Would You Please

by RandomClopAccount

First published

Lyra inadvertently arranges for a night of passion with a strange stallion. He seems sweet, but is there more to him than meets the eye?

After a night of drunken revelry, Lyra discovered a note in her saddlebags asking for her to meet somepony at a hotel room. It was supposed to be simple; let the mare down easy and go back home to her marefriend Bon Bon. But the pony she thought was a mare turned out to be a stallion. It was supposed to be simple, but she felt compelled to go inside. Besides, nothing would come of it. Right?



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Lyra looked at the hotel room door in front of her with a sense of trepidation. She levitated a slip of paper in front of her and read it once more.

Ponyville Grand Hotel

Room 507 at 8

Would you please be there

She sighed. Honestly she didn’t know who had written the note nor even where it came from exactly. She just remembered finding it in her saddlebags in the morning after a night out with her marefriend and a couple of their friends.

Her best guess was that she talked to some mare when drunk and the mare got the wrong idea. It wasn’t necessarily the first time that it’d happened, but this would be the first since her relationship with Bon Bon started.

What surprised her the most was that she showed up at the hotel at all. She told Bon Bon that she was meeting an old friend from Canterlot and that she might be out most of the night. She didn’t know why she said it the way she did. She wasn’t planning on staying. She just came to let the mare down easy. Nothing more.

Sure, she could have just not shown up, but something compelled her to handle this in person. It was certainly better than just letting whoever was waiting for her waste time waiting for nothing.

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

After a few agonizing seconds of nothing happening, the door slowly opened. A pony stuck their head out of the small opening.

Lyra did her best not to let her shock register on her face. The pony on the other side of the threshold was not who she was expecting.

It was a stallion, not a mare.

He was an earth pony. Cream fur, brown mane, and blue eyes. He was as plain as could be.

He lit up when he saw Lyra.

“Oh it’s you,” he said with excitement. “Would you please come in. Oh and lock the door.”

He walked away from the door, not closing it nor opening it further.

Lyra raised a brow. She grabbed the handle with her magic and entered the room. She closed the door and felt compelled to lock it.
The room was nice. It wasn’t extravagant and it wasn’t plain. It was about as big as a one bedroom apartment. There was the living area that she was in now and past an opening to her right there was likely a bedroom.

Her eyes swept the room, but stopped on the stallion that was at its center. Now she knew why he didn’t open the door any further.

Between his legs was a massive, semi-hard cock.

He noticed her staring and smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I was just so excited I couldn’t help but get warmed up a little.” He wiggled his hips a bit and the large cock moved around. “It is pretty impressive I guess.”

Lyra just nodded. She was still in a state of shock. First of all, she apparently was so drunk she made arrangements with the opposite sex. Eww. Second, he was huge. At least she thought he was. She didn’t have anything in her memory to compare it to, but there was no way that that thing could fit in her.

In a mare. Definitely not her.

“So um,” the stallion started. “The bed’s this way.”

He turned and slipped into the bedroom before Lyra could react.

Lyra sat down and took a deep breath. This was going to be awkward, but she had to let the poor guy down.

“You coming?”

Lyra stood and moved into the bedroom. When she passed the through the entryway she abruptly stopped.

Sitting on the edge of the bed was the stallion, but that wasn’t what got her attention. What did was the stallion stroking his cock with a look of anticipation on his face.

Lyra’s mouth was hanging open as she took in the scene. His cock now stood up fully and she could now see how big it really was. And it was absolutely huge. If she thought his half-hard cock was too big for her then this monstrosity was just unbelievable. It was bigger than her freaking leg. She didn’t think stallions could even get that big.

The stallion cleared his throat and only then did Lyra realize that she had been staring. Their eyes met and he winked at her. Lyra just stared back at him. The stallion moved his eyes deliberately over her body and licked his lips.

This guy really wanted her.

Lyra closed her eyes and took a moment to collect herself. She talked up a stallion when she was drunk. That was different, but not wholly unbelievable. She then agreed to meet him for a one night stand. Definitely different, she must have been shit-faced to do that. Then she actually showed up and is now standing in a bedroom with the stallion jerking it right in front of her. She had to stop this now.

“Just stop!” she shouted. She opened her eyes to see the stallion’s reaction.

He had recoiled from her shout, the look of shock apparent, and was leaning back with his forelegs propping him up. Unfortunately this only showed off his stallionhood even more.

Lyra was red in the face. Both from angry annoyance and embarrassment at the huge thing that she felt was staring at her somehow.

The stallion tilted his head and raised a brow. “What’s wrong?”

Lyra sighed. “Look. I’m sure you’re a good guy, but there’s been a mistake.”

“A mistake?”

Lyra could swear that his cock bobbed with his words. She looked away.

“Yes, a mistake.” She turned back to look at the stallion, but was having trouble. The way he was leaning made it difficult to see him over his cock.

“Will you put that thing away!”

“No?” he said.

Lyra had enough. “Listen here. I was drunk and I made a mistake. I came here to let you down, but you keep distracting me!”

The stallion looked hurt. “Let me down?”

Lyra sighed. “Yes.”

“Oh,” said the now crestfallen stallion.

Lyra’s gaze softened. It wasn’t this stallion’s fault that things happened. It was hers. She got drunk and set things up with him and here she was shouting at him because he was waiting for what she promised.

“Hey,” she said.

The stallion sat up and met her eyes. At least she could now see him over his dick.

“What?” he said bitterly.

“I’m sorry,” she took a step forward. “Just because I’m not interested doesn’t mean that others wouldn’t be.”

The stallion rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that’s the story of my life. I finally find a mare that wants me, but I guess she was too drunk to really mean it. Just great.”

Lyra just stood there for a moment in thought. She perked up when an idea hit her.

“Hey,” she said with a smile. “You seem like a sweet guy and I know a few mares that are looking for a good stallion so maybe I can help you.”

He shook his head. “I don’t want any old mare. I want you.”

Lyra took a surprised step back.

The stallion looked her in the eye with determination. “I know you might not want to be with me, but I want you so badly. So would you please at least give me a magic job?”

Lyra blushed. “W-what?”

“Would you please at least give me a magic job,” he said. “You know, use your magic to stroke me off.”

Lyra wanted to say no, but she couldn’t. This stallion seemed nice and he was expecting some fun tonight. Not to mention his cock was still standing tall and proud. She could at least help him out, right?

Lyra sighed. “Fine.”

The stallion smiled as she stepped forward.

Lyra sat down in front of him. She couldn’t just perform a magic job from far away or without facing it. Attempting to without experience would be very painful for the poor stallion.

She took a deep breath and lit her horn. She reached out with her magic and a golden glow appeared around the base of his cock.

Lyra gulped.

The glow started at the base, but she commanded it to move up to the tip. The magic was warm to the touch and completely surrounded part of his cock with a constant, soft, pressure. The glow moved back down his cock and then back up again.

Lyra was completely red in the face. Here she was, a lesbian mare in a relationship, and she was stroking some stallion off in a hotel room. She tried to justify the situation by saying that she was just using her magic so it wasn’t like she was really cheating or pleasing a male herself. That justification didn’t help her.

She felt his cock throb in her magical grip and she was broken from her reverie. She looked up at the cock and noticed a clear liquid at the tip. His precum.

For some reason it was distracting her. She could probably wipe it off with her magic, but it was taking so much effort just to stroke him with it. It didn’t help that more was starting to leak out of his cocktip. What she did next was shocking and yet something she felt compelled to do.

She used her tongue to lick up his precum. It was bitter and salty, but Lyra actually liked the taste.

He groaned in pleasure at the act and bucked his hips. Lyra recoiled from the motion, but still managed to continue stroking his huge cock. Unfortunately for Lyra, more precum was starting to flow.

She narrowed her eyes and steeled herself. She leveled herself with the head of his cock before moving forward.

To the stallion’s surprise, and Lyra’s moreso, she took the head of his cock in her mouth. Her eyes shot open and her magic dissipated.

Lyra had a cock in her mouth. A cock. She didn’t even like stallions, but she had her mouth around the dick of a total stranger in a hotel. The whole situation was ridiculous.

The stallion groaned. “Don’t stop now.”

He bucked his hips, pushing more of his stallionhood into Lyra’s mouth.

Lyra was completely red-faced and frozen in place. The pre leaking from his tip kept coming and she was forced to suck it down. And she liked it.

There was something so wrong about what she was doing and yet a quick hoof to her crotch confirmed that she was being turned on.

The stallion bucked his hips again. He needed release and Lyra was depriving him of that. “Would you please keep going! Use your magic or keep using your mouth I don’t care, but please keep going!”

Lyra regained her composure and sucked on his cockhead. Screw it, she thought. She came this far, she might as well keep going.

She lit up her horn for a moment before silencing it. The magic was too impersonal, she concluded. She moved one of her forelegs up and grasped the base of the stallion’s cock in her fetlock.

She closed her eyes and started moving her foreleg up and down while she suckled on his tip. The stallion bucked his hips in approval. Lyra had started slow, still hesitant, but she soon increased the speed of her strokes and the strength of her sucking.

The stallion was thrusting up, trying to get deeper into her mouth, but she wouldn’t allow it. She only took in the first couple inches and refused any more.

She increased the intensity of her ministrations just before the stallion called out.

“I’m gonna cum!”

Lyra opened an eye and saw the look of pure ecstasy on the stallion’s face. She giggled to herself, proud that she could make him feel this way. It was her first cock afterall.

Lyra took one last powerful suck of his cockhead before pulling off it with a pop. She stroked and stroked his dick at a blinding speed as he bucked his hips. He thrust a few more times before his back arched and his cock erupted.

He shot a massive load in the air. Lyra looked up and swore that it could’ve touched the ceiling.

While Lyra was admiring it the cum came down and splattered all over her face. She recoiled and looked down. This only allowed the rest of the stallion’s cum to coat her mane. And coat it he did. As the torrent of cum subsided, Lyra stood up and charged to the bathroom.

She had some trouble finding it since she could only see out of one eye at the moment, but she managed. She flicked on the light and took a long look at herself in the mirror.

Drenched was the word for just how covered she was in stallion cum. She now finally realized why she could only see out of one eye. Her right eye was closed and completely covered with cum. The thick, sticky liquid flowed slowly down her face and mane and she could even feel some on the back of her neck. It felt weird to say the least.

She wiped off the glob of cum covering her right eye and held it in her hoof. She wouldn’t risk opening her eye right now, she could still feel that a lot was still there, so she had to examine the glob with only one eye.

Like before she felt compelled to do what she did next. She flicked out her tongue and gave it a testing lick. It tasted similar to the precum, but much thicker and more concentrated. She felt compelled to lick her hoof clean of it. A part of her regretted not letting him cum in her mouth.

She slipped into the shower and turned the water on. After making sure the water was warm enough she started cleaning the cum off of her body.

It was there in the shower that everything finally caught up to her.

She actually came to a hotel to meet somepony she didn’t remember and then pleasured them despite being in a committed relationship. And to top it all off it was a stallion. She didn’t even like stallions… right?

She thought back to the incident and the stallion’s massive cock. She actually started to feel her mouth water. There was something about his cock that was hypnotic.

“Enjoying yourself, I see.”

Lyra’s eyes widened and she looked back to see the stallion in the shower with her. He wasn’t quite looking at her, but between her legs. It was then Lyra noticed that her hoof was at her crotch. She blushed. She was getting off on the thought of a cock.

She felt a little disgusted.

She removed her hoof from her pussy and went back to using both hooves to clean herself. All the while she could still feel the stallion’s eyes on her crotch.

Things got worse when she felt him mount her. She looked down and saw his large cock bobbing under her. He moved back and she saw and felt it drag against her stomach and lower lips. She let out a moan. The stallion smirked and pressed the head of his cock against her entrance. He pushed forward and started to part her lips.

But before he could drive it home, Lyra knocked him off.

“STOP!” Lyra shouted as she darted out of the bathroom. She levitated a towel behind her and disappeared into the front room.

The stallion stayed in the shower for a moment in order to recover from her violent refusal before following after her.

He saw Lyra drying herself off as fast as possible with the towel. His eyes lingered on her exposed crotch before he spoke.

“What’s wrong?”

She shot a look at him. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?!”

She turned around and marched up to him. They were nose to nose when she started speaking again.

“I have a marefriend! I’m not some whore! And oh yeah, I’M GAY! And yet here I am drying off in a hotel room with a stallion, whose name I don’t even know, after having jerked him off! That’s what’s wrong!” Lyra was panting after her tirade.

The stallion stepped back and just blinked, still a little in shock over her outburst. He shook his head to regain composure and smiled at Lyra

“Delta Script.”

Lyra raised a brow. “Huh?”

“My name,” he said with a smile. “Just call me Script.”

Lyra shook her head. “Fine, whatever. Script, this didn’t happen. Period. I never saw you, you never saw me. This never happened. Got it?”


Lyra bared her teeth. “Listen here-”

“No!” he shouted.

Lyra stepped back.

“What just happened was amazing. You are amazing. And it wasn’t enough, I want more of you.”

Lyra blushed.

“Would you please come here again tomorrow,” he pleaded. “Maybe you could suck me off then at least.”

Lyra looked away. “I’ll think about it.”

And with that she quickly exited the hotel room.

Lyra found herself in front of the hotel room door the following night. She felt compelled to return, as if a spell had been cast upon her. All day her thoughts were on the stallion, his cock, and his surprisingly enjoyable cum.

She knocked and he quickly answered. This time he opened the door fully; his cock unfortunately sheathed. She frowned at this.

“Would you please come in?”

He was such a gentlecolt.

Lyra slipped inside and quickly shut the door, making sure to lock it.

She looked at the stallion with a frown. “You’re decent tonight.”

He looked confused for a moment before it dawned on him. He looked between his legs and smiled.

“Yeah, I guess I just had a feeling that you’d actually come this time,” he said. He looked her in the eye. “I wasn’t really sure last time.”

She turned away abruptly and stepped into the bedroom. “Just sit on the bed and let’s get started.”

Script smiled widely and zipped after her. Lyra patted the edge of the bed and he sat up on it.

Lyra decided to get right to work.

She started by rubbing his sheath with her hoof at a slow, sensual pace. It didn’t take long for his cock to slowly slip out and start growing. She moved her hoof from his sheath and to his cock while continuing her stroking.

She kept her eyes on his the entire time, but out of curiosity she looked down. She could see his large balls settling on the bed. She didn’t pay much attention to them last time, but now she couldn’t help it. She reached up with her other hoof and held one of them. It was so big that she could barely fit it on her hoof and there was a definite weight to it. She started to massage his balls with her hoof as she was stroking his ever growing cock.

She just couldn’t look away from those two orbs. It was then that a thought popped into her head. She flicked out her tongue and gave them a testing lick. She then proceeded to kiss them and lick them more and more. She stopped and steeled herself for what she planned to do next. It wasn’t like it was a big step forward given all that she had done so far, but she felt that this was the next milestone for her.

She took one of his balls in her mouth.

It was so large that it could barely fit. She sucked on it lovingly, enjoying the thought that soon she would coax out its payload. Satisfied with the attention she had given it she switched over to the other neglected orb.

Script was moving his hoof through her mane and moaning softly. His cock was now at full mast and he couldn’t see her fully anymore with it obstructing his view.

“That feels nice, but would you please suck my cock,” he asked.

Lyra removed her mouth with a pop.

She only now realized that he was fully erect and that her hoof was only stroking about a third of his length. She sat up straight and, grasping his cock in her fetlock, maneuvered his cock in front of her mouth.

It was leaking precum and she proceeded to lap away at the tip. She savored the taste of his pre and was eagerly anticipating the load she was determined to swallow down this time. With a giggle she wrapped her lips around his cock, causing Script to throw his head back with a groan. She sucked lightly and swirled her tongue around the tip. To her delight, she tasted more of his pre. She smiled to herself at the sign of a good job.

She moved her head down and ran her tongue along the underside of his cock until she felt him poke the entrance to her throat. She looked up and saw that Scripts eyes were shut as he moaned. She tapped his belly and got his attention. They made eye contact and she winked before forcing his cock further into her throat.

She gagged a little as she took it further and further into her throat. Luckily she spent the day preparing for this moment. Cucumbers, carrots, and other produce were used to help tame her gag reflex for that night.

As she took his cock deep in her throat she swallowed; amplifying the pleasure that Script was feeling. He groaned and bucked his hips, causing Lyra to swallow down even more of his cock.

Lyra pushed down further and further until she felt her chin bump against his sizable balls. Her eyes shot open and she could tell from what little she could see that she had taken his whole cock in her throat. She suddenly felt the need to breathe and pulled back from his cock. She was honestly surprised at how long it took to remove it from her mouth and the feeling of such a large thing leaving her throat was weird to say the least.

She took a moment to catch her breath as she examined the saliva coated cock in front of her. How she had fit such a large thing inside of her was a mystery. Forget filling up her throat, she was almost certain that it poked into her stomach. It was just too big not to in her mind.

“You are amazing,” said Script.

Lyra blushed in response before she spoke. “Honestly, you’re not so bad yourself.”

The stallion chuckled. “If you think that from just sucking my cock just wait until I’m fucking you with it.”

Lyra’s breath hitched. She hadn’t thought that far ahead. In some way she could say to herself that sucking a cock wasn’t quite cheating. At least it had to be that way somewhere, right? She sighed. That was a ridiculous thought, but she could try to believe that. But if he fucked her, then there wouldn’t even be a flimsy justification for it.

“Are you OK?” said Script.

Lyra snapped out of it. “I’m fine.”

Script smirked. “Well then,” he gestured to his cock, “would you please finish up.”

Lyra nodded and wrapped her lips around his cock once more. This time she easily made it down halfway and took a good bit of it in her throat. She sucked and swallowed as she took more and more of his cock in her mouth until she finally took it to the hilt.

She held it there for a moment before she moved back halfway up his cock. She brought her head down to the base once more and started to bob her head in a steady motion, sucking and swallowing all the while.

As she quickened her pace, Script decided to speed things up. He placed his hooves on Lyra’s head and started to fuck her throat. He would pull his cock back and and push Lyra away, leaving only the tip in her mouth before he would thrust with all his might and force his cock to the hilt. Lyra was initially caught by surprise, but quickly adapted and started to bob her head to meet his cock halfway.

As she sucked and swallowed while he fucked her mouth, Script quickly found himself approaching the edge. He started to thrust at a blinding speed; eager to dump his load in the mare’s stomach.

At this point, Lyra could no longer meet his thrusts and just sat there, sucking and swallowing to the best of her ability as the stallion had his way with her. It wasn’t long before Script stopped his long thrusts and brought her down to the hilt. He started shallowly thrusting into her before the pleasure finally became too much and he forced her down to the base of his cock.

Lyra could feel the pulsing of his cock all the way in her throat as he came almost directly into her stomach. Without prior warning she was caught off guard, but quickly recovered as she started sucking down his semen.

She swore that he was cumming harder than he had the previous night. And a lot more. It didn’t take long for her to feel full and bloated.

As his orgasm started to die down, Script did what Lyra was hoping he would. He removed his hooves from the back of her head and she quickly pulled back, leaving only the tip inside her mouth.

His final few loads were deposited in her mouth allowing Lyra to savor the taste of his cum. In her opinion it was even more delicious that before. She swirled his cum around in her mouth to taste it fully and slowly started to gulp it down.

She looked up and met Script’s lidded eyes and opened her mouth to show how she had swallowed it all down like a good mare.

Script smiled before he collapsed backwards.

“That was incredible,” he said while breathing heavily. “For a lesbian you sure give a mean blowjob.”

Lyra blushed and smiled at the compliment. She secretly hoped she’d get better the more she sucked him off. Speaking of sucking him off more, she noticed that his cock still stood solid as a rock.

She licked her lips, still somewhat tasting his cum, and leaned forward. She licked at his cock and wrapped her fetlock around it; stroking it nice and slow.

“Your big friend looks ready for another sucking,” she said with a smirk. She stood up and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.

But before she could do more that swirled her tongue around it, Script leaned up and pushed her off. Lyra pouted and looked to him for an explanation.

He smirked. “I appreciate the thought, but, “ he looked behind her at her plot, “there’s another part of you I’d like to get acquainted with. So would you please—”

Lyra leaned up and covered his mouth with a hoof. “Not tonight.” She removed her hoof and looked away. “I’m just not ready.”

Script nodded. “I understand.” He reached out with his hoof and cupped her cheek. He moved her head so that they made eye contact. “But would you please come back tomorrow so we can go all the way.”

Lyra answered almost immediately. “All right.”

Script left the bed and led Lyra to the door. As he held it open for her, making sure his softening cock was obscured by the door, Lyra was compelled to do something.

She moved over to him and brought him into a kiss. It was short yet full of passion. As they broke apart, Lyra spoke.

“See you tomorrow night.”

She pecked him on the cheek and quickly left the hotel room.

Lyra was laying on top of Script in the bed with her pussy placed in front of his mouth. In front of her face was his magnificent cock, already hard and covered in her saliva.

She took it back in her mouth and bobbed her head while sucking and swallowing. His occasional bucks a sign that she was doing a good job.

Script meanwhile had his tongue deep in her pussy. Lyra had to admit that his tongue was a bit lacking. He didn’t have nearly the skill that her marefriend had, but he did make up for it a bit with his enthusiasm.

Said enthusiasm was quickly bringing her to the edge. She felt him pull his tongue from her pussy and she moaned loudly around his cock as he latched onto her clit. He sucked on it with gusto and Lyra stopped bobbing her head to moan even more.

As she felt her orgasm approaching she recovered from the pleasure induced halt of her cock sucking and steeled herself. She started bobbing her head again and increased her speed and sucking power.

She was determined to make him finish as she did.

And finish together they did. Lyra gulped down the flow of semen while Script sucked up her flowing juices.

As they finished their respective orgasms, Lyra quickly removed herself from her position on top of Script. She turned around and stared into his eyes.

“You’re pretty good at pleasing a mare,” she said.

Script smiled. “And that blowjob was even better than the last.”

Lyra returned the smile and leaned forward, capturing his lips. They lay there making out for a few solid minutes before parting; a trail of saliva still connecting them.

Script smiled and sat up. “So now, would you please let me fuck you.”

Lyra giggled. He was such a gentlecolt.

She sat up as well and did as she was compelled to do; she moved in front of the stallion. She lied down and then raised her rump in the air. She gave it a wiggle and her soaking pussy winked in anticipation.

This was it, she was absolutely about to cheat on her marefriend. And honestly, she didn’t care. All she wanted now was to feel that huge cock inside of her.

She trembled with excitement as Script mounted her. He slowly dragged his cock along her lower lips, coating it with her juices.

Before long, he pulled back and brought the head of his cock to her pussy. He teased her entrance and chuckled when Lyra impatiently pushed back against him. Satisfied that he had messed with her enough he slowly pushed forward. His cockhead pushed her lips apart and slowly but surely he finally slipped inside of her.

Though only a few inches inside, Lyra could only now really appreciate his size. It felt like he was splitting her in half. And that feeling only increased as he pushed further inside of her. Her mouth was opened wide. It hurt, but it slowly started to feel so good.

Script stopped pushing forward as just a quarter of his cock was inside of her. He laid on top of her and gave her time to become acclimated to his girth and length. Most stallions, to his pride, were on average half his size and for a cock virgin even this was a bit much for her.

Lyra was breathing heavily already. She was filled with nerves and a cock and it felt surreal. And it was starting to feel really good. After the last vestiges of pain subsided she started to wiggle her hips, hoping that the stallion behind her got the message. She wanted it deeper and she wanted to be fucked.

Script smirked and pulled back leaving Lyra to feel empty and disappointed. That disappointment faded when he thrust back inside her, getting just a tiny bit deeper inside of her as a result.

Lyra let out a loud moan and she bucked her hips backward. Script smirked at the show. That he was able to make a lesbian squirm under him filled him with pride.

He took a moment to let the mare squirm even more while he savored the feeling of her insides. The heat was like an oven and her pussy was squeezing him incessantly, trying to milk him for all he was worth. He pushed forward a little more, the wetness providing absolutely no friction, allowing his cock to easily slide in deeper.

Lyra wiggled her hips the whole time and wanted nothing more for him to get deeper. She spread her legs further apart to allow him better access to her depths.

Script kept pushing forward inch by agonizing inch. Lyra couldn’t believe how long it was taking him to hilt in her. The whole day she had imagined that cock inside of her; with both excitement and trepidation. She knew it was big, but as he kept pushing deeper she only found herself more and more impressed.

She gasped as she felt his cock bump up against the entrance to her womb. He’d finally bottomed out and it felt incredible. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tongue lolled out. After this there was no way she could just return to her mare. A mare never had and never would make her feel this good.

They lay there for a while as Lyra accepted just how perfect having this cock in her was. Script wiggled a bit, causing Lyra to moan. He chuckled before he started to withdraw his cock. Lyra whimpered and moaned with absolutely no shame and she bucked backwards in a futile attempt to keep it inside of her.

Script leaned down and whispered in her ear. “When I’m done, you’re going to be a cockslut.”

He withdrew until only an inch remain inside of her before moving slowly, yet faster than before, back into her. He would pull back and slip inside faster than before. Lyra would moan and her pussy would clench around him, trying to keep that massive cock inside of her. Each time she felt him retreat she pushed backwards. They slowly rocked their hips back and forth and yet they never quite fit together. Lyra realized that even though he touched her deepest barrier each time he pushed inside, he never fully hilted. He was just that big.

After a few moments of slow fucking, Lyra became dissatisfied.

“Harder,” she said.

Script smirked. “What was that, babe?”

Lyra growled. “Fuck me HARDER!”

Script pulled back all the way before he roughly slammed into her. Lyra let out a loud moan as she came from just that one thrust. Her pussy squeezed down tightly against Script’s cock and he let out a groan at the amazing feeling.

They started fucking in earnest now. Script would pull back and slam inside of her; each thrust caused Lyra to jerk forward and her face was ground into the soft bed below. Lyra bucked back against him with vigor in an attempt to hilt him inside of her. She wanted him all the way in, she wanted their hips to smack together and fill the room with the sound of their fucking.

Script desired the exact same thing and pounded into her faster and rougher than ever before. His cockhead smashed against the entrance to her womb, trying to break through. After a few more powerful thrust, accompanied by Lyra roughly bucking back, his cock finally penetrated her deepest barrier.

Lyra shrieked as he finally hilted inside of her. It hurt so much, but the pain quickly subsided. Instead it filled her with a pleasure she never thought she would ever experience in her life.

She didn’t have much time to rest as Script pulled back before thrusting back inside to the hilt and smacking their hips together. Lyra let out a loud moan and ground back against him.

Script pulled back and started to piston inside of her. Each of his thrust caused their hips to smack together and the sound echoed through the whole hotel room. They both moaned and groaned and Lyra let out the occasional shriek. Unless the rooms were soundproofed with some kind of powerful magic there was absolutely no way that their neighbours couldn’t hear them.

Each time Script hilted inside of her Lyra’s pussy clenched around him as if trying to keep him balls deep inside of her. She gripped his cock like a vice and the complete massaging of his entire length was heaven to him. He groaned constantly at the feeling.

They rutted with absolutely no elegance whatsoever. Script pistoned inside her with wild abandon and Lyra was at a point where she just couldn’t move anymore, so lost was she in the pleasure. All that mattered to her now was the stallion having his way with her.

And then she felt him pull out of her.

She looked back with an angry expression. “What the hell?!”

Script just smirked as he wrapped his forelegs around her. In one quick motion, Lyra found herself on her back. Before she could fully question or even register what was happening, Script slammed back inside of her.

Lyra’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth once more. Script started pounding away again and Lyra regained her composure long enough to see her stomach bulge out with each of Script’s thrusts. The fact that he could do that to her, that he was really that big, excited her to no end.

Their minds were blank as they rutted each other. He would thrust and Lyra would buck against him. They would slam together and the sound would echo. And yet they didn’t even register it. They were on autopilot, completely lost in the pleasure.

But all things must come to an end.

Script buried his cock deep inside Lyra as it flared causing her to cum once more, squirting her burning hot juices all over his shaft. Her muscles clenched down around him and massaged him with all their might. She could feel Script as he twitched inside of her.

Script felt overwhelmed by the heat and the clenching walls surrounding his cock. He tensed as he finally came, shooting load after load deep inside Lyra’s womb. He ground against her as he rode out his orgasm as each spurt filled her to the brim.

Lyra looked down and saw her stomach begin to expand from the sheer amount of cum filling her up. After a long, but unknown amount of time he pulled out and sprayed his last load on her chest; marking her as his own.

Script fell backwards and stretched out. His cock was finally completely spent and started to retreat back into his sheath.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for days,” he said with a satisfied sigh.

Lyra rubbed her bloated belly with a satisfied sigh of her own. “You sure do pack a lot in those huge balls of yours. I’m absolutely full.”

Script just laughed.

Lyra looked down at her cum-covered chest and scooped up what she could. She greedily lapped it up from her hoof and swallowed it down, making sure to lick her lips for any excess.

She looked back down at her matted coat and just shrugged. She’d clean it tomorrow. Right now she was just too exhausted. She rolled over and moved sluggishly to the head of the bed. Her bloated belly made the short journey more difficult that it should have been.

She collapsed next to Script and felt him move until he was spooning her. She let out a contented sigh before quickly falling asleep.

Script was the first to wake up the next morning.

He looked down at the mare in his arms and smirked. With great care he extracted himself from her and slipped off of the bed.

He went to a desk on the opposite side of the bedroom and pulled his saddlebag out from under it. He set his bag onto the desk and opened it.

Inside was a moderately-sized book.

He pulled out the book and idly flipped through it. He was just double-checking what he already knew. He’d studied for weeks so that he would be incapable of any mistakes. He memorised the most important parts of the text and he had to say that the last few days had been a confirmation.

The book wasn’t ordinary despite its plain appearance. He found it in a little curio shop that had piqued his interest. When he saw the book on the shelf it called to him. Like an errant thought in the back of his head the book did reach into his mind. When he went to purchase it the shop owner seemed to not be aware that he had it in his stock.

A blessing for Script because no one who knew what was inside would just give away the book for any amount of gold. For inside were spells. Spells even an earth pony such as him could cast. The spells within were hypnotic in nature and very sexual in focus. Spells to bend a mare to the possessor’s every whim.

Script had lucked out.

There were slight catches; very slight. The first was the need of a trigger phrase, one that wasn’t too obscure as to be obvious and yet one that he wouldn’t say normally. ‘Would you please’ worked quite well. He never was the most polite stallion.

Of course the phrase would only persuade the affected and not allow him full dominance, but it was still pretty powerful. His first test had been some annoying stage magician he spotted in a bar in Manehattan. He simply said ‘Would you please fuck me?” and the mare did just that. At first she even bent over in front of him just after he finished speaking. He learned to be a little more specific with his commands after that.

The next spells were compulsory. Placed upon his cock and balls the spells would draw any mare affected by his trigger phrase to said parts and fill their mind with desire. A mare wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about them.

And then there was the most powerful spell. A spell placed upon his cum. Any mare that his cum touched would be more suggestible. If the mare were to suck down his cum they would find almost any of his requests with or without the trigger phrase difficult to ignore. And if his cum filled a mare’s womb they were his. No trigger phrase needed.

And that pretty green mare on the bed was his now.

He targeted her specifically. It was one thing to bend a straight mare to his will; but a lesbian mare was something else. As far as he was concerned all mares were cock-hungry sluts with only one purpose in life; the lesbian ones were just delusional. So he resolved to prove it by making one his. After all, mind magic couldn’t force you to do something you would never do in the first place.

That’s what he heard at least.

Lyra was Ponyville’s quintessential lesbian and she turned out to be so easy. All he had to do was slip a note in her saddlebag with the trigger phrase written on it and wait. After she arrived it was simply use the phrase to get her to fuck him. Granted it took a couple more days than he would’ve liked, but her mind faltered all the same.

He looked back at the sleeping mare and grinned. He had plans and this mare was just the beginning. A beginning that he could have a lot of fun with for awhile before he moved forward. His cock started to harden at the thought.

With a chuckle he closed the book and slipped it back inside the saddlebag which he then stashed under the desk again.

He moved over to the bed and slipped in behind Lyra. He looked at her peaceful, smiling face and smirked. Sleep time was over and she had a purpose to fulfill. He reached down and lifted her hind leg up, giving him access to her lower lips. He shifted until his now hard cock was positioned at her entrance.

With no warning and no regard for the sleeping mare, he slammed his cock deep into her depths with one powerful thrust.

Lyra shot awake with a loud moan. She looked down and saw the telltale bulge of a huge cock on her belly. She smiled and ground back against her new lover. Script responded by pulling back before driving in even deeper. He started fucking her with great vigor, his only concern being his own pleasure.

Lyra didn’t care though. She’d been so blind before. But now she could see that her true purpose was to be this stallions personal slut.

And she couldn’t be happier.