by Togashi

First published

Wanting to make herself a bit more desirable, Fluttershy enlists Zecora to help her become a bit more 'fluffy'

Tired of not having anypony in her life, Fluttershy decides enough is enough.

Rarity keeps telling her that stallions are only into 'fluffier' mares nowadays. So Flutters decides to enlist Zecora to floof up her assets, so to speak.

The process works a bit too well.

O....oh my, This is a bit much isn't it?

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Fluttershy blinked her eyes as the morning light streamed through the windowpanes, her orange and white bedspread still clutched up tight to her chin. Stretching out under the covers, she sighed, feeling like a whole new mare. She felt like she woke from a long sleep, her whole body relaxed and rejuvenated.

She thought back to only yesterday, as she secretly visited Zecora in her hidden hut in the woods. Fluttershy didn’t especially like being around the zebra, but she really had no choice. She simply couldn’t talk to Twilight about this. And nopony else could help her…

She had already tried everything at the Spa. Literally everything.

‘”Um, Miss Zecora? I have a question for you, if it’s not too much bother…” She had asked.

“Yes, of course, what brings you here, my tiny horse?”

“Well, I, that is, I wanted to ask if you could, um, make fur more…fluffy?” Fluttershy managed to mumble, her face starting to turn a bright shade of red.

Zecora had merely smiled. “Then may I ask, why exactly you need this task?”

Fluttershy bit her lip, looking away awkwardly. “Rarity says all the stallions are after…fluffier looking mares? I’m just so, um, well…” The mare babbled, looking down at her decidedly disappointing chest fluff.

Zecora chuckled at this a bit. “So to fix a pony so flat, you need something mixed inside my vat?” She spoke, motioning to come towards her cauldron. The zebra quietly took a few herbs and smashed them deftly in her pestle, combining them with a sweet smelling liquid from a jug. She finished quickly, offering a small bottle of sweet smelling liquid to the mare.

As the mare took the gift, Zecora’s face suddenly turned quite serious. “A word of warning to those that use this as a crutch, is that such a pony should not use too much!”

Fluttershy thanked the zebra profusely, even offering bits. Zecora would have none of it. She was more than happy to help her friend. Warning her that she would be leaving on a trip to restock her shelves, she wished the pony well.

‘Maybe Zecora isn’t so bad after all.’ Fluttershy had thought, happily headed home with her treasure.

That was yesterday, Flutters thought. Certainly it worked by now. Zecora said it would. She hoped she used enough. Zecora said to use it sparingly, but hopefully a quarter of the bottle would be enough to get some results?

Fluttershy grinned as she tensed her body under the comforter.

“This is going to be awesome!” She said to nopony in particular.

“You are going to look fabulous!” She said, using her best Rarity impression.

“I’m going to get all the stallions!”

“Who’s awesome, Fluttershy?” She shouted, tossing the covers aside. “You’re awes…OH MY GODS!”

Fluttershy felt faint. She stared at her chest, which more resembled some bizarre species of plant then a soft pony tummy. Her chest fluff had apparently violently expanded, in what can only be described as an atomic explosion on the follicular level.

“It….it can’t be that bad.” She startled babbling. “I’m sure it just will smooth right down…” She said, trying desperately to smooth the fluff down. She started sweating, her eyes going wide as she felt just how thick it was. It was as if a fluffy cat had burrowed into her chest fluff and made a home there. She couldn’t smooth it down at all. If anything, the more she hoofed at it, the more it sprang back up.

Angel had overheard the commotion, and now lay on the floor nearby, laughing his little powder-puff tail off.

“It’s….it’s not funny! Go get a brush! Please!”

The mare slid out of bed, finding her front hooves spread out uncomfortably by the fluff. She wobbled slightly as she tried to walk forward.

“How do ponies with fluffy chests even walk…” She murmured, deciding to just stand still until Angel came back. The white bunny came bounding into the room, a huge smirk still on his face. Fluttershy snatched the brush from his paw, violently attacking the floof.

It only took a few minutes for her to realize the futility.

“There’s just so much!” She said, starting to sob a bit. She sat down, finding that lowering her head only buried her muzzle in an ocean of yellow frizz. Her tears fell into the tangled mass, quickly being entangled in a jungle of pony fluff.

Fluttershy’s heads suddenly popped up. “Twilight! She can just magic this away! She has to!”

Walking for the door as fast as her fluffy chest would allow, she suddenly realized she couldn’t go outside with this thing on her chest. Opening the front closest, she draped an old green cloak over her, making sure to hike it up in front.

She decided it was better than nothing.


Slowly she walked over to Twilight’s hut, trying her hardest to choke back tears. She couldn’t even fly in her current state. Somepony would surely see her then. She concentrated on balancing her weight with the new added mass of fluff. Flutters found her front half to be strangely out of balance with the new addition. She had to be careful not to lean too far forward.

She felt absolutely horrible.

With thanks to Celestia, she neared the alicorn’s house. She didn’t even knock as she slid inside, eyes darting to make sure nopony saw her entering.

“Twilight!” She called out, clutching her cloak tightly around her chest. “Please be home Twilight!”

She sighed in relief as her friend poked her head around a shelf. “Fluttershy? Are you alright?”

“NO! Nothing is alright!” Flutters wailed, breaking into tears again.

“Settle down Fluttershy, it’s okay! Come here.” Twilight said, worry in her voice as she walked over and held her friend close.

‘Why is she wearing a cloak in this heat?’ Twilight wondered.

“I need help!” Fluttershy said, still sobbing slightly as she tried to compose herself. “I…I went to Zecora, because I wanted to look better, and she gave me a potion, and I took it, and, and….well this happened!” She said, suddenly flipping her cloak away. Her tuft of fluff sprang out of its cloth prison, bushing out underneath Twilight’s muzzle.

The alicorn’s eyes went wide, her mouth dropping open as she saw the fluffy chest. It was so close she could smell it, the slight hints of animals and Mane and Tail, assaulting her nostrils. Entranced, the mare lifted up a hoof. She had to touch it….

“Um…Twilight?” Fluttershy said quietly, watching the entranced pony reach closer.


And closer…

“Please don’t touch it…”

A little closer…

“Eeep!” Fluttershy squealed as her friend made contact, her purple hoof drowning in the cotton-soft hair. Twilight’s knees went weak as her hoof explored the fluff. It was like a thousand bunnies were softly massaging her hoof. Like petting a whole pet shop of puppies.

Twilight started to drool slightly.

“Twilight, please…could you um, could you stop please?” Fluttershy said softly.

She didn’t.

“Twilight!” Fluttershy said, finally finding her voice. She pulled away, clutching her cloak tightly as if defending herself from some vicious predator.

“Please! Can you fix it?”

Twilight blinked at her, seemingly coming to her senses.

“Fix what now?”

Fluttershy nearly had tears in her eyes again. She spread her cloak again, motioning towards her chest floof.


Twilight looked shocked. “Oh Fluttershy, you know I can’t mix magic with Zecora’s potions. And besides, I couldn’t ruin such a magnificent specimen!” The other mare started walking towards Flutters, slowly but surely.

“I need to document it! I’m going to get a camera…”

“N…NO!” Fluttershy cried out. Twilight turned back to her, reaching out a purple hoof.

“Let me run some…tests on it then.” Twilight said, her eyes absolutely predatory.

“Twi….” Flutters sobbed.

The alicorn reach out a hoof. “Just let me take a sample!”

Fluttershy panicked, swatting the hoof away. She ran in fright, darting out from the small library. ‘Why had her friend acted so oddly?’ She needed to find someone to fix this, and quickly. She tried to gather her thoughts, blinking tears away as she galloped into town. She tried to forget about her ‘condition’ as she struggled to trot through town.

Luckily the streets seemed mostly empty. Fluttershy couldn’t even imagine what would happen if she bumped into another pony. She was already nearly having a panic attack as she tried to keep her cloak tight around the offending bundle of fluff. Maybe she could make it to Rarity’s house before somepony saw her…

She didn’t even have time to curse her luck as Rainbow appeared in front of her, dropping out of the sky.

“Fluttershy! Where are you headed so fast?” The rainbow pony asked. She noted the strange attire Flutter was wearing. She also noticed the tears.

“Hey Flutters, are you alright? What’s wrong?”

Fluttershy’s eyes lit up as she saw the other mare. Rainbow would help her for sure!

“Oh Rainbow! You’ve got to help me! I got a potion from Zecora, and I tried to get Twilight to help me, and she was acting really weird, and….” Fluttershy started babbling, her words punctuated by the odd sob her and there.

“Hey, it’s okay! Just go slow. I’ll help you, okay?” Rainbow said calmly.

“Th…thanks. I just am so worried. I don’t know who to turn to now…” Fluttershy said, letting her friend hold her. Rainbow comforted her friend, reaching a hoof around her shoulders. She trailed down yellow shoulders, journeying towards the zenith of pony fluff.

The cyan mare’s eyes went wide when she felt it.

The holy grail of fluffy tum-tums was at her hooftips.

Fluttershy suddenly felt more…hug-able.

Rainbow held her closer, snaking a hoof around the cloak.

Jackpot. She found herself hoof-deep in the chest fluff equivalent of second base.

Fluttershy didn’t notice at first. She might not have noticed at all if it weren’t for the sudden silence.

“Um…Rainbow? Are you, um…” Fluttershy said, her face blushing.

“Hm? Oh!” Rainbow said, suddenly acting like she hadn’t noticed.

Fluttershy’s face made as much of a scowl as it could. She looked around her shoulder. The other mare had realized her transgression, but still her hoof burrowed deeply into the luxurious fluff. “You can stop anytime!”

Reluctantly, Rainbow withdrew, trying to compose herself. She felt suddenly hot all over looking at her friend.

“I’m sorry, Flutters. You’re just, well, I’m not sure how to put this?” Rainbow said, pacing around the pony.

Fluttershy backed away slowly from the mare. She suddenly felt like a piece of meat being observed through a butcher’s window.

“C’mon, that fluff is totally hot. We’re both thinking it, right?”

Fluttershy continued backing away, looking for exits. “Rainbow, you aren’t yourself!”

Rainbow just smirked, slowly advancing on her. “You can’t run around flaunting that fluffy tummy and expect everyone to just ignore it!”

Fluttershy fell on her rump as the pony encroached on her.

“Just let me touch it! Just be cool about it okay?” Rainbow reached out, getting closer to the outstretched tendrils of yellow fuzz. She reached out her muzzle. Tiny fibers tickled her snout . “Just let me smell it a little…”

Fluttershy cowered as the stronger mare bore down on her. She could feel her friend’s muzzle get closer…

Almost instinctively she remembered an old trick from when the two were younger. Reaching out, she grasped the other mare’s wing near the base. Rainbow reacted nearly immediately, moving towards the pain. Fluttershy used it, flipping her friend quickly on her side.

“Hey! No fair!” Rainbow yelled thrashing as she tried to right herself.

Fluttershy was gone however. Making extra care to cover her chest this time as she sped through the small town. She raced towards Rarity's house. She was the whole cause of this, after all. She had all kinds of beauty treatments. She could definitely fix this!

Eyes darting towards the sky looking for lecherous streaks of blue, Flutters made her way swiftly to Carousel Boutique. Still clutching her cloak around her, she knocked urgently. Nervously, she scanned the sky. Rainbow was so fast, there was no way she was far behind…

“The buck with this!” She said, opening the latch and letting herself in. The unicorn should be in anyways.

“Rarity!” Fluttershy shouted, urgently seeking help. Her voice quivered slightly as she called out. “Rarity! Please…”

The seamstress popped out from a back room, wearing her dressmaker apron. She removed her spectacles, neatly placing them in a side pocket. “Oh heavens! Fluttershy! You look terrible my dear! Are you alright?”

Rarity quickly trotted over, moving a small cushioned chair in front of the other mare. “Here, please sit down.”

Fluttershy sighed, thankful to finally encounter a friend that had retained her senses. She sat down, glad to be off her hooves. Her front hooves especially hurt something awful. How did other fluffier mares deal with this? It was horrible…

“Now dear, tell me what’s wrong! It’s alright. I just want to help you.” Rarity said softly, levitating another chair nearby, taking a seat for herself.

Fluttershy found herself trying hard not to burst into tears again. “Oh it’s awful Rarity! Do you remember our, um, our little talk about, you know?”

Rarity thought a moment before her face lit up. “Oh! Of course! Please tell me you didn’t take any drastic measures, Fluttershy. There are some things surgery just can’t fix!”

“NO! Of course not! I would never try anything like that…” Fluttershy said, her voice trailing off. She realized she essentially had resorted to it. Especially if this couldn’t be undone. She started crying again, holding a hoof up to cover her face.

“Rarity, I did do something. I feel just awful about it. I just wanted to meet someone! That’s all!”

“Hush dear! We’re not going to dwell on the past. I’m here to help you. Now please, you have to show me what you’re hiding under that cloak!” Rarity said, a sudden urgency in her voice.

Fluttershy just tried her best to choke back her tears. “O...okay.”

Her face flushing a deep crimson, the mare slowly removed the green cloth. Rarity’s eyes went wide as the first half of glorious fluff came into view. She was captivated, watching expectantly as Flutters removed the garment completely. The full glory of fluff took over the room, bathing the unicorn in the reflected yellow light of pegasi Elysium.

She started crying herself.

“Um…Rarity? Are you alright?”

Rarity blinked, trying to compose herself. “My dear Fluttershy. It’s more than alright. This is glorious.” She said, staring at the yellow mare.

“Don’t you think it’s, um, a bit much?”

Rarity felt insulted at the thought. “Don’t you dare say that! This is a gift, Fluttershy. A gift to ponykind!”

Blushing, Fluttershy felt like hiding herself again.

“Darling, we must let everpony see this glorious chest of fluff! To do anything else would be a crime!” Rarity said, bounding off her chair. Her horn glowed as she gathered multiple garments from nearby closets. “We simply have to find something to show it off. Something with a low neck!”

Fluttershy cried out as Rarity hoisted her into a black low slung dress. The midriff clutched her stomach tightly, forcing her fuzz into her muzzle. It floofed up even more than before, threatening to engulf the pegasi’s head.

“Rarity. I don’t think this is…”

“Hush dear! You look simply ravishing in this!” Rarity spoke, her voice growing more crazed by the moment. “It could be better, though…. OH!”

Fluttershy fought against her new garment, pushing her face through a forest of fluff. Her features now completely framed by her new chest. Rarity cackled like some madpony as she rotated various clothing items in front of her.

“It’s needs to be bigger though. Let’s see…” Rarity tossed aside a selection of clothing, before rotating a hidden trunk out of a closet. “Ohoho, I couldn’t possibly use these. Well, let’s see.”

Fluttershy squeaked as she felt a new garment being fitted on her. Rarity had found an old bustier she had used to try to highlight her own feminine ‘features’. It had looked ridiculous on her, but…

She lowered it onto the other mare’s neck, clearly violating the function of the garment. Adjusting it slightly, she rotated it upside down, forcing the fluff downward…

A few more adjustments, and Rarity stepped away, eyes gleaming.

“Sweet Celestia. Fluttershy, I believe we have created an entirely new look. No. Scratch that. We have created a new way of living for ponykind.”

Fluttershy couldn’t see the new revelation. She was too busy struggling to breathe.

Her fluff was now pointed out from her at a dangerous angle. Extending nearly a foot to her front, the pegasus no longer felt able to stand on her own. Propping herself against the couch, she struggled to hold herself upright against the huge weight of her chest.

“Fluttershy, I think we’ll need a whole new way of sizing fluff after you’ve hit the scene. God’s I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself!” Rarity said, walking around the now nearly immobile pony.

“Um, Rarity, I…I can’t move” Fluttershy mumbled through her fluff.

“Don’t worry about moving darling! When you look this fabulous, the ponies will come to you!” The unicorn said.

“Now we just need to think about how to recreate it.” Rarity said, glancing down at her own suddenly disappointingly flat chest. “Maybe make it…20% more fluffy?” The mare mused to herself.

Fluttershy’s eyes went wide. This was insane. She started to fight against the clothing, only to find it surprisingly well made.

“What are you doing, Fluttershy? You’ll surely get a stallion this way.” Rarity scoffed, attempting to readjust the bustier.

Fluttershy’s fuzzy tummy had other plans. Finally having enough of being directed by mere cotton and spandex, the yellow fur started a revolt of its own, popping seams and ripping fibers as it ruffled against its cloth prison. Rarity looked on with surprise as the garments ripped apart, the glorious yellow waterfall spilling over its confines and covering Fluttershy’s chest with its magnificence.

The destruction of her garments was forgotten as Rarity watched, awestruck, as the glorious cascade of fuzz broke free. She felt tears of joy stream down her muzzle.

Taking advantage of the situation, Fluttershy bolted for the door. A quick look to the sky searching for streaks of blue, she took off down a nearby alley. The mare sat for a moment, gathering her breath. She felt so utterly betrayed. None of her friends were acting like themselves. Zecora would be no help until she came back. Lost and alone, she started walking.

Without her cloak, she felt horribly naked. The breeze tickled her chest, gently blowing the spikey tufts as she trotted slowly through town. Composing herself, she took note of where she was. Only a few blocks to Sugarcube Corner…

But what would Pinkie do to help? She probably would want to throw a chest fluff party. But maybe she could hide out there a bit, until she figured out what to do?

The mare started walking faster, trying to avoid anypony as much as humanly possible. She was glad to finally reach the bright pink building, clutching the door handle and quickly popping inside.

Ms. Cake glanced up at her from the front counter, eyes immediately wide as she saw the full chest of fluff. “Fluttershy! What happened dear?!”

“Oh, Ms. Cake! It’s horrible! I took a potion from Zecora, and this happened! I don’t know what to do!” Fluttershy cried.

Ms. Cake quickly made her way over to the mare, holding her close. “It’s okay. It’s not that bad.” The teal pony glanced down at her chest. It was that bad. It was the biggest tuft of fluff the mare had ever seen. ‘How could she even walk,’ the older mare wondered.

Mr. Cake wondered in from the back room, wondering what the commotion was. His jaw dropped as he saw the amazing display in front of him. There was just so much of it. It spilled over his wife’s hoof as she held Fluttershy.

As if in tune with his thoughts, Ms. Cake glaned over at him, her eyes positively staring daggers through him.

“Dear. You’re staring.”

“Huh? What? Oh!” Mr. Cake shook his head side to side, feigning ignorance. “I just was worried for Fluttershy, that’s all. Poor pony looks close to tears!”

Ms. Cake rolled her eyes. He was staring at it again. She decided to give him a pass.

“I just want it gone!” Sobbed Flutters. She cradled her head in the older mare’s shoulder, tears streaking down her coat as the pony started sobbing again. Ms. Cake comforted her for a moment, thinking. Her face suddenly lit up as an idea came to her.

“Fluttershy, Pinkie headed over to Applejack’s farm. They have sheep over there, right? Maybe they could, um, shear you? It would certainly help things.”

Fluttershy perked up at the thought. It might work! It wouldn’t get rid of all the fluff, but it would tame it quite a bit.

“Ms. Cake, you’re a genius! I’m going over there right now!” The mare said, pulling away and heading for the door.

Ms. Cake grabbed her before she left. “Fluttershy! You don’t want to go out like *that* do you? Here…” the mare walked to a coathook, and pulled down one of Mr. Cake’s old raincoats. She bundled it tight around the yellow pony, making sure to hide her fuzz.

“Oh thank you so much! I’ll bo so glad when this is all over.” Flutters said softly, running out the door and out towards the edge of town.

Ms. Cake turned around and headed behind the counter again. She reached out and pushed Mr. Cake’s jaw into its normal position.

“You’re drooling, dear.” She commented

Mr. Cake wiped his muzzle, excusing himself into the back room. Ms. Cake only chuckled, shaking her head.


It was a easier to go to Applejacks’ farm then Fluttershy had originally thought. The further she got out of town, the less she felt worried she would run into somepony. As the houses gave way to rolling fields, she felt a lot more at ease.

Although she still was scanning the skies…

The mare felt a bit self-conscious as she arrived. Her chest fluff was on display for all to see. She had nothing to hide it any longer. She only hoped she ran into AJ first. If Big Mac saw this...who knew what he might do?

Suddenly feeling a wave of relief for the first time all day, Flutters saw both her friends milling around the barn, loading up a cart of apples. The look of shock on their face was embarrassing, to say the least. Pinkie nearly sprinted over, sticking her muzzle straight into the yellow fluff.

“Wowie! Fluttershy! You are looking good, girl!” Pinkie exclaimed, running a hoof experimentally over the fuzz. “It’s so thick, too!”

Her eyes were lit up as she inspected it closely, Fluttershy blushing uncomfortably. She could see Pinkie’s knees start to shake as the pony took in the whole experience.

“Pinkie! Can’t ya see ya’ll are making the poor dear uncomfortable! She’s darn near in tears!” Applejack shouted, pulling the pink mare off. Pinkie was visibly drooling, her eyes wavering as if she was in pure pony fluff bliss. “Sakes Pinkie, get a hold ah yerself!”

“You’ve got to help me, Applejack! I got something from Zecora to um, fluff things up a bit, and I woke up this morning and THIS was growing out of me!” Fluttershy couldn’t hold back anymore. The whole anxiety of the day came crashing down on her.

“I just want it gone!” She shouted, tears starting to streak down her muzzle.

Applejack was busy herself. Growing sick of holding back the struggling Pinkie, she hod opted to simply hog tie her instead. Bundling the four pink hooves together, Pinkie merely sat on her back now, eyes transfixed on the poof of pony perfection on Flutter’s chest.

“AJ! This isn’t fair! You’re gonna take all the fluff to yourself! I want some too!” Pinkie whined, struggling at her ropes.

Applejack just sighed, looking over at the other mare with a look of pure understanding.

“Applejack! You’re the first pony today that didn’t, um, well, want to touch it…” Fluttershy said, blushing crimson as she thought of the day’s events.

“Well, you ain’t the first pony ah’ve seen with a chest full of fluff. Used to have an Aunt, went by Honeycrisp ah think. She had a whole mound a' fluff coming out of her. Natural too, I think. She was an older mare the earliest ah remember her. Always hitting on the younger colts. Hit on Big Mac one time. If yah have that hanging around all time, ah guess ya’ll get over it? Was a mite disgusting, honestly.”

“I just want it gone, Applejack! It’s awful! I can’t even walk right!” Fluttershy pleaded.

“Sakes girl, no worries! We’ll take care ah that fluff of yours. It’s still just you under all that, after all. Let me get my clippers.” Aj said, smiling. Fluttershy sighed in relief.

“Applejack. Let’s be reasonable here.” Pinkie said, still fighting her bonds. “You can’t do this! This is bigger than Fluttershy! Like, a lot bigger! Look at it!”

Applejack simply ignored her, grabbing the shear from the barn. She clicked a small button, and it magically hummed to life.

“You, you can’t! They’ll never forgive you if you do this! This is like defacing the Pona Lisa or something!” Pinkie yelled, now worming her way over on the ground.

Applejack simply ignored her. She brought the clipper close to Fluttershy’s chest, the other mare gratefully sticking out her fluff.

The sight was too much for Pinkie. The sun catching the yellow fibers, the pronounced poof as the mare thrust out her chest...

She collapsed on the ground, knees turning to putty. Sighing, she realized this must be what heaven looked like. Nothing but clouds of yellow floofy fluff as far as the eye could see…

Applejack worked quickly, running the shear across Fluttershy’s chest. The magic implement made quick work of things, cutting the fur down to a normal height. Mounds of thick fuzz spilled onto the ground, Fluttershy audibly sighing as she felt the weight cut from her.

Pinkie suddenly found herself again, wailing as she rolled over towards the growing pile of yellow fluff. She worked her muzzle into it, eyes full of tears.

“It’s not too late! Call the hospital! Maybe they can reattach it!”

“Don’t make me muzzle ya’ll too!” Applejack said, concentrating on finishing her work. She cleaned up the edges, leaving Fluttershy looking more or less her normal self.

The mare took a few steps, overjoyed to find she could walk normally again. It was like getting the best manecut of her life. She finally felt normal again.

“Oh thank you!” Flutters said, hugging Applejack tight. “I felt so awful today.”

“It’s okay!” AJ replied, patting her back. “Weren’t no big deal at all! Ah hope ya’ll remember this though. Ya’ll are beautiful already, ya hear? Don’t need no fancy chest fluff to get noticed. Don’t want to end up an old spinster like Applecrisp!”

Fluttershy agreed with her, excusing herself to hurry home. She was absolutely exhausted. Any pony would be after the day she had. She thanked AJ again, before trotting back to her cottage. She couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for Pinkie though, who was still hog tied, weeping as she tried to collect the now sheared pile of yellow fluff on the ground, pushing it into a small pile with her muzzle.


Fluttershy blinked her eyes in the morning light. Clutching her bed spread to her chin, she stretched out under the covers. She still felt tired, even after a full night’s rest. She was still worried about how all her friends would react to her. Would they forget what happened yesterday?

Pushing the covers away, she wondered groggily into the bathroom. She glanced into the mirror.

“Fluffy…” She mumbled, heading over to shower.

She turned on the spigot, waiting for the hot water to kick on. Grabbing a glass, she poured herself a drink.

And promptly dropped the glass to the ground.

“Fl…fluffy!?” She cried, staring back at the pony in the mirror. If anything, it was worse today. A huge tuft of yellow pony tum-tum staring back at her in the mirror. The poor mare fainted straight away, collapsing on the floor.

Angel merely glanced in, making sure she was alright, before darting to the hallways closest, making sure the remaining half of Zecora’s potion was well hidden.

She looked better fluffy after all.