by GivingSpider

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Fluttershy has often thought about what it would be like to be somepony's pet and Discord is more than eager to satisfy her curiosity for an afternoon.

Fluttershy has often thought about what it would be like to be somepony's pet and Discord is more than eager to satisfy her curiosity for an afternoon.

Contains clopless pet play and two very brief mentions of sexual themes.

Chapter 1

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Discord relaxed in silence on a long couch. Getting a piece of furniture that was more suited to his size was a long overdue investment. He still would much rather have spawned it on his own but Fluttershy insisted that he supported local businesses. Another stretch and his paw nudged a small object off the surface. His smile slowly turned into a grin as he turned his head at the simple red woven band on the floor. Fluttershy often mused about wanting to be a pet just to try it and was curious to see how much she wanted to play with the illusion. The scheme was simple; patiently wait for her to come downstairs and casually put it on her at the first sign of continued interest in the topic. Discord glanced at the stairs at the other side of the room. Some time ago she disappeared to the second floor after a short chat about exploring her simple yet complicated request. All she wanted him to do was treat her like a well-cared for animal but he had to treat her like a well-cared for animal. For one afternoon she was not Fluttershy his mate; she was Fluttershy his dog trapped in the body of a Pegasus.

He scooped up the collar and gave it more than a single glance. A simple red band of thick yet smooth cloth to be worn around the neck. It held a small metal tag with Fluttershy’s name engraved on it. It had a decent sized metal ring to accommodate a leash as well as the name tag. It was a very basic accessory and yet for one day it was going to be the most unorthodox thing any witnesses might stumble across in their lives. Rainbow Dash would attack him at the sight of it. Twilight would stutter and insist on examining her for signs of manipulation. Rarity would either blush and freeze or quietly suggest more luxurious material to Fluttershy. Applejack would most likely be the one to hold Rainbow Dash back at least until she got an explanation that she wanted to hear. Pinkie would somehow make herself be in the middle of it and be proudly wearing one just so she could be part of the strange new game.

Discord scratched at his chin thoughtfully. He was tempted to see if he could walk her into town to test his theory on her friend’s reactions.

His focus was broken by the sound of soft hoofsteps coming down the stairs. His yellow coated mate quietly made her way from the second floor and to the living room. She blushed faintly as she approached and Discord quickly hid the collar behind his back. Fluttershy continued her nervous march to the edge of the couch and softly nuzzled the Draconequus. His claw carefully ran through her mane as his grin molded into a soft smile.

“Dizzy” the gentle mare softly said as she looked up to meet his gaze. “Thank you…for helping me do this.”

“Thank you for letting me part of this new game of yours” Discord replied with a small chuckle as he pulled his claw back. “Now just to clarify; I do love you but as long as I’m acting as your owner I’ll try my best to show it in much different ways.”

Fluttershy silently nodded and blushed at his words. They already agreed on a few simple rules and boundaries as well as how important it was for Discord to show restraint and respect for them. They already agreed that no matter how tempted either of them might be there were to be no sexual suggestions or actions. She trusted Discord to stay true to his word and was prepared to ignore one or two slips but hearing him repeat his vow to keep his urges in check made it more apparent that it was a very real possible obstacle. After a moment of decompressing and breathing she smiled and gave him a second gently nuzzling. Out of the corner of her eye she caught the sight of a lion like paw reach behind his back. Her eyes briefly widened as Discord revealed to her what he had been hiding. A blush came over her as the implication sunk into her mind. A day of being his pet was a thought she already adjusted to but seeing such a token of his intention to commit to it made her more aware of what was going to happen. She wondered when he got it. How long after their first talk did he get a collar her size with an engraved name tag?

“Now Flutters…” her husband slowly spoke as he sat upright in on the couch. “Once this is on you, I’m not going to stop until you break character. If for any reason you want or need to end it all you need to do is speak normally. Any word at all, as we agreed. I could probably play this game all week but don’t continue just because you think it will make me happy. This is your heart’s desire; we’re going to play by your rules.”

Fluttershy sat on the floor and looked into his mismatched eyes with a smile and a blush. Discord knelt to her level and slowly raised the collar to her neck. The smooth cloth binding was set loosely around the Pegasus, enough for Discord to slide a lone talon under it. He gently ran his law through her mane as he marveled at her willpower. To surrender so much to someone so powerful was a true mark of trust. The yellow pony lightly pawed at the collar and playfully batted at the small metal tag bearing her name.

“Do you like it” the Draconequus asked as he pulled his claw back and admired her genuine fascination with the collar.

Fluttershy stopped batting at it and looked into his eyes before answering.


Discord fought very hard to stop himself from chuckling out loud. Even after their long chat about what was going to happen, to hear her bark happily still caught him off guard. He gently scratched her ears and she continued to smile at him. Without any warning she lunged closer and licked his face; then went back to the floor in front of him. Keeping his amusement to himself was almost a lost cause at that point. He wondered how long he would last before cracking. The Pegasus in front of him placed her front hooves on his lap and looked up at him. With one eye he watched her expression while with the other eye he watched her tail quickly sway left to right. He guessed that this was a sight he would be exposed to but to actually see her emulate being a dog was still something else. Abruptly she happily barked at him and hopped up so her hind legs were on his knees and her front paws were on his chest. A simple idea crossed his mind ad he locked eyes onto hers.

“Such an energetic companion…we need to do something with all that excitement” he said as he lightly scratched her stomach with his claw.

With a very agreeable yip and a bounce she was off of him. Within seconds she was back at his feet. Discord smiled warmly as he took a moment to observe Fluttershy sitting on the floor with a leash in her mouth. The pony was securely locked away somewhere in her mind and all of his doubts were probably sealed with it. The Draconequus slowly took the leash from her and she lightly pawed at his knee as if to ask him to hurry. She slightly lifted her chin to give a better access to the collar around her neck and uttered a happy bark as she watched Discord stand up.

“A walk does sound about right” Discord said as he toyed with the leash. Fluttershy barked her agreement and ran two small circles around her owner. “But first I think you need a bath.”

Fluttershy stopped dead in her tracks. She was more than ready to be lead out on a leash and possibly fed from his paw or made to submit to a belly rub but being bathed was not something she considered. On one hoof she was quite eager for the experience of being a pampered pet but on the other hoof she was nervous. Fluttershy thought she had Discord figured out. Clearly the Master of Chaos still had plenty of surprises left in him. She felt him gently scratch behind her ears and uttered a soft whine. She shook her head and her mane cascaded over her face enough to hide a smile. If Discord was going to up the ante then she was going to call him out on it.

In a flash of yellow and pink Fluttershy bolted up the stairs. With a protesting yelp she was out of his cone of vision. Discord stood stunned at the response. He let himself lightly laugh to himself as he realized that he should have expected that. He slowly made his way to the steps and began his accent. The creaking of the steps made his intent sound much more dire than it was. Judging by the soft whine he heard, Fluttershy wanted to emulate thinking it was quite dire indeed. Discord slowly moved along and stopped short of their bedroom door. The door was open and she was nowhere in sight. The Draconequus stepped in and a distinct soft protest gave away that she was crouched under the bed. He knelt down and peeked under and saw her curled up ad staring back at him. She shrunk back a few inches as he leaned closer. Clearly reaching for her or going in after her would result in her fleeing again. He could just use magic and pull her out but that just seemed boring.

Fluttershy remained still in her ineffective hiding spot as she watched him stand up and step away from the bed. She wondered if her reaction was more than he was prepared to handle. She wondered if she should come out and play along to his intentions. Her thoughts were shook out of her head by the sound of a clear squeak. Two more squeaks came in rapid succession. Curiosity settled into her mind and she crept forward. Another squeak sounded and she peeked out from under the bed. Discord was just standing a few feet away from the bed and was holding something in his claw. She fought hard not to giggle at the sight. Discord was holding and squeezing a small toy made in his own image. He squeezed it and another squeak came out. She easily could go back under the bed but his chosen method of bribing her was too precious to ignore. Fluttershy walked up to him and looked right at the toy.

Discord dropped the mini him and Fluttershy caught it in her mouth. She bit down and provoked a squeak. She shook it wildly and was rewarded by more squeaking. Fluttershy only stopped shaking it when she grew light headed. She continued to gnaw on the toy even as Discord picked her up. She paid no mind to the fact he was walking. The creaking of the stairs made her glance around until she spotted a wooden washtub in the middle of the living room. She whined softly and Discord’s response was to hold her a little tighter. With a sudden motion he had deposited her into the middle of a good sized, warm body of water. The temporary pet whined in protest and squirmed as a lathered paw scrubbed her coat. Making a scene and scrambling out crossed her mind but drenching the carpet and furniture also crossed her mind. The Pegasus sat there as Discord continued his loving labor. She had to admit that it was actually quite relaxing to be bathed. His gentle hands lathering her body and mane in an almost massaging fashion melted away her tension. She made a note to revisit being bathed after the current adventure was done. Discord seemed to whistle without rhyme or reason for a while but slowly it turned into something familiar. It was the sort of tune that you knew it when you heard it but for the very life of you just could not find the name.

A quick rinse of her face and mane brought her back the fact that she was being groomed like a dog. Fluttershy wondered what was going through Discord’s mind as he carefully pulled her out of the tub. A glance at his eyes suggested that he was wondering what was going through her mind. Her hooves found the floor and Discord spawned a large towel. With a grin and a commitment to maintain the act she shook herself. Discord shielded his body with the towel but was a bit too slow on the draw. He lowered the towel when she finished and was greeted by her sitting on the floor happily panting at him.

There was no source he could borrow from to permit himself to be angry with her after seeing that.

Discord snapped his claw and the water on his body rapidly evaporated. He knelt down and used the towel on his pet’s coat. Fluttershy playfully squirmed as he dried her. Upon finishing the towel was dismissed to only Discord knew where. He was about to say something but was cut off by Fluttershy suddenly licking his face. He stood stunned as she barked happily and ran another circle around him. With a click he secured a leash to her collar and she stopped running. Discord made his way to the door and opened it. Another step and then he halted when he felt the tension of the leash. He turned to see that she hadn’t budged. Earlier Fluttershy desperately wanted to go out with him. He wondered what changed. Was she pretending to be upset about the bath? Was she pretending to be upset about the whereabouts of the toy he used to bribe her out from under the bed? Was this was of her telling him she was hungry? He scratched his head and pondered the new development. Her other reactions were easy to gauge what she was saying without words.

Abruptly she happily barked and darted forward. In a playful manner she practically skipped around him while repeating the same sound to confirm a happy mood. Discord smiled as he watched her at mindless play. His eyes bulged when something he overlooked was very forcibly promoted to the first thing on his mind. The Draconequues dropped to the floor and landed on his back, his ankles were ensnared by the leash and his paw was equally trapped. Before he knew it the two of them were outside. Fluttershy’s hooves bounded through the grass while Discord’s mostly immobile body was taken along for the ride. He wondered where her strength came from. She made a sudden right turn and for a moment he got a small degree of height. He could see their cottage in the distance and before landing in tall grass he spotted a lone tree on a small hill. He considered digging his claw into the earth as a means to stop them but she was clearly having fun taking him for a drag.

After a moment he realized that he had stopped moving. Upon sitting upright he saw that they were still in a field full of tall grass with a single tree as a landmark. He could see the cottage in the distance as well as the edge of the Everfree Forest. At his side was Fluttershy, looking down at him with a smile. With them having come to a full stop, untangling himself was a simple task.


The Draconequus smiled as he scratched behind her ears. She was just so wild and impulsive; he wondered why she hid this side of her from him for so long. He made his way to the tree and sat with his back resting against bark. Fluttershy followed in his wake and lied down next to him with her head in his lap. He gently ran his paw down her back as he unhooked the leash from the collar. She rolled over and exposed her belly, which was soon the recipient of his paw.

“Was that too much, Dizzy” she meekly asked as her eyes met his.

“I don’t think it was” he replied as the belly rub turned into his paw resting on her chest. “I did not expect out walk to turn into a drag.”

She blushed as he spoke. “I guess I got carried away.”

“Maybe; but wasn’t that the point? To let yourself go for just a little while and see what happens?

Fluttershy sat up and softly kissed him. He reached with his claw to remove the collar and hesitated when she pulled back.


The Draconequus smiled warmly and scratched behind her ears as she resettled into resting on him. Her ears perked up at the sound of a distinct squeak. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the toy that resembled Discord being tossed into the grassy field. She blushed again and with an excited bark she jumped out of his lap and into the sea of neck high foliage. Discord breathed deeply and stretched. He looked forward to more afternoons of having a pet. She returned with the toy in her mouth and proceeded to gnaw on it as she nestled next to him. He rather liked having a pet.

Maybe if he played his cards carefully he might get a pet for a different type of playtime.