school to warn someone of what had transpired at the camp. She wasn't even aware that Sunset and her friends had made it out alive. She prayed that if she made it back alive herself, she would hug that girl like there was no tomorrow.

She made sure that her noise output was low enough that hopefully that lumbering beast would not hear her crunching of the leaves beneath her feet just to come and kill her off like he had intended.